Learning scenes from multiple views: novel views can be recognized more efficiently than learned views

Waller, D.; Friedman, A.; Hodgson, E.; Greenauer, N.

Memory and Cognition 37(1): 90-99


ISSN/ISBN: 0090-502X
PMID: 19103979
DOI: 10.3758/mc.37.1.90
Accession: 054095204

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In two experiments, participants were trained to recognize a playground scene from four vantage points and were subsequently asked to recognize the playground from a novel perspective between the four learned viewing perspectives, as well as from the trained perspectives. In both experiments, people recognized the novel view more efficiently than those that they had recently used in order to learn the scene. Additionally, in Experiment 2, participants who viewed a novel stimulus on their very first test trial correctly recognized it more quickly (and also tended to recognize it more accurately) than did participants whose first test trial was a familiar view of the scene. These findings call into question the idea that scenes are recognized by comparing them with single previous experiences, and support a growing body of literature on the existence of psychological mechanisms that combine spatial information from multiple views of a scene.