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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 54315

Chapter 54315 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Medication errors in paediatric outpatient prescriptions of a teaching hospital in Nigeria

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Medication errors in paediatrics: in search of a new vaccine

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Medication errors in patients with dysphagia

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Medication errors in pediatric emergency care: developing a national standard?

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Medication errors in pediatrics

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Medication errors in psychiatric treatment: where do we go from here?

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Medication errors in the elderly patient

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Medication errors in the intensive care unit: ethical considerations

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Medication errors in the intensive care unit: literature review using the SEIPS model

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Medication errors in the neonate

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Medication errors of nurses in the emergency department

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Medication errors on intensive care units: don't underestimate the risks due to transcription

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Medication errors: another important surgical problem

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Medication errors: do they occur in isolation?

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Medication errors: neonates, infants and children are the most vulnerable!

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Medication errors: reduce your risk

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Medication errors: the importance of an accurate drug history

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Medication errors: what is their impact?

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Medication exposure may confound the association between dietary intake and frailty

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Medication failure

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Medication for ADHD and elementary school achievement

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Medication guides scrutinized

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Medication highlight: dexmedetomidine hydrochloride use in the NICU

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Medication holidays

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Medication huddles slash adverse drug events (ADE), promote safety culture across all hospital units, including the ED

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Medication in the elderly : cognitive impairment by drugs

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Medication induced retinal side effects

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Medication info

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Medication is not a 'silver bullet'

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Medication is not prescription-due any more. Can you still order it charging the GKV?

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Medication issues

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Medication lists as long as your arm

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Medication mistakes. How to avoid dangerous drug errors

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Medication misuse by the elderly

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Medication misuse hinders Medicaid expansion

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Medication must take the patient's entire life situation into consideration. We treat patients, not diseases

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