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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54165

Chapter 54165 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hays, S.L.; McPherson, R.J.; Juul, S.E.; Wallace, G.; Schindler, A.G.; Chavkin, C.; Gleason, C.A., 2012:
Long-term effects of neonatal stress on adult conditioned place preference (CPP) and hippocampal neurogenesis

Liu, Y.; Van Der Leij, F.R., 2011:
Long-term effects of neonatal treatment with dexamethasone, L-carnitine, and combinations thereof in rats

Fotopoulou, C.; Neumann, U.; Klapp, C.; Lichtenegger, W.; Sehouli, J., 2008:
Long-term effects of neovaginal reconstruction with sigmoid loop technique on sexual function and self image in patients with gynecologic malignancies: results of a prospective study

Castro, L.A.; Elias, L.S.A.; Oton-Leite, Aélica.F.; de Spíndula-Filho, Jé.V.; Leles, C.R.; Batista, A.C.; Mendonça, E.F., 2010:
Long-term effects of nifedipine on human gingival epithelium: a histopathological and immunohistochemical study

Nakazawa, M.; Suzuki, Y.; Ito, T.; Metoki, T.; Kudo, T.; Ohguro, H., 2014:
Long-term effects of nilvadipine against progression of the central visual field defect in retinitis pigmentosa: an extended study

Amundsen, A.H.; Klæboe, R.; Aasvang, G.Marit., 2013:
Long-term effects of noise reduction measures on noise annoyance and sleep disturbance: the Norwegian facade insulation study

Wolfe, J.; John, A.; Schafer, E.; Nyffeler, M.; Boretzki, M.; Caraway, T.; Hudson, M., 2011:
Long-term effects of non-linear frequency compression for children with moderate hearing loss

Luo, R-jiang.; Zhuo, Y-hong.; Liu, S-rui.; Lin, M-kai.; Tian, Z., 2011:
Long-term effects of non-penetrating trabecular surgery versus trabeculectomy for treating glaucoma

Maiden, L.; Thjodleifsson, B.; Seigal, A.; Bjarnason, I.Iain.; Scott, D.; Birgisson, S.; Bjarnason, I., 2007:
Long-term effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cyclooxygenase-2 selective agents on the small bowel: a cross-sectional capsule enteroscopy study

Peng, H-Yu.; Chen, M.; Zheng, B.; Wang, X-Gang.; Huo, Y., 2010:
Long-term effects of novel biodegradable, polymer-coated, sirolimus-eluting stents on neointimal formation in a porcine coronary model

Kudoh, Y.; Aoyama, S.; Torii, T.; Chen, Q.; Nagahara, D.; Sakata, H.; Nozawa, A., 2014:
Long-term effects of oral L-carnitine supplementation on anemia in chronic hemodialysis

Pedersen, M.Saaby.; Wehby, G.L.; Pedersen, D.Almind.; Christensen, K., 2016:
Long-term effects of oral clefts on health care utilization: a sibling comparison

Montgomery, E., 2008:
Long-term effects of organized violence on young Middle Eastern refugees' mental health

De Felippe, N.L.O.; Bhushan, N.; Da Silveira, A.C.; Viana, G.; Smith, B., 2009:
Long-term effects of orthodontic therapy on the maxillary dental arch and nasal cavity

Marx, S.; Cimniak, U.; Rütz, M.; Resch, K.L., 2013:
Long-term effects of osteopathic treatment of chronic prostatitis with chronic pelvic pain syndrome: a 5-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial and considerations on the pathophysiological context

Niebauer, J.; Mayr, K.; Harpf, H.; Hofmann, P.; Müller, E.; Wonisch, M.; Pokan, R.; Benzer, W., 2014:
Long-term effects of outpatient cardiac rehabilitation in Austria: a nationwide registry

Seidlova-Wuttke, D.; Nguyen, B.Tiep.; Wuttke, W., 2012:
Long-term effects of ovariectomy on osteoporosis and obesity in estrogen-receptor-β-deleted mice

Cunha, A.Cordeiro.de.Souza.Rodrigues.; Pereira, R.Oliveira.; Pereira, M.José.dos.Santos.; Soares, V.de.Melo.; Martins, M.Renovato.; Teixeira, M.Teixeira.; Souza, E.Patrícia.Garcia.; Moura, A.Sanchez., 2008:
Long-term effects of overfeeding during lactation on insulin secretion--the role of GLUT-2

Brinton, L., 2007:
Long-term effects of ovulation-stimulating drugs on cancer risk

Gruber, D.; Trottenberg, T.; Kivi, A.; Schoenecker, T.; Kopp, U.A.; Hoffmann, K.T.; Schneider, G-H.; Kühn, A.A.; Kupsch, A., 2009:
Long-term effects of pallidal deep brain stimulation in tardive dystonia

Volkmann, J.; Albanese, A.; Kulisevsky, J.; Tornqvist, A-Lena.; Houeto, J-Luc.; Pidoux, B.; Bonnet, A-Marie.; Mendes, A.; Benabid, A-Louis.; Fraix, V.; Van Blercom, N.; Xie, J.; Obeso, Jé.; Rodriguez-Oroz, M.Cruz.; Guridi, J.; Schnitzler, A.; Timmermann, L.; Gironell, A.A.; Molet, J.; Pascual-Sedano, B.; Rehncrona, S.; Moro, E.; Lang, A.C.; Lozano, A.M.; Bentivoglio, A.Rita.; Scerrati, M.; Contarino, M.Fiorella.; Romito, L.; Janssens, M.; Agid, Y., 2009:
Long-term effects of pallidal or subthalamic deep brain stimulation on quality of life in Parkinson's disease

Leung, T.Fan.; Chu, Y.; Lee, V.; Cheng, F.W.T.; Leung, W.Kwan.; Shing, M.M.K.; Li, C.Kong., 2010:
Long-term effects of pamidronate in thalassemic patients with severe bone mineral density deficits

Feldstein, C.A.; Akopian, M.; Pietrobelli, D.; Olivieri, A.; Garrido, D., 2010:
Long-term effects of parathyroidectomy on hypertension prevalence and circadian blood pressure profile in primary hyperparathyroidism

Mednick, B.; Reznick, C.; Hocevar, D.; Baker, R., 1987:
Long-term effects of parental divorce on young adult male crime

Akin, Y.; Yucel, S., 2014:
Long-term effects of pediatric extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy on renal function

Pereira, V.Santos.; de Melo, M.Vieira.; Correia, Géla.Nascimento.; Driusso, P., 2013:
Long-term effects of pelvic floor muscle training with vaginal cone in post-menopausal women with urinary incontinence: a randomized controlled trial

Palsdottir, V.; Månsson, J-Eric.; Blomqvist, M.; Egecioglu, E.; Olsson, B., 2012:
Long-term effects of perinatal essential fatty acid deficiency on anxiety-related behavior in mice

Bern, H.A.; Gorski, R.A.; Kawashima, S., 1973:
Long-term effects of perinatal hormone administration

Pelà, G.; Pattoneri, P.; Passera, M.; Tirabassi, G.; Reverberi, C.; Montanari, A.; Gherli, T., 2009:
Long-term effects of perindopril on left ventricular structure and function in patients with stable coronary artery disease: a conventional and Doppler tissue echocardiographic pilot study

Prins, S.A.; Przybycien-Szymanska, M.M.; Rao, Y.S.; Pak, T.R., 2014:
Long-term effects of peripubertal binge EtOH exposure on hippocampal microRNA expression in the rat

Ren, C-lei.; Wang, Y.; Wang, R.; Li, B-jun.; Geng, R-yi.; Gao, C-qing., 2013:
Long-term effects of permanent pacemaker implantation on tricuspid valve regurgitation

Node, K.; Inoue, T.; Boyko, V.; Goldberg, I.; Fisman, E.Z.; Adler, Y.; Schwammenthal, E.; Matas, Z.; Behar, S.; Tenenbaum, A., 2009:
Long-term effects of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor ligand bezafibrate on N-terminal pro-B type natriuretic peptide in patients with advanced functional capacity impairment

Poley, B.J.; Lindstrom, R.L.; Samuelson, T.W., 2008:
Long-term effects of phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation in normotensive and ocular hypertensive eyes

Yamashita, R.Paciello.; Trindade, I.Elly.Kiemle., 2008:
Long-term effects of pharyngeal flaps on the upper airways of subjects with velopharyngeal insufficiency

Handeland, S.O.; Imsland, A.K.; Björnsson, B.Th.; Stefansson, S.O., 2014:
Long-term effects of photoperiod, temperature and their interaction on growth, gill Na⁺, K⁺-ATPase activity, seawater tolerance and plasma growth-hormone levels in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

Hötting, K.; Schauenburg, G.; Röder, B., 2012:
Long-term effects of physical exercise on verbal learning and memory in middle-aged adults: results of a one-year follow-up study

Kaku, K.; Daida, H.; Kashiwagi, A.; Yamashina, A.; Yamazaki, T.; Momomura, S-ichi.; Iwase, T.; Yamasaki, Y.; Nagatsuka, K.; Kitagawa, K.; Kawamori, R., 2010:
Long-term effects of pioglitazone in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes without a recent history of macrovascular morbidity

Yamasaki, Y.; Katakami, N.; Furukado, S.; Kitagawa, K.; Nagatsuka, K.; Kashiwagi, A.; Daida, H.; Kawamori, R.; Kaku, K., 2011:
Long-term effects of pioglitazone on carotid atherosclerosis in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes without a recent history of macrovascular morbidity

Perriello, G.; Pampanelli, S.; Brunetti, P.; di Pietro, C.; Mariz, S., 2007:
Long-term effects of pioglitazone versus gliclazide on hepatic and humoral coagulation factors in patients with type 2 diabetes

Eriksson, J.G.; Gelow, J.; Thornburg, K.L.; Osmond, C.; Laakso, M.; Uusitupa, M.; Lindi, V.; Kajantie, E.; Barker, D.J.P., 2012:
Long-term effects of placental growth on overweight and body composition

Viketoft, M.; Bengtsson, J.; Sohlenius, Börn.; Berg, M.P.; Petchey, O.; Palmborg, C.; Huss-Danell, K., 2009:
Long-term effects of plant diversity and composition on soil nematode communities in model grasslands

Spijkerman, J.; Prevaes, S.M.P.J.; van Gils, E.J.M.; Veenhoven, R.H.; Bruin, J.P.; Bogaert, D.; Wijmenga-Monsuur, A.J.; van den Dobbelsteen, G.P.J.M.; Sanders, E.A.M., 2013:
Long-term effects of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine on nasopharyngeal carriage of S. pneumoniae, S. aureus, H. influenzae and M. catarrhalis

Dillenburger, K.; Fargas, M.; Akhonzada, R., 2008:
Long-term effects of political violence: narrative inquiry across a 20-year period

van der Wel, K.A., 2012:
Long-term effects of poor health on employment: the significance of life stage and educational level

Nagasaki, G.; Horiguchi, T.; Nishikawa, T.; Masaki, Y.; Tobe, Y., 2014:
Long-term effects of post-ischaemic oestrogen on brain injury in a rat transient forebrain ischaemia model

Sekiguchi, A.; Kotozaki, Y.; Sugiura, M.; Nouchi, R.; Takeuchi, H.; Hanawa, S.; Nakagawa, S.; Miyauchi, C.Makoto.; Araki, T.; Sakuma, A.; Taki, Y.; Kawashima, R., 2014:
Long-term effects of postearthquake distress on brain microstructural changes

Petersen, S.; Wietelmann, K.; Evers, T.; Hüser, N.; Matevossian, E.; Doll, D., 2009:
Long-term effects of postoperative razor epilation in pilonidal sinus disease

Lovatel, G.Agustini.; Bertoldi, K.; Elsnerb, V.Rostirola.; Piazza, F.Valente.; Basso, C.Giovana.; Moysés, F.Dos.Santos.; Worm, P.Valdeci.; Netto, C.Alexandre.; Marcuzzo, S.; Siqueira, I.Rodrigues., 2015:
Long-term effects of pre and post-ischemic exercise following global cerebral ischemia on astrocyte and microglia functions in hippocampus from Wistar rats

Olito, C.; Fukami, T., 2010:
Long-term effects of predator arrival timing on prey community succession

Schechter, M.S.; Quittner, A.L.; Konstan, M.W.; Millar, S.J.; Pasta, D.J.; McMullen, A., 2014 :
Long-term effects of pregnancy and motherhood on disease outcomes of women with cystic fibrosis

Grzeskowiak, L.E.; Morrison, J.L., 2013:
Long-term effects of prenatal SSRI exposure on child growth: weighing the evidence

Prickaerts, J.; Gieling, E.T.; Bruder, A.K.; van der Staay, F.J.; Vanmierlo, T., 2014:
Long-term effects of prenatal allopurinol treatment on brain plasticity markers in low and normal birth weight piglets

Eckenrode, J.; Campa, M.; Luckey, D.W.; Henderson, C.R.; Cole, R.; Kitzman, H.; Anson, E.; Sidora-Arcoleo, K.; Powers, J.; Olds, D., 2010:
Long-term effects of prenatal and infancy nurse home visitation on the life course of youths: 19-year follow-up of a randomized trial

Cornelius, M.D.; Goldschmidt, L.; De Genna, N.M.; Larkby, C., 2012:
Long-term effects of prenatal cigarette smoke exposure on behavior dysregulation among 14-year-old offspring of teenage mothers

Kristensen, S.L.; Ramlau-Hansen, C.H.; Ernst, E.; Olsen, S.F.; Bonde, J.P.; Vested, A.; Halldorsson, T.I.; Becher, G.; Haug, L.S.; Toft, G., 2014:
Long-term effects of prenatal exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances on female reproduction

Jacques, C.; Levy, E.; Muckle, G.; Jacobson, S.W.; Bastien, Célyne.; Dewailly, E.; Ayotte, P.; Jacobson, J.L.; Saint-Amour, D., 2011:
Long-term effects of prenatal omega-3 fatty acid intake on visual function in school-age children

Painter, R.C.; Roseboom, T.J.; de Rooij, S.R., 2014:
Long-term effects of prenatal stress and glucocorticoid exposure

Faour-Martín, O.; Martín-Ferrero, M.Ángel.; Vega Castrillo, A.; Almaraz-Gómez, A.; Valverde-García, Jé.Antonio.; Amigo Liñares, L.; Red-Gallego, Mía.Ángeles.de.la., 2014:
Long-term effects of preserving or splitting the carpal ligament in carpal tunnel operation

Uzel, Aıhan.; Alparslan, Z.Nazan., 2014:
Long-term effects of presurgical infant orthopedics in patients with cleft lip and palate: a systematic review

Guarini, A.; Sansavini, A.; Fabbri, C.; Savini, S.; Alessandroni, R.; Faldella, G.; Karmiloff-Smith, A., 2011:
Long-term effects of preterm birth on language and literacy at eight years

Bockting, C.L.H.; Spinhoven, P.; Wouters, L.F.; Koeter, M.W.J.; Schene, A.H.; Assies, H.; Bockting, C.; ten Doesschate, M.; Huyser, J.; Lok, A.; Koeter, M.; Nabarro, G.; Schene, A.; Spinhoven, P.; Visser, I.; Wekking, E.; Wouters, L., 2010:
Long-term effects of preventive cognitive therapy in recurrent depression: a 5.5-year follow-up study

Freriks, K.; Sas, T.C.J.; Traas, M.A.F.; Netea-Maier, R.T.; den Heijer, M.; Hermus, A.R.M.M.; Wit, J.M.; van Alfen-van der Velden, Jëlle.A.E.M.; Otten, B.J.; de Muinck Keizer-Schrama, S.M.P.F.; Gotthardt, M.; Dejonckere, P.H.; Zandwijken, G.R.J.; Menke, L.A.; Timmers, H.J.L.M., 2013:
Long-term effects of previous oxandrolone treatment in adult women with Turner syndrome

Yang, C.; Deng, Z.; Jiang, X.; Han, K.; Zhang, T.; Zhu, W.; Geng, T.; Chen, X.; Ma, A., 2012:
Long-term effects of primary early granulo-monocyte colony-stimulating factor treatment on the left ventricular function and remodeling in patients with acute myocardial infarction with five-year follow-up

Shiraishi, H.; Yamakawa, Y.; Itou, A.; Muraki, T.; Asada, T., 2008:
Long-term effects of prism adaptation on chronic neglect after stroke

Thijssen, J.H.H., 2007:
Long-term effects of progestins on bone quality and fractures

Beyraghdar Kashkooli, O.; Ebrahimi Dorcheh, E.; Mahboobi-Soofiani, N.; Samie, A., 2011:
Long-term effects of propolis on serum biochemical parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Simşek, S.; Yülek, F.; Cakmak, H.Basri.; Midillioğlu, I.Koçak., 2010:
Long-term effects of prostaglandin analogues on the anterior chamber depth of patients with primary open-angle glaucoma

Cheatham, R.A.; Roberts, S.B.; Das, S.Krupa.; Gilhooly, C.H.; Golden, J.K.; Hyatt, R.; Lerner, D.; Saltzman, E.; Lieberman, H.R., 2009:
Long-term effects of provided low and high glycemic load low energy diets on mood and cognition

Eller, N.Hurwitz.; Kristiansen, J.; Hansen, A.Marie., 2011:
Long-term effects of psychosocial factors of home and work on biomarkers of stress

Lopes, R.T.; Gonçalves, M.M.; Fassnacht, D.B.; Machado, P.P.P.; Sousa, Iês., 2015:
Long-term effects of psychotherapy on moderate depression: a comparative study of narrative therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy

Ismail, N.; Garas, P.; Blaustein, J.D., 2011:
Long-term effects of pubertal stressors on female sexual receptivity and estrogen receptor-α expression in CD-1 female mice

Fujii, H.; Kosogabe, Y.; Kajiki, H., 2013:
Long-term effects of pulsed radiofrequency on the dorsal root ganglion and segmental nerve roots for lumbosacral radicular pain: a prospective controlled randomized trial with nerve root block

Chang, W.Hyuk.; Kim, Y-Hee.; Bang, O.Young.; Kim, S.Tae.; Park, Y.H.; Lee, P.K.W., 2010:
Long-term effects of rTMS on motor recovery in patients after subacute stroke

Armstrong, G.T.; Stovall, M.; Robison, L.L., 2011:
Long-term effects of radiation exposure among adult survivors of childhood cancer: results from the childhood cancer survivor study

Hultcrantz, E.; Harder, L.; Loord, H.; Käll, L-Göran.; Ydreborg, K.; Wallberg, S.; Svanborg, E., 2011:
Long-term effects of radiofrequency ablation of the soft palate on snoring

Ip, M.S.; Domalpally, A.; Hopkins, J.Jill.; Wong, P.; Ehrlich, J.S., 2012:
Long-term effects of ranibizumab on diabetic retinopathy severity and progression

Gurel, H.Gurcan.; Memili, B.; Erkan, M.; Sukurica, Y., 2010:
Long-term effects of rapid maxillary expansion followed by fixed appliances

Matsumoto, Mírian.Aiko.Nakane.; Itikawa, C.Enoki.; Valera, F.Cardoso.Pereira.; Faria, G.; Anselmo-Lima, W.Terezinha., 2010:
Long-term effects of rapid maxillary expansion on nasal area and nasal airway resistance

Appelman-Dijkstra, N.M.; Claessen, K.M.J.A.; Roelfsema, F.; Pereira, A.M.; Biermasz, N.R., 2013:
Long-term effects of recombinant human GH replacement in adults with GH deficiency: a systematic review

Wolfgram, P.M.; Carrel, A.L.; Allen, D.B., 2014:
Long-term effects of recombinant human growth hormone therapy in children with Prader-Willi syndrome

Bo, T.; Chen, Y.; Mao, D-An.; Zhu, X-Hua.; Li, Y-Fang., 2007:
Long-term effects of recurrent seizures in neonate period on gamma-aminobutyric acid A receptor alpha1 and beta2 subunits expression in adult brain: experiment with rats

Kumbasli, M.; Makineci, E.; Cakir, M., 2010:
Long-term effects of red deer (Cervus elaphus) grazing on soil in a breeding area

Friedman, L.S.; Hedeker, D.; Richter, E.D., 2009:
Long-term effects of repealing the national maximum speed limit in the United States

Pannek, Jürgen.; Göcking, K.; Bersch, U., 2009:
Long-term effects of repeated intradetrusor botulinum neurotoxin A injections on detrusor function in patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction

Dong, G.; Guo, Y.; Cao, H.; Zhou, T.; Zhou, Z.; Sha, J.; Guo, X.; Zhu, H., 2015:
Long-term effects of repeated superovulation on ovarian structure and function in rhesus monkeys

Kim, H.J.; Kim, D.Y.; Kim, H.I.; Oh, H.S.; Sim, N.S.; Moon, I.S., 2014:
Long-term effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in unilateral tinnitus

Gersner, R.; Kravetz, E.; Feil, J.; Pell, G.; Zangen, A., 2011:
Long-term effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on markers for neuroplasticity: differential outcomes in anesthetized and awake animals

Harris, M.E.; Moskowitz, A.; Fulton, A.B.; Hansen, R.M., 2011:
Long-term effects of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) on rod and rod-driven function

Rémillard, S.; Pourcher, E.; Cohen, H., 2007:
Long-term effects of risperidone versus haloperidol on verbal memory, attention, and symptomatology in schizophrenia

Roccatello, D.; Sciascia, S.; Rossi, D.; Alpa, M.; Naretto, C.; Russo, A.; Menegatti, E.; Baldovino, S., 2012:
Long-term effects of rituximab added to cyclophosphamide in refractory patients with vasculitis

Quartuccio, L.; Lombardi, S.; Fabris, M.; Masolini, P.; Saracco, M.; Pellerito, R.; De Vita, S., 2009:
Long-term effects of rituximab in rheumatoid arthritis: clinical, biologic, and pharmacogenetic aspects

Silver, J.M.; Koumaras, B.; Meng, X.; Potkin, S.G.; Reyes, P.F.; Harvey, P.D.; Katz, D.I.; Gunay, I.; Arciniegas, D.B., 2009:
Long-term effects of rivastigmine capsules in patients with traumatic brain injury

Edwards, K.; Koumaras, B.; Chen, M.; Gunay, I.; Mirski, D., 2007:
Long-term effects of rivastigmine treatment on the need for psychotropic medications in nursing home patients with Alzheimer's disease : results of a 52-week open-label study

Kim, M.Kyoung.; Ko, S-Hyun.; Baek, K-Hyun.; Ahn, Y-Bae.; Yoon, K-Ho.; Kang, M-Il.; Lee, K-Woo.; Song, K-Ho., 2009:
Long-term effects of rosiglitazone on the progressive decline in renal function in patients with type 2 diabetes

de Graaf, J.; van Lingen, R.A.; Simons, S.H.P.; Anand, K.J.S.; Duivenvoorden, H.J.; Weisglas-Kuperus, N.; Roofthooft, D.W.E.; Groot Jebbink, L.J.M.; Veenstra, R.R.; Tibboel, D.; van Dijk, M., 2011:
Long-term effects of routine morphine infusion in mechanically ventilated neonates on children's functioning: five-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial

Theis, J.L.; Finkelstein, M.J., 2014:
Long-term effects of safe patient handling program on staff injuries

Douiri, A.; McKevitt, C.; Emmett, E.S.; Rudd, A.G.; Wolfe, C.D.A., 2014:
Long-term effects of secondary prevention on cognitive function in stroke patients

Griffin, K.W.; Scheier, L.M.; Acevedo, B.; Grenard, J.L.; Botvin, G.J., 2012:
Long-term effects of self-control on alcohol use and sexual behavior among urban minority young women

Moungnoi, P.; Maipang, P., 2012:
Long-term effects of short-acting methylphenidate on growth rates of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health

Salzer, S.; Winkelbach, C.; Leweke, F.; Leibing, E.; Leichsenring, F., 2012:
Long-term effects of short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy in generalized anxiety disorder: 12-month follow-up

Castellini, C.; Ruggeri, S.; Mattioli, S.; Bernardini, G.; Macchioni, L.; Moretti, E.; Collodel, G., 2015:
Long-term effects of silver nanoparticles on reproductive activity of rabbit buck

Song, Q-Xiang.; Balog, B.M.; Kerns, J.; Lin, D.Li.; Sun, Y.; Damaser, M.S.; Jiang, H-Hong., 2016:
Long-term effects of simulated childbirth injury on function and innervation of the urethra

Amrock, L.G.; Starner, M.L.; Murphy, K.L.; Baxter, M.G., 2015:
Long-term effects of single or multiple neonatal sevoflurane exposures on rat hippocampal ultrastructure

Rosén, K.; Vinichuk, M.; Nikolova, I.; Johanson, K., 2011:
Long-term effects of single potassium fertilization on 137Cs levels in plants and fungi in a boreal forest ecosystem

Jiménez, A.; Casamitjana, R.; Flores, Lílliam.; Viaplana, J.; Corcelles, R.; Lacy, A.; Vidal, J., 2013:
Long-term effects of sleeve gastrectomy and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery on type 2 diabetes mellitus in morbidly obese subjects

Lehnart, J.; Neyer, F.J.; Eccles, J., 2010:
Long-term effects of social investment: the case of partnering in young adulthood

Vathesatogkit, P.; Woodward, M.; Tanomsup, S.; Hengprasith, B.; Aekplakorn, W.; Yamwong, S.; Sritara, P., 2012:
Long-term effects of socioeconomic status on incident hypertension and progression of blood pressure

Nestorović, Nša.M.; Manojlović-Stojanoski, M.N.; Trifunović, S.L.; Ristić, Nša.M.; Filipović, B.R.; Sošić-Jurjević, B.T.; Milošević, V.Lj., 2014:
Long-term effects of somatostatin 14 on the pituitary-ovarian axis in rats

Audebert, H.J.; Schultes, K.; Tietz, V.; Heuschmann, P.U.; Bogdahn, U.; Haberl, R.L.; Schenkel, J., 2008:
Long-term effects of specialized stroke care with telemedicine support in community hospitals on behalf of the Telemedical Project for Integrative Stroke Care (TEMPiS)

Andréll, P.; Yu, W.; Gersbach, P.; Gillberg, L.; Pehrsson, K.; Hardy, I.; Ståhle, A.; Andersen, C.; Mannheimer, C., 2010 :
Long-term effects of spinal cord stimulation on angina symptoms and quality of life in patients with refractory angina pectoris--results from the European Angina Registry Link Study (EARL)

Ito, Y.; Mizuno, M.; Suzuki, Y.; Tamai, H.; Hiramatsu, T.; Ohashi, H.; Ito, I.; Kasuga, H.; Horie, M.; Maruyama, S.; Yuzawa, Y.; Matsubara, T.; Matsuo, S., 2014:
Long-term effects of spironolactone in peritoneal dialysis patients

Lloyd, S.M.; Stott, D.J.; de Craen, A.J.M.; Kearney, P.M.; Sattar, N.; Perry, I.; Packard, C.J.; Briggs, A.; Marchbank, L.; Comber, H.; Jukema, J.Wouter.; Westendorp, R.G.J.; Trompet, S.; Buckley, B.M.; Ford, I., 2014:
Long-term effects of statin treatment in elderly people: extended follow-up of the PROspective Study of Pravastatin in the Elderly at Risk (PROSPER)

Gerstenblith, G.; Weiss, R.G., 2010:
Long-term effects of stem cell transplantation in the postinfarct heart: benefits and mechanisms

Tsai, C-Shu.; Huang, Y-Shu.; Wu, C-Long.; Hwang, F-Ming.; Young, K-Bao.; Tsai, M-Horng.; Chu, S-Ming., 2014:
Long-term effects of stimulants on neurocognitive performance of Taiwanese children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Horreo, J.L.; Machado-Schiaffino, G.; Griffiths, A.M.; Bright, D.; Stevens, J.R.; Garcia-Vazquez, E., 2014:
Long-term effects of stock transfers: synergistic introgression of allochthonous genomes in salmonids

Butkevich, I.P.; Mikhaĭlenko, V.A.; Bagaeva, T.R.; Vershinina, E.A., 2012:
Long-term effects of stress in critical periods of development on reactivity of adult female rats

Fakhry, F.; Spronk, S.; de Ridder, M.; den Hoed, P.T.; Hunink, M.G.Myriam., 2011:
Long-term effects of structured home-based exercise program on functional capacity and quality of life in patients with intermittent claudication

Dong, H.; Wang, S.; Jia, Y.; Ni, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhuang, S.; Shen, X.; Zhao, R., 2014:
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