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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54627

Chapter 54627 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mazzanti, L.; Raffaelli, F.; Vignini, A.; Nanetti, L.; Vitali, P.; Boscarato, V.; Giannubilo, S.R.; Tranquilli, A.L., 2012:
Nitric oxide and peroxynitrite platelet levels in gestational hypertension and preeclampsia

Nanetti, L.; Giannubilo, S.R.; Raffaelli, F.; Curzi, C.M.; Vignini, A.; Moroni, C.; Tanase, L.; Carboni, E.; Turi, A.; Mazzanti, L.; Tranquilli, A.L., 2007:
Nitric oxide and peroxynitrite platelet levels in women with small-for-gestational-age fetuses

Aoki, K.; Saso, N.; Kato, S.; Sugiyama, Y.; Sato, H., 2008:
Nitric oxide and peroxynitrite regulate transporter transcription in rat liver slices

Kouti, L.; Noroozian, M.; Akhondzadeh, S.; Abdollahi, M.; Javadi, M.R.; Faramarzi, M.A.; Mousavi, S.; Ghaeli, P., 2013:
Nitric oxide and peroxynitrite serum levels in Parkinson's disease: correlation of oxidative stress and the severity of the disease

Freschi, L., 2013:
Nitric oxide and phytohormone interactions: current status and perspectives

Furian, A.Flávia.; Rattmann, Y.Dantas.; Oliveira, M.Schneider.; Royes, L.Fernando.Freire.; Marques, M.Consuelo.Andrade.; Santos, A.Roberto.Soares.; Mello, C.Fernando., 2010:
Nitric oxide and potassium channels mediate GM1 ganglioside-induced vasorelaxation

Kukor, Zán.; Valent, Sándor., 2011:
Nitric oxide and preeclampsia

Chedraui, P.; Escobar, G.S.; Ramírez, C.; Pérez-López, F.R.; Hidalgo, L.; Mannella, P.; Genazzani, A.; Simoncini, T., 2013:
Nitric oxide and pro-inflammatory cytokine serum levels in postmenopausal women with the metabolic syndrome

Yin, J.; Hao, Z.; Liao, S.; Liu, Y.; Shen, J.; Liao, Y.; Wang, H., 2015:
Nitric oxide and prostaglandin E2 secretion in osteocytes induced by intermittent cyclic compressive force

Brás-Silva, C.; Monteiro-Sousa, D.; Duarte, A.J.; Guerra, M.; Fontes-Sousa, A.P.; Moura, C.; Areias, J.C.; Leite Moreira, A.F., 2007:
Nitric oxide and prostaglandins - important players in endothelin-1 induced myocardial distensibility

Xia, Z.; Vanhoutte, P.M., 2012:
Nitric oxide and protection against cardiac ischemia

Zhang, P.; Ma, Y.; Wang, Y.; Ma, X.; Huang, Y.; Li, R.A.; Wan, S.; Yao, X., 2015:
Nitric oxide and protein kinase G act on TRPC1 to inhibit 11,12-EET-induced vascular relaxation

Sim, J-Yeon., 2010:
Nitric oxide and pulmonary hypertension

Gliemann, L.; Nyberg, M.; Hellsten, Y., 2014:
Nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in limb vascular function: what is the effect of physical activity?

Provost, C.; Choufani, F.; Avedanian, L.; Bkaily, G.; Gobeil, F.; Jacques, D., 2011:
Nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in the nucleus revisited

Piterková, J.; Luhová, L.; Mieslerová, B.; Lebeda, Aš.; Petřivalský, M., 2013:
Nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species regulate the accumulation of heat shock proteins in tomato leaves in response to heat shock and pathogen infection

Bubols, G.B.; Zielinsky, P.; Piccoli, Aônio.L.; Nicoloso, L.H.; Vian, I.; Moro, A.M.; Charão, M.F.; Brucker, Nália.; Bulcão, R.P.; Nascimento, S.N.; Baierle, Mília.; Alievi, M.M.; Moresco, R.N.; Markoski, M.; Garcia, S.C., 2015:
Nitric oxide and reactive species are modulated in the polyphenol-induced ductus arteriosus constriction in pregnant sheep

Kellogg, D.L.; Zhao, J.L.; Wu, Y.; Johnson, J.M., 2013:
Nitric oxide and receptors for VIP and PACAP in cutaneous active vasodilation during heat stress in humans

Wink, D.A.; Hines, H.B.; Cheng, R.Y.S.; Switzer, C.H.; Flores-Santana, W.; Vitek, M.P.; Ridnour, L.A.; Colton, C.A., 2011:
Nitric oxide and redox mechanisms in the immune response

Diesen, D.L.; Kuo, P.C., 2010:
Nitric oxide and redox regulation in the liver: Part I. General considerations and redox biology in hepatitis

Diesen, D.L.; Kuo, P.C., 2011:
Nitric oxide and redox regulation in the liver: part II. Redox biology in pathologic hepatocytes and implications for intervention

Habibey, R.; Ajami, M.; Ebrahimi, S.Ahmed.; Hesami, A.; Babakoohi, S.; Pazoki-Toroudi, H., 2011:
Nitric oxide and renal protection in morphine-dependent rats

Filippin, L.Isabel.; Moreira, A.Janz.; Marroni, N.Possa.; Xavier, R.Machado., 2010:
Nitric oxide and repair of skeletal muscle injury

Muro, A.; Pérez-Arellano, Jé-Luís., 2010:
Nitric oxide and respiratory helminthic diseases

Henard, C.A.; Vázquez-Torres, Aés., 2011:
Nitric oxide and salmonella pathogenesis

Bernstein, H-Gert.; Keilhoff, G.; Steiner, J.; Dobrowolny, H.; Bogerts, B., 2013 :
Nitric oxide and schizophrenia: present knowledge and emerging concepts of therapy

Bedrosian, T.A.; Nelson, R.J., 2014:
Nitric oxide and serotonin interactions in aggression

Cervia, D.; Perrotta, C.; Moscheni, C.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E., 2014:
Nitric oxide and sphingolipids control apoptosis and autophagy with a significant impact on Alzheimer's disease

Perrotta, C.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E., 2008:
Nitric oxide and sphingolipids: mechanisms of interaction and role in cellular pathophysiology

Hedenstierna, G., 2011:
Nitric oxide and steroid: a good mix or not?

Siques, P.; López de Pablo, A.Luis.; Brito, J.; Arribas, S.M.; Flores, K.; Arriaza, K.; Naveas, N.; González, M.Carmen.; Hoorntje, A.; León-Velarde, F.; López, M.Rosario., 2014:
Nitric oxide and superoxide anion balance in rats exposed to chronic and long term intermittent hypoxia

Wu, K.L.H.; Hsu, C.; Chan, J.Y.H., 2010:
Nitric oxide and superoxide anion differentially activate poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 and Bax to induce nuclear translocation of apoptosis-inducing factor and mitochondrial release of cytochrome c after spinal cord injury

Rodriguez, P.C.; Valdez, L.B.; Zaobornyj, T.; Boveris, A.; Beconi, M.T., 2011:
Nitric oxide and superoxide anion production during heparin-induced capacitation in cryopreserved bovine spermatozoa

Hamed, S.; Brenner, B.; Aharon, A.; Daoud, D.; Roguin, A., 2010:
Nitric oxide and superoxide dismutase modulate endothelial progenitor cell function in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Manzo, N.D.; LaGier, A.J.; Slade, R.; Ledbetter, A.D.; Richards, J.H.; Dye, J.A., 2013 :
Nitric oxide and superoxide mediate diesel particle effects in cytokine-treated mice and murine lung epithelial cells--implications for susceptibility to traffic-related air pollution

Edwards, Aélie.; Layton, A.T., 2010:
Nitric oxide and superoxide transport in a cross section of the rat outer medulla. I. Effects of low medullary oxygen tension

Edwards, Aélie.; Layton, A.T., 2010:
Nitric oxide and superoxide transport in a cross section of the rat outer medulla. II. Reciprocal interactions and tubulovascular cross talk

Coyle, J.T., 2013:
Nitric oxide and symptom reduction in schizophrenia

Cibicková, L'ubica.; Soukup, Tás.; Cibicek, N.; Chládek, J., 2007:
Nitric oxide and systemic sclerosis

Tiboni, G.Mario.; Ponzano, A., 2015:
Nitric oxide and teratogenesis: an update

Hyndman, K.A.; Pollock, J.S., 2013:
Nitric oxide and the A and B of endothelin of sodium homeostasis

Dias, R.Gonçalves.; Negrão, C.Eduardo.; Krieger, M.Helena., 2011:
Nitric oxide and the cardiovascular system: cell activation, vascular reactivity and genetic variant

Thachil, J., 2009:
Nitric oxide and the clinical manifestations of acute porphyria

Hadjimichael, C.; Kardamakis, D., 2008:
Nitric oxide and the collagenous protein biosynthesis of irradiated chick chorioallantoic membrane

Lundberg, J.O., 2008:
Nitric oxide and the paranasal sinuses

Ricart-Jané, D.; Casanovas, A.; Jané, Núria.; González, M.Alba.; Buira-Morell, I.; Ribera, J.; Llobera, M.; López-Tejero, M.Dolores., 2009:
Nitric oxide and the release of lipoprotein lipase from white adipose tissue

Meszaros, L.G., 2010:
Nitric oxide and the ryanodine receptor Ca-release channel

Moseley, P.L., 2010:
Nitric oxide and the stress response--two 2-edged swords swung together

Otasevic, V.; Korac, A.; Buzadzic, B.; Stancic, A.; Jankovic, A.; Korac, B., 2011:
Nitric oxide and thermogenesis--challenge in molecular cell physiology

Sengupta, R.; Billiar, T.R.; Kagan, V.E.; Stoyanovsky, D.A., 2010:
Nitric oxide and thioredoxin type 1 modulate the activity of caspase 8 in HepG2 cells

Kaewkroek, K.; Wattanapiromsakul, C.; Kongsaeree, P.; Tewtrakul, S., 2014:
Nitric oxide and tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitory substances from the rhizomes of Kaempferia marginata

Wu, G.; Meininger, C.J., 2009:
Nitric oxide and vascular insulin resistance

Fernandes, D.; Assreuy, J., 2008:
Nitric oxide and vascular reactivity in sepsis

Zipprich, A.; Loureiro-Silva, M.R.; Jain, D.; D'Silva, I.; Groszmann, R.J., 2008:
Nitric oxide and vascular remodeling modulate hepatic arterial vascular resistance in the isolated perfused cirrhotic rat liver

Li, H.; Cao, R.; Wasserloos, K.J.; Bernal, P.; Liu, Z-Qian.; Pitt, B.R.; St Croix, C.M., 2010:
Nitric oxide and zinc homeostasis in pulmonary endothelium

Rodríguez-Muñoz, Mía.; Garzón, J., 2014:
Nitric oxide and zinc-mediated protein assemblies involved in mu opioid receptor signaling

Shinomiya, S.; Shibamoto, T.; Kurata, Y.; Kuda, Y.; Zhang, W.; Tanida, M.; Toga, H., 2013:
Nitric oxide and β(2)-adrenoceptor activation attenuate pulmonary vasoconstriction during anaphylactic hypotension in anesthetized BALB/c mice

Bourret, T.J.; Porwollik, S.; McClelland, M.; Zhao, R.; Greco, T.; Ischiropoulos, H.; Vázquez-Torres, Aés., 2008:
Nitric oxide antagonizes the acid tolerance response that protects Salmonella against innate gastric defenses

He, H.; Genovese, K.J.; Swaggerty, C.L.; Nisbet, D.J.; Kogut, M.H., 2013:
Nitric oxide as a biomarker of intracellular Salmonella viability and identification of the bacteriostatic activity of protein kinase A inhibitor H-89

Ehrén, I.; Hallén Grufman, K.; Vrba, M.; Sundelin, R.; Lafolie, P., 2014:
Nitric oxide as a marker for evaluation of treatment effect of cyclosporine A in patients with bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis type 3C

Bellin, D.; Asai, S.; Delledonne, M.; Yoshioka, H., 2014:
Nitric oxide as a mediator for defense responses

Joshua, J.; Kalyanaraman, H.; Marathe, N.; Pilz, R.B., 2015:
Nitric oxide as a mediator of estrogen effects in osteocytes

Kubes, P.; Wallace, J.L., 1995:
Nitric oxide as a mediator of gastrointestinal mucosal injury?-Say it ain't so

Miller, M.J.; Grisham, M.B., 1995:
Nitric oxide as a mediator of inflammation?-You had better believe it

Broclawik, E.; Stępniewski, A.; Radoń, M., 2015:
Nitric oxide as a non-innocent ligand in (bio-)inorganic complexes: spin and electron transfer in Fe(II)-NO bond

Asai, S.; Yoshioka, H., 2009:
Nitric oxide as a partner of reactive oxygen species participates in disease resistance to nectrotophic pathogen Botryis cinerea in Nicotiana benthamiana

Danylovych, I.V.; Kolomiiets', O.V.; Danylovych, H.V.; Kosterin, S.O., 2014:
Nitric oxide as a possible regulator of energy-dependent Ca2+ transport in mitochondria of uterine smooth muscle

Liu, Y-Biao., 2014:
Nitric oxide as a potent fumigant for postharvest pest control

Avdagić, N.; Zaćiragić, A.; Babić, N.; Hukić, M.; Seremet, M.; Lepara, O.; Nakaš-Ićindić, E., 2013:
Nitric oxide as a potential biomarker in inflammatory bowel disease

Vinciguerra, M., 2015:
Nitric oxide as a protector from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Berman, S.; Morris, A., 2011:
Nitric oxide as a putative retinal axon pathfinding and target recognition cue in Xenopus laevis

Stern, M.; Bicker, G., 2010:
Nitric oxide as a regulator of neuronal motility and regeneration in the locust embryo

Lima, M.Gomes.; Maximino, C.; Matos Oliveira, K.Renata.; Brasil, Aódia.; Crespo-Lopez, M.Elena.; Batista, E.de.Jesus.Oliveira.; Rocha, F.Allan.de.Farias.; Picanço-Diniz, D.Luiz.Wanderley.; Herculano, A.Manoel., 2014:
Nitric oxide as a regulatory molecule in the processing of the visual stimulus

Agurla, S.; Gayatri, G.; Raghavendra, A.S., 2015:
Nitric oxide as a secondary messenger during stomatal closure as a part of plant immunity response against pathogens

Chung, C-Ching.; Hwang, S-Ping.L.; Chang, J., 2008:
Nitric oxide as a signaling factor to upregulate the death-specific protein in a marine diatom, Skeletonema costatum, during blockage of electron flow in photosynthesis

Kig, C.; Temizkan, G., 2010:
Nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Machado, Nália.T.; Maciel, P.M.P.; Alustau, M.C.; Queiroz, T.M.; Furtado, Fíola.F.; Assis, Véria.L.; Veras, R.C.; Araújo, Iânia.G.A.; Athayde-Filho, Pônio.F.; Medeiros, I.A., 2015:
Nitric oxide as a target for the hypotensive and vasorelaxing effects induced by (Z)-ethyl 12-nitrooxy-octadec-9-enoate in rats

Hofseth, L.J., 2008:
Nitric oxide as a target of complementary and alternative medicines to prevent and treat inflammation and cancer

Gallinelli, A.; Nicoli, A.; Capodanno, F.; Valli, B.; Facchinetti, F.; La Sala, G.B., 2008:
Nitric oxide as an early marker of human embryo metabolic cleavage in ART using fresh or thawed oocytes

Page, A.J.; O'Donnell, T.A.; Cooper, N.J.; Young, R.L.; Blackshaw, L.Ashley., 2009:
Nitric oxide as an endogenous peripheral modulator of visceral sensory neuronal function

Aliev, G.; Palacios, H.H.; Lipsitt, A.E.; Fischbach, K.; Lamb, B.T.; Obrenovich, M.E.; Morales, L.; Gasimov, E.; Bragin, V., 2010:
Nitric oxide as an initiator of brain lesions during the development of Alzheimer disease

Chen, M.; Sun, H-Yu.; Li, S-Ji.; Das, M.; Kong, J-Ming.; Gao, T-Ming., 2009:
Nitric oxide as an upstream signal of p38 mediates hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced neuronal death

Oosthuizen, F.; Wegener, G.; Harvey, B.H., 2008:
Nitric oxide as inflammatory mediator in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): evidence from an animal model

Bellefontaine, N.; Hanchate, N.Kumar.; Parkash, J.; Campagne, Céline.; de Seranno, S.; Clasadonte, Jérôme.; d'Anglemont de Tassigny, X.; Prevot, V., 2011:
Nitric oxide as key mediator of neuron-to-neuron and endothelia-to-glia communication involved in the neuroendocrine control of reproduction

Danylovich, I.V., 2012:
Nitric oxide as the regulator of intracellular homeostasis in the uterus myocytes

Udayabanu, M.; Kumaran, D.; Nair, R.Unnikrishnan.; Srinivas, P.; Bhagat, N.; Aneja, R.; Katyal, A., 2008:
Nitric oxide associated with iNOS expression inhibits acetylcholinesterase activity and induces memory impairment during acute hypobaric hypoxia

Naseem, K.M.; Roberts, W., 2011:
Nitric oxide at a glance

Meschiari, C.A.; Izidoro-Toledo, T.; Gerlach, R.F.; Tanus-Santos, J.E., 2013:
Nitric oxide attenuates matrix metalloproteinase-9 production by endothelial cells independent of cGMP- or NFκB-mediated mechanisms

Arejian, M.; Li, Y.; Anand-Srivastava, M.B., 2009:
Nitric oxide attenuates the expression of natriuretic peptide receptor C and associated adenylyl cyclase signaling in aortic vascular smooth muscle cells: role of MAPK

Hama, S.; Takeichi, O.; Fujisaki, K.; Tanabe, N.; Maeno, M.; Ochiai, K., 2008:
Nitric oxide attenuates vascular endothelial cadherin-mediated vascular integrity in human chronic inflammation

Zang, L.; He, H.; Ye, Y.; Liu, W.; Fan, S.; Tashiro, S-Ichi.; Onodera, S.; Ikejima, T., 2013:
Nitric oxide augments oridonin-induced efferocytosis by human histocytic lymphoma U937 cells via autophagy and the NF-κB-COX-2-IL-1β pathway

Pierini, D.; Bryan, N.S., 2015:
Nitric oxide availability as a marker of oxidative stress

Goldman, A.; Tyszczuk, L.; Drake, D.; Tasker, R.; Macrae, D., 1996:
Nitric oxide avoids the need for a second course of ECMO in congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Gasmi, K.; Gonzálvez, A.G.; González Ureña, A., 2010:
Nitric oxide beam intensity oscillations induced by the combined action of a static and a radio frequency electric field

Ortiz, M.; Torréns, M.; Mola, Jé.L.; Ortiz, P.J.; Fragoso, A.; Díaz, A.; Cao, R.; Prados, P.; de Mendoza, J.; Otero, A.; Antiñolo, A.; Lara, A., 2008:
Nitric oxide binding and photodelivery based on ruthenium(II) complexes of 4-arylazo-3,5-dimethylpyrazole

Silkstone, G.; Kapetanaki, S.M.; Husu, I.; Vos, M.H.; Wilson, M.T., 2013:
Nitric oxide binding to the cardiolipin complex of ferric cytochrome C

Silkstone, G.; Kapetanaki, S.M.; Husu, I.; Vos, M.H.; Wilson, M.T., 2010:
Nitric oxide binds to the proximal heme coordination site of the ferrocytochrome c/cardiolipin complex: formation mechanism and dynamics

Tang, Y.; Garg, H.; Geng, Y-Jian.; Bryan, N.S., 2010:
Nitric oxide bioactivity of traditional Chinese medicines used for cardiovascular indications

Tang, W.H.Wilson.; Shrestha, K.; Tong, W.; Wang, Z.; Troughton, R.W.; Borowski, A.G.; Klein, A.L.; Hazen, S.L., 2013:
Nitric oxide bioavailability and adiponectin production in chronic systolic heart failure: relation to severity of cardiac dysfunction

Earle, K.A.; Harry, D.; Madhavi, M.; Zitouni, K.; Barron, J., 2008:
Nitric oxide bioavailability and its potential relevance to the variation in susceptibility to the renal and vascular complications in patients with type 2 diabetes

Tsoukias, N.M., 2008:
Nitric oxide bioavailability in the microcirculation: insights from mathematical models

Hirai, D.M.; Copp, S.W.; Ferreira, L.F.; Musch, T.I.; Poole, D.C., 2011:
Nitric oxide bioavailability modulates the dynamics of microvascular oxygen exchange during recovery from contractions

Waheed, S.Mohsin.; Ghosh, A.; Chakravarti, R.; Biswas, A.; Haque, M.Mahfuzul.; Panda, K.; Stuehr, D.J., 2010:
Nitric oxide blocks cellular heme insertion into a broad range of heme proteins

Zhou, J.; Kim, D.D.; Peluffo, R.Daniel., 2010:
Nitric oxide can acutely modulate its biosynthesis through a negative feedback mechanism on L-arginine transport in cardiac myocytes

Persson, P.B., 2013:
Nitric oxide can directly mediate renin cell recruitment

Obara, H.; Harasawa, Rô., 2010:
Nitric oxide causes anoikis through attenuation of E-cadherin and activation of caspase-3 in human gastric carcinoma AZ-521 cells infected with Mycoplasma hyorhinis

Zhou, J.; Dehne, N.; Brüne, B., 2010:
Nitric oxide causes macrophage migration via the HIF-1-stimulated small GTPases Cdc42 and Rac1

Van de Wouwer, M.; André, S.; Gabius, H-J.; Villalobo, A., 2011:
Nitric oxide changes distinct aspects of the glycophenotype of human neuroblastoma NB69 cells

Ingleson, M.J.; Heck, R.; Gould, J.A.; Rosseinsky, M.J., 2009:
Nitric oxide chemisorption in a postsynthetically modified metal-organic framework

de Andrés, Mía.C.; Maneiro, E.; Martín, M.A.; Arenas, Jín.; Blanco, F.J., 2014:
Nitric oxide compounds have different effects profiles on human articular chondrocyte metabolism

Meeus, M.; VAN Eupen, I.; Hondequin, J.; DE Hauwere, L.; Kos, D.; Nijs, J., 2011:
Nitric oxide concentrations are normal and unrelated to activity level in chronic fatigue syndrome: a case-control study

Nakanishi, R.; Ohwaki, J.; Emoto, S.; Mori, T.; Mizuno, K.; Tsuda, T.; Itoh, H.; Ohkuwa, T., 2014:
Nitric oxide concentrations in gas emanating from the tails of obese rats

Wang, Y.; Tajkhorshid, E., 2010:
Nitric oxide conduction by the brain aquaporin AQP4

Matsunaga, T.; Yamaji, Y.; Tomokuni, T.; Morita, H.; Morikawa, Y.; Suzuki, A.; Yonezawa, A.; Endo, S.; Ikari, A.; Iguchi, K.; El-Kabbani, O.; Tajima, K.; Hara, A., 2015:
Nitric oxide confers cisplatin resistance in human lung cancer cells through upregulation of aldo-keto reductase 1B10 and proteasome

Pető, A.; Lehotai, Nóra.; Feigl, Gábor.; Tugyi, Nóra.; Ördög, A.; Gémes, K.; Tari, I.; Erdei, László.; Kolbert, Z., 2014:
Nitric oxide contributes to copper tolerance by influencing ROS metabolism in Arabidopsis

Robertson, S.J.; Mokgokong, R.; Kania, K.D.; Guedj, A-Sophie.; Hladky, S.B.; Barrand, M.A., 2012:
Nitric oxide contributes to hypoxia-reoxygenation-induced P-glycoprotein expression in rat brain endothelial cells

Hosseini, M.; Dastghaib, S.Sadat.; Rafatpanah, H.; Hadjzadeh, M.Al-Reza.; Nahrevanian, H.; Farrokhi, I., 2011 :
Nitric oxide contributes to learning and memory deficits observed in hypothyroid rats during neonatal and juvenile growth

Casey, D.P.; Madery, B.D.; Curry, T.B.; Eisenach, J.H.; Wilkins, B.W.; Joyner, M.J., 2010:
Nitric oxide contributes to the augmented vasodilatation during hypoxic exercise

Shibata, M.; Yamakoshi, T.; Yamakoshi, K., 2007:
Nitric oxide contribution to vascular wall oxygen consumption in arterioles

Porro, A.; Chrochemore, C.; Cambuli, F.; Iraci, N.; Contestabile, A.; Perini, G., 2010:
Nitric oxide control of MYCN expression and multi drug resistance genes in tumours of neural origin

Peña-Altamira, E.; Petazzi, P.; Contestabile, A., 2010:
Nitric oxide control of proliferation in nerve cells and in tumor cells of nervous origin

Giordano, D.; Li, C.; Suthar, M.S.; Draves, K.E.; Ma, D.Y.; Gale, M.; Clark, E.A., 2011:
Nitric oxide controls an inflammatory-like Ly6C(hi)PDCA1+ DC subset that regulates Th1 immune responses

Cordani, N.; Pisa, V.; Pozzi, L.; Sciorati, C.; Clementi, E., 2015:
Nitric oxide controls fat deposition in dystrophic skeletal muscle by regulating fibro-adipogenic precursor differentiation

Cohen, O.; Kfir-Erenfeld, S.; Spokoini, R.; Zilberman, Y.; Yefenof, E.; Sionov, R.Vogt., 2009:
Nitric oxide cooperates with glucocorticoids in thymic epithelial cell-mediated apoptosis of double positive thymocytes

Mikhailenko, V.M.; Diomina, E.A.; Muzalov, I.I.; Gerashchenko, B.I., 2014:
Nitric oxide coordinates development of genomic instability in realization of combined effect with ionizing radiation

Bruno, C.J.; Greco, T.M.; Ischiropoulos, H., 2011 :
Nitric oxide counteracts the hyperoxia-induced proliferation and proinflammatory responses of mouse astrocytes

Manjunatha, G.; Gupta, K.J.; Lokesh, V.; Mur, L.A.J.; Neelwarne, B., 2013:
Nitric oxide counters ethylene effects on ripening fruits

Yi, J.; Morrow, B.H.; Campbell, A.L.O.C.; Shen, J.K.; Richter-Addo, G.B., 2012:
Nitric oxide coupling mediated by iron porphyrins: the N-N bond formation step is facilitated by electrons and a proton

Tsihlis, N.D.; Kapadia, M.R.; Vavra, A.K.; Jiang, Q.; Fu, B.; Martinez, J.; Kibbe, M.R., 2012:
Nitric oxide decreases activity and levels of the 11S proteasome activator PA28 in the vasculature

Neuhofer, W.; Fraek, M-Luisa.; Beck, F-X., 2008:
Nitric oxide decreases expression of osmoprotective genes via direct inhibition of TonEBP transcriptional activity

Lahiri, M.; Martin, J.H.J., 2009:
Nitric oxide decreases motility and increases adhesion in human breast cancer cells

Liu, F.; Guo, F-Qing., 2013:
Nitric oxide deficiency accelerates chlorophyll breakdown and stability loss of thylakoid membranes during dark-induced leaf senescence in Arabidopsis

Klinger, J.R.; Abman, S.H.; Gladwin, M.T., 2013:
Nitric oxide deficiency and endothelial dysfunction in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Colussi, C.; Gurtner, A.; Rosati, J.; Illi, B.; Ragone, G.; Piaggio, G.; Moggio, M.; Lamperti, C.; D'Angelo, G.; Clementi, E.; Minetti, G.; Mozzetta, C.; Antonini, A.; Capogrossi, M.C.; Puri, P.Lorenzo.; Gaetano, C., 2009:
Nitric oxide deficiency determines global chromatin changes in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Tonelli, A.R.; Haserodt, S.; Aytekin, M.; Dweik, R.A., 2013 :
Nitric oxide deficiency in pulmonary hypertension: Pathobiology and implications for therapy

Suvorava, T.; Kojda, G., 2011:
Nitric oxide delivering devices to prevent saphenous vein graft failure?

Zhang, X.F.; Mansouri, S.; Mbeh, D.A.; Yahia, L'H.; Sacher, E.; Veres, T., 2013:
Nitric oxide delivery by core/shell superparamagnetic nanoparticle vehicles with enhanced biocompatibility

DiBlasi, R.M.; Dupras, D.; Kearney, C.; Costa, E.; Griebel, J.L., 2016:
Nitric oxide delivery by neonatal noninvasive respiratory support devices

Checchia, P.A.; Bronicki, R.A.; Muenzer, J.T.; Dixon, D.; Raithel, S.; Gandhi, S.K.; Huddleston, C.B., 2013:
Nitric oxide delivery during cardiopulmonary bypass reduces postoperative morbidity in children--a randomized trial

Skinn, B.T.; Lim, C.Hoon.; Deen, W.M., 2011:
Nitric oxide delivery system for biological media

Sonveaux, P.; Jordan, Bénédicte.F.; Gallez, B.; Feron, O., 2009:
Nitric oxide delivery to cancer: why and how?

Pinard, Aée.; Robitaille, R., 2008:
Nitric oxide dependence of glutamate-mediated modulation at a vertebrate neuromuscular junction

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Nitric oxide dependent skin aging mechanism in postmenopasal women

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