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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54651

Chapter 54651 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

McKinstrie, C.; Kanaev, A.; Kogelnik, H., 2005:
Nonlinear dynamics associated with a model of vector four-wave mixing

Pincus, D.; Metten, A., 2011:
Nonlinear dynamics in biopsychosocial resilience

Krogh-Madsen, T.; Christini, D.J., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics in cardiology

Friedman, E.J.; Landsberg, A.Scott., 2007:
Nonlinear dynamics in combinatorial games: renormalizing Chomp

Liu, D.; Sun, C.; Xiong, B.; Luo, Y., 2014:
Nonlinear dynamics in integrated coupled DFB lasers with ultra-short delay

Vincenti, M.A.; de Ceglia, D.; Scalora, M., 2014:
Nonlinear dynamics in low permittivity media: the impact of losses

da Luz, M.G.E.; Anteneodo, C., 2010:
Nonlinear dynamics in meso and nano scales: fundamental aspects and applications

Dal Forno, A.; Merlone, U., 2013:
Nonlinear dynamics in work groups with Bion's basic assumptions

Valle, G.Della.; Festa, A.; Taccheo, S.; Ennser, K.; Aracil, J., 2007:
Nonlinear dynamics induced by burst amplification in optically gain-stabilized erbium-doped amplifiers

Hurtado, A.; Quirce, A.; Valle, A.; Pesquera, L.; Adams, M.J., 2010:
Nonlinear dynamics induced by parallel and orthogonal optical injection in 1550 nm Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs)

Moll, K.; Jones, R.; Ye, J., 2005:
Nonlinear dynamics inside femtosecond enhancement cavities

Cerquera, A.; Arns, M.; Buitrago, Eías.; Gutiérrez, R.; Freund, J., 2013:
Nonlinear dynamics measures applied to EEG recordings of patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: quantifying the effects of a neurofeedback treatment

Driben, R.; Meier, T., 2014:
Nonlinear dynamics of Airy-vortex 3D wave packets: emission of vortex light waves

Sample, C.; Golovin, A.A., 2007:
Nonlinear dynamics of a double bilipid membrane

Zöttl, A.; Stark, H., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of a microswimmer in Poiseuille flow

Miri, M.; Nekouie, V.; Golestanian, R., 2010:
Nonlinear dynamics of a rack-pinion-rack device powered by the Casimir force

Lee, W.; Kim, Y.; Olson, S.D.; Lim, S., 2015:
Nonlinear dynamics of a rotating elastic rod in a viscous fluid

Haimovich, O.; Oron, A., 2014:
Nonlinear dynamics of a thin liquid film on an axially oscillating cylindrical surface subjected to double-frequency forcing

Haimovich, O.; Oron, A., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of a thin nonisothermal liquid film on an axially oscillating cylindrical surface

Serra, F.; Terentjev, E.M., 2008:
Nonlinear dynamics of absorption and photobleaching of dyes

Erneux, T.; Kovanis, V.; Gavrielides, A., 2013:
Nonlinear dynamics of an injected quantum cascade laser

Wang, X.; Briguglio, S.; Chen, L.; Di Troia, C.; Fogaccia, G.; Vlad, G.; Zonca, F., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of beta-induced Alfvén eigenmode driven by energetic particles

Biesheuvel, P.M.; Bazant, M.Z., 2010:
Nonlinear dynamics of capacitive charging and desalination by porous electrodes

Qu, Z.; Shiferaw, Y.; Weiss, J.N., 2007:
Nonlinear dynamics of cardiac excitation-contraction coupling: an iterated map study

Shiogai, Y.; Stefanovska, A.; McClintock, P.V.E., 2010:
Nonlinear dynamics of cardiovascular ageing

Safran, S.A.; De, R., 2010:
Nonlinear dynamics of cell orientation

Hilfinger, A.; Chattopadhyay, A.K.; Jülicher, F., 2009:
Nonlinear dynamics of cilia and flagella

Higuera, Mía.; Porter, J.; Varas, F.; Vega, Jé.M., 2013:
Nonlinear dynamics of confined liquid systems with interfaces subject to forced vibrations

Jo, J.Y.; Yang, S.M.; Kim, T.H.; Lee, H.N.; Yoon, J-G.; Park, S.; Jo, Y.; Jung, M.H.; Noh, T.W., 2009:
Nonlinear dynamics of domain-wall propagation in epitaxial ferroelectric thin films

Chen, X-shi.; Xu, Y-feng.; Tang, Y-xiang.; Fang, Y-ru.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, M-dao.; Lou, F-ying.; Liang, J-hua.; Chen, C.; Pan, X.; Yan, J.; Cui, Y., 2014:
Nonlinear dynamics of electroencephalography study in schizophrenic patients

Afraimovich, V.; Young, T.; Muezzinoglu, M.K.; Rabinovich, M.I., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of emotion-cognition interaction: when emotion does not destroy cognition?

Kues, M.; Brauckmann, N.; Walbaum, T.; Gross, P.; Fallnich, C., 2009:
Nonlinear dynamics of femtosecond supercontinuum generation with feedback

Ghosh, P.; Sen, S.; Ray, D.Shankar., 2009:
Nonlinear dynamics of finite perturbation: collapse and revival of spatial patterns

Miquel, B.; Mordant, N., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of flexural wave turbulence

González, H.; Infante, O.; Pérez-Grovas, Héctor.; Jose, M.V.; Lerma, C., 2013:
Nonlinear dynamics of heart rate variability in response to orthostatism and hemodialysis in chronic renal failure patients: recurrence analysis approach

Aceves, A.B.; De Angelis, C.; Wabnitz, S., 1992:
Nonlinear dynamics of induced modulational instability in a self-focusing slab waveguide with normal dispersion

Gamage, C.G.; Huang, Z-Feng., 2013:
Nonlinear dynamics of island coarsening and stabilization during strained film heteroepitaxy

Shukla, P.K.; Eliasson, B., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of large-amplitude dust acoustic shocks and solitary pulses in dusty plasmas

Muraglia, M.; Agullo, O.; Benkadda, S.; Garbet, X.; Beyer, P.; Sen, A., 2009:
Nonlinear dynamics of magnetic islands imbedded in small-scale turbulence

Ortiz, A.; Bradler, K.; Garnham, J.; Slaney, C.; Alda, M., 2016:
Nonlinear dynamics of mood regulation in bipolar disorder

Mayer-Kress, G.; Newell, K.M.; Liu, Y-Teh., 2008:
Nonlinear dynamics of motor learning

Kacem, N.; Hentz, S.; Pinto, D.; Reig, B.; Nguyen, V., 2009:
Nonlinear dynamics of nanomechanical beam resonators: improving the performance of NEMS-based sensors

Zhou, J.; Lan, Q.; Zhang, J.; Li, J.; Zeng, J.; Cheng, J.; Friedler, I.; Kurizki, G., 2007:
Nonlinear dynamics of negatively refracted light in a resonantly absorbing Bragg reflector

Khalil, H.Mohammed.; Sun, Y.; Balkan, N.; Amann, A.; Sopanen, M., 2011:
Nonlinear dynamics of non-equilibrium holes in p-type modulation-doped GaInNAs/GaAs quantum wells

Wolf, J.B.W.; Künstner, A.; Nam, K.; Jakobsson, M.; Ellegren, H., 2009:
Nonlinear dynamics of nonsynonymous (dN) and synonymous (dS) substitution rates affects inference of selection

Krafft, C.; Volokitin, A.; Zaslavsky, A., 2011:
Nonlinear dynamics of resonant interactions between wave packets and particle distributions with loss-cone-like structures

Nicolis, H.; Delvenne, V., 2014 :
Nonlinear dynamics of runaways among children and adolescents: disruptive disorder or step toward a suicide attempt?

Good, L.B.; Sabesan, S.; Marsh, S.T.; Tsakalis, K.; Treiman, D.M.; Iasemidis, L.D., 2011:
Nonlinear dynamics of seizure prediction in a rodent model of epilepsy

Juang, C.; Chen, M.R.; Juang, J., 2007:
Nonlinear dynamics of self-pulsating laser diodes under external drive

Radulescu, M.I.; Tang, J., 2011:
Nonlinear dynamics of self-sustained supersonic reaction waves: Fickett's detonation analogue

Toomey, J.P.; Kane, D.M.; Lee, M.W.; Shore, K.A., 2011:
Nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers with feedback and modulation

Hofmann, M.H.; Wilkens, L.A., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of skin potentials in the electrosensory paddlefish

Reddig, S.; Stark, H., 2014:
Nonlinear dynamics of spherical particles in Poiseuille flow under creeping-flow condition

Yellen, B.B.; Virgin, L.N., 2009:
Nonlinear dynamics of superparamagnetic beads in a traveling magnetic-field wave

Guastello, S.J., 2010:
Nonlinear dynamics of team performance and adaptability in emergency response

González-Miranda, J.M., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of the membrane potential of a bursting pacemaker cell

Li, Y.; Lenaghan, S.C.; Zhang, M., 2013 :
Nonlinear dynamics of the movement of the venus flytrap

Vanualailai, J.; Deo, A.; Sharma, B.; Chandra, S., 2008:
Nonlinear dynamics of the observed HIV-positive population size in Fiji

Valle, A.; Sciamanna, M.; Panajotov, K., 2007:
Nonlinear dynamics of the polarization of multitransverse mode vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers under current modulation

Borcia, R.; Borcia, I.Dan.; Bestehorn, M., 2013:
Nonlinear dynamics of thin liquid films consisting of two miscible components

Shrira, V.I.; Slunyaev, A.V., 2014:
Nonlinear dynamics of trapped waves on jet currents and rogue waves

Dreischuh, A.; Neshev, D.N.; Kolev, V.Z.; Saltiel, S.; Samoc, M.; Krolikowski, W.; Kivshar, Y.S., 2008:
Nonlinear dynamics of two-color optical vortices in lithium niobate crystals

Sayeh, M.; Siahmakoun, A., 2004:
Nonlinear dynamics of two-wave coupling process

Yan, N.; Ng, M.L.; Wang, D.; Chan, V.; Zhang, L., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of voices in esophageal phonation

Nixon, S.; Zhu, Y.; Yang, J., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics of wave packets in parity-time-symmetric optical lattices near the phase transition point

Leonardo, A.; Meister, M., 2013:
Nonlinear dynamics support a linear population code in a retinal target-tracking circuit

Kaufman, A., 1985:
Nonlinear dynamics: statistical physics and chaos in fusion plasmas

Schiepek, Günter.; Fartacek, C.; Sturm, J.; Kralovec, K.; Fartacek, R.; Plöderl, M., 2012:
Nonlinear dynamics: theoretical perspectives and application to suicidology

Nore, C.; Léorat, J.; Guermond, J-L.; Luddens, F., 2011:
Nonlinear dynamo action in a precessing cylindrical container

Alexakis, A., 2011:
Nonlinear dynamos at infinite magnetic Prandtl number

Karaton, M., 2014:
Nonlinear earthquake analysis of reinforced concrete frames with fiber and Bernoulli-Euler beam-column element

Heschl, C.; Inthavong, K.; Sanz, W.; Tu, J., 2014:
Nonlinear eddy viscosity modeling and experimental study of jet spreading rates

Rao, M.Trivikram.; Bhuyan, A.K.; Venu, K.; Sastry, V.S.S., 2009:
Nonlinear effect of GdnHCl on hydration dynamics of proteins: a 1H magnetic relaxation dispersion study

Fox, J.W.; Legault, G.; Legault, G.; Vasseur, D.A.; Einarson, J.A., 2014:
Nonlinear effect of dispersal rate on spatial synchrony of predator-prey cycles

Sheinman, M.; Broedersz, C.P.; MacKintosh, F.C., 2012:
Nonlinear effective-medium theory of disordered spring networks

Huebener, R.P., 2009:
Nonlinear effects at high flux-flow electric fields

Ebihara, T.; Yoshikawa, S., 2013:
Nonlinear effects contributing to hand-stopping tones in a horn

Tournat, V.; Gusev, V.E., 2009:
Nonlinear effects for coda-type elastic waves in stressed granular media

Xiong, C.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, N.; Zhan, L.; Chen, S.; Nie, Z., 2015:
Nonlinear effects in Paul traps operated in the second stability region: analytical analysis and numerical verification

Selb, J.; Pottier, L.; Boccara, A.Claude., 2007:
Nonlinear effects in acousto-optic imaging

Rios, R.; Schyman, P.; Sundén, H.; Zhao, G-Ling.; Ullah, F.; Chen, L-Jun.; Laaksonen, A.; Córdova, A., 2011:
Nonlinear effects in asymmetric amino acid catalysis by multiple interconnected stereoselective catalytic networks

Satyanarayana, T.; Abraham, S.; Kagan, H.B., 2009:
Nonlinear effects in asymmetric catalysis

Puchot, C.; Samuel, O.; Dunach, E.; Zhao, S.; Agami, C.; Kagan, H.B., 1986:
Nonlinear effects in asymmetric synthesis. Examples in asymmetric oxidations and aldolization reactions

Pervishko, A.A.; Liew, T.C.H.; Kovalev, V.M.; Savenko, I.G.; Shelykh, I.A., 2013:
Nonlinear effects in multi-photon polaritonics

Lashinsky, H., 1977:
Nonlinear effects in plasmas

Prochazka, I.; Panek, P., 2009:
Nonlinear effects in the time measurement device based on surface acoustic wave filter excitation

Feng, X.; Huang, X.; Wang, X., 2012:
Nonlinear effects in transient electrothermal characterization of anatase TiO2 nanowires

Yang, W.; Liu, W.; Viña, Aés.; Tuanmu, M-Ning.; He, G.; Dietz, T.; Liu, J., 2013:
Nonlinear effects of group size on collective action and resource outcomes

Bell, I.R.; Ives, J.A.; Jonas, W.B., 2014:
Nonlinear effects of nanoparticles: biological variability from hormetic doses, small particle sizes, and dynamic adaptive interactions

Azéma, E.; Estrada, N.; Radjaï, F., 2012:
Nonlinear effects of particle shape angularity in sheared granular media

Ramler, D.; Mitteroecker, P.; Shama, L.N.S.; Wegner, K.M.; Ahnelt, H., 2016:
Nonlinear effects of temperature on body form and developmental canalization in the threespine stickleback

Ballerini, T.; Tavecchia, G.; Olmastroni, S.; Pezzo, F.; Focardi, S., 2009:
Nonlinear effects of winter sea ice on the survival probabilities of Adélie penguins

Aragón, J.L.; Barrio, R.A.; Woolley, T.E.; Baker, R.E.; Maini, P.K., 2013:
Nonlinear effects on Turing patterns: time oscillations and chaos

Ulibarrena, M.; Carretero, L.; Madrigal, R.; Blaya, S.; Fimia, A., 2003:
Nonlinear effects on holographic reflection gratings recorded with BB640 emulsions

Martin, W.E.; Winfield, R.J., 1988:
Nonlinear effects on pulsed laser propagation in the atmosphere

Madhavan, D.; Dheer, M.K.; Jaseja, T.S., 1966 :
Nonlinear effects produced by Raman maser radiations

Pavan, T.Z.; Madsen, E.L.; Frank, G.R.; Adilton O Carneiro, A.; Hall, T.J., 2010:
Nonlinear elastic behavior of phantom materials for elastography

Ciampa, F.; Meo, M., 2012:
Nonlinear elastic imaging using reciprocal time reversal and third order symmetry analysis

Yavari, A.; Goriely, A., 2013:
Nonlinear elastic inclusions in isotropic solids

Pan, L.; Morozov, A.; Wagner, C.; Arratia, P.E., 2013:
Nonlinear elastic instability in channel flows at low Reynolds numbers

Sknepnek, R.; Olvera de la Cruz, M., 2012:
Nonlinear elastic model for faceting of vesicles with soft grain boundaries

Boudou, T.; Ohayon, J.; Picart, C.; Pettigrew, R.I.; Tracqui, P., 2009:
Nonlinear elastic properties of polyacrylamide gels: implications for quantification of cellular forces

Day, J.; Syshchenko, O.; Beamish, J., 2010:
Nonlinear elastic response in solid helium: critical velocity or strain?

Tighe, B.P.; Socolar, J.E.S., 2008:
Nonlinear elastic stress response in granular packings

Kaya, M.; Higuchi, H., 2010:
Nonlinear elasticity and an 8-nm working stroke of single myosin molecules in myofilaments

Federico, S.; Gasser, T.Christian., 2010 :
Nonlinear elasticity of biological tissues with statistical fibre orientation

Broedersz, C.P.; Storm, C.; MacKintosh, F.C., 2008:
Nonlinear elasticity of composite networks of stiff biopolymers with flexible linkers

John, K.; Caillerie, D.; Peyla, P.; Raoult, A.; Misbah, C., 2014:
Nonlinear elasticity of cross-linked networks

Ortiz, C.P.; Daniels, K.E.; Riehn, R., 2015:
Nonlinear elasticity of microsphere heaps

Cadelano, E.; Palla, P.Luca.; Giordano, S.; Colombo, L., 2009:
Nonlinear elasticity of monolayer graphene

Kasza, K.E.; Koenderink, G.H.; Lin, Y.C.; Broedersz, C.P.; Messner, W.; Nakamura, F.; Stossel, T.P.; MacKintosh, F.C.; Weitz, D.A., 2009:
Nonlinear elasticity of stiff biopolymers connected by flexible linkers

Kang, H.; Wen, Q.; Janmey, P.A.; Tang, J.X.; Conti, E.; MacKintosh, F.C., 2009:
Nonlinear elasticity of stiff filament networks: strain stiffening, negative normal stress, and filament alignment in fibrin gels

Chan, P.Yuen.; Goldenfeld, N., 2010:
Nonlinear elasticity of the phase-field crystal model from the renormalization group

Wang, Z.G.; Liu, Y.; Wang, G.; Sun, L.Z., 2012:
Nonlinear elasto-mammography for characterization of breast tissue properties

Renaud, G.; Talmant, M.; Callé, S.; Defontaine, M.; Laugier, P., 2012:
Nonlinear elastodynamics in micro-inhomogeneous solids observed by head-wave based dynamic acoustoelastic testing

Shirpour, M.; Merkle, R.; Lin, C.T.; Maier, J., 2011:
Nonlinear electrical grain boundary properties in proton conducting Y-BaZrO3 supporting the space charge depletion model

Smith, P.W.; Turner, E.H.; Mumford, B.B., 1978:
Nonlinear electro-optic Fabry-Perot devices using reflected-light feedback

Walpita, L.M., 1987:
Nonlinear electroabsorption cell for artificial neural networks

Schnitzer, O.; Yariv, E., 2013:
Nonlinear electrokinetic flow about a polarized conducting drop

Eckstein, Y.; Yossifon, G.; Seifert, A.; Miloh, T., 2009:
Nonlinear electrokinetic phenomena around nearly insulated sharp tips in microflows

El-Taibany, W.F.; Mamun, A.A., 2012:
Nonlinear electromagnetic perturbations in a degenerate ultrarelativistic electron-positron plasma

Mikhailov, S.A., 2014:
Nonlinear electromagnetic response of a uniform electron gas

Mikhailov, S.A.; Ziegler, K., 2008:
Nonlinear electromagnetic response of graphene: frequency multiplication and the self-consistent-field effects

Skorupski, A.A.; Infeld, E., 2010:
Nonlinear electron oscillations in a viscous and resistive plasma

Chen, Y., 2011:
Nonlinear electrophoresis

Katz, O.; Dikopoltsev, M.; Peleg, O.; Shuker, M.; Steinhauer, J.; Katz, N., 2013:
Nonlinear elimination of spin-exchange relaxation of high magnetic moments

Liu, Z-Bo.; Yan, X-Qing.; Tian, J-Guo.; Zhou, W-Yuan.; Zang, W-Ping., 2007:
Nonlinear ellipse rotation modified Z-scan measurements of third-order nonlinear susceptibility tensor

Kim, H.K.; Cha, M., 2007:
Nonlinear ellipsometric method for measuring second-order cascaded phase shift

Kadoury, S.; Paragios, N., 2010:
Nonlinear embedding towards articulated spine shape inference using higher-order MRFs

Belykh, V.V.; Tsvetkov, V.A.; Skorikov, M.L.; Sibeldin, N.N., 2011:
Nonlinear emission dynamics of a GaAs microcavity with embedded quantum wells

Sprague, M.R.; Chérin, E.; Goertz, D.E.; Foster, F.Stuart., 2010:
Nonlinear emission from individual bound microbubbles at high frequencies

Marcelo, G.; Pinto, S.; Cañeque, T.; Mariz, Iês.F.A.; Cuadro, A.M.; Vaquero, J.J.; Martinho, Jé.M.G.; Maçôas, E.M.S., 2015:
Nonlinear emission of quinolizinium-based dyes with application in fluorescence lifetime imaging

Sebastian, T.; Brächer, T.; Pirro, P.; Serga, A.A.; Hillebrands, B.; Kubota, T.; Naganuma, H.; Oogane, M.; Ando, Y., 2013:
Nonlinear emission of spin-wave caustics from an edge mode of a microstructured Co2Mn(0:6)Fe(0:4)Si waveguide

Bao, H.; Ryu, S.Young.; Lee, B.Ha.; Tao, W.; Gu, M., 2010:
Nonlinear endomicroscopy using a double-clad fiber coupler

Cottone, F.; Vocca, H.; Gammaitoni, L., 2009:
Nonlinear energy harvesting

Manevitch, L.; Kovaleva, A., 2013:
Nonlinear energy transfer in classical and quantum systems

Herbert, C., 2014:
Nonlinear energy transfers and phase diagrams for geostrophically balanced rotating-stratified flows

Shinkawa, M.; Ishikura, N.; Hama, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Baba, T., 2011:
Nonlinear enhancement in photonic crystal slow light waveguides fabricated using CMOS-compatible process

Ousaka, N.; Clegg, J.K.; Nitschke, J.R., 2012:
Nonlinear enhancement of chiroptical response through subcomponent substitution in M4L6 cages

Yahng, J.S.; Chon, B.H.; Kim, C.H.; Jeoung, S.C.; Kim, H.R., 2006:
Nonlinear enhancement of femtosecond laser ablation efficiency by hybridization with nanosecond laser

Hossu, M.; Ma, L.; Chen, W., 2010:
Nonlinear enhancement of spontaneous biophoton emission of sweet potato by silver nanoparticles

Genty, G.; Kinsler, P.; Kibler, B.; Dudley, J.M., 2007:
Nonlinear envelope equation modeling of sub-cycle dynamics and harmonic generation in nonlinear waveguides

Kan, K-Jan.; Ploeger, A.; Raijmakers, M.E.J.; Dolan, C.V.; van der Maas, H.L.J., 2010:
Nonlinear epigenetic variance: review and simulations

Zhu, J.; Zheng, J., 2014:
Nonlinear equation of the modes in circular slab waveguides and its application

Diab, A.; Hassan, M.; Boudaoud, S.; Marque, C.; Karlsson, B., 2015:
Nonlinear estimation of coupling and directionality between signals: application to uterine EMG propagation

Biazoli, C.Eduardo.; Sato, Jão.Ricardo.; Cardoso, E.Fernando.; Brammer, M.John.; Amaro, E., 2012:
Nonlinear estimation of neural processing time from BOLD signal with application to decision-making

Kallapur, A.G.; Boyson, T.K.; Petersen, I.R.; Harb, C.C., 2011:
Nonlinear estimation of ring-down time for a Fabry-Perot optical cavity

Skovoroda, A.R.; Lubinski, M.A.; Emelianov, S.Y.; O'Donnell, M., 2008:
Nonlinear estimation of the lateral displacement using tissue incompressibility

Abdulsadda, A.T.; Tan, X., 2014:
Nonlinear estimation-based dipole source localization for artificial lateral line systems

Ando, S'ichiro.; Kamionkowski, M., 2008:
Nonlinear evolution of anisotropic cosmological power

Manz, P.; Fedorczak, N.; Dittmar, T.; Baloniak, T.; von Keudell, A., 2013:
Nonlinear evolution of surface morphology under shadowing

Chen, J.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, Y.; Lin, Q., 2008:
Nonlinear evolution of the interacting Gaussian-shaped matter waves

Dorfman, S.; Carter, T.A., 2013:
Nonlinear excitation of acoustic modes by large-amplitude Alfvén waves in a laboratory plasma

Tsintsadze, L.N.; Hojo, H., 2009 :
Nonlinear excitation of longitudinal photons and plasmons by high-power, short pulse lasers

Capeluto, M.G.; Grinblat, G.; Tirado, M.; Comedi, D.; Bragas, A.V., 2014:
Nonlinear excitation of polariton cavity modes in ZnO single nanocombs

Palomba, S.; Novotny, L., 2008:
Nonlinear excitation of surface plasmon polaritons by four-wave mixing

Fomichev, S.; Popruzhenko, S.; Zaretsky, D.; Becker, W., 2003:
Nonlinear excitation of the Mie resonance in a laser-irradiated cluster

Rativa, D.; Gomes, A.S.L.; Wachsmann-Hogiu, S.; Farkas, D.L.; de Araujo, R.E., 2008:
Nonlinear excitation of tryptophan emission enhanced by silver nanoparticles

Tai, K-Yu.; Lin, T-Li.; Kan, H-Chih., 2014:
Nonlinear excitation power dependence of surface enhanced fluorescence from a nanostructured Ag film

Piazza, F., 2015:
Nonlinear excitations match correlated motions unveiled by NMR in proteins: a new perspective on allosteric cross-talk

Chen, L.; Zonca, F., 2012:
Nonlinear excitations of zonal structures by toroidal Alfvén eigenmodes

Klijn, P.; van Keimpema, A.; Legemaat, M.; Gosselink, R.; van Stel, H., 2013:
Nonlinear exercise training in advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is superior to traditional exercise training. A randomized trial

Lyu, S.; Simoncelli, E.P., 2009:
Nonlinear extraction of independent components of natural images using radial gaussianization

Scolan, Hélène.; Ermanyuk, E.; Dauxois, T., 2013:
Nonlinear fate of internal wave attractors

Kallas, M.; Honeine, P.; Richard, C.; Amoud, H.; Francis, C., 2011:
Nonlinear feature extraction using kernel principal component analysis with non-negative pre-image

Rathnayake, S.I.; Wood, I.A.; Abeyratne, U.R.; Hukins, C., 2010:
Nonlinear features for single-channel diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing diseases

Yao, B.; Liu, J.Z.; Brown, R.W.; Sahgal, V.; Yue, G.H., 2009:
Nonlinear features of surface EEG showing systematic brain signal adaptations with muscle force and fatigue

Dey, S.; Mirell, D.; Perez, A.Rodriguez.; Lee, J.; Apkarian, V.Ara., 2013:
Nonlinear femtosecond laser induced scanning tunneling microscopy

Kibler, B.; Martynkien, T.; Szpulak, M.; Finot, C.; Fatome, J.; Wojcik, J.; Urbanczyk, W.; Wabnitz, S., 2009:
Nonlinear femtosecond pulse propagation in an all-solid photonic bandgap fiber

Hudson, D.D.; Shish, K.; Schibli, T.R.; Kutz, J.Nathan.; Christodoulides, D.N.; Morandotti, R.; Cundiff, S.T., 2008:
Nonlinear femtosecond pulse reshaping in waveguide arrays

Marschner, U.; Starke, E.; Sauer, S.; Fischer, W-Joachim.; Clasbrummel, B., 2012:
Nonlinear femur-hip prosthesis network model

Domingue, S.R.; Bartels, R.A., 2014:
Nonlinear fiber amplifier with tunable transform limited pulse duration from a few 100 to sub-100-fs at watt-level powers

Snyder, A.W.; Chen, Y. , 1989:
Nonlinear fiber couplers: switches and polarization beam splitters

Shi, C.X., 1993:
Nonlinear fiber loop mirror with an inserted half-mirror

Gu, B.; Yuan, W.; Frosz, M.H.; Zhang, A.Ping.; He, S.; Bang, O., 2012:
Nonlinear fiber-optic strain sensor based on four-wave mixing in microstructured optical fiber

Peshkov, A.; Aranson, I.S.; Bertin, E.; Chaté, H.; Ginelli, F., 2013:
Nonlinear field equations for aligning self-propelled rods

Han, X.; Cheng, C-Hao., 2014:
Nonlinear filter based decision feedback equalizer for optical communication systems

Higgins, W.E.; Orlick, C.J.; Ledell, B.E., 1996:
Nonlinear filtering approach to 3-D gray-scale image interpolation

Lin, J.H.; Ansari, N.; Li, J., 2008:
Nonlinear filtering by threshold decomposition

Horowitz, M.; Silberberg, Y., 2008:
Nonlinear filtering by use of intensity-dependent polarization rotation in birefringent fibers

Javidi, B.; Wang, W.; Zhang, G.; Li, J., 2008:
Nonlinear filtering for recognition of phase-encoded images

Kato, H.; Goodman, J.W., 1975:
Nonlinear filtering in coherent optical systems through halftone screen processes

Vallmitjana, S.; Carnicer, A.; Martín-Badosa, E.; Juvells, I., 1995 :
Nonlinear filtering in object and Fourier space in a joint transform optical correlator: comparison and experimental realization

Parfenev, A., 2008:
Nonlinear filtering in two-beam interferometer

Koivunen, V., 1996:
Nonlinear filtering of multivariate images under robust error criterion

Wakabayashi, N.; Ona, M.; Suzuki, T.; Igarashi, Y., 2008:
Nonlinear finite element analyses: advances and challenges in dental applications

Ning, J.; Zeng, P.; Lei, L-Ping., 2008:
Nonlinear finite element analysis for compression behavior of intravascular stents

Cheng, H-Yi.Kathy.; Lin, C-Li.; Chou, S-Wei.; Wang, H-Wen., 2008:
Nonlinear finite element analysis of the plantar fascia due to the windlass mechanism

Xin, H.; Li, Y.; Zhao, L.; Guo, W., 2011:
Nonlinear finite element analysis of the vibration characteristics of the maxillary central incisor related to periodontal attachment

Eser, A.; Akça, Kç.; Eckert, S.; Cehreli, M.Cavit., 2009:
Nonlinear finite element analysis versus ex vivo strain gauge measurements on immediately loaded implants

Valero, C.; Javierre, E.; García-Aznar, J.M.; Gómez-Benito, M.J., 2015:
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