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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54330

Chapter 54330 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Russell, M.C.; Butkus, S.Nicholson., 2014:
Mental health and the army

Hill, B.J.; Barnett, J.Trey., 2014:
Mental health and the army

Dohrenwend, B.S., 1973:
Mental health and the city

Jenkins, R.; Baingana, F.; Belkin, G.; Borowitz, M.; Daly, A.; Francis, P.; Friedman, J.; Garrison, P.; Kauye, F.; Kiima, D.; Mayeya, J.; Mbatia, J.; Tyson, S.; Njenga, F.; Gureje, O.; Sadiq, S., 2010:
Mental health and the development agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa

Becker, A.E.; Kleinman, A., 2013:
Mental health and the global agenda

Marengoni, A.; Pecorelli, S., 2013:
Mental health and the global agenda

Jenkins, R.; Baingana, F.; Ahmad, R.; McDaid, D.; Atun, R., 2012:
Mental health and the global agenda: core conceptual issues

Agarwal, A.K., 1992:
Mental health and the law

Crocker, A.G., 2010:
Mental health and the law: ethical, scientific and organizational issues

Miller, G., 2007:
Mental health and the mass media: room for improvement

Zhang, J.; Liu, J.; Xie, M.Q.; Deng, Z.Y.; Zhang, T., 2016:
Chronic fungal rhinosinusitis:clinical and pathologic characteristics of 40 case

Brooke, E.M., 1960:
Mental health and the population

Udomratn, P., 2008:
Mental health and the psychosocial consequences of natural disasters in Asia

Al Sayah, F.; Agborsangaya, C.; Lahtinen, M.; Cooke, T.; Johnson, J.A., 2015:
Mental health and the relationship between health promotion counseling and health outcomes in chronic conditions: cross-sectional population-based study

Soreff, S.M.; Bazemore, P.H., 2008:
Mental health and the run for the White House

Kutcher, S.; Wei, Y., 2012:
Mental health and the school environment: secondary schools, promotion and pathways to care

Chopra, P., 2009:
Mental health and the workplace: issues for developing countries

Chen, G-Hai.; Zhang, L-Fang., 2011:
Mental health and thinking styles in Sternberg's theory: an exploratory study

Schmied, E.A.; Highfill-McRoy, R.M.; Larson, G.E., 2012:
Mental health and turnover following an initial term of military service

Paula, C.S.; Vedovato, Márcia.S.; Bordin, I.A.S.; Barros, Márcia.G.S.M.; D'Antino, M.Eloísa.F.; Mercadante, M.T., 2008:
Mental health and violence among sixth grade students from a city in the state of São Paulo

Okasha, A., 2007:
Mental health and violence: WPA Cairo declaration--international perspectives for intervention

Bhui, K., 2013:
Mental health and violent radicalisation

McDonnell, N.J.; Kaye, R.M.; Hood, S.; Shrivastava, P.; Khursandi, D.C.S., 2013:
Mental health and welfare in Australian anaesthetists

Cooper, C.L., 2008:
Mental health and well being at work: the disposal workforce

Koivumaa-Honkanen, H.; Tuovinen, T.K.; Honkalampi, K.; Antikainen, R.; Hintikka, J.; Haatainen, K.; Viinamäki, H., 2008:
Mental health and well-being in a 6-year follow-up of patients with depression: assessments of patients and clinicians

Noorbala, A.; Heris, M.Agah.; Alipour, A.; Mousavi, E.; Farazi, G., 2012:
Mental health and well-being in different levels of perceived discrimination

McLean, K.N., 2012:
Mental health and well-being in resident mine workers: out of the fly-in fly-out box

Kelly, B.J.; Stain, H.J.; Coleman, C.; Perkins, D.; Fragar, L.; Fuller, J.; Lewin, T.J.; Lyle, D.; Carr, V.J.; Wilson, J.M.; Beard, J.R., 2010:
Mental health and well-being within rural communities: the Australian rural mental health study

Tómasson, K.; Gudmundsson, G., 2009 :
Mental health and wellbeing in Icelandic farmers

Anonymous, 2014:
Mental health and wellbeing in children and adolescents

Ask, H.; Langballe, E.Melbye.; Holmen, J.; Selbæk, G.; Saltvedt, I.; Tambs, K., 2015:
Mental health and wellbeing in spouses of persons with dementia: the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study

Smart, D.; Hayes, A.; Sanson, A.; Toumbourou, J.W., 2007:
Mental health and wellbeing of Australian adolescents: pathways to vulnerability and resilience

de Mendonça Lima, C.Augusto.; Ivbijaro, G., 2014:
Mental health and wellbeing of older people: opportunities and challenges

Bartram, D.; Baldwin, D., 2007:
Mental health and wellbeing survey

Goldman-Mellor, S.; Gregory, A.M.; Caspi, A.; Harrington, H.; Parsons, M.; Poulton, R.; Moffitt, T.E., 2015:
Mental health antecedents of early midlife insomnia: evidence from a four-decade longitudinal study

FELIX, R.H., 2011:
Mental health approach to juvenile delinquency

Limb, M., 2013:
Mental health approach works better than information at preventing problem drinking in teenagers

Ivbijaro, G., 2012:
Mental health as an NCD (non-communicable disease): the need to act

Pandya, A., 2015:
Mental health as an advocacy priority in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities

Bosković, G.; Jengić, V.Sendula., 2008:
Mental health as eudaimonic well-being?

Goldchluk, Aíbal., 2012:
Mental health as seen from a psychiatric standpoint

Skokauskas, N.; Gallagher, L., 2012:
Mental health aspects of autistic spectrum disorders in children

Oldham, R.L., 2013:
Mental health aspects of disasters

Liu, S-an.; Zhou, H.; Zhou, X-feng.; Hu, J-feng.; Chen, M-ting.; Hu, W-jiang.; Tang, H-lin.; Yan, L.; Li, J-wen.; Li, R-zhong.; Li, Y-bo.; Wang, J-yun.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, B-ke.; Zhang, Q-feng.; Yao, J-yi.; Chen, C.; Shi, W-qi.; Xia, L-xu.; Cui, B-yun.; Cui, W-ming.; Kang, N.; Jiang, M.; Pan, L-jun.; Zang, Z-fang.; Fan, Y-xiang.; Fan, F-cheng.; Yu, H-jie., 2009:
Mental health assessment among scattered residents after Wenchuan earthquake in Anxian, Sichuan province

Grantham, D., 2014:
Mental health assessment drives change in US employment guidance

McQuaid, J.R.; Marx, B.P.; Rosen, M.I.; Bufka, L.F.; Tenhula, W.; Cook, H.; Keane, T.M., 2012:
Mental health assessment in rehabilitation research

Silver, J.; Dicker, S., 2008:
Mental health assessment of infants in foster care

Sarkar, J., 2013:
Mental health assessment of rape offenders

Praditsathaporn, C.; Chandanasotthi, P.; Amnatsatsuee, K.; Nityasudd, D.; Sunsern, R., 2011:
Mental health assessment tool for older thai adults: development and psychometric testing

Haq, S.Ul.; Ratnayake, T.; Agius, M., 2011:
Mental health assessment unit audit

Elgen, S.Katrine.; Leversen, K.Tyborg.; Grundt, J.Holter.; Hurum, Jørgen.; Sundby, A.Berit.; Elgen, I.Bircow.; Markestad, T., 2013:
Mental health at 5 years among children born extremely preterm: a national population-based study

Trofimovs, J.; Dowse, L., 2015:
Mental health at the intersections: the impact of complex needs on police contact and custody for Indigenous Australian men

Miller, A., 2013:
Mental health awareness campaign exposes challenges in combatting stigma

Cleary, M.; Horsfall, J.; Baines, J.; Happell, B., 2013:
Mental health behaviours among undergraduate nursing students: issues for consideration

Vogt, D.; Fox, A.B.; Di Leone, B.A.L., 2015:
Mental health beliefs and their relationship with treatment seeking among U.S. OEF/OIF veterans

Ritter, K.; Chaudhry, H.R.; Aigner, M.; Zitterl, W.; Stompe, T., 2010:
Mental health beliefs between culture and subjective illness experience

Fitzsimmons, B.L., 2009:
Mental health benefits get boost from federal law. Hospital leader discusses impact of new legislation

Teich, J.L.; Buck, J.A., 2007:
Mental health benefits in Employer-sponsored Health Plans, 1997-2003

Astell-Burt, T.; Feng, X.; Kolt, G.S., 2014:
Mental health benefits of neighbourhood green space are stronger among physically active adults in middle-to-older age: evidence from 260,061 Australians

Fleck, F., 2011:
Mental health beyond the crises

Deshmukh, D.K., 1986:
Mental health bill

Sethi, B.B., 1982:
Mental health bill 1981 : a ray of hope

Bhaumik, S., 2013:
Mental health bill is set to decriminalise suicide in India

Sachan, D., 2013:
Mental health bill set to revolutionise care in India

Sethi, B.B., 1981:
Mental health by the year 2000 a.d

Hanley, J., 1973:
Mental health care

Tiwari, S.C.; Sitholey, P.; Sethi, B.B., 1999:
Mental health care : perceptions and expectations of rural population in uttar pradesh - a brief report

Veerbeek, M.; Oude Voshaar, R.; Depla, M.; Pot, A.Margriet., 2013:
Mental health care Monitor Older adults (MEMO): monitoring patient characteristics and outcome in Dutch mental health services for older adults

Sacks, R.M.; Greene, J.; Burke, R.; Owen, E.C., 2016 :
Mental health care among low-income pregnant women with depressive symptoms: facilitators and barriers to care access and the effectiveness of financial incentives for increasing care

Takeda, M., 2011:
Mental health care and East Japan Great Earthquake

Touburg, G.; Veenhoven, R., 2016:
Mental health care and average happiness: strong effect in developed nations

Flaskerud, J.H., 2012:
Mental health care and health literacy

Sevilla-Dedieu, C.; Kovess-Masfety, V.; Gilbert, F.; Vilagut, G.; Koenig, H-Helmut.; Bruffaerts, R.; Haro, J.Maria.; Alonso, J., 2011:
Mental health care and out-of-pocket expenditures in Europe: results from the ESEMeD project

McKeown, M.; Mercer, D., 2010:
Mental health care and resistance to fascism

Novella, E.J., 2010:
Mental health care and the politics of inclusion: a social systems account of psychiatric deinstitutionalization

Niemi, T., 1988:
Mental health care as a support for the growth of students' personalities

Verhaak, P.F.M.; van Dijk, C.E.; Nuijen, J.; Verheij, R.A.; Schellevis, F.G., 2012:
Mental health care as delivered by Dutch general practitioners between 2004 and 2008

Goldstein, M.G., 2010:
Mental health care at the Providence VA Medical Center: providing integrated comprehensive mental health services

Borba, Lícia.de.Oliveira.; Guimarães, A.Noeremberg.; Mazza, Vônica.de.Azevedo.; Maftum, M.Alves., 2013:
Mental health care based on the psychosocial model: reports of relatives and persons with mental disorders

Gangadhar, B.N., 2013:
Mental health care bill and electroconvulsive therapy: anesthetic modification

Nicaise, P.; Dubois, V.; Lorant, V., 2015:
Mental health care delivery system reform in Belgium: the challenge of achieving deinstitutionalisation whilst addressing fragmentation of care at the same time

Amaddeo, F.; Grigoletti, L.; Montagni, I., 2014:
Mental health care financing in Italy: current situation and perspectives

Burnam, M.Audrey.; Meredith, L.S.; Tanielian, T.; Jaycox, L.H., 2009:
Mental health care for Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans

Devi, S., 2011:
Mental health care for US veterans heavily criticised

Garland, A.F.; Brookman-Frazee, L.; Hurlburt, M.S.; Accurso, E.C.; Zoffness, R.J.; Haine-Schlagel, R.; Ganger, W., 2010:
Mental health care for children with disruptive behavior problems: a view inside therapists' offices

Ryan, K., 2012:
Mental health care for exploring detainees: a fundamental recovery human right

Sen, P.; Exworthy, T.; Forrester, A., 2015:
Mental health care for foreign national prisoners in England and Wales

Straßmayr, C.; Matanov, A.; Priebe, S.; Barros, H.; Canavan, R.; Díaz-Olalla, Jé.Manuel.; Gabor, E.; Gaddini, A.; Greacen, T.; Holcnerová, P.; Kluge, U.; Welbel, M.; Nicaise, P.; Schene, A.H.; Soares, J.J.F.; Katschnig, H., 2013:
Mental health care for irregular migrants in Europe: barriers and how they are overcome

Hassett, A.; Fortune, T.; Smith, B., 2007:
Mental health care for our ageing Australian population

Channabasavanna, S.M., 1987:
Mental health care for the aged

Clancy, L., 2007:
Mental health care for the elderly: the end of the line?

Anonymous, 2012:
Mental health care for young people: early intervention in psychosis

Tyson, S.Y.; Flaskerud, J.H., 2010:
Mental health care guidelines for culturally diverse communities

Nelson, R., 2013:
Mental health care in America's youths

Dentzer, S., 2009:
Mental health care in America: not yet good enough

Esan, O.; Abdumalik, J.; Eaton, J.; Kola, L.; Fadahunsi, W.; Gureje, O., 2015:
Mental health care in Anglophone West Africa

Meise, U.; Wancata, J.; Hinterhuber, H., 2009:
Mental health care in Austria: history--developments--perspectives

Qian, J., 2013:
Mental health care in China: providing services for under-treated patients

Li, K.; Sun, X.; Zhang, Y.; Kolstad, A., 2016:
Mental health care in China: review on the delivery and policy issues in 1949–2009 and the outlook for the next decade

Ram, R.Nathan., 2009:
Mental health care in Delaware: current challenges and potential solutions

Chahine, L.M.; Chemali, Z., 2010:
Mental health care in Lebanon: policy, plans and programmes

Montes, J.Ramos., 2012:
Mental health care in different fields within the criminal enforcement system: what model do we need?

Peloso, P.Francesco.; D'Alema, M.; Fioritti, A., 2014:
Mental health care in prisons and the issue of forensic hospitals in Italy

Maust, D.T.; Oslin, D.W.; Marcus, S.C., 2014:
Mental health care in the accountable care organization

Novella, E.J., 2011:
Mental health care in the aftermath of deinstitutionalization: a retrospective and prospective view

Clatney, L.; Macdonald, H.; Shah, S.M., 2008:
Mental health care in the primary care setting: family physicians' perspectives

Priebe, S.; Frottier, P.; Gaddini, A.; Kilian, R.; Lauber, C.; Martínez-Leal, R.; Munk-Jørgensen, P.; Walsh, D.; Wiersma, D.; Wright, D., 2008:
Mental health care institutions in nine European countries, 2002 to 2006

Araki, T.; Kuwabara, H.; Ando, S.; Kasai, K., 2014:
Mental health care management after the 2011 tsunami disaster in Higashi-Matsushima, Japan

Barros, Sônia.; Salles, M., 2016:
Mental health care management in the Brazilian National Health System

Sanchez, F.; Gaw, A., 2007:
Mental health care of Filipino Americans

Pejovic Milovancevic, M.; Popovic Deusic, S.; Lecic Tosevski, D.; Draganic Gajic, S., 2010:
Mental health care of children and adolescents in Serbia: past steps and future directions

Tharayil, H.M.; Thomas, A.; Balan, B.V.; Shaji, K.S., 2014:
Mental health care of older people: can the district mental health program of India make a difference?

Avdibegović, E.; Hasanović, M.; Selimbasić, Z.; Pajević, I.; Sinanović, O., 2008:
Mental health care of psychotraumatized persons in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina--experiences from Tuzla Canton

Lee, S.; Castella, A.de.; Freidin, J.; Kennedy, A.; Kroschel, J.; Humphrey, C.; Kerr, R.; Hollows, A.; Wilkins, S.; Kulkarni, J., 2010:
Mental health care on the streets: An integrated approach

Nadeem, E.; Lange, J.M.; Miranda, J., 2008:
Mental health care preferences among low-income and minority women

Noseworthy, A.Marie.; Sevigny, E.; Laizner, A.M.; Houle, C.; La Riccia, P., 2016:
Mental health care professionals' experiences with the discharge planning process and transitioning patients attending outpatient clinics into community care

Pinder, R.J.; Fear, N.T.; Wessely, S.; Reid, G.E.; Greenberg, N., 2010:
Mental health care provision in the U.K. armed forces

Fleury, M-Josée.; Delorme, Aé., 2014:
Mental health care reform: the end or still in progress?

Ito, H.; Frank, R.G.; Nakatani, Y.; Fukuda, Y., 2014:
Mental health care reforms in Asia: the regional health care strategic plan: the growing impact of mental disorders in Japan

Tse, S.; Ran, M-Sheng.; Huang, Y.; Zhu, S., 2014:
Mental health care reforms in Asia: the urgency of now: building a recovery-oriented, community mental health service in china

Jenkins, R.; McDaid, D.; Nikiforov, A.; Potasheva, A.; Watkins, J.; Lancashire, S.; Samyshkin, Y.; Huxley, P.; Atun, R., 2010:
Mental health care reforms in Europe: Rehabilitation and social inclusion of people with mental illness in Russia

Caldas de Almeida, Jé.Miguel.; Horvitz-Lennon, M., 2010:
Mental health care reforms in Latin America: An overview of mental health care reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean

Espinola-Nadurille, M.; Vargas Huicochea, I.; Raviola, G.; Ramirez-Bermudez, J.; Kutcher, S., 2010:
Mental health care reforms in Latin America: child and adolescent mental health services in Mexico

Mitchell, P., 2008:
Mental health care roles of non-medical primary health and social care services

Vogel, L., 2011:
Mental health care still a minefield at the front

Caçapava, J.Reale.; Colvero, L.de.Almeida., 2009:
Mental health care strategies in primary health care units

Lokkerbol, J.; Weehuizen, R.; Mavranezouli, I.; Mihalopoulos, C.; Smit, F., 2014:
Mental health care system optimization from a health-economics perspective: where to sow and where to reap?

Matsumoto, K., 2014:
Mental health care systems and provisions in the immediate and acute phase of the Great East Japan Earthquake: situational and support activities in Miyagi Prefecture

Rodríguez, J.J., 2011:
Mental health care systems in Latin America and the Caribbean

Cardoso, L.; Galera, S.Aparecida.Frari., 2011:
Mental health care today

de Mello, G.; Fraser, F.; Nicoll, P.; Ker, J.; Green, G.; Laird, C., 2014:
Mental health care training for practitioners in remote and rural areas

Kessler, R., 2012:
Mental health care treatment initiation when mental health services are incorporated into primary care practice

Applewhite, L.; Keller, N.; Borah, A., 2012:
Mental health care use by soldiers conducting counterinsurgency operations

Cairney, J.; Corna, L.M.; Streiner, D.L., 2010:
Mental health care use in later life: results from a national survey of Canadians

Codony, M.; Alonso, J.; Almansa, J.; Vilagut, G.; Domingo, A.; Pinto-Meza, A.; Fernández, A.; Usall, J.; Dolz, M.; Haro, J.M., 2008:
Mental health care use in the Spanish general populations. Results of the ESEMeD-Spain study

Kleintjes, S.; Lund, C.; Swartz, L.; Flisher, A., 2011 :
Mental health care user participation in mental health policy development and implementation in South Africa

Sansone, R.A.; Sellbom, M.; Chang, J.; Jewell, B., 2013:
Mental health care utilization and compulsive buying

Kaushik, G.; Plax, K.L.; Constantino, J.N.; Lewis, L.; Mamah, D., 2013:
Mental health care utilization at a free drop-in youth center in St. Louis, Missouri

Flaskerud, J.H., 2016:
Mental health care, the Affordable Care Act, and Medicaid expansion

Miller, G., 2012:
Mental health care. Who needs psychiatrists?

Ferreira, M.Solange.de.Castro.; Pereira, M.Alice.Ornellas., 2013:
Mental health care: listening to patients discharged from a day hospital

Wagner, L.Carniel.; Geidel, A.Runte.; Torres-González, F.; King, M.Bruce., 2011:
Mental health care: perceptions of people with schizophrenia and their carers

Clayton, A.R., 2014:
Mental health care: the author replies

Piippo, J.; Aaltonen, J., 2008:
Mental health care: trust and mistrust in different caring contexts

Yasamy, M.Taghi., 2009:
Mental health challenges and possible solutions

McCay, E.; Langley, J.; Beanlands, H.; Cooper, L.; Mudachi, N.; Harris, A.; Blidner, R.; Bach, K.; Dart, C.; Howes, C.; Miner, S., 2010 :
Mental health challenges and strengths of street-involved youth: the need for a multi-determined approach

Amaral, G.; Geierstanger, S.; Soleimanpour, S.; Brindis, C., 2011:
Mental health characteristics and health-seeking behaviors of adolescent school-based health center users and nonusers

Calvete, E., 2008:
Mental health characteristics of men who abuse their intimate partners

Zevalkink, J.; Berghout, C., 2008:
Mental health characteristics of patients assigned to long-term ambulatory psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in the Netherlands

Cochran, B.N.; Balsam, K.; Flentje, A.; Malte, C.A.; Simpson, T., 2013:
Mental health characteristics of sexual minority veterans

Brijnath, B.; Mazza, D.; Singh, N.; Kosny, A.; Ruseckaite, R.; Collie, A., 2015:
Mental health claims management and return to work: qualitative insights from Melbourne, Australia

McCann, T.V.; Clark, E.; Baird, J.; Lu, S., 2008:
Mental health clinicians' attitudes about consumer and consumer consultant participation in Australia: A cross-sectional survey design

Byrne, M.K.; Deane, F.P.; Caputi, P., 2008:
Mental health clinicians' beliefs about medicines, attitudes, and expectations of improved medication adherence in patients

Powell, B.J.; Hausmann-Stabile, C.; McMillen, J.Curtis., 2014:
Mental health clinicians' experiences of implementing evidence-based treatments

Powell, B.J.; McMillen, J.Curtis.; Hawley, K.M.; Proctor, E.K., 2014:
Mental health clinicians' motivation to invest in training: results from a practice-based research network survey

Marks, I., 2009:
Mental health clinics in the 21st century

Haggarty, J.M.; Ryan-Nicholls, K.D.; Jarva, J.A., 2010:
Mental health collaborative care: a synopsis of the Rural and Isolated Toolkit

Brown, J.D.; Wissow, L.S.; Cook, B.L.; Longway, S.; Caffery, E.; Pefaure, C., 2013:
Mental health communications skills training for medical assistants in pediatric primary care

McAllister, M.; Matarasso, B., 2007:
Mental health community liaison in aged care: a service of value to all

Grenier, G.; Fleury, M-Josée., 2009:
Mental health community organizations in Québec: role and partnership models

McKay, R., 2013:
Mental health community support needs don't stop at 65

Yaghmaie, P.; Koudelka, C.W.; Simpson, E.L., 2013:
Mental health comorbidity in patients with atopic dermatitis

Kallivayalil, R.Abraham., 2013:
Mental health concepts in India: Providing valuable insights

Haque, A., 2010:
Mental health concepts in Southeast Asia: diagnostic considerations and treatment implications

Venters, H.; Adekugbe, O.; Massaquoi, J.; Nadeau, C.; Saul, J.; Gany, F., 2011:
Mental health concerns among African immigrants

Compton, M.T.; Frank, E., 2011:
Mental health concerns among Canadian physicians: results from the 2007-2008 Canadian Physician Health Study

Berg, M.B.; Mimiaga, M.J.; Safren, S.A., 2008:
Mental health concerns of gay and bisexual men seeking mental health services

Vanderbilt, D.; Gleason, M.Margaret., 2011:
Mental health concerns of the premature infant through the lifespan

Katz, I.R., 2011:
Mental health conditions among returning veterans

Ghandour, R.M.; Kogan, M.D.; Blumberg, S.J.; Jones, J.R.; Perrin, J.M., 2012:
Mental health conditions among school-aged children: geographic and sociodemographic patterns in prevalence and treatment

Fogarty, C.T.; Sharma, S.; Chetty, V.K.; Culpepper, L., 2008:
Mental health conditions are associated with increased health care utilization among urban family medicine patients

Loncar, M.; Henigsberg, N.; Hrabac, P., 2010:
Mental health consequences in men exposed to sexual abuse during the war in Croatia and Bosnia

Satyanarayana, V., 2009:
Mental health consequences of cannabis use

Mullers, E-Sybille.; Dowling, M., 2008:
Mental health consequences of child sexual abuse

Goldmann, E.; Galea, S., 2014:
Mental health consequences of disasters

Fu, H.; VanLandingham, M.J., 2012:
Mental health consequences of international migration for Vietnamese Americans and the mediating effects of physical health and social networks: results from a natural experiment approach

Mechanic, M.B.; Weaver, T.L.; Resick, P.A., 2008:
Mental health consequences of intimate partner abuse: a multidimensional assessment of four different forms of abuse

McDonald, G., 2007:
Mental health consequences of long term conflict

Ben-Ezra, M.; Palgi, Y.; Soffer, Y.; Shrira, A., 2012:
Mental health consequences of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster: are the grandchildren of people living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the drop of the atomic bomb more vulnerable?

Bromet, E.J., 2012:
Mental health consequences of the Chernobyl disaster

Kar, N.; Jagadisha; Sharma, P.; Murali, N.; Mehrotra, S., 2004:
Mental health consequences of the trauma of super-cyclone 1999 in orissa

Maximova, K.; Quesnel-Vallée, Aélie., 2009:
Mental health consequences of unintended childlessness and unplanned births: gender differences and life course dynamics

Holloway, J.; Everly, G.S., 2011:
Mental health considerations for military humanitarian aid personnel

Ellington, E.E.; McGuinness, T.M., 2012:
Mental health considerations in pediatric enuresis

Grossman, C.I.; Gordon, C.M., 2008 :
Mental health considerations in secondary HIV prevention

Anonymous, 1962:
Mental health consultation

Hulme, T.S., 1974:
Mental health consultation with religious leaders

Knox, K.; Fejzic, J.; Mey, A.; Fowler, J.L.; Kelly, F.; McConnell, D.; Hattingh, L.; Wheeler, A.J., 2015:
Mental health consumer and caregiver perceptions of stigma in Australian community pharmacies

Trowse, L.C.; Cook, J.G.; Clooney, T.J.A., 2014:
Mental health consumer and carer participation: why we bother

Riebschleger, J.; Onaga, E.; Tableman, B.; Bybee, D., 2015:
Mental health consumer parents' recommendations for designing psychoeducation interventions for their minor children

Tanenbaum, S.J., 2011:
Mental health consumer-operated services organizations in the US: citizenship as a core function and strategy for growth

O'Reilly, C.L.; Bell, J.Simon.; Chen, T.F., 2012:
Mental health consumers and caregivers as instructors for health professional students: a qualitative study

Schwartz, R.; Estein, O.; Komaroff, J.; Lamb, J.; Myers, M.; Stewart, J.; Vacaflor, L.; Park, M., 2014:
Mental health consumers and providers dialogue in an institutional setting: a participatory approach to promoting recovery-oriented care

Urlic, K.; Lentin, P., 2008:
Mental health consumers developed an understanding of their potential for work through doing work and becoming persons with possible work futures

Marshall, S.L.; Oades, L.G.; Crowe, T.P., 2009:
Mental health consumers' perceptions of receiving recovery-focused services

Chand, K.; Dey, S.Kumar.; Shaw, S.Chandra., 2018:
Chronic Gastric Volvulus: Cause of Feed Intolerance

Melchior, M.; Caspi, A.; Howard, L.M.; Ambler, A.P.; Bolton, H.; Mountain, N.; Moffitt, T.E., 2009:
Mental health context of food insecurity: a representative cohort of families with young children

Huff, M.Belew., 2009:
Mental health corner

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