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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54004

Chapter 54004 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Owen, M.J., 2011:
Is there a schizophrenia to diagnose?

Akkök, Cğdem.Akalin.; Liseth, K.; Melve, G.Kristin.; Ersvaer, E.; Hervig, T.; Bruserud, Øystein., 2011:
Is there a scientific basis for a recommended standardization of collection and cryopreservation of peripheral blood stem cell grafts?

Stratton, S.J., 2014:
Is there a scientific basis for disaster health and medicine?

Giaquinto, S.; Valentini, F., 2008:
Is there a scientific basis for pet therapy?

Thieltges, K.M.; Avramovic, D.; Piscitelli, C.L.; Markovic-Mueller, S.; Binz, H.Kaspar.; Ballmer-Hofer, K., 2018:
Characterization of a drug-targetable allosteric site regulating vascular endothelial growth factor signaling

Jiang, R.; Wang, M.; Chen, W., 2018:
Characterization of adsorption and desorption of lawn herbicide siduron in heavy metal contaminated soils

Mendonça, A.; Arístegui, J.; Vilas, J.Carlos.; Montero, M.Fernanda.; Ojeda, A.; Espino, M.; Martins, A., 2012:
Is there a seamount effect on microbial community structure and biomass? The case study of Seine and Sedlo seamounts (northeast Atlantic)

Damodara, M.; Krishnan, M.; Powell, S.; Shanker, V., 2007:
Is there a seasonal trend in non-attendance at ENT outpatient clinics?

Wang, F.Y.; Gupta, S.K.; Fitzgerald, J.F., 2007:
Is there a seasonal variation in the incidence or intensity of allergic eosinophilic esophagitis in newly diagnosed children?

Roth, K.; Ruf, K.; Obinger, M.; Mauer, S.; Ahnert, J.; Schneider, W.; Graf, C.; Hebestreit, H., 2010:
Is there a secular decline in motor skills in preschool children?

Lee, R.W.; Rhodes, J.M.; Singh, M.J.; Davies, M.G.; Wolford, H.Y.; Diachun, C.; Norton, R.; Illig, K.A., 2008:
Is there a selection bias in applying endovascular aneurysm repair for rupture?

Gomes, H.; Wolfson, V.; Halperin, J.M., 2007:
Is there a selective relationship between language functioning and auditory attention in children?

Sasaki, H.; Yukioka, T.; Ohta, S.; Fujikawa, T.; Noda, M.; Homma, H.; Mishima, S., 2007:
Is there a self-preserving hypothermic mechanism in shock?

Yan, L.; Cao, Y.; Li, X.; He, B., 2018:
Characterization of a dual fluidized bed gasifier with blended biomass/coal as feedstock

Thornton, H., 2008:
Is there a sensible 'middle road' for early detection of breast cancer?

Luo, L., 2013:
Is there a sensitive period in human incest avoidance?

Arkema, E.V.; Neovius, M.; Joelsson, J.K.; Simard, J.F.; van Vollenhoven, R.F., 2012:
Is there a sex bias in prescribing anti-tumour necrosis factor medications to patients with rheumatoid arthritis? A nation-wide cross-sectional study

Suna, S.; Yamauchi-Takihara, K., 2015:
Is there a sex difference in Japanese patients with heart failure?

Van Domelen, D.R.; Caserotti, P.; Brychta, R.J.; Harris, T.B.; Patel, K.V.; Chen, K.Y.; Arnardóttir, N.Ýr.; Eirikdottir, G.; Launer, L.J.; Gudnason, V.; Sveinsson, Tórarinn.; Jóhannsson, E.; Koster, A., 2014:
Is there a sex difference in accelerometer counts during walking in older adults?

Kanchan, T.; Krishan, K.; Aparna, K.R.; Shyamsundar, S., 2013:
Is there a sex difference in palm print ridge density?

Hunter, S.K.; Stevens, A.A.; Magennis, K.; Skelton, K.W.; Fauth, M., 2011:
Is there a sex difference in the age of elite marathon runners?

Sheikh, K.; Jiang, Y.; Bullock, C.M., 2008:
Is there a sex or race difference in 30-day mortality after interruption of vena cava in a Medicare population?

Jiang, Y.; Sheikh, K.; Bullock, C., 2007:
Is there a sex or race difference in stroke mortality?

Whitehouse, A.J.O., 2010:
Is there a sex ratio difference in the familial aggregation of specific language impairment? A meta-analysis

de Schweinitz, P., 2011:
Is there a shaman in the house?

Hahn, C.; Kim, D-Jin., 2014:
Is there a shared neurobiology between aggression and Internet addiction disorder?

García-Juárez, I.; Solórzano Santos, F.; Alvarez-y-Muñoz, Mía.Teresa.; Vázquez-Rosales, Jé.Guillermo., 2008:
Is there a shift in the epidemiology of hepatitis A in Mexican children?

Shah, A., 2008:
Is there a shift of burden from geriatric medicine services to old age psychiatry services?

Subramanian, V.; Youtie, J.; Porter, A.L.; Shapira, P., 2010:
Is there a shift to "active nanostructures"?

Galindo Casero, A.; Gómez Recio, S.; Bertomeu Lozano, A.Cristina., 2008:
Is there a shortage of health professionals? The Spanish paradox

Rosman, J.; Slane, S.; Dery, B.; Vogelbaum, M.A.; Cohen-Gadol, A.A.; Couldwell, W.T., 2014:
Is there a shortage of neurosurgeons in the United States?

Uckert, S.; Wilken, M.; Stief, C.; Trottmann, M.; Kuczyk, M.; Becker, A., 2012:
Is there a significance of histamine in the control of the human male sexual response?

Bauduer, Fédéric., 2015:
Is there a significant lower genetic susceptibility to venous thrombosis in the Basques?

Patel, C.; Burke, J.F.; Patel, H.; Gupta, P.; Kowey, P.R.; Antzelevitch, C.; Yan, G-Xin., 2009:
Is there a significant transmural gradient in repolarization time in the intact heart? Cellular basis of the T wave: a century of controversy

Opthof, T.; Coronel, R.; Janse, M.J., 2009:
Is there a significant transmural gradient in repolarization time in the intact heart?: Repolarization Gradients in the Intact Heart

Akrami, S.Mohammad.; Montazeri, V.; Shomali, S.Rashid.; Heshmat, R.; Larijani, B., 2008:
Is there a significant trend in prevalence of consanguineous marriage in Tehran? A review of three generations

Katsyuba, S.A.; Zvereva, E.E.; Burganov, T.I., 2013:
Is there a simple way to reliable simulations of infrared spectra of organic compounds?

Larson, D.L.; Gilstrap, J.; Simonelic, K.; Carrera, G.F., 2011:
Is there a simple, definitive, and cost-effective way to diagnose osteomyelitis in the pressure ulcer patient?

van Rooijen, N.; Claassen, E.; Eikelenboom, P., 1986:
Is there a single differentiation pathway for all antibody-forming cells in the spleen?

Lehrer, R.I., 2015:
Is there a single porcine protegrin gene?

Widesott, L.; Lomax, A.J.; Schwarz, M., 2013:
Is there a single spot size and grid for intensity modulated proton therapy? Simulation of head and neck, prostate and mesothelioma cases

Talukdar, R.; Nageshwar Reddy, D., 2013:
Is there a single therapeutic target for chronic pancreatitis pain?

Yang, J.; Smith, H.G.; Sherratt, T.N.; Wilkinson, D.M., 2010:
Is there a size limit for cosmopolitan distribution in free-living microorganisms? A biogeographical analysis of testate amoebae from polar areas

Barsalani, R.; Brochu, M.; Dionne, I.J., 2014:
Is there a skeletal muscle mass threshold associated with the deterioration of insulin sensitivity in sedentary lean to obese postmenopausal women?

Karmiloff-Smith, A.; Klima, E.; Bellugi, U.; Grant, J.; Baron-Cohen, S., 1995:
Is there a social module? Language, face processing, and theory of mind in individuals with williams syndrome

Allen, H., 2013:
Is there a social worker in the house? Health care reform and the future of medical social work

Cullinan, J.; Gillespie, P.; Owens, L.; Avalos, G.; Dunne, F.P., 2012:
Is there a socioeconomic gradient in the prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus?

Malički, M.; Marušić, A., 2015:
Is there a solution to publication bias? Researchers call for changes in dissemination of clinical research results

Figueroa, L., 2012:
Is there a space for research during the medical residency in Peru?

Leon, M.; Johnson, B.A., 2009:
Is there a space-time continuum in olfaction?

Lakic, B.; Wredle, E.; Svennersten-Sjaunja, K.; Ostensson, K., 2009:
Is there a special mechanism behind the changes in somatic cell and polymorphonuclear leukocyte counts, and composition of milk after a single prolonged milking interval in cows?

Staub, R., 2007:
Is there a special responsibility of HIV-positive people? A discussion paper

Lev, M., 1949:
Is there a specialized muscular conduction system in the mammalian heart?

Jones, J.; Thomson, P.; Irvine, K.; Leslie, S.J., 2013:
Is there a specific hemodynamic effect in reflexology? A systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Trecate, G.; Manoukian, S.; Suman, L.; Vergnaghi, D.; Marchesini, M.; Agresti, R.; Ferraris, C.; Peissel, B.; Scaramuzza, D.; Bergonzi, S., 2010:
Is there a specific magnetic resonance phenotype characteristic of hereditary breast cancer?

Ruano-Ravina, A.; Faraldo-Valles, M.J.; Barros-Dios, J.M., 2009:
Is there a specific mutation of p53 gene due to radon exposure? A systematic review

Fernández, P.J.; Campoy, G.; García Santos, J.M.; Antequera, M.M.; García-Sevilla, J.; Castillo, A.; Antúnez, C.; Fuentes, L.J., 2011:
Is there a specific pattern of attention deficit in mild cognitive impairment with subcortical vascular features? Evidence from the Attention Network Test

Wallis, G.A.; Wittekind, A., 2014:
Is there a specific role for sucrose in sports and exercise performance?

Nonaka, D.; Rosai, J., 2012:
Is there a spectrum of cytologic atypia in type a thymomas analogous to that seen in type B thymomas? A pilot study of 13 cases

Migliardo, F.; Tallima, H.; El Ridi, R., 2014:
Is there a sphingomyelin-based hydrogen bond barrier at the mammalian host-schistosome parasite interface?

Ravandi, F.; Cortes, J.; Kantarjian, H., 2013:
Is there a standard induction regimen for patients with AML?

Marcason, W., 2013:
Is there a standard meal plan for phenylketonuria (PKU)?

Thompson, I.M.; Tangen, C.M.; Klein, E.A., 2009:
Is there a standard of care for pathologic stage T3 prostate cancer?

Saif, M.Wasif., 2008:
Is there a standard of care for the management of advanced pancreatic cancer?. Highlights from the Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium. Orlando, FL, USA. January 25-27, 2008

Peedell, C.; Dunning, J.; Bapusamy, A., 2010:
Is there a standard of care for the radical management of non-small cell lung cancer involving the apical chest wall (Pancoast tumours)?

Pallis, A.G.; Georgoulias, V., 2012:
Is there a standard regimen for first-line treatment of advanced/metastatic Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer? What has meta-analyses contributed to today's standard of care

Paterno, M.V.; Archdeacon, M.T., 2009:
Is there a standard rehabilitation protocol after femoral intramedullary nailing?

Siddel, K., 2011:
Is there a standard surgical supply markup?

Streubel, P.N.; Wong, A.H.W.; Ricci, W.M.; Gardner, M.J., 2011:
Is there a standard trochanteric entry site for nailing of subtrochanteric femur fractures?

Hayes, D.F., 2010:
Is there a standard type and duration of adjuvant chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer?

Cylus, J.; Mladovsky, P.; McKee, M., 2013:
Is there a statistical relationship between economic crises and changes in government health expenditure growth? an analysis of twenty-four European countries

Lee, Y.; Kim, H-Joo.; Choi, S-Joo.; Oh, S-Young.; Kim, J-Sun.; Roh, C-Rae.; Kim, J-Hwa., 2015:
Is there a stepwise increase in neonatal morbidities according to histological stage (or grade) of acute chorioamnionitis and funisitis?: effect of gestational age at delivery

Zhao, P.; Wei, Z.; Liu, W., 2015:
Is there a straightforward relationship between hepatitis C virus infection and diabetes?

Aly, H., 2007:
Is there a strategy for preventing bronchopulmonary dysplasia? Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Xu, G.; Ma, M.; Liu, X.; Hankey, G.J., 2013:
Is there a stroke belt in China and why?

Heilbronner, U.; Pollmann, S., 2010:
Is there a structural limit to 'branch' recursively between more than two tasks?

Laberge, Fédéric.; Roth, G., 2007:
Is there a structure equivalent to the mammalian basolateral amygdaloid complex in amphibians?

Ratto, G.B.; Costa, R.; Maineri, P.; Alloisio, A.; Bruzzi, P.; Dozin, B., 2009:
Is there a subset of patients with preoperatively diagnosed N2 non-small cell lung cancer who might benefit from surgical resection?

Kohagne Tongué, L.; Mavoungou, J.F.; Fako Hendji, G.C.; Pamba, R.; Mbatchi, B., 2014:
Is there a suburban sleeping sickness in Libreville?

Khan, S.; Snyder, H.W.; Rathke, A.M.; Scott, D.M.; Peterson, C.D., 2008:
Is there a successful business case for telepharmacy?

Gijzen, K.; Moolenaar, D.L.J.; Weusten, J.J.A.M.; Pluim, H.J.; Demir, A.Y., 2013:
Is there a suitable point-of-care glucose meter for tight glycemic control? Evaluation of one home-use and four hospital-use meters in an intensive care unit

Türp, J.C.; Jokstad, Aørn.; Motschall, E.; Schindler, H.J.; Windecker-Gétaz, I.; Ettlin, D.A., 2007:
Is there a superiority of multimodal as opposed to simple therapy in patients with temporomandibular disorders? A qualitative systematic review of the literature

Sepehripour, A.H.; Athanasiou, T., 2013:
Is there a surgeon or hospital volume-outcome relationship in off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery?

Van Way, C.W., 2011:
Is there a surgeon shortage?

Sethi, M.; Anton, J.M.; Collard, C.D., 2008:
Is there a surgical role for topical aprotinin?

Lubezky, N.; Geva, R.; Shmueli, E.; Nakache, R.; Klausner, J.M.; Figer, A.; Ben-Haim, M., 2009:
Is there a survival benefit to neoadjuvant versus adjuvant chemotherapy, combined with surgery for resectable colorectal liver metastases?

Miksch, A.; Laux, G.; Ose, D.; Joos, S.; Campbell, S.; Riens, B.; Szecsenyi, J., 2010:
Is there a survival benefit within a German primary care-based disease management program?

Hall, E.T.; Bhalla, V., 2014:
Is there a sweet spot for Nrf2 activation in the treatment of diabetic kidney disease?

Srabstein, J.; Piazza, T., 2012:
Is there a syndrome of bullying?

Serati, M.; Salvatore, S.; Uccella, S.; Cardozo, L.; Bolis, P., 2008:
Is there a synergistic effect of topical oestrogens when administered with antimuscarinics in the treatment of symptomatic detrusor overactivity?

Collings, S.; Kake, T., 2007:
Is there a systematic bias in the prosecution of psychiatric patients who assault staff?

Rauschecker, J.P., 2014:
Is there a tape recorder in your head? How the brain stores and retrieves musical melodies

McCourt, C.; Dessie, S.; Bradley, A.Marie.; Schwartz, J.; Brard, L.; Dizon, D.S., 2009:
Is there a taxane-free interval that predicts response to taxanes as a later-line treatment of recurrent ovarian or primary peritoneal cancer?

Mackay, J.P.; Segal, D.J.; Crossley, M., 2014:
Is there a telltale RH fingerprint in zinc fingers that recognizes methylated CpG dinucleotides?

DeZwaan, D.C.; Freeman, B.C., 2011:
Is there a telomere-bound 'EST' telomerase holoenzyme?

Tu, Y-Kang.; Tugnait, A.; Clerehugh, V., 2007:
Is there a temporal trend in the reported treatment efficacy of periodontal regeneration? A meta-analysis of randomized-controlled trials

Satzger, I.; Meier, A.; Zapf, A.; Niebuhr, M.; Kapp, A.; Gutzmer, R., 2015:
Is there a therapeutic benefit of complete lymph node dissection in melanoma patients with low tumor burden in the sentinel node?

Kohl, T.; Tchatcheva, K.; Stressig, Rüdiger.; Gembruch, U.; Kahl, P., 2009:
Is there a therapeutic role for fetoscopic surgery in the prenatal treatment of gastroschisis? A feasibility study in sheep

Coelho, A.Maria.Mendonça.; Kunitake, T.Alexandre.; Machado, M.Cerqueira.Cesar.; Martins, J.Oliveira.; Patzina, R.Antunes.; D'Albuquerque, L.Augusto.Carneiro.; Jukemura, Jé., 2013:
Is there a therapeutic window for pentoxifylline after the onset of acute pancreatitis?

Kevans, D.; Van Assche, G., 2014:
Is there a therapeutic window of opportunity in early inflammatory bowel disease? Early stage inflammatory bowel disease: the actual management

Atkinson, J.Hampton.; Patel, S.M.; Meyer, J.M.; Slater, M.A.; Zisook, S.; Capparelli, E., 2009:
Is there a therapeutic window with some antidepressants for analgesic response?

Aaron, P.G.; Kuchta, S.; Grapenthin, C.T., 1988:
Is there a thing called dyslexia?

Zhu, J.; Zhang, P.; Wang, H.; Site, L.Delle., 2014:
Is there a third order phase transition for supercritical fluids?

Talon, D.; Thouverez, M.; Bertrand, X., 2009:
Is there a threshold above which hand-rub solution consumption is efficient for decreasing MRSA incidence?

Reddy, R.P.; Tremaine, W.J., 2008:
Is there a threshold for the deleterious effect of smoking in Crohn's disease?

McLean, M.Toepke.; Marchant, G.; Rannisi, C.; Hagen, L.; Hart, G.; Crosmun, J.; Keeslar, I.; DiNatale, S., 2014:
Is there a time or circumstance in the 3rd stage of labor when it is appropriate to massage the fundus?

Lotze, M., 2011:
Is there a time window for increased plasticity? The need for longitudinal data

Parse, R.Rizzo., 2008:
Is there a tipping point for congruence in nursing knowledge?

Boyce, N.; Calabrese, E., 2008:
Is there a tonic in the toxin?

Arora, K.; Wolf, D.A., 2014:
Is there a trade-off between parent care and self-care?

Nagar, H.; Zhou, L.; Biritz, B.; Sison, C.; Chang, J.; Smith, M.; Nori, D.; Chao, K.S.Clifford.; Hayes, M.Katherine., 2014:
Is there a tradeoff in using modified high tangent field radiation for treating an undissected node-positive axilla?

Chung, Y.Seung.; Cho, S.; Ryou, H.Joo.; Jee, H-Gun.; Choi, J.Young.; Yoon, K.; Choi, H.Jae.; Lee, K.Eun.; Suh, Y-Jin.; Oh, S.Keun.; Youn, Y-Kyu., 2011:
Is there a treatment advantage when paclitaxel and lovastatin are combined to dose anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell lines?

García Tirado, F.Javier.; Rieger Reyes, C., 2014:
Is there a treatment for ereuthophobia?

Paul, M., 2009:
Is there a treatment for sepsis other than antibiotics?

Carlsson, G.E.; Ekbäck, G.; Johansson, A.; Ordell, S.; Unell, L., 2015:
Is there a trend of decreasing prevalence of TMD-related symptoms with ageing among the elderly?

Kissin, D.M.; Anderson, J.E.; Kraft, J.Marie.; Warner, L.; Jamieson, D.J., 2008:
Is there a trend of increased unwanted childbearing among young women in the United States?

Correia, L.C.L., 2007:
Is there a true beneficial effect of statin therapy in the acute phase of unstable angina or myocardial infarction?

Saitta, P.; Cook, C.E.; Messina, J.L.; Brancaccio, R.; Wu, B.C.; Grekin, S.K.; Holland, J., 2013:
Is there a true concern regarding the use of hair dye and malignancy development?: a review of the epidemiological evidence relating personal hair dye use to the risk of malignancy

Kuhn, E.N.; Taksler, G.B.; Dayton, O.; Loganathan, A.; Bourland, D.; Tatter, S.B.; Laxton, A.W.; Chan, M.D., 2015:
Is there a tumor volume threshold for postradiosurgical symptoms? A single-institution analysis

Bibi, E., 2012:
Is there a twist in the Escherichia coli signal recognition particle pathway?

Kinne, J.; Wani, N.A.; Wernery, U.; Peters, J.; Knospe, C., 2012:
Is there a two-humped stage in the embryonic development of the dromedary?

Wittenbrink, N.; Klein, A.; Weiser, A.A.; Schuchhardt, J.; Or-Guil, M., 2012:
Is there a typical germinal center? A large-scale immunohistological study on the cellular composition of germinal centers during the hapten-carrier-driven primary immune response in mice

Baumol, W.J., 1989:
Is there a u.s. Productivity crisis?

Allegra, A.; Marino, A.; Coffaro, F.; Lama, A.; Rizza, G.; Scaglione, P.; Sammartano, F.; Santoro, A.; Volpes, A., 2009:
Is there a uniform basal endometrial gene expression profile during the implantation window in women who became pregnant in a subsequent ICSI cycle?

Tack, J., 2008:
Is there a unifying role for visceral hypersensitivity and irritable bowel syndrome in non-erosive reflux disease?

Antal, M.; Regöly-Mérei, A.; Nagy, K.; Biró, L.; Péter, S.; Arató, Görgyi.; Szabó, C.; Lásztity, Nália.; Martos, E., 2008:
Is there a unique measuring method to assess obesity?

van den Noort, M.; Bosch, P.; Struys, E.; van de Craen, P., 2011:
Is there a unique relation between a deficit of deviance detection and schizophrenia?

Algase, D.L., 2010:
Is there a universal definition of nursing?

Sveiczer, Ákos.; Horváth, A.; Buchwald, P., 2015:
Is there a universal rule for cellular growth?--Problems in studying and interpreting this phenomenon

Loue, S.; Loff, B., 2014:
Is there a universal understanding of vulnerability? Experiences with Russian and Romanian trainees in research ethics

Malinow, M.R.; Katz, L.N.; Kondo, B., 2017:
Is there a vagal pulmonocoronary reflex in pulmonary embolism?

Hu, Z.; Liu, H.; Weng, X.; Northoff, G., 2012:
Is there a valence-specific pattern in emotional conflict in major depressive disorder? An exploratory psychological study

Bergman, R.J.; Spellman, J.W.; Hall, M.E.; Bergman, S.M., 2012:
Is there a valid app for that? Validity of a free pedometer iPhone application

Bodgener, S.; Tavabie, A., 2011:
Is there a value to case-based discussion?

Sandman, C.A.; Glynn, L.M.; Davis, E.Poggi., 2014:
Is there a viability-vulnerability tradeoff? Sex differences in fetal programming

Anonymous, 1974:
Is there a viable alternative to the fee for service payment system?

Eskiizmir, Görkem.; Kezirian, E., 2010:
Is there a vicious cycle between obstructive sleep apnea and laryngopharyngeal reflux disease?

Gadit, A.A.Muhammad., 2007:
Is there a visible mental health policy in Pakistan?

Aaron, P.G., 1993:
Is there a visual dyslexia

Couapel, J-P.; Bensalah, K.; Bernhard, J-C.; Pignot, G.; Zini, L.; Lang, H.; Rigaud, J.; Salomon, L.; Bellec, L.; Soulié, M.; Vaessen, C.; Rouprêt, M.; Jung, J-L.; Mourey, E.; Bigot, P.; Bruyère, F.; Berger, J.; Ansieau, J-P.; Gimel, P.; Salome, F.; Hubert, J.; Pfister, C.; Baumert, H.; Timsit, M-O.; Méjean, A.; Patard, J.J., 2015:
Is there a volume-outcome relationship for partial nephrectomy?

Barba, L., 2012:
Is there a way around burnout? Organizational strategies for keeping counselors at the top of their game

Daéid, N.Nic., 2012:
Is there a way forward for forensic science research in the UK?

Lalive, A.L.; Rudolph, U.; Lüscher, C.; Tan, K.R., 2012:
Is there a way to curb benzodiazepine addiction?

Vordemvenne, T.; Hartensuer, R.; Löhrer, L.; Vieth, V.; Fuchs, T.; Raschke, M.J., 2009:
Is there a way to diagnose spinal instability in acute burst fractures by performing ultrasound?

Filipp, S.L.; Cardel, M.; Hall, J.; Essner, R.Z.; Lemas, D.J.; Janicke, D.M.; Smith, S.R.; Nadglowski, J.; Troy Donahoo, W.; Cooper-DeHoff, R.M.; Nelson, D.R.; Hogan, W.R.; Shenkman, E.A.; Gurka, M.J., 2018:
Characterization of adult obesity in Florida using the OneFlorida clinical research consortium

Taylor, J., 2012:
Is there a way to please all the people all of the time?

Liauw, L.; van der Grond, J.; van den Berg-Huysmans, A.A.; Laan, L.A.E.M.; van Buchem, M.A.; van Wezel-Meijler, G., 2008:
Is there a way to predict outcome in (near) term neonates with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy based on MR imaging?

Elmansy, H.M.; Kotb, A.; Elhilali, M.M., 2013 :
Is there a way to predict stress urinary incontinence after holmium laser enucleation of the prostate?

Cooper, C.B., 2015:
Is there a weekend bias in clutch-initiation dates from citizen science? Implications for studies of avian breeding phenology

Seystahl, K.; Weller, M., 2012:
Is there a world beyond bevacizumab in targeting angiogenesis in glioblastoma?

Moll, Jürgen., 2009:
Is there a world outside mitosis for Aurora A kinase?

Liehr, T.; Bartels, I.; Zoll, B.; Ewers, E.; Mrasek, K.; Kosyakova, N.; Merkas, M.; Hamid, A.B.; von Eggeling, F.; Posorski, N.; Weise, A., 2010:
Is there a yet unreported unbalanced chromosomal abnormality without phenotypic consequences in proximal 4p?

Skoufias, D.A., 2012:
Is there a "G spot" in sister chromatid cohesion resolution?

Hoashi, J.S.; Samdani, A.F.; Betz, R.R.; Bastrom, T.P.; Cahill, P.J., 2014:
Is there a "July effect" in surgery for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis?

Leonis, M.A.; Balistreri, W.F., 2007:
Is there a "NAC" to treating acute liver failure in children?

Ruckenstein, M.J.; Nicolli, E.A., 2012:
Is there a "best" stapes prosthesis?

Stone, J.S.; Wisner, S.R.; Bucks, S.A.; Mellado Lagarde, M.M.; Cox, B.C., 2018:
Characterization of Adult Vestibular Organs in 11 CreER Mouse Lines

Funt, M.J., 2007:
Is there a "cavity" in your financial health?

Le Pen, C., 2009:
Is there a "continental" view of health economics evaluation?

Wirth, A., 2014:
Is there a "healthy" obese?

Nicolas, K.; Raroque, S.; Rowland, D.Y.; Chaiban, J.T., 2014:
Is there a "july effect" for inpatient glycemic control?

Hallock, G.G., 2008:
Is there a "learning curve" for muscle perforator flaps?

Salz, J.J.; Binder, P.S., 2007:
Is there a "magic number" to reduce the risk of ectasia after laser in situ keratomileusis and photorefractive keratectomy?

Stein, D.J., 2009:
Is there a "mosquito net" for anxiety and mood disorders?

Cohen, T.D., 2007:
Is there a "most perfect fluid" consistent with quantum field theory?

Tenhaven, C.; Tipold, A.; Fischer, M.R.; Ehlers, J.P., 2014:
Is there a "net generation" in veterinary medicine? A comparative study on the use of the Internet and Web 2.0 by students and the veterinary profession

Del Percio, C.; Rossini, P.M.; Marzano, N.; Iacoboni, M.; Infarinato, F.; Aschieri, P.; Lino, A.; Fiore, A.; Toran, G.; Babiloni, C.; Eusebi, F., 2008:
Is there a "neural efficiency" in athletes? A high-resolution EEG study

Ng, P.C., 2008:
Is there a "normal" range of serum cortisol concentration for preterm infants?

Lewis, C.M., 2014:
Is there a "one size fits all" strategy for reducing heart failure readmissions?

Jones, E.; Wolfe, J., 2015:
Is there a "right way" to provide pediatric palliative care?

Ngeow, W.Cheong., 2010:
Is there a "safety zone" in the mandibular premolar region where damage to the mental nerve can be avoided if periapical extrusion occurs?

Mammarella, N., 2011:
Is there a "special relationship" between unconscious emotions and visual imagery? Evidence from a mental rotation test

Bloch, M.J.; Basile, J.N., 2011:
Is there accord in ACCORD? Lower blood pressure targets in type 2 diabetes does not lead to fewer cardiovascular events except for reductions in stroke

Zanobetti, A.; Schwartz, J., 2008:
Is there adaptation in the ozone mortality relationship: a multi-city case-crossover analysis

D'Hooghe, T.M., 2013:
Is there added value in inducing endometriosis in baboons by laparotomic peritoneal grafting of uterine tissue obtained after hysterotomy?

Cohen, D.L.; Townsend, R.R., 2008:
Is there added value to adding ARB to ACE inhibitors in the management of CKD?

Leitner, A.; Pieh, C.; Matzer, F.; Fazekas, C., 2014:
Is there adequate care for patients with psychosomatic disorders in Austria? Analysis of the need and a proposal for a model of quality assurance in Austrian psychosomatic medicine

Voermans, J.M.; Van, H.L.; Peen, J.; Hengeveld, M.W., 2012:
Is there adequate discussion between psychiatrists and their patients regarding patients' sexual problems?

Zimmerman, M., 2013:
Is there adequate empirical justification for radically revising the personality disorders section for DSM-5?

Rogers, B.A.; Pleat, J., 2010:
Is there adequate information on operation notes? The application of the Royal College of Surgeons of England guidelines

Rogers, B.A.; Phillips, S.; Foote, J.; Drabu, K.J., 2010:
Is there adequate provision of venous thromboembolism prophylaxis following hip arthroplasty? An audit and international survey

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Is there agreement between Canadian older adults and their primary informal caregivers on behaviour towards institutionalisation?

Geiger, M.; Deloose, K.; Callaert, J.; Bosiers, M., 2015:
Is there already a place for endovascular treatment of the common femoral artery?

Ramos Rodríguez, J.R., 2010:
Is there also a crisis in radiology?

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Is there alteration in aortic stiffness in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy?

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Is there altered sensitivity to ghrelin-receptor ligands in leptin-deficient mice?: importance of satiety state and time of day

Esch, A.; Coriat, R.; Perkins, Géraldine.; Brezault, C.; Chaussade, S., 2012:
Is there alternative to FOLFOX adjuvant chemotherapy for stage III colorectal cancer patients?

Bruns, F.; Christiansen, H., 2016:
Is there always a need for invasive treatment of limited liver metastases in renal cell cancer or other solid tumors?

Anonymous, 2010:
Is there an ACO in your ASC's future?

Anonymous, 1967:
Is there an Alternative?

Saint Arnault, D.; Kim, O., 2008:
Is there an Asian idiom of distress? Somatic symptoms in female Japanese and Korean students

Garg, N.; Anandakrishna, L.; Chandra, P., 2012:
Is there an Association between Oral Health Status and School Performance? A Preliminary Study

Furtado, D.Viveka., 2011:
Is there an Indian nursing ethics?

Park, M.Ho.; Han, C., 2015:
Is there an MCI reversion to cognitively normal? Analysis of Alzheimer's disease biomarkers profiles

Peifer, M.; Karro, J.E.; von Grünberg, H.H., 2008:
Is there an acceleration of the CpG transition rate during the mammalian radiation?

White, H.D., 2009:
Is there an acceptable ceiling for bleeding for an antithrombotic drug dose to be tested in a phase 3 trial?

Loehlin, J.C., 2010:
Is there an active gene-environment correlation in adolescent drinking behavior?

Tan, J.C.; Chatterton, B.E., 2013:
Is there an added clinical value of "true"whole body(18)F-FDG PET/CT imaging in patients with malignant melanoma?

Athyros, V.G.; Gossios, T.D.; Tziomalos, K.; Florentin, M.; Karagiannis, A.; Mikhailidis, D.P., 2012:
Is there an additional benefit from coronary revascularization in diabetic patients with acute coronary syndromes or stable angina who are already on optimal medical treatment?

Haerle, S.K.; Hany, T.F.; Strobel, K.; Sidler, D.; Stoeckli, S.J., 2010:
Is there an additional value of SPECT/CT over planar lymphoscintigraphy for sentinel node mapping in oral/oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma?

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Is there an additional value of ¹¹C-choline PET-CT to T2-weighted MRI images in the localization of intraprostatic tumor nodules?

Starr, A., 1948:
Is there an adequate therapy for regional enteritis?

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Is there an adjunctive role of tamsulosin to extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy for upper ureteric stones: results of an open label randomized nonplacebo controlled study

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Is there an advanced aging effect on the ability to mentally represent action?

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Is there an advantage in adding azathioprine to prednisone and cyclosporine in kidney transplant recipients?

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Is there an advantage in designing adapted, patient-specific PTV margins in intensity modulated proton beam therapy for prostate cancer?

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Is there an advantage in performing a pancreas-preserving total duodenectomy in duodenal adenomatosis?

Racowsky, C.; Ohno-Machado, L.; Kim, J.; Biggers, J.D., 2009:
Is there an advantage in scoring early embryos on more than one day?

Turhanoglu, S.; Kaya, S.; Erdogan, H., 2009:
Is there an advantage in using low-dose intrathecal bupivacaine for cesarean section?

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Is there an advantage over SF-36 with a quality of life measure that is specific to systemic lupus erythematosus?

Azzi, A.; Cachat, F.; Faouzi, M.; Mosig, D.; Ramseyer, P.; Girardin, E.; Chehade, H., 2016:
Is there an age cutoff to apply adult formulas for GFR estimation in children?

Sanchez-Cuadrado, I.; Lassaletta, L.; Perez-Mora, R.Maria.; Zernotti, M.; Di Gregorio, M.Fernanda.; Boccio, C.; Gavilán, J., 2013:
Is there an age limit for cochlear implantation?

Ballarin, R.; Spaggiari, M.; Di Benedetto, F.; De Ruvo, N.; Cautero, N.; Montalti, R.; Guerrini, G.P.; Longo, C.; Mimmo, A.; D'Amico, G.; Gerunda, G.E., 2010:
Is there an age limit for radical surgery in case of tumors infiltrating the duodenum?

Anonymous, 2011 :
Is there an age limit for valve replacement? I am 79 and have a leaky aortic valve, but am in otherwise pretty good health

Grignon, M.; Spencer, B.G.; Wang, L., 2011:
Is there an age pattern in the treatment of AMI? Evidence from Ontario

Cole, H.P., 2010:
Is there an agrarian imperative?

Lannoy, Séverine.; Heeren, A.; Rochat, L.; Rossignol, M.; Van der Linden, M.; Billieux, Jël., 2015:
Is there an all-embracing construct of emotion reactivity? Adaptation and validation of the emotion reactivity scale among a French-speaking community sample

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Is there an alternative approach to abdominoperineal resection for the treatment of very low lying rectal cancer? Five-year results

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Is there an alternative cerebral network associated with enhanced phonological processing in deaf speech-users? An exceptional case

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Is there an alternative explanation to post-myocardial infarction emergence of mitral regurgitation? A CMR-LGE observational study

Peter, I.Tholath., 2010:
Is there an alternative process to aging and death?

Peynircioglu, B.; Shorbagi, A.Ibrahim.; Balli, O.; Cil, B.; Balkanci, F.; Bayraktar, Y., 2011:
Is there an alternative to TIPS? Ultrasound-guided direct intrahepatic portosystemic shunt placement in Budd-Chiari syndrome

Hore, T.; Thomas, M.; Brown, L.; Sakowska, M.; Connor, S., 2017:
Is there an alternative to centralization for pancreatic resection in New Zealand?

Czarnecki, M.L.; Hainsworth, K.; Simpson, P.M.; Arca, M.J.; Uhing, M.R.; Varadarajan, J.; Weisman, S.J., 2014:
Is there an alternative to continuous opioid infusion for neonatal pain control? A preliminary report of parent/nurse-controlled analgesia in the neonatal intensive care unit

Klebanov, L.; Yakovlev, A., 2007:
Is there an alternative to increasing the sample size in microarray studies?

Geddes, L.A.; Rundell, A.E., 2009:
Is there an alternative to mouth-to-mouth breathing?

Franco, A.Virginia.M.; Lee, F.; Fynes, M.M., 2008:
Is there an alternative to pad tests? Correlation of subjective variables of severity of urinary loss to the 1-h pad test in women with stress urinary incontinence

Bandyopadhyay, D.; Oscroft, N.S.; Shneerson, J.M.; Smith, I.E., 2011:
Is there an alternative to pre-flight hypoxic challenge testing in scoliotic patients?

Margetić, B.; Aukst-Margetić, B.; Matusin, A., 2007:
Is there an alternative to seclusion or mechanical restraint?

Antón, L.C.; Villasevil, E.M., 2008:
Is there an alternative to the proteasome in cytosolic protein degradation?

Anonymous, 1967:
Is there an alternative?: medicine and government

McWilliam, A., 1967:
Is there an alternative?: yearly or quinquennial grants?

Sitges, M.; Teijeira, V.A.; Scalise, A.; Vidal, Bàrbara.; Tamborero, D.; Collvinent, B.; Rivera, S.; Molina, I.; Azqueta, M.; Paré, C.; Brugada, J.; Mont, L., 2007:
Is there an anatomical substrate for idiopathic paroxysmal atrial fibrillation? A case-control echocardiographic study

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Is there an anti-androgen withdrawal syndrome for enzalutamide?

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Is there an anti-inflammatory effect of statins in rheumatoid arthritis? Analysis of a large routinely collected claims database

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Is there an antiandrogen withdrawal syndrome with enzalutamide?

Winkelstein, B.A.; Kras, J.V., 2010:
Is there an antinociceptive role for peripheral brain-derived neurotrophic factor?

Habibzadeh, F., 2013:
Is there an apartheid in science publishing?

Gainor, J.F., 2013:
Is there an app for that?

Grobmyer, S.R.; Rice, M.J., 2013:
Is there an apparent reason for these cancer recurrence data?

Alados-Arboledas, F.J.; Millán-Bueno, M.P.; Expósito-Montes, J.F.; Arévalo-Garrido, A.; Pérez-Parras, A.; de la Cruz-Moreno, J., 2017:
Is there an appropriate bispectral index for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in spontaneous breathing in the pediatric patient?

Corbacioglu Esmer, A.; Akbayir, O.; Goksedef, B.Pinar.Cilesiz.; Gunduz, N.; Kisacık, S.; Dagdeviren, H.; Guraslan, B.; Ark, C., 2014:
Is there an appropriate cutoff age for sampling the endometrium in premenopausal bleeding?

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Is there an association between 5-azacitidine and ototoxicity?

Yang, X.; Huang, Y.; Feng, J-Feng., 2014:
Is there an association between ABO blood group and overall survival in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma?

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Is there an association between ACTN3 R577X polymorphism and muscle power phenotypes in young, non-athletic adults?

Panduranga, P.; Sulaiman, K., 2012:
Is there an association between Fahr's disease and cardiac conduction system disease?: A case report

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Is there an association between HIV-1 genital shedding and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 2/3 among women on antiretroviral therapy?

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Is there an association between HOST grades and sperm quality?

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Is there an association between Helicobacter pylori in the inlet patch and globus sensation?

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Is there an association between PEPFAR funding and improvement in national health indicators in Africa? A retrospective study

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Is there an association between Ro52/TRIM21 antibodies and rheumatoid factor in systemic sclerosis?

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Is there an association between Vogt-Koyonagi-Harada syndrome and intracranial meningioma?

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Is there an association between a history of placental abruption and long-term maternal renal complications?

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Is there an association between a low acromion index and osteoarthritis of the shoulder?

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Is there an association between advanced paternal age and endophenotype deficit levels in schizophrenia?

Ding, G-Xiong.; Song, N-Hong.; Feng, C-Chen.; Xia, G-Wei.; Jiang, H-Wen.; Hua, L-Xin.; Ding, Q., 2012:
Is there an association between advanced stage of renal cell carcinoma and paraneoplastic syndrome?

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Is there an association between angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) genotypes and abdominal aortic aneurysm?

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Is there an association between antiphospholipid antibodies and psoriasis?

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Is there an association between anxiety/depression and temporomandibular disorders in college students?

Berger, J.S.; Sallum, R.H.; Katona, B.; Maya, J.; Ranganathan, G.; Xu, Y.; Mwamburi, M., 2012:
Is there an association between aspirin dosing and cardiac and bleeding events after treatment of acute coronary syndrome? A systematic review of the literature

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Is there an association between asymmetry of carotid artery wall thickness (ACAWT) and cerebrovascular symptoms?

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Is there an association between bicuspid aortic valve and neuroblastoma?

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Is there an association between blood group and survival in pancreatic cancer?

Díaz-Serrano, K.Victoria.; da Silva, C.Brunelli.Alvares.; de Albuquerque, Sérgio.; Pereira Saraiva, M.da.Conceição.; Nelson-Filho, P., 2008:
Is there an association between bruxism and intestinal parasitic infestation in children?

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Is there an association between clinical presentation and the location and extent of myocardial involvement of cardiac sarcoidosis as assessed by ¹⁸F- fluorodoexyglucose positron emission tomography?

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Is there an association between complement activation and antiphospholipid antibody-related thrombosis?

Omalu, B.I.; Hammers, J.L.; Parwani, A.V.; Balani, J.; Shakir, A.; Ness, R.B., 2013:
Is there an association between coronary atherosclerosis and carcinoma of the prostate in men aged 50 years and older? An autopsy and coroner based post-mortem study

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Is there an association between cortical thickness, age of onset, and duration of illness in schizophrenia?

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Is there an association between depression and cardiovascular mortality or sudden death?

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Is there an association between depressive and urinary symptoms during and after pregnancy?

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Is there an association between depressive symptoms and coronary artery disease in the Polish adult population?

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Is there an association between deprivation and pre-operative disease severity? A cross-sectional study of patient-reported health status

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Is there an association between diabetic neuropathy and low vitamin D levels?

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Is there an association between disease ignorance and self-rated health? The HUNT Study, a cross-sectional survey

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Is there an association between endometriosis and the risk of pre-eclampsia? A population based study

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Is there an association between epiphyseal scar and osteonecrosis of the femoral head?

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Is there an association between familial Mediterranean fever and celiac disease?

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Is there an association between female urinary incontinence and decreased genital sensation?

Nakatsuka, N.; Jain, V.; Aziz, K.; Verity, R.; Kumar, M., 2012:
Is there an association between fetal scalp electrode application and early-onset neonatal sepsis in term and late preterm pregnancies? A case-control study

Chamizo-Carmona, E., 2005:
Is there an association between fibromyalgia and an increase in comorbidity: neoplastic and cardiovascular diseases, infections and mortality?

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Is there an association between fibromyalgia and below-normal levels of urinary cortisol?

Albar, S.A.; Alwan, N.A.; Evans, C.E.L.; Cade, J.E., 2014:
Is there an association between food portion size and BMI among British adolescents?

Hicks, J.A.; Carson, C.; Malone, P.S.J., 2008:
Is there an association between functional bladder outlet obstruction and Down's syndrome?

Knoebl, P.N., 2007 :
Is there an association between hemostatic abnormalities and the outcome of acute lung injury?

Sack, C.; Scherag, A.; Lütkes, P.; Günther, W.; Jöckel, K-H.; Holtmann, G., 2011:
Is there an association between hospital accreditation and patient satisfaction with hospital care? A survey of 37,000 patients treated by 73 hospitals

Shaaban, H.Salim.; Modi, Y.; Guron, G., 2012:
Is there an association between human immunodeficiency virus infection and breast cancer?

Lou, S.; Li, J.; Long, C.; Hei, F.; Yu, K.; Wang, S., 2011:
Is there an association between hyperglycemia and clinical outcome in adult patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Motsko, S.P.; Jones, J.K., 2008:
Is there an association between hypothyroidism and open-angle glaucoma in an elderly population? An epidemiologic study

Gorevski, E.; Succop, P.; Sachdeva, J.; Cavanaugh, T.M.; Volek, P.; Heaton, P.; Chisholm-Burns, M.; Martin-Boone, J.E., 2013:
Is there an association between immunosuppressant therapy medication adherence and depression, quality of life, and personality traits in the kidney and liver transplant population?

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Is there an association between implementation of a medical team training program and surgical mortality?

Mansur, N.; Weiss, A.; Beloosesky, Y., 2009:
Is there an association between inappropriate prescription drug use and adherence in discharged elderly patients?

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Is there an association between intestinal perfusion and Crohn's disease activity? A feasibility study using contrast-enhanced ultrasound

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Is there an association between intradialytic hypotension and serum magnesium changes?

Uzunlar, O.; Engin-Ustun, Y.; Ozyer, S.; Danısman, N.; Candar, T.; Keskin, S.M.; Mollamahmutoglu, L., 2015:
Is there an association between liver type fatty acid binding protein and severity of preeclampsia?

Ransom, J.; Schaff, K.; Kan, L., 2012:
Is there an association between local health department organizational and administrative factors and childhood immunization coverage rates?

Hultin, H.; Lindholm, C.; Möller, J., 2012:
Is there an association between long-term sick leave and disability pension and unemployment beyond the effect of health status?--a cohort study

Gaskell, H.; Derry, S.; Moore, R.Andrew., 2011:
Is there an association between low dose aspirin and anemia (without overt bleeding)? Narrative review

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Is there an association between low-to-moderate alcohol consumption and risk of cognitive decline?

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Is there an association between lower urinary tract symptoms and cardiovascular risk in men? A cross sectional and longitudinal analysis

Genc, V.; Genc, A.; Ustuner, E.; Dusunceli, E.Bilge.; Oztuna, D.; Bayar, S.; Kurtais, Y., 2011:
Is there an association between mastalgia and fibromyalgia? Comparing prevalence and symptom severity

Blitshteyn, S.; Crook, J.E.; Jaeckle, K.A., 2008:
Is there an association between meningioma and hormone replacement therapy?

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Is there an association between mild cognitive impairment and dietary pattern in Chinese elderly? Results from a cross-sectional population study

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Is there an association between neurocognitive performance and medication adherence in first episode psychosis?

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Is there an association between non-functioning adrenal adenoma and endothelial dysfunction?

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Is there an association between non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and contrast nephropathy?

Kola, A.; Schwab, F.; Bärwolff, S.; Eckmanns, T.; Weist, K.; Dinger, E.; Klare, I.; Witte, W.; Ruden, H.; Gastmeier, P., 2010:
Is there an association between nosocomial infection rates and bacterial cross transmissions?

Saglam, M.; Salihoglu, M.; Tekeli, H.; Altundag, A.; Sivrioglu, A.Kemal.; Cayonu, M., 2015:
Is there an association between olfactory bulb volume and the Keros type of fossa olfactoria?

Dyson, S.; Brown, V.; Collins, S.; Murray, R., 2010:
Is there an association between ossification of the cartilages of the foot and collateral desmopathy of the distal interphalangeal joint or distal phalanx injury?

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Is there an association between perinatal complications and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder-inattentive type in children and adolescents?

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Is there an association between periodontitis and hypertension?

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Is there an association between peripheral immune markers and structural/functional neuroimaging findings?

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Is there an association between physical punishment in childhood and physical health in adulthood?

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Is there an association between platelet count during the first trimester and preeclampsia or other obstetric complications later in pregnancy?

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Is there an association between psychological stress and request for caesarian section?

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Is there an association between quality of in-hospital cardiac care and proportion of low-income patients?

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Is there an association between radiologist turnaround time of emergency department abdominal CT studies and radiologic report quality?

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Is there an association between risk perception and disaster preparedness in rural US hospitals?

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Is there an association between root architecture and mycorrhizal growth response?

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Is there an association between same-sex sexual experience and ejaculatory dysfunction?

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Is there an association between seeing incidents of alcohol or drug use in films and young Scottish adults' own alcohol or drug use? A cross sectional study

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Is there an association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations and disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis?

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Is there an association between serum prostate-specific antigen values and serum testosterone levels in healthy men?

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Is there an association between short interval from previous cesarean section and adverse obstetric and perinatal outcome?

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Is there an association between socioeconomic status and body mass index among adolescents in Mauritius?

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Characterization of aerobic granular sludge of different sizes for nitrogen and phosphorus removal

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Is there an association between temporomandibular disorders and playing a musical instrument? A review of literature

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Is there an association between the high-risk medication star ratings and member experience CMS star ratings measures?

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Is there an association between the home food environment, the local food shopping environment and children's fruit and vegetable intake? Results from the Dutch INPACT study

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Is there an association between the level of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and idiopathic Parkinson's disease? A comparison of Parkinson's disease patients, disease controls and healthy individuals

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Is there an association between the quality of hospitals' research and their quality of care?

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Is there an association between the rating of illness and injury severity and the experience of emergency medical physicians?

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Is there an association between the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids and criminality?

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Is there an association between thrombosis and fibroids? A single centre experience and literature review

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Is there an association between topiramate and granuloma annulare?

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Is there an association between type 1 diabetes in children and gallbladder stones formation?

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Is there an association between type II endometrial carcinomas and breast cancers? A critical appraisal

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Is there an association between urolithiasis and Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery?

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Is there an association between uterine leiomyomas and acid phosphatase locus 1 polymorphism?

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Is there an association between variables of postural control and strength in adolescents?

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Is there an association between variables of postural control and strength in prepubertal children?

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Is there an association between variants in candidate insulin pathway genes IGF-I, IGFBP-3, INSR, and IRS2 and risk of colorectal cancer in the Iranian population?

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Is there an association between vasomotor symptoms and both low bone density and cardiovascular risk?

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Is there an association between vitamin D and hypertension?

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Is there an association between vitiligo and primary sclerosing cholangitis?

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Is there an association between weight and dental caries among pediatric patients in an urban dental school? A correlation study

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Is there an association between wheezing and pneumonia?

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Is there an association between work stress and diurnal cortisol patterns? Findings from the Whitehall II study

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Is there an association of allergy and cardiovascular disease?

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Is there an association of regulatory region polymorphism in the alpha-1-antichymotrypsin gene with sporadic Alzheimer's disease in the northern Han-Chinese population?

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Is there an association of uric acid level with preclinical target organ damage in moderate- and high-risk hypertensive patients?

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Is there an association with constitutional structural chromosomal abnormalities and hematologic neoplastic process? A short review

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Is there an astronomer in the house?

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Is there an authentic increased risk of pneumococcal pneumonia among young mothers whose children were fully vaccinated with PCV7? The role of methodological shortcomings

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Is there an easier way to autograft skin in chronic leg ulcers? 'Minced micrografts', a new technique

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Is there an economic rationale for cancer drugs to have a separate reimbursement review process for resource allocation purposes?

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Is there an effect of contrast media on multifrequency transcranial Doppler classification of cerebral microemboli during coronary angiogram?

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Is there an effect of folic acid supplementation on the coagulation factors and C-reactive protein concentrations in subjects with atherosclerosis risk factors?

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Is there an effect of glucose lowering treatment on incidence and prognosis of tuberculosis? A systematic review

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Is there an effect of prenatal breech position on locomotion at 2.5 years?

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Is there an effect of print exposure on the word frequency effect and the neighborhood size effect?

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Is there an effective approach to deterring students from plagiarizing?

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Is there an effective therapy available for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

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Is there an efficient trap or collection method for sampling Anopheles darlingi and other malaria vectors that can describe the essential parameters affecting transmission dynamics as effectively as human landing catches? - A Review

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Is there an elephant in the room?

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Is there an elephant in the room? Boundary violations in the doctor-patient relationship in India

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Is there an emergency of tobacco smoking among health professionals in the European region?

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Is there an emergent need to modify the desmoglein compensation theory in pemphigus on the basis of Dsg ELISA data and alternative pathogenic mechanisms?

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Is there an emerging role for neoadjuvant targeted therapy in renal cell carcinoma?

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Is there an emotional cost of completing high school? Ecological factors and psychological distress among LGBT homeless youth

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Characterization of aerosol nitroaromatic compounds: Validation of an experimental method

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Is there an en route folding intermediate for Cold shock proteins?

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Is there an end in sight for encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis?

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Is there an endothelial cell toxicity of light-adjustable lens UVA irradiation on the human corneal endothelium?

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Is there an entity of chemically induced BCR-ABL-positive chronic myelogenous leukemia?

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Is there an entrance complex for the F+NH3 reaction?

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Is there an epidemic of admissions for surgical treatment of dental abscesses in the UK?

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Is there an epidemic of burnout and post-traumatic stress in critical care clinicians?

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Is there an epidemic of suicides among current and former U.S. military personnel?

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Is there an epidemiological paradox for illicit drugs?

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Is there an epigenetic component underlying the resistance of triple-negative breast cancers to parp inhibitors?

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Is there an estrogenic component in the metabolic syndrome?

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Is there an ethical difference between euthanasia and sedation therapy?

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Is there an ethical obligation to complete polio eradication?

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Is there an ethical obligation to disclose controversial risk? A question from the ACCORD Trial

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Is there an ethical problem here?

Wilson, J., 1985:
Is there an ethicist in the house?

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Is there an evening peak in the occurrence of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Japanese?--special situations with circadian variation

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Is there an evidence for screening for depression?

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Is there an evidence of pulmonary vein stenosis following epicardial microwave ablation of atrial fibrillation?

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Is there an evidence-based argument for embracing an antimicrobial (triclosan)-coated suture technology to reduce the risk for surgical-site infections? A meta-analysis

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Is there an evidence-based efficacy for the use of foot orthotics in knee and hip osteoarthritis? Elaboration of French clinical practice guidelines

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Is there an excess of AIDS-related mortality in Aquitaine? Data collected through the French mandatory reporting system, 1982-2005

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Is there an excess of significant findings in published studies of psychotherapy for depression?

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Is there an existing healthy threshold for carbon storage in the ecosystem?

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Is there an experimental verification of a negative index of refraction yet?

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Is there an ideal REDD+ program? An analysis of policy trade-offs at the local level

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Is there an ideal age for hypospadias repair? A pilot study

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Is there an ideal cutoff for α-fetoprotein as an exclusion criterion for liver transplantation?

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Is there an ideal donor site of fat for secondary breast reconstruction?

Carniol, P.J.; Ganc, D.T., 2007:
Is there an ideal facelift procedure?

Sholapurkar, S.L., 2010:
Is there an ideal interpregnancy interval after a live birth, miscarriage or other adverse pregnancy outcomes?

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Is there an ideal method to assess postoperative pain in neonates?

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Is there an ideal morphine dose for prehospital treatment of severe acute pain? A randomized, double-blind comparison of 2 doses

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Is there an ideal prognostic classification for hepatocellular carcinoma? The quest for the Holy Grail

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Is there an ideal stimulation regimen for IVF for poor responders and does it change with age?

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Is there an ideal way to combine trastuzumab with chemotherapy?

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Is there an ideal way to initiate antiplatelet therapy with aspirin? A crossover study on healthy volunteers evaluating different dosing schemes with whole blood aggregometry

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Is there an identifiable intact medial wall of the cavernous sinus? Macro- and microscopic anatomical study using sheet plastination

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Is there an immunologic basis for schizophrenia?

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Is there an impact of 18F-FDG PET/CT on the surveillance and clinical management of recurrent ovarian cancer? Research based on a large sample in a single PET/CT center

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Is there an impact of heart exposure on the incidence of radiation pneumonitis? Analysis of data from a large clinical cohort

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Is there an impact of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors and KIR-ligand incompatibilities on outcomes after unrelated cord blood stem cell transplantation?

Naiman, A.B.; Glazier, R.H.; Moineddin, R., 2011:
Is there an impact of public smoking bans on self-reported smoking status and exposure to secondhand smoke?

Strojek, K.; Górska, J.; Rokicka, D.; Szymborska-Kajanek, A.; Wróbel, M.; Sędek, Łukasz.; Szczepański, T., 2016:
Is there an impact of treatment with DPP-4 inhibitors on lymphocyte subpopulations in type 2 diabetic patients?

Reach, G., 2010:
Is there an impatience genotype leading to non-adherence to long-term therapies?

Somberg, J., 2012 :
Is there an imperative for generic profiling to hasten the age of personalized medicine

Rogers, H.J., 2014:
Is there an important role for reactive oxygen species and redox regulation during floral senescence?

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Is there an improvement of drug safety in Germany in recent years?

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Is there an improvement on the Web sites of the national and international pharmaceutical companies in Turkey? A follow-up study

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Is there an in vitro test for type IV allergy discriminating between sensitization and allergic disease?

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Is there an increase in genitourinary toxicity in patients treated with transurethral resection of the prostate and radiotherapy? A systematic review

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Is there an increase of postpartum hemorrhage, and is severe hemorrhage associated with more frequent use of obstetric interventions?

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Is there an increase risk of cancer, reproduction complications and toxic events in workers exposed to antineoplastic agents?

Cohen, D.L.; Townsend, R.R., 2011:
Is there an increased cancer risk associated with the use of angiotensin receptor blockers and should it affect current prescribing?

Al Suwaidi, J., 2014:
Is there an increased cardiovascular risk in metabolically healthy obese individuals? Lessons from the HUNT (Nord-Trøndelag Health) study

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Is there an increased familial prevalence of psychopathology in children with nonverbal learning disorders?

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Is there an increased frequency of food allergy in children delivered by caesarean section compared to those delivered vaginally?

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Is there an increased incidence of surgically removed thyroid carcinoma in Belgium ten years after Chernobyl? A study of hospital discharge data

Poziomczyk, C.Schermann.; Bonamigo, R.Rangel.; Zen, P.Ricardo.Gazzola.; Kiszewski, A.Elisa., 2015:
Is there an increased prevalence of Wilms' tumor in incontinentia pigmenti syndrome?

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Is there an increased risk for drug treated attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children born after in vitro fertilization?

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Is there an increased risk of TB relapse in patients treated with fixed-dose combination drugs in Indonesia?

Rieman, M.T.; Hunley, M.; Woeste, L.; Kagan, R.J., 2008:
Is there an increased risk of burns to Amish children?

Mortellaro, V.E.; Gasior, A.C.; Knott, E.Marty.; Shah, S.R.; Ostlie, D.J.; Holcomb, G.W.; St Peter, S.D., 2013:
Is there an increased risk of complications with laparoscopy looking for a contralateral patent processus vaginalis?

Bhattacharya, R.K.; Vaishnav, N.; Dubinsky, R.M., 2014:
Is there an increased risk of hip fracture in multiple sclerosis? Analysis of the Nationwide Inpatient Sample

Lakatos, P.L.; Miheller, P., 2010:
Is there an increased risk of lymphoma and malignancies under anti-TNF therapy in IBD?

Ludwig, M., 2013:
Is there an increased risk of malformations after assisted reproductive technologies?

Kigera, J.W.M.; Straetemans, M.; Vuhaka, S.K.; Nagel, I.M.; Naddumba, E.K.; Boer, K., 2013:
Is there an increased risk of post-operative surgical site infection after orthopaedic surgery in HIV patients? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Mathur, A.; Schneider, E.B.; Zeiger, M.A., 2015:
Is there an increased risk of second primary malignancy after diagnosis of thyroid cancer?

Zeh, A.; Radetzki, F.; Diers, V.; Bach, D.; Röllinghoff, M.; Delank, K.Stefan., 2012:
Is there an increased stem migration or compromised osteointegration of the Mayo short-stemmed prosthesis following cerclage wiring of an intrasurgical periprosthetic fracture?

Stembera, Z., 2007:
Is there an increasing frequency of long-term perinatal morbidity with decreasing perinatal mortality or is it also declining

Talbott, E.O.; Zborowski, J.; Rager, J.; Stragand, J.R., 2008:
Is there an independent effect of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and menopause on the prevalence of subclinical atherosclerosis in middle aged women?

Suttmann, H.; Retz, M.; Gschwend, J.E.; Stöckle, M., 2007:
Is there an indication for adjuvant or neoadjuvant systemic chemotherapy in bladder cancer?

Börgermann, C.; Miller, K.; vom Dorp, F.; Jäger, T.; Rübben, H., 2007:
Is there an indication for adjuvant or neoadjuvant systemic therapy in prostate cancer?

Dikkers, R.; van der Zaag-Loonen, H.J.; Willems, T.P.; Post, W.J.; Oudkerk, M., 2009:
Is there an indication for computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of coronary artery bypass grafts?

Rosenberg, L.F., 1992:
Is there an indication for full-thickness filtration surgery?

Grobmyer, S.R.; Cance, W.G.; Copeland, E.M.; Vogel, S.B.; Hochwald, S.N., 2009:
Is there an indication for initial conservative management of pancreatic cystic lesions?

Doehn, C.; Merseburger, A.S.; Jocham, D.; Kuczyk, M.A., 2007:
Is there an indication for neoadjuvant or adjuvant systemic therapy in renal cell cancer?

Luna-Ortiz, K.; Maafs-Molina, E.; Herrera-Gómez, A.; Barrera-Franco, J.Luis., 2009:
Is there an indication for palliative surgical procedure of shoulder and upper limb malignancies?

Gutman, M.; Singer, P.; Gimmon, Z., 2008:
Is there an indication for parenteral nutrition support in the terminally ill cancer patient?

Vermeeren, L.; van der Ent, F.W.; Hulsewé, K.W., 2011:
Is there an indication for routine chest X-ray in initial staging of melanoma?

Tews, G.; Shebl, O.; Ebner, T.; Tews, J., 2010:
Is there an influence of IVF law on our medical treatment

Voon, N.Shatirah.Mohd.Fandi.; Chelliah, K.Kumari., 2012:
Is there an influence of dietary habits on breast density as seen on digital mammograms?

Lebrun, S.; Golka, K.; Föllmann, W.; Schulze, H., 2002:
Is there an influence of enzyme polymorphisms on ochratoxin A genotoxicity?

Scheffler, C.; Hermanussen, M., 2015:
Is there an influence of modern life style on skeletal build?

Delorme, N.; Raspaud, M., 2009:
Is there an influence of relative age on participation in non-physical sports activities? The example of shooting sports

Anton, M.; Kapsch, R-Peter.; Hackel, T., 2009:
Is there an influence of the surrounding material on the response of the alanine dosimetry system?

Stijak, L.; Herzog, R.F.; Schai, P., 2008:
Is there an influence of the tibial slope of the lateral condyle on the ACL lesion? A case-control study

Bigal, M.E.; Ho, T.W., 2010:
Is there an inherent limit to acute migraine treatment efficacy?

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Is there an inherent limit to the efficacy of calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor antagonists in the acute treatment of migraine? A comment

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Is there an inhibitory-response-control system in the rat? Evidence from anatomical and pharmacological studies of behavioral inhibition

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Characterization of aerosol optical properties using multiple clustering techniques over Zanjan, Iran, during 2010-2013

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Is there an interest in para-aortic lymphadenectomy in operable endometrial cancer?

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Is there an interest in the addition of hyaluronan to human embryo culture in IVF/ICSI attempts?

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Is there an interest in the exploration of the interpectoral space (Rotter's nodes) in the surgical management of the breast cancer?

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Is there an internal association of numbers to hands? The task set influences the nature of the SNARC effect

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Is there an intrauterine influence on obesity? Evidence from parent child associations in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)

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Is there an intrinsic asthma?

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Is there an intrinsic limit to the charge-carrier-induced increase of the Curie temperature of EuO?

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Is there an intrinsic limit to the size of 2D supracrystals built from weakly interacting nanoparticles?

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Is there an inverted-U relationship between creativity and psychopathology?

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Is there an ischemic threshold beyond which percutaneous coronary intervention is beneficial in the Clinical Outcomes Utilizing Revascularization and Aggressive Drug Evaluation (COURAGE) Trial?

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Is there an need for prosthodontics specialism?

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Is there an obesity-metabolic syndrome related glomerulopathy?

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Is there an obesity-related epidemic of CKD starting already in childhood?

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Is there an official or recommended way for listing nursing credentials after one's name?

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Is there an oligometastatic state in non-small cell lung cancer? A systematic review of the literature

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Is there an optimal breath pattern to minimize stress and strain during mechanical ventilation?

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Is there an optimal chemotherapy regimen for the treatment of advanced gastric cancer that will provide a platform for the introduction of new biological agents?

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Is there an optimal combination of antihypertensives for preventing cardiovascular events?

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Is there an optimal comorbidity index for prostate cancer?

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Is there an optimal contralateral testicular cut-off size that predicts monorchism in boys with nonpalpable testicles?

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Is there an optimal discharge plan for elderly disabled patients? From the hospital into the nursing home

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Is there an optimal force level for sutural expansion?

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Is there an optimal interventional device for the salvage of thrombosed native angioaccess for hemodialysis?

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Is there an optimal management for localized prostate cancer?

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Is there an optimal minimally invasive technique for left anterior descending coronary artery bypass?

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Is there an optimal mode of ventilation following cardiac surgery?

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Is there an optimal nasal pressure for treating obstructive sleep apnea-and if so, what is it?

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Is there an optimal neoadjuvant therapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer?

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Is there an optimal prostate-specific antigen threshold for prostate biopsy?

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Is there an optimal resting velopharyngeal gap in operated cleft palate patients?

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Is there an optimal time for warfighters to supplement with protein?

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Is there an optimal timing of autologous stem-cell transplantation for multiple myeloma in the era of novel agents?

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Is there an optimal treatment sequencing strategy for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer?

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Is there an optimal variant of the gastroenteroanastomosis after the distal subtotal gastric resection?

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Is there an optimum scale for predicting bird species' distribution in agricultural landscapes?

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Is there an ototoxicity risk from Cortisporin and comparable otic suspensions? Distortion-product otoacoustic emission findings

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Is there an outbreak of neural tube defects happening in Iraq?

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Is there an overlap between irritable bowel syndrome and appendicopathy syndrome? A new theory

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Is there an own-race preference in attractiveness?

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Is there an undiscovered neurocircuit for regulating GH secretion? -Pitfalls of GHRP-2 and ITT as GH provocative tests-

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Is there an universal artificial tear?

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Is there an unrecognized epidemic of primary aldosteronism? Pro

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Is there an unrecognized epidemic of primary aldosteronism? The Danish Society of Hypertension

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Is there an upper common pathway in AVNRT?

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Is there an upper time limit for the management of the second stage of labor?

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Is there an urban advantage in child survival in sub-saharan Africa? Evidence from 18 countries in the 1990s

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Is there an urban-rural divide? Population surveys of rheumatic musculoskeletal disorders in the Pune region of India using the COPCORD Bhigwan model

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Is there an "Idiopathic Dilatation" of the Urinary Bladder?

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Is there an "abortion trauma syndrome"? Critiquing the evidence

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Is there an "ideal cancer" support group? Key findings from a qualitative study of three groups

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Is there an "unhealthy volunteer effect" in mental health outpatient research?

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Is there another possible approach to inhibit wear particles-induced inflammatory osteolysis?

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Is there any 12C/13C fractionation during starch remobilisation and sucrose export in potato tubers?

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Is there any Association Between Human Lymphotropic Virus Type I (HTLV-I) Infection and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus? An Original Research and Literature Review

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Is there any Quantitative Relationship between Antigen Dose and Antibody Production?

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Is there any Relationship Between C-Reactive Protein Level and Complex Coronary Plaques in Patients with Unstable Angina?

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Is there any additional benefit of contrast-enhanced CT as part of routine PET/CT protocols for the differentiation of suspicious incidental gastrointestinal 2-deoxy-(18)F-FDG uptake?

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Is there any additional benefit of venous diameter and retrograde flow volume as measured by ultrasonography to the diagnosis of suspected low-grade varicoceles?

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Is there any additional evidence for the epidemiological transition hypothesis of elderly suicides?

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Is there any additional prognostic value of central blood pressure wave forms beyond peripheral blood pressure?

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Is there any additional psychological and/or physical job constraint associated with informal caregiving status? Findings from the GAZEL Cohort Study

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Is there any advantage in combining several expectorant drugs in a compound cough mixture?

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Is there any advantage to combined trastuzumab and chemotherapy in perioperative setting her 2neu positive localized gastric adenocarcinoma?

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Is there any argument for delayed breast reconstruction after total mastectomy?

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Is there any association among dental caries, obesity, oral and intestinal microbiome, and pre- or probiotics? searching for evidences

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Is there any association between HCV multiplication and iron induced liver injury in chronic hepatitis C?

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Is there any association between Helicobacter Pylori infection and laryngeal carcinoma?

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Is there any association between IgA nephropathy, Crohn's disease and Helicobacter pylori infection?

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Is there any association between TACSTD2, KIAA1253, Ku70 and mutant KRAS gene expression and clinical-pathological features of colorectal cancer?

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Is there any association between adiponectin gene polymorphisms and cardiovascular disease?

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Is there any association between blood pressure and education level? The CroHort study

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Is there any association between childhood cardiac septal defects and ROCK2 gene polymorphism?

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Is there any association between disturbed gastrointestinal visceromotor and sensory function and impaired quality of life in functional dyspepsia?

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Is there any association between esophagogastric endoscopic findings and laryngeal cancer?

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Is there any association between imidapril hydrochloride stability profile under dry air conditions and cancer initiation?

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Is there any association between impaired health-related quality of life and non-adherence to medical therapy in inflammatory bowel disease?

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Is there any association between leptin levels and bone mineral density in haemophiliac men?

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Is there any association between mild hypertension and hot flash experience among women?

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Is there any association between multiple sclerosis and familial Mediterranean fever?

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Is there any association between periodontitis and preterm low birth weight?

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Is there any association between retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy and survival benefit in ovarian clear cell carcinoma patients?

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Is there any association between secretory IgA and lactoferrin concentration in mature human milk and food allergy in breastfed children

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Is there any association between the Ser326Cys polymorphism of the 8-oxoguanine glycosylase 1 (OGG1) gene and risk of colon polyp and abnormal glucose tolerance in acromegaly patients?

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Is there any association between the severity of lower urinary tract symptoms and the risk of biopsy-detectable prostate cancer in patients with PSA level below 20 ng/ml in multi-core prostate biopsy?

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Is there any association between thrombosis and tissue factor pathway inhibitor levels in patients with vitamin D deficiency?

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Is there any association between use of smokeless tobacco products and coronary heart disease in Bangladesh?

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Is there any association between where patients spend the end of life and survival after anticancer treatment for gynecologic malignancy?

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Is there any association of anxiety-depressive symptoms with vascular endothelial function or systemic inflammation?

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Is there any association of extra hepatic biliary atresia with cytomegalovirus or other infections?

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Is there any association of glutathione S-transferase T1 (GSTT1) and glutathione S-transferase M1 (GSTM1) gene polymorphism with gastric cancers?

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Is there any association of osteoporosis with proton pump inhibitor use? (Gastroenterology 2010;138:896-904)

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Is there any association of personality traits with vascular endothelial function or systemic inflammation?

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Is there any association of serum high-sensitivity C-reactive protein with various risk factors for metabolic syndrome in a healthy adult population of karachi, pakistan?

Pinto, P.; Rosado, C.; Parreirão, C.; Rodrigues, L.Monteiro., 2011:
Is there any barrier impairment in sensitive skin?: a quantitative analysis of sensitive skin by mathematical modeling of transepidermal water loss desorption curves

Brenner, M.J.; Kaplan, I.D., 2014:
Is there any benefit from hypofractionation in external-beam irradiation for prostate cancer?

Koukouraki, S.; Sanidas, E.; Askoxilakis, J.; Stathaki, M.; Charalambakis, V.; Daboudi, M.; Voutoufianaki, I.; Kafousi, M.; Stathopoulos, E.; Tsiftsis, D.; Karkavitsas, N., 2008:
Is there any benefit from sentinel lymph node biopsy using the combined radioisotope/dye technique in breast cancer patients with clinically negative axilla?

Anonymous, 2010:
Is there any benefit from taking a multivitamin?

Gholamrezanezhad, A.; Mirpour, S.; Kolahdoozan, S., 2010:
Is there any benefit in generating thyrocytes from stem cells?

Pudil, R., 2013:
Is there any benefit in natriuretic peptide levels determination in patients without apparent heart failure?

Bouvet, C.; Lübbeke, A.; Bandi, C.; Pagani, L.; Stern, R.; Hoffmeyer, P.; Uçkay, I., 2014:
Is there any benefit in pre-operative urinary analysis before elective total joint replacement?

Holtz, Jão.Vítor.Silva.; Grandi, L.Mauricio.; Ecclissato, P.Rafael.; Bernardo, W.Marques., 2007:
Is there any benefit in the use of ranitidine in hospitalized patients, under a minor regimen of stress, in the prophylaxis of peptic ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding?

Pompeo, E.; Dauri, M.; Pompeo, E.; Ceccon, M.Antonietta.; Celidonio, L.; Cristino, B.; Dauri, M.; De Padova, F.; Fabbi, E.; Marino, M.; Claudio, T.; Orlandi, A.; Rogliani, P.; Sabato, A.Fabrizio.; Sabato, E.; Saltini, C.; Tacconi, F.; Nofroni, I., 2013:
Is there any benefit in using awake anesthesia with thoracic epidural in thoracoscopic talc pleurodesis?

Sher-i-Murtaza, M.; Zubair, M.; Jalal, A., 2013:
Is there any benefit of preoperative oral trimetazidine in coronary artery bypass graft?

Shah, D., 2009:
Is there any benefit of supplementing infant milk formulae with long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids?

Lee, J-Ming.; Cheng, J-Wei.; Lin, M-Tsang.; Huang, P-Ming.; Chen, J-Shing.; Lee, Y-Chie., 2011:
Is there any benefit to incorporating a laparoscopic procedure into minimally invasive esophagectomy? The impact on perioperative results in patients with esophageal cancer

Perkins, J.D., 2009:
Is there any benefit to laparoscopic liver resection for hepatocellular carcinoma if a salvage liver transplant is needed later?

Bartolomé, C.; Espinet, P.; Martín-Alvarez, J.M., 2007:
Is there any bona fide example of O-H...F-C bond in solution? The cases of HOC(CF3)2(4-X-2,6-C6H2(CF3)2) (X = Si(i-Pr)3, CF3)

Sahin, M.A.; Yucel, O.; Guler, A.; Doganci, S.; Jahollari, A.; Cingoz, F.; Arslan, Sıddık.; Gamsizkan, M.; Yaman, H.; Demirkilic, U., 2011:
Is there any cardioprotective role of Taurine during cold ischemic period following global myocardial ischemia?

Zimmermmann, J.Barroso.; Gobbi, H.; Alves, Márcio.José.Martins.; Melo, V.Hugo., 2011:
Is there any change in the cell adhesion method mediated by e-cadherin in cervical neoplasia of HIV-infected patients?

Trabelsi, S.; Bouchakoua, M.; Aouinet, A.; Sellami, A.; Khaled, S., 2012:
Is there any change in the prevalence of intestinal and urinary parasitosis among "non-permanent resident" students in Tunisia ?

Mumma, M.J.; Rogers, J.D.; Kostiuk, T.; Deming, D.; Hillman, J.J.; Zipoy, D., 1983:
Is there any chlorine monoxide in the stratosphere?

Turin, T.C.; Kita, Y.; Rumana, N.; Nakamura, Y.; Takashima, N.; Ichikawa, M.; Sugihara, H.; Morita, Y.; Hirose, K.; Okayama, A.; Miura, K.; Ueshima, H., 2012:
Is there any circadian variation consequence on acute case fatality of stroke? Takashima Stroke Registry, Japan (1990-2003)

Boonlikit, S.; Srisantiroj, N., 2009:
Is there any clinical advantage in separating CIN 2 from CIN 3 in the current two-tiered cytological classification?

Lee, H.; Lee, J.Kyun.; Kang, S.Seon.; Choi, D.; Jang, K-Tack.; Kim, J.Hwan.; Lee, K.Taek.; Paik, S.Woon.; Yoo, B.Chul.; Rhee, J.Chul., 2008:
Is there any clinical or radiologic feature as a preoperative marker for differentiating mass-forming pancreatitis from early-stage pancreatic adenocarcinoma?

Mearini, L.; Costantini, E.; Bellezza, G.; Cavaliere, A.; Zucchi, A.; Bini, V.; Porena, M., 2008:
Is there any clinical parameter able to predict prostate cancer after initial diagnosis of atypical small acinar proliferation?

Lee, Y.Soon., 2014:
Is there any clinical significance of compression of left common iliac vein?

Jordan, B., 2012:
Is there any clinical utility to DTC-style personal genome profiling?

Kraft, B., 2012:
Is there any clinically relevant cannabinoid-induced analgesia?

Marusić, M.; Babić, Z., 2007:
Is there any connection between angiotensin converting enzyme activity and liver cirrhosis of alcoholic genesis?

Finelli, C.; Tarantino, G., 2013:
Is there any consensus as to what diet or lifestyle approach is the right one for NAFLD patients?

Sonmez, B.; Seker, M.; Bilici, A.; Yavuz Erkal, F.; Oven Ustaalioglu, B.B.; Gumus, M.; Ozturk Guler, D.; Karaduman, M.; Gezen, C.; Eser, M.; Bildik, N.; Salepci, T., 2011:
Is there any correlation among adiponectin levels in serum, tumor tissue and normal tissue of the same patients wih breast cancer?

Yildiz, Y.; Yaylim-Eraltan, I.; Arikan, S.; Ergen, H.Arzu.; Küçücük, S.; Isbir, T., 2010:
Is there any correlation between TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) genetic variants and breast cancer?

Lee, D-Hee., 2012:
Is there any correlation between allergy and adenotonsillar tissue hypertrophy?

Scarf, A.M.; Auman, K.M.; Kassiou, M., 2012:
Is there any correlation between binding and functional effects at the translocator protein (TSPO) (18 kDa)?

Cirpar, O.; Arikan, O.K.; Kendi, T.; Gorgulu, O., 2013:
Is there any correlation between chronic noise-induced hearing loss and mastoid pneumatization volume? A preliminary study

Nikibakhsh, A.; Poostindooz, H.; Mahmoodzadeh, H.; Karamyyar, M.; Ghareaghaji, R.Rasoul.; Sepehrvand, N., 2012:
Is there any correlation between hypercalciuria and nocturnal enuresis?

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Is there any correlation between model-based perfusion parameters and model-free parameters of time-signal intensity curve on dynamic contrast enhanced MRI in breast cancer patients?

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Is there any correlation between mothers birth weight with the first child birth weight?

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Is there any correlation between remifentanil consumption and Apgar scores in healthy parturients?

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Is there any correlation between serum uric acid levels and right ventricular function parameters in patients with cardiovascular risk factors?

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Is there any correlation between the elevated plasma levels and gene variations of factor VIII in Turkish thrombosis patients?

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Characterization of a Feline Influenza A(H7N2) Virus

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Is there any correlation between the preoperative parameters and correction loss in patients operated for hyperkyphosis?

Tatar, E.Cadallı.; Sürenoğlu, U.Akpınar.; Saylam, Güleser.; Işık, E.; Ozdek, A.; Korkmaz, H., 2012:
Is there any correlation between the results of skin-prick test and the severity of symptoms in allergic rhinitis?

Rey, P-B.; Jardin, E.; Uhring, J.; Obert, L., 2014:
Is there any correlation between the strength of pronation and supination of the dominant hand and that of the non-dominant one in right-handed healthy adults: preliminary results

Mutlu, H.; Coşkun, H.Şenol., 2016:
Is there any cumulative dose for trastuzumab?

Apuhan, T.; Yıldırım, Y.Selim.; Ozaslan, Hı., 2011:
Is there any developmental relationship between mastoid pneumatization and adenoid tissue volume?

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Is there any diagnostic value of serum protease-activated receptor-1 (PAR1) levels on determination of epithelial ovarian carcinoma?

Api, M., 2009:
Is there any difference among the most frequently used laparoscopic ovarian drilling techniques?

Khalili, H.; Dashti-Khavidaki, S.; Amini, M.; Mahjub, R.; Hajiabdolbaghi, M., 2010:
Is there any difference between acetylator phenotypes in tuberculosis patients and healthy subjects?

Sadeghi, M.; Ghashghaei, F.E.; Rabiei, K.; Roohafza, H.; Afshar, H., 2013:
Is there any difference between non-obese male and female in response to cardiac rehabilitation programs?

Mostajeran, F.; Arbabi, B., 2013:
Is there any difference between preeclamptic and healthy pregnant women regarding the presence of periopathogenic bacteria in the placenta?

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Is there any difference between right hepatectomy and left lateral sectionectomy for living donors? as much you cut, as much you hurt?

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Is there any difference between the findings of clock drawing tests if the clocks show different times?

Girdauskas, E.; Rouman, M., 2015:
Is there any difference in aortic wall quality between patients with bicuspid aortic valve stenosis and those with bicuspid aortic valve insufficiency?

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Is there any difference in carotid stenosis between male and female patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting?

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Is there any difference in clinical features of Turkish children with Kawasaki disease?

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Is there any difference in human pupillary reaction to acupuncture between light- and dark-adaptive conditions?

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Is there any difference in human pupillary reaction when different acupuncture points are stimulated?

Erden, Z., 2009:
Is there any difference in joint position sense among different knee angles?

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Is there any difference in lactate level between washed and unwashed donor blood during pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass?

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Is there any difference in outcomes between long pigtail and short flanged prophylactic pancreatic duct stents?

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Is there any difference in pelvic floor muscles performance between continent and incontinent women?

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Is there any difference in pyogenic liver abscess caused by Streptococcus milleri and Klebsiella spp?: retrospective analysis over a 10-year period in a regional hospital

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Is there any difference in survival according to the portal tumor thrombectomy method in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma?

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Is there any difference in target intraocular pressure for exfoliative glaucoma patients with cardiovascular disease history?

Argüder, E.; Bavbek, S.; Sen, E.; Köse, K.; Keskin, O.; Saryal, S.; Misirligil, Z., 2009:
Is there any difference in the use of complementary and alternative therapies in patients asthma and COPD? A cross-sectional survey

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Is there any difference in therapeutic results of nasopharyngeal carcinoma between adults and children?

Tanriverdi, O., 2015:
Is there any effect of bolus and/or infusion 5-fluorouracil treatment on microalbuminuria in immediate or long term?

Aydoğan, F.; Aydin, E.; Taştan, E.; Akgedik, Şükran.; Tekeli, A.; Üstün, Hüseyin., 2013:
Is there any effect of coenzyme Q10 on prevention of myringosclerosis? Experimental study with rats

Ajayi, G.O., 2011:
Is there any effect of fetal gender on the markers of first trimester Down's syndrome screening?

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Is there any effect of insulin resistance on male reproductive system?

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Is there any effect of lower extremity deep vein thrombosis which proven by Doppler ultrasonography on cancer recurrence in patients with stage III colon cancer? A study of the Turkish Descriptive Oncological Researches Group

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Is there any effect of sequential eradication therapy of helicobacter pylori on functional dyspepsia symptom resolution?

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Is there any effect of tumor burden on hemostatic parameters in cancer patients? A case-control study of hemostatic abnormalities and anticardiolipin antibodies in solid tumors

Shalgi, S.; Deouell, L.Y., 2013:
Is there any electrophysiological evidence for subliminal error processing?

Curran, M.; Hellweg, S.; Beck, J., 2014:
Is there any empirical support for biodiversity offset policy?

Kawada, T., 2012:
Is there any ethnic difference in the prevalence of prediabetes?

Lemperle, G.; Nicolau, P.; Scheiermann, N., 2011:
Is there any evidence for biofilms in dermal fillers?

Mylopoulos, M.I.; Pereplyotchik, D., 2014:
Is there any evidence for forward modeling in language production?

Carroll, W.; Burkimsher, R., 2007:
Is there any evidence for influenza vaccination in children with asthma?

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Is there any evidence of a "July effect" in patients undergoing major cancer surgery?

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Is there any evidence of changes in patterns of concurrent drug use among young Australians 18-29 years between 2007 and 2010?

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Is there any evidence of superiority between retropubic, laparoscopic or robot-assisted radical prostatectomy?

Gerharz, E.W., 2007:
Is there any evidence that one continent diversion is any better than any other or than ileal conduit?

Breban, R.; Supervie, V.; Okano, J.T.; Vardavas, R.; Blower, S., 2008:
Is there any evidence that syphilis epidemics cycle?

Wonder, M.; Milne, R., 2015:
Is there any evidence that the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement will threaten access to affordable medicines and health equity in New Zealand?

Fatton, B., 2008:
Is there any evidence to advocate SUI prevention in continent women undergoing prolapse repair? An overview

Mild, K.Hansson.; Andersen, Jørgen.Bach.; Pedersen, G.Frølund., 2012:
Is there any exposure from a mobile phone in stand-by mode?

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Is there any genetic instability in human cancer?

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Is there any genetic predisposition of MMP-9 gene C1562T and MTHFR gene C677T polymorphisms with essential hypertension?

Jafari, S.; Hashemi Golpayegani, S.M.R.; Gharibzadeh, S., 2013:
Is there any geometrical information in the nervous system?

Savelieva, I.; Camm, J., 2007:
Is there any hope for angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in atrial fibrillation?

Gaál, C., 2010:
Is there any hope?

Royer, Aélie.; Grosselin, A.; Bellot, Cécile.; Pellet, J.; Billard, Séphane.; Lang, Fçois.; Brouillet, D.; Massoubre, C., 2012:
Is there any impact of cognitive remediation on an ecological test in schizophrenia?

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Is there any impact of plasma M30 and M65 levels on progression-free survival of patients with advanced gastric cancer?

Ruiz-Tovar, J.; Ortega, I.; Santos, J.; Sosa, L.; Armañanzas, L.; Diez Tabernilla, Mía.; Calero, A.; Arroyo, A.; Oliver, I.; García, S.; Calpena, R., 2013:
Is there any indication for inserting a drain in elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy?

Mikuła, T.; Cianciara, J.; Wiercińska-Drapało, A., 2012:
Is there any influence of immune deficit on procalcitonin results?

Vyskocilova, J.; Prasko, J.; Novak, T.; Pohlova, L., 2011:
Is there any influence of personality disorder on the short term intensive group cognitive behavioral therapy of social phobia?

Irastorza, R.M.; Carlevaro, C.M.; Vericat, F., 2014:
Is there any information on micro-structure in microwave tomography of bone tissue?

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Is there any interaction between domestic radon exposure and air pollution from traffic in relation to childhood leukemia risk?

Hoshyar, R.; Bathaie, S.Zahra.; Kyani, A.; Mousavi, M.Fazlollah., 2014:
Is there any interaction between telomeric DNA structures, G-quadruplex and I-motif, with saffron active metabolites?

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Is there any interest to dose the azathioprine's metabolites during inflammatory bowel diseases?

Darmas, B.; Mahmud, S.; Abbas, A.; Baker, A.L., 2007:
Is there any justification for the routine histological examination of straightforward cholecystectomy specimens?

Remes-Troche, Jé.María.; Carmona-Sánchez, Rón.; Rubio-Tapia, A., 2014:
Is there any justification for the search for celiac disease in patients with irritable bowel syndrome?

Farsalinos, K.E.; Stimson, G.V., 2015:
Is there any legal and scientific basis for classifying electronic cigarettes as medications?

Das, S., 2008:
Is there any link between cardiovascular disease and depression?

Liccardo, D.; Alisi, A.; Porta, G.; Nobili, V., 2014:
Is there any link between dietary pattern and development of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in adolescence? An expert review

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Is there any link between oxidative stress and lung involvement due to inflammatory bowel disease: an experimental study

Bienertová-Vasků, J.; Dostálová, Z.; Kanková, K.; Bienert, P.; Vasků, A.; Unzeitig, Vít., 2008:
Is there any link between severe pre-eclampsia and defined polymorphisms in leptin and adiponectin genes?

Bil-Lula, I.; Stąpor, S.; Krzywonos-Zawadzka, A.; Woźniak, Mław., 2014:
Is there any link between visceral obesity and adenovirus infections in the Polish population?

Liakakos, T.; Roukos, D.H., 2008:
Is there any long-term benefit in quality of life after laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy for gastric cancer?

Fénichel, P.; Chevalier, N., 2011:
Is there any medical treatment to preserve fertility during chemotherapy in women?

Paneni, F.; Cosentino, F.; Passerini, J.; Volpe, M., 2012:
Is there any memory effect of blood pressure lowering in diabetes?

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Is there any microporosity in ordered mesoporous silicas?

Sanfilippo, J.S., 2014:
Is there any miscommunication: delaying Pap smear screening in the adolescent-young adult population?

Vercauteren, E.; Gils, A., 2013:
Is there any need for a TAFI(a) inhibitor as thrombolytic drug?

Dray, X.; Vahedi, K.; Valleur, P.; Marteau, P., 2007:
Is there any need for video capsule endoscopy evaluation in postduodenal small-bowel polyps detection in familial adenomatous polyposis?

Sharma, R.Kumar.; Tuli, P., 2007:
Is there any need to localize the perforator of the anterolateral thigh flap?

Vardar, R.; Vardar, E.; Demiri, S.; Sayhan, S.Emil.; Bayol, U.; Yildiz, Cşkun.; Postaci, H., 2009:
Is there any non-invasive marker replace the needle liver biopsy predictive for liver fibrosis, in patients with chronic hepatitis?

Parrinello, G.; Torres, D.; Paterna, S.; Licata, G., 2009:
Is there any novelty on the horizon of heart failure management in internal medicine? The evaluation of body fluid accumulation

Hense, H-Werner., 2007:
Is there any obligation to maintain and promote health?

Zhang, J.; Wang, H.; Wang, L.; Liu, S., 2014:
Is there any overtrading in stock markets? The moderating role of big five personality traits and gender in a unilateral trend stock market

Sivaslioglu, A.Akin., 2014:
Is there any place for a transobturator approach for minisling surgery?

Fontaine, C., 2014:
Is there any place for art in "Chirurgie de la Main"?

Libert, N.; de Rudnicki, S.; Cirodde, A.; Thépenier, C.; Mion, G., 2010:
Is there any place for hypertonic saline for fluid resuscitation in septic shock

Badri, T.; Hammami, H.; Benmously, R.; Mokhtar, I.; Fenniche, S., 2011:
Is there any place for laser devices in the treatment of melasma?

Decanter, C., 2014:
Is there any place for oocyte cryopreservation after cancer treatment?

Zajac, K.; Zajac, Młgorzata.; Hładki, W.; Jach, R., 2012:
Is there any point in pharmacological prophylaxis of PDPH (post-dural puncture headache) after spinal anaesthesia for Caesaren section?

van Dijk, J.Gert.; Sheldon, R., 2008:
Is there any point to vasovagal syncope?

Kajiyama, H.; Shibata, K.; Suzuki, S.; Ino, K.; Yamamoto, E.; Mizuno, K.; Sakakibara, K.; Matsuzawa, K.; Takeda, A.; Kinoshita, Y.; Kawai, M.; Nagasaka, T.; Nawa, A.; Kikkawa, F., 2008:
Is there any possibility of fertility-sparing surgery in patients with clear-cell carcinoma of the ovary?

Pastore, C.Alberto., 2008:
Is there any possibility other than 'old myocardial infarction' for this 21-year-old heart?

Gurbuz, N.; Sirav, B.; Yuvaci, H.Uslu.; Turhan, N.; Coskun, Z.Kutay.; Seyhan, N., 2011:
Is there any possible genotoxic effect in exfoliated bladder cells of rat under the exposure of 1800 MHz GSM-like modulated radio frequency radiation (RFR)?

Zaccarelli, M.; Antinori, A.; Cozzi-Lepri, A.; Mussini, C.; Palamara, G.; Santoro, M.Mercedes.; Spagnuolo, V.; Monforte, A.d'Arminio.; Perno, C.Federico.; Ceccherini-Silberstein, F., 2010:
Is there any potential for first-line etravirine use? Analysis from a large data set of antiretroviral therapy-naive HIV-infected patients undergoing resistance test

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Is there any potential link among caspase-8, p-p38 MAPK and bcl-2 in clear cell renal cell carcinomas? A comparative immunohistochemical analysis with clinical connotations

Le Fur-Musquer, Éloïse.; Delamarre-Damier, F.; Sonnic, A.; Berrut, G., 2015:
Is there any predictive factors for hospital admission of elder subjects from nursing home?

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Is there any predictor for clinical outcome in EGFR mutant NSCLC patients treated with EGFR TKIs?

Tasci, T.; Turan, T.; Ureyen, I.; Karalok, A.; Kalyoncu, R.; Boran, N.; Tulunay, G., 2016:
Is there any predictor for residual disease after cervical conization with positive surgical margins for HSIL or microinvasive cervical cancer?

Habesoglu, M.; Habesoglu, T.Erden.; Karatas, C.; Tosun, A.; Gursel, A.Okan.; Oysu, C., 2014:
Is there any predictor for tinnitus outcome in different types of otologic surgery?

Zhao, T.; Liao, B.; Yao, J.; Liu, J.; Huang, R.; Shen, P.; Peng, Z.; Gui, H.; Chen, X.; Zhang, P.; Zhu, Y.; Li, X.; Wei, Q.; Zhou, Q.; Zeng, H.; Chen, N., 2015:
Is there any prognostic impact of intraductal carcinoma of prostate in initial diagnosed aggressively metastatic prostate cancer?

Duraker, Nüvit.; Caynak, Z.C.; Bati, B., 2007:
Is there any prognostically different subgroup among patients with stage IIIC (any TN3M0) breast carcinoma?

Goldfeder, A., 2018:
Is there any progress being made in the field of cancer research?

Winkler, Gábor., 2014:
Is there any progress in the blood glucose lowering therapy of type 2 diabetes?

Tsochatzis, E.A.; Papatheodoridis, G.V., 2011:
Is there any progress in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

Nezic, D.; Knezevic, A.; Micovic, S.; Jovic, M., 2009:
Is there any prospective, randomized study to confirm significantly better angiographic radial artery conduit patency compared with saphenous vein graft patency?

Basturk, A.; Hacibekiroglu, T.; Akinci, S.; Dilek, I.; Atalay, H.Veli., 2011:
Is there any protective effect on organs upon higher uric acid level in tumor lysis syndrome?

Guyver, P.M.; McCarthy, M.J.H.; Jain, N.P.M.; Poulter, R.J.; McAllen, C.J.P.; Keenan, J., 2014:
Is there any purpose in classifying subtrochanteric fractures? The reproducibility of four classification systems

Uekötter, A.; Peters, G.; Becker, K., 2011:
Is there any rationale for treatment of Staphylococcus aureus infections with antimicrobials that are determined to be ineffective in vitro?

Garrido-Laguna, I.; Ponz, M.; Espinós, J., 2007:
Is there any reason to delay introduction of tumor necrosis factor in the management of in-transit metastasis of unresectable melanoma?

Dworkin, L.D.; Murphy, T., 2010:
Is there any reason to stent atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis?

Seldin, E.B., 2012:
Is there any reason to suspect that the determinants of mandibular bone mineral density might differ from those of systemic skeletal bone mineral density?

Deveci, D.; Ozkan, Z.Sema.; Yuce, H., 2013:
Is there any relation between IL-6 gene -174 G>C polymorphism and postmenopausal osteoporosis?

Christofolini, J.; Barros, R.Augusto.Saab.de.Almeida.; Ghirelli-Filho, M.; Christofolini, D.Maria.; Bianco, B.; Barbosa, C.Parente., 2014:
Is there any relation between anthropometric indices and decrease in seminal parameters?

Nikseresht, A.; Sharifian, M.; Izadi, S.; Hamidian Jahromi, A.; Rezaianzadeh, A., 2015:
Is there any relation between cervical cord plaques and discopathy in patients with multiple sclerosis?

Jedynak, W.; Cieszanowski, A., 2014:
Is there any relation between chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency and multiple sclerosis? - a critical review

Ciçek, D.; Vayisoğlu, Y.; Görür, K.; Camsari, A.; Ozcan, I.Türkay.; Akçay, B.; Aksoy Kara, A., 2010:
Is there any relation between coronary atherosclerosis and tympanosclerosis?

Karcaaltincaba, D.; Akdag, D.; Kandemir, O.; Yalvac, S.; Guven, E.Seda.Guvendag.; Haberal, A., 2009:
Is there any relation between development of persistent non-reassuring fetal heart rate pattern and acutely increased uterine artery vascular flow resistance during dinoprostone use in prolonged pregnancies?

Svacina, S., 2011:
Is there any relation between diabetes therapy and cancer risk?

Kotze, P.G.; Bremer-Nones, R.; Kotze, L.M., 2015:
Is there any relation between gastric bypass for morbid obesity and the development of Crohn's disease?

Foltyn, W.; Kos-Kudla, B.; Strzelczyk, J.; Matyja, V.; Karpe, J.; Rudnik, A.; Marek, B.; Kajdaniuk, D.; Sieron, A.; Latos, W., 2008:
Is there any relation between hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance and colorectal lesions in patients with acromegaly?

Isik, A.Turan.; Cankurtaran, M.; Bozoglu, E.; Comert, B.; Doruk, H.; Mas, M.Refik., 2007:
Is there any relation between insulin resistance and cognitive function in the elderly?

Cumurcu, T.; Dorak, F.; Cumurcu, B.Elbozan.; Erbay, L.Gonenir.; Ozsoy, E., 2013:
Is there any relation between pseudoexfoliation syndrome and Alzheimer's type dementia?

Jowkar, F.; Fallahi, A.; Namazi, M.R., 2010:
Is there any relation between serum insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I in non-diabetic patients with skin tag?

Lykissas, M.G.; Cho, W.; Aichmair, A.; Sama, A.A.; Hughes, A.P.; Lebl, D.R.; Du, J.Y.; Cammisa, F.P.; Girardi, F.P., 2014:
Is there any relation between the amount of curve correction and postoperative neurological deficit or pain in patients undergoing stand-alone lateral lumbar interbody fusion?

Gökçen, C.; Unal, A.; Alpak, Gökay.; Cöpoglu, U.Sertan.; Abakay, U.; Bayar, H.; Bülbül, F., 2014:
Is there any relationship between ADHD symptoms and choosing sports education at the university?

Lawniczak, Młgorzata.; Gawin, A.; Białek, A.; Lubiński, J.; Starzyńska, T., 2009:
Is there any relationship between BRCA1 gene mutation and pancreatic cancer development?

Sadeghian, M.Hadi.; Yazdi, S.Abbas.Tabatabaee.; Ayatollahi, H.; Keramati, M.Reza.; Ghazvini, K.; Rezai, A.Reza.; Heidari, N.; Sheikhi, M.; Shaghayegh, G., 2013:
Is there any relationship between Chlamydophila pneumoniae and coronary atherosclerosis among Iranians?

Kaya, D.; Doral, M.Nedim., 2013:
Is there any relationship between Q-angle and lower extremity malalignment?

Tavassoli, N.; Montastruc, J-Louis., 2010:
Is there any relationship between actual benefit and added value of drugs and pharmacovigilance alerts?

Uysal, F.; Coşar, E.; Yücesoy, K.; Gencer, M.; Cevizci, S.; Güngör, Aşenur.; Hacıvelioğlu, S.; Uysal, A., 2016:
Is there any relationship between adverse pregnancy outcome and first trimester nuchal translucency measurements in normal karyotype fetuses?

Liccardi, G.; Salzillo, A.; Piccolo, A.; Foglia, M.; Russo, M.; D'Amato, M.; Stanziola, A.; Bovenzi, D.; Sapio, C.; Pio, R.; D'Amato, G., 2012:
Is there any relationship between allergic sensitization to milk and animal allergens in atopic adults?

Annagür, A.; Kendirli, S.G.; Yilmaz, M.; Altintas, D.U.; Inal, A., 2007:
Is there any relationship between asthma and asthma attack in children and atypical bacterial infections; Chlamydia pneumoniae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Helicobacter pylori

Verit, F.Ferda.; Keskin, S.; Omer, B.; Yalcinkaya, S.; Sakar, N., 2015:
Is there any relationship between cardiovascular risk markers and young women with diminished ovarian reserve?

Atar, I.Aslı.; Atar, I.; Aydınalp, A.; Ertan, Cğatay.; Bozbaş, Hüseyin.; Ozin, Bülent.; Yıldırır, A.; Müderrisoğlu, H., 2012:
Is there any relationship between coronary artery disease and postprandial triglyceride levels?

Durilova, M.; Stechova, K.; Petruzelkova, L.; Stavikova, V.; Ulmannova, T.; Nevoral, J., 2011:
Is there any relationship between cytokine spectrum of breast milk and occurence of eosinophilic colitis?

Eroz, R.; Tasdemir, S.; Dogan, H., 2013:
Is there any relationship between decreased AgNOR protein synthesis and human hair loss?

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Is there any relationship between imatinib mesylate medication and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction?

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Is there any relationship between long-term behavior disturbance and early exposure to anesthesia?

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Is there any relationship between mean platelet volume and liver fibrosis severity in chronic hepatitis C?

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Is there any relationship between mean platelet volume and varicocele?

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Is there any relationship between medication compliance and affective temperaments in patients with type 2 diabetes?

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Is there any relationship between serum and urine neopterin and serum interferon-gamma levels in the activity of Behcet's disease?

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Is there any relationship between serum parathormone levels and severity of coronary artery disease in patients without renal failure?

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Is there any relationship between streptococcal infection and multiple sclerosis?

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Is there any relationship between the clinical, radiological and histopathologic findings in sinonasal polyposis?

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Is there any relationship between the frontal cell and the Agger nasi cell and the localization of the anterior ethmoid artery?

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Is there any reproductive future left for men?

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Is there any requirement for celiac disease screening routinely in postmenapausal women with osteoporosis?

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Is there any role for antithymocyte induction in renal transplantation?

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Is there any role for community involvement in the community-based health planning and services skilled delivery program in rural Ghana?

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Is there any role for computed tomography measurements of medial temporal lobe atrophy in dementia? A review of the literature and case series from a memory clinic

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Is there any role for gastric balloon in obesity treatment?

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Is there any role for health care professionals at the mediation of clinical negligence claims?

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Is there any role for intravenous antivenom for snake venom ophthalmia?

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Is there any role for new prognostic markers in breast cancer?

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Is there any role for sodium modeling in the prevention of intradialytic hypotension in patients with large interdialytic fluid gains?

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Is there any role for surgery in the multidisciplinary treatment of esophageal cancer?

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Is there any role for transplantation in the rituximab era for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma?

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Is there any role for tumour necrosis factor related apoptosis inducing ligand-osteoprotegerin (TRAIL-OPG) interaction in rheumatoid arthritis?

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Is there any role for urodynamic study in children with high-grade vesicoureteral reflux?

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Is there any role of Toxoplasma gondii in the etiology of obsessive-compulsive disorder?

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Is there any role of mast cell density and microvessel density in cervical squamous cell carcinoma? A histologic study with special reference to CD-34 immunomarker staining

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Is there any role of positron emission tomography computed tomography for predicting resectability of gallbladder cancer?

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Is there any role of resecting the stomach to ameliorate weight loss and sugar control in morbidly obese diabetic patients?

Rhee, J.Eui.; Kim, T.; Kim, K.; Choi, S., 2009:
Is there any room for shortening hands-off time further when using an AED?

Iglesias, E., 2014:
Is there any room for therapeutic vaccination against the HIV-1/AIDS?

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Is there any scientific evidence for the use of glucosamine in the management of human osteoarthritis?

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Is there any scientific evidence supporting antiaging medicine?

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Is there any significance of lung cancer histology to compare the diagnostic accuracies of (18)F-FDG-PET/CT and (99m)Tc-MDP BS for the detection of bone metastases in advanced NSCLC?

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Is there any such thing as a secondary generalised seizure?

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Is there any superiority in the clinical outcome of mobile-bearing knee prosthesis designs compared to fixed-bearing total knee prosthesis designs in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint? A review of the literature

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Is there any survival advantage of obesity in Southern European haemodialysis patients?

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Is there any synergic effect for coadministration of mitomycin C and halofuginone on the skin wound healing?

Terkelsen, C.J.; Sørensen, J.T.; Nielsen, T.T., 2008:
Is there any time left for primary percutaneous coronary intervention according to the 2007 updated American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction guidelines and the D2B alliance?

Prats-Viñas, Jé.M.; Suinaga-Errasti, I., 2010:
Is there any totally safe medication for the treatment of benign partial epilepsy?

Stankovic, K.; Grateau, G., 2011:
Is there any treatment for inflammatory amyloidosis?

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Is there any treatment other than drugs to alleviate dyspnea in COPD patients?

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Is there any value in measuring faecal calprotectin in Clostridium difficile positive faecal samples?

Manly, T., 2005:
Is there any value in the differential assessment of attention?

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Is there any value in using cyclosporine in the treatment of Crohn's disease-to use or not to use?

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Is there any value to arthroscopic debridement of ankle osteoarthritis and impingement?

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Is there any venous gradient in serum thyroglobulin levels in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer?

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Is there any vindication for low dose nonselective β-blocker medication in patients with liver cirrhosis?

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Is there anybody in there? Detecting awareness in disorders of consciousness

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Is there anybody in there? On the mechanisms of wall crossing of cell penetrating peptides

Viskin, S., 2013:
Is there anyone left with a normal electrocardiogram?

Heinisch, Jürgen.J.; Dufrêne, Y.F., 2010:
Is there anyone out there?--Single-molecule atomic force microscopy meets yeast genetics to study sensor functions

Anonymous, 2013:
Is there anything I can do to relieve the chronic dry mouth that my medications cause?

Hynes, A.M.; Sayer, J.A., 2012:
Is there anything good in uric acid?

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Is there anything left to learn? A report on the Fifth International Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance

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Is there anything new in Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia? Changes in P. jirovecii pneumonia over the course of the AIDS epidemic

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Is there anything nicer than NICE? A question the Conservative shadow health team is right to ask

Brown, L.A., 1949:
Is there anything really new in otolaryngology?

Regestein, Q.R., 2011:
Is there anything special about valerian?

Heyd, D., 2013:
Is there anything unique in the ethics of synthetic biology?

Grigor'ev, K., 2008:
Is there are needs treating the adolescents with syndrome of vegetative dysfunction?

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Is there association between ABO blood group and the risk factors of unfavorable outcomes of pregnancy?

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Is there a relationship between inflammatory markers, oxidative stress and postoperative atrial fibrillation?

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Is there benefit in dual renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system blockade? No, yes and maybe: a guide for the perplexed

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Is there benefit of cardiac slowing drugs in the treatment of hypertensive patients with elevated heart rate?

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Is there benefit to coronary calcium screening?

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Is there bias in the criteria used to judge submissions to the 2005 AACAP conference?

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Is there brief temporal buffering of successive visual inputs?

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Is there cause for "environmental optimism"?

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Is there cerebellar pathology in essential tremor?

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Is there certainty in uncertainty?

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Is there clear evidence that middle molecule removal is important in renal replacement therapies?

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Is there clinical benefit from early electroencephalography monitoring in very preterm infants?

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Is there clinical benefit to routine enzyme testing of patients on statins?

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Is there clinical utility to IL28B genotype testing in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection?

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Is there clinical value in measuring suPAR levels in FSGS?

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Is there clinical value to prognostic signatures in early-stage NSCLC?

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Is there coercion or undue inducement to participate in health research in developing countries? An example from Rakai, Uganda

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Is there competition in trafficking of VDAC-cored VRAC and SOC in NE differentiation of cells?

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Is there concordance of invasive breast cancer pathologic tumor size with magnetic resonance imaging?

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Is there consistency and specificity of autonomic changes during emotional episodes? Guidance from the Conceptual Act Theory and psychophysiology

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Is there consistency in cephalometric landmark identification amongst oral and maxillofacial surgeons?

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Is there contextuality for a single qubit?

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Is there core diffusion tensor imaging pathology in schizophrenia?

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Is there correlation between alveolar and systemic bone density?

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Is there correlation between cognition and functionality in severe dementia? the value of a performance-based ecological assessment for Alzheimer's disease

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Is there correlation between pancreatic enzyme and radiological severity in acute pancreatitis?

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Is there correlation of nerve-sparing status and return to baseline urinary function after robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy?

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Is there cross talk between portal and hypothalamic glucose-sensing circuits?

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Is there currently an established role for the use of predictive or prognostic molecular markers in the management of colorectal cancer? A point/counterpoint

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Is there currently enough evidence to assess whether laparoscopic nephroureterectomy is safe to treat urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract?

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Is there cyclosporine-induced bone disease?

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Is there delay in diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in an intermediate-to-low TB incidence setting

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Is there dependence between the level of adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein and calcium score in asymptomatic relatives of patients with cardiovascular diseases?

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Is there diagnostic value in detection of immunoglobulin g antibodies to the epstein-barr virus early antigen?

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Is there difference in perinatal outcome of singleton and twin pregnancies after assisted conception: two-year experience

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Is there differences in cognitive and motor functioning between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients?

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Is there discrimination in access to therapy for HCV patients?

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Is there disease progression in patients who are hepatitis C virus antibody-positive and hepatitis C virus RNA-seronegative?

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Is there disparity in physician service use? A comparison of Hispanic and white Medicare beneficiaries

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Is there diurnal variation in initial and delayed orthostatic hypotension during standing and head-up tilt?

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Is there diurnal variation of the vestibulosympathetic reflex: implications for orthostatic hypotension

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Is there diversity among UGT1A1 polymorphism in Japan?

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Is there effective systemic therapy for recurrent surgery- and radiation-refractory meningioma?

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Is there elliptic distortion in the light harvesting complex 2 of purple bacteria?

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Is there empirical evidence for decreasing returns to scale in a health capital model?

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Is there empirical evidence for "Defensive Medicine"? A reassessment

Dirette, D.; Rozich, A.; Viau, S., 2010:
Is there enough evidence for evidence-based practice in occupational therapy?

Tesić, M.; Stanković, G., 2015:
Is there enough evidence for routine use of drug-eluting stents in acute myocardial infarction with ST segment elevation?

Chintea, C.L.; Belal, M., 2013:
Is there enough evidence for the use of intravesical instillations of glycosaminoglycan analogues in interstitial cystitis?

Männistö, T., 2013:
Is there enough evidence of poor fetal growth to merit narrowing free T4 reference ranges during pregnancy?

Page, L., 2007 :
Is there enough evidence to judge midwife led units safe? Yes

Gonzales, D.A.; Star, R.A.; Kern, S.J.; Natanson, C.; Danner, R.L., 2008:
Is there enough evidence to support use of N-acetylcysteine in contrast-induced nephropathy?

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Is there enough evidence to use bisphosphonates in HIV-infected patients? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Is there enough evidence to use lipofilling in breast cancer reconstruction?

Silva, M.Pereira.da.; Pruffer, C.; Amaral, F.G., 2014:
Is there enough information to calculate the financial benefits of ergonomics projects?

Osotimehin, B., 2012:
Is there enough investment in young people?

Rhee, C.Kook., 2014:
Is there enough support for endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration as an initial diagnostic tool?

Anscombe, J., 2008:
Is there enough to go round?

Smith, G.; Michelson, J.; Singh, R.; Dabbagh, A.; Hoekstra, E.; van den Ent, M.; Mallya, A., 2011:
Is there enough vaccine to eradicate measles? An integrated analysis of measles-containing vaccine supply and demand

Mihălţan, F., 2012:
Is there enough what we're doing for COPD?

Werler, M.M.; Mitchell, A.A.; Moore, C.A.; Honein, M.A., 2009:
Is there epidemiologic evidence to support vascular disruption as a pathogenesis of gastroschisis?

Appleby, J., 2012:
Is there equal pay in healthcare? Not if you are a doctor

Willemse-van Son, A.H.P.; Ribbers, G.M.; Stam, H.J.; van den Bos, G.A.M., 2009:
Is there equity in long-term healthcare utilization after traumatic brain injury?

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Is there equity in oral healthcare utilization: experience after achieving Universal Coverage

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Is there equity of service delivery and intermediate outcomes in South Asians with type 2 diabetes? Analysis of DARTS database and summary of UK publications

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Is there equivalency between students in a longitudinal, rural clerkship and a traditional urban-based program?

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Is there escape from renal actions of vasopressin in rats with a hyponatremia for greater than 48 hours?

Gyles, C., 2013:
Is there ever good reason to not publish good science?

Adeyemo, W.Lanre., 2007:
Is there evidence against evidence-based dentistry?

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Is there evidence favoring the use of beta-blockers and dobutamine in acute heart failure?

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Is there evidence for a role of Propionibacterium acnes in prostatic disease?

Müller, M.J.; Bosy-Westphal, A.; Heymsfield, S.B., 2010:
Is there evidence for a set point that regulates human body weight?

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Is there evidence for a superior method of socket fixation in hip arthroplasty? A systematic review

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Is there evidence for accelerated polyethylene wear in uncemented compared to cemented acetabular components? A systematic review of the literature

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Is there evidence for aetiologically distinct subgroups of idiopathic congenital talipes equinovarus? A case-only study and pedigree analysis

Aczel, B.; Bago, B.; Foldes, A., 2012:
Is there evidence for automatic imitation in a strategic context?

Golder, S.; Loke, Y.K., 2008:
Is there evidence for biased reporting of published adverse effects data in pharmaceutical industry-funded studies?

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Is there evidence for cognitive intervention in Alzheimer disease? A systematic review of efficacy, feasibility, and cost-effectiveness

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Is there evidence for continued learning over multiple years in perimetry?

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Is there evidence for correct diagnosis in cystic fibrosis registries?

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Is there evidence for dual causation between malaria and socioeconomic status? Findings from rural Tanzania

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Is there evidence for effectiveness of acamprosate in maintaining abstinence in alcohol dependent patients?

Basil, B.; Mahmud, J.; Mathews, M.; Rodriguez, C.; Adetunji, B., 2005:
Is there evidence for effectiveness of transcranial magnetic stimulation in the treatment of psychiatric disorders?

Weber, W.A., 2012:
Is there evidence for evidence-based medical imaging?

Turkstra, T.P.; Jones, P.M., 2009:
Is there evidence for improved maternal satisfaction with patient-controlled epidural anesthesia?

Borjesson, M.; Dellborg, M., 2011:
Is there evidence for mandating electrocardiogram as part of the pre-participation examination?

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Is there evidence for neurodegenerative change following traumatic brain injury in children and youth? A scoping review

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Characterization of a feruloyl esterase from Aspergillus terreus facilitates the division of fungal enzymes from Carbohydrate Esterase family 1 of the carbohydrate-active enzymes (CAZy) database

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Is there evidence for post-translational modification of beta cell autoantigens in the aetiology and pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes?

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Is there evidence in favor of surgical interventions for the subacromial impingement syndrome?

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Is there evidence of power in my teaching?

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Is there evidence that competition in healthcare is a good thing? No

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Is there evidence that environmental noise is immunotoxic?

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Is there evidence that long-term outcomes have improved with intensive care?

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Is there evidence that oral hypoglycemic agents reduce cardiovascular morbidity or mortality? No

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Is there evidence that religion is a risk factor for eating disorders?

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Is there gold in them thar hills?

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