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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54821

Chapter 54821 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lee, H.; Ryu, S.Hyung.; Hong, S.Sun.; Seo, D.Dae.; Min, H.Joo.; Jang, M.Kuk.; Kwon, H.Jeong.; Yu, E.; Chung, Y-Hwa.; Kim, K-Won., 2009:
Overexpression of metastasis-associated protein 2 is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma size and differentiation

Park, H-Rim.; Jung, W.Won.; Kim, H.Sook.; Bacchini, P.; Bertoni, F.; Park, Y-Koo., 2005:
Overexpression of metastatic tumor antigen in osteosarcoma: comparison between conventional high-grade and central low-grade osteosarcoma

Cabreiro, F.; Picot, Cĕdric.R.; Perichon, M.; Friguet, B.; Petropoulos, I., 2008:
Overexpression of methionine sulfoxide reductases A and B2 protects MOLT-4 cells against zinc-induced oxidative stress

Shchedrina, V.A.; Vorbrüggen, G.; Lee, B.Cheon.; Kim, H-Young.; Kabil, H.; Harshman, L.G.; Gladyshev, V.N., 2009:
Overexpression of methionine-R-sulfoxide reductases has no influence on fruit fly aging

Yang, T.; Ramocki, M.B.; Neul, J.L.; Lu, W.; Roberts, L.; Knight, J.; Ward, C.S.; Zoghbi, H.Y.; Kheradmand, F.; Corry, D.B., 2013:
Overexpression of methyl-CpG binding protein 2 impairs T(H)1 responses

Sawalha, A.H., 2014:
Overexpression of methyl-CpG-binding protein 2 and autoimmunity: evidence from MECP2 duplication syndrome, lupus, MECP2 transgenic and Mecp2 deficient mice

Zhao, X-dong.; Zhang, W.; Liang, H-jun.; Ji, W-yue., 2013:
Overexpression of miR -155 promotes proliferation and invasion of human laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma via targeting SOCS1 and STAT3

Zhang, B.; Wang, M.; Zhang, X.; Li, C.; Wang, Q., 2013:
Overexpression of miR 156 in cotton via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation

Hudson, J.; Duncavage, E.; Tamburrino, A.; Salerno, P.; Xi, L.; Raffeld, M.; Moley, J.; Chernock, R.D., 2013:
Overexpression of miR-10a and miR-375 and downregulation of YAP1 in medullary thyroid carcinoma

Deng, X-Geng.; Qiu, R-Lin.; Wu, Y-Hao.; Li, Z-Xi.; Xie, P.; Zhang, J.; Zhou, J-Jia.; Zeng, L-Xiang.; Tang, J.; Maharjan, A.; Deng, J-Min., 2014:
Overexpression of miR-122 promotes the hepatic differentiation and maturation of mouse ESCs through a miR-122/FoxA1/HNF4a-positive feedback loop

Gañán-Gómez, I.; Wei, Y.; Yang, H.; Pierce, S.; Bueso-Ramos, C.; Calin, G.; Boyano-Adánez, Mía.Del.Carmen.; García-Manero, G., 2015:
Overexpression of miR-125a in myelodysplastic syndrome CD34+ cells modulates NF-κB activation and enhances erythroid differentiation arrest

Gong, X-Hua.; Chen, C.; Hou, P.; Zhu, S-Cheng.; Wu, C-Qun.; Song, C-Lin.; Ni, W.; Hu, J-Feng.; Yao, D-Kang.; Kang, J-Hong.; Zhu, L., 2016:
Overexpression of miR-126 inhibits the activation and migration of HSCs through targeting CRK

Huang, F.; Fang, Z-fei.; Hu, X-qun.; Tang, L.; Zhou, S-hua.; Huang, J-ping., 2014:
Overexpression of miR-126 promotes the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells toward endothelial cells via activation of PI3K/Akt and MAPK/ERK pathways and release of paracrine factors

Guidi, M.; Muiños-Gimeno, M.; Kagerbauer, B.; Martí, Eàlia.; Estivill, X.; Espinosa-Parrilla, Y., 2011:
Overexpression of miR-128 specifically inhibits the truncated isoform of NTRK3 and upregulates BCL2 in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells

Saito, Y.; Suzuki, H.; Tsugawa, H.; Imaeda, H.; Matsuzaki, J.; Hirata, K.; Hosoe, N.; Nakamura, M.; Mukai, M.; Saito, H.; Hibi, T., 2013:
Overexpression of miR-142-5p and miR-155 in gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma resistant to Helicobacter pylori eradication

Peng, W.; Hu, J.; Zhu, X-dong.; Liu, X.; Wang, C-chen.; Li, W-hua.; Chen, Z-yu., 2014:
Overexpression of miR-145 increases the sensitivity of vemurafenib in drug-resistant colo205 cell line

Sandhu, R.; Rein, J.; D'Arcy, M.; Herschkowitz, J.I.; Hoadley, K.A.; Troester, M.A., 2015:
Overexpression of miR-146a in basal-like breast cancer cells confers enhanced tumorigenic potential in association with altered p53 status

Zhu, X-ming.; Han, T.; Wang, X-hong.; Li, Y-hong.; Yang, H-guang.; Luo, Y-ning.; Yin, G-wu.; Yao, Y-qing., 2010:
Overexpression of miR-152 leads to reduced expression of human leukocyte antigen-G and increased natural killer cell mediated cytolysis in JEG-3 cells

Park, D.; Lee, S.Cheol.; Park, J.Won.; Cho, S.Young.; Kim, H.Kyun., 2015:
Overexpression of miR-17 in gastric cancer is correlated with proliferation-associated oncogene amplification

Lim, J.Yun.; Yoon, S.Och.; Seol, S-Young.; Hong, S.Won.; Kim, J.Won.; Choi, S.Ho.; Lee, J-Seog.; Cho, J.Yong., 2014:
Overexpression of miR-196b and HOXA10 characterize a poor-prognosis gastric cancer subtype

Li, M.; Hu, X.; Zhu, J.; Zhu, C.; Zhu, S.; Liu, X.; Xu, J.; Han, S.; Yu, Z., 2015:
Overexpression of miR-19b impairs cardiac development in zebrafish by targeting ctnnb1

Wang, J.; Yang, X.; Ruan, B.; Dai, B.; Gao, Y.; Duan, J.; Qu, S.; Tao, K.; Dou, K.; Li, H., 2015:
Overexpression of miR-200a suppresses epithelial-mesenchymal transition of liver cancer stem cells

Li, P.; He, Q-Yong.; Luo, C-Qun., 2016:
Overexpression of miR-200b inhibits the cell proliferation and promotes apoptosis of human hypertrophic scar fibroblasts in vitro

Hamano, R.; Miyata, H.; Yamasaki, M.; Kurokawa, Y.; Hara, J.; Moon, J.Ho.; Nakajima, K.; Takiguchi, S.; Fujiwara, Y.; Mori, M.; Doki, Y., 2011 :
Overexpression of miR-200c induces chemoresistance in esophageal cancers mediated through activation of the Akt signaling pathway

Connolly, E.C.; Van Doorslaer, K.; Rogler, L.E.; Rogler, C.E., 2010:
Overexpression of miR-21 promotes an in vitro metastatic phenotype by targeting the tumor suppressor RHOB

Lan, H.; Lin, C-yao.; Yuan, H-yin.; Xiong, B., 2012:
Overexpression of miR-21 promotes proliferation and reduces apoptosis in non-small cell lung cancer

Tsang, V.H.M.; Dwight, T.; Benn, D.E.; Meyer-Rochow, G.Y.; Gill, A.J.; Sywak, M.; Sidhu, S.; Veivers, D.; Sue, C.M.; Robinson, B.G.; Clifton-Bligh, R.J.; Parker, N.R., 2015:
Overexpression of miR-210 is associated with SDH-related pheochromocytomas, paragangliomas, and gastrointestinal stromal tumours

Nakada, C.; Tsukamoto, Y.; Matsuura, K.; Nguyen, T.Lam.; Hijiya, N.; Uchida, T.; Sato, F.; Mimata, H.; Seto, M.; Moriyama, M., 2011:
Overexpression of miR-210, a downstream target of HIF1α, causes centrosome amplification in renal carcinoma cells

Sui, C.; Xu, F.; Shen, W.; Geng, L.; Xie, F.; Dai, B.; Lu, J.; Zhang, M.; Yang, J., 2015:
Overexpression of miR-218 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma cell growth through RET

Li, J.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, J.; Kong, F.; Chen, Y., 2012:
Overexpression of miR-22 reverses paclitaxel-induced chemoresistance through activation of PTEN signaling in p53-mutated colon cancer cells

Li, Z-wu.; Yang, Y-mei.; Du, L-tao.; Dong, Z.; Wang, L-li.; Zhang, X.; Zhou, X-jun.; Zheng, G-xi.; Qu, A-lin.; Wang, C-xin., 2015:
Overexpression of miR-223 correlates with tumor metastasis and poor prognosis in patients with colorectal cancer

Le Guillou, S.; Sdassi, N.; Laubier, J.; Passet, B.; Vilotte, M.; Castille, J.; Laloë, D.; Polyte, J.; Bouet, Séphan.; Jaffrézic, F.; Cribiu, E-Paul.; Vilotte, J-Luc.; Le Provost, F., 2013:
Overexpression of miR-30b in the developing mouse mammary gland causes a lactation defect and delays involution

Chen, J.; Wang, L.; Matyunina, L.V.; Hill, C.G.; McDonald, J.F., 2011:
Overexpression of miR-429 induces mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition (MET) in metastatic ovarian cancer cells

Li, F.; Ma, N.; Zhao, R.; Wu, G.; Zhang, Y.; Qiao, Y.; Han, D.; Xu, Y.; Xiang, Y.; Yan, B.; Jin, J.; Lv, G.; Wang, L.; Xu, C.; Gao, X.; Luo, S., 2015:
Overexpression of miR-483-5p/3p cooperate to inhibit mouse liver fibrosis by suppressing the TGF-β stimulated HSCs in transgenic mice

Chakrabarti, M.; Ai, W.; Banik, N.L.; Ray, S.K., 2013:
Overexpression of miR-7-1 increases efficacy of green tea polyphenols for induction of apoptosis in human malignant neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y and SK-N-DZ cells

Li, X.; Li, D.; Zhuang, Y.; Shi, Q.; Wei, W.; Ju, X., 2013:
Overexpression of miR-708 and its targets in the childhood common precursor B-cell ALL

Fenger, J.M.; Bear, M.D.; Volinia, S.; Lin, T-Yin.; Harrington, B.K.; London, C.A.; Kisseberth, W.C., 2014:
Overexpression of miR-9 in mast cells is associated with invasive behavior and spontaneous metastasis

Kim, B.Hab.; Kwon, Y.; Lee, B-Ha.; Nam, K.Hee., 2014:
Overexpression of miR172 suppresses the brassinosteroid signaling defects of bak1 in Arabidopsis

Wang, Q.; Ji, X.; Gao, Y.; Qi, X.; Wang, X.; Wang, Y.; Qin, L.; Gao, H.; Wang, X., 2013:
Overexpression of microRNA gga-miR-1650 decreases the replication of avian leukosis virus subgroup J in infected cells

Wang, Y-Shan.; Ouyang, W.; Pan, Q-Xing.; Wang, X-Li.; Xia, X-Xia.; Bi, Z-Wei.; Wang, Y-Qiang.; Wang, X-Mei., 2014:
Overexpression of microRNA gga-miR-21 in chicken fibroblasts suppresses replication of infectious bursal disease virus through inhibiting VP1 translation

Patnaik, S.Kumar.; Kannisto, E.; Yendamuri, S., 2010:
Overexpression of microRNA miR-30a or miR-191 in A549 lung cancer or BEAS-2B normal lung cell lines does not alter phenotype

Zhang, Y.; Sun, L.; Zhang, Y.; Liang, H.; Li, X.; Cai, R.; Wang, L.; Du, W.; Zhang, R.; Li, J.; Wang, Z.; Ma, N.; Wang, X.; Du, Z.; Yang, B.; Gao, X.; Shan, H., 2013:
Overexpression of microRNA-1 causes atrioventricular block in rodents

Doddapaneni, R.; Chawla, Y.K.; Das, A.; Kalra, J.Kaur.; Ghosh, S.; Chakraborti, A., 2013:
Overexpression of microRNA-122 enhances in vitro hepatic differentiation of fetal liver-derived stem/progenitor cells

He, J.; Xie, G.; Tong, J.; Peng, Y.; Huang, H.; Li, J.; Wang, N.; Liang, H., 2015:
Overexpression of microRNA-122 re-sensitizes 5-FU-resistant colon cancer cells to 5-FU through the inhibition of PKM2 in vitro and in vivo

Zou, D.; Chen, Y.; Han, Y.; Lv, C.; Tu, G., 2014:
Overexpression of microRNA-124 promotes the neuronal differentiation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Jiang, J-Xin.; Gao, S.; Pan, Y-Zhen.; Yu, C.; Sun, C-Yi., 2015:
Overexpression of microRNA-125b sensitizes human hepatocellular carcinoma cells to 5-fluorouracil through inhibition of glycolysis by targeting hexokinase II

Shen, J-Zhen.; Zhang, Y-Yuan.; Fu, H-Ying.; Wu, D-Sen.; Zhou, H-Rong., 2015:
Overexpression of microRNA-143 inhibits growth and induces apoptosis in human leukemia cells

Santovito, D.; Mandolini, C.; Marcantonio, P.; De Nardis, V.; Bucci, M.; Paganelli, C.; Magnacca, F.; Ucchino, S.; Mastroiacovo, D.; Desideri, G.; Mezzetti, A.; Cipollone, F., 2013:
Overexpression of microRNA-145 in atherosclerotic plaques from hypertensive patients

Sun, J.; Shi, H.; Lai, N.; Liao, K.; Zhang, S.; Lu, X., 2014 :
Overexpression of microRNA-155 predicts poor prognosis in glioma patients

Guglielmelli, P.; Tozzi, L.; Bogani, C.; Iacobucci, I.; Ponziani, V.; Martinelli, G.; Bosi, A.; Vannucchi, A.M., 2011:
Overexpression of microRNA-16-2 contributes to the abnormal erythropoiesis in polycythemia vera

Zhou, T.; Zhang, G-Jun.; Zhou, H.; Xiao, H-Xu.; Li, Y., 2014:
Overexpression of microRNA-183 in human colorectal cancer and its clinical significance

Tuomarila, M.; Luostari, K.; Soini, Y.; Kataja, V.; Kosma, V-Matti.; Mannermaa, A., 2015:
Overexpression of microRNA-200c predicts poor outcome in patients with PR-negative breast cancer

Gambardella, S.; Rinaldi, F.; Lepore, S.M.; Viola, A.; Loro, E.; Angelini, C.; Vergani, L.; Novelli, G.; Botta, A., 2010:
Overexpression of microRNA-206 in the skeletal muscle from myotonic dystrophy type 1 patients

Wu, X-Bo.; Wang, M-Yi.; Zhu, H-Yan.; Tang, S-Qi.; You, Y-Dong.; Xie, Y-Qiang., 2014:
Overexpression of microRNA-21 and microRNA-126 in the patients of bronchial asthma

Chusorn, P.; Namwat, N.; Loilome, W.; Techasen, A.; Pairojkul, C.; Khuntikeo, N.; Dechakhamphu, A.; Talabnin, C.; Chan-On, W.; Ong, C.K.; Teh, B.T.; Yongvanit, P., 2013:
Overexpression of microRNA-21 regulating PDCD4 during tumorigenesis of liver fluke-associated cholangiocarcinoma contributes to tumor growth and metastasis

Kim, J-Hee.; Kim, S-Ja., 2014:
Overexpression of microRNA-25 by withaferin A induces cyclooxygenase-2 expression in rabbit articular chondrocytes

Zhang, Y-Kun.; Wang, H.; Leng, Y.; Li, Z-Liang.; Yang, Y-Feng.; Xiao, F-Jun.; Li, Q-Fang.; Chen, X-Qun.; Wang, L-Sheng., 2011:
Overexpression of microRNA-29b induces apoptosis of multiple myeloma cells through down regulating Mcl-1

Li, L.; Wang, B., 2015:
Overexpression of microRNA-30b improves adenovirus-mediated p53 cancer gene therapy for laryngeal carcinoma

Li, Q.; Xie, J.; Li, R.; Shi, J.; Sun, J.; Gu, R.; Ding, L.; Wang, L.; Xu, B., 2015:
Overexpression of microRNA-99a attenuates heart remodelling and improves cardiac performance after myocardial infarction

Yang, C.; Li, D.; Mao, D.; Liu, X.; Ji, C.; Li, X.; Zhao, X.; Cheng, Z.; Chen, C.; Zhu, L., 2014:
Overexpression of microRNA319 impacts leaf morphogenesis and leads to enhanced cold tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Kim, J.Yeol.; Lee, H.Jung.; Jung, H.Ju.; Maruyama, K.; Suzuki, N.; Kang, H., 2011:
Overexpression of microRNA395c or 395e affects differently the seed germination of Arabidopsis thaliana under stress conditions

Loh, W.Ping.; Loo, B.; Zhou, L.; Zhang, P.; Lee, D-Yup.; Yang, Y.; Lam, K.Peng., 2015:
Overexpression of microRNAs enhances recombinant protein production in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Thapa, D.R.; Li, X.; Jamieson, B.D.; Martínez-Maza, O., 2011:
Overexpression of microRNAs from the miR-17-92 paralog clusters in AIDS-related non-Hodgkin's lymphomas

Svrcek, M.; El-Murr, N.; Wanherdrick, K.; Dumont, S.; Beaugerie, L.; Cosnes, J.; Colombel, J-Frédéric.; Tiret, E.; Fléjou, J-François.; Lesuffleur, Técla.; Duval, A., 2013:
Overexpression of microRNAs-155 and 21 targeting mismatch repair proteins in inflammatory bowel diseases

Dou, J.; He, X.F.; Cao, W.H.; Zhao, F.S.; Wang, X.Y.; Liu, Y.R.; Wang, J., 2014:
Overexpression of microRna-200c in CD44+CD133+ CSCS inhibits the cellular migratory and invasion as well as tumorigenicity in mice

Han, C.; Sun, B.; Wang, W.; Cai, W.; Lou, D.; Sun, Y.; Zhao, X., 2011:
Overexpression of microtubule-associated protein-1 light chain 3 is associated with melanoma metastasis and vasculogenic mimicry

Liu, Y.; Feng, X.; Xu, Y.; Yu, J.; Ao, G.; Peng, Z.; Zhao, Q., 2010:
Overexpression of millet ZIP-like gene (SiPf40) affects lateral bud outgrowth in tobacco and millet

Yang, C.; Wen, Y.; Li, H.; Zhang, D.; Zhang, N.; Shi, X.; Jiang, B.; Ma, X.; Yang, P.; Tang, H.; Peng, Z.; Yang, Y., 2012:
Overexpression of minichromosome maintenance 2 predicts poor prognosis in patients with gastric cancer

Dolai, S.; Yadav, R.K.; Pal, S.; Adak, S., 2010:
Overexpression of mitochondrial Leishmania major ascorbate peroxidase enhances tolerance to oxidative stress-induced programmed cell death and protein damage

Glover, M.; Hebert, V.Y.; Nichols, K.; Xue, S.Y.; Thibeaux, T.M.; Zavecz, J.A.; Dugas, T.R., 2015:
Overexpression of mitochondrial antioxidant manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) provides protection against AZT- or 3TC-induced endothelial dysfunction

Ning, Y.; Bai, Q.; Lu, H.; Li, X.; Pandak, W.M.; Zhao, F.; Chen, S.; Ren, S.; Yin, L., 2008:
Overexpression of mitochondrial cholesterol delivery protein, StAR, decreases intracellular lipids and inflammatory factors secretion in macrophages

Lu, Z.; Nie, G.; Li, Y.; Soe-Lin, S.; Tao, Y.; Cao, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, N.; Ponka, P.; Zhao, B., 2010:
Overexpression of mitochondrial ferritin sensitizes cells to oxidative stress via an iron-mediated mechanism

de Moura, M.Barbi.; Uppala, R.; Zhang, Y.; Van Houten, B.; Goetzman, E.S., 2015:
Overexpression of mitochondrial sirtuins alters glycolysis and mitochondrial function in HEK293 cells

Hokari, M.; Kuroda, S.; Kinugawa, S.; Ide, T.; Tsutsui, H.; Iwasaki, Y., 2010:
Overexpression of mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM) ameliorates delayed neuronal death due to transient forebrain ischemia in mice

Haines, B.; Li, P.Andy., 2012:
Overexpression of mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2 inhibits inflammatory cytokines and activates cell survival factors after cerebral ischemia

Chen, S.; Liu, A.; Zhang, S.; Li, C.; Chang, R.; Liu, D.; Ahammed, G.Jalal.; Lin, X., 2014:
Overexpression of mitochondrial uncoupling protein conferred resistance to heat stress and Botrytis cinerea infection in tomato

Zhang, Y.; Xu, J.; Luo, Y-Xuan.; An, X-Zhou.; Zhang, R.; Liu, G.; Li, H.; Chen, H-Zao.; Liu, D-Pei., 2015:
Overexpression of mitofilin in the mouse heart promotes cardiac hypertrophy in response to hypertrophic stimuli

Kong, D.; Song, G.; Wang, C.; Ma, H.; Ren, L.; Nie, Q.; Zhang, X.; Gan, K., 2014:
Overexpression of mitofusin 2 improves translocation of glucose transporter 4 in skeletal muscle of high‑fat diet‑fed rats through AMP‑activated protein kinase signaling

Liu, T.; Xue, C-chen.; Shi, Y-long.; Bai, X-jun.; Li, Z-fei.; Yi, C-la., 2015:
Overexpression of mitofusin 2 inhibits reactive astrogliosis proliferation in vitro

Huang, C.; Huang, K.; Wang, C.; Jiang, Z-Dong.; Li, X-Xing.; Wang, H-Peng.; Chen, H-Yan., 2009:
Overexpression of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 4 and nuclear factor-kappaB in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma: a potential indicator for poor prognosis

Hirakawa, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Archibald, J.M.; Keeling, P.J.; Ishida, K-ichiro., 2015:
Overexpression of molecular chaperone genes in nucleomorph genomes

Pullen, T.J.; Sylow, L.; Sun, G.; Halestrap, A.P.; Richter, E.A.; Rutter, G.A., 2012:
Overexpression of monocarboxylate transporter-1 (SLC16A1) in mouse pancreatic β-cells leads to relative hyperinsulinism during exercise

Iwata, H.; Okumura, Y.; Seishima, M.; Aoyama, Y., 2012 :
Overexpression of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in the overlying epidermis of multicentric reticulohistiocytosis lesions: a case report

Tian, F.; Gong, J.; Zhang, J.; Feng, Y.; Wang, G.; Guo, Q.; Wang, W., 2015:
Overexpression of monoubiquitin improves photosynthesis in transgenic tobacco plants following high temperature stress

Yang, X.; Zhu, Y.; Wang, Z.; Yan, W.; Yao, H.; Liu, T.; Chen, T.; Zhang, J., 2014:
Overexpression of mouse IRF8 inhibits the differentiation of RAW264.7 cells into osteoclast-like cells

Paramanik, V.; Thakur, M.K., 2011:
Overexpression of mouse estrogen receptor-β decreases but its transactivation and ligand binding domains increase the growth characteristics of E. coli

Sung, H.Youn.; Park, A.Kyung.; Ju, W.; Ahn, J-Hyuck., 2015:
Overexpression of mucin 13 due to promoter methylation promotes aggressive behavior in ovarian cancer cells

Xu, L.; Wu, M.; Han, Z., 2014:
Overexpression of multiple detoxification genes in deltamethrin resistant Laodelphax striatellus (Hemiptera: Delphacidae) in China

Yang, S.; Zhang, Y.; Meng, F.; Liu, Y.; Xia, B.; Xiao, M.; Xu, Y.; Ning, X.; Li, H.; Lou, G., 2013:
Overexpression of multiple myeloma SET domain (MMSET) is associated with advanced tumor aggressiveness and poor prognosis in serous ovarian carcinoma

Lin, G.; Sun, L.; Wang, R.; Guo, Y.; Xie, C., 2014:
Overexpression of muscarinic receptor 3 promotes metastasis and predicts poor prognosis in non-small-cell lung cancer

Puig, K.L.; Lutz, B.M.; Urquhart, S.A.; Rebel, A.A.; Zhou, X.; Manocha, G.D.; Sens, M.; Tuteja, A.K.; Foster, N.L.; Combs, C.K., 2015:
Overexpression of mutant amyloid-β protein precursor and presenilin 1 modulates enteric nervous system

Lee, K.Ho.; Tsutsui, T.; Honda, K.; Ohtake, H.; Omasa, T., 2013:
Overexpression of mutant cell division cycle 25 homolog B (CDC25B) enhances the efficiency of selection in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Zhang, J.; Ho, J.Chung-Yee.; Chan, Y-Chi.; Lian, Q.; Siu, C-Wah.; Tse, H-Fat., 2014:
Overexpression of myocardin induces partial transdifferentiation of human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells into cardiomyocytes

Carbone, M.Anna.; Ayroles, J.F.; Yamamoto, A.; Morozova, T.V.; West, S.A.; Magwire, M.M.; Mackay, T.F.C.; Anholt, R.R.H., 2009:
Overexpression of myocilin in the Drosophila eye activates the unfolded protein response: implications for glaucoma

Zhang, W.; Cheng, Z.; Qu, X.; Dai, H.; Ke, X.; Chen, Z., 2015:
Overexpression of myosin is associated with the development of uterine myoma

Mizutani, H.; Okamoto, R.; Moriki, N.; Konishi, K.; Taniguchi, M.; Fujita, S.; Dohi, K.; Onishi, K.; Suzuki, N.; Satoh, S.; Makino, N.; Itoh, T.; Hartshorne, D.J.; Ito, M., 2010:
Overexpression of myosin phosphatase reduces Ca(2+) sensitivity of contraction and impairs cardiac function

Calábria, L.Karen.; da Cruz, G.Costa.Nunes.; Nascimento, R.; Carvalho, W.João.; de Gouveia, N.Moura.; Alves, F.Vieira.; Furtado, F.Barcelos.; Ishikawa-Ankerhold, H.Cristina.; de Sousa, M.Valle.; Goulart, L.Ricardo.; Espindola, F.Salmen., 2011:
Overexpression of myosin-IIB in the brain of a rat model of streptozotocin-induced diabetes

Iijima-Ando, K.; Hearn, S.A.; Granger, L.; Shenton, C.; Gatt, A.; Chiang, H-Cheng.; Hakker, I.; Zhong, Y.; Iijima, K., 2008:
Overexpression of neprilysin reduces alzheimer amyloid-beta42 (Abeta42)-induced neuron loss and intraneuronal Abeta42 deposits but causes a reduction in cAMP-responsive element-binding protein-mediated transcription, age-dependent axon pathology, and premature death in Drosophila

Petrie, C.N.; Smithson, L.J.; Crotty, A-Marie.; Michalski, B.; Fahnestock, M.; Kawaja, M.D., 2014:
Overexpression of nerve growth factor by murine smooth muscle cells: role of the p75 neurotrophin receptor on sympathetic and sensory sprouting

Barcena de Arellano, M.Luisa.; Arnold, J.; Vercellino, F.; Chiantera, V.; Schneider, A.; Mechsner, S., 2011:
Overexpression of nerve growth factor in peritoneal fluid from women with endometriosis may promote neurite outgrowth in endometriotic lesions

Lu, H.; Wang, Y.; Yuan, F.; Liu, J.; Zeng, L.; Yang, G-Yuan., 2011:
Overexpression of netrin-1 improves neurological outcomes in mice following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion

Wen, J.; Qian, S.; Yang, Q.; Deng, L.; Mo, Y.; Yu, Y., 2014:
Overexpression of netrin-1 increases the expression of tight junction-associated proteins, claudin-5, occludin, and ZO-1, following traumatic brain injury in rats

Chan, J.Y.; Ong, C.W.; Salto-Tellez, M., 2012:
Overexpression of neurone glial-related cell adhesion molecule is an independent predictor of poor prognosis in advanced colorectal cancer

Yoshida, M.; Feng, L.; Grimbert, Fçois.; Rangarajan, K.V.; Buggele, W.; Copenhagen, D.R.; Cang, J.; Liu, X., 2011:
Overexpression of neurotrophin-3 stimulates a second wave of dopaminergic amacrine cell genesis after birth in the mouse retina

Lv, Z.; Xu, L-Yan.; Shen, Z-Ying.; Zhang, F-Ren.; Xu, X-E.; Li, E-Min., 2010:
Overexpression of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin and its receptor in colorectal carcinoma: Significant correlation with cell differentiation and tumour invasion

Malfettone, A.; Silvestris, N.; Paradiso, A.; Mattioli, E.; Simone, G.; Mangia, A., 2012:
Overexpression of nuclear NHERF1 in advanced colorectal cancer: association with hypoxic microenvironment and tumor invasive phenotype

Yang, M.; Zhong, J.; Zhao, M.; Wang, J.; Gu, Y.; Yuan, X.; Sang, J.; Huang, C., 2015:
Overexpression of nuclear apoptosis-inducing factor 1 altered the proteomic profile of human gastric cancer cell MKN45 and induced cell cycle arrest at G1/S phase

Xiao, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Tan, P.; Xu, P.; Zhang, Q., 2013:
Overexpression of nuclear distribution protein (hNUDC) causes pro-apoptosis and differentiation in Dami megakaryocytes

Lin, K-Yuan.; Fang, C-Lang.; Chen, Y.; Li, C-Feng.; Chen, S-Hsuan.; Kuo, C-Yi.; Tai, C.; Uen, Y-Huei., 2010:
Overexpression of nuclear protein kinase CK2 Beta subunit and prognosis in human gastric carcinoma

Lin, K-Yuan.; Tai, C.; Hsu, J-Chin.; Li, C-Feng.; Fang, C-Lang.; Lai, H-Chin.; Hseu, Y-Cheng.; Lin, Y-Feng.; Uen, Y-Huei., 2011:
Overexpression of nuclear protein kinase CK2 α catalytic subunit (CK2α) as a poor prognosticator in human colorectal cancer

Tabbi-Anneni, I.; Cooksey, R.; Gunda, V.; Liu, S.; Mueller, A.; Song, G.; McClain, D.A.; Wang, L., 2010:
Overexpression of nuclear receptor SHP in adipose tissues affects diet-induced obesity and adaptive thermogenesis

Li, B.; Zhang, H-Qing.; Shi, Y.; Min, Y-Bing.; Lin, S-Fen.; Wu, K-Li.; Hu, J.; Tang, S-Bo., 2009:
Overexpression of nuclear transport factor 2 may protect against diabetic retinopathy

Wang, L.; Zhang, X.; Li, Z.; Chai, J.; Zhang, G.; Yu, Z.; Cheng, Y.; Hu, S., 2014:
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Overexpression of osteopontin in clear cell carcinoma of the ovary: close association with HNF-1beta expression

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Overexpression of osteoprotegerin promotes preosteoblast differentiation to mature osteoblasts

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Overexpression of outer membrane protein OprT and increase of membrane permeability in phoU mutant of toluene-tolerant bacterium Pseudomonas putida GM730

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Overexpression of p35 in Min6 pancreatic beta cells induces a stressed neuron-like apoptosis

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Overexpression of p49/STRAP alters cellular cytoskeletal structure and gross anatomy in mice

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Overexpression of p53 in the endometrial gland in postmenopausal women

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Overexpression of p62/SQSTM1 promotes the degradations of abnormally accumulated PrP mutants in cytoplasm and relieves the associated cytotoxicities via autophagy-lysosome-dependent way

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Overexpression of p63 is associated with radiation resistance and prognosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma

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Overexpression of p73 as a tissue marker for high-risk gastritis

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Overexpression of p73 gene inhibits VEGF and bFGF mRNA expression in lung adenocarcinoma cell

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Overexpression of p75(NTR) increases survival of breast cancer cells through p21(waf1)

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Overexpression of parathyroid pituitary-specific transcription factor (Pit)-1 in hyperphosphatemia-induced hyperparathyroidism of chronic renal failure rats

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Overexpression of parkin in the rat nigrostriatal dopamine system protects against methamphetamine neurotoxicity

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Overexpression of patA and patB, which encode ABC transporters, is associated with fluoroquinolone resistance in clinical isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae

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Overexpression of patatin-related phospholipase AIIIβ altered the content and composition of sphingolipids in Arabidopsis

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Overexpression of periostin is significantly correlated to the tumor angiogenesis and poor prognosis in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

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Overexpression of periostin predicts poor prognosis in non-small cell lung cancer

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Overexpression of peroxiredoxin 6 does not prevent ethanol-mediated oxidative stress and may play a role in hepatic lipid accumulation

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Overexpression of phyA and appA genes improves soil organic phosphorus utilisation and seed phytase activity in Brassica napus

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Overexpression of pigment epithelium-derived factor inhibits retinal inflammation and neovascularization

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Overexpression of pituitary tumor transforming gene (PTTG) is associated with tumor progression and poor prognosis in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

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Overexpression of plasma membrane H+-ATPase in guard cells promotes light-induced stomatal opening and enhances plant growth

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Overexpression of plasminogen activators in the nucleus accumbens enhances cocaine-, amphetamine- and morphine-induced reward and behavioral sensitization

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Overexpression of platelet-derived growth factor-BB increases tumor pericyte content via stromal-derived factor-1alpha/CXCR4 axis

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Overexpression of platelet-derived growth factor-D as a poor prognosticator in endometrial cancer

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Overexpression of podocalyxin in megakaryocytes and platelets decreases the bleeding time and enhances the agonist-induced aggregation of platelets

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Overexpression of polo-like kinase1 predicts a poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma patients

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Overexpression of polysialylated neural cell adhesion molecule improves the migration capacity of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived oligodendrocyte precursors

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Overexpression of pre-pro-cholecystokinin stimulates beta-cell proliferation in mouse and human islets with retention of islet function

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Overexpression of pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A in ovarian cancer cells promotes tumor growth in vivo

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Overexpression of progesterone receptor A isoform in mice leads to endometrial hyperproliferation, hyperplasia and atypia

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Overexpression of progesterone receptor B increases sensitivity of human colon muscle cells to progesterone

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Overexpression of program death-1 in T cells has mild impact on allograft survival

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Overexpression of programmed cell death 5 factor enhances triptolides-induced fibroblast-like synoviocytes apoptosis in rheumatoid arthritis

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Overexpression of programmed death ligand 1 in dendritic cells inhibits allogeneic lymphocyte activation in mice

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Overexpression of programmed death-1 ligand-1 on NIT cells lead to negative regulation of allogeneic lymphocyte activation

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Overexpression of prostaglandin EP3 receptors activates calcineurin and promotes hypertrophy in the murine heart

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Overexpression of prostate tumor overexpressed 1 correlates with tumor progression and predicts poor prognosis in breast cancer

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Overexpression of protease inhibitor-dead secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor causes more aggressive ovarian cancer in vitro and in vivo

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Overexpression of protease-activated receptor type 1 (PAR-1) in glioblastoma multiforme WHO IV cells and blood vessels revealed by NCAM-assisted glioblastoma border labeling

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Overexpression of protease-activated receptor-1 contributes to melanoma metastasis via regulation of connexin 43

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Overexpression of protein S100A4 is independently associated with overall survival in stage C colonic cancer but only in cytoplasm at the advancing tumour front

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Overexpression of protein disulfide isomerases enhances secretion of recombinant human transferrin in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

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Overexpression of protein kinase Calpha mRNA may be an independent prognostic marker for gastric carcinoma

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Overexpression of protein phosphatase 4 correlates with poor prognosis in patients with stage II pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

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Overexpression of proto-oncogene FBI-1 activates membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase in association with adverse outcome in ovarian cancers

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Overexpression of protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase C regulates oxidative stress in Arabidopsis

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Overexpression of pulmonary surfactant protein A like molecules in inflammatory bowel disease tissues

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Overexpression of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1 and lactate dehydrogenase A in nerve cells confers resistance to amyloid β and other toxins by decreasing mitochondrial respiration and reactive oxygen species production

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Overexpression of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 3 increases drug resistance and early recurrence in colon cancer

Kim, Y-Hak.; Yu, M-Hee., 2014:
Overexpression of reactive cysteine-containing 2-nitrobenzoate nitroreductase (NbaA) and its mutants alters the sensitivity of Escherichia coli to reactive oxygen species by reprogramming a regulatory network of disulfide-bonded proteins

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Overexpression of reactive oxygen species scavenger enzymes is associated with a good prognosis in triple-negative breast cancer

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Overexpression of receptor for advanced glycation end products and high-mobility group box 1 in human dental pulp inflammation

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Overexpression of receptor for advanced glycation end products induces monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression in rat vascular smooth muscle cell line

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Overexpression of receptor tyrosine kinase Axl promotes tumor cell invasion and survival in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

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Overexpression of recombinant HIV-1 Subtype C Tat and Nef in a Salmonella vaccine vector

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Overexpression of recombinant human antiquitin in E. coli: partial enzyme activity in selected ALDH7A1 missense mutations associated with pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy

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Overexpression of recombinant infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) capsid protein VP2 in the middle silk gland of transgenic silkworm

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Overexpression of regenerating gene Iα appears to reflect aberration of crypt cell compartmentalization in sessile serrated adenoma/polyps of the colon

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Overexpression of reptin in renal cell carcinoma contributes to tumor malignancies and its inhibition triggers senescence of cancer cells

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Overexpression of resistance-nodulation-cell division pump AdeFGH confers multidrug resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii

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Overexpression of response gene to complement 32 (RGC32) promotes cell invasion and induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition in lung cancer cells via the NF-κB signaling pathway

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Overexpression of response gene to complement-32 promotes cytoskeleton reorganization in SW480 cell line

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Overexpression of retinal degeneration slow (RDS) protein adversely affects rods in the rd7 model of enhanced S-cone syndrome

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Overexpression of rhodopsin alters the structure and photoresponse of rod photoreceptors

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Overexpression of ribonuclease inhibitor defines good prognosis and suppresses proliferation and metastasis in human colorectal cancer cells via PI3K/AKT pathway

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Overexpression of ribosome recycling factor causes increased production of avermectin in Streptomyces avermitilis strains

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Overexpression of ribosome recycling factor is responsible for improvement of nucleotide antibiotic-toyocamycin in Streptomyces diastatochromogenes 1628

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Overexpression of rice (Oryza sativa L.) OsCDR1 leads to constitutive activation of defense responses in rice and Arabidopsis

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Overexpression of rice NAC gene SNAC1 improves drought and salt tolerance by enhancing root development and reducing transpiration rate in transgenic cotton

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Overexpression of rice OsREX1-S, encoding a putative component of the core general transcription and DNA repair factor IIH, renders plant cells tolerant to cadmium- and UV-induced damage by enhancing DNA excision repair

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Overexpression of rice black-streaked dwarf virus p7-1 in Arabidopsis results in male sterility due to non-dehiscent anthers

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Overexpression of rod photoreceptor glutamic acid rich protein 2 (GARP2) increases gain and slows recovery in mouse retina

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Overexpression of runt-related transcription factor-2 is associated with advanced tumor progression and poor prognosis in epithelial ovarian cancer

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Overexpression of rusticyanin in Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans ATCC19859 increased Fe(II) oxidation activity

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Overexpression of ryanodine receptor type 1 enhances mitochondrial fragmentation and Ca2+-induced ATP production in cardiac H9c2 myoblasts

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Overexpression of sICAM-1 in the alveolar epithelial space results in an exaggerated inflammatory response and early death in Gram negative pneumonia

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Overexpression of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase induced hemodynamic and proteomic changes in a dog model of heart failure

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Overexpression of scavenger receptor LOX-1 in endothelial cells promotes atherogenesis in the ApoE(-/-) mouse model

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Overexpression of secretagogin inhibits cell apoptosis and induces chemoresistance in small cell lung cancer under the regulation of miR-494

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Overexpression of secreted frizzled-related protein 1 inhibits bone formation and attenuates parathyroid hormone bone anabolic effects

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Overexpression of septin 7 suppresses glioma cell growth

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Overexpression of serotonin receptor and transporter mRNA in blood leukocytes of antipsychotic-free and antipsychotic-naïve schizophrenic patients: gender differences

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Overexpression of serum response factor in astrocytes improves neuronal plasticity in a model of early alcohol exposure

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Overexpression of several Arabidopsis histone genes increases agrobacterium-mediated transformation and transgene expression in plants

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Overexpression of sigma factor SigB improves temperature and butanol tolerance of Synechocystis sp. PCC6803

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Overexpression of sigma-1 receptor inhibits ADAM10 and ADAM17 mediated shedding in vitro

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Overexpression of signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT-3 and STAT-5) transcription factors and alteration of suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS-1) protein in prostate cancer

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Overexpression of sinapine esterase BnSCE3 in oilseed rape seeds triggers global changes in seed metabolism

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Overexpression of sineoculis homeobox homolog 1 predicts poor prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma

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Overexpression of sirt7 exhibits oncogenic property and serves as a prognostic factor in colorectal cancer

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Overexpression of sirtuin 6 suppresses inflammatory responses and bone destruction in mice with collagen-induced arthritis

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Overexpression of smad7 blocks primary tumor growth and lung metastasis development in osteosarcoma

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Overexpression of small heat shock protein LimHSP16.45 in Arabidopsis enhances tolerance to abiotic stresses

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Overexpression of smooth muscle myosin heavy chain leads to activation of the unfolded protein response and autophagic turnover of thick filament-associated proteins in vascular smooth muscle cells

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Overexpression of smoothened activates the sonic hedgehog signaling pathway in pancreatic cancer-associated fibroblasts

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Overexpression of snail induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition and a cancer stem cell-like phenotype in human colorectal cancer cells

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Overexpression of sorcin in multidrug-resistant human breast cancer

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Overexpression of sorcin results in multidrug resistance in gastric cancer cells with up-regulation of P-gp

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Overexpression of soybean ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme gene GmUBC2 confers enhanced drought and salt tolerance through modulating abiotic stress-responsive gene expression in Arabidopsis

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Overexpression of special AT-rich sequence-binding protein 1 in endometrial cancer: a clinicopathologic study

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Overexpression of specific proton motive force-dependent transporters facilitate the export of surfactin in Bacillus subtilis

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Overexpression of spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase impairs osteoblastogenesis and alters mouse bone phenotype

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Overexpression of sphingosine kinase 1 is associated with salivary gland carcinoma progression and might be a novel predictive marker for adjuvant therapy

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Overexpression of sphingosine kinase 1 prevents ceramide accumulation and ameliorates muscle insulin resistance in high-fat diet-fed mice

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Overexpression of spindlin1 induces metaphase arrest and chromosomal instability

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Overexpression of stathmin 1 confers an independent prognostic indicator in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

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Overexpression of stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells enhance the expression of induced endothelial cells

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Overexpression of stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 in bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells increases osteogenesis

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Overexpression of stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 results in an increase of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and n-7 fatty acids in 293 cells

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Overexpression of sterol carrier protein-2 differentially alters hepatic cholesterol accumulation in cholesterol-fed mice

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Overexpression of stress-inducible OsBURP16, the β subunit of polygalacturonase 1, decreases pectin content and cell adhesion and increases abiotic stress sensitivity in rice

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Overexpression of stromal cathepsin K expression correlates with invasiveness of extramammary Paget's disease

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Overexpression of stromal cell-derived factor 1 and its receptor CXCR4 induces autocrine/paracrine cell proliferation in human pituitary adenomas

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Overexpression of suppressor of cytokine signaling 1 in islet grafts results in anti-apoptotic effects and prolongs graft survival

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Overexpression of suppressors of cytokine signaling 1 promotes the neuronal differentiation of C17.2 neural stem cells

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Overexpression of survival motor neuron improves neuromuscular function and motor neuron survival in mutant SOD1 mice

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Overexpression of survivin and caspase 3 in oral carcinogenesis

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Overexpression of survivin and cyclin D1 in CHO cells confers apoptosis resistance and enhances growth in serum-free suspension culture

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Overexpression of survivin levels in circulation and tissue samples of lung cancer patients

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Overexpression of sweetpotato expansin cDNA (IbEXP1) increases seed yield in Arabidopsis

Vasileva, M.; Renden, R.; Horstmann, H.; Gitler, D.; Kuner, T., 2014:
Overexpression of synapsin Ia in the rat calyx of Held accelerates short-term plasticity and decreases synaptic vesicle volume and active zone area

Chen, G.; Zhang, S-Xiang.; Tao, Z-Fen.; Xiong, Y.; Sun, W.; Lu, J.; Pan, F.; Zhang, Z-Zhi., 2012:
Overexpression of synoviolin facilitates the formation of a functional synovial biomembrane

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Overexpression of synphilin-1 promotes clearance of soluble and misfolded alpha-synuclein without restoring the motor phenotype in aged A30P transgenic mice

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Overexpression of syntenin enhances hepatoma cell proliferation and invasion: potential roles in human hepatoma

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Overexpression of synthesized cephalosporin C acylase containing mutations in the substrate transport tunnel

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Overexpression of synuclein-gamma confers resistance to antimicrotubule drugs against human hepatoma cells

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Overexpression of tau proteins antagonizes amyloid-beta-potentiated apoptosis through mitochondria-caspase-3 pathway in N2a cells

Tabuchi, H.; Sugiyama, T.; Tanaka, S.; Tainaka, S., 2011:
Overexpression of taurine transporter in Chinese hamster ovary cells can enhance cell viability and product yield, while promoting glutamine consumption

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Overexpression of telomerase-associated chaperone proteins in prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia and carcinomas

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Overexpression of the (R)-specific enoyl-CoA hydratase gene from Pseudomonas chlororaphis HS21 in Pseudomonas strains for the biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates of altered monomer composition

Dick, G.; Grøndahl, Føy.; Prydz, K., 2007:
Overexpression of the 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate (PAPS) transporter 1 increases sulfation of chondroitin sulfate in the apical pathway of MDCK II cells

Qiu, J.; Zhuo, Y.; Zhu, D.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, L.; Bai, L.; Deng, Z., 2011 :
Overexpression of the ABC transporter AvtAB increases avermectin production in Streptomyces avermitilis

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Overexpression of the ATP binding cassette gene ABCA1 determines resistance to Curcumin in M14 melanoma cells

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Overexpression of the Arabidopsis anaphase promoting complex subunit CDC27a increases growth rate and organ size

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Overexpression of the Arabidopsis gene UPRIGHT ROSETTE reveals a homeostatic control for indole-3-acetic acid

Zhang, X-Qing.; Wei, P-Cheng.; Xiong, Y-Mei.; Yang, Y.; Chen, J.; Wang, X-Chen., 2011:
Overexpression of the Arabidopsis α-expansin gene AtEXPA1 accelerates stomatal opening by decreasing the volumetric elastic modulus

Zhang, F.; Lu, X.; Lv, Z.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, M.; Jiang, W.; Wang, G.; Sun, X.; Tang, K., 2013:
Overexpression of the Artemisia orthologue of ABA receptor, AaPYL9, enhances ABA sensitivity and improves artemisinin content in Artemisia annua L

Sloothaak, J.; Schilders, M.; Schaap, P.J.; de Graaff, L.H., 2014:
Overexpression of the Aspergillus niger GatA transporter leads to preferential use of D-galacturonic acid over D-xylose

Islam, M.Ashraful.; Lütken, H.; Haugslien, S.; Blystad, D-Ragnar.; Torre, S.; Rolcik, J.; Rasmussen, Søren.K.; Olsen, J.E.; Clarke, J.Liu., 2013:
Overexpression of the AtSHI gene in poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, results in compact plants

Lu, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Li, Z.; Yu, S.; Zhao, G.; Li, M.; Wang, Z.; Wang, Q.; Yang, Y., 2012:
Overexpression of the B-type Eph and ephrin genes correlates with progression and pain in human pancreatic cancer

Yang, M.; Yang, Q.; Fu, T.; Zhou, Y., 2011:
Overexpression of the Brassica napus BnLAS gene in Arabidopsis affects plant development and increases drought tolerance

Kim, H.S.; Park, Y.H.; Nam, H.; Lee, Y.M.; Song, K.; Choi, C.; Ahn, I.; Park, S.R.; Lee, Y.H.; Hwang, D.J., 2015:
Overexpression of the Brassica rapa transcription factor WRKY12 results in reduced soft rot symptoms caused by Pectobacterium carotovorum in Arabidopsis and Chinese cabbage

Bocciardi, R.; Giorda, R.; Buttgereit, J.; Gimelli, S.; Divizia, M.Teresa.; Beri, S.; Garofalo, S.; Tavella, S.; Lerone, M.; Zuffardi, O.; Bader, M.; Ravazzolo, R.; Gimelli, G., 2007:
Overexpression of the C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) is associated with overgrowth and bone anomalies in an individual with balanced t(2;7) translocation

Sharabi-Schwager, M.; Samach, A.; Porat, R., 2009:
Overexpression of the CBF2 transcriptional activator in Arabidopsis counteracts hormone activation of leaf senescence

Sharabi-Schwager, M.; Samach, A.; Porat, R., 2010:
Overexpression of the CBF2 transcriptional activator in Arabidopsis suppresses the responsiveness of leaf tissue to the stress hormone ethylene

Martín-Fuentes, P.; Civeira, F.; Solanas-Barca, Mía.; García-Otín, A.Luis.; Jarauta, Eíbaliz.; Cenarro, A., 2009:
Overexpression of the CXCL3 gene in response to oxidized low-density lipoprotein is associated with the presence of tendon xanthomas in familial hypercholesterolemia

Yin, Y-Xu.; Wang, S-Bin.; Xiao, H-Juan.; Zhang, H-Xia.; Zhang, Z.; Jing, H.; Zhang, Y-Li.; Chen, R-Gang.; Gong, Z-Hui., 2015:
Overexpression of the CaTIP1-1 pepper gene in tobacco enhances resistance to osmotic stresses

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Overexpression of the Cdc42 in the brain tissue of human with intractable temporal epilepsy

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Overexpression of the DNA sensor proteins, absent in melanoma 2 and interferon-inducible 16, contributes to tumorigenesis of oral squamous cell carcinoma with p53 inactivation

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Overexpression of the EZH2, RING1 and BMI1 genes is common in myelodysplastic syndromes: relation to adverse epigenetic alteration and poor prognostic scoring

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Overexpression of the Escherichia coli TolQ protein leads to a null-FtsN-like division phenotype

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Overexpression of the Fas-inhibitory molecule TOSO: a novel antiapoptotic factor in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Overexpression of the Galega orientalis gibberellin receptor improves biomass production in transgenic tobacco

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Overexpression of the Gm GAL2 Gene Accelerates Flowering in Arabidopsis

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Overexpression of the HER2/neu Gene: A New Therapeutic Possibility for Patients With Advanced Gallbladder Cancer

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Overexpression of the Hedgehog signalling pathway in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

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Overexpression of the Hspa13 (Stch) gene reduces prion disease incubation time in mice

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Overexpression of the IGF-II/M6P receptor in mouse fibroblast cell lines differentially alters expression profiles of genes involved in Alzheimer's disease-related pathology

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Overexpression of the ITGAV gene is associated with progression and spread of colorectal cancer

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Overexpression of the IbMYB1 gene in an orange-fleshed sweet potato cultivar produces a dual-pigmented transgenic sweet potato with improved antioxidant activity

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Overexpression of the Interferon regulatory factor 4-binding protein in human colorectal cancer and its clinical significance

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Overexpression of the KIT/SCF in uveal melanoma does not translate into clinical efficacy of imatinib mesylate

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Overexpression of the KdpF membrane peptide in Mycobacterium bovis BCG results in reduced intramacrophage growth and altered cording morphology

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Overexpression of the LKB1 gene inhibits lung carcinoma cell proliferation partly through degradation of c-myc protein

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Overexpression of the Lactobacillus plantarum peptidoglycan biosynthesis murA2 gene increases the tolerance of Escherichia coli to alcohols and enhances ethanol production

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Overexpression of the LexA-regulated tisAB RNA in E. coli inhibits SOS functions; implications for regulation of the SOS response

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Overexpression of the M2 isoform of pyruvate kinase is an adverse prognostic factor for signet ring cell gastric cancer

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Overexpression of the MLL gene combined with 11q trisomy in a child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Overexpression of the Malus hupehensis MhNPR1 gene increased tolerance to salt and osmotic stress in transgenic tobacco

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Overexpression of the Mg-chelatase H subunit in guard cells confers drought tolerance via promotion of stomatal closure in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Overexpression of the NAC transcription factor family gene ANAC036 results in a dwarf phenotype in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Overexpression of the NADP+-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase gene (icdA) in citric acid-producing Aspergillus niger WU-2223L

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Overexpression of the NHE1 isoform of the Na(+)/H (+) exchanger causes elevated apoptosis in isolated cardiomyocytes after hypoxia/reoxygenation challenge

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Overexpression of the NR2A subunit in the forebrain impairs long-term social recognition and non-social olfactory memory

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Overexpression of the Na+/K+ ATPase α2 but not α1 isoform attenuates pathological cardiac hypertrophy and remodeling

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Overexpression of the Nek2 kinase in colorectal cancer correlates with beta-catenin relocalization and shortened cancer-specific survival

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Overexpression of the Notch3 receptor and its ligand Jagged1 in human clinically non-functioning pituitary adenomas

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Overexpression of the OsChI1 gene, encoding a putative laccase precursor, increases tolerance to drought and salinity stress in transgenic Arabidopsis

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Overexpression of the PAP1 transcription factor reveals a complex regulation of flavonoid and phenylpropanoid metabolism in Nicotiana tabacum plants attacked by Spodoptera litura

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Overexpression of the PDZ1 domain of PDZK1 blocks the activity of hepatic scavenger receptor, class B, type I by altering its abundance and cellular localization

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Overexpression of the PDZ1 domain of PSD-95 diminishes ischemic brain injury via inhibition of the GluR6.PSD-95.MLK3 pathway

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Overexpression of the PHO84 gene causes heavy metal accumulation and induces Ire1p-dependent unfolded protein response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

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Overexpression of the PLAP-1 gene inhibits the differentiation of BMSCs into osteoblast-like cells

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Overexpression of the PP2A regulatory subunit Tap46 leads to enhanced plant growth through stimulation of the TOR signalling pathway

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Overexpression of the PSMB5 gene contributes to bortezomib resistance in T-lymphoblastic lymphoma/leukemia cells derived from Jurkat line

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Overexpression of the Parkinson disease protein DJ-1 and its regulator PTEN in gestational trophoblastic disease

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Overexpression of the Pdx-1 homeodomain transcription factor impairs glucose metabolism in cultured rat hepatocytes

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Overexpression of the RD RNA binding protein in hepatitis C virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma

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Overexpression of the RNA binding protein HuR impairs tumor growth in triple negative breast cancer associated with deficient angiogenesis

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Overexpression of the Rap2.4f transcriptional factor in Arabidopsis promotes leaf senescence

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Overexpression of the Rv0805 phosphodiesterase elicits a cAMP-independent transcriptional response

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Overexpression of the Salmonella KdpF membrane peptide modulates expression of kdp genes and intramacrophage growth

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Overexpression of the Survivin gene in SGC7901 cell resistance to cisplatin

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Overexpression of the TIR-X gene results in a dwarf phenotype and activation of defense-related gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Overexpression of the TXNDC5 protein in non-small cell lung carcinoma

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Overexpression of the Trichoderma brevicompactum tri5 gene: effect on the expression of the trichodermin biosynthetic genes and on tomato seedlings

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Overexpression of the UGT73C6 alters brassinosteroid glucoside formation in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Overexpression of the VSSC-associated CAM, β-2, enhances LNCaP cell metastasis associated behavior

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Overexpression of the YAP1, PDE2, and STB3 genes enhances the tolerance of yeast to oxidative stress induced by 7-chlorotetrazolo[5,1-c]benzo[1,2,4]triazine

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Overexpression of the activated form of the AtAREB1 gene (AtAREB1ΔQT) improves soybean responses to water deficit

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Overexpression of the active diacylglycerol acyltransferase variant transforms Saccharomyces cerevisiae into an oleaginous yeast

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Overexpression of the adeB gene in clinical isolates of tigecycline-nonsusceptible Acinetobacter baumannii without insertion mutations in adeRS

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Overexpression of the alphavbeta6 integrin in endometrial cancer

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Overexpression of the anaphase-promoting complex (APC) genes in Nicotiana tabacum promotes increasing biomass accumulation

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Overexpression of the angiogenic tetrapeptide AcSDKP in human malignant tumors

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Overexpression of the antioxidant enzyme catalase does not interfere with the glucose responsiveness of insulin-secreting INS-1E cells and rat islets

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Overexpression of the astrocyte glutamate transporter GLT1 exacerbates phrenic motor neuron degeneration, diaphragm compromise, and forelimb motor dysfunction following cervical contusion spinal cord injury

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Overexpression of the auxin binding protein1 modulates PIN-dependent auxin transport in tobacco cells

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Overexpression of the c-Myb but not its leukemogenic mutant DNA-binding domain increased adipogenic differentiation in mesenchymal stem cells

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Overexpression of the c-myc oncogene inhibits nonsense-mediated RNA decay in B lymphocytes

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Overexpression of the calpain-specific inhibitor calpastatin reduces human alpha-Synuclein processing, aggregation and synaptic impairment in [A30P]αSyn transgenic mice

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Overexpression of the catalytically impaired Taspase1 T234V or Taspase1 D233A variants does not have a dominant negative effect in T(4;11) leukemia cells

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Overexpression of the cell adhesion molecule claudin-9 is associated with invasion in pituitary oncocytomas

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Overexpression of the cell adhesion protein neuroligin-1 induces learning deficits and impairs synaptic plasticity by altering the ratio of excitation to inhibition in the hippocampus

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Overexpression of the cell cycle inhibitor p16INK4a promotes a prothrombotic phenotype following vascular injury in mice

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Overexpression of the cellular DEK protein promotes epithelial transformation in vitro and in vivo

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Overexpression of the chemokine receptors CXCR4, CCR7, CCR9, and CCR10 in human primary cutaneous melanoma: a potential prognostic value for CCR7 and CCR10?

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Overexpression of the chimeric plasmin-resistant VEGF165/VEGF183 (132-158) protein in murine breast cancer induces distinct vascular patterning adjacent to tumors and retarded tumor growth

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Overexpression of the chitosanase gene in Fusarium solani via Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation

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Overexpression of the cholesterol-binding protein MLN64 induces liver damage in the mouse

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Overexpression of the chromosomally encoded aminoglycoside acetyltransferase eis confers kanamycin resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Overexpression of the circadian clock gene Bmal1 increases sensitivity to oxaliplatin in colorectal cancer

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Overexpression of the cytochrome P450 monooxygenase (cyp71av1) and cytochrome P450 reductase (cpr) genes increased artemisinin content in Artemisia annua (Asteraceae)

Köllmer, I.; Novák, Ořej.; Strnad, M.; Schmülling, T.; Werner, Táš., 2015:
Overexpression of the cytosolic cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase (CKX7) from Arabidopsis causes specific changes in root growth and xylem differentiation

Wang, H.; Zhang, B.; Gu, M.; Li, S.; Chi, Z.; Hao, L., 2014:
Overexpression of the dependence receptor UNC5H4 inhibits cell migration and invasion, and triggers apoptosis in neuroblastoma cell

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Overexpression of the dominant-negative form of interferon regulatory factor 1 in oligodendrocytes protects against experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Cote, S.R.; Chitravanshi, V.C.; Bleickardt, C.; Sapru, H.N.; Kuzhikandathil, E.V., 2014:
Overexpression of the dopamine D3 receptor in the rat dorsal striatum induces dyskinetic behaviors

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Overexpression of the downward leaf curling (DLC) gene from melon changes leaf morphology by controlling cell size and shape in Arabidopsis leaves

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Overexpression of the drug resistance-associated protein metallothionein does not correlate with response of sarcomas to isolated limb perfusion treatment

Varmeh, S.; Manfredi, J.J., 2009 :
Overexpression of the dual specificity phosphatase, Cdc25C, confers sensitivity on tumor cells to doxorubicin-induced cell death

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Overexpression of the dynein light chain km23-1 in human ovarian carcinoma cells inhibits tumor formation in vivo and causes mitotic delay at prometaphase/metaphase

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Overexpression of the endoplasmic reticulum chaperone BiP3 regulates XA21-mediated innate immunity in rice

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Overexpression of the endothelial protein C receptor is detrimental during pneumonia-derived gram-negative sepsis (Melioidosis)

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Overexpression of the epidermis-specific homeodomain-leucine zipper IV transcription factor Outer Cell Layer1 in maize identifies target genes involved in lipid metabolism and cuticle biosynthesis

Woopen, H.; Pietzner, K.; Richter, R.; Fotopoulou, C.; Joens, T.; Braicu, E.Ioana.; Mellstedt, Håkan.; Mahner, S.; Lindhofer, H.; Darb-Esfahani, S.; Denkert, C.; Sehouli, J., 2015:
Overexpression of the epithelial cell adhesion molecule is associated with a more favorable prognosis and response to platinum-based chemotherapy in ovarian cancer

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Overexpression of the ethylene-responsive factor gene BrERF4 from Brassica rapa increases tolerance to salt and drought in Arabidopsis plants

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Overexpression of the far upstream element binding protein 1 in hepatocellular carcinoma is required for tumor growth

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Overexpression of the fibroblast growth factor receptor 2-IIIc in Kaposi's sarcoma

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Overexpression of the fibroblast growth factor receptor-1 gene correlates with liver metastasis in colorectal cancer

Nian, H.; Meng, Q.; Zhang, W.; Chen, L., 2013:
Overexpression of the formaldehyde dehydrogenase gene from Brevibacillus brevis to enhance formaldehyde tolerance and detoxification of tobacco

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Overexpression of the fragile histidine triad (FHIT) gene in inflammatory bowel disease

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Overexpression of the gap junction protein Cx43 as found in diabetic foot ulcers can retard fibroblast migration

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Overexpression of the gene encoding HMG-CoA reductase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of prenyl alcohols

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Overexpression of the glutamine synthetase gene modulates oxidative stress response in rice after exposure to cadmium stress

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Overexpression of the glutathione S-transferase gene from Pyrus pyrifolia fruit improves tolerance to abiotic stress in transgenic tobacco plants

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Overexpression of the groESL operon enhances the heat and salinity stress tolerance of the nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain PCC7120

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Overexpression of the growth arrest and DNA damage-induced 45alpha gene contributes to autoimmunity by promoting DNA demethylation in lupus T cells

Zheng, H.; Xue, S.; Hu, Z.L.; Shan, J.G.; Yang, W.G., 2014:
Overexpression of the growth arrest-specific homeobox gene Gax inhibits proliferation, migration, cell cycle progression, and apoptosis in serum-induced vascular smooth muscle cells

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Overexpression of the hBiot2 gene is associated with development of human cervical cancer

Kolettas, E.; Khazaie, K.; Rosenberger, R., 1997:
Overexpression of the human c-erbB (EGF receptor) protooncogene fails to alter the lifespan or promote tumourigenic growth of normal and SV40-transformed human fibroblasts

Song, Y.; Zhang, G.; Zhu, X.; Pang, Z.; Xing, F.; Quan, S., 2013:
Overexpression of the hydatidiform mole-related gene F10 inhibits apoptosis in A549 cells through downregulation of BCL2-associated X protein and caspase-3

Peluffo, H.; Alí-Ruiz, D.; Ejarque-Ortíz, A.; Heras-Alvarez, V.; Comas-Casellas, E.; Martínez-Barriocanal, A.; Kamaid, A.; Alvarez-Errico, D.; Negro, M.Luciana.; Lago, N.; Schwartz, Só.; Villaverde, A.; Sayós, J., 2012:
Overexpression of the immunoreceptor CD300f has a neuroprotective role in a model of acute brain injury

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Overexpression of the insulin receptor isoform A promotes endometrial carcinoma cell growth

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Overexpression of the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R) is associated with malignancy in familial pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas

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Overexpression of the key virulence proteases Bace16 and Bae16 in Bacillus nematocida B16 to improve its nematocidal activity

Wu, R.; Wang, T.; McGie, T.; Voogd, C.; Allan, A.C.; Hellens, R.P.; Varkonyi-Gasic, E., 2015:
Overexpression of the kiwifruit SVP3 gene affects reproductive development and suppresses anthocyanin biosynthesis in petals, but has no effect on vegetative growth, dormancy, or flowering time

Tzeng, T-Yu.; Kong, L-Ren.; Chen, C-Hung.; Shaw, C-Chi.; Yang, C-Hsien., 2009:
Overexpression of the lily p70(s6k) gene in Arabidopsis affects elongation of flower organs and indicates TOR-dependent regulation of AP3, PI and SUP translation

Patnaik, S.Kumar.; Kannisto, E.; Mallick, R.; Yendamuri, S., 2011:
Overexpression of the lung cancer-prognostic miR-146b microRNAs has a minimal and negative effect on the malignant phenotype of A549 lung cancer cells

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Overexpression of the maize Corngrass1 microRNA prevents flowering, improves digestibility, and increases starch content of switchgrass

Wu, L.; Zhang, D.; Xue, M.; Qian, J.; He, Y.; Wang, S., 2015:
Overexpression of the maize GRF10, an endogenous truncated growth-regulating factor protein, leads to reduction in leaf size and plant height

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Overexpression of the malate-aspartate NADH shuttle member Aralar1 in the clonal beta-cell line BRIN-BD11 enhances amino-acid-stimulated insulin secretion and cell metabolism

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Overexpression of the mammalian target of rapamycin: a novel biomarker for poor survival in resected early stage non-small cell lung cancer

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Overexpression of the mesenchymal stem cell Cxcr4 gene in irradiated mice increases the homing capacity of these cells

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Overexpression of the miR-34 family suppresses invasive growth of malignant melanoma with the wild-type p53 gene

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Overexpression of the mitochondrial PPR40 gene improves salt tolerance in Arabidopsis

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Overexpression of the mitochondrial T3 receptor induces skeletal muscle atrophy during aging

Casas, Fçois.; Pessemesse, L.; Grandemange, Séphanie.; Seyer, P.; Gueguen, Nïg.; Baris, O.; Lepourry, L.; Cabello, Gérard.; Wrutniak-Cabello, C., 2008:
Overexpression of the mitochondrial T3 receptor p43 induces a shift in skeletal muscle fiber types

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Overexpression of the mitochondrial folate and glycine-serine pathway: a new determinant of methotrexate selectivity in tumors

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Overexpression of the mitotic checkpoint genes BUB1 and BUBR1 is associated with genomic complexity in clear cell kidney carcinomas

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Overexpression of the multidrug resistance protein-4 transporter in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery a cause of aspirin resistance?

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Overexpression of the muscle-specific protein, melusin, protects from cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury

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Overexpression of the natural inhibitor of cysteine peptidases in Leishmania mexicana leads to reduced virulence and a Th1 response

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Overexpression of the natural tetrapeptide acetyl-N-ser-asp-lys-pro derived from thymosin beta4 in neoplastic diseases

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Overexpression of the naturally occurring blaOXA-51 gene in Acinetobacter baumannii mediated by novel insertion sequence ISAba9

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Overexpression of the novel F-box protein Ymr258c confers resistance to methylmercury in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Guérin, Fçois.; Galimand, M.; Tuambilangana, F.; Courvalin, P.; Cattoir, V., 2015:
Overexpression of the novel MATE fluoroquinolone efflux pump FepA in Listeria monocytogenes is driven by inactivation of its local repressor FepR

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Overexpression of the novel human gene, UBE2Q2, in breast cancer

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Overexpression of the novel oncogene SALL4 and activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in myelodysplastic syndromes

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Overexpression of the nuclear factor kappaB inhibitor A20 is neurotoxic after an excitotoxic injury to the immature rat brain

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Overexpression of the nuclear factor-κB subunit c-Rel protects against human islet cell death in vitro

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Overexpression of the nucleolar protein SURF-6 in mouse fibroblasts NIH/3T3 leads to stabilisation of intragenic transcribed spacers of the pre-rRNA

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Overexpression of the oncogenic signal transducer Gab2 occurs early in breast cancer development

Yasumatsu, R.; Nakashima, T.; Komune, S., 2012:
Overexpression of the orotate phosphoribosyl-transferase gene enhances the effect of 5-Fluorouracil in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in vitro

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Overexpression of the orphan receptor Nur77 alters glucose metabolism in rat muscle cells and rat muscle in vivo

Chang, L-Fu.; Lin, P-Cheng.; Ho, L-Ing.; Liu, P-Yen.; Wu, W-Chen.; Chiang, I-Ping.; Chang, H-Wen.; Lin, S-Zong.; Harn, Y-Chern.; Harn, H-Jyh.; Chiou, T-Wen., 2011:
Overexpression of the orphan receptor Nur77 and its translocation induced by PCH4 may inhibit malignant glioma cell growth and induce cell apoptosis

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Overexpression of the oxygen sensors PHD-1, PHD-2, PHD-3, and FIH Is associated with tumor aggressiveness in pancreatic endocrine tumors

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Overexpression of the p85alpha regulatory subunit of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibits GM-CSF-dependent colony formation of CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells

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Overexpression of the partially activated alpha(IIb)beta3D723H integrin salt bridge mutant downregulates RhoA activity and induces microtubule-dependent proplatelet-like extensions in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Bahrini, I.; Ogawa, T.; Kobayashi, F.; Kawahigashi, H.; Handa, H., 2012:
Overexpression of the pathogen-inducible wheat TaWRKY45 gene confers disease resistance to multiple fungi in transgenic wheat plants

Liu, X.; Zhai, S.; Zhao, Y.; Sun, B.; Liu, C.; Yang, A.; Zhang, J., 2013:
Overexpression of the phosphatidylinositol synthase gene (ZmPIS) conferring drought stress tolerance by altering membrane lipid composition and increasing ABA synthesis in maize

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Overexpression of the phosphoprotein enriched in diabetes gene product (Ped/pea-15) in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

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Overexpression of the phytochrome B gene from Arabidopsis thaliana increases plant growth and yield of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

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Overexpression of the pituitary tumor transforming gene induces p53-dependent senescence through activating DNA damage response pathway in normal human fibroblasts

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Overexpression of the polarity protein PAR-3 in clear cell renal cell carcinoma is associated with poor prognosis

Han, X.; Tang, S.; An, Y.; Zheng, D-Chao.; Xia, X-Li.; Yin, W-Lun., 2014:
Overexpression of the poplar NF-YB7 transcription factor confers drought tolerance and improves water-use efficiency in Arabidopsis

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Overexpression of the potential kinase serine/ threonine/tyrosine kinase 1 (STYK 1) in castration-resistant prostate cancer

Buddaseth, S.; Göttmann, W.; Blasczyk, R.; Huyton, T., 2014:
Overexpression of the pp32r1 (ANP32C) oncogene or its functional mutant pp32r1Y140H confers enhanced resistance to FTY720 (Finguimod)

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Overexpression of the progestagen-associated endometrial protein gene is associated with microphthalmia-associated transcription factor in human melanoma

Zhou, L.; Park, B-Hyun.; Park, J.Hyuk.; Jang, K.Yun.; Park, H.Sung.; Wagle, S.; Lee, K-Bok.; Kim, J.Ryul., 2014:
Overexpression of the prolyl isomerase PIN1 promotes cell growth in osteosarcoma cells

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Overexpression of the protein tyrosine phosphatase PRL-2 correlates with breast tumor formation and progression

Lee, S-Kwon.; Yang, S.Hwan.; Kang, C-Min.; Mo, S.; Suh, J-Won., 2014:
Overexpression of the putative extracytoplasmic function sigma (σ) factor FujE enhances FK506 production in Streptomyces sp. strain KCCM 11116P

Tavío, Mía.M.; Aquili, V.D.; Fàbrega, A.; Vila, J.; Poveda, Jé.B., 2012:
Overexpression of the quorum-sensing regulator sdiA and soxS is involved in low-level multidrug resistance induced in Escherichia coli AG100 by haloperidol, diazepam and NaCl

Medina-Ruiz, L.; Campoy, S.; Latasa, C.; Cardenas, P.; Alonso, J.Carlos.; Barbé, J., 2010:
Overexpression of the recA gene decreases oral but not intraperitoneal fitness of Salmonella enterica

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Overexpression of the receptor for hyaluronan-mediated motility, correlates with expression of microtubule-associated protein in human oral squamous cell carcinomas

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Overexpression of the receptor tyrosine kinase EphA2 in choroidal melanoma: correlation with vesculogenic mimicry and prognosis

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Overexpression of the receptor tyrosine kinase EphA4 in human gastric cancers

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Overexpression of the receptor-like protein kinase genes AtRPK1 and OsRPK1 reduces the salt tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana

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Overexpression of the recombinant Enterobacter cloacae P99 AmpC beta-lactamase and its mutants based on a phi105 prophage system in Bacillus subtilis

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Overexpression of the rhamnose catabolism regulatory protein, RhaR: a novel mechanism for metronidazole resistance in Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron

Ilg, A.; Yu, Q.; Schaub, P.; Beyer, P.; Al-Babili, S., 2010:
Overexpression of the rice carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 1 gene in Golden Rice endosperm suggests apocarotenoids as substrates in planta

Toiyama, Y.; Mizoguchi, A.; Kimura, K.; Hiro, J.; Tutsumi, T.; Inoue, Y.; Miki, C.; Kusunoki, M., 2009:
Overexpression of the signal peptide whirlin isoform 2 is related to disease progression in colorectal cancer patients

Andreoni, F.; Darmon, E.; Poon, W.C.K.; Leach, D.R.F., 2010:
Overexpression of the single-stranded DNA-binding protein (SSB) stabilises CAG*CTG triplet repeats in an orientation dependent manner

Berkholz, J.; Kuzyniak, W.; Hoepfner, M.; Munz, B., 2015:
Overexpression of the skNAC gene in human rhabdomyosarcoma cells enhances their differentiation potential and inhibits tumor cell growth and spreading

Yu, J.; Ka, S-O.; Kwon, K-Beom.; Lee, S-Myeong.; Park, J-Woo.; Park, B-Hyun., 2012:
Overexpression of the small GTPase Arl4D suppresses adipogenesis

Zhang, G.; Chen, M.; Li, L.; Xu, Z.; Chen, X.; Guo, J.; Ma, Y., 2009:
Overexpression of the soybean GmERF3 gene, an AP2/ERF type transcription factor for increased tolerances to salt, drought, and diseases in transgenic tobacco

Wang, Y.; Suo, H.; Zhuang, C.; Ma, H.; Yan, X., 2012:
Overexpression of the soybean GmWNK1 altered the sensitivity to salt and osmotic stress in Arabidopsis

Zhang, J.; Hao, Q.; Bai, L.; Xu, J.; Yin, W.; Song, L.; Xu, L.; Guo, X.; Fan, C.; Chen, Y.; Ruan, J.; Hao, S.; Li, Y.; Wang, R.R-C.; Hu, Z., 2014:
Overexpression of the soybean transcription factor GmDof4 significantly enhances the lipid content of Chlorella ellipsoidea

Ning, Y-Xia.; Ren, S-Lin.; Zhao, F-di.; Yin, L-Hua., 2010:
Overexpression of the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein increases the expression of ATP-binding cassette transporters in microvascular endothelial cells (bEnd.3)

Cook, J.B.; Werner, D.F.; Maldonado-Devincci, A.M.; Leonard, M.N.; Fisher, K.R.; O'Buckley, T.K.; Porcu, P.; McCown, T.J.; Besheer, J.; Hodge, C.W.; Morrow, A.Leslie., 2014:
Overexpression of the steroidogenic enzyme cytochrome P450 side chain cleavage in the ventral tegmental area increases 3α,5α-THP and reduces long-term operant ethanol self-administration

Cools, H.J.; Bayon, C.; Atkins, S.; Lucas, J.A.; Fraaije, B.A., 2012:
Overexpression of the sterol 14α-demethylase gene (MgCYP51) in Mycosphaerella graminicola isolates confers a novel azole fungicide sensitivity phenotype

Zhou, B.; Yuan, T.; Liu, M.; Liu, H.; Xie, J.; Shen, Y.; Chen, P., 2013:
Overexpression of the structural maintenance of chromosome 4 protein is associated with tumor de-differentiation, advanced stage and vascular invasion of primary liver cancer

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Overexpression of the superoxide anion and NADPH oxidase isoforms 1 and 4 (NOX1 and NOX4) in allergic nasal mucosa

Sahoo, D.K.; Raha, S.; Hall, J.T.; Maiti, I.B., 2014:
Overexpression of the synthetic chimeric native-T-phylloplanin-GFP genes optimized for monocot and dicot plants renders enhanced resistance to blue mold disease in tobacco (N. tabacum L.)

Borgeaud, S.; Blokesch, M., 2013:
Overexpression of the tcp gene cluster using the T7 RNA polymerase/promoter system and natural transformation-mediated genetic engineering of Vibrio cholerae

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Overexpression of the toll-like receptor (TLR) signaling adaptor MYD88, but lack of genetic mutation, in myelodysplastic syndromes

Rodriguez-Rosales, Mía.Pilar.; Jiang, X.; Gálvez, F.Javier.; Aranda, Mía.Nieves.; Cubero, B.; Venema, K., 2009:
Overexpression of the tomato K+/H+ antiporter LeNHX2 confers salt tolerance by improving potassium compartmentalization

Gui, C-Ping.; Dong, X.; Liu, H-Kuan.; Huang, W-Jie.; Zhang, D.; Wang, S-Jie.; Barberini, Mía.Laura.; Gao, X-Yan.; Muschietti, J.; McCormick, S.; Tang, W-Hua., 2015:
Overexpression of the tomato pollen receptor kinase LePRK1 rewires pollen tube growth to a blebbing mode

Pang, Y.; Li, L.; Ren, F.; Lu, P.; Wei, P.; Cai, J.; Xin, L.; Zhang, J.; Chen, J.; Wang, X., 2010:
Overexpression of the tonoplast aquaporin AtTIP5;1 conferred tolerance to boron toxicity in Arabidopsis

Sasano, Y.; Haitani, Y.; Hashida, K.; Ohtsu, I.; Shima, J.; Takagi, H., 2012:
Overexpression of the transcription activator Msn2 enhances the fermentation ability of industrial baker's yeast in frozen dough

Oh, S-Jun.; Kim, Y.Shic.; Kwon, C-Woo.; Park, H.Kyong.; Jeong, J.Seo.; Kim, J-Kon., 2009:
Overexpression of the transcription factor AP37 in rice improves grain yield under drought conditions

Wang, B.; Zhu, J.; Mounzih, K.; Chehab, E.F.; Ke, Y.; Chehab, F.F., 2009:
Overexpression of the transcription factor Foxo4 is associated with rapid glucose clearance

Ma, L.; Liu, J.; Liu, L.; Duan, G.; Wang, Q.; Xu, Y.; Xia, F.; Shan, J.; Shen, J.; Yang, Z.; Bie, P.; Cui, Y.; Bian, X-Wu.; Prieto, J.; Avila, Mías.A.; Qian, C., 2014:
Overexpression of the transcription factor MEF2D in hepatocellular carcinoma sustains malignant character by suppressing G2-M transition genes

Buchberger, E.; El Harchi, M.; Payrhuber, D.; Zommer, A.; Schauer, D.; Simonitsch-Klupp, I.; Bilban, M.; Brostjan, C., 2014:
Overexpression of the transcriptional repressor complex BCL-6/BCoR leads to nuclear aggregates distinct from classical aggresomes

Tijerino, A.; Cardoza, R.Elena.; Moraga, J.; Malmierca, Mónica.G.; Vicente, F.; Aleu, J.; Collado, I.G.; Gutiérrez, S.; Monte, E.; Hermosa, R., 2011:
Overexpression of the trichodiene synthase gene tri5 increases trichodermin production and antimicrobial activity in Trichoderma brevicompactum

Liu, G-Hong.; Wang, C.; Ding, Z-Yu., 2013:
Overexpression of the truncated form of Livin reveals a complex interaction with caspase-3

Zheng, H.Ling.; Yuan, C.; Bao, L.Juan.; An, J.Hui.; Zhu, Z.Zhen.; Yang, G.She., 2008:
Overexpression of the truncated fosb isoform (Delta2Deltafosb) increases nodus in CD1 primary osteoblastes

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Overexpression of the tumor-suppressor gene p53 in human ovarian tumor-tissues and its correlation with clinical stage

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Overexpression of the urokinase receptor mRNA splice variant uPAR-del4/5 affects tumor-associated processes of breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

Grismayer, B.; Sato, S.; Kopitz, C.; Ries, C.; Soelch, S.; Schmitt, M.; Baretton, G.; Krüger, A.; Luther, T.; Kotzsch, M.; Magdolen, V., 2013:
Overexpression of the urokinase receptor splice variant uPAR-del4/5 in breast cancer cells affects cell adhesion and invasion in a dose-dependent manner and modulates transcription of tumor-associated genes

Klemens, P.A.W.; Patzke, K.; Deitmer, J.; Spinner, L.; Le Hir, R.; Bellini, C.; Bedu, M.; Chardon, F.; Krapp, A.; Neuhaus, H.Ekkehard., 2014:
Overexpression of the vacuolar sugar carrier AtSWEET16 modifies germination, growth, and stress tolerance in Arabidopsis

de Sá, P.B.; Li, H.; Havens, W.M.; Farman, M.L.; Ghabrial, S.A., 2010:
Overexpression of the victoriocin gene in Helminthosporium (Cochliobolus) victoriae enhances the antifungal activity of culture filtrates

Zhou, S.; Hu, W.; Deng, X.; Ma, Z.; Chen, L.; Huang, C.; Wang, C.; Wang, J.; He, Y.; Yang, G.; He, G., 2013:
Overexpression of the wheat aquaporin gene, TaAQP7, enhances drought tolerance in transgenic tobacco

Duan, H.; Richael, C.; Rommens, C.M., 2013:
Overexpression of the wild potato eIF4E-1 variant Eva1 elicits Potato virus Y resistance in plants silenced for native eIF4E-1

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Overexpression of the wild-type SPT1 subunit lowers desoxysphingolipid levels and rescues the phenotype of HSAN1

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Overexpression of tomato SpMPK3 gene in Arabidopsis enhances the osmotic tolerance

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Overexpression of transglutaminase in the Drosophila wing imaginal disc induced an extra wing crossvein phenotype

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