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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54607

Chapter 54607 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hunt, J., 2016:
New healthcare regulations: implications for general practice

Einecke, D., 2013:
New heart attack guideline. What is new and where the biggest deficits are

Morrow, T., 2010:
New heart valve avoids sternotomy and long hospitalization

Bayés de Luna, A., 2007:
New heart wall terminology and new electrocardiographic classification of Q-wave myocardial infarction based on correlations with magnetic resonance imaging

Gouesbet, G.; Rhazi, M.; Weill, M.E., 1983:
New heartbeat phenomenon, and the concept of 2-D optical turbulence

Nahum, L.H.; Nahum, L.H., 2013:
New hearts for old. 1963

Arai, M.A.; Tateno, C.; Koyano, T.; Kowithayakorn, T.; Kawabe, S.; Ishibashi, M., 2011:
New hedgehog/GLI-signaling inhibitors from Adenium obesum

Gadher, S.Jivan.; Kovarova, H., 2013:
New heights and horizons in fostering proteomics in central and eastern Europe

Marshburn, T.H.; Hadfield, C.A.; Sargsyan, A.E.; Garcia, K.; Ebert, D.; Dulchavsky, S.A., 2014:
New heights in ultrasound: first report of spinal ultrasound from the international space station

Sharma, G.V.M.; Venkateshwarlu, G.; Reddy, P.Purushotham.; Kunwar, A.C., 2015:
New helical folds in α-peptides with alternating chirality

Lane, G., 1975:
New help for cancer patients

Interlandi, J., 2011:
New help for smokers

Carreras Delgado, Jé.Luis., 2010:
New help from nuclear medicine to surgery

Versteeg, H.H.; Ruf, W., 2014:
New helpers in TF-dependent migration

Christie, B., 2007:
New helpline will advise those who blow whistle on research fraud

Girnius, S.; Seldin, D.C.; Cibeira, M.Teresa.; Sanchorawala, V., 2014:
New hematologic response criteria predict survival in patients with immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis treated with high-dose melphalan and autologous stem-cell transplantation

Li, Y.; Sharma, S.K.; Karlin, K.D., 2013:
New heme-dioxygen and carbon monoxide adducts using pyridyl or imidazolyl tailed porphyrins

Tokusumi, T.; Shoue, D.A.; Tokusumi, Y.; Stoller, J.R.; Schulz, R.A., 2010:
New hemocyte-specific enhancer-reporter transgenes for the analysis of hematopoiesis in Drosophila

Prosl, F.; Polaschegg, H.Dietrich., 2013:
New hemodialysis access system

Thompson, C.A., 2015:
New hemophilia A treatment allows less-frequent prophylactic doses

Aliev, R.K., 2018:
New hemostatic agent from male flowers of maize and mechanism of its effect

Cantor, A.J., 2011:
New hemostatic agents in proctology

Cox, E.Darrin.; Schreiber, M.A.; McManus, J.; Wade, C.E.; Holcomb, J.B., 2010:
New hemostatic agents in the combat setting

De Castro, G.P.; MacPhee, M.J.; Driscoll, I.R.; Beall, D.; Hsu, J.; Zhu, S.; Hess, J.R.; Scalea, T.M.; Bochicchio, G.V., 2011:
New hemostatic dressing (FAST Dressing) reduces blood loss and improves survival in a grade V liver injury model in noncoagulopathic swine

Rosser, C., 2014:
New hemostatic dressings in anorectal surgery

Li, N-Nan.; Zheng, B-Na.; Lin, J-Tao.; Zhang, L-Ming., 2014:
New heparin-indomethacin conjugate with an ester linkage: synthesis, self aggregation and drug delivery behavior

De Nardo, L.; Farè, S.; Di Matteo, V.; Cipolla, E.; Saino, E.; Visai, L.; Speziale, P.; Tanzi, M.Cristina., 2007:
New heparinizable modified poly(carbonate urethane) surfaces diminishing bacterial colonization

Shimizu, A.; Suhara, T.; Ito, T.; Omichi, K.; Naruse, K.; Hasegawa, K.; Kokudo, N., 2014:
New hepatectomy-induced postoperative adhesion model in rats, and evaluation of the efficacy of anti-adhesion materials

Agius, L., 2007 :
New hepatic targets for glycaemic control in diabetes

Lund, A.E., 2008:
New hepatitis B testing recommendations issued

Kundi, M., 2007:
New hepatitis B vaccine formulated with an improved adjuvant system

Leonardi, S.; Miraglia Del Giudice, M.; La Rosa, M., 2012:
New hepatitis B vaccine schedule for children with celiac disease

Morrow, T., 2014:
New hepatitis C drugs. Major killer disease comes under control

Farrell, G.C., 2007:
New hepatitis C guidelines for the Asia-Pacific region: APASL consensus statements on the diagnosis, management and treatment of hepatitis C virus infection

Reinke, T., 2012:
New hepatitis C regimen stimulates changes in therapy management

Vermehren, J.; Sarrazin, C., 2011:
New hepatitis C therapies in clinical development

Pawlotsky, J-Michel., 2014:
New hepatitis C therapies: the toolbox, strategies, and challenges

Chtioui, H.; Buclin, T.; Moradpour, D., 2014:
New hepatitis C treatments: pharmacological considerations and potential for drug interactions

Anonymous, 2012:
New hepatitis C vaccine announced as infection rate soars. While the news is encouraging, the downside is that it could take seven years for the vaccine to reach the public

Hussain, S.; Barretto, N.; Uprichard, S.L., 2013:
New hepatitis C virus drug discovery strategies and model systems

Woo, P.C.Y.; Lau, S.K.P.; Teng, J.L.L.; Tsang, A.K.L.; Joseph, M.; Wong, E.Y.M.; Tang, Y.; Sivakumar, S.; Xie, J.; Bai, R.; Wernery, R.; Wernery, U.; Yuen, K-Yung., 2015:
New hepatitis E virus genotype in camels, the Middle East

Haneveld, J.Klein., 2011:
New hernia treatment in dogs

Wrigglesworth, J.W.; Cox, B.; Lloyd-Jones, G.C.; Booker-Milburn, K.I., 2012:
New heteroannulation reactions of N-alkoxybenzamides by Pd(II) catalyzed C-H activation

Barriga, Gán.; Olea-Azar, C.; Norambuena, E.; Castro, A.; Porcal, W.; Gerpe, A.; González, M.; Cerecetto, H., 2010:
New heteroaryl nitrones with spin trap properties: Identification of a 4-furoxanyl derivative with excellent properties to be used in biological systems

Tabassum, S.; Afzal, M.; Arjmand, F., 2013:
New heterobimetallic Cu(II)-Sn2(IV) complex as potential topoisomerase I inhibitor: in vitro DNA binding, cleavage and cytotoxicity against human cancer cell lines

Kandile, N.G.; Mohamed, H.M.; Mohamed, M.I., 2015:
New heterocycle modified chitosan adsorbent for metal ions (II) removal from aqueous systems

Barbuceanu, S-Felicia.; Saramet, G.; Almajan, G.Laura.; Draghici, C.; Barbuceanu, F.; Bancescu, G., 2012:
New heterocyclic compounds from 1,2,4-triazole and 1,3,4-thiadiazole class bearing diphenylsulfone moieties. Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity evaluation

Garcia-Amorós, J.; R Castro, M.Cidália.; Coelho, P.; M Raposo, M.Manuela.; Velasco, D., 2013:
New heterocyclic systems to afford microsecond green-light isomerisable azo dyes and their use as fast molecular photochromic switches

Wen, G.; Zhang, D.; Huang, Y.; Zhao, R.; Zhu, L.; Shuai, Z.; Zhu, D., 2007:
New heterocyclic tetrathiafulvalene compounds with an azobenzene moiety: photomodulation of the electron-donating ability of the tetrathiafulvalene moiety

Guo, J-Huarng.; Billard, L.; Luh, W-Ming., 2011:
New heterogeneous test statistics for the unbalanced fixed-effect nested design

Pellegrin, Y.; Sandroni, M.; Blart, E.; Planchat, Aélien.; Evain, M.; Bera, N.C.; Kayanuma, M.; Sliwa, M.; Rebarz, M.; Poizat, O.; Daniel, C.; Odobel, F., 2011:
New heteroleptic bis-phenanthroline copper(I) complexes with dipyridophenazine or imidazole fused phenanthroline ligands: spectral, electrochemical, and quantum chemical studies

Lee, K.Reon.; Eum, M-Sik.; Chin, C.Shik.; Lee, S.Chan.; Kim, I.June.; Kim, Y.Sik.; Kim, Y.; Kim, S-Jin.; Hur, N.Hwi., 2009:
New heteroleptic iridium complexes having one biphenyl-2,2'-diyl and two bipyridyl based ligands

Baschieri, A.; Muzzioli, S.; Matteucci, E.; Stagni, S.; Massi, M.; Sambri, L., 2014:
New heterometallic Ir(III)2-Eu(III) complexes: white light emission from a single molecule

Li, M.; Ako, A.M.; Lan, Y.; Wernsdorfer, W.; Buth, G.; Anson, C.E.; Powell, A.K.; Wang, Z.; Gao, S., 2010:
New heterometallic [Mn(III)(4)Ln(III)(4)] wheels incorporating formate ligands

Zhang, J-Peng.; Ghosh, S.K.; Lin, J-Bin.; Kitagawa, S., 2009:
New heterometallic carboxylate frameworks: synthesis, structure, robustness, flexibility, and porosity

Sharmila, D.; Yuvaraj, K.; Barik, S.Kumar.; Roy, D.Kumar.; Chakrahari, K.Kumarvarma.; Ramalakshmi, R.; Mondal, B.; Varghese, B.; Ghosh, S., 2013:
New heteronuclear bridged borylene complexes that were derived from [{Cp*CoCl}2] and mono-metal-carbonyl fragments

Wenzel, M.; Bigaeva, E.; Richard, P.; Le Gendre, P.; Picquet, M.; Casini, A.; Bodio, E., 2015:
New heteronuclear gold(I)-platinum(II) complexes with cytotoxic properties: are two metals better than one?

O'Meara, B.C., 2010:
New heuristic methods for joint species delimitation and species tree inference

Chandra, S.; Ruchi; Qanungo, K.; Sharma, S.K., 2012:
New hexadentate macrocyclic ligand and their copper(II) and nickel(II) complexes: Spectral, magnetic, electrochemical, thermal, molecular modeling and antimicrobial studies

Cotelle, P., 2009:
New hexahydrodiazocino-naphthyridine triones as HIV-1 integrase inhibitors: WO2008048538 A1

Jozak, T.; Sun, Y.; Schmitt, Y.; Lebedkin, S.; Kappes, M.; Gerhards, M.; Thiel, W.R., 2011:
New hexanuclear group 11 pyrazolate complexes: synthesis and photophysical features

Rao, S.; Ganesamoorthy, C.; Mobin, S.M.; Balakrishna, M.S., 2011:
New hexaphosphane ligands 1,3,5-C6H3{p-C6H4N(PX2)2}3 [X = Cl, F, C6H3OMe(C3H5)]: synthesis, derivatization and palladium(II) and platinum(II) complexes

Northing, P.; Oldring, P.K.T.; Castle, L.; Mason, P.A.S.S., 2011:
New hierarchical classification of food items for the assessment of exposure to packaging migrants: use of hub codes for different food groups

Ayuso, Mía.I.; Hernández-Jiménez, M.; Martín, Mía.E.; Salinas, M.; Alcázar, A., 2010:
New hierarchical phosphorylation pathway of the translational repressor eIF4E-binding protein 1 (4E-BP1) in ischemia-reperfusion stress

Hasegawa, G.; Morisato, K.; Kanamori, K.; Nakanishi, K., 2011 :
New hierarchically porous titania monoliths for chromatographic separation media

Haines, K.; Smith, N.B.; Webb, A.G., 2010:
New high dielectric constant materials for tailoring the B1+ distribution at high magnetic fields

Hikita, M.; Takubo, C.; Asai, K., 2008:
New high performance SAW convolvers used in high bit rate and wideband spread spectrum CDMA communications system

Chevalier, B.; Hermes, W.; Gaudin, E.; Pöttgen, R., 2011:
New high temperature modification of CeTiGe: structural characterization and physical properties

Pelczarska, A.; Delie, F.; Domańska, U.; Carrupt, P-Alain.; Martel, S., 2014:
New high throughput screening method for drug release measurements

Skinner, C.; Patfield, S.; Stanker, L.H.; Fratamico, P.; He, X., 2015:
New high-affinity monoclonal antibodies against Shiga toxin 1 facilitate the detection of hybrid Stx1/Stx2 in vivo

Novikov, A.A.; Kliuev, V.I.; Reznik, L.B., 2007:
New high-amplitude ultrasonic apparatuses with adaptive systems for therapy and surgery

Drovetskaya, T.V.; Diantonio, E.F.; Kreeger, R.L.; Amos, J.L.; Frank, D.P., 2007:
New high-charge density hydrophobically modified cationic HEC polymers for improved co-deposition of benefit agents and serious conditioning for problem hair

Schmidt, J.J.; Hafer, C.; Clajus, C.; Hadem, J.; Beutel, G.; Schmidt, B.M.W.; Kielstein, J.T., 2013:
New high-cutoff dialyzer allows improved middle molecule clearance without an increase in albumin loss: a clinical crossover comparison in extended dialysis

Dello Russo, A.; Pelargonio, G.; Casella, M., 2007 :
New high-density mapping catheter: helpful tool to assess complete pulmonary veins isolation

Dolzhnikov, D.S.; Iapalucci, M.C.; Longoni, G.; Tiozzo, C.; Zacchini, S.; Femoni, C., 2012:
New high-nuclearity carbonyl and carbonyl-substituted rhodium clusters and their relationships with polyicosahedral carbonyl-substituted palladium- and gold-thiolates

Wang, H-Sheng.; Zhang, Z-Chao.; Song, X-Jiao.; Zhang, J-Wei.; Zhou, H-Bo.; Wang, J.; Song, Y.; You, X-Zeng., 2011:
New high-nuclearity manganese clusters containing mixed chelating ligands: syntheses, crystal structures and magnetochemical characterization

Kazemifard, A.G.; Dabirsiaghi, A.; Gholami, K.; Javadzadeh, N., 2008:
New high-performance liquid chromatographic method for serum analysis of oxazepam: application to bioequivalence and pharmacokinetic study

Malakova, J.; Pavek, P.; Svecova, L.; Jokesova, I.; Zivny, P.; Palicka, V., 2009:
New high-performance liquid chromatography method for the determination of (R)-warfarin and (S)-warfarin using chiral separation on a glycopeptide-based stationary phase

Chen, C.; Tian, F.; Wang, L.; Duan, D.; Cui, T.; Liu, B.; Zou, G., 2011:
New high-pressure phase of BaH₂ predicted by ab initio studies

Holloway, R.L.; Broadfield, D.C.; Carlson, K.J., 2015:
New high-resolution computed tomography data of the Taung partial cranium and endocast and their bearing on metopism and hominin brain evolution

Voelker, R., 2011:
New high-risk criteria for CVD in women

Brown, E., 2015:
New high-risk gene mutation for hereditary melanoma development identified

Brontvein, O.; Stroppa, D.G.; Popovitz-Biro, R.; Albu-Yaron, A.; Levy, M.; Feuerman, D.; Houben, L.; Tenne, R.; Gordon, J.M., 2012:
New high-temperature Pb-catalyzed synthesis of inorganic nanotubes

Kristan, K.; Kotnik, M.; Oblak, M.; Urleb, U., 2009:
New high-throughput fluorimetric assay for discovering inhibitors of UDP-N-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine: D-glutamate (MurD) ligase

Kolaczkowski, M.; Kolaczkowska, A.; Motohashi, N.; Michalak, K., 2009:
New high-throughput screening assay to reveal similarities and differences in inhibitory sensitivities of multidrug ATP-binding cassette transporters

Zhou, Z.; Tang, Y.; Whitten, D.G.; Achyuthan, K.E., 2010:
New high-throughput screening protease assay based upon supramolecular self-assembly

Berkovits, N., 2007:
New higher-derivative R4 theorems for graviton scattering

Fernández Fabrellas, E.; Domingo Montañana, M.L.; Martínez Moragón, E., 2007:
New highlight of acute interstitial pneumonia

Poelstra, K., 2014:
New highlights for relaxin

Georgescu, E.; Nicolescu, A.; Georgescu, F.; Teodorescu, F.; Marinescu, D.; Macsim, A-Maria.; Deleanu, C., 2014:
New highlights of the syntheses of pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinoxalin-4-ones

Blay, G.; Domingo, L.R.; Hernández-Olmos, V.; Pedro, Jé.R., 2008:
New highly asymmetric Henry reaction catalyzed by Cu(II) and a C(1)-symmetric aminopyridine ligand, and its application to the synthesis of miconazole

Stark, T.D.; Germann, D.; Balemba, O.B.; Wakamatsu, J.; Hofmann, T., 2014:
New highly in vitro antioxidative 3,8″-linked Biflav(an)ones and Flavanone-C-glycosides from Garcinia buchananii stem bark

de Faria, E.H.; Nassar, E.J.; Ciuffi, K.J.; Vicente, M.A.; Trujillano, R.; Rives, V.; Calefi, P.S., 2011:
New highly luminescent hybrid materials: terbium pyridine-picolinate covalently grafted on kaolinite

Guo, X-xia.; Hao, Y-ying.; Lei, J-feng.; Fan, W-hao.; Wang, H.; Xu, B-she., 2010:
New highly phosphorescent heteroleptic tris-cyclometalated iridium (III) complexes: synthesis and photophysical characterization

Bennett, J.W.; Grinberg, I.; Rappe, A.M., 2008:
New highly polar semiconductor ferroelectrics through d8 cation-O vacancy substitution into PbTiO3: a theoretical study

Martínez-Garrido, J.; González-Wangüemert, M.; Serrão, E.A., 2014:
New highly polymorphic microsatellite markers for the aquatic angiosperm Ruppia cirrhosa reveal population diversity and differentiation

Liu, X-Ming.; Zhao, Q.; Song, W-Chao.; Bu, X-He., 2012:
New highly selective colorimetric and ratiometric anion receptor for detecting fluoride ions

Petrauskene, O.V.; Schumaker, M.A.; Thorstenson, Y.; Fearnley, C.; Pavlidis, T.; Liew, S-Ning.; Cork, J.; Furtado, M.R.; Wakeley, P.R.; Slomka, M.J., 2010:
New highly sensitive and accurate lyophilized real-time RT-PCR tests for early detection of avian influenza

Darwish, I.A.; Al-Obaid, A-Rahman.M.; Al-Malaq, H.A., 2009:
New highly sensitive enzyme immunoassay for the determination of pravastatin in human plasma

Rose, C.; Peoc'h, K.; Chasseigneaux, Séphanie.; Paquet, C.; Dumurgier, J.; Bourasset, F.; Calon, Fédéric.; Laplanche, J-Louis.; Hugon, J.; Allinquant, B., 2012:
New highly sensitive rodent and human tests for soluble amyloid precursor protein alpha quantification: preclinical and clinical applications in Alzheimer's disease

Giannitsis, E.; Roth, H.Juergen.; Leithäuser, R.M.; Scherhag, J.; Beneke, R.; Katus, H.A., 2009:
New highly sensitivity assay used to measure cardiac troponin T concentration changes during a continuous 216-km marathon

Zhu, C.; Yoshimura, A.; Solntsev, P.; Ji, L.; Wei, Y.; Nemykin, V.N.; Zhdankin, V.V., 2012:
New highly soluble dimedone-derived iodonium ylides: preparation, X-ray structure, and reaction with carbodiimide leading to oxazole derivatives

Lin, R.; Zhang, H.; Li, S.; Wang, J.; Xia, H., 2011:
New highly stable metallabenzenes via nucleophilic aromatic substitution reaction

Májer, F.; Sharma, R.; Mullins, C.; Keogh, L.; Phipps, S.; Duggan, S.; Kelleher, D.; Keely, S.; Long, A.; Radics, Gábor.; Wang, J.; Gilmer, J.F., 2014:
New highly toxic bile acids derived from deoxycholic acid, chenodeoxycholic acid and lithocholic acid

Cobb, J.P., 2008:
New hip and knee replacements. Conclusions from knee and hip registry data miss the point

Jaholkowski, P.; Kiryk, A.; Jedynak, P.; Ben Abdallah, N.M.; Knapska, E.; Kowalczyk, A.; Piechal, A.; Blecharz-Klin, K.; Figiel, I.; Lioudyno, V.; Widy-Tyszkiewicz, E.; Wilczynski, G.M.; Lipp, H-Peter.; Kaczmarek, L.; Filipkowski, R.K., 2009:
New hippocampal neurons are not obligatory for memory formation; cyclin D2 knockout mice with no adult brain neurogenesis show learning

Piao, S-Juan.; Jiao, W-Hua.; Yang, F.; Yi, Y-Hua.; Di, Y-Tong.; Han, B-Nan.; Lin, H-Wen., 2015:
New hippolide derivatives with protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B inhibitory activity from the marine sponge Hippospongia lachne

Pridie, K.H., 2011:
New hips for old

Tolan, T., 2014:
New hiring rules. Can a personal habit be a dealbreaker for highly qualified candidates? If you are a smoker in Florida, maybe so

Chang, K-Ming., 2007:
New histologic findings in idiopathic mesenteric phlebosclerosis: clues to its pathogenesis and etiology--probably ingested toxic agent-related

Zheltakov, M.M., 2011:
New histological methods for the study of salvarsan precipitation in the tissues of the active mesenchyme

Bergeron, C., 2008:
New histological terminology of vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia

Gueugnon, F.; Cartron, P-François.; Charrier, C.; Bertrand, P.; Fonteneau, J-François.; Gregoire, M.; Blanquart, C., 2015:
New histone deacetylase inhibitors improve cisplatin antitumor properties against thoracic cancer cells

Mejlvang, J.; Feng, Y.; Alabert, C.; Neelsen, K.J.; Jasencakova, Z.; Zhao, X.; Lees, M.; Sandelin, A.; Pasero, P.; Lopes, M.; Groth, A., 2014:
New histone supply regulates replication fork speed and PCNA unloading

Mori, F.; Oda, N.; Sakuragi, M.; Sakakibara, F.; Kiniwa, M.; Miyoshi, K., 2009:
New histopathological experimental model for benign prostatic hyperplasia: stromal hyperplasia in rats

Kim, S-Hyun.; Shin, C-Min.; Park, Y-Il.; Park, J-Wook.; Kim, S-Ryong.; Chung, M-Chul.; Lee, J-Hoon., 2009:
New hole transporting materials based on di- and tetra-substituted biphenyl derivatives for organic light-emitting diodes

Yamazaki, K.; Ichikawa, T.; Aritake, H.; Yamagishi, F.; Ikeda, H.; Inagaki, T., 1990:
New holographic technology for a compact POS scanner

Wang, Z.; Gong, W.; Sun, G.; Tang, H.; Liu, B.; Li, L.; Yi, Y.; Zhang, W., 2013:
New holostan-type triterpene glycosides from the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus

Anonymous, 2014:
New home adopts Eden Alternative model

Gottschling, M.; McLean, T.I., 2013:
New home for tiny symbionts: dinophytes determined as Zooxanthella are Peridiniales and distantly related to Symbiodinium

Manso, J.; García-Barrera, T.; Gómez-Ariza, J.L., 2012:
New home-made assembly for hollow-fibre membrane extraction of persistent organic pollutants from real world samples

Weaver, H., 2013:
New homes for neurology

Pickering, T.Rayne.; Heaton, J.L.; Clarke, R.J.; Sutton, M.B.; Brain, C.K.; Kuman, K., 2012:
New hominid fossils from Member 1 of the Swartkrans formation, South Africa

Haile-Selassie, Y.; Saylor, B.Z.; Deino, A.; Alene, M.; Latimer, B.M., 2010:
New hominid fossils from Woranso-Mille (Central Afar, Ethiopia) and taxonomy of early Australopithecus

Zhang, M.; Huang, Z.; Yu, B.; Ji, H., 2012:
New homogeneous high-throughput assays for inhibitors of β-catenin/Tcf protein-protein interactions

Li, L-Hong.; Ren, F-Zhi.; Chen, S-Hong.; Gao, Y-Qi., 2011:
New homoisoflavanones from Polygonatum odoratum (Mill.) Druce

Silva, W.E.; Belian, Mônica.Freire.; Freire, R.O.; de Sá, G.F.; Alves, S., 2011:
New homotrinuclear lanthanide complexes: synthesis, characterization and spectroscopic study

Fong, K.; Akdeniz, S.; Isi, H.; Taskesen, M.; McGrath, J.A.; Lai-Cheong, J.E., 2011:
New homozygous SPINK5 mutation, p.Gln333X, in a Turkish pedigree with Netherton syndrome

Trow, W.D., 2018:
New honors of discovery for Dr. Joseph Priestley

Wang, F.; Li, Y-Ming., 2010:
New hopane triterpene from Dicranostigma leptopodum (Maxim) Fedde

Jaitak, V.; Kaul, V.K.; Himlata; Kumar, N.; Singh, B.; Dhar, J.; Sharma, O.P., 2011:
New hopane triterpenes and antioxidant constituents from Potentilla fulgens

Gill, R.; Raphel, S., 2009:
New hope and help for forgotten youth

Fukumoto, J.; Lockey, R.; Kolliputi, N., 2013:
New hope for Nutlin-3a therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension

Schmalbach, B.; Lang, N., 2010:
New hope for Rasmussen encephalitis?

Reesink, H.W.; Weegink, C.J., 2009:
New hope for a cure for chronic hepatitis C

Rossi, J.J., 2009:
New hope for a microRNA therapy for liver cancer

Mehta, J.; Parthasarathy, P.T.; Lockey, R.; Kolliputi, N., 2013:
New hope for a microRNA therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension

Ehrenfeld, T., 2007:
New hope for addicts? An epilepsy drug may help alcoholics stop drinking

Anonymous, 2010:
New hope for advanced gastric cancer

Ho, C-Kiat.; Lee, C-Wei.; Lu, J.; Wu, J.; Koh, W-Puay.; Chan, C-Yip.; Homer-Vanniasinkam, S.; Chao, A.K.H., 2009:
New hope for an old cure: a pilot animal study on selective venesection in attenuating the systemic effects of ischaemic-reperfusion injury

Rosin, M.P.; Poh, C.F.; Elwood, J.Mark.; Williams, P.Michele.; Gallagher, R.; MacAulay, C.; Lam, W.W.; Auluck, A.; Zhang, L.; Hislop, T.Gregory., 2008:
New hope for an oral cancer solution: together we can make a difference

White, K.; Gaudieri, S., 2015:
New hope for biomarkers in the practice of infectious diseases medicine

Zhao, R.Chunhua.; Zhu, Y-Shu.; Shi, Y., 2008:
New hope for cancer treatment: exploring the distinction between normal adult stem cells and cancer stem cells

Kassimatis, T.I.; Goldsmith, D.J.A., 2010:
New hope for chronic kidney disease patients after the JUPITER trial: myth or reality?

McCraty, R.; Atkinson, M.; Lipsenthal, L.; Arguelles, L., 2009:
New hope for correctional officers: an innovative program for reducing stress and health risks

Zhao, Y., 2007:
New hope for diabetics: adult blood stem cells can make insulin

Gebel, E., 2012:
New hope for ending complications. Working together to protect your body from diabetes damage

Lenjisa, J.Likisa.; Woldu, M.Alebachew.; Satessa, G.Dabessa., 2014:
New hope for eradication of HIV from the body: the role of polymeric nanomedicines in HIV/AIDS pharmacotherapy

Kapp, C., 2009:
New hope for health in South Africa

Zeidan, Z.A.; Hamed, O.A.; Abdulmoneim, A.O.; Abdulmoneim, M.O.; Mohiddin, H.A.; Abdulwahab, H.H.; El Amin, H.B., 2002:
New hope for hiv/aids patients: the case of a sudanese adult patient

Roep, B.O., 2011:
New hope for immune intervention therapy in type 1 diabetes

Schweisheimer, W., 2011:
New hope for lepers lepers and leprosy through the centuries

Holzgrabe, U., 2010:
New hope for malaria vaccine

Filipiak, K.J., 2012:
New hope for markers-h-FABP and GPBB as fast tests for acute myocardial infarction

Pirisi, A., 2010:
New hope for melanoma

DiPersio, J.F., 2012:
New hope for mobilization failures ... again

Brownlow, C.B., 2009:
New hope for more equitable reimbursement

Lindsley, C.W., 2013:
New hope for multiple sclerosis patients

Sköld, M., 2013:
New hope for patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Simplified diagnostics and clinical trials can provide opportunities for treatment

Muller, N., 2011:
New hope for persons with fecal incontinence

Nurnberger, J.I., 2009:
New hope for pharmacogenetic testing

Siva, N., 2010:
New hope for prison health in the UK

Leleu, X., 2013:
New hope for relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma

Falavarjani, K.Ghasemi.; Naseripour, M., 2010:
New hope for retinoblastoma patients

Anonymous, 2012:
New hope for sepsis

Deuschl, Günther., 2013:
New hope for severe essential tremor?

Guttmann, L., 2011:
New hope for spinal cord sufferers

Clark, I., 2013:
New hope for survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury

Hudson, H.C., 2017:
New hope for the disabled

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New hope for those with hereditary angioedema

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New hope for treating addictions in health care professionals

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New hope for wound healing after bowel resection

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New hope for young breast cancer patients

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New hope from an old drug: fighting Alzheimer's disease with the cancer drug bexarotene (targretin)?

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New hope in metastatic melanoma treatment?

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New hope in the fight against malaria?

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New hope in the horizon: cancer stem cells

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New hope in the search for Ebola virus treatments

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New hope in the treatment of advanced cancer of the prostate in 2012

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New hope of gene therapy results from improvements of lentiviral vectors-review

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New hope with the scope: introduction

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New hopes and better treatment prospects for patients with neuromuscular pathologies and respiratory failure?

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New hopes and challenges for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders: great opportunities for young neuroscientists

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New hopes for US health pinned on Daschle's nomination

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New hopes for tackling HIV/AIDS in the USA

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New hopes for the treatment of primary ovarian insufficiency/premature ovarian failure

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New hopes from old drugs: revisiting DNA-binding small molecules as anticancer agents

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New hopes in the echocardiography of cardiac resynchronization therapy? Merits of a combined assessment of left ventricular dyssynchrony and contractility

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New horizon for the therapeutic modality of exercise on neuropsychiatric disorders

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New horizon in advanced prosthodontics

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New horizon in the forming of nursing

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New horizon in toxicology: environment-gene-epigenetics-life course interaction

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New horizon of chronic myelogenous leukemia

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New horizon of mucosal immunity and vaccines

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New horizon of organosilicon chemistry

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New horizon of treatments for peripheral nerve disorders

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New horizons

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New horizons and current problems in physical medicine

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New horizons and hurdles for UK radiotherapy: can prostate stereotactic body radiotherapy show the way?

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New horizons and new responsibilities for the physical therapist

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New horizons and perspectives in the treatment of osteoarthritis

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New horizons at the caudal embryos: coordinated urogenital/reproductive organ formation by growth factor signaling

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New horizons for biomedical polymers

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New horizons for congenital myasthenic syndromes

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New horizons for diagnostic applications of circulating nucleosomes in blood?

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New horizons for diagnostics and therapeutic applications of graphene and graphene oxide

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New horizons for e-learning in medical education: ecological and Web 2.0 perspectives

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New horizons for e-mental health research and practice

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New horizons for magic-angle spinning NMR

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New horizons for mental health in the UK

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New horizons for minimally invasive treatment of acromioklavikular joint injuries

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New horizons for old age

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New horizons for old drugs and drug leads

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New horizons for plant translational research

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New horizons for research and education in osteopathic manipulative medicine

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New horizons for robot-assisted therapy in pediatrics

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New horizons for social development

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New horizons for stem cell therapy in liver disease

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New horizons for studying human hepatotropic infections

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New horizons for the infectious diseases specialist: how gut microflora promote health and disease

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New horizons for the methodology and physiology of training periodization

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New horizons for the methodology and physiology of training periodization: block periodization: new horizon or a false dawn?

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New horizons for the subplate zone and its pioneering neurons

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New horizons for the university

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New horizons for therapeutics in drug and alcohol abuse

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New horizons for treatment of ANCA-associated vasculitides

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New horizons for zoledronic acid: results of the HORIZON trials in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis and after hip fracture

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New horizons in Biophysics

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Circular RNA In Invasive and Recurrent Clinical Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas: Expression Profiles and Bioinformatic Analysis

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New horizons in Doppler ultrasound technology: relevance for obstetrical applications

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New horizons in MDS: flow cytometric diagnosis and a role of immunomodulatory molecules in disease progression

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New horizons in MR technology: RF coil designs and trends

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New horizons in MR-controlled and monitored radiofrequency ablation of liver tumours

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New horizons in allergy diagnostics and treatment

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New horizons in antiretroviral drug resistance

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New horizons in biological research developed by next-generation proteomics: say good-bye to Western blotting

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New horizons in brain-computer interface research

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New horizons in fracture risk assessment

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New horizons in genome engineering of Drosophila melanogaster

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New horizons in health, physical education, and recreation

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New horizons in hospital care

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New horizons in industrial health and welfare; progress in industrial health

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New horizons in industrial health and welfare; role of management in medical plans

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New horizons in lipid management

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New horizons in managing lower urinary tract dysfunction in children

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New horizons in medical ethics: "traditional" ethics and the g.m.C: discussion

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New horizons in natural TNF-α antagonist research

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New horizons in neuromodulation

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New horizons in organo-f-block chemistry

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New horizons in orthodontics

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New horizons in orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics: fixed Twin Blocks & TransForce lingual appliances

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New horizons in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics

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New horizons in osteoarthritis

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New horizons in pediatrics

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New horizons in pharmaceutical biotechnology by melding biology and engineering

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New horizons in pharmacologic treatment for rheumatic disease pain

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New horizons in platelets flow cytometry

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New horizons in pulmonary arterial hypertension therapies

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New horizons in research on diabetic complications of the eye: special emphasis on diabetic cataracts and retinopathy

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New horizons in sedative hypnotic drug development: fast, clean, and soft

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New horizons in sensor development

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New horizons in skeletal physiology and pathophysiology

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New horizons in speech audiometry?

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New horizons in the development of contrast media in radiology

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New horizons in the non-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis

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New horizons in the pharmacologic approach to hyponatremia: the V2 receptor antagonists

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New horizons in the treatment of cystic fibrosis

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New horizons in the treatment of fecal incontinence

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New horizons in therapeutic nerve block in the treatment of vascular and renal emergencies with continuous caudal and continuous spinal analgesia and anesthesia

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New horizons of adenosinetriphosphate energetics arising from interaction with magnesium cofactor

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New horizons of gluten sensitivity studies

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New horizons of next generation chemotherapy for mycobacteriosis

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New horizons opens up a new agenda for mental health but change won't happen overnight

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New horizons. Nurse-doctor collaboration

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New horizons: Australian nurses at work in World War I

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New horizons: urinary incontinence in older people

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New horizontal v-shaped osteotomy for correction of protrusion of the zygoma and the zygomatic arch in East Asians: indication and results

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New hormonal therapies and regimens in the postmenopause: routes of administration and timing of initiation

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New hormone stimulates pancreatic β-cell proliferation

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New horned dinosaurs from Utah provide evidence for intracontinental dinosaur endemism

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New horny layer marker proteins for evaluating skin condition in atopic dermatitis

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New horse may lead interferon race

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New hospital building - short and long term financial benefit

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New hospital complaints procedure

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New hospital consultant: surviving a difficult period

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New hospital costs

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New hospital death rates to be published in April

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New hospital deeming law and the Joint Commission

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New hospital disinfection processes for both conventional and prion infectious agents compatible with thermosensitive medical equipment

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New hospital food standards 'will put nurses in difficult position'

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New hospital governance, towards respect for all and everyone?

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New hospital may represent future of UK emergency care

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New hospital medical libraries in Micronesia

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New hospital organisation: threat or boon for gynaecology and obstetrics?

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New hospital payment systems: comparing medical strategies in The Netherlands, Germany and England

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New hospital quality measures for 2013

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New hospital readmission policy links financial and quality incentives

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New hospital telemedicine services: potential market for a nighttime telehospitalist service

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New hospital-based inpatient psychiatric services measure set available to meet ORYX requirements

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New hospitals. Single rooms--expensive, dangerous and boring

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New host for carbon in the deep Earth

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New host material for high-performance blue phosphorescent organic electroluminescent devices

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New hot spots in nasal endoscopic surgery

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New hot topics sections: 1. China's new march forward in addiction treatment: methadone for the masses. 2. Issues in formulating DSM V

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New house or new limbs?!

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New house-officers' views on unprofessional behaviour

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New household projections for the united states

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New housing and clinical project for the homeless

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New housing conditions: improving the welfare of experimental animals

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New human data versus estimates of effects of inhaling fission product mixtures

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New human demands in industry

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New human fossil to the last Neanderthals in central Spain (Jarama VI, Valdesotos, Guadalajara, Spain)

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New human immunodeficiency virus diagnoses: a never-ending problem

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New human leukocyte antigen risk allele in Japanese patients with Takayasu arteritis

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New human papilloma virus E2 transcription factor mimics: a tripyrrole-peptide conjugate with tight and specific DNA-recognition

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New human papillomavirus (HPV) types involved in epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV) in 3 HIV-infected patients: response to topical cidofovir

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New human retrovirus

Miller, E.Kathryn., 2011:
New human rhinovirus species and their significance in asthma exacerbation and airway remodeling

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New human tumour viruses?

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New human vaccines

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New humulenes from Hyptis incana (Labiatae)

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New hunt on for bipolar genes

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New huprine derivatives functionalized at position 9 as highly potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

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New hyaluronan (Suplasyn) in Croatia

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New hyaluronic acid based brush copolymers synthesized by atom transfer radical polymerization

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New hybrid Cd(II) compounds: synthesis and structural characterization

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New hybrid adaptive neuro-fuzzy algorithms for manipulator control with uncertainties- comparative study

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New hybrid approach for NOTES transvaginal cholecystectomy: preliminary clinical experience

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New hybrid genetic based Support Vector Regression as QSAR approach for analyzing flavonoids-GABA(A) complexes

Bujoli-Doeuff, M.; Dessapt, Rémi.; Deniard, P.; Jobic, Séphane., 2011:
New hybrid layered molybdates based on (2/∞)[Mo(n)O(3n+1)]2- units (n = 7, 9) with systematic organic-inorganic interfaces

Nguyen, T.Dieu.Hang.; Perrin, Fçois-Xavier.; Nguyen, D.Lam., 2013:
New hybrid materials based on poly(ethyleneoxide)-grafted polysilazane by hydrosilylation and their anti-fouling activities

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New hybrid nanostructures based on oxacillin-hydrotalcite-like anionic clays and their textural properties

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New hybrid semiconductor materials based on viologen salts of bimetallic Fe-Pt and Fe-Au carbonyl clusters: first structural characterization of the diradical pi-dimer of the diethylviologen monocation and EPR evidence of its triplet state

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New hybrid zirconium aminophosphonates containing piperidine and bipiperidine groups

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New hybrids between Agropyron and wheat : 2. Production, morphology and cytogenetic analysis of F1 hybrids and backcross derivatives

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New hybrids of Hordeum parodii with Hordeum vulgare, H. bogdanii, Agropyron caninum and X Triticosecale

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New hydrazine sensors based on electropolymerized meso-tetra(4-sulphonatephenyl)porphyrinate manganese(III)/silver nanomaterial

Parasca, O.Maria.; Lupascu, F.; Vasile, C.; Mares, M.; Nastasa, V.; Profire, L., 2014:
New hydrazines with sulphonamidic structure: synthesis,characterization and biological activity

Apotrosoaei, M.; Vasincu, I.; Tuchiluş, C.; Lupascu, F.; Constantin, S.; Lupaşcu, D.; Profire, L., 2014:
New hydrazones with pyrazolone structure: synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation

Ciganda, R.; Garralda, Mía.A.; Ibarlucea, L.; Pinilla, E.; Torres, M.Rosario., 2009:
New hydridoirida-beta-diketones derived from 8-quinoline-carbaldehyde and o-(diphenylphosphino)benzaldehyde

Sierra-García, I.Natalia.; Correa Alvarez, J.; de Vasconcellos, S.Pantaroto.; Pereira de Souza, A.; dos Santos Neto, E.Vaz.; de Oliveira, Véria.Maia., 2014:
New hydrocarbon degradation pathways in the microbial metagenome from Brazilian petroleum reservoirs

McMULLIN, R.N., 1948:
New hydrocolloid technique for inlays, crowns and bridges

Cuggino, J.César.; Charles, Gán.; Gatti, G.; Strumia, M.Cristina.; Alvarez Igarzabal, C.Inés., 2014:
New hydrogel obtained from a novel dendritic monomer as a promising candidate for biomedical applications

Kandile, N.G.; Nasr, A.S., 2014:
New hydrogels based on modified chitosan as metal biosorbent agents

Klare, H.; Neudörfl, Jörg.M.; Goldfuss, B., 2014:
New hydrogen-bonding organocatalysts: Chiral cyclophosphazanes and phosphorus amides as catalysts for asymmetric Michael additions

Hmadeh, M.; Hoepfner, V.; Larios, E.; Liao, K.; Jia, J.; Jose-Yacaman, M.; Ozin, G.A., 2015:
New hydrogen-evolution heteronanostructured photocatalysts: Pt-Nb3 O7 (OH) and Cu-Nb3 O7 (OH)

Xu, N.; Cao, Y.; Shi, Y-Nan.; Zhong, X.; Jia, T-Zhu., 2013:
New hydrolysable tannin from Cibotium barometz

Snodgrass, W.; Villanueva, C.; Gargollo, P.; Jacobs, M., 2015:
New hydronephrosis and/or vesicoureteral reflux after bladder outlet surgery without augmentation in 75 children with neurogenic bladder

Xia, C.; Wang, Y.; Chen, W.; Yu, W.; Wang, B.; Li, T., 2011:
New hydrophilic/lipophilic tetra-α-(4-carboxyphenoxy) phthalocyanine zinc-mediated photodynamic therapy inhibits the proliferation of human hepatocellular carcinoma Bel-7402 cells by triggering apoptosis and arresting cell cycle

ó Proinsias, K.; Sessler, J.L.; Kurcoń, S.; Gryko, D., 2011:
New hydrophobic vitamin B12 derivatives via ring-opening reactions of c-lactone

Zhu, X.; Zhang, Q.; Kong, L.; Wang, F.; Luo, S., 2011:
New hydroquinone diglycoside acyl esters and sesquiterpene and apocarotenoid from Ecdysanthera rosea

Fasol, G.; Schilling, J.S., 1978:
New hydrostatic pressure cell to 90 kilobars for precise electrical and magnetic measurements at low temperatures

Lama-Muñoz, A.; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, G.; Rubio-Senent, Fátima.; Gómez-Carretero, A.; Fernández-Bolaños, J., 2011:
New hydrothermal treatment of alperujo enhances the content of bioactive minor components in crude pomace olive oil

Rajulu, G.Govinda.; Bhojya Naik, H.Seephya.; Viswanadhan, A.; Thiruvengadam, J.; Rajesh, K.; Ganesh, S.; Jagadheshan, H.; Kesavan, P.Koppolu., 2014:
New hydroxamic acid derivatives of fluoroquinolones: synthesis and evaluation of antibacterial and anticancer properties

Zhai, G.; Lehmler, H-Joachim.; Schnoor, J.L., 2011:
New hydroxylated metabolites of 4-monochlorobiphenyl in whole poplar plants

Nalawade-Chavan, S.; McCullagh, J.; Hedges, R., 2014:
New hydroxyproline radiocarbon dates from Sungir, Russia, confirm early Mid Upper Palaeolithic burials in Eurasia

Grazina, R.; Santos, M.Amelia., 2011:
New hydroxypyridinone-functionalized sepharoses as sorbing agents for hard metal ions

Esteves, M.Alexandra.; Ortet, O.; Capelo, A.; Supuran, C.T.; Marques, Sérgio.M.; Santos, M.Amélia., 2010:
New hydroxypyrimidinone-containing sulfonamides as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors also acting as MMP inhibitors

Villalonga-Barber, C.; Meligova, A.K.; Alexi, X.; Steele, B.R.; Kouzinos, C.E.; Screttas, C.G.; Katsanou, E.S.; Micha-Screttas, M.; Alexis, M.N., 2011:
New hydroxystilbenoid derivatives endowed with neuroprotective activity and devoid of interference with estrogen and aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated transcription

Stafford, N., 2011:
New hygiene law aims to reduce infections in German hospitals

Li, Z'an.; Ye, S.; Liu, Y.; Yu, G.; Wu, W.; Qin, J.; Li, Z., 2010:
New hyperbranched conjugated polymers containing hexaphenylbenzene and oxadiazole units: convenient synthesis and efficient deep blue emitters for PLEDs application

Wu, W.; Ye, C.; Yu, G.; Liu, Y.; Qin, J.; Li, Z., 2012:
New hyperbranched polytriazoles containing isolation chromophore moieties derived from AB4 monomers through click chemistry under copper(I) catalysis: improved optical transparency and enhanced NLO effects

Bode, A.; Wood, S-Elin.; Mullins, J.G.L.; Keramidas, A.; Cushion, T.D.; Thomas, R.H.; Pickrell, W.O.; Drew, C.J.G.; Masri, A.; Jones, E.A.; Vassallo, G.; Born, A.P.; Alehan, F.; Aharoni, S.; Bannasch, G.; Bartsch, M.; Kara, B.; Krause, A.; Karam, E.G.; Matta, S.; Jain, V.; Mandel, H.; Freilinger, M.; Graham, G.E.; Hobson, E.; Chatfield, S.; Vincent-Delorme, C.; Rahme, J.E.; Afawi, Z.; Berkovic, S.F.; Howell, O.W.; Vanbellinghen, J-François.; Rees, M.I.; Chung, S-Kyung.; Lynch, J.W., 2014:
New hyperekplexia mutations provide insight into glycine receptor assembly, trafficking, and activation mechanisms

Reineri, F.; Viale, A.; Giovenzana, G.; Santelia, D.; Dastrù, W.; Gobetto, R.; Aime, S., 2008:
New hyperpolarized contrast agents for 13C-MRI from para-hydrogenation of oligooxyethylenic alkynes

Traynor, K., 2014:
New hypertension guidelines may simplify treatment

Aumiller, J., 2007:
New hypertension guidelines. Which antihypertensives for whom?

Ribeiro, J.M., 2015:
New hypertension guidelines: a view from Latin America

Thomas, G.; Shishehbor, M.; Brill, D.; Nally, J.V., 2014:
New hypertension guidelines: one size fits most?

Mishima, K., 2012:
New hypnotics ramelteon for the treatment of insomniacs with circadian rhythm disturbance

Jufe, G.Silvia., 2008:
New hypnotics: perspectives from sleep physiology

Guerci, B.; Halter, C., 2010:
New hypoglycemic agents in type 2 diabetes

Blood, A.J., 2009:
New hypotheses about postural control support the notion that all dystonias are manifestations of excessive brain postural function

Pearlstein, R.A.; Hu, Q-Ying.; Zhou, J.; Yowe, D.; Levell, J.; Dale, B.; Kaushik, V.K.; Daniels, D.; Hanrahan, S.; Sherman, W.; Abel, R., 2010:
New hypotheses about the structure-function of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9: analysis of the epidermal growth factor-like repeat A docking site using WaterMap

Jordan, V.Craig.; Lewis-Wambi, J.S.; Patel, R.R.; Kim, H.; Ariazi, E.A., 2010:
New hypotheses and opportunities in endocrine therapy: amplification of oestrogen-induced apoptosis

Rousseaux, S.; Khochbin, S., 2012:
New hypotheses for large-scale epigenome alterations in somatic cancer cells: a role for male germ-cell-specific regulators

Lohou, E.; Sopkova-de Oliveira Santos, J.; Schumann-Bard, P.; Boulouard, M.; Stiebing, S.; Rault, S.; Collot, Vérie., 2012:
New hypotheses for the binding mode of 4- and 7-substituted indazoles in the active site of neuronal nitric oxide synthase

Fardet, A., 2010:
New hypotheses for the health-protective mechanisms of whole-grain cereals: what is beyond fibre?

Hurstel, O., 2013:
New hypotheses of the origin of bipolar disorders

Mehta, B.K., 2010:
New hypotheses on sunlight and the geographic variability of multiple sclerosis prevalence

Dunn, I.C.; Wilson, P.W.; Lu, Z.; Bain, M.M.; Crossan, C.L.; Talbot, R.T.; Waddington, D., 2009:
New hypotheses on the function of the avian shell gland derived from microarray analysis comparing tissue from juvenile and sexually mature hens

Onyango, A.N.; Baba, N., 2011:
New hypotheses on the pathways of formation of malondialdehyde and isofurans

Breton, C.M.; Bervillé, Aé., 2013:
New hypothesis elucidates self-incompatibility in the olive tree regarding S-alleles dominance relationships as in the sporophytic model

Rescigno, P.; Cerillo, I.; Ruocco, R.; Condello, C.; De Placido, S.; Pensabene, M., 2014:
New hypothesis on pathogenesis of ovarian cancer lead to future tailored approaches

Schischmanov, N., 2013:
New hypothesis on the origin of metastases

Cserni, T.; Paran, S.; Puri, P., 2007:
New hypothesis on the pathogenesis of ileocecal intussusception

Pakrashi, T., 2015:
New hysteroscopic techniques for submucosal uterine fibroids

Kumar, A.; Kumar, A., 2012:
New hysteroscopy pump to monitor real-time rate of fluid intravasation

Li, G.; Cheng, G.; Wu, J.; Ma, S.; Sun, C., 2014:
New iPSC for old long QT syndrome modeling: putting the evidence into perspective

Ayinampudi, S.Rao.; Domala, R.; Merugu, R.; Bathula, S.; Janaswamy, M.Rao., 2012:
New icetexane diterpenes with intestinal α-glucosidase inhibitory and free-radical scavenging activity isolated from Premna tomentosa roots

Matsumoto, T.; Harano, H.; Masuda, A.; Nishiyama, J.; Sakurai, Y.; Uritani, A., 2011 :
New idea of a small-sized neutron detector with a plastic fibre

Liu, D.; Jia, X.; Yu, D., 2014:
New idea of traditional Chinese medicine quality control based on "composition structure" theory

Ma, Y.; Zhang, M.; Ma, S.; Wang, Y.; Gao, J.; Wang, H.; Yu, X., 2012:
New idea of treatment of heart failure with traditional Chinese medical

Tang, X-Tian.; Zheng, F-Shan.; Lu, M-Xing.; Du, Y-Zhou., 2016:
New ideas about genetic differentiation of Chilo suppressalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) populations in China based on the mtDNA cytochrome b gene

Box, K.; Comer, J.E.; Gravestock, T.; Stuart, M., 2010:
New ideas about the solubility of drugs

Rydberg, B., 2011:
New ideas and more value for money in health care

Coleman, A.B., 2011:
New ideas for an old enzyme: A short, question-based laboratory project for the purification and identification of an unknown LDH isozyme

Lu, H.; Xiao, S.Dong., 2014:
New ideas for future studies of Helicobacter pylori

Rice, S.A., 1992:
New ideas for guiding the evolution of a quantum system

Stendler, C.B., 2016:
New ideas for old; how Freudism was received in the United States from 1900 to 1925

Tang, S-Fang.; Li, H-Tao.; Zhu, M.; Ma, Z-Shu.; Qiu, M-Cai., 2014 :
New ideas for the diagnosis and treatment of Fanconi syndrome: a pilot study

Tobey, R.C., 1977:
New ideas in america

Warburton, D.; Garcia, O., 2013:
New ideas in lung regeneration: a personal view from Estoril

Anderson, M.Brownell., 2012:
New ideas in medical education. A peer-reviewed collection of reports on innovative approaches to medical education

Rhoads, S.J.; Lewis, S.; Bubenzer, T.; Ott, R.E., 2010:
New ideas in nursing: telehealth

Anonymous, 2009:
New ideas in organ donation

Franco, I., 2011:
New ideas in the cause of bladder dysfunction in children

Feingold, M., 1993:
New ideas in the old world

Gomez Pimienta, J.L.; Escalona, G.; Macias, S., 2014:
New ideas in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Bunkers, S.Schmidt., 2013:
New ideas in theory development in nursing

Cosio Villegas, I.; Mendez, F.J., 2018:
New ideas on an old theme: the cycle of pthisiogenesis

Culham, J.C., 2012:
New ideas on how drivers perceive speed emerge from the fog

Anonymous, 1991:
New ideas on the structure of the nervous system in man and vertebrates

Van den Wijngaert, S.; Vandenberg, O.; Scheen, R.; Husson, M.; Dediste, A., 2011:
New identification characteristics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus on chromogenic culture media

Ross, A.H.; Manneschi, Mía.José., 2011:
New identification criteria for the Chilean population: Estimation of sex and stature

Meyer, E.; Sohr, D.; Gastmeier, P.; Geffers, C., 2010:
New identification of outliers and ventilator-associated pneumonia rates from 2005 to 2007 within the German Nosocomial Infection Surveillance System

Mateos-Martín, Mía.Luisa.; Fuguet, E.; Quero, C.; Pérez-Jiménez, J.; Torres, J.Lluís., 2012:
New identification of proanthocyanidins in cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum L.) using MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry

Wuyts, W.A.; Thomeer, M.; Demedts, M.G.; Verleden, G.M., 2012:
New idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis guidelines: some unresolved questions

Storme, T.; Deroussent, A.; Mercier, L.; Prost, E.; Re, M.; Munier, F.; Martens, T.; Bourget, P.; Vassal, G.; Royer, J.; Paci, A., 2008:
New ifosfamide analogs designed for lower associated neurotoxicity and nephrotoxicity with modified alkylating kinetics leading to enhanced in vitro anticancer activity

Lie, C-Hao.; Chao, T-Ying.; Chung, Y-Hsiu.; Wang, J-Long.; Wang, Y-Hsi.; Lin, M-Chih., 2009:
New image characteristics in endobronchial ultrasonography for differentiating peripheral pulmonary lesions

Herce, H.D.; Casas-Delucchi, C.S.; Cardoso, M.C., 2013:
New image colocalization coefficient for fluorescence microscopy to quantify (bio-)molecular interactions

Martin, M.B.; Bell, A.E., 2008:
New image compression techniques using multiwavelets and multiwavelet packets

Cohen, D., 2012:
New image for the drug industry

Jakovljević, M.; Tomić, Z.; Maslov, B.; Skoko, I., 2010:
New image of psychiatry, mass media impact and public relations

Dekker, L.R.C.; van der Voort, P.H.; Simmers, T.A.; Verbeek, X.A.A.M.; Bullens, R.W.M.; Veer, M.Van't.; Brands, P.J.M.; Meijer, A., 2014:
New image processing and noise reduction technology allows reduction of radiation exposure in complex electrophysiologic interventions while maintaining optimal image quality: a randomized clinical trial

Machado, P.; Eisenbrey, J.R.; Cavanaugh, B.; Forsberg, F., 2012:
New image processing technique for evaluating breast microcalcifications: a comparative study

Shono, Y.; Inuzuka, T., 1985:
New image transmission method using planar plates and rectangular fibers

Deer, T.R.; Kapural, L., 2010:
New image-guided ultra-minimally invasive lumbar decompression method: the mild procedure

Flam, F., 1994:
New images highlight hubble fix

Klobučić, M.; Paar, M.H.; Padovan, R.Š.; Vincelj, J.; Fila, B., 2013:
New images in carcinoid heart disease

Mauser-Bunschoten, E.P.; Jansen, N.W.D.; Doria, A.S.; Oldenburg, J., 2008:
New images in haemophilia

Baumgardner, J.E., 2012:
New images, new insights for VILI

Ostermann-Myrau, R., 2014:
New images, new markers in risk evaluation

Bélard, S.; Andronikou, S.; Pillay, T.; Grobusch, M.P.; Zar, H.J., 2014:
New imaging approaches for improving diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis

Counsell, S.J.; Ball, G.; Edwards, A.David., 2014:
New imaging approaches to evaluate newborn brain injury and their role in predicting developmental disorders

Dullaart, R.P.F.; van der Horst-Schrivers, A.N.A.; Koopmans, K.Pieter., 2010:
New imaging approaches to phaeochromocytomas and paragangliomas

Anonymous, 2011:
New imaging center opens at NJDS--available for YOUR use

Reinke, T., 2007:
New imaging controls strict, but may be easier on doctors

Lobodzinski, S.Suave., 2008:
New imaging device for the detection of lipid core-containing plaques

Thyer, I.; Shek, C.; Dietz, H.P., 2008:
New imaging method for assessing pelvic floor biomechanics

Griffith, J.F.; Genant, H.K., 2011:
New imaging modalities in bone

Pedra, C.A.C.; Fleishman, C.; Pedra, S.F.; Cheatham, J.P., 2011:
New imaging modalities in the catheterization laboratory

Saver, C., 2012:
New imaging modalities raise the bar for safety

Parra, D.A.; Vera, K., 2013:
New imaging modalities to assess cardiac function: not just pretty pictures

Rimola, J.; Panés, Ján., 2012:
New imaging standards for evaluation of inflammatory bowel disease?

Berger, F.; Reiser, M., 2008:
New imaging strategies for monitoring molecular pharmacotherapy of GIST

Haughton, V., 2011:
New imaging strategies in degenerative disease of the intervertebral disks: functional spine imaging

Kim, B.Soo.; Lee, K.Ryeol.; Goh, M.Ju., 2016:
New imaging strategies using a motion-resistant liver sequence in uncooperative patients

Fay, M.F.; Martin, J.H.; Rose, S., 2014:
New imaging techniques for more effective treatment in glioblastoma

Browning, J.D., 2009:
New imaging techniques for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

Gillespie, J.A.; O'Donnell, M.A., 2013:
New imaging techniques for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: ready for primetime

von Rundstedt, F-Carl.; Lerner, S.P., 2015:
New imaging techniques for nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer

Fu, Y.; Talavage, T.M.; Cheng, J-Xin., 2009:
New imaging techniques in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Martí-Bonmatí, L.; Sanz, R.; Alberich, A.; Belloch, E., 2009:
New imaging techniques in the evaluation of joint cartilage

Ulloora, S.; Shabaraya, R.; Aamir, S.; Adhikari, A.Vasudeva., 2014:
New imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines carrying active pharmacophores: synthesis and anticonvulsant studies

Deleuze-Masquefa, C.; Moarbess, G.; Khier, S.; David, Nège.; Gayraud-Paniagua, Séphanie.; Bressolle, Fçoise.; Pinguet, Fédéric.; Bonnet, P-Antoine., 2009:
New imidazo[1,2-a]quinoxaline derivatives: synthesis and in vitro activity against human melanoma

Grosse, S.; Mathieu, Véronique.; Pillard, C.; Massip, Séphane.; Marchivie, M.; Jarry, C.; Bernard, P.; Kiss, R.; Guillaumet, Gérald., 2015:
New imidazo[1,2-b]pyrazoles as anticancer agents: synthesis, biological evaluation and structure activity relationship analysis

Park, J-Hun.; El-Gamal, M.I.; Lee, Y.Sup.; Oh, C-Hyun., 2012:
New imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives: synthesis, in vitro anticancer evaluation, and in silico studies

Dos Santos Gomes, F.Oliveira.; de Melo, C.Moutinho.Lagos.; Peixoto, C.Alves.; de Lima, M.do.Carmo.Alves.; Galdino, S.Lins.; Pereira, Véria.Rêgo.Alves.; da Rocha Pitta, I., 2013:
New imidazolidine derivatives as anti-Trypanosoma cruzi agents: structure-activity relationships

Zhang, L.; Sathunuru, R.; Luong, T.; Melendez, V.; Kozar, M.P.; Lin, A.J., 2011:
New imidazolidinedione derivatives as antimalarial agents

Treder, A.P.; Andruszkiewicz, R.; Zgoda, Włodzimierz.; Walkowiak, A.; Ford, C.; Hudson, A.L., 2011:
New imidazoline/α(2)-adrenoceptors affecting compounds-4(5)-(2-aminoethyl)imidazoline (dihydrohistamine) derivatives. Synthesis and receptor affinity studies

Kuramoto, K.; Tarashima, N.; Hirama, Y.; Kikuchi, Y.; Minakawa, N.; Matsuda, A., 2012:
New imidazopyridopyrimidine:naphthyridine base-pairing motif, ImN(N):NaO(O), consisting of a DAAD:ADDA hydrogen bonding pattern, markedly stabilize DNA duplexes

Bojarski, A.J.; Mokrosz, M.J.; Duszyńska, B.; Kozioł, A.; Bugno, R., 2007:
New imide 5-HT1A receptor ligands - modification of terminal fragment geometry

Betancourt, A.O.; Gosselin, P.M.; Vinson, R.K., 2013:
New immediate release formulation for deterring abuse of methadone

Smrrh, D.R., 1991:
New immigrants

Takayanagi, H., 2010:
New immune connections in osteoclast formation

Benoit, L.A.; Holtzman, M.J., 2010:
New immune pathways from chronic post-viral lung disease

Advani, A.S., 2014:
New immune strategies for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia: antibodies and chimeric antigen receptors

Bennett, E.M.; Domachowske, J.B., 2007:
New immunization strategies for preventing infectious diseases in adolescents

Kantor, A., 2008:
New immunizations protect adolescents

Zhang, W.; Bielaszewska, M.; Pulz, M.; Becker, K.; Friedrich, A.W.; Karch, H.; Kuczius, T., 2008:
New immuno-PCR assay for detection of low concentrations of shiga toxin 2 and its variants

Guo, Y.; Cheng, D.; Lee, T.Yan.; Wang, J.; Hsing, I-Ming., 2011:
New immunoassay platform utilizing yeast surface display and direct cell counting

Tozzi, C.; Anfossi, L.; Baggiani, C.; Giraudi, G., 2008:
New immunochemical approach to low-molecular-mass analytes determination

Beloglazova, N.V.; Goryacheva, I.Yu.; Mikhirev, D.A.; de Saeger, S.; Niessner, R.; Knopp, D., 2009:
New immunochemically-based field test for monitoring benzo[a]pyrene in aqueous samples

Ponsard, I.; Soumillion, P., 2013:
New immunoenzymatic strategy for rapid and selective growth of Salmonella

Borovskiĭ, D.V.; Shevtsov, A.N.; Darmov, I.V.; Lub, M.Iu.; Zaĭtseva, G.A.; Drobkova, A.V.; Dolmatov, V.Iu., 2009:
New immunoglobulin for treatment of anthrax

Raheem, O.; Penttilä, S.; Suominen, T.; Kaakinen, M.; Burge, J.; Haworth, A.; Sud, R.; Schorge, S.; Haapasalo, H.; Sandell, S.; Metsikkö, K.; Hanna, M.; Udd, B., 2013:
New immunohistochemical method for improved myotonia and chloride channel mutation diagnostics

Kerr, W.J.; Cavelti, P.A., 1947:
New immunologic aspects of the pathogenesis of glomerulenephritis and rheumatic fever

Guo, K.; Janigro, D., 2014 :
New immunological approaches in treating and diagnosing CNS diseases

Ohteki, T., 2015:
New immunological aspect of hemophagocytosis

Anonymous, 2013:
New immunological concepts in oncology

Lagrange, P.H.; Simonney, N.; Herrmann, J.L., 2007:
New immunological tests in the diagnosis of tuberculosis

Salvi, M.; Vannucchi, G.; Campi, I.; Currò, N.; Beck-Peccoz, P., 2008:
New immunomodulators in the treatment of Graves' ophthalmopathy

Josseaume, C.; Lorcy, Y., 2008:
New immunomodulators in treatment of Graves'ophtalmopathy

Lacy, M.Q., 2011:
New immunomodulatory drugs in myeloma

La Vignera, S.; Condorelli, R.A.; Vicari, E.; D'Agata, R.; Calogero, A.E., 2015:
New immunophenotype of blood endothelial progenitor cells and endothelial microparticles in patients with arterial erectile dysfunction and late-onset hypogonadism

La Vignera, S., 2011:
New immunophenotype of circulating endothelial progenitor cells and endothelial microparticles in patients with erectile dysfunction and metabolic syndrome: effects of tadalafil administration

Marks, S.D., 2013:
New immunosuppressants in pediatric solid organ transplantation

Maschmeyer, G.; Patterson, T.F., 2009 :
New immunosuppressive agents and risk for invasive fungal infections

Mor, E.; Yussim, A.; Chodoff, L.; Schwartz, M.E., 2007:
New immunosuppressive agents for maintenance therapy in organ transplantation

Nguyen, C.; Shapiro, R., 2014:
New immunosuppressive agents in pediatric transplantation

Wennberg, L.; Groth, C.G., 2007:
New immunosuppressive drugs and their role in the prevention of islet xenograft rejection

Cruzado, J.M.; Bestard, O.; Grinyó, J.M., 2010:
New immunosuppressive protocols with the advent of novel biological drugs

Calne, S.R.; Metcalfe, S., 1995:
New immunosuppressive reagents to aid the induction of tolerance in organ graft recipients

Carroll, J., 2014:
New immunotherapies for cancer yield exciting results but high cost

Onishi, H.; Suzuki, H.; Chikazawa, N.; Morisaki, T.; Katano, M., 2011:
New immunotherapy against cancer: a therapy to control regulatory T cell

Schoenen, J., 2013:
New impact factor and Belgian Brain Congress

Brink, A., 2013:
New impact factor and PubMed Central service from the Cardiovascular Journal of Africa

Yung, W.K.Alfred., 2011:
New impact factor number reflects sustained and enhanced growth

Yung, W.K.Alfred., 2013:
New impact factor reflects increased quality

Cheng, X.; Shen, H., 2018:
Circular RNA in Lung Cancer Research: Biogenesis, Functions and Roles

Zündorf, I.; Dingermann, T., 2008:
New impetus for telomerase research

Crome, I., 2009:
New impetus to aim 'higher, faster, stronger'

Anonymous, 2012:
New implant coating promotes bone growth. Nanoscale film enables a better seal between a patient's own bone and the implant, eliminating the need for revision surgery

Kurbad, A.; Reichel, K.; Ganz, S., 2010:
New implant software abutments for inLab 3.65

Yoshida, K.; Kuroda, S.; Yoshida, M.; Fujita, Y.; Sakai, M.; Nohara, T.; Kawashima, A.; Takahashi, T.; Tohda, A.; Oka, T.; Yamazaki, H.; Kuriyama, K., 2007:
New implant technique for separation of the seminal vesicle and rectal mucosa for high-dose-rate prostate brachytherapy

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New implantable defibrillators improve quality of life. Technological advances allow today's patients with ICDs to safely engage in a variety of regular activities

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New implantable hearing device based on a micro-actuator that is directly coupled to the inner ear fluid

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New implants in orthopaedics--caveat emptor

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New implementation of complete symbolic substitution for digital optical computing

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New implementation of symbolic substitution logic

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New implementation of the configuration-based multi-reference second order perturbation theory

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New implementations of MRCI in semiempirical frameworks

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New implications in the use of imposex as a suitable tool for tributyltin contamination: experimental induction in Hexaplex trunculus (Gastropoda, Muricidae) with different stressors

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New implications of molecular epidemiological and etiological studies in oncology

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New implications of the proteolytic balance between matrix metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors in migraine with and without aura

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New implications on genomic adaptation derived from the Helicobacter pylori genome comparison

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New implicit solvation models for dispersion and exchange energies

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New improved drug delivery technologies for pentacyclic triterpenes: a review

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New improved fractional order differentiator models based on optimized digital differentiators

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New improved method for fructooligosaccharides production by Aureobasidium pullulans

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New improvements and disciplines in the Anatolian Journal of Cardiology

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New improvements for lignocellulosic ethanol

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New improvements in automatic structure elucidation using the LSD (Logic for Structure Determination) and the SISTEMAT expert systems

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Circular RNA‑MTO1 suppresses breast cancer cell viability and reverses monastrol resistance through regulating the TRAF4/Eg5 axis

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New in conservative therapy of chronic sialoadenitis

Magny, J-P., 2011:
New in light of immune modulation by probiotics bacteria and increase IL10 producing regulatory T cells

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New in protein structure and function annotation: hotspots, single nucleotide polymorphisms and the 'Deep Web'

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New in silico and conventional in vitro approaches to advance HIV drug discovery and design

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New in silico insights into the inhibition of RNAP II by α-amanitin and the protective effect mediated by effective antidotes

Wang, D.; Xu, S.; Yang, D.; Young, G.M.; Tian, P., 2014:
New in situ capture quantitative (real-time) reverse transcription-PCR method as an alternative approach for determining inactivation of Tulane virus

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New in situ trapping metalations of functionalized arenes and heteroarenes with TMPLi in the presence of ZnCl2 and other metal salts

Rietmeijer, C.A.; Aral, S.O.; Blanchard, J.F.; Schachter, J., 2013:
New in the Journal: "The Real World of STD Prevention"

Fernandez, H.; Dreyfus, M., 2013:
New in the medical press?

Mason, S.C., 2010:
New in vitro and in situ evidence for a toothpaste formulated for those at risk from erosive tooth wear

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New in vitro dermal absorption database and the prediction of dermal absorption under finite conditions for risk assessment purposes

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New in vitro method for evaluating antiviral activity of acyclic nucleoside phosphonates against plant viruses

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New in vitro phenotypic assay for epilepsy: fluorescent measurement of synchronized neuronal calcium oscillations

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New in vitro reporter gene bioassays for screening of hormonal active compounds in the environment

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New in vitro tools to study human constitutive androstane receptor (CAR) biology: discovery and comparison of human CAR inverse agonists

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New in-capillary electrophoretic kinase assays to evaluate inhibitors of the PI3k/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway

Reece, E.Albert.; Brown, A.G.; Sharfstein, J.M., 2013:
New incentive-based programs: Maryland's health disparities initiatives

O'Dowd, A., 2014:
New incentives are needed to boost research data sharing, says expert group

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New incidence and mortality data. 2003-2005

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New incision method for effective execution of endonasal septoplasty

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New incisions and revised technics in peripheral nerve surgery

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New incoherent autofluorescence/fluorescence system for early detection of lung cancer

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New incretin hormonal therapies in humans relevant to diabetic cats

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New incursions of West Nile virus lineage 2 in Italy in 2013: the value of the entomological surveillance as early warning system

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New index for analysis of polysomnography, 'integrated area of desaturation', is associated with high cardiovascular risk in patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea

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New index for assessing the chronotropic response in patients with end-stage liver disease who are undergoing dobutamine stress echocardiography

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New index for categorising cardiac reentrant wave: in silico evaluation

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New index for crop canopy fresh biomass estimation

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New index for soil moisture monitoring based on deltaT(s)-albedo spectral information

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New index for the stability of a type I collagen affected by hydrophobic environment

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New index of regional arterial stiffness assessed by tissue Doppler imaging

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New index of using serum sodium and potassium and urine sodium and potassium jointly in screening primary aldosteronism in hypertensive patients

Moszynski, P., 2008:
New index ranks African countries on child welfare

Dai, Y.; Li, D.; Chen, X.; Tan, X.; Gu, J.; Chen, M.; Zhang, X., 2018:
Circular RNA Myosin Light Chain Kinase (MYLK) Promotes Prostate Cancer Progression through Modulating Mir-29a Expression

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New index α improves detection of pulmonary hypertension in comparison with other cardiac magnetic resonance indices

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New indexes for compound prioritization and complexity quantification on environmental monitoring inventories

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New indexes from the fetal heart rate analysis for the identification of severe intra uterine growth restricted fetuses

Rosenberg, J., 2010:
New indexing in Danish Medical Bulletin

Anonymous, 2011:
New indication approved for HPV vaccine

Aschenbrenner, D.S., 2012:
New indication for HIV drug

Tamura, M.; Oda, M.; Fujimori, H.; Shimizu, Y.; Matsumoto, I.; Watanabe, G., 2011:
New indication for preoperative marking of small peripheral pulmonary nodules in thoracoscopic surgery

Alonso Moreno, F.J., 2013:
New indications and recommendations in the antihypertensive treatment

Becker-Wegerich, P., 2009:
New indications for Hyaluronic acid of the NASHA-gel-generation--highlights from aesthetical dermatology in clinical daily routine

Steinbrüchel, D.A., 2008:
New indications for an old surgical technique

Fretts, R.C.; Duru, U.A., 2008:
New indications for antepartum testing: making the case for antepartum surveillance or timed delivery for women of advanced maternal age

Wetzig, T.; Gebhardt, C.; Simon, J.C., 2010:
New indications for artificial collagen-elastin matrices? Covering exposed tendons

Catanoso, M.; Pipitone, Nò.; Magnani, L.; Boiardi, L.; Salvarani, C., 2012:
New indications for biological therapies

Synofzik, M., 2014:
New indications for deep brain stimulation: ethical criteria for research and therapy

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New indications for novel fluoroquinolones: moxifloxacin in the treatment of nosocomial infections

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New indications for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

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New indications for topiramate: alcohol dependency and binge-eating disorder

Pavlović, A.M.; Covicković-Sternić, N., 2007:
New indications for transcranial Doppler--huge steps forward

Kita, H.; Yamamoto, H., 2007:
New indications of double balloon endoscopy

Carmona Puerta, R.; Ramos Ramírez, R.; Padrón Peña, G.; Rodríguez León, A., 2008:
New indications of quinidine rescue it from the forgotten

Haroun, A.A., 2011:
New indicator for prostate gland biopsy when malignancy is in question

Shirasaka, T.; Okada, K.; Kano, H.; Matsumori, M.; Inoue, T.; Okita, Y., 2015:
New indicator of postoperative delayed awakening after total aortic arch replacement

Fauveau, V., 2007:
New indicator of quality of emergency obstetric and newborn care

Esfandiari, N.; Habibi, M.Kohi.; Mosahebi, G., 2007:
New indicator plants for potato virus X

Nakagawa, Y.; Yoshihara, H.; Nakagawa, Y., 2011:
New indicators based on personnel cost for management efficiency in a hospital

Noriko, M.M.; Nakamura, T.; Ohno, Y., 2011:
New indicators for the evaluation of community policies based on period and cohort effects in cerebrovascular disease mortality rates

Mauduit, L., 2013:
New indicators for the nursing care pathway

González, E.R.; Armas, L., 2013:
New indicators proposed to assess tuberculosis control and elimination in Cuba

Anonymous, 2013:
New indicators reveal variation in outcomes among English maternity units

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New indices for predicting glycaemic variability

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New indices for quantification of the power spectrum of heart rate variability time series without the need of any frequency band definition

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New indices in scholarship assessment

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New indole alkaloid from Peschiera affinis (Apocynaceae)

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New indole amide derivatives as potent CRTH2 receptor antagonists

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New indole-based chromophore-containing main-chain polyurethanes: architectural modification of isolation group, enhanced nonlinear optical property, and improved optical transparency

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New indole-based light-emitting oligomers: structural modification, photophysical behavior, and electroluminescent properties

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New indole-based metal-free organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells

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New indolocarbazoles from a mutant strain of the marine-derived actinomycete Streptomyces fradiae 007M135

Famiglini, V.; La Regina, G.; Coluccia, A.; Pelliccia, S.; Brancale, A.; Maga, G.; Crespan, E.; Badia, R.; Clotet, B.; Esté, Jé.A.; Cirilli, R.; Novellino, E.; Silvestri, R., 2015:
New indolylarylsulfones as highly potent and broad spectrum HIV-1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors

Burnett, A.K., 2012:
New induction and postinduction strategies in acute myeloid leukemia

Bedford, H.; Elliman, D., 2009:
New infant growth charts

Takahashi, S.; Uchida, N.; Imai, K.; Sueda, T., 2012:
New infarct exclusion repair using cohesive double-patch closer

Stephenson, J., 2014:
New infection control guidelines

Krömker, V.; Grabowski, N.Th.; Friedrich, J., 2014:
New infection rate of bovine mammary glands after application of an internal teat seal at dry-off

Anonymous, 2008:
New infection requirements in 2009 Patient Safety Goals

Strehl, E., 2014:
New infections of the gastrointestinal tract

Cherkasskiĭ, B.L., 2007:
New infections: myths and reality

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New infectious diseases and industrial food animal production

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New infectious diseases in Finland--caused by climate change?

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New infectious etiologies for posterior uveitis

Gabriel, S.; Mantalos, P.N.; Enchef, A.; Gianopoulos, E., 2009:
New inferomedial based mammaplasty with L-scar

Zilkens, K.W.; Peters, K.M.; Schwanitz, B.M., 2010:
New inflammation markers for early detection of spondylodiscitis

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New inflammation-related biomarkers during malaria infection

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New inflammatory markers in pre-eclampsia: echocardiographic epicardial fat thickness and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio

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New inflammatory predictors for non-valvular atrial fibrillation: echocardiographic epicardial fat thickness and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio

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New influenza A (H1N1) 2009 in Singapore: the first ten adult imported cases

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New influenza A (H1N1) pandemia and cancer patients: what do we do?

Anonymous, 2009:
New influenza A (H1N1) virus: WHO guidance on public health measures, 11 June 2009

Anonymous, 2009:
New influenza A (H1N1) virus: global epidemiological situation, June 2009

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New influenza A (H1N1): advised indication and prescription of antiviral drugs

Anonymous, 2009:
New influenza A(H1N1) virus infections in France, April - May 2009

Anonymous, 2009:
New influenza A(H1N1) virus infections in Spain, April-May 2009

Anonymous, 2009:
New influenza A(H1N1) virus infections: global surveillance summary, May 2009

Anonymous, 2009:
New influenza A(H1N1) virus--update

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New influenza A/H1N1 ("swine flu"): information needs of airport passengers and staff

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New influenza vaccines: promises, perils, and pitfalls

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New influenza virus (H1N1) related pneumonia with fatal outcome

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New influenza. What you should know about vaccination (interview by Dr. Judith Neumaier)

Walbert, H., 2010:
New influenza: perfect chaos at the vaccination

Donover, P.S.; Yohn, M.; Sim, M.; Wright, A.; Gowda, S.; Allee, C.; Schabdach, A.R.; Reichman, M., 2013:
New informatics and automated infrastructure to accelerate new leads discovery by high throughput screening (HTS)

Miller, A., 2008:
New informatics-based work flow paradigms in radiation oncology: the potential impact on epidemiological cancer research

Moreno, M.A.; Furtner, F.; Rivara, F.P., 2010:
New information about adolescent sleep

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New information about fumaric acid esters (Fumaderm): results of a workshop of experts

Goldie, M.Perno., 2007:
New information about hormone therapy and cardiovascular disease prevention in women

Moreno, M.A.; Furtner, F.; Rivara, F.P., 2010:
New information about late-preterm babies

Molina, Jé.; Cordero, E.; Pachón, Jónimo., 2010:
New information about the polymyxin/colistin class of antibiotics

Nieto, R.; Miró, J.; Huguet, A., 2008:
New information and communication technologies in the treatment of chronic pain

Conde-Salazar Gomez, L.; Heras-Mendaza, F.; Zofío Dávila, E.; Barta y Bernardotta, Jé., 2013:
New information concerning the history of the Olavide Museum and its wax models

Ebina, M., 2007:
New information for thoracic surgeons on the pathogenesis of acute exacerbation of interstitial pneumonias

Gursky, R., 2012:
New information from large tissue volumes to the smallest structures of the cell: what new methods and electron microscopy can do for your research

Cutrer, F., 2009:
New information in our evolving understanding of migraine aura and cortical spreading depression

Okada, Y., 2012:
New information of oral insulin, nasal insulin and inhaled insulin

Soares, M.B.; Schultz, C.L.; Horn, B.L.D., 2011:
New information on Riograndia guaibensis Bonaparte, Ferigolo & Ribeiro, 2001 (Eucynodontia, Tritheledontidae) from the Late Triassic of southern Brazil: anatomical and biostratigraphic implications

Riedl, C.C.; Ponhold, L.; Gruber, R.; Pinker, K.; Helbich, T.H., 2011:
New information on high risk breast screening

Zhang, Y.; O'Connor, J.; Di, L.; Qingjin, M.; Sigurdsen, T.; Chiappe, L.M., 2014:
New information on the anatomy of the Chinese Early Cretaceous Bohaiornithidae (Aves: Enantiornithes) from a subadult specimen of Zhouornis hani

Meschia, J.F., 2011:
New information on the genetics of stroke

Balzeau, A.; Rougier, Hélène., 2013:
New information on the modifications of the Neandertal suprainiac fossa during growth and development and on its etiology

Filteau, S., 2011:
New information on the relationship between exclusive breastfeeding and lower mother-to-child HIV transmission

Meredith, M.J., 1992:
New information on "Blue Ear' disease

Villanueva-López, I., 2009:
New information profile for the orthopedist

Zellars, R.Cedric., 2015:
New information prompts old question: is sentinel lymph node sampling equivalent to axillary lymph node dissection?

Vasconcellos-Silva, P.Roberto.; Castiel, L.David.; Bagrichevsky, M.; Griep, R.Harter., 2011:
New information technologies and health consumerism

Carvalho, R.Gomes.de., 2014:
New information technology in cardiac surgery: development of an applicative about ascending aortic aneurysm ("aortic surgery")

Fuse, A.; Okumura, T.; Hagiwara, J.; Tanabe, T.; Fukuda, R.; Masuno, T.; Mimura, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Yokota, H., 2013:
New information technology tools for a medical command system for mass decontamination

Levenson, D., 2010:
New information, recommendations for Potocki-Shaffer syndrome

Guerri, C., 2010:
New informative and prevention programs in Europe to reduce the risks associated to alcohol consumption during pregnancy and the appearance of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Afshari, M.; Dehghany, M.; McKellar, A.R.W.; Moazzen-Ahmadi, N., 2012:
New infrared bands of nonpolar OCS dimer and experimental frequencies for two intermolecular modes

Dehghany, M.; Afshari, M.; Moazzen-Ahmadi, N.; McKellar, A.R.W., 2009:
New infrared spectra of the nitrous oxide trimer

Griebel, J.J.; Namnabat, S.; Kim, E.Tae.; Himmelhuber, R.; Moronta, D.H.; Chung, W.Jin.; Simmonds, A.G.; Kim, K-Jo.; van der Laan, J.; Nguyen, N.A.; Dereniak, E.L.; Mackay, M.E.; Char, K.; Glass, R.S.; Norwood, R.A.; Pyun, J., 2015:
New infrared transmitting material via inverse vulcanization of elemental sulfur to prepare high refractive index polymers

Duret, C.; Wauthoz, N.; Sebti, T.; Vanderbist, F.; Amighi, K., 2013:
New inhalation-optimized itraconazole nanoparticle-based dry powders for the treatment of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

Lavorini, F.; Fontana, G.A.; Usmani, O.S., 2015:
New inhaler devices - the good, the bad and the ugly

Levenson, D., 2010:
New inherited immune disorder revealed

Yang, W.; AbdulHameed, M.Diwan.M.; Hamza, A.; Zhan, C-Guo., 2012:
New inhibitor of 3-phosphoinositide dependent protein kinase-1 identified from virtual screening

Tamura, S.; Yoshihira, K.; Fujiwara, K.; Murakami, N., 2010:
New inhibitors for expression of IgE receptor on human mast cell

Khayrullina, V.R.; Taipov, I.A.; Veselovsky, A.V.; Shcherbinin, D.S.; Gerchikov, A.Ya., 2015:
New inhibitors of 5-lipoxygenase catalytic activity based on 2-(3-methylphenyl)propanoic acid and 4-substituted morpholine derivatives

Hejnar, J.; Hirsch, I., 2010:
New inhibitors of HDAC to purge latent HIV-1 reservoir

Kapoor, S., 2013:
New inhibitors of Polo-like kinase 1 function and their emerging role in attenuating tumor growth in systemic malignancies

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New inhibitors of ROS generation and T-cell proliferation from Myrtus communis

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New inhibitors of VEGFR-2 targeting the extracellular domain dimerization process

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New inhibitors of bacterial topoisomerase GyrA/ParC subunits

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New inhibitors of colony spreading in Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus anthracis

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New inhibitors of cytomegalovirus DNA polymerase

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New inhibitors of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH) based on the 4-hydroxy-1,2,5-oxadiazol-3-yl (hydroxyfurazanyl) scaffold

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New inhibitors of fungal 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase based on the [1,5]-benzodiazepine scaffold

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New inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase as potential antidiabetic agents

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New inhibitors of nitric oxide production from the seeds of Myristica fragrans

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New inhibitors of prion replication that target the amyloid precursor

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New inhibitors of protein kinase CK2, analogues of benzimidazole and benzotriazole

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New inhibitors of the Kvβ2 subunit from mammalian Kv1 potassium channels

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New inhibitors of the PI3K-Akt-mTOR pathway: insights into mTOR signaling from a new generation of Tor Kinase Domain Inhibitors (TORKinibs)

Larghi, E.L.; Operto, Mía.A.; Torres, R.; Kaufman, T.S., 2010:
New inhibitors of the complement system inspired in K76-COOH. A SAR study of filifolinol derivatives through modifications of the C3' position

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New inhibitors of the mammalian target of rapamycin signaling pathway for cancer

Spigelman, M.; Woosley, R.; Gheuens, J., 2010:
New initiative speeds tuberculosis drug development: novel drug regimens become possible in years, not decades

Mayor, S., 2011:
New initiative to make systematic review protocols more transparent

Cannistra, S.A., 2011:
New initiatives at Journal of Clinical Oncology

Engström-Laurent, A., 2011:
New initiatives for clinical research. A lot of news to solve old-time problems

Shin, J-Young.; Jung, S-Young.; Ahn, S-Hyeon.; Lee, S.Haeng.; Kim, S-Jin.; Seong, J-Mi.; Chung, S-Youn.; Park, B-Joo., 2015:
New initiatives for pharmacovigilance in South Korea: introducing the Korea Institute of Drug Safety and Risk Management (KIDS)

Thomas, S.W., 2014:
New initiatives in allied health in North Carolina

van Marum, R.J., 2009:
New initiatives in geriatric pharmacology

Abelson, P.H., 1971:
New initiatives in technology

Hernandez, L.; Muñoz, M.Eugenia.; Goñi, I.; Gurruchaga, Mó., 2008:
New injectable and radiopaque antibiotic loaded acrylic bone cements

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New injection recommendations for patients with diabetes

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New injectors and the social context of injection initiation

Weiss, H.B.; Branas, C.C., 2008:
New injury and violence research website open to the world

Crisp, W.H., 2010:
New injury, diplopia from old injury

Besednova, N.N.; Zaporozhets, T.S., 2012:
New innate immunity receptor agonists from sea hydrobionts

Mitka, M., 2008:
New innovation Web site helps spread ideas through the health care community

Peach, K.C.; Linington, R.G., 2011:
New innovations for an old infection: antimalarial lead discovery from marine natural products during the period 2003-2008

Pensak, T., 2008:
New innovations in fiber posts: a case report

Johnson, R.J., 2011:
New innovations in sports medicine: good for the patient or good for the pocketbook?

Picker, J.D.; Walsh, C.A., 2013:
New innovations: therapeutic opportunities for intellectual disabilities

Murphy, J.O.; Sacchini, V.S., 2013:
New innovative techniques in radiotherapy for breast cancer

Chubar, N., 2011:
New inorganic (an)ion exchangers based on Mg-Al hydrous oxides: (alkoxide-free) sol-gel synthesis and characterisation

Kim, M.Kyung.; Jo, V.; Shim, I-Wun.; Ok, K.Min., 2010:
New inorganic helical chain: synthesis, structure, characterization, and interconversion of BaGa2O2(OH)4

Trigo-Damas, I., 2013:
New inputs to midbrain dopaminergic neurons: a new corticobasal ganglia model?

Hamilton, D.W., 2011:
New insecticides for control of pear psylla

Smith, H.A.; Giurcanu, M.C., 2016:
New insecticides for management of tomato yellow leaf curl, a virus vectored by the silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia tabaci

Knipling, E.F., 1948:
New insecticides, acaracides, and repellents for the control of arthropods attacking man

König, R.; Scholz, G.; Kemnitz, E., 2007:
New inserts and low temperature--two strategies to overcome the bottleneck in MAS NMR on wet gels

Irrera, S.; Costa, D., 2008:
New insight brought by density functional theory on the chemical state of alaninol on Cu(100): energetics and interpretation of x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy data

Cho, Y-Kyung.; Song, B-Cheol., 2011:
New insight for HBV DNA and HBsAg quantitation during antiviral therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis B

Malard, F.; Mohty, M., 2014:
New insight for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal acute graft-versus-host disease

Oda, M., 2013:
New insight from basic research of Clostridium perfringens alpha-toxin

Xie, Z-Ping.; Zhao, B-Wen.; Yuan, H.; Hua, Q-Qi.; Jin, S-Hong.; Shen, X-Yan.; Han, X-Hong.; Zhou, J-Mei.; Fang, M.; Chen, J-Hong., 2014:
New insight from using spatiotemporal image correlation in prenatal screening of fetal conotruncal defects

Ianaro, A.; Tersigni, M.; D'Acquisto, F., 2009:
New insight in LPS antagonist

Allaire, E.; Schneider, F.; Saucy, F.; Dai, J.; Cochennec, F.; Michineau, S.; Zidi, M.; Becquemin, J-P.; Kirsch, M.; Gervais, M., 2009:
New insight in aetiopathogenesis of aortic diseases

Hezard, N.; Tessier-Marteau, A.; Macchi, L., 2011:
New insight in antiplatelet therapy monitoring in cardiovascular patients: from aspirin to thienopyridine

Dai, C.; Li, J.; Li, J., 2014:
New insight in colistin induced neurotoxicity with the mitochondrial dysfunction in mice central nervous tissues

Bisson, M.M.A.; Groth, G., 2010:
New insight in ethylene signaling: autokinase activity of ETR1 modulates the interaction of receptors and EIN2

Caron, Y.; Martens, K.; Lempereur, L.; Saegerman, C.; Losson, B., 2014:
New insight in lymnaeid snails (Mollusca, Gastropoda) as intermediate hosts of Fasciola hepatica (Trematoda, Digenea) in Belgium and Luxembourg

Stepanenko, O.V.; Fonin, A.V.; Stepanenko, O.V.; Morozova, K.S.; Verkhusha, V.V.; Kuznetsova, I.M.; Turoverov, K.K.; Staiano, M.; D'Auria, S., 2011:
New insight in protein-ligand interactions. 2. Stability and properties of two mutant forms of the D-galactose/D-glucose-binding protein from E. coli

Maruyama, I., 2011:
New insight in the concept on DIC

Anza, I.; Vidal, D.; Mateo, R., 2015:
New insight in the epidemiology of avian botulism outbreaks: necrophagous flies as vectors of Clostridium botulinum type C/D

Pacini, F.; Castagna, M.G., 2013:
New insight in the follow-up strategies of differentiated thyroid cancer

Verweij, C.L.; Vosslamber, S., 2012:
New insight in the mechanism of action of rituximab: the interferon signature towards personalized medicine

Dandri, M.; Locarnini, S., 2012:
New insight in the pathobiology of hepatitis B virus infection

Zorgani, M.Amine.; Patron, K.; Desvaux, Mël., 2015:
New insight in the structural features of haloadaptation in α-amylases from halophilic Archaea following homology modeling strategy: folded and stable conformation maintained through low hydrophobicity and highly negative charged surface

Karwacki, L.; Weckhuysen, B.M., 2010:
New insight in the template decomposition process of large zeolite ZSM-5 crystals: an in situ UV-Vis/fluorescence micro-spectroscopy study

Oldenburg, J.; Seidel, H.; Pötzsch, B.; Watzka, M., 2008:
New insight in therapeutic anticoagulation by Coumarin derivatives

Zheng, H.; Xiao, D.; Li, X.; Liu, Y.; Wu, Y.; Wang, J.; Jiang, K.; Chen, C.; Gu, L.; Wei, X.; Hu, Y-Sheng.; Chen, Q.; Li, H., 2014:
New insight in understanding oxygen reduction and evolution in solid-state lithium-oxygen batteries using an in situ environmental scanning electron microscope

Wojcik, M.; Zieleniak, A.; Wozniak, L.A., 2011:
New insight into A₁ adenosine receptors in diabetes treatment

Wróbel, M.; Gawęcki, W.; Szyfter, W., 2014:
New insight into Baha® implant stability measurements: observations on resonance frequency analysis results

Mitschker, J.; Klüner, T., 2013:
New insight into CO photodesorption from C60

Tang, Y.; Hu, J-Pei., 2011:
New insight into DNA methylation in CML and its effect on clinical outcome--review

Gong, P.; Wang, Y.; Liu, G.; Zhang, J.; Wang, Z., 2013:
New insight into Ki67 expression at the invasive front in breast cancer

Gou, F-Rong.; Bi, H-Peng.; Guo, L-Na.; Guan, Z-Hui.; Liu, X-Yuan.; Liang, Y-Min., 2008:
New insight into Ni(II)-catalyzed cyclization reactions of propargylic compounds with soft nucleophiles: novel indenes formation

Martínez-Rodríguez, P.; Granero-Belinchón, R.; Arroyo-Yebras, F.; Bella, J.L., 2016:
New insight into Wolbachia epidemiology: its varying incidence during the host life cycle can alter bacteria spread

Zhang, X.; Chen, C.; Li, J.; Zhang, L.; Wang, E., 2013:
New insight into a microfluidic-based bipolar system for an electrochemiluminescence sensing platform

Schrage, R.; Holze, J.; Klöckner, J.; Balkow, A.; Klause, A.S.; Schmitz, A-Lena.; De Amici, M.; Kostenis, E.; Tränkle, C.; Holzgrabe, U.; Mohr, K., 2014:
New insight into active muscarinic receptors with the novel radioagonist [³H]iperoxo

Inamdar, G.S.; Pandya, A.N.; Thakar, H.M.; Sudarsanam, V.; Kachler, S.; Sabbadin, D.; Moro, S.; Klotz, K-Norbert.; Vasu, K.K., 2013:
New insight into adenosine receptors selectivity derived from a novel series of [5-substituted-4-phenyl-1,3-thiazol-2-yl] benzamides and furamides

Nigro, E.; Scudiero, O.; Monaco, M.Ludovica.; Palmieri, A.; Mazzarella, G.; Costagliola, C.; Bianco, A.; Daniele, A., 2015:
New insight into adiponectin role in obesity and obesity-related diseases

Blum, G.; Hörtnagl, C.; Jukic, E.; Erbeznik, T.; Pümpel, T.; Dietrich, H.; Nagl, M.; Speth, C.; Rambach, Günter.; Lass-Flörl, C., 2013:
New insight into amphotericin B resistance in Aspergillus terreus

Zou, Y.; Hao, W.; Li, H.; Gao, Y.; Sun, Y.; Ma, G., 2015:
New insight into amyloid fibril formation of hen egg white lysozyme using a two-step temperature-dependent FTIR approach

Elahi, S., 2014:
New insight into an old concept: role of immature erythroid cells in immune pathogenesis of neonatal infection

Postolache, G.; Oliveira, Mário.; Rocha, I.; Girão, P.Silva.; Postolache, O., 2012:
New insight into arrhythmia onset using HRV and BPV analysis

Donadio, E.; Giusti, L.; Seccia, V.; Ciregia, F.; da Valle, Y.; Dallan, I.; Ventroni, T.; Giannaccini, G.; Sellari-Franceschini, S.; Lucacchini, A., 2014:
New insight into benign tumours of major salivary glands by proteomic approach

Sangwan, P.; Way, C.; Wu, D-Yang., 2009:
New insight into biodegradation of polylactide (PLA)/clay nanocomposites using molecular ecological techniques

Sherman, L.S.; Blum, J.D.; Franzblau, A.; Basu, N., 2014:
New insight into biomarkers of human mercury exposure using naturally occurring mercury stable isotopes

Sumpter, B.G.; Jiang, D-En.; Meunier, V., 2008:
New insight into carbon-nanotube electronic-structure selectivity

Stradner, A.; Foffi, G.; Dorsaz, N.; Thurston, G.; Schurtenberger, P., 2008:
New insight into cataract formation: enhanced stability through mutual attraction

Li, X.; Dai, X.; Takahashi, J.; Li, N.; Jin, J.; Dai, L.; Dong, B., 2015:
New insight into chemical changes of dissolved organic matter during anaerobic digestion of dewatered sewage sludge using EEM-PARAFAC and two-dimensional FTIR correlation spectroscopy

Chochrek, Pł.; Frelek, J.; Kwit, M.; Wicha, J., 2009:
New insight into chiroptical properties of 1,2-diols cyclic sulfites

Esposito, C.Lucia.; Catuogno, S.; de Franciscis, V.; Cerchia, L., 2011:
New insight into clinical development of nucleic acid aptamers

Kim, C.Soo.; Choi, S.Hee.; Bang, J.Ho., 2014:
New insight into copper sulfide electrocatalysts for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells: composition-dependent electrocatalytic activity and stability

Jiang, J.; Li, H.; Zhang, L., 2012:
New insight into daylight photocatalysis of AgBr@Ag: synergistic effect between semiconductor photocatalysis and plasmonic photocatalysis

McDermott, A.M., 2013:
New insight into dry eye inflammation

Lukic, M.L.; Pejnovic, N.; Lukic, A., 2014:
New insight into early events in type 1 diabetes: role for islet stem cell exosomes

Brazhe, N.A.; Abdali, S.; Brazhe, A.R.; Luneva, O.G.; Bryzgalova, N.Y.; Parshina, E.Y.; Sosnovtseva, O.V.; Maksimov, G.V., 2010:
New insight into erythrocyte through in vivo surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Velayati, A.A.; Farnia, P.; Merza, M.A.; Zhavnerko, G.K.; Tabarsi, P.; Titov, L.P.; Ghanavei, J.; Farnia, P.; Setare, M.; Poleschuyk, N.N.; Owlia, P.; Sheikolslami, M.; Ranjbar, R.; Masjedi, M.R., 2011:
New insight into extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis: using atomic force microscopy

Liang, R.; Wang, L.; Wang, G., 2014:
New insight into genes in association with asthma: literature-based mining and network centrality analysis

Umemoto, H.; Akiyama, M.; Yanagi, T.; Sakai, K.; Aoyama, Y.; Oizumi, A.; Suga, Y.; Kitagawa, Y.; Shimizu, H., 2011:
New insight into genotype/phenotype correlations in ABCA12 mutations in harlequin ichthyosis

Ertl, G.; Thum, T., 2010:
New insight into healing mechanisms of the infarcted heart

Geng, L.; Wang, X., 2016:
New insight into hedgehog signaling in hematological malignancies

Anonymous, 2010:
New insight into humoral immune response against influenza viruses

Lehmann, K.; Rickenbacher, A.; Jang, J-Hwi.; Oberkofler, C.E.; Vonlanthen, Ré.; von Boehmer, L.; Humar, B.; Graf, R.; Gertsch, P.; Clavien, P-Alain., 2013:
New insight into hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy: induction of oxidative stress dramatically enhanced tumor killing in in vitro and in vivo models

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New insight into immunity and immunopathology of Rickettsial diseases

Pei, F.; Sun, J., 2016:
New insight into improvement of cardiovascular outcomes with intensive glycemic control in patients with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus included

Malagelada, C.; De Iorio, F.; Azpiroz, F.; Accarino, A.; Segui, S.; Radeva, P.; Malagelada, J-R., 2008:
New insight into intestinal motor function via noninvasive endoluminal image analysis

Genta-Jouve, Gégory.; Cachet, N.; Holderith, S.; Oberhänsli, Fçois.; Teyssié, J-Louis.; Jeffree, R.; Al Mourabit, A.; Thomas, O.P., 2013:
New insight into marine alkaloid metabolic pathways: revisiting oroidin biosynthesis

Chen, Y.; Wang, H.; Burch, R.; Hardacre, C.; Hu, P., 2011:
New insight into mechanisms in water-gas-shift reaction on Au/CeO2(111): a density functional theory and kinetic study

Tanaka, A.; Arita, K.; Lai-Cheong, J.E.; Palisson, F.; Hide, M.; McGrath, J.A., 2010:
New insight into mechanisms of pruritus from molecular studies on familial primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis

Broniarczyk-Dyła, G.; Pajor, A., 2013:
New insight into medication adherence in chronic skin diseases

Kondo, A.; Takanashi, S.; Maeda, K., 2012:
New insight into mesoporous silica for nano metal-organic framework

Stewart, M.G., 2010:
New insight into mode of action of Colostrinin

Li, X.; Hou, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, G.; Lian, J.; Lin, J., 2014:
New insight into modulated up-conversion luminescent silica nanotubes as efficient adsorbents for colored effluents

Liu, Y.; Chen, M.; Jiang, L.; Song, L., 2015:
New insight into molecular interaction of heavy metal pollutant--cadmium(II) with human serum albumin

Shu, Y.; Liu, M.; Chen, S.; Chen, X.; Wang, J., 2012:
New insight into molecular interactions of imidazolium ionic liquids with bovine serum albumin

Romeo, O.; Scordino, F.; Criseo, G., 2011:
New insight into molecular phylogeny and epidemiology of Sporothrix schenckii species complex based on calmodulin-encoding gene analysis of Italian isolates

Ogawa, S., 2014:
New insight into myelodysplastic syndromes and related myeloid disorders

Yokoyama, H.; Okuyama, H., 2011:
New insight into nephrotic lupus glomerulonephritis

Pal, R.; Alves, G.; Larsen, J.Petter.; Møller, S.Geir., 2015:
New insight into neurodegeneration: the role of proteomics

Dumitriu, I.Luciana.; Petrescu, B.C.; Gurzu, M.Beatrice.; Gurzu, B.; Slătineanu, S.Mihaela., 2007:
New insight into nitric oxide involvement in regulation of airways smooth muscle tone

Li, C.; Vongsvivut, J.; She, X.; Li, Y.; She, F.; Kong, L., 2014:
New insight into non-isothermal crystallization of PVA-graphene composites

Keidar, A.; Schweiger, C.; Raz, I., 2010:
New insight into old disease: potential treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus by bariatric surgery

Zhu, P.; Hao, J.; Jiang, X.; Huang, K.; Tao, F., 2013:
New insight into onset of lactation: mediating the negative effect of multiple perinatal biopsychosocial stress on breastfeeding duration

Zayachkivska, O.; Pshyk-Titko, I.; Hrycevych, N.; Savytska, M., 2014:
New insight into oseophageal injury and protection in physiologically relevant animal models

Breier, A.; Gibalova, L.; Seres, M.; Barancik, M.; Sulova, Z., 2013:
New insight into p-glycoprotein as a drug target

Xu, Z-Qiong.; Sun, X-Mei., 2007:
New insight into pathogenesis of idiopathic myelofibrosis--review

Boithias, L.; Sauvage, S.; Merlina, G.; Jean, Séverine.; Probst, J-Luc.; Sánchez Pérez, Jé.Miguel., 2014:
New insight into pesticide partition coefficient Kd for modelling pesticide fluvial transport: application to an agricultural catchment in south-western France

Pereiro, A.B.; Deive, F.J.; Rodríguez, A.; Ruivo, D.; Canongia Lopes, Jé.N.; Esperança, Jé.M.S.S.; Rebelo, Lís.P.N., 2010:
New insight into phase equilibria involving imidazolium bistriflamide ionic liquids and their mixtures with alcohols and water

Pozdnyakov, I.P.; Kel, O.V.; Plyusnin, V.F.; Grivin, V.P.; Bazhin, N.M., 2008:
New insight into photochemistry of ferrioxalate

Qian, D.B.; Ma, X.; Chen, Z.; Li, B.; Zhang, D.C.; Zhu, X.L.; Wen, W.Q.; Liu, H.P., 2014:
New insight into power-law behavior of fragment size distributions in the C₆₀ multifragmentation regime

Stepanenko, O.V.; Stepanenko, O.V.; Povarova, O.I.; Fonin, A.V.; Kuznetsova, I.M.; Turoverov, K.K.; Staiano, M.; Varriale, A.; D'Auria, S., 2011:
New insight into protein-ligand interactions. The case of the D-galactose/D-glucose-binding protein from Escherichia coli

Wang, Y.; Ni, Y., 2014:
New insight into protein-nanomaterial interactions with UV-visible spectroscopy and chemometrics: human serum albumin and silver nanoparticles

Yang, L.; Xue, L-Lin.; Lu, Y-Chun.; Huang, W-Ping., 2010:
New insight into quasi leaky mode approximations for unified coupled-mode analysis

Suda, H.; Yoshii, D.; Yamamura, K.; Yokouchi, Y.; Inomata, Y., 2015:
New insight into reactive ductular cells of biliary atresia provided by pathological assessment of SOX9

Hensel-Bielowka, S.; Wojnarowska, Z.; Knapik, J.; Paluch, M., 2014:
New insight into relaxation dynamics of an epoxy/hydroxy functionalized polybutadiene from dielectric and mechanical spectroscopy studies

Haavisto, S.; Koponen, A.I.; Salmela, J., 2014:
New insight into rheology and flow properties of complex fluids with Doppler optical coherence tomography

Anonymous, 2012:
New insight into rheumatoid arthritis management. The disease and the drugs used to treat it have been linked to cardiovascular disease, melanoma, and fracture

Sarshad, A.A.; Percipalle, P., 2015:
New insight into role of myosin motors for activation of RNA polymerases

Li, J.; Li, S., 2007:
New insight into selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides by ammonia over H-form zeolites: a theoretical study

Lebreton, F.; Martin, P.M.; Horlait, D.; Bès, Ré.; Scheinost, A.C.; Rossberg, A.; Delahaye, T.; Blanchart, P., 2014:
New insight into self-irradiation effects on local and long-range structure of uranium-americium mixed oxides (through XAS and XRD)

Huntington, J.A.; Sendall, T.J.; Yamasaki, M., 2009:
New insight into serpin polymerization and aggregation

Buchalska, M.; Labuz, Pław.; Bujak, Łukasz.; Szewczyk, G.; Sarna, T.; Maćkowski, S.; Macyk, W., 2013:
New insight into singlet oxygen generation at surface modified nanocrystalline TiO2--the effect of near-infrared irradiation

Cinčić, D.; Juribašić, M.; Babić, D.; Molčanov, Kšimir.; Šket, Pž.; Plavec, J.; Ćurić, M., 2011:
New insight into solid-state molecular dynamics: mechanochemical synthesis of azobenzene/triphenylphosphine palladacycles

Mokaddem, M.; Gareil, P.; Belgaied, J-Eddine.; Varenne, A., 2009:
New insight into suction and dilution effects in CE coupled to MS via an ESI interface. II--dilution effect

Wu, R.T.Y.; Cheng, W-Hsing., 2010:
New insight into telomere maintenance

Zanetti Polzi, L.; Amadei, A.; Aschi, M.; Daidone, I., 2011:
New insight into the IR-spectra/structure relationship in amyloid fibrils: a theoretical study on a prion peptide

Zhang, L.; Nguyen, M.Vu.Chuong.; Lardy, B.; Jesaitis, A.J.; Grichine, A.; Rousset, F.; Talbot, M.; Paclet, M-Hélène.; Qian, G.; Morel, Fçoise., 2011:
New insight into the Nox4 subcellular localization in HEK293 cells: first monoclonal antibodies against Nox4

Sapountzis, P.; Duport, G.; Balmand, Séverine.; Gaget, K.; Jaubert-Possamai, Séphanie.; Febvay, Gérard.; Charles, H.; Rahbé, Y.; Colella, S.; Calevro, F., 2015:
New insight into the RNA interference response against cathepsin-L gene in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum: molting or gut phenotypes specifically induced by injection or feeding treatments

Jin, F.; Brockmeier, U.; Otterbach, F.; Metzen, E., 2013:
New insight into the SDF-1/CXCR4 axis in a breast carcinoma model: hypoxia-induced endothelial SDF-1 and tumor cell CXCR4 are required for tumor cell intravasation

Revilla, M.; Ramayo-Caldas, Y.; Castelló, A.; Corominas, J.; Puig-Oliveras, A.; Ibáñez-Escriche, N.; Muñoz, Mía.; Ballester, M.; Folch, J.M., 2015:
New insight into the SSC8 genetic determination of fatty acid composition in pigs

Neveux, L.; Chiche, D.; Pérez-Pellitero, J.; Favergeon, Lïc.; Gay, A-Sophie.; Pijolat, Mèle., 2013:
New insight into the ZnO sulfidation reaction: mechanism and kinetics modeling of the ZnS outward growth

Miao, W-wei.; Wang, F-feng.; Liu, H-yang.; Yin, K-sheng.; Zhou, L-fu., 2014:
New insight into the airway remodeling of asthma:IgE

Liang, Y-Jin.; Luo, J.; Yuan, Q.; Zheng, D.; Liu, Y-Ping.; Shi, L.; Zhou, Y.; Chen, A-Ling.; Ren, Y-Ya.; Sun, K-Yi.; Sun, Y.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, Z-Song., 2011:
New insight into the antifibrotic effects of praziquantel on mice in infection with Schistosoma japonicum

van den Berg, M.P.; Van Gelder, I.C., 2010:
New insight into the association among atrial fibrillation, electrophysiological remodeling, and the ACE insertion/deletion polymorphism--toward a more patient-tailored therapy?

Lu, X.; Sun, Y.; Jian, Z.; He, X.; Gu, L.; Hu, Y-Sheng.; Li, H.; Wang, Z.; Chen, W.; Duan, X.; Chen, L.; Maier, J.; Tsukimoto, S.; Ikuhara, Y., 2012:
New insight into the atomic structure of electrochemically delithiated O3-Li(₁-x)CoO₂ (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.5) nanoparticles

Stoyanova, V.; Petrova, S.; Tchorbadjieva, M.; Deliyska, B.; Vasilev, V.; Tsacheva, I., 2011:
New insight into the autoimmunogenicity of the complement protein C1q

Guan, Y.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Y., 2015:
New insight into the binding interaction of hydroxylated carbon nanotubes with bovine serum albumin

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New insight into the biological treatment by activated sludge: the role of adsorption process

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New insight into the castrated mouse epididymis based on comparative proteomics

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New insight into the contrast in diffusional kurtosis images: does it depend on magnetic susceptibility?

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New insight into the contributions of thermogenic processes and biogenic sources to the generation of organic compounds in hydrothermal fluids

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New insight into the conventional replacement reaction for the large-scale synthesis of various metal nanostructures and their formation mechanism

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New insight into the discharge mechanism of silicon-air batteries using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

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New insight into the diversity of life's building blocks: evenness, not variance

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New insight into the dynamic properties and the active site architecture of H-Ras p21 revealed by X-ray crystallography at very high resolution

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New insight into the effects of Ca(II) on cake layer structure in submerged membrane bioreactors

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New insight into the effects of lead modulation on antioxidant defense mechanism and trace element concentration in rat bone

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New insight into the electrochemical desorption of alkanethiol SAMs on gold

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New insight into the electronic shell of Au(38)(SR)(24): a superatomic molecule

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New insight into the electronic structure of iron(IV)-oxo porphyrin compound I. A quantum chemical topological analysis

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New insight into the enhanced effect of pegylated interferon-α

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New insight into the enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity over boron-doped reduced graphene oxide

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New insight into the enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activities of B-, C- and B/C-doped anatase TiO2 by first-principles

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New insight into the epidemiology of rabbit hemorrhagic disease viruses in Portugal: retrospective study reveals the circulation of genogroup 5 (G5) in Azores and discloses the circulation of G1 and G6 strains in mainland until 2008

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New insight into the evolution of the vertebrate respiratory system and the discovery of unidirectional airflow in iguana lungs

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New insight into the formation mechanism of imidazolium-based halide salts

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New insight into the formation of nitrogen sulfide: a quantum chemical study

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New insight into the functioning of nitric oxide-receptive guanylyl cyclase: physiological and pharmacological implications

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New insight into the genes susceptible to asthma

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New insight into the genomic structure of dog T cell receptor beta (TRB) locus inferred from expression analysis

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New insight into the history of domesticated apple: secondary contribution of the European wild apple to the genome of cultivated varieties

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New insight into the hydrocarbon-pool chemistry of the methanol-to-olefins conversion over zeolite H-ZSM-5 from GC-MS, solid-state NMR spectroscopy, and DFT calculations

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New insight into the hypercoagulability of Cushing's syndrome

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New insight into the influence of carob extract and gallic acid on hemin induced modulation of HT29 cell growth parameters

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New insight into the intracellular roles of class II phosphoinositide 3-kinases

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New insight into the mechanism of Lonomia obliqua envenoming: toxin involvement and molecular approach

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New insight into the mechanism of accumulation and intraerythrocytic compartmentation of albitiazolium, a new type of antimalarial

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New insight into the mechanism of action of IVIg: the role of dendritic cells

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New insight into the mechanism of hepatic involvement in brucellosis

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New insight into the mechanism underlying fibroin secretion in silkworm, Bombyx mori

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New insight into the mechanisms associated with the rapid effect of T₃ on AT1R expression

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New insight into the mechanisms underlying the function of the incretin hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 in pancreatic β-cells: the involvement of the Wnt signaling pathway effector β-catenin

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New insight into the mitotic chromosome structure: irregular folding of nucleosome fibers without 30-nm chromatin structure

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New insight into the mode of action of nickel superoxide dismutase by investigating metallopeptide substrate models

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New insight into the molecular characterization of isoniazid and rifampicin resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from Saudi Arabia

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New insight into the molecular drug target of diabetic nephropathy

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New insight into the molecular mechanisms of the biological effects of DNA minor groove binders

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New insight into the molecular switch mechanism of human Rho family proteins: shifting a paradigm

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New insight into the nanostructure of ionic liquids: a small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) study on liquid tri-alkyl-methyl-ammonium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)amides and their mixtures

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New insight into the non-neuronal cholinergic system via studies on chronically painful tendons and inflammatory situations

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New insight into the observation of spectroscopic strength reduction in atomic nuclei: implication for the physical meaning of spectroscopic factors

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New insight into the origin of IgG-bearing cells in the bursa of Fabricius

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Circular RNA: New Regulatory Molecules

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New insight into the pathology of macular detachment associated with an optic disc pit

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New insight into the pathophysiology of tattoo reactions following laser tattoo removal

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New insight into the phylogeny of Sinonovacula (Bivalvia: Solecurtidae) revealed by comprehensive DNA barcoding analyses of two mitochondrial genes

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New insight into the potential energy landscape and relaxation pathways of photoexcited aniline from CASSCF and XMCQDPT2 electronic structure calculations

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New insight into the properties of proton-conducting oxides from neutron total scattering

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New insight into the reaction of singlet oxygen with sulfur-containing cyclic alkenes: dye-sensitized photooxygenation of 5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiins

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New insight into the redox properties of uremic solute indoxyl sulfate as a pro- and anti-oxidant

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New insight into the regeneration kinetics of organic dye sensitised solar cells

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New insight into the regulation of DNA nucleotide excision repair: implications for cancer development and treatment

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New insight into the regulation of floral morphogenesis

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New insight into the role of NT-proBNP in alcoholic liver cirrhosis as a noninvasive marker of esophageal varices

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New insight into the role of a base in the mechanism of imine transfer hydrogenation on a Ru(II) half-sandwich complex

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New insight into the role of airway smooth muscles in asthma

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New insight into the role of aldosterone/renin ratio in elevated peripheral and central blood pressure

Anonymous, 2010:
New insight into the role of bone marrow in enhancing immune responses during viral infections

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New insight into the role of gold nanoparticles in Au@CdS core-shell nanostructures for hydrogen evolution

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Circular RNA: new star, new hope in cancer

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New insight into the role of the Cdc34 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme in cell cycle regulation via Ace2 and Sic1

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New insight into the role of the beta3 subunit of the GABAA-R in development, behavior, body weight regulation, and anesthesia revealed by conditional gene knockout

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New insight into the soot nanoparticles in a candle flame

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New insight into the species barrier of mammalian prions obtained from structure-based conservation analysis

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New insight into the stability of CaCO3 surfaces and nanoparticles via molecular simulation

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New insight into the stereoselective interactions of quinine and quinidine, with bovine serum albumin

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New insight into the strategy for nitrogen metabolism in plant cells

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New insight into the structure, reaction mechanism, and biological functions of neutral ceramidase

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New insight into the surface denaturation of proteins: electronic sum frequency generation study of cytochrome c at water interfaces

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New insight into the therapeutic role of 5-HT1A receptors in central nervous system disorders

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New insight into the transcarbamylase family: the structure of putrescine transcarbamylase, a key catalyst for fermentative utilization of agmatine

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New insight into the treatment of advanced differentiated thyroid cancer

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New insight into the variable expression of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy provided by the analysis of a plakophilin-2 splice mutation

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New insight into the working mechanism of lithium-sulfur batteries: in situ and operando X-ray diffraction characterization

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New insight into transient contrast enhancement on computed tomography after endovascular treatment of stroke

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New insight into transmembrane topology of Staphylococcus aureus histidine kinase AgrC

Zhang, Y.; Dong, E., 2015:
New insight into vascular homeostasis and injury-reconstruction

Salvatore, S.; Lupo, S.; Nebbioso, M.; Huang, Y-Hui.; Vingolo, E.Maria., 2012:
New insight into visual function with aspherical intraocular lenses (IOLs): Tecnis ZCB00 and Acrysof SN60WF

Rzouq, F.; Alahdab, F.; Olyaee, M., 2014:
New insight into volume overload and hepatorenal syndrome in cirrhosis, "the hepatorenal reflex hypothesis"

Mogi, M.; Horiuchi, M., 2008:
New insight of angiotensin II receptor blocker treatment in cardiac dysfunction using angiotensin-converting enzyme 2-deficient mice

Hotta, K., 2013:
New insight of genome-wide association study (GWAS)

Wang, M., 2013:
New insight of ischemic postconditioning on stem cell therapy

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New insight of molecular imaging into the atheroma biology: (18)F-fluoride PET/CT and 18F-FDG PET/CT of 3 carotid plaques in a symptomatic neurologic patient

Mori, H., 2008:
New insight of pancreatic imaging: from "unexplored" to "explored"

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New insight on 2-naphthylmethyl (NAP) ether as a protecting group in carbohydrate synthesis: a divergent approach towards a high-mannose type oligosaccharide library

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New insight on FGFR3-related chondrodysplasias molecular physiopathology revealed by human chondrocyte gene expression profiling

Hosseinzadeh, R.; Moosavi Movahedi, A.Akbar.; Ghourchian, H., 2015:
New insight on biological interaction analysis: new nanocrystalline mixed metal oxide SPME fiber for GC-FID analysis of BTEX and its application in human hemoglobin-benzene interaction studies

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New insight on human type 1 diabetes biology: nPOD and nPOD-transplantation

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New insight on structural properties of hydrated nucleic acid bases from ab initio molecular dynamics

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New insight on the Xq28 association with systemic sclerosis

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New insight on the anatomy and architecture of the avian neurocranium

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New insight on the friction of natural fibers. Effect of sliding angle and anisotropic surface topography

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New insight on the investigation of the role of water in the solid-state structures of potassium croconate, K(2)C(5)O(5).2H(2)O, and its anhydrate

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New insight on the mechanisms of epileptogenesis in the developing brain

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New insight on the molecular aspects of glucocorticoid effects in nervous system development

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New insight on the response of bacteria to fluoride

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New insight on the structural trends of polyphosphate coacervation processes

Handelman, G.J., 2011:
New insight on vitamin C in patients with chronic kidney disease

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New insight puts CRAF in sight as a therapeutic target

Sengupta, A.; Sarkar, A.; Priya, P.; Ghosh Dastidar, S.; Das, S., 2015:
New insight to structure-function relationship of GalNAc mediated primary interaction between insecticidal Cry1Ac toxin and HaALP receptor of Helicoverpa armigera

Kumar, S.; Kumari, R.; Pandey, R., 2016:
New insight-guided approaches to detect, cure, prevent and eliminate malaria