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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53986

Chapter 53986 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sampaio, A.Flávia.S.; Silva, M.; Dornas, W.C.; Costa, D.C.; Silva, M.E.; Dos Santos, R.C.; de Lima, W.G.; Pedrosa, M.Lúcia., 2015:
Iron toxicity mediated by oxidative stress enhances tissue damage in an animal model of diabetes

Weinberg, E.D., 2011:
Iron toxicity: new conditions continue to emerge

Porter, J.B., 2010:
Iron toxicity: optimizing chelation therapy across transfusion-dependent anaemias. Introduction

Fishbane, S.; Mathew, A.; Vaziri, N.D., 2014:
Iron toxicity: relevance for dialysis patients

Ge, R.; Sun, X., 2012:
Iron trafficking system in Helicobacter pylori

Bellapadrona, G.; Stefanini, S.; Zamparelli, C.; Theil, E.C.; Chiancone, E., 2009:
Iron translocation into and out of Listeria innocua Dps and size distribution of the protein-enclosed nanomineral are modulated by the electrostatic gradient at the 3-fold "ferritin-like" pores

Nadadur, S.S.; Srirama, K.; Mudipalli, A., 2009:
Iron transport & homeostasis mechanisms: their role in health & disease

McCarthy, R.C.; Kosman, D.J., 2015:
Iron transport across the blood-brain barrier: development, neurovascular regulation and cerebral amyloid angiopathy

Hartnett, A.; Böttger, L.H.; Matzanke, B.F.; Carrano, C.J., 2013:
Iron transport and storage in the coccolithophore: Emiliania huxleyi

Kim, M.; Song, E., 2010:
Iron transport by proteoliposomes containing mitochondrial F(1)F(0) ATP synthase isolated from rat heart

Hirsch, E.C., 2010:
Iron transport in Parkinson's disease

Jin, X.; Chalmers, J.J.; Zborowski, M., 2012:
Iron transport in cancer cell culture suspensions measured by cell magnetophoresis

Amin, S.A.; Green, D.H.; Al Waheeb, D.; Gärdes, A.; Carrano, C.J., 2012:
Iron transport in the genus Marinobacter

Zhao, N.; Enns, C.A., 2013:
Iron transport machinery of human cells: players and their interactions

Scheers, N.; Sandberg, A-Sofie., 2014:
Iron transport through ferroportin is induced by intracellular ascorbate and involves IRP2 and HIF2α

Ji, C.; Miller, P.A.; Miller, M.J., 2012:
Iron transport-mediated drug delivery: practical syntheses and in vitro antibacterial studies of tris-catecholate siderophore-aminopenicillin conjugates reveals selectively potent antipseudomonal activity

Oliveira, C.M.de.; Rodrigues, M.N.; Miglino, M.Angélica., 2013:
Iron transportation across the placenta

Hansen, S.L.; Trakooljul, N.; Liu, H-Ching.; Moeser, A.J.; Spears, J.W., 2009:
Iron transporters are differentially regulated by dietary iron, and modifications are associated with changes in manganese metabolism in young pigs

Riedel, T.; Zak, D.; Biester, H.; Dittmar, T., 2013:
Iron traps terrestrially derived dissolved organic matter at redox interfaces

Lugg, S.; Beal, F.; Nightingale, P.; Bhala, N.; Iqbal, T., 2015:
Iron treatment and inflammatory bowel disease: what happens in real practice?

Cantagrel, G.; de Carné-Carnavalet, Bît.; Meyer, C.; Cossy, J., 2009:
Iron trichloride-promoted cyclization of o-alkynylaryl isocyanates: synthesis of 3-(chloromethylene)oxindoles

Binnenkade, L.; Teichmann, L.; Thormann, K.M., 2015:
Iron triggers λSo prophage induction and release of extracellular DNA in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 biofilms

Parsi, M.A.; Yerian, L.M., 2009:
Iron ulcers

Monza, A.; Meffre, A.; Baudelet, F.; Rueff, J-P.; d'Astuto, M.; Munsch, P.; Huotari, S.; Lachaize, S.; Chaudret, B.; Shukla, A., 2011:
Iron under pressure: "Kohn tweezers" and remnant magnetism

Wolkow, N.; Li, Y.; Maminishkis, A.; Song, Y.; Alekseev, O.; Iacovelli, J.; Song, D.; Lee, J.C.; Dunaief, J.L., 2015:
Iron upregulates melanogenesis in cultured retinal pigment epithelial cells

Gschwind, H-Peter.; Schmid, D.G.; von Blanckenburg, F.; Oelze, M.; van Zuilen, K.; Slade, A.J.; Stitah, S.; Kaufmann, D.; Swart, P., 2015:
Iron uptake and ferrokinetics in healthy male subjects of an iron-based oral phosphate binder (SBR759) labeled with the stable isotope (58)Fe

Cornelis, P., 2010:
Iron uptake and metabolism in pseudomonads

Alexova, R.; Fujii, M.; Birch, D.; Cheng, J.; Waite, T.David.; Ferrari, B.C.; Neilan, B.A., 2011:
Iron uptake and toxin synthesis in the bloom-forming Microcystis aeruginosa under iron limitation

Eid, C.; Hémadi, M.; Ha-Duong, Nêt-Thanh.; El Hage Chahine, J-Michel., 2014:
Iron uptake and transfer from ceruloplasmin to transferrin

Morrissey, J.; Guerinot, M.Lou., 2010:
Iron uptake and transport in plants: the good, the bad, and the ionome

Newman, S.L.; Smulian, A.George., 2014:
Iron uptake and virulence in Histoplasma capsulatum

Sørensen, A.D.; Bukhave, K., 2011:
Iron uptake by Caco-2 cells following in vitro digestion: effects of heat treatments of pork meat and pH of the digests

Hahn, P.F.; Carothers, E.L., 2011:
Iron uptake in 750 cases of human pregnancy using the radioactive isotope Fe59

Carmel, N.; Tel-Or, E.; Chen, Y.; Pick, U., 2015:
Iron uptake mechanism in the chrysophyte microalga Dinobryon

Han, J.; Seaman, W.E.; Di, X.; Wang, W.; Willingham, M.; Torti, F.M.; Torti, S.V., 2012:
Iron uptake mediated by binding of H-ferritin to the TIM-2 receptor in mouse cells

Kobayashi, T.; Nishizawa, N.K., 2013:
Iron uptake, translocation, and regulation in higher plants

Morrissey, J.; Bowler, C., 2012:
Iron utilization in marine cyanobacteria and eukaryotic algae

Dolganov, A.V.; Belov, A.S.; Novikov, V.V.; Vologzhanina, A.V.; Mokhir, A.; Bubnov, Y.N.; Voloshin, Y.Z., 2013:
Iron vs. cobalt clathrochelate electrocatalysts of HER: the first example on a cage iron complex

Benet-Buchholz, J.; Comba, P.; Llobet, A.; Roeser, S.; Vadivelu, P.; Wadepohl, H.; Wiesner, S., 2009:
Iron vs. ruthenium--a comparison of the stereoselectivity in catalytic olefin epoxidation

Yang, J-Feng.; Cheng, N.; Ren, S.; Liu, X-Ming.; Li, X-Tao., 2018:
Characterization and molecular basis for the block of Kv1.3 channels induced by carvedilol in HEK293 cells

Dosman, C.; Witmans, M.; Zwaigenbaum, L., 2013:
Iron's role in paediatric restless legs syndrome - a review

Gilles, A., 2013:
Iron's ups and downs

Field, L.D.; Guest, R.W.; Vuong, K.Q.; Dalgarno, S.J.; Jensen, P., 2009:
Iron(0) and ruthenium(0) complexes of dinitrogen

Adams, C.J.; Bedford, R.B.; Carter, E.; Gower, N.J.; Haddow, M.F.; Harvey, J.N.; Huwe, M.; Cartes, M.Ángeles.; Mansell, S.M.; Mendoza, C.; Murphy, D.M.; Neeve, E.C.; Nunn, J., 2012:
Iron(I) in Negishi cross-coupling reactions

Pruesse, T.; Lebrilla, C.B.; Drewello, T.; Schwarz, H., 1988:
Iron(I)-induced demethanation of tert-butyl-substituted nitriles in the gas phase. A case of remote functionalization of carbon-carbon bonds

Dorazio, S.J.; Tsitovich, P.B.; Siters, K.E.; Spernyak, J.A.; Morrow, J.R., 2012:
Iron(II) PARACEST MRI contrast agents

Cook, L.J.Kershaw.; Tuna, F.; Halcrow, M.A., 2012:
Iron(II) and cobalt(II) complexes of tris-azinyl analogues of 2,2':6',2''-terpyridine

Chen, J.; Szalda, D.J.; Fujita, E.; Creutz, C., 2010:
Iron(II) and ruthenium(II) complexes containing P, N, and H ligands: structure, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and reactivity

Wiznycia, A.V.; Desper, J.; Levy, C.J., 2007:
Iron(II) and zinc(II) monohelical binaphthyl-salen complexes with overlapping benz[a]anthryl sidearms

Bousejra-ElGarah, F.; Bijani, C.; Coppel, Y.; Faller, P.; Hureau, C., 2012:
Iron(II) binding to amyloid-β, the Alzheimer's peptide

Nguyen, Q.; Nguyen, T.; Driver, T.G., 2013:
Iron(II) bromide-catalyzed intramolecular C-H bond amination [1,2]-shift tandem reactions of aryl azides

Shen, M.; Driver, T.G., 2008:
Iron(II) bromide-catalyzed synthesis of benzimidazoles from aryl azides

Sulway, S.A.; Collison, D.; McDouall, J.J.W.; Tuna, F.; Layfield, R.A., 2011:
Iron(II) cage complexes of N-heterocyclic amide and bis(trimethylsilyl)amide ligands: synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties

Dorazio, S.J.; Morrow, J.R., 2012:
Iron(II) complexes containing octadentate tetraazamacrocycles as paraCEST magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents

Lagaditis, P.O.; Sues, P.E.; Sonnenberg, J.F.; Wan, K.Yang.; Lough, A.J.; Morris, R.H., 2014:
Iron(II) complexes containing unsymmetrical P-N-P' pincer ligands for the catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation of ketones and imines

Glatz, M.; Bichler, B.; Mastalir, M.; Stöger, B.; Weil, M.; Mereiter, K.; Pittenauer, E.; Allmaier, Günter.; Veiros, L.F.; Kirchner, K., 2014:
Iron(II) complexes featuring κ3- and κ2-bound PNP pincer ligands--the significance of sterics

Meyer, N.; Lough, A.J.; Morris, R.H., 2009:
Iron(II) complexes for the efficient catalytic asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of ketones

Roberts, T.D.; Little, M.A.; Kershaw Cook, L.J.; Halcrow, M.A., 2014:
Iron(II) complexes of 2,6-di(1H-pyrazol-3-yl)-pyridine derivatives with hydrogen bonding and sterically bulky substituents

Musgrave, R.A.; Turbervill, R.S.P.; Irwin, M.; Herchel, R.; Goicoechea, J.M., 2013:
Iron(II) complexes of ditopic carbanionic carbenes

Diener, S.A.; Santoro, A.; Kilner, C.A.; Loughrey, J.J.; Halcrow, M.A., 2012:
Iron(II) complexes of new hexadentate 1,1,1-tris-(iminomethyl)ethane podands, and their 7-methyl-1,3,5-triazaadamantane rearrangement products

Friese, S.J.; Kucera, B.E.; Young, V.G.; Que, L.; Tolman, W.B., 2008:
Iron(II) complexes of sterically bulky alpha-ketocarboxylates. structural models for alpha-ketoacid-dependent nonheme iron halogenases

Cook, S.A.; Ziller, J.W.; Borovik, A.S., 2015:
Iron(II) complexes supported by sulfonamido tripodal ligands: endogenous versus exogenous substrate oxidation

Korendovych, I.V.; Kryatova, O.P.; Reiff, W.M.; Rybak-Akimova, E.V., 2007:
Iron(II) complexes with amide-containing macrocycles as non-heme porphyrin analogues

Bruijnincx, P.C.A.; Buurmans, I.L.C.; Gosiewska, S.; Moelands, M.A.H.; Lutz, M.; Spek, A.L.; van Koten, G.; Klein Gebbink, R.J.M., 2007:
Iron(II) complexes with bio-inspired N,N,O ligands as oxidation catalysts: olefin epoxidation and cis-dihydroxylation

Xue, F.; Zhao, J.; Hor, T.S.Andy., 2011:
Iron(II) complexes with functionalized amine-pyrazolyl tripodal ligands in the cross-coupling of aryl Grignard with alkyl halides

Cowley, R.E.; Bill, E.; Neese, F.; Brennessel, W.W.; Holland, P.L., 2009:
Iron(II) complexes with redox-active tetrazene (RNNNNR) ligands

Whiteoak, C.J.; Torres Martin de Rosales, R.; White, A.J.P.; Britovsek, G.J.P., 2010:
Iron(II) complexes with tetradentate bis(aminophenolate) ligands: synthesis and characterization, solution behavior, and reactivity with O(2)

Pronschinske, A.; Bruce, R.C.; Lewis, G.; Chen, Y.; Calzolari, A.; Buongiorno-Nardelli, M.; Shultz, D.A.; You, W.; Dougherty, D.B., 2013:
Iron(II) spin crossover films on Au(111): scanning probe microscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy

Ludwig, E.; Naggert, H.; Kalläne, M.; Rohlf, S.; Kröger, E.; Bannwarth, A.; Quer, A.; Rossnagel, K.; Kipp, L.; Tuczek, F., 2014:
Iron(II) spin-crossover complexes in ultrathin films: electronic structure and spin-state switching by visible and vacuum-UV light

Albers, T.; Baker, J.; Coles, S.J.; Edwards, P.G.; Kariuki, B.; Newman, P.D., 2011:
Iron(II) template synthesis of benzannulated triphospha- and triarsamacrocycles

Raju, K.V.; Gautam, G.M., 1988:
Iron(II) titration of some metal ions, with oxazine dyes as redox indicators

Bonnamour, J.; Bolm, C., 2011:
Iron(II) triflate as a catalyst for the synthesis of indoles by intramolecular C-H amination

Mancheño, O.García.; Dallimore, J.; Plant, A.; Bolm, C., 2009:
Iron(II) triflate as an efficient catalyst for the imination of sulfoxides

Kitchen, J.A.; White, N.G.; Boyd, M.; Moubaraki, B.; Murray, K.S.; Boyd, P.D.W.; Brooker, S., 2010:
Iron(II) tris-[N4-substituted-3,5-di(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazole] complexes: structural, magnetic, NMR, and density functional theory studies

Pacholska-Dudziak, E.; Gaworek, A.; Latos-Grażyński, Lław., 2012:
Iron(II) vacataporphyrins: a variable annulene conformation inside a regular porphyrin frame

Kapoor, S.; Gupta, Y.K., 1976:
Iron(II)-Induced oxidation of hypophosphite by peroxydiphosphate in acid medium

Naik, A.; Maji, T.; Reiser, O., 2010:
Iron(II)-bis(isonitrile) complexes: novel catalysts in asymmetric transfer hydrogenations of aromatic and heteroaromatic ketones

Richard, V.; Ipouck, Mélinda.; Mérel, D.S.; Gaillard, S.; Whitby, R.J.; Witulski, B.; Renaud, J-Luc., 2014:
Iron(II)-catalysed [2+2+2] cycloaddition for pyridine ring construction

Ton, T.My.Uyen.; Tejo, C.; Tania, S.; Chang, J.Wei.Wei.; Chan, P.Wai.Hong., 2011:
Iron(II)-catalyzed amidation of aldehydes with iminoiodinanes at room temperature and under microwave-assisted conditions

Zhang, Y-Qiang.; Yuan, Y-An.; Liu, G-Sai.; Xu, H., 2014:
Iron(II)-catalyzed asymmetric intramolecular aminohydroxylation of indoles

Bloom, S.; Pitts, C.Ross.; Woltornist, R.; Griswold, A.; Holl, M.Gargiulo.; Lectka, T., 2013:
Iron(II)-catalyzed benzylic fluorination

Shu, Z.; Ji, W.; Wang, X.; Zhou, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, J., 2014:
Iron(II)-catalyzed direct cyanation of arenes with aryl(cyano)iodonium triflates

Plancq, B.; Ollevier, T., 2012:
Iron(II)-catalyzed enantioselective meso-epoxide-opening with anilines

Lu, D-Fu.; Zhu, C-Liang.; Jia, Z-Xin.; Xu, H., 2015:
Iron(II)-catalyzed intermolecular amino-oxygenation of olefins through the N-O bond cleavage of functionalized hydroxylamines

Liu, G-Sai.; Zhang, Y-Qiang.; Yuan, Y-An.; Xu, H., 2013:
Iron(II)-catalyzed intramolecular aminohydroxylation of olefins with functionalized hydroxylamines

Lu, D-Fu.; Liu, G-Sai.; Zhu, C-Liang.; Yuan, B.; Xu, H., 2014:
Iron(II)-catalyzed intramolecular olefin aminofluorination

Wei, Y.; Ding, H.; Lin, S.; Liang, F., 2011:
Iron(II)-catalyzed oxidation of sp3 C-H bonds adjacent to a nitrogen atom of unprotected arylureas with tert-butyl hydroperoxide in water

Parsons, A.T.; Senecal, T.D.; Buchwald, S.L., 2012:
Iron(II)-catalyzed trifluoromethylation of potassium vinyltrifluoroborates

Rao, V.R.; Aravamudan, G., 1973:
Iron(II)-chloramine-T reaction

Pinkowicz, D.; Podgajny, R.; Pełka, R.; Nitek, W.; Bałanda, M.; Makarewicz, M.; Czapla, M.; Zukrowski, J.; Kapusta, Cław.; Zajac, D.; Sieklucka, B., 2009:
Iron(II)-octacyanoniobate(IV) ferromagnet with T(C) 43 K

Prikhod'ko, A.I.; Durola, F.; Sauvage, J-Pierre., 2007:
Iron(II)-templated synthesis of [3]rotaxanes by passing two threads through the same ring

Jiang, Y.; Widger, L.R.; Kasper, G.D.; Siegler, M.A.; Goldberg, D.P., 2010 :
Iron(II)-thiolate S-oxygenation by O2: synthetic models of cysteine dioxygenase

Ameerunisha Begum, M.S.; Saha, S.; Nethaji, M.; Chakravarty, A.R., 2010:
Iron(III) Schiff base complexes of arginine and lysine as netropsin mimics showing AT-selective DNA binding and photonuclease activity

Chowdhury, R.Roy.; Crane, A.K.; Fowler, C.; Kwong, P.; Kozak, C.M., 2008:
Iron(III) amine-bis(phenolate) complexes as catalysts for the coupling of alkyl halides with aryl Grignard reagents

Nurchi, V.M.; Crespo-Alonso, M.; Toso, L.; Lachowicz, J.I.; Crisponi, G.; Alberti, G.; Biesuz, R.; Domínguez-Martín, A.; Niclós-Gutíerrez, J.; González-Pérez, J.M.; Zoroddu, M.Antonietta., 2014:
Iron(III) and aluminium(III) complexes with substituted salicyl-aldehydes and salicylic acids

Nurchi, V.Marina.; Crisponi, G.; Lachowicz, J.Izabela.; Murgia, S.; Pivetta, T.; Remelli, M.; Rescigno, A.; Niclós-Gutíerrez, J.; González-Pérez, J.María.; Domínguez-Martín, A.; Castiñeiras, A.; Szewczuk, Z., 2010:
Iron(III) and aluminum(III) complexes with hydroxypyrone ligands aimed to design kojic acid derivatives with new perspectives

Arbaoui, A.; Redshaw, C.; Elsegood, M.R.J.; Wright, V.E.; Yoshizawa, A.; Yamato, T., 2010:
Iron(III) and zinc(II) calixarene complexes: synthesis, structural studies, and use as procatalysts for epsilon-caprolactone polymerization

Navas, A.; Santiago, M.; Grases, F.; Laserna, J.J.; Sanchez, F.G., 1982:
Iron(III) as activator for catalytic fluorimetric microdetermination of V(V)

Tsou, C-Chin.; Chiu, W-Chun.; Ke, C-Hung.; Tsai, J-Chun.; Wang, Y-Ming.; Chiang, M-Hsi.; Liaw, W-Feng., 2015:
Iron(III) bound by hydrosulfide anion ligands: NO-promoted stabilization of the [Fe(III)-SH] motif

Basavaprabhu, H.; Sureshbabu, V.V., 2012:
Iron(III) catalysed synthesis of unsymmetrical di and trisubstituted ureas--a variation of classical Ritter reaction

Purino, Mín.A.; Ramírez, M.A.; Daranas, A.H.; Martín, Víctor.S.; Padrón, J.I., 2013:
Iron(III) catalyzed direct synthesis of cis-2,7-disubstituted oxepanes. The shortest total synthesis of (+)-isolaurepan

Basu, U.; Pant, I.; Khan, I.; Hussain, A.; Kondaiah, P.; Chakravarty, A.R., 2015:
Iron(III) catecholates for cellular imaging and photocytotoxicity in red light

Masello, A.; Sanakis, Y.; Boudalis, A.K.; Abboud, K.A.; Christou, G., 2011:
Iron(III) chemistry with ferrocene-1,1'-dicarboxylic acid (fdcH2): an Fe7 cluster with an oxidized fdc(-) ligand

Mantovani, A.C.; Goulart, T.A.C.; Back, D.F.; Menezes, P.Henrique.; Zeni, G., 2015:
Iron(III) chloride and diorganyl diselenides-mediated 6-endo-dig cyclization of arylpropiolates and arylpropiolamides leading to 3-organoselenyl-2H-coumarins and 3-organoselenyl-quinolinones

Salunke, S.B.; Babu, N.Seshu.; Chen, C-Tien., 2012:
Iron(III) chloride as an efficient catalyst for stereoselective synthesis of glycosyl azides and a cocatalyst with Cu(0) for the subsequent click chemistry

Wang, K.; Lü, M.; Yu, A.; Zhu, X.; Wang, Q., 2008:
Iron(III) chloride catalyzed oxidative coupling of aromatic nuclei

Sarhan, A.A.O.; Bolm, C., 2010:
Iron(III) chloride in oxidative C-C coupling reactions

Zhang, X.; Rao, W.; Chan, S.; Chan, P.Wai.Hong., 2010:
Iron(III) chloride-catalysed direct nucleophilic alpha-substitution of Morita-Baylis-Hillman alcohols with alcohols, arenes, 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds, and thiols

Bourdreux, Y.; Lemétais, Aélie.; Urban, D.; Beau, J-Marie., 2011:
Iron(III) chloride-tandem catalysis for a one-pot regioselective protection of glycopyranosides

Sperança, A.; Godoi, B.; Zeni, G., 2013:
Iron(III) chloride/diorganyl diselenides: a tool for intramolecular cyclization of alkynone O-methyloximes

Silva, A.M.N.; Kong, X.; Parkin, M.C.; Cammack, R.; Hider, R.C., 2010:
Iron(III) citrate speciation in aqueous solution

Dürr, K.; Macpherson, B.P.; Warratz, R.; Hampel, F.; Tuczek, F.; Helmreich, M.; Jux, N.; Ivanović-Burmazović, I., 2007:
Iron(III) complex of a crown ether-porphyrin conjugate and reversible binding of superoxide to its Iron(II) form

Iglesias, E.; Brandariz, I.; Jiménez, C.; Soengas, R.G., 2011:
Iron(III) complexation by Vanchrobactin, a siderophore of the bacterial fish pathogen Vibrio anguillarum

Sundaravel, K.; Suresh, E.; Saminathan, K.; Palaniandavar, M., 2011:
Iron(III) complexes of N2O and N3O donor ligands as functional models for catechol dioxygenase enzymes: ether oxygen coordination tunes the regioselectivity and reactivity

Tyagi, N.; Mathur, P., 2013:
Iron(III) complexes of bis (benzimidazol-2-yl) methyl) thiophene-2,5-dicarboxamide: synthesis, spectral and oxidation of o-phenylenediamine

Clarke, A.J.; Yamamoto, N.; Jensen, P.; Hambley, T.W., 2010:
Iron(III) complexes of fluorescent hydroxamate ligands: preparation, properties, and cellular processing

Xu, B.; Zhong, W.; Wei, Z.; Wang, H.; Liu, J.; Wu, L.; Feng, Y.; Liu, X., 2014:
Iron(III) complexes of multidentate pyridinyl ligands: synthesis, characterization and catalysis of the direct hydroxylation of benzene

Visvaganesan, K.; Mayilmurugan, R.; Suresh, E.; Palaniandavar, M., 2007:
Iron(III) complexes of tridentate 3N ligands as functional models for catechol dioxygenases: the role of ligand N-alkyl substitution and solvent on reaction rate and product selectivity

Mayilmurugan, R.; Visvaganesan, K.; Suresh, E.; Palaniandavar, M., 2009:
Iron(III) complexes of tripodal monophenolate ligands as models for non-heme catechol dioxygenase enzymes: correlation of dioxygenase activity with ligand stereoelectronic properties

Balamurugan, M.; Vadivelu, P.; Palaniandavar, M., 2015:
Iron(III) complexes of tripodal tetradentate 4N ligands as functional models for catechol dioxygenases: the electronic vs. steric effect on extradiol cleavage

Matoga, D.; Szklarzewicz, J.; Stadnicka, K.; Shongwe, M.S., 2007:
Iron(III) complexes with a biologically relevant aroylhydrazone: crystallographic evidence for coordination versatility

Li, F.; Wang, M.; Li, P.; Zhang, T.; Sun, L., 2007:
Iron(III) complexes with a tripodal N3O ligand containing an internal base as a model for catechol intradiol-cleaving dioxygenases

Váradi, Tünde.; Pap, József.S.; Giorgi, M.; Párkányi, László.; Csay, Tás.; Speier, Gábor.; Kaizer, József., 2013:
Iron(III) complexes with meridional ligands as functional models of intradiol-cleaving catechol dioxygenases

Jin, L.; Yu, H.; Wu, S.; Xiao, F., 2008:
Iron(III) coordination induced novel 18-metallacrown-6 complex: esterification and isolation of the ligand

Aviv, I.; Gross, Z., 2008:
Iron(III) corroles and porphyrins as superior catalysts for the reactions of diazoacetates with nitrogen- or sulfur-containing nucleophilic substrates: synthetic uses and mechanistic insights

Liu, H.; Cui, Y.; Li, P.; Zhou, Y.; Zhu, X.; Tang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Lu, T., 2013:
Iron(III) diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid complex on polyallylamine functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes: immobilization, direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis

Santos, M.Soledade.C.S.; Paiva, A.Paula., 2013:
Iron(III) extraction from chloride media by N,N'-tetrasubstituted malonamides: an interfacial study

Carruthers, T.J.; Carr, P.D.; Loh, C-Theng.; Jackson, C.J.; Otting, G., 2015:
Iron(III) located in the dinuclear metallo-β-lactamase IMP-1 by pseudocontact shifts

Yang, T.; Chen, M-Li.; Liu, L-Hua.; Wang, J-Hua.; Dasgupta, P.K., 2012:
Iron(III) modification of Bacillus subtilis membranes provides record sorption capacity for arsenic and endows unusual selectivity for As(V)

Shyla, B.; Bhaskar, C.Vijaya.; Nagendrappa, G., 2012:
Iron(III) oxidized nucleophilic coupling of catechol with o-tolidine/p-toluidine followed by 1,10-phenanthroline as new and sensitivity improved spectrophotometric methods for iron present in chemicals, pharmaceutical, edible green leaves, nuts and lake water samples

Marx, N.; Bourgeois, L.; Carlier, D.; Wattiaux, A.; Suard, E.; Le Cras, Fédéric.; Croguennec, L., 2012:
Iron(III) phosphates obtained by thermal treatment of the Tavorite-type FePO4·H2O material: structures and electrochemical properties in lithium batteries

de Villiers, K.A.; Gildenhuys, J.; le Roex, T., 2012:
Iron(III) protoporphyrin IX complexes of the antimalarial Cinchona alkaloids quinine and quinidine

Dorman, H.J.Damien.; Kosar, Müberra.; Baser, K.Hüsnü.Can.; Hiltunen, R., 2012:
Iron(III) reducing and antiradical activities of three Sideritis from Turkey

Sahoo, S.K.; Sharma, D.; Bera, R.Kanta.; Crisponi, G.; Callan, J.F., 2013:
Iron(III) selective molecular and supramolecular fluorescent probes

Fernandes, R.A.; Chaudhari, D.A., 2014:
Iron(III) sulfate as terminal oxidant in the synthesis of methyl ketones via Wacker oxidation

Mason, C.W.; Gocheva, I.; Hoster, H.E.; Yu, D.Y.W., 2013:
Iron(III) sulfate: a stable, cost effective electrode material for sodium ion batteries

Clark, A.C.; Dias, D.A.; Smith, T.A.; Ghiggino, K.P.; Scollary, G.R., 2011:
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