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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54770

Chapter 54770 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Neher, R.A.; Möbius, W.; Frey, E.; Gerland, U., 2007:
Optimal flexibility for conformational transitions in macromolecules

Srinivasan, S.; Ennis, D.B., 2015:
Optimal flip angle for high contrast balanced SSFP cardiac cine imaging

Okada, M.; Wakayama, T.; Yada, N.; Hyodo, T.; Numata, K.; Kagawa, Y.; Nishiyama, D.; Miyakoshi, K.; Murakami, T., 2016:
Optimal flip angle of Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and liver metastasis

Post, I.C.J.H.; Dirkes, M.C.; Heger, M.; Bezemer, R.; van 't Leven, J.; van Gulik, T.M., 2013:
Optimal flow and pressure management in machine perfusion systems for organ preservation

Sasaki, T.; Tsuda, S.; Riemer, R.Kirk.; Ramamoorthy, C.; Reddy, V.Mohan.; Hanley, F.L., 2010:
Optimal flow rate for antegrade cerebral perfusion

Singh, V.; Dwivedi, S.K.; Chandra, S.; Sanguri, R.; Sethi, R.; Puri, A.; Narain, V.S.; Saran, R.K., 2014:
Optimal fluid amount for haemodynamic benefit in cardiac tamponade

Feinman, M.; Cotton, B.A.; Haut, E.R., 2015:
Optimal fluid resuscitation in trauma: type, timing, and total

Boomer, L.; Jones, W.; Davis, B.; Williams, S.; Barber, A., 2010:
Optimal fluid resuscitation: timing and composition of intravenous fluids

Becker, V.; van den Broek, F.J.; Buchner, A.M.; Dekker, E.; Wallace, M.B.; von Delius, S.; Schneider, A.; Schmid, R.M.; Meining, A., 2011:
Optimal fluorescein dose for intravenous application in miniprobe-based confocal laser scanning microscopy in pigs

Coghlan, L.; Utzinger, U.; Drezek, R.; Heintzelmann, D.; Zuluaga, A.; Brookner, C.; Richards-Kortum, R.; Gimenez-Conti, I.; Follen, M., 2000:
Optimal fluorescence excitation wavelengths for detection of squamous intra-epithelial neoplasia: results from an animal model

Baek, I-Suck.; Kim, M.S.; Lee, H.; Lee, W-Hee.; Cho, B-Kwan., 2015:
Optimal fluorescence waveband determination for detecting defective cherry tomatoes using a fluorescence excitation-emission matrix

Tang, M.; Gerds-Li, J-Hong.; Nedios, S.; Roser, M.; Fleck, E.; Kriatselis, C., 2010:
Optimal fluoroscopic projections for angiographic imaging of the pulmonary vein ostia: lessons learned from the intraprocedural reconstruction of the left atrium and pulmonary veins

Otsuka, M.; Sugahara, S.; Nakamura, M.; Umeda, K.; Bonkohara, Y.; Van Pelt, N.; Mollet, N.R.; de Feyter, P.J., 2007:
Optimal fluoroscopic view selection for percutaneous coronary intervention by multislice computed tomography

Almaas, E., 2007:
Optimal flux patterns in cellular metabolic networks

De Martino, A.; Granata, D.; Marinari, E.; Martelli, C.; Van Kerrebroeck, V., 2010:
Optimal fluxes, reaction replaceability, and response to enzymopathies in the human red blood cell

Cleary, L.; Chen, H.; Chuang, C.; Silbey, R.J.; Cao, J., 2013:
Optimal fold symmetry of LH2 rings on a photosynthetic membrane

Verwoerd, G.R.; Mathews, T.; Brinsden, P.R., 2008:
Optimal follicle and oocyte numbers for cryopreservation of all embryos in IVF cycles at risk of OHSS

Kong, M.; Hong, S.Eon., 2015:
Optimal follow-up duration for evaluating objective response to radiotherapy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: a retrospective study

Namikawa, M.; Kakizaki, S.; Yata, Y.; Yamazaki, Y.; Horiguchi, N.; Sato, K.; Takagi, H.; Mori, M., 2012:
Optimal follow-up time to determine the sustained virological response in patients with chronic hepatitis C receiving pegylated-interferon and ribavirin

Asgeirsson, T.; Zhang, S.; Senagore, A.J., 2011:
Optimal follow-up to curative colon and rectal cancer surgery: how and for how long?

Houston, A.I.; Higginson, A.D.; McNamara, J.M., 2012:
Optimal foraging for multiple nutrients in an unpredictable environment

Hengeveld, G.M.; van Langevelde, F.; Groen, T.A.; de Knegt, H.J., 2009:
Optimal foraging for multiple resources in several food species

Hills, T.T.; Jones, M.N.; Todd, P.M., 2012:
Optimal foraging in semantic memory

Sayers, K.; Norconk, M.A.; Conklin-Brittain, N.L., 2010:
Optimal foraging on the roof of the world: Himalayan langurs and the classical prey model

Guyader, Sébastien.; Burch, C.L., 2008:
Optimal foraging predicts the ecology but not the evolution of host specialization in bacteriophages

Humphries, N.E.; Sims, D.W., 2015:
Optimal foraging strategies: Lévy walks balance searching and patch exploitation under a very broad range of conditions

Plank, M.J.; James, A., 2008:
Optimal foraging: Lévy pattern or process?

Nahum, J.; Kerr, B., 2008:
Optimal foraging: a bird in the hand released

Stenseth, N.C., 1988:
Optimal foraging: foraging behavior

Goldschmied, F., 2011:
Optimal force

Yepes, E.; Quintero, P.; Rueda, Z.Vanessa.; Pedroza, A., 2015:
Optimal force for maxillary protraction facemask therapy in the early treatment of class III malocclusion

Samozino, P.; Rejc, E.; Di Prampero, P.Enrico.; Belli, A.; Morin, J-Benoît., 2012:
Optimal force-velocity profile in ballistic movements--altius: citius or fortius?

Dodds, P.Sheridan., 2010:
Optimal form of branching supply and collection networks

Hao, X-Di.; Lan, L.; Wang, C-Chen.; van Loosdrecht, M.C.M., 2009:
Optimal formation conditions and analytical methods of the target product by MAP precipitation

Lattuada, E.; Lanzafame, M.; Grosso, C.; Soldani, F.; Corsini, F.; Storato, S.; Vento, S., 2010:
Optimal fosamprenavir regimen to prevent lipid abnormalities

Oftadeh, R.; Haghpanah, B.; Vella, D.; Boudaoud, A.; Vaziri, A., 2014:
Optimal fractal-like hierarchical honeycombs

Iverson, J.F.; Mariash, C.N., 2008:
Optimal free thyroxine levels for thyroid hormone replacement in hypothyroidism

Young, J.Lee.; Khanifar, E.; Narula, N.; Ortiz-Vanderdys, C.Gerardo.; Kolla, S.Babu.; Pick, D.Lowell.; Sountoulides, P.George.; Kaufmann, O.Grau.; Osann, K.Elizabeth.; Huynh, V.Buu.; Kaplan, A.Geoffrey.; Andrade, L.Aurora.; Louie, M.Ken.; McDougall, E.Marguerita.; Clayman, R.Victor., 2011:
Optimal freeze cycle length for renal cryotherapy

Townsend, J.K.; Shanmugan, K.S.; Frost, V.S., 1985:
Optimal frequency domain textural edge detection filter

Mauldin, P.D.; Guimaraes, P.; Albin, R.L.; Ray Dorsey, E.; Bainbridge, J.L.; Siderowf, A., 2008:
Optimal frequency for measuring health care resource utilization in Parkinson's disease using participant recall: the FS-TOO resource utilization substudy

Balasuriya, S., 2010:
Optimal frequency for microfluidic mixing across a fluid interface

Malhi, G.S.; Tanious, M., 2011:
Optimal frequency of lithium administration in the treatment of bipolar disorder: clinical and dosing considerations

Greenberg, S.; Gadde, S.; Pagala, M.; Greenberg, M.; Shneyderman, I.; Janga, K., 2012:
Optimal frequency of parathyroid hormone monitoring in chronic hemodialysis patients

Shen, Z.; Gao, T-Wen.; Chen, L.; Yang, L.; Wang, Y-Chun.; Sun, L-Chao.; Li, C-Ying.; Xiao, Y.; Liu, Y-Feng., 2007:
Optimal frequency of treatment with the 308-nm excimer laser for vitiligo on the face and neck

Ibañez, D.; Gladman, D.D.; Touma, Z.; Nikpour, M.; Urowitz, M.B., 2011:
Optimal frequency of visits for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus to measure disease activity over time

Brovoll, S.; Aardal, Øyvind.; Paichard, Y.; Berger, T.; Lande, T.Sverre.; Hamran, S-Erik., 2015:
Optimal frequency range for medical radar measurements of human heartbeats using body-contact radar

Adams, J.B.; Edwards, D.; Serravite, D.H.; Serviette, D.; Bedient, A.M.; Huntsman, E.; Jacobs, K.A.; Del Rossi, G.; Roos, B.A.; Signorile, J.F., 2008:
Optimal frequency, displacement, duration, and recovery patterns to maximize power output following acute whole-body vibration

Yveborg, M.; Persson, M.; Bornefalk, H., 2015:
Optimal frequency-based weighting for spectral x-ray projection imaging

Wang, Y.; Zhang, S., 2013:
Optimal fringe angle selection for digital fringe projection technique

Landi, L.; Cappuzzo, F., 2012:
Optimal front line treatment for European patients harboring EGFR mutations: Do longitude and race make a difference?

Caprara, G.Vittorio.; Alessandri, G.; Barbaranelli, C., 2010:
Optimal functioning: contribution of self-efficacy beliefs to positive orientation

van den Berg, F.; van den Bosch, F.; Paveley, N.D., 2014:
Optimal fungicide application timings for disease control are also an effective anti-resistance strategy: a case study for Zymoseptoria tritici (Mycosphaerella graminicola) on wheat

Lyatskaya, Y.; Buehler, A.; Ng, S-Kien.; Wong, J.; Bellon, J.R.; Zygmanski, P., 2010:
Optimal gantry angles and field sizes in kilovoltage cone-beam tomosynthesis for set-up of women with breast cancer undergoing radiotherapy treatment

Nanthakumaran, S.; Suttie, S.A.; Chandler, H.W.; Park, K.G.M., 2008:
Optimal gastric pouch reconstruction post-gastrectomy

van Elmpt, W.; Hamill, J.; Jones, J.; De Ruysscher, D.; Lambin, P.; Ollers, M., 2011:
Optimal gating compared to 3D and 4D PET reconstruction for characterization of lung tumours

Lu, I-Na.; Ahmad, F.; Jacobs, R.; Schmidt, R.E.; Meyer-Olson, D., 2015:
Optimal gating strategy for determining CD4+ recent thymic emigrants in human immunodeficiency virus-1 infected patients

Cancellieri, E.; Troiani, F.; Goldoni, G., 2009:
Optimal generation of indistinguishable photons from non-identical artificial molecules

Momoh, J.A.; Zhu, J., 2008:
Optimal generation scheduling based on AHP/ANP

Rogerson, P.A., 2011:
Optimal geographic scales for local spatial statistics

Li, W.; Cui, X.S.; Fang, G.P., 2010:
Optimal geometrical design for superhydrophobic surfaces: effects of a trapezoid microtexture

Miliordos, E.; Aprà, E.; Xantheas, S.S., 2013:
Optimal geometries and harmonic vibrational frequencies of the global minima of water clusters (H2O)n, n = 2-6, and several hexamer local minima at the CCSD(T) level of theory

Stirling, J., 2013:
Optimal geometry for a quartz multipurpose SPM sensor

Donius, L.R.; Handy, J.M.; Weis, J.J.; Weis, J.H., 2013:
Optimal germinal center B cell activation and T-dependent antibody responses require expression of the mouse complement receptor Cr1

Cannons, J.L.; Qi, H.; Lu, K.T.; Dutta, M.; Gomez-Rodriguez, J.; Cheng, J.; Wakeland, E.K.; Germain, R.N.; Schwartzberg, P.L., 2010:
Optimal germinal center responses require a multistage T cell:B cell adhesion process involving integrins, SLAM-associated protein, and CD84

We, J.Sun.; Park, I.Yang.; Jang, D.Gyu.; Choi, S.Kyung.; Lee, G.Sera.; Shin, J.Chul., 2012:
Optimal gestational age of delivery to decrease neonatal morbidity in preterm pregnancies in Korea

Lederman, S.Ann., 2010:
Optimal gestational weight gain must not be determined from adverse birth weight outcomes defined only as the total percentage of infants born small- or large-for-gestational-age

Beyerlein, A.; Schiessl, B.; Lack, N.; von Kries, Rüdiger., 2009:
Optimal gestational weight gain ranges for the avoidance of adverse birth weight outcomes: a novel approach

Randelli, P.; Randelli, F.; Arrigoni, P.; Ragone, V.; D'Ambrosi, R.; Masuzzo, P.; Cabitza, P.; Banfi, G., 2018:
Optimal glenoid component inclination in reverse shoulder arthroplasty. How to improve implant stability

Debono, M.; Ross, R.J., 2011:
Optimal glucocorticoid therapy

Hwang, Y-Cheol.; Jung, C.Hee.; Ahn, H-Yup.; Jeon, W.Seon.; Jin, S-Man.; Woo, J-Taek.; Cha, B.Soo.; Kim, J.Hyeon.; Park, C-Young.; Lee, B-Wan., 2015:
Optimal glycated albumin cutoff value to diagnose diabetes in Korean adults: a retrospective study based on the oral glucose tolerance test

Stocker, R.S.; Adekpedjou, A., 2011:
Optimal goodness-of-fit tests for recurrent event data

Kamitani, T.; Yabuuchi, H.; Soeda, H.; Matsuo, Y.; Okafuji, T.; Setoguchi, T.; Sakai, S.; Hatakenaka, M.; Ishii, N.; Honda, H., 2007:
Optimal gradation processing parameter for soft-copy reading of digital mammogram: comparison between the parameter recommended for hard-copy and other parameters

Bedani, F.; Kok, W.Th.; Janssen, H-Gerd., 2009:
Optimal gradient operation in comprehensive liquid chromatography x liquid chromatography systems with limited orthogonality

Steggerda, R.C.; Balt, J.C.; Ten Berg, J.M., 2011:
Optimal gradient reduction after alcohol septal ablation: a case report with anatomical and practical determinants

Kondoh, H.; Funatsu, T.; Toda, K.; Kainuma, S.; Kuki, S.; Taniguchi, K., 2011:
Optimal graft diameter and location reduce postoperative complications after total arch replacement with long elephant trunk for arch aneurysm

Cooley, J.E., 2014:
Optimal graft growth

Yuan, F.; Zhou, W.; Cai, J.; Zhao, J.; Huangfu, X.; Yin, F., 2014:
Optimal graft length for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a biomechanical study in beagles

Lee, C-Fone.; Chen, J-Horng.; Chou, Y-Fang.; Hsu, L-Ping.; Chen, P-Rong.; Liu, T-Chen., 2007:
Optimal graft thickness for different sizes of tympanic membrane perforation in cartilage myringoplasty: a finite element analysis

Petersen, J.; Nielsen, M.; Lo, P.; Saghir, Z.; Dirksen, A.; de Bruijne, M., 2011:
Optimal graph based segmentation using flow lines with application to airway wall segmentation

Liu, X.; Chen, D.Z.; Tawhai, M.H.; Wu, X.; Hoffman, E.A.; Sonka, M., 2013:
Optimal graph search based segmentation of airway tree double surfaces across bifurcations

Song, Q.; Wu, X.; Liu, Y.; Smith, M.; Buatti, J.; Sonka, M., 2010:
Optimal graph search segmentation using arc-weighted graph for simultaneous surface detection of bladder and prostate

Shlomi, S.; Ostfeld, A.; Rubin, H.; Shoemaker, C., 2010:
Optimal groundwater contamination monitoring using pumping wells

Cicalese, F.; Damaschke, P.; Vaccaro, U., 2007:
Optimal group testing algorithms with interval queries and their application to splice site detection

Ohrn, F.; Jennison, C., 2010:
Optimal group-sequential designs for simultaneous testing of superiority and non-inferiority

Amesz, E.M.; Schaafsma, A.; Cranendonk, A.; Lafeber, H.N., 2010:
Optimal growth and lower fat mass in preterm infants fed a protein-enriched postdischarge formula

Reeves, S.; Bernstein, I.M., 2008:
Optimal growth modeling

Huangfu, Y.; Zhan, W.; Hong, X.; Fang, X.; Ding, G.; Ye, H., 2012:
Optimal growth of Ge-rich dots on Si(001) substrates with hexagonal packed pit patterns

Tan, W.S.; Budinich, M.F.; Ward, R.; Broadbent, J.R.; Steele, J.L., 2012:
Optimal growth of Lactobacillus casei in a Cheddar cheese ripening model system requires exogenous fatty acids

Corpeleijn, W.E.; Kouwenhoven, S.M.P.; van Goudoever, J.B., 2014:
Optimal growth of preterm infants

Loizides, A.; Peer, S.; Gruber, H., 2012:
Optimal guidance technique for musculoskeletal biopsies

Schneider, M.F.; Wettengel, J.; Hoffmann, P.C.; Stafforst, T., 2014:
Optimal guideRNAs for re-directing deaminase activity of hADAR1 and hADAR2 in trans

Desrochers, T.M.; Jin, D.Z.; Goodman, N.D.; Graybiel, A.M., 2011:
Optimal habits can develop spontaneously through sensitivity to local cost

Bowers, A.S.; Pepple, D.J.; Reid, H.L., 2011:
Optimal haematocrit in subjects with normal haemoglobin genotype (HbAA), sickle cell trait (HbAS), and homozygous sickle cell disease (HbSS)

Takanokura, M., 2010:
Optimal handgrip height of four-wheeled walker on various road conditions to reduce muscular load for elderly users with steady walking

Dodd, L.G.; Wei, S.; Siegal, G.P., 2015:
Optimal handling of bone tumor specimens

Do, Y.; Lopez, J.M.; Marques, F., 2011:
Optimal harmonic response in a confined Bödewadt boundary layer flow

Hritonenko, N.; Yatsenko, Y.; Goetz, R-Ulrich.; Xabadia, A., 2013:
Optimal harvesting in forestry: steady-state analysis and climate change impact

Duncan, S.; Hepburn, C.; Papachristodoulou, A., 2011:
Optimal harvesting of fish stocks under a time-varying discount rate

Mart, C.R.; Rosen, K.L., 2009:
Optimal head position during transesophageal echocardiographic probe insertion for pediatric patients weighing up to 10 kg

Jeon, Y-Tae.; Hwang, J-won.; Kim, K.; Jung, C-Kyu.; Park, H-Pyoung.; Park, S-Heon., 2013:
Optimal headrest height for the best laryngoscopic view: by anatomical measurements

Ellis, R.P.; Manning, W.G., 2007 :
Optimal health insurance for prevention and treatment

Laplante-Lévesque, A.; Jensen, L.Dons.; Dawes, P.; Nielsen, C., 2013:
Optimal hearing aid use: focus groups with hearing aid clients and audiologists

Takahashi, M.; Koide, K.; Mizuhashi, F., 2015:
Optimal heating conditions for forming a mouthguard using a circle tray: effect of different conditions on the thickness and fit of formed mouthguards

Collins, J.A., 1979:
Optimal hematocrit

Oh, T.; Sakayori, O.; Kamano, C.; Komaba, Y.; Iino, Y.; Katayama, Y., 2002:
Optimal hematocrit based on regional cerebral blood flow in hemodialysis patients with diabetic nephropathy

Schuler, B.; Arras, M.; Keller, S.; Rettich, A.; Lundby, C.; Vogel, J.; Gassmann, M., 2010:
Optimal hematocrit for maximal exercise performance in acute and chronic erythropoietin-treated mice

Pasipoularides, A., 2013:
Optimal hematocrit: a Procrustean bed for maximum oxygen transport rate?

Michel, F.; Ariane, Z.; Betti, S.; Claus Peter, S., 2011:
Optimal hemodialysis prescription: do children need more than a urea dialysis dose?

Leal-Noval, S.R.; Múñoz-Gómez, M.; Murillo-Cabezas, F., 2008:
Optimal hemoglobin concentration in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage, acute ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury

Sugimoto, N.; Chan, K.P.; Killinger, D.K., 1991:
Optimal heterodyne detector array size for 1-microm coherent lidar propagation through atmospheric turbulence

Mejias, J.F.; Longtin, A., 2013:
Optimal heterogeneity for coding in spiking neural networks

Kaiser, M.; Hilgetag, C.C., 2010:
Optimal hierarchical modular topologies for producing limited sustained activation of neural networks

Chern, R-Lin.; Chao, S.D., 2008:
Optimal higher-lying band gaps for photonic crystals with large dielectric contrast

McNicoll, L.; Fitzgibbons, P.G., 2009:
Optimal hip fracture management in high-risk frail older adults

Lim, C.Yan.; Reversade, B.; Knowles, B.B.; Solter, D., 2013:
Optimal histone H3 to linker histone H1 chromatin ratio is vital for mesodermal competence in Xenopus

Kedmi, J.; Friesem, A.A., 1984:
Optimal holographic Fourier-transform lens

Okkels, F.; Dufva, M.; Bruus, H., 2011:
Optimal homogenization of perfusion flows in microfluidic bio-reactors: a numerical study

Mabood, F.; Khan, W.A.; Ismail, A.Izani.Md., 2015:
Optimal homotopy asymptotic method for flow and heat transfer of a viscoelastic fluid in an axisymmetric channel with a porous wall

Clarke, J., 2014:
Optimal hyaluronidase dosage

Razumovitch, J.; de França, K.; Kehl, F.; Wiki, M.; Meier, W.; Vebert, C., 2009:
Optimal hybridization efficiency upon immobilization of oligonucleotide double helices

Muñoz, C.X.; McKenzie, A.L.; Armstrong, L.E., 2015:
Optimal hydration biomarkers: consideration of daily activities

Hevia, M.A.G.; Pérez-Ramírez, J., 2009:
Optimal hydrocarbon selection for catalytic N2O reduction over iron-containing ZSM-5 zeolite

Kotar, J.; Debono, L.; Bruot, N.; Box, S.; Phillips, D.; Simpson, S.; Hanna, S.; Cicuta, P., 2013:
Optimal hydrodynamic synchronization of colloidal rotors

Helderman, W.H.van.Palenstein., 2010:
Optimal hygiene of the primary teeth

Inoue, H.K.; Sato, H.; Suzuki, Y.; Saitoh, J-ichi.; Noda, S-ei.; Seto, K-ichi.; Torikai, K.; Sakurai, H.; Nakano, T., 2016:
Optimal hypofractionated conformal radiotherapy for large brain metastases in patients with high risk factors: a single-institutional prospective study

Bernhard, S.; Noé, F., 2010:
Optimal identification of semi-rigid domains in macromolecules from molecular dynamics simulation

Borcea, L.; Papanicolaou, G.; Tsogka, C., 2008:
Optimal illumination and wave form design for imaging in random media

Lee, M-Hyun.; Seo, D-Kyun.; Seo, B-Kuk.; Park, J-Il., 2009:
Optimal illumination for discriminating objects with different spectra

Kokiopoulou, E.; Kressner, D.; Frossard, P., 2011:
Optimal image alignment with random projections of manifolds: algorithm and geometric analysis

Hashemi, S.; Mehrez, H.; Cobbold, R.S.C.; Paul, N.S., 2014 :
Optimal image reconstruction for detection and characterization of small pulmonary nodules during low-dose CT

Mlynarski, R.; Sosnowski, M.; Wlodyka, A.; Chromik, K.; Kargul, W.; Tendera, M., 2009:
Optimal image reconstruction intervals for noninvasive visualization of the cardiac venous system with a 64-slice computed tomography

Araoz, P.A.; Kirsch, J.; Primak, A.N.; Braun, N.N.; Saba, O.; Williamson, E.E.; Harmsen, W.Scott.; Mandrekar, J.N.; McCollough, C.H., 2010:
Optimal image reconstruction phase at low and high heart rates in dual-source CT coronary angiography

Vagenas, D.; Pritchard, N.; Edwards, K.; Shahidi, A.M.; Sampson, G.P.; Russell, A.W.; Malik, R.A.; Efron, N., 2012:
Optimal image sample size for corneal nerve morphometry

Li, X.; Feng, D.; Chen, K., 1996:
Optimal image sampling schedule: a new effective way to reduce dynamic image storage space and functional image processing time

Yeung, A.R.; Li, J.; Shi, W.; Newlin, H.; Morris, C.G.; Samant, S.; Saito, A.; Chvetsov, A.; Liu, C.; Palta, J.; Olivier, K., 2010:
Optimal image-guidance scenario with cone-beam computed tomography in conventionally fractionated radiotherapy for lung tumors

Rosenthal, E.; Bell, A., 2010:
Optimal imaging after coarctation stenting

Matsui, O.; Gabata, T.; Kobayashi, S., 2009:
Optimal imaging of hepatic mass lesions

Durst, C.; Monteith, S.; Sheehan, J.; Moldovan, K.; Snell, J.; Eames, M.; Huerta, T.; Walker, W.; Viola, F.; Kassell, N.; Wintermark, M., 2013:
Optimal imaging of in vitro clot sonothrombolysis by MR-guided focused ultrasound

Baqer, M.M.; Loutfi, I., 2010 :
Optimal imaging positions for 3-phase bone scanning of patients with bony pathology of the feet

Paul, N.S.; Ley, S.; Metser, U., 2012:
Optimal imaging protocols for lung cancer staging: CT, PET, MR imaging, and the role of imaging

Yip, V.S.; Collins, B.; Dunne, D.F.J.; Koay, M.Y.; Tang, J.M.; Wieshmann, H.; Fenwick, S.W.; Poston, G.J.; Malik, H.Z., 2014:
Optimal imaging sequence for staging in colorectal liver metastases: analysis of three hypothetical imaging strategies

Jerosch-Herold, M.; Kwong, R.Y., 2008:
Optimal imaging strategies to assess coronary blood flow and risk for patients with coronary artery disease

Browne, L.P.; Mason, E.O.; Kaplan, S.L.; Cassady, C.I.; Krishnamurthy, R.; Guillerman, R.Paul., 2008:
Optimal imaging strategy for community-acquired Staphylococcus aureus musculoskeletal infections in children

Dwevedi, A.; Kayastha, A.M., 2009:
Optimal immobilization of beta-galactosidase from Pea (PsBGAL) onto Sephadex and chitosan beads using response surface methodology and its applications

Hur, M.H.; Kang, H.J.; Min, H.Y.; Lee, J.Y.; Lee, K.H.; Ahn, M.K., 1997:
Optimal immobilization of penicillinase for lon-selective electrode

Elnashar, M.M.; Awad, G.E.; Hassan, M.E.; Mohy Eldin, M.S.; Haroun, B.M.; El-Diwany, A.I., 2015:
Optimal immobilization of β-galactosidase onto κ-carrageenan gel beads using response surface methodology and its applications

Graham, A.L., 2017:
Optimal immunity meets natural variation: the evolutionary biology of host defence

Terry, J.; Leung, S.; Laskin, J.; Leslie, K.O.; Gown, A.M.; Ionescu, D.N., 2010 :
Optimal immunohistochemical markers for distinguishing lung adenocarcinomas from squamous cell carcinomas in small tumor samples

Nazarian, S.M.; Misch, E.Ann.; Rakita, R.M.; Limaye, A.P., 2014:
Optimal immunosuppression for HIV-positive kidney transplants: long-term randomized controlled trials needed

Naito, T., 2011:
Optimal immunosuppressive therapy based on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antimetabolites in clinical practice

Sridhar, S.; Blelloch, G.E.; Ravi, R.; Schwartz, R., 2007:
Optimal imperfect phylogeny reconstruction and haplotyping (IPPH)

Merani, S.; Toso, C.; Emamaullee, J.; Shapiro, A.M.J., 2008:
Optimal implantation site for pancreatic islet transplantation

Grabarnik, S.; Emadi, A.; Sokolova, E.; Vdovin, G.; Wolffenbuttel, R.F., 2008:
Optimal implementation of a microspectrometer based on a single flat diffraction grating

Kim, B.Nim.; Masud, M.A.; Kim, Y., 2014:
Optimal implementation of intervention strategies for elderly people with ludomania

Hasegawa, Y.; Arita, M., 2015:
Optimal implementations for reliable circadian clocks

Hong, C-Chien.; Song, M., 2010:
Optimal in silico target gene deletion through nonlinear programming for genetic engineering

Na, N.; Xu, L.; Cao, K-yuan.; Luo, Y.; Yuan, G-qing.; Xiang, P.; Hong, L-qing.; Li, S-nong., 2009:
Optimal in vitro culture conditions for murine predominant immature CD8a+ dendritic cells

Gameiro, S.; Boivin, J.; Domar, A., 2013:
Optimal in vitro fertilization in 2020 should reduce treatment burden and enhance care delivery for patients and staff

Huffman, M.D.; Prabhakaran, D.; Abraham, A.Kurien.; Krishnan, M.Narayanan.; Nambiar, A.Cheviri.; Mohanan, P.Purayil., 2014:
Optimal in-hospital and discharge medical therapy in acute coronary syndromes in Kerala: results from the Kerala acute coronary syndrome registry

Sun, C.C.; Yeh, S.; Chang, M.W.; Hsu, K.Y., 1992:
Optimal incident conditions for a Cat-type self-pumped phase-conjugate mirror

Ding, J.; Itoh, M.; Yatagai, T., 1995:
Optimal incoherent correlator for noisy gray-tone image recognition

Wakasa, S.; Shingu, Y.; Kubota, S.; Minamida, T.; Iijima, M.; Naito, Y.; Ooka, T.; Tachibana, T.; Matsui, Y., 2013:
Optimal indication for surgical ventricular restoration for dilated cardiomyopathy

Oguro, S.; Esaki, M.; Kishi, Y.; Nara, S.; Shimada, K.; Ojima, H.; Kosuge, T., 2016:
Optimal indications for additional resection of the invasive cancer-positive proximal bile duct margin in cases of advanced perihilar cholangiocarcinoma

Hasegawa, H.; Fujitani, K.; Nakazuru, S.; Hirao, M.; Mita, E.; Tsujinaka, T., 2012:
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Optimal intervention intensity

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Optimal inversion of the generalized Anscombe transformation for Poisson-Gaussian noise

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Optimal investment in social signals

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Optimal isn't good enough

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Optimal lamellar arrangement in fish gills

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Optimal linearization in holography

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Optimal lipid lowering therapy for coronary heart diseases patients in secondary prevention: moderate or aggressive LDL decrease preferred?

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Optimal load allocation of multiple fuel boilers

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Optimal load distribution between units in a power plant

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Optimal load maximizes the mean mechanical power output during upper extremity exercise in highly trained soccer players

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Optimal loading of molecular bonds

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Optimal local oscillator field for a monostatic coherent laser radar with a circular aperture

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Optimal location and time for neural stem cell transplantation into transected rat spinal cord

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Optimal location of radiation therapy centers with respect to geographic access

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Optimal location through distributed algorithm to avoid energy hole in mobile sink WSNs

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Optimal locations and parameters of gastric electrical stimulation in altering ghrelin and oxytocin in the hypothalamus of rats

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Optimal loop duration during the provision of in-hospital advanced life support (ALS) to patients with an initial non-shockable rhythm

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Optimal low noise phase-only and binary phase-only optical correlation filters for threshold detectors

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Optimal low symmetric dissipation Carnot engines and refrigerators

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Optimal low temperature and chilling period for both summer and winter diapause development in Pieris melete: based on a similar mechanism

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Optimal lymph node dissection for T3-T4 lower rectal cancer, the so-called "high risk" group: the Japanese experience

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Optimal lymph node harvest in rectal cancer (UICC stages II and III) after preoperative 5-FU-based radiochemotherapy. Acetone compression is a new and highly efficient method

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Optimal lymphadenectomy for esophageal adenocarcinoma

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Optimal macromolecular density in the cell

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Optimal magnetic resonance imaging of the brain

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Optimal magnetic resonance imaging of the spine

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Optimal muscle health takes more than strength training. Muscle health pays big premiums if you work to build endurance and power as well as strength

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Optimal networks of nature reserves can be found through eigenvalue perturbation theory of the connectivity matrix

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Optimal number and distribution of points selected on the vertebra for surface matching in CT-based spinal navigation

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Optimal number of regulatory T cells

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Optimal number of sites in multi-site fisheries with fish stock dependent migrations

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Optimal number of strata for the stratified methods in computerized adaptive testing

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Optimal nutrition for improved twin pregnancy outcome

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Optimal observation time window for forecasting the next earthquake

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Optimal occupancy in the ICU: a literature review

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Clinical News

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Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing for Precision Oncology in Rare Cancers

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Optimal operating frequency in wireless power transmission for implantable devices

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Optimal operation temperature of liquid crystal modulators

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Optimal operational conditions for the electrochemical regeneration of a soil washing EDTA solution

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Optimal optical filter for a short pulse with a bandwidth-limited receiver

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Optimal optical trap for bacterial viability

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Optimal optoacoustic detector design

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Optimal optode montage on electroencephalography/functional near-infrared spectroscopy caps dedicated to study epileptic discharges

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Optimal oral health: a need to make a distinction

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Optimal organ-sparing intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) regimen for the treatment of locally advanced anal canal carcinoma: a comparison of conventional and IMRT plans

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Optimal orientation in branched cytoskeletal networks

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Optimal orientation in flows: providing a benchmark for animal movement strategies

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Optimal orientation of implanted components in total hip arthroplasty with polyethylene on metal articulation

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Optimal out-of-band correction for multispectral remote sensing

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Optimal outpatient appointment scheduling

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Optimal overlayer inspired by Photuris firefly improves light-extraction efficiency of existing light-emitting diodes

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Optimal oxidative folding of the novel antimicrobial cyclotide from Hedyotis biflora requires high alcohol concentrations

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Optimal oxygen saturation in premature infants

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Optimal oxygen saturations in preterm infants: a moving target

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Optimal oxygen titration in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a role for automated oxygen delivery?

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Optimal oxygenation during and after cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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Optimal oxygenation of extremely low birth weight infants: a meta-analysis and systematic review of the oxygen saturation target studies

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Optimal ozone reduction policy design using adjoint-based NOx marginal damage information

Optimal pH for the growth of Candida albicans, Robin, Berkhout

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Optimal pH in chlorinated swimming pools - balancing formation of by-products

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Optimal pacing for right ventricular and biventricular devices: minimizing, maximizing, and right ventricular/left ventricular site considerations

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Optimal packing for cascaded regenerative transmission based on phase sensitive amplifiers

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Optimal packing of a rotating packed bed for H(2)S removal

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Optimal packings of superballs

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Optimal packings of superdisks and the role of symmetry

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Optimal pain management in total abdominal hysterectomy

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Optimal pairwise alignment of fixed protein structures in subquadratic time

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Optimal pairwise and non-pairwise alchemical pathways for free energy calculations of molecular transformation in solution phase

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Optimal palatal configuration for miniscrew applications

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Optimal pandemic influenza vaccine allocation strategies for the canadian population

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Optimal parallel stack filtering under the mean absolute error criterion

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Optimal parameters for lateral oblique radiographs of rat mandibles

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Optimal positioning of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for older patients with myelodysplastic syndromes

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Optimal probe size and fixation time for the detection of Porcine circovirus-2 DNA by in situ hybridization in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue

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Optimal profit of the parasitation by Aphelinus mali in an IPM complementary strategy for the control of Eriosoma lanigerum

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Optimal programming in cardiac resynchronization therapy

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