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Clinical Advantage of Chest-wall Post-mastectomy Radiation Therapy Without Bolus

Shiba, S.; Okamoto, M.; Kiyohara, H.; Okano, N.; Yoshimoto, Y.; Murata, H.; Irie, D.; Katoh, H.; Nakano, T.

In Vivo 32(4): 961-965


ISSN/ISBN: 1791-7549
PMID: 29936486
DOI: 10.21873/invivo.11335
Accession: 054659468

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The clinical outcomes of post-mastectomy radiation therapy (PMRT) without bolus remain to be fully examined, so that we evaluated clinical outcomes of PMRT without bolus and to measure the chest-wall dose surface histogram (DSH) parameters. Fifty-two patients with breast cancer who received PMRT without bolus were retrospectively analyzed. DSH values of the percentage of maximum dose (Dmax) were measured. All patients completed the treatment; the median follow-up period was 22.1 months. The 2-year overall survival and local control rates were 85% and 95%. Five patients developed grade 2 acute radiation dermatitis, and none developed grade 2 or higher late radiation dermatitis. The median Dmax in patients who developed grade 0-1 and grade 2 acute radiation dermatitis was 5,178 and 5,365 cGy (p=0.03). PMRT without bolus resulted in a low frequency of grade 2 or higher radiation dermatitis without increasing locoregional recurrences, and the Dmax was the contributing factor for developing acute radiation dermatitis.

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