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Physiological consequences of transient outward K+ current activation during heart failure in the canine left ventricle

Cordeiro, J.M.; Calloe, K.; Moise, N.S.; Kornreich, B.; Giannandrea, D.; Di Diego, J.é M.; Olesen, S.ør.-P.; Antzelevitch, C.

Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 52(6): 1291-1298


ISSN/ISBN: 1095-8584
PMID: 22434032
DOI: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2012.03.001
Accession: 055001576

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Remodeling of ion channel expression is well established in heart failure (HF). We determined the extent to which I(to) is reduced in tachypacing-induced HF and assessed the ability of an I(to) activator (NS5806) to recover this current. Whole-cell patch clamp was used to record I(to) in epicardial (Epi) ventricular myocytes. Epi- and endocardial action potentials were recorded from left ventricular wedge preparations. Right ventricular tachypacing-induced heart failure reduced I(to) density in Epi myocytes (Control=22.1±1.9pA/pF vs 16.1±1.4 after 2weeks and 10.7±1.4pA/pF after 5 weeks, +50mV). Current decay as well as recovery of I(to) from inactivation progressively slowed with the development of heart failure. Reduction of I(to) density was paralleled by a reduction in phase 1 magnitude, epicardial action potential notch and J wave amplitude recorded from coronary-perfused left ventricular wedge preparations. NS5806 increased I(to) (at +50mV) from 16.1±1.4 to 23.9±2.1pA/pF (p<0.05) at 2weeks and from 10.7±1.4 to 14.4±1.9pA/pF (p<0.05) in 5 weeks tachypaced dogs. NS5806 increased both fast and slow phases of I(to) recovery in 2 and 5-week HF cells and restored the action potential notch and J wave in wedge preparations from HF dogs. The I(to) agonist NS5806 increases the rate of recovery and density of I(to), thus reversing the HF-induced reduction in these parameters. In wedge preparations from HF dogs, NS5806 restored the spike-and-dome morphology of the Epi action potential providing proof of principal that some aspects of electrical remodelling during HF can be pharmacologically reversed.

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