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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54812

Chapter 54812 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Martinelli, O.; Malaj, A.; Gossetti, B.; Bertoletti, G.; Bresadola, L.; Irace, L., 2013:
Outcomes in the emergency endovascular repair of blunt thoracic aortic injuries

Beri, A., 2009:
Outcomes in the era of bare-metal stents vs the era of drug-eluting stents

Barber, T.J.; Geretti, A.Maria.; Anderson, J.; Schwenk, A.; Phillips, A.N.; Bansi, L.; Gilson, R.; Hill, T.; Walsh, J.; Fisher, M.; Johnson, M.; Post, F.; Easterbrook, P.; Gazzard, B.; Palfreeman, A.; Orkin, C.; Leen, C.; Gompels, M.; Dunn, D.; Delpech, V.; Pillay, D.; Sabin, C.A.; Ainsworth, J.; Anderson, J.; Babiker, A.; Delpech, V.; Dunn, D.; Easterbrook, P.; Fisher, M.; Gazzard, B.; Gilson, R.; Gompels, M.; Hill, T.; Johnson, M.; Leen, C.; Orkin, C.; Palfreeman, A.; Phillips, A.; Pillay, D.;, 2012:
Outcomes in the first year after initiation of first-line HAART among heterosexual men and women in the UK CHIC Study

Kneisl, J.S.; Coleman, M.M.; Raut, C.P., 2014:
Outcomes in the management of adult soft tissue sarcomas

Paul, S.; Altorki, N., 2014:
Outcomes in the management of esophageal cancer

Aydin, U.; Yazici, P.; Ozütemiz, O.; Güler, A., 2009:
Outcomes in the management of gastrocolic fistulas: a single surgical unit's experience

Frago, R.; Kreisler, E.; Biondo, S.; Salazar, R.; Dominguez, J.; Escalante, E., 2010:
Outcomes in the management of obstructive unresectable stage IV colorectal cancer

Landes, G.; Harris, P.G.; Sampalis, J.S.; Brutus, J-Paul.; Cordoba, C.; Ciaburro, H.; Bernier, C.; Nikolis, A., 2007:
Outcomes in the management of sternal dehiscence by plastic surgery: a ten-year review in one university center

Venus, M.R.; Titley, O.G., 2012:
Outcomes in the repair of pilonidal sinus disease excision wounds using a parasacral perforator flap

Pollett, W.G.; Gibbs, P.; McLaughlin, S.; Eteuati, J.; Harold, M.; Marion, K.; Patel, S.; Jones, I., 2015:
Outcomes in the surgical treatment of low rectal cancer: does neoadjuvant treatment equalize results?

Thiel, J.; Suchet, I.; Tyson, N.; Price, P., 2011:
Outcomes in the ultrasound follow-up of the Essure micro-insert: complications and proper placement

Wyler von Ballmoos, M.C.; Johnstone, D.W., 2014:
Outcomes in thoracic surgical management of non-small cell lung cancer

Savoia, A.; Accardo, C.; Vannini, F.; Di Pasquale, B.; Baldi, A., 2014:
Outcomes in thread lift for facial rejuvenation: a study performed with happy lift™ revitalizing

Garvey, P.B.; Ricciardelli, E.J.; Gampper, T., 2009:
Outcomes in threadlift for facial rejuvenation

Marshall Brooks, M.; Tobase, P.; Karp, S.; Francis, D.; Fogarty, P.F., 2011:
Outcomes in total elbow arthroplasty in patients with haemophilia at the University of California, San Francisco: a retrospective review

Coombs, C.Callaghan.; Hertzfeld, K.; Barrett, W., 2012:
Outcomes in transplant patients undergoing brachytherapy for prostate cancer

Liu, X.; Sun, B.; Xu, Q.; Che, X.; Hu, J.; Gu, S.; Shou, J., 2013:
Outcomes in treatment for primary spinal anaplastic ependymomas: a retrospective series of 20 patients

Mytinger, J.R.; Quigg, M.; Taft, W.C.; Buck, M.L.; Rust, R.S., 2011:
Outcomes in treatment of infantile spasms with pulse methylprednisolone

Payne, S.J.L.; Stebbing, J.; Wilson, P.; Slater, S., 2011:
Outcomes in unresectable and locally advanced resected cholangiocarcinoma

Keddie, S.; Bharambe, V.; Jayakumar, A.; Shah, A.; Sanchez, V.; Adams, A.; Gnanapavan, S., 2018:
Clinical perspectives into the use of thalidomide for central nervous system tuberculosis

Casey, P.M.; Gallenberg, M.M.; Kastner, T.M.; Barrette, B.A.; Chantigian, P.D.M.; Shuster, L.T.; MacLaughlin, K.L.; Allensworth, S.K.; Weaver, A.L., 2013:
Outcomes in women age 40 years and older with cytologically benign endometrial cells

Biskin, R.S.; Paris, J.; Renaud, J.; Raz, A.; Zelkowitz, P., 2011:
Outcomes in women diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in adolescence

De Sancho, M.T.; Khalid, S.; Christos, P.J., 2013:
Outcomes in women receiving low-molecular-weight heparin during pregnancy

Zauls, A.Jason.; Watkins, J.M.; Wahlquist, A.E.; Brackett, N.Craig.; Aguero, E.G.; Baker, M.K.; Jenrette, J.M.; Garrett-Mayer, E.; Harper, J.L., 2012:
Outcomes in women treated with MammoSite brachytherapy or whole breast irradiation stratified by ASTRO Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Consensus Statement Groups

Verier-Mine, O., 2011:
Outcomes in women with a history of gestational diabetes. Screening and prevention of type 2 diabetes. Literature review

Vérier-Mine, O., 2011:
Outcomes in women with history of gestational diabetes mellitus. Screening and prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Literature review

Albarak, J.; Nijjar, A.P.K.; Aymong, E.; Wang, H.; Quan, H.; Khan, N.A., 2012:
Outcomes in young South Asian Canadians after acute myocardial infarction

Ahmed, M.I.; Mujib, M.; Desai, R.V.; Feller, M.A.; Daniel, C.; Aban, I.B.; Love, T.E.; Deedwania, P.; Pitt, B.; Aronow, W.S.; Ahmed, A., 2012:
Outcomes in younger and older adults with chronic advanced systolic heart failure: a propensity-matched study

Schneider, G.B.; Cunningham-Ford, M.A.; Johnsen, D.C.; Eckert, M.Lynn.; Mulder, M., 2014:
Outcomes mapping: a method for dental schools to coordinate learning and assessment based on desired characteristics of a graduate

Reinikainen, M.; Laru-Sompa, R.; Loisa, P.; Lund, V.; Kairi, P., 2010:
Outcomes may have been no better after trauma care in university-level intensive care units

Cesare, L.A., 2014:
Outcomes measurement essential for post-reform healthcare success

Gourin, C.G., 2014:
Outcomes measurement in patients with head and neck cancer

Awan, S.N.; Roy, N., 2009:
Outcomes measurement in voice disorders: application of an acoustic index of dysphonia severity

Harris, F.; Sprigle, S., 2009:
Outcomes measurement of a wheelchair intervention

Rajecki, R., 2014:
Outcomes measurement quickly becoming a business imperative

Lane-Fall, M.B.; Neuman, M.D., 2014:
Outcomes measures and risk adjustment

Macadam, S.A.; Bezuhly, M.; Lefaivre, K.A., 2009:
Outcomes measures used to assess results after surgery for cubital tunnel syndrome: a systematic review of the literature

Miura, I.; Kurzatkowski, K.; Griffiths, R., 2012:
Outcomes not justified by data

Lieberman, J.A.; Huang, F.R.; Sampson, H.A.; Nowak-Węgrzyn, A., 2013:
Outcomes of 100 consecutive open, baked-egg oral food challenges in the allergy office

Seemüller, F.; Riedel, M.; Obermeier, M.; Bauer, M.; Adli, M.; Kronmüller, K.; Holsboer, F.; Brieger, P.; Laux, G.; Bender, W.; Heuser, I.; Zeiler, J.; Gaebel, W.; Dichgans, E.; Bottländer, R.; Musil, R.; Möller, H-Jürgen., 2010:
Outcomes of 1014 naturalistically treated inpatients with major depressive episode

Ye, Q-dong.; Pan, C.; Xue, H-liang.; Chen, J.; Zhou, M.; Jiang, H.; Shen, S-hong.; Tang, Y-jing.; Wang, J-min., 2014:
Outcomes of 104 children with B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Lee, K.Eun.; Koo, D.Hoon.; Kim, S-Jin.; Lee, J.; Park, K.Sik.; Oh, S.Keun.; Youn, Y-Kyu., 2011:
Outcomes of 109 patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma who underwent robotic total thyroidectomy with central node dissection via the bilateral axillo-breast approach

Choi, S.D.; Kho, Y.C.; Rhodes, L.M.; Davis, G.K.; Chapman, M.G.; Murrell, D.F., 2012:
Outcomes of 11 pregnancies in three patients with recessive forms of epidermolysis bullosa

Guyomarch, J.; Delyfer, M-N.; Korobelnik, J-F., 2008:
Outcomes of 110 consecutive 25-gauge transconjunctival sutureless pars plana vitrectomies

Rybakowski, J.K.; Suwalska, A.; Hajek, T., 2017:
Clinical Perspectives of Lithium's Neuroprotective Effect

Kolber, M.; Szafran, O.; Suwal, J.; Diaz, M., 2009:
Outcomes of 1949 endoscopic procedures: performed by a Canadian rural family physician

Tavolato, M.; Lo Giudice, G.; Cian, R.; Galan, A., 2013:
Outcomes of 195 consecutive patients undergoing 2-port pars plana vitrectomy with slit-lamp illumination system for posterior segment disease: a retrospective study

Hoashi, T.; Bove, E.L.; Devaney, E.J.; Hirsch, J.C.; Ohye, R.G., 2011:
Outcomes of 1½- or 2-ventricle conversion for patients initially treated with single-ventricle palliation

Sakaura, H.; Yamashita, T.; Miwa, T.; Ohzono, K.; Ohwada, T., 2013:
Outcomes of 2-level posterior lumbar interbody fusion for 2-level degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis

Spierer, O.; Siminovsky, Z.; Loewenstein, A.; Barak, A., 2012:
Outcomes of 20-gauge transconjunctival sutureless vitrectomy

Kusuhara, S.; Ooto, S.; Kimura, D.; Itoi, K.; Mukuno, H.; Miyamoto, N.; Akimoto, M.; Kuriyama, S.; Takagi, H., 2008:
Outcomes of 23- and 25-gauge transconjunctival sutureless vitrectomies for idiopathic macular holes

Sanisoglu, H.; Sevim, M.Sahin.; Aktas, B.; Sevim, S.; Nohutcu, A., 2011:
Outcomes of 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy and internal limiting membrane peeling with brilliant blue in macular hole

Akçay, Bül.İlkay.Sezgin.; Uyar, O.Murat.; Akkan, F.; Eltutar, K., 2012:
Outcomes of 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy in vitreoretinal diseases

Asano, S.; Hara, T.; Haisa, T.; Okamoto, K.; Kato, T.; Ohno, H.; Hasuo, K.; Kondo, T., 2007:
Outcomes of 24 patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage aged 80 years or older in a single center

Schoenberger, S.D.; Miller, D.M.; Riemann, C.D.; Foster, R.E.; Sisk, R.A.; Hutchins, R.K.; Petersen, M.R., 2012:
Outcomes of 25-gauge pars plana vitrectomy in the surgical management of proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Farouk, M.Mohamed.; Naito, T.; Sayed, K.Mohammed.; Nagasawa, T.; Katome, T.; Radwan, G.; Abdallah, A.; Elagouz, M., 2011:
Outcomes of 25-gauge vitrectomy for proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Parappil, H.; Rahman, S.; Salama, H.; Al Rifai, H.; Parambil, N.Kesavath.; El Ansari, W., 2011:
Outcomes of 28+1 to 32+0 weeks gestation babies in the state of Qatar: finding facility-based cost effective options for improving the survival of preterm neonates in low income countries

Alotaibi, A.G.; Fawazi, S.M.; Alenazy, B.R.; Abu-Amero, K.K., 2012:
Outcomes of 3 hours part-time occlusion treatment combined with near activities among children with unilateral amblyopia

Mahmood, T.; Akhtar, N.; Khan, B.Ali.; Khan, H.M.Shoaib.; Saeed, T., 2011:
Outcomes of 3% green tea emulsion on skin sebum production in male volunteers

Cupples, L.; Ching, T.Y.C.; Crowe, K.; Seeto, M.; Leigh, G.; Street, L.; Day, J.; Marnane, V.; Thomson, J., 2014:
Outcomes of 3-year-old children with hearing loss and different types of additional disabilities

Ecker, R.D.; Mulligan, L.P.; Dirks, M.; Bell, R.S.; Severson, M.A.; Howard, R.S.; Armonda, R.A., 2011:
Outcomes of 33 patients from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan undergoing bilateral or bicompartmental craniectomy

Sato, T.; Hirata, A.; Mizoguchi, T., 2014:
Outcomes of 360° suture trabeculotomy with deep sclerectomy combined with cataract surgery for primary open angle glaucoma and coexisting cataract

Shoaib, K.Khalid., 2012:
Outcomes of 4-snip punctoplasty for severe punctal stenosis: measurement of tear meniscus height by optical coherence tomography

Châtain, F.; Gaillard, T.H.; Denjean, S.; Tayot, O., 2014:
Outcomes of 447 SCORE® highly congruent mobile-bearing total knee arthroplasties after 5-10 years follow-up

Ng, V.Lee.; Fecteau, A.; Shepherd, R.; Magee, J.; Bucuvalas, J.; Alonso, E.; McDiarmid, S.; Cohen, G.; Anand, R.; Dunn, S.; Menendez, J.; Gopalareddy, V.; Jonas, M.; Krawczuk, L.; Kane, R.; Solomon, H.; Phillips, E.; Heffron, T.; DePaolo, J.; Pillen, T.; Smallwood, G.; Davis, L.; Welch, D.; Bucuvalas, J.; Balistreri, W.; Ryckman, F.; Howkins, A.; Krug, S.; Arya, G.; Narkewicz, M.; Sokol, R.; Karrer, F.; Orban-Eller, K.; Rand, E.; Goodsell, C.; Mazariegos, G.; Chien, L.; Smith, A.; Atkinson, P.;, 2008:
Outcomes of 5-year survivors of pediatric liver transplantation: report on 461 children from a north american multicenter registry

Al-Hadithy, N.; Al-Nakib, K.; Quaba, A., 2012:
Outcomes of 52 patients with congenital melanocytic naevi treated with UltraPulse Carbon Dioxide and Frequency Doubled Q-Switched Nd-Yag laser

Park, K.Soo.; Chang, Y.Hee.; Na, K.Doo.; Hong, S.; Han, S.Han., 2008:
Outcomes of 6 hour part-time occlusion treatment combined with near activities for unilateral amblyopia

Hsu, P-Wei.; Chang, C-Nen.; Lee, S-Tseng.; Huang, Y-Cheng.; Chen, H-Chih.; Wang, C-Chieh.; Hsu, Y-Hsin.; Tseng, C-Kan.; Chen, Y-Liang.; Wei, K-Cheng., 2010:
Outcomes of 75 patients over 12 years treated for acoustic neuromas with linear accelerator-based radiosurgery

Silbert, D.I.; Matta, N.S., 2010:
Outcomes of 9 mm balloon-assisted endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy: retrospective review of 97 cases

Ju, R-Hong.; Ke, X-Yun.; Zhang, J-Qing.; Fu, M., 2012:
Outcomes of 957 preterm neonatal fundus examinations in a Guangzhou NICU through 2008 to 2011

Godleski, L.; Darkins, A.; Peters, J., 2012:
Outcomes of 98,609 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs patients enrolled in telemental health services, 2006-2010

Timko, C., 2009:
Outcomes of AA for special populations

Montgomery, J.R.; Berger, J.C.; Warren, D.S.; James, N.T.; Montgomery, R.A.; Segev, D.L., 2012:
Outcomes of ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation in the United States

Sizemore, M.H.; Robbins, L.K.; Hoke, M.M.; Billings, D.M., 2008:
Outcomes of ADN-BSN partnerships to increase baccalaureate prepared nurses

Bashook, P.G.; Linsk, N.L.; Jacob, B-Anne.; Aguado, P.; Edison, M.; Rivero, R.; Schechtman, B.; Prabhughate, P., 2010:
Outcomes of AIDS Education and Training Center HIV/AIDS skill-building workshops on provider practices

Adam, Z.; Stork, M.; Pour, L.; Krejčí, M.; Zahradová, L.; Sandecká, V.; Hájek, R.; Cermáková, Z.; Pospíšilová, Y.; Navrátil, M.; Král, Z.; Mayer, J., 2013:
Outcomes of AL-amyloidosis treatment with bortezomib, dexamethasone and cyclophosphamide or doxorubicin-containing regimens

Schmelter, C.; Raab, U.; Lazarus, F.; Ruppert, V.; Vorwerk, D., 2016:
Outcomes of AV Fistulas and AV Grafts after Interventional Stent-Graft Deployment in Haemodialysis Patients

Kim, K.Tai.; Jeong, O.; Jung, M.Ran.; Ryu, S.Yeop.; Park, Y-Kyu., 2012:
Outcomes of Abdominal Total Gastrectomy for Type II and III Gastroesophageal Junction Tumors: Single Center's Experience in Korea

Trottier, V.; Namias, N.; Pust, D.G.; Nuwayhid, Z.; Manning, R.; Marttos, A.C.; Dunham, M.B.; Schulman, C.I.; McKenney, M.G., 2007 :
Outcomes of Acinetobacter baumannii infection in critically ill surgical patients

Teegavarapu, P.S.; Rao, P.; Matrana, M.R.; Cauley, D.H.; Wood, C.G.; Patel, S.; Tannir, N.M., 2014:
Outcomes of Adults With Ewing Sarcoma Family of Tumors (ESFT) of the Kidney: A Single-Institution Experience

Ou, Y.; Yu, F.; Law, S.K.; Coleman, A.L.; Caprioli, J., 2009:
Outcomes of Ahmed glaucoma valve implantation in children with primary congenital glaucoma

Zemek, F.; Drtinova, L.; Nepovimova, E.; Sepsova, V.; Korabecny, J.; Klimes, J.; Kuca, K., 2015:
Outcomes of Alzheimer's disease therapy with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and memantine

Resnick, S.A.; Eskandari, M.K., 2008:
Outcomes of Amplatzer vascular plugs for occlusion of internal iliacs during aortoiliac aneurysm stent grafting

Simoni, E.; Blitz, L.; Lookstein, R., 2013:
Outcomes of AngioJet® thrombectomy in hemodialysis vascular access grafts and fistulas: PEARL I Registry

Hou, J.H.; de la Cruz, J.; Djalilian, A.R., 2013:
Outcomes of Boston keratoprosthesis implantation for failed keratoplasty after keratolimbal allograft

De Iure, F.; Donthineni, R.; Boriani, S., 2009:
Outcomes of C1 and C2 posterior screw fixation for upper cervical spine fusion

He, G-Sheng.; Zhang, X.; Wu, D-Pei.; Sun, A-Ning.; Jin, Z-Ming.; Qiu, H-Ying.; Miao, M.; Tang, X-Wen.; Fu, Z-Zheng.; Han, Y., 2009:
Outcomes of CAG regimen for refractory biphenotypic acute leukemia patients

Ristagno, G.; Tang, W.; Xu, T.Yan.; Sun, S.; Weil, M.Harry., 2007:
Outcomes of CPR in the presence of partial occlusion of left anterior descending coronary artery

Kulkarni, A.V.; Riva-Cambrin, J.; Butler, J.; Browd, S.R.; Drake, J.M.; Holubkov, R.; Kestle, J.R.W.; Limbrick, D.D.; Simon, T.D.; Tamber, M.S.; Wellons, J.C.; Whitehead, W.E., 2013:
Outcomes of CSF shunting in children: comparison of Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network cohort with historical controls: clinical article

Compeau, E.A.; Gordon, K.; Buys, Y.M., 2012:
Outcomes of Canadian National Institute for the Blind Baker research grants from 1998 to 2009

Sharma, S.K.; Solanki, R.; Mohan, A.; Jain, N.K.; Chauhan, L.S., 2013:
Outcomes of Category III DOTS treatment in immunocompetent patients with tuberculosis pleural effusion

Doder, R.; Kovacević, N.; Munćan, D.; Potkonjak, A.; Tomasev, B.; Ruzić, M., 2015:
Outcomes of Clostridium difficile enterocolitis after administration of antibiotics along with probiotic supplement

Hsu, J.L.; Enser, J.J.; McKown, T.; Leverson, G.E.; Pirsch, J.D.; Hess, T.M.; Safdar, N., 2014:
Outcomes of Clostridium difficile infection in recipients of solid abdominal organ transplants

Choi, J.Woo.; Xuan, Y.; Hur, H.; Byun, C.Su.; Han, S-Uk.; Cho, Y.Kwan., 2013:
Outcomes of Critical Pathway in Laparoscopic and Open Surgical Treatments for Gastric Cancer Patients: Patients Selection for Fast-Track Program through Retrospective Analysis

da Luz Moreira, A.; Stocchi, L.; Tan, E.; Tekkis, P.P.; Fazio, V.W., 2009:
Outcomes of Crohn's disease presenting with abdominopelvic abscess

Votanopoulos, K.I.; Newman, N.A.; Russell, G.; Ihemelandu, C.; Shen, P.; Stewart, J.H.; Levine, E.A., 2014:
Outcomes of Cytoreductive Surgery (CRS) with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) in patients older than 70 years; survival benefit at considerable morbidity and mortality

Gordon, A.J.; Liberto, J.; Granda, S.; Salmon-Cox, S.; Andree, T.; McNicholas, L., 2008:
Outcomes of DATA 2000 certification trainings for the provision of buprenorphine treatment in the Veterans Health Administration

Das, P.; Chokar, V.; Nanjundappa, A.; Dieter, R.S., 2008:
Outcomes of DES in real-world practice: realizing the potential

Basel, H.; Aydin, U.; Kutlu, H.; Dostbil, A.; Karadag, M.; Odabasi, D.; Aydin, C., 2011:
Outcomes of De Vega versus biodegradable ring annuloplasty in the surgical treatment of tricuspid regurgitation (mid-term results)

Greenwalt, J.C.; Amdur, R.J.; Morris, C.G.; Morgan, L.S.; Castagno, J.; Markham, M.Jennifer.; Rich, S.; Yeung, A.R., 2016:
Outcomes of Definitive Radiation Therapy for Primary Vaginal Carcinoma

Kim, P.; Amiran, M.D.; Lichtinger, A.; Yeung, S.N.; Slomovic, A.R.; Rootman, D.S., 2012:
Outcomes of Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty in patients with previous glaucoma drainage device insertion

Chaurasia, S.; Murthy, S.; Ramappa, M.; Mohamed, A.; Garg, P., 2014:
Outcomes of Descemet's stripping endothelial keratoplasty in eyes with failed therapeutic penetrating keratoplasty

Spyridakis, M.; Christodoulidis, G.; Symeonidis, D.; Dimas, D.; Diamantis, A.; Polychronopoulou, E.; Tepetes, K., 2012:
Outcomes of Doppler-guided hemorrhoid artery ligation: analysis of 90 consecutive patients

Dundee, P.E.; Chin-Lenn, L.; Syme, D.B.Y.; Thomas, P.R., 2007:
Outcomes of ERCP: prospective series from a rural centre

Kato, M.; Nishida, T.; Hamasaki, T.; Kawai, N.; Yoshio, T.; Egawa, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Ogiyama, H.; Komori, M.; Nakahara, M.; Yabuta, T.; Nishihara, A.; Hayashi, Y.; Yamada, T.; Takehara, T., 2015:
Outcomes of ESD for patients with early gastric cancer and comorbid liver cirrhosis: a propensity score analysis

Siddiqui, A.A.; Dewitt, J.M.; Strongin, A.; Singh, H.; Jordan, S.; Loren, D.E.; Kowalski, T.; Eloubeidi, M.A., 2014:
Outcomes of EUS-guided drainage of debris-containing pancreatic pseudocysts by using combined endoprosthesis and a nasocystic drain

Mehta, P.; Kalyanpur, T.; Narsinghpura, K.S.; Krishnan, R.; Raja, D.; Yadav, M.; Cherian, M., 2011:
Outcomes of Endovascular Coiling in Patients with Intracranial Aneurysms Presenting with Poor Clinical and SAH Grade

Agrawal, V.; Feng, C.; Joseph, J., 2016:
Outcomes of Extraperitoneal Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy in the Morbidly Obese: A Propensity Score-Matched Study

Steen, T.Y.; Mousseau, T., 2015:
Outcomes of Fukushima: biological effects of radiation on nonhuman species

Xu, Z.; Yen, C-Po.; Schlesinger, D.; Sheehan, J., 2011:
Outcomes of Gamma Knife surgery for craniopharyngiomas

Park, K-Jae.; Kondziolka, D.; Kano, H.; Berkowitz, O.; Ahmed, S.Faraz.; Liu, X.; Niranjan, A.; Flickinger, J.C.; Lunsford, L.Dade., 2012:
Outcomes of Gamma Knife surgery for trigeminal neuralgia secondary to vertebrobasilar ectasia

Viñals, J.Maria.Viñals.; Rodrigues, T.André.Gomes.; Lopez, C.Carrasco.; Payro, J.Maria.Serra.; Porté, Jé.Antonio.Palacin.; Sildenikova, D.Perez.; Dewever, M.; Bozal, P.Tarrus., 2014:
Outcomes of Gastro-omental Free Flap Reconstruction for Salvage Laryngopharyngectomy for Pharyngeal and Laryngeal Cancer After Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy

Park, D.Soo.; Gong, I.Hyuck.; Choi, D.Kyung.; Hwang, J.Ho.; Shin, H.Soo.; Oh, J.Jin., 2014:
Outcomes of Gleason Score ≤ 8 among high risk prostate cancer treated with 125I low dose rate brachytherapy based multimodal therapy

Hsu, C-Sheng.; Kao, J-Horng., 2010:
Outcomes of HCV treatment: who does well and who does not?

Vici, P.; Pizzuti, L.; Natoli, C.; Moscetti, L.; Mentuccia, L.; Vaccaro, A.; Sergi, D.; Di Lauro, L.; Trenta, P.; Seminara, P.; Santini, D.; Iezzi, L.; Tinari, N.; Bertolini, I.; Sini, V.; Mottolese, M.; Giannarelli, D.; Giotta, F.; Maugeri-Saccà, M.; Barba, M.; Marchetti, P.; Michelotti, A.; Sperduti, I.; Gamucci, T., 2015:
Outcomes of HER2-positive early breast cancer patients in the pre-trastuzumab and trastuzumab eras: a real-world multicenter observational analysis. The RETROHER study

Crouzet, S.; Poissonnier, L.; Murat, F-J.; Pasticier, G.; Rouvière, O.; Mège-Lechevallier, F.; Chapelon, J-Y.; Martin, X.; Gelet, A., 2011:
Outcomes of HIFU for localised prostate cancer using the Ablatherm Integrate Imaging® device

Anonymous, 2008:
Outcomes of HIV infection in persons who resume treatment after interruptions

Udeagu, C-Chi.N.; Tsega, A.; Klingler, E.J.; Bocour, A.; Sabharwal, C.J.; Shepard, C.W., 2013:
Outcomes of HIV partner services for people with HIV and STD coinfection versus new HIV diagnosis: implications for HIV prevention strategies

Nyandiko, W.M.; Otieno-Nyunya, B.; Musick, B.; Bucher-Yiannoutsos, S.; Akhaabi, P.; Lane, K.; Yiannoutsos, C.T.; Wools-Kaloustian, K., 2010:
Outcomes of HIV-exposed children in western Kenya: efficacy of prevention of mother to child transmission in a resource-constrained setting

Bong, C-N.; Chen, S.C.C.; Jong, Y-J.; Tok, T-S.; Hsu, C-F.; Schouten, E.J.; Makombe, S.D.; Yu, J.K-L.; Harries, A.D., 2007:
Outcomes of HIV-infected children with tuberculosis who are started on antiretroviral therapy in Malawi

Yehia, B.R.; Schranz, A.J.; Momplaisir, F.; Keller, S.C.; Gross, R.; Frank, I.; Metlay, J.P.; Brady, K.A., 2015:
Outcomes of HIV-infected patients receiving care at multiple clinics

McGreevy, J.; Jean Juste, M.A.; Severe, P.; Collins, S.; Koenig, S.; Pape, J.W.; Fitzgerald, D.W., 2012:
Outcomes of HIV-infected patients treated for recurrent tuberculosis with the standard retreatment regimen

O'Sullivan, B.; Huang, S.Hui.; Perez-Ordonez, B.; Massey, C.; Siu, L.L.; Weinreb, I.; Hope, A.; Kim, J.; Bayley, A.J.; Cummings, B.; Ringash, J.; Dawson, L.A.; Cho, B.C.John.; Chen, E.; Irish, J.; Gilbert, R.W.; Hui, A.; Liu, F-Fei.; Zhao, H.; Waldron, J.N.; Xu, W., 2012:
Outcomes of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer patients treated by radiotherapy alone using altered fractionation

Salci, H.; Bayram, A.S.; Gorgul, O.S., 2009:
Outcomes of Heimlich valve drainage in dogs

Bonnard, A.; Zeidan, S.; Degas, V.; Viala, Jérome.; Baumann, C.; Berrebi, D.; Perrusson, O.; El Ghoneimi, A., 2009:
Outcomes of Hirschsprung's disease associated with Mowat-Wilson syndrome

Phillips, J.; Withrow, K., 2014:
Outcomes of Holmium Laser-Assisted Lithotripsy with Sialendoscopy in Treatment of Sialolithiasis

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