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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54890

Chapter 54890 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mühlbacher, A.C.; Stoll, M.; Mahlich, Jörg.; Nübling, M., 2013:
Patient preferences for HIV/AIDS therapy - a discrete choice experiment

van der Vaart, R.; Drossaert, C.H.C.; Taal, E.; van de Laar, M.A.F.J., 2011:
Patient preferences for a hospital-based rheumatology Interactive Health Communication Application and factors associated with these preferences

Laba, T-Lea.; Brien, J-anne.; Fransen, M.; Jan, S., 2013:
Patient preferences for adherence to treatment for osteoarthritis: the MEdication Decisions in Osteoarthritis Study (MEDOS)

Lei, Y.; Huang, Q.; Zhang, S.; Chen, G.; Cao, G.; Pei, F., 2018:
Clinical research on perioperative restrictive fluid therapy combined with preoperative urination training in total hip arthroplasty

Leekha, S.; Thomas, K.G.; Chaudhry, R.; Thomas, M.R., 2009:
Patient preferences for and satisfaction with methods of communicating test results in a primary care practice

Lloyd, A.; McIntosh, E.; Rabe, K.F.; Williams, A., 2007:
Patient preferences for asthma therapy: a discrete choice experiment

Augustovski, F.; Beratarrechea, A.; Irazola, V.; Rubinstein, F.; Tesolin, P.; Gonzalez, J.; Lencina, Vónica.; Scolnik, M.; Waimann, C.; Navarta, D.; Citera, G.; Soriano, E.R., 2013:
Patient preferences for biologic agents in rheumatoid arthritis: a discrete-choice experiment

Epstein, R.S.; Cimen, A.; Benenson, H.; Aubert, R.E.; Khalid, M.; Sostek, M.B.; Salimi, T., 2016 :
Patient preferences for change in symptoms associated with opioid-induced constipation

Landfeldt, E.; Jablonowska, B.; Norlander, E.; Persdotter-Eberg, K.; Thurin-Kjellberg, A.; Wramsby, M.; Ström, O., 2012:
Patient preferences for characteristics differentiating ovarian stimulation treatments

Gazzard, B.; Ali, S.; Muhlbacher, A.; Ghafouri, N.; Maggiolo, F.; Golics, C.; Nozza, S.; Fuster, M.Jose.; Antela, A.; Parienti, J.Jacques.; Dang, N.; Bregigeon, S.Ronot.; Benzie, A.; Murray, M., 2014:
Patient preferences for characteristics of antiretroviral therapies: results from five European countries

Beusterien, K.; Grinspan, J.; Tencer, T.; Brufsky, A.; Visovsky, C., 2012:
Patient preferences for chemotherapies used in breast cancer

Hakvoort, R.A.; Nieuwkerk, P.T.; Burger, M.P.; Emanuel, M.H.; Roovers, J.P., 2011:
Patient preferences for clean intermittent catheterisation and transurethral indwelling catheterisation for treatment of abnormal post-void residual bladder volume after vaginal prolapse surgery

Damery, S.; Biswas, M.; Billingham, L.; Barton, P.; Al-Janabi, H.; Grimer, R., 2015:
Patient preferences for clinical follow-up after primary treatment for soft tissue sarcoma: a cross-sectional survey and discrete choice experiment

Henshaw, E.J.; Flynn, H.A.; Himle, J.A.; O'Mahen, H.A.; Forman, J.; Fedock, G., 2011:
Patient preferences for clinician interactional style in treatment of perinatal depression

Pignone, M., 2007:
Patient preferences for colon cancer screening: the role of out-of-pocket costs

Schroy, P.C.; Lal, S.; Glick, J.T.; Robinson, P.A.; Zamor, P.; Heeren, T.C., 2007:
Patient preferences for colorectal cancer screening: how does stool DNA testing fare?

Naik-Panvelkar, P.; Armour, C.; Rose, J.M.; Saini, B., 2013:
Patient preferences for community pharmacy asthma services: a discrete choice experiment

Kipp, R.; Lehman, J.; Israel, J.; Edwards, N.; Becker, T.; Raval, A.N., 2014:
Patient preferences for coronary artery bypass graft surgery or percutaneous intervention in multivessel coronary artery disease

Sadigh, G.; Carlos, R.C.; Kazerooni, E.A.; Kelly, A.M., 2013:
Patient preferences for coronary computed tomography angiography versus conventional catheter angiography for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease

Beattie, J.M.; Flynn, T.N.; Clark, A.M., 2013:
Patient preferences for deactivation of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators

Furnham, A.; Swami, V., 2009:
Patient preferences for dentists

Morey, E.; Thacher, J.A.; Craighead, W.Edward., 2007:
Patient preferences for depression treatment programs and willingness to pay for treatment

Yoo, J.Y.; Pancir, D.L.; Kimball, A.B., 2009:
Patient preferences for dermatology visits

Bøgelund, M.; Vilsbøll, T.; Faber, J.; Henriksen, J.Erik.; Gjesing, R.Prior.; Lammert, M., 2012:
Patient preferences for diabetes management among people with type 2 diabetes in Denmark - a discrete choice experiment

Szabo, S.M.; Beusterien, K.M.; Pleil, A.M.; Wirostko, B.; Potter, M.J.; Tildesley, H.; Gonder, J.; Barsdorf, A.; Levy, A.R., 2010:
Patient preferences for diabetic retinopathy health States

Wu, J.M.; Fulton, R.G.; Amundsen, C.L.; Knight, S.K.; Kuppermann, M., 2012:
Patient preferences for different severities of and treatments for overactive bladder

Utz, K.S.; Hoog, J.; Wentrup, A.; Berg, S.; Lämmer, A.; Jainsch, B.; Waschbisch, A.; Lee, D-Hyung.; Linker, R.A.; Schenk, T., 2014:
Patient preferences for disease-modifying drugs in multiple sclerosis therapy: a choice-based conjoint analysis

Choo, E.K.; Sullivan, A.F.; LoVecchio, F.; Perret, J.N.; Camargo, C.A.; Boudreaux, E.D., 2013:
Patient preferences for emergency department-initiated tobacco interventions: a multicenter cross-sectional study of current smokers

Solky, B.A.; Phillips, P.Kim.; Christenson, L.J.; Weaver, A.L.; Roenigk, R.K.; Otley, C.C., 2007:
Patient preferences for facial sunscreens: a split-face, randomized, blinded trial

Hodgkins, P.; Swinburn, P.; Solomon, D.; Yen, L.; Dewilde, S.; Lloyd, A., 2012:
Patient preferences for first-line oral treatment for mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis: a discrete-choice experiment

Robinson, L.; Bamford, C.; Beyer, F.; Clark, A.; Dickinson, C.; Emmet, C.; Exley, C.; Hughes, J.; Robson, L.; Rousseau, N., 2010:
Patient preferences for future care--how can Advance Care Planning become embedded into dementia care: a study protocol

Lim, S.Gee.; Aung, M.Oo.; Chung, S.W.M.; Soon, C.S.L.; Mak, B.H.N.; Lee, K.Hong., 2014:
Patient preferences for hepatitis B therapy

Jouyani, Y.; Bahrampour, M.; Barouni, M.; Dehnavieh, R., 2014:
Patient preferences for hospital quality: case study of iran

Hodder, R.; Price, D., 2010:
Patient preferences for inhaler devices in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: experience with Respimat Soft Mist inhaler

Purnell, T.S.; Joy, S.; Little, E.; Bridges, J.F.P.; Maruthur, N., 2014:
Patient preferences for noninsulin diabetes medications: a systematic review

Patel, S.R.; Simpson, H.Blair., 2010:
Patient preferences for obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment

Bungard, T.J.; Koshman, S.L.; Tsuyuki, R.T., 2008:
Patient preferences for ongoing warfarin management after receiving care by an anticoagulation management service

Brotherston, D.C.; Poon, I.; Le, T.; Leung, M.; Kiss, A.; Ringash, J.; Balogh, J.; Lee, J.; Wright, J.R., 2013:
Patient preferences for oropharyngeal cancer treatment de-escalation

Darbà, J.; Restovic, G.; Kaskens, L.; Balbona, M.A.; Carbonell, A.; Cavero, P.; Jordana, M.; Prieto, C.; Molina, A.; Padró, I., 2012:
Patient preferences for osteoporosis in Spain: a discrete choice experiment

Zimmermann, T.M.; Clouth, J.; Elosge, M.; Heurich, M.; Schneider, E.; Wilhelm, S.; Wolfrath, A., 2014:
Patient preferences for outcomes of depression treatment in Germany: a choice-based conjoint analysis study

Herbild, L.; Gyrd-Hansen, D.; Bech, M., 2008:
Patient preferences for pharmacogenetic screening in depression

Meredith, F.; Ormerod, A.D., 2012:
Patient preferences for psoriasis treatment: process characteristics considered more important than outcome attributes

Schaarschmidt, M-L.; Umar, N.; Schmieder, A.; Terris, D.D.; Goebeler, M.; Goerdt, S.; Peitsch, W.K., 2013:
Patient preferences for psoriasis treatments: impact of treatment experience

Schaarschmidt, M-Lisa.; Schmieder, A.; Umar, N.; Terris, D.; Goebeler, M.; Goerdt, S.; Peitsch, W.K., 2012:
Patient preferences for psoriasis treatments: process characteristics can outweigh outcome attributes

Dures, E.; Almeida, C.; Caesley, J.; Peterson, A.; Ambler, N.; Morris, M.; Pollock, J.; Hewlett, S., 2016:
Patient preferences for psychological support in inflammatory arthritis: a multicentre survey

Hauber, A.Brett.; Gonzalez, J.Marcos.; Coombs, J.; Sirulnik, A.; Palacios, D.; Scherzer, N., 2011:
Patient preferences for reducing toxicities of treatments for gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST)

Werner, E.F.; Pastore, L.M.; Karns, L.B.; Ventura, K.A.; Saller, D.N., 2009:
Patient preferences for screening in the first trimester

Chewning, B.; Bylund, C.L.; Shah, B.; Arora, N.K.; Gueguen, J.A.; Makoul, G., 2012:
Patient preferences for shared decisions: a systematic review

Sun, C.; Brown, A.J.; Jhingran, A.; Frumovitz, M.; Ramondetta, L.; Bodurka, D.C., 2015:
Patient preferences for side effects associated with cervical cancer treatment

Florey, L.; Flynn, R.; Isles, C., 2009:
Patient preferences for single rooms or shared accommodation in a district general hospital

Sanford, D.; Kyle, R.; Lazo-Langner, A.; Xenocostas, A.; Chin-Yee, I.; Howson-Jan, K.; Hsia, C., 2014:
Patient preferences for stopping tyrosine kinase inhibitors in chronic myeloid leukemia

Gregory, P.; Edwards, L.; Faurot, K.; Williams, S.W.; Felix, A.C.G., 2011:
Patient preferences for stroke rehabilitation

Rao, A.; Kynaston, J.; MacDonald, E.R.; Ahmed, I., 2011:
Patient preferences for surgical techniques: should we invest in new approaches?

Bewtra, M.; Kilambi, V.; Fairchild, A.O.; Siegel, C.A.; Lewis, J.D.; Johnson, F.Reed., 2014:
Patient preferences for surgical versus medical therapy for ulcerative colitis

Bishop, F.L.; Smith, R.; Lewith, G.T., 2013:
Patient preferences for technical skills versus interpersonal skills in chiropractors and physiotherapists treating low back pain

Geyer, B.C.; Xu, M.; Kabrhel, C., 2014:
Patient preferences for testing for pulmonary embolism in the ED using a shared decision-making model

Tong, A.; Jan, S.; Wong, G.; Craig, J.C.; Irving, M.; Chadban, S.; Cass, A.; Marren, N.; Howard, K., 2012:
Patient preferences for the allocation of deceased donor kidneys for transplantation: a mixed methods study

Hur, C.; Broughton, D.E.; Kong, C.Yin.; Ozanne, E.M.; Richards, E.B.; Truong, T.; Gazelle, G.Scott., 2008:
Patient preferences for the chemoprevention of colorectal cancer

Hur, C.; Broughton, D.E.; Ozanne, E.; Yachimski, P.; Nishioka, N.S.; Gazelle, G.Scott., 2008:
Patient preferences for the chemoprevention of esophageal adenocarcinoma in Barrett's esophagus

Brown, V.A.; Parker, P.A.; Furber, L.; Thomas, A.L., 2011:
Patient preferences for the delivery of bad news - the experience of a UK Cancer Centre

Whitty, J.A.; Carrington, M.J.; Stewart, S.; Holliday, J.; Marwick, T.H.; Scuffham, P.A., 2012:
Patient preferences for the delivery of disease management in chronic heart failure: a qualitative study

Gould, M., 2011:
Patient preferences for the delivery of military mental health services

Lagarde, S.M.; Franssen, S.J.; van Werven, J.R.; Smets, E.M.A.; Tran, T.C.Khe.; Tilanus, H.W.; Plukker, J.Th.M.; de Haes, J.C.J.M.; van Lanschot, J.Jan.B., 2008:
Patient preferences for the disclosure of prognosis after esophagectomy for cancer with curative intent

Joy, S.M.; Little, E.; Maruthur, N.M.; Purnell, T.S.; Bridges, J.F.P., 2014:
Patient preferences for the treatment of type 2 diabetes: a scoping review

Bowling, A.; Reeves, B.; Rowe, G., 2008:
Patient preferences for treatment for angina: an overview of findings from three studies

Sweeting, K.R.; Whitty, J.A.; Scuffham, P.A.; Yelland, M.J., 2011:
Patient preferences for treatment of achilles tendon pain: results from a discrete-choice experiment

Kløjgaard, M.Elisabeth.; Manniche, C.; Pedersen, L.Bjørnskov.; Bech, M.; Søgaard, R., 2014:
Patient preferences for treatment of low back pain-a discrete choice experiment

Gelhorn, H.L.; Sexton, C.C.; Classi, P.M., 2012:
Patient preferences for treatment of major depressive disorder and the impact on health outcomes: a systematic review

Hauber, A.Brett.; Arellano, J.; Qian, Y.; González, J.Marcos.; Posner, J.D.; Mohamed, A.F.; Gatta, F.; Tombal, B.; Body, J-Jacques., 2015:
Patient preferences for treatments to delay bone metastases

Korbly, N.B.; Kassis, N.C.; Good, M.M.; Richardson, M.L.; Book, N.M.; Yip, S.; Saguan, D.; Gross, C.; Evans, J.; Lopes, V.V.; Harvie, H.S.; Sung, V.W., 2014:
Patient preferences for uterine preservation and hysterectomy in women with pelvic organ prolapse

Havrilesky, L.J.; Alvarez Secord, A.; Ehrisman, J.A.; Berchuck, A.; Valea, F.A.; Lee, P.S.; Gaillard, S.L.; Samsa, G.P.; Cella, D.; Weinfurt, K.P.; Abernethy, A.P.; Reed, S.D., 2015:
Patient preferences in advanced or recurrent ovarian cancer

Joyce, C.W.; Morrison, C.M.; Sgarzani, R.; Blondeel, P.N., 2014:
Patient preferences in an online breast reconstruction resource

Zhou, J.P.; Yao, S.Y.; Chen, Y.Y.; Mo, Z.J.; Tang, Y.T.; Zhou, Y.Q.; Xu, C.M.; Liu, T.Q., 2018:
Clinical research on sequential dual-drug nonspecific immunotherapy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Mercado, F.; Mercado, M.; Myers, N.; Hewit, M.; Haller, N.Awad., 2012:
Patient preferences in choosing a primary care physician

Desai, J.R.; Sperl-Hillen, J.M.; O'Connor, P.J., 2014:
Patient preferences in diabetes care: overcoming barriers using new strategies

Clark, R.D.; Williams, A.A., 2014:
Patient preferences in discussing sexual dysfunctions in primary care

Abbo, E.D.; Sobotka, S.; Meltzer, D.O., 2008:
Patient preferences in instructional advance directives

Aguilar-Shea, A.Luis.; López Neyra, A.; Aranda Hernández, J.; Vaño-Galván, S., 2013:
Patient preferences in primary care

Li, J.; Li, Z-Li.; Liao, W-Xiong.; Zhang, H.; Wang, K-Tao.; Yang, Y-Meng., 2018:
Clinical research on suture anchor fixation for the treatment of avulsion fracture of tibial intercondylar eminence under arthroscopy

Blom, R.L.G.M.; Nieuwkerk, P.T.; van Heijl, M.; Bindels, P.; Klinkenbijl, J.H.G.; Sprangers, M.A.G.; van Berge Henegouwen, M.I., 2013:
Patient preferences in screening for recurrent disease after potentially curative esophagectomy

Scarpato, S.; Antivalle, M.; Favalli, E.G.; Nacci, F.; Frigelli, S.; Bartoli, F.; Bazzichi, L.; Minisola, G.; Matucci Cerinic, M.; Salvarani, C.; Altucci, P.; Bombardieri, S.; Battaglia, E.; Ferri, C.; Pozzi, M.Rosa.; Afeltra, A.; Bersi, M.; Tartarelli, G.; Montecucco, C.Maurizio.; Altomare, E.; Bambara, L.Maria.; Bucci, R.; Colombelli, P.Luigi.; Corsaro, S.; Rinaldi, F.; Sinigaglia, L.; Trotta, F.; Carrabba, M.; Migliore, A.; Bianchi, G.; Grassi, W.; Rocchetta, P.Andrea.; Altomonte, L.; Coaccio, 2010:
Patient preferences in the choice of anti-TNF therapies in rheumatoid arthritis. Results from a questionnaire survey (RIVIERA study)

Wirostko, B.; Beusterien, K.; Grinspan, J.; Ciulla, T.; Gonder, J.; Barsdorf, A.; Pleil, A., 2011:
Patient preferences in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy

Yeung, P.P.; Bolden, C.R.; Westreich, D.; Sobolewski, C., 2013:
Patient preferences of cosmesis for abdominal incisions in gynecologic surgery

Fishman, M.; Mirante, B.; Dai, F.; Kurup, V., 2015:
Patient preferences on telemedicine for preanesthesia evaluation

Savas, P.; Robertson, A.; Beatty, L.; Hookings, E.; McGee, M.; Marker, J.; McCaleb, B.; Bowen, J.; Richards, A.; Koczwara, B., 2016:
Patient preferences on the integration of complementary therapy with conventional cancer care

Vela, K.C.; Walton, R.E.; Trope, M.; Windschitl, P.; Caplan, D.J., 2013:
Patient preferences regarding 1-visit versus 2-visit root canal therapy

Sherman, A.C.; Pennington, J.; Latif, U.; Farley, H.; Arent, L.; Simonton, S., 2007:
Patient preferences regarding cancer group psychotherapy interventions: a view from the inside

Iyer, I.R.; Mackall, J., 2013:
Patient preferences regarding device reuse and potential of devices for reuse - a study in a veteran population

Alvarado, M.D.; Conolly, J.; Park, C.; Sakata, T.; Mohan, A.J.; Harrison, B.L.; Hayes, M.; Esserman, L.J.; Ozanne, E.M., 2014:
Patient preferences regarding intraoperative versus external beam radiotherapy following breast-conserving surgery

Wong, A.; Kraus, P.S.; Lau, B.D.; Streiff, M.B.; Haut, E.R.; Hobson, D.B.; Shermock, K.M., 2015:
Patient preferences regarding pharmacologic venous thromboembolism prophylaxis

Mühlbacher, A.C.; Juhnke, C., 2014:
Patient preferences versus physicians' judgement: does it make a difference in healthcare decision making?

Caillier, J.Gerard.; Brown, S.C.; Parsons, S.; Ardoin, P.J.; Cruise, P., 2008:
Patient preferences: do they contribute to healthcare disparities?

Wittmann, D.; He, C.; Coelho, M.; Hollenbeck, B.; Montie, J.E.; Wood, D.P., 2011:
Patient preoperative expectations of urinary, bowel, hormonal and sexual functioning do not match actual outcomes 1 year after radical prostatectomy

Taylor, C.M.; Blum, A.; Abbara, S., 2010:
Patient preparation and scanning techniques

Oussoultzoglou, E.; Jaeck, D., 2008:
Patient preparation before surgery for cholangiocarcinoma

Singh, S.; Reddicliffe, N.; Parker, D.A., 2008:
Patient preparation for intravenous urography: are we practising evidence-based medicine?

Baghdasarian, S.B.; Heller, G.V., 2007:
Patient preparation for nuclear imaging: when should anti-ischemic medications be withheld?

Walker, J., 2007:
Patient preparation for safe removal of surgical drains

Gonsalves, C.; Franciosa, S.V.; Shah, S.; Bonn, J.; Wu, C., 2007:
Patient presentation and management of labial ulceration following uterine artery embolization

Kung, K.; Wong, C.Ka.Man.; Wong, S.Yeung.Shan.; Lam, A.; Chan, C.Ka.Yan.; Griffiths, S.; Butler, C., 2015:
Patient presentation and physician management of upper respiratory tract infections: a retrospective review of over 5 million primary clinic consultations in Hong Kong

Prath, P.E.; Aires, D.J.; Squires, S., 2013:
Patient presenting with left arm complaint has hidden melanoma on the sole

Chronopoulos, E.; Nikolaos, P.; Karanikas, C.; Kalliakmanis, A.; Plessas, S.; Neofytou, I.; Laspas, F.; Tzovara, I.; Chalazonitis, A., 2010:
Patient presenting with lipoma of the index finger: a case report

Ward, V.; Hill, J.; Hale, C.; Bird, H.; Quinn, H.; Thorpe, R., 2007:
Patient priorities of care in rheumatology outpatient clinics: a qualitative study

Hooks, R., 2012:
Patient prioritisation

Fortes, P.Antônio.de.Carvalho.; Pereira, P.Cristina.Andrade., 2013:
Patient prioritization in medical emergencies: an ethical analysis

Horning, S., 2015:
Patient priority in the era of patent expiries

Jones, K.S., 2007:
Patient privacy and Latin

Sutton, J.H., 2007:
Patient privacy and health information confidentiality

Townsend, T., 2011:
Patient privacy and mental health care in the rural setting

Andriole, K.P.; Khorasani, R., 2010:
Patient privacy and security of electronic medical information for radiologists: the basics

Hader, A.L.; Brown, E.D., 2010:
Patient privacy and social media

Quinlan, K.J., 2008:
Patient privacy in a digital world

Raisaro, J.Louis.; Ayday, E.; Hubaux, J-Pierre., 2014:
Patient privacy in the genomic era

Weerasinghe, D.; Rajarajan, M.; Elmufti, K.; Rakocevic, V., 2008:
Patient privacy protection using anonymous access control techniques

DeWitt, D.E.; Ward, S.A.; Prabhu, S.; Warton, B., 2009:
Patient privacy versus protecting the patient and the health system from harm: a case study

Balaji, N., 2015:
Patient privacy, clinical photographs, and publication

Koch, C.A.; Larrabee, W.F., 2014:
Patient privacy, photographs, and publication

Starr, L., 2013 :
Patient privacy: so easily breached

Yu, Z-Yang.; Cai, X.; Gu, W., 2018:
Clinical research on the arthroscopic treatment for recurrent patellar dislocation by anatomical reconstruction of medial patellarfemoral ligament

Trepichio, P.Branco.; Guirardello, Eêis.de.Brito.; Duran, E.Christiane.Marocco.; de Brito, A.Paula., 2013:
Patient profile and nursing workload at the nephrology unit

Abdeldayem, M.; Mekhail, P.; Farag, M.; Shehata, G.; Al Sheikh, M.; Izzidien, A.; Naguib, N., 2013:
Patient profile and outcome of pilomatrixoma in district general hospital in United kingdom

Sharma, K.H.; Jain, S.; Shukla, A.; Bohora, S.; Roy, B.; Gandhi, G.D.; Ashwal, A.J., 2015:
Patient profile and results of percutaneous transvenous mitral commissurotomy in mitral restenosis following prior percutaneous transvenous mitral commissurotomy vs surgical commissurotomy

Gambini, E.; Pesce, M.; Persico, L.; Bassetti, B.; Gambini, A.; Alamanni, F.; Agrifoglio, M.; Capogrossi, M.C.; Pompilio, G., 2013:
Patient profile modulates cardiac c-kit(+) progenitor cell availability and amplification potential

Devos, D.; Agid, Y.; Al Khedr, A.; Annic, A.; Azulay, J.P.; Bakchine, S.; Barroche, G.; Bayreuter, C.; Benoit, T.; Billaud, B.; Bonnefoi, B.; Bonnet, A.M.; Borg, M.; Brefel-courbon, C.; Brandel, J.P.; Broussolle, E.; Busson, P.; Cantiniaux, S.; Césaro, P.; Corvol, J.C.; Coustans, M.; Damier, P.; Danisi, C.; Decombe, R.; Defebvre, L.; Derkinderen, P.; Destée, A.; Doedemaindreville, A.; Drapier, S.; Dupuy, D.; Fénelon, G.; Gayraud, D.; Gérard, P.; Godefroy, O.; Godet, E.; Grabli, D.; Gros, P.;, 2009:
Patient profile, indications, efficacy and safety of duodenal levodopa infusion in advanced Parkinson's disease

Rodríguez, Jé.R.; Rodríguez, R.Janet.; Disdier, O.M., 2007:
Patient profiles and their relationship with the CES-D scale at the Diabetes Center for Puerto Rico

Wiatrowski, M.; Furfaro, N., 2008:
Patient profiles in psoriatic disease: a case-based approach

Armstrong, T.S.; Gilbert, M.R., 2011:
Patient profiling for treatment toxicity: potential use of clinical and genomic factors

de Windt, T.S.; Bekkers, J.E.J.; Creemers, L.B.; Dhert, W.J.A.; Saris, Dël.B.F., 2010:
Patient profiling in cartilage regeneration: prognostic factors determining success of treatment for cartilage defects

Le, V.; Syed, S.; Vega, K.J.; Sharma, T.; Madhoun, M.F.; Srinivasan, N.; Houchen, C.W., 2014:
Patient prompting of their physician resulted in increased colon cancer screening referrals

Gökalp, O.; Yılık, L.; Gürbüz, A., 2014:
Patient prosthesis mismatch effect on survival/ The effects of implanted valve sizes on ventricular hypertrophy in aortic stenosis

Smith, G.L., 2012:
Patient protection and Affordable Care Act or Obamacare: which is the better descriptor?

Anonymous, 2012:
Patient protection and Affordable Care Act; data collection to support standards related to essential health benefits; recognition of entities for the accreditation of qualified health plans. Final rule

Duhaime, S.; Villarreal, A.; Young, J.; Holt, G.Richard., 2013:
Patient protection and affordable care act and physician's assistants

Dybdahl, K., 2009:
Patient protection at risk in IEC 60601-1 3rd edition

Ochel, U-A., 2008:
Patient protection by hygiene. Federal concerted action of hygienists and surgeons

Srinivasan, S., 2011:
Patient protection in clinical trials in India: some concerns

Bischofberger, I., 2014:
Patient protection in research projects

Durant, N.H.; Bartman, B.; Person, S.D.; Collins, F.; Austin, S.Bryn., 2008:
Patient provider communication about the health effects of obesity

Knapp, C.A.; Quinn, G.P.; Rapalo, D.; Woodworth, L., 2012:
Patient provider communication and reproductive health

Bellón, J.Angel.; Delgado-Sánchez, A.; de Dios Luna, J.; Lardelli-Claret, P., 2007:
Patient psychosocial factors and primary care consultation: a cohort study

Williams, K.A.; Chambers, C.G.; Dada, M.; McLeod, J.C.; Ulatowski, J.A., 2014:
Patient punctuality and clinic performance: observations from an academic-based private practice pain centre: a prospective quality improvement study

Kat'uchová, J.; Bober, J.; Závacký, P.; Harbul'ák, P.; Stancáková, M., 2008:
Patient quality of life following resection procedures for chronic pancreatitis

Javer, A.R.; Genoway, K.A., 2007:
Patient quality of life improvements with and without computer assistance in sinus surgery: outcomes study

Cai, T.; Bartoletti, R., 2007:
Patient quality of life safeguarding: the primary aim in nonmetastatic prostate cancer patients

Steurer, J., 2010:
Patient quality of life three years after diagnosis of localized prostate cancer

Mace, A.T.M.; Isa, A.; Cooke, L.D., 2010:
Patient quality of life with bone-anchored hearing aid: 10-year experience in Glasgow, Scotland

Bingener, J.; Sloan, J.; Boughey, J.C., 2014:
Patient quality of life: vitally important

Sleath, B.; Sayner, R.; Blalock, S.J.; Carpenter, D.M.; Muir, K.W.; Hartnett, M.E.; Tudor, G.; Lawrence, S.; Giangiacomo, A.L.; Robin, A.L., 2016:
Patient question-asking about glaucoma and glaucoma medications during videotaped medical visits

Pincus, T., 2007:
Patient questionnaires and formal education as more significant prognostic markers than radiographs or laboratory tests for rheumatoid arthritis mortality--limitations of a biomedical model to predict long-term outcomes

Pincus, T.; Yazici, Y.; Bergman, M.J., 2010:
Patient questionnaires in rheumatoid arthritis: advantages and limitations as a quantitative, standardized scientific medical history

Neyhart, C.D., 2009:
Patient questions about transplantation: a resource guide

Nazione, S.; Silk, K.J., 2014:
Patient race and perceived illness responsibility: effects on provider helping and bias

Burgess, D.Jill.; Crowley-Matoka, M.; Phelan, S.; Dovidio, J.F.; Kerns, R.; Roth, C.; Saha, S.; van Ryn, M., 2008:
Patient race and physicians' decisions to prescribe opioids for chronic low back pain

Borum, M.L., 2009:
Patient race influences colorectal cancer screening rate and potentially affects choice of screening method

Traylor, A.H.; Subramanian, U.; Uratsu, C.S.; Mangione, C.M.; Selby, J.V.; Schmittdiel, J.A., 2010:
Patient race/ethnicity and patient-physician race/ethnicity concordance in the management of cardiovascular disease risk factors for patients with diabetes

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