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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54256

Chapter 54256 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nwaejike, N.; Unsworth-White, M.J., 2010:
Manubriosternal subluxation/dislocation can lead to manubriosternal septic arthritis in patients with kyphoscoliosis

Burdett, C.L.; Lage, I.Bibiloni.; Goodwin, A.T.; White, R.W.; Khan, K.J.; Owens, W.Andrew.; Kendall, S.W.H.; Ferguson, J.I.; Dunning, J.; Akowuah, E.F., 2015:
Manubrium-limited sternotomy decreases blood loss after aortic valve replacement surgery

Rocque, B.G.; Javid, M.; Settlage, P., 2012:
Manucher Javid, urea, and the rise of osmotic therapy for intracranial pressure

Bandrés, J.; Llavona, R.; Azaña, M., 2010:
Manuel Azaña and psychology

CASTILLO, J.M., 1948:
Manuel Garcia, inventor of the laryngoscopic method; reply to Dr. Walter A. Wells

Aldrete, J.Antonio.; Cabrera, H.Sainz.; Wright, A.J.; Curbelo, M.M., 2010:
Manuel Martinez Curbelo and continuous lumbar epidural anesthesia

Lenhoff, A., 2012:
Manuel O. Mendez guides bioMérieux according to core principles and priorities

Fernández González, S.; Garc��a, M.Patricio., 2007:
Manuel P. García and the history of the laryngoscope

Rodríguez Vázquez, E.; Quevedo B��ez, M., 2009:
Manuel Quevedo Báez, MD

Li, J.; Deng, Y.; Wang, J., 2018:
Choice of neoadjuvant therapy for rectal cancer: simple chemotherapy or synchronous chemoradiotherapy

John, M.; Ipe, A.; Jacob, I., 2016:
Manuel's asteroid disruption technique

Glenn, W.M.; Pattison-Bacon, M., 2015:
Manuela Pattison-Bacon MD CCFP

Adrian, M., 2013:
Manuella Adrian on Stan Einstein's "User treatment failure blindness?" A work in memoriam

Des Jarlais, D.C., 2013:
Manuella Adrian's more than careful observation

Forbes, G.W., 2011:
Manufacturability estimates for optical aspheres

Tang, Y.; Gong, S.; Chen, Y.; Yap, L.Wei.; Cheng, W., 2014:
Manufacturable conducting rubber ambers and stretchable conductors from copper nanowire aerogel monoliths

Pitchaimani, K.; Sapp, B.C.; Winter, A.; Gispanski, A.; Nishida, T.; Hugh Fan, Z., 2010:
Manufacturable plastic microfluidic valves using thermal actuation

Anonymous, 1881:
Manufacture Of Yeast Without Alcoholic Fermentation

Jin, H-ying.; DU, Y-hong.; Wang, X-feng.; Yao, H.; Wu, K-lan.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, J-hao., 2015:
Manufacture and application of laparoscopic extraperitoneal sigmoid colostomy

Guo, S.; Wang, J.; Fan, C.; Ni, W.; Zeng, B.; Li, X., 2008:
Manufacture and biocompatibility study of poly-D,L-lactic acid plate containing rhBMP-2

Yang, Y.; Wang, Y-min.; Li, J.; Pan, W-san., 2015:
Manufacture and characteristics of asymmetric membrane capsule shells with a novel wet phase inversion method

Luana, N.; Rossana, C.; Curiel, Jé.Antonio.; Kaisa, P.; Marco, G.; Rizzello, C.Giuseppe., 2014:
Manufacture and characterization of a yogurt-like beverage made with oat flakes fermented by selected lactic acid bacteria

Coda, R.; Rizzello, C.Giuseppe.; Trani, A.; Gobbetti, M., 2011:
Manufacture and characterization of functional emmer beverages fermented by selected lactic acid bacteria

Yang, M-Zhi.; Dai, C-Liang.; Hong, J-Yu., 2012:
Manufacture and characterization of high Q-factor inductors based on CMOS-MEMS techniques

Morales, J.O.; McConville, J.T., 2011:
Manufacture and characterization of mucoadhesive buccal films

Held, M.; Stenzel, O.; Wilbrandt, S.; Kaiser, N.; Tünnermann, A., 2012:
Manufacture and characterization of optical coatings with incorporated copper island films

Zhao, N.; Zhou, J., 2008:
Manufacture and clinical application of 215 IPS-Empress casting ceramic restorations

Wang, Q.; Yang, J.; Zhang, W.; Khoie, R.; Li, Y-Ming.; Zhu, J-Guo.; Chen, Z-Qing., 2010:
Manufacture and cytotoxicity of a lead-free piezoelectric ceramic as a bone substitute-consolidation of porous lithium sodium potassium niobate by cold isostatic pressing

Fanjul-Bolado, P.; Queipo, P.; Lamas-Ardisana, P.José.; Costa-García, Aín., 2008:
Manufacture and evaluation of carbon nanotube modified screen-printed electrodes as electrochemical tools

You, H.; Guo, M.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, Y., 2007:
Manufacture and flux control for double packed electroosmotic pump

Maclean, J.; Medina, C.; Daurio, D.; Alvarez-Nunez, F.; Jona, J.; Munson, E.; Nagapudi, K., 2011:
Manufacture and performance evaluation of a stable amorphous complex of an acidic drug molecule and Neusilin

Gullón, P.; González-Muñoz, Mía.Jesús.; Parajó, J.Carlos., 2011:
Manufacture and prebiotic potential of oligosaccharides derived from industrial solid wastes

Rivas, S.; Gullón, B.; Gullón, P.; Alonso, Jé.Luis.; Parajó, J.Carlos., 2012:
Manufacture and properties of bifidogenic saccharides derived from wood mannan

Ganesan, B.; Brown, K.; Irish, D.A.; Brothersen, C.; McMahon, D.J., 2015:
Manufacture and sensory analysis of reduced- and low-sodium Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses

Lin, Z.; He, B.; Chen, J.; D u, Z.; Zheng, J.; Li, Y., 2015:
Manufacture method and clinical application of minimally invasive dental implant guide template based on registration technology

Anonymous, 1880:
Manufacture of Factitious Butter in the United States

Hou, Y.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Z.; Gu, N.; Wang, J., 2010 :
Manufacture of IRDye800CW-coupled Fe3O4 nanoparticles and their applications in cell labeling and in vivo imaging

Kao, P-Hsu.; Dai, C-Liang.; Hsu, C-Chih.; Wu, C-Chyi., 2009:
Manufacture of Micromirror Arrays Using a CMOS-MEMS Technique

He, L.; Zhang, Y.; Zeng, C.; Ngiam, M.; Liao, S.; Quan, D.; Zeng, Y.; Lu, J.; Ramakrishna, S., 2009:
Manufacture of PLGA multiple-channel conduits with precise hierarchical pore architectures and in vitro/vivo evaluation for spinal cord injury

Faustini, M.C.; Neptune, R.R.; Crawford, R.H.; Stanhope, S.J., 2008:
Manufacture of Passive Dynamic ankle-foot orthoses using selective laser sintering

Liu, M-Chen.; Dai, C-Liang.; Chan, C-Hua.; Wu, C-Chyi., 2009:
Manufacture of a Polyaniline Nanofiber Ammonia Sensor Integrated with a Readout Circuit Using the CMOS-MEMS Technique

ROSS, M., 1948:
Manufacture of a contact lens

Nakada, A.; Shigeno, K.; Sato, T.; Kobayashi, T.; Wakatsuki, M.; Uji, M.; Nakamura, T., 2014:
Manufacture of a weakly denatured collagen fiber scaffold with excellent biocompatibility and space maintenance ability

Manufacture of agar-agar from sea weed, Gracilaria lichenoides

SVOBODA, J., 1949:
Manufacture of alcoholic beverages from honey

C.L.J., 1974:
Manufacture of aldrin is suspended by EPA

WYCOFF, C.C., 2018:
Manufacture of an endotracheal catheter cuff

Cioffi, R.; Colangelo, F.; Montagnaro, F.; Santoro, L., 2011:
Manufacture of artificial aggregate using MSWI bottom ash

Dietrich, T.; Weisbach, V.; Seitz, B.; Jacobi, C.; Kruse, F.E.; Eckstein, R.; Cursiefen, C., 2008:
Manufacture of autologous serum eye drops for out-patient therapy : cooperation between ophthalmic clinic and transfusion medicine department

Tang, L-rong.; Huang, B.; Ou, W.; Chen, X-rong.; Chen, Y-dan., 2012:
Manufacture of cellulose nanocrystals by cation exchange resin-catalyzed hydrolysis of cellulose

Mark, D.; Haeberle, S.; Zengerle, R.; Ducree, J.; Vladisavljević, G.T., 2009:
Manufacture of chitosan microbeads using centrifugally driven flow of gel-forming solutions through a polymeric micronozzle

Ilic, N.; Brooke, G.; Murray, P.; Barlow, S.; Rossetti, T.; Pelekanos, R.; Hancock, S.; Atkinson, K., 2011:
Manufacture of clinical grade human placenta-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells

Singh, H.; Figliola, M.J.; Dawson, M.J.; Olivares, S.; Zhang, L.; Yang, G.; Maiti, S.; Manuri, P.; Senyukov, V.; Jena, B.; Kebriaei, P.; Champlin, R.E.; Huls, H.; Cooper, L.J.N., 2014:
Manufacture of clinical-grade CD19-specific T cells stably expressing chimeric antigen receptor using Sleeping Beauty system and artificial antigen presenting cells

Thomson, L.M.; Polizzotti, B.D.; McGowan, F.X.; Kheir, J.N., 2015:
Manufacture of concentrated, lipid-based oxygen microbubble emulsions by high shear homogenization and serial concentration

Ge, Z.; Jin, Z.; Cao, T., 2008:
Manufacture of degradable polymeric scaffolds for bone regeneration

Wang, N.; Chen, H-Zhang., 2014:
Manufacture of dissolving pulps from cornstalk by novel method coupling steam explosion and mechanical carding fractionation

DEANE, H.; MITCHELL, W., 1948:
Manufacture of dry extracts of cascara and krameria

Liu, S-Jung.; Huang, Y-Chin., 2010:
Manufacture of dual-side surface-relief diffusers with various cross angles using ultrasonic embossing technique

South, B.J.; Fey, N.P.; Bosker, G.; Neptune, R.R., 2010:
Manufacture of energy storage and return prosthetic feet using selective laser sintering

Gomez-Eerland, R.; Nuijen, B.; Heemskerk, B.; van Rooij, N.; van den Berg, J.H.; Beijnen, J.H.; Uckert, W.; Kvistborg, P.; Schumacher, T.N.; Haanen, J.B.A.G.; Jorritsma, A., 2015:
Manufacture of gene-modified human T-cells with a memory stem/central memory phenotype

BRUNER, R.C., 1948:
Manufacture of glandular extracts

Su, J-Jie.; Chen, H-Hui.; Zhang, Y-De., 2010:
Manufacture of high frequency direct current dental X-ray machine

Safonova, L.P.; Selivestrov, A.B., 2013:
Manufacture of hydrogel-based phantoms of biological tissues and research into their optical properties

Zhu, Y.; Wan, Y.; Zhang, J.; Yin, D.; Cheng, W., 2014:
Manufacture of layered collagen/chitosan-polycaprolactone scaffolds with biomimetic microarchitecture

Gentine, P.; Bubel, Aélie.; Crucifix, C.; Bourel-Bonnet, L.; Frisch, Bît., 2014 :
Manufacture of liposomes by isopropanol injection: characterization of the method

Solanki, P.; Gupta, V.Kumar., 2014:
Manufacture of low lactose concentrated ultrafiltered-diafiltered retentate from buffalo milk and skim milk

Langfield, K.K.; Walker, H.J.; Gregory, L.C.; Federspiel, M.J., 2011:
Manufacture of measles viruses

Florczyk, S.J.; Saha, S., 2011:
Manufacture of nanoparticles from bone: a preliminary study

Medina, C.; Daurio, D.; Nagapudi, K.; Alvarez-Nunez, F., 2010:
Manufacture of pharmaceutical co-crystals using twin screw extrusion: a solvent-less and scalable process

Flan, Bît.; Arrabal, S., 2007:
Manufacture of plasma-derived products in France and measures to prevent the risk of vCJD transmission: precautionary measures and efficacy of manufacturing processes in prion removal

Alhumaidan, H.; Cheves, T.; Holme, S.; Sweeney, J.D., 2011:
Manufacture of pooled platelets in additive solution and storage in an ELX container after an overnight warm temperature hold of platelet-rich plasma

SHAH, B., 2011:
Manufacture of potassium chlorate

Lin, C-Yang.; Dai, C-Liang., 2014:
Manufacture of radio frequency micromachined switches with annealing

Wiltshire, M.; Cardigan, R.; Thomas, S., 2011:
Manufacture of red cells in additive solution from whole blood refrigerated for 5 days or remanufactured from red cells stored in plasma

Grummer, J.; Karalus, M.; Zhang, K.; Vickers, Z.; Schoenfuss, T.C., 2012:
Manufacture of reduced-sodium Cheddar-style cheese with mineral salt replacers

Sarkar, S.; Burriesci, G.; Wojcik, A.; Aresti, N.; Hamilton, G.; Seifalian, A.M., 2009:
Manufacture of small calibre quadruple lamina vascular bypass grafts using a novel automated extrusion-phase-inversion method and nanocomposite polymer

Di Leone, G.; Carino, M.; Nicoletti, S.; Trani, G.; Ambrosi, L., 2008:
Manufacture of upholstered furniture and work-related upper limb musculoskeletal disorders: an industrial sector prevention project

Stachewicz, U.; Modaresifar, F.; Bailey, R.J.; Peijs, T.; Barber, A.H., 2012:
Manufacture of void-free electrospun polymer nanofiber composites with optimized mechanical properties

Manufacture of yeast in India; some scientific problems

Diogo, G.S.; Gaspar, V.M.; Serra, I.R.; Fradique, R.; Correia, I.J., 2015:
Manufacture of β-TCP/alginate scaffolds through a Fab@home model for application in bone tissue engineering

Liu, Q.; Zhou, J-Song.; Nie, Y-Feng.; Lü, Q-Bo., 2014:
Manufacture tolerance analysis of solid Mach-Zehnder interferometer in large aperture static imaging spectrometer (LASIS)

Timmins, N.E.; Nielsen, L.K., 2012:
Manufactured RBC--rivers of blood, or an oasis in the desert?

Chen, L.; Yokel, R.A.; Hennig, B.; Toborek, M., 2008:
Manufactured aluminum oxide nanoparticles decrease expression of tight junction proteins in brain vasculature

Shannahan, J.H.; Kodavanti, U.P.; Brown, J.M., 2012:
Manufactured and airborne nanoparticle cardiopulmonary interactions: a review of mechanisms and the possible contribution of mast cells

Davin, L.; Van Egroo, L-D.; Galesne, N., 2011:
Manufactured baby food: safety expectations

Bevacqua, J., 2013:
Manufactured environmental toxins and children's health: an evidence-based review and anticipatory guidance

Honnert, B.; Grzebyk, M., 2015:
Manufactured nano-objects: an occupational survey in five industries in France

Gebel, T.; Foth, H.; Damm, G.; Freyberger, A.; Kramer, P-Jürgen.; Lilienblum, W.; Röhl, C.; Schupp, T.; Weiss, C.; Wollin, K-Michael.; Hengstler, J.Georg., 2015:
Manufactured nanomaterials: categorization and approaches to hazard assessment

van Doorn, L.L.A.; Evans, B.J.W.; Edgar, D.F.; Fortuin, M.F., 2014:
Manufacturer changes lead to clinically important differences between two editions of the TNO stereotest

Gilbert, E., 2009:
Manufacturer claims new tobacco product encourages harm reduction

Gill, P.; Rowlands, D.; Tully, G.; Bastisch, I.; Staples, T.; Scott, P., 2010:
Manufacturer contamination of disposable plastic-ware and other reagents--an agreed position statement by ENFSI, SWGDAM and BSAG

Johnson, W., 2009:
Manufacturer defends organic premix diet

Waninger, M.S.; Whirley, R.G.; Smith, L.J.; Wolf, B.S., 2013 :
Manufacturer evaluations of endograft modifications

Printz, C., 2012:
Manufacturer prepares for new requirements

Ginn, S., 2011:
Manufacturer recalls commonly used painkiller amid fears of possible sabotage

Ridgway, M.G., 2010:
Manufacturer recommended PM intervals: is it time for a change?

Lyles, A.; Watkins, J.D., 2007:
Manufacturer response to AMCP Format dossier requests

Schulz-Hanke, I., 2015:
Manufacturer sponsoring influenced research results

Mudur, G., 2014:
Manufacturer stands by Xpert tuberculosis test after India study questions its reliability

Kachel, N.; Heitmeier, R.; Brauer, U., 2013:
Manufacturer's reply

Disse, B.; Metzdorf, N.; Bender, H., 2012:
Manufacturer's reply to letter by Seed and colleagues

Wilson, L.T., 2013:
Manufacturer's reply to letter on risk of hyperkalaemia with low sodium salt

Orr, J.; Sakata, D., 2014:
Manufacturer's response to Bilmen and Gillies' manuscript entitled "clarifying the role of activated charcoal filters in preparing an anaesthetic workstation for malignant hyperthermia-susceptible patients"

Sweetser, M.T.; Dawson, K.T.; Bozic, C., 2013:
Manufacturer's response to case reports of PML

Mangine, R.E., 1989:
Manufacturer's: Thank Goodness There's No FDA in Rehabilition

House, C.M.; Nelson, W.B.; Kroshus, T.J.; Dahiya, R.; Pibarot, P., 2012:
Manufacturer-provided effective orifice area index charts and the prevention of prosthesis-patient mismatch

Yoshitomi, H.; Shikata, S.; Ito, H.; Nakayama, T.; Nakamura, T., 2009:
Manufacturers affect clinical results of THA with zirconia heads: a systematic review

Barlas, S., 2014:
Manufacturers and hospitals spar over drug shortage reporting: FDA proposal seeks to improve early warning system

Traynor, K., 2010:
Manufacturers argue against mandatory training for opioid prescribers

Cruise, C., 2010:
Manufacturers face 'adjustment' challenge in home market

Newman, A., 1995:
Manufacturers lead new reference materials program

Cohen, D., 2012:
Manufacturers offered helping hand with EU approval

Carroll, J., 2014:
Manufacturers square off over naming of biosimilars

Stafford, N., 2012:
Manufacturers urge German government to revise proposals for pricing new drugs

RENNTUN, H.G., 1947:
Manufacturers' and vendors' responsibilities as regards the manufacture and equipment of machines, pressure vessels, etc., with special reference to Swedish legislation and international trade

PETRIE, L.M., 2018:
Manufacturers' health clinic

Fatkin, K., 2010:
Manufacturers' information is a useful resource for practice

Anonymous, 1970:
Manufacturers' literature

Stiefel, R., 2011:
Manufacturers' maintenance recommendations: locked in or not?

Webster, C.S., 2013:
Manufacturers' obligations to colour-code prefilled syringes correctly

Gonzalez, R.; Massoomi, F.Fred., 2011:
Manufacturers' recommendations for handling spilled hazardous drugs

Massey, D.S., 2014:
Manufacturing Marginality among Women and Latinos in Neoliberal America

Dukeman, W.H., 1905:
Manufacturing Pharmacists of So-called Proprietary Remedies and the Medical Profession

Jiang, H.; Wu, R.; Hu, Z.; Yuan, Z.; Zhao, X.; Liu, Q., 2014:
Manufacturing a durable superhydrophobic polypropylene coating on aluminum alloy substrate by adding nano-titania nanoparticles

Baxter, M.Donoghue., 2007:
Manufacturing a flu vaccine

Kleinert, J.; Haimberger, C.; Zabawa, P.J.; Bigelow, N.P., 2007:
Manufacturing a thin wire electrostatic trap for ultracold polar molecules

Henderson, R.D.; Guijt, R.M.; Haddad, P.R.; Hilder, E.F.; Lewis, T.W.; Breadmore, M.C., 2010:
Manufacturing and application of a fully polymeric electrophoresis chip with integrated polyaniline electrodes

Thirumala, S.; Goebel, W.Scott.; Woods, E.J., 2013:
Manufacturing and banking of mesenchymal stem cells

Ayuso, E.; Blouin, Véronique.; Lock, M.; McGorray, S.; Leon, X.; Alvira, M.R.; Auricchio, A.; Bucher, S.; Chtarto, A.; Clark, K.Reed.; Darmon, C.; Doria, M.; Fountain, W.; Gao, G.; Gao, K.; Giacca, M.; Kleinschmidt, J.; Leuchs, B.; Melas, C.; Mizukami, H.; Müller, M.; Noordman, Y.; Bockstael, O.; Ozawa, K.; Pythoud, C.; Sumaroka, M.; Surosky, R.; Tenenbaum, L.; van der Linden, I.; Weins, B.; Wright, J.Fraser.; Zhang, X.; Zentilin, L.; Bosch, F.; Snyder, R.O.; Moullier, P., 2015:
Manufacturing and characterization of a recombinant adeno-associated virus type 8 reference standard material

Hoe, S.; Boraey, M.A.; Ivey, J.W.; Finlay, W.H.; Vehring, R., 2015:
Manufacturing and device options for the delivery of biotherapeutics

Rahmani, B.; Tzamtzis, S.; Ghanbari, H.; Burriesci, G.; Seifalian, A.M., 2012:
Manufacturing and hydrodynamic assessment of a novel aortic valve made of a new nanocomposite polymer

Zou, J.; Sood, R.; Ranjan, S.; Poe, D.; Ramadan, U.A.; Kinnunen, P.Kj.; Pyykkö, I., 2010:
Manufacturing and in vivo inner ear visualization of MRI traceable liposome nanoparticles encapsulating gadolinium

Pepper, J.; Golesworthy, T.; Utley, M.; Chan, J.; Ganeshalingam, S.; Lamperth, M.; Mohiaddin, R.; Treasure, T., 2010:
Manufacturing and placing a bespoke support for the Marfan aortic root: description of the method and technical results and status at one year for the first ten patients

Wright, J.Fraser.; Wellman, J.; High, K.A., 2011:
Manufacturing and regulatory strategies for clinical AAV2-hRPE65

McDonald, E.E.; Wallace, L.F.; Hickman, G.J.S.; Hsiao, K-Ting., 2014:
Manufacturing and shear response characterization of carbon nanofiber modified CFRP using the out-of-autoclave-vacuum-bag-only cure process

Ilić, N.; Atkinson, K., 2015:
Manufacturing and use of human placenta-derived mesenchymal stromal cells for phase I clinical trials: establishment and evaluation of a protocol

Dondzillo, A.; Thornton, J.L.; Tollin, D.J.; Klug, A., 2013:
Manufacturing and using piggy-back multibarrel electrodes for in vivo pharmacological manipulations of neural responses

Pawell, R.S.; Inglis, D.W.; Barber, T.J.; Taylor, R.A., 2014:
Manufacturing and wetting low-cost microfluidic cell separation devices

Orzáez, D.; Granell, A.; Blázquez, M.A., 2010:
Manufacturing antibodies in the plant cell

Singh, V.K.; Saini, A.; Tsuji, K.; Sharma, P.B.; Chandra, R., 2014:
Manufacturing blood ex vivo: a futuristic approach to deal with the supply and safety concerns

Cox, M.; Klass, G.; Koo, C.Wei.Min., 2009:
Manufacturing by-products from, and stereochemical outcomes of the biotransformation of benzaldehyde used in the synthesis of methamphetamine

Martin, I.; Simmons, P.J.; Williams, D.F., 2014:
Manufacturing challenges in regenerative medicine

Turger, A.; Köhler, J.; Denkena, B.; Correa, T.A.; Becher, C.; Hurschler, C., 2014:
Manufacturing conditioned roughness and wear of biomedical oxide ceramics for all-ceramic knee implants

Khan, S., 2015:
Manufacturing consent?: Media messages in the mobilization against HIV/AIDS in India and lessons for health communication

Campbell, R.B.; Balbach, E.D., 2011:
Manufacturing credibility: the National Energy Management Institute and the Tobacco Institute's strategy for indoor air quality

Connelly, P.; Quinn, B.Patrick., 2011:
Manufacturing decline yields drug shortages

Yapici, D.; Atici, S.; Birbicer, H.; Oral, U., 2008:
Manufacturing defect in an endotracheal tube connector: risk of foreign body aspiration

Huang, J.; Kavalin, S., 2013:
Manufacturing defects in an epidural catheter

Oldani, G.; Lacotte, S.; Orci, L.; Morel, P.; Mentha, G.; Toso, C., 2014:
Manufacturing devices and instruments for easier rat liver transplantation

Gagnon, M.; Stuart, M., 2009:
Manufacturing disability: HIV, women and the construction of difference

Stocking, S.Holly.; Holstein, L.W., 2009:
Manufacturing doubt: journalists' roles and the construction of ignorance in a scientific controversy

Tusé, D.; Tu, T.; McDonald, K.A., 2015:
Manufacturing economics of plant-made biologics: case studies in therapeutic and industrial enzymes

Stuckler, D.; McKee, M.; Ebrahim, S.; Basu, S., 2012:
Manufacturing epidemics: the role of global producers in increased consumption of unhealthy commodities including processed foods, alcohol, and tobacco

Umesh, G.; Kaur, N., 2013:
Manufacturing error in a propofol vial: glass within glass

Winstock, G.B., 2009:
Manufacturing fault causes a false negative for haematuria using Makromed m81 urinalysis test strips: a case report

Han, J.H.; Han, I.; Lee, E.; Yi, J., 2008:
Manufacturing feature recognition toward integration with process planning

Martini, L.G.; Profit, A.L., 2009:
Manufacturing high quality urinary catheters

Karatas, M.Ozdemir.; Cifter, E.Demet.; Ozenen, D.Ozdemir.; Balik, A.; Tuncer, E.Bulent., 2011:
Manufacturing implant supported auricular prostheses by rapid prototyping techniques

Anonymous, 2014:
Manufacturing industries--basic data

Cohen, S.S.; Zysman, J., 1988:
Manufacturing innovation and american industrial competitiveness

Safonkina, S.G., 2010:
Manufacturing inspection in ensuring sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population

Teeter, M.G.; Milner, J.S.; MacDonald, S.J.; Naudie, D.D.R., 2014:
Manufacturing lot affects polyethylene tibial insert volume, thickness, and surface geometry

Sanjeevi, S.K.P.; Zarghami, A.; Padding, J.T., 2018:
Choice of no-slip curved boundary condition for lattice Boltzmann simulations of high-Reynolds-number flows

Douglas, H.; Black, K.; de Costa, C., 2013:
Manufacturing mental illness (and lawful abortion): doctors' attitudes to abortion law and practice in new South Wales and Queensland

Hanley, P.J.; Mei, Z.; da Graca Cabreira-Hansen, M.; Klis, M.; Li, W.; Zhao, Y.; Durett, A.G.; Zheng, X.; Wang, Y.; Gee, A.P.; Horwitz, E.M., 2013:
Manufacturing mesenchymal stromal cells for phase I clinical trials

Lazarou, E.E., 2008:
Manufacturing methamphetamine: medical-psychiatric complications of an illegal act

Slomka, J., 2010:
Manufacturing mistrust: issues in the controversy regarding foster children in the pediatric HIV/AIDS clinical trials

Werner, H.; Rolo, L.Cristine.; Araujo Júnior, E.; Dos Santos, J.Roberto.Lopes., 2015:
Manufacturing models of fetal malformations built from 3-dimensional ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, and computed tomography scan data

Hourd, P.; Ginty, P.; Chandra, A.; Williams, D.J., 2015:
Manufacturing models permitting roll out/scale out of clinically led autologous cell therapies: regulatory and scientific challenges for comparability

Keasling, J.D., 2010:
Manufacturing molecules through metabolic engineering

Mochalin, V.N.; Sagar, A.; Gour, S.; Gogotsi, Y., 2009:
Manufacturing nanosized fenofibrate by salt assisted milling

Daadi, M.M.; Steinberg, G.K., 2009:
Manufacturing neurons from human embryonic stem cells: biological and regulatory aspects to develop a safe cellular product for stroke cell therapy

Liu, H.J.; Wu, Y.; Ren, Z.B.; Wu, S.T.; Shi, Y.; Peng, J.Q.; Chen, J.L.; Long, F.; Yu, M.; Qian, L., 2010:
Manufacturing of 50 kA superconducting transformer for ITER correction coil conductor test

Pennington, T.; Wang, A.; Xaio, H.; May, R., 2000:
Manufacturing of a fiber optic Young's double pinhole interferometer for use as a 3-D profilometer

Lee, B.S.; Choi, S.; Yoon, J.H.; Park, J.Y.; Won, M.S., 2012:
Manufacturing of a superconducting magnet system for 28 GHz electron cyclotron resonance ion source at KBSI

Chen, H., 2011:
Manufacturing of adeno-associated viruses, for example: AAV2

Dormond, E.; Kamen, A.A., 2011:
Manufacturing of adenovirus vectors: production and purification of helper dependent adenovirus

Ioannidis, N.; Bowen, J.; Pacek, A.; Zhang, Z., 2012:
Manufacturing of agarose-based chromatographic adsorbents--effect of ionic strength and cooling conditions on particle structure and mechanical strength

Badoil, B.; Lemarchand, F.; Cathelinaud, M.; Lequime, M., 2008:
Manufacturing of an absorbing filter controlled with a broadband optical monitoring

Asefnejad, A.; Khorasani, M.Taghi.; Behnamghader, A.; Farsadzadeh, B.; Bonakdar, S., 2012:
Manufacturing of biodegradable polyurethane scaffolds based on polycaprolactone using a phase separation method: physical properties and in vitro assay

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Manufacturing of biodrugs: need for harmonization in regulatory standards

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Manufacturing of bioreactive nanofibers for bioremediation

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Manufacturing of diamond windows for synchrotron radiation

Beloki, L.; Ramírez, N.; Olavarría, E.; Samuel, E.R.; Lowdell, M.W., 2015:
Manufacturing of highly functional and specific T cells for adoptive immunotherapy against virus from granulocyte colony-stimulating factor-mobilized donors

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Manufacturing of human placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells for clinical trials

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Manufacturing of individual biodegradable bone substitute implants using selective laser melting technique

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Manufacturing of inorganic nanomaterials: concepts and perspectives

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Manufacturing of insulin-secreting spheroids with the RIN-5F cell line using a shaking culture method

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Manufacturing of monolithic superelastic rods with variable properties for spinal correction: feasibility study

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Manufacturing of retroviruses

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Manufacturing of robust natural fiber preforms utilizing bacterial cellulose as binder

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Manufacturing of size controlled a-Si:H nanoparticles in plasma using pulsed hydrogen gas

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Manufacturing of three-dimensionally microstructured nanocomposites through microfluidic infiltration

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Manufacturing ointments, emulsions, and suspensions

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Manufacturing origin of perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) in Atlantic and Canadian Arctic seawater

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Manufacturing peptides as active pharmaceutical ingredients

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Manufacturing polymer/carbon nanotube composite using a novel direct process

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Manufacturing porcine islets: culture at 22 °C has no advantage above culture at 37 °C: a gene expression evaluation

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Manufacturing process and quality control of total flavonoid from Chrysanthemum morifolium and Sophora japonica and its quality control

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Manufacturing process influences properties of probiotic bacteria

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Manufacturing process of high quality phytopreparation on example of herbal sedative

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Manufacturing process of reproduction plate by nonmetallic materials reclaimed from pulverized printed circuit boards

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Manufacturing recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors from producer cell clones

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Manufacturing recombinant proteins in kg-ton quantities using animal cells in bioreactors

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Choice of outcomes and measurement instruments in randomised trials on eLearning in medical education: a systematic mapping review protocol

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Manufacturing scale-up of electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol) fibers containing tenofovir for vaginal drug delivery

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Manufacturing sector

Tamilvanan, S.; Venkatesh Babu, R.; Kannan, K.; Basu, S.K.; Sa, B., 2008:
Manufacturing techniques and excipients used during the design of biodegradable polymer-based microspheres containing therapeutic peptide/protein for parenteral controlled drug delivery

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Manufacturing validation of biologically functional T cells targeted to CD19 antigen for autologous adoptive cell therapy

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Manufacturing waste of hemodialyzers decreases oxidative phosphorylation of mitochondria isolated from rats

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Manufacturing work and organizational stresses in export processing zones

Rangaswami, J.P., 2014:
Manufacturing, Hollywood-style

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Manujet III manual jet ventilation used in tracheobronchial foreign bodies removal in children

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Manuka honey as an effective treatment for chronic pilonidal sinus wounds

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Manuka honey dressing: an effective treatment for chronic wound infections

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Manuka honey improved wound healing in patients with sloughy venous leg ulcers

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Manuka honey inhibits adhesion and invasion of medically important wound bacteria in vitro

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Manuka honey is bactericidal against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and results in differential expression of oprF and algD

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Manuka honey protects middle-aged rats from oxidative damage

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Manuka honey reduces the motility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by suppression of flagella-associated genes

Camplin, A.L.; Maddocks, S.E., 2014:
Manuka honey treatment of biofilms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa results in the emergence of isolates with increased honey resistance

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Manuka honey vs. hydrogel--a prospective, open label, multicentre, randomised controlled trial to compare desloughing efficacy and healing outcomes in venous ulcers

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Manuka honey: histological effect on respiratory mucosa

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Manuka-type honeys can eradicate biofilms produced by Staphylococcus aureus strains with different biofilm-forming abilities

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Manumycin induces apoptosis in prostate cancer cells

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Manumycin inhibits STAT3, telomerase activity, and growth of glioma cells by elevating intracellular reactive oxygen species generation

Anonymous, 2011:
Manure and Guano was yesterday

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Manure application technology in reduced tillage and forage systems: a review

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Manure composition and incorporation effects on phosphorus in runoff following corn biomass removal

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Manure composting reduces house fly population

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Manure management for greenhouse gas mitigation

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Manure odor potential and Escherichia coli concentrations in manure slurries of feedlot steers fed 40% corn wet distillers grains

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Manure pit injuries: Rare, deadly, and preventable

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Manure refinement affects apple rhizosphere bacterial community structure: a study in sandy soil

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Manure-amended soil characteristics affecting the survival of E. coli O157:H7 in 36 Dutch soils

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Manus track preservation bias as a key factor for assessing trackmaker identity and quadrupedalism in basal ornithopods

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Manuscript 'close shave' margins do not increase rectal cancer recurrence after sphincter-saving surgery without neoadjuvant therapy by Lim et al

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Manuscript Central interactive online system and issue summary

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Manuscript cited in "Specific inhalation challenge in the diagnosis of occupational asthma: consensus statement"

Anonymous, 2012:
Manuscript clarification: Should we seek for generalized standards in bike fitting?

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Manuscript containing a collection of medical recipes written in 1776 by a Catholic priest Petar Kastelan of Croatia

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Manuscript fabrication, image manipulation and plagiarism

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Manuscript peer review: a guide for advanced practice nurses

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Manuscript preparation and publication

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Manuscript preparation: text and figures

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Manuscript processing time

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Manuscript publication by urology residents and predictive factors

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Manuscript rejection in ophthalmology and visual science journals: identifying and avoiding the common pitfalls

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Manuscript rejection: causes and remedies

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Manuscript rejection: how to submit a revision and tips on being a good peer reviewer

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Manuscript revision

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Manuscript revision strategies

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Manuscript submission guidelines

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Manuscript submission: expectations and constraints

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Manuscript submissions from nonnative speakers of English

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Manuscript title: Super Refractory Status Epilepticus: The development of a paradigm for critical care management

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Choice of postoperative radiation for stage IIIA pathologic N2 non-small cell lung cancer: impact of metastatic lymph node number

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Manuscript withdrawal and its possible consequences

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Manuscript writing

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Manuscript "Many different remedies for headache treatment" from the archives of Sinj Friary

Anonymous, 1918:
Manuscripts From Medical Officers In Army

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Manuscripts from the European Venous Course. Forewrod

Wittens, C.H.A.; Bækgaard, N.; Smith, P.Coleridge.; Rabe, E.; Pittaluga, P.; Labropoulos, N., 2013:
Manuscripts from the European venous course

Weissenau, S., 2011:
Manuscripts in the digital world

Anonymous, 2011:
Manx catch

Sviridov, D., 2014:
Many ABCs make light work with cholesterol

Rhee, M.K.; Herrick, K.; Ziemer, D.C.; Vaccarino, V.; Weintraub, W.S.; Narayan, K.M.Venkat.; Kolm, P.; Twombly, J.G.; Phillips, L.S., 2010:
Many Americans have pre-diabetes and should be considered for metformin therapy

Parker, W.T.; Phillis, S.R.; Yeung, D.T.O.; Hughes, T.P.; Scott, H.S.; Branford, S., 2014:
Many BCR-ABL1 compound mutations reported in chronic myeloid leukemia patients may actually be artifacts due to PCR-mediated recombination

Babey, S.H.; Meng, Y-Ying.; Jones, M., 2009:
Many Californians with asthma have problems understanding their doctor

Sibley, L.M.; Glazier, R.H., 2010:
Many Canadians feel healthcare needs are not being met

Anonymous, 2010:
Many EDs noncompliant with asthma guidelines

Grotevant, H.D.; Wrobel, G.Miller.; Von Korff, L.; Skinner, B.; Newell, J.; Friese, S.; McRoy, R.G., 2008:
Many Faces of Openness in Adoption: Perspectives of Adopted Adolescents and Their Parents

Karp, P.D., 2008:
Many Genbank entries for complete microbial genomes violate the Genbank standard

Travasso, C., 2013:
Many Indian HIV patients drop out of healthcare before they qualify for antiretrovirals, study finds

Rangwala, S.H.; Zhang, L.; Kazazian, H.H., 2010:
Many LINE1 elements contribute to the transcriptome of human somatic cells

Liao, Y.; Cruz, C.Leticia.; Schleyer, P.von.Ragué.; Chen, Z., 2013:
Many M©B(n) boron wheels are local, but not global minima

Calhoon, G.G.; O'Donnell, P., 2010:
Many Roads to Motor Deficits: Loss of Dopamine Signaling in Direct or Indirect Basal Ganglia Pathway Leads to Akinesia through Distinct Physiological Mechanisms

Bester, M.C.; Jacobson, D.; Bauer, F.F., 2012:
Many Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cell Wall Protein Encoding Genes Are Coregulated by Mss11, but Cellular Adhesion Phenotypes Appear Only Flo Protein Dependent

Anonymous, 2013:
Many Solomon Islands nurses disengaged with services

Tibell, A.; Henriksson, B-Ake., 2012:
Many Swedes want to donate--yet the number of donations are low

Kirsch, B., 2012:
Many US cancer survivors still lost in transition

Lenzer, J., 2011:
Many US medical associations and disease awareness groups depend heavily on funding by drug manufacturers

Blum, M.A.; Ajani, J.A., 2012:
Many a mickle makes a muckle. Translating a gastric cancer phenotype into a bigger thing

Ferris, M., 2012:
Many a slip twixt cup and mouth

Bush, A.; Hogg, C., 2009:
Many a slip?

Allan, R., 2008:
Many a true word spoken in jest

Meyer, H., 2013:
Many accountable care organizations are now up and running, if not off to the races

Wolf, G., 2009:
Many active ingredients--higher compatibility risks

Ozen, S.; Saz, E.Ulas.; Celik, A.; Aydin, A.; Simsek, D.Goksen.; Darcan, S., 2009:
Many admissions to the emergency departments with recurrent syncope attacks and seizures in an adolescent boy

Vatanparast, H.; Dolega-Cieszkowski, J.H.; Whiting, S.J., 2009:
Many adult Canadians are not meeting current calcium recommendations from food and supplement intake

Vis, J.C.; Schuuring, M.J.; van der Velde, E.T.; Engelfriet-Rijk, L.C.J.M.; Harms, I.M.; Mantels, S.; Bouma, B.J.; Mulder, B.J.M., 2012:
Many adults with congenital heart disease are lost to follow up

White, B.A.; Horwath, C.C.; Conner, T.S., 2014:
Many apples a day keep the blues away--daily experiences of negative and positive affect and food consumption in young adults

Hu, Y.; Lounkine, E.; Bajorath, Jürgen., 2015:
Many approved drugs have bioactive analogs with different target annotations

Drexler, H.G.; Dirks, W.G.; Macleod, R.A.F., 2009:
Many are called MDS cell lines: one is chosen

Majhail, N.S.; Lazarus, H.M., 2014:
Many are called but few are chosen: under-utilization of unrelated donor transplantation

Goding, C., 2011:
Many are called, few are chosen

McArthur, R., 2011:
Many are called, yet few are chosen. Are neuropsychiatric clinical trials letting us down?

Mogil, J., 2007:
Many asthma patients experience persistent symptoms despite appropriate clinical and guideline-based treatment with inhaled corticosteroids

Olivola, C.Y.; Sussman, A.B., 2015:
Many behavioral tendencies associated with right-leaning (conservative) political ideologies are malleable and unrelated to negativity

Byers, M.M., 2008:
Many benefits go with referrals

Woollard, B., 2010:
Many birds with one stone: opportunities in distributed education

Hall, L.M.; Schweizer, K.S., 2008:
Many body effects on the phase separation and structure of dense polymer-particle melts

Altland, A.; Gurarie, V., 2008:
Many body generalization of the Landau-Zener problem

Pricoupenko, L., 2013:
Many bosons in a narrow magnetic Feshbach resonance

Di Mario, C., 2010:
Many breeds are better than a workhorse

Wilson, L., 2011:
Many cardiac devices implanted contrary to guidelines

Kennedy, M.Shawn., 2008:
Many cardiac patients don't know heart attack symptoms

Anonymous, 2007:
Many cars don't protect against whiplash injuries: how to save your neck in a rear-end crash

Namislo, C., 2012:
Many causes are unknown

Shalala, D., 2007:
Many challenges await. There are no panaceas for fixing our healthcare system

Butcher, L., 2008:
Many changes in store as physicians become employees

Ramaswamy, M.; Cleland, S.Y.; Cruz, A.C.; Siegel, R.M., 2010:
Many checkpoints on the road to cell death: regulation of Fas-FasL interactions and Fas signaling in peripheral immune responses

Ruiz, C.; Levy, S.B., 2010:
Many chromosomal genes modulate MarA-mediated multidrug resistance in Escherichia coli

Chu, C.C.; Catera, R.; Zhang, L.; Didier, S.; Agagnina, B.M.; Damle, R.N.; Kaufman, M.S.; Kolitz, J.E.; Allen, S.L.; Rai, K.R.; Chiorazzi, N., 2010:
Many chronic lymphocytic leukemia antibodies recognize apoptotic cells with exposed nonmuscle myosin heavy chain IIA: implications for patient outcome and cell of origin

Rössner, S., 2013:
Many claims about obesity lacks scientific basis. Well-documented facts should be the basis for good advice

Soyka, M., 2010:
Many colleagues are overburdened. How is your mental health?

Siegmund, K.D.; Marjoram, P.; Tavaré, S.; Shibata, D., 2009:
Many colorectal cancers are "flat" clonal expansions

Langner, M.D.; Maibach, H.I., 2009:
Many common drugs in dermatology are light, temperature, or moisture-sensitive

Kullgren, J.; Hermansson, K.; Castleton, C., 2012:
Many competing ceria (110) oxygen vacancy structures: from small to large supercells

Gross, W., 2010:
Many complain of stress, but: when does the job actually cause illness? (interview by Dr. Judith Neumaier)

Anonymous, 2011:
Many countries hit by health threats from both infectious and chronic diseases new data site makes WHO data and analyses widely available

Zippel, C.; Börgers, Aé.; Weitzel, A.; Bohnet-Joschko, S., 2014:
Many critical incidents could be avoided by preanaesthesia equipment checks: lessons for high reliability organisations

Feldmann, M., 2008:
Many cytokines are very useful therapeutic targets in disease

Shah, J.V., 2012:
Many defects make a cyst

Honkasalo, M.; Elonheimo, O.; Sane, T., 2010:
Many diabetic patients with recurrent severe hypoglycemias hold a valid driving license. A community-based study in insulin-treated patients with diabetes

Giori, N.J.; Ellerbe, L.S.; Bowe, T.; Gupta, S.; Harris, A.H.S., 2014:
Many diabetic total joint arthroplasty candidates are unable to achieve a preoperative hemoglobin A1c goal of 7% or less

Rubtsova, K.; Scott-Browne, J.P.; Crawford, F.; Dai, S.; Marrack, P.; Kappler, J.W., 2009:
Many different Vbeta CDR3s can reveal the inherent MHC reactivity of germline-encoded TCR V regions

Pihlajaniemi, T., 2014:
Many dimensions of extracellular matrix research

Zaug, A.J.; Crary, S.M.; Jesse Fioravanti, M.; Campbell, K.; Cech, T.R., 2014:
Many disease-associated variants of hTERT retain high telomerase enzymatic activity

Anonymous, 2008:
Many do not think AIDS is fatal

Romano, M., 2007:
Many docs still flying solo, HHS study reveals. But data contradict many executives' view about perks of multispecialty groups

McCarthy, M., 2014:
Many double mastectomies are not clinically indicated, study finds

Novaes, H.Maria.Dutilh., 2014:
Many doubts, few certainties, as for this ..

Mudgal, C.S., 2014:
Many drops make a lake

Johnson, W.W., 2008:
Many drugs and phytochemicals can be activated to biological reactive intermediates

Hu, Y.; Bajorath, Jürgen., 2014:
Many drugs contain unique scaffolds with varying structural relationships to scaffolds of currently available bioactive compounds

Rognstad, S., 2014:
Many drugs for the elderly--it is dangerous

Fox, C.; Hull, R., 2015:
Many drugs used for rheumatic disease cause neutropenia

Villar, J.; Clement, J.P.; Stotts, J.; Linnen, D.; Rubin, D.J.; Thompson, D.; Gomez, A.; Fee, C., 2014:
Many emergency department patients with severe sepsis and septic shock do not meet diagnostic criteria within 3 hours of arrival

Weinick, R.M.; Burns, R.M.; Mehrotra, A., 2013:
Many emergency department visits could be managed at urgent care centers and retail clinics

Forbes, G., 2007:
Many errors in story on Tokanui history

Gupta, S., 2007:
Many faces of Koebner phenomenon in psoriasis

Wu, Z-Hui.; Miyamoto, S., 2007:
Many faces of NF-kappaB signaling induced by genotoxic stress

Nzeako, U.C.; Longhurst, H.J., 2012:
Many faces of angioedema: focus on the diagnosis and management of abdominal manifestations of hereditary angioedema

Salazar-Mendoza, D.; Baudron, Séphane.A.; Hosseini, M.Wais., 2008:
Many faces of dipyrrins: from hydrogen-bonded networks to homo- and heteronuclear metallamacrocycles

Starikov, E.B., 2011:
Many faces of entropy or Bayesian statistical mechanics

Bilalić, M.; Langner, R.; Ulrich, R.; Grodd, W., 2011:
Many faces of expertise: fusiform face area in chess experts and novices

Peñas, P.F.; Zaman, S., 2010:
Many faces of graft-versus-host disease

Schwitzgebel, V.M., 2014:
Many faces of monogenic diabetes

Shekhar, A., 2012:
Many faces of orexin/hypocretin

Clayer, M., 2015:
Many faces of osteosarcoma on plain radiographs

Holland, A.J.; Taylor, S.S., 2008:
Many faces of separase regulation

Chaturvedi, S.K., 2013:
Many faces of somatic symptom disorders

Bunimovich, L.A.; Vela-Arevalo, L.V., 2012:
Many faces of stickiness in Hamiltonian systems

Schmerz, F., 2007:
Many faces--one disease: fibromyalgia

Kumar, S.; Rajkumar, S.Vincent., 2008:
Many facets of bortezomib resistance/susceptibility

Brunelli, M.; Fiorentino, M.; Gobbo, S.; Sperandio, N.; Cheng, L.; Cossu-Rocca, P.; Segala, D.; Eble, J.Nelson.; Delahunt, B.; Novara, G.; Ficarra, V.; Martignoni, G., 2011:
Many facets of chromosome 3p cytogenetic findings in clear cell renal carcinoma: the need for agreement in assessment FISH analysis to avoid diagnostic errors

Wu, J., 2011:
Many facets of stem cells

Cametti, C.; Truzzolillo, D., 2011:
Many facets of the polyelectrolyte and oppositely charged colloidal particle complexation: counterion release and electrical conductivity behavior

McFadden, A., 2010:
Many factors can determine whether a woman continues to breastfeed: knowing that breastfeeding is good for the baby is important to mothers but breastfeeding in public continues to be a negative experience for some

Burns, K., 2012:
Many factors contribute to increase in veterinarians per practice

Picard, M.H., 2007:
Many factors drive increased use

Wright, S., 2014:
Many factors influence our ability to be compassionate

DAVIS, N.S., 2011:
Many factors may influence senescence

Alvarez-Saavedra, E.; Horvitz, H.Robert., 2010:
Many families of C. elegans microRNAs are not essential for development or viability

Grad, R.; Pluye, P.; Granikov, V.; Johnson-Lafleur, J., 2010:
Many family physicians will not manually update PDA software: an observational study

Hallberg, A-Christine.; Beckman, A.; Håkansson, A., 2010:
Many fathers visit the child health care centre, but few take part in parents' groups

Collins, S., 2011:
Many federal CER projects will benefit managed care

Zemp, F.J.; Waterhouse, C.C.M.; Kubes, P., 2014:
Many fences make better neighbors

Kraus, Z., 1981:
Many flux calculations

Cohen, A.B., 2009:
Many forms of culture

Cole, A., 2012:
Many foundation trusts face tough financial future, warns Monitor

Herron, M.D., 2009:
Many from one: Lessons from the volvocine algae on the evolution of multicellularity

Bardhan, A., 2011:
Many functions of the meiotic cohesin

Smith, R.J., 1978:
Many gave at the office in 1976

Hult, A.K.; Olsson, M.L., 2010:
Many genetically defined ABO subgroups exhibit characteristic flow cytometric patterns

Paris, J., 2009:
Many hands make light work: Thank You

Tomko, N.; Harvey, I.; Virgo, N.; Philippides, A., 2014:
Many hands make light work: further studies in group evolution

Horton, R.L., 2012:
Many hands make the work light: the importance of partnerships in health care

Saylor, K.; Blackstock, C., 2005:
Many hands, one dream: Healthy Aboriginal children and young people

Miklaucich, M., 2013:
Many happy returns

Warn, B., 2008:
Many happy returns. Two Colorado practices join forces on revenue cycle management to achieve new levels of revenue

Berg, E.Gebel.; Rawlings, K., 2013:
Many happy returns: Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the most influential diabetes study to date

Peterson, E.J.; Seger, C.A., 2014:
Many hats: intratrial and reward level-dependent BOLD activity in the striatum and premotor cortex

Nystrup, J., 1979:
Many hazards, few challenges

Jones, J.Redfern., 2016:
Many heads are better than one for coming up with ideas

Anonymous, 2014:
Many heart transplant recipients survive 20 years

Blagg, C.R., 2009:
Many hemodialysis patients in the 1960s had substantially fewer symptoms than today's patients

Thompson, C.A., 2008:
Many heparin-flush makers did not need manufacturing inspection

Leventhal, R., 2014:
Many hospitals still lag in CPOE implementation

Capra, J.A.; Erwin, G.D.; McKinsey, G.; Rubenstein, J.L.R.; Pollard, K.S., 2014:
Many human accelerated regions are developmental enhancers

Khalil, A.M.; Guttman, M.; Huarte, M.; Garber, M.; Raj, A.; Rivea Morales, D.; Thomas, K.; Presser, A.; Bernstein, B.E.; van Oudenaarden, A.; Regev, A.; Lander, E.S.; Rinn, J.L., 2009:
Many human large intergenic noncoding RNAs associate with chromatin-modifying complexes and affect gene expression

Lim, A.; Lemercier, B.; Wertz, X.; Pottier, S.Lesjean.; Huetz, Fçois.; Kourilsky, P., 2007:
Many human peripheral VH5-expressing IgM+ B cells display a unique heavy-chain rearrangement

Trivedi, S.; Prasad, R., 2018:
Choice of precipitant and calcination temperature of precursor for synthesis of NiCo 2 O 4 for control of CO-CH 4 emissions from CNG vehicles

Shin, C., 2007:
Many hurdles to academic career

Zefferman, M.R.; Richerson, P.J., 2015:
Many important group-level traits are institutions

Mokry, M.; Middendorp, S.; Wiegerinck, C.L.; Witte, M.; Teunissen, H.; Meddens, C.A.; Cuppen, E.; Clevers, H.; Nieuwenhuis, E.E.S., 2014:
Many inflammatory bowel disease risk loci include regions that regulate gene expression in immune cells and the intestinal epithelium

Saito, M., 2012:
Many issues about bone quality

Fox, K.R., 2011:
Many journeys--a common door

Bartz, A.Gronseth., 2013:
Many kinds of diversity

Mechanic, R.; Zinner, D.E., 2013:
Many large medical groups will need to acquire new skills and tools to be ready for payment reform

Bischoff, A., 2011:
Many legionelloses in ambulatory care are missed. The underestimated pathogen from the shower

Daily, M.D.; Phillips, G.N.; Cui, Q., 2010:
Many local motions cooperate to produce the adenylate kinase conformational transition

Yang, F.; Xu, Y-Ying.; Shen, H-Bin., 2015:
Many local pattern texture features: which is better for image-based multilabel human protein subcellular localization classification?

Anonymous, 2009:
Many lose sleep due to economic issues

Reeves, M-Grace.; Pershing, S.; Afshar, A.R., 2018:
Choice of Primary Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Repair Method in US Commercially Insured and Medicare Advantage Patients, 2003-2016

Hoggatt, J.; Pelus, L.M., 2011:
Many mechanisms mediating mobilization: an alliterative review

Stafford, E., 2007:
Many medical coverage options are available from the MDA

Borg, G., 2014:
Many medical symptom scales do not measure up. Review of the estimation methodology

Gan, E.H.; Pattman, S.; Pearce, S.; Quinton, R., 2012:
Many men are receiving unnecessary testosterone prescriptions

Preyer, S., 2008:
Many methods of application

Yoshida, S.; Hatakenaka, M., 2014:
Many methods of mediastinal division

Anonymous, 2016:
Many middle-income earners can't afford dental care in Canada

Becker, T.; Rüsch, N., 2014:
Many miles made and a long way to go

Leopold, A.C.; Jaffe, M.J.; Brokaw, C.J.; Goebel, G., 2007:
Many modes of movement

Carroll, J., 2010:
Many more Medicaid members--if the states choose to cooperate

Adams, C.E., 2016:
Many more reasons behind difficulties in recruiting patients to randomized controlled trials in psychiatry

Clover, B., 2011:
Many more students stay the course

Foulkes, W.D.; Real, F.X., 2013:
Many mosaic mutations

Hagland, M., 2011:
Many mountains to climb

Chesi, M.; Bergsagel, P.Leif., 2012:
Many multiple myelomas: making more of the molecular mayhem

Long, T.A., 2012:
Many needles in a haystack: cell-type specific abiotic stress responses

Trueba, G.; Dunthorn, M., 2012:
Many neglected tropical diseases may have originated in the Paleolithic or before: new insights from genetics

Klein, A., 2012:
Many neurologists have little experience with evaluating, diagnosing, and managing a pregnant woman. Introduction

Harris, J.A.; Devidze, N.; Halabisky, B.; Lo, I.; Thwin, M.T.; Yu, G-Qiu.; Bredesen, D.E.; Masliah, E.; Mucke, L., 2010:
Many neuronal and behavioral impairments in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease are independent of caspase cleavage of the amyloid precursor protein

Low, E., 2007:
Many new cancer drugs in the United Kingdom are facing negative NICE rulings

Delassus, G.S.; Cho, H.; Hoang, S.; Eliceiri, G.L., 2010:
Many new down- and up-regulatory signaling pathways, from known cancer progression suppressors to matrix metalloproteinases, differ widely in cells of various cancers

Feldman, S.R., 2009:
Many new options for improving patients' care

Wang, J.; Dasgupta, I.; Fox, G.E., 2009:
Many nonuniversal archaeal ribosomal proteins are found in conserved gene clusters

Pikksalu, K.; Varto, H., 2009:
Many nurse practitioners remain underemployed

Janes, L., 2014:
Many nursing errors are down to overwork and understaffing

Pandey, R., 2007:
Many occurrences of inguinal lumps are being misdiagnosed

Mueck, A.O.; Römer, T., 2018:
Choice of progestogen for endometrial protection in combination with transdermal estradiol in menopausal women

Lewis, C., 2012:
Many of the challenges that we faced in 2011 will continue to transform our healthcare delivery

Sprinks, J., 2011:
Many of the failings at mid staffs are evident in the NHS, says CNO

Belenky, I.; Steinmetz, A.; Vyazmensky, M.; Barak, Z'ev.; Tittmann, K.; Chipman, D.M., 2012:
Many of the functional differences between acetohydroxyacid synthase (AHAS) isozyme I and other AHASs are a result of the rapid formation and breakdown of the covalent acetolactate-thiamin diphosphate adduct in AHAS I

Russell, T.R., 2008 :
Many of you share your views with me on the College's response to your evolving needs through e-mails, letters, phone calls, or face-to-face contact at meetings

de Witt, L., 2008:
Many older people felt that electronic care surveillance increased their safety and enabled them to live alone in their own homes

Carroll, S.A., 2012:
Many oncology nurses face the typology of illness journeys

Bazil, C.W., 2008:
Many options for epilepsy: comparisons of first- and second-generation AEDs

Veale, D., 2018:
Choice of provider for out-patient treatment is not working

Spry, C., 2008:
Many organizations: one voice

Mayne, L.; Kan, Z-Yuan.; Chetty, P.Sevugan.; Ricciuti, A.; Walters, B.T.; Englander, S.Walter., 2012:
Many overlapping peptides for protein hydrogen exchange experiments by the fragment separation-mass spectrometry method

Wise, J., 2013:
Many pain clinics fail to offer multidisciplinary care, says audit

Caplan, J.S.; Williams, A.H.; Marder, E., 2014:
Many parameter sets in a multicompartment model oscillator are robust to temperature perturbations

Rosen, D., 2010:
Many parents report their child's breathing and sleep patterns during overnight sleep study as atypical

Scrivener, K.; Sherrington, C.; Schurr, K.; Treacy, D., 2011:
Many participants in inpatient rehabilitation can quantify their exercise dosage accurately: an observational study

Morice, S.B., 2008:
Many paths in nursing: one nurse's story

Sasai, N.; Defossez, P-Antoine., 2009:
Many paths to one goal? The proteins that recognize methylated DNA in eukaryotes

Sanes, J.R.; Yamagata, M., 2010:
Many paths to synaptic specificity

Ingolia, N., 2011:
Many paths to the same end: histone transcripts recruit canonical initiation factors through unconventional interactions

Altundag, O.; Stewart, D.J.; Fossella, F.V.; Ayers, G.D.; Wei, W.; Zhou, X.; Zinner, R.G., 2007:
Many patients 80 years and older with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) can tolerate chemotherapy

Schlünzen, L.; Andersen, S.Allerød., 2014:
Many patients are interested in receiving post-operative acupuncture

Sansbury, F.H.; Ellard, S.; Shaw-Smith, C.; Turnpenny, P., 2013:
Many patients have an identifiable genetic cause of Hirschsprung's disease

Taylor, A., 2011:
Many patients ignorant about malnutrition, survey finds

Singh, A.; Kuo, Y-Fang.; Goodwin, J.S., 2013:
Many patients who undergo surgery for colorectal cancer receive surveillance colonoscopies earlier than recommended by guidelines

Ahola, A.J.; Mäkimattila, S.; Saraheimo, M.; Mikkilä, V.; Forsblom, C.; Freese, R.; Groop, P-Henrik., 2011:
Many patients with Type 1 diabetes estimate their prandial insulin need inappropriately

Jillings, C., 2008:
Many patients with coronary heart disease believed that stress and lifestyle factors caused their illness

Stiefelhagen, P., 2012:
Many patients with erroneous COPD diagnosis for years

Benavente, I.; Gascó, G.; Plaza, C.; Paz-Ferreiro, J.; Méndez, A., 2018:
Choice of pyrolysis parameters for urban wastes affects soil enzymes and plant germination in a Mediterranean soil

Sinakos, E.; Saenger, A.K.; Keach, J.; Kim, W.Ray.; Lindor, K.D., 2011:
Many patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis and increased serum levels of carbohydrate antigen 19-9 do not have cholangiocarcinoma

Waldman, H.Barry.; Cannella, D.; Perlman, S.P., 2013:
Many people unable to obtain dental care due to cost

Mitka, M., 2008:
Many physician practices fall short on accurate blood pressure measurement

Wallenfels, M., 2012:
Many physicians are indifferent about the Web - why that is false

Wynia, M.K.; Torres, G.Williams.; Lemieux, J., 2011:
Many physicians are willing to use patients' electronic personal health records, but doctors differ by location, gender, and practice

Theorell, Töres., 2008:
Many physicians feel distressed after committing medical errors. Two thirds worried about committing new errors, according to a North American survey

Imlay, J.; Gu, M., 2011:
Many plants and bacteria excrete redox-cycling compounds

Moldoveanu, T.; Follis, A.Viacava.; Kriwacki, R.W.; Green, D.R., 2014:
Many players in BCL-2 family affairs

Anonymous, 2010:
Many possibilities for mental health nursing

Howitt, B.E.; Magers, M.J.; Rice, K.R.; Cole, C.D.; Ulbright, T.M., 2015:
Many postchemotherapy sarcomatous tumors in patients with testicular germ cell tumors are sarcomatoid yolk sac tumors: a study of 33 cases

Odom-Forren, J., 2011:
Many practices … just one world

Anonymous, 2013:
Many practices' EHRs might not pass muster

Scott, G., 2012:
Many private providers exemplify bill's pitfalls

De Lorenzo, F., 2013:
Many private screening tests have no known benefit

Bachl, M., 2011:
Many problems and again a change of name

Anonymous, 2008:
Many psychiatric patients wait 24 hours to be seen

Kristensen, D.M.; Skalkam, M.L.; Audouze, K.; Lesné, L.; Desdoits-Lethimonier, C.; Frederiksen, H.; Brunak, Søren.; Skakkebæk, N.E.; Jégou, B.; Hansen, J.B.; Junker, S.; Leffers, H., 2011:
Many putative endocrine disruptors inhibit prostaglandin synthesis

Hocking, P.M.; Morrice, D.M.; Law, A.S.; Burt, D.W., 2012:
Many quantitative trait loci for feather growth in an F(2) broiler × layer cross collocate with body weight loci

Haneveld, J.Klein., 2009:
Many questions about Q fever left

Raut, L., 2013:
Many questions raised by a question on JAK1/2 inhibitors in primary myelofibrosis

Bonine, F.L., 2011:
Many radiographs clinically unacceptable

Pinto, R.Zambelli.; Elkins, M.R.; Moseley, A.M.; Sherrington, C.; Herbert, R.D.; Maher, C.G.; Ferreira, P.H.; Ferreira, M.L., 2013:
Many randomized trials of physical therapy interventions are not adequately registered: a survey of 200 published trials

Elliott, D.B.; Green, A., 2012:
Many ready-made reading spectacles fail the required standards

Kalveram, S., 2009:
Many reasons to celebrate!

Russell, I., 2008:
Many recipes for the same dish: can minor modification cause major improvement?

Chhablani, J.Kumar., 2011:
Many reports have shown significant collateral damage because of PDT with long-term choroidal atrophy

Boidol, J.; Średniawa, B.; Kowalski, O.; Szulik, M.; Mazurek, M.; Sokal, A.; Pruszkowska-Skrzep, P.; Kukulski, T.; Kalarus, Z.; Lenarczyk, Rław., 2014:
Many response criteria are poor predictors of outcomes after cardiac resynchronization therapy: validation using data from the randomized trial

Hestehave, S.; Munro, G.; Brønnum-Pedersen, T.; Heegaard, A.M.; Abelson, K.S.P., 2018:
Choice of rat strain in pre-clinical pain-research - Does it make a difference for translation from animal model to human condition?

Anonymous, 2007:
Many reviews are systematic but some are more transparent and completely reported than others

Lai, K.; Amsterdam, A.; Farrington, S.; Bronson, R.T.; Hopkins, N.; Lees, J.A., 2009:
Many ribosomal protein mutations are associated with growth impairment and tumor predisposition in zebrafish

Olsen, L.I.; Palmgren, M.G., 2014:
Many rivers to cross: the journey of zinc from soil to seed

Thoreen, C.C., 2013:
Many roads from mTOR to eIF4F

Pahl, H.L., 2014:
Many roads lead to MPN

Ravina, B.; Aarsland, D., 2013:
Many roads lead to Parkinson's disease

Güllich, A., 2015:
Many roads lead to Rome--developmental paths to Olympic gold in men's field hockey

Broom, H.R.; Rumfeldt, J.A.O.; Meiering, E.M., 2015:
Many roads lead to Rome? Multiple modes of Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase destabilization, misfolding and aggregation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Kaindl, A.M.; Passemard, S.; Kumar, P.; Kraemer, N.; Issa, L.; Zwirner, A.; Gerard, B.; Verloes, A.; Mani, S.; Gressens, P., 2010:
Many roads lead to primary autosomal recessive microcephaly

Irwin, D.J.; Trojanowski, J.Q., 2014:
Many roads to Parkinson's disease neurodegeneration: head trauma-a road more traveled than we know?

Fernandes, L.; O'Connor, M., 2010:
Many roads to data exchange

James, R.G.; Mahoney, J.R.; Ellison, C.J.; Crutchfield, J.P., 2014:
Many roads to synchrony: natural time scales and their algorithms

Tang, R.S.Y., 2014:
Many roles of endoscopic ultrasound in the evaluation of pancreatic neoplasms: getting to know its strengths and limitations

Cho, S-Hyun.; Collet, J-Francois., 2013:
Many roles of the bacterial envelope reducing pathways

Mok, G.Fay.; Sweetman, D., 2011:
Many routes to the same destination: lessons from skeletal muscle development

Evans, K.L.; Brown, S.R., 2012:
Many sample closet medications are expired

Hansen, L.; Mariño-Ramírez, L.; Landsman, D., 2010:
Many sequence-specific chromatin modifying protein-binding motifs show strong positional preferences for potential regulatory regions in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome

Conlon, L.M., 2012:
Many shades of gray

Bowers, S., 1883:
Many snakes killed

Bonilla-Warford, N., 2011:
Many social media options exist for optometrists

Burkhalter, A., 2009:
Many specialists for suppressing cortical excitation

Staff, A.; Laine, K., 2013:
Many sphincter injuries are preventable

McCarthy, M., 2014:
Many states are ill prepared for infectious disease threats, report finds

McCarthy, M., 2013:
Many states lagging in efforts to curb prescription drug misuse, says report

Carroll, J., 2010:
Many states preparing laws rejecting individual mandate

Störkel, F., 2014:
Many students and trainees consider spending a few months overseas. An ERASMUS representative clarifies what is expected. Global study

Cianciotto, N.P., 2009:
Many substrates and functions of type II secretion: lessons learned from Legionella pneumophila

Anonymous, 2014:
Many teen, young adult males wait too long to seek HIV treatment

Keselman, H.J.; Miller, C.W.; Holland, B., 2012:
Many tests of significance: new methods for controlling type I errors

Feistle, J.; Feistle, F.; Koch, K.M., 2009:
Many thanks and Goodbye to Professor Koch - welcome to Professor Malluche!

Pocard, M.; Lacaine, Fçois., 2012:
Many thanks to François Lacaine

Bowen, D.J., 2014:
Many thanks to our volunteer leaders: these valuable individuals contribute much to ACHE, the profession

Schmidt, W., 1969:
Many thanks, harvard

Kiefer, B., 2010:
Many things in boxes. Health insurance

Nordstrom-Lerner, L., 2010:
Many threats against president Obama's health care reform

Anonymous, 2013:
Many treatment choices for leg pain. Walking may be the best place to start

Kmietowicz, Z., 2007:
Many trusts fail to monitor whether complaints have any effect, says watchdog

Ene, C.I.; Fine, H.A., 2011:
Many tumors in one: a daunting therapeutic prospect

Holmsted, K.; Nørring, K.; Laustrup, L.Collatz.; Jess, P. , 2013:
Many unexpected abdominal findings on staging computed tomography in patients with colorectal cancer

Printz, C., 2009:
Many unknowns in low-risk prostate cancer treatment. Ongoing studies and biomarker research may shed light on best approach

Anonymous, 2013:
Many unnecessary tests before minor operations

Turner, A.Norris.; De Kock, A.E.; Meehan-Ritter, A.; Blanchard, K.; Sebola, M.H.; Hoosen, A.A.; Coetzee, N.; Ellertson, C., 2008:
Many vaginal microbicide trial participants acknowledged they had misreported sensitive sexual behavior in face-to-face interviews

Ghiradella, H.T.; Butler, M.W., 2009:
Many variations on a few themes: a broader look at development of iridescent scales (and feathers)

Brugge, D.M., 1994:
Many voices on the job:

Bieber, T., 2013:
Many ways lead to Rome: a glance at the multiple immunological pathways underlying atopic dermatitis

Pievani, T.; Gould, S.J., 2013:
Many ways of being human, the Stephen J. Gould's legacy to Palaeo-Anthropology (2002-2012)

Wessler, S., 2011:
Many ways of communication: from Helicobacter pylori adherence to death, disruption, migration and escape

Popp, D.; Robinson, R.C., 2011:
Many ways to build an actin filament

Pelegrín, P., 2011 :
Many ways to dilate the P2X7 receptor pore

Miyoshi, K.; Miyoshi, T.; Siomi, H., 2010:
Many ways to generate microRNA-like small RNAs: non-canonical pathways for microRNA production

Griffith, J.D., 2013:
Many ways to loop DNA

Atallah, J.; Watabe, H.; Kopp, A., 2013:
Many ways to make a novel structure: a new mode of sex comb development in Drosophilidae

Engelhardt, O.G., 2013:
Many ways to make an influenza virus--review of influenza virus reverse genetics methods

Harkey, H.Louis., 2014:
Many ways to skin a cat

Menden-Deuer, S.; Rowlett, J., 2014:
Many ways to stay in the game: individual variability maintains high biodiversity in planktonic microorganisms

Klein, M.C., 2012:
Many women and providers are unprepared for an evidence-based, educated conversation about birth

Pinkowish, M.Desmond., 2009:
Many women treated with chest radiotherapy for childhood cancers are not getting mammograms as recommended by guidelines

Rickes, S.; Rauh, P.; Ensberg, D.; Uhle, C.; Aedtner, F., 2007:
Many years of heart failure and iron deficiency anemia caused by hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia

Anonymous, 2009:
Many young, black MSM unaware of HIV positivity. More likely to become infected at younger age

Stafford-Smith, M.; Lockhart, E.; Bandarenko, N.; Welsby, I., 2011:
Many, but not all, outcome studies support exclusion of female plasma from the blood supply

Finkelstein, A.V.; Lobanov, M.Y.; Dovidchenko, N.V.; Bogatyreva, N.S., 2008:
Many-atom van der Waals interactions lead to direction-sensitive interactions of covalent bonds

Lee, J.; Vrijsen, G.; Teper, I.; Hosten, O.; Kasevich, M.A., 2014:
Many-atom-cavity QED system with homogeneous atom-cavity coupling

Ohtsuka, M.; Yamazaki, T.; Hashimoto, I.; Watanabe, K., 2009:
Many-beam dynamical simulation for multilayer structures without a superlattice cell

Kim, M.K.; Kachru, R., 1989:
Many-bit optical data storage using stimulated echoes

Faber, C.; Boulanger, P.; Duchemin, I.; Attaccalite, C.; Blase, X., 2014:
Many-body Green's function GW and Bethe-Salpeter study of the optical excitations in a paradigmatic model dipeptide

Reboredo, F.Agustín., 2012:
Many-body calculations of low-energy eigenstates in magnetic and periodic systems with self-healing diffusion Monte Carlo: steps beyond the fixed phase

Gong, J.; Morales-Molina, L.; Hänggi, P., 2009:
Many-body coherent destruction of tunneling

Šiber, A.; Ziherl, P., 2013:
Many-body contact repulsion of deformable disks

Du, S.; Francisco, J.S.; Schenter, G.K.; Garrett, B.C., 2008:
Many-body decomposition of the binding energies for OH.(H2O)2 and OH.(H2O)3 complexes

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Many-body dipole-dipole interactions between excited Rb atoms probed by wave packets and parametric four-wave mixing

Otero-de-la-Roza, A.; Johnson, E.R., 2013:
Many-body dispersion interactions from the exchange-hole dipole moment model

Marom, N.; DiStasio, R.A.; Atalla, V.; Levchenko, S.; Reilly, A.M.; Chelikowsky, J.R.; Leiserowitz, L.; Tkatchenko, A., 2013:
Many-body dispersion interactions in molecular crystal polymorphism

Arienti, M.; Pan, W.; Li, X.; Karniadakis, G., 2011:
Many-body dissipative particle dynamics simulation of liquid/vapor and liquid/solid interactions

Longhi, S., 2012:
Many-body dynamic localization of strongly correlated electrons in ac-driven Hubbard lattices

Hazzard, K.R.A.; Gadway, B.; Foss-Feig, M.; Yan, B.; Moses, S.A.; Covey, J.P.; Yao, N.Y.; Lukin, M.D.; Ye, J.; Jin, D.S.; Rey, A.Maria., 2014:
Many-body dynamics of dipolar molecules in an optical lattice

Türeci, H.E.; Hanl, M.; Claassen, M.; Weichselbaum, A.; Hecht, T.; Braunecker, B.; Govorov, A.; Glazman, L.; Imamoglu, A.; von Delft, J., 2011:
Many-body dynamics of exciton creation in a quantum dot by optical absorption: a quantum quench towards Kondo correlations

Zhu, Y.; Chen, S-Jie., 2015:
Many-body effect in ion binding to RNA

Yu, K.; Schmidt, J.R., 2012:
Many-body effects are essential in a physically motivated CO2 force field

Mattos, T.G.; Harnau, L.; Dietrich, S., 2013:
Many-body effects for critical Casimir forces

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Many-body effects in gain and refractive-index spectra of bulk and quantum-well semiconductor lasers

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Many-body effects in iron pnictides and chalcogenides: nonlocal versus dynamic origin of effective masses

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Many-body effects in semiconducting single-wall silicon nanotubes

Wei, W.; Dai, Y.; Huang, B.; Jacob, T., 2013:
Many-body effects in silicene, silicane, germanene and germanane

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Many-body effects in the excitation spectrum of a defect in SiC

Mai, C.; Barrette, A.; Yu, Y.; Semenov, Y.G.; Kim, K.Wook.; Cao, L.; Gundogdu, K., 2013:
Many-body effects in valleytronics: direct measurement of valley lifetimes in single-layer MoS2

Ferreira, G.J.; Freire, H.J.P.; Egues, J.Carlos., 2010:
Many-body effects on the rho(xx) ringlike structures in two-subband wells

Abdessalem, K.; Habli, Héla.; Ghalla, H.; Yaghmour, S.Jamil.; Calvo, F.; Oujia, B., 2014:
Many-body effects on the structures and stability of Ba²⁺Xe(n) (n = 1-39, 54) clusters

Merrill, J.W.; Sainis, S.K.; Dufresne, E.R., 2009:
Many-body electrostatic forces between colloidal particles at vanishing ionic strength

Chaudhari, A.; Meraj, G.Afroz.; Lee, S-Long., 2010:
Many-body energies during proton transfer in an aqueous system

Chaudret, R.; Gresh, N.; Parisel, O.; Piquemal, J-Philip., 2012:
Many-body exchange-repulsion in polarizable molecular mechanics. I. Orbital-based approximations and applications to hydrated metal cation complexes

Lee, S-Sik.; Ryu, S., 2008:
Many-body generalization of the Z2 topological invariant for the quantum spin Hall effect

Brouder, C.; Panati, G.; Stoltz, G., 2010:
Many-body green function of degenerate systems

Peleg, A.; Nguyen, Q.M.; Glenn, P., 2014:
Many-body interaction in fast soliton collisions

Khounlavong, L.; Pryamitsyn, V.; Ganesan, V., 2010:
Many-body interactions and coarse-grained simulations of structure of nanoparticle-polymer melt mixtures

Woodward, C.E.; Forsman, J., 2012:
Many-body interactions between particles in a polydisperse polymer fluid

Mezzacapo, A.; Lamata, L.; Filipp, S.; Solano, E., 2014:
Many-body interactions with tunable-coupling transmon qubits

Tomadin, A.; Mannella, R.; Wimberger, S., 2007:
Many-body interband tunneling as a witness of complex dynamics in the Bose-Hubbard model

Tanner, P.J.; Han, J.; Shuman, E.S.; Gallagher, T.F., 2008:
Many-body ionization in a frozen Rydberg gas

Kjäll, J.A.; Bardarson, J.H.; Pollmann, F., 2014:
Many-body localization in a disordered quantum Ising chain

Vosk, R.; Altman, E., 2013:
Many-body localization in one dimension as a dynamical renormalization group fixed point

Fleury, Gève.; Waintal, X., 2008:
Many-body localization study in low-density electron gases: do metals exist in two dimensions?

Delande, D.; Sacha, K., 2014:
Many-body matter-wave dark soliton

Chiesa, A.; Carretta, S.; Santini, P.; Amoretti, G.; Pavarini, E., 2013:
Many-body models for molecular nanomagnets

Principi, A.; Polini, M.; Vignale, G.; Katsnelson, M.I., 2010:
Many-body orbital paramagnetism in doped graphene sheets

Harder, E.; Mackerell, A.D.; Roux, Bît., 2010:
Many-body polarization effects and the membrane dipole potential

Lau, T.T.; Först, C.J.; Lin, X.; Gale, J.D.; Yip, S.; Van Vliet, K.J., 2007:
Many-body potential for point defect clusters in Fe-C alloys

Shepherd, J.J.; Grüneis, A., 2013:
Many-body quantum chemistry for the electron gas: convergent perturbative theories

Ben-Abdallah, P.; Biehs, S-Age.; Joulain, K., 2011:
Many-body radiative heat transfer theory

Ma, J.; Wang, X.; Gu, S-Jian., 2009:
Many-body reduced fidelity susceptibility in Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model

Guinea, F.; Katsnelson, M.I., 2014:
Many-body renormalization of the minimal conductivity in graphene

Lesanovsky, I., 2011:
Many-body spin interactions and the ground state of a dense Rydberg lattice gas

Uchida, N., 2011:
Many-body theory of synchronization by long-range interactions

Joynt, R., 1989:
Many-body theory: the fractional quantum Hall effect

Rey, A.M.; Gorshkov, A.V.; Rubbo, C., 2010:
Many-body treatment of the collisional frequency shift in fermionic atoms

DiStasio, R.A.; Gobre, V.V.; Tkatchenko, A., 2015:
Many-body van der Waals interactions in molecules and condensed matter

Buchdahl, H.A., 1985:
Many-color correction of thin doublets

Suchard, M.A.; Rambaut, A., 2009:
Many-core algorithms for statistical phylogenetics

Volotka, A.V.; Glazov, D.A.; Shabaev, V.M.; Tupitsyn, I.I.; Plunien, G., 2014:
Many-electron QED corrections to the g factor of lithiumlike ions

McDermott, S.; Greer, J.C., 2012:
Many-electron scattering applied to atomic point contacts

Haunschild, R.; Henderson, T.M.; Jiménez-Hoyos, C.A.; Scuseria, G.E., 2010:
Many-electron self-interaction and spin polarization errors in local hybrid density functionals

Luo, X.; Poon, A.W., 2010:
Many-element coupled-resonator optical waveguides using gapless-coupled microdisk resonators

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Map Of The Solar System

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Mapping a field of suppression surrounding visual stimuli

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Mapping a lateralization gradient within the ventral stream for auditory speech perception

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Mapping a model of object recognition

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Mapping a mutation in Caenorhabditis elegans using a polymerase chain reaction-based approach

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Mapping a new truth

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Mapping a world for the disabled

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