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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53931

Chapter 53931 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Petron, D.J.; Prideaux, C.C.; Likness, L., 2013:
Interventional spine procedures in athletes

Cloft, H.J., 2010:
Interventional standards

Moscaritolo, L.M., 2009:
Interventional strategies to decrease nursing student anxiety in the clinical learning environment

Ziegler, E.E.; Carlson, S.J.; Nelson, S.E., 2014:
Interventional strategies to promote appropriate growth

Kruck, S.; Sonnleithner, M.; Hennenlotter, J.; Walcher, U.; Stenzl, A.; Herrmann, T.R.W.; Nagele, U., 2011:
Interventional stress in renal stone treatment

Zeevi, N.; Kuchel, G.A.; Lee, N.S.; Staff, I.; McCullough, L.D., 2012:
Interventional stroke therapies in the elderly: are we helping?

White, C.J.; Cates, C.U.; Cowley, M.J.; Weiner, B.H.; Carpenter, J.S.; Hopkins, L.Nelson.; Jaff, M.R.; Ramee, S.R.; Rymer, M.M.; Wholey, M.H., 2007:
Interventional stroke therapy: current state of the art and needs assessment

Vuguin, P.Myriam., 2010:
Interventional studies for polycystic ovarian syndrome in children and adolescents

Eshraghian, A.; Eshraghian, H., 2010 :
Interventional studies to confirm association of Helicobacter pylori and insulin resistance: a winding road

Koren, M.Elaine.; Purohit, S., 2015:
Interventional studies to support the spiritual self-care of health care practitioners: an integrative review of the literature

Yoshida, M.; Kondo, K.; Nakanishi, C.; Tada, T., 2012:
Interventional study for improvement of lung cancer screening rate

Lavelle, W.F.; Lavelle, E.Demers.; Smith, H.S., 2008:
Interventional techniques for back pain

Day, M., 2003:
Interventional techniques for the treatment of head and neck pain

Manchikanti, L.; Boswell, M.V., 2007:
Interventional techniques in ambulatory surgical centers: a look at the new payment system

Bauernschmitt, R.; Voss, B.; Lange, Rüdiger., 2007:
Interventional techniques in cardiovascular surgery

Georgy, B.A., 2007:
Interventional techniques in managing persistent pain after vertebral augmentation procedures: a retrospective evaluation

Andersen, P.Erik., 2007:
Interventional therapeutic embolization of tumors

Eidelman, A.; White, T.; Swarm, R.A., 2007:
Interventional therapies for cancer pain management: important adjuvants to systemic analgesics

Veizi, E.; Hayek, S., 2015 :
Interventional therapies for chronic low back pain

Green, I.C.; Cohen, S.L.; Finkenzeller, D.; Christo, P.J., 2010:
Interventional therapies for controlling pelvic pain: what is the evidence?

Naidu, S.S.; Wong, S.Chiu.; Steingart, R.M., 2007:
Interventional therapies for heart failure in the elderly

Willatt, J.M.; Francis, I.R.; Novelli, P.M.; Vellody, R.; Pandya, A.; Krishnamurthy, V.N., 2012:
Interventional therapies for hepatocellular carcinoma

Seitz, M.; Bader, M.; Tilki, D.; Stief, C.; Gratzke, C., 2012:
Interventional therapies for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) suggestive of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Thomas, R.; Francis, R.; Davies, H.E.; Lee, Y.C.Gary., 2015:
Interventional therapies for malignant pleural effusions: the present and the future

Brogan, S.; Junkins, S., 2010:
Interventional therapies for the management of cancer pain

Tapson, V.F., 2011:
Interventional therapies for venous thromboembolism: vena caval interruption, surgical embolectomy, and catheter-directed interventions

Li, P.H.; Rutkowski, K.; Kennard, L.; Sellaturay, P.; Watts, T.J.; Haque, R.; Wagner, A., 2018:
Challenge-confirmed peanut allergy in older patients: Performance of skin tests, specific immunoglobulin E, and ara h 2

Jähne, J., 2011:
Interventional therapy at the interface between surgery and gastroenterology

Li, C-Chao.; Chi, J-Lin.; Ma, Y.; Li, J-Hong.; Xia, C-Qin.; Li, L.; Chen, Z.; Chen, X-Li., 2015:
Interventional therapy for human breast cancer in nude mice with 131I gelatin microspheres (¹³¹I-GMSs) following intratumoral injection

Chiodo, A., 2012:
Interventional therapy for lumbar stenosis

Luo, J.; Chen, B.; Jiang, S.; Zhou, S-wen., 2014:
Interventional therapy for lung cancer patients with superior vena cava syndrome

Kutty, S.; Zahn, E.M., 2008:
Interventional therapy for neonates with critical congenital heart disease

Ji, W-Bin.; Wang, W-Zheng.; Sun, S.; Mi, Y-Cheng.; Xu, Q.; Chen, Y-Er.; Yang, S.; Tao, D.; Xu, W.; Xu, C., 2013:
Interventional therapy for renal artery pseudoaneurysms

Zhu, X-yang.; Zhang, D-zhen., 2009:
Interventional therapy for structural heart diseases in People's Liberation Army hospitals between 2005 and 2006

Liu, F-Yong.; Wang, M-Qiang.; Duan, F.; Wang, Z-Jun.; Song, P., 2011:
Interventional therapy for symptomatic-benign portal vein occlusion

Cao, H.; Liu, J.; Li, T.; Cao, G.; Xu, G.; Zhai, S.; Xue, J.; Wang, Z.; Shi, S.; Bai, W., 2014:
Interventional therapy for the treatment of severe hemobilia after percutaneous transhepatic cholangial drainage: a case series

Ciccone, M.Matteo.; Marchese, A.; Generali, A.; Loiodice, C.; Cortese, F.; Carbonara, R.; Scicchitano, P.; Laviola, L.; Giorgino, F., 2013:
Interventional therapy in diabetic foot: risk factors, clinical events and prognosis at one year follow-up (a study of 103 cases)

Dağdelen, S.; Batur, M.Kemal., 2012:
Interventional therapy in resistant hypertension; new renal denervation applications in Turkey

Li, Q., 2009:
Interventional therapy in the treatment of avascular necrosis of femoral head and short-term efficacy

Yi, X-bin.; Yan, J-qin., 2011:
Interventional therapy is an effective treatment for cancer pain

Zahn, R.; Zeymer, U., 2008:
Interventional therapy of acute myocardial infarction

Korn, H.V.; Yu, J.; Ohlow, M.A.; Huegl, B.; Schulte, W.; Wagner, A.; Wassmer, G.; Gruene, S.; Petek, O.; Lauer, B., 2010:
Interventional therapy of bifurcation lesions: a TIMI flow-guided concept to treat side branches in bifurcation lesions--a prospective randomized clinical study (Thueringer bifurcation study, THUEBIS study as pilot trial)

Shen, W-feng., 2009:
Interventional therapy of coronary artery disease in China: retrospective and perspective

French, J.Tyler.; Goins, B.; Saenz, M.; Li, S.; Garcia-Rojas, X.; Phillips, W.T.; Otto, R.A.; Bao, A., 2010:
Interventional therapy of head and neck cancer with lipid nanoparticle-carried rhenium 186 radionuclide

Xu, H-feng.; Yang, R-jie.; Chen, H.; Zhu, X., 2012:
Interventional therapy of hepatic artery-portal vein fistula with gelatin sponge and lipiodol

Gao, G-Dong.; Deng, J-Ping.; Zhao, Z-Wei., 2010:
Interventional therapy of intracranial vascular stenosis

Gonska, B-Dieter.; Brachmann, J., 2008 :
Interventional therapy of supraventricular dysrhythmia

Hessling, G., 2015:
Interventional therapy of tachyarrhythmias in the pediatric population

Monnet, E., 2009:
Interventional thoracoscopy in small animals

Gill, E.A.; Liang, D.H., 2007:
Interventional three-dimensional echocardiography: using real-time three-dimensional echocardiography to guide and evaluate intracardiac therapies

Wollina, U.; Helm, C.; Bennewitz, A.; Koch, R.; Schaff, K.; Burroni, M., 2014:
Interventional three-year longitudinal study of melanocytic naevus development in pre-school children in Dresden, Saxony

Heibel, H.; Glocker, B.; Groher, M.; Pfister, M.; Navab, N., 2013:
Interventional tool tracking using discrete optimization

Rittger, H.; Hochadel, M.; Behrens, S.; Hauptmann, K.E.; Zahn, R.; Mudra, H.; Brachmann, J.; Zeymer, U., 2014:
Interventional treatment and outcome in elderly patients with stable coronary artery disease. Results from the German ALKK registry

Lavan, A.Hanora.; Brennan, P.; Donegan, C.F.; Williams, D.J.P., 2014:
Interventional treatment for acute ischaemic stroke in an 86-year-old

Hartog, A., 2011:
Interventional treatment for low back pain: general risks

Jeger, R.; Toggweiler, S., 2015:
Interventional treatment for structural heart disease: who is deciding, and can we afford it?

Liu, F-Yong.; Wang, M-Qiang.; Fan, Q-Sheng.; Duan, F.; Wang, Z-Jun.; Song, P., 2010:
Interventional treatment for symptomatic acute-subacute portal and superior mesenteric vein thrombosis

Murata, S.; Mine, T.; Sugihara, F.; Yasui, D.; Yamaguchi, H.; Ueda, T.; Onozawa, S.; Kumita, S-ichiro., 2015:
Interventional treatment for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma

Onuma, Y.; Kukreja, N.; Ramcharitar, S.; Hochadel, M.; Gitt, A.; Serruys, P., 2009:
Interventional treatment in diabetics in the era of drug-eluting stents and compliance to the ESC guidelines: lessons learned from the Euro Heart Survey Programme

Fleck, T.; Czerny, M.; Wolner, E.; Grabenwoger, M., 2004:
Interventional treatment methods in patients with Marfan Syndrome

Na, G.Hyung.; Kim, D.Goo.; Choi, H.Joong.; Han, J.Hyun.; Hong, T.Ho.; You, Y.Kyoung., 2014:
Interventional treatment of a biliary stricture after adult right-lobe living-donor liver transplantation with duct-to-duct anastomosis

Li, Z-Wei.; Wang, M-Qiang.; Zhou, N-Xin.; Liu, Z.; Huang, Z-Qiang., 2007:
Interventional treatment of acute hepatic artery occlusion after liver transplantation

Becker, K.; Fiorella, D., 2013:
Interventional treatment of acute ischemic stroke: introduction

Zuchowski, B.; Kaczmarek, K.; Szumowski, L.; Li, Y-Gang.; Ptaszynski, P., 2015:
Interventional treatment of atrial fibrillation - contemporary methods and perspectives

Sticherling, C.; Knecht, S.; Kühne, M.; Osswald, S., 2014:
Interventional treatment of atrial fibrillation - indication, techniques and success rates

Sloan, P.Alexander.; Grider, J.S., 2009:
Interventional treatment of back pain in a patient with cancer

Caplan, L.R.; Thomas, A.J.; Inoa, V., 2014:
Interventional treatment of brain ischemia related to intracranial cerebrovascular occlusive lesions

Marini, D.; Agnoletti, G., 2010:
Interventional treatment of congenital heart disease patients

Zhang, Q-qiao.; Zu, M-heng.; Xu, H.; Gu, Y-ming.; Li, G-jun.; Wei, N.; Xu, W.; Cui, Y-feng.; Liu, H-tao.; Wang, W-liang., 2010:
Interventional treatment of idiopathic long-segment occlusion of infrahepatic inferior vena cava complicated with thrombosis

Lampert, B.A., 2008:
Interventional treatment of low back pain

Zhao, Y.; Zhong, B.; Xu, S.; Shen, B.; Tan, F., 2015:
Interventional treatment of massive hemorrhage after percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Wichman, H.J.; Cwikiel, W.; Keussen, I., 2014:
Interventional treatment of mesenteric venous occlusion

Knigge, U.; Hansen, C.P.; Stadil, F., 2008:
Interventional treatment of neuroendocrine liver metastases

Dobias, M.; Michalek, P.; Neuzil, P.; Stritesky, M.; Johnston, P., 2015:
Interventional treatment of pain in refractory angina. A review

Andersen, P.Erik.; Kjeldsen, A.Drøhse., 2010:
Interventional treatment of pulmonary arteriovenous malformations

Birthi, P.; Sloan, P., 2014:
Interventional treatment of refractory cancer pain

Franke, J.; Steinberg, D.H.; Sievert, H., 2010:
Interventional treatment of structural heart disease

Hebe, J.; Nürnberg, J-Hendrik.; Langes, K., 2015:
Interventional treatment of tachyarrhythmia in children with congenital heart disease

Velázquez-Rodríguez, E., 2010:
Interventional treatment of typical atrial flutter

Lemery, R., 2014:
Interventional treatment of ventricular tachycardia and electrical storm: from ablation of substrate and triggers to autonomic modulation by renal denervation

Li, L-bo.; Huang, H-qing.; Lin, L.; Zhou, N.; Li, X-dong.; Liu, Q.; Hou, P-yong., 2015:
Interventional treatment on bilateral carotid artery pseudoaneurysm rupture bleeding after radiotherapy on a patient with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Kim, V.; Steiner, R.M., 2010:
Interventional treatment options for advanced emphysema: imaging manifestations

Senzolo, M.; Patch, D.; Miotto, D.; Ferronato, C.; Cholongitas, E.; Burroughs, A.K., 2008:
Interventional treatment should be incorporated in the algorithm for the management of patients with portal vein thrombosis

Akin, I.; Nienaber, C.A., 2015:
Interventional treatment strategies of thoracic aortic pathologies

Meier-Kriesche, H-Ulf.; Schold, J.D.; Ekberg, H., 2007:
Interventional trials involving patients cannot be performed safely without a control group treated with the standard of care

Violi, F.; Perri, L.; Loffredo, L., 2014:
Interventional trials with anticoagulants in acutely ill medical patients: a methodological pitfall?

Song, H-Mei.; Gu, Y-Feng.; Li, Y-Dong.; Wu, C-Gen.; Sun, Z-Kui.; He, C-Jian., 2014:
Interventional tumor removal: a new technique for malignant spinal tumor and malignant vertebral compression fractures without epidural involvement

Almolla, J.; Balconi, G., 2011:
Interventional ultrasonography of the chest: Techniques and indications

Epis, O.; Bruschi, E., 2014:
Interventional ultrasound: a critical overview on ultrasound-guided injections and biopsies

Anonymous, 2012:
Interventional ultrasound: another new horizon

Uppot, R.N.; Gervais, D.A.; Mueller, P.R., 2008:
Interventional uroradiology

Holigrocki, R.; Crain, R.; Bohr, Y.; Young, K.; Bensman, H., 2009:
Interventional use of the parent-child interaction assessment-II enactments: modifying an abused mother's attributions to her son

Shi, X-Lin.; Liu, K.; Wu, L-Guo., 2011:
Interventional value of total flavonoids from Rhizoma Drynariae on Cathepsin K, a potential target of osteoporosis

Ruel, M.; Dickie, S.; Chow, B.J.W.; Labinaz, M., 2011:
Interventional valve surgery: building a team and working together

Lotz, J., 2013:
Interventional vascular MRI: moving forward

Taramasso, M.; Buzzatti, N.; La Canna, G.; Colombo, A.; Alfieri, O.; Maisano, F., 2014:
Interventional vs. surgical mitral valve therapy. Which technique for which patient?

Bergmann, M.W.; Jaquet, K.; Schneider, C.; Krause, K.; Ujeyl, A.; Kuck, K-H., 2011:
Interventional, intramyocardial stem cell therapy in ischemic cardiomyopathy: update 2010

Hildebrandt, B.; Pech, M.; Nicolaou, A.; Langrehr, J.M.; Kurcz, J.; Bartels, B.; Miersch, A.; Felix, R.; Neuhaus, P.; Riess, H.; Dörken, B.; Ricke, J., 2007:
Interventionally implanted port catheter systems for hepatic arterial infusion of chemotherapy in patients with colorectal liver metastases: a Phase II-study and historical comparison with the surgical approach

Kendler, K.S.; Campbell, J., 2008:
Interventionist causal models in psychiatry: repositioning the mind-body problem

Varas, M.J.; Miquel, J.M.; Abad, R.; Espinós, J.C.; Cañas, M.A.; Fabra, R.; Bargalló, D., 2007:
Interventionist endoscopic ultrasonography. A retrospective analysis of 60 procedures

Churchill, D.; Duley, L.; Thornton, J.G.; Jones, L., 2013:
Interventionist versus expectant care for severe pre-eclampsia between 24 and 34 weeks' gestation

Dennis, C-Lee.; Dowswell, T., 2013:
Interventions (other than pharmacological, psychosocial or psychological) for treating antenatal depression

Brady, N.; Warren, S.F.; Sterling, A., 2009:
Interventions Aimed at Improving Child Language by Improving Maternal Responsivity

McDonald, C.P., 2011:
Interventions Implemented to Reduce the Risk of Transmission of Bacteria by Transfusion in the English National Blood Service

Rovito, M.J.; Cavayero, C.; Leone, J.E.; Harlin, S., 2016:
Interventions Promoting Testicular Self-Examination (TSE) Performance: A Systematic Review

Gerards, S.M.P.L.; Sleddens, E.F.C.; Dagnelie, P.C.; de Vries, N.K.; Kremers, S.P.J., 2011:
Interventions addressing general parenting to prevent or treat childhood obesity

McColl, M.Ann.; Law, M., 2014:
Interventions affecting self-care, productivity, and leisure among adults: a scoping review

van t'Hof, C.E.; Zwakhalen, S.M.G.; Hamers, J.P.H., 2011:
Interventions after diagnosing pain in nursing home residents with dementia: the pilot implementation of an observational pain scale (PACSLAC-D)

Kortekaas, J.; Ergönül, O.; Moormann, R.J.M., 2011:
Interventions against West Nile virus, Rift Valley fever virus, and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus: where are we?

Koya, D.; Kitada, M.; Kume, S.; Kanasaki, K., 2014:
Interventions against nutrient-sensing pathways represent an emerging new therapeutic approach for diabetic nephropathy

Zanandrea, V.; Giua, R.; Costanzo, L.; Vellas, B.; Zamboni, M.; Cesari, M., 2015:
Interventions against sarcopenia in older persons

Tessier, Séphane.; Bissette, E.; Bantegnie, D.; Lebeau, Cé., 2007:
Interventions aimed at adolescents to stop smoking: the "Today, I don' t smoke" programme in high schools in the Paris metropolitan region

Saeterdal, I.; Lewin, S.; Austvoll-Dahlgren, A.; Glenton, C.; Munabi-Babigumira, S., 2014:
Interventions aimed at communities to inform and/or educate about early childhood vaccination

Ciampa, P.J.; Kumar, D.; Barkin, S.L.; Sanders, L.M.; Yin, H.Shonna.; Perrin, E.M.; Rothman, R.L., 2011:
Interventions aimed at decreasing obesity in children younger than 2 years: a systematic review

Sweet, M., 2010:
Interventions aimed at helping indigenous people in Australia could worsen problems

McGinnis, B.; Kauffman, Y.; Olson, K.L.; Witt, D.M.; Raebel, M.A., 2014:
Interventions aimed at improving performance on medication adherence metrics

Schalk, D.Mj.; Bijl, M.Lp.; Halfens, R.Jg.; Hollands, L.; Cummings, G.G., 2010:
Interventions aimed at improving the nursing work environment: a systematic review

Seewooruttun, L.; Scior, K., 2015:
Interventions aimed at increasing knowledge and improving attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities among lay people

Thompson, D.S.; Estabrooks, C.A.; Scott-Findlay, S.; Moore, K.; Wallin, L., 2007:
Interventions aimed at increasing research use in nursing: a systematic review

Denison, E.; Vist, G.E.; Underland, V.; Berg, R.C., 2015:
Interventions aimed at increasing the level of physical activity by including organised follow-up: a systematic review of effect

Yavuz, H.Melis.; van Ijzendoorn, M.H.; Mesman, J.; van der Veek, S., 2016:
Interventions aimed at reducing obesity in early childhood: a meta-analysis of programs that involve parents

Mistiaen, P.; Francke, A.L.; Poot, E., 2007:
Interventions aimed at reducing problems in adult patients discharged from hospital to home: a systematic meta-review

Büla, C.J.; Monod, Séfanie.; Hoskovec, C.; Rochat, Séphane., 2011:
Interventions aiming at balance confidence improvement in older adults: an updated review

Malow, R.M.; Rosenberg, R.; Donenberg, G.; Dévieux, J.G., 2006:
Interventions and Patterns of Risk in Adolescent HIV/AIDS Prevention

Lippa, C.F., 2010:
Interventions and diagnostics in Alzheimer's disease and related conditions

Baxter, D., 2009:
Interventions and knee pain. When knee pain is not osteoarthritis

Gisel, E., 2008:
Interventions and outcomes for children with dysphagia

Tierney, A.; Toriz, B.E.; Mian, S.; Brown, K.E., 2013:
Interventions and outcomes of treatment of postbanding ulcer hemorrhage after endoscopic band ligation: a single-center case series

Hurst, S.A., 2012:
Interventions and persons

Weizman, A.V.; Nguyen, G.C., 2014:
Interventions and targets aimed at improving quality in inflammatory bowel disease ambulatory care

Mantovan, F.; Ausserhofer, D.; Huber, M.; Schulc, E.; Them, C., 2010:
Interventions and their effects on informal caregivers of people with dementia: a systematic literature review

Jankharia, B., 2009:
Interventions and turfs

Jewell, D.V.; Riddle, D.L.; Thacker, L.R., 2009:
Interventions associated with an increased or decreased likelihood of pain reduction and improved function in patients with adhesive capsulitis: a retrospective cohort study

Wallis, B.A.; Watt, K.; Franklin, R.C.; Taylor, M.; Nixon, J.W.; Kimble, R.M., 2016:
Interventions associated with drowning prevention in children and adolescents: systematic literature review

Paranjothy, S.; Griffiths, J.D.; Broughton, H.K.; Gyte, G.M.L.; Brown, H.C.; Thomas, J., 2011:
Interventions at caesarean section for reducing the risk of aspiration pneumonitis

Paranjothy, S.; Griffiths, J.D.; Broughton, H.K.; Gyte, G.M.L.; Brown, H.C.; Thomas, J., 2014:
Interventions at caesarean section for reducing the risk of aspiration pneumonitis

Grünebaum, A.; McCullough, L.B.; Chervenak, F.A., 2014:
Interventions at home births

Abdel Shaheed, C.; Maher, C.G.; Williams, K.A.; McLachlan, A.J., 2014:
Interventions available over the counter and advice for acute low back pain: systematic review and meta-analysis

Weyant, R., 2009:
Interventions based on psychological principles improve adherence to oral hygiene instructions

Fletcher-Watson, S.; McConnell, F.; Manola, E.; McConachie, H., 2014:
Interventions based on the Theory of Mind cognitive model for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Kinnersley, P.; Edwards, A.; Hood, K.; Cadbury, N.; Ryan, R.; Prout, H.; Owen, D.; Macbeth, F.; Butow, P.; Butler, C., 2007:
Interventions before consultations for helping patients address their information needs

Monahan, J.; Bonnie, R.J.; Davis, S.M.; Flynn, C., 2012:
Interventions by Virginia's colleges to respond to student mental health crises

Roy, G., 2007:
Interventions by critical care nurses reduce VAP

Spoelstra, S.L.; Schueller, M.; Hilton, M.; Ridenour, K., 2015:
Interventions combining motivational interviewing and cognitive behaviour to promote medication adherence: a literature review

Moszura, T.; Mazurek-Kula, A.; Dryzek, P.; Moll, J.J.; Moll, J.A.; Sysa, A.; Qureshi, S.A., 2008:
Interventions complementing surgery as part of multistage treatment for hypoplastic left heart syndrome: one center's experience

Raunkiaer, M.; Timm, H., 2014:
Interventions concerning competence building in community palliative care services--a literature review

Myers, J.J.; Shade, S.B.; Rose, C.Dawson.; Koester, K.; Maiorana, A.; Malitz, F.E.; Bie, J.; Kang-Dufour, M-Suk.; Morin, S.F., 2010:
Interventions delivered in clinical settings are effective in reducing risk of HIV transmission among people living with HIV: results from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)'s Special Projects of National Significance initiative

Lu, C.Y.; Ross-Degnan, D.; Soumerai, S.B.; Pearson, S-Anne., 2008:
Interventions designed to improve the quality and efficiency of medication use in managed care: a critical review of the literature - 2001-2007

Anderson, O.; Boshier, P.R.; Hanna, G.B., 2012:
Interventions designed to prevent healthcare bed-related injuries in patients

Skouteris, H.; Nagle, C.; Fowler, M.; Kent, B.; Sahota, P.; Morris, H., 2014:
Interventions designed to promote exclusive breastfeeding in high-income countries: a systematic review

Biddle, S.J.H.; Petrolini, I.; Pearson, N., 2014:
Interventions designed to reduce sedentary behaviours in young people: a review of reviews

González-María, E., 2011:
Interventions directed by nurses for reducing cardiac risk factors

Schmitz, T.; Meunier, E., 2009:
Interventions during labor for reducing instrumental deliveries

Wayment, H.A.; Al-Kire, R.; Brookshire, K., 2018:
Challenged and changed: Quiet ego and posttraumatic growth in mothers raising children with autism spectrum disorder

Khan, T.Mehmood., 2012:
Interventions during pregnancy to lower the chances of postnatal depression among women from the Asian subcontinent

Ronnberg, A.K.; Nilsson, K., 2010:
Interventions during pregnancy to reduce excessive gestational weight gain: a systematic review assessing current clinical evidence using the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) system

Robertson, E.R.; Morgan, L.; Bird, S.; Catchpole, K.; McCulloch, P., 2015:
Interventions employed to improve intrahospital handover: a systematic review

Perrier, L.; Mrklas, K.; Shepperd, S.; Dobbins, M.; McKibbon, K.Ann.; Straus, S.E., 2011:
Interventions encouraging the use of systematic reviews in clinical decision-making: a systematic review

Ramond-Roquin, A.; Bouton, Céline.; Gobin-Tempereau, A-Sophie.; Airagnes, G.; Richard, I.; Roquelaure, Y.; Huez, J-François., 2015:
Interventions focusing on psychosocial risk factors for patients with non-chronic low back pain in primary care--a systematic review

Pronk, M.; Kramer, S.E.; Davis, A.C.; Stephens, D.; Smith, P.A.; Thodi, C.; Anteunis, L.J.C.; Parazzini, M.; Grandori, F., 2011:
Interventions following hearing screening in adults: a systematic descriptive review

Pandian, Z.; McTavish, A.R.; Aucott, L.; Hamilton, M.Pr.; Bhattacharya, S., 2010:
Interventions for 'poor responders' to controlled ovarian hyper stimulation (COH) in in-vitro fertilisation (IVF)

Powell, F.C.; Ni Raghallaigh, S., 2012:
Interventions for 'rosacea'

González, Uà.; Pinart, M.; Rengifo-Pardo, Mónica.; Macaya, A.; Alvar, J.; Tweed, J.A., 2009:
Interventions for American cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis

Reveiz, L.; Maia-Elkhoury, A.Nilce.Silveira.; Nicholls, Rén.Santiago.; Romero, G.Adolfo.Sierra.; Yadon, Z.E., 2013:
Interventions for American cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis: a systematic review update

Raja, M.S.; Goldsmith, C., 2008:
Interventions for CRVO

Khalsa, J.H.; Elkashef, A., 2010:
Interventions for HIV and hepatitis C virus infections in recreational drug users

Willinger, B.I., 2010:
Interventions for HIV clients with co-occurring substance use and personality disorders

Yahaya, I.; Uthman, O.A.; Uthman, M.Mubashir.B., 2013:
Interventions for HIV-associated nephropathy

Llanque, S.M.; Enriquez, M., 2012:
Interventions for Hispanic caregivers of patients with dementia: a review of the literature

Alhassan, M.B.; Rabiu, M.; Agbabiaka, I.O., 2014:
Interventions for Mooren's ulcer

González, Uà.; Pinart, M.; Reveiz, L.; Alvar, J., 2008:
Interventions for Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis

Leff, S.S.; Crick, N.R., 2010:
Interventions for Relational Aggression: Innovative Programming and Next Steps in Research and Practice

Long, H.; Pyakurel, U.; Wang, Y.; Liao, L.; Zhou, Y.; Lai, W., 2013:
Interventions for accelerating orthodontic tooth movement: a systematic review

Gupta, A.K.; Paquet, M.; Villanueva, E.; Brintnell, W., 2013:
Interventions for actinic keratoses

Eshelbrenner, C.; Chilton, R., 2014:
Interventions for acute coronary syndrome in young women and oral contraceptives

Lindsley, K.; Nichols, J.J.; Dickersin, K., 2013:
Interventions for acute internal hordeolum

Garlow, S.J., 2008:
Interventions for acute mood episodes in patients with bipolar disorder

Fraser, S.G.; Adams, W., 2009:
Interventions for acute non-arteritic central retinal artery occlusion

Kaushik, V.; Malik, T.; Saeed, S.R., 2010:
Interventions for acute otitis externa

Bednarski, D.; Castner, D.; Douglas, C., 2010:
Interventions for acute tubular necrosis

Rand, D.; Miller, W.C.; Yiu, J.; Eng, J.J., 2011:
Interventions for addressing low balance confidence in older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Kavookjian, J.; Wittayanukorn, S., 2016:
Interventions for adherence with oral chemotherapy in hematological malignancies: A systematic review

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