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Incidence of anti-zona pellucida and anti-sperm antibodies among infertile Jordanian women and its relation to mycoplasmas

Al-Daghistani, H.I.; Fram, K.M.

Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal 15(5): 1263-1271


ISSN/ISBN: 1020-3397
PMID: 20214140
Accession: 053790321

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Anti-zona-pellucida autoantibodies (AZP-Ab) and anti-sperm isoantibodies (ASA) were assessed in the cervical secretions from 73 infertile Jordanian women and 41 fertile control women using latex agglutination. Significantly more women with infertility had AZP-Ab and ASA (16.4% and 8.2% respectively) compared with fertile women (9.4% and 0%), with no relation to the etiology of infertility. Using polymerase chain reaction Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma urealyticum were detected in cervical secretions of 19.2% and 13.7% of infertile women, and the presence of mycoplasma was significantly correlated with the presence of AZP-Ab and ASA.

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