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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54638

Chapter 54638 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shalev, R.; Bezerra, H.G.; Ray, S.; Prabhu, D.; Wilson, D.L., 2016:
Classification of calcium in intravascular OCT images for the purpose of intervention planning

Pettit, A.C.; Cummins, J.; Kaltenbach, L.A.; Sterling, T.R.; Warkentin, J.V., 2013:
Non-adherence and drug-related interruptions are risk factors for delays in completion of treatment for tuberculosis

Emsley, R., 2013:
Non-adherence and its consequences: understanding the nature of relapse

Zschocke, I.; Mrowietz, U.; Karakasili, E.; Reich, K., 2014:
Non-adherence and measures to improve adherence in the topical treatment of psoriasis

Taylor, S.; Abramowitz, J.S.; McKay, D., 2012:
Non-adherence and non-response in the treatment of anxiety disorders

Aujoulat, I.; Deccache, A.; Charles, A-Sophie.; Janssen, M.; Struyf, C.; Pélicand, J.; Ciccarelli, O.; Dobbels, F.; Reding, R., 2011:
Non-adherence in adolescent transplant recipients: the role of uncertainty in health care providers

Lindsay, J.T.; Heaney, L.G., 2014:
Non-adherence in difficult asthma and advances in detection

Kugler, C.; Maeding, I.; Russell, C.L., 2011:
Non-adherence in patients on chronic hemodialysis: an international comparison study

Griva, K.; Lai, A.Yuanhong.; Lim, H.Asyraf.; Yu, Z.; Foo, M.Wai.Yin.; Newman, S.P., 2014:
Non-adherence in patients on peritoneal dialysis: a systematic review

Lužný, J.; Ivanová, Křina.; Juríčková, L., 2014:
Non-adherence in seniors with dementia - a serious problem of routine clinical practice

Jayasinghe, J., 2009:
Non-adherence in the hypertensive patient: can nursing play a role in assessing and improving compliance?

Blackburn, D.F.; Swidrovich, J.; Lemstra, M., 2013:
Non-adherence in type 2 diabetes: practical considerations for interpreting the literature

Kulkarni, P.; Akarte, S.; Mankeshwar, R.; Bhawalkar, J.; Banerjee, A.; Kulkarni, A., 2013:
Non-adherence of new pulmonary tuberculosis patients to anti-tuberculosis treatment

Amuha, M.G.; Kutyabami, P.; Kitutu, F.E.; Odoi-Adome, R.; Kalyango, J.N., 2010:
Non-adherence to anti-TB drugs among TB/HIV co-infected patients in Mbarara Hospital Uganda: prevalence and associated factors

Adane, A.Awoke.; Alene, K.Addis.; Koye, D.Negese.; Zeleke, B.Megabiaw., 2014:
Non-adherence to anti-tuberculosis treatment and determinant factors among patients with tuberculosis in northwest Ethiopia

Chen, C.C.; Wu, L.C.; Li, C.Y.; Liu, C.K.; Woung, L.C.; Ko, M.C., 2012:
Non-adherence to antibiotic prescription guidelines in treating urinary tract infection of children: a population-based study in Taiwan

Fernandes, M.; Leite, A.; Basto, M.; Nobre, M.Araújo.; Vieira, N.; Fernandes, R.; Nogueira, P.; Nicola, P.Jorge.; Jorge, P., 2014:
Non-adherence to antibiotic therapy in patients visiting community pharmacies

Gard, P.R., 2010:
Non-adherence to antihypertensive medication and impaired cognition: which comes first?

van der Velden, L.B.J.; Tromp, M.; Bleeker-Rovers, C.P.; Hulscher, M.; Kullberg, B.J.; Mouton, J.W.; Sturm, P.D.J.; Pickkers, P., 2012:
Non-adherence to antimicrobial treatment guidelines results in more broad-spectrum but not more appropriate therapy

Morken, G.; Widen, J.H.; Grawe, R.W., 2008:
Non-adherence to antipsychotic medication, relapse and rehospitalisation in recent-onset schizophrenia

Boyer, S.; Clerc, I.; Bonono, Cécile-Renée.; Marcellin, F.; Bilé, P-Christiane.; Ventelou, B., 2011:
Non-adherence to antiretroviral treatment and unplanned treatment interruption among people living with HIV/AIDS in Cameroon: Individual and healthcare supply-related factors

Kolandaivelu, K.; Leiden, B.B.; O'Gara, P.T.; Bhatt, D.L., 2015:
Non-adherence to cardiovascular medications

Remondi, F.Assan.; Cabrera, M.Aparecido.Sarria.; Souza, R.Kazue.Tanno.de., 2014:
Non-adherence to continuous treatment and associated factors: prevalence and determinants in adults 40 years and older

Seidu, S.; Khunti, K., 2012:
Non-adherence to diabetes guidelines in primary care - the enemy of evidence-based practice

Kalyango, J.N.; Owino, E.; Nambuya, A.P., 2009:
Non-adherence to diabetes treatment at Mulago Hospital in Uganda: prevalence and associated factors

Hovstadius, B.; Petersson, Göran., 2012:
Non-adherence to drug therapy and drug acquisition costs in a national population--a patient-based register study

Hussain, S.Monira.; Boonshuyar, C., 2010:
Non-adherence to drug treatment in patients of essential hypertension

Flamm, M.; Fritsch, G.; Seer, J.; Panisch, S.; Sönnichsen, A.C., 2012:
Non-adherence to guidelines for preoperative testing in a secondary care hospital in Austria: the economic impact of unnecessary and double testing

Garcin, Fédéric.; Leone, M.; Antonini, Fçois.; Charvet, A.; Albanèse, J.; Martin, C., 2010:
Non-adherence to guidelines: an avoidable cause of failure of empirical antimicrobial therapy in the presence of difficult-to-treat bacteria

Schmid-Mohler, G.; Thut, M.Pechula.; Wüthrich, R.Peter.; Denhaerynck, K.; De Geest, S., 2010:
Non-adherence to immunosuppressive medication in renal transplant recipients within the scope of the Integrative Model of Behavioral Prediction: a cross-sectional study

Awonuga, A.Olumide.; Schenone, M.H.; Abdallah, M.E.; Yelian, F.D.; Diamond, M.P.; Puscheck, E.E., 2009:
Non-adherence to instructions to cancel a cycle in a patient overstimulated with gonadotropins in a planned intrauterine insemination cycle

Cunningham, A.; Gottberg, K.; von Koch, L.; Hillert, J., 2010:
Non-adherence to interferon-beta therapy in Swedish patients with multiple sclerosis

Mumu, S.Jahan.; Saleh, F.; Ara, F.; Afnan, F.; Ali, L., 2014:
Non-adherence to life-style modification and its factors among type 2 diabetic patients

Wong, M.C.S.; Wang, H.H.X.; Liu, K.S.D., 2012:
Non-adherence to lipid-lowering therapies: a need for more studies to evaluate reasons for medication non-adherence

Stewart, R.A.H.; Kerr, A., 2011:
Non-adherence to medication and cardiovascular risk

Stavropoulou, C., 2011:
Non-adherence to medication and doctor-patient relationship: Evidence from a European survey

Okuboyejo, S., 2014:
Non-adherence to medication in outpatient setting in Nigeria: the effect of employment status

Kane, J.M.; Kishimoto, T.; Correll, C.U., 2013:
Non-adherence to medication in patients with psychotic disorders: epidemiology, contributing factors and management strategies

Elliott, R., 2009:
Non-adherence to medicines: not solved but solvable

Berquist, R.K.; Berquist, W.E.; Esquivel, C.O.; Cox, K.L.; Wayman, K.I.; Litt, I.F., 2008:
Non-adherence to post-transplant care: prevalence, risk factors and outcomes in adolescent liver transplant recipients

Wright, B.James.; Galtieri, N.Justin.; Fell, M., 2014:
Non-adherence to prescribed home rehabilitation exercises for musculoskeletal injuries: the role of the patient-practitioner relationship

Gray, B., 2013:
Non-adherence to prophylactic medication

You, J.J.; Laupacis, A.; Newman, A.; Bell, C.M., 2010:
Non-adherence to recommendations for further testing after outpatient CT and MRI

Saleh, F.; Mumu, S.J.; Ara, F.; Hafez, M.Abdul.; Ali, L., 2015:
Non-adherence to self-care practices & medication and health related quality of life among patients with type 2 diabetes: a cross-sectional study

Bates, T.R.; Connaughton, V.M.; Watts, G.F., 2010 :
Non-adherence to statin therapy: a major challenge for preventive cardiology

Moreira, Tís.de.Campos.; Signor, L.; Figueiró, L.Rizzieri.; Fernandes, S.; Bortolon, C.Borges.; Benchaya, M.Canellas.; Ferigolo, M.; Barros, H.Mt., 2015:
Non-adherence to telemedicine interventions for drug users: systematic review

Kuonza, L.R.; Tshuma, C.D.; Shambira, G.N.; Tshimanga, M., 2012:
Non-adherence to the single dose nevirapine regimen for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Bindura town, Zimbabwe: a cross-sectional analytic study

Cornélio, R.de.Cássia.Azevedo.Couto.; Pinto, Aé.Luis.Tavares.; Pace, Fábio.Heleno.de.Lima.; Moraes, J.Paixão.; Chebli, Júlio.Maria.Fonseca., 2010:
Non-adherence to the therapy in Crohn's disease patients: prevalence and risk factors

Reach, Gérard., 2013:
Non-adherence to therapy in type 2 diabetes

Shergill, B.; Zokaie, S.; Carr, A.J., 2014:
Non-adherence to topical treatments for actinic keratosis

Cerveny, P.; Bortlik, M.; Vlcek, Jí.; Kubena, A.; Lukás, M., 2007:
Non-adherence to treatment in inflammatory bowel disease in Czech Republic

Buls, P., 2010:
Non-adherence versus goal mismatch: which one is it?

Korb-Savoldelli, V.; Sabatier, B.; Gillaizeau, F.; Guillemain, R.; Prognon, P.; Bégué, D.; Durieux, P., 2011:
Non-adherence with drug treatment after heart or lung transplantation in adults: a systematic review

Bulloch, A.G.M.; Patten, S.B., 2010:
Non-adherence with psychotropic medications in the general population

Katz, Y.; Goldberg, M., 2007:
Non-adherence, non-compliance or non-concordance in asthma: patients not following the medical regimen

Kirk, R., 2014:
Non-adherence: time for action--not evaluation

Jeffery, S.L.A., 2014:
Non-adherent and flexible -using Cutimed Sorbact as a filler and liner with NPWT

Mehrkens, A.; Di Maggio, N.; Gueven, S.; Schaefer, D.; Scherberich, A.; Banfi, A.; Martin, I., 2014:
Non-adherent mesenchymal progenitors from adipose tissue stromal vascular fraction

Cong, H.; Revzin, A.; Pan, T., 2009:
Non-adhesive PEG hydrogel nanostructures for self-assembly of highly ordered colloids

Quéré, D.; Reyssat, M., 2008:
Non-adhesive lotus and other hydrophobic materials

Taioli, S.; Garberoglio, G.; Simonucci, S.; a Beccara, S.; Aversa, L.; Nardi, M.; Verucchi, R.; Iannotta, S.; Dapor, M.; Alfè, D., 2013:
Non-adiabatic ab initio molecular dynamics of supersonic beam epitaxy of silicon carbide at room temperature

Mai, S.; Marquetand, P.; González, L., 2014:
Non-adiabatic and intersystem crossing dynamics in SO2. II. The role of triplet states in the bound state dynamics studied by surface-hopping simulations

Alonso, J.L.; Castro, A.; Clemente-Gallardo, J.; Echenique, P.; Mazo, J.J.; Polo, V.; Rubio, A.; Zueco, D., 2013:
Non-adiabatic effects within a single thermally averaged potential energy surface: thermal expansion and reaction rates of small molecules

Klaumünzer, B.; Kröner, D.; Lischka, H.; Saalfrank, P., 2015:
Non-adiabatic excited state dynamics of riboflavin after photoexcitation

Fischer, S.A.; Lingerfelt, D.B.; May, J.W.; Li, X., 2015:
Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics investigation of photoionization state formation and lifetime in Mn²⁺-doped ZnO quantum dots

Zamstein, N.; Tannor, D.J., 2012:
Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics with complex quantum trajectories. I. The diabatic representation

Zamstein, N.; Tannor, D.J., 2012:
Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics with complex quantum trajectories. II. The adiabatic representation

Krix, D.; Nienhaus, H., 2014:
Non-adiabatic processes in the charge transfer reaction of O2 molecules with potassium surfaces without dissociation

Todorović, M.; Bowler, D.R., 2011:
Non-adiabatic simulations of current-related structural transformations in metallic nanodevices

Akopyan, M.E.; Baturo, V.V.; Lukashov, S.S.; Poretsky, S.A.; Pravilov, A.M., 2012:
Non-adiabatic transitions from I2(E0g+ and D0u+) states induced by collisions with M = I2(X0g+) and H2O

Kerkhoff, A.; De Bree, E.; De Klerk, M.; Wijnen, F., 2013:
Non-adjacent dependency learning in infants at familial risk of dyslexia

Betz, D.; Bach, P.; Gozzi, C.; Goepel, M., 2010:
Non-adjustable sling for treatment of male stress urinary incontinence

Omon, E.; Damase-Michel, C.; Hurault-Delarue, C.; Lacroix, I.; Montastruc, J.L.; Oustric, S.; Escourrou, B., 2012:
Non-adjuvanted 2009 influenza A (H1N1)v vaccine in pregnant women: the results of a French prospective descriptive study

Scott, C.J.W.; Austin, B.; Austin, D.A.; Morris, P.C., 2014:
Non-adjuvanted flagellin elicits a non-specific protective immune response in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Walbaum) towards bacterial infections

Samieinasab, M.; Shirani, S.; Hashemi, S.Mohammad.; Pourmoghaddas, A.; Hekmat, M., 2013:
Non-administration of thrombolytic agents in acute myocardial infarction patients in Hajar hospital, Shahrekord, Iran: prevalence rate and causes

MacKenzie, S.M.; Connell, J.M.C.; Davies, E., 2012:
Non-adrenal synthesis of aldosterone: a reality check

Matsuda, N.Mitiko.; Miller, S.M., 2011:
Non-adrenergic non-cholinergic inhibition of gastrointestinal smooth muscle and its intracellular mechanism(s)

Oers, J.W.; Tilders, F.J., 1991:
Non-adrenocorticotropin mediated effects of endogenous corticotropin-releasing factor on the adrenocortical activity in the rat

Yang, Y.; Koo, S.; Xia, Y.; Venkatraman, S.; Neu, Börn., 2012:
Non-adsorbing macromolecules in plasma induce erythrocyte adhesion to the endothelium

Yang, Y.; Koo, S.; Heng, L.Tze.; Meiselman, H.J.; Neu, Börn., 2014:
Non-adsorbing macromolecules promote endothelial adhesion of erythrocytes with reduced sialic acids

King, M.S., 2009:
Non-adversarial justice and the coroner's court: a proposed therapeutic, restorative, problem-solving model

Jones, S.C.; Lynch, M., 2007 :
Non-advertising alcohol promotions in licensed premises: does the Code of Practice ensure responsible promotion of alcohol?

Wen, Q.; Basu, A.; Janmey, P.A.; Yodh, A.G., 2012:
Non-affine deformations in polymer hydrogels

Paul, A.; Sengupta, S.; Rao, M., 2014:
Non-affine fields in solid-solid transformations: the structure and stability of a product droplet

Ehrlich, K.C., 2014:
Non-aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus to prevent aflatoxin contamination in crops: advantages and limitations

Tao, L.; Chung, S.Hyun., 2015:
Non-aflatoxigenicity of commercial Aspergillus oryzae strains due to genetic defects compared to aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus

Park, T.Sung.; Kim, J.; Song, J.; Choi, J.Rak., 2009:
Non-age related Y chromosome loss in an elderly patient with acute promyelocytic leukemia

Morgan, W.T.J.; Schutze, H., 2014:
Non-agglutinating antibody in human antisera to Sh. shiga and S. typhi

Mantareva, V.; Kussovski, V.; Angelov, I.; Wöhrle, D.; Dimitrov, R.; Popova, E.; Dimitrov, S., 2011:
Non-aggregated Ga(III)-phthalocyanines in the photodynamic inactivation of planktonic and biofilm cultures of pathogenic microorganisms

Dhami, N.Kamal.; Pandey, R.Shankar.; Jain, U.Kumar.; Chandra, R.; Madan, J., 2015:
Non-aggregated protamine-coated poly(lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles of cisplatin crossed blood-brain barrier, enhanced drug delivery and improved therapeutic index in glioblastoma cells: in vitro studies

Liu, J-Ming.; Jiao, L.; Lin, L-Ping.; Cui, M-Lin.; Wang, X-Xing.; Zhang, L-Hong.; Zheng, Z-Yong.; Jiang, S-Lian., 2014:
Non-aggregation based label free colorimetric sensor for the detection of Cu2+ based on catalyzing etching of gold nanorods by dissolve oxygen

Wu, X.; Liang, G.; Ji, G.; Fun, H-Kun.; He, L.; Gong, B., 2012:
Non-aggregational aromatic oligoamide macrocycles

Merk, D.; Schubert-Zsilavecz, M., 2012:
Non-agonist inhibitors of Cdk5-dependent phosphorylation of PPAR as insulin sensitizers in the future?

Moroni, M.; Vijayan, R.; Carbone, A.; Zwart, R.; Biggin, P.C.; Bermudez, I., 2008:
Non-agonist-binding subunit interfaces confer distinct functional signatures to the alternate stoichiometries of the alpha4beta2 nicotinic receptor: an alpha4-alpha4 interface is required for Zn2+ potentiation

Greenall, S.A.; Gherardi, E.; Liu, Z.; Donoghue, J.F.; Vitali, A.A.; Li, Q.; Murphy, R.; Iamele, L.; Scott, A.M.; Johns, T.G., 2012:
Non-agonistic bivalent antibodies that promote c-MET degradation and inhibit tumor growth and others specific for tumor related c-MET

Han, K.; Zhu, X-ping.; He, F.; Liu, L-guang.; Zhang, L-jie.; Ma, H-lai.; Tang, X-yu.; Huang, T.; Zhu, B-ping.; Zeng, G., 2013:
Non-airborne transmission during outbreak of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 among tour group members, China, June 2009

Deorukhkar, S.C.; Saini, S.; Mathew, S., 2014:
Non-albicans Candida Infection: An Emerging Threat

Pan, S-Ching., 2014:
Non-albicans Candida related candidemia among patients with chronic hemodialysis in the intensive care unit: true incidence or cluster infections?

Oberoi, J.Kaur.; Wattal, C.; Goel, N.; Raveendran, R.; Datta, S.; Prasad, K., 2013:
Non-albicans Candida species in blood stream infections in a tertiary care hospital at New Delhi, India

Boronat, M.; García-Cantón, César.; Quevedo, V.; Lorenzo, D.L.; López-Ríos, L.; Batista, Fátima.; Riaño, M.; Saavedra, P.; Checa, Mía.D., 2014:
Non-albuminuric renal disease among subjects with advanced stages of chronic kidney failure related to type 2 diabetes mellitus

Ahn, A-Leum.; Choi, J-Kyung.; Kim, M-Na.; Kim, S-Ah.; Oh, E-Jung.; Kweon, H-Jung.; Cho, D-Yung., 2013:
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease in Koreans Aged 50 Years or Older

Bloomgarden, Z.T., 2008:
Non-alcoholic Fatty liver disease and malignancy as complications of insulin resistance

Fuchs, M., 2011:
Non-alcoholic Fatty liver disease: the bile Acid-activated farnesoid x receptor as an emerging treatment target

Rogha, M.; Najafi, N.; Azari, A.; Kaji, M.; Pourmoghaddas, Z.; Rajabi, F.; Rezaee, M., 2011:
Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis in a Sample of Iranian Adult Population: Age is a Risk Factor

Chen, M-H.; Lee, J-T.; Peng, G-S.; Sung, Y-F., 2016:
Non-alcoholic Wernicke's encephalopathy as a cause of profound shock after abdominal surgery

Santos Andrade, C.; Tavares Lucato, L.; da Graça Morais Martin, M.; Joaquina Marques-Dias, M.; Antonio Pezzi Portela, L.; Scarabôtolo Gattás, G.; da Costa Leite, C., 2010:
Non-alcoholic Wernicke's encephalopathy: broadening the clinicoradiological spectrum

Elefante, A.; Puoti, G.; Senese, R.; Coppola, C.; Russo, C.; Tortora, F.; de Divitiis, O.; Brunetti, A., 2013:
Non-alcoholic acute Wernicke's encephalopathy: role of MRI in non typical cases

Kotronen, A.; Yki-Järvinen, H.; Männistö, S.; Saarikoski, L.; Korpi-Hyövälti, E.; Oksa, H.; Saltevo, J.; Saaristo, T.; Sundvall, J.; Tuomilehto, J.; Peltonen, M., 2012:
Non-alcoholic and alcoholic fatty liver disease - two diseases of affluence associated with the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes: the FIN-D2D survey

Nowacki, M.; Adamowicz, J.; Olkowska, J.; Pietkun, K.; Kloskowski, T.; Bajek, A.; Drewa, T., 2014:
Non-alcoholic beverages, unknown influence on cell proliferation - an in vitro study

Chen, Y-Hua.; Chen, K-Yang.; Lin, H-Ching., 2011:
Non-alcoholic cirrhosis and the risk of stroke: a 5-year follow-up study

Kemppainen, E.; Puolakkainen, P., 2007:
Non-alcoholic etiologies of acute pancreatitis - exclusion of other etiologic factors besides alcohol and gallstones

Bhala, N.; Usherwood, T.; George, J., 2010:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver

Baou, K.; Vlachopoulos, C.; Manesis, E.; Archimandritis, A.; Stefanadis, C., 2007:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver and cardiovascular disease: an emerging relationship

Alterio, A.; Alisi, A.; Liccardo, D.; Nobili, V., 2015:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver and metabolic syndrome in children: a vicious circle

Smith, B.W.; Adams, L.A., 2011:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Tuyama, A.C.; Chang, C.Y., 2013:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Catalano, D.; Trovato, G.M.; Ragusa, A.; Martines, G.F.; Tonzuso, A.; Pirri, C.; Buccheri, M.A.; Trovato, F.M., 2015:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and MTHFR 1298A > C gene polymorphism

Loria, P.; Lonardo, A.; Bellentani, S.; Day, C.P.; Marchesini, G.; Carulli, N., 2007:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and cardiovascular disease: an open question

Ruhl, C.E.; Everhart, J.E., 2010:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and mortality

Xun, Y-Hao.; Guo, J-Chun.; Lou, G-Qiang.; Jiang, Y-Ming.; Zhuang, Z-Jie.; Zhu, M-Fei.; Luo, Y.; Ma, X-Jie.; Liu, J.; Bian, D-Xue.; Shi, J-Ping., 2015:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) fibrosis score predicts 6.6-year overall mortality of Chinese patients with NAFLD

Kieć-Wilk, B.; Klupa, T.; Dembińska-Kieć, A., 2011:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in patients with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Pathomechanism, new diagnostic markers

Kruger, F.C.; Daniels, C.; Kidd, M.; Swart, G.; Brundyn, K.; Van Rensburg, C.; Kotze, M.J., 2010:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in the Western Cape: a descriptive analysis

Luef, G.; Rauchenzauner, M.; Waldmann, M.; Sturm, W.; Sandhofer, A.; Seppi, K.; Trinka, E.; Unterberger, I.; Ebenbichler, C.F.; Joannidis, M.; Walser, G.; Bauer, G.; Hoppichler, F.; Lechleitner, M., 2009:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), insulin resistance and lipid profile in antiepileptic drug treatment

Uchil, D.; Pipalia, D.; Chawla, M.; Patel, R.; Maniar, S.; Narayani; Juneja, A., 2009:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)--the hepatic component of metabolic syndrome

Lebovics, E.; Rubin, J., 2011:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD): why you should care, when you should worry, what you should do

Chung, G.Eun.; Kim, D.; Kim, W.; Yim, J.Yoon.; Park, M.Jung.; Kim, Y.Jun.; Yoon, J-Hwan.; Lee, H-Suk., 2012:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease across the spectrum of hypothyroidism

Iwasaki, T.; Tomeno, W.; Yoneda, M.; Inamori, M.; Shirakawa, J.; Imajo, K.; Kawashima, K.; Terauchi, Y.; Nakajima, A., 2012:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease adversely affects the glycemic control afforded by sitagliptin

Abbas, Z.; Saeed, A.; Hassan, S.Mujahid.; Luck, N.Hassan.; Khan, A.; Zafar, M.Naqi.; Hossain, K.Zehra.; Faiq, S.Muhammad., 2014:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease among visitors to a hepatitis awareness programme

Dogru, T.; Ercin, C.Nuri.; Tasci, I., 2010:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and adipocytokines

Testino, G., 2009:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and antiviral therapy in hepatitis C

Khosravi, S.; Alavian, S.Moayed.; Zare, A.; Daryani, N.Ebrahimi.; Fereshtehnejad, S-Mohammad.; Daryani, N.Ebrahimi.; Keramati, M.Reza.; Abdollahzade, S.; Taba Taba Vakili, S., 2011:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and correlation of serum alanin aminotransferase level with histopathologic findings

Leite, N.C.; Villela-Nogueira, C.A.; Cardoso, C.R.L.; Salles, G.F., 2015:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and diabetes: from physiopathological interplay to diagnosis and treatment

Anania, F.A., 2011:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and fructose: bad for us, better for mice

Nobili, V.; Alisi, A.; Grimaldi, C.; Liccardo, D.; Francalanci, P.; Monti, L.; Castellano, A.; de Ville de Goyet, J., 2015:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma in a 7-year-old obese boy: coincidence or comorbidity?

Gariani, K.; Philippe, J.; Jornayvaz, F.R., 2013:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and insulin resistance: from bench to bedside

Bruno, A.de.Souza.; Rodrigues, M.H.; Alvares, M.C.B.; Nahas-Neto, J.; Nahas, E.A.Petri., 2015:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its associated risk factors in Brazilian postmenopausal women

Santomauro, M.; Paoli-Valeri, M.; Fernández, M.; Camacho, N.; Molina, Z.; Cicchetti, R.; Valeri, L.; Dávila de Campagnaro, E.; Arata-Bellabarba, G., 2013:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its association with clinical and biochemical variables in obese children and adolescents: effect of a one-year intervention on lifestyle

Riquelme, A.; Arrese, M.; Soza, A.; Morales, A.; Baudrand, Ré.; Pérez-Ayuso, R.María.; González, R.; Alvarez, M.; Hernández, Vónica.; García-Zattera, Mía.José.; Otarola, F.; Medina, B.; Rigotti, A.; Miquel, J.Francisco.; Marshall, G.; Nervi, F., 2008:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its association with obesity, insulin resistance and increased serum levels of C-reactive protein in Hispanics

Villaça Chaves, G.; Pereira, S.Elaine.; Saboya, C.José.; Ramalho, Aéa., 2008:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its relationship with the nutritional status of vitamin A in individuals with class III obesity

Said, A., 2014:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver transplantation: outcomes and advances

Karnikowski, M.; Córdova, Cáudio.; Oliveira, R.Jacó.de.; Karnikowski, Mô.Gomes.de.Oliveira.; Nóbrega, Oávio.de.Tolêdo., 2008:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome in Brazilian middle-aged and older adults

Alisi, A.; Cianfarani, S.; Manco, M.; Agostoni, C.; Nobili, V., 2012:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome in adolescents: pathogenetic role of genetic background and intrauterine environment

Atabek, M.Emre., 2012:
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome in obese children

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