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Biology, Geography & Health: Section 55

Section 55 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Heller, D.S.; Goldman, K.; Goldsmith, L.T.; Cracchiolo, B., 2011:
Is the diagnosis of atypical glandular cells of undetermined significance associated with greater risk at an inner city hospital?

Berlin, L., 2012:
Is the radiologist responsible for administering sedation?

Hafter, E.R., 2011:
Is there a hearing aid for the thinking person?

Owen, M.J., 2011:
Is there a schizophrenia to diagnose?

Lyneham, J., 2011:
Is there harm in silence?

Lowe, G.D.O., 2007:
Is venous thrombosis a risk factor for arterial thrombosis?

Tillou, X.; Thuret, R.; Doerfler, A., 2015:
Ischemia/reperfusion during normothermic perfusion

Davis, C.; Munro, A., 2014:
Island life

Zhang, R.; Harding, P.; Garvin, J.L.; Juncos, R.; Peterson, E.; Juncos, L.A.; Liu, R., 2009:
Isoforms and functions of NAD(P)H oxidase at the macula densa

Ozbilen Acar, Gül.; Yilmaz, Süleyman.; Güven Güvenc, M.; Yilmaz, M.; Ozek, Hüsnü.; Tüziner, Nükhet., 2009:
Isolated extramedullary plasmacytoma of the true vocal cord

Cavuşoğlu, H.; Ozdilmaç, A.; Sahin, Yüksel.; Aydin, Y., 2010:
Isolated posterior spinal artery aneurysm causing intracranial acute subarachnoidal hemorrhage

Vilchèze, C.; Jacobs, W.R., 2008:
Isolation and analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis mycolic acids

Park, W.B.; Han, S.K.; Lee, M.H.; Han, K.H., 1997:
Isolation and characterization of lectins from stem and leaves of Korean mistletoe (Viscum album var.coloratum) by affinity chromatography

Aydın, F.Esin.; Ulger, M.; Emekdaş, Gürol.; Aslan, Gönül.; Günal, S., 2013:
Isolation and identification of Mycobacterium bovis and non-tuberculous mycobacteria in raw milk samples in Mersin province

Fairs, A.; Agbetile, J.; Bourne, M.; Hargadon, B.; Monteiro, W.R.; Morley, J.P.; Edwards, R.E.; Wardlaw, A.J.; Pashley, C.H., 2014:
Isolation of Aspergillus fumigatus from sputum is associated with elevated airborne levels in homes of patients with asthma

Sugiyama, D.; Sasaki, T., 2014:
Isolation of embryonic hematopoietic niche cells by flow cytometry and laser capture microdissection

Puvanesuaran, V.R.; Ibrahim, N.; Noordin, R.; Balakrishnan, V., 2012:
Isolation of viable Toxoplasma gondii cysts from brain samples for oral infection

Wooldridge, A.A.; Dillon, A.Ray.; Tillson, D.Michael.; Zhong, Q.; Barney, S.R., 2012:
Isometric responses of isolated intrapulmonary bronchioles from cats with and without adult heartworm infection

Moldavan, A., 1934:
Isotopic Co2 And O2 In Plants?

Sommers, B.D.; Rosenbaum, S., 2011:
Issues in health reform: how changes in eligibility may move millions back and forth between medicaid and insurance exchanges

Andrews, N.; O'Neill, M.F., 2011:
It might be a big family but the pain remains-last chance saloon for selective 5-HT receptor ligands?

Messina, M.; Caan, B.J.; Abrams, D.I.; Hardy, M.; Maskarinec, G., 2015:
It's time for clinicians to reconsider their proscription against the use of soyfoods by breast cancer patients

He, L.; Wang, Y., 2014:
Iterative support detection-based split Bregman method for wavelet frame-based image inpainting

Hu, K.; Hou, S.; Jiang, Z.; Kijlstra, A.; Yang, P., 2012:
JAK2 and STAT3 polymorphisms in a Han Chinese population with Behçet's disease

Alexaki, V-Ismini.; Javelaud, D.; Mauviel, A., 2008:
JNK supports survival in melanoma cells by controlling cell cycle arrest and apoptosis

Putnam, F.W., 2015:
Jane Doe: a cautionary tale for case reports

Farias, G.; Cervin, A.; Arzén, K-Erik.; Dormido, Sán.; Esquembre, F., 2012:
Java simulations of embedded control systems

Papanna, M.K.; Kumar, P.; Shetty, A.; Kulothungan, K.; Poojary, I.B.; Ballala, K., 2013:
Job Perception of Counselors Employed at Integrated Counseling and Testing Centers for HIV in a District of South India

Tobin, D.J.; Pittelkow, M.R.; Slominski, A.; Wood, J.Martin., 2008:
John Martin Wood (1938-2008)--pioneering biochemist, educator and communicator

Ramírez, C.; Russo, T.Luiz.; Sandoval, Mía.Cristina.; Dentillo, A.Abbade.; Couto, M.Abreu.Silva.; Durigan, Jão.Luiz.Quagliotti.; Salvini, T.Fátima., 2013:
Joint inflammation alters gene and protein expression and leads to atrophy in the tibialis anterior muscle in rats

Jain, S., 2015:
Journal Watch review of oxytocin and reduction of social threat hypersensitivity in women with borderline personality disorder

Janiszewski, C.; Lichtenstein, D.R.; Belyavsky, J., 2008:
Judgments about judgments: the dissociation of consideration price and transaction commitment judgments

Maxwell, B., 2009:
Just compassion: implications for the ethics of the scarcity paradigm in clinical healthcare provision

Paredes-Ramos, P.; Miquel, M.; Manzo, J.; Coria-Avila, G.A., 2012:
Juvenile play conditions sexual partner preference in adult female rats

Norris, K.C.; Shlipak, M.G.; Bakris, G., 2008:
KEEP launches follow-up initiative aimed at predicting the future

Mercader-Ros, Mía.Teresa.; Lucas-Abellán, C.; Gabaldón, Jé.Antonio.; Fortea, Mía.Isabel.; Martínez-Cachá, A.; Núñez-Delicado, E., 2010:
Kaempferol complexation in cyclodextrins at basic pH

Schindler, D.M.; Lux, R.L.; Shusterman, V.; Drew, B.J., 2007:
Karhunen-Loève representation distinguishes ST-T wave morphology differences in emergency department chest pain patients with non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction versus nonacute coronary syndrome

Keogh, S., 2013:
Keeping IVs working

Shashidhar, H.; Huff, M.Belew., 2009:
Kentucky's shortage of pediatric gastroenterologists affects health care for all children

Bell, R.F., 2012:
Ketamine for chronic noncancer pain: concerns regarding toxicity

Ning, Q.Y.; Wu, J.Z.; Zang, N.; Liang, J.; Hu, Y.L.; Mo, Z.N., 2012:
Key pathways involved in prostate cancer based on gene set enrichment analysis and meta analysis

Wiedermann, C.J., 2009:
Kidney damage by hydroxyethyl starch of lower molecular weight and substitution

Yogarajah, M.; Sivasambu, B., 2014:
Kikuchi-fujimoto disease associated with symptomatic CD4 lymphocytopenia

Bielec, G.; Makar, P.; Laskowski, R.; Olek, R.A., 2014:
Kinematic variables and blood Acid-base status in the analysis of collegiate swimmers' anaerobic capacity

Neilson, J.R.; Schwenzer, B.; Seshadri, R.; Morse, D.E., 2010:
Kinetic control of intralayer cobalt coordination in layered hydroxides: Co(1-0.5x)(oct) Co(x)(tet) (OH)2 (Cl)x (H2O)n

Patruno, A.; Tabrez, S.; Amerio, P.; Pesce, M.; Vianale, G.; Franceschelli, S.; Grilli, A.; Kamal, M.A.; Reale, M., 2012:
Kinetic study on the effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic field on catalase, cytochrome P450 and inducible nitric oxide synthase in human HaCaT and THP-1 cell lines

Kalmár, József.; Ellis, S.B.; Ashby, M.T.; Halterman, R.L., 2012:
Kinetics of formation of the host-guest complex of a viologen with cucurbit[7]uril

Reynolds, E.H.; Wilson, K., 2012:
Kinnier Wilson on hysteria: a missing chapter?

Kadimcherla, P.; Lovy, A.J.; Sambaziotis, C.; Blum, Y.; Hirsh, D.M.; Kim, S.J., 2015:
Knee arthrotomy closure with barbed suture in flexion versus extension: a porcine study

Tarantino, D.; Casagrande, F.; Soave, C.; Murgia, I., 2010:
Knocking out of the mitochondrial AtFer4 ferritin does not alter response of Arabidopsis plants to abiotic stresses

Lewis, S.A.; Noyes, J.; Mackereth, S., 2011:
Knowledge and information needs of young people with epilepsy and their parents: Mixed-method systematic review

Stead, L.G.; Vaidyanathan, L.; Bellolio, M.F.; Kashyap, R.; Bhagra, A.; Gilmore, R.M.; Decker, W.W.; Enduri, S.; Suravaram, S.; Mishra, S.; Nash, D.; Wood, H.M.; Yassa, A.S.; Hoff, A.M.; Brown, R.D., 2008:
Knowledge of signs, treatment and need for urgent management in patients presenting with an acute ischaemic stroke or transient ischaemic attack: a prospective study

Kadlec, B.J.; Tufo, H.M.; Dorn, G.A., 2010:
Knowledge-assisted visualization and segmentation of geologic features

Cai, J-Ping.; Cheng, J-Wei.; Ma, X-Ye.; Li, Y-Zhen.; Li, Y.; Wei, R-Li., 2008:
Krypton yellow laser for the treatment of macular hole in high myopia without retinal detachment

Yamashita, C.; Hashimoto, K-Ichi.; Kumagai, K.; Maeda, T.; Takada, A.; Yabe, I.; Kawasaki, H.; Wachi, M., 2014:
L-Glutamate secretion by the N-terminal domain of the Corynebacterium glutamicum NCgl1221 mechanosensitive channel

Long, E.; Ilie, M.; Hofman, V.; Havet, K.; Selva, E.; Butori, C.; Lacour, J.P.; Nelson, A.M.; Cathomas, G.; Hofman, P., 2009:
LANA-1, Bcl-2, Mcl-1 and HIF-1alpha protein expression in HIV-associated Kaposi sarcoma

Carcavilla, A.; Pinto, I.; Muñoz-Pacheco, R.; Barrio, R.; Martin-Frías, M.; Ezquieta, Bña., 2012:
LEOPARD syndrome (PTPN11, T468M) in three boys fulfilling neurofibromatosis type 1 clinical criteria

Sugimoto, K.; Ishibashi, T.; Sawamura, T.; Inoue, N.; Kamioka, M.; Uekita, H.; Ohkawara, H.; Sakamoto, T.; Sakamoto, N.; Okamoto, Y.; Takuwa, Y.; Kakino, A.; Fujita, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Teramoto, T.; Maruyama, Y.; Takeishi, Y., 2009:
LOX-1-MT1-MMP axis is crucial for RhoA and Rac1 activation induced by oxidized low-density lipoprotein in endothelial cells

Fiester, S.; Redfearn, J.; Helfinstine, S.; Meilander, T.; Woolverton, C.J., 2010:
Lab Safety and Bioterrorism Readiness Curricula Using Active Learning and Hands-on Strategies as Continuing Education for Medical Technologists

Thurn, K.T.; Paunesku, T.; Wu, A.; Brown, E.M.B.; Lai, B.; Vogt, S.; Maser, Jörg.; Aslam, M.; Dravid, V.; Bergan, R.; Woloschak, G.E., 2009:
Labeling TiO2 nanoparticles with dyes for optical fluorescence microscopy and determination of TiO2-DNA nanoconjugate stability

Fedianina, L.V.; Prodeus, T.V.; Solov'eva, O.A., 2013:
Laboratory diagnosis of Blastocystis spp

Anonymous, 2008:
Laboratory-acquired brucellosis--Indiana and Minnesota, 2006

Stamp, L.K.; O'Donnell, J.L.; Chapman, P.T.; Barclay, M.L.; Kennedy, M.A.; Frampton, C.M.A.; Roberts, R.L., 2009:
Lack of association between HLA-G 14 bp insertion/deletion polymorphism and response to long-term therapy with methotrexate response in rheumatoid arthritis

Shah, K.B.; Kop, W.J.; Christenson, R.H.; Diercks, D.B.; Kuo, D.; Henderson, S.; Hanson, K.; Mehra, M.R.; deFilippi, C.R., 2008:
Lack of diagnostic and prognostic utility of circulating plasma myeloperoxidase concentrations in patients presenting with dyspnea

Tomita, M.; Matsuzaki, Y.; Edagawa, M.; Shimizu, T.; Hara, M.; Onitsuka, T., 2007:
Lack of prognostic significance of tumor angiogenesis in resected pN2 non-small cell lung cancer

Burgain, J.; Scher, J.; Francius, G.; Borges, F.; Corgneau, M.; Revol-Junelles, A.M.; Cailliez-Grimal, C.; Gaiani, C., 2015:
Lactic acid bacteria in dairy food: surface characterization and interactions with food matrix components

Zhang, J.; Li, D.; Liu, G.; Glover, K.Jebrell.; Liu, T., 2009:
Lag periods during the self-assembly of {Mo(72)Fe(30)} macroions: connection to the virus capsid formation process

Dalic, L.; Mullen, S.A.; Roulet Perez, E.; Scheffer, I., 2015:
Lamotrigine can be beneficial in patients with Dravet syndrome

Lin, C-Heng.; Lin, W-Ching.; Chiang, I-Ping.; Ho, Y-Jen.; Peng, C-Tien.; Wu, K-Hsi., 2010:
Langerhans cell histiocytosis with thyroid and lung involvement in a child: a case report

Lama, M.; Mamula, O.; Kottas, G.S.; Rizzo, F.;, L.; Nakamura, A.; Kuroda, R.; Stoeckli-Evans, H., 2007:
Lanthanide class of a trinuclear enantiopure helical architecture containing chiral ligands: synthesis, structure, and properties

Qadri, S.Javid.Farooq.; Khan, M.; Wani, S.Nabi.; Nazir, S.Sajad.; Rather, A., 2011:
Laparoscopic and open incisional hernia repair using polypropylene mesh - a comparative single centre study

Ahn, S-Hoon.; Jung, D.Hyun.; Son, S-Yong.; Lee, C-Min.; Park, D.Joong.; Kim, H-Ho., 2015:
Laparoscopic double-tract proximal gastrectomy for proximal early gastric cancer

Kojima, Y.; Mizuno, K.; Kamisawa, H.; Kato, T.; Kohri, K.; Hayashi, Y., 2011:
Laparoscopic management of nonpalpable testis: new treatment strategy

Pant, N.; Aggarwal, S.Kumar.; Ratan, S.K., 2014 :
Laparoscopic repair of hernia in children: Comparison between ligation and nonligation of sac

Mossa, B.; Ebano, V.; Tucci, S.; Rega, C.; Dolce, E.; Frega, A.; Marziani, R., 2010:
Laparoscopic surgery for the management of ovarian endometriomas

Simo, K.A.; Sereika, S.E.; Newton, K.N.; Gerber, D.A., 2011:
Laparoscopic-assisted microwave ablation for hepatocellular carcinoma: safety and efficacy in comparison with radiofrequency ablation

van Steenbergen, L.N.; Rutten, H.J.T.; Creemers, G.J.; Pruijt, J.F.M.; Coebergh, J.W.W.; Lemmens, V.E.P.P., 2010:
Large age and hospital-dependent variation in administration of adjuvant chemotherapy for stage III colon cancer in southern Netherlands

Ernst, A.A.; Weiss, S.J.; Wachter, D.A.; Stifelman, M.D., 2011:
Large left upper quadrant mass

Lee, J.Hoon.; Chung, S.Moon., 2008:
Large vulvar lipoma in an adolescent: a case report

Killian, J.Keith.; Bilke, S.; Davis, S.; Walker, R.L.; Killian, M.Scott.; Jaeger, E.B.; Chen, Y.; Hipp, J.; Pittaluga, S.; Raffeld, M.; Cornelison, R.; Smith, W.I.; Bibikova, M.; Fan, J-Bing.; Emmert-Buck, M.R.; Jaffe, E.S.; Meltzer, P.S., 2009:
Large-scale profiling of archival lymph nodes reveals pervasive remodeling of the follicular lymphoma methylome

Barreto, Véria.M.P.; D'Avila, J.S.; Sales, N.J.; Gonçalves, M.Inês.R.; Seabra, J.Dantas.; Salvatori, R.; Aguiar-Oliveira, M.H., 2009:
Laryngeal and vocal evaluation in untreated growth hormone deficient adults

Durai, R.; Kyriakides, C., 2009:
Laser avulsion

Gregor, E., 1968:
Laser resonant cavity for increased coherence

Tzeng, H.M.; Long, M.B.; Chang, R.K.; Barber, P.W., 1985:
Laser-induced shape distortions of flowing droplets deduced from morphology-dependent resonances in fluorescence spectra

Gooch, M.; Udayasiri, R.; Anders, S.; Leese, T., 2012:
Late complication of prostatic radiotherapy

Leborgne, F.; Fowler, J., 2009:
Late outcomes following hypofractionated conformal radiotherapy vs. standard fractionation for localized prostate cancer: a nonrandomized contemporary comparison

Karam, R.G.; Bau, C.H.D.; Salgado, C.A.I.; Kalil, K.L.S.; Victor, M.M.; Sousa, N.O.; Vitola, E.S.; Picon, F.A.; Zeni, G.D.; Rohde, L.A.; Belmonte-de-Abreu, P.; Grevet, E.H., 2008:
Late-onset ADHD in adults: milder, but still dysfunctional

Hu, C.; Xu, Z.; Mendelsohn, A.M.; Zhou, H., 2013:
Latent variable indirect response modeling of categorical endpoints representing change from baseline

Bell, D.; Pedersen, E., 2009:
Lateral transfer of the medial hamstring tendons to the fibula to treat anterolateral rotatory instability of the knee. A case report

Linneman, J.; Paulus, D.; Lim-Fong, G.; Lopanik, N.B., 2015:
Latitudinal variation of a defensive symbiosis in the Bugula neritina (Bryozoa) sibling species complex

Hall, C.C.; DePiero, A.D., 2008:
Laxative-induced buttock dermatitis

Sinha, P.K.; Mandal, S.; Kundu, D., 2008:
Leaching of lead and cadmium from glass dinnerware

Turpin, D.L.; Moore, A.W., 2008:
Leadership at its best

Debonnaire, P.; A.A.ri, I.; Leong, D.P.; Joyce, E.; Katsanos, S.; Kamperidis, V.; Schalij, M.J.; Bax, J.J.; Marsan, N.Ajmone.; Delgado, V., 2015:
Leaflet remodelling in functional mitral valve regurgitation: characteristics, determinants, and relation to regurgitation severity

Coleman, K.D.; Schmiedt, C.W.; Kirkby, K.A.; Coleman, A.E.; Robertson, S.A.; Hash, J.; Lascelles, B.Duncan.X., 2014:
Learning confounds algometric assessment of mechanical thresholds in normal dogs

Qi, P.; Hu, X., 2014:
Learning nonlinear statistical regularities in natural images by modeling the outer product of image intensities

Armitage, S.E.J.; Pollmann, S.I.; Detombe, S.A.; Drangova, M., 2013:
Least-error projection sorting to optimize retrospectively gated cardiac micro-CT of free-breathing mice

Sharif, D.; Sharif-Rasslan, A.; Khalil, A.; Rosenschein, U., 2015:
Left anterior descending coronary artery flow after primary angioplasty in acute anterior ST-elevation myocardial infarction: how much flow is needed for left ventricular functional recovery?

Kiziltepe, U.; Kurtoglu, M.; Ozerdem, G.; Sahinalp, S.; Temizturk, Z.; Bozguney, M., 2014:
Left main coronary disease: improved early outcomes after off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting in high-risk patients

Shimamoto, S.; Ito, T.; Nogi, S.; Kizawa, S.; Ishizaka, N., 2015:
Left ventricular mechanical discoordination in nonischemic hearts: relationship with left ventricular function, geometry, and electrical dyssynchrony

McDermott, M.M.; Ferrucci, L.; Liu, K.; Guralnik, J.M.; Tian, L.; Liao, Y.; Criqui, M.H., 2010:
Leg symptom categories and rates of mobility decline in peripheral arterial disease

Guyard, C.; Low, D.E., 2012:
Legionella infections and travel associated legionellosis

de Araújo, C.F.; Silva, Vínia.M.G.; Cronemberger-Andrade, A.; Aragão-França, L.S.; Rocha, V.C.J.; Santos, P.S.L.; Pontes-de-Carvalho, L., 2014:
Leishmania braziliensis and Leishmania amazonensis amastigote extracts differ in their enhancement effect on Leishmania infection when injected intradermally

Rohan, V.; Baxa, J.; Tupy, R.; Cerna, L.; Sevcik, P.; Friesl, M.; Polivka, J.; Polivka, J.; Ferda, J., 2014:
Length of occlusion predicts recanalization and outcome after intravenous thrombolysis in middle cerebral artery stroke

Ashrafian, H., 2012:
Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man: a renaissance for inguinal hernias

Vedantam, G.; Viswanathan, V.K., 2012:
Leptin signaling protects the gut from Entamoeba histolytica infection

McLaughlin, H.L., 1946:
Lesions of the Musculotendinous Cuff of the Shoulder: III. Observations on the Pathology, Course and Treatment of Calcific Deposits

Nishimura, T.; Tada, H.; Nakagawa, M.; Teramukai, S.; Matsui, S.; Fukushima, M., 2006:
Lessons from gefitinib-induced interstitial lung disease in Japan: Problems in approval, pharmacovigilance, and regulatory decision-making procedures

Mazoyer, P.; Hardern, R.D., 2012:
Lessons learned on a wilderness medicine "teaching weekend"

Borso, A.; Marziale, P., 2014:
Lethal dose of stilbene derivatives in experimental animals

Namboodiri, N., 2009:
Letter by Namboodiri regarding article, "a narrow QRS complex tachycardia with apparently concentric retrograde atrial activation sequence"--alternative mechanisms

Boussageon, Rémy., 2013:
Letter on the article "depression in general practitioner"

Seeman, W., 1973:
Letter to the editor

Dumas, Rël.; Cheze, L., 2015:
Letter to the editor: Joint moments in the joint coordinate system, Euler or dual Euler basis

Foster, A.A., 1968:
Letters to the editor

Gan, C-Yan.; Etoh, T.; Hayashi, M.; Komiyama, K.; Kam, T-Seok., 2010:
Leucoridines A-D, cytotoxic Strychnos-Strychnos bisindole alkaloids from Leuconotis

Scornik, J.C., 2012:
Leukoreduced blood and sensitization of organ transplant candidates

Adamikova, A.; Kojecky, V.; Rybka, J.; Svacina, S., 2008:
Levels of adhesion molecules bear a relationship to triglyceride levels in type 2 diabetic subjects with proven silent ischemia

Belcastro, V.; Costa, C.; Striano, P., 2008:
Levetiracetam-associated hyponatremia

Frishkoff, G.A.; Perfetti, C.A.; Collins-Thompson, K., 2010:
Lexical quality in the brain: ERP evidence for robust word learning from context

Ochoa, B.E.; King, L.E.; Price, V.H., 2008:
Lichen planopilaris: Annual incidence in four hair referral centers in the United States

Faulkner, S.; Drummond, A., 2008 :
Life b'long Ali Drummond (the life of Ali Drummond)

Ortega-Arellano, H.Flavio.; Jimenez-Del-Rio, M.; Velez-Pardo, C., 2011:
Life span and locomotor activity modification by glucose and polyphenols in Drosophila melanogaster chronically exposed to oxidative stress-stimuli: implications in Parkinson's disease

Olsen, Jørgen.H.; Möller, T.; Anderson, H.; Langmark, Føydis.; Sankila, R.; Tryggvadóttír, L.; Winther, J.Falck.; Rechnitzer, C.; Jonmundsson, G.; Christensen, J.; Garwicz, S., 2009:
Lifelong cancer incidence in 47,697 patients treated for childhood cancer in the Nordic countries

Reback, C.J.; Peck, J.A.; Fletcher, J.B.; Nuno, M.; Dierst-Davies, R., 2012:
Lifetime substance use and HIV sexual risk behaviors predict treatment response to contingency management among homeless, substance-dependent MSM

Sanders, P.G.T.; Muñoz-Descalzo, S.; Balayo, T.; Wirtz-Peitz, F.; Hayward, P.; Arias, A.Martinez., 2009:
Ligand-independent traffic of Notch buffers activated Armadillo in Drosophila

Zorn, M.; Weber, S.A.L.; Tahir, M.Nawaz.; Tremel, W.; Butt, H-Jürgen.; Berger, Rüdiger.; Zentel, R., 2010:
Light induced charging of polymer functionalized nanorods

He, Q.; Wang, P.; Tian, N., 2011:
Light-evoked synaptic activity of retinal ganglion and amacrine cells is regulated in developing mouse retina

Tymula, A.; Rosenberg Belmaker, L.A.; Ruderman, L.; Glimcher, P.W.; Levy, I., 2013:
Like cognitive function, decision making across the life span shows profound age-related changes

Banfi, G.; Sloand, J.; Shelly, M.; Del Fabbro, M.; Barassi, A.; Melzi d'Eril, G.Vico., 2013:
Limitations of Cockcroft-Gault and MDRD formulas in estimating GFR among top-level rugby players

van Haren, S.D.; Wroblewska, A.; Herczenik, E.; Kaijen, P.H.; Ruminska, A.; ten Brinke, A.; Meijer, A.B.; Voorberg, J., 2014:
Limited promiscuity of HLA-DRB1 presented peptides derived of blood coagulation factor VIII

Morris, K.; Bekker, L-Gail., 2010:
Linda-Gail Bekker: confronting the TB/HIV co-infection epidemic

Gencoglan, G.; Ceylan, C.; Kazandi, A.C., 2010:
Linear lichenoid drug eruption induced by valsartan

Peters, P.; Stark, P.; Essig, G.; Lorincz, B.; Bowman, J.; Tran, K.; Coman, S., 2011:
Lingual thyroid: an unusual and surgically curable cause of sleep apnoea in a male

Gilliland, J.A.; Rangel, C.Y.; Healy, M.A.; Tucker, P.; Loebach, J.E.; Hess, P.M.; He, M.; Irwin, J.D.; Wilk, P., 2013:
Linking childhood obesity to the built environment: a multi-level analysis of home and school neighbourhood factors associated with body mass index

Du, Y-Zhong.; Wang, L.; Yuan, H.; Hu, F-Qiang., 2011:
Linoleic acid-grafted chitosan oligosaccharide micelles for intracellular drug delivery and reverse drug resistance of tumor cells

Shui, G.; Huang, X., 2015:
Lipid is moving to the forefront of bio-medical research

Howard, F.B.; Levin, I.W., 2010:
Lipid vesicle aggregation induced by cooling

Chong, Y.; Byeon, J.Hee.; Lee, A.Hee.; Lee, E.Jung., 2015:
Lipofibromatous hamartoma of a cranial nerve

Cho, Y.S.; Challa, S.; Clancy, L.; Chan, F.K-M., 2010:
Lipopolysaccharide-induced expression of TRAIL promotes dendritic cell differentiation

Anonymous, 1995:
Liposomes for home diagnostics

Dai, H.; Yang, X.; Tan, X.; Su, F.; Cheng, X.; Liu, F.; Tschierske, C., 2013:
Liquid crystalline 2-thienyl-4,6-diamino-1,3,5-triazines exhibiting Im3[combining macron]m and Pm3[combining macron]n micellar cubic phases in an inverted sequence

Jin, X.; Chan, C.; Mulnix, T.; Panin, V.; Casey, M.E.; Liu, C.; Carson, R.E., 2014:
List-mode reconstruction for the Biograph mCT with physics modeling and event-by-event motion correction

Papaioannou, D.; Sutton, A.; Carroll, C.; Booth, A.; Wong, R., 2010:
Literature searching for social science systematic reviews: consideration of a range of search techniques

Corrigan, P., 2011:
Little guys versus the big guns

Haunson, G.Trey.; Judy, D.W.; Prall, N.C.; Miller, R.A., 2013:
Livedoid vasculopathy: review of pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnostic workup, and treatment

Re, G.; Cescon, M.; Fabbrizio, B.; Romagnoli, R., 2013:
Liver foreign body resembling carcinoma

Féray, C., 2010:
Liver transplantation as a model to better understand the cell entry of hepatitis C virus

Frye, I.; Zweibel, N.R., 2012:
Living and dying well: Amy Berman leads by example

Glass, E.J.; Crutchley, S.; Jensen, K., 2013:
Living with the enemy or uninvited guests: functional genomics approaches to investigating host resistance or tolerance traits to a protozoan parasite, Theileria annulata, in cattle

Zapp, K.; Stachel, J.; Wiedemann, U.Achim., 2009:
Local Monte Carlo implementation of the non-Abelian Landau-Pomeranschuk-Migdal effect

Chen, J.; Ma, Z.; Liu, Y., 2013:
Local coordinates alignment with global preservation for dimensionality reduction

Guo, X-Yang.; Watermann, T.; Sebastiani, D., 2014:
Local microphase separation of a binary liquid under nanoscale confinement

Beveridge, M.G.; Polcari, I.C.; Burns, J.L.; Adler, A.; Hendrickson, B.; Stein, S.L., 2012:
Local vaccine site reactions and contact allergy to aluminum

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Molecular Imaging Radiotherapy: Theranostics for Personalized Patient Management of Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs)

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Molecule of the month. Ustekinumab

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Monkeys in a cardboard box

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Newer study shows smoking cessation aid is safe

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Persistent chylothorax in lymphangioleiomyomatosis treated by intrapleural instillation of povidone

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Personal accounts: My sadness within

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Perturbations of microRNA function in mouse dicer mutants produce retinal defects and lead to aberrant axon pathfinding at the optic chiasm

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Petals: An Assessment of the Outcomes of a Service for Bereavement during Childbirth

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Phage production and maintenance of stocks, including expected stock lifetimes

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Pharmacogenomic biomarkers in dermatologic drugs

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Philippines should not have been included

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Phonon-mediated Casimir interaction between mobile impurities in one-dimensional quantum liquids

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Phosphorylation of phosducin-like protein BDM-1 by protein kinase 2 (CK2) is required for virulence and G beta subunit stability in the fungal plant pathogen Cryphonectria parasitica

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Photon and electron spins

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Photophysical probes for multiple-redox and multiple-excited-state interactions in molecular aggregates

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Photoresponsive metallo-hydrogels based on visual discrimination of the positional isomers through selective thixotropic gel collapse

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Photothermal bending of a layered sample in plate form

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Physical Culture For Criminals

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Physical activity for children and adults with disabilities: An issue of "amplified" importance

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Physical properties of gum karaya-starch-essential oil patches

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Physician art column

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Physician's guide to pharmacovigilance: terminology and causality assessment

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Physicians' strikes--ethical considerations

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