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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54662

Chapter 54662 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Patton, A.R., 1960:
Not Cooking with Gas

Basmajian, J.V., 1957:
Not Enough Bodies

Chiriac, A.; Stanciu, R.; Brzezinski, P.; Feldman, S.R., 2015:
Not French manicure but onycholysis

Kuller, L.H., 1995:
Not Genes, Not Medical Care, But How People Live

Finestone, A.J.; Jacobs, M.R.; Cacciamani, J.A., 2008:
Not Geropharmacotherapy 101

Anonymous, 1919:
Not How Much but How Well

Hull, D.L., 1994:
Not Huxley's Student

Sheldon, S.B.; Epstein, J.L.; Galindo, C.L., 2010:
Not Just Numbers: Creating a Partnership Climate to Improve Math Proficiency in Schools

Miyake, K.K.; Maroko, A.R.; Grady, K.L.; Maantay, J.A.; Arno, P.S., 2010:
Not Just a Walk in the Park: Methodological Improvements for Determining Environmental Justice Implications of Park Access in New York City for the Promotion of Physical Activity

Martin, K.E.; Wood, L.; Christian, H.; Trapp, G.S.A., 2016:
Not Just "A Walking the Dog": Dog Walking and Pet Play and Their Association With Recommended Physical Activity Among Adolescents

Doi, S.A.R.; Barendregt, J.J., 2013:
Not PEDro's bias: summary quality scores can be used in meta-analysis

Jellinek, E.H., 2008:
Not Parkinson's disease: neurologists' mistakes with a diversion into adult hydrocephalus

Anonymous, 1973:
Not Quite pound1 plus 4%

Stafstrom, C.E., 2012:
Not RESTing on Its Laurels: Timing and Mechanisms of HCN Channel Dysfunction in Epilepsy

Collop, N.A.; Tangredi, M.M.; Berry, R.B., 2013:
Not SAD at all: new scoring rules and an online scoring manual

Soeker, S.; Bonn, G-Lee.; de Vos, Z.; Gobhozi, T.; Pape, C.; Ribaudo, S., 2016:
Not STRAIGHT forward for gays: A look at the lived experiences of gay men, living in Cape Town, with regard to their worker roles

Scherr, C.; Figueiredo, V.N.; Moura, F.A.; Sposito, A.C., 2016:
Not Simply a Matter of Fish Intake

Smith, W.B., 1919:
Not Ten but Twelve!

Colombi, A.M.; Pringle, J.L.; Welsh, G.T., 2008:
Not Waiting for Godot: The Evolution of Health Promotion at PPG Industries

Holden, C., 1980:
Not What You Know but Where You're from

Anonymous, 1909:
Not Wholly Medical

Dalzell, M.D., 2005:
Not Your Father's $6 Million Man

Willis, A.P.; Latif, S.A.A.; Chandratre, S.; Stanhope, B.; Johnson, K., 2008:
Not a NICE CT protocol for the acutely head injured child

Sumi, M.; Sato, K.; Uematsu, N.; Kawaguchi, H.; Shishido, T.; Kaiume, H.; Takeda, W.; Kirihara, T.; Ueki, T.; Hiroshima, Y.; Ueno, M.; Ichikawa, N.; Urasawa, N.; Kobayashi, H., 2018:
Clinical characteristics of vascular adverse events and significance of peripheral artery disease as a risk factor in chronic myeloid leukemia patients treated with nilotinib

Robeznieks, A., 2010:
Not a big deal...yet. Payers hesitant about buying IPA model

Lee Goldstein, A.; Klausner, J.M.; Soffer, D., 2014:
Not a blunt issue, but penetrating--an Israeli experience with abdominal injury in civilian multiple casualty blast incidents

Van Spall, H.G.C.; Roberts, J.D.; Sawka, A.M.; Swallow, C.J.; Mak, S., 2007:
Not a broken heart

Duan, L.; Li, Q.; Tong, A-Li.; Mao, J-Feng.; Yu, M.; Yuan, T.; Chai, X-Feng.; Gu, F., 2018:
Clinical Characteristics of Wolfram Syndrome in Chinese Population and a Novel Frameshift Mutation in WFS1

Dello Russo, N.M., 2010:
Not a court of law

Barr, P., 2012:
Not a deal-breaker. Sale-leasebacks still attractive to skilled-nursing operators despite rate cuts

Terstappen, G.C., 2011:
Not a dilemma: target deconvolution in drug discovery

Beck, G., 2014:
Not a disease entity

Schultz, T., 2007:
Not a fall--not abuse--not a rare finding?

Simmons, G.H.; Bender, S.B., 2011:
Not a fine wine: the ATP hypothesis may not get better with age

Franklin, S., 2012:
Not a flat world: the future of cross-border reproductive care

Shridhar, V., 2014:
Not a giggle: my experience with hand-foot-and-mouth disease as an adult

Rhea, S., 2011:
Not a glowing outlook. While vital isotopes needed for medical imaging are back in supply, another shortage could loom as the U.S. continues to lack adequate domestic sources

Stiefelhagen, P., 2011:
Not a good sign. Firm nodules in the skin

Ruchala, M.; Szczepanek, E.; Puszczewicz, M.; Sosnowski, P.; Sowinski, J., 2011:
Not a graves' situation

Bovill, E.S.; Wharton, S., 2009 :
Not a hair out of place: a neat method of otoplasty preparation

Becker, C., 2007:
Not a happy ending. Stand-alone N.J. hospital likely to close doors after affiliation talks fail

Schneider, H.G., 2011:
Not a high-sensitivity troponin T assay

Foy, K.; Murphy, K.C.; Moroney, J.T., 2010:
Not a laughing matter

Paleg, G., 2007:
Not a lightweight decision

Noel, K., 2015:
Not a loss of professionalism

Glasziou, P.P.; Sawicki, P.T.; Prasad, K.; Montori, V.M., 2011:
Not a medical course, but a life course

Steele, H.; Aram, J.; Wilhelm, T.; Hickman, S.J.; Ginsberg, L., 2007:
Not a microvascular sixth nerve palsy

Palermo, V., 2013:
Not a molecule, not a polymer, not a substrate… the many faces of graphene as a chemical platform

Enguehard, A., 2009:
Not a myth

Minor, S., 2014:
Not a nice way to die

Bekes, C., 2007 :
Not a panacea

Bednarek, Pł.; Kwon, C.; Schulze-Lefert, P., 2010:
Not a peripheral issue: secretion in plant-microbe interactions

Bogduk, N., 2013:
Not a placebo, but is it effective?

Li, K.; Han, Q.; Yan, X.; Liao, L.; Zhao, R.Chunhua., 2011:
Not a process of simple vicariousness, the differentiation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells to renal tubular epithelial cells plays an important role in acute kidney injury repairing

Werner, S., 2013:
Not a question of motivation

Campbell, A.John.; Robertson, M.Clare., 2009:
Not a retreat, but advancing on numerous fronts

Friedenberg, Götz.J., 2010:
Not a safe protective measure against infection

Iheanacho, I., 2008:
Not a silly story

Ding, C.; Parameswaran, V.; Blizzard, L.; Burgess, J.; Jones, G., 2010:
Not a simple fat-soluble vitamin: Changes in serum 25-(OH)D levels are predicted by adiposity and adipocytokines in older adults

Darby, R.; Van Howe, R., 2011:
Not a surgical vaccine: there is no case for boosting infant male circumcision to combat heterosexual transmission of HIV in Australia

Gisler, V.; Schaer, D.; Wichmann, W.; Kerl, K.; Franzen, D., 2013:
Not a tropical, but a non the less exotic fever

Fouda, A.E.; Mansour, A.K.; Al-Tonbary, Y.A., 2011:
Not a true tumour, but a renal pseudotumour: a case report of an 11.5 year old mild haemophilic child

Thomson, J.; Johnson, K.; Chapin, R.; Stedman, D.; Kumpf, S.; Ozolinš, T.R.S., 2011:
Not a walk in the park: the ECVAM whole embryo culture model challenged with pharmaceuticals and attempted improvements with random forest design

Wrong, T.; Baumgart, E., 2013:
Not a "reality" show

O'Brien, L.C.Graham.; Kenna, M.; Neault, M.; Clark, T.A.; Kammerer, B.; Johnston, J.; Waldman, E.; Thomas, S.Pierce.; Forbes, P.; Licameli, G.R., 2011:
Not a "sound" decision: is cochlear implantation always the best choice?

Schäfer-Keller, P.; Thannberger, N.; Schärli, D.; Dickenmann, M., 2010:
Not abandoning the opportunity

Rosenthal, E., 2012:
Not acute myocardial infarction in a teenager due to Adderall XR

Pepple, K.L.; Bhatti, M.Tariq.; Foroozan, R., 2011:
Not again!

Norris, A.; Bennett, M.W.R., 2010:
Not again! The non-cycling blood pressure cuff

Janigro, D., 2010:
Not again! The role of blood-brain barrier failure in epileptogenesis: a molecular update

Karpen, S.J.; Dawson, P.A., 2015:
Not all (bile acids) who wander are lost: the first report of a patient with an isolated NTCP defect

Baron, R.J., 2014:
Not all (medical) homes are built alike: some work better than others

Gulec, M.; Caliskaner, Z.; Kartal, O.; Erel, F.; Karaayvaz, M., 2007:
Not all ACE inhibitor related angioedema is always evident: a case which is misdiagnosed as panic attack and speech disorder

Peroutka, S.J., 2014:
Not all CGRP antagonists are created equal

Standerwick, R.G., 2009:
Not all Class II patients alike

Blanco, E.; Kannengiesser, C.; Grandchamp, B.; Tasso, Mía.; Beaumont, C., 2009:
Not all DMT1 mutations lead to iron overload

Le, H.T.; Miller, M.Clarke.; Buscaglia, R.; Dean, W.L.; Holt, P.A.; Chaires, J.B.; Trent, J.O., 2013:
Not all G-quadruplexes are created equally: an investigation of the structural polymorphism of the c-Myc G-quadruplex-forming sequence and its interaction with the porphyrin TMPyP4

Sket, P.; Plavec, J., 2007:
Not all G-quadruplexes exhibit ion-channel-like properties: NMR study of ammonium ion (non)movement within the d(G(3)T(4)G(4))(2) quadruplex

Hokanson, K.E.; Dawson, W.O.; Handler, A.M.; Schetelig, M.F.; St Leger, R.J., 2015:
Not all GMOs are crop plants: non-plant GMO applications in agriculture

Wildemeersch, D., 2014:
Not all IUDs fit in young nulliparous and adolescent women

Blocki, A.; Wang, Y.; Koch, M.; Peh, P.; Beyer, S.; Law, P.; Hui, J.; Raghunath, M., 2014:
Not all MSCs can act as pericytes: functional in vitro assays to distinguish pericytes from other mesenchymal stem cells in angiogenesis

Sadd, D., 2012:
Not all Olympic 'events' are good for the health just ask the previous occupants of the Manor Road Allotments

Lohse, A.W.; Weiler-Normann, C., 2013:
Not all PBC is the same!

Betta, P., 2014:
Not all Probiotics are the Same: Gut Microbiota Modulation with a Multistrain Probiotics

Jensen, K-Uwe.; Bongaerts, G.; Bruhn, R.; Schneider, S., 2009:
Not all Rowe scores are the same! Which Rowe score do you use?

van Belkum, A.; Melles, D.C., 2005:
Not all Staphylococcus aureus strains are equally pathogenic

Young, L.K.; Liversedge, S.P.; Love, G.D.; Myers, R.M.; Smithson, H.E., 2012:
Not all aberrations are equal: reading impairment depends on aberration type and magnitude

Philip, J., 2012:
Not all about bones: the non classical role of vitamin D in public health

Gollnick, H.P.; Zouboulis, C.C., 2015:
Not all acne is acne vulgaris

Ballardini, P.; Incasa, E.; Gamberini, S.; Tampieri, M.; Zangirolami, A.; Marzocchi, S.; Benea, G.; Manfredini, R., 2008:
Not all acute lower back pain is benign--paravertebral abscess and colonic cancer

Kempen, P., 2014:
Not all adverse outcomes are medical errors

Allen, E.S.; Rhoades, G.K., 2008:
Not all affairs are created equal: emotional involvement with an extradyadic partner

Lin, D.; Liu, Z.; Cao, Q.; Wu, X.; Liu, J.; Chen, J.; Lin, Z.; Li, X.; Zhang, L.; Long, E.; Zhang, X.; Wang, J.; Wu, D.; Zhao, X.; Yu, T.; Li, J.; Zhou, X.; Wang, L.; Lin, H.; Chen, W.; Liu, Y., 2018:
Clinical characteristics of young adult cataract patients: a 10-year retrospective study of the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center

Chang, C-Hsiang.Daisy.; Lyons, B.J., 2012:
Not all aggressions are created equal: a multifoci approach to workplace aggression

Castillo, J.J.; Beltran, B.E., 2012:
Not all aggressive adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma subtypes are created equal

Schmidt, G.L.; Cardillo, E.R.; Kranjec, A.; Lehet, M.; Widick, P.; Chatterjee, A., 2012:
Not all analogies are created equal: Associative and categorical analogy processing following brain damage

Adam, H.; Shirako, A., 2014:
Not all anger is created equal: the impact of the expresser's culture on the social effects of anger in negotiations

Li, C., 2009:
Not all angiopoietin-like proteins (Angptls) are created equal: insights from molecular, genetic, and pharmacological studies on the mechanism of LPL inhibition by Angptl3 and Angptl4

Dinicolantonio, J.J.; Lavie, C.J.; O'Keefe, J.H., 2013:
Not all angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors are equal: focus on ramipril and perindopril

Cui, Y.; Pelton, R.; Cosgrove, T.; Richardson, R.; Dai, S.; Prescott, S.; Grillo, I.; Ketelson, H.; Meadows, D., 2009:
Not all anionic polyelectrolytes complex with DTAB

Kovinich, N.; Kayanja, G.; Chanoca, A.; Riedl, K.; Otegui, M.S.; Grotewold, E., 2015:
Not all anthocyanins are born equal: distinct patterns induced by stress in Arabidopsis

Furnari, M.; de Bortoli, N.; Savarino, V.; Marchi, S.; Savarino, E., 2014:
Not all anti-reflux treatment failures are due to persistence of abnormal esophageal acid exposure

Booth, L., 2015:
Not all antibodies are equal

Ferguson, C.; Kornblet, S.; Muldoon, A., 2009:
Not all are created equal differences in obesity attitudes between men and women

Hsieh, E.; Hong, S.Jung., 2011:
Not all are desired: providers' views on interpreters' emotional support for patients

Ahonkhai, A.A.; Noubary, F.; Munro, A.; Stark, R.; Wilke, M.; Freedberg, K.A.; Wood, R.; Losina, E., 2012:
Not all are lost: interrupted laboratory monitoring, early death, and loss to follow-up (LTFU) in a large South African treatment program

Ansorg, Jörg.; Schlein, U., 2008:
Not all aspects of surgery are to be "treated" in the OP

Chrystyn, H.; Price, D., 2010:
Not all asthma inhalers are the same: factors to consider when prescribing an inhaler

Czyzyk-Krzeska, M.F.; Meller, J.; Plas, D.R., 2013 :
Not all autophagy is equal

McEwan, D.G.; Dikic, I., 2010:
Not all autophagy membranes are created equal

Garbarino, J., 2012:
Not all bad treatment is psychological maltreatment

Chrimes, N., 2014:
Not all bag-valva-mask devices are created equal: beware a possible lower FiO2 during spontaneous vetilation

Mollet, T.; Clapper, R.; Smith, M.; Garcia, C., 2013:
Not all basal cell carcinomas are created equal: a case of a fatal BCC

Neumann, R.; Lozo, L.; Kunde, W., 2014:
Not all behaviors are controlled in the same way: different mechanisms underlie manual and facial approach and avoidance responses

Shah, B.C.; Tiwari, M.M.; Goede, M.R.; Eichler, M.J.; Hollins, R.R.; McBride, C.L.; Thompson, J.S.; Oleynikov, D., 2011:
Not all biologics are equal!

Berman, D.S.; Cheng, V.Y.; Dey, D., 2011:
Not all body fat weighs equally in the acceleration of coronary artery disease

Apschner, A.; Schulte-Merker, S.; Witten, P.Eckhard., 2012:
Not all bones are created equal - using zebrafish and other teleost species in osteogenesis research

Krause, B.; Cohen Kadosh, R., 2014:
Not all brains are created equal: the relevance of individual differences in responsiveness to transcranial electrical stimulation

Herculano-Houzel, S., 2012 :
Not all brains are made the same: new views on brain scaling in evolution

Lasota, J., 2007:
Not all c-kit mutations can be corrected by imatinib

Rosas-García, Víctor.M.; de León-Abarte, I.; Vidal-López, Gán.; Palacios-Pargas, A.; Jáuregui-Prado, Xóchitl., 2015:
Not all carboxylates are created equal: differences in interaction of carboxylated peptides with a CaCO₃ dimer

Abella, B.S., 2011:
Not all cardiac arrests are the same

Fares, W.H., 2013:
Not all catheter-days are equal

Andronikou, S.; Goussard, P.; Gie, R.P., 2012:
Not all children with nodular interstitial lung patterns in South Africa have TB-A rare case of paediatric "Bird Fanciers' disease"

Ricci, G.; Dondi, A.; Calamelli, E.; Dell'omo, V.; Pagliara, L.; Belotti, T.; Masi, M., 2008:
Not all children with under-control asthma are controlled

Ruby, M.B.; Falk, C.F.; Heine, S.J.; Villa, C.; Silberstein, O., 2013:
Not all collectivisms are equal: opposing preferences for ideal affect between East Asians and Mexicans

Jackson, J.J.; Bogg, T.; Walton, K.E.; Wood, D.; Harms, P.D.; Lodi-Smith, J.; Edmonds, G.W.; Roberts, B.W., 2009:
Not all conscientiousness scales change alike: a multimethod, multisample study of age differences in the facets of conscientiousness

de Hevia, M.Dolores.; Spelke, E.S., 2015:
Not all continuous dimensions map equally: number-brightness mapping in human infants

Grooteman, M.P.C.; Blankestijn, P.J.; Nubé, M.J., 2015:
Not all convective dialysis therapies are equal

Lemaire, J.B.; Wallace, J.E., 2010:
Not all coping strategies are created equal: a mixed methods study exploring physicians' self reported coping strategies

Gates, M.Carolyn.; Humphry, R.W.; Gunn, G.J.; Woolhouse, M.E.J., 2016:
Not all cows are epidemiologically equal: quantifying the risks of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) transmission through cattle movements

Tan, C-Kim.; Lai, C-Cheng.; Lin, J-Jia.; Kuo, Y-Wei.; Lin, H-Jung., 2011:
Not all critical laboratory values are equally urgent to physicians

Rahman, A.; Stapleton, R.D.; Heyland, D.K., 2012:
Not all critically ill obese patients are the same: the influence of prior comorbidities

van der Knaap, M.S.; Scheper, G.C., 2012:
Not all cystic leukoencephalopathies are "vanishing white matter"

Nemeth, C.L.; Harrell, C.S.; Beck, K.D.; Neigh, G.N., 2013:
Not all depression is created equal: sex interacts with disease to precipitate depression

Levchenko-Lambert, Y.; Turetsky, D.M.; Patneau, D.K., 2011:
Not all desensitizations are created equal: physiological evidence that AMPA receptor desensitization differs for kainate and glutamate

Raggi, P.; Bellasi, A., 2015:
Not all diabetic patients were created equal: how to discriminate risk?

Budoff, M.J., 2008 :
Not all diabetics are created equal (in cardiovascular risk)

Dickson, R.C., 2013:
Not all diclofenac is equal

Eiholm, S., 2016:
Not all dietary supplements are biodegradable

MacGregor, L.J.; Corley, M.; Donaldson, D.I., 2009:
Not all disfluencies are are equal: The effects of disfluent repetitions on language comprehension

Mano, Q.R.; Brown, G.G.; Mirzakhanian, H.; Bolden, K.; Cadenhead, K.S.; Light, G.A., 2014:
Not all distraction is bad: working memory vulnerability to implicit socioemotional distraction correlates with negative symptoms and functional impairment in psychosis

Cassese, S.; Kastrati, A., 2013:
Not all drug-eluting balloons are equally good for patients, not all patients are equally suitable for drug-eluting balloons

Weilemann, L.S., 2015:
Not all drugs are the same

Bristow, K.; Shaw, J.; Kundrotas, L., 2012:
Not all duodenal "scalloping" is celiac disease

Gibson, P.R.; Muir, J.G., 2013:
Not all effects of a gluten-free diet are due to removal of gluten

Holec, V.; Pirot, H.L.; Euston, D.R., 2014:
Not all effort is equal: the role of the anterior cingulate cortex in different forms of effort-reward decisions

Shapira, N., 2011:
Not all eggs are created equal: the effect on health depends on the composition

Akisue, E.; Gratieri, S.Domingues.; Barletta, F.Branco.; Caldeira, C.Luiz.; Grazziotin-Soares, R.; Gavini, G., 2015:
Not all electronic foramen locators are accurate in teeth with enlarged apical foramina: an in vitro comparison of 5 brands

Vaish, A.; Grossmann, T.; Woodward, A., 2008:
Not all emotions are created equal: the negativity bias in social-emotional development

van Driel, J.; Ridderinkhof, K.Richard.; Cohen, M.X., 2013:
Not all errors are alike: theta and alpha EEG dynamics relate to differences in error-processing dynamics

Wiswede, D.; Rothermund, K.; Frings, C., 2014:
Not all errors are created equally: specific ERN responses for errors originating from distractor-based response retrieval

Hannah, S.A.; Bal, A.M., 2014:
Not all eschars are anthrax

Paoli, A.; Bianco, A., 2012:
Not all exercises are created equal

Storrs, K.R.; Arnold, D.H., 2012:
Not all face aftereffects are equal

Tamir, A., 2015:
Not all faces are alike

Greenberg, S.N.; Goshen-Gottstein, Y., 2009:
Not all faces are processed equally: evidence for featural rather than holistic processing of one's own face in a face-imaging task

Modesitt, S.C.; Hsu, J.Y.; Chowbina, S.R.; Lawrence, R.T.; Hoehn, K.L., 2012 :
Not all fat is equal: differential gene expression and potential therapeutic targets in subcutaneous adipose, visceral adipose, and endometrium of obese women with and without endometrial cancer

Chen, Z., 2009:
Not all features are created equal: Processing asymmetries between location and object features

Sirven, J.I., 2009:
Not all first seizures are created equally

Bustamante, C.; Vargas-Caro, C.; Bennett, M.B., 2014:
Not all fish are equal: functional biodiversity of cartilaginous fishes (Elasmobranchii and Holocephali) in Chile

Le Goff, C.; Mahaut, Cémentine.; Bottani, A.; Doray, B.; Goldenberg, A.; Moncla, A.; Odent, S.; Nitschke, P.; Munnich, A.; Faivre, L.; Cormier-Daire, Vérie., 2013:
Not all floating-harbor syndrome cases are due to mutations in exon 34 of SRCAP

Mejia, R., 2011:
Not all genes are equal; shortage of histones affects some genes more than others

Sagiv, L.; Amit, A.; Ein-Gar, D.; Arieli, S., 2015:
Not all great minds think alike: systematic and intuitive cognitive styles

Barnes, S.M.; Lynn, S.Jay.; Pekala, R.J., 2008:
Not all group hypnotic suggestibility scales are created equal: individual differences in behavioral and subjective responses

Persky, A.M.; Alford, E.L.; Kyle, J., 2013:
Not all hard work leads to learning

Anonymous, 2013:
Not all health services are average

Eckardt, M.A.; Chang, V.Y.; Nelson, S.D.; Federman, N., 2012:
Not all hemangiomas are benign--epithelioid hemangioendothelioma: an aggressive vascular lesion in children

Canna, S.W.; Behrens, E.M., 2012:
Not all hemophagocytes are created equally: appreciating the heterogeneity of the hemophagocytic syndromes

Sloane, T., 2007:
Not all hounds at bay. IRS still pushing to ensure that not-for-profits earn their tax exemptions

Moffatt, B., 2010:
Not all human subjects research is exceptional

Wray, J.; Baston, H., 2014:
Not all in the mind

Yarmus, L.B.; Mirski, M.A., 2013:
Not all indications for tracheostomy are created equal

Taqvi, L.; Griksaitis, M.; Eastham, K., 2013:
Not all infantile respiratory distress in winter is bronchiolitis: congenital lobar emphysema

Barbosa, I.G.; Rocha, Nália.Pessoa.; Huebra, L.; Oliveira, C.; Nobre, V.; Teixeira, Aônio.L., 2014:
Not all inflammatory biomarkers are elevated in bipolar disorder: evidence for procalcitonin

Pruijm, M.; Ponte, Bén.; Vollenweider, P.; Mooser, V.; Paccaud, F.; Waeber, Gérard.; Marques-Vidal, P.; Burnier, M.; Bochud, M., 2012:
Not all inflammatory markers are linked to kidney function: results from a population-based study

Koch, C., 2011:
Not all information is created equal

Kuniholm, M.H.; Aladashvili, M.; Del Rio, C.; Stvilia, K.; Gabelia, N.; Chitale, R.A.; Tsertsvadze, T.; Nelson, K.E., 2008:
Not all injection drug users are created equal: heterogeneity of HIV, hepatitis C virus, and hepatitis B virus infection in Georgia

Engel, A.J.; Kennedy, D.J.; Macvicar, J.; Bogduk, N., 2014:
Not all injections are the same

Wahl, M.J.; Behm, D.G., 2008:
Not all instability training devices enhance muscle activation in highly resistance-trained individuals

Adam, N.; Sorensen, V.; Skinner, R., 2016:
Not all intestinal traumatic injuries are the same: a comparison of surgically treated blunt vs. penetrating injuries

Coffey, R.J.; Allen, J.W., 2007:
Not all intrathecal catheter tip MRI findings are inflammatory masses

Feldmeyer, L.; Benden, C.; Haile, S.R.; Boehler, A.; Speich, R.; French, L.E.; Hofbauer, Günther.F.L., 2010:
Not all intravenous immunoglobulin preparations are equally well tolerated

Allegaert, K.; Murat, I.; Anderson, B.J., 2007:
Not all intravenous paracetamol formulations are created equal..

Greve, C.; Zijlstra, W.; Hortobágyi, T.; Bongers, R.M., 2014:
Not all is lost: old adults retain flexibility in motor behaviour during sit-to-stand

Apffelstaedt, J., 2013:
Not all is rosy with PinkDrive

Kochhar, G.S.; Rizk, M.; Patil, D.T., 2014:
Not all joint pain is arthritis

Keller, D.L.; Kochhar, G.Singh., 2014:
Not all joint pain is arthritis (May 2013)

Ding, C.; Huang, J.; Macveigh-Aloni, M.; Lu, M., 2012:
Not all lacrimal epithelial cells are created equal-heterogeneity of the rabbit lacrimal gland and differential secretion

Azaïs-Braesco, V.; Bresson, J.L.; Guarner, F.; Corthier, G., 2010:
Not all lactic acid bacteria are probiotics, ...but some are

Morley, R.; Walker, R., 2011:
Not all laryngeal masks are the same for difficult airway work

Longo, C.; Moscarella, E.; Piana, S.; Lallas, A.; Carrera, C.; Pellacani, G.; Zalaudek, I.; Argenziano, G., 2014:
Not all lesions with a verrucous surface are seborrheic keratoses

Park, K., 2013:
Not all liposomes are created equal

Legge, E.L.G.; Spetch, M.L.; Cenkner, A.; Bulitko, V.; Anderson, C.; Brown, M.; Heth, D., 2012:
Not all locations are created equal: exploring how adults hide and search for objects

Jäger, T.; von Ostau, C.; Rübben, H., 2009:
Not all lubricants are affected by exclusion from reimbursement by the statutory health insurance

Lord, M.S.; Estrella, R.P.; Chuang, C.Y.; Youssef, P.; Karlsson, N.G.; Flannery, C.R.; Whitelock, J.M., 2012:
Not all lubricin isoforms are substituted with a glycosaminoglycan chain

Smith, B.M.; Hoffman, E.A.; Basner, R.C.; Kawut, S.M.; Kalhan, R.; Barr, R.Graham., 2014:
Not all measures of hyperinflation are created equal: lung structure and clinical correlates of gas trapping and hyperexpansion in COPD: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) COPD Study

Stuke, L.E.; Duchesne, J.C.; Greiffenstein, P.; Mooney, J.L.; Marr, A.B.; Meade, P.C.; McSwain, N.E.; Hunt, J.P., 2013:
Not all mechanisms are created equal: a single-center experience with the national guidelines for field triage of injured patients

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Not all mice are equal: welfare implications of behavioural habituation profiles in four 129 mouse substrains

Seli, P.; Carriere, J.S.A.; Smilek, D., 2016:
Not all mind wandering is created equal: dissociating deliberate from spontaneous mind wandering

Smallwood, J.; Andrews-Hanna, J., 2013:
Not all minds that wander are lost: the importance of a balanced perspective on the mind-wandering state

Sivaslioglu, A.Akin., 2015:
Not all minislings are alike

Petros, P.E.P., 2011:
Not all minislings have an inferior cure rate for stress incontinence surgery

Wong, L.L., 2009:
Not all minorities are underrepresented in academic surgery

Parienti, J-Jacques.; Das-Douglas, M.; Massari, Véronique.; Guzman, D.; Deeks, S.G.; Verdon, R.; Bangsberg, D.R., 2008:
Not all missed doses are the same: sustained NNRTI treatment interruptions predict HIV rebound at low-to-moderate adherence levels

Crichton, P.G.; Parker, N.; Vidal-Puig, A.J.; Brand, M.D., 2010 :
Not all mitochondrial carrier proteins support permeability transition pore formation: no involvement of uncoupling protein 1

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Not all mixed-type intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms behave like main-duct lesions: implications of minimal involvement of the main pancreatic duct

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Clinical characteristics, one-year change in ejection fraction and long-term outcomes in patients with heart failure with mid-range ejection fraction: a multicentre prospective observational study in Catalonia (Spain)

Larter, C.Z., 2007:
Not all models of fatty liver are created equal: understanding mechanisms of steatosis development is important

Stewart, J.T., 2007:
Not all monoamine oxidase inhibitors are created equal

Kaser, A., 2014:
Not all monoclonals are created equal - lessons from failed drug trials in Crohn's disease

Larner, A.J., 2009:
Not all morning headaches are due to brain tumours

Shaw, A.; Knobe, J., 2016:
Not all mutualism is fair, and not all fairness is mutualistic

Teoh, J.K.; Steeds, R.P.; Warfield, A.T., 2015:
Not all myocardium that sparkles is amyloid

Eisermann, M.; Lardeux, C.; Nicloux, M.; Bahi-Buisson, N.; Vanbellinghen, J-Francois.; Magny, J-Francois.; Kaminska, A.; Lapillonne, A., 2014:
Not all myoclonic jerking and tonic posturing in the neonate is epilepsy

Freeman, R., 2010:
Not all neuropathy in diabetes is of diabetic etiology: differential diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy

Rigó, Ián.Z.; Røkkum, M., 2013:
Not all non-rheumatoid patients are satisfied with thumb metacarpophalangeal joint arthrodesis

Marschall, J.; Ota, K.N.; Henderson, J.P.; Warren, D.K., 2012:
Not all nosocomial Escherichia coli bacteriurias are catheter associated

Towse, J.N.; Loetscher, T.; Brugger, P., 2014:
Not all numbers are equal: preferences and biases among children and adults when generating random sequences

Carey, E., 2013:
Not all nurses wear scrubs. Nursing informatics: what is it and what do they do?

Paek, H-Jin.; Yoon, H.Jin.; Hove, T., 2011:
Not all nutrition claims are perceived equal: anchoring effects and moderating mechanisms in food advertising

Genelhu, V.A.; Celoria, B.M.J.; Duarte, S.Fernando.Pimentel.; Cabello, P.H.; Francischetti, E.A., 2009:
Not all obese subjects of multiethnic origin are at similar risk for developing hypertension and type 2 diabetes

Murthy, S.; Lui, G.; Raiszadeh, F.; Boxt, L.; Taub, C., 2013:
Not all obstructive cardiac lesions are created equal: double-chamber right ventricle in pregnancy

Maddams, J.Claire.; McCormick, M.Ian., 2013:
Not all offspring are created equal: variation in larval characteristics in a serially spawning damselfish

Ahmed, F.Z.; Morris, G.M.; Allen, S.; Khattar, R.; Mamas, M.; Zaidi, A., 2014:
Not all pacemakers are created equal: MRI conditional pacemaker and lead technology

McKay, D.M., 2015:
Not all parasites are protective

Spiros, A.; Carr, R.; Geerts, H., 2010:
Not all partial dopamine D(2) receptor agonists are the same in treating schizophrenia. Exploring the effects of bifeprunox and aripiprazole using a computer model of a primate striatal dopaminergic synapse

Bhuiyan, Z.A.; Alswaid, A.; Belfiore, M.; Al-Ghamdi, S.S.; Liang, J.; Schlaepffer, Jürg., 2014:
Not all pathogenic mutations are pathogenic: KCNH2 mutations in two sisters with tetralogy of Fallot

McMann, S., 2015:
Not all patients are the same

Gainotti, G., 2010:
Not all patients labeled as "prosopagnosia" have a real prosopagnosia

Ryan, J.; Faragher, I., 2015:
Not all patients need to be discussed in a colorectal cancer MDT meeting

Krongrad, A.; Kim, C.O.; Burke, M.A.; Granville, L.J., 1996:
Not all patients pursue prostate biopsy after abnormal prostate specific antigen results

Amarenco, P., 2012:
Not all patients should be admitted to the hospital for observation after a transient ischemic attack

Tschudin Sutter, S.; Frei, R.; Dangel, M.; Gratwohl, A.; Bonten, M.; Widmer, A.F., 2010 :
Not all patients with vancomycin-resistant enterococci need to be isolated

Subramaniam, B.; Subramaniam, K., 2010:
Not all perioperative myocardial infarctions can be prevented with preoperative revascularization

Ketteler, M.; Westenfeld, R.; Ritz, E., 2013:
Not all phosphate is created equal

Avril, T.; de Tayrac, M.; Leberre, C.; Quillien, Véronique., 2009:
Not all polyriboinosinic-polyribocytidylic acids (Poly I:C) are equivalent for inducing maturation of dendritic cells: implication for alpha-type-1 polarized DCs

Robbins, B., 2007:
Not all probiotic preparations are equally effective for diarrhea in children

Holt, B.D.; McCorry, M.C.; Boyer, P.D.; Dahl, K.Noel.; Islam, M.F., 2013:
Not all protein-mediated single-wall carbon nanotube dispersions are equally bioactive

Virtanen, T.; Kinnunen, T., 2007:
Not all proteins are created allergens

Janvier, J.; Kuhn, S.; Church, D., 2009:
Not all pseudomembranous colitis is caused by Clostridium difficile

Buist, A.; Hayes, B.; Milgrom, J.; Barnett, B., 2007:
Not all questions can be answered

Shiu-Cheung Chan, S.; Russell, M.; Ho-Fung, V.M., 2015:
Not all radiopaque foreign bodies shadow on ultrasound: unexpected sonographic appearance of a radiopaque magnet

Song, S.H.; Gray, T.A., 2011:
Not all raised blood sugars are diabetes!

Gould, K.Lance., 2007:
Not all randomized trials are equal

Cutting, L.E.; Clements-Stephens, A.; Pugh, K.R.; Burns, S.; Cao, A.; Pekar, J.J.; Davis, N.; Rimrodt, S.L., 2013:
Not all reading disabilities are dyslexia: distinct neurobiology of specific comprehension deficits

Cacchione, J.G., 2012:
Not all readmissions are created equal

Shah, S.; Watnick, T.; Atta, M.G., 2010:
Not all renal cysts are created equal

Verfaellie, M.; Rajaram, S.; Fossum, K.; Williams, L., 2008:
Not all repetition is alike: different benefits of repetition in amnesia and normal memory

Heller, A., 2014:
Not all research is equal

Rasmussen, L.M., 2008:
Not all research is equal: taking social science research into account

Treitz, M., 2011:
Not all rickets is vitamin D deficiency

Humphreys, K.L.; Lee, S.S.; Tottenham, N., 2013:
Not all risk taking behavior is bad: Associative sensitivity predicts learning during risk taking among high sensation seekers

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Not all risks are equal: the risk taking inventory for high-risk sports

Gerber, S., 2015:
Not all roads can be taken: development induces anisotropic accessibility in morphospace

Speight, J.; Reaney, M.D.; Barnard, K.D., 2009:
Not all roads lead to Rome-a review of quality of life measurement in adults with diabetes

Elsharkawy, A.; Hernesniemi, J., 2014:
Not all roads lead to Rome…

Pelletier, N.; Tyedmers, P.; Sonesson, U.; Scholz, A.; Ziegler, F.; Flysjo, A.; Kruse, S.; Cancino, B.; Silverman, H., 2010:
Not all salmon are created equal: life cycle assessment (LCA) of global salmon farming systems

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Not all sarcomas developed in irradiated tissue are necessarily radiation-induced--spectrum of disease and treatment characteristics

Welsh, J.S., 2014:
Not all second cancers are secondary. In regard to Mourad et al: "Radiation-induced sarcoma following radiation prophylaxis of heterotopic ossification"

Caplan, R., 2012:
Not all seizures are epilepsy also applies to the military

Souza, P.Victor.Sgobbi.de.; Pinto, W.Bocca.Vieira.de.Rezende.; Santos, A.José.Dos., 2015:
Not all sellar masses are macroadenomas: think also in metastasis

Nile, E.; Van Bergen, P., 2015:
Not all semantics: similarities and differences in reminiscing function and content between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians

Faircloth, B.C.; Glenn, T.C., 2013:
Not all sequence tags are created equal: designing and validating sequence identification tags robust to indels

Yopak, K.E.; Lisney, T.J.; Collin, S.P., 2015:
Not all sharks are "swimming noses": variation in olfactory bulb size in cartilaginous fishes

Woo, C.K.; Bahna, S.L., 2011:
Not all shellfish "allergy" is allergy!

Thiwan, S.; Drossman, D.A.; Morris, C.B.; Dalton, C.; Toner, B.B.; Diamant, N.E.; Hu, J.B.; Whitehead, W.E.; Leserman, J.; Bangdiwala, S.I., 2009:
Not all side effects associated with tricyclic antidepressant therapy are true side effects

Burt, J.W.; Rice, K.J., 2010:
Not all ski slopes are created equal: disturbance intensity affects ecosystem properties

Levine, M.; Crimmins, E., 2014:
Not all smokers die young: a model for hidden heterogeneity within the human population

Moore, S.; Daniel, M.; Gauvin, L.; Dubé, L., 2009:
Not all social capital is good capital

Coane, J.H.; Balota, D.A.; Dolan, P.O.; Jacoby, L.L., 2012:
Not all sources of familiarity are created equal: the case of word frequency and repetition in episodic recognition

Sousa, A.Paula.; Amaral, A.; Baptista, M.; Tavares, R.; Caballero Campo, P.; Caballero Peregrín, P.; Freitas, A.; Paiva, A.; Almeida-Santos, T.; Ramalho-Santos, Jão., 2011:
Not all sperm are equal: functional mitochondria characterize a subpopulation of human sperm with better fertilization potential

Stauber, M.A., 2011:
Not all spinal cord injuries involve a fracture

Daviu, Núria.; Delgado-Morales, Rúl.; Nadal, R.; Armario, A., 2012:
Not all stressors are equal: behavioral and endocrine evidence for development of contextual fear conditioning after a single session of footshocks but not of immobilization

Fitzsimons, M.G.; Baker, K.H., 2009:
Not all strikes are easy to call

Jariwala, A.; Evans, A.; McLeod, G., 2010:
Not all stubbed toes are innocuous--A case report of rare malignant eccrine spiradenoma (spiradenocarcinoma) of the toe

McGrath, J.M., 2014:
Not all studies with small samples are pilot studies

Choo, A.Y.; Blenis, J., 2009:
Not all substrates are treated equally: implications for mTOR, rapamycin-resistance and cancer therapy

Body, R.; Kaide, E.; Kendal, S.; Foex, B., 2015:
Not all suffering is pain: sources of patients' suffering in the emergency department call for improvements in communication from practitioners

Stafstrom, C.E., 2008:
Not all sweetness and light: the role of glycogen in hypoglycemic seizures

Aksu, H.; Bogard, T.; Pan, P.H., 2009:
Not all swelling is edema in eclampsia: a rare and life-threatening potential complication of eclamptic seizures

Zani, A.; Morini, F.; Paolantonio, P.; Cozzi, D.A., 2007:
Not all symptoms disappear after vascular ring division: a pathophysiological interpretation

Jonas, C.N.; Price, M.C., 2014:
Not all synesthetes are alike: spatial vs. visual dimensions of sequence-space synesthesia

Conway, A.; Inglis, S.C.; Chang, A.M.; Horton-Breshears, M.; Cleland, J.G.F.; Clark, R.A., 2014:
Not all systematic reviews are systematic: a meta-review of the quality of systematic reviews for non-invasive remote monitoring in heart failure

Jaber, W.A.; Nishimura, R.A.; Ommen, S.R., 2007:
Not all systolic velocities indicate obstruction in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a simultaneous Doppler catheterization study

Pagoto, S.L.; Hillhouse, J., 2008:
Not all tanners are created equal: implications of tanning subtypes for skin cancer prevention

Fenner, D.E., 2011:
Not all that bulges is vaginal prolapse

Frank, M.; Schmucker, U.; Nowotny, T.; Ekkernkamp, A.; Hinz, P., 2008:
Not all that glistens is gold: civilian white phosphorus burn injuries

Clewett, D.V.; Mather, M., 2014:
Not all that glittered is gold: neural mechanisms that determine when reward will enhance or impair memory

Hu, H.; Cavendish, J.Z.; Agmon, A., 2014:
Not all that glitters is gold: off-target recombination in the somatostatin-IRES-Cre mouse line labels a subset of fast-spiking interneurons

Webster, P.C., 2012:
Not all that glitters: mercury poisoning in Colombia

Arnulf, I.; Morgan, J., 2012:
Not all that goes "bump in the night" is RLS: leg motor restlessness in PD

Brent, A.J.; Angus, B.J., 2008:
Not all that is malaria is falciparum

Kittisupamongkol, W., 2009:
Not all that itches is uraemic pruritus

Morris, A.Erika.; Hall, A.G.; Marshall, G.D., 2012:
Not all that itches is urticaria

Hamerschlak, N.; Pasternak, J.; Wagner, J.; Perini, G.Fleury., 2013:
Not all that shines is cancer: pulmonary cryptococcosis mimicking lymphoma in [(18)] F fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose positron emission tomography

Daines, S.B.; Strauch, R.J., 2010:
Not all that transilluminates is a ganglion cyst: two transilluminating solid nerve tumors of the hand

Lewis, C.R.; Carroll, V., 2015:
Not all that wheezes is asthma

Cakir, E.; Cakir, F.Betul.; Bingol, D.; Gedik, A.Hakan.; Soysal, O., 2015:
Not all that wheezes is asthma or foreign body aspiration: endobrochial inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor

Martinez, Jé.Antônio.Baddini., 2014:
Not all that wheezes is asthma!

Pedersen, E.R.; Neighbors, C.; Lee, C.M.; Larimer, M.E., 2013:
Not all those who wander are lost: examining the impact of sojourner adjustment and drinking motives on alcohol consequences experienced by Americans studying in foreign countries

Tang, S-jiang., 2014:
Not all through-the-scope endoscopic clipping devices are born equal: some can be rotated while others cannot

Del Rosso, J.Q.; Kircik, L.H., 2013:
Not all topical corticosteroids are created equal! Optimizing therapeutic outcomes through better understanding of vehicle formulations, compound selection,and methods of application

Merritt, S.M.; Ilgen, D.R., 2008:
Not all trust is created equal: dispositional and history-based trust in human-automation interactions

Allen, N.M.; Moran, M.M.; King, M.D., 2013:
Not all twitching is epileptic! Hand myoclonus in a boy with spinal cord tumor

Junghare, M.; Ibrahim, H.N., 2012:
Not all types of acute kidney injury are equal in the setting of liver transplantation

Clement, K.C.; Heulitt, M.J., 2013:
Not all types of asynchrony are created equal

Blyton, M.D.J.; Banks, S.C.; Peakall, R.; Lindenmayer, D.B.; Gordon, D.M., 2014:
Not all types of host contacts are equal when it comes to E. coli transmission

Dimeski, G.; Dastagir, N.; Kruger, P.S.; Venkatesh, B., 2009:
Not all unexplained hyperkalaemia is pseudohyperkalaemia

AbdullGaffar, B.; Kamal, M.O., 2010:
Not all unsatisfactory ThinPrep cervical Pap tests are unsatisfactory: Reprocessing improves the satisfactory and detection rates of ThinPrep cervical cytology

Lee, B.B., 2010 :
Not all venous malformations needed therapy because they are not arteriovenous malformations

Hsiao, J.H.; Cottrell, G.W., 2009:
Not all visual expertise is holistic, but it may be leftist: the case of Chinese character recognition

Lanthier, S.N.; Risko, E.F.; Stolz, J.A.; Besner, D., 2009:
Not all visual features are created equal: early processing in letter and word recognition

Garthe, A.; Huang, Z.; Kaczmarek, L.; Filipkowski, R.K.; Kempermann, G., 2015:
Not all water mazes are created equal: cyclin D2 knockout mice with constitutively suppressed adult hippocampal neurogenesis do show specific spatial learning deficits

Hull, J.H., 2015:
Not all wheeze is asthma: time for patients to exercise their rights

Lakticova, V.; Koenig, S., 2013:
Not all wheezing is from COPD

Jovanovic, V.P.; Carmina, E.; Lobo, R.A., 2010:
Not all women diagnosed with PCOS share the same cardiovascular risk profiles

Roy, M.E.; Whiteside, L.A.; Katerberg, B.J.; Steiger, J.A.; Nayfeh, T., 2007:
Not all zirconia femoral heads degrade in vivo

Lleras, A.; Buetti, S., 2014:
Not all "distractor" tags are created equal: using a search asymmetry to dissociate the inter-trial effects caused by different forms of distractors

Harlow, T.N., 2013:
Not all "good" doctors do it anyway

Marra, C.A.; Marion, S.A.; Guh, D.P.; Najafzadeh, M.; Wolfe, F.; Esdaile, J.M.; Clarke, A.E.; Gignac, M.A.; Anis, A.H., 2007:
Not all "quality-adjusted life years" are equal

Almekhlafi, M.A.; Mishra, S.; Desai, J.A.; Nambiar, V.; Volny, O.; Goel, A.; Eesa, M.; Demchuk, A.M.; Menon, B.K.; Goyal, M., 2014:
Not all "successful" angiographic reperfusion patients are an equal validation of a modified TICI scoring system

Oh, W.; Raju, T.N.K., 2014:
Not all "term" infants are created equal

Ferrucci, R.; Boggia, B.; Farina, A.; Lettieri, M.; Scognamiglio, G.; Farinaro, E.; Carbone, U., 2008:
Not allergic dermatitis as occupational diseases: a suggestion for an evaluation method

Warmington, E., 2008:
Not allergic to life

Jenetzky, E.; Schwarzer, N., 2008:
Not alone with a rare disease. The importance of self-help given by the example of anorectal malformations

Azofra, M.Moreno.; Somovilla, Jé.Luis.Peña.; Porras, M.Carrascosa.; Carrillo, L.Hurtado.; Pérez, R.Daroca., 2009:
Not always HIV

Smith, A., 1979:
Not always a joy for ever

Salles, V.José.Alegre.; Pissinin, E.Rodrigues.; Romagnolo, L.Gustavo.Capochin.; Tauil, R.Mesquita.; Silva, R.Donalisio.da., 2007:
Not always is pneumonia

Ness, T.J., 2014:
Not always lost in translation

Young, A.H., 2013:
Not always on the level: service provision for bipolar disorders

Oldham, J., 2012:
Not always under the lamppost

Levy, J.A., 2009:
Not an HIV cure, but encouraging new directions

Diaz, P.; Altman, W., 2011:
Not an add-on. Integration of post-acute essential in care of chronically ill patients

Kondo, T.; Crisp, M.D.; Linde, C.; Bowman, D.M.J.S.; Kawamura, K.; Kaneko, S.; Isagi, Y., 2012:
Not an ancient relic: the endemic Livistona palms of arid central Australia could have been introduced by humans

Lavine, M., 2014:
Not an arguable issue

Kelsall, D., 2008:
Not an enchanted place

Evans, M., 2010:
Not an exact science. Executives project impact of reform on revenue

Ribas de Pouplana, Lís., 2014:
Not an inside job: non-coded amino acids compromise the genetic code

Pekeles, G., 2008:
Not an obligation, not a mission, a privilege

Frank, M.; Schmucker, U.; Hinz, P.; Zach, A.; Ekkernkamp, A.; Matthes, G., 2008 :
Not another 4th of July report: uncommon blast injuries to the hand

Cooke, L., 2013:
Not another assessment tool!

Boyarsky, M.; Kim, D.; Ahmad, M.; Cha, J., 2013:
Not another case of mono: Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) associate hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)

Bourdillon, P.J., 2009:
Not another formula for heart rate correction of QT interval

Mayo, N.; Asano, M., 2009:
Not another meta-analysis!

DoBias, M., 2007:
Not another one. New commission meets criticism

Tye, G.Ah., 2013:
Not another password..

Sims, B., 2010:
Not another picnic!

Goncalves, P.H., 2015:
Not answering is also an answer

Newman, R.; Gevertz, S., 2015:
Not antagonist treatment

Vert, M., 2012:
Not any new functional polymer can be for medicine: what about artificial biopolymers?

Hall, R.L.; Greene, B., 2002:
Not any one thing

Vinet, E.; Tangri, N.; Pineau, C.A., 2007:
Not arthritis

Morris, S., 2012:
Not as advertised

Nguyen, S.P.; Gordon, C.L.; McCullough, M.Beth., 2011:
Not as easy as pie. Disentangling the theoretical and applied components of children's health knowledge

Kriston, L.; von Wolff, A., 2011:
Not as golden as standards should be: interpretation of the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression

Devlin, H.C.; Zaki, J.; Ong, D.C.; Gruber, J., 2015:
Not as good as you think? Trait positive emotion is associated with increased self-reported empathy but decreased empathic performance

Kaiser, C., 2014:
Not as it seems

Barton, R.M., 2013:
Not as simple as it looks

Bruening, G.; Bruening, G., 2013:
Not as they seem

Fens, M.; van Heugten, C.M.; Beusmans, G.H.M.I.; Limburg, M.; Haeren, R.; Kaemingk, A.; Metsemakers, J.F.M., 2013:
Not as transient: patients with transient ischaemic attack or minor stroke experience cognitive and communication problems; an exploratory study

Salgado-Salazar, C.; Rossman, A.Y.; Chaverri, P., 2014:
Not as ubiquitous as we thought: taxonomic crypsis, hidden diversity and cryptic speciation in the cosmopolitan fungus Thelonectria discophora (Nectriaceae, Hypocreales, Ascomycota)

Torda, A.E., 2014:
Not assessing the efficiency of multiple sequence alignment programs

Wang, Z., 2007:
Not asthma, but GERD: case report

Hong, S.Jung., 2016:
Not at All Effective: Differences in Views on the Causes of Prescription Non-adherence Between North Korean Defectors and Medical Providers in South Korea

Moen, Kåre.; Aggleton, P.; Leshabari, M.T.; Middelthon, A-Lise., 2012:
Not at all so hard-to-reach: same-sex attracted men in Dar es Salaam

Printz, C., 2011:
Not at any cost: organizations help patients cope with costs of cancer care

Adams, C.E., 2012:
Not at issue

Wasilewski, Jław.; Głowacki, J.; Poloński, L., 2013:
Not at random location of atherosclerotic lesions in thoracic aorta and their prognostic significance in relation to the risk of cardiovascular events

Power, T.P.; Ke, X.; Zhao, Z.; Bonine, N.Gidaya.; Cziraky, M.J.; Grabner, M.; Barron, J.J.; Quimbo, R.; Vangerow, B.; Toth, P.P., 2018:
Clinical characteristics, patterns of lipid-lowering medication use, and health care resource utilization and costs among patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Birtwistle, M., 2014:
Not bad rules, stop mergers succeeding

Barabas, A.P., 2009:
Not becoming a communist doctor

Anonymous, 2012:
Not behind the horizon anymore: interprofessional education and collaborative practice in Japan

Mendes, A.Márcia.Chiaradia.; Bousso, R.Szylit., 2009:
Not being able to live like before: the family dynamics during the experience of pediatric liver transplantation

Oliver, C.J., 2012:
Not being able to see the muscle for the fat

England, C.; Hodgkinson, M.; Tamber, P.S., 2007:
Not being clear about authorship is lying and damages the scientific record

Yelin, E., 2013:
Not better but quite good: effects on work loss of combination treatment for rheumatoid arthritis with and without biological agents

Fisher, S.; Temin, H., 2011:
Not beyond reasonable doubt: Howard Temin's provirus hypothesis revisited

Thomas, J.D., 2013:
Not big on rules. Experienced physicians turned off by intrusive intervention

Trueland, J., 2014:
Not black and white

Caldwell, M., 2010:
Not blind to danger

McKinney, M., 2012:
Not budging. Good news hard to find in 30-day readmissions data

Straker, H.; Finister, S., 2007:
Not business as usual

Kennedy, M.Shawn., 2008:
Not business as usual in the 'House of nursing'. Report from the 2008 ANA House of Delegates

Tilden, F., 1965:
Not by Truth Alone

Bernstein, J., 2014:
Not by bread alone: shortcomings of the pay-for-performance approach

Rusk, T.N.; Rusk, N., 2007:
Not by genes alone: new hope for prevention

Kanngiesser, P.; Hood, B., 2014:
Not by labor alone: considerations for value influence use of the labor rule in ownership transfers

Weiss, K., 2012:
Not by money alone. Physicians will respond better to intrinsic incentives to improve than to P4P

Weissmann, G.; Howe, S.Gridley.; Shinseki, E., 2009:
Not by the sword, but disease: Doctor Howe and General Shinseki

Ijzerman, H.; Foroni, F., 2012:
Not by thoughts alone: how language supersizes the cognitive toolkit

Voracek, M.; Loibl, L.Mariella.; Kapusta, N.D.; Niederkrotenthaler, T.; Dervic, K.; Sonneck, G., 2008:
Not carried away by a moonlight shadow: no evidence for associations between suicide occurrence and lunar phase among more than 65,000 suicide cases in Austria, 1970-2006

Bremberg, S., 2010:
Not certain that school drug testing reduces drug use. Lack of scientific evidence--the students' integrity is also at risk

Morey, J., 2014:
Not changing minds but softening hearts

McLaughlin, N., 2012:
Not cheap at all. Studies, events show U.S. healthcare is a costly business

Viwatwongkasem, C.; Kudngaongarm, R.; Chaisupamongkollarp, S.; Thamsoonthorn, C.; Naovaratsophon, A.; Nipattasat, P.; Vichathai, W.; Pakdethanakul, C.; Jareinpituk, S.; Satitvipawee, P., 2014:
Not chewing food among the Thai elderly with complete denture

Neilson, G.R.; McNally, J.G., 2010:
Not choosing nursing: work experience and career choice of high academic achieving school leavers

Hagland, M., 2014:
Not clueless, courageous: what it takes to build an ACO from scratch

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Not continuing along previous lines: exploring how new directions emerge in epidemiologic research

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Not convinced new system is better

Schwann, T.A.; Habib, R.H., 2014:
Not convinced that right internal thoracic artery is superior to radial artery

Sherrard, L.Johnson., 2011:
Not cool... brrrrrrr, It's cold!

Strauss, J.M.; Van Aken, h.c.Hugo.; Becke, K.; Philippi-Höhne, C., 2011:
Not coordinated

Levin, A.J., 2012:
Not cost-effective by design. Healthcare financing reform may share the same fate as the Titanic

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Clinical Characteristics, Phenotype of Lipodystrophy and a Genetic Analysis of Six Diabetic Japanese Women with Familial Partial Lipodystrophy in a Diabetic Outpatient Clinic

Anonymous, 2012:
Not curing the common cold

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Not dead yet: controlled non-heart-beating organ donation, consent, and the Dead Donor Rule

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Not dead yet: the mysterious case of the invisible women

MacMillan, K., 2015:
Not dead yet: the spectre of nursing human resource shortages

Petsko, G.A., 2008:
Not debatable

Allen, J.J.B., 2008:
Not devoid of forensic potential, but..

Drummond, G.B.; Vowler, S.L., 2013:
Not different is not the same as the same: how can we tell?

Drummond, G.B.; Vowler, S.L., 2013:
Not different is not the same as the same: how can we tell?

Drummond, G.B.; Vowler, S.L., 2013:
Not different is not the same as the same: how can we tell?

Drummond, G.B.; Vowler, S.L., 2014:
Not different is not the same as the same: how can we tell?

Danks, D., 2010:
Not different kinds, just special cases

Gras, J.; De Castro, N.; Montlahuc, C.; Champion, L.; Scemla, A.; Matignon, M.; Lachâtre, M.; Raskine, L.; Grall, N.; Peraldi, M.Noëlle.; Molina, J.Michel., 2018:
Clinical characteristics, risk factors, and outcome of tuberculosis in kidney transplant recipients: A multicentric case-control study in a low-endemic area

Nipe, T., 2012:
Not disinterested in students: just time-deficient

Miscoe, M.D., 2008:
Not documented, not done: Medicare myth or rule?

Richetin, J.; Conner, M.; Perugini, M., 2011:
Not doing is not the opposite of doing: implications for attitudinal models of behavioral prediction

Brown, M., 2009:
Not doing it by the book

Vesely, R., 2008:
Not doing so well. Employers focusing more on outcomes as they work to reinvigorate their wellness programs

Ganea, P.A.; Harris, P.L., 2010:
Not doing what you are told: early perseverative errors in updating mental representations via language

Weil, L., 2014:
Not eating our young

Tölle, R., 2008:
Not electroconvulsive therapy, but its opponents are in the firing line

Tanner, M., 2010:
Not enough care to go around

Hawkes, N., 2014:
Not enough cash goes to brain tumour research, doctors say

Slabaugh, T.K., 2008:
Not enough doctors

Tomson, M.; Mehay, R., 2013:
Not enough evidence' is a symptom not a conclusion: why trainees fail to engage with their e-portfolio

Lloyd, M.E.; Hartman, A.; Ngo, C.T.; Ruser, N.; Westerman, D.L.; Miller, J.K., 2016:
Not enough familiarity for fluency: definitional encoding increases familiarity but does not lead to fluency attribution in associative recognition

Linay, D., 2014:
Not enough helping hands

Lubell, J., 2007:
Not enough information. Critics say SEIU/Wal-Mart plan lacks specifics

Anonymous, 2013:
Not enough jobs for new graduates

Mason, M-Claire., 2010:
Not enough said

Bell, C.J.; Mead, J.I., 2014:
Not enough skeletons in the closet: collections-based anatomical research in an age of conservation conscience

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Not enough time? Individual and environmental implications for workplace physical activity programming among women with and without young children

T, D.C., 1992:
Not enough to save the bay

Nahas, R., 2007:
Not enough vitamin D coverage

Carlson, J., 2011:
Not enough. ACO waivers need to be wide-ranging: providers

Truog, R.D., 2008:
Not euthanasia, simply compassionate clinical care

Mazzucco, L.; Balbo, V.; Cattana, E.; Guaschino, R.; Borzini, P., 2009:
Not every PRP-gel is born equal. Evaluation of growth factor availability for tissues through four PRP-gel preparations: Fibrinet, RegenPRP-Kit, Plateltex and one manual procedure

Gilchrist, I.C., 2012:
Not every STEMI is atherosclerotic in nature

Fölsch, R., 2011 :
Not every abdominal discomfort is EHEC: when is truly threatening (interview by Dr. med. Brigitte Moreano)

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Not every bulb is a rose: a functional comparison of bulb suction devices

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Not every cell is as it seems: a role for ductular epithelial cells in fibrosis?

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Not every child with diabetes needs insulin

Naidoo, R.Vanessa.; Bryant, P.Ann., 2009:
Not every cough in bronchiolitis season is bronchiolitis

Della Manna, T., 2007:
Not every diabetic child has type 1 diabetes mellitus

Williams, L., 1974:
Not every doctor is aloof and unavailable in a bureaucracy of waiting rooms

Crosby, S.S., 2015:
Not every food refuser is a hunger striker

Walter, B., 2010:
Not every form of breast cancer can be demarcated with MRI

Gibbins, J.; McCoubrie, R.; Alexander, N.; Forbes, K., 2007:
Not every hospital death can be anticipated

Girard, T.; Urwyler, A., 2007:
Not every hypermetabolic state is due to malignant hyperthermia!

THOMPSON, R., 2011:
Not every patient with urinary symptoms or signs should have complete urologic study

Ndzengue, A.; Mora, M.; Iqbal, S.; Becher, R.; Kchao, S.; Rosal, Z.; Posner, G.L.; Jaffe, E.A.; Adler, M.; Guillaume, J., 2013:
Not every recurrent pelvic mass in a female is a leiomyoma

Pang, L-Hong.; Li, M-Jun.; Li, M.; Xu, H.; Wei, Z-Ling., 2012:
Not every subseptate uterus requires surgical correction to reduce poor reproductive outcome

Walbert, H., 2010:
Not everyone has the "good tone" -- who is allowed to answer the telephone in your practice?

Miliband, D., 2014:
Not everyone is ignoring social chaos

Taillens, Fçoise., 2011:
Not everyone knows how to write "terrace"

Zigmond, J., 2011:
Not everyone's a fan. Geographic pay report creates provider schism

Carlson, J., 2009:
Not everyone's onboard. Reform deal gets heat from some Dems

Bai, R., 2013:
Not everything about atrial fibrillation is a hot topic: drug-induced atrial fibrillation is an exception

Hassall, E., 2011:
Not everything is celiac disease

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Not everything is supervised training: contributions for the debate

Rehberg, S.; Ertmer, C.; Westphal, M.; Morelli, A., 2010:
Not everything labeled "low-dose" vasopressin is a low dose

Wertheimer, A.I., 2010:
Not everything new is better

Morrow, L.E.; Shorr, A.F., 2008:
Not everything that can be counted counts ..

Khalil, S., 2014:
Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts

Zámecník, J., 2014:
Not everything that counts is countable, and not everything that's countable counts

Moran, D.E.; O'Neill, A.C.; Heffernan, E.J.; Skehan, S.J., 2013:
Not everything that is hot on a staging bone scan is malignant: a pictorial review of benign causes of increased isotope uptake

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Not everything that looks like a lymph node is a lymph node: a pitfall for transbronchial needle aspiration

Limaye, K.; Mahuwala, Z.; Lee, R.W., 2016:
Not everything that worsens on standing is intracranial hypotension!

Selvam, A., 2012:
Not everything's fixed: nurse ranks rise, but some say it may be temporary

Walsh, S., 2009:
Not exactly a pain in the neck

Van Den Berg, Y.W.; Reitsma, P.H., 2012:
Not exclusively tissue factor: neutrophil extracellular traps provide another link between chemotherapy and thrombosis

Bhat, K.P.L.; Aldape, K., 2014:
Not expecting the unexpected: diacylglycerol kinase alpha as a cancer target

Not famous men, but great teachers; some personal experiences

Swift, M.Carr.; Scholten, I., 2010:
Not feeding, not coming home: parental experiences of infant feeding difficulties and family relationships in a neonatal unit

Potera, C., 2008:
Not finished yet

Carlson, J., 2010:
Not finished yet. Coalition wants end-of-life care to be a priority

Shulman, M.A.; Thompson, B.R., 2014:
Not fit for a haircut … how should we assess fitness and stratify risk for surgery?

Nuthmann, A., 2014:
Not fixating at the line of text comes at a cost

Anonymous, 1993:
Not for members only

Tolliday, J.; Denniss, H., 2011:
Not for resuscitation orders--clarification is needed

Foley, D.; Cunningham, C., 2012:
Not for resuscitation: more harm than good?

Laakso, M., 2009:
Not for the eyes only: PAX6 and glucose metabolism

Meyer, C.R., 2013:
Not for the faint-hearted

TAUB, F., 2011:
Not for the indigent alone: private patients need social work, too

Kittisupamongkol, W., 2009:
Not for your eyes: information concealed through publication bias

Illes, J., 2007:
Not forgetting forgetting

Dus, G., 1959:
Not from Scratch

Potter, P., 2010:
Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck

Mou, H.; Liao, Q.; Hou, X.; Chen, T.; Zhu, Y., 2018:
Clinical characteristics, risk factors, and outcomes after adjuvant radiotherapy for patients with thymoma in the United States: analysis of the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Registry (1988-2013)

Katz, A., 2011:
Not getting any closer

Subbe, C.P.; Thorpe, C.M.; Hancock, C., 2013 :
Not getting better means getting worse - trends in Early Warning Scores suggest that there might only be a short time span to rescue those threatening to fall off a "physiological" cliff?

Chen, J.J., 2013:
Not getting lost in the gene-environment interaction exploration

Wallis, L., 2014:
Not getting through: vaccination message is ineffective

Ansell, B.J., 2008:
Not getting to goal: the clinical costs of noncompliance

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Not glutamate but endocannabinoids mediate retrograde suppression of cerebellar parallel fiber to Purkinje cell synaptic transmission in young adult rodents

Lawrence, D., 2008:
Not going away. The new HIPAA Electronic Health Care Claims Attachments rule is challenging, but understanding it can be lucrative

Lynch, S.M., 2014:
Not good enough and on a tether: exploring how violent relationships impact women's sense of self

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Not guilty by reason of epilepsy. Post-ictal delirium and psychosis resulting in violent offending

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Not healing thyself. Hospital workers less healthy than others

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Not hearing is believing: novel insight into cardiopulmonary function using agitated contrast and ultrasound

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Not hysteria: ovarian teratoma-associated anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis

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Not identical: twins studies to reveal epigenetic differences

Sundt, T.M., 2009:
Not if, but when

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Not if, but when: impact of a driving and dementia awareness and education campaign for primary care physicians

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Not immune to PFOS effects?

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Not in Education, Employment or Training: Not in Dietary Health Promotion? - withdrawal notice

Denk, R., 2012:
Not in Kansas anymore: an unexpected birth in Sudan

d'Agincourt-Canning, L., 2013:
Not in isolation: how history can inform the debate on professionalization

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Not in my backyard!

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Not in my backyard: the state of Scottish academic paediatrics

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Not in my hospital? Ethnic disparities in quality of hospital care in New Zealand: a narrative review of the evidence

Godley, J., 2008:
Not in my job description

Johnson, D.R., 2010:
Not in my makeup: the need for enhanced premarket regulatory authority over cosmetics in light of increased usage of engineered nanoparticles

Sadowsky, R.H., 2010:
Not in my office building

Gross, M., 2008:
Not in our backyard

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Not in the eyes of the beholder: envy among Bolivian migrants in Spain

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Not in the mind of neurasthenic lazybones but in the cell nucleus: patients with chronic fatigue syndrome have increased production of nuclear factor kappa beta

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Not indicating live transplants is a poor practice

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Not innocent: verdict from ab initio multiconfigurational second-order perturbation theory on the electronic structure of chloroiron corrole

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Not interferon, but interleukin-6 controls early gene expression in hepatitis B virus infection

Anonymous, 2013:
Not into the supermarket with a growling stomach!

Loney, T.; Standage, M.; Lewis, S., 2007:
Not just 'skin deep': psychosocial effects of dermatological-related social anxiety in a sample of acne patients

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Not just a 'funny turn'

Russell, W.; Taylor, W.; Ray, G.; Gravil, J.; Davidson, S., 2011:
Not just a 'simple stroke'

Anonymous, 2002:
Not just a big city problem

Anonymous, 1982:
Not just a book... A Celebration!

Adeline, N.Su-Yin., 2007:
Not just a case of neck pain

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Not just a circle: flux modes in the plant TCA cycle

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Not just a diaper rash: LUMBAR syndrome

Winterfeld, A., 2011:
Not just a drop in the bucket: drinking water for schools

Kotton, C.Nelson.; Hurtado, Río.M., 2011:
Not just a fluke: expanding the organ supply

Van de Vijver, M., 2015:
Not just a fracture

DeChristoforo, R., 2007:
Not just a job

McCabe, C.Angell., 2007:
Not just a labor of love

Farrelly, R., 2014:
Not just a leader - a visible leader

Rinke, M.L., 2014:
Not just a little pinch: first do no harm with pediatric peripheral IV catheters

Lynch, E., 2011:
Not just a load of epidurals!

Einecke, D., 2012:
Not just a lung toxin: ozone exposure damages the heart also

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Clinical Characteristics, Sex Differences, and Outcomes in Patients With Normal or Near-Normal Coronary Arteries, Non-Obstructive or Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease

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Not just a middle-class affliction: crafting a social work research agenda on postpartum depression

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Not just a patient that snores. Obstructive sleep apnoea: the perioperative concerns through the eye of the anaesthetist

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Not just a physician but a dad as well...

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Not just a pretty song: an overview of the vocal repertoire of Indri indri

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Not just a rash!

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Not just a red eye

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Not just a rural occurrence: differences in agricultural equipment crash characteristics by rural-urban crash site and proximity to town

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Not just a simple pneumothorax

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Not just a sprain: 4 foot and ankle injuries you may be missing

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Not just a spring fever... Information and advice to help families with hay fever sufferers

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Not just a success story. On the history of tuberculosis treatment

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Not just a sunburn: initial presentation may disguise mustard attack

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Not just a talking shop: practitioner perspectives on how communities of practice work to improve outcomes for people experiencing multiple exclusion homelessness

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Not just a toy: accidental cardiac injury from an air rifle

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Not just a walk in the park: efficacy to effectiveness for after school programs in communities of concentrated urban poverty

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Not just about costs: the role of health economics in facilitating decision making in aged care

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Not just about sunburn--the ozone hole's profound effect on climate has significant implications for Southern Hemisphere ecosystems

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Not just alternating ectopics

Carlisle, D., 2012:
Not just an IT project

Farmer, P., 2011:
Not just an illness of the rich. Interview by Mary Carmichael

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Not just an individual journey: social aspects of recovery

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Not just an oil slick: how the energetics of protein-membrane interactions impacts the function and organization of transmembrane proteins

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Not just angiotensinases: new roles for the angiotensin-converting enzymes

Theroux, R., 2011:
Not just another annual exam: thoughts on the nurse-patient relationship

Blader, J.C., 2015:
Not just another antipsychotic-for-conduct-problems trial

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Not just another article on cancer surgery volume and patient outcomes

Etzkorn, K.; Oliver, A.M., 2014:
Not just another case of low back pain

Thorn, A.R., 2011:
Not just another case of nausea and vomiting: a review of postinfectious gastroparesis

Leung, S.; Malhotra, A.D.; Lefrancois, D., 2009:
Not just another case of small-bowel obstruction

Applewhite, C., 2014:
Not just another classroom topic

Stein, K.Farchaus., 2008:
Not just another evidence-based practice column!

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Not just another face in the crowd: detecting emotional schematic faces during continuous flash suppression

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Not just another face in the crowd: society's perceptions of facial paralysis

Tautz, D., 2011:
Not just another genome

Radford, T., 1985:
Not just another government town!

Gendelman, H.E., 2012:
Not just another jigsaw puzzle

Campo, T.M.; Bradbury-Golas, K.; Lucasti, C.; Schumacher, W., 2012:
Not just another pain in the neck

Morison, J.; Irish, B.; Main, P., 2013:
Not just another primary care workforce crisis

Berger, D., 2012:
Not just another primary care workforce crisis …

Davies, P., 2012:
Not just another primary care workforce crisis …

Broadbent, K.; Lovegrove, M., 2013:
Not just another sore throat

Udo, E.O.; Baars, H.F.; Winter, J.B.; Wilde, A.A.M., 2008:
Not just any ICD device in patients with long-QT syndrome

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Not just big kids: closing atrial septal defects in adults older than 60 years

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Not just bricks and mortar: planning hospital cancer services for Aboriginal people

Anbazhagan, A.; Benakappa, A., 2014:
Not just cerebral palsy: diastrophic dysplasia presenting as spastic quadriparesis

Dahdah, N., 2010:
Not just coronary arteritis, Kawasaki disease is a myocarditis, too

Yet, B.; Perkins, Z.; Fenton, N.; Tai, N.; Marsh, W., 2014:
Not just data: a method for improving prediction with knowledge

Gallelli, D.; Giraldo, Y., 2008:
Not just exercise, but wellness. Interview by H. Michael Dreher

Marzi, T., 2013:
Not just faces... also bodies are "special" but in a different way

Fujimoto, T.; Parton, R.G., 2011:
Not just fat: the structure and function of the lipid droplet

Mettner, J., 2008:
Not just for adults

Borasio, G.Domenico., 2010:
Not just for cancer and pain patients. All critically ill patients have a right to palliative care

Hakim, H., 2015:
Not just for cars: Lean methodology

Anonymous, 2008:
Not just for frontline nurses

Poehling, K.A.; Szilagyi, P.G., 2010:
Not just for kids: new paradigms for vaccine delivery in pediatrics

Prat, Nás.Molina.; Sánchez-Dalmau, B.F.; Foroozan, R., 2011:
Not just for men

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Not just for poor kids: The impact of universal free school breakfast on meal participation and student outcomes

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Not just for sex: organizational actions of hormones in the brain

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Not just for show. Missouri's safety efforts preceded IOM report, continue quietly today

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Not just for the birds. Assessing your medical practice for pandemic readiness

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Not just for trauma patients: damage control laparotomy in pancreatic surgery

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Not just for workers: maternal exposure to ambient benzene linked to spina bifida in infants

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Not just full of hot air: hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases survival in cases of necrotizing soft tissue infections

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Not just fun and games: a review of college drinking games research from 2004 to 2013

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Not just fun and games: applications of virtual reality in the identification and rehabilitation of cognitive disorders of the elderly

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Not just gRASping at flaws: finding vulnerabilities to develop novel therapies for treating KRAS mutant cancers

Evans, D.; Diemert, P., 2012:
Not just genomewide association studies: rare variants in genes not identified through genomewide association studies also contribute to hypertriglyceridemia

Burki, T.Khan., 2014:
Not just hot air

Anderson, G.C.; Foy, P.; Shamp, D.; Rindal, D.Brad.; Glasrud, P., 2012:
Not just in the "ivory tower": research in your office for your patients!

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Not just inductive: a crucial mechanical role for the endoderm during heart tube assembly

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Not just little adults: palliative care physician attitudes toward pediatric patients

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Not just malaria: Mary Slessor (1848-1915) and other Victorian missionaries in West Africa

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Not just maternalism: marriage and fatherhood in American welfare policy

Loh, L.C.; Rhee, D.S.; Heckman, J.E.; Chae, S-Rom., 2012:
Not just more global health--smarter global health

G Soriano, S., 2015:
Not just neuroanesthesia, but Pediatric neuroanesthesia!

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Not just noise: individual differences in general startle reactivity predict startle response to uncertain and certain threat

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Not just nuclear proteins: 'novel' autophagy cancer treatment targets - p53 and HMGB1

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Not just numbers, but years of science: putting the ACE inhibitor-ARB meta-analyses into context

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Not just numbers: qualitative research and the clinical neurosciences

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Not just playing around: infants' behaviors with objects reflect ability, constraints, and object properties

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Not just psychoanalysis: selected programs of research cooperation between history and psychology

Wu, G.A.; Bogie, K.M., 2014:
Not just quantity: gluteus maximus muscle characteristics in able-bodied and SCI individuals--implications for tissue viability

Conner, J.O.; Pope, D.C., 2014:
Not just robo-students: why full engagement matters and how schools can promote it

Gamble, K.R.; Howard, J.H.; Howard, D.V., 2015:
Not just scenery: viewing nature pictures improves executive attention in older adults

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Not just semantics: strong frequency and weak cognate effects on semantic association in bilinguals

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Not just sheer luck! Immune correlates of protection against HIV-1 infection

Sommer, M.E.; Hofmann, K.Peter.; Heck, M., 2014:
Not just signal shutoff: the protective role of arrestin-1 in rod cells

Chakraverty, J.K.; Lawson, T.M.; Herdman, G., 2014:
Not just simple degenerative disc disease (alkaptonuria)

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Not just skin deep: a case report of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1

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Not just slow: double trouble

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Not just smoking and high-tech medicine: socioeconomic inequities in U.S. mortality rates, overall and by race/ethnicity, 1960-2006

Lamarche, A.; Ternström, S.; Hertegård, S., 2008:
Not just sound: supplementing the voice range profile with the singer's own perceptions of vocal challenges

Anonymous, 2013:
Not just swanning around..

Wells, S.; Graham, K.; Tremblay, P.F.; Magyarody, N., 2011:
Not just the booze talking: trait aggression and hypermasculinity distinguish perpetrators from victims of male barroom aggression

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Not just the messenger: RNA takes control

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Not just the needle: the state of HIV-prevention science among substance users and future directions

Hausenloy, D.J.; Ruiz-Meana, M., 2011:
Not just the powerhouse of the cell: emerging roles for mitochondria in the heart

Zurick, A.J., 2007:
Not just trainers

Silva, L.F.; Terry, S.F., 2012:
Not just trials and tribulations-we need results!

Eramo, S.; Fioratti, R.; Genovese, C.; Gallottini, L.; Orsenigo, G.Battista., 2011:
Not just two million teeth: Giovanni Battista Orsenigo, monk dentist

Interlandi, J., 2009:
Not just urban legend

Cunning, R.; Baker, A.C., 2014:
Not just who, but how many: the importance of partner abundance in reef coral symbioses

Epstein, A.S., 2013:
Not just words: caring for the patient by caring about language

Hsieh, E., 2016:
Not just "getting by": factors influencing providers' choice of interpreters

Régnier, C.; Fontaine, Bît.; Bouchet, P., 2009:
Not knowing, not recording, not listing: numerous unnoticed mollusk extinctions

Pardue, K.T., 2013:
Not left to chance: introducing an undergraduate interprofessional education curriculum

Poller, W.C.; Dreger, H.; Schwerg, M.; Bondke, Hürgen.; Melzer, C., 2015:
Not left ventricular lead position, but the extent of immediate asynchrony reduction predicts long-term response to cardiac resynchronization therapy

Cardenas, V.A.; Greenstein, D.; Fouche, J-Paul.; Ferrett, H.; Cuzen, N.; Stein, D.J.; Fein, G., 2013:
Not lesser but Greater fractional anisotropy in adolescents with alcohol use disorders

Pirkis, J.; Harris, M.; Ftanou, M.; Williamson, M., 2012:
Not letting the ideal be the enemy of the good: the case of the Better Access evaluation

Michael, K.A.; Morgan, J.M., 2008:
Not letting the left side know what the right is doing!

Dittmer, D.P., 2014:
Not like a wrecking ball: EBV fine-tunes MYC lymphomagenesis

Boissevain, I., 2008:
Not listening

Sharples, K., 2007:
Not living comfortably

Humphreys, K.; Darling, D.Christopher., 2013:
Not looking where you are leaping: a novel method of oriented travel in the caterpillar Calindoea trifascialis (Moore) (Lepidoptera: Thyrididae)

Milenkovic, L.; Scott, M.P., 2010:
Not lost in space: trafficking in the hedgehog signaling pathway

Alexander, M., 2011:
Not lost in translation

Simon, Aás.; Berg, D.; Kirkham, M., 2009:
Not lost in translation Sensing the loss and filling the gap during regeneration

Ueno, T.; Saito, S.; Saito, A.; Tanida, Y.; Patterson, K.; Lambon Ralph, M.A., 2014:
Not lost in translation: generalization of the primary systems hypothesis to Japanese-specific language processes

Henry, C.J.; Bryan, J.N., 2013:
Not lost in translation: how study of diseases in our pets can benefit them and us

Honey, C.J.; Thompson, C.R.; Lerner, Y.; Hasson, U., 2013:
Not lost in translation: neural responses shared across languages

Carling, W.H., 2011:
Not making a good impression!

Barr, P., 2013:
Not making the grade. Some hospitals at odds with Leapfrog's safety scores

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Clinical characteristics, treatment and 2-year outcomes in Malaysian and Bruneian patients with stable coronary artery within the worldwide CLARIFY registry

Barinaga, M., 1992:
Not merely academic

Nakamura-Ishizu, A.; Suda, T., 2015:
Not merely quiescent: telomeres in quiescent HSCs

Riemondy, K.; Hoefert, J.E.; Yi, R., 2015:
Not miR-ly micromanagers: the functions and regulatory networks of microRNAs in mammalian skin

Molina, J., 2014:
Not missing the train of history!

Parsons, J., 2009:
Not mission impossible

de Boer, W.I.; Teunissen, G.J., 2011:
Not more dependency but more self-management for children with asthma

Hurst, S., 2013:
Not more, better...

Pietarila Graham, J.; Blackman, E.G.; Mininni, P.D.; Pouquet, A., 2013:
Not much helicity is needed to drive large-scale dynamos

Russell, W., 1984:
Not much legislation, but plenty of argument

Neal, B.C.; Irwig, L., 2012:
Not much need for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Schonberger, R.B.; Rosenbaum, S.H., 2010:
Not much novel under the sun

DerGurahian, J., 2009:
Not much progress. Pair of studies show little quality growth since '99

Mutlu, Gökhan.M.; Budinger, G.R.Scott., 2010:
Not much turbulence: addition of heliox to noninvasive ventilation fails to improve outcomes in patients with exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Boissevain, I., 2007:
Not much wiser from the East

Rad, E.Malakan.; Navabi, M.Ali.; Kocharian, A.; Momtazmanesh, N.; Golbidi, E., 2008:
Not mumps

Engstrom, J.L., 2009:
Not my child: parental refusal of vaccinations for children

Brodrick, A., 2014:
Not my choice: results of an online survey

Mulaik, M.W., 2013:
Not my circus, not my monkeys

DeLisi, M.; Angton, A.; Vaughn, M.G.; Trulson, C.R.; Caudill, J.W.; Beaver, K.M., 2016:
Not my fault: blame externalization is the psychopathic feature most associated with pathological delinquency among confined delinquents

Caplan, A.L., 2012:
Not my turn

Krug, P.J., 2009:
Not my "type": larval dispersal dimorphisms and bet-hedging in opisthobranch life histories

Blance, A., 2008:
Not necessarily strength in numbers, more a case of size does matter!

Lynch, J.P., 2007:
Not necessarily the first

Bischoff, A., 2011:
Not neglecting analgesia! How children show pain

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Not nondipping but nocturnal blood pressure predicts left ventricular hypertrophy in the essential hypertensive patients: the Korean Ambulatory Blood Pressure multicenter observational study

Lane, P.W., 1982:
Not normal littermates

MacLaren, G.; d'Udekem, Y.; Butt, W., 2015:
Not off the assembly line but properly tailored: customizing cannulation for extracorporeal life support*

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Not on speaking terms: hallucinations and structural network disconnectivity in schizophrenia

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Not on the face alone: perception of contextualized face expressions in Huntington's disease

Anonymous, 2014:
Not on the label

Browman, D.; Zurzolo, C., 2014:
Not on the menu: autophagy-independent clearance of prions

Kazanjian, Aée.; Apland, L.E.; Labonté, R., 2008:
Not on the radar: the impact of rural health realities on Canadian public policy and HHR migration from Sub-Saharan Africa

Dick, T., 2012:
Not on your watch: just try a little Windex

Kiefer, B., 2009:
Not one but two initiatives. Health system agencies and insurance carriers

Weiner, K.S.; Grill-Spector, K., 2011:
Not one extrastriate body area: using anatomical landmarks, hMT+, and visual field maps to parcellate limb-selective activations in human lateral occipitotemporal cortex

Belzel Ward, J., 2009:
Not one more child drowns

Newey, P., 2011:
Not one odour but two: A new model for nestmate recognition

Walczak, E.Maria., 2012:
Not one right arm has a name...

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Not one, but two, unexpected findings in a young man

González-Sainz, C.; Ruiz-Redondo, A.; Garate-Maidagan, D.; Iriarte-Avilés, E., 2014:
Not only Chauvet: dating Aurignacian rock art in Altxerri B Cave (northern Spain)

Amér, M.; Bennet, R.; Eriksson, M.; Rotzén-Ostlund, M., 2010:
Not only RSV can cause bronchiolitis in small children. Human metapneumovirus maybe the the second most common cause

Busardo, F.P.; Gulino, M.; Di Luca, N.M.; Vergallo, G.M.; Pacchiarotti, A.; Frati, P., 2015:
Not only a clinical nightmare: amniotic fluid embolism in court

Borasio, G.D., 2008:
Not only a specialist's job--palliative medicine concerns all of us

Michael, P.; Bleiblo, F.; Kumar, A.; Kumar, A., 2012:
Not only a toll for viruses: the role of toll-like receptor 3 in nonviral sepsis-induced cardiac depression

Barrios, V.; Escobar, C., 2008:
Not only after myocardial infarction

Lipczyńska, M.; Klisiewicz, A.; Szymański, P.; Rywik, T.; Hoffman, P., 2010:
Not only after myocardial infarction - left intraventricular thrombus in the Churg-Strauss syndrome

Korytkowski, M.T.; Orenstein, D.; Zimmer, S.M., 2012:
Not only an introduction but also a reminder

Tan, Q.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, L., 2010:
Not only anticancer drugs but also enzymes can be encapsulated in either micelle or other carrier for the treatment of cancer

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Not only body weight perception but also body mass index is relevant to suicidal ideation and self-harming behavior in Japanese adolescents

Adachi, Y.U.; Numaguchi, A.; Matsuda, N., 2014:
Not only bupivacaine but also propofol is sinking in lipid?

Niemann, C.; Godde, B.; Voelcker-Rehage, C., 2014:
Not only cardiovascular, but also coordinative exercise increases hippocampal volume in older adults

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Not only chemotherapy in the second-line treatment of metastatic gastric cancer

Lin, C-Ta.; Lee, Y-Yu.; Chen, C-Yang.; Wu, C-Chieh.; Jin, J-Shiaw.; Jao, S-Wen., 2012:
Not only condyloma acuminata of the anal canal: a rare case with coexisting adenocarcinoma

Wiwanitkit, V., 2011:
Not only documentation

Portella, G.; Hub, J.S.; Vesper, M.D.; de Groot, B.L., 2008:
Not only enthalpy: large entropy contribution to ion permeation barriers in single-file channels

Cuppari, C.; Manti, S.; Arrigo, T.; Salpietro, C., 2015:
Not only fever and palmoplantar vesicular eruption

Morandin, C.; Havukainen, H.; Kulmuni, J.; Dhaygude, K.; Trontti, K.; Helanterä, H., 2015:
Not only for egg yolk--functional and evolutionary insights from expression, selection, and structural analyses of Formica ant vitellogenins

Bustin, Ján., 2008:
Not only for the Queen: old age psychiatry in England

Moodie, R., 2015:
Not only getting personal

Cheng, T.O., 2007:
Not only green tea but also green leafy vegetables inhibit warfarin

Bleyen, I.; Hiemstra, C.A.; Devogelaere, T.; van den Bosch, W.A.; Wubbels, R.J.; Paridaens, D.A., 2011:
Not only hard contact lens wear but also soft contact lens wear may be associated with blepharoptosis

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Not only headache: higher degree of sexual pain symptoms among migraine sufferers

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Not only hysterectomy but also cesarean section can predict incomplete flexible sigmoidoscopy among patients with prior abdominal or pelvic surgery

Baumann Kreuziger, L.M.; Morton, C.T.; Subramanian, A.T.; Anderson, C.P.; Dries, D.J., 2015:
Not only in trauma patients: hospital-wide implementation of a massive transfusion protocol

Holmes, D.R., 2008:
Not only is it safe but it is also effective

Eşrefoğlu, M.; Iraz, M.; Ateş, B.; Gül, M., 2012:
Not only melatonin but also caffeic acid phenethyl ester protects kidneys against aging-related oxidative damage in Sprague Dawley rats

Ho-Yen, S.Dørheim., 2007:
Not only nirvana

Ołdak, M.; Sciezyńska, A.; Szulborski, K.; Szaflik, J.P.; Szaflik, J., 2014:
Not only optic neuropathy: new molecular and clinical aspects of OPA1 gene mutations

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Not only osmoprotectant: betaine increased lactate dehydrogenase activity and L-lactate production in lactobacilli

Holmwood, J., 2011:
Not only our misfortune: reply to Rosenfeld and Savage

Kawai, C.; Ferreira, J.C.; Baptista, M.S.; Nantes, I.L., 2015:
Not only oxidation of cardiolipin affects the affinity of cytochrome C for lipid bilayers

Dobler, J., 2012:
Not only persecution: cooperative relations between the homosexual movement and the police in imperial Germany and the Weimar Republic

Saylik, M.; Saylık, S.A., 2016:
Not only pregnancy but also the number of fetuses in the uterus affects intraocular pressure

Helmerhorst, F.M., 2014:
Not only randomised controlled trials, but also controlled observational studies

Chambers, D.; Rodgers, M.; Woolacott, N., 2010:
Not only randomized controlled trials, but also case series should be considered in systematic reviews of rapidly developing technologies

Cortes, J.E., 2012:
Not only response but early response to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in chronic myeloid leukemia

Wiwanitkit, V., 2011:
Not only seminal plasma zinc but also other trace elements affect semen quality

Bartschat, S.; Mercer-Chalmers-Bender, K.; Beike, J.; Rothschild, M.A.; Jübner, M., 2016:
Not only smoking is deadly: fatal ingestion of e-juice-a case report

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Not only soldiers have weapons: evolution of the frontal gland in imagoes of the termite families Rhinotermitidae and Serritermitidae

Chamberland, Vérie.; Rioux, P., 2011:
Not only students can express alcohol dehydrogenase: goldfish can too!

Dal Moro, F.; Zattoni, F., 2014:
Not only surgical technique, but also anesthetic concerns

Gråberg, T.; Andrén-Sandberg, A., 2011:
Not only the language requires translation

Bloch, Fédéric., 2014:
Not only the traumatic falls in elderly subjects requires awareness but all the falls even those hitherto regarded as unimportant

Yilmaz, Y.; Senates, E.; Yesil, A.; Ergelen, R.; Colak, Y., 2015:
Not only type 2 diabetes but also prediabetes is associated with portal inflammation and fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Nagasao, T.; Itamiya, T.; Sakamoto, Y.; Shimizu, Y.; Ogata, H.; Jiang, H.; Kishi, K.; Kaneko, T., 2014:
Not only "nurture", but also "nature", influence the outcome of zygoma repair

Burki, T., 2009:
Not our problem

Barnes, R.; White, P.Lewis., 2015:
Not over yet: fungal infections following methyl prednisolone injections smoulder on

Wasner, M., 2013:
Not overlooking the needs of dying patients and family. Psychosocial accompaniment at the end of life

Jeffs, L.; Espin, S.; Rorabeck, L.; Shannon, S.E.; Robins, L.; Levinson, W.; Gallagher, T.H.; Gladkova, O.; Lingard, L., 2012:
Not overstepping professional boundaries: the challenging role of nurses in simulated error disclosures

Clark, R.E.; Clements, K.M., 2014:
Not paying for catheter-associated urinary tract infections: more difficult than it seems?

Kim, Y.; Chen, A.Hm.; Keith, E.; Yee, H.F.; Kushel, M.B., 2010:
Not perfect, but better: primary care providers' experiences with electronic referrals in a safety net health system

Brock, G., 2008:
Not perfect, but good enough

Altschuler, E.L.; Kim, H.J.; Huang, A.E.; Hon, A.J.; McCormick, M.C.; Roncato, S., 2014:
Not physically present contours can yield illusory motion

Burda, D., 2012:
Not playing by the rules: We broke tradition for this year's most influential person

Carlson, J., 2009:
Not playing with not-for-profits. New commissioner says IRS will check noncompliance

Bågenholm, N.Eva., 2008:
Not possible to answer with a simple yes or no the question about compensation establishment

Axelsson, M.; Eriksson, A., 2011:
Not possible to determine the safe time margin between intake of opioids and parturition

Lantos, J.D., 2013:
Not practicing what we preach

Shanahan, D., 2013:
Not precisely accurate

Kagan, S.H.; Puppione, A.A., 2011:
Not preventing falls--promoting function

Galloro, V., 2008:
Not prime time yet? Brotman Medical questions intentions

Spier, S., 2012:
Not promoting good inhaler technique

Parodi, S.; Pistoia, V.; Muselli, M., 2008:
Not proper ROC curves as new tool for the analysis of differentially expressed genes in microarray experiments

Wintenberger, C., 2015:
Not providing results of UT colonization

Tieman, J.J.; Abernethy, A.; Currow, D.C., 2010:
Not published, not indexed: issues in generating and finding hospice and palliative care literature

Abunasser, J.; Colucci, J.; Bandyopadhyay, T., 2009:
Not pulmonary embolism!

Stabler, S.; Tejani, A.M.; Bruchet, N., 2012:
Not quite a breath of fresh air: use of combination inhalers in COPD

Gangadharan, V.; Alazzeh, A.; Forrest, T., 2013:
Not quite an acute ST segment elevation myocardial infarction

Medrano, E.E., 2011:
Not quite as old as the sun

Slaughter, M.C., 2007:
Not quite asthma: differential diagnosis of dyspnea, cough, and wheezing

Laditka, S.B.; Laditka, J.N.; Houck, M.M.; Olatosi, B.A., 2011:
Not quite color blind: ethnic and gender differences in attitudes toward older people among college students

Loibl, K.John.; Hogden, M.C., 2010:
Not quite cosmetically perfect pterygium surgery

Lee Van Horn, M.; Smith, J.; Fagan, A.A.; Jaki, T.; Feaster, D.J.; Masyn, K.; Hawkins, J.David.; Howe, G., 2012:
Not quite normal: Consequences of violating the assumption of normality in regression mixture models

Eaton, L., 2009:
Not quite right in the head

Lysaght Hurley, S.; Strumpf, N.; Barg, F.K.; Ersek, M., 2014:
Not quite seamless: transitions between home and inpatient hospice

Haugen, T.; Tonnessen, E.; Leirstein, S.; Hem, E.; Seiler, S., 2014:
Not quite so fast: effect of training at 90% sprint speed on maximal and repeated-sprint ability in soccer players

Chua, D.; Nishi, C., 2014:
Not quite the full story on new antiplatelets

Kaufman, N., 2014:
Not ready for population-health risk

Gumus, P.; Chalew, S., 2011:
Not ready for prime time

Antos, J., 2014:
Not ready for prime time. The Affordable Care Act will not solve our health insurance problems

Flynn, J.T., 2011:
Not ready for prime time: aliskiren for treatment of hypertension or proteinuria in children

Armentrout, D., 2015:
Not ready for prime time: transitional events in the extremely preterm infant

Oberg, J.E., 2012:
Not ready for takeoff

Conde, C., 2015:
Not ready to quit

Carlson, J., 2010:
Not ready to tie the knot. Cash woes stall not-for-profit mergers: analysts

Berger, M., 2008:
Not ready yet

Team, E., 2013:
Not really "too late love comes": Journal of Thoracic Disease is available on iPhone

Böhm, M., 2014:
Not registered

MacLachlan, T.K.; McIntyre, M.; Mitrophanous, K.; Miskin, J.; Jolly, D.J.; Cavagnaro, J.A., 2013:
Not reinventing the wheel: applying the 3Rs concepts to viral vector gene therapy biodistribution studies

Anonymous, 2012:
Not requiring a co-pay boosts colorectal screening

Knaebe, D.; Clevenger, C.; Macken, T.; Marshall, G.; LaFleur, S.; McClimon, M., 2007:
Not resting on ITs laurels. Interview by Michael Levin-Epstein

Singh, I., 2013:
Not robots: children's perspectives on authenticity, moral agency and stimulant drug treatments

REEVES, R.H., 2018:
Not room rate, but daily service charges

Shrubb, R., 2011:
Not safe as houses

Ainsworth, S., 2009:
Not safe for babies' bottom?

Lee, H.; Cho, H-Jeong.; Bae, E.; Kim, Y.Chul.; Kim, S.; Chin, H.Jun., 2015:
Not salt taste perception but self-reported salt eating habit predicts actual salt intake

Lubell, J., 2007:
Not satisfied. Hospitals say proposed limits on cuts aren't enough

Jang, Y.; Kwag, K.Hwa.; Chiriboga, D.A., 2010:
Not saying I am happy does not mean I am not: cultural influences on responses to positive affect items in the CES-D

Handelsman, J., 2010:
Not science fiction: undergraduates productive in research

Place, M., 2012:
Not secular. Tradition and law dictate special status for Catholic healthcare

Doshi, M.D., 2014:
Not seeing does not equal absent-acceptance of live kidney donors with metabolic syndrome

Johnson, J., 2012:
Not seeing is not believing: improving the visibility of your fluorescence images

Voncken, M.J.; Dijk, C.; de Jong, P.J.; Roelofs, J., 2011:
Not self-focused attention but negative beliefs affect poor social performance in social anxiety: an investigation of pathways in the social anxiety-social rejection relationship

Touzet, P., 2010:
Not selling the essence of the field...

Matson, J., 2009:
Not set in stone (or ice)

Cumming, P., 2015:
Not shooting an elephant

Gago Fraile, M.; Fernández Fresnedo, G.; García Martín, I.; Sanz de Castro, S.; Arias, M., 2009:
Not significant stenosis of renal artery in a single kidney does not counter-indicate placing an endovascular aortic prosthesis

McDonald, D.M., 2010:
Not silent, invisible: literature's chance encounters with deaf heroes and heroines

Foltán, R.; Hlousek, M.; Dundr, P.; Skalický, M.; Hejnák, V., 2007:
Not simply a foreign body

Ly, K., 2011:
Not simply black and white: dignity and respect

Vercellotti, G.M.; Belcher, J.D., 2014:
Not simply misshapen red cells: multimolecular and cellular events in sickle vaso-occlusion

Vemer, P.; Goossens, L.M.A.; Rutten-van Mölken, M.P.M.H., 2015:
Not simply more of the same: distinguishing between patient heterogeneity and parameter uncertainty

Fantegrossi, W.E.; McCain, K.R.; Moran, J.H.; Hoffman, R.S., 2014:
Not simply synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol

Finley, G.Allen.; MacLaren Chorney, J.; Campbell, L., 2014:
Not small adults: the emerging role of pediatric pain services

Senior, J.M., 2014:
Not small horses: improving treatments for donkeys

Schunack, W., 2008:
Not smoking, essential for healthy lungs

Kabbani, N., 2013:
Not so Cool? Menthol's discovered actions on the nicotinic receptor and its implications for nicotine addiction

Wallace, M.B., 2014:
Not so NICE to be serrated

Stebbing, J.; Dalgleish, A., 2009:
Not so SMART?

Dent, P., 2015:
Not so WEE: targeting G₂/M to kill mesothelioma cells

Lea, J.; Lechner, C.; Halmagyi, G.Michael.; Welgampola, M.S., 2015:
Not so benign positional vertigo: paroxysmal downbeat nystagmus from a superior cerebellar peduncle neoplasm

Meyers-Manor, J.E.; Overmier, J.Bruce.; Hatfield, D.W.; Croswell, J., 2015:
Not so bird-brained: Pigeons show what-where-when memory both as time of day and how long ago

Fox, D.L.; Ferrell, B., 2009:
Not so black and white after all

Pauker, K.; Weisbuch, M.; Ambady, N.; Sommers, S.R.; Adams, R.B.; Ivcevic, Z., 2009:
Not so black and white: memory for ambiguous group members

Gerardo, M.P.; Teno, J.M.; Mor, V., 2009:
Not so black and white: nursing home concentration of Hispanics associated with prevalence of pressure ulcers

Milliron, M., 2014:
Not so buzzworthy

Williams, C.D., 2009:
Not so choppy SEAS

Liu, Z-Xiang.; Huang, W-Rong.; Li, M.; Gu, Z-Yang.; Zhu, C-Ying.; Lu, N.; Yao, S.; Wang, S-Hong.; Li, F.; Gao, X-Ning.; Liu, D-Hong.; Gao, C-Ji., 2018:
Clinical Characteristics, Treatment and Prognosis of PTLD after allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Palgi, Y.; Shrira, A.; Hamama-Raz, Y.; Palgi, S.; Goodwin, R.; Ben-Ezra, M., 2015:
Not so close but still extremely loud: recollection of the World Trade Center terror attack and previous hurricanes moderates the association between exposure to hurricane Sandy and posttraumatic stress symptoms

Doggrell, S.A., 2014:
Not so critical appraisal of dapagliflozin

Mercer, C.H.; Aicken, C.R.H.; Cassell, J.A.; Hartnell, V.; Davies, L.; Ryan, J.; Keane, F., 2014:
Not so different after all? Comparing patients attending general practice-based locally enhanced services for sexual health with patients attending genitourinary medicine

Johnson, D., 2012:
Not so easy to let someone die

Goodloe, J.M., 2014:
Not so fast on naloxone? There's growing support for non-paramedic use, but keep these cautions in mind

Afonso, C.L., 2008:
Not so fast on recombination analysis of Newcastle disease virus

Turner, G-Marie., 2011:
Not so fast on reform. Democrats' plans favor government, squeeze private sector

Ginsberg, L.E.; Clayman, G.I.; Edeiken-Monroe, B.S.; Rohren, E.; Sherman, S.I., 2010:
Not so fast on the thyroidectomy--response to Eloy, et al

Dennis, A.; Vizinas, T.A.; Joseph, K.; Kingsley, S.; Bokhari, F.; Starr, F.; Poulakidas, S.; Wiley, D.; Messer, T.; Nagy, K., 2013:
Not so fast to skin graft: transabdominal wall traction closes most "domain loss" abdomens in the acute setting

Ballance, L.O., 2011:
Not so fast with the foot poke

Vis, G., 2011:
Not so fast with the prettiest baby award please!

Ramamoorthy, J.; Schroder, M.; Galgon, R.E., 2014:
Not so fast! Confusion over a radio-opaque marker

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Not so neutral

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Not so silent nurse

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Not steroids again

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Not superficial, but on the surface

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Not sure how to move forward in healthcare IT? Ask a Kiwi

von Bubnoff, A., 2010:
Not sure? Ask everyone

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Not sure? Don't be afraid to ask!

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Not taking sides ... but AHIP backs individual mandate in Va. case

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Not that day ..

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Not the be-all, end-all ACOs are a start, but insurers, hospitals, patients all must do their part too

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Not the end we planned for

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Not there yet on raising concerns

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Not to be toyed with

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Not to sell the practice under value. Plan five years ahead!

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Not to stigmatize but to humanize sexual lives of the transgender (hijra) in Bangladesh: condom chat in the AIDS era

Anonymous, 1967:
Not to take a total loss

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Not tonight, darling, I might get a headache

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Not too big, not too small: a goldilocks approach to sample size selection

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Not too close for comfort

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Not too dark, not too light, the quest for skin, that's just right

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Not too eager prescribing vitamin C for the common cold!

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Not too large and not too small--just the right size: a hippo-sized heart

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Not too late to take vitamin D supplements

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Not too late, not too fast!!

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Not too little, not too much: delivering the right amount of anaesthesia during surgery

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Not too loose, not too tight--just right. Biphasic control of the Tsr HAMP domain

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Not too much reason for excitement: deep brain stimulation for anorexia nervosa

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Not too much to ask

Mulder, B.J.M., 2010:
Not too old to be closed…

Nord, E., 2013:
Not unclear about severity of illness

Father Thomas Nairn, 2011:
Not unique, not distinct--yet Catholic? Integrity is key

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Not unusual that the medical documentation must be completed

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Not up to big business alone

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Not up to speed. Boards still don't grasp gravity of some issues: report

Odland, J.Oyvind., 2010:
Not updated knowledge about hazardous substances

Gokhale, R., 2008:
Not used in oral sex