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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54306

Chapter 54306 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Castillejo, M.Angeles.; Staudinger, C.; Egelhofer, V.; Wienkoop, S., 2014:
Medicago truncatula proteomics for systems biology: novel rapid shotgun LC-MS approach for relative quantification based on full-scan selective peptide extraction (Selpex)

Farkas, A.; Maróti, G.; Durgő, H.; Györgypál, Zán.; Lima, R.M.; Medzihradszky, K.F.; Kereszt, A.; Mergaert, P.; Kondorosi, Éva., 2014:
Medicago truncatula symbiotic peptide NCR247 contributes to bacteroid differentiation through multiple mechanisms

Wright, E.; Wang, Z-Yu., 2015:
Medicago truncatula transformation using cotyledonary explants

Cosson, V.; Eschstruth, A.; Ratet, P., 2015:
Medicago truncatula transformation using leaf explants

Miao, Z.; Li, D.; Zhang, Z.; Dong, J.; Su, Z.; Wang, T., 2012:
Medicago truncatula transporter database: a comprehensive database resource for M. truncatula transporters

Sonier, J.; Boudreaux, M.H.; Blewett, L.A., 2014:
Medicaid 'welcome-mat' effect of Affordable Care Act implementation could be substantial

Miller, N.A.; Elder, K.T.; Kitchener, M.; Yu Kang; Harrington, C., 2008:
Medicaid 1915(c) waiver use and expenditures for persons living with HIV/AIDS

Hsieh, H-Min.; Bazzoli, G.J., 2013:
Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital payment: how does it impact hospitals' provision of uncompensated care?

Keepnews, D.M., 2014:
Medicaid Expansion and the Victims of Partisanship

Adams, E.Kathleen.; Herring, B., 2008:
Medicaid HMO penetration and its mix: did increased penetration affect physician participation in urban markets?

Anonymous, 2008:
Medicaid Integrity Program; eligible entity and contracting requirements for the Medicaid Integrity audit program. Final rule

Guwani, J.M.; Weech-Maldonado, R., 2004:
Medicaid Managed Care and Racial Disparities in AIDS Treatment

Daly, R., 2011:
Medicaid RAC overkill. Reviews of medical treatment worry hospitals

Anonymous, 2011:
Medicaid RACs coming your way in April

Anonymous, 2012:
Medicaid RACs--whole new ballgame

Klemm, J.D., 2000:
Medicaid Spending: A Brief History

Kitchener, M.; Ng, T.; Harrington, C., 2007:
Medicaid State Plan personal care services: trends in programs and policies

MacTaggart, P.; Foster, A.; Markus, A., 2011:
Medicaid Statistical Information System (MSIS): a data source for quality reporting for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Trudnak, T.; Kelley, D.; Zerzan, J.; Griffith, K.; Jiang, H.Joanna.; Fairbrother, G.L., 2016:
Medicaid admissions and readmissions: understanding the prevalence, payment, and most common diagnoses

Berliner, H.S., 2013:
Medicaid after the Supreme Court decision

Spitz, B., 2007:
Medicaid agencies as managed care organizations: an "actuarially sound" solution?

Knopf, A., 2011:
Medicaid amendments allow states to offer more services

Anonymous, 2013:
Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Programs: essential health benefits in alternative benefit plans, eligibility notices, fair hearing and appeal processes, and premiums and cost sharing; exchanges: eligibility and enrollment. Final rule

Hunke, P.H., 2010:
Medicaid and Frew initiatives

Kenney, G.; Rubenstein, J.; Sommers, A.; Zuckerman, S.; Blavin, F., 2008:
Medicaid and SCHIP coverage: findings from California and North Carolina

Rosenbaum, S., 2011:
Medicaid and access to health care--a proposal for continued inaction?

Rosenbaum, S., 2011:
Medicaid and access to the courts

Subramanian, S., 2015:
Medicaid and cancer disparities: the need for comprehensive research data sets

Rosenbaum, S.; MacTaggart, P.; Borzi, P.C., 2007:
Medicaid and health information: current and emerging legal issues

Sommers, B.D.; Graves, J.A.; Swartz, K.; Rosenbaum, S., 2015:
Medicaid and marketplace eligibility changes will occur often in all states; policy options can ease impact

Rosenbaum, S., 2009:
Medicaid and national health care reform

Anum, E.A.; Retchin, S.M.; Strauss, J.F., 2013:
Medicaid and preterm birth and low birth weight: the last two decades

Anum, E.A.; Retchin, S.M.; Garland, S.L.; Strauss, J.F., 2011:
Medicaid and preterm births in Virginia: an analysis of recent outcomes

Westerterp, M.; Fotakis, P.; Ouimet, M.; Bochem, A.E.; Zhang, H.; Molusky, M.M.; Wang, W.; Abramowicz, S.; la Bastide-van Gemert, S.; Wang, N.; Welch, C.L.; Reilly, M.P.; Stroes, E.S.; Moore, K.J.; Tall, A.R., 2018:
Cholesterol Efflux Pathways Suppress Inflammasome Activation, NETosis, and Atherogenesis

Burke, C., 2007:
Medicaid and state budgets: clearing storm, foggy forecast

Gorin, S.H.; Moniz, C., 2013:
Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act after the Supreme Court decision

Black, R.C.; Calvert, J., 2008:
Medicaid and the Frew agreement--a year in review

Graydon, T.Randolph., 2000:
Medicaid and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the United States

Hakim, R.B.; Boben, P.J.; Bonney, J.B., 2000:
Medicaid and the Health of Children

Sparer, M., 2009:
Medicaid and the U.S. path to national health insurance

Anonymous, 2014:
Medicaid and the children's health insurance program

Palmer, E., 1981:
Medicaid and the medical profession

Iglehart, J.K., 2011:
Medicaid at a crossroads

Anderson, K., 2008:
Medicaid at the crossroad in Ohio

Anonymous, 2011:
Medicaid audit programs rolled out by CMS

Grabowski, D.C.; Feng, Z.; Intrator, O.; Mor, V., 2010:
Medicaid bed-hold policy and Medicare skilled nursing facility rehospitalizations

Ireys, H.T.; Barrett, A.L.; Buck, J.A.; Croghan, T.W.; Au, M.; Teich, J.L., 2011:
Medicaid beneficiaries using mental health or substance abuse services in fee-for-service plans in 13 states, 2003

Esposito, D.; Bagchi, A.D.; Verdier, J.M.; Bencio, D.S.; Kim, M.S., 2010:
Medicaid beneficiaries with congestive heart failure: association of medication adherence with healthcare use and costs

Barr, P., 2012 :
Medicaid boost. Demo will expand pay for psychiatric hospitals

Anonymous, 2014:
Medicaid budgets by state

Miller, S.C.; Cohen, N.; Lima, J.C.; Mor, V., 2014:
Medicaid capital reimbursement policy and environmental artifacts of nursing home culture change

Greene, J.; Peters, E., 2009:
Medicaid consumers and informed decisionmaking

Berry, M.D., 2012:
Medicaid copayments

Miller, K.G., 2009:
Medicaid copayments. Issue brief

Tiffany, S., 2008:
Medicaid copayments. Year end issue brief

Vogt, W.B.; Joyce, G.; Xia, J.; Dirani, R.; Wan, G.; Goldman, D.P., 2012:
Medicaid cost control measures aimed at second-generation antipsychotics led to less use of all antipsychotics

Dickson, V., 2014:
Medicaid cost-sharing could reduce enrollment, experts warn

Li, C.; Dresler, C.M., 2012:
Medicaid coverage and utilization of covered tobacco-cessation treatments: the Arkansas experience

Ahluwalia, I.B.; Harrison, L.; D'Angelo, D.; Morrow, B., 2009:
Medicaid coverage before pregnancy: Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Monitoring System (PRAMS)

Casey, M.W., 2012:
Medicaid coverage for adults in North Carolina: what would a reduction in funding mean?

Land, T.; Warner, D.; Paskowsky, M.; Cammaerts, A.; Wetherell, L.; Kaufmann, R.; Zhang, L.; Malarcher, A.; Pechacek, T.; Keithly, L., 2011:
Medicaid coverage for tobacco dependence treatments in Massachusetts and associated decreases in smoking prevalence

Bleich, S.N.; Herring, B.J., 2013:
Medicaid coverage for weight loss counseling may make 'cents'

Green, L.W.; McAllister, R.G.; Peterson, K.W.; Travis, J.W., 2009:
Medicaid coverage of circumcision spreads harm to the poor

Morris, B.J.; Bailis, S.A.; Waskett, J.H.; Wiswell, T.E.; Halperin, D.T., 2009:
Medicaid coverage of newborn circumcision: a health parity right of the poor

McMenamin, S.B.; Halpin, H.Ann.; Ganiats, T.G., 2013:
Medicaid coverage of tobacco-dependence treatment for pregnant women: impact of the Affordable Care Act

Deck, D.; Wiitala, W.; McFarland, B.; Campbell, K.; Mullooly, J.; Krupski, A.; McCarty, D., 2009:
Medicaid coverage, methadone maintenance, and felony arrests: outcomes of opiate treatment in two states

Markus, A.Rossier.; Andres, E.; West, K.D.; Garro, N.; Pellegrini, C., 2013:
Medicaid covered births, 2008 through 2010, in the context of the implementation of health reform

Shub, J.L., 2014:
Medicaid covers smoking cessation counseling by dentists and hygienists

McFarland, B.H.; Collins, J.C., 2011:
Medicaid cutbacks and state psychiatric hospitalization of patients with schizophrenia

Hoppestad, B.S., 2011:
Medicaid cuts in health care for persons with developmental disabilities in Tennessee: perspective from the field

Schmitt, R.A., 2009:
Medicaid cuts: "pound foolish"

Nguyen, N.Yvonne.; Bero, L., 2013:
Medicaid drug selection committees and inadequate management of conflicts of interest

Johnson, P.; Berry, M.D., 2007:
Medicaid eligibility

Anonymous, 2012:
Medicaid eligibility tool helps uninsured learn coverage options

Berry, M.D., 2009:
Medicaid eligibility. Issue brief

Chien, L-Nien.; Adams, E.Kathleen.; Yang, Z., 2012:
Medicaid enrollment at early stage of disease: the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act in Georgia

Simon, A.E.; Schoendorf, K.C., 2014:
Medicaid enrollment gap length and number of Medicaid enrollment periods among US children

Jarlenski, M.; Bleich, S.N.; Bennett, W.L.; Stuart, E.A.; Barry, C.L., 2015:
Medicaid enrollment policy increased smoking cessation among pregnant women but had no impact on birth outcomes

Petrila, J.; Haynes, D.; Guo, J.; Fisher, W.; Dion, C.; Springer, N., 2011 :
Medicaid enrollment rates among individuals arrested in the state of Florida before and at the time of arrest

Dickson, V., 2017:
Medicaid estate-recovery programs may hamper enrollment efforts

Zur, J.; Mojtabai, R., 2013:
Medicaid expansion initiative in Massachusetts: enrollment among substance-abusing homeless adults

Raykar, N.; Mandigo, M.; Nagengast, E.; Coffron, M.; Hanks, J.B.; Meara, J.G.; Tracci, M.Clarke., 2014:
Medicaid expansion likely to affect the delivery of surgical care

Knopf, A., 2013:
Medicaid expansion means more managed care

Iglehart, J., 2012:
Medicaid expansion offers solutions, challenges

Graves, J.A., 2013:
Medicaid expansion opt-outs and uncompensated care

Garfield, R.L.; Damico, A., 2012:
Medicaid expansion under health reform may increase service use and improve access for low-income adults with diabetes

Lyon, S.M.; Douglas, I.S.; Cooke, C.R., 2015:
Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Implications for insurance-related disparities in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep

Goozner, M., 2013:
Medicaid expansion's tax implications. Opponents should consider fairest way to pay for healthcare

Sommers, B.D.; Epstein, A.M., 2010 :
Medicaid expansion--the soft underbelly of health care reform?

Tsai, J.; Rosenheck, R.A.; Culhane, D.P.; Artiga, S., 2014:
Medicaid expansion: chronically homeless adults will need targeted enrollment and access to a broad range of services

Somers, S.A.; Nicolella, E.; Hamblin, A.; McMahon, S.M.; Heiss, C.; Brockmann, B.W., 2016:
Medicaid expansion: considerations for states regarding newly eligible jail-involved individuals

Carroll, A.E.; Frakt, A.B., 2013:
Medicaid expansion: good for children, their parents, and providers

Hahn, J.A.; Sheingold, B.Helen., 2014:
Medicaid expansion: the dynamic health care policy landscape

DeLeire, T.; Lopoo, L.M.; Simon, K.I., 2012:
Medicaid expansions and fertility in the United States

Leininger, L.Jeanne., 2010:
Medicaid expansions and the insurance coverage of poor teenagers

Wilensky, G.R., 2013:
Medicaid expansions--will they or won't they?

Anonymous, 2012:
Medicaid expenditures by state. Ranked by fiscal 2010 expenditures ($ in millions)

El-Gheriani, A.A.; Ehrmantrout, Z.P.; Oesterle, L.J.; Berg, R.; Wilkerson, D.C., 2007:
Medicaid expenditures for orthodontic services

Raghavan, R.; Brown, D.S.; Thompson, H.; Ettner, S.L.; Clements, L.M.; Key, W., 2012 :
Medicaid expenditures on psychotropic medications for children in the child welfare system

Raghavan, R.; Brown, D.S.; Allaire, B.T.; Garfield, L.D.; Ross, R.E., 2015:
Medicaid expenditures on psychotropic medications for maltreated children: a study of 36 States

Wherry, L.R., 2013:
Medicaid family planning expansions and related preventive care

Walker, M.A.; Osterhaus, J.E., 2010:
Medicaid fee for service reimbursement and the delivery of human services for individuals with developmental disabilities or severe mental illness: negotiating cost

Peters, C.Provost., 2009:
Medicaid financing: how the FMAP formula works and why it falls short

Anonymous, 2013:
Medicaid formularies manage conflicts of interest poorly

Reinke, T., 2014:
Medicaid fosters innovations in treatment of mental illness

Nixon, J.W., 2008:
Medicaid fraud law

Kacanek, D.; Dennis, A.; Miller, K.; Blanchard, K., 2010:
Medicaid funding for abortion: providers' experiences with cases involving rape, incest and life endangerment

Ng, T.; Stone, J.; Harrington, C., 2015:
Medicaid home and community-based services: how consumer access is restricted by state policies

Anonymous, 2014:
Medicaid home care: adjusting to the changes successfully

Meghea, C.I.; Raffo, J.E.; Zhu, Q.; Roman, L., 2014:
Medicaid home visitation and maternal and infant healthcare utilization

Harrington, C.; Ng, T.; Laplante, M.; Kaye, H.Stephen., 2012:
Medicaid home- and community-based services: impact of the affordable care act

Murphy, K.K., 2012:
Medicaid in South Dakota: update for physicians

Loh, K., 1980:
Medicaid in california

Pentecost, M.J., 2013:
Medicaid in the spotlight

Brockmann, R.O., 1980:
Medicaid in washington state

Blumenthal, K.J.; Saulsgiver, K.A.; Norton, L.; Troxel, A.B.; Anarella, J.P.; Gesten, F.C.; Chernew, M.E.; Volpp, K.G., 2014:
Medicaid incentive programs to encourage healthy behavior show mixed results to date and should be studied and improved

Taubman, S.L.; Allen, H.L.; Wright, B.J.; Baicker, K.; Finkelstein, A.N., 2014:
Medicaid increases emergency-department use: evidence from Oregon's Health Insurance Experiment

Friedman, R.H., 2007:
Medicaid information technology architecture: an overview

Lakin, K.Charlie.; Prouty, R.; Alba, K., 2007:
Medicaid institutional and home and community-based services expenditures for persons with ID/DD within the overall Medicaid program

Erde, J.B., 2011:
Medicaid integrity program: what you need to know

Anonymous, 2007:
Medicaid integrity program; limitation on contractor liability. Final rule

Taylor, M., 2007:
Medicaid is the new Medicare

Slade, E.P.; Wissow, L.S.; Davis, M.; Abrams, M.T.; Dixon, L.B., 2014:
Medicaid lapses and low-income young adults' receipt of outpatient mental health care after an inpatient stay

Sorrel, A.Lynn., 2015:
Medicaid makeover

Ortolon, K., 2016:
Medicaid makeover: state begins multiple efforts to boost medicaid access

Burns, M.E., 2009:
Medicaid managed care and cost containment in the adult disabled population

Burns, M.E., 2009:
Medicaid managed care and health care access for adult beneficiaries with disabilities

Tang, M.H.; Hill, K.S.; Boudreau, A.A.; Yucel, R.M.; Perrin, J.M.; Kuhlthau, K.A., 2008:
Medicaid managed care and the unmet need for mental health care among children with special health care needs

Burns, M.; Long, S., 2012:
Medicaid managed care for elderly, disabled populations

Willging, C.E.; Waitzkin, H.; Nicdao, E., 2008:
Medicaid managed care for mental health services: the survival of safety net institutions in rural settings

Charlson, M.E.; Wells, M.T.; Kanna, B.; Dunn, V.; Michelen, W., 2015:
Medicaid managed care: how to target efforts to reduce costs

Hall, J.P.; Kurth, N.K.; Chapman, S.L.C.; Shireman, T.I., 2015:
Medicaid managed care: issues for beneficiaries with disabilities

Smith, R.B.; Cheung, R.; Owens, P.; Wilson, R.Mark.; Simpson, L., 2007:
Medicaid markets and pediatric patient safety in hospitals

Viola, A., 2011:
Medicaid measures open for comment

West, J.C.; Rae, D.S.; Huskamp, H.A.; Rubio-Stipec, M.; Regier, D.A., 2011:
Medicaid medication access problems and increased psychiatric hospital and emergency care

Parker, J.A., 2008:
Medicaid mess a matter of access

Raths, D., 2014:
Medicaid now driving many state HIE agendas CMS funding for HIE development is available if tied to Medicaid needs

Swan, J.H.; Kitchener, M.; Harrington, C., 2009:
Medicaid nursing facility rates, capacity, and utilization: a structural analysis

Arling, G.; Job, C.; Cooke, V., 2009:
Medicaid nursing home pay for performance: where do we stand?

Grabowski, D.C.; Zhanlian Feng; Mor, V., 2008:
Medicaid nursing home payment and the role of provider taxes

Evans, M., 2011:
Medicaid on chopping block. New York governor proposes large cuts to help erase budget deficit

Sommers, B.D.; Gordon, S.; Somers, S.; Ingram, C.; Epstein, A.M., 2014:
Medicaid on the eve of expansion: a survey of state Medicaid officials on the Affordable Care Act

Al Agili, D.E.; Pass, M.Ann.; Bronstein, J.M.; Lockwood, S.A., 2007:
Medicaid participation by private dentists in Alabama

Raven, M.C.; Billings, J.C.; Goldfrank, L.R.; Manheimer, E.D.; Gourevitch, M.N., 2009:
Medicaid patients at high risk for frequent hospital admission: real-time identification and remediable risks

Valentine, A.Edward.; Inglehart, M.R., 2011:
Medicaid patients in dental school clinics: do personal and professional experiences matter?

Rothkopf, J.; Brookler, K.; Wadhwa, S.; Sajovetz, M., 2011:
Medicaid patients seen at federally qualified health centers use hospital services less than those seen by private providers

Manthous, C.A.; Grewal, Y.; Sofair, A.N., 2012:
Medicaid patients' access to subspecialty ambulatory care in connecticut

Grewal, Y.; Sofair, A.; Guevara, M.; Manthous, C.A., 2011:
Medicaid patients' access to subspecialty care in Connecticut: teaching clinics questionnaire

Anonymous, 2010 :
Medicaid payer mix varies widely by state

Browne, J.A.; Novicoff, W.M.; D'Apuzzo, M.R., 2015:
Medicaid payer status is associated with in-hospital morbidity and resource utilization following primary total joint arthroplasty

Peters, C.Provost., 2010:
Medicaid payment for generic drugs: achieving savings and access

Decker, S.L., 2011:
Medicaid payment levels to dentists and access to dental care among children and adolescents

Pawaskar, M.; Burch, S.; Seiber, E.; Nahata, M.; Iaconi, A.; Balkrishnan, R., 2010:
Medicaid payment mechanisms: impact on medication adherence and health care service utilization in type 2 diabetes enrollees

Feng, Z.; Grabowski, D.C.; Intrator, O.; Zinn, J.; Mor, V., 2007:
Medicaid payment rates, case-mix reimbursement, and nursing home staffing--1996-2004

Morrissey, B., 2013:
Medicaid payments for primary care services in 2013-2014

Elliott, T.R.; Patnaik, A.; Naiser, E.; Fournier, C.J.; McMaughan, D.K.; Dyer, J.A.; Phillips, C.D., 2015:
Medicaid personal care services for children with intellectual disabilities: what assistance is provided? When is assistance provided?

Rosen, D.L.; Dumont, D.M.; Cislo, A.M.; Brockmann, B.W.; Traver, A.; Rich, J.D., 2014:
Medicaid policies and practices in US state prison systems

Cuellar, A.Evans.; Markowitz, S., 2008:
Medicaid policy changes in mental health care and their effect on mental health outcomes

Borrero, S.; Zite, N.; Potter, J.E.; Trussell, J., 2014:
Medicaid policy on sterilization--anachronistic or still relevant?

Ketcham, J.D.; Epstein, A.J., 2007:
Medicaid preferred drug lists' costs to physicians

Murawski, M.M., 2008:
Medicaid preferred drug lists: a success story?

Farley, J.F., 2010:
Medicaid prescription cost containment and schizophrenia: a retrospective examination

West, J.C.; Wilk, J.E.; Rae, D.S.; Muszynski, I.S.; Stipec, M.Rubio.; Alter, C.L.; Sanders, K.E.; Crystal, S.; Regier, D.A., 2009:
Medicaid prescription drug policies and medication access and continuity: findings from ten states

Farley, J.F.; Dusetzina, S.B., 2010:
Medicaid prescription drug utilization and expenditures following Part D

Atherly, A.; Mortensen, K., 2014:
Medicaid primary care physician fees and the use of preventive services among Medicaid enrollees

Morden, N.E.; Zerzan, J.T.; Rue, T.C.; Heagerty, P.J.; Roughead, E.E.; Soumerai, S.B.; Ross-Degnan, D.; Sullivan, S.D., 2008:
Medicaid prior authorization and controlled-release oxycodone

Goldman, D.; Fastenau, J.; Dirani, R.; Helland, E.; Joyce, G.; Conrad, R.; Lakdawalla, D., 2016:
Medicaid prior authorization policies and imprisonment among patients with schizophrenia

Anonymous, 2010:
Medicaid program and Children's Health Insurance program (CHIP); revisions to the Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control and Payment Error Rate Measurement programs. Final rule

Anonymous, 2007:
Medicaid program and State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP); payment error rate measurement. Final rule

Comlossy, M., 2013:
Medicaid program integrity: fighting fraud, waste, and abuse

Anonymous, 2009:
Medicaid program: rescission of School-Based Administration/Transportation final rule, Outpatient Hospital Services final rule, and partial rescission of Case Management Interim final rule. Final rule

Anonymous, 2010:
Medicaid program: state flexibility for Medicaid benefit packages and premiums and cost sharing. Final rule

Anonymous, 2012:
Medicaid program; Community First Choice option. Final rule

Anonymous, 2007:
Medicaid program; citizenship documentation requirements. Final rule

Anonymous, 2009:
Medicaid program; clarification of outpatient hospital facility (including outpatient hospital clinic) services definition. Final rule

Anonymous, 2007:
Medicaid program; cost limit for providers operated by units of government and provisions to ensure the integrity of federal-state financial partnership. Final rule with comment period

Anonymous, 2011:
Medicaid program; cost limit for providers operated by units of government and provisions to ensure the integrity of federal-state financial partnership. Final rule; implementation of court orders

Anonymous, 2009:
Medicaid program; disproportionate share hospital payments. Final rule

Anonymous, 2012:
Medicaid program; eligibility changes under the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Final rule, Interim final rule

Anonymous, 2008:
Medicaid program; elimination of reimbursement under Medicaid for school administration expenditures and costs related to transportation of school-age children between home and school. Final rule

Anonymous, 2011:
Medicaid program; federal funding for Medicaid eligibility determination and enrollment activities. Final rule

Anonymous, 2008:
Medicaid program; health care-related taxes

Anonymous, 2009:
Medicaid program; health care-related taxes. Final rule

Anonymous, 2013:
Medicaid program; increased Federal Medical Assistance Percentage changes under the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Final rule with request for comments

Anonymous, 2008:
Medicaid program; multiple source drug definition. Final rule

Anonymous, 2011:
Medicaid program; payment adjustment for provider-preventable conditions including health care-acquired conditions. Final rule

Anonymous, 2012:
Medicaid program; payments for services furnished by certain primary care physicians and charges for vaccine administration under the Vaccines for Children program. Final rule

Anonymous, 2009:
Medicaid program; premiums and cost sharing. Final rule

Anonymous, 2010:
Medicaid program; premiums and cost sharing. Final rule with comment period

Anonymous, 2009:
Medicaid program; premiums and cost sharing. Final rule; delay of effective data and reopening of comment period

Anonymous, 2009:
Medicaid program; premiums and cost sharing. Final rule; delay of effective date and reopening of comment period

Anonymous, 2007:
Medicaid program; prescription drugs. Final rule with comment period

Anonymous, 2011:
Medicaid program; recovery audit contractors. Final rule

Anonymous, 2012:
Medicaid program; review and approval process for Section 1115 demonstrations. Final rule

Anonymous, 2008:
Medicaid program; self-directed personal assistance services program State Plan option (cash and counseling). Final rule

Anonymous, 2013:
Medicaid program; state disproportionate share hospital allotment reductions. Final rule

Anonymous, 2009:
Medicaid program; state flexibility for Medicaid benefit packages

Anonymous, 2014:
Medicaid program; state plan home and community-based services, 5-year period for waivers, provider payment reassignment, and home and community-based setting requirements for Community First Choice and home and community-based services (HCBS) waivers. Final rule

Anonymous, 2010:
Medicaid program; withdrawal of determination of average manufacturer prices, multiple source drug definition, and upper limits for multiple source drugs. Final rule

Anonymous, 2007:
Medicaid programs find opportunities for improvement in complex patient populations

Anonymous, 2007:
Medicaid programs reveal ways to better manage asthma patients

Bercaw, D.M., 2011:
Medicaid proposals off target

Chase, E.C.; McMenamin, S.B.; Halpin, H.Ann., 2007:
Medicaid provider delivery of the 5A's for smoking cessation counseling

Miller, K.G., 2009:
Medicaid provider tax. Issue brief

Tiffany, S., 2008:
Medicaid provider tax. Year end issue brief

Pellegrini, L.C.; Rodriguez-Monguio, R., 2015:
Medicaid provisions and the US mental health industry composition

Hinchey, W.W., 2009:
Medicaid rate hike an enormous opportunity

Bindman, A.B.; Chattopadhyay, A.; Auerback, G.M., 2008:
Medicaid re-enrollment policies and children's risk of hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions

Traynor, K., 2013:
Medicaid reform causes major 340B program changes in Illinois

Wilensky, S.; Rosenbaum, S., 2005:
Medicaid reform: implications for the health care safety net

Milgrom, P.; Lee, R.S-Y.; Huebner, C.E.; Conrad, D.A., 2010:
Medicaid reforms in Oregon and suboptimal utilization of dental care by women of childbearing age

Cossman, J.S.; Ritchie, J.B.; Cosby, A.G., 2007:
Medicaid reimbursement and access to physicians: does lower reimbursement mean less access to care?

Huber, T.J., 2011:
Medicaid reimbursement cuts threaten access to care

Tsao, T-Yu.; Yunzal-Butler, C.; Sackoff, J.; Kaplan, D., 2015:
Medicaid reimbursement for immediate post-abortion provision of long-acting reversible contraception reduces both unintended pregnancies and health care expenditures

Fussell, H.E.; Rieckmann, T.R.; Quick, M.Beth., 2011:
Medicaid reimbursement for screening and brief intervention for substance misuse

McManus, M.A.; Levtov, R.; White, K.R.; Forsman, I.; Foust, T.; Thompson, M., 2010:
Medicaid reimbursement of hearing services for infants and young children

Haack, M.R.; Alemi, F.Farrokh., 2013:
Medicaid reimbursement of primary care providers for treatment of substance use disorders

Berry, M.D., 2009:
Medicaid reimbursement. Issue brief

Miller, K.G., 2009:
Medicaid restructuring. Issue brief

Anonymous, 2008:
Medicaid restructuring. Year end issue brief

Sorrel, A.Lynn., 2015:
Medicaid roadblocks

Gavin, N.I.; Kuo, M.; Adams, E.Kathleen.; Ayadi, M.Femi.; Gilbert, B.Colley., 2005:
Medicaid service use and program costs for pregnant teens

Johnson, P.; Berry, M.D.; Larsen, B., 2007:
Medicaid services

Miller, K.G., 2009:
Medicaid services. Issue brief

Anonymous, 2008:
Medicaid services. Year end issue brief

Laliberté, Fçois.; Lefebvre, P.; Law, A.; Duh, M.Sheng.; Pocoski, J.; Lynen, R.; Darney, P., 2014:
Medicaid spending on contraceptive coverage and pregnancy-related care

Hacquebord, J.; Cizik, A.M.; Malempati, S.Harsha.; Konodi, M.A.; Bransford, R.J.; Bellabarba, C.; Chapman, J.; Lee, M.J., 2014:
Medicaid status is associated with higher complication rates after spine surgery

Manoso, M.W.; Cizik, A.M.; Bransford, R.J.; Bellabarba, C.; Chapman, J.; Lee, M.J., 2016:
Medicaid status is associated with higher surgical site infection rates after spine surgery

Evans, M., 2012:
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Medical Advice to the Public

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Medical Aid from the United States

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Medical Aid to the Aged

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Medical Assistance to the Aged

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Medical Assistants

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Medical Association at Brentford

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Medical Association of the Croatian Coast and Gorski kotar

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Medical Attendance On Discharged Soldiers

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Medical Audits In Hospitals

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Medical Books

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Medical Candidates At The General Election

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Medical Charity

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Medical Clubs And Societies

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Medical College Hospital, Calcutta

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Medical College's progress a positive for Wisconsin

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Medical Contracting By Wholesale

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Medical Corps Colonel Dr Dragutin S. Petković, the first director of the Pasteur's Institute in the town of Nis

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Medical Corps Of The United States Navy

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Medical Corps of the French Navy in the port of Toulon during 19th century

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Medical Costs-How Health Insurance and Group Medicine May Lower Medical Costs

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Medical Council in India

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Medical Council of India - the debate goes on

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Medical Council of India : the rot within

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Medical Council of India and the Indian Medical Association: uneasy relations

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Medical Council of India in constitutional crisis

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Medical Council of India is corrupt, says health minister

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Medical Council of India recommends removal of 25 doctors from medical register for falsely claiming to be faculty members

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Medical Coöperation with the Fort Green Industrial Health Committee

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Medical DNA sequencing

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Medical Deans Static

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Medical Deans and Discrimination

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Medical Decisions Made by Surrogates for Persons with Advanced Dementia within Weeks or Months of Death

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Medical Defence

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Medical Defence Union

Dyer, C., 2011:
Medical Defence Union questions value of prosecuting doctors for manslaughter

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Medical Defence Union, Limited

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Medical Defence Union: Annual General Meeting

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Medical Defence Union: Annual Meeting

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Medical Defence Union: The Annual Report

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Medical Defence: Extraordinary General Meeting of the British Medical Association

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Medical Defence: The British Medical Association and the Medical Defence Union

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Medical Defense And Indemnity Defense

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Medical Defense And Insurance Companies

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Medical Defense Discussion

Anonymous, 1915:
Medical Defense Results

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Medical Defense Rules And The Legal Department

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Medical Democracy at Work

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Medical Deontology towards medical students, our colleagues and our patients. About meetings, medical journals, candidacy for higher posts and the "silent" society

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Medical Department Records, Morbidity Reports, and Vital Statistics of the Navy

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Medical Department problems in cold weather operations

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Medical Department training program

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Medical Department's in State Libraries

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Medical Departments in Public Libraries

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Medical Departments in Rate Supported Public Libraries

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Medical Device Manufacturing and Medical Device Reports (MDR)

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Medical Devices: Should They Be Cleared before Marketing?

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Medical Devices; general and plastic surgery devices; classification of contact cooling system for aesthetic use. Final rule

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Medical Diploma Mill In Illinois-Has California A Branch Office?

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Medical Director Responsibilities to the ESRD Network

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Medical Discipline

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Medical Discipline.-the Power of Expulsion

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Medical Economics (and Politics)

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Medical Economics Articles In This Number Of California And Western Medicine

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Medical Economics-A Vexed Question In American Medical And Hospital Organizations

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Medical Education

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Medical Education And Practice In America

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Medical Education and Related Problems in Europe

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Medical Education And The Examination Fetish

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Medical Education At University College, London

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Medical Education By Newspapers

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Medical Education Corner Reforming Asian psychiatry-Facing the educational gap

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Medical Education In America: The Commission's Findings

Anonymous, 1930:
Medical Education In Burma

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Medical Education In Europe

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Medical Education In London And Professor Von Muller

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Medical Education in the United States

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Medical Education in the United States

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Medical Education In The United States And Canada

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Medical Education Loans

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Medical Education of Present and Near Future

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Medical Education Of Women

Anonymous, 1929:
Medical Education Of Women: Report Of The University Of London Committee

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Medical Education and Medical Practice

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Medical Education and the Ontario Medical Association

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Medical Education as It Should Be

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Medical Education for 1980

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Medical Education for Equitable Services for All Ugandans (MESAU) consortium: development and achievements

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Medical Education for Exploration Class Missions NASA Aerospace Medicine Elective at the Kennedy Space Centre

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Medical Education for Minority Groups

Anonymous, 1927:
Medical Education for the World Universal

Anonymous, 1904:
Medical Education in America

Anonymous, 1955:
Medical Education in Canada

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Medical Education in China

Anonymous, 1894:
Medical Education in Egypt

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Medical Education in Italy

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Medical Education in Sheffield in the Queen's Reign

Anonymous, 1939:
Medical Education in War Time

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Medical Education in our Time [Synopsis

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Medical Education in the Far East: The Chinese Imperial Medical College

Anonymous, 1940:
Medical Education in the U.S.A

Anonymous, 1940:
Medical Education in the United States

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Medical Education is on the Move once more

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Medical Education of Women: Degrees, Diplomas, and Schools

Anonymous, 1896:
Medical Education of Women: Qualifications for Female Practitioners

Anonymous, 1894:
Medical Education of Women: The Qualification of Female Physicians

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Medical Education of Women: The Qualification of Female Practitioners

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Medical Education of the Public

Anonymous, 1959:
Medical Education-A Compromise

Anonymous, 1929:
Medical Education-Viewpoints Of Two California Deans

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Medical Education: a Review of some Modern Methods

Anonymous, 1966:
Medical Education: Closed-circuit Television between Medical Schools

Anonymous, 1966:
Medical Education: Four-way Audio Link Programme

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Medical Education: General Medical Council

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Medical Education: Interns and Residents

Christie, R.W., 1964:
Medical Education: Open Minds and Fragmentation

Anonymous, 1868:
Medical Education: Out-Patient Hospital Practice

Anonymous, 1966:
Medical Education: Teach-in on Medical Education

Anonymous, 1959:
Medical Educators at Chicago

Bowman, R.L., 1963:
Medical Electronics

Anonymous, 1965:
Medical Electronics Symposium at Brighton

Anonymous, 1906:
Medical Emergencies And Public Authorities

Widgren, B.R.; Jourak, M., 2008:
Medical Emergency Triage and Treatment System (METTS): a new protocol in primary triage and secondary priority decision in emergency medicine

Davison, R., 1964:
Medical Emigration from Canada

Terry, W.I., 1913:
Medical Endowment for the University of California

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Cholesterol impairs autophagy-mediated clearance of amyloid beta while promoting its secretion

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Medical English as a foreign language - there can be no more excuses!

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Medical English in medical school: the French experience

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Medical Enlistments

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Medical Equipment for Britain

Anonymous, 1915:
Medical Errors And Education

Anonymous, 1923:
Medical Ethics Not Changed By Elections

Anonymous, 1935:
Medical Ethics and New Methods of Practice

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Medical Ethics in Libya; doctors are urged to develop a "culture of evaluation and monitoring"

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Medical Ethics in San Francisco

Anonymous, 1960:
Medical Ethics-Up or Down?

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Medical Ethnobotany in Europe: From Field Ethnography to a More Culturally Sensitive Evidence-Based CAM?

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Medical Etiquette

Anonymous, 1965:
Medical Evidence

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Medical Evidence at Inquests

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Medical Evidence in Intoxication

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Medical Evidence in Railway Accidents

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Medical Examination Of Civilian Aviators

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Medical Examination Of Egyptian Mummies

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Medical Examination of School Children

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Medical Examination of Trainees

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Medical Examinations

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Medical Examinations-When Required by Law

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Medical Examiners' Association

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Medical Exhibits at the Chicago Century of Progress Fair-Their Lessons and Value

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Medical Experts

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Medical Explorers of Arabia

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Medical Facts and Fallacies

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Medical Faculty of the University of the Punjab

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Medical Fakirs

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Medical Family Therapists in Action: Embracing Multiple Roles

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Medical Fee Schedule

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Medical Fee Splitting in New York

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Medical Fees in the Colonial Period

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Medical Fellowships Of The National Research Council

Anonymous, 1943:
Medical Fellowships Of The National Research Council

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Medical Fiction

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Medical Folk-lore

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Medical Future of the Colonies

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Medical Genetics and Public Health

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Medical Geography and Geographic Medicine

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Medical Geology and Geography

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Medical Graduates' College And Polyclinic

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Medical Group Practice in California

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Medical Gymnastics in Early Myocardial Incompetence

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Medical History and Trends of Psychoanalysis

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Medical History Of California And Elsewhere

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Medical History Of The War

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Medical History Repositories: A Suggestion

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Medical History in the United States

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Medical History: A matter of no importance

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Medical History: Sale of Practice

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Medical Hospital Bookkeeping

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Medical Hyderabad

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Medical Hydrology In Portugal

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Medical IT-ization and development of pharmacists business

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Medical Illumination

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Medical Inspection And After

Anonymous, 1909:
Medical Inspection And After: Medical Treatment Of School Children In London

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Medical Inspection And Feeding Of School Children

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Medical Inspection of Industries

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Medical Inspection of Prisoners at San Quentin with Report of Case of Tinea Versicolor

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Medical Inspection Of School Children In Germany

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Medical Inspection of Schools: Report to the Canadian Medical Association

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Medical Inspection of Schools: some Notes on Organization

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Medical Inspection and After: Medical Treatment of Children in London

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Medical Inspection in Schools: the Gloucestershire Scheme

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Medical Inspection of Elementary School Children

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Medical Inspection of School Children

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Medical Inspection of Schools

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Medical Inspection of Schools in the United States

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Medical Institute of Scientific Publications

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Medical Instrumentation

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Medical Insurance Agency

Anonymous, 2013:
Medical Insurance Conference 2013 of the German Association of Insurance Science

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Medical Insurance Examination Fees

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Medical Insurance in Germany

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Medical Issues In Great Britain

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Medical Items in California Press

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Medical Journal Impact Factor 2013: ongoing task of getting the right balance

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Medical Journal and IJA Publication in India

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Medical Journalism in the United States

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Cholesterol-Induced Conformational Changes Drive Smoothened Activation

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Medical Journalism. X: The Goals of Everyman

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Medical Journals

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Medical Journals for Military Colleagues

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Medical Jurisprudence

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Medical Jurisprudence: A Physician Has No Authority to Engage Another Physician For a Patient Which He is Attending in the Absence of Express Authority From the Patient

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Medical Jurisprudence: Application Of Statute Of Limitations In A Malpractice Action

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Medical Jurisprudence: Birth Certificates

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Medical Jurisprudence: California Statutes Pertaining To Issuance Of Reciprocity License To Practice Medicine And Surgery

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Medical Jurisprudence: Compensation For Professional Services Rendered

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Medical Jurisprudence: Consent To The Performance Of Operations-Incompetent Adults-Restoration To Competency

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Medical Jurisprudence: Contracts for the Maintenance of a Physician's Practice While He is in Military Service

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Medical Jurisprudence: Evidence of Malpractice

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Medical Jurisprudence: Hospitals-Res Ipsa Loquitur

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Medical Jurisprudence: Hospitals: Districts; Constitutionality Of The Local Hospital District Law

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Medical Jurisprudence: Hospitals: Liability-Degree Of Care

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Medical Jurisprudence: Hospitals: Negligent Care of Patient Following An Operation; Failure to Discover Presence or Prevent Development of Tetanus

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Medical Jurisprudence: Importance of Keeping Complete Notes

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Medical Jurisprudence: Interpretation of the Business and Professions Code Pertaining to a Hearing for Reinstatement of a Doctor Whose License Has Been Revoked

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Medical Jurisprudence: Malpractice-Sufficiency Of Evidence From Which A Jury May Draw Conclusions

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Medical Jurisprudence: Malpractice: Degree Of Skill Required Of A Surgeon: Acts Constituting Negligence In Treatment

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Medical Jurisprudence: Malpractice: Sufficiency of Evidence: Degree of Skill Required of a Physician

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Medical Jurisprudence: Malpractice; Sufficiency of Evidence; Correctness of Diagnosis

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Medical Jurisprudence: Malpractice; Sufficiency Of Evidence; Qualifications Of Physician Testifying As Expert Witness

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Medical Jurisprudence: Negligence: Res Ipsa Loquitur

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Medical Jurisprudence: Operations Upon Persons Legally Incompetent To Consent; Restoration To Capacity To Consent

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Medical Jurisprudence: Part II: Privileged Communications Between Physician and Patient in California

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Medical Jurisprudence: Physicians - Res Ipsa Loquitur - Brief History Application In General

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Medical Jurisprudence: Physicians-Malpractice-Standard Of Care And Skill

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Medical Jurisprudence: Practice of Medicine; Delegation of Duties

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Medical Jurisprudence: Privileged Communications Between Physician and Patient in California

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Medical Jurisprudence: Qualifications to be an Expert Witness

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Medical Jurisprudence: Tax Provisions of the Federal Social Security Act and the California Unemployment Insurence Law

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Medical Jurisprudence: Unauthorized Treatment-Scope Of Consent

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Medical Jurisprudence: Vasectomy and Salpingectomy For Contraceptive Purposes

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Medical Laboratories: their Relations to Medical Practise and to Medical Discovery

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Medical Laws

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Medical Laws of California

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Medical Laws and the Influences that Mold Them

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Medical Lectures At The Harvard Medical School

Anonymous, 1938:
Medical Lectures On Fitness

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Medical Legislation

Anonymous, 1888:
Medical Legislation In New York

Anonymous, 1917:
Medical Legislation Still Threatening

Anonymous, 1928:
Medical Legislation in Alberta

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Medical Legislation in California

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Medical Legislation-Further Comments

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Medical Legislation: Memorial to the Right Honourable Sir George Grey, Bart., M.P

Anonymous, 1848:
Medical Legislation: Proposed Clauses of a New Bill

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Medical Libraries

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Medical Libraries Proper, or Medical Departments in General Libraries.-Which?

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Medical Libraries in Approved Hospitals for Negroes

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Medical Libraries in Hospitals

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Medical Libraries in Smaller Cities

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Medical Libraries of California: Packet Service

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Medical Libraries, Medical Publishers and the Medical Profession

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Medical Libraries: Part I

Farrow, M.S., 1935:
Medical Libraries: Part II

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Medical Licensure

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Medical Licensure in California: Twenty Years Ago and Today

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Medical Licensure of Non-Medical Doctors

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Medical Licensure and Medical Boards in Upper Canada

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Medical Licensure in Retrospect

Anonymous, 1910:
Medical Machines

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Medical Main Street--shaping a health science cluster in Oakland County

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Medical Male Students in Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship: Are they Guilty?

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Medical Malpractice: duty of care may arise from informal contact. Rindsberg v. Neacsu, No. A12A0359 (Ct. App. Ga. July 12, 2012)

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Medical Man-power

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Medical Management of Cerebral Vasospasm following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Review of Current and Emerging Therapeutic Interventions

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Medical Management of Duodenal Ulcer

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Medical Management of Peptic Ulcer

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Medical Management of Recurrent ENT Problems in Childhood

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Medical Manners

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Medical Marijuana programs: implications for cannabis control policy--observations from Canada

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Medical Mayors

Anonymous, 1928:
Medical Members Of Local Public Bodies

Anonymous, 1922:
Medical Members Of The New Parliament

Anonymous, 1964:
Medical Members of Parliament

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Medical Memorial: Sir James Young Simpson (1811-1870)

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Medical Men And The Law Of Rating

Anonymous, 1903:
Medical Men And The Midwives Act Of 1902

Anonymous, 1916:
Medical Men Open Health Insurance Campaign

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Medical Men and Narcotics

Cleveland, D.E., 1929:
Medical Men and Postage Stamps

Anonymous, 1842:
Medical Men and the Assessed Taxes: Bachelor of Medicine.-First Examination.-1842. Pass Examination

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Medical Men and the English Bar

Anonymous, 1842:
Medical Men and the Income Tax

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Medical Men and the Law

Anonymous, 1926:
Medical Men and the Lay Press: Discussion at Hunterian Society

Anonymous, 1928:
Medical Men and the Narcotic Act

Anonymous, 1899:
Medical Men as Witnesses

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Medical Men: their Place and Influence in the State

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Medical Meteorology

Anonymous, 1964:
Medical Migration

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Medical Military Experiences

Sherman, H.M., 1917:
Medical Military Matters in California

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Medical Military Preparedness

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Medical Milk Commissions and the Importance of a Pure Milk Supply

Anonymous, 1898:
Medical Missionary Loan Exhibition in Edinburgh

Anonymous, 1885:
Medical Missionary Work In China

Anonymous, 1895:
Medical Missions

Anonymous, 1918:
Medical Mobilization

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Medical Moneyball: a model for academic pediatric growth

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Medical Museums

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Cholesterol-Induced Formation of Liquid Ordered Phase-Like Structures in Non-Phospholipid Systems

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Medical Mysticism

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Medical Mythology: an introduction to a new section

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Medical Necessity and the Debate over [Expletive Deleted] Care

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Medical Nomenclature

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Medical Notes Taken in South America

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Medical Notes from America

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Medical Notes from the Imperial Yeomanry Hospital at Pretoria

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Medical Notes from the Wars

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Medical Notes on Camp Buchenwald in 1944-45

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Medical Notes with the Mashonaland Field Force

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Medical Nutrition Therapy based on Nutrition Intervention for a Patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Medical Officers Dismissed in Highland Counties

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Medical Officers In Industry Over-Seas: Conference In London

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Medical Officers Of Health At Dinner: The Minister On His Obligation To The Service

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Medical Officers Of Industrial Schools

Anonymous, 1844:
Medical Officers and Poor-Law Unions

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Medical Officers of Health and Public Elementary Schools

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Medical Officers of Schools Association

Anonymous, 1900:
Medical Officers to School Boards

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Medical Olympians

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Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST): honoring patient preferences across the continuum of care

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Medical Organization

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Medical Organization in the Field

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Medical Organization, with Special Reference to the Transportation of Wounded, in Open Warfare

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Medical Organizations Assume Leadership

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Medical Organizations in Ontario and the Present Necessity: Annual Address of the President of the Ontario Medical Association

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Medical Orthoepy

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Medical PG seats being sold! The conundrum of privatized medical education

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Medical Paper-Backs

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Medical Paris of To - Day

Hart, E., 1889:
Medical Paris of To - Day: Notes Made in December, 1888

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Medical Participation in Public Health Work

Anonymous, 1950:
Medical Patenting

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Medical Paternalism and Patient Autonomy; the dualism doctors contend with.

Anonymous, 1917:
Medical Patriotism And The State Society

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Medical Pearl: confirming the diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum using 10% potassium hydroxide

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Medical Pearl: the evaluation of perioral dermatitis: Use of an extended patch test series

Anonymous, 1936:
Medical Periodical Literature

Anonymous, 1935:
Medical Periodicals: Professor Bulloch's Schorstein Lecture

Anonymous, 1965:
Medical Physics

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Medical Physics Practice Guidelines - the AAPM's minimum practice recommendations for medical physicists

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Medical Physics Residency Consortium: collaborative endeavors to meet the ABR 2014 certification requirements

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Medical Pioneering in Labrador

Anonymous, 1915:
Medical Pirates Convicted

Anonymous, 1942:
Medical Planning

Anonymous, 1942:
Medical Planning Commission: Draft Interim Report

Bousfield, G., 1943:
Medical Planning Evolution or Revolution?

Anonymous, 1943:
Medical Planning II: "Co-Operation"

Anonymous, 1943:
Medical Planning III: The Patient

Anonymous, 1943:
Medical Planning IV: Enterprise

Greenwood, H.H., 1943:
Medical Planning V

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Medical Planning. Part I

Anonymous, 1943:
Medical Planning. Part VIII. The Post-Graduate

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Medical Polemics from Hunter to Owen, 1772-1844

Anonymous, 1960:
Medical Politics

Ritchie, A.B., 1895:
Medical Polity, and the Law as it Directly Affects the Medical Profession: With Special Reference to the Points which should be Dealt with in a Medical Acts Amendment Bill

Anonymous, 1949:
Medical Portents of the National Election

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Medical Positron Imaging with a Dense Drift Space MultiWire Proportional Chamber

Anonymous, 1919:
Medical Practice Act Suggestions

DiRenna, J.A., 2012:
Medical Practice Act changes

Corrigan, C., 1946:
Medical Practice Among Bush Indians

Burton, J.F., 1959:
Medical Practice Becoming Give-Away Program

Anonymous, 1914:
Medical Practice In British Colonies And Foreign Countries

Anonymous, 1903:
Medical Practice In Bussorah

Anonymous, 1923:
Medical Practice In The Scottish Highlands

Anonymous, 1913:
Medical Practice Laws

Anonymous, 1938:
Medical Practice Over-seas

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Cholesterol is important for the entry process of porcine deltacoronavirus

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Medical Practice in British Dominions and Foreign Countries

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Medical Practice in New Zealand

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Medical Practice in Northern Nigeria

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Medical Practice in the Days of Mackenzie

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Medical Practice in the Twenty-First Century - What, if anything, will doctors be doing?

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Medical Practice: Its Evolution

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Medical Practise In Great Britain

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Medical Practitioners And Income Tax

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Medical Practitioners And The Finance Bill

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Medical Practitioners in Mediaeval Paris

Anonymous, 1898:
Medical Preliminary Examinations at the Scotch Universities

Anonymous, 1940:
Medical Preparedness

Anonymous, 1916:
Medical Preparedness League

Anonymous, 1941:
Medical Preparedness and the National Defense

Gilman, P.K., 1941:
Medical Preparedness in California

Anonymous, 1942:
Medical Preparedness: For Armed Forces and Civilian Activities

Anonymous, 1917:
Medical Preparedness: Information Regarding the Correlated Activities of the Council of National Defense and the Advisory Commission, the Medical Departments of Government and the Committee of American Physicians for Medical Prepardedness

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Medical Preparedness: Military; Civilian; Red Cross

Anonymous, 1941:
Medical Preparedness: Recent Problems

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Medical Priority Dispatch System breathing problems protocol key question combinations are associated with patient acuity

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Medical Problems Of Contraception: Conference In London

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Medical Problems Referred to a Care of the Elderly Physician: Insight for Future Geriatrics CME

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