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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 54973

Chapter 54973 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kim, K-Ho.; Chang, H-Won.; Nam, Y-Do.; Roh, S.Woon.; Bae, J-Woo., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization and genomic analysis of the Shigella sonnei bacteriophage SP18

Santos Nassif Lacerda, S.Maria.; Costa, G.Mattos.Jardim.; da Silva, M.de.Araújo.; Campos-Junior, P.Henrique.Almeida.; Segatelli, Tânia.Mara.; Peixoto, M.Túlio.Diniz.; Resende, R.Ribeiro.; de França, L.Renato., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization and in vitro propagation and transplantation of the Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) spermatogonial stem cells

Ahn, J.Kyong.; Kim, H.; Lee, J.; Bae, E-Kyung.; Cha, H-Suk.; Koh, E-Mi., 2008:
Phenotypic characterization and invasive properties of synovial fluid-derived adherent cells in rheumatoid arthritis

Giardino, G.; Veropalumbo, C.; Ruggiero, G.; Naddei, R.; Rubino, V.; Udhayachandran, A.; Cirillo, E.; Gallo, V.; Poggi, V.; De Fusco, C.; Pignata, C., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization and outcome of paediatric patients affected with haemophagocytic syndrome of unknown genetic cause

Tang, J.; Tang, C.; Chen, J.; Du, Y.; Yang, X-nong.; Wang, C.; Zhang, H.; Yue, H., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization and prevalence of enterotoxin genes in Staphylococcus aureus isolates from outbreaks of illness in Chengdu City

Salerno, A.; Cižnár, I.; Krovacek, K.; Conte, M.; Dumontet, S.; González-Rey, C.; Pasquale, V., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization and putative virulence factors of human, animal and environmental isolates of Plesiomonas shigelloides

Lee, K-Eun.; Jeoung, H-Young.; Lee, J-Youn.; Lee, M-Heon.; Choi, H-Won.; Chang, K-Soo.; Oh, Y-Hee.; An, D-Jun., 2012:
Phenotypic characterization and random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis of Pasteurella multocida isolated from Korean pigs

Domingo, L.; Sala, M.; Servitja, Sònia.; Corominas, J.Maria.; Ferrer, F.; Martínez, J.; Macià, F.; Quintana, M.Jesús.; Albanell, J.; Castells, X., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization and risk factors for interval breast cancers in a population-based breast cancer screening program in Barcelona, Spain

Li, C-long.; Chen, Y.; Shan, J.; Hao, S-juan.; Jin, L.; Qing, F-hua.; Zhang, T-yu., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization and risk factors for microtia in East China, a case-control study

Wen, Y.; Locke, K.G.; Klein, M.; Bowne, S.J.; Sullivan, L.S.; Ray, J.W.; Daiger, S.P.; Birch, D.G.; Hughbanks-Wheaton, D.K., 2012:
Phenotypic characterization of 3 families with autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa due to mutations in KLHL7

Nageeb, W.; Kamel, M.; Zakaria, S.; Metwally, L., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of Acinetobacter baumannii isolates from intensive care units at a tertiary-care hospital in Egypt

Prado, A.; Arias, N.L.; Chávez, Mónica.; Cabrera, C.E.; Gómez, R.F., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of Acinetobacter baumannii isolates in a high-complexity healthcare institution in the city of Cali

Bravo Fariñas, L.; Fernández Abreu, A.; González Leiva, Dánira.; Ramírez Alvarez, M.; Aguila Sánchez, A.; Cabrera Cantelar, N.; Martínez Mota, I.; Fernández Andreu, C.; Sánchez Valdéz, L.; Cruz Infante, Y., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of Aeromonas isolated from patients with acute diarrheal diseases

Yamazaki, T.; Yoshimoto, M.; Nishiyama, Y.; Okubo, Y.; Makimura, K., 2012:
Phenotypic characterization of Aspergillus niger and Candida albicans grown under simulated microgravity using a three-dimensional clinostat

Gnat, S.; Wójcik, M.; Wdowiak-Wróbel, S.; Kalita, Mł.; Ptaszyńska, A.; Małek, W., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of Astragalus glycyphyllos symbionts and their phylogeny based on the 16S rDNA sequences and RFLP of 16S rRNA gene

Sagua, M.D.; Lúquez, C.; Barzola, C.P.; Bianco, M.I.; Fernández, R.A., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of Clostridium botulinum strains isolated from infant botulism cases in Argentina

Rajvanshi, M.; Venkatesh, K.V., 2012:
Phenotypic characterization of Corynebacterium glutamicum under osmotic stress conditions using elementary mode analysis

Radhakrishnan, D.; Rajvanshi, M.; Venkatesh, K.V., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of Corynebacterium glutamicum using elementary modes towards synthesis of amino acids

Amin, H.; Zafar, A.; Ejaz, H.; Jameel, N-Ul-Ain., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of ESBL producing Enterobacter cloacae among children

Zhao, Y.; Zha, D.; Wang, L.; Qiao, L.; Lu, L.; Mei, L.; Chen, C.; Qiu, J., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of GPR120-expressing cells in the interstitial tissue of pancreas

Yamada, K.; Tsuji, T.; Kunieda, T., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of Ggt1(dwg/dwg) mice,a mouse model for hereditary γ-glutamyltransferase deficiency

Slyker, J.A.; John-Stewart, G.C.; Dong, T.; Lohman-Payne, B.; Reilly, M.; Atzberger, A.; Taylor, S.; Maleche-Obimbo, E.; Mbori-Ngacha, D.; Rowland-Jones, S.L., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of HIV-specific CD8+ T cells during early and chronic infant HIV-1 infection

Yang, B-Chul.; Lee, S-Hwan.; Hwang, S.; Lee, H-Cheul.; Im, G-Sun.; Kim, D-Hoon.; Lee, D-Kyeong.; Lee, K-Tai.; Jeon, I-Soo.; Oh, S-Jong.; Park, S-Bong., 2012:
Phenotypic characterization of Hanwoo (native Korean cattle) cloned from somatic cells of a single adult

Jennings, Y.Lins.; de Souza, A.Alcimar.Almeida.; Ishikawa, E.Aoba.; Shaw, J.; Lainson, R.; Silveira, F., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of Leishmania spp. causing cutaneous leishmaniasis in the lower Amazon region, western Pará state, Brazil, reveals a putative hybrid parasite, Leishmania (Viannia) guyanensis × Leishmania (Viannia) shawi shawi

Dušanić, D.; Benčina, Dšan.; Narat, M.; Oven, I., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of Mycoplasma synoviae induced changes in the metabolic and sensitivity profile of in vitro infected chicken chondrocytes

Boehler, C.; Gauthier, L.; Yelamos, J.; Noll, Aélia.; Schreiber, Vérie.; Dantzer, Fçoise., 2012:
Phenotypic characterization of Parp-1 and Parp-2 deficient mice and cells

Brando, C.; Richardson, J.H.; Murphy, J.; Ockenhouse, C.F.; Kamau, E., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of Plasmodium berghei responsive CD8+ T cells after immunization with live sporozoites under chloroquine cover

Kim, J.Nam.; Kwon, Y.Min., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of Salmonella RyhB-1 mutations that modulate target regulation

Finn, S.; Hinton, J.C.D.; McClure, P.; Amézquita, Aéjandro.; Martins, M.; Fanning, Séamus., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of Salmonella isolated from food production environments associated with low-water activity foods

Akoachere, J-Francis.T.K.; Tanih, N.F.; Ndip, L.M.; Ndip, R.N., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of Salmonella typhimurium isolates from food-animals and abattoir drains in Buea, Cameroon

Wang, H.; Hollywood, K.; Jarvis, R.M.; Lloyd, J.R.; Goodacre, R., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 under aerobic and anaerobic growth conditions by using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography analyses

Ruiz-Galindo, Eéndira.; Martínez-Canseco, C.; López-Revilla, Rén., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of Staphylococcus epidermidis isolated from patients with endophthalmitis

Muntean, D.; Licker, M.; Berceanu-Văduva, D.; Hogea, E.; Crăciunescu, M.; Piluţ, C.; Popa, M.; Rădulescu, M.; Lăcătuş, R.; Serban, D.; Moldovan, R., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of Streptococcus agalactiae strains isolated from urocultures

Patel, V.V., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of a family with long QT syndrome 13: a different type of variable penetrance

Miller, B.H.; Schultz, L.E.; Gulati, A.; Su, A.I.; Pletcher, M.T., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of a genetically diverse panel of mice for behavioral despair and anxiety

Furuse, T.; Wada, Y.; Hattori, K.; Yamada, I.; Kushida, T.; Shibukawa, Y.; Masuya, H.; Kaneda, H.; Miura, I.; Seno, N.; Kanda, T.; Hirose, R.; Toki, S.; Nakanishi, K.; Kobayashi, K.; Sezutsu, H.; Gondo, Y.; Noda, T.; Yuasa, S.; Wakana, S., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of a new Grin1 mutant mouse generated by ENU mutagenesis

Zwergel, T.; Burk, U.; Herter, S.; Lindenmeir, T.; Wullich, B.; Unteregger, G., 1995:
Phenotypic characterization of androgen receptor-related proliferation in prostatic-carcinoma derived cell-cultures

Jacobi, A.M.; Zhang, J.; Mackay, M.; Aranow, C.; Diamond, B., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of autoreactive B cells--checkpoints of B cell tolerance in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Lopez, P.; Machado, M.; Zamprogno, H.; Andrade, L.; Takiya, C.; Balduino, A.; Duarte, M., 2007:
Phenotypic characterization of canine bone marrow stromal cells

Haas, E.; Rütgen, B.C.; Gerner, W.; Richter, B.; Tichy, A.; Galler, A.; Bilek, A.; Thalhammer, J.G.; Saalmüller, A.; Luckschander-Zeller, N., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization of canine intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes in dogs with inflammatory bowel disease

Piercey Åkesson, C.; Press, C.McL.; Tranulis, M.A.; Jeffrey, M.; Aleksandersen, M.; Landsverk, T.; Espenes, A., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of cells participating in transport of prion protein aggregates across the intestinal mucosa of sheep

Gannon, P.O.; Turcotte, S.; Laporte, J-Luc.; Saad, F.; Lapointe, Réjean.; Duranceau, Aé., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of chronic inflammation in a rare case of endobronchial carcinoma

Noulsri, E.; Lerdwana, S.; Fucharoen, S.; Pattanapanyasat, K., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of circulating CD4/CD8 T-lymphocytes in β-thalassemia patients

Babovic, D.; O'Tuathaigh, C.M.; O'Connor, A.M.; O'Sullivan, G.J.; Tighe, O.; Croke, D.T.; Karayiorgou, M.; Gogos, J.A.; Cotter, D.; Waddington, J.L., 2008:
Phenotypic characterization of cognition and social behavior in mice with heterozygous versus homozygous deletion of catechol-O-methyltransferase

Dong, W.; Ge, J.; Zhang, P.; Fu, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Cheng, J.; Jiang, H., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of craniofacial bone marrow stromal cells: unique properties of enhanced osteogenesis, cell recruitment, autophagy, and apoptosis resistance

Cai, X.; Pacheco-Rodriguez, G.; Fan, Q-Yuan.; Haughey, M.; Samsel, L.; El-Chemaly, S.; Wu, H-Ping.; McCoy, J.Philip.; Steagall, W.K.; Lin, J-Ping.; Darling, T.N.; Moss, J., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of disseminated cells with TSC2 loss of heterozygosity in patients with lymphangioleiomyomatosis

Bühring, H-Jörg.; Treml, S.; Cerabona, F.; de Zwart, P.; Kanz, L.; Sobiesiak, M., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of distinct human bone marrow-derived MSC subsets

Lengruber, R.B.; Delviks-Frankenberry, K.A.; Nikolenko, G.N.; Baumann, J.; Santos, Aé.F.; Pathak, V.K.; Soares, M.A., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of drug resistance-associated mutations in HIV-1 RT connection and RNase H domains and their correlation with thymidine analogue mutations

Nuka, S.; Zhou, W.; Henry, S.P.; Gendron, C.M.; Schultz, J.B.; Shinomura, T.; Johnson, J.; Wang, Y.; Keene, D.R.; Ramírez-Solis, R.; Behringer, R.R.; Young, M.F.; Höök, M., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of epiphycan-deficient and epiphycan/biglycan double-deficient mice

Pietruczuk, M.; Eusebio, M.; Kraszula, L.; Kupczyk, M.; Kuna, P., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of ex vivo CD4+CD25highCD127low immune regulatory T cells in allergic asthma: pathogenesis relevance of their FoxP3, GITR, CTLA-4 and FAS expressions

Anane, L.H.; Edwards, K.M.; Burns, V.E.; Zanten, J.J.C.S.Veldhuijzen.van.; Drayson, M.T.; Bosch, J.A., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of gammadelta T cells mobilized in response to acute psychological stress

Muñoz-Repeto, I.; García, M.J.; Kamieniak, M.; Ramón Y Cajal, T.; Domingo, S.; Cazorla, A.; García Donas, J.; Hernando Polo, S.; García Sagredo, J.M.; Hernández, E.; Lacambra, C.; Saez, R.; Robles, L.; Borrego, S.; Prat, J.; Palacios, J.; Benítez, J., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of hereditary epithelial ovarian cancer based on a tissue microarray study

Hijdra, Dëlle.; Vorselaars, A.D.M.; Grutters, J.C.; Claessen, A.M.E.; Rijkers, G.T., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of human intermediate monocytes

Kideryová, L.; Lacina, L.; Dvoránková, B.; Stork, J.; Cada, Z.; Szabo, P.; André, S.; Kaltner, H.; Gabius, H-J.; Smetana, K., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of human keratinocytes in coculture reveals differential effects of fibroblasts from benign fibrous histiocytoma (dermatofibroma) as compared to cells from its malignant form and to normal fibroblasts

Akoachere, J-Francis.T.K.; Bughe, R.N.; Oben, B.O.; Ndip, L.M.; Ndip, R.N., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of human pathogenic bacteria in fish from the coastal waters of South West Cameroon: public health implications

Gravina, G.Luca.; Mancini, A.; Ranieri, G.; Di Pasquale, B.; Marampon, F.; Di Clemente, L.; Ricevuto, E.; Festuccia, C., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of human prostatic stromal cells in primary cultures derived from human tissue samples

Schultz, U.; Low, R.; Thomsen, A.; Thoma, S., 2007:
Phenotypic characterization of human umbilical cord stromal cells (UCSC) and their differentiation potential

Lucena, M.Isabel.; Andrade, Rúl.J.; Kaplowitz, N.; García-Cortes, M.; Fernández, M.Carmen.; Romero-Gomez, M.; Bruguera, M.; Hallal, H.; Robles-Diaz, M.; Rodriguez-González, J.F.; Navarro, J.Maria.; Salmeron, J.; Martinez-Odriozola, P.; Pérez-Alvarez, Rón.; Borraz, Y.; Hidalgo, Rón.; Andrade, R.J.; Lucena, M.I.; García-Cortés, M.; Fernandez-Castañer, A.; Borraz, Y.; Ulzurrun, E.; Robles, M.; Patchkoria, K.; Fernández, E.; Garcia-Ruiz, E.; Alcántara, R.; Cueto, R.; Fernández, M.C.; Pe, 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury: the influence of age and sex

Zhong, Z-Ming.; Chen, J-Ting., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of ligamentum flavum cells from patients with ossification of ligamentum flavum

Roe, B.; Coughlan, S.; Dean, J.; Lambert, J.S.; Keating, S.; Norris, S.; Bergin, C.; Hall, W.W., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of lymphocytes in HCV/HIV co-infected patients

Oliveira, L.J.; Hansen, P.J., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of macrophages in the endometrium of the pregnant cow

Rappa, G.; Lorico, A., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of mammosphere-forming cells from the human MA-11 breast carcinoma cell line

Marques, S.; Silva, E.; Carvalheira, Júlio.; Thompson, G., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of mastitic Prototheca spp. isolates

Li, W.; Reeb, A.N.; Sewell, W.A.; Elhomsy, G.; Lin, R-Yi., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of metastatic anaplastic thyroid cancer stem cells

Penzkofer, D.; Bonauer, A.; Fischer, A.; Tups, A.; Brandes, R.P.; Zeiher, A.M.; Dimmeler, S., 2015 :
Phenotypic characterization of miR-92a-/- mice reveals an important function of miR-92a in skeletal development

Alsuwaiyan, A.; Wang, B-Yan.; Cohen, R.E., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of mononuclear inflammatory cells following equine hydroxyapatite/collagen block grafting in rats

Fuchs, H.; Lisse, T.; Hans, W.; Abe, K.; Thiele, F.; Gailus-Durner, V.; Hrabe de Angelis, M., 2008:
Phenotypic characterization of mouse models for bone-related diseases in the German Mouse Clinic

Esclassan, F.; Francois, J.; Phillips, K.G.; Loomis, S.; Gilmour, G., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of nonsocial behavioral impairment in neurexin 1α knockout rats

Shrestha, B.; Pokhrel, B.M.; Mohapatra, T.M., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of nosocomial isolates of Staphylococcus aureus with reference to MRSA

Tomiyama, K.; Kato, R.; Hara, Y.; Kobayashi, M.; Mishina, M.; Yanagawa, Y.; Kinsella, A.; Koshikawa, N.; Waddington, J.L., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of orofacial movement topography in mutants with disruption of amino acid mechanisms: glutamate N2A/B/D [GluRε1/2/4] subtypes and the GABA synthesizing enzyme GAD65

Jaiprakash, A.; Prasadam, I.; Feng, J.Q.; Liu, Y.; Crawford, R.; Xiao, Y., 2012:
Phenotypic characterization of osteoarthritic osteocytes from the sclerotic zones: a possible pathological role in subchondral bone sclerosis

Kant, S.G.; Broekman, S.J.; de Wit, C.C.; Bos, M.; Scheltinga, S.A.; Bakker, E.; Oostdijk, W.; van der Kamp, H.J.; van Zwet, E.W.; van der Hout, A.H.; Wit, J.M.; Losekoot, M., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of patients with deletions in the 3'-flanking SHOX region

Cho, B-A.; Ko, Y.; Kim, Y-Sook.; Kim, S.; Choi, M-Sik.; Kim, I-Sang.; Kim, H-Rae.; Cho, N-Hyuk., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of peripheral T cells and their dynamics in scrub typhus patients

Kretsch, T., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of photomorphogenic responses during plant development

Chen, Y.; Halterman, D.A., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of potato late blight resistance mediated by the broad-spectrum resistance gene RB

Connell, F.; Brice, G.; Mortimer, P., 2008:
Phenotypic characterization of primary lymphedema

Sieh, S.; Taubenberger, A.V.; Rizzi, S.C.; Sadowski, M.; Lehman, M.L.; Rockstroh, A.; An, J.; Clements, J.A.; Nelson, C.C.; Hutmacher, D.W., 2013:
Phenotypic characterization of prostate cancer LNCaP cells cultured within a bioengineered microenvironment

Napiórkowska, A.; Augustynowicz-Kopeć, E.; Zwolska, Z., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of pyrazinamide-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated in Poland

Dave, K.D.; De Silva, S.; Sheth, N.P.; Ramboz, S.; Beck, M.J.; Quang, C.; Switzer, R.C.; Ahmad, S.O.; Sunkin, S.M.; Walker, D.; Cui, X.; Fisher, D.A.; McCoy, A.M.; Gamber, K.; Ding, X.; Goldberg, M.S.; Benkovic, S.A.; Haupt, M.; Baptista, M.A.S.; Fiske, B.K.; Sherer, T.B.; Frasier, M.A., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of recessive gene knockout rat models of Parkinson's disease

Balla, M.M.S.; Vemuganti, G.K.; Kannabiran, C.; Honavar, S.G.; Murthy, R., 2008:
Phenotypic characterization of retinoblastoma for the presence of putative cancer stem-like cell markers by flow cytometry

Korecka, J.A.; van Kesteren, R.E.; Blaas, E.; Spitzer, S.O.; Kamstra, J.H.; Smit, A.B.; Swaab, D.F.; Verhaagen, J.; Bossers, K., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of retinoic acid differentiated SH-SY5Y cells by transcriptional profiling

Ogawa, Y.; Calhoun, W.J., 2010:
Phenotypic characterization of severe asthma

Roemer, F.W.; Mohr, A.; Guermazi, A.; Jiang, Y.; Schlechtweg, P.; Genant, H.K.; Sohaskey, M.L., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of skeletal abnormalities of Osteopotentia mutant mice by micro-CT: a descriptive approach with emphasis on reconstruction techniques

DeMason, D.A.; Chetty, V., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of the CRISPA (ARP gene) mutant of pea (Pisum sativum; Fabaceae): a reevaluation

Berndt, A.; Sundberg, B.A.; Silva, K.A.; Kennedy, V.E.; Richardson, M.A.; Li, Q.; Bronson, R.T.; Uitto, J.; Sundberg, J.P., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of the KK/HlJ inbred mouse strain

Tsuchida, A.; Yokoi, N.; Namae, M.; Fuse, M.; Masuyama, T.; Sasaki, M.; Kawazu, S.; Komeda, K., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of the Komeda miniature rat Ishikawa, an animal model of dwarfism caused by a mutation in Prkg2

Chi, Z.; Liu, R., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of the binding of tetracycline to human serum albumin

Kato, T.; Kasai, A.; Mizuno, M.; Fengyi, L.; Shintani, N.; Maeda, S.; Yokoyama, M.; Ozaki, M.; Nawa, H., 2011:
Phenotypic characterization of transgenic mice overexpressing neuregulin-1

Pigneur, Bénédicte.; Escher, J.; Elawad, M.; Lima, R.; Buderus, S.; Kierkus, J.; Guariso, G.; Canioni, D.; Lambot, K.; Talbotec, Cécile.; Shah, N.; Begue, B.; Rieux-Laucat, Fédéric.; Goulet, O.; Cerf-Bensussan, N.; Neven, Bénédicte.; Ruemmele, F.M., 2014:
Phenotypic characterization of very early-onset IBD due to mutations in the IL10, IL10 receptor alpha or beta gene: a survey of the Genius Working Group

Sutherland, K.A.; Mbisa, J.L.; Ghosn, J.; Chaix, M-Laure.; Cohen-Codar, I.; Hue, S.; Delfraissy, J-Francois.; Delaugerre, C.; Gupta, R.K., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of virological failure following lopinavir/ritonavir monotherapy using full-length Gag-protease genes

Corrêa, P.dos.Reis.; David, P.Rodrigo.dos.Santos.; Peres, Nália.Perpétua.; da Cunha, K.Cássia.; de Almeida, M.Teresa.Gottardo., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization of yeasts isolated from the vaginal mucosa of adult women

Arpornmaeklong, P.; Brown, S.E.; Wang, Z.; Krebsbach, P.H., 2009:
Phenotypic characterization, osteoblastic differentiation, and bone regeneration capacity of human embryonic stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Alipour, R.; Sadeghi, F.; Hashemi-Beni, B.; Zarkesh-Esfahani, S.Hamid.; Heydari, F.; Mousavi, S.Behrouz.; Adib, M.; Narimani, M.; Esmaeili, N., 2011:
Phenotypic characterizations and comparison of adult dental stem cells with adipose-derived stem cells

Ray, A.; Deb, D.; Ray, R.; Chattopadhayay, B., 2013:
Phenotypic characters of rice landraces reveal independent lineages of short-grain aromatic indica rice

Ben-Ari, Y.; Spitzer, N.C., 2011:
Phenotypic checkpoints regulate neuronal development

Tian, M-Meng.; Zhao, A-Lian.; Li, Z-Wu.; Li, J-You., 2007:
Phenotypic classification of gastric signet ring cell carcinoma and its relationship with clinicopathologic parameters and prognosis

Okada, R.; Kondo, T.; Matsuki, F.; Takata, H.; Takiguchi, M., 2008:
Phenotypic classification of human CD4+ T cell subsets and their differentiation

Hulme, E.C.; Bee, M.S.; Goodwin, J.A., 2007:
Phenotypic classification of mutants: a tool for understanding ligand binding and activation of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors

Buckley, L.B.; Nufio, César.R.; Kingsolver, J.G., 2014:
Phenotypic clines, energy balances and ecological responses to climate change

Harris, B.S.; Kotsopoulos, E.J.; Yamin, S., 2014:
Phenotypic cognitive impairment in late-onset delusional disorder

Quimby, K.R.; Greenidge, A.; Harris, A.; Landis, R.Clive., 2011:
Phenotypic commitment of monocytes towards a protective hemoglobin scavenging phenotype (CD14(pos)CD163(high)HLA-DR(low))following cardiopulmonary bypass

Boonkusol, D.; Dinnyés, A.; Sa-Ardrit, M.; Svasti, S.; Faisaikarm, T.; Vadolas, J.; Fucharoen, S.; Kitiyanant, Y., 2014:
Phenotypic comparison of four thalassemia model mice reconstructed from cryo-banked embryos

Risso, V.A.; Gavira, J.A.; Gaucher, E.A.; Sanchez-Ruiz, J.M., 2015:
Phenotypic comparisons of consensus variants versus laboratory resurrections of Precambrian proteins

Uitto, J., 2009:
Phenotypic complexity of epidermolysis bullosa: the paradigm of the pruriginosa subtype

van der Sluis, S.; Verhage, M.; Posthuma, D.; Dolan, C.V., 2011:
Phenotypic complexity, measurement bias, and poor phenotypic resolution contribute to the missing heritability problem in genetic association studies

Kinirons, P.; Rabinowitz, D.; Gravel, M.; Long, J.; Winawer, M.; Sénéchal, Gève.; Ottman, R.; Cossette, P., 2008:
Phenotypic concordance in 70 families with IGE-implications for genetic studies of epilepsy

Cabré, E.; Mañosa, Míriam.; García-Sánchez, V.; Gutiérrez, A.; Ricart, E.; Esteve, M.; Guardiola, J.; Aguas, M.; Merino, O.; Ponferrada, A.; Gisbert, J.P.; Garcia-Planella, E.; Ceña, G.; Cabriada, Jé.L.; Montoro, M.; Domènech, E., 2015:
Phenotypic concordance in familial inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Results of a nationwide IBD Spanish database

Linghu, B.; DeLisi, C., 2010:
Phenotypic connections in surprising places

Hur, M., 2013:
Phenotypic consensus markers for plasma cell myeloma

Matsunaga, T.; Okada, M.; Usami, S-Ichi.; Okuyama, T., 2007:
Phenotypic consequences in a Japanese family having branchio-oto-renal syndrome with a novel frameshift mutation in the gene EYA1

Gabriel, I.; Kur, K.; Laforce-Nesbitt, S.S.; Pulickal, A.S.; Bliss, J.M.; Milewski, Sławomir., 2015:
Phenotypic consequences of LYS4 gene disruption in Candida albicans

Henry, I.M.; Dilkes, B.P.; Miller, E.S.; Burkart-Waco, D.; Comai, L., 2011:
Phenotypic consequences of aneuploidy in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ricard, Génola.; Molina, J.; Chrast, J.; Gu, W.; Gheldof, N.; Pradervand, S.; Schütz, Fédéric.; Young, J.I.; Lupski, J.R.; Reymond, A.; Walz, K., 2011:
Phenotypic consequences of copy number variation: insights from Smith-Magenis and Potocki-Lupski syndrome mouse models

Saint-Marc, C.; Pinson, Bît.; Coulpier, F.; Jourdren, L.; Lisova, O.; Daignan-Fornier, B., 2010:
Phenotypic consequences of purine nucleotide imbalance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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