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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54086

Chapter 54086 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Leborgne, F.; Fowler, J., 2009:
Late outcomes following hypofractionated conformal radiotherapy vs. standard fractionation for localized prostate cancer: a nonrandomized contemporary comparison

Patel, H.J.; Hemmila, M.R.; Williams, D.M.; Diener, A.C.; Deeb, G.Michael., 2011:
Late outcomes following open and endovascular repair of blunt thoracic aortic injury

Appleby, C.E.; Mackie, K.; Dzavík, Vír.; Ivanov, J., 2010:
Late outcomes following percutaneous coronary interventions: results from a large, observational registry

Monro, J.L., 2008:
Late outcomes following repair of tetralogy of Fallot

McClure, R.Scott.; Narayanasamy, N.; Wiegerinck, E.; Lipsitz, S.; Maloney, A.; Byrne, J.G.; Aranki, S.F.; Couper, G.S.; Cohn, L.H., 2010:
Late outcomes for aortic valve replacement with the Carpentier-Edwards pericardial bioprosthesis: up to 17-year follow-up in 1,000 patients

Zivanovic, S.; Peacock, J.; Alcazar-Paris, M.; Lo, J.W.; Lunt, A.; Marlow, N.; Calvert, S.; Greenough, A.; Zivanovic, S.; Peacock, J.; Alcazar-Paris, M.; Lo, J.W.; Marlow, N.; Calvert, S.; Greenough, A.; Halliday, H.; Henderson, J.; Cunningham, S.; Vyas, H.; Kerry, S.; Dromgoole, J.; Coker, B.; Oedra, R.; Thomas, F.; D'eath, T.; Nguyen, J.; Lovestone, J., 2014:
Late outcomes of a randomized trial of high-frequency oscillation in neonates

Lee, W.Anthony.; Daniels, M.J.; Beaver, T.M.; Klodell, C.T.; Raghinaru, D.E.; Hess, P.J., 2011:
Late outcomes of a single-center experience of 400 consecutive thoracic endovascular aortic repairs

Ross, C.B.; Yancey, A.E.; Byrnes, K.R.; Wayne, E.J.; Dwivedi, A.J.; Morris, M.E., 2011:
Late outcomes of carotid artery stenting: a critical review

Gatta, G.; Ciccolallo, L.; Faivre, J.; Bouvier, A-Marie.; Berrino, F.; Gerard, J.Pierre., 2008:
Late outcomes of colorectal cancer treatment: a FECS-EUROCARE study

Nair, S.; Fath-Ordoubadi, F.; Clarke, B.; El-Omar, M.; Foley, J.; Fraser, D.G.; Mahadevan, V.S.; Neyses, L.; Khattar, R.S.; Mamas, M.A., 2011:
Late outcomes of drug eluting and bare metal stents in saphenous vein graft percutaneous coronary intervention

Applegate, R.J.; Sacrinty, M.; Kutcher, M.; Santos, R.; Gandhi, S.; Little, W., 2008:
Late outcomes of drug-eluting versus bare metal stents in saphenous vein grafts: Propensity score analysis

Ham, S.Wan.; Kumar, S.Ram.; Wang, B.R.; Rowe, V.L.; Weaver, F.A., 2010:
Late outcomes of endovascular and open revascularization for nonatherosclerotic renal artery disease

Patel, H.J.; Williams, D.M.; Upchurch, G.R.; Dasika, N.L.; Eliason, J.L.; Deeb, G.Michael., 2009:
Late outcomes of endovascular aortic repair for the infected thoracic aorta

Severino, E.Soraya.Barbosa.de.Oliveira.; Petrucci, O.; Vilarinho, K.Alexandre.de.Souza.; Lavagnoli, C.Fernando.Ramos.; Silveira Filho, L.da.Mota.; Oliveira, P.Paulo.Martins.de.; Vieira, R.Wilson.; Braile, D.Marcolino., 2012:
Late outcomes of mitral repair in rheumatic patients

Ivaskeviciene, L.; Nogiene, G.; Butkuviene, I.; Kalinauskas, G.; Valaika, Aūnas.; Veriznikovas, J.; Uzdavinys, G., 2010:
Late outcomes of on-pump and off-pump redo coronary artery bypass grafting

Dionigi, B.; Razzouk, A.J.; Hasaniya, N.W.; Chinnock, R.E.; Bailey, L.L., 2008:
Late outcomes of pediatric heart transplantation are independent of pre-transplant diagnosis and prior cardiac surgical intervention

Brown, M.L.; Burkhart, H.M.; Connolly, H.M.; Dearani, J.A.; Hagler, D.J.; Schaff, H.V., 2010:
Late outcomes of reintervention on the descending aorta after repair of aortic coarctation

Czaja, A.S.; Rivara, F.P.; Wang, J.; Koepsell, T.; Nathens, A.B.; Jurkovich, G.J.; Mackenzie, E., 2009:
Late outcomes of trauma patients with infections during index hospitalization

Wang, S-Huei.; Lin, S-Jong.; Chen, Y-Hsiang.; Lin, F-Yen.; Shih, J-Chung.; Wu, C-Chung.; Wu, H-Lin.; Chen, Y-Lien., 2009:
Late outgrowth endothelial cells derived from Wharton jelly in human umbilical cord reduce neointimal formation after vascular injury: involvement of pigment epithelium-derived factor

Crochet, J.R.; Yeh, J.S.; Clowse, M.E.B.; Copland, S.D., 2011:
Late ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after controlled ovarian stimulation in a woman with systemic lupus erythematosus and lupus nephritis

Michałek, P.; Kubaszek-Kornatowska, A.; Pręgowska-Chwała, B., 2016:
Late pacemaker lead thrombosis treated with rivaroxaban

Fridell, J.A.; Mangus, R.S.; Chen, J.M.; Goble, M.L.; Mujtaba, M.A.; Taber, T.E.; Powelson, J.A., 2015:
Late pancreas retransplantation

Ion, D.; Sajin, M.; Copcă, N.; Pariza, G.; Mavrodin, C.Iuliana.; Ciurea, M., 2009:
Late pancreatic metastasis from primary Grawitz tumor--surgical management

Rezvani, M.; O'Moore, P.V.; Pezzi, C.M., 2007:
Late pancreaticojejunostomy stent migration and hepatic abscess after Whipple procedure

Radermaker, S.; Sirois, Fçois., 2013:
Late paraphrenia: an accidental finding

Denegri, A.; Faletra, F.; Moccetti, T.; Pedrazzini, G.Battista., 2015:
Late paravalvular abscess 6 weeks after transfemoral aortic revalving

Köhn, F-Michael., 2012:
Late parents

Liu, J.; Sumer, H.; Leung, J.; Upton, K.; Dottori, M.; Pébay, A.; Verma, P.J., 2011:
Late passage human fibroblasts induced to pluripotency are capable of directed neuronal differentiation

Malinauskiene, L.; Bruze, M.; Ryberg, K.; Zimerson, E.; Isaksson, M., 2011:
Late patch test reaction to Disperse Orange 1 not related to active sensitization

Barbuzza, O.; Guarneri, F.; Galtieri, G.; Vaccaro, M., 2008:
Late patch test reaction to dichlorophene

Gawkrodger, D.J.; Paul, L., 2008:
Late patch test reactions: delayed immune response appears to be more common than active sensitization

Vaccaro, M.; Barbuzza, O.; Campo, G.M.; Guarneri, F., 2009:
Late patch-test reaction to acrylates: a biochemical hypothesis

Haasters, F.; Ockert, B.; Mutschler, W.; Kessler, M.A., 2009:
Late patellar tendon rupture 10 years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using a bone-patellar tendon-bone graft

Kamiya, H.; Ushijima, T.; Mukai, K.; Ikeda, C.; Ueyama, K.; Watanabe, G., 2007:
Late patency of the left internal thoracic artery graft in patients with and without previous successful percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Cohen, J., 2007:
Late paternities

Brændengen, M.; Tveit, K.Magne.; Bruheim, K.; Cvancarova, M.; Berglund, Åke.; Glimelius, B., 2012:
Late patient-reported toxicity after preoperative radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy in nonresectable rectal cancer: results from a randomized Phase III study

Efstathiou, J.A.; Bae, K.; Shipley, W.U.; Kaufman, D.S.; Hagan, M.P.; Heney, N.M.; Sandler, H.M., 2009:
Late pelvic toxicity after bladder-sparing therapy in patients with invasive bladder cancer: RTOG 89-03, 95-06, 97-06, 99-06

Małek, L.A.; Silva, J.C.; Bellenger, N.G.; Nicolau, J.C.; Kłopotowski, M.; Spiewak, M.; Rassi, C.H.; Lewandowski, Z.; Kruk, M.; Rochitte, C.E.; Rużyłło, W.; Witkowski, A., 2014:
Late percutaneous coronary intervention for an occluded infarct-related artery in patients with preserved infarct zone viability: a pooled analysis of cardiovascular magnetic resonance studies

Appleton, D.L.; Abbate, A.; Biondi-Zoccai, G.G.L., 2008:
Late percutaneous coronary intervention for the totally occluded infarct-related artery: a meta-analysis of the effects on cardiac function and remodeling

Santoro, G.; Caianiello, G.; Gaio, G.; Palladino, M.Teresa.; Marrone, C.; Russo, M.Giovanna.; Calabrò, R., 2010:
Late percutaneous re-canalization of arterial duct-dependent isolated pulmonary artery

Moliterno, D.J., 2008:
Late percutaneous recanalization of totally occluded infarct-related arteries--more than about time

Gaztañaga, L.; Ormaetxe, Jé.M.; Fe Arcocha, Mía.; Martínez-Alday, Jús.D., 2010:
Late percutaneous repositioning of a coronary sinus lead used for ventricular resynchronization

Gonzalez-Pezzat, I.; Soto-Perez-de-Celis, E.; Pantoja-Millan, J.Pablo., 2009:
Late perforation and abscess formation at the site of the jejunojejunal anastomosis following laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery

Kalaiselvan, R.; Abu Dakka, M.; Ammori, B.J., 2014:
Late perforation at the jejuno-jejunal anastomosis after laparoscopic gastric bypass for morbid obesity

Refaat, M.M.; Hashash, J.G.; Shalaby, A.A., 2010:
Late perforation by cardiac implantable electronic device leads: clinical presentation, diagnostic clues, and management

Spanager, L.; Sigild, U.Henrik.; Neuenschwander, A.Ulrich., 2010:
Late perforation following laparoscopic gastric bypass

Das, B.; Yalagudri, S.; Maiya, S.; Abhraham, S.; Kannan, J.; Kishore, R., 2016:
Late perforation of Durata ICD lead--a case report

Sekar, B.; Tapp, L.; Chalil, S.; Marshall, H.; Leyva, F., 2009:
Late perforation of a defibrillator lead managed by percutaneous, intravenous extraction

Palma, G.; Rosapepe, F.; Vicchio, M.; Russolillo, V.; Cioffi, S.; Vosa, C., 2007:
Late perforation of right atrium and aortic root after percutaneous closure of patent foramen ovale

Joost, A.; Schmidtke, C.; Simon, M.; Hunold, P.; Kurowski, V.; Reppel, M.; Bode, F.; Mortensen, K., 2013:
Late perforation of the ventricular ICD lead causes a pericarditis like ECG in a patient with Brugada syndrome

Streit, M.R.; Merle, C.; Clarius, M.; Aldinger, P.R., 2011:
Late peri-prosthetic femoral fracture as a major mode of failure in uncemented primary hip replacement

Linnemann, B.; Thalhammer, A.; Wolf, Z.; Tirneci, V.; Vogl, T.J.; Edelgard Lindhoff-Last, A., 2012:
Late peripheral stent thrombosis due to stent fracture, vigorous exercise and hyporesponsiveness to clopidogrel

Chiang, W-Fang.; Chen, T-Wei.; Lin, S-Hua., 2016:
Late peritoneal leakage

Gangadharan, C.; Thoh, M.; Manna, S.Kumar., 2010:
Late phase activation of nuclear transcription factor kappaB by doxorubicin is mediated by interleukin-8 and induction of apoptosis via FasL

Li, Y.; Cai, M.; Xu, Y.; Swartz, H.M.; He, G., 2011:
Late phase ischemic preconditioning preserves mitochondrial oxygen metabolism and attenuates post-ischemic myocardial tissue hyperoxygenation

Villers, Aès.; Godaux, E.; Ris, L., 2010:
Late phase of L-LTP elicited in isolated CA1 dendrites cannot be transferred by synaptic capture

Wójtowicz, T.; Mozrzymas, J.W., 2010:
Late phase of long-term potentiation in the mossy fiber-CA3 hippocampal pathway is critically dependent on metalloproteinases activity

Oh-Nishi, A.; Saji, M.; Satoh, S-Z.; Ogata, M.; Suzuki, N., 2008:
Late phase of long-term potentiation induced by co-application of N-methyl-d-aspartic acid and the antagonist of NR2B-containing N-methyl-d-aspartic acid receptors in rat hippocampus

Szydło, K.; Wita, K.; Trusz-Gluza, M.; Tabor, Z., 2010:
Late phase of repolarization (TpeakTend) as a prognostic marker of left ventricle remodeling in patients with anterior myocardial infarction treated with primary coronary intervention

Zaniboni, M., 2012:
Late phase of repolarization is autoregenerative and scales linearly with action potential duration in mammals ventricular myocytes: a model study

Bicknell, A.A.; Tourtellotte, J.; Niwa, M., 2010:
Late phase of the endoplasmic reticulum stress response pathway is regulated by Hog1 MAP kinase

Wójcicki, P.; Wójcicka, G., 2007:
Late phoniatric results of treatment of patients with cleft palate operated on by one surgeon

García Méndez, I.; Ferran Sureda, N.; Guasch Aragay, B., 2009:
Late pleuroperitoneal leak in a peritoneal dialysis patient

El Amrani, M.; El Kabbaj, D.; Benyahia, M., 2015:
Late pneumomediastinum revealed by acute pulmonary edema in hemodialysis

Ruiz de la Cuesta Martín, D.; Trillo Calvo, E.; Joven Lafont, Jín., 2011:
Late pneumopericardium after pericardiocentesis

Vassiliou, I.; Ioannis, V.; Tympa, A.; Aliki, T.; Theodosopoulos, T.; Theodosios, T.; Nastos, C.; Constantinos, N.; Arkadopoulos, N.; Nikolaos, A.; Dafnios, N.; Nikolaos, D.; Fragulidis, G.; Georgios, F.; Kouskouni, E.; Evangelia, K.; Smyrniotis, V.; Vassilios, S., 2011:
Late polypropylene mesh susceptibility to infection during intra-abdominal sepsis

Kutas, M.; Hillyard, S.A.; Volpe, B.T.; Gazzaniga, M.S., 1990:
Late positive event-related potentials after commissural section in humans

Gray, B.; McGuire, M.; Semsarian, C.; Medi, C., 2015:
Late positive flecainide challenge test for Brugada syndrome

Hua, M.; Han, Z.Rachel.; Chen, S.; Yang, M.; Zhou, R.; Hu, S., 2015:
Late positive potential (LPP) modulation during affective picture processing in preschoolers

Gable, P.A.; Harmon-Jones, E., 2010:
Late positive potential to appetitive stimuli and local attentional bias

Prause, N.; Steele, V.R.; Staley, C.; Sabatinelli, D., 2016:
Late positive potential to explicit sexual images associated with the number of sexual intercourse partners

Strandberg, E.; Zeltinger, J.; Schulz, D.G.; Kaluza, G.L., 2012:
Late positive remodeling and late lumen gain contribute to vascular restoration by a non-drug eluting bioresorbable scaffold: a four-year intravascular ultrasound study in normal porcine coronary arteries

Evans, J.D.; Perera, M.Thamara.Pr.; Pal, C.; Neuberger, J.; Mirza, D.F., 2014:
Late post liver transplant protein losing enteropathy: rare complication of incisional hernia

Collins, D.; Mosahebi, A.; Ramakrishnan, V., 2008:
Late post operative haemorrhage from internal mammary perforators

Sanjay, P.; Fawzi, A.; Fulke, J.L.; Kulli, C.; Tait, I.S.; Zealley, I.A.; Polignano, F.M., 2010:
Late post pancreatectomy haemorrhage. Risk factors and modern management

Viswanathan, V.; Kandasamy, V.; Reddy, Y.N.; Reddy, Y.N.; Kurien, A.; Mathew, M.; Abraham, G., 2013:
Late post transplant HIV infection with BK viremia and allograft tuberculosis in a renal transplant recipient with Kaposi sarcoma

Fawzy, M.; Zalata, K., 2010:
Late post-cesarean surgical complication

Cappella, M.; Bettini, N.; Dema, E.; Girardo, M.; Cervellati, S., 2009:
Late post-operative paraparesis after rib penetration of the spinal canal in a patient with neurofibromatous scoliosis

Yu, X.; Wu, S.; Wang, X.; Xu, M.; Xu, S.; Yuan, Y., 2013:
Late post-operative recurrent osteosarcoma: Three case reports with a review of the literature

Fauconnier, A.; Goltzene, A.; Issartel, F.; Janse-Marec, J.; Blondel, B.; Fritel, X., 2012:
Late post-partum dyspareunia: does delivery play a role?

Bedel, B.; Cartron, G.; Vayssière, C.; Parant, O., 2010:
Late post-partum eclampsia: a case report

Ramirez Gama, J., 2014:
Late post-thoracoplasty bronchopleural fistula

Ali, A.A.M.; Khanna, P.; Mehrotra, A.; Abraham, G., 2011:
Late post-transplant erythrocytosis in a hepatitis C-positive allograft recipient on sirolimus

Orlandi, E.M.; Colombo, A.A.; Rocca, B., 2011:
Late post-transplant recurrence of chronic myeloid leukaemia after immuno-chemotherapy for secondary non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Sinha, R.; Shekhar, H.; Tinwala, S.; Gangar, A.; Titiyal, J.S., 2014:
Late post-traumatic flap dislocation and macrostriae after laser in situ keratomileusis

Fodor, L.; Moscona, R., 2009:
Late post-traumatic intracapsular seroma after breast augmentation

Zegdi, R.; Sleilaty, G.; Khabbaz, Z.; Noghin, M.; Latrémouille, C.; Carpentier, A.; Deloche, A.; Fabiani, J-Noël., 2008:
Late posterior failure after mitral valve repair in degenerative disease

Butler, M.A.; Holt, G.E.; Crosby, S.N.; Weikert, D.R., 2010:
Late posterior interosseous nerve palsy associated with loosening of radial head implant

Kelkar, A.S.; Kelkar, J.A.; Kelkar, S.B.; Shaikh, A.I., 2010:
Late posterior subluxation of rollable intraocular lens after an uneventful microphacoemulsification cataract surgery

Anonymous, 2009:
Late posters

Rashed, A.; Vígh, Aás.; Németh, Zán.; Feiler, Eébet.; Alotti, N.; Simon, József., 2008:
Late postinfarction rupture of the interventricular septum

Frange, P.; Burgard, M.; Lachassinne, E.; le Chenadec, Jérôme.; Chaix, M-Laure.; Chaplain, C.; Warszawski, J.; Dollfus, C.; Faye, A.; Rouzioux, C.; Blanche, Séphane.; Allisy, C.; Guillot, F.; Khanfar, M.; Parat, S., 2010:
Late postnatal HIV infection in children born to HIV-1-infected mothers in a high-income country

Ambrosetti, M.; Tramarin, R.; Griffo, R.; De Feo, S.; Fattirolli, F.; Vestri, A.; Riccio, C.; Temporelli, P.Luigi., 2011:
Late postoperative atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery: a national survey within the cardiac rehabilitation setting

Capucci, A.; Guerra, F., 2011:
Late postoperative atrial fibrillation: minor surgery complication or major cardiovascular issue?

Bao, Y-Zhen.; Pei, X-Ting.; Li, M-Wu.; Li, X-Xin., 2008:
Late postoperative capsular block syndrome versus liquefied after-cataract

Huerva, Vín.; Sánchez, M.Carmen.; Ascaso, F.J.; Soldevila, J., 2015:
Late postoperative capsular block syndrome: a case series studied before and after Nd:YAG laser posterior capsulotomy

Iencean, S.M.; Poeata, I., 2015:
Late postoperative cervical spinal cord herniation

Zarnowski, T.; Rejdak, R.; Choragiewicz, T., 2008:
Late postoperative choroidal detachment

Van Cleynenbreugel, H., 2007:
Late postoperative complications of backward implantation of a Vivarte phakic intraocular lens

Kornovski, Y.; Ismail, E.; Kovachev, E.; Ivanov, S., 2014:
Late postoperative complications of surgery and radiosurgical treatment of invasive cervical cancer

Doscher, J.C.; Volpe, F.N., 2014:
Late postoperative hemorrhage in a patient with undiagnosed COX-1 deficiency after third molar extractions

Soultanis, K.C.; Pyrovolou, N.; Zahos, K.A.; Karaliotas, G.I.; Lenti, A.; Liveris, I.; Babis, G.C.; Soucacos, P.N., 2008:
Late postoperative infection following spinal instrumentation: stainless steel versus titanium implants

Katsimpris, J.M.; Theoulakis, P.E.; Kouzi-Koliakos, K.; Pavlidou, E.; Petropoulos, I.K.; Koliakos, G.; Vouroutzis, N.; Konstas, A.G., 2009:
Late postoperative opacification of hydrogel intraocular lenses: analysis of 13 explanted lenses

Hao, S.; Zhang, H., 2015:
Late postoperative opacification of the hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lens in both eyes

Barnouti, H.N., 1986:
Late postoperative partial recurrent retrograde ileoileal intussusception

Theodore, S.; Christi, R.; Christopher, M.A., 2011:
Late postoperative pericardial effusion

Ricci, C.; Casadei, R.; Buscemi, S.; Minni, F., 2012:
Late postpancreatectomy hemorrhage after pancreaticoduodenectomy: is it possible to recognize risk factors?

Erving, H.W.; Power, H.A., 2017 :
Late postpartum bleeding; a method of prevention

Chhabra, S.; Tyagi, S.; Bhavani, M.; Gosawi, M., 2012:
Late postpartum eclampsia

Cantey, J.B.; Tecklenburg, F.W.; Titus, M.Olivia., 2007:
Late postpartum eclampsia in adolescents

Chen, C-Yu.; Wang, K-Gon., 2009:
Late postpartum hemorrhage after hemostatic square suturing technique: a case report

Salman, M.Coskun.; Cil, B.; Esin, S.; Deren, O., 2008:
Late postpartum hemorrhage due to von Willebrand disease managed with uterine artery embolization

Kauntia, R.; Valsalan, R.; Seshadri, S.; Pandit, V.R.; Prabhu, M.M., 2011:
Late postpartum preeclampsia with posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome

Nasu, T.; Suzuki, R.; Okamoto, Y.; Miyata, K.; Uno, A.; Nakao, R.; Kawashima, A.; Nakao, T.; Kondo, M., 2011:
Late postprandial hypoglycemia due to bioactive insulin dissociation from autoantibody leading to unconsciousness in a patient with insulin autoimmune syndrome

Baez-Escudero, J.L.; Shah, D.P.; Weisberg, I.L.; Beshai, J.F.; Burke, M.C., 2011:
Late potential at the high ventricular septal level in a patient with Brugada: possible mechanisms and clinical implications

Kuittinen, T.; Jantunen, E.; Vanninen, E.; Mussalo, H.; Nousiainen, T.; Hartikainen, J., 2010:
Late potentials and QT dispersion after high-dose chemotherapy in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Nahshoni, E.; Strasberg, B.; Imbar, S.; Rotem, O.; Gur, S.; Hermesh, H.; Weizman, A., 2010:
Late potentials in the signal-averaged electrocardiogram in schizophrenia patients maintained on antipsychotic agents: a preliminary naturalistic study

Serebruany, V.L., 2010:
Late prasugrel benefit in STEMI patients?

Auger, N.; Denis, G., 2012:
Late pregnancy abortions: an analysis of Québec stillbirth data, 1981-2006

Atis, A.; Tandogan, T.; Aydin, Y.; Sen, C.; Turgay, F.; Eren, N.; Goker, N., 2011:
Late pregnancy associated plasma protein A levels decrease in preterm labor

Sakornbut, E.; Leeman, L.; Fontaine, P., 2007:
Late pregnancy bleeding

Hernandez, G.D.; Korst, L.M.; Goodwin, T.M.; Miller, D.A.; Caughey, A.B.; Ouzounian, J.G., 2011:
Late pregnancy complications can affect risk estimates of elective induction of labor

Katsikis, I.; Kita, M.; Karkanaki, A.; Prapas, N.; Panidis, D., 2006:
Late pregnancy complications in polycystic ovarian syndrome

von Kries, Rüdiger.; Chmitorz, A.; Rasmussen, K.M.; Bayer, O.; Ensenauer, R., 2014:
Late pregnancy reversal from excessive gestational weight gain lowers risk of childhood overweight--a cohort study

Steele, R.W., 2011:
Late pregnancy screening for human immunodeficiency virus

Kang, T.; Richardson, W., 2011:
Late pregnancy should not delay abdominal exploration for internal hernia after gastric bypass surgery

Smith, G.V.S.; Smith, O.W. , 2011:
Late pregnancy toxemia; a review of experimental findings

Smith, O.W.; Smith, G.V.S., 2011:
Late pregnancy toxemia; clinical trials based upon experimental findings

Ananth, C.V.; Friedman, A.M., 2015:
Late pregnancy use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors is associated with increased risk of postpartum haemorrhage

Kosinska-Kaczynska, K.; Szymusik, I.; Bomba-Opon, D.; Madej, A.; Oleszczuk, J.; Patro-Malysza, J.; Marciniak, B.; Breborowicz, G.; Drews, K.; Seremak-Mrozikiewicz, A.; Szymankiewicz, M.; Zimmer, M.; Pomorski, M.; Olejek, A.; Slawska, H.; Wielgos, Mław., 2014:
Late prematurity in twins: a Polish multicenter study

Machado Júnior, Lís.Carlos.; Passini Júnior, R.; Rodrigues Machado Rosa, I., 2014:
Late prematurity: a systematic review

Gorduza, D.; Tardy-Guidollet, Véronique.; Robert, E.; Gay, C-Lise.; Chatelain, P.; David, M.; Bretones, P.; Lienhardt-Roussie, A.; Brac de la Perriere, A.; Morel, Y.; Mouriquand, P., 2015:
Late prenatal dexamethasone and phenotype variations in 46,XX CAH: concerns about current protocols and benefits for surgical procedures

Hung, Y-Hsiang.; Tsai, C-Chang.; Ou, C-Yu.; Cheng, B-Hua.; Yu, P-Chu.; Hsu, T-Yao., 2008:
Late prenatal diagnosis of hydrometrocolpos secondary to a cloacal anomaly by abdominal ultrasonography with complementary magnetic resonance imaging

Saracino, A.; Tartaglia, A.; Trillo, G.; Muschitiello, C.; Bellacosa, C.; Brindicci, G.; Monno, L.; Angarano, G., 2016:
Late presentation and loss to follow-up of immigrants newly diagnosed with HIV in the HAART era

Rajan, S.Sundara.; Lim, J.N.W.; Haq, A., 2012:
Late presentation and management of South Asian breast cancer patients in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Grech, V.; Xuereb, R.; Xuereb, M.; Manche, A.; Schembri, K.; Degiovanni, J., 2003:
Late presentation and successful treatment of classical scimitar syndrome

Huaman, M.A.; Aguilar, J.; Baxa, D.; Golembieski, A.; Brar, I.; Markowitz, N., 2012:
Late presentation and transmitted drug resistance mutations in new HIV-1 diagnoses in Detroit

Liava'a, M.; Theodore, S.; Wagner, T.; Tatoulis, J., 2009:
Late presentation digital ischemia after radial artery harvest for coronary artery bypass

Zoufaly, A.; an der Heiden, M.; Marcus, U.; Hoffmann, C.; Stellbrink, H.; Voss, L.; van Lunzen, J.; Hamouda, O.; Arastéh, K.; Hampf, D.; Bergmann, F.; Warncke, M.; Brockmeyer, N.; Mühlbächer, N.; Rockstroh, J.; Wasmuth, J.; Hass, S.; Reuter, S.; Rollmann, L.; Esser, S.; Schenk-Westkamp, P.; Plettenberg, A.; Kuhlendahl, F.; Adam, A.; Weitner, L.; Schewe, K.; Goey, H.; Fenske, S.; Buhk, T.; Stellbrink, H.; Hoffmann, C.; van Lunzen, J.; Zoufaly, A.; Wassmus, K.; Stoll, M.; Gerschmann, S.; Horst,, 2012:
Late presentation for HIV diagnosis and care in Germany

Yombi, J.C.; Jonckheere, S.; Vincent, A.; Wilmes, D.; Vandercam, B.; Belkhir, L., 2014:
Late presentation for human immunodeficiency virus HIV diagnosis results of a Belgian single centre

Althoff, K.N.; Gange, S.J.; Klein, M.B.; Brooks, J.T.; Hogg, R.S.; Bosch, R.J.; Horberg, M.A.; Saag, M.S.; Kitahata, M.M.; Justice, A.C.; Gebo, K.A.; Eron, J.J.; Rourke, S.B.; Gill, M.John.; Rodriguez, B.; Sterling, T.R.; Calzavara, L.M.; Deeks, S.G.; Martin, J.N.; Rachlis, A.R.; Napravnik, S.; Jacobson, L.P.; Kirk, G.D.; Collier, A.C.; Benson, C.A.; Silverberg, M.J.; Kushel, M.; Goedert, J.J.; McKaig, R.G.; Van Rompaey, S.E.; Zhang, J.; Moore, R.D., 2010:
Late presentation for human immunodeficiency virus care in the United States and Canada

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