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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54173

Chapter 54173 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lidwall, U.; Bergendorff, S.; Voss, M.; Marklund, S., 2009:
Long-term sickness absence: changes in risk factors and the population at risk

Anonymous, 2008:
Long-term side effects after treatment in young adult survivors of childhood cancer

Leonardi, M.Cristina.; Ivaldi, G.Battista.; Santoro, L.; Lazzari, R.; Ferrari, A.; Morra, A.; Caldarella, P.; Burgoa, L.; Bassi, F.Domenico.; Sangalli, C.; Rotmensz, N.; Luini, A.; Veronesi, U.; Orecchia, R., 2012:
Long-term side effects and cosmetic outcome in a pool of breast cancer patients treated with intraoperative radiotherapy with electrons as sole treatment

Kassai, B.; Bacchetta, J., 2007:
Long-term side effects of drugs in paediatrics

Yamamoto, M.; Kawabe, T.; Barfod, B.E., 2013:
Long-term side effects of radiosurgery for arteriovenous malformations

Kranz, B.; Wingen, A-Margret.; Vester, U.; König, J.; Hoyer, P.F., 2014:
Long-term side effects of treatment with mTOR inhibitors in children after renal transplantation

Naylor, G.; Johannesson, Ré.Burmand., 2009:
Long-term signal-to-noise ratio at the input and output of amplitude-compression systems

Wang-Lopez, Q.; Abrial, C.; Planchat, Eïse.; Mouret-Reynier, M-Ange.; Cure, Hé.; Gimbergues, P.; Dubray-Longeras, P.; Gadea, E.; Kwiatkowski, F.; Penault-Llorca, Fédérique.; Chollet, P.; Durando, X., 2014:
Long-term significance (15 years) of pathological complete response after dose-dense neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer

Parakh, K.; Thombs, B.D.; Bhat, U.; Fauerbach, J.A.; Bush, D.E.; Ziegelstein, R.C., 2008:
Long-term significance of Killip class and left ventricular systolic dysfunction

Wiewrodt, D.; Wagner, W., 2009:
Long-term significance of injury to the supraorbital or supratrochlear nerves during frontoorbital advancement in infancy

Kanner, A.M.; Ostrovskaya, A., 2007:
Long-term significance of postictal psychotic episodes I. Are they predictive of bilateral ictal foci?

Kanner, A.M.; Ostrovskaya, A., 2007:
Long-term significance of postictal psychotic episodes II. Are they predictive of interictal psychotic episodes?

Kozacioglu, Z.; Degirmenci, T.; Arslan, M.; Yuksel, M.B.; Gunlusoy, B.; Minareci, S., 2011:
Long-term significance of the number of hours until surgical repair of penile fractures

Simonneau, Gérald.; Rubin, L.J.; Galiè, N.; Barst, R.J.; Fleming, T.R.; Frost, A.; Engel, P.; Kramer, M.R.; Serdarevic-Pehar, M.; Layton, G.R.; Sitbon, O.; Badesch, D.B., 2015:
Long-term sildenafil added to intravenous epoprostenol in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Pow Sang, L.; Majji, S.; Casares, S.; Brumeanu, T.D., 2015:
Long-term silencing of autoimmune diabetes and improved life expectancy by a soluble pHLA-DR4 chimera in a newly-humanized NOD/DR4/B7 mouse

Bardita, C.; Predescu, D.; Predescu, S., 2014:
Long-term silencing of intersectin-1s in mouse lungs by repeated delivery of a specific siRNA via cationic liposomes. Evaluation of knockdown effects by electron microscopy

Gupta, D.; Sanjeev Kumar Sharma; Khurana, H.; Mishra, S.; Bhatnagar, S., 2008:
Long-term silicone urinary catheter is a simpler alternative to radical bilateral percutaneous nephrostomy for palliation of malignant vesicouterine fistula

Respress, J.L.; Gershovich, P.M.; Wang, T.; Reynolds, J.O.; Skapura, D.G.; Sutton, J.P.; Miyake, C.Y.; Wehrens, X.H.T., 2015:
Long-term simulated microgravity causes cardiac RyR2 phosphorylation and arrhythmias in mice

Niisoe, T.; Harada, K.H.; Ishikawa, H.; Koizumi, A., 2011:
Long-term simulation of human exposure to atmospheric perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanoate (PFO) in the Osaka urban area, Japan

Altintas, N.Defne.; Atilla, P.; Iskit, A.Bektas.; Topeli, A., 2011:
Long-term simvastatin attenuates lung injury and oxidative stress in murine acute lung injury models induced by oleic Acid and endotoxin

Nobs, J-Bernard.; Maerkl, S.J., 2015:
Long-term single cell analysis of S. pombe on a microfluidic microchemostat array

Rostock, T.; Salukhe, T.V.; Steven, D.; Drewitz, I.; Hoffmann, B.A.; Bock, K.; Servatius, H.; Müllerleile, K.; Sultan, A.; Gosau, N.; Meinertz, T.; Wegscheider, K.; Willems, S., 2012:
Long-term single- and multiple-procedure outcome and predictors of success after catheter ablation for persistent atrial fibrillation

de Gabory, L.; Maunoury, A.; Maurice-Tison, S.; Merza Abdulkhaleq, H.; Darrouzet, V.; Bébéar, J.P.; Stoll, D., 2010:
Long-term single-center results of management of ethmoid adenocarcinoma: 95 patients over 28 years

van Herwaarden, J.A.; van de Pavoordt, E.D.W.M.; Waasdorp, E.J.; Albert Vos, J.; Overtoom, T.ThC.; Kelder, J.C.; Moll, F.L.; de Vries, J-Paul.P.M., 2007:
Long-term single-center results with AneuRx endografts for endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Prescott, J.; DeBuysscher, B.L.; Brown, K.S.; Feldmann, H., 2014:
Long-term single-dose efficacy of a vesicular stomatitis virus-based Andes virus vaccine in Syrian hamsters

Cho, K-Sup.; Soudry, E.; Psaltis, A.J.; Nadeau, K.C.; McGhee, S.A.; Nayak, J.V.; Hwang, P.H., 2015:
Long-term sinonasal outcomes of aspirin desensitization in aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease

Deneke, T.; Khargi, K.; Voss, D.; Lemke, B.; Lawo, T.; Laczkovics, A.; Mügge, A.; Bösche, L-Ilja.; Lindstaedt, M.; Germing, A.; Horlitz, M.; Grewe, P.H.; Fritz, M., 2009:
Long-term sinus rhythm stability after intraoperative ablation of permanent atrial fibrillation

Takami, Y.; Tajima, K.; Kato, W.; Fujii, K.; Hibino, M.; Munakata, H.; Uchida, K.; Sakai, Y., 2012:
Long-term size follow-up of knitted Dacron grafts (Gelseal™) used in the ascending aorta

Franchi, L.; Pavoni, C.; Faltin, K.; McNamara, J.A.; Cozza, P., 2013:
Long-term skeletal and dental effects and treatment timing for functional appliances in Class II malocclusion

Amador, E.; Domene, R.; Fuentes, C.; Carreño, J-Carlos.; Enríquez, G., 2010:
Long-term skeletal findings in Menkes disease

Saltaji, H.; Major, M.P.; Altalibi, M.; Youssef, M.; Flores-Mir, C., 2013:
Long-term skeletal stability after maxillary advancement with distraction osteogenesis in cleft lip and palate patients

Kanno, T.; Mitsugi, M.; Hosoe, M.; Sukegawa, S.; Yamauchi, K.; Furuki, Y., 2008:
Long-term skeletal stability after maxillary advancement with distraction osteogenesis in nongrowing patients

Iannetti, G.; Fadda, M.Teresa.; Marianetti, T.Matteo.; Terenzi, V.; Cassoni, A., 2007:
Long-term skeletal stability after surgical correction in Class III open-bite patients: a retrospective study on 40 patients treated with mono- or bimaxillary surgery

Rémillard, S.; Pourcher, E.; Cohen, H., 2010:
Long-term skill proceduralization in schizophrenia

Firooz, A.; Sadr, B.; Davoudi, S.M.; Nassiri-Kashani, M.; Panahi, Y.; Dowlati, Y., 2011:
Long-term skin damage due to chemical weapon exposure

Buysse, C.M.P.; Oranje, A.P.; Zuidema, E.; Hazelzet, J.A.; Hop, W.C.J.; Diepstraten, A.F.; Joosten, K.F.M., 2009:
Long-term skin scarring and orthopaedic sequelae in survivors of meningococcal septic shock

Krumova, E.K.; Frettlöh, J.; Klauenberg, S.; Richter, H.; Wasner, G.; Maier, C., 2008:
Long-term skin temperature measurements - a practical diagnostic tool in complex regional pain syndrome

Jan, J.E.; Reiter, R.J.; Bax, M.C.O.; Ribary, U.; Freeman, R.D.; Wasdell, M.B., 2010:
Long-term sleep disturbances in children: a cause of neuronal loss

Peng, L.; Mendelsohn, A.D.; LaTempa, T.J.; Yoriya, S.; Grimes, C.A.; Desai, T.A., 2009:
Long-term small molecule and protein elution from TiO2 nanotubes

Hukkinen, M.; Korhonen, T.; Broms, U.; Koskenvuo, M.; Kaprio, J., 2010:
Long-term smoking behavior patterns predicting self-reported chronic bronchitis

Naya, M.; Morita, K.; Yoshinaga, K.; Manabe, O.; Goto, D.; Hirata, K.; Katoh, C.; Tamaki, N.; Tsutsui, H., 2011:
Long-term smoking causes more advanced coronary endothelial dysfunction in middle-aged smokers compared to young smokers

Emmons, K.M.; Puleo, E.; Mertens, A.; Gritz, E.R.; Diller, L.; Li, F.P., 2008:
Long-term smoking cessation outcomes among childhood cancer survivors in the Partnership for Health Study

Kauppi, P.; Kupiainen, H.; Lindqvist, A.; Haahtela, T.; Laitinen, T., 2015:
Long-term smoking increases the need for acute care among asthma patients: a case control study

Samanta, D.; Kaufman, J.; Carbone, D.P.; Datta, P.K., 2013:
Long-term smoking mediated down-regulation of Smad3 induces resistance to carboplatin in non-small cell lung cancer

Hawkins, J.; Hollingworth, W.; Campbell, R., 2011:
Long-term smoking relapse: a study using the british household panel survey

Ngozi, S.Clara.; Ernest, N.Emeka., 2014:
Long-term smoking results in haemostatic dysfunction in chronic smokers

Luciano, A.; Bryan, E.L.; Carpenter-Song, E.A.; Woods, M.; Armstrong, K.; Drake, R.E., 2015:
Long-term sobriety strategies for men with co-occurring disorders

Zouch, M.; Jaffré, C.; Thomas, T.; Frère, D.; Courteix, D.; Vico, L.; Alexandre, C., 2007:
Long-term soccer practice increases bone mineral content gain in prepubescent boys

St-Pierre, Aèle.; Larose, K.; Dubois, Fédérique., 2010:
Long-term social bonds promote cooperation in the iterated Prisoner's Dilemma

Berto, P.; Lopatriello, S., 2003:
Long-term social costs of hypertension

Kennedy, N.; Foy, K.; Sherazi, R.; McDonough, M.; McKeon, P., 2007:
Long-term social functioning after depression treated by psychiatrists: a review

Huang, H-Jen.; Liang, K-Chen.; Ke, H-Chieh.; Chang, Y-Yu.; Hsieh-Li, H.Mei., 2011 :
Long-term social isolation exacerbates the impairment of spatial working memory in APP/PS1 transgenic mice

Phi, J.Hoon.; Wang, K-Chang.; Cho, B-Kyu.; Lee, M.Sook.; Lee, J-Hwa.; Yu, K-Sang.; Hahm, B-Jin.; Kim, S-Ki., 2011:
Long-term social outcome in children with moyamoya disease who have reached adulthood

Moura, P.J.; Meirelles, S.T.; Xavier, G.F., 2011:
Long-term social recognition memory in adult male rats: factor analysis of the social and non-social behaviors

Gur, R.; Tendler, A.; Wagner, S., 2015:
Long-term social recognition memory is mediated by oxytocin-dependent synaptic plasticity in the medial amygdala

Puzserova, A.; Slezak, P.; Balis, P.; Bernatova, I., 2013:
Long-term social stress induces nitric oxide-independent endothelial dysfunction in normotensive rats

Moullec, Gégory.; Lavoie, K.L.; Malo, J-Luc.; Gautrin, D.; Lʼarchevêque, J.; Labrecque, M., 2014:
Long-term socioprofessional and psychological status in workers investigated for occupational asthma in quebec

Bailey, L'Tanya.J.; Dover, A.Joslin.; Proffit, W.R., 2007:
Long-term soft tissue changes after orthodontic and surgical corrections of skeletal class III malocclusions

Virkkula, T.; Kantomaa, T.; Julku, J.; Pirttiniemi, P., 2009:
Long-term soft-tissue response to orthodontic treatment with early cervical headgear--a randomized study

Hodgson, D.C.; Gilbert, E.S.; Dores, Gça.M.; Schonfeld, S.J.; Lynch, C.F.; Storm, H.; Hall, P.; Langmark, F.; Pukkala, E.; Andersson, M.; Kaijser, M.; Joensuu, H.; Fosså, S.D.; Travis, L.B., 2007:
Long-term solid cancer risk among 5-year survivors of Hodgkin's lymphoma

Gosain, A.K.; Salyer, K.E.; Arnaud, E., 2010:
Long-term solutions for the delivery of craniofacial care in India and the developing world

Piccoli, L.; Tamarozzi, F.; Cattaneo, F.; Mariconti, M.; Filice, C.; Bruno, A.; Brunetti, E., 2015:
Long-term sonographic and serological follow-up of inactive echinococcal cysts of the liver: hints for a "watch-and-wait" approach

Wehrhan, A.; Streck, T.; Groeneweg, J.; Vereecken, H.; Kasteel, R., 2010:
Long-term sorption and desorption of sulfadiazine in soil: experiments and modeling

Sittig, S.; Kasteel, R.; Groeneweg, J.; Vereecken, H., 2012:
Long-term sorption and sequestration dynamics of the antibiotic sulfadiazine: a batch study

Rochman, C.M.; Hentschel, B.T.; Teh, S.J., 2014:
Long-term sorption of metals is similar among plastic types: implications for plastic debris in aquatic environments

Hasheminassab, S.; Daher, N.; Ostro, B.D.; Sioutas, C., 2014:
Long-term source apportionment of ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the Los Angeles Basin: a focus on emissions reduction from vehicular sources

Henderson, V.W.; St John, J.A.; Hodis, H.N.; Kono, N.; McCleary, C.A.; Franke, A.A.; Mack, W.J.; Stampfer, M.; Gallagher, J.Christopher.; Krauss, R.M.; Berman, J.; Stoney, C.; Wong, S.S.; Begg, L.; Costello, R.B.; Zurbrugg, L.; Charlson, M.; Flores, I.; Huerta, M.; LaBree, T.; Lavender, S.; McElreath, V.; Teran, J.; Zurbrugg, P.; Feng, M.; Li, Y-jie.; Whitfield-Maxwell, L.; Yan, M.; Carballo, C.; Choudhury, F.; Dustin, L.; Herbert, A.; Hutchinson, M.; Chun, J-Chien.; Martinez, G.; Mathew, N.; Mo, 2012:
Long-term soy isoflavone supplementation and cognition in women: a randomized, controlled trial

Rakova, N.; Jüttner, K.; Dahlmann, A.; Schröder, A.; Linz, P.; Kopp, C.; Rauh, M.; Goller, U.; Beck, L.; Agureev, A.; Vassilieva, G.; Lenkova, L.; Johannes, B.; Wabel, P.; Moissl, U.; Vienken, Jörg.; Gerzer, R.; Eckardt, K-Uwe.; Müller, D.N.; Kirsch, K.; Morukov, B.; Luft, F.C.; Titze, J., 2013:
Long-term space flight simulation reveals infradian rhythmicity in human Na(+) balance

Green, J.L.; Weston, T.; Wiseheart, M.; Rosenbaum, R.Shayna., 2015:
Long-term spacing effect benefits in developmental amnesia: case experiments in rehabilitation

Oyewole, A.Lukuman.; Owoyele, B.Victor., 2014:
Long-term spatial memory and morphological changes in hippocampus of Wistar rats exposed to smoke from Carica papaya leaves

Solntseva, S.V.; Storozheva, Z.I.; Nikitin, V.P., 2013:
Long-term spatial memory retrieval at different times following formation in single session training in rats

Hammoudi, T.M.; Lu, H.; Temenoff, J.S., 2011:
Long-term spatially defined coculture within three-dimensional photopatterned hydrogels

Kulcu, R.; Ekinci, K.; Evrendilek, F.; Ertekin, C., 2010:
Long-term spatiotemporal patterns of CH4 and N2O emissions from livestock and poultry production in Turkey

Bajer, A.; Welc-Falęciak, R.; Bednarska, Młgorzata.; Alsarraf, M.; Behnke-Borowczyk, J.; Siński, E.; Behnke, J.M., 2014:
Long-term spatiotemporal stability and dynamic changes in the haemoparasite community of bank voles (Myodes glareolus) in NE Poland

Powell, K.K.; Van Naarden Braun, K.; Singh, R.H.; Shapira, S.K.; Olney, R.S.; Yeargin-Allsopp, M., 2010:
Long-term speech and language developmental issues among children with Duarte galactosemia

Ruffin, C.V.; Kronenberger, W.G.; Colson, B.G.; Henning, S.C.; Pisoni, D.B., 2014:
Long-term speech and language outcomes in prelingually deaf children, adolescents and young adults who received cochlear implants in childhood

Dillon, M.T.; Buss, E.; Adunka, M.C.; King, E.R.; Pillsbury, H.C.; Adunka, O.F.; Buchman, C.A., 2013:
Long-term speech perception in elderly cochlear implant users

Wu, C-M.; Sun, Y-S.; Liu, T-C., 2008:
Long-term speech perception of cochlear implantation in children with large vestibular aqueduct syndrome: how we do it

Wyns, C.; Van Langendonckt, A.; Wese, Fçois-Xavier.; Donnez, J.; Curaba, M., 2008:
Long-term spermatogonial survival in cryopreserved and xenografted immature human testicular tissue

Peng, T.; Qinghua, M.; Zhenning, T.; Kaifa, W.; Jun, J., 2012:
Long-term sphere culture cannot maintain a high ratio of cancer stem cells: a mathematical model and experiment

Barbizan, R.; Castro, M.V.; Ferreira, R.Seabra.; Barraviera, B.; Oliveira, A.L.R., 2015:
Long-term spinal ventral root reimplantation, but not bone marrow mononuclear cell treatment, positively influences ultrastructural synapse recovery and motor axonal regrowth

Al-Daghreer, S.; Flores-Mir, C.; El-Bialy, T., 2008:
Long-term stability after craniofacial distraction osteogenesis

Asthagiri, A.R.; Mehta, G.U.; Butman, J.A.; Baggenstos, M.; Oldfield, E.H.; Lonser, R.R., 2011:
Long-term stability after multilevel cervical laminectomy for spinal cord tumor resection in von Hippel-Lindau disease

Hoegh, S.Vermedal.; Sorensen, G.Lykke.; Tornoe, I.; Lottenburger, T.; Ytting, H.; Nielsen, H.Jørgen.; Junker, P.; Holmskov, U., 2010:
Long-term stability and circadian variation in circulating levels of surfactant protein D

Hansell, N.K.; Agrawal, A.; Whitfield, J.B.; Morley, K.I.; Zhu, G.; Lind, P.A.; Pergadia, M.L.; Madden, P.A.F.; Todd, R.D.; Heath, A.C.; Martin, N.G., 2008:
Long-term stability and heritability of telephone interview measures of alcohol consumption and dependence

Zhu, M.; Botticello, T.; Lu, H-Ming.; Winey, B., 2014:
Long-term stability and mechanical characteristics of kV digital imaging system for proton radiotherapy

Hall, T.; Briffa, K.; Hopper, D.; Robinson, K., 2010:
Long-term stability and minimal detectable change of the cervical flexion-rotation test

Matsumoto, N.; Sudo, Y.; Sinha, B.K.; Niwa, M., 2008:
Long-term stability and performance characteristics of crystal quartz gauge at high pressures and temperatures

De Rosa, L.; Carulli, S.; Cocchiarella, F.; Quaglino, D.; Enzo, E.; Franchini, E.; Giannetti, A.; De Santis, G.; Recchia, A.; Pellegrini, G.; De Luca, M., 2014:
Long-term stability and safety of transgenic cultured epidermal stem cells in gene therapy of junctional epidermolysis bullosa

Kim, S.Jae.; Lee, S.Jin.; Park, C.Hyun.; Jung, G.Yong.; Park, S.Hee., 2008:
Long-term stability and visual outcomes of a single-piece, foldable, acrylic intraocular lens for scleral fixation

Wheat, L.Joseph.; Nguyen, M.Hong.; Alexander, B.D.; Denning, D.; Caliendo, A.M.; Lyon, G.Marshall.; Baden, L.R.; Marty, F.M.; Clancy, C.; Kirsch, E.; Noth, P.; Witt, J.; Sugrue, M.; Wingard, J.R., 2015:
Long-term stability at -20 °C of Aspergillus galactomannan in serum and bronchoalveolar lavage specimens

Ferreira, Q.; Ribeiro, P.A.; Oliveira, O.N.; Raposo, M., 2012:
Long-term stability at high temperatures for birefringence in PAZO/PAH layer-by-layer films

Ji, J.Ho.; Jung, J.Hee.; Yu, I.Je.; Kim, S.Soo., 2007:
Long-term stability characteristics of metal nanoparticle generator using small ceramic heater for inhalation toxicity studies

Gao, J.; Bhagavathi Achari, M.; Kloo, L., 2014:
Long-term stability for cobalt-based dye-sensitized solar cells obtained by electrolyte optimization

Pandey, P.; Kaur, R.; Singh, S.; Chattopadhyay, S.Kumar.; Srivastava, S.Kumar.; Banerjee, S., 2015:
Long-term stability in biomass and production of terpene indole alkaloids by hairy root culture of Rauvolfia serpentina and cost approximation to endorse commercial realism

Huang, H.; Lehmann, K.K., 2010:
Long-term stability in continuous wave cavity ringdown spectroscopy experiments

Rantanen, J.; Metsäpelto, R-Leena.; Feldt, T.; Pulkkinen, L.; Kokko, K., 2007:
Long-term stability in the Big Five personality traits in adulthood

Gonzaga, F.Barbieri.; Dias, Júlio.Cesar., 2014:
Long-term stability monitoring of pH reference materials using primary pH method

Galanti, L.; Lebitasy, M.P.; Hecq, J-Daniel.; Cadrobbi, J.; Vanbeckbergen, D.; Jamart, J., 2009:
Long-term stability of 5-Fluorouracil in 0.9% sodium chloride after freezing, microwave thawing, and refrigeration

Schipke, C.G.; Jessen, F.; Teipel, S.; Luckhaus, C.; Wiltfang, J.; Esselmann, H.; Frölich, L.; Maier, W.; Rüther, E.; Heppner, F.L.; Prokop, S.; Heuser, I.; Peters, O., 2012:
Long-term stability of Alzheimer's disease biomarker proteins in cerebrospinal fluid

Chhibber, A.; Upadhyay, M.; Uribe, F.; Nanda, R., 2010:
Long-term stability of Class II correction with the Twin Force Bite Corrector

Janson, G.; Leon-Salazar, V.; Leon-Salazar, R.; Janson, M.; de Freitas, M.Roberto., 2009:
Long-term stability of Class II malocclusion treated with 2- and 4-premolar extraction protocols

Fjeld, B.; Burns, M.L.; Karinen, R.; Larssen, B.; Smith-Kielland, A.; Vindenes, V., 2013:
Long-term stability of GHB in post-mortem samples and samples from living persons, stored at -20°C, using fluoride preservatives

Williams, D.; Tookey, P.; Peckham, C.S.; Cortina-Borja, M., 2015:
Long-term stability of HIV-1 antibody in dried blood spot samples and eluates

Gilvin, P.J.; Burkett, R.A.; Baker, S.T.; Garratt, N.J., 2011:
Long-term stability of Harshaw LiF:Mg,Cu,P TLDS

Lamers, C.H.J.; van Elzakker, P.; van Steenbergen, S.C.L.; Luider, B.A.; Groot, C.; van Krimpen, B.A.; Vulto, A.; Sleijfer, S.; Debets, R.; Gratama, J.Willem., 2013:
Long-term stability of T-cell activation and transduction components critical to the processing of clinical batches of gene-engineered T cells

Toriniwa, H.; Komiya, T., 2008:
Long-term stability of Vero cell-derived inactivated Japanese encephalitis vaccine prepared using serum-free medium

Barbee, T.W.; Rife, J.C.; Hunter, W.R.; Kowalski, M.P.; Cruddace, R.G.; Seely, J.F., 1993:
Long-term stability of a Mo/Si multilayer structure

Olsen, E.Fjaervoll.; Baustad, C.; Egelandsdal, Børg.; Rukke, E-Olav.; Isaksson, T., 2010:
Long-term stability of a Raman instrument determining iodine value in pork adipose tissue

Feinstein, H.Eric.; Tifrea, D.; Sun, G.; Popot, J-Luc.; de la Maza, L.M.; Cocco, M.J., 2015:
Long-term stability of a vaccine formulated with the amphipol-trapped major outer membrane protein from Chlamydia trachomatis

Dolderer, J.H.; Dolderer, J.H.; Doldere, J.H.; Thompson, E.W.; Slavin, J.; Trost, N.; Cooper-White, J.J.; Cao, Y.; O'connor, A.J.; Penington, A.; Morrison, W.A.; Abberton, K.M., 2011:
Long-term stability of adipose tissue generated from a vascularized pedicled fat flap inside a chamber

Proffit, W.R.; Phillips, C.; Turvey, T.A., 2010:
Long-term stability of adolescent versus adult surgery for treatment of mandibular deficiency

de Almeida, Márcio.Rodrigues.; de Almeida, R.Rodrigues.; Conti, A.Claúdia.de.Castro.Ferreira.; Navarro, R.de.Lima.; Correa, G.de.Oliveira.; de Oliveira, C.Aparecida.; Oltramari, P.Vanessa.Pedron., 2006:
Long-term stability of an anterior open-bite malocclusion treated in the mixed dentition: a case report

Celli, D.; Manente, A.; DeCarlo, A.; Deli, R., 2014:
Long-term stability of anterior open bite correction in mixed dentition with a new treatment protocol

Baek, M-Suk.; Choi, Y-Jeong.; Yu, H-Seog.; Lee, K-Joon.; Kwak, J.; Park, Y-Chel., 2010:
Long-term stability of anterior open-bite treatment by intrusion of maxillary posterior teeth

Fukuda, A.; Matsubara, K.; Miyati, T., 2016:
Long-term stability of beam quality and output of conventional X-ray units

Brinc, D.; Chan, M.Khun.; Venner, A.A.; Pasic, M.D.; Colantonio, D.; Kyriakopolou, L.; Adeli, K., 2012:
Long-term stability of biochemical markers in pediatric serum specimens stored at -80 °C: a CALIPER Substudy

Jansen, Eène.H.J.M.; Beekhof, P.K.; Schenk, E., 2013:
Long-term stability of biomarkers of the iron status in human serum and plasma

Hassellund, S.S.; Flaa, A.; Sandvik, L.; Kjeldsen, S.E.; Rostrup, M., 2010:
Long-term stability of cardiovascular and catecholamine responses to stress tests: an 18-year follow-up study

Cho, W.Kyung.; Kong, B.; Park, H.Ju.; Kim, J.; Chegal, W.; Choi, J.Sig.; Choi, I.S., 2011:
Long-term stability of cell micropatterns on poly((3-(methacryloylamino)propyl)-dimethyl(3-sulfopropyl)ammonium hydroxide)-patterned silicon oxide surfaces

Holdenrieder, S.; Von Pawel, J.; Nagel, D.; Stieber, P., 2010:
Long-term stability of circulating nucleosomes in serum

Stepman, H.C.M.; Stöckl, D.; Stove, V.; Fiers, T.; Couck, P.; Gorus, F.; Thienpont, L.M., 2011:
Long-term stability of clinical laboratory data: sodium as benchmark

Betsou, F.; Roussel, B.; Guillaume, N.; Lefrère, J-Jacques., 2010:
Long-term stability of coagulation variables: Protein S as a biomarker for preanalytical storage-related variations in human plasma

Gloster, A.T.; Hauke, C.; Höfler, M.; Einsle, F.; Fydrich, T.; Hamm, A.; Sthröhle, A.; Wittchen, H-Ulrich., 2014:
Long-term stability of cognitive behavioral therapy effects for panic disorder with agoraphobia: a two-year follow-up study

Mur, M.; Portella, M.J.; Martínez-Arán, A.; Pifarré, J.; Vieta, E., 2008:
Long-term stability of cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder: a 2-year follow-up study of lithium-treated euthymic bipolar patients

Jensen, S.S.; Bosshardt, D.D.; Gruber, R.; Buser, D., 2016:
Long-term stability of contour augmentation in the esthetic zone: histologic and histomorphometric evaluation of 12 human biopsies 14 to 80 months after augmentation

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