Section 55
Chapter 54,790

Organization of nutrition and nutritional status in major jobs workers engaged in gas-processing industry

Beĭlin, S.M.; Fateeva, T.A.

Gigiena i Sanitariia 4: 43-45


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-9900
PMID: 19799224
Accession: 054789649

The workers of gas-processing industry are exposed to a complex of industrial factors throughout their labor activity. Curative diet is in full measure unable to neutralize reactants and to optimize metabolic processes so there is a need for warranting, designing, and introducing a functional diet. The nutrition of major jobs workers engaged in gas-processing industry is inadequate, improper, and unbalanced, which leads to an excess nutritional status in the majority of workers. It is necessary to develop a functional nutrition concept that makes it possible to correct the intake of essential nutrients and to normalize the nutritional status of the workers, by including functional foods into their diet.

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