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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55010

Chapter 55010 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Neville, J.A.; Williford, P.M.; Jorizzo, J.L., 2007:
Pilot study using topical imiquimod 5% cream in the treatment of nodular basal cell carcinoma after initial treatment with curettage

Gerten, K.A.; Venkatesh, S.; Norman, A.M.; Shu'aibu, J.; Richter, H.E., 2008:
Pilot study utilizing a patient educational brochure at a vesicovaginal fistula hospital in Nigeria, Africa

Wise, J., 2012:
Pilot study will assess whether HPV test should replace smears to screen for cervical cancer

Zefferino, R.; Arsa, A.; Masullo, M.; Nigri, A.G.; Fanelli, A.; Carella, F.; Ambrosi, L., 2013:
Pilot study: Apricena Marble District quarry workers and COPD

Katra, R.; Kabelka, Z.; Jurovcik, M.; Hradsky, O.; Kraus, J.; Pavlik, E.; Nartova, E.; Lukes, P.; Astl, J., 2015:
Pilot study: Association between Helicobacter pylori in adenoid hyperplasia and reflux episodes detected by multiple intraluminal impedance in children

Simmons, C.Douglas.; Arthanat, S.; Macri, V.J., 2015:
Pilot study: Computer-based virtual anatomical interactivity for rehabilitation of individuals with chronic acquired brain injury

Shilts, M.Kay.; Lamp, C.; Horowitz, M.; Townsend, M.S., 2009:
Pilot study: EatFit impacts sixth graders' academic performance on achievement of mathematics and english education standards

Aoki, K.; Nakao, A.; Adachi, T.; Matsui, Y.; Miyakawa, S., 2012 :
Pilot study: Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise in elite athletes

Goggins, S.; Day, J., 2009:
Pilot study: Efficacy of recalling adult hearing-aid users for reassessment after three years within a publicly-funded audiology service

Oldan, J.; He, M.; Wu, T.; Silva, A.C.; Li, J.; Mitchell, J.Ross.; Pavlicek, W.M.; Roarke, M.C.; Hara, A.K., 2015:
Pilot study: Evaluation of dual-energy computed tomography measurement strategies for positron emission tomography correlation in pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Cartier, M.; Terg, R.; Lucero, R.; Muñoz, A.; Romero, G.; Levi, D.; Miguez, C.; Abecasis, R., 2010:
Pilot study: Gelafundin (polygeline) 4% plus antibiotics in the treatment of high-risk cirrhotic patients with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis

da Costa, C.Souza.Neves.; Rodrigues, F.Simioni.; Leal, F.Mustafe.; Rocha, N.Adriana.Cicuto.Ferreira., 2013:
Pilot study: Investigating the effects of Kinesio Taping® on functional activities in children with cerebral palsy

Dalen, J.; Smith, B.W.; Shelley, B.M.; Sloan, A.Lee.; Leahigh, L.; Begay, D., 2011:
Pilot study: Mindful Eating and Living (MEAL): weight, eating behavior, and psychological outcomes associated with a mindfulness-based intervention for people with obesity

Guze, K.; Pawluk, H.C.; Short, M.; Zeng, H.; Lorch, J.; Norris, C.; Sonis, S., 2016:
Pilot study: Raman spectroscopy in differentiating premalignant and malignant oral lesions from normal mucosa and benign lesions in humans

Kersten, E.T.G.; Driessen, J.M.M.; van Leeuwen, J.C.; Thio, B.J., 2010:
Pilot study: The effect of reducing treatment on exercise induced bronchoconstriction

Money, M.E.; Walkowiak, J.; Virgilio, C.; Talley, N.J., 2011:
Pilot study: a randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trial of pancrealipase for the treatment of postprandial irritable bowel syndrome-diarrhoea

Glaser, R.L.; Zava, D.T.; Wurtzbacher, D., 2008:
Pilot study: absorption and efficacy of multiple hormones delivered in a single cream applied to the mucous membranes of the labia and vagina

Hirsch, A.R.; Ziad, A.; Kim, A.Young.; Lail, N.Singh.; Sharma, S., 2011:
Pilot study: alleviation of pain in burning mouth syndrome with topical sucralose

Fan, D-Mei.; Shi, H-Rong., 2012:
Pilot study: alteration of deleted in liver cancer1 and phosphorylated focal adhesion kinase Y397 cytoplasmic expression and the prognostic value in advanced epithelial ovarian carcinoma

Brignardello, J.; Morales, P.; Diaz, E.; Romero, J.; Brunser, O.; Gotteland, M., 2011:
Pilot study: alterations of intestinal microbiota in obese humans are not associated with colonic inflammation or disturbances of barrier function

Anonymous, 2013:
Pilot study: an ED-based HIV screening program can be more productive when combined with a peer referral program

Chakkera, H.A.; Hanson, R.L.; Raza, S.M.; DiStefano, J.K.; Millis, M.P.; Heilman, R.L.; Mulligan, D.C.; Reddy, K.S.; Mazur, M.J.; Hamawi, K.; Moss, A.A.; Mekeel, K.L.; Cerhan, J.R., 2010:
Pilot study: association of traditional and genetic risk factors and new-onset diabetes mellitus following kidney transplantation

Bouchard, D.R.; Langlois, M-France.; Boisvert-Vigneault, K.; Farand, P.; Paulin, M.; Baillargeon, J-Patrice., 2013:
Pilot study: can older inactive adults learn how to reach the required intensity of physical activity guideline?

Goren, A.D.; Dunn, S.M.; Wolff, M.; van der Stelt, P.F.; Colosi, D.C.; Golub, L.M., 2008:
Pilot study: digital subtraction radiography as a tool to assess alveolar bone changes in periodontitis patients under treatment with subantimicrobial doses of doxycycline

Sandoval, R.; Runft, B.; Roddey, T., 2011:
Pilot study: does lower extremity night splinting assist in the management of painful peripheral neuropathy in the HIV/AIDS population?, A.; Vanheule, S., 2007:
Pilot study: does the Five Shot Questionnaire give an indication of the severity of alcohol use-related problems?

Stein, A.; Panjwani, A.; Sison, C.; Rosen, L.; Chugh, R.; Metz, C.; Bank, M.; Bloom, O., 2013:
Pilot study: elevated circulating levels of the proinflammatory cytokine macrophage migration inhibitory factor in patients with chronic spinal cord injury

Logan, H.; Wolfaardt, J.; Boulanger, P.; Hodgetts, B.; Seikaly, H., 2014:
Pilot study: evaluation of the use of the convergent interview technique in understanding the perception of surgical design and simulation

Boege, I.; Corpus, N.; Schepker, R.; Fegert, J.M., 2014:
Pilot study: feasibility of using the Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire (SIQ) during acute suicidal crisis

Levy, C.; Peter, J.A.; Nelson, D.R.; Keach, J.; Petz, J.; Cabrera, R.; Clark, V.; Firpi, R.J.; Morelli, G.; Soldevila-Pico, C.; Lindor, K., 2011:
Pilot study: fenofibrate for patients with primary biliary cirrhosis and an incomplete response to ursodeoxycholic acid

Hendrix, C.C.; Hastings, S.Nicole.; Van Houtven, C.; Steinhauser, K.; Chapman, J.; Ervin, T.; Sanders, L.; Weinberger, M., 2011:
Pilot study: individualized training for caregivers of hospitalized older veterans

Abuzahra, F.; Spöler, F.; Först, M.; Brans, R.; Erdmann, S.; Merk, H.F.; Obrigkeit, D.Hoeller., 2010:
Pilot study: optical coherence tomography as a non-invasive diagnostic perspective for real time visualisation of onychomycosis

Grünblatt, E.; Zehetmayer, S.; Jacob, C.P.; Müller, T.; Jost, W.H.; Riederer, P., 2011 :
Pilot study: peripheral biomarkers for diagnosing sporadic Parkinson's disease

Hamel, J.; Paul, D.; Gahr, M.; Hedrich, C.M., 2012:
Pilot study: possible association of IL10 promoter polymorphisms with CRMO

Schöniger-Hekele, M.; Müller, C., 2011:
Pilot study: rapamycin in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

Herbst, K.L.; Rutledge, T., 2011:
Pilot study: rapidly cycling hypobaric pressure improves pain after 5 days in adiposis dolorosa

Vella, E.J.; Budd, M., 2012:
Pilot study: retreat intervention predicts improved quality of life and reduced psychological distress among breast cancer patients

Nijhoving, I.; Kuijk, H.; Makoschey, B., 2011:
Pilot study: serological research of Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Mannheimia haemolytica in young cattle at dairy farms in the Netherlands

Belluzzi, A.; Serrani, M.; Roda, G.; Bianchi, M.L.; Castellani, L.; Grazia, M.; Rosati, G.; Ugolini, G.; Roda, E., 2010:
Pilot study: the use of sulfasalazine for the treatment of acute pouchitis

Martínez-Gutiérrez, Mía.Soledad.; Vanegas L.J.; Reveco U.S.; Valenzuela R.R.; Arteaga H.O., 2009:
Pilot study: tobacco-attributable direct costs in two hospitals in Santiago, Chile

Yoo, W.Jung.; Braverman, J.; Lee, Y.Wan.; Hansen, L.; Nozzarella, M., 2008:
Pilot study: understanding the effects of voicing intervention on HFCC therapy in people with cystic fibrosis

Kuntz, S., 2014:
Pilot study: virtual clinical simulations can improve the communication skills of bachelor students

Organista, K.C.; Kubo, A., 2009:
Pilot survey of HIV risk and contextual problems and issues in Mexican/Latino migrant day laborers

Spisso, B.Ferraz.; Monteiro, M.Alves.; Pereira, M.Ulberg.; Ferreira, R.Gomes.; da Costa, R.Pinto.; Cruz, T.Ávila.; da Nóbrega, A.Wanderley., 2015:
Pilot survey of commercial pasteurized milk consumed in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for tetracyclines residues, including the 4-epimers of oxytetracycline, tetracycline and chlortetracycline

Modiba, L.M.; Baliki, O.; Mmalasa, R.; Reineke, P.; Nsiki, C., 2012:
Pilot survey of domestic abuse amongst pregnant women attending an antenatal clinic in a public hospital in Gauteng Province in South Africa

Spisso, B.Ferraz.; Pereira, M.Ulberg.; Ferreira, R.Gomes.; Monteiro, M.Alves.; da Costa, R.Pinto.; Cruz, T.Ávila.; da Nóbrega, A.Wanderley., 2015:
Pilot survey of hen eggs consumed in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for polyether ionophores, macrolides and lincosamides residues

Ivanova, K.; Stojanovska, Z.; Badulin, V.; Kunovska, B., 2014:
Pilot survey of indoor radon in the dwellings of Bulgaria

Boles, T.H.; Wells, M.J.M., 2014:
Pilot survey of methamphetamine in sewers using a Polar Organic Chemical Integrative Sampler

Crowe, A.R., 1990:
Pilot survey of nursing home patients, using index of personal care activities of daily living

Forman, E.J.; Anders, C.K.; Behera, M.A., 2009:
Pilot survey of oncologists regarding treatment-related infertility and fertility preservation in female cancer patients

Neitzel, R.; Hong, O.; Quinlan, P.; Hulea, R., 2014:
Pilot task-based assessment of noise levels among firefighters

Porucznik, C.A.; Cox, K.J.; Schliep, K.C.; Stanford, J.B., 2014:
Pilot test and validation of the peak day method of prospective determination of ovulation against a handheld urine hormone monitor

Johnson, J.E.; Schonbrun, Y.Chatav.; Stein, M.D., 2015:
Pilot test of 12-step linkage for alcohol-abusing women in leaving jail

D'Amico, E.J.; Edelen, M.Orlando., 2007:
Pilot test of Project CHOICE: a voluntary afterschool intervention for middle school youth

Mallinckrodt, B.; Choi, G.; Daly, K.D., 2016:
Pilot test of a measure to assess therapeutic distance and its association with client attachment and corrective experience in therapy

Volk, M.L.; Roney, M.; Fagerlin, A., 2015:
Pilot test of a patient decision aid about liver transplant organ quality

Reznich, C.B.; Osuch, J.R., 2008:
Pilot test of a problem-based learning preceptor certification examination

Cone, D.C.; MacMillan, D.S.; Parwani, V.; Van Gelder, C., 2008:
Pilot test of a proposed chemical/biological/radiation/ nuclear-capable mass casualty triage system

Corcoran, A.M.; Lysaght, S.; Lamarra, D.; Ersek, M., 2013:
Pilot test of a three-station palliative care observed structured clinical examination for multidisciplinary trainees

Ferrer, R.A.; Fisher, J.D.; Buck, R.; Amico, K.Rivet., 2011:
Pilot test of an emotional education intervention component for sexual risk reduction

Laborde, D.J.; Brannock, K.; Breland-Noble, A.; Parrish, T., 2008:
Pilot test of cooperative learning format for training mental health researchers and black community leaders in partnership skills

Weaver, C.M.; Trafton, J.A.; Walser, R.D.; Kimerling, R.E., 2007:
Pilot test of seeking safety treatment with male veterans

Cone, D.C.; Serra, J.; Burns, K.; MacMillan, D.S.; Kurland, L.; Van Gelder, C., 2010:
Pilot test of the SALT mass casualty triage system

Davila, Y.R.; Bonilla, E.; Gonzalez-Ramirez, D.; Grinslade, S.; Villarruel, A.M., 2008:
Pilot testing HIV and intimate partner violence prevention modules among Spanish-speaking Latinas

Wyatt, T.H.; Hauenstein, E.J., 2008:
Pilot testing Okay With Asthma: an online asthma intervention for school-age children

Lu, Y.Yueh-Feng.; Haase, J.E.; Weaver, M., 2013:
Pilot testing a couples-focused intervention for mild cognitive impairment

Weitzel, T.; Robinson, S.; Mercer, S.; Berry, T.; Barnes, M.; Plunkett, D.; Vollmer, C.; Foster, T.; Friedrich, L.; Allen, L.; Holmes, J.; Kirkbride, G., 2012:
Pilot testing an educational intervention to improve communication with patients with dementia

Villegas, N.; Santisteban, D.; Cianelli, R.; Ferrer, L.; Ambrosia, T.; Peragallo, N.; Lara, L., 2015:
Pilot testing an internet-based STI and HIV prevention intervention with Chilean women

Shim, R.S.; Compton, M.T., 2011:
Pilot testing and preliminary evaluation of a suicide prevention education program for emergency department personnel

Prinja, S.; Thakur, J.Singh.; Bhatia, S.Singh., 2009:
Pilot testing of WHO child growth standards in Chandigarh: implications for India's child health programmes

Rieman, M.T.; Kagan, R.J., 2012:
Pilot testing of a burn prevention teaching tool for Amish children

Berman, L.; Curry, L.; Goldberg, C.; Gusberg, R.; Fraenkel, L., 2011:
Pilot testing of a decision support tool for patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms

Barnason, S.; Zimmerman, L.; Hertzog, M.; Schulz, P., 2011:
Pilot testing of a medication self-management transition intervention for heart failure patients

Arriaga, A.F.; Gawande, A.A.; Raemer, D.B.; Jones, D.B.; Smink, D.S.; Weinstock, P.; Dwyer, K.; Lipsitz, S.R.; Peyre, S.; Pawlowski, J.B.; Muret-Wagstaff, S.; Gee, D.; Gordon, J.A.; Cooper, J.B.; Berry, W.R., 2014:
Pilot testing of a model for insurer-driven, large-scale multicenter simulation training for operating room teams

Delaney, C.; Apostolidis, B., 2010:
Pilot testing of a multicomponent home care intervention for older adults with heart failure: an academic clinical partnership

Heinberg, L.J.; Schauer, P.R., 2015:
Pilot testing of a portion-controlled, commercially available diet on presurgical weight loss and metabolic outcomes in patients undergoing bariatric surgery

Hebert, R.S.; Schulz, R.; Copeland, V.C.; Arnold, R.M., 2008:
Pilot testing of a question prompt sheet to encourage family caregivers of cancer patients and physicians to discuss end-of-life issues

Farmanova, E.; Grenier, J.; Chomienne, M-Hélène., 2015:
Pilot testing of a questionnaire for the evaluation of mental health services in family health team clinics in Ontario

Laeeq, K.; Bhatti, N.I.; Carey, J.P.; Della Santina, C.C.; Limb, C.J.; Niparko, J.K.; Minor, L.B.; Francis, H.W., 2010:
Pilot testing of an assessment tool for competency in mastoidectomy

Rajapakse, N.; Vayalumkal, J.; Lam-Li, D.; Pearce, C.; Rees, G.; Kamhuka, L.; Peirano, G.; Pidhorney, C.; Ledgerwood, D.; Alfieri, N.; Hope, K.; Gregson, D.; Pitout, J.; Louie, T.; Conly, J., 2014:
Pilot testing of an out-of-country medical care questionnaire with screening and cost analysis of preemptive isolation for carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in a large Canadian health region

Chen, A.M.H.; Kiersma, M.E.; Shepler, B.M.; Murawski, M.M., 2013:
Pilot testing of checklists to discern adverse drug reactions and adverse drug events

Resnick, B.; Galik, E.; Enders, H.; Sobol, K.; Hammersla, M.; Dustin, I.; Boltz, M.; Miner, L.; Trotman, S., 2011:
Pilot testing of function-focused care for acute care intervention

Clarke, D.J.; Cortis, J.D.; Sowter, J., 2012:
Pilot testing of guidelines to support good practice in the development of professional portfolios

Quagliarello, V.; Juthani-Mehta, M.; Ginter, S.; Towle, V.; Allore, H.; Tinetti, M., 2009:
Pilot testing of intervention protocols to prevent pneumonia in nursing home residents

Enblom, A.; Tomasson, A.; Hammar, M.; Steineck, G.; Börjeson, S., 2011:
Pilot testing of methods for evaluation of acupuncture for emesis during radiotherapy: a randomised single subject experimental design

Resnick, B.; Shaughnessy, M.; Galik, E.; Scheve, A.; Fitten, R.; Morrison, T.; Michael, K.; Agness, C., 2009:
Pilot testing of the PRAISEDD intervention among African American and low-income older adults

Burket, T.L.; Hippensteel, D.; Penrod, J.; Resnick, B., 2013 :
Pilot testing of the function focused care intervention on an acute care trauma unit

Galik, E.M.; Resnick, B.; Gruber-Baldini, A.; Nahm, E-Shim.; Pearson, K.; Pretzer-Aboff, I., 2008:
Pilot testing of the restorative care intervention for the cognitively impaired

Hung, P.Chen.; Chang, S.Hao.; Lin, S.Hong.; Buekens, A.; Chang, M.Been., 2014:
Pilot tests on the catalytic filtration of dioxins

Devreese, M.; Broekaert, N.; D.M.l, T.; Fraeyman, S.; D.B.cker, P.; Croubels, S., 2014:
Pilot toxicokinetic study and absolute oral bioavailability of the Fusarium mycotoxin enniatin B1 in pigs

Okanlawon, F.A.; Osanyintolu, G.D., 2012:
Pilot training of community mobilizers as health educators to prevent onchocerciasis in Bugai, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Pang, S.M.C.; Chan, S.S.S.; Cheng, Y., 2011:
Pilot training program for developing disaster nursing competencies among undergraduate students in China

Babar, M.; Abdel-Latif, M.M.M.; Ravi, N.; Murphy, A.; Byrne, P.J.; Kelleher, D.; Reynolds, J.V., 2010:
Pilot translational study of dietary vitamin C supplementation in Barrett's esophagus

Zhou, M.; Sha, X.; Qiu, H.; Cen, J.; Shen, H.; Sun, A.; Wu, D., 2015:
Pilot treatment for 13 BCR-ABL positive leukemia patients with T315I mutation

Grafias, P.; Xekoukoulotakis, N.P.; Mantzavinos, D.; Diamadopoulos, E., 2010:
Pilot treatment of olive pomace leachate by vertical-flow constructed wetland and electrochemical oxidation: an efficient hybrid process

AlGhamdi, K.M.; Khurrum, H., 2013:
Pilot trial evaluating the treatment of focal vitiligo with intralesional honeybee venom injection

Jeong, W.; Rapisarda, A.; Park, S.Ryun.; Kinders, R.J.; Chen, A.; Melillo, G.; Turkbey, B.; Steinberg, S.M.; Choyke, P.; Doroshow, J.H.; Kummar, S., 2014:
Pilot trial of EZN-2968, an antisense oligonucleotide inhibitor of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha (HIF-1α), in patients with refractory solid tumors

Schuh, L.A.; Khan, M.A.; Harle, H.; Southerland, A.M.; Hicks, W.J.; Falchook, A.; Schultz, L.; Finney, G.R., 2011:
Pilot trial of IOM duty hour recommendations in neurology residency programs: unintended consequences

Cases, J.; Ibarra, A.; Feuillère, N.; Roller, M.; Sukkar, S.G., 2011:
Pilot trial of Melissa officinalis L. leaf extract in the treatment of volunteers suffering from mild-to-moderate anxiety disorders and sleep disturbances

Aslam, S.; Trautner, B.W.; Ramanathan, V.; Darouiche, R.O., 2008:
Pilot trial of N-acetylcysteine and tigecycline as a catheter-lock solution for treatment of hemodialysis catheter-associated bacteremia

Heaven, A.; Cheater, F.; Clegg, A.; Collinson, M.; Farrin, A.; Forster, A.; Godfrey, M.; Graham, L.; Grice, A.; Holt, R.; Hulme, C.; Lloyd, E.; Meads, D.; North, C.; Young, J.; Siddiqi, N., 2014:
Pilot trial of Stop Delirium! (PiTStop)--a complex intervention to prevent delirium in care homes for older people: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Murphy, D.A.; Armistead, L.; Marelich, W.D.; Payne, D.L.; Herbeck, D.M., 2011:
Pilot trial of a disclosure intervention for HIV+ mothers: the TRACK program

Bogner, H.R.; de Vries, H.F.; Kaye, E.M.; Morales, K.H., 2014:
Pilot trial of a licensed practical nurse intervention for hypertension and depression

Smith, T.J.; Coyne, P.J.; Parker, G.L.; Dodson, P.; Ramakrishnan, V., 2011:
Pilot trial of a patient-specific cutaneous electrostimulation device (MC5-A Calmare®) for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

Colon, H.M.; Finlinson, H.A.; Negron, J.; Sosa, I.; Rios-Olivares, E.; Robles, R.R., 2009:
Pilot trial of an intervention aimed at modifying drug preparation practices among injection drug users in Puerto Rico

Bachleitner-Hofmann, T.; Friedl, J.; Hassler, M.; Hayden, H.; Dubsky, P.; Sachet, M.; Rieder, E.; Pfragner, R.; Brostjan, C.; Riss, S.; Niederle, B.; Gnant, M.; Stift, A., 2009:
Pilot trial of autologous dendritic cells loaded with tumor lysate(s) from allogeneic tumor cell lines in patients with metastatic medullary thyroid carcinoma

Letendre, S.; LaPorta, G.; O'Donnell, E.; Dempsey, J.; Leonard, K., 2010:
Pilot trial of biovance collagen-based wound covering for diabetic ulcers

Manoukian, G.E.; Tannir, N.M.; Jonasch, E.; Qiao, W.; Haygood, T.M.; Tu, S-Ming., 2012:
Pilot trial of bone-targeted therapy combining zoledronate with fluvastatin or atorvastatin for patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Querin, G.; D'Ascenzo, C.; Peterle, E.; Ermani, M.; Bello, L.; Melacini, P.; Morandi, L.; Mazzini, L.; Silani, V.; Raimondi, M.; Mandrioli, J.; Romito, S.; Angelini, C.; Pegoraro, E.; Sorarù, G., 2013:
Pilot trial of clenbuterol in spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy

Korytkowski, M.T.; Koerbel, G.L.; Kotagal, L.; Donihi, A.; DiNardo, M.M., 2015:
Pilot trial of diabetes self-management education in the hospital setting

Keuthen, N.J.; Rothbaum, B.O.; Welch, S.Shaw.; Taylor, C.; Falkenstein, M.; Heekin, M.; Jordan, C.Arndt.; Timpano, K.; Meunier, S.; Fama, J.; Jenike, M.A., 2011:
Pilot trial of dialectical behavior therapy-enhanced habit reversal for trichotillomania

Elsheikh, B.H.; Bollman, E.; Peruggia, M.; King, W.; Galloway, G.; Kissel, J.T., 2007:
Pilot trial of diltiazem in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy

Wu, C-yi.; Chen, Y-an.; Chen, H-ching.; Lin, K-chung.; Yeh, I-ling., 2012:
Pilot trial of distributed constraint-induced therapy with trunk restraint to improve poststroke reach to grasp and trunk kinematics

Sun, S.; Ge, N.; Wang, S.; Liu, X.; Wang, G.; Guo, J., 2012:
Pilot trial of endoscopic ultrasound-guided interstitial chemoradiation of UICC-T4 pancreatic cancer

Cree, B.A.C.; Kornyeyeva, E.; Goodin, D.S., 2010:
Pilot trial of low-dose naltrexone and quality of life in multiple sclerosis

Johnson, N.A.; Rademaker, A.; Weintraub, S.; Gitelman, D.; Wienecke, C.; Mesulam, M., 2011:
Pilot trial of memantine in primary progressive aphasia

Quirk, F.; Dickinson, C.; Baune, B.; Leicht, A.; Golledge, J., 2013:
Pilot trial of motivational interviewing in patients with peripheral artery disease

Agarwal, P.; Sia, C.; Vaish, N.; Roy-Faderman, I., 2012:
Pilot trial of onabotulinumtoxina (Botox) in moderate to severe restless legs syndrome

Rolle, G.; Tremolizzo, L.; Somalvico, F.; Ferrarese, C.; Bressan, L.C., 2016:
Pilot trial of osteopathic manipulative therapy for patients with frequent episodic tension-type headache

Forero-Torres, A.; Saleh, M.N.; Galleshaw, J.A.; Jones, C.F.; Shah, J.J.; Percent, I.J.; Nabell, L.M.; Carpenter, J.T.; Falkson, C.I.; Krontiras, H.; Urist, M.M.; Bland, K.I.; D.L.s Santos, J.F.; Meredith, R.F.; Caterinicchia, V.; Bernreuter, W.K.; O'Malley, J.P.; Li, Y.; LoBuglio, A.F., 2010:
Pilot trial of preoperative (neoadjuvant) letrozole in combination with bevacizumab in postmenopausal women with newly diagnosed estrogen receptor- or progesterone receptor-positive breast cancer

McGuinn, C.; Geyer, M.B.; Jin, Z.; Garvin, J.H.; Satwani, P.; Bradley, M.Brigid.; Bhatia, M.; George, D.; Duffy, D.; Morris, E.; van de Ven, C.; Schwartz, J.; Baxter-Lowe, L.Ann.; Cairo, M.S., 2014:
Pilot trial of risk-adapted cyclophosphamide intensity based conditioning and HLA matched sibling and unrelated cord blood stem cell transplantation in newly diagnosed pediatric and adolescent recipients with acquired severe aplastic anemia

Bingham, P.M.; Lahiri, T.; Ashikaga, T., 2012:
Pilot trial of spirometer games for airway clearance practice in cystic fibrosis

Jonasch, E.; McCutcheon, I.E.; Waguespack, S.G.; Wen, S.; Davis, D.W.; Smith, L.A.; Tannir, N.M.; Gombos, D.S.; Fuller, G.N.; Matin, S.F., 2012:
Pilot trial of sunitinib therapy in patients with von Hippel-Lindau disease

Yoo, K.Han.; Lee, J.Yun.; Lim, S.Hee.; Ko, Y.Hyeh.; Kim, S.Jin.; Kim, W.Seog., 2015:
Pilot trial of systemic methotrexate plus R-CHOP regimen with intrathecal methotrexate for simultaneous central nervous system and systemic diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Dobke, M.K.; Bhavsar, D.; Gosman, A.;, J.;, B., 2008:
Pilot trial of telemedicine as a decision aid for patients with chronic wounds

Shoua, A.B.; Sergienco, N.F.; Sitnikov, N.V.; Chkadua, G.Z., 2009:
Pilot trial of vaccines based on autologous dendritic cells loaded in vitro with tumor antigens in the treatment of cancer of the urinary bladder

Yang, D-Hwan.; Kim, W.Seog.; Kim, S.Jin.; Kim, J.Seok.; Kwak, J-Yong.; Chung, J.Seop.; Oh, S.Yong.; Suh, C.; Lee, J-Jung., 2012:
Pilot trial of yttrium-90 ibritumomab tiuxetan consolidation following rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisolone chemotherapy in patients with limited-stage, bulky diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Schächinger, V.; Aicher, A.; Döbert, N.; Röver, R.; Diener, Jürgen.; Fichtlscherer, S.; Assmus, B.; Seeger, F.H.; Menzel, C.; Brenner, W.; Dimmeler, S.; Zeiher, A.M., 2008:
Pilot trial on determinants of progenitor cell recruitment to the infarcted human myocardium

Guan, D.; Fung, W.C.; Lau, F.; Deng, C.; Leung, A.; Dai, J.; Chen, G.H., 2014:
Pilot trial study of a compact macro-filtration membrane bioreactor process for saline wastewater treatment

Iturrino, J.; Camilleri, M.; Busciglio, I.; Burton, D.; Zinsmeister, A.R., 2014:
Pilot trial: pregabalin on colonic sensorimotor functions in irritable bowel syndrome

Loscalzo, J., 2009:
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Pilot trials of the microbial degradation of christos-bitas water in oil emulsion (chocolate mousse) and BP llandarcy gas oil using venturi aeration

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Anonymous, 2009:
Pilot "goat Health plan"

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Pilot-scale application of an online VFA sensor for monitoring and control of a manure digester

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Pilot-scale comparison of two hybrid-passive landfill leachate treatment systems operated in a cold climate

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Pilot-scale compound screening against RNA editing identifies trypanocidal agents

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Pilot-scale continuous recycling of growth medium for the mass culture of a halotolerant Tetraselmis sp. in raceway ponds under increasing salinity: a novel protocol for commercial microalgal biomass production

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Pilot-scale continuous ultrasonic cleaning equipment reduces Listeria monocytogenes levels on conveyor belts

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Pilot-scale cooling tower to evaluate corrosion, scaling, and biofouling control strategies for cooling system makeup water

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Pilot-scale culture of somatic embryos of Eleutherococcus senticosus in airlift bioreactors for the production of eleutherosides

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Pilot-scale demonstration of the hybrid zero-valent iron process for treating flue-gas-desulfurization wastewater: part II

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Pilot-scale experiment on thermally hydrolyzed sludge liquor anaerobic digestion using a mesophilic expanded granular sludge bed reactor

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Pilot-scale field study for ammonia removal from lagoon biogas using an acid wet scrubber

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Pilot-scale fluoride-containing wastewater treatment by the ballasted flocculation process

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Pilot-scale in situ bioremediation of HMX and RDX in soil pore water in Hawaii

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Pilot-scale incineration of wastes with high content of chlorinated and non-halogenated organophosphorus flame retardants used as alternatives for PBDEs

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Pilot-scale investigation of the robustness and efficiency of a copper-based treated wood wastes recycling process

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Pilot-scale investigation on the removal of organic foulants in secondary effluent by slow sand filtration prior to ultrafiltration

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Pilot-scale nitrogen removal from leachate by ex situ nitrification and in situ denitrification in a landfill bioreactor

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Pilot-scale opposite folded plate hybrid anaerobic reactor (OFPHAR) in treatment of sewage

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Pilot-scale production and quality control of multiepitope hepatitis B virus DNA vaccine

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Pilot-scale production and viability analysis of freeze-dried probiotic bacteria using different protective agents

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Pilot-scale production of fatty acid ethyl esters by an engineered Escherichia coli strain harboring the p(Microdiesel) plasmid

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Pilot-scale production of lipase using palm oil mill effluent as a basal medium and its immobilization by selected materials

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Pilot-scale production of microbial lipid using starch wastewater as raw material

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Pilot-scale production of recombinant plasmid pUDK-HGF

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Pilot-scale removal of chromium from industrial wastewater using the ChromeBac system

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Pilot-scale resin adsorption as a means to recover and fractionate apple polyphenols

del Valle-Zermeño, R.; Formosa, J.; Prieto, M.; Nadal, R.; Niubó, M.; Chimenos, J.M., 2014:
Pilot-scale road subbase made with granular material formulated with MSWI bottom ash and stabilized APC fly ash: environmental impact assessment

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Pilot-scale study of efficient vermicomposting of agro-industrial wastes

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Pilot-scale study on the acid-catalyzed steam explosion of rice straw using a continuous pretreatment system

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Pilot-scale study on treatment of municipal sewage by moving-bed biofilm reactor with the hydrophobically modified polyurethane cubes as biofilm carriers

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Pilot-scale technology development, nutritional and consumer assessment of whole-multigrain cookies as influenced by fructan inclusion

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Pilot-scale temperate-climate treatment of domestic wastewater with a staged anaerobic fluidized membrane bioreactor (SAF-MBR)

Yan, P.; Ji, F.; Wang, J.; Fan, J.; Guan, W.; Chen, Q., 2014:
Pilot-scale test of an advanced, integrated wastewater treatment process with sludge reduction, inorganic solids separation, phosphorus recovery, and enhanced nutrient removal (SIPER)

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Pilot-scale tests to optimize the treatment of net-alkaline mine drainage

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Pilot-scale vermicomposting of pineapple wastes with earthworms native to Accra, Ghana

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Pilot-scale washing of Pb, Zn and Cd contaminated soil using EDTA and process water recycling

Voglar, D.; Lestan, D., 2012:
Pilot-scale washing of metal contaminated garden soil using EDTA

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Pilot-scale waste activated sludge alkaline fermentation, fermentation liquid separation, and application of fermentation liquid to improve biological nutrient removal

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Pilot-study on the influence of carrier gas and plasma application (open resp. delimited) modifications on physical plasma and its antimicrobial effect against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus

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Pilot-symbols-aided cycle slip mitigation for DP-16QAM optical communication systems

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Pilot-test of the calcium sodium phosphate (CNP) process for the stabilization/solidification of various mercury-contaminated wastes

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Pilot-testing an applied competency-based approach to health human resources planning

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Pilot-testing service-based planning for health care in rural Zambia

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Pilot-testing the effects of a newly-developed silver yoga exercise program for female seniors

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Pilote strategy to optimize an individual treatment of arterial hypertention and algorithm of the prophylactics of vascular complications

Rüütel, K.; Ustina, V.; Parker, R.David., 2013:
Piloting HIV rapid testing in community-based settings in Estonia

Huebner, D.M.; Rullo, J.E.; Thoma, B.C.; McGarrity, L.A.; Mackenzie, J., 2014:
Piloting Lead with Love: a film-based intervention to improve parents' responses to their lesbian, gay, and bisexual children

Deering, K.N.; Rusch, M.; Amram, O.; Chettiar, J.; Nguyen, P.; Feng, C.X.; Shannon, K., 2015:
Piloting a 'spatial isolation' index: the built environment and sexual and drug use risks to sex workers

Tsai, L.Cordisco.; Witte, S.S.; Aira, T.; Altantsetseg, B.; Riedel, M., 2011:
Piloting a Savings-Led Microfinance Intervention with Women Engaging in Sex Work in Mongolia: Further Innovation for HIV Risk Reduction

Estabrooks, P.A.; Smith-Ray, R.L., 2008:
Piloting a behavioral intervention delivered through interactive voice response telephone messages to promote weight loss in a pre-diabetic population

Polo-López, Río.; Echeburúa, E.; Berry, K.; Salaberría, K., 2015:
Piloting a cognitive-behavioral intervention for family members living with individuals with severe mental disorders

Diment, K.; Garrety, K.; Yu, P., 2012:
Piloting a logic-based framework for understanding organisational change process for a health IT implementation

Beeken, R.J.; Spanos, D.; Fovargue, S.; Hunter, R.; Omar, R.; Hassiotis, A.; King, M.; Wardle, J.; Croker, H., 2013:
Piloting a manualised weight management programme (Shape Up-LD) for overweight and obese persons with mild-moderate learning disabilities: study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial

Hutton, A.; Munt, R.; Zeitz, K.; Cusack, L.; Kako, M.; Arbon, P., 2011:
Piloting a mass gathering conceptual framework at an Adelaide schoolies festival

Perechocky, A.; DeLisser, H.; Ciampa, R.; Browning, J.; Shea, J.A.; Corcoran, A.M., 2014:
Piloting a medical student observational experience with hospital-based trauma chaplains

Moore, B.R.; Simpson, K.; Kaye, W.; Swanson Kazley, A., 2011:
Piloting a method to measure satisfaction with HIV care

Cassim, N.; Coetzee, L.; Motlonye, B.; Mpele, N.; Glencross, D.K., 2015:
Piloting a national laboratory electronic programme status reporting system

Solomon, S.; Eakin, B.; Kirk, R.; Piechowski, P.; Thomas, B., 2014:
Piloting a nationally disseminated, interactive human subjects protection program for community partners: design, content, and evaluation

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Piloting a nationally disseminated, interactive human subjects protection program for community partners: unexpected lessons learned from the field

Schlairet, M.; Heddon, M.Ann.; Griffis, M., 2010:
Piloting a needs assessment to guide development of a survivorship program for a community cancer center

Jones, K.; Allen, M.; Norris, F.H.; Miller, C., 2010:
Piloting a new model of crisis counseling: specialized crisis counseling services in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina

Shah, M.D.; Nguyen, L.H.P.; Campisi, P.; James, A.; Taylor, G.P.; Forte, V., 2007:
Piloting a novel porcine model for endolaryngeal injury following prolonged intubation

Walker, E., 2009:
Piloting a nurse-led ultrasound cannulation scheme

McNair, A.; Drage, K.J.; Ireland, A.J.; Sandy, J.R.; Williams, A.C., 2009:
Piloting a patient-based questionnaire to assess patient satisfaction with the process of orthodontic treatment

Deering, K.Nicole.; Shannon, K.; Sinclair, H.; Parsad, D.; Gilbert, E.; Tyndall, M.W., 2011:
Piloting a peer-driven intervention model to increase access and adherence to antiretroviral therapy and HIV care among street-entrenched HIV-positive women in Vancouver

Contreras, E.; Buchanan, S., 2012:
Piloting a personal protection equipment distribution program among Chicago day laborers

Driver, S.; Irwin, K.; Woolsey, A.; Warren, A.Marie., 2014:
Piloting a physical activity centred education programme for adults with a brain injury

Davidson, K.F.; Bressler, S.I., 2010:
Piloting a points-based caseload measure for community based paediatric occupational and physiotherapists

Andrews, W.; Twigg, E.; Minami, T.; Johnson, G., 2013:
Piloting a practice research network: a 12-month evaluation of the Human Givens approach in primary care at a general medical practice

Othman, A.; Blunden, S.; Mohamad, N.; Mohd Hussin, Z.Azhar.; Jamil Osman, Z., 2010:
Piloting a psycho-education program for parents of pediatric cancer patients in Malaysia

Liebman, R.E.; Burnette, M.L.; Raimondi, C.; Nichols-Hadeed, C.; Merle, P.; Cerulli, C., 2015:
Piloting a psycho-social intervention for incarcerated women with trauma histories: lessons learned and future recommendations

Fung-Kee-Fung, M.; Boushey, R.P.; Watters, J.; Morash, R.; Smylie, J.; Morash, C.; Degrasse, C.; Sundaresan, S., 2014:
Piloting a regional collaborative in cancer surgery using a "community of practice" model

Kennedy, C.C.; Campbell, G.; Garg, A.X.; Dolovich, L.; Stroud, J.B.; McCallum, R.E.; Papaioannou, A., 2012:
Piloting a renal drug alert system for prescribing to residents in long-term care

Reed, J.; Pavletic, D.; Devlin, L.; Davis, M.V.; Beitsch, L.M.; Baker, E.L., 2009:
Piloting a state health department accreditation model: the North Carolina experience

van der Riet, P.; Rossiter, R.; Kirby, D.; Dluzewska, T.; Harmon, C., 2016:
Piloting a stress management and mindfulness program for undergraduate nursing students: student feedback and lessons learned

D.O.iveira, K.; Volk, K.; Hopp, J., 2014:
Piloting a support model for physician assistant students

Dinenno, E.A.; Oster, A.M.; Sionean, C.; Denning, P.; Lansky, A., 2012:
Piloting a system for behavioral surveillance among heterosexuals at increased risk of HIV in the United States

Govender, I.; Matzopoulos, R.; Makanga, P.; Corrigall, J., 2012:
Piloting a trauma surveillance tool for primary healthcare emergency centres

Enah, C.; Sommers, M.; Moneyham, L.; Long, C.Ann.; Childs, G., 2011:
Piloting an HIV prevention intervention for Cameroonian girls

Hsu, E.R.; Williams, D.E.; Dijoseph, L.G.; Schnell, J.D.; Finstad, S.L.; Lee, J.S.H.; Greenspan, E.J.; Corrigan, J.G., 2014:
Piloting an approach to rapid and automated assessment of a new research initiative: Application to the National Cancer Institute's Provocative Questions initiative

Schultz, T.J.; Crock, C.; Hansen, K.; Deakin, A.; Gosbell, A., 2015:
Piloting an online incident reporting system in Australasian emergency medicine

Raupach, T.; Schiekirka, S.; Münscher, C.; Beißbarth, T.; Himmel, W.; Burckhardt, G.; Pukrop, T., 2012:
Piloting an outcome-based programme evaluation tool in undergraduate medical education

Chevalier, B.; Simpson, C.; Hemming, H.; Hiltz, A.; Monroe, R.; Sullivan, V., 2014:
Piloting an outpatient policy for funding drugs and their administration in rheumatology

Mou, W.; Wang, L., 2015:
Piloting and path integration within and across boundaries

Jiwa, M.; Hughes, J.; Sriram, D.; Birring, S.; Meng, X.; Cecchele, G.; Cooke, J.; Ng, N., 2012:
Piloting and validating an innovation to triage patients presenting with cough to community pharmacies in Western Australia

Tanabe, M.; Robinson, K.; Lee, C.I.; Leigh, J.A.; Htoo, E.May.; Integer, N.; Krause, S.K., 2013:
Piloting community-based medical care for survivors of sexual assault in conflict-affected Karen State of eastern Burma

Raths, D., 2008:
Piloting does to EMRs. Physicians hope CMS' EHR bonus project portends a broader shift in reimbursement priorities

Ellard, D.R.; Barlow, J.H.; Paskins, Z.; Stapley, J.; Wild, A.; Rowe, I.F., 2008:
Piloting education days for patients with early rheumatoid arthritis and their partners: a multidisciplinary approach

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Piloting electronic self report symptom assessment - Cancer (ESRA-C) in Hong Kong: a mixed method approach

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Anonymous, 1843:
Pilula Ferri Composita

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Pinioning non-agricultural birds

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Pink Root Of Onions

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Pink ribbon program: empowering the body after breast surgery

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Pink ribbons and beyond: ways to help in the fight against breast cancer

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Pink wind wish

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Pink, salmon, rhubarb juice

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PinkDrive intervention 'over-rated' - experts

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Pinner's Organic Chemistry

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Pinning Down a Will-o'-the-Wisp

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Pinning Down the Next Big California Quake: Seismologists, geologists, and historians have agreed on three locations where the next large southern California earthquake might strike

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Pinning a tail on platelet thrombi

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Pinning and wicking in regular pillar arrays

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Pinning down a missing link in massive stars

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Pinning down a treacherous border in logical statements

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