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Naproxen metabolites interfere with certain bilirubin assays: elimination of interference by using a Roche bilirubin assay on the Hitachi 917 analyzer

Dasgupta, A.; Langman, L.J.; Johnson, M.; Chow, L.

American Journal of Clinical Pathology 133(6): 878-883


ISSN/ISBN: 1943-7722
PMID: 20472845
DOI: 10.1309/ajcpn6mwatq3sztc
Accession: 054546998

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A recent report indicated significant interference of naproxen with total bilirubin measurement when using the Jendrassik and Grof method. We explored the possibility of avoiding this interference by using a different method. We observed that naproxen has no effect on total bilirubin measurement by any method, but O-desmethylnaproxen (the naproxen metabolite) interfered significantly with total bilirubin assays using the Jendrassik and Grof method (Beckman Coulter [Brea, CA] and Siemens [Tarrytown, NY] bilirubin method). The Roche (Indianapolis, IN) bilirubin assay based on a different method was not affected. When serum samples of 9 patients receiving naproxen were analyzed for total bilirubin level, we observed good correlation in total bilirubin values measured by all 3 methods in 7 of 9 patients with therapeutic naproxen concentrations. In contrast, in 2 patients with elevated naproxen levels, the total bilirubin values observed by using the Beckman and Siemens methods were significantly higher than the value obtained by the Roche assay. The naproxen metabolite interferes with assays based on the Jendrassik and Grof method but not with the Roche bilirubin assay.

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