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Organogels as scaffolds for excitation energy transfer and light harvesting

Ajayaghosh, A.; Praveen, V.K.; Vijayakumar, C.

Chemical Society Reviews 37(1): 109-122


ISSN/ISBN: 0306-0012
PMID: 18197337
DOI: 10.1039/b704456a
Accession: 054791180

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The elegance and efficiency by which Nature harvests solar energy has been a source of inspiration for chemists to mimic such process with synthetic molecular and supramolecular systems. The insights gained over the years from these studies have contributed immensely to the development of advanced materials useful for organic based electronic and photonic devices. Energy transfer, being a key process in many of these devices, has been extensively studied in recent years. A major requirement for efficient energy transfer process is the proper arrangement of donors and acceptors in a few nanometers in length scale. A practical approach to this is the controlled self-assembly and gelation of chromophore based molecular systems. The present tutorial review describes the recent developments in the design of chromophore based organogels and their use as supramolecular scaffolds for excitation energy transfer studies.

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