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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 54199

Chapter 54199 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Urban, T.; Hureaux, Jé.; Leguen, Y., 2008:
Lung tumours, primary and secondary

Vitale, V.; Ricci, Z.; Cogo, P., 2014:
Lung ultrasonography and pediatric cardiac surgery: first experience with a new tool for postoperative lung complications

Liu, J., 2015:
Lung ultrasonography for the diagnosis of neonatal lung disease

Liu, J.; Cao, H-ying.; Liu, Y., 2014:
Lung ultrasonography for the diagnosis of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome: a pilot study

Liu, J.; Liu, F.; Liu, Y.; Wang, H-Wei.; Feng, Z-Chun., 2014:
Lung ultrasonography for the diagnosis of severe neonatal pneumonia

Fujiwara, Y.; Ito, H.; Shibata, Y.; Komatsu, T., 2010:
Lung ultrasonography in anesthesia and critical care medicine

Soldati, G.; Smargiassi, A.; Inchingolo, R.; Sher, S.; Nenna, R.; Valente, S.; Inchingolo, C.Damiano.; Corbo, G.Maria., 2015:
Lung ultrasonography may provide an indirect estimation of lung porosity and airspace geometry

Lovrenski, J., 2012:
Lung ultrasonography of pulmonary complications in preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome

Liu, X-lei.; Lian, R.; Tao, Y-kang.; Gu, C-dong.; Zhang, G-qiang., 2016:
Lung ultrasonography: an effective way to diagnose community-acquired pneumonia

Vergine, M.; Copetti, R.; Brusa, G.; Cattarossi, L., 2015:
Lung ultrasound accuracy in respiratory distress syndrome and transient tachypnea of the newborn

Saranteas, T.; Santaitidis, E.; Kytari, K.; Koursoumi, E.; Kostopanagiotou, G.; Panou, F., 2012:
Lung ultrasound and transthoracic echocardiography in the differentiation between pericardial and left pleural effusion in a cardiac surgery patient

Moore, R.; Hulme, J., 2014:
Lung ultrasound artefacts due to oesophageal Doppler monitoring

Brun, P-Marie.; Bessereau, J.; Cazes, N.; Querellou, E.; Chenaitia, H., 2013:
Lung ultrasound associated to capnography to verify correct endotracheal tube positioning in prehospital

Ünlüer, E.Erol.; Karagöz, A.; Oyar, O.; Vandenberk, N.; Kiyançiçek, S.; Budak, F., 2015:
Lung ultrasound by emergency nursing as an aid for rapid triage of dyspneic patients: a pilot study

Toma, P., 2014:
Lung ultrasound characteristics of community-acquired pneumonia

Vitturi, N.; Dugo, M.; Soattin, M.; Simoni, F.; Maresca, L.; Zagatti, R.; Maresca, M.Cristina., 2014:
Lung ultrasound during hemodialysis: the role in the assessment of volume status

Piastra, M.; Yousef, N.; Brat, R.; Manzoni, P.; Mokhtari, M.;, D., 2015:
Lung ultrasound findings in meconium aspiration syndrome

Liu, J.; Liu, Y.; Wang, H-wei.; Li, J-ya.; Han, T.; Liang, J.; Yang, C-shuan.; Xing, M.; Feng, Z-chun., 2014:
Lung ultrasound for diagnosis of neonatal atelectasis

Don, M.; Barillari, A.; Cattarossi, L.; Copetti, R.; Cantoni, L.; Sacher, B.; Norbedo, S.; Neri, E.; Ronfani, L.; Colonna, F.; Miorin, E.; Moretto, E.; Tortorella, M.Luisa.; Vaccher, S.; Dragovic, D.; Milocco, C.; Basso, T.; Pillinini, P.; Crichiutti, G.; Perini, R.; Bizjak, R.; Koron, T.; Saksida, S.; Wedam, B., 2013:
Lung ultrasound for paediatric pneumonia diagnosis: internationally officialized in a near future?

Volpicelli, G., 2015:
Lung ultrasound for pneumothorax: elementary considerations

Skaarup, Søren.Helbo.; Graumann, O.; Zhan, C.; Laursen, C.B., 2016:
Lung ultrasound for the diagnosis and follow-up of pneumonia

Chavez, M.A.; Shams, N.; Ellington, L.E.; Naithani, N.; Gilman, R.H.; Steinhoff, M.C.; Santosham, M.; Black, R.E.; Price, C.; Gross, M.; Checkley, W., 2014:
Lung ultrasound for the diagnosis of pneumonia in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Miglioranza, M.Haertel.; Gargani, L.; Sant'Anna, R.Tofani.; Rover, M.Maria.; Martins, V.Magnus.; Mantovani, A.; Weber, C.; Moraes, M.Antonieta.; Feldman, C.Jader.; Kalil, R.Abdala.Karam.; Sicari, R.; Picano, E.; Leiria, T.Luiz.Luz., 2014:
Lung ultrasound for the evaluation of pulmonary congestion in outpatients: a comparison with clinical assessment, natriuretic peptides, and echocardiography

Tsai, N.Wing.; Ngai, C.Wai.; Mok, K.Leung.; Tsung, J.W., 2014:
Lung ultrasound imaging in avian influenza A (H7N9) respiratory failure

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Lung ultrasound imaging in haemodialysis

Gargani, L.; Forfori, F.; Giunta, F.; Picano, E., 2012 :
Lung ultrasound imaging of H1N1 influenza

Zechner, P.M.; Seibel, A.; Aichinger, G.; Steigerwald, M.; Dorr, K.; Scheiermann, P.; Schellhaas, S.; Cuca, C.; Breitkreutz, R., 2014:
Lung ultrasound in acute and critical care medicine

Arbelot, C.; Ferrari, F.; Bouhemad, Bïd.; Rouby, J-Jacques., 2008:
Lung ultrasound in acute respiratory distress syndrome and acute lung injury

Lichtenstein, D., 2009:
Lung ultrasound in acute respiratory failure an introduction to the BLUE-protocol

Toma, P., 2013:
Lung ultrasound in bronchiolitis

Caiulo, V.Antonio.; Gargani, L.; Caiulo, S.; Fisicaro, A.; Moramarco, F.; Latini, G.; Picano, E., 2012:
Lung ultrasound in bronchiolitis: comparison with chest X-ray

Reissig, A.; Copetti, R., 2014:
Lung ultrasound in community-acquired pneumonia and in interstitial lung diseases

Dexheimer Neto, F.Leopoldo.; Dalcin,; Teixeira, C.; Beltrami, Fávia.Gabe., 2012:
Lung ultrasound in critically ill patients: a new diagnostic tool

Volpicelli, G.; Melniker, L.A.; Cardinale, L.; Lamorte, A.; Frascisco, M.F., 2013:
Lung ultrasound in diagnosing and monitoring pulmonary interstitial fluid

Blaivas, M., 2012:
Lung ultrasound in evaluation of pneumonia

Catalano, D.; Trovato, G.; Sperandeo, M.; Sacco, M.Carmine., 2015:
Lung ultrasound in pediatric pneumonia. The persistent need of chest X-rays

Elia, F.; Ferrari, G.; Molino, P.; Aprà, F., 2010:
Lung ultrasound in postprocedural pneumothorax

Via, G.; Storti, E.; Gulati, G.; Neri, L.; Mojoli, F.; Braschi, A., 2013:
Lung ultrasound in the ICU: from diagnostic instrument to respiratory monitoring tool

Lichtenstein, D., 2015:
Lung ultrasound in the critically ill

Reissig, A.; Copetti, R.; Mathis, G.; Mempel, C.; Schuler, A.; Zechner, P.; Aliberti, S.; Neumann, R.; Kroegel, C.; Hoyer, H., 2013:
Lung ultrasound in the diagnosis and follow-up of community-acquired pneumonia: a prospective, multicenter, diagnostic accuracy study

Volpicelli, G.; Frascisco, M., 2007:
Lung ultrasound in the evaluation of patients with pleuritic pain in the emergency department

Prina, E.; Torres, A.; Carvalho, C.Roberto.Ribeiro., 2014:
Lung ultrasound in the evaluation of pleural effusion

Ang, S-Hu.; Andrus, P., 2013:
Lung ultrasound in the management of acute decompensated heart failure

Elia, F.; Verhovez, A.; Molino, P.; Ferrari, G.; Aprà, F., 2012:
Lung ultrasound in the reexpansion of pulmonary atelectasis

Zieleskiewicz, L.; Contargyris, C.; Brun, Cément.; Touret, M.; Vellin, A.; Antonini, Fçois.; Muller, L.; Bretelle, F.; Martin, C.; Leone, M., 2014:
Lung ultrasound predicts interstitial syndrome and hemodynamic profile in parturients with severe preeclampsia

Volpicelli, G.; Skurzak, S.; Boero, E.; Carpinteri, G.; Tengattini, M.; Stefanone, V.; Luberto, L.; Anile, A.; Cerutti, E.; Radeschi, G.; Frascisco, M.F., 2014:
Lung ultrasound predicts well extravascular lung water but is of limited usefulness in the prediction of wedge pressure

Blondeau, B.; Delour, P.; Bedon-Carte, S.; Léger, Mélanie.Saint.; Chimot, Lïc., 2013:
Lung ultrasound to avoid catastrophic care for false pneumothorax

Gargani, L., 2011:
Lung ultrasound: a new tool for the cardiologist

Barillari, A.; Fioretti, M., 2010:
Lung ultrasound: a new tool for the emergency physician

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Lung ultrasound: clinical applications and perspectives in intensive care unit

Cattarossi, L., 2014:
Lung ultrasound: diagnostic and therapeutic issues

Cattarossi, L., 2013:
Lung ultrasound: its role in neonatology and pediatrics

Okamoto, S.; Shiga, T.; Uchiyama, Y.; Manabe, O.; Kobayashi, K.; Yoshinaga, K.; Tamaki, N., 2014:
Lung uptake on I-131 therapy and short-term outcome in patients with lung metastasis from differentiated thyroid cancer

Stevens, T.; Phan, S.; Frid, M.G.; Alvarez, D.; Herzog, E.; Stenmark, K.R., 2008:
Lung vascular cell heterogeneity: endothelium, smooth muscle, and fibroblasts

Porres-Aguilar, M.; García, César.J.; Porres-Munoz, M.; García, H., 2013:
Lung vascular disorders in liver transplant tertiary referral centers in Mexico

Chapoval, S.P.; Lee, C.Geun.; Tang, C.; Keegan, A.D.; Cohn, L.; Bottomly, K.; Elias, J.A., 2009:
Lung vascular endothelial growth factor expression induces local myeloid dendritic cell activation

Chrastina, A.; Valadon, P.; Massey, K.A.; Schnitzer, J.E., 2010:
Lung vascular targeting using antibody to aminopeptidase P: CT-SPECT imaging, biodistribution and pharmacokinetic analysis

Guillevin, Lïc., 2011:
Lung vasculitis and alveolar hemorrhage

Nyrén, S.; Radell, P.; Lindahl, S.G.E.; Mure, M.; Petersson, J.; Larsson, S.A.; Jacobsson, H.; Sánchez-Crespo, A., 2010:
Lung ventilation and perfusion in prone and supine postures with reference to anesthetized and mechanically ventilated healthy volunteers

Wu, Y.; Kharge, A.Banerjee.; Perlman, C.E., 2015:
Lung ventilation injures areas with discrete alveolar flooding, in a surface tension-dependent fashion

Anonymous, 2012:
Lung ventilation parameters in various pneumoconiosis forms during follow-up in miners of Kouzbass

Luan, L.; Hernandez, A.; Sherwood, E.R., 2015:
Lung ventilation strategies and regional lung inflammation

Horn, F.C.; Tahir, B.A.; Stewart, N.J.; Collier, G.J.; Norquay, G.; Leung, G.; Ireland, R.H.; Parra-Robles, J.; Marshall, H.; Wild, J.M., 2015:
Lung ventilation volumetry with same-breath acquisition of hyperpolarized gas and proton MRI

Suga, K.; Kawakami, Y.; Koike, H.; Iwanaga, H.; Tokuda, O.; Okada, M.; Matsunaga, N., 2010 :
Lung ventilation-perfusion imbalance in pulmonary emphysema: assessment with automated V/Q quotient SPECT

Pifarré, P.; Roca, I.; Irastorza, Iñaki.; Simó, M.; Hill, S.; Biassoni, L.; Gordon, I., 2009:
Lung ventilation-perfusion scintigraphy in children on long-term parenteral nutrition

Macedo, F.Igor.B.; Carvalho, E.M.; Gologorsky, E.; Salerno, T.A., 2010:
Lung ventilation/perfusion may reduce pulmonary injury during cardiopulmonary bypass

Jain, V.V.; Abejie, B.; Bashir, M.H.; Tyner, T.; Vempilly, J., 2013:
Lung volume abnormalities and its correlation to spirometric and demographic variables in adult asthma

Hoellering, A.B.; Copnell, B.; Dargaville, P.A.; Mills, J.F.; Morley, C.J.; Tingay, D.G., 2008:
Lung volume and cardiorespiratory changes during open and closed endotracheal suction in ventilated newborn infants

Eastwood, P.R., 2011:
Lung volume and pharyngeal stability in sleeping humans: the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone

Schulzke, S.M.; Hall, G.L.; Nathan, E.A.; Simmer, K.; Nolan, G.; Pillow, J.Jane., 2010:
Lung volume and ventilation inhomogeneity in preterm infants at 15-18 months corrected age

Albu, G.; Petak, F.; Zand, T.; Hallbäck, M.; Wallin, M.; Habre, W., 2015:
Lung volume assessments in normal and surfactant depleted lungs: agreement between bedside techniques and CT imaging

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Lung volume calculated from electrical impedance tomography in ICU patients at different PEEP levels

Zhang, G.; Fu, J.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, X.; Wang, Z.; Mao, K.; Wang, Y., 2015 :
Lung volume change after pedicle subtraction osteotomy in patients with ankylosing spondylitis with thoracolumbar kyphosis

Corley, A.; Sharpe, N.; Caruana, L.R.; Spooner, A.J.; Fraser, J.F., 2015:
Lung volume changes during cleaning of closed endotracheal suction catheters: a randomized crossover study using electrical impedance tomography

Hopkins, S.R.; Arai, T.J.; Henderson, A.Cortney.; Levin, D.L.; Buxton, R.B.; Kim Prisk, G., 2011:
Lung volume does not alter the distribution of pulmonary perfusion in dependent lung in supine humans

Wheeler Hegland, K.M.; Huber, J.E.; Pitts, T.; Sapienza, C.M., 2008:
Lung volume during swallowing: single bolus swallows in healthy young adults

Wheeler Hegland, K.; Huber, J.E.; Pitts, T.; Davenport, P.W.; Sapienza, C.M., 2011:
Lung volume measured during sequential swallowing in healthy young adults

Hokynar, K.; Salava, A.; Vesterinen, E.; Lauerma, A.; Ranki, A.; Puolakkainen, M., 2018:
Chlamydiales Bacterial Sequences in Lesional and Healthy Skin of Patients with Parapsoriasis

Stanescu, D., 2008:
Lung volume measurements

Labby, Z.E.; Armato, S.G.; Dignam, J.J.; Straus, C.; Kindler, H.L.; Nowak, A.K., 2013:
Lung volume measurements as a surrogate marker for patient response in malignant pleural mesothelioma

Egger, C.; Gérard, C.; Vidotto, N.; Accart, N.; Cannet, C.; Dunbar, A.; Tigani, B.; Piaia, A.; Jarai, G.; Jarman, E.; Schmid, H.A.; Beckmann, N., 2014:
Lung volume quantified by MRI reflects extracellular-matrix deposition and altered pulmonary function in bleomycin models of fibrosis: effects of SOM230

Westermann, E.J.A.; Verweij-van den Oudenrijn, L.P.; Gaytant, M.A.; Kampelmacher, M.J., 2011:
Lung volume recruitment in impending respiratory failure

Srour, N.; LeBlanc, C.; King, J.; McKim, D.A., 2013:
Lung volume recruitment in multiple sclerosis

Cannizzaro, V.; Berry, L.J.; Nicholls, P.K.; Zosky, G.R.; Turner, D.J.; Hantos, Zán.; Sly, P.D., 2010:
Lung volume recruitment maneuvers and respiratory system mechanics in mechanically ventilated mice

McKim, D.A.; Katz, S.L.; Barrowman, N.; Ni, A.; LeBlanc, C., 2012:
Lung volume recruitment slows pulmonary function decline in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Lovis, A.; Krueger, T.; Perentes, J.Y.; Ris, H-B.; Egger, B.; Beigelman, C.; Nicod, L.; Aubert, J-D.; Gonzalez, M., 2014:
Lung volume reduction (LVR) in severe emphysema: a multidisciplinary approach

Binkley, M.S.; Shrager, J.B.; Leung, A.N.; Popat, R.; Trakul, N.; Atwood, T.F.; Chaudhuri, A.; Maxim, P.G.; Diehn, M.; Loo, B.W., 2014:
Lung volume reduction after stereotactic ablative radiation therapy of lung tumors: potential application to emphysema

Emery, M.J.; Eveland, R.L.; Eveland, K.; Couetil, L.L.; Hildebrandt, J.; Swenson, E.R., 2010:
Lung volume reduction by bronchoscopic administration of steam

Horger, M.; Grosse, U.; Hetzel, J.; Ioanoviciu, S.D., 2014:
Lung volume reduction by coils and valves and the role of CT-imaging

Deslee, Gëtan.; Klooster, K.; Hetzel, M.; Stanzel, F.; Kessler, R.; Marquette, C-Hugo.; Witt, C.; Blaas, S.; Gesierich, W.; Herth, F.J.F.; Hetzel, J.; van Rikxoort, E.M.; Slebos, D-Jan., 2015:
Lung volume reduction coil treatment for patients with severe emphysema: a European multicentre trial

Klooster, K.; Ten Hacken, N.H.T.; Franz, I.; Kerstjens, H.A.M.; van Rikxoort, E.M.; Slebos, D-Jan., 2015:
Lung volume reduction coil treatment in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients with homogeneous emphysema: a prospective feasibility trial

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Lung volume reduction for advanced emphysema: surgical and bronchoscopic approaches

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Lung volume reduction for severe emphysema: do we need a scalpel or a scope?

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Lung volume reduction in severe emphysema

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Lung volume reduction reoperations

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Lung volume reduction surgery 10 years later

Arango, E.; Espinosa, D.; Illana, J.; Carrasco, G.; Moreno, P.; Algar, F.J.; Alvarez, A.; Cerezo, F.; Baamonde, C.; Requejo, A.; Redel, J.; Vaquero, J.; Santos, F.; Salvatierra, A., 2013:
Lung volume reduction surgery after lung transplantation for emphysema-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplantation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Lung volume reduction surgery and lung volume reduction in advanced emphysema: who and why?

Beling, J., 2010:
Lung volume reduction surgery and pulmonary rehabilitation improve exercise capacity and reduce dyspnea during functional activities in people with emphysema

L.P.mpec-Barthes, F.; Das Neves-Pereira, J-C.; Cazes, A.; Arame, A.; Grima, R.; Hubsch, J-P.; Zukerman, C.; Hernigou, A.; Badia, A.; Bagan, P.; Delclaux, C.; Dusser, D.; Riquet, M., 2012:
Lung volume reduction surgery for emphysema and bullous pulmonary emphysema

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Lung volume reduction surgery for native lung hyperinflation following single-lung transplantation for emphysema: which patients?

Donahue, J.M.; Cassivi, S.D., 2009:
Lung volume reduction surgery for patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency emphysema

Gunnarsson, S.I.; Johannsson, K.B.; Guðjónsdóttir, M.; Jónsson, S.; Beck, H.J.; Magnusson, B.; Gudbjartsson, T., 2012:
Lung volume reduction surgery for severe pulmonary emphysema in Iceland

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Lung volume reduction surgery for the management of refractory dyspnea in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Lung volume reduction surgery in a ventilator-dependent patient

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Lung volume reduction surgery in nonheterogeneous emphysema

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Lung volume reduction surgery in patients with diffuse emphysema: indications and the extent of resection

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Lung volume reduction surgery in preterm infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia. A case report

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Lung volume reduction surgery in treatment of diffusion pulmonary emphisema in case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Lung volume reduction surgery using the NETT selection criteria

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Lung volume reduction surgery: a better understanding for a renewed challenge in the treatment of emphysema

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Lung volume reduction surgery: nonpharmacological approach

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Lung volume reduction therapies for advanced emphysema: an update

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Lung volume reduction using stents for emphysema: Exhale Airway Stents for Emphysema trial (EASE)

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Lung volume reexpansion surgery: a surgical secret

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Lung volume reference values for women and men 65 to 85 years of age

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Lung volumes in COPD: not only the total lung capacity

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Lung volumes used during speech breathing in tracheoesophageal speakers

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Lung volumes, pulmonary ventilation, and hypoxia following rapid decompression to 60,000 ft (18,288 m)

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Lung volumes, ventricular function and pulmonary arterial flow in children operated on for left-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia: long-term results

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Lung volumes: measurement, clinical use, and coding

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Lung water assessment in isolated lung perfusion model via reactance monitoring

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Lung water detection using acoustic techniques

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Lung water-the pool of evidence deepens

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Lung water: what you see (with computed tomography) and what you get (with a bedside device)

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Lung xenotransplantation: recent progress and current status

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Lung ¹⁸F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography for diagnosis and monitoring of pulmonary arterial hypertension

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Lung, breast, bladder and rectal cancer

Anonymous, 2009:
Lung, heart or psyche. What is the cause of dyspnea?

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Lung, liver and bone cancer mortality after plutonium exposure in beagle dogs and nuclear workers

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Lung, liver, prostate, bladder malignancies risk in systemic lupus erythematosus: evidence from a meta-analysis

Cogo, A., 2014:
Lung, not only heart

López-Aguilar, J.; Fernández-Gonzalo, M.S.; Turon, M.; Quílez, M.E.; Gómez-Simón, V.; Jódar, M.M.; Blanch, L., 2014:
Lung-brain interaction in the mechanically ventilated patient

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Lung-cancer reduction from smoking cessation and radon remediation: a preliminary cost-analysis in Northamptonshire, UK

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