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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54313

Chapter 54313 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Danyi, P.; Elefteriades, J.A.; Jovin, I.S., 2013:
Medical therapy of thoracic aortic aneurysms

Danyi, P.; Elefteriades, J.A.; Jovin, I.S., 2011:
Medical therapy of thoracic aortic aneurysms: are we there yet?

Bitton, A.; Peppercorn, M.A., 1995:
Medical therapy of ulcerative proctitis and proctosigmoiditis, including refractory disease

Stein, G.; Fünfstück, R., 2008:
Medical therapy of urinary tract infection

Roehrborn, C.G.; Rosen, R.C., 2008:
Medical therapy options for aging men with benign prostatic hyperplasia: focus on alfuzosin 10 mg once daily

Liu, C.M.; Soldanova, K.; Nordstrom, L.; Dwan, M.G.; Moss, O.L.; Contente-Cuomo, T.L.; Keim, P.; Price, L.B.; Lane, A.P., 2014:
Medical therapy reduces microbiota diversity and evenness in surgically recalcitrant chronic rhinosinusitis

Seitz, C.; Liatsikos, E.; Porpiglia, F.; Tiselius, H-Göran.; Zwergel, U., 2009:
Medical therapy to facilitate the passage of stones: what is the evidence?

Wijeysundera, H.C.; Tomlinson, G.; Ko, D.T.; Dzavik, V.; Krahn, M.D., 2014:
Medical therapy v. PCI in stable coronary artery disease: a cost-effectiveness analysis

Peck, K.Yong.; Lim, Y.Zhi.; Hopper, I.; Krum, H., 2014:
Medical therapy versus implantable cardioverter -defibrillator in preventing sudden cardiac death in patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction and heart failure: a meta-analysis of > 35,000 patients

Deedwania, P.C.; Carbajal, E.V., 2011:
Medical therapy versus myocardial revascularization in chronic coronary syndrome and stable angina

Arbab-Zadeh, A., 2009:
Medical therapy versus percutaneous coronary intervention for patients with stable coronary artery disease

Pitt, B., 2008:
Medical therapy versus percutaneous coronary interventions for patients with stable and unstable coronary artery disease

Stovsky, M.D.; Rhee, K.; Hartke, D., 2008:
Medical therapy versus surgery and minimally invasive surgical therapies for lower urinary tract symptoms and benign prostatic hyperplasia: what makes better economic sense?

Smith, T.L.; Kern, R.C.; Palmer, J.N.; Schlosser, R.J.; Chandra, R.K.; Chiu, A.G.; Conley, D.; Mace, J.C.; Fu, R.F.; Stankiewicz, J.A., 2012:
Medical therapy vs surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis: a prospective, multi-institutional study

Smith, T.L.; Kern, R.; Palmer, J.N.; Schlosser, R.; Chandra, R.K.; Chiu, A.G.; Conley, D.; Mace, J.C.; Fu, R.F.; Stankiewicz, J., 2013:
Medical therapy vs surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis: a prospective, multi-institutional study with 1-year follow-up

Peces, Rón.; Aguilar, A.; Vega, C.; Cuesta, E.; Peces, C.; Selgas, R., 2012:
Medical therapy with tranexamic acid in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease patients with severe haematuria

Carmichael, J.D.; Bonert, V.S., 2007:
Medical therapy: options and uses

Carlak, H.Feza.; Gencer, N.G.; Beşikçi, C., 2012:
Medical thermal imaging of electrically stimulated woman breast: a simulation study

Norheim, A.Johan.; Mercer, J., 2011:
Medical thermography--alternative diagnostics?

Sivanandam, S.; Anburajan, M.; Venkatraman, B.; Menaka, M.; Sharath, D., 2013:
Medical thermography: a diagnostic approach for type 2 diabetes based on non-contact infrared thermal imaging

Nieminen, P.; Sipilä, K.; Takkinen, H-Mari.; Renko, M.; Risteli, L., 2007:
Medical theses as part of the scientific training in basic medical and dental education: experiences from Finland

Gupta, R.; James, P.; Thangakunam, B.; Christopher, D.Jesudas., 2015:
Medical thoracoscopic removal of a metal needle from the pleural space

Zhang, W.; Wang, G.Fa.; Zhang, H.; Mu, X.Dong.; Jin, Z., 2010:
Medical thoracoscopic talc pleurodesis for malignant pleural effusion: an analysis of 27 cases

Rodríguez-Panadero, F., 2008:
Medical thoracoscopy

Casal, R.F.; Eapen, G.A.; Morice, R.C.; Jimenez, C.A., 2009:
Medical thoracoscopy

Li, X-Hai.; Hu, Y.; Rong, T-Hua.; Li, X-Dong.; Su, X-Dong.; Yang, H.; Bella, A.Ela.; Fu, J-Hua., 2012:
Medical thoracoscopy and gastroscopy for the treatment of intrathoracic anastomotic leakage following esophagectomy

Papakonstantinou, N.A.; Hardavella, G.; Papavasileiou, G.; Anastasiou, N., 2012:
Medical thoracoscopy for the treatment of complicated hepatic hydrothorax

Mootha, V.K.; Agarwal, R.; Singh, N.; Aggarwal, A.N.; Gupta, D.; Jindal, S.K., 2011:
Medical thoracoscopy for undiagnosed pleural effusions: experience from a tertiary care hospital in north India

Simpson, G., 2007:
Medical thoracoscopy in an Australian regional hospital

Medford, A.R.L., 2013:
Medical thoracoscopy in multiloculated and organised empyema

Yoshii, Y.; Kaneko, Y.; Gochi, M.; Saito, Z.; Samejima, T.; Seki, A.; Seki, Y.; Takeda, H.; Kinoshita, A.; Kuwano, K., 2014:
Medical thoracoscopy performed under local anesthesia is useful for diagnosing pleural metastasis of renal cell carcinoma

Metintas, M.; Ak, G.; Dundar, E.; Yildirim, H.; Ozkan, R.; Kurt, E.; Erginel, S.; Alatas, F.; Metintas, S., 2010:
Medical thoracoscopy vs CT scan-guided Abrams pleural needle biopsy for diagnosis of patients with pleural effusions: a randomized, controlled trial

Ng, T.H.; How, S.H.; Kuan, Y.C.; Hasmah, H.; Norra, H.; Fauzi, A.R., 2009:
Medical thoracoscopy: Pahang experience

Tscheikuna, J., 2007:
Medical thoracoscopy: experiences in Siriraj Hospital

Froudarakis, M.E.; Noppen, M., 2014:
Medical thoracoscopy: new tricks for an old trade

Yap, K.Hoong.; Phillips, M.J.; Lee, Y.C.Gary., 2015:
Medical thoracoscopy: rigid thoracoscopy or flexi-rigid pleuroscopy?

Charpy, J-Pierre., 2016:
Medical thrillers: doctored fiction for future doctors?

Bentsen, B.; Gaihede, M.; Lontis, R.; Andreasen Struijk, L.Ns., 2014:
Medical tongue piercing - development and evaluation of a surgical protocol and the perception of procedural discomfort of the participants

Jamshidi, K.; Shooshtarizadeh, T.; Bahrabadi, M., 2018:
Chondrosarcoma in Metachondromatosis: A Rare Case Report

Schlaps, C.; Goethe, J.Wolfgang., 2011:
Medical topics of the Goethe period as reflected in the Goethe Dictionary

Hancock, C.R., 2007:
Medical tort reform: a novel approach

Reed, C.M., 2008:
Medical tourism

Tompkins, O.S., 2010:
Medical tourism

Bartold, P.Mark., 2014:
Medical tourism - an established problem

Whiteman, R.G., 2012:
Medical tourism and bariatric surgery

Snyder, J.; Crooks, V.A., 2011:
Medical tourism and bariatric surgery: more moral challenges

Sheppard, C.E.; Lester, E.L.W.; Chuck, A.W.; Kim, D.H.; Karmali, S.; de Gara, C.J.; Birch, D.W., 2015 :
Medical tourism and bariatric surgery: who pays?

Forgione, D.A.; Smith, P.C., 2008:
Medical tourism and its impact on the US health care system

Pocock, N.S.; Phua, K.Hong., 2011:
Medical tourism and policy implications for health systems: a conceptual framework from a comparative study of Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia

Jones, C.A.; Keith, L.G., 2007:
Medical tourism and reproductive outsourcing: the dawning of a new paradigm for healthcare

Taguri, A.El., 2007:
Medical tourism and the libyan national health services

Freyer, W.; Kim, B-S., 2015:
Medical tourism and travel - an interdisciplinary approach

Shetty, P., 2010:
Medical tourism booms in India, but at what cost?

Finch, S., 2014:
Medical tourism driving health care disparity in Thailand

Weiss, J., 2010:
Medical tourism in Germany: the trip to the hospital

Gupta, V.; Das, P., 2013:
Medical tourism in India

Qadeer, I.; Reddy, S., 2014:
Medical tourism in India: perceptions of physicians in tertiary care hospitals

Sen Gupta, A., 2008:
Medical tourism in India: winners and losers

Jabbari, A.; Delgoshaei, B.; Mardani, R.; Tabibi, S.Jamaledin., 2012:
Medical tourism in Iran: Issues and challenges

Ormond, M.; Mun, W.Kee.; Khoon, C.Chee., 2015:
Medical tourism in Malaysia: how can we better identify and manage its advantages and disadvantages?

Birch, D.W.; Vu, L.; Karmali, S.; Stoklossa, C.Johnson.; Sharma, A.M., 2010:
Medical tourism in bariatric surgery

Iorio, M.L.; Verma, K.; Ashktorab, S.; Davison, S.P., 2015:
Medical tourism in plastic surgery: ethical guidelines and practice standards for perioperative care

Ramírez de Arellano, A.B., 2011:
Medical tourism in the Caribbean

Johnston, R.; Crooks, V.A., 2014:
Medical tourism in the Caribbean region: a call to consider environmental health equity

Nolan, J.M.; Schneider, M.Jo., 2011:
Medical tourism in the backcountry: alternative health and healing in the Arkansas Ozarks

Owen, M., 2010:
Medical tourism inbound to the United States for care: what is different?

Wise, J., 2013:
Medical tourism is a profitable source of income for the NHS, study finds

Kern, B.S., 2010:
Medical tourism liability may fall on domestic doctors

Pashley, H.Starbuck., 2012:
Medical tourism presents opportunities and risks for patients

Brotman, B.Ann., 2010:
Medical tourism private hospitals: focus India

Greenfield, D.; Pawsey, M., 2015:
Medical tourism raises questions that highlight the need for care and caution

Alleman, B.W.; Luger, T.; Reisinger, H.Schacht.; Martin, R.; Horowitz, M.D.; Cram, P., 2011:
Medical tourism services available to residents of the United States

Dunn, P., 2008:
Medical tourism takes fight

Kantor, A., 2008:
Medical tourism takes off

Higgins, L.A., 2007:
Medical tourism takes off, but not without debate

Hopkins, L.; Labonté, R.; Runnels, V.; Packer, C., 2010:
Medical tourism today: what is the state of existing knowledge?

Chen, Y.Y.Brandon.; Flood, C.M., 2014:
Medical tourism's impact on health care equity and access in low- and middle-income countries: making the case for regulation

Bartold, P.Mark., 2011 :
Medical tourism--an emerging problem

Wocher, J.C., 2009:
Medical tourism--are Japanese hospitals incapable of competing in this global trend?

Horowitz, M.D.; Rosensweig, J.A., 2007:
Medical tourism--health care in the global economy

Wocher, J.C., 2011:
Medical tourism--why are Japanese hospitals still incapable, resistive or opposed to competing in this global trend?

Puri, S.; Singh, A.; Yashik, 2010:
Medical tourism-A New Arena

Rotenberk, L., 2008:
Medical tourism. As the world flattens, U.S. hospitals expand their global reach

Karadwal, A.; Chatterjee, S., 2018:
Chondrosarcoma of maxilla

Hanefeld, J.; Horsfall, D.; Lunt, N.; Smith, R., 2014:
Medical tourism: a cost or benefit to the NHS?

Gietzen, L.; Pokorski, P., 2018:
Chondrosarcoma of the cervical spine

Bovier, P.A., 2008:
Medical tourism: a new kind of traveler?

Plonien, C.; Baldwin, K.M., 2015:
Medical tourism: a nurse Executive's need to know

Smith, R.; Martínez Álvarez, M.; Chanda, R., 2012:
Medical tourism: a review of the literature and analysis of a role for bi-lateral trade

Lunt, N.; Carrera, P., 2010:
Medical tourism: assessing the evidence on treatment abroad

Rotem, A.; Toker, A.; Mor-Yossef, S., 2009:
Medical tourism: changing a world trend into a national resource

Trabacca, A.; Ricci, S.; Russo, L.; Gennaro, L.; Losito, L.; De Rinaldis, M.; Paloscia, C., 2014:
Medical tourism: evidence from an Italian descriptive survey on pediatric neurorehabilitation treatment abroad

Turner, L., 2007:
Medical tourism: family medicine and international health-related travel

Underwood, H.R.; Makadon, H.J., 2010:
Medical tourism: game-changing innovation or passing fad?

Horowitz, M.D.; Rosensweig, J.A.; Jones, C.A., 2008:
Medical tourism: globalization of the healthcare marketplace

Hazarika, I., 2010:
Medical tourism: its potential impact on the health workforce and health systems in India

Sengupta, A., 2011:
Medical tourism: reverse subsidy for the elite

Leahy, A.L., 2008:
Medical tourism: the impact of travel to foreign countries for healthcare

York, D., 2008:
Medical tourism: the trend toward outsourcing medical procedures to foreign countries

Cohen, I.Glenn., 2010:
Medical tourism: the view from ten thousand feet

Bauer, J.C., 2009:
Medical tourism: wave of the future in a world of hurt?

Crooks, V.A.; Snyder, J., 2011:
Medical tourism: what Canadian family physicians need to know

Gerkin, D.G., 2010:
Medical tourism; your doctor is 7,000 miles away!

Gan, L.L.; Frederick, J.R., 2014:
Medical tourists: who goes and what motivates them?

Offerman, S.R.; Brent, J.; Wax, P.M., 2010:
Medical toxicologist attitudes on compensation for services provided to poison control centers

Nemhauser, J.; Osterloh, J.; Schier, J.G., 2007:
Medical toxicology and public health--update on research and activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Schwartz, M.; Gorman, S.E., 2007:
Medical toxicology and public health--update on research and activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Kleiman, R.; Nickle, R.; Schwartz, M., 2009:
Medical toxicology and public health--update on research and activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry inhalational methanol toxicity

Skinner, C.; Thomas, J.; Johnson, R.; Kobelski, R., 2009:
Medical toxicology and public health--update on research and activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry: introduction to the Laboratory Response Network-Chemical (LRN-C)

Wang, R.Y., 2008:
Medical toxicology and public health-update on research and activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Snook, C.P.; Cardarelli, J.; Mickelsen, R.Leroy.; Mattorano, D.; Nalipinski, M., 2008:
Medical toxicology and public health-update on research and activities at the centers for disease control and prevention and the agency for toxic substances and disease registry

Patel, M.; Belson, M.; Osterloh, J.; Schwartz, M., 2007:
Medical toxicology and public health: update on research and activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Kazzi, Z.N.; Nemhauser, J.B.; Ansari, A.; McCurley, C.; Whitcomb, R.; Miller, C., 2010:
Medical toxicology and public health: update on research and activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry: introduction to activities at the radiation studies branch

McKay, C.A., 2014:
Medical toxicology case presentations: to chelate or not to chelate, is that the question?

Dewan, A., 2011:
Medical toxicology: Need for recognition as a subspecialty

Bentur, Y., 2009:
Medical toxicology: a distinct medical subspecialty sprouting from ancient roots

Al-Khader, A.Ahmed., 2008:
Medical traditional etiquette

Murphy, J.F.A., 2014:
Medical trainee hours in the US

Egnew, T.R.; Schaad, D.C., 2010:
Medical trainee perceptions of medical school education about suffering: a pilot study

Freed, C.R.; Franks, R.D., 2013:
Medical trainees need more than simple role modeling to be prepared for professional and ethical decisions

Nyongesa, H.; Mokua, W.; Adegu, J., 2015:
Medical trainees' experiences and perceptions towards elective period; a cross sectional study

Logio, L.S.; Ramanujam, R., 2010:
Medical trainees' formal and informal incident reporting across a five-hospital academic medical center

Webster, P.Christopher., 2012:
Medical training and care under the rainbow umbrella

Moriates, C.; Shah, N.; Arora, V.M., 2013:
Medical training and expensive care

Gallagher, P.; McLean, P.; Campbell, R.; Gallacher, S.; Kennon, B., 2010:
Medical training and the hospital at night: an oxymoron?

Madill, A.; Sullivan, P., 2011:
Medical training as adventure-wonder and adventure-ordeal: a dialogical analysis of affect-laden pedagogy

Alelwani, S.M.; Ahmed, Y.A., 2014:
Medical training for communication of bad news: A literature review

Dallas, C.E., 2014:
Medical training for nuclear and radiological events: the "atomic age" returns

Lazarenko, V.G., 2008:
Medical training in Ancient and Medieval China

Lichtenberg, D., 2010:
Medical training in Israel--can we realize the comments of Pazi's Committee and at what cost?

Kalet, A.L.; Juszczak, L.; Pastore, D.; Fierman, A.H.; Soren, K.; Cohall, A.; Fisher, M.; Hopkins, C.; Hsieh, A.; Kachur, E.; Sullivan, L.; Techow, B.; Volel, C., 2007:
Medical training in school-based health centers: a collaboration among five medical schools

Lee, C.; Porter, K., 2007:
Medical training in the UK fire service

Brown, M.; Boon, N.; Brooks, N.; Camm, J.; Corris, P.; Caulfield, M.; Chilvers, E.; Ewan, P.; Gibson, J.; Griffin, G.; Grossman, A.; Hall, A.; Hart, G.; Heagerty, T.; Hodgson, H.; Home, P.; Hughes, R.; Khaw, K-Tee.; Lazarus, J.; Leaper, D.; Monson, J.; O'Rahilly, S.; Rowlands, B.; Scolding, N.; Sutton, R.; Taylor, R.; Watkins, H.; Wright, N., 2007:
Medical training in the UK: sleepwalking to disaster

Brissaud, O.; Villega, F.; Nolent, P.; Naud, J., 2009:
Medical training on mannequins: interests and limits

Zaouche, A., 2012:
Medical training reform: what's the situation?

Pfeifer, M.; Hinz, C.; Minne, H.W., 2010 :
Medical training therapy with special consideration to osteoporosis of the spinal column

Balcombe, J., 2013:
Medical training using simulation: toward fewer animals and safer patients

Abbasi, K., 2007:
Medical training: chaos and unemployment

Bikman, J.; Whiting, S., 2007:
Medical transcription outsourcing greased lightning?

Berg, R.; Jarlman, O.; Svanberg, S., 1993:
Medical transillumination imaging using short-pulse diode lasers

Boucher, C.; Dumas, Gève., 2012:
Medical translations and practical compilations: a necessary coincidence?

Lerner, C.F.; Kelly, R.B.; Hamilton, L.J.; Klitzner, T.S., 2012:
Medical transport of children with complex chronic conditions

Giusti-Begue, S.; de Gaillande, L., 2014:
Medical transport, an essential element of infection control

Neul, S.K., 2013:
Medical traumatic stress symptoms in pediatric patients on dialysis and their caregivers: a pilot study

Dalstrom, M., 2013:
Medical travel facilitators: connecting patients and providers in a globalized world

Sobo, E.J., 2010:
Medical travel: what it means, why it matters

Ennouri, K.; Charfi, H.; Baccari, S.; Tarhouni, L.; Jaafoura, H.; Bahri, H., 2006:
Chondrosarcoma of the hand

van Hattum, E.S.; Tangelder, M.J.D.; Huis in 't Veld, M.A.; Lawson, J.A.; Algra, A.; Moll, F.L., 2011:
Medical treatment after peripheral bypass surgery over the past decade

Angetter, D.C., 2010:
Medical treatment and experiments in the Dachau concentration camp

Akishita, M., 2012:
Medical treatment and its safety in the elderly

Guo, Y.; Zhang, L.; Wang, C.; Zhao, Y.; Chen, W.; Gao, M.; Zhu, P.; Yang, T.; Wang, Y., 2011:
Medical treatment and long-term outcome of chronic atrial fibrillation in the aged with chest distress: a retrospective analysis versus sinus rhythm

Rizzello, F.; Campieri, M.; Tambasco, R.; Straforini, G.; Brugnera, R.; Poggioli, G.; Gionchetti, P., 2008:
Medical treatment and management of severe ulcerative colitis

Bhide, V.V., 1981:
Medical treatment and medicinal charms mentioned in the atharvanic literature

Bajetta, E.; Del Vecchio, M.; Bajetta, R.; Canova, S., 2007:
Medical treatment and other combination regimens

Molinelli, A.; Bonsignore, A.; Rocca, G.; Ciliberti, R., 2010:
Medical treatment and patient decisional power: the Italian state of the art

Fujimoto, S.; Sadoshima, S., 2007:
Medical treatment and prognosis in cerebellar hemorrhage

Tanahashi, N., 2007:
Medical treatment and prognosis of thalamic hemorrhage

Card, W.I., 2014:
Medical treatment and the problem of peptic ulcer

Komori, K., 2007:
Medical treatment and therapeutic angiogenesis of critical limb ischemia

McGinn, E., 2007:
Medical treatment and weight gain

Karagiannis, A.; Tziomalos, K.; Kakafika, A.I.; Athyros, V.G.; Harsoulis, F.; Mikhailidis, D.P., 2008:
Medical treatment as an alternative to adrenalectomy in patients with aldosterone-producing adenomas

Sanford, C.; Jui, J.; Miller, H.C.; Jobe, K.A., 2007:
Medical treatment at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport after hurricane Katrina: the experience of disaster medical assistance teams WA-1 and OR-2

Gridelli, C.; Ardizzoni, A.; Barni, S.; Crinò, L.; Caprioli, A.; Piazza, E.; Lorusso, V.; Barbera, S.; Zilembo, N.; Gebbia, V.; Adamo, V.; Pela, R.; Marangolo, M.; Morena, R.; Filippelli, G.; Buscarino, C.; Alabiso, O.; Maione, P.; Venturino, P.; De Marinis, F., 2012:
Medical treatment choices for patients affected by advanced NSCLC in routine clinical practice: results from the Italian observational "SUN" (Survey on the lUng cancer maNagement) study

Satora, L.; Gawlikowski, T., 2009:
Medical treatment during fish envenomation

Lundell, L., 2009:
Medical treatment efficient in chronic reflux. Also surgery has a given place in long-term therapy--for certain patients

Panknin, H-Thorsten., 2008:
Medical treatment error: differences between nursing personnel and physicians in readiness "error notification"

Panknin, H-Thorsten., 2009:
Medical treatment errors. Prevalence, facts and approaches to prevention

Larru, B.; Gerber, J.S.; Ota, K.V., 2013:
Medical treatment failure and complete left pneumonectomy after Legionella pneumophila pneumonia in a bone marrow transplant recipient

Zhao, C.; Han, B.; Sun, Z-yun.; Sun, W-xiu.; Yang, B.; Liu, J-fen.; Lu, Y-nan.; Wang, A-biao.; Wu, R-de., 2013:
Medical treatment following successful separation of thoracopagus conjoined twins

Nishikawa, T.; Saito, J.; Omura, M., 2008:
Medical treatment for Cushing's syndrome

Kuo, C-Chung.; Jen, T-Kang.; Wen, C-Hsin.; Liu, C-Ping.; Hsiao, H-Sung.; Liu, Y-Chi.; Chen, K-Ho., 2013:
Medical treatment for a fish bone-induced ileal micro-perforation: a case report

Babin-Ebell, J.; Misfeld, M., 2008:
Medical treatment for acute type A aortic dissection?

Cen, P.; Ajani, J.A., 2007:
Medical treatment for advanced gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma

Anonymous, 2002:
Medical treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Quero, L.; Hennequin, C., 2014:
Medical treatment for biochemical relapse after radiotherapy

Chalk, C.H.; Benstead, T.J.; Keezer, M., 2014:
Medical treatment for botulism

Akimoto, M.; Takeda, A.; Nagashima, K.; Uehara, R.; Nemoto, M.; Uchinuma, E., 2011:
Medical treatment for burn patients with eating disorders: a case report

Yonei, Y., 2008:
Medical treatment for calcium metabolism and balance in terms of the anti-aging medicine

Lin, H-Chiung.; Hsiao, C-Hsi.; Ma, D.Hui-Kang.; Yeh, L-Kun.; Tan, H-Yuan.; Lin, M-Yin.; Huang, S.Chao-Ming., 2008:
Medical treatment for combined Fusarium and Acanthamoeba keratitis

Shkrebets, G.V., 2012:
Medical treatment for correction of hemodynamic, rheological and metabolic changes in young patients with glaucoma associated with myopia

Huynh, N.; Daniels, A.B.; Kohanim, S.; Young, L.H.Y., 2012:
Medical treatment for cytomegalovirus retinitis

Sakamoto, T., 2013:
Medical treatment for diabetic retinopathy

Nakata, M., 2007:
Medical treatment for female pelvic floor dysfunction and prospective role of urologists

Sato, A.; Hamada, K.; Imataka, H., 2012:
Medical treatment for gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) in Japan

Beckerman, A.; Fontana, L., 2010:
Medical treatment for men who have sex with men and are living with HIV/AIDS

Fieni, F.; Topie, E.; Gogny, A., 2015:
Medical treatment for pyometra in dogs

Vercellini, P.; Crosignani, P.Giorgio.; Somigliana, E.; Berlanda, N.; Barbara, G.; Fedele, L., 2009:
Medical treatment for rectovaginal endometriosis: what is the evidence?

Rughani, G.; Robertson, L.; Clarke, M., 2012:
Medical treatment for small abdominal aortic aneurysms

Vitton, Véronique.; Ezzedine, S.; Gonzalez, J-Michel.; Gasmi, M.; Grimaud, J-Charles.; Barthet, M., 2012:
Medical treatment for sphincter of oddi dysfunction: can it replace endoscopic sphincterotomy?

Okamoto, H.; Watanabe, K., 2007:
Medical treatment for stage III non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Chun, A.S.; Elefteriades, J.A.; Mukherjee, S.K., 2013:
Medical treatment for thoracic aortic aneurysm - much more work to be done

Lalle, M.; Bellini, V.; Antimi, M., 2008:
Medical treatment for thymoma: an update

Alkhooly, A.Zein.A.A., 2010:
Medical treatment for tumoral calcinosis with eight years of follow-up: a report of four cases

Ribas, Y.; Aguilar, F.; Bargalló, J.; Lamas, S.; Campillo, F., 2013:
Medical treatment for uncomplicated acute diverticulitis: are we being efficient and effective enough?

Cheng, M-Hui.; Chao, H-Tai.; Wang, P-Hui., 2008:
Medical treatment for uterine myomas

Arnold, C.; Einspanier, A., 2013:
Medical treatment improves social behavior in a primate endometriosis model (Callithrix jacchus)

Petrossians, P.; Thonnard, A-Sophie.; Beckers, A., 2010:
Medical treatment in Cushing's syndrome: dopamine agonists and cabergoline

Rothwell, P.M.; Algra, A.; Amarenco, P., 2011:
Medical treatment in acute and long-term secondary prevention after transient ischaemic attack and ischaemic stroke

Simlot, L.M., 2018:
Medical treatment in acute intestinal obstruction

Kolkert, J.L.; Meerwaldt, R.; Lefrandt, J.D.; Geelkerken, R.H.; Zeebregts, C.J., 2011:
Medical treatment in carotid artery intervention

Curatolo, P.; Bombardieri, R.; Cerminara, C., 2008:
Medical treatment in children with central nervous system malformations

Wieteska, M.; Kurzyna, M.; Torbicki, A., 2010:
Medical treatment in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

Fisher, A.D.; Ristori, J.; Bandini, E.; Giordano, S.; Mosconi, M.; Jannini, E.A.; Greggio, N.A.; Godano, A.; Manieri, C.; Meriggiola, C.; Ricca, V.; Dettore, D.; Maggi, M., 2015:
Medical treatment in gender dysphoric adolescents endorsed by SIAMS-SIE-SIEDP-ONIG

Kiss, A., 2008:
Medical treatment in monasteries in medieval Europe

Tyrrell, D.A.J., 1947:
Medical treatment in neoplastic disease

Subias, P.Escribano.; Cano, Mía.José.Ruiz.; Flox, A., 2010:
Medical treatment in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

Shibahara, H.; Okubo, K.; Takeshita, N.; Nishimura, D., 2012:
Medical treatment including pregabalin and radiation therapy provided remarkable relief for neuropathic pain by brachial plexus invasion in a patient with esophageal cancer

Schuhmann, B.; Cope, I., 2015:
Medical treatment of 145 cases of gastric dilatation in rabbits

Descazeaud, A., 2010:
Medical treatment of BPH

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Choose right carbohydrates and right fats (RCRF) - keys to optimal health

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Medicare GPCIs, the GEM coalition, and KMA

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Medicare Health Support Pilot Program

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Medicare Health Support Pilot Program

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Medicare Health Support program nearing its close

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Medicare Item 319 after 10 years: a range of concerns

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Medicare Locals are gone--but can their benefits be replaced?

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Medicare Locals: where to from here?

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Medicare Matters: Building on a Record of Accomplishments

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Medicare P4P falling short on bonuses

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Medicare PDP premiums will increase slightly

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Medicare Part B Intensity and Volume Offset

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Medicare Part D Coverage Gap Discount Program beginning in 2011

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Medicare Part D Enrollees' Use of Out-of-Plan Discounted Generic Drugs, Revisited

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Medicare Part D has man pitfalls for HIV/AIDS patients. Here are some common problems

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Medicare Part D offers template for success

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Medicare Payment Advisory Commission report to the Congress, March 2010

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Medicare Payment: Surgical Dressings and Topical Wound Care Products

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Medicare Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI)

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Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003: implications for the future of health care

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Medicare Program; hospital inpatient prospective payment systems for acute care hospitals and the long-term care hospital prospective payment system changes and FY2011 rates; provider agreements and supplier approvals; and hospital conditions of participation for rehabilitation and respiratory care services; Medicaid program: accreditation for providers of inpatient psychiatric services. Final rules and interim final rule with comment period

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Medicare Program; revisions to the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Benefit programs. Interim final rule with comment period

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Medicare Program; termination of non-random prepayment complex medical review. Final rule

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Medicare Public Use Files and Alzheimer's disease factors in 2008 and 2010

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Medicare RACs--on their way to Iowa

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Medicare Resources That You Should Use

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Medicare [corrected] win in Congress shows power of physician voice

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Medicare abuse: policies to help your practice fight back

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Medicare add-on payments

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Medicare advantage and Medigap serve key populations

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Medicare advantage can, indeed, be superior

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Medicare advantage hits jackpot with private fee-for-service plans

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Medicare advantage loses its advantage

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Medicare advantage plans at a crossroads--yet again

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Medicare advantage plans--regulatory quirks

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Medicare advantage to remain robust this year

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Medicare advantage: blame the physicians, and then fire them

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Medicare advantage: reforms needed to ensure access to clinical trials

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Medicare advocates decry medical tourism

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Medicare and HMOs--the search for accountability

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Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs for hospitals--act now

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Medicare and Medicaid audits

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Medicare and Medicaid audits on the rise

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Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse--initiatives on the horizon

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Medicare and Medicaid program; regulatory provisions to promote program efficiency, transparency, and burden reduction. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs: Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment and Ambulatory Surgical Center Payment Systems and Quality Reporting Programs; electronic reporting pilot; Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities Quality Reporting Program; revision to Quality Improvement Organization regulations. Final rule with comment period

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Medicare and Medicaid programs: Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment and Ambulatory Surgical Center Payment Systems and Quality Reporting Programs; physician-owned hospitals: data sources for expansion exception; physician certification of inpatient hospital services; Medicare Advantage organizations and Part D sponsors: CMS-identified overpayments associated with submitted payment data. Final rule with comment period

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Medicare and Medicaid programs: changes affecting hospital and critical access hospital conditions of participation: telemedicine credentialing and privileging. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs: changes to the hospital and critical access hospital conditions of participation to ensure visitation rights for all patients. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs: hospice conditions of participation. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs: hospital outpatient prospective payment and ambulatory surgical center payment systems and quality reporting programs; Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program; organ procurement organizations; quality improvement organizations; Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program; provider reimbursement determinations and appeals. Final rule with comment period and final rules

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Medicare and Medicaid programs: hospital outpatient prospective payment; ambulatory surgical center payment; hospital value-based purchasing program; physician self-referral; and patient notification requirements in provider agreements. Final rule with comment period

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; CY 2015 Home Health Prospective Payment System rate update; Home Health Quality Reporting Requirements; and survey and enforcement requirements for home health agencies. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; Home Health Prospective Payment System rate update for CY 2014, home health quality reporting requirements, and cost allocation of home health survey expenses. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; approval of the Joint Commission for continued deeming authority for hospices. Final notice

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; changes in provider and supplier enrollment, ordering and referring, and documentation requirements; and changes in provider agreements. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; changes in provider and supplier enrollment, ordering and referring, and documentation requirements; and changes in provider agreements. Interim final rule with comment period

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; civil money penalties for nursing homes. Final Rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; conditions for coverage for end-stage renal disease facilities. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; electronic health record incentive program--stage 2. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; electronic health record incentive program. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; fire safety requirements for long term care facilities, automatic sprinkler systems. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; hospital conditions of participation: laboratory services. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; hospital conditions of participation: laboratory services. Interim final rule with comment period

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; modifications to the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program for 2014 and other changes to EHR Incentive Program; and health information technology: revision to the certified EHR technology definition and EHR certification changes related to standards. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; reform of hospital and critical access hospital conditions of participation. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; regulatory provisions to promote program efficiency, transparency, and burden reduction; Part II

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; requirements for long-term care (LTC) facilities; notice of facility closure. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; requirements for long-term care facilities; hospice services. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid programs; waiver of disapproval of nurse aide training program in certain cases. Final rule

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Medicare and Medicaid quality programs

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Medicare and Medicaid spending trends and the deficit debate

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Medicare and Medicaid users speak out about their health care: the real, the ideal, and how to get there

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Medicare and Medicaid: conflicting incentives for long-term care

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Medicare and Medicaid: differing approaches to home health

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Medicare and chronic disease management: integrated care as an exceptional circumstance?

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Medicare and cost-effectiveness analysis: time to ask the taxpayers

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Medicare and dentistry

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Medicare and means-based fees

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Medicare and medicaid in long-term care

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Medicare and medical technology--the growing demand for relevant outcomes

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Medicare and mental health parity

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Medicare and private duty

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Medicare and state health care programs: fraud and abuse; electronic health records safe harbor under the anti-kickback statute. Final rule

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Medicare and state health care programs: fraud and abuse; safe harbor for federally qualified health centers arrangements under the anti-kickback statute. Final rule