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Clinical Assessment of Gingival Sulcus Width using Various Gingival Displacement Materials

Goutham, G.B.; Jayanti, I.; Jalaluddin, M.; Avijeeta, A.; Ramanna, P.K.; Joy, J.

Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice 19(5): 502-506


ISSN/ISBN: 1526-3711
PMID: 29807958
Accession: 054660593

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This study aims to compare the clinical efficacy of three different gingival retraction systems on gingival sulcus width. Study was conducted on prepared right or left maxillary central incisor for 45 subjects. Totally, 15 patients were randomly allocated in three gingival displacement groups, i.e., group I (retraction cord impregnated with aluminum chloride), group II (magic foam), and group III (laser). The pre- and postdisplacement impressions were made with addition silicone material using two-stage double mix technique. There was no difference between the groups at baseline. Group III produced more displacement (mean value 0.48 ± 0.101 mm) than group II (mean value 0.31 ± 0.09 mm) and group I (mean value 0.44 ± 0.11 mm), and this was statistically significant. Laser gingival displacement system was found to be effective among the three retraction systems. Choice of gingival displacement system is based on clinical situation and choice of operator. The retraction groups in the study created greater amount of gingival retraction than the least sulcus width required for the elastomeric impression material and so are clinically useful.

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