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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54643

Chapter 54643 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Li, G.; Tseng, C-Hong., 2008:
Non-parametric Estimation of a Survival Function with Two-stage Design Studies

Cai, T.; Zheng, Y., 2011:
Non-parametric Evaluation of Biomarker Accuracy under Nested Case-control Studies

Torben-Nielsen, B.; Vanderlooy, S.; Postma, E.O., 2008:
Non-parametric algorithmic generation of neuronal morphologies

Akhtar, S.; Alroughani, R.; Al-Shammari, A.; Al-Abkal, J.; Ayad, Y., 2014:
Non-parametric analysis of seasonality in birth and multiple sclerosis risk in second generation of migrants in Kuwait

Tafavogh, S.; Navarro, K.Felix.; Catchpoole, D.R.; Kennedy, P.J., 2013:
Non-parametric and integrated framework for segmenting and counting neuroblastic cells within neuroblastoma tumor images

Wang, Y.; Wu, C.; Ji, Z.; Wang, B.; Liang, Y., 2011:
Non-parametric change-point method for differential gene expression detection

Vercauteren, T.; Pennec, X.; Perchant, A.; Ayache, N., 2007:
Non-parametric diffeomorphic image registration with the demons algorithm

Lanza, L.G.; Stagi, L., 2012:
Non-parametric error distribution analysis from the laboratory calibration of various rainfall intensity gauges

Yaghotipoor, A.; Farshadfar, E., 2009:
Non-parametric estimation and component analysis of phenotypic stability in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Saha-Chaudhuri, P.; Heagerty, P.J., 2013:
Non-parametric estimation of a time-dependent predictive accuracy curve

Käll, L.; Storey, J.D.; Noble, W.Stafford., 2008:
Non-parametric estimation of posterior error probabilities associated with peptides identified by tandem mass spectrometry

Wakounig, S.; Heinze, G.; Schemper, M., 2016:
Non-parametric estimation of relative risk in survival and associated tests

Lan, L.; Datta, S., 2008:
Non-parametric estimation of state occupation, entry and exit times with multistate current status data

Sazykina, T.G.; Kryshev, A.I.; Sanina, K.D., 2010:
Non-parametric estimation of thresholds for radiation effects in vertebrate species under chronic low-LET exposures

Hernandez, M.; Frangi, A.F., 2007:
Non-parametric geodesic active regions: method and evaluation for cerebral aneurysms segmentation in 3DRA and CTA

Freiman, M.; Kronman, A.; Esses, S.J.; Joskowicz, L.; Sosna, J., 2010:
Non-parametric iterative model constraint graph min-cut for automatic kidney segmentation

Wanderley, M.Fernanda.B.; Braga, A.P.; Mendes, E.M.A.M.; Natowicz, R.; Rouzier, R., 2011:
Non-parametric kernel density estimation for the prediction of neoadjuvant chemotherapy outcomes

Korany, M.A.; Fahmy, O.T.; Mahgoub, H.; Maher, H.M., 2008:
Non-parametric linear regression of discrete Fourier transform convoluted chromatographic peak responses in non-ideal conditions

Korany, M.A.; Maher, H.M.; Galal, S.M.; Fahmy, O.T.; Ragab, M.A.A., 2011:
Non-parametric linear regression of discrete Fourier transform convoluted chromatographic peak responses under non-ideal conditions of internal standard method

Nixon, R.M.; Wonderling, D.; Grieve, R.D., 2010:
Non-parametric methods for cost-effectiveness analysis: the central limit theorem and the bootstrap compared

Petrinco, M.; Gregori, D.; Lazzarato, F.; Brunello, F.; Veltri, A.; Berchialla, P.; Pagano, E., 2009:
Non-parametric methods for estimating confidence intervals around the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio

Ferrarini, L.; Veer, I.M.; van Lew, B.; Oei, N.Y.L.; van Buchem, M.A.; Reiber, J.H.C.; Rombouts, S.A.R.B.; Milles, J., 2011:
Non-parametric model selection for subject-specific topological organization of resting-state functional connectivity

Zerzucha, P.; Boguszewska, D.; Zagdańska, B.; Walczak, B., 2012:
Non-parametric multivariate analysis of variance in the proteomic response of potato to drought stress

Ishii, R.; Canuet, L.; Aoki, Y.; Ikeda, S.; Hata, M.; Iwase, M.; Takeda, M., 2015:
Non-parametric permutation thresholding for adaptive nonlinear beamformer analysis on MEG revealed oscillatory neuronal dynamics in human brain

Singh, S.; Janoos, F.; Pécot, T.; Caserta, E.; Huang, K.; Rittscher, J.; Leone, G.; Machiraju, R., 2011:
Non-parametric population analysis of cellular phenotypes

Owen, J.P.; Sekihara, K.; Nagarajan, S.S., 2012:
Non-parametric statistical thresholding for sparse magnetoencephalography source reconstructions

Prendergast, G.; Johnson, S.R.; Hymers, M.; Woods, W.; Green, G.G.R., 2011:
Non-parametric statistical thresholding of baseline free MEG beamformer images

Twining, C.; Davies, R.; Taylor, C., 2007:
Non-parametric surface-based regularisation for building statistical shape models

Oliver-Rodríguez, J.C.; Wang, X.T., 2016:
Non-parametric three-way mixed ANOVA with aligned rank tests

Lorenzoni, P.J.; Scola, R.H.; Kay, Cáudia.S.Kamoi.; Parolin, Sérgio.F.; Werneck, L.C., 2011:
Non-paraneoplastic Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome: a brief review of 10 cases

Verhelst, H., 2009:
Non-paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis and immune deficiency

Pellkofer, H.L.; Kuempfel, T.; Jacobson, L.; Vincent, A.; Derfuss, T., 2010:
Non-paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis associated with NMDAR and VGKC antibodies

Matà, S.; Muscas, G.Carlo.; Naldi, I.; Rosati, E.; Paladini, S.; Cruciatti, B.; Bisulli, F.; Paganini, M.; Mazzi, G.; Sorbi, S.; Tinuper, P., 2008:
Non-paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis associated with anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies

Kröll-Seger, J.; Bien, C.G.; Huppertz, H-Jürgen., 2009:
Non-paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis associated with antibodies to potassium channels leading to bilateral hippocampal sclerosis in a pre-pubertal girl

Cianci, V.; Labate, A.; Lanza, P.; Vincent, A.; Gambardella, A.; Branca, D.; Arcudi, L.; Aguglia, U., 2010:
Non-paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis characterized by mesio-temporal seizures and extratemporal lesions: a case report

Lang, P.Olivier.; Sellal, Fçois., 2008:
Non-paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis revealed by anterograde amnesia

Rigamonti, A.; Lauria, G.; Stanzani, L.; Mantero, V.; Andreetta, F.; Salmaggi, A., 2014:
Non-paraneoplastic voltage-gated calcium channels antibody-mediated cerebellar ataxia responsive to IVIG treatment

Lazarus, J.A.; Marks, M.S., 2014:
Non-parasitic chyluria with special reference to traumatic chyluria

Bélanger, P-André.; Thibault, S., 2013:
Non-paraxial TM01 and TE01 from Laguerre-Gauss angular spectrum

Zhou, G., 2010:
Non-paraxial investigation in the far field properties of controllable dark-hollow beams diffracted by a circular aperture

Cervenka, M.; Bednarik, M., 2014:
Non-paraxial model for a parametric acoustic array

Rocha, Aé.de.Souza.; Knabben, R.José.; Michaelsen, S.Maris., 2011:
Non-paretic lower limb constraint with a step decreases the asymmetry of vertical forces during sit-to-stand at two seat heights in subjects with hemiparesis

Lewek, M.D.; Breslin, R.; Hlad, L.; Lanton, A.; St John, J., 2010:
Non-paretic quadriceps activity influences paretic quadriceps activity post-stroke

Wigertz, A.; Lönn, S.; Hall, P.; Feychting, M., 2012:
Non-participant characteristics and the association between socioeconomic factors and brain tumour risk

Ross, A.W., 1967:
Non-participating physicians

López, R.; Frydenberg, M.; Baelum, V., 2008:
Non-participation and adjustment for bias in case-control studies of periodontitis

Edwards, T.; Allen, E.; Harding-Esch, E.M.; Hart, J.; Burr, S.E.; Holland, M.J.; Sillah, A.; West, S.K.; Mabey, D.; Bailey, R., 2016:
Non-participation during azithromycin mass treatment for trachoma in The Gambia: heterogeneity and risk factors

Bengtsson, C.; Berglund, A.; Serra, M-L.; Nise, L.; Nordmark, B.; Klareskog, L.; Alfredsson, L.; Eira Study Group, 2010:
Non-participation in EIRA: a population-based case-control study of rheumatoid arthritis

Haapea, M.; Miettunen, J.; Läärä, E.; Joukamaa, M.I.; Järvelin, M-Riitta.; Isohanni, M.K.; Veijola, J.M., 2008:
Non-participation in a field survey with respect to psychiatric disorders

Vermaire, J.H.; van Loveren, C.; Poorterman, J.H.G.; Hoogstraten, J., 2011:
Non-participation in a randomized controlled trial: the effect on clinical and non-clinical variables

ten Hoor, G.A.; Ruiter, R.A.C.; van Bergen, J.E.A.M.; Hoebe, C.J.P.A.; Houben, K.; Kok, G., 2014:
Non-participation in chlamydia screening in The Netherlands: determinants associated with young people's intention to participate in chlamydia screening

Koopmans, B.; Nielen, M.M.J.; Schellevis, Fçois.G.; Korevaar, J.C., 2013:
Non-participation in population-based disease prevention programs in general practice

Søndergaard, G.; Biering-Sørensen, S.; Michelsen, S.Ishøy.; Schnor, O.; Andersen, A-Marie.Nybo., 2008:
Non-participation in preventive child health examinations at the general practitioner in Denmark: a register-based study

Bergman, P.; Ahlberg, G.; Forsell, Y.; Lundberg, I., 2010 :
Non-participation in the second wave of the PART study on mental disorder and its effects on risk estimates

Haapea, M.; Miettunen, J.; Veijola, J.; Lauronen, E.; Tanskanen, Päivikki.; Isohanni, M., 2007:
Non-participation may bias the results of a psychiatric survey: an analysis from the survey including magnetic resonance imaging within the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort

Lorvick, J.; Lutnick, A.; Wenger, L.D.; Bourgois, P.; Cheng, H.; Kral, A.H., 2016:
Non-partner violence against women who use drugs in San Francisco

Magerl, M.; Lammel, V.; Siebenhaar, F.; Zuberbier, T.; Metz, M.; Maurer, M., 2008:
Non-pathogenic commensal Escherichia coli bacteria can inhibit degranulation of mast cells

Sard, Bárbara.Gomila.; Navarro, R.Toledo.; Esteban Sanchis, J.Guillermo., 2011:
Non-pathogenic intestinal amoebae: a clinical-analytical overview

Pineda, A.; Soler, R.; Weldegergis, B.T.; Shimwela, M.M.; VAN Loon, J.J.A.; Dicke, M., 2013:
Non-pathogenic rhizobacteria interfere with the attraction of parasitoids to aphid-induced plant volatiles via jasmonic acid signalling

Paul, L.W.; Moir, W.W., 1949:
Non-pathologic variations in relationship of the upper cervical vertebrae

Keller, M.C.; McRae, A.F.; McGaughran, J.M.; Visscher, P.M.; Martin, N.G.; Montgomery, G.W., 2009:
Non-pathological paternal isodisomy of chromosome 2 detected from a genome-wide SNP scan

Travasso, S.Mary.; Mahapatra, B.; Saggurti, N.; Krishnan, S., 2015:
Non-paying partnerships and its association with HIV risk behavior, program exposure and service utilization among female sex workers in India

Stone, J.R., 2010 :
Non-payment and non-care: ethics and continuity of care

Pandya, S.K., 2008:
Non-payment of private hospital bills of dying patients

Bratti, M.; Miranda, A., 2010:
Non-pecuniary returns to higher education: the effect on smoking intensity in the UK

Aguilar Cantador, J.; Jurado-Ramos, A.; Gutiérrez Jodas, J.; Müller Locatelli, N.; Cantillo Baños, E.; Muñoz Del Castillo, F., 2013:
Non-pedicled vs vascular pedicled nasal flap in repair of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea

Nagykálnai, Tás., 2011:
Non-pegylated doxorubicin (Myocet®) as the less cardiotoxic alternative of free doxorubicin

Vici, P.; Pizzuti, L.; Gamucci, T.; Sergi, D.; Conti, F.; Zampa, G.; Del Medico, P.; De Vita, R.; Pozzi, M.; Botti, C.; Di Filippo, S.; Tomao, F.; Sperduti, I.; Di Lauro, L., 2014:
Non-pegylated liposomal Doxorubicin-cyclophosphamide in sequential regimens with taxanes as neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients

Dell'Olio, M.; Scalzulli, R.Potito.; Sanpaolo, G.; Nobile, M.; Mantuano, F.Saverio.; La Sala, A.; D'Arena, G.; Miraglia, E.; Lucania, A.; Mastrullo, L.; Nicola, C., 2011:
Non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (Myocet®) in patients with poor-risk aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Schmid, P.; Krocker, J.; Kreienberg, R.; Klare, P.; Kittel, K.; Sommer, H.; Heinrich, G.; Steck, T.; Lichtenegger, W.; Elling, D.; Kümmel, S., 2009:
Non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin and docetaxel in metastatic breast cancer: final results of a phase II trial

Del Barco, S.; Colomer, R.; Calvo, L.; Tusquets, I.; Adrover, E.; Sánchez, P.; Rifà, J.; De la Haba, J.; Virizuela, J.A., 2008:
Non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin combined with gemcitabine as first-line treatment for metastatic or locally advanced breast cancer. Final results of a phase I/II trial

Livi, L.; Meattini, I.; Cardillo, C.De.Luca.; Mangoni, M.; Greto, D.; Petrucci, A.; Rampini, A.; Bruni, A.; Galardi, A.; Cataliotti, L.; Biti, G., 2009:
Non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in combination with cyclophosphamide or docetaxel as first-line therapy in metastatic breast cancer: a retrospective analysis

Moreno, M.; Sancho, J-Manuel.; Gardella, S.; Coll, R.; García, O.; Gallardo, D.; Ribera, J-María., 2010:
Non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in combination with cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednisone and rituximab for the treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: study of 26 patients

Wasle, I.; Gamerith, G.; Kocher, F.; Mondello, P.; Jaeger, T.; Walder, A.; Auberger, J.; Melchardt, T.; Linkesch, W.; Fiegl, M.; Mian, M., 2015:
Non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in lymphoma: patterns of toxicity and outcome in a large observational trial

Bernardi, D.; Errante, D.; Stefani, M.; Salvagno, L., 2011:
Non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in metastatic breast cancer patients: a valuable therapeutic option requiring caution

Lorusso, V.; Giotta, F.; Bordonaro, R.; Maiello, E.; Del Prete, S.; Gebbia, V.; Filippelli, G.; Pisconti, S.; Cinieri, S.; Romito, S.; Riccardi, F.; Forcignanò, R.; Ciccarese, M.; Petrucelli, L.; Saracino, V.; Lupo, L.I.; Gambino, A.; Leo, S.; Colucci, G., 2015:
Non-pegylated liposome-encapsulated doxorubicin citrate plus cyclophosphamide or vinorelbine in metastatic breast cancer not previously treated with chemotherapy:a multicenter phase III study

Schrire, T., 1942:
Non-penetrating Injuries of the Abdomen

Anderson, R.G., 1940:
Non-penetrating Injuries of the Heart

Bahar, I.; Kaiserman, I.; Trope, G.E.; Rootman, D., 2007:
Non-penetrating deep sclerectomy for glaucoma surgery using the femtosecond laser: a laboratory model

Venter, J.; Blumenfeld, R.; Schallhorn, S.; Pelouskova, M., 2013:
Non-penetrating femtosecond laser intrastromal astigmatic keratotomy in patients with mixed astigmatism after previous refractive surgery

Eldaly, M.A.; Bunce, C.; Elsheikha, O.Z.; Wormald, R., 2014:
Non-penetrating filtration surgery versus trabeculectomy for open-angle glaucoma

Klink, T.; Matlach, J.; Grehn, F., 2013:
Non-penetrating glaucoma surgery

Choudhary, A.; Wishart, P.K., 2007:
Non-penetrating glaucoma surgery augmented with mitomycin C or 5-fluorouracil in eyes at high risk of failure of filtration surgery: long-term results

Dashevsky, A.V.; Lanzl, I.M.; Kotliar, K.E., 2011:
Non-penetrating intracanalicular partial trabeculectomy via the ostia of Schlemm's canal

Lee, H.; Bang, H.; Kim, Y.; Park, J.; Lee, S.; Lee, H.; Park, H-Joon., 2011:
Non-penetrating sham needle, is it an adequate sham control in acupuncture research?

Young, F.A., 1949:
Non-penetrating traumatic heart lesions

Chiseliţă, D.; Cantemir, A.; Ilieş, I., 2010:
Non-pentrating deep sclerectomy--between safety and efficacy

Steckelings, U.Muscha.; Larhed, M.; Hallberg, A.; Widdop, R.E.; Jones, E.S.; Wallinder, C.; Namsolleck, P.; Dahlöf, Börn.; Unger, T., 2011:
Non-peptide AT2-receptor agonists

Giuliani, G.; Cappelli, A.; Matarrese, M.; Masiello, V.; Turolla, E.Anna.; Monterisi, C.; Fazio, F.; Anzini, M.; Pericot Mohr, G.; Riitano, D.; Finetti, F.; Morbidelli, L.; Ziche, M.; Giorgi, G.; Vomero, S., 2011:
Non-peptide NK1 receptor ligands based on the 4-phenylpyridine moiety

Fields, J.D.; Bhardwaj, A., 2009:
Non-peptide arginine-vasopressin antagonists (vaptans) for the treatment of hyponatremia in neurocritical care: a new alternative?

Stewart, K.D.; Huth, J.R.; Ng, T.I.; McDaniel, K.; Hutchinson, R.Newlin.; Stoll, V.S.; Mendoza, R.R.; Matayoshi, E.D.; Carrick, R.; Mo, H.; Severin, J.; Walter, K.; Richardson, P.L.; Barrett, L.W.; Meadows, R.; Anderson, S.; Kohlbrenner, W.; Maring, C.; Kempf, D.J.; Molla, A.; Olejniczak, E.T., 2010:
Non-peptide entry inhibitors of HIV-1 that target the gp41 coiled coil pocket

Kibirev, V.K.; Osadchuk, T.V.; Kozachenko, A.P.; Vadziuk, O.B.; Brovarets, V.S., 2013:
Non-peptide furin inhibitors based on amidinohydrazones of diarylaldehydes

Oyelere, A.K.; Chen, P.C.; Guerrant, W.; Mwakwari, S.C.; Hood, R.; Zhang, Y.; Fan, Y., 2009:
Non-peptide macrocyclic histone deacetylase inhibitors

Mwakwari, S.C.; Guerrant, W.; Patil, V.; Khan, S.I.; Tekwani, B.L.; Gurard-Levin, Z.A.; Mrksich, M.; Oyelere, A.K., 2010:
Non-peptide macrocyclic histone deacetylase inhibitors derived from tricyclic ketolide skeleton

Hamdache, A.; Lamarti, A.; Aleu, J.; Collado, I.G., 2011:
Non-peptide metabolites from the genus Bacillus

Gannon, R.L., 2015:
Non-peptide oxytocin receptor ligands and hamster circadian wheel running rhythms

Fang, C.; Miguel, M.Aparicio.; Avis, I.; Martinez, A.; Zudaire, E.; Cuttitta, F., 2010:
Non-peptide small molecule regulators of lymphangiogenesis

Sun, Q.; Li, J.; Liu, W-Nian.; Dong, Q-Jian.; Yang, W-Chao.; Yang, G-Fu., 2014:
Non-peptide-based fluorogenic small-molecule probe for elastase

Miller, P.S.; Barwell, J.; Poyner, D.R.; Wigglesworth, M.J.; Garland, S.L.; Donnelly, D., 2010:
Non-peptidic antagonists of the CGRP receptor, BIBN4096BS and MK-0974, interact with the calcitonin receptor-like receptor via methionine-42 and RAMP1 via tryptophan-74

Valero, Ján.; Van Gool, M.; Pérez-Fernández, R.; Castreño, P.; Sánchez-Quesada, J.; Prados, P.; de Mendoza, J., 2012:
Non-peptidic cell-penetrating agents: synthesis of oligomeric chiral bicyclic guanidinium vectors

Wiggers, H.J.; Rocha, J.R.; Fernandes, W.B.; Sesti-Costa, R.; Carneiro, Z.A.; Cheleski, J.; da Silva, Aérico.B.F.; Juliano, L.; Cezari, M.H.S.; Silva, Jão.S.; McKerrow, J.H.; Montanari, C.A., 2014:
Non-peptidic cruzain inhibitors with trypanocidal activity discovered by virtual screening and in vitro assay

Colombo, G.; Margosio, B.; Ragona, L.; Neves, M.; Bonifacio, S.; Annis, D.S.; Stravalaci, M.; Tomaselli, S.; Giavazzi, R.; Rusnati, M.; Presta, M.; Zetta, L.; Mosher, D.F.; Ribatti, D.; Gobbi, M.; Taraboletti, G., 2010:
Non-peptidic thrombospondin-1 mimics as fibroblast growth factor-2 inhibitors: an integrated strategy for the development of new antiangiogenic compounds

Dewal, M.B.; Firestine, S.M., 2011:
Non-peptidic α-helical mimetics as protein-protein interaction inhibitors

Fujii, H.; Takahashi, T.; Nagase, H., 2014:
Non-peptidic δ opioid receptor agonists and antagonists (2000 - 2012)

Wagner, S.; Kopka, K., 2012:
Non-peptidyl (18)F-labelled PET tracers as radioindicators for the noninvasive detection of cancer

Vasina, V.; Broccoli, M.; Ursino, M.Grazia.; Canistro, D.; Valgimigli, L.; Soleti, A.; Paolini, M.; De Ponti, F., 2010:
Non-peptidyl low molecular weight radical scavenger IAC attenuates DSS-induced colitis in rats

Katsanos, K.H.; Nastos, D.; Tsianos, E.V., 2011:
Non-perforated duodenal diverticulitis

Onda, H.; Kaminishi, Y.; Misawa, Y.; Fuse, K., 2007:
Non-perforating pericardial rupture causing cardiac tamponade

Tolan, T., 2010:
Non-performers or just a bad fit? It's time to assess your employees to make sure you are making the best use of their talents

Fiedler, B.; Hsu, S-Bi., 2008:
Non-periodicity in chemostat equations: a multi-dimensional negative Bendixson-Dulac criterion

Rempel, A.; Magerl, A., 2010:
Non-periodicity in nanoparticles with close-packed structures

Dong, S.; Tian, H.; Huang, L.; Zhang, J.; Yan, D.; Geng, Y.; Wang, F., 2011:
Non-peripheral tetrahexyl-substituted vanadyl phthalocyanines with intermolecular cofacial π-π stacking for solution-processed organic field-effect transistors

Hennig, G.W.; Gregory, S.; Brookes, S.J.H.; Costa, M., 2010:
Non-peristaltic patterns of motor activity in the guinea-pig proximal colon

Hiromatsu, S.; Nata, S.; Ohno, T.; Shintani, Y.; Kanaya, K.; Sakashita, H.; Fukunaga, S.; Aoyagi, S., 2011:
Non-permanent inferior vena cava filters for prophylaxis and treatment of lower limb venous thromboembolism

Bodingbauer, M.; Pakrah, B.; Kristo, I.; Marschalek, J.; Burghuber, C.; Györi, G.; Kainz, A.; Rasoul-Rockenschaub, S.; Klaushofer, K.; Muehlbacher, F.; Oberbauer, R., 2010:
Non-persistent effect of short-term bisphosphonate treatment in preventing fractures after liver transplantation

Calvo, Hán.L.; Perez-Piskunow, P.M.; Pastawski, H.M.; Roche, S.; Foa Torres, L.E.F., 2013:
Non-perturbative effects of laser illumination on the electrical properties of graphene nanoribbons

Tellgren, E.I.; Helgaker, T.; Soncini, A., 2009:
Non-perturbative magnetic phenomena in closed-shell paramagnetic molecules

Tellgren, E.I.; Fliegl, H., 2013:
Non-perturbative treatment of molecules in linear magnetic fields: calculation of anapole susceptibilities

Hornok, Sándor.; Dénes, Béla.; Meli, M.L.; Tánczos, Bázs.; Fekete, L.; Gyuranecz, Mós.; de la Fuente, Jé.; de Mera, I.G.Fernández.; Farkas, Róbert.; Hofmann-Lehmann, R., 2014:
Non-pet dogs as sentinels and potential synanthropic reservoirs of tick-borne and zoonotic bacteria

Bath, G.F., 2011:
Non-pharmaceutical Control of Endoparasitic Infections in Sheep

Lu, J.; Weng, J.; Gu, W.; Guo, X.; Yang, W.; Zou, D.; Zhou, Z.; Zhu, D.; Ji, Q.; Ji, L.; Yang, X., 2014:
Non-pharmaceutical factors for poor glycemic control in 13,970 Chinese women with drug-treated type 2 diabetes: a cross-sectional survey in 77 tertiary hospitals in four Chinese cities

Astroth, K.Schafer.; Russell, C.L.; Welch, J.L., 2014:
Non-pharmaceutical fatigue interventions in adults receiving hemodialysis: a systematic review

Anonymous, 2010:
Non-pharmaceutical interventions

Mitchell, T.; Dee, D.L.; Phares, C.R.; Lipman, H.B.; Gould, L.Hannah.; Kutty, P.; Desai, M.; Guh, A.; Iuliano, A.Danielle.; Silverman, P.; Siebold, J.; Armstrong, G.L.; Swerdlow, D.L.; Massoudi, M.S.; Fishbein, D.B., 2011 :
Non-pharmaceutical interventions during an outbreak of 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus infection at a large public university, April-May 2009

Benkouiten, S.; Brouqui, P.; Gautret, P., 2015:
Non-pharmaceutical interventions for the prevention of respiratory tract infections during Hajj pilgrimage

Antommaria, A.H.Matheny.; Thorell, E.A., 2011:
Non-pharmaceutical interventions to limit the transmission of a pandemic virus: the need for complementary programs to address children's diverse needs

Winfield, N.R.; Barker, N.J.; Turner, E.R.; Quin, G.L., 2014:
Non-pharmaceutical management of respiratory morbidity in children with severe global developmental delay

Messerer, B.; Krauss-Stoisser, B.; Urlesberger, B., 2015:
Non-pharmaceutical measures, topical analgesics and oral administration of glucose in pain management: Austrian interdisciplinary recommendations on pediatric perioperative pain management

Klaus, D., 2010:
Non-pharmaceutical options for hypertension

Johansson, P.; Sadigh, S.; Tillgren, P.; Rehnberg, C., 2008:
Non-pharmaceutical prevention of hip fractures - a cost-effectiveness analysis of a community-based elderly safety promotion program in Sweden

Aledort, J.E.; Lurie, N.; Wasserman, J.; Bozzette, S.A., 2007:
Non-pharmaceutical public health interventions for pandemic influenza: an evaluation of the evidence base

Chen, F.; Qi, Z.; Luo, Y.; Hinchliffe, T.; Ding, G.; Xia, Y.; Ji, X., 2014:
Non-pharmaceutical therapies for stroke: mechanisms and clinical implications

Krupp, S.; Schnoor, M.; Lohse, K.; Katalinic, A.; Willkomm, M., 2016 :
Non-pharmaceutical therapy of candidates for geriatric rehabilitation: Non-pharmaceutical therapy prescribed by SHI-accredited doctors after application for outpatient geriatric rehabilitative care

Addison, R.G.; Glare, P.; Lynch, N.T.; Manning, B., 1997:
Non-pharmacologic Control of Pain in HIV / AIDS

Tamrat, R.; Huynh-Le, M-Phuong.; Goyal, M., 2014:
Non-pharmacologic interventions to improve the sleep of hospitalized patients: a systematic review

Prasertcharoensuk, W.; Thinkhamrop, J., 2011:
Non-pharmacologic labour pain relief

Parakh, M.; Katewa, V., 2016:
Non-pharmacologic management of epilepsy

Borelli, C.; Korting, H.C., 2012:
Non-pharmacologic management of rosacea

David, R.; Zeitzer, J.; Friedman, L.; Noda, A.; O'Hara, R.; Robert, P.; Yesavage, J.A., 2010:
Non-pharmacologic management of sleep disturbance in Alzheimer's disease

Ewers, A.; Nestler, N.; Pogatzki-Zahn, E.; Bauer, Z.; Richter, H.; Osterbrink, J., 2012:
Non-pharmacologic measures in pain therapy. Application in 25 German hospitals

Adams, M.L.; Arminio, G.J., 2008:
Non-pharmacologic pain management intervention

Schneiderman, J., 2008:
Non-pharmacologic strategies in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Viles-Gonzalez, J.F.; Cohen, M.G., 2014:
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Non-professional providers

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Non-profit health insurance to meet America's needs

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Non-publication of tobacco funded research should extend to replacement nicotine studies funded by the drug industry

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Non-putrid pulmonary abscess

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