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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54733

Chapter 54733 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Smidt, C.M., 1948:
On postbronchoscopio reactions

Ovens, H.; Affleck, A.; Letovsky, E., 2015:
On posting wait times: an alternate view

Bowman, M.A.; Neale, A.Victoria., 2010:
On postpartum depression, hormonal problems, and practice management for medical home implementation

Thombs, B.D.; Miller, S.D.; Ziegelstein, R.C., 2007:
On pot, potomania, and (couch) potatoes: the link between habits and mood

Mijajlovic, M.; Biggs, M.J.; Djurdjevic, D.P., 2010:
On potential energy models for EA-based ab initio protein structure prediction

Sala-Rabanal, M.; Wang, S.; Nichols, C.G., 2012:
On potential interactions between non-selective cation channel TRPM4 and sulfonylurea receptor SUR1

Hulanicki, A.; Trojanowicz, M., 1969:
On potentiometric titration curves in complexometry

Goihman, M., 2011:
On potted palms

Chow, S-Chung.; Cheng, B.; Cosmatos, D., 2008:
On power and sample size calculation for QT studies with recording replicates at given time point

Zhang, W.; Sethuraman, V., 2011:
On power and sample size calculation in ethnic sensitivity studies

Bai, S-Zhong.; Wu, X-Yun., 2015:
On power idealization filter topologies of lattice implication algebras

Anonymous, 2011:
On practicability of implementing the speciality "podiatry" in traumatology and orthopedics

García, C.Urdiales.; Sigler, F.Garcia.; Duran, M.Dominguez.; Torre, J.De.La.; Aristizabal, F.Coslado.; Parras, S.Perez.; Miralles, R.Trapero.; Sandoval, F., 2007:
On practical issues about interference in telecare applications based on different wireless technologies

Gaydos, G.R., 1986:
On praxis and praxics

Noro, L., 2010:
On pre-excitation (WPW syndrome)

Wieczorek, R., 2013:
On prebiotic ecology, supramolecular selection and autopoiesis

Tymofiyeva, O.; Schmid, F.; von Kienlin, M.; Breuer, F.A.; Rottner, K.; Boldt, J.; Richter, E-Juergen.; Jakob, P.M., 2011:
On precise localization of boundaries between extended uniform objects in MRI: tooth imaging as an example

Schindler, R., 2014:
On precursors of gastric carcinoma

Gal, R.; Libersat, F., 2010:
On predatory wasps and zombie cockroaches: Investigations of "free will" and spontaneous behavior in insects

Baus, C.; Sebanz, N.; de la Fuente, V.; Branzi, F.Martina.; Martin, C.; Costa, A., 2015:
On predicting others' words: electrophysiological evidence of prediction in speech production

Loganantharaj, R.; Philip, V., 2007:
On predicting secondary structure transition

Li, Z.; Zhang, M.; Hu, H.; Liu, S.; Lu, Z., 2012:
On predicting the T cell and B cell epitopes of platelet membrane glycoprotein II b/ III a antibody from human and mice

Baldwin, D.S.; Bolognesi, F., 2013:
On predicting the response to antidepressant treatment

Peiponen, K-Erik.; Gornov, E., 2008:
On prediction of optical properties of two- and multiphase nanocomposites for nanomedicine

Mirzaei, M.; Zeinali, A.; Razmjoo, A.; Nazemi, M., 2009:
On prediction of the strength levels and failure patterns of human vertebrae using quantitative computed tomography (QCT)-based finite element method

Bidevkina, M.V., 2014:
On prediction the hygienic standards of chemical substances having a selective action, in the atmospheric air of populated areas

Davies, S.; Rawlinson, H., 2013:
On premature celebrations

Aust, H.; Veltum, B.; Wächtershäuser, T.; Eberhart, L.; Wulf, H.; Rüsch, D., 2014:
On preoperative risk evaluation of adult patients before elective non-cardiac surgery: results of a survey on clinical practice in the Federal State of Hessen

Snowden, F., 2009:
On preparing for a deposition

Ning, K.; Ye, N.; Leong, H.Wai., 2008:
On preprocessing and antisymmetry in de novo peptide sequencing: improving efficiency and accuracy

Ortega Sánchez-Pinilla, R., 2008:
On prescription of physical exercise

Leichtman, M.; Lerner, P., 2014:
On preserving a legacy: Paul Lerner and the Menninger Rorschach tradition

Li, J.; Tao, D., 2013:
On preserving original variables in Bayesian PCA with application to image analysis

Fountain, A.; Kellehear, A., 2012:
On prevalence disparities in recent empirical studies of deathbed visions

Langley, J.Desmond.; Cryer, C., 2013:
On preventing all injuries: a response to Pless

Rubenstein, R.C.; Kreindler, J.L., 2014:
On preventing the extinction of the physician-scientist in pediatric pulmonology

Aliev, D.A.; Azizov, V.A.; Sadygova, T.A.; Zeĭnalov, R.S.; Musaev, I.N., 2009:
On prevention and treatment of arterial hypertension in patients with breast cancer, and undergoing hormonotherapy

Rakhmanov, R.S.; Gadzhiibragimov, D.A.; Gladilin, A.V., 2013:
On prevention of a combined impact of electromagnetic radiation and climatic/weather factors on worker's organism

Rachmanov, R.S.; Gladilin, A.V.; Gadzhiibragimov, D.A.; Bachmudov, G.G., 2011:
On prevention of electromagnetic rays effects in workers exposed to extreme climate conditions

Shevalev, A.E., 2012:
On prevention of gangrene of the extremities following ligature of the blood vessels

De Kruif, J.Kendall.; Fasler-Kan, E.; Varum, F.; Bravo, R.; Kuentz, M., 2015:
On prilling of hydrophilic microgels in lipid dispersions using mono-N-carboxymethyl chitosan for oral biologicals delivery

Rossini, P.M.; Tecchio, F., 2008:
On primary cortical hand representation in the left and right hemispheres

Saks, C.I., 2010:
On primary glaucoma

Jiang, X.; Wang, G., 2013:
On primary pulmonary amyloidosis

Rodin, A.S.; Rodin, S.N.; Carter, C.W., 2010:
On primordial sense-antisense coding

Goldberg, A.L., 2007:
On prions, proteasomes, and mad cows

Ramsden, S., 2008:
On prioritising patient safety

Yager, R.R., 2013:
On prioritized multiple-criteria aggregation

Courbage, C., 2010:
On priority setting in preventive care resources

Moore, J., 1984:
On privacy, causes, and contingencies

Siekevitz, P., 1978:
On prizes

Chaiken, J.; Goodisman, J., 2010:
On probing human fingertips in vivo using near-infrared light: model calculations

Gisler, A.W.; Nesbitt, D.J., 2012:
On probing ions at the gas-liquid interface by quantum state-resolved molecular beam scattering: the curious incident of the cation in the night time

Mendes, S.B.; Saavedra, S., 1999:
On probing molecular monolayers: a spectroscopic optical waveguide approach of ultra-sensitivity

Plumridge, N., 2012:
On problematic procurement. Our goods vehicles are clapped out

Sun, H-Shu.; Wang, K-Jian., 2011:
On problems and thinking of methodology in the inheritance of the esteemed acupuncturists' experiences

Pieragostini, C.; Mussati, M.C.; Aguirre, Pío., 2012:
On process optimization considering LCA methodology

Casas, F., 2010:
On processed splitting methods and high-order actions in path-integral Monte Carlo simulations

Criado-Alvarez, J.J.; Romo-Barrientos, C., 2007:
On procrastination or the art of postponing

Goretti Regazzoni, G., 2013:
On procreating today

Friedman, M.D., 1967:
On procuring Russian literature

Nickerson, R.S.; Butler, S.F., 2009:
On producing random binary sequences

Bulacio, B.José., 2008:
On professional formation in the field of substance abuse and other related problems. Tales from practice

Bubnova, E.V., 2009:
On professional rehabilitation of the disabled

Hunter, H.C.; Ray, A.K., 2009:
On progeny droplets emitted during Coulombic fission of charged microdrops

Rudberg, R.; Sjoberg, A., 1949:
On prognosis and therapy in oto-rhinogenous meningitis

Ketteler, R., 2012:
On programmed ribosomal frameshifting: the alternative proteomes

Evans, N., 2014:
On projecting grammatical persons into social neurocognition: a view from linguistics

Ridge, C.D.; Mandelshtam, V.A., 2009:
On projection-reconstruction NMR

Aguayo, J., 2008:
On projective identification: back to the beginning

Marijuán, P.C.; Navarro, J.; del Moral, R., 2010:
On prokaryotic intelligence: strategies for sensing the environment

Li, Q-Qin.; Gong, H.; Liu, M.; Yang, M.; Zheng, J., 2012:
On prolonging network lifetime through load-similar node deployment in wireless sensor networks

Sanchez-Ruiz, J.M., 2012:
On promiscuity, changing environments and the possibility of replaying the molecular tape of life

Carmichael, R.P., 2009:
On promoting quality of prosthodontic care for children with craniofacial dental anomalies

Stien, R., 2009:
On propaganda, terrorism and conflicts of interest

Ermakova, E.A.; Shnol, E.E.; Panteleev, M.A.; Butylin, A.A.; Volpert, V.; Ataullakhanov, F.I., 2009:
On propagation of excitation waves in moving media: the FitzHugh-Nagumo model

Katkov, I.I., 2011:
On proper linearization, construction and analysis of the Boyle-van't Hoff plots and correct calculation of the osmotically inactive volume

Wilson, J.A., 2009:
On properly integrating the electronic Raman and optical infra-red spectra of high temperature superconducting cuprate materials

Xu, R.; Gamst, A., 2007:
On proportional hazards assumption under the random effects models

Levesque, R.J.R., 2013:
On proposing special issues for the Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Zarb, G.A., 2009:
On prosthodontic continuing educational choices--lite or grand cru

Zarb, G.A., 2012:
On prosthodontic interfaces: a continuing narrative

Tchetgen Tchetgen, E.J.; Rotnitzky, A., 2012:
On protected estimation of an odds ratio model with missing binary exposure and confounders

Balonov, M.I., 2012:
On protecting the inexperienced reader from Chernobyl myths

Kapur, N., 2014:
On protecting whistleblowers. The NHS needs a staff support commission

van Hoof, B.; Markvoort, A.J.; van Santen, R.A.; Hilbers, P.A.J., 2013:
On protein crowding and bilayer bulging in spontaneous vesicle formation

Chin, J.T.; Wheeler, S.L.; Klibanov, A.M., 1994:
On protein solubility in organic solvent

Schrynemackers, M.; Küffner, R.; Geurts, P., 2013:
On protocols and measures for the validation of supervised methods for the inference of biological networks

Wang, D.; Mackie, T.Rockwell.; Tomé, W.A., 2012:
On proton CT reconstruction using MVCT-converted virtual proton projections

Graw, F.; Gerds, T.A.; Schumacher, M., 2008:
On pseudo-values for regression analysis in competing risks models

Klimarev, S.I.; Kanatova, G.V., 2010:
On pseudomonas aerugenosa immunity to microwave energies

Sarin, A., 2012:
On psychiatric wills and the Ulysses clause: The advance directive in psychiatry

Brummer, P., 1947:
On psychic and somatic factors in the etiology of neurocirculatory and gastric dystonia

Reber, A.S., 1973:
On psycho-linguistic paradigms

Kris, E., 1948:
On psychoanalysis and education

Watkins, C.Edward., 2014:
On psychoanalytic supervision as signature pedagogy

Watkins, C.Edward., 2014:
On psychoanalytic supervisor competencies, the persistent paradox without parallel in psychoanalytic education, and dreaming of an evidence-based psychoanalytic supervision

Euler, S.; Schimpf, H.; Hennig, Jürgen.; Brosig, B., 2005:
On psychobiology in psychoanalysis - salivary cortisol and secretory IgA as psychoanalytic process parameters

Bormuth, M., 2009:
On psychodynamics of personal value-judgements - Nietzsche's theory of resentment and its reception by Karl Jaspers and Kurt Schneider

Bronstein, C., 2011:
On psychosomatics: the search for meaning

Gingerich, O., 1976:
On ptolemy as the greatest astronomer of antiquity

Maryon-Davis, A., 2011:
On public health England. Roughly stitched together

Sisk, B.; McLeroy, K., 2008:
On public health and the military

Nichol, G.R., 2013:
On public obligation

Timuralp, B., 2015:
On publication language and international publishing, success of Professor Özaydın and Anatolian Journal of Cardiology, peer-review and academic depression

Gunt, H.B.; Levy, S.B.; Lutrario, C.A., 2018:
Clinical Improvements in Very Dry Skin from a Natural Ingredient-Based Moisturizing Cream Compared With a Leading Colloidal Oatmeal Control

Pasricha, S.V.; Tadrous, M.; Khuu, W.; Juurlink, D.N.; Mamdani, M.M.; Paterson, J.Michael.; Gomes, T., 2018:
Clinical indications associated with opioid initiation for pain management in Ontario, Canada: a population-based cohort study

Hartocollis, P., 2010:
On publishing ethics: a review of conventions and practices

Tsuda, Y.; Hama, G.; Niitsu, H.; Shiratori, K.; Takemura, T., 2014:
On pump beating heart mitral and tricuspid valve annuloplasty via right mini thoracotomy approach in a patient who had undergone cardiac surgery 3 times

Tobe, S.; Omura, A.; Yoshida, K.; Fukase, K.; Tanimura, N.; Yamaguchi, M., 2007:
On pump beating heart mitral valve repair without aortic cross-clamp for low ejection fraction ischemic mitral regurgitation after coronary artery bypass grafting; report of a case

Khan, M.Shahzeb.; Islam, M.Yousuf-Ul.; Ahmed, M.Umer.; Bawany, F.Imran.; Khan, A.; Arshad, M.Hussham., 2014:
On pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery versus off pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery: a review

Fatimi, S.; Kella, D.K.; Muzaffar, M.; Hanif, H.Muhammad., 2010:
On pump coronary surgical revascularization in a patient with chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Tsiopoulos, V.; Pragliola, C.; Gaudino, M.; Massetti, M., 2015:
On pump evaluation of the anastomotic patency of in situ arterial grafts

Mirhosseini, S.Jalil.; Forouzannia, S.Khalil.; Ali-Hassan-Sayegh, S.; Hadad-Zadeh, M.; Abdollahi, M.Hassan.; Moshtaghiom, H.; Hosseini, H., 2013:
On pump versus off pump coronary artery bypass surgery in patients over seventy years old with triple vessels disease and severe left ventricle dysfunction: focus on early clinical outcomes

Vicente, K.J.; Kirlik, A., 1992:
On putting the cart before the horse: Taking perception seriously in unified theories of cognition

Mena, G.; Paninski, L., 2014:
On quadrature methods for refractory point process likelihoods

Hymel, G.M., 2009:
On qualitative research, outcome measures, and the fostering of professional dialogue

Vardaki, M.; Papageorgiou, H., 2011:
On quality assurance and assessment of biological datasets and related statistics

Perepérez, M.; Rodríguez del Rio, J.M.; Bermejo, B.; Catalán, J., 2009:
On quality assurance in anesthesia

Fardo, D.W.; Ionita-Laza, I.; Lange, C., 2009:
On quality control measures in genome-wide association studies: a test to assess the genotyping quality of individual probands in family-based association studies and an application to the HapMap data

Mart'ianov, V.V., 2009:
On quality grade of geologic barriers in construction and running the near-surface depots for radioactive waste with low and medium activity

Steinert, T.; Grossimlinghaus, I., 2014:
On quality indicators of the DGPPN

Lawrence, W., 2008:
On quality of life in the long-term survivors after total gastrectomy for gastric carcinoma

Rach, S.; Diederich, A.; Colonius, H., 2011:
On quantifying multisensory interaction effects in reaction time and detection rate

Lin, E.; Durbin, J.; Goldbloom, D.S., 2011:
On quantifying quality

Janes, H.; Dominici, F.; Zeger, S., 2010:
On quantifying the magnitude of confounding

Cappellin, L.; Karl, T.; Probst, M.; Ismailova, O.; Winkler, P.M.; Soukoulis, C.; Aprea, E.; Märk, T.D.; Gasperi, F.; Biasioli, F., 2012:
On quantitative determination of volatile organic compound concentrations using proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Nebel, M.E.; Scheid, A., 2010:
On quantitative effects of RNA shape abstraction

Zoghbi, S.S.; Anderson, K.B.; Jenko, K.J.; Luckenbaugh, D.A.; Innis, R.B.; Pike, V.W., 2012:
On quantitative relationships between drug-like compound lipophilicity and plasma free fraction in monkey and human

Nemukhin, A.V.; Grigorenko, B.L.; Morozov, D.I.; Kochetov, M.S.; Lushchekina, S.V.; Varfolomeev, S.D., 2013:
On quantum mechanical--molecular mechanical (QM/MM) approaches to model hydrolysis of acetylcholine by acetylcholinesterase

Wang, H.; Sun, Y., 2014:
On quantum models of the human mind

Borrajo, Mía.Cristina., 2014:
On quaternary prevention and defensive medicine

Schmideberg, M., 2018:
On querulance

Quick, A.J., 1970:
On quick test uses

Malagodi, E.F., 1986:
On radicalizing behaviorism: A call for cultural analysis

Engelstad, R.B., 2014:
On radio-surgery of tumor metastases in the lymph glands of the neck

Hutchinson, M.; Greenberg, J.O., 2008:
On radiology referral versus specialist referral

Larioshenko, T.G., 2014:
On radiotherapy in cancer of the cervix

Pobedinsky, M.N., 2014:
On radium therapy of erosions and cancer of the cervix and pathological conditions of the uterus, including fibromyomas

Price, M., 2013:
On raising the bar

Kouritzin, M.A.; Newton, F.; Wu, B., 2013:
On random field Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart generation

Molenberghs, G.; Kenward, M.G.; Aerts, M.; Verbeke, G.; Tsiatis, A.A.; Davidian, M.; Rizopoulos, D., 2014:
On random sample size, ignorability, ancillarity, completeness, separability, and degeneracy: sequential trials, random sample sizes, and missing data

Wang, Y.; Hatzinakos, D., 2011:
On random transformations for changeable face verification

Ingo, C.; Magin, R.L.; Colon-Perez, L.; Triplett, W.; Mareci, T.H., 2016:
On random walks and entropy in diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging studies of neural tissue

Gucev, Z.S.; Tasic, V.; Polenakovic, M., 2016:
On rare and "super-rare" diseases: an insight from the Republic of Macedonia

Weber, F.P., 2018:
On rare diseases and syndromes, with some examples

Won, S.; Kim, Y.; Lange, C., 2015:
On rare-variant analysis in population-based designs: decomposing the likelihood to two informative components

Pennisi, E., 2010:
On rarity and richness

Babalova, E.G., 2010:
On rat rickettsiasis observed at B----

Tuba, J.; Hoare, R., 2014:
On rat serum lipase; a simple micromethod for estimation of lipase activity in rat serum

Hasan, S.Saif.; Cramer, W.A., 2013:
On rate limitations of electron transfer in the photosynthetic cytochrome b6f complex

Sarshar, N.; Wu, X., 2007:
On rate-distortion models for natural images and wavelet coding performance

Lee, L.; Teng, A.P.; Wennberg, P.O.; Crounse, J.D.; Cohen, R.C., 2014:
On rates and mechanisms of OH and O3 reactions with isoprene-derived hydroxy nitrates

Hutchinson, T.P., 2007:
On ratings of comfort and exertion by visual display unit users and ratings of workplace layout and working posture by expert ergonomists

Adjeroh, D.A.; Lee, M.C., 2008:
On ratio-based color indexing

Chen, S.; Xia, C., 2015:
On rationality of kneading determinants

Klasen, J.; Faulde, M., 2015:
On rats, bugs, and mosquitoes. "Urban pests" and vectors play an increasingly important role in Germany again

On re-innervation of paretic muscles by the use of their residual nerve supply

Tuckwell, H.C., 2007:
On reaction dynamics at dopamine synapses

Côté-Boileau, Térèse., 2005:
On reading a government document: When will we finally achieve the true organization of paediatric care in Quebec?

Kashiwase, H., 2012:
On reading a report by Arai (Vol.113, No. 6)--"juvenile" dementia as a terminology

Anonymous, 1974:
On reading the federal budget

Fujimoto, S., 2011:
On reading "the number of public health clinics and their activities based on the reports on the management of these clinics, regional public health and the activities in geriatric health services"

Trevino, G., 2007:
On real-time estimates of blood glucose levels: response to Garg et al. and Deiss et al

Gibson, O.J.; Farmer, A.J.; McSharry, P.E.; Tarassenko, L., 2007:
On real-time estimates of blood glucose levels: response to Treviño

Shmaliy, Y.S., 2007:
On real-time optimal FIR estimation of linear TIE models of local clocks

Schmideberg, M., 1948:
On reality and phantasy

Nalwa, K.S.; Park, J-Mok.; Ho, K-Ming.; Chaudhary, S., 2011:
On realizing higher efficiency polymer solar cells using a textured substrate platform

Abramsky, O.; Heine, H., 2010:
On receiving the Heinrich Heine Award, Dusseldorf, September 2009

Stegenga, K.; Ward-Smith, P., 2009:
On receiving the diagnosis of cancer: the adolescent perspective

Cavalli, A., 2011:
On receiving what has gone astray, on finding what has got lost

Braun, S.; Scheichl, S., 2014:
On recent developments in marginal separation theory

Loewenstein, J., 1949:
On recent experiences with mechanotherapy of impotence

Taylor, J.S., 2009:
On recognition, caring, and dementia

Waardenburg, P.J., 1948:
On recognizability of latent conductors of universal albinism and of ocular albinism

Dembic, Z., 2013:
On recognizing 'shades-of-gray' (self-nonself discrimination) or 'colour' (Integrity model) by the immune system

Li, L.; Yang, H.; Bian, Y.; Quan, X., 2008:
On recognizing the ECG P-wave based on approximating functions in the optimum region

Sackett, P.R.; Schmitt, N., 2012:
On reconciling conflicting meta-analytic findings regarding integrity test validity

Jensen, J.D., 2009:
On reconciling single and recurrent hitchhiking models

Wollmann, H.; Mica, E.; Todesco, M.; Long, J.A.; Weigel, D., 2010:
On reconciling the interactions between APETALA2, miR172 and AGAMOUS with the ABC model of flower development

Madias, J.E., 2008:
On recording the unipolar ECG limb leads via the Wilson's vs the Goldberger's terminals: aVR, aVL, and aVF revisited

Jakobsson, A., 1948:
On recurrent dislocation of the shoulder-joint; a contribution to its pathomechanics and the results of Eden/Hybbinette's bone-block operation

Watumull, J.; Hauser, M.D.; Roberts, I.G.; Hornstein, N., 2014:
On recursion

Marteau, P-Francois.; Gibet, S., 2014:
On recursive edit distance kernels with application to time series classification

Accad, M.; Fred, H.L., 2011:
On redefining hypertension

Shulman, L.P., 2008:
On redefining the relationship of the hot flash to the health of peri-and postmenopausal women

Woltin, K-Andrew.; Yzerbyt, V.Y.; Corneille, O., 2012:
On reducing an empathy gap: the impact of self-construal and order of judgment

Lewis, B.; Watts, G.F.; Sullivan, D.R., 2011:
On reducing cardiovascular disease to a rarity: clinical strategies and their cost-effectiveness

Essex, M., 2013:
On reducing demand

Mascarenhas, O.A.J.; Kesavan, R.; Bernacchi, M.D., 2015 :
On reducing information asymmetry in U.S. health care

Yeung, D.Y.; Bekey, G.A., 1993:
On reducing learning time in context-dependent mappings

Baldwin, D.S., 2012:
On reducing the duration of untreated illness in unipolar depression

Menzies, S.W., 2011:
On reducing the need to excise nevi

Van Gelderen, C., 1948:
On referred pain and Head's zones

Klimek, Młgorzata., 2013:
On reflection symmetry and its application to the Euler-Lagrange equations in fractional mechanics

Butcher, J., 2007:
On reflection: dementia misadventure

Chen, Y.; Gonzalez, R., 1985:
On refractory oxide crystals for continuous-wave tunable lasers

Kikugawa, C.A., 1980:
On refrigerating unused pitressin tannate in oil

Billow, R.M., 2007:
On refusal

Beemsterboer, W.; Stewart, R.; Groothoff, J.; Nijhuis, F., 2009:
On regional differences in determinants of sick leave frequency for cleaning workers in two regions of the Netherlands: a comparative study

Beemsterboer, W.; Stewart, R.; Groothoff, J.; Nijhuis, F., 2009:
On regional differences in sick leave: the role of work, individual and health characteristics and socio-cultural environment

Murray, S.W.; Ramsdale, D., 2010:
On registries and labels

Vansteelandt, S.; Daniel, R.M., 2015:
On regression adjustment for the propensity score

Marks, J.H., 2011:
On regularity and regulation, health claims and hype

Tafti, P.Dehghani.; Unser, M., 2011:
On regularized reconstruction of vector fields

Bubb, S., 2012:
On regulated competition. The NHS's new cultural revolution

Szent-Györgyi, A.; Egyud, L., 1966:
On regulators of cell division

Yuan, Q.; Yu, J.; Jin, R., 2007:
On reinforcing-reducing of acupuncture and moxibustion in modern times

Lanzafame, R.J., 2013:
On rejection, resilience, and retraction

Behçet, H.; Matteson, E.L.; Behcet, H., 2011:
On relapsing, aphthous ulcers of the mouth, eye and genitalia caused by a virus. 1937

Luzhkov, V.B., 2010 :
On relation between the free-energy perturbation and Bennett's acceptance ratio methods: Tracing the influence of the energy gap

Christiansen, J.A., 1949:
On relations between activation energies and frequency exponents in chemical kinetics

Law, N-Fong.; Cheng, K-On.; Siu, W-Chi., 2007:
On relationship of Z-curve and Fourier approaches for DNA coding sequence classification

Guo, C-Qing.; Chen, Y-Nan., 2007:
On relationship of acupoint-injection with injury of peripheral nerves

Blanco, E.; Ruso, J.M.; Prieto, G.; Sarmiento, Félix., 2007:
On relationships between surfactant type and globular proteins interactions in solution

Chatterjee, C.; Roychowdhury, V.P.; Chong, E.P., 2008:
On relative convergence properties of principal component analysis algorithms

Kalka, N.D.; Hicklin, R.Austin., 2016:
On relative distortion in fingerprint comparison

Awiszus, F., 2013:
On relative frequency estimation of transcranial magnetic stimulation motor threshold

Bucinský, Lás.; Biskupic, S.; Ilcin, M.; Lukes, Vír.; Laurinc, V., 2008:
On relativistic effects in ground state potential curves of Zn2, Cd2, and Hg2 dimers. A CCSD(T) study

Zhang, H-peng.; Chen, R-hua., 2010:
On relativity of the cognition of health

Supek, F.; Šmuc, T. , 2010:
On relevance of codon usage to expression of synthetic and natural genes in Escherichia coli

McMillan, G.P., 2015:
On reliability

Nilsson, R.; Björkegren, J.; Tegnér, J., 2009:
On reliable discovery of molecular signatures

Carpenter, L.M., 2010:
On remedicalisation: male circumcision in the United States and Great Britain

Schnurr, P.P., 2011:
On remembering

Kopelman, M.D.; Bright, P., 2013:
On remembering and forgetting our autobiographical pasts: retrograde amnesia and Andrew Mayes's contribution to neuropsychological method

Botella, César., 2015:
On remembering: the notion of memory without recollection

Cai, Q.; Wang, J.; Zhao, H-Kai.; Luo, R., 2009:
On removal of charge singularity in Poisson-Boltzmann equation

Aganj, I.; Yeo, B.Thye.Thomas.; Sabuncu, M.R.; Fischl, B., 2013:
On removing interpolation and resampling artifacts in rigid image registration

Seddon, N., 2013:
On removing workforce straitjackets

Heras, M.; Fernández-Reyes, Mía.José.; Guerrero, Mía.Teresa., 2010:
On renal function estimation in the elderly: implications of the systematic use of MDRD equations for dose adjustment

Rowen, M.; Schneider, D.J.; Pratley, R.E.; Sobel, B.E., 2007:
On rendering continuous glucose monitoring ready for prime time in the cardiac care unit

Li, M., 2008:
On renewing the concept of treatment of prostate carcinoma

Almubrad, T.M.; Ogbuehi, K.C., 2010:
On repeated corneal applanation with the Goldmann and two non-contact tonometers

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On successful acquisitions

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On succession planning

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On suggestion and its related problems

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Clinical Indicators of Admission for Pediatric Cochlear Implant Procedures

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On supplementing "Foot in the door" incentives for eHealth program engagement

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On suppressing unwanted cues via randomization

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On surgeons and doughnuts

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Clinical indicators of hemorrhagic shock in pregnancy

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On surgical methods for the treatment of female infertility with particular emphasis on tubal re-engagement

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On surgical strategy for ischemic cardiomyopathy

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On surgically treated hepatitis

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On symptoms of the pulse in the central retinal artery

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On syringe transmitted hepatitis and its role in the present epidemic of hepatitis in Finland

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On taeniasis, hydatidosis and 'figatellu'

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On taking down a colleague: is there an ethical mandate to report?

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On taking office as a professor at Asahi University School of Dentistry (my ambition for a study and the education)

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Clinical Indices Can Standardize and Monitor Pediatric Care: A Novel Mechanism to Improve Quality and Safety

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On taking stock of our scholarly progress

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On talking and touching in medicine

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On talking-as-dreaming

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On taping (adhesive tape treatment) of leg ulcers

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On tapir ecology, evolution and conservation: what we know and future perspectives-part I

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On tapir ecology, evolution and conservation: what we know and future perspectives-part II

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On target to dual block RAS?

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On target to improve adolescent health

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On target with vector-borne infections: understanding Lyme disease

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On target: a case of acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy

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On target: genetically modified cells show promise in targeted immunotherapy for advanced blood cancers

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On target: innovative resource-conserving and power-generating technologies find a home at more hospitals

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On target? Off target? Why we really do not know

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On target? Strategies and progress in the development of therapies for colorectal cancer targeted against WNT signalling

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On target? The challenge of integrating biomarker research in drug development. Interview with Walter Carney

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On targeting cell-free DNA in urine: a protocol for optimized DNA analysis

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On taxonomy of Hydrobaenus fries, 1830 (Diptera: Chironomidae: Orthocladiinae) from the Russian Far East, with a key to species

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On teaching confidence and creativity

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On teaching history of pharmacy in the colleges of pharmacy in the United States

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On teaching hospitals

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On teaching leadership and management

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On teaching moral reasoning

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On teaching physics to medical students

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On teaching professional attitudes in medical schools

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On teaching the chemistry of pharmaceutical auxiliary substances within the framework of pharmaceutical education in the Czech and Slovak Republics

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On the 60th birthday of Dr. Miroslav Penky, CSc

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On the 60th birthday of Dr. Miroslav Soucek

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Clinical Informatics Researcher's Desiderata for the Data Content of the Next Generation Electronic Health Record

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On the 70th anniversary of the death of the founder of brain physiology and recipient of the Nobel Prize, I.P. Pavlov (1849-1936)--his thoughts and discoveries

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On the 70th birthday of Dr. Petr Dítĕ

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On the 70tn anniversary of discovery of tick-borne encephalitis virus in the Far East of Russia

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On the 80th birthday of Dr. Jaroslav Blahos, President of the J.E. Purkinje Czech Medical Society

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On the 80th birthday of Dr. Miroslav Mydlíka

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On the 80th birthday of Prof. Riehm

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On the 80th birthday of Sister Liliane Juchli. Impressive, touching and highly motivating

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On the 80th birthday of professor Pavel Vasil'evich Dunaev

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On the 85th birthday of Professor Dr. med. Hagen Tronnier

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On the 90th anniversary of Nikolaĭ Alekseevich Lopatkin

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On the 90th anniversary of the Instituto Nacional de Salud

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On the AEtiology of Chronic Arthritis

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On the Absence of Respiratory Disorders in those inhaling Starch Dust over Long Periods

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On the Absence of Sugar from Normal Human Urine

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On the Absorption of Antibodies from the Subcutaneous Tissues and Peritoneal Cavity

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On the Absorption of Dead Bone

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On the Abuse of Narcotics

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On the Accuracy of Sequence-Based Computational Inference of Protein Residues Involved in Interactions with DNA

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On the Acetate of Lead

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On the Acoustic Principles and Construction of Stethoscopes and Ear Trumpets

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On the Action of Alcohol

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On the Action of Cannabis Indica

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On the Action of Certain Alleged Intestinal Antiseptics

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On the Action of Certain Drugs on the Pregnant Uterus

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On the Action of Complement as Agglutinin

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On the Action of Digitalis upon the Uterus

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On the Action of Galvanism upon the Contractile Structure of the Gravid Uterus, and its Remedial Powers in Obstetric Practice

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On the Action of Medicines: Old and New

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On the Action of Muddy Water on Sewage

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On the Action of Pancreatine upon Fat, and the Proper form in which to Use it

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On the Action of Radium and X-Rays

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On the Action of Very Dilute Solutions of Eserine, and their use in the Treatment of Weakness of the Ciliary Muscle

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On the Action of Vesical Calculi upon a Photographic Plate in the Dark

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On the Action of a Tissue Extract in the Production of Diuresis

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On the Action of some Essential Oils and Other Volatile Substances on the Growth of the Bacillus Tuberculosis and in the Treatment of Phthisis

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On the Action of the Blood Serum from cases of Acute Mental Disorder on B. Coli Communis

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On the Action of the Intercostal Muscles

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On the Action of the Tetrachloride of Carbon

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On the Active Constituent of the Thyroid Gland

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On the Active Principle of Castor Oil

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On the Active Principle of Jamaica Dogwood

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On the Actual Cautery in Destructive Corneal Processes

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On the Administration of Anæsthetics in Bright's Disease of the Kidneys, and on Some Cases of Sudden Death after Cataract Operations

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On the Administration of Belladonna, and on certain Causes which modify its Action

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On the Administration of Camphor in Chloroform

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On the Administration of Carbolic Acid

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On the Administration of Chloroform

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On the Administration of Cod-Liver Oil in Tubercular Diseases of the Lungs

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On the Administration of Diuretics in Some Cases of Dropsical Effusion

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On the Administration of Iron

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On the Administration of Nitrous Oxide

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On the Administration of the Laws for the Prevention of Epidemic Small-Pox

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On the Admission and Retention of Foreign Matters in the Lungs

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On the Adult Male Filaria Sanguinis Hominis

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On the Advance of the Periphery of the Iris in Glaucoma

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On the Advantage of Axis Traction-Forceps in the Low Operation

Lewin, R., 1988:
On the Advantage of Being Different: Experiments with nest predation in birds show that patterns of species coexistence can mimic those formed by competition

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On the Advantages of Counter-Irritation

Howse, H.G., 1893:
On the Advantages of an Amputation through the Thigh, either as a Preliminary Operation to, or, in some cases, instead of, Amputation through the Hip, where the Hip-joint is itself diseased and the Patient in very bad Condition

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On the Advantages to be Derived from Curving the Handles of Midwifery Forceps

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On the Advisability of the Inclusion of the Study of Anaesthetics as a Compulsory Subject in the Medical Curriculum

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On the Affection of Bones and Joints in Locomotor Ataxy, and its Association with Gastric Crises

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On the Affections of the Brain

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On the Affections of the Joints, Which Complicate or follow Scarlet Fever

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On the African Fever

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On the After-Treatment of Cataract and other Operative Cases to the Exclusion of Dark Rooms, Bandages, Etc

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On the Age and Sex Distribution in Scarlet Fever

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On the Aggregation of Multimarker Information for Marker-Set and Sequencing Data Analysis: Genotype Collapsing vs. Similarity Collapsing

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On the Alleged Dangers of Dentition, and the Practice of Lancing the Gums

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On the Alleged Dangers of Intra-Uterine Injections of Perchloride of Iron in Cases of Post Partum Haemorrhage

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On the Alleged Dangers of Starch-Containing Foods during the Period of Infancy

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On the Alleged Difference between Male and Female Respiratory Movements

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On the Alleged Increase of Diseases of the Nervous System

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Clinical Information Extraction at the CLEF eHealth Evaluation lab 2016

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On the Alterations in Haemolytic Immune-body which occur during the Process of Immunisation

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On the Amaurosis and Painful Affections Which Attend Strabismus

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On the Amendment of the Nomenclature of the Rh-CDE System

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Clinical information seeking in traumatic brain injury: a survey of Veterans Health Administration polytrauma care team members

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On the Amount of Butter Fat in Ice Cream

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On the Amount of Carbonic Acid found by Experiment in the Air on Board Wooden Frigates

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On the Analysis and Immediate Principles of Human Excrements in the Diseased State

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On the Analytical Construction of Population and Death Curves to form the basis of a Life-table

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On the Anatomical Characters of some Adventitious Structures

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On the Anatomical Investigation of Epilepsy and Epileptiform Convulsions

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On the Anatomy of a Case of Molluscum Fibrosum

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On the Anglocentricities of current reading research and practice: the perils of overreliance on an "outlier" orthography

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On the Anticipation of Post Partum Haemorrhage

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On the Antihemolytic Action of some Cell and Tissue Constituents

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On the Antipyretic Action of Salicin and of the Salicylates; also of Kairin

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On the Antipyretic Treatment of Typhoid Fever

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On the Antiseptic After-Treatment of Vaccination

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On the Antiseptic Principle in the Practice of Surgery

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On the Apparent Curvature of Surface produced by Prisms

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On the Appearance and Significance of certain Granules in the Erythrocytes of Man

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On the Appearances Presented by the Bodies of Two Children Exhumed at St. Helen's Auckland

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On the Application of Burning Æther, Spirits of Wine, and Boiling Water, in Certain Diseases

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On the Application of Harmonic Analysis to Ocean Wave Research

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On the Application of Scientific Procedure to the Social Sciences

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On the Application of Serum Diagnosis to the Investigation of the Origin of Epidemics as Exemplified by the Maidstone Outbreak

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On the Application of the Electro-Magnet for the Cure of Anaesthesia

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On the Application of the Serum Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever to the Requirements of Public Health Laboratories

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On the Appreciation of Anatomical Relationships

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On the Art of Making References

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On the Aspects of Law and Medicine in Relation to our Criminal Jurisprudence, with Special Reference to Cases of Insanity

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On the Assessment of Monte Carlo Error in Simulation-Based Statistical Analyses

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On the Association of Flat-Foot, Weak Ankle, Etc., of Puberty, with Albuminuria

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On the Association of Gray Degeneration of the Optic Nerves with Abnormal Patellar-Tendon Reflexes

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On the Association of Hysteria with Malingering, and on the Phylogenetic Aspect of Hysteria as Pathological Exaggeration (or Disorder) of Tertiary (Nervous) Sex Characters

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On the Association of Mitral Stenosis with Gout and Granular Kidneys

Anonymous, 1953:
On the Astin Dismissal

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On the Asymptotic Relative Efficiency of Planned Missingness Designs

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On the Atrophic Marasmus of Nurslings (So-Called Hospitalism or Athrepsy of Parrot)

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On the Atropine Treatment of Acquired and Progressive Myopia

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On the Auscultatory Determination of Early Pathological Changes in the Lungs

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On the Australian linyphiid spider Alaxchelicera ordinaria Butler, 1932 (Araneae)

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On the Autistic Spectrum Disorder concordance rates of twins and non-twin siblings

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On the Autolysis of Yeasts and Bacteria

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Bernstein, M.M., 1903 :

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On the Bacillus of Leprosy

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On the Bacterial Flora of Diphtheria Carriers, Diphtheria Patients, and Normal School Children

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On the Bactericidal Action of Copper

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On the Bactericidal Effect exerted by Human Blood on certain species of Pathogenic Micro-Organisms and on the Antibactericidal Effects obtained by the addition to the blood in vitro of Dead Cultures of the Micro-Organisms in question

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On the Bactericidal Functions of the Liver and the Etiology of Progressive Hepatic Cirrhosis

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On the Bacteriology of Asylum Dysentery

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On the Bacteriology of Normal Organs

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On the Bacteriology of So-Called "Sterilized Milk," with Special reference to the Municipal Supply of Milk for the Feeding of Infants

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On the Bayesian estimation of a closed population size in the presence of heterogeneity and model uncertainty

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On the Behaviour of the Nucleoli in the Cells of Malignant Growths

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On the Beneficial Results of Undesigned and Accidental Haemorrhage in Certain Cases

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On the Benefits of Being Eaten: Experiments on a western mountain herb, scarlet, gilia, show that its fitness is enhanced after being partially browsed

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