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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54843

Chapter 54843 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shematorova, E.K.; Shpakovskiĭ, D.G.; Shpakovskiĭ, G.V., 2010:
PSM2 and POLR2J gene families as molecular markers of the higher primate evolution

Eder, M.; Eisenhut, M.; Babich, J.; Haberkorn, U., 2013:
PSMA as a target for radiolabelled small molecules

Wang, W.; Tavora, F.; Sharma, R.; Eisenberger, M.; Netto, G.J., 2008:
PSMA expression in Schwannoma: a potential clinical mimicker of metastatic prostate carcinoma

Jin, J.; Sui, B.; Gou, J.; Liu, J.; Tang, X.; Xu, H.; Zhang, Y.; Jin, X., 2015:
PSMA ligand conjugated PCL-PEG polymeric micelles targeted to prostate cancer cells

Su, Y.; Yu, L.; Liu, N.; Guo, Z.; Wang, G.; Zheng, J.; Wei, M.; Wang, H.; Yang, A-Gang.; Qin, W.; Wen, W., 2014:
PSMA specific single chain antibody-mediated targeted knockdown of Notch1 inhibits human prostate cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth

Rybalov, M.; Ananias, H.J.K.; Hoving, H.D.; van der Poel, H.G.; Rosati, S.; de Jong, I.J., 2014:
PSMA, EpCAM, VEGF and GRPR as imaging targets in locally recurrent prostate cancer after radiotherapy

Gao, Y.; Li, Y.; Li, Y.; Yuan, L.; Zhou, Y.; Li, J.; Zhao, L.; Zhang, C.; Li, X.; Liu, Y., 2015:
PSMA-mediated endosome escape-accelerating polymeric micelles for targeted therapy of prostate cancer and the real time tracing of their intracellular trafficking

Zuccolotto, G.; Fracasso, G.; Merlo, A.; Montagner, I.Monia.; Rondina, M.; Bobisse, S.; Figini, M.; Cingarlini, S.; Colombatti, M.; Zanovello, P.; Rosato, A., 2016:
PSMA-specific CAR-engineered T cells eradicate disseminated prostate cancer in preclinical models

Akhtar, N.H.; Osborne, J.R.; Fareedy, S.B.; Tagawa, S.T., 2013:
PSMA-targeted dendrimers: a patent evaluation (WO2012078534)

Huang, B.; Otis, J.; Joice, M.; Kotlyar, A.; Thomas, T.P., 2014:
PSMA-targeted stably linked "dendrimer-glutamate urea-methotrexate" as a prostate cancer therapeutic

Chen, Z.; Penet, M-France.; Nimmagadda, S.; Li, C.; Banerjee, S.R.; Winnard, P.T.; Artemov, D.; Glunde, K.; Pomper, M.G.; Bhujwalla, Z.M., 2013:
PSMA-targeted theranostic nanoplex for prostate cancer therapy

Tse, B.Wan-Chi.; Cowin, G.J.; Soekmadji, C.; Jovanovic, L.; Vasireddy, R.S.; Ling, M-Tat.; Khatri, A.; Liu, T.; Thierry, B.; Russell, P.J., 2015:
PSMA-targeting iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles enhance MRI of preclinical prostate cancer

Jemaa, A.Ben.; Bouraoui, Y.; Sallami, S.; Banasr, A.; Nouira, Y.; Oueslati, R., 2014:
PSMA/PSA ratio evaluated by immunohistochemistry may improve diagnosis of prostate cancer

Yang, L.; Tang, Z.; Zhang, H.; Kou, W.; Lu, Z.; Li, X.; Li, Q.; Miao, Z., 2014:
PSMA7 directly interacts with NOD1 and regulates its function

Tan, J-Yu.; Huang, X.; Luo, Y-Ling., 2012:
PSMA7 inhibits the tumorigenicity of A549 human lung adenocarcinoma cells

Du, H.; Huang, X.; Wang, S.; Wu, Y.; Xu, W.; Li, M., 2009:
PSMA7, a potential biomarker of diseases

Kriegova, E.; Arakelyan, A.; Fillerova, R.; Zatloukal, J.; Mrazek, F.; Navratilova, Z.; Kolek, V.; du Bois, R.M.; Petrek, M., 2008:
PSMB2 and RPL32 are suitable denominators to normalize gene expression profiles in bronchoalveolar cells

Camarena, A.; Aquino-Galvez, A.; Falfán-Valencia, Rés.; Sánchez, G.; Montaño, M.; Ramos, C.; Juárez, A.; García-de-Alba, C.; Granados, J.; Selman, Més., 2010:
PSMB8 (LMP7) but not PSMB9 (LMP2) gene polymorphisms are associated to pigeon breeder's hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Agarwal, A.K.; Xing, C.; DeMartino, G.N.; Mizrachi, D.; Hernandez, M.Dolores.; Sousa, A.Berta.; Martínez de Villarreal, L.; dos Santos, Hísa.G.; Garg, A., 2011:
PSMB8 encoding the β5i proteasome subunit is mutated in joint contractures, muscle atrophy, microcytic anemia, and panniculitis-induced lipodystrophy syndrome

Park, J.Eun.; Ao, L.; Miller, Z.; Kim, K.; Wu, Y.; Jang, E.Ryoung.; Lee, E.Young.; Kim, K.Bo.; Lee, W., 2014:
PSMB9 codon 60 polymorphisms have no impact on the activity of the immunoproteasome catalytic subunit B1i expressed in multiple types of solid cancer

Gómez-Garre, P.; Jesús, S.; Carrillo, Fátima.; Cáceres-Redondo, M.Teresa.; Bernal-Bernal, I.; Carballo, M.; Gao, L.; Mir, P., 2013:
PSMC1 Gene in Parkinson's Disease

Langlands, F.E.; Dodwell, D.; Hanby, A.M.; Horgan, K.; Millican-Slater, R.A.; Speirs, V.; Verghese, E.T.; Smith, L.; Hughes, T.A., 2015:
PSMD9 expression predicts radiotherapy response in breast cancer

Gragnoli, C., 2009:
PSMD9 gene in the NIDDM2 locus is linked to type 2 diabetes in Italians

Gragnoli, C., 2010:
PSMD9 is linked to MODY3

Rasigade, J-Philippe.; Trouillet-Assant, S.; Ferry, T.; Diep, B.An.; Sapin, Aïs.; Lhoste, Y.; Ranfaing, Jérémy.; Badiou, Cédric.; Benito, Y.; Bes, Mèle.; Couzon, F.; Tigaud, S.; Lina, Gérard.; Etienne, Jérôme.; Vandenesch, Fçois.; Laurent, Fédéric., 2014:
PSMs of hypervirulent Staphylococcus aureus act as intracellular toxins that kill infected osteoblasts

Cope, C., 2011:
PSNA endeavors to advance the nursing profession reflected in IOM recommendations

Zhang, J.; Zhao, X.; Sun, P.; Ma, Z., 2015:
PSNO: predicting cysteine S-nitrosylation sites by incorporating various sequence-derived features into the general form of Chou's PseAAC

Cheng, W-Chang., 2014:
PSO algorithm particle filters for improving the performance of lane detection and tracking systems in difficult roads

Bao, Y.; Xiong, T.; Hu, Z., 2013:
PSO-MISMO modeling strategy for multistep-ahead time series prediction

Giaquinto, A.; Fornarelli, G., 2010:
PSO-based cloning template design for CNN associative memories

Leong, W-Fung.; Yen, G.G., 2008:
PSO-based multiobjective optimization with dynamic population size and adaptive local archives

Liu, X.; Fu, H., 2015:
PSO-based support vector machine with cuckoo search technique for clinical disease diagnoses

Liao, Y.Lan.; Wang, J.Feng.; Wu, J.Lei.; Wang, J.Jiao.; Zheng, X.Ying., 2013:
PSO/ACO algorithm-based risk assessment of human neural tube defects in Heshun County, China

Anonymous, 2007:
PSO: an evolving, critical role in health care quality

Linder, D.; Altomare, G.; Amato, S.; Amerio, P.; Balato, N.; Campanati, A.; Conti, A.; Gisondi, P.; Prignano, F.; Saraceno, R.; Piaserico, S., 2016:
PSOCUBE, a multidimensional assessment of psoriasis patients as a both clinically/practically sustainable and evidence-based algorithm

Papp, K.A.; Strober, B.; Augustin, M.; Calabro, S.; Londhe, A.; Chevrier, M.; Augustin, M.; Chevrier, M.; Fiorentino, D.; Gelfand, J.; Gordon, K.; Gottlieb, A.B.; Ho, V.; Kalb, R.; Kerdel, F.A.; Kimball, A.B.; Krueger, G.G.; Langley, R.; Lebwohl, M.; Leonardi, C.L.; Menter, A.; Naldi, L.; Papp, K.; Pariser, D.; Strober, B., 2013:
PSOLAR: design, utility, and preliminary results of a prospective, international, disease-based registry of patients with psoriasis who are receiving, or are candidates for, conventional systemic treatments or biologic agents

Sun, H.; Xu, B.; Meng, Q.; Yang, Q.; Chang, X., 2014:
PSORS1C1/CDSN is associated with ankylosing spondylitis

Jordan, C.T.; Cao, L.; Roberson, E.D.O.; Pierson, K.C.; Yang, C-Fan.; Joyce, C.E.; Ryan, C.; Duan, S.; Helms, C.A.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Y.; McBride, A.A.; Hwu, W-Liang.; Wu, J-Yuarn.; Chen, Y-Tsong.; Menter, A.; Goldbach-Mansky, R.; Lowes, M.A.; Bowcock, A.M., 2012:
PSORS2 is due to mutations in CARD14

Yu, N.Y.; Wagner, J.R.; Laird, M.R.; Melli, G.; Rey, Sébastien.; Lo, R.; Dao, P.; Sahinalp, S.Cenk.; Ester, M.; Foster, L.J.; Brinkman, F.S.L., 2010:
PSORTb 3.0: improved protein subcellular localization prediction with refined localization subcategories and predictive capabilities for all prokaryotes

Yu, N.Y.; Laird, M.R.; Spencer, C.; Brinkman, F.S.L., 2011:
PSORTdb--an expanded, auto-updated, user-friendly protein subcellular localization database for Bacteria and Archaea

Anonymous, 2014:
PSOs tout benefits of membership

Schaub, D.; Juckel, G., 2012:
PSP Scale: German version of the Personal and Social Performance Scale: valid instrument for the assessment of psychosocial functioning in the treatment of schizophrenia

Lajaunias, F., 2015:
PSP and NT-proCNP assessed for predisposition to infection

Kurata, T.; Kametaka, S.; Ohta, Y.; Morimoto, N.; Deguchi, S.; Deguchi, K.; Ikeda, Y.; Takao, Y.; Ohta, T.; Manabe, Y.; Sato, S.; Abe, K., 2012:
PSP as distinguished from CBD, MSA-P and PD by clinical and imaging differences at an early stage

Roje-Busatto, R.; Ujević, I., 2014:
PSP toxins profile in ascidian Microcosmus vulgaris (Heller, 1877) after human poisoning in Croatia (Adriatic Sea)

Caballero, I.; Vazquez, J.M.; Mayor, G.M.; Almiñana, C.; Calvete, J.J.; Sanz, L.; Roca, J.; Martinez, E.A., 2008:
PSP-I/PSP-II spermadhesin exert a decapacitation effect on highly extended boar spermatozoa

Li, L.; Bimmler, D.; Graf, R.; Zhou, S.; Sun, Z.; Chen, J.; Siech, M.; Bachem, M.G., 2011:
PSP/reg inhibits cultured pancreatic stellate cell and regulates MMP/ TIMP ratio

Williams, B., 2008:
PSP: an experiment in solving Tennessee's prescription drug problem

Su, F.; Ou, H-Yu.; Tao, F.; Tang, H.; Xu, P., 2014:
PSP: rapid identification of orthologous coding genes under positive selection across multiple closely related prokaryotic genomes

Rummel, S.; Penatzer, C.E.; Shriver, C.D.; Ellsworth, R.E., 2014:
PSPHL and breast cancer in African American women: causative gene or population stratification?

Lee, M.S.; Bondugula, R.; Desai, V.; Zavaljevski, N.; Yeh, I-Chul.; Wallqvist, A.; Reifman, J., 2009:
PSPP: a protein structure prediction pipeline for computing clusters

Chatterjee, P.; Basu, S.; Kundu, M.; Nasipuri, M.; Plewczynski, D., 2012:
PSP_MCSVM: brainstorming consensus prediction of protein secondary structures using two-stage multiclass support vector machines

Laszlo, S.; Armstrong, B.C., 2015:
PSPs and ERPs: applying the dynamics of post-synaptic potentials to individual units in simulation of temporally extended Event-Related Potential reading data

Sanazaro, P.J., 1979:
PSRO, Politics and Quality Assurance

Msmw, 1977:
PSRO-Update 1977

Flick, A.L., 1980:
PSRO: Views of an Anti-PSRO Physician

Sharma, M.R.; Dönhöfer, A.; Barat, C.; Marquez, V.; Datta, P.P.; Fucini, P.; Wilson, D.N.; Agrawal, R.K., 2010:
PSRP1 is not a ribosomal protein, but a ribosome-binding factor that is recycled by the ribosome-recycling factor (RRF) and elongation factor G (EF-G)

Lee, S.Jong.; Oh, K.Nam.; Lee, J.Min.; Kim, J.Hyun.; Cheong, I.Woo., 2010:
PSS resin-fortified polythiophene nanoparticles for highly transparent conducting films

Mrozek, D.; Wieczorek, D.; Malysiak-Mrozek, B.; Kozielski, S., 2011:
PSS-SQL: protein secondary structure - structured query language

Fragoso, C.M.; Schumann Burkard, G.; Oberle, M.; Renggli, C.Kunz.; Hilzinger, K.; Roditi, I., 2010:
PSSA-2, a membrane-spanning phosphoprotein of Trypanosoma brucei, is required for efficient maturation of infection

Oh, J-Yeol.; Kim, J-Hwan.; Lee, H-Soo.; Kim, J-Young., 2010:
PSSK modulation scheme for high-data rate implantable medical devices

Li, L.; Cui, X.; Yu, S.; Zhang, Y.; Luo, Z.; Yang, H.; Zhou, Y.; Zheng, X., 2015:
PSSP-RFE: accurate prediction of protein structural class by recursive feature extraction from PSI-BLAST profile, physical-chemical property and functional annotations

Kumar, P.; Chaitanya, P.S.; Nagarajaram, H.A., 2011:
PSSRdb: a relational database of polymorphic simple sequence repeats extracted from prokaryotic genomes

Hartman, D.E., 2007:
PSST! Wanna buy a good new memory test-cheap?: The Test of Memory and Learning-2

Shin, J.; Camblor, M.A.; Woo, H.Chul.; Miller, S.R.; Wright, P.A.; Hong, S.Bong., 2009:
PST-1: a synthetic small-pore zeolite that selectively adsorbs H2

Joseph, M.M.; Aravind, S.R.; Varghese, S.; Mini, S.; Sreelekha, T.T., 2013:
PST-Gold nanoparticle as an effective anticancer agent with immunomodulatory properties

Brusig, E.; Davies, W., 2008:
PSTAC survey in 2006 was instrumental in obtaining permanent (category I) CPT codes for MTM services performed by pharmacists

Tseng, S.H., 2009:
PSTD Simulation of optical phase conjugation of light propagating long optical paths

Chitu, V.; Nacu, V.; Charles, J.F.; Henne, W.M.; McMahon, H.T.; Nandi, S.; Ketchum, H.; Harris, R.; Nakamura, M.C.; Stanley, E.Richard., 2013:
PSTPIP2 deficiency in mice causes osteopenia and increased differentiation of multipotent myeloid precursors into osteoclasts

Strehl, E., 2009:
PSUR - Instrument for pharmacovigilance and patient safety. What pharmacists should know about periodic safety update reports

Zheng, Z-Qian.; Fu, Y-Ying.; Li, B-Heng.; Zhang, M-Ling.; Yang, X-Li.; Xin, C-Wei.; Shi, J-Na.; Ying, Y.; Huang, P., 2014:
PSY-1, a Taxus chinensis var. mairei extract, inhibits cancer cell metastasis by interfering with MMPs

Anonymous, 2014:
PSYCHE and the skin; emotional factors in dermatoses

Paradiso, R.; Bianchi, A.M.; Lau, K.; Scilingo, E.P., 2011:
PSYCHE: personalised monitoring systems for care in mental health

Hanley, F.W., 1964:
PSYCHEDELICS (Hallucinogens)

Bennett, A.E., 1960:
PSYCHIATRIC UNITS IN GENERAL HOSPITALS-Problems in Development and Efficient Operation

Anonymous, 1946:
PSYCHIATRIC disorders and reactions: definitions and manner of recording

Anonymous, 1947:
PSYCHIATRIC nursing; a career that is worth while

Anonymous, 1946:
PSYCHIATRIC problems of repatriated prisoners

Anonymous, 1949:
PSYCHIATRIC service in municipal and county courts

Anonymous, 1947:
PSYCHIATRIC social worker in the mental hospital

Anonymous, 2015:
PSYCHIATRIC testimony before courts-martial

Anonymous, 1946:
PSYCHIATRY nomenclature; psychiatric disorders and reactions: definitions and manner of recording

Anonymous, 2011:
PSYCHO-DRAMA and the death problem

Khubalkar, R.; Gupta, O.P., 1984:

Soranzo, A.; Grassi, M., 2014:
PSYCHOACOUSTICS: a comprehensive MATLAB toolbox for auditory testing

Mack, C.W., 1916:

Anonymous, 2014:
PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST construction and research in the Bureau of Naval Personnel; Navy radio technician training program

Anonymous, 2012:
PSYCHOLOGICAL impact of aircraft accidents

Anonymous, 1946:
PSYCHOLOGICAL research on pilot training in the AAF

Anonymous, 2014:
PSYCHOLOGICAL test construction and research in the Bureau of Naval Personnel; measurement of achievement in Navy training

Anonymous, 1946:

Weiss, M.G. , 1981:

Anonymous, 1946:
PSYCHOSOMATIC medicine is not new

Anonymous, 1949:
PSYCHOSOMATIC sleep in dentistry; a preliminary report

Anonymous, 2014:
PSYCHOTHERAPY and the general practitioner

Anonymous, 2014:
PSYCHOTHERAPY by television; closed-circuit television gives promise of being an effective medium for the administration of therapy to the mentally ill

McAtee, W.L., 1915:

Pasciak, A.S.; Jones, A.Kyle., 2012:
PShield: an exact three-dimensional numerical solution for determining optimal shielding designs for PET/CT facilities

Pandit, S.B.; Brylinski, M.; Zhou, H.; Gao, M.; Arakaki, A.K.; Skolnick, J., 2010:
PSiFR: an integrated resource for prediction of protein structure and function

Kaznadzey, A.; Alexandrova, N.; Novichkov, V.; Kaznadzey, D., 2013:
PSimScan: algorithm and utility for fast protein similarity search

Leedman, B., 2008:
PSivida corporation

Jayapandian, J.; Swarrup, J.Sakthi.; Sheela, O.K.; Ravi, U., 2012:
PSoC-based embedded design and quartz tuning fork for low-temperature measurement system design

Maione, E.; Tortoli, P.; Lypacewicz, G.; Nowicki, A.; Reid, J.M., 2008:
PSpice modelling of ultrasound transducers: comparison of software models to experiment

Wild, G.; Hinckley, S., 2010:
PSpice simulation of an electro-acoustic communications channel

van Deventer, J.; Lofqvist, T.; Delsing, J., 2008:
PSpice simulation of ultrasonic systems

Castaldi, G.; Savoia, S.; Galdi, V.; Alù, A.; Engheta, N., 2013:
PT metamaterials via complex-coordinate transformation optics

Dmytriv, M.; Rowland, K.; Gavagan, T.; Holub, D., 2010:
PT or cervical collar for cervical radiculopathy?

Bender, C.M.; DeKieviet, M.; Klevansky, S.P., 2013:
PT quantum mechanics

Bittner, S.; Dietz, B.; Günther, U.; Harney, H.L.; Miski-Oglu, M.; Richter, A.; Schäfer, F., 2012:
PT symmetry and spontaneous symmetry breaking in a microwave billiard

Mannheim, P.D., 2013:
PT symmetry as a necessary and sufficient condition for unitary time evolution

Li, H-Jun.; Dou, J-Peng.; Huang, G., 2014:
PT symmetry via electromagnetically induced transparency

Hang, C.; Huang, G.; Konotop, V.V., 2013:
PT symmetry with a system of three-level atoms

Dutta, S.; Snyder, M.J.; Rosile, D.; Binz, K.L.; Roll, E.H.; Suryadi, J.; Bierbach, U.; Guthold, M., 2014:
PT-ACRAMTU, a platinum-acridine anticancer agent, lengthens and aggregates, but does not stiffen or soften DNA

Chantreau, M.; Grec, Sébastien.; Gutierrez, L.; Dalmais, M.; Pineau, C.; Demailly, Hé.; Paysant-Leroux, C.; Tavernier, R.; Trouvé, J-Paul.; Chatterjee, M.; Guillot, X.; Brunaud, Véronique.; Chabbert, B.; van Wuytswinkel, O.; Bendahmane, A.; Thomasset, B.; Hawkins, S., 2014:
PT-Flax (phenotyping and TILLinG of flax): development of a flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) mutant population and TILLinG platform for forward and reverse genetics

Bennett, C.L.; McNeer, R.R., 2012:
PT-SAFE: a software tool for development and annunciation of medical audible alarms

Ramezani, H.; Christodoulides, D.N.; Kovanis, V.; Vitebskiy, I.; Kottos, T., 2012:
PT-symmetric Talbot effects

Bludov, Y.V.; Hang, C.; Huang, G.; Konotop, V.V., 2014:
PT-symmetric coupler with a coupling defect: soliton interaction with exceptional point

Longhi, S.; Feng, L., 2014:
PT-symmetric microring laser-absorber

Li, K.; Kevrekidis, P.G., 2011:
PT-symmetric oligomers: analytical solutions, linear stability, and nonlinear dynamics

Jing, H.; Özdemir, S.K.; Lü, X-You.; Zhang, J.; Yang, L.; Nori, F., 2014:
PT-symmetric phonon laser

Prosen, Tž., 2012:
PT-symmetric quantum Liouvillean dynamics

Milton, K.A.; Abalo, E.K.; Parashar, P.; Pourtolami, N.; Wagner, J., 2013:
PT-symmetric quantum electrodynamics and unitarity

West, C.T.; Kottos, T.; Prosen, T., 2010:
PT-symmetric wave Chaos

Chong, Y.D.; Ge, L.; Stone, A.Douglas., 2011:
PT-symmetry breaking and laser-absorber modes in optical scattering systems

Yang, X.; Zhen, L.; Pan, M.; Han, J.; Li, D.; Liao, C., 2015:
PT/NBL ratio assessment at mid-trimester in prenatal screening for Down syndrome in a Chinese population

Kawar, N.; Maclaughlan, S.; Horan, T.C.; Uzun, A.; Lange, T.S.; Kim, K.K.; Hopson, R.; Singh, A.P.; Sidhu, P.S.; Glass, K.A.; Shaw, S.; Padbury, J.F.; Vorsa, N.; Arnold, L.A.; Moore, R.G.; Brard, L.; Singh, R.K., 2014:
PT19c, Another Nonhypercalcemic Vitamin D2 Derivative, Demonstrates Antitumor Efficacy in Epithelial Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Models

Ezura, M.; Takahashi, A.; Fukuchi, M.; Yoshimoto, T., 1998:
PTA for Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis

Peregrin, J.H.; Koznar, B.; Kovác, J.; Lastovicková, J.; Novotný, Jí.; Vedlich, D.; Skibová, J., 2010:
PTA of infrapopliteal arteries: long-term clinical follow-up and analysis of factors influencing clinical outcome

Kieninger, B.; Gioeva, Z.; Krüger, S.; Westermark, G.T.; Friedrich, R.P.; Fändrich, M.; Röcken, C., 2011:
PTAA and B10: new approaches to amyloid detection in tissue-evaluation of amyloid detection in tissue with a conjugated polyelectrolyte and a fibril-specific antibody fragment

Espinosa-Hernández, W.; Velez-Uriza, D.; Valdés, Jús.; Vélez-Del Valle, C.; Salas-Benito, J.; Martínez-Contreras, R.; García-Espítia, M.; Salas-Benito, M.; Vega-Almeida, T.; De Nova-Ocampo, Mónica., 2016:
PTB binds to the 3' untranslated region of the human astrovirus type 8: a possible role in viral replication

Shibasaki, T.; Tokunaga, A.; Sakamoto, R.; Sagara, H.; Noguchi, S.; Sasaoka, T.; Yoshida, N., 2014:
PTB deficiency causes the loss of adherens junctions in the dorsal telencephalon and leads to lethal hydrocephalus

Dombrowski, H.; Neumaier, S., 2015:
PTB intercomparisons of passive H*(10) area dosemeters for environmental monitoring

Dong, L.; Zhang, X.; Fu, X.; Zhang, X.; Gao, X.; Zhu, M.; Wang, X.; Yang, Z.; Jensen, O.Nørregaard.; Saarikettu, J.; Yao, Z.; Silvennoinen, O.; Yang, J., 2011:
PTB-associated splicing factor (PSF) functions as a repressor of STAT6-mediated Ig epsilon gene transcription by recruitment of HDAC1

Tsukahara, T.; Haniu, H.; Matsuda, Y., 2013:
PTB-associated splicing factor (PSF) is a PPARγ-binding protein and growth regulator of colon cancer cells

Suckale, J.; Wendling, O.; Masjkur, J.; Jäger, M.; Münster, C.; Anastassiadis, K.; Stewart, A.Francis.; Solimena, M., 2011:
PTBP1 is required for embryonic development before gastrulation

Knoch, K-Peter.; Nath-Sain, S.; Petzold, A.; Schneider, H.; Beck, M.; Wegbrod, C.; Sönmez, A.; Münster, C.; Friedrich, A.; Roivainen, M.; Solimena, M., 2014:
PTBP1 is required for glucose-stimulated cap-independent translation of insulin granule proteins and Coxsackieviruses in beta cells

Sharma, K.; Kaur, G.Kirandeep., 2014:
PTC bitter taste genetic polymorphism, food choices, physical growth in body height and body fat related traits among adolescent girls from Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh (India)

Jin, Y.; Taylor Eves, P.; Tang, F.; Weisman, L.S., 2009:
PTC1 is required for vacuole inheritance and promotes the association of the myosin-V vacuole-specific receptor complex

Goodier, J.L.; Mayer, J., 2009:
PTC124 for cystic fibrosis

Tan, L.; Narayan, S.B.; Chen, J.; Meyers, G.Ditewig.; Bennett, M.J., 2011:
PTC124 improves readthrough and increases enzymatic activity of the CPT1A R160X nonsense mutation

Wilton, S., 2007:
PTC124, nonsense mutations and Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Goldmann, T.; Overlack, N.; Wolfrum, U.; Nagel-Wolfrum, K., 2011:
PTC124-mediated translational readthrough of a nonsense mutation causing Usher syndrome type 1C

Thompson, C.A., 2011:
PTCB considers changes to certification, recertification

Traynor, K., 2014:
PTCB plans major update to certification requirements

Such, B.; Goryl, G.; Godlewski, S.; Kolodziej, J.J.; Szymonski, M., 2008:
PTCDA molecules on a KBr/InSb system: a low temperature STM study

Kolodziej, J.J.; Goryl, M.; Konior, J.; Krok, F.; Szymonski, M., 2007:
PTCDA molecules on an InSb(001) surface studied with atomic force microscopy

Karacuban, H.; Koch, S.; Fendrich, M.; Wagner, T.; Möller, R., 2011:
PTCDA on Cu(111) partially covered with NaCl

Li, T-J.; Yuan, J-W.; Gu, X-M.; Sun, L-S.; Zhao, H-S., 2008:
PTCH germline mutations in Chinese nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome patients

Heitzer, E.; Bambach, I.; Dandachi, N.; Horn, M.; Wolf, P., 2011:
PTCH promoter methylation at low level in sporadic basal cell carcinoma analysed by three different approaches

Valin, A.; Barnay-Verdier, Séphanie.; Robert, T.; Ripoche, H.; Brellier, F.; Chevallier-Lagente, O.; Avril, M-Françoise.; Magnaldo, T., 2009:
PTCH1 +/- dermal fibroblasts isolated from healthy skin of Gorlin syndrome patients exhibit features of carcinoma associated fibroblasts

Alonso-Dominguez, J.M.; Grinfeld, J.; Alikian, M.; Marin, D.; Reid, A.; Daghistani, M.; Hedgley, C.; O'Brien, S.; Clark, R.E.; Apperley, J.; Foroni, L.; Gerrard, G., 2015:
PTCH1 expression at diagnosis predicts imatinib failure in chronic myeloid leukaemia patients in chronic phase

Endo, M.; Fujii, K.; Miyashita, T.; Uchikawa, H.; Tanabe, R.; Sugita, K.; Arai, H.; Kohno, Y., 2009:
PTCH1 gene analysis in 25 Japanese patients with Gorlin syndrome

Begnini, A.; Tessari, G.; Turco, A.; Malerba, G.; Naldi, L.; Gotti, E.; Boschiero, L.; Forni, A.; Rugiu, C.; Piaserico, S.; Fortina, A.B.; Brunello, A.; Cascone, C.; Girolomoni, G.; Gomez Lira, M., 2011:
PTCH1 gene haplotype association with basal cell carcinoma after transplantation

Gomes, C.Cavaliéri.; Gomez, R.Santiago., 2011:
PTCH1 gene inactivation is not a Keratocystic odontogenic tumour exclusive alteration

Guo, Y-Yan.; Zhang, J-Yun.; Li, X-Fen.; Luo, H-Yan.; Chen, F.; Li, T-Jun., 2014:
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