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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55015

Chapter 55015 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Parekh, F.K.; Davison, B.B.; Gamboa, D.; Hernandez, J.; Branch, O.H., 2010:
Placental histopathologic changes associated with subclinical malaria infection and its impact on the fetal environment

Raspollini, M.Rosaria.; Oliva, E.; Roberts, D.J., 2007:
Placental histopathologic features in patients with thrombophilic mutations

Souza, R.M.; Ataíde, R.; Dombrowski, J.G.; Ippólito, V.; Aitken, E.H.; Valle, S.N.; Álvarez, Jé.M.; Epiphanio, S.; Epiphânio, S.; Marinho, C.R.F., 2013:
Placental histopathological changes associated with Plasmodium vivax infection during pregnancy

Romero Gutiérrez, G.; Velásquez Maldonado, Héctor.Arturo.; Méndez Sashida, P.; Horna López, A.; Cortés Salim, P.; Ponce Ponce de León, A.Lilia., 2008:
Placental histopathological changes in gestational hypertension

Munster, J.M.; Leenders, A.C.A.P.; Hamilton, C.J.C.M.; Hak, E.; Aarnoudse, J.G.; Timmer, A., 2012:
Placental histopathology after Coxiella burnetii infection during pregnancy

Verma, R.P.; Kaplan, C.; Southerton, K.; Niwas, R.; Verma, R.; Fang, H., 2008:
Placental histopathology in the extremely low birth weight infants

Van Wagenen, G., 2014:
Placental hormones after death of foetus

Torricelli, M.; Petraglia, F., 2010:
Placental hormones and identification of pregnancy at risk

Freemark, M., 2010:
Placental hormones and the control of fetal growth

Newbern, D.; Freemark, M., 2012:
Placental hormones and the control of maternal metabolism and fetal growth

Magalhães, H.R.; Leite, S.B.P.; Paz, C.C.P.de.; Duarte, G.; Ramos, E.S., 2013:
Placental hydroxymethylation vs methylation at the imprinting control region 2 on chromosome 11p15.5

Colonna, V.; Resta, L.; Napoli, A.; Bonifazi, E., 2010:
Placental hypoxia and neonatal haemangioma: clinical and histological observations

Perez, M-Hélène.; Boulos, T.; Stucki, P.; Cotting, J.; Osterheld, M-Chiara.; D.B.rnardo, S., 2009:
Placental immaturity, endocardial fibroelastosis and fetal hypoxia

Abelius, M.Sandberg.; Enke, U.; Varosi, F.; Hoyer, H.; Schleussner, E.; Jenmalm, M.C.; Markert, U.R., 2015:
Placental immune response to apple allergen in allergic mothers

Elefant, E., 2014:
Placental immunoglobulin transfer

Kumpel, B.M.; Manoussaka, M.S., 2012:
Placental immunology and maternal alloimmune responses

Coats, K.S.; Boudreaux, C.E.; Clay, B.T.; Lockett, N.N.; Scott, V.L., 2010:
Placental immunopathology in the FIV-infected cat: a role for inflammation in compromised pregnancy?

Borel, V.; Gallot, D.; Marceau, G.; Sapin, V.; Blanchon, Lïc., 2008:
Placental implications of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors in gestation and parturition

Franco, C.; Walker, M.; Robertson, J.; Fitzgerald, B.; Keating, S.; McLeod, A.; Kingdom, J.C.P., 2012:
Placental infarction and thrombophilia

Blair, E.; de Groot, J.; Nelson, K.B., 2012:
Placental infarction identified by macroscopic examination and risk of cerebral palsy in infants at 35 weeks of gestational age and over

Kondo, T., 2014:
Placental infarction probably associated with late term premature delivery

Gold, S., 2014:
Placental infarcts

Mayor, A.; Bardají, A.; Felger, I.; King, C.L.; Cisteró, P.; Dobaño, C.; Stanisic, D.I.; Siba, P.; Wahlgren, M.; del Portillo, H.; Mueller, I.; Menéndez, C.; Ordi, J.; Rogerson, S., 2013:
Placental infection with Plasmodium vivax: a histopathological and molecular study

Mrizak, I.; Grissa, O.; Henault, B.; Fekih, M.; Bouslema, A.; Boumaiza, I.; Zaouali, M.; Tabka, Z.; Khan, N.A., 2014:
Placental infiltration of inflammatory markers in gestational diabetic women

Abdulkadir, A.A.; Kimimasa, T.; Bell, M.J.; Macpherson, T.A.; Keller, B.B.; Yanowitz, T.D., 2011:
Placental inflammation and fetal hemodynamics in a rat model of chorioamnionitis

Mestan, K.; Yu, Y.; Matoba, N.; Cerda, S.; Demmin, B.; Pearson, C.; Ortiz, K.; Wang, X., 2010:
Placental inflammatory response is associated with poor neonatal growth: preterm birth cohort study

Sonmez, G.; Sivrioglu, A.Kemal.; Ozturk, E.; Mutlu, H., 2011:
Placental insufficiency and apparent diffusion coefficients

Amato, N.A.; Maruotti, G.; Scillitani, G.; Lombardi, L.; Pietropaolo, F., 2007:
Placental insufficiency and intrauterine growth retardation

Sparrow, D.B.; Boyle, S.C.; Sams, R.S.; Mazuruk, B.; Zhang, L.; Moeckel, G.W.; Dunwoodie, S.L.; de Caestecker, M.P., 2009:
Placental insufficiency associated with loss of Cited1 causes renal medullary dysplasia

Rozance, P.J.; Anderson, M.; Martinez, M.; Fahy, A.; Macko, A.R.; Kailey, J.; Seedorf, G.J.; Abman, S.H.; Hay, W.W.; Limesand, S.W., 2015:
Placental insufficiency decreases pancreatic vascularity and disrupts hepatocyte growth factor signaling in the pancreatic islet endothelial cell in fetal sheep

Fujimoto, T.; Suwa, T.; Kabe, K.; Adachi, T.; Nakabayashi, M.; Amamiya, T., 2008:
Placental insufficiency in early gestation is associated with hypospadias

Strizhakov, A.N.; Ignatenko, I.V.; Timokhina, E.V.; Makatsatiia, A.D.; Kushkinskiĭ, N.E.; Rybin, M.V., 2009:
Placental insufficiency in pregnancy with gestosis: pathogenesis, diagnosis, evaluation, and obstetric care strategy

Anderson, C.M.; Lopez, F.; Sandeen, A.; Johnson, L., 2009:
Placental insufficiency: programming of leptin secretion, blood pressure, and postnatal growth in two generations of Sprague-Dawley rats

Rutherford, J.N.; Eklund, A.; Tardif, S., 2010:
Placental insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) and its relation to litter size in the common marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus)

Toth, B.; Haufe, T.; Scholz, C.; Kuhn, C.; Friese, K.; Karamouti, M.; Makrigiannakis, A.; Jeschke, U., 2011:
Placental interleukin-15 expression in recurrent miscarriage

Cetin, I.; Berti, C.; Mandò, C.; Parisi, F., 2012:
Placental iron transport and maternal absorption

Gingery, A.; Bahe, E.L.; Gilbert, J.S., 2009:
Placental ischemia and breast cancer risk after preeclampsia: tying the knot

Gilbert, J.S.; Nijland, M.J.; Knoblich, P., 2008:
Placental ischemia and cardiovascular dysfunction in preeclampsia and beyond: making the connections

Thuring, A.; Maršál, K.; Laurini, R., 2012:
Placental ischemia and changes in umbilical and uteroplacental arterial and venous hemodynamics

Ryan, M.J.; Gilbert, E.L.; Glover, P.H.; George, E.M.; Masterson, C.Warren.; McLemore, G.R.; LaMarca, B.; Granger, J.P.; Drummond, H.A., 2012:
Placental ischemia impairs middle cerebral artery myogenic responses in the pregnant rat

Warrington, J.P.; Fan, F.; Murphy, S.R.; Roman, R.J.; Drummond, H.A.; Granger, J.P.; Ryan, M.J., 2014:
Placental ischemia in pregnant rats impairs cerebral blood flow autoregulation and increases blood-brain barrier permeability

George, E.M.; Garrett, M.R.; Granger, J.P., 2015:
Placental ischemia induces changes in gene expression in chorionic tissue

Vlachogeorgos, G.S.; Manali, E.D.; Blana, E.; Legaki, S.; Karagiannidis, N.; Polychronopoulos, V.S.; Roussos, C., 2008:
Placental isoform glutathione S-transferase and P-glycoprotein expression in advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer: association with response to treatment and survival

Tuttle, T.R.; Hugo, E.R.; Tong, W.S.; Ben-Jonathan, N., 2015:
Placental lactogen is expressed but is not translated into protein in breast cancer

Schraenen, A.; Lemaire, K.; de Faudeur, G.; Hendrickx, N.; Granvik, M.; Van Lommel, L.; Mallet, J.; Vodjdani, G.; Gilon, P.; Binart, N.; in't Veld, P.; Schuit, F., 2011:
Placental lactogens induce serotonin biosynthesis in a subset of mouse beta cells during pregnancy

Bursac, D.; Madzarac, V.; Kardum, V.; Skrtic, A.; Kulas, T.; Hrgovic, Z., 2014:
Placental lake in high-risk pregnancy

Iciek, R.; Wender-Ozegowska, E.; Zawiejska, A.; Mikolajczak, P.; Mrozikiewicz, P.M.; Pietryga, M.; Brazert, J., 2014:
Placental leptin and its receptor genes expression in pregnancies complicated by type 1 diabetes

Xu, X.; Yang, X.; Liu, Z.; Wu, K.; Liu, Z.; Lin, C.; Wang, Y.; Yan, H., 2014:
Placental leptin gene methylation and macrosomia during normal pregnancy

Haffejee, F.; Naicker, T.; Singh, M.; Moodley, J., 2014:
Placental leptin in HIV-associated preeclampsia

Zanardo, V.; Franzoi, M.; Vedovato, S.; Trevisanuto, D.; Suppiej, A.; Chiarelli, S., 2008:
Placental lesions and abnormal neurocognitive function at school age in extremely low-birth weight infants

Redline, R.W.; Minich, N.; Taylor, H.Gerry.; Hack, M., 2007:
Placental lesions as predictors of cerebral palsy and abnormal neurocognitive function at school age in extremely low birth weight infants (<1 kg)

Kim, Y.Mee.; Chaemsaithong, P.; Romero, R.; Shaman, M.; Kim, C.Jai.; Kim, J-Sun.; Qureshi, F.; Jacques, S.M.; Ahmed, A.I.; Chaiworapongsa, T.; Hassan, S.S.; Yeo, L.; Korzeniewski, S.J., 2016:
Placental lesions associated with acute atherosis

Ogge, G.; Chaiworapongsa, T.; Romero, R.; Hussein, Y.; Kusanovic, J.Pedro.; Yeo, L.; Kim, C.Jai.; Hassan, S.S., 2012:
Placental lesions associated with maternal underperfusion are more frequent in early-onset than in late-onset preeclampsia

Hernandorena, C.; Garcia, J.Sebastian.; Cavoti-Sadonio, V.; Grandi, C., 2013 :
Placental lesions in teenager`s pregnancies of a public hospital of Argentina

Baltajian, K.; Hecht, J.L.; Wenger, J.B.; Salahuddin, S.; Verlohren, S.; Perschel, F.H.; Zsengeller, Z.K.; Thadhani, R.; Karumanchi, S.Ananth.; Rana, S., 2016:
Placental lesions of vascular insufficiency are associated with anti-angiogenic state in women with preeclampsia

Georgiadou, D.; Hearn, A.; Evnouchidou, I.; Chroni, A.; Leondiadis, L.; York, I.A.; Rock, K.L.; Stratikos, E., 2010:
Placental leucine aminopeptidase efficiently generates mature antigenic peptides in vitro but in patterns distinct from endoplasmic reticulum aminopeptidase 1

Mizutani, S.; Wright, J.W.; Kobayashi, H., 2011:
Placental leucine aminopeptidase- and aminopeptidase A- deficient mice offer insight concerning the mechanisms underlying preterm labor and preeclampsia

Barrett, H.L.; Kubala, M.H.; Scholz Romero, K.; Denny, K.J.; Woodruff, T.M.; McIntyre, H.David.; Callaway, L.K.; Nitert, M.Dekker., 2016:
Placental lipases in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)

Griffith, O.W.; Ujvari, B.; Belov, K.; Thompson, M.B., 2015:
Placental lipoprotein lipase (LPL) gene expression in a placentotrophic lizard, Pseudemoia entrecasteauxii

Houde, A.A.; St-Pierre, J.; Hivert, M.F.; Baillargeon, J.P.; Perron, P.; Gaudet, D.; Brisson, D.; Bouchard, L., 2015:
Placental lipoprotein lipase DNA methylation levels are associated with gestational diabetes mellitus and maternal and cord blood lipid profiles

Devarajan, K.; Kives, S.; Ray, J.G., 2012:
Placental location and newborn weight

Zia, S., 2013:
Placental location and pregnancy outcome

Kappou, D.; Sifakis, S.; Androutsopoulos, V.; Konstantinidou, A.; Spandidos, D.A.; Papantoniou, N., 2015:
Placental mRNA expression of angiopoietins (Ang)-1, Ang-2 and their receptor Tie-2 is altered in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia

Takacs, P.; Jaramillo, S.; Datar, R.; Williams, A.; Olczyk, J.; Barnhart, K., 2012:
Placental mRNA in maternal plasma as a predictor of ectopic pregnancy

Roos, S.; Powell, T.L.; Jansson, T., 2009:
Placental mTOR links maternal nutrient availability to fetal growth

Joerink, M.; Rindsjö, E.; van Riel, B.; Alm, J.; Papadogiannakis, N., 2011:
Placental macrophage (Hofbauer cell) polarization is independent of maternal allergen-sensitization and presence of chorioamnionitis

Ben Amara, A.; Gorvel, L.; Baulan, K.; Derain-Court, J.; Buffat, C.; Vérollet, C.; Textoris, J.; Ghigo, E.; Bretelle, F.; Maridonneau-Parini, I.; Mege, J-Louis., 2014:
Placental macrophages are impaired in chorioamnionitis, an infectious pathology of the placenta

Linduska, N.; Messerschmidt, A.; Dekan, S.; Brugger, P.C.; Weber, M.; Pollak, A.; Prayer, D., 2013:
Placental magnetic resonance imaging in monochorionic twin pregnancies

Adam, I.; Adamt, G.K.; Mohmmed, A.A.; Salih, M.M.; Ibrahuim, S.A.; Ryan, C.Anthony., 2010:
Placental malaria and lack of prenatal care in an area of unstable malaria transmission in eastern Sudan

Msamanga, G.I.; Taha, T.E.; Young, A.M.; Brown, E.R.; Hoffman, I.F.; Read, J.S.; Mudenda, V.; Goldenberg, R.L.; Sharma, U.; Sinkala, M.; Fawzi, W.W., 2009:
Placental malaria and mother-to-child transmission of human immunodeficiency virus-1

Bulterys, P.L.; Chao, A.; Dalai, S.C.; Zink, M.Christine.; Dushimimana, A.; Katzenstein, D.; Saah, A.J.; Bulterys, M., 2011 :
Placental malaria and mother-to-child transmission of human immunodeficiency virus-1 in rural Rwanda

Ukaga, C.N.; Nwoke, B.E.B.; Udujih, O.S.; Udujih, O.G.; Ohaeri, A.A.; Anosike, J.C.; Udujih, B.U.; Nwachukwu, M.I., 2007:
Placental malaria in Owerri, Imo State, south-eastern Nigeria

Cairns, M.; Gosling, R.; Chandramohan, D., 2009:
Placental malaria increases malaria risk in the first 30 months of life: not causal

Walther, B.; Miles, D.J.C.; Waight, P.; Palmero, M.S.; Ojuola, O.; Touray, E.S.; Whittle, H.; van der Sande, M.; Crozier, S.; Flanagan, K.L., 2012:
Placental malaria is associated with attenuated CD4 T-cell responses to tuberculin PPD 12 months after BCG vaccination

Rachas, A.; L.P.rt, Aès.; Cottrell, G.; Guerra, Jé.; Choudat, I.; Bouscaillou, J.; Massougbodji, A.; Garcia, Aé., 2013:
Placental malaria is associated with increased risk of nonmalaria infection during the first 18 months of life in a Beninese population

Plotkin, M.; Said, K.; Msellem, M.I.; Chase, R.P.; Hendler, N.; Khamis, A.Ramadhan.; Roman, E.; Kitojo, C.; Schwartz, A.C.; Gutman, J.; McElroy, P.D., 2014:
Placental malaria is rare among Zanzibari pregnant women who did not receive intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy

Briand, V.; Badaut, C.; Cot, M., 2009:
Placental malaria, maternal HIV infection and infant morbidity

Umbers, A.J.; Boeuf, P.; Clapham, C.; Stanisic, D.I.; Baiwog, F.; Mueller, I.; Siba, P.; King, C.L.; Beeson, J.G.; Glazier, J.; Rogerson, S.J., 2011:
Placental malaria-associated inflammation disturbs the insulin-like growth factor axis of fetal growth regulation

Soulard, Vérie.; Amadoudji Zin, M.; Fitting, C.; Ibitokou, S.; Oesterholt, M.; Luty, A.J.F.; Perrin, Ré-Xavier.; Massougbodji, A.; Deloron, P.; Bandeira, A.; Fievet, N., 2011:
Placental malaria-associated suppression of parasite-specific immune response in neonates has no major impact on systemic CD4 T cell homeostasis

Vieira de Moraes, L.; Penha-Gonçalves, C., 2013:
Placental malaria: from infection to malfunction

Pearson, R.Douglas., 2007:
Placental malaria: hypertension, VEGF, and prolactin

Ndao, C.T.; Dumont, A.; Fievet, N.; Doucoure, S.; Gaye, A.; Lehesran, J.Y., 2009:
Placental malarial infection as a risk factor for hypertensive disorders during pregnancy in Africa: a case-control study in an urban area of Senegal, West Africa

Vieira-Filho, L.D.; Lara, L.S.; Silva, P.A.; Santos, F.T.J.; Luzardo, R.; Oliveira, F.S.T.; Paixão, A.D.O.; Vieyra, A., 2011:
Placental malnutrition changes the regulatory network of renal Na-ATPase in adult rat progeny: Reprogramming by maternal α-tocopherol during lactation

Arroyo, J.A.; Brown, L.D.; Galan, H.L., 2009:
Placental mammalian target of rapamycin and related signaling pathways in an ovine model of intrauterine growth restriction

D.P.epe, M.E.; Shapiro, S.; Greco, D.; Luks, V.L.; Abellar, R.G.; Luks, C.H.; Luks, F.I., 2010:
Placental markers of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome in diamniotic-monochorionic twins: A morphometric analysis of deep artery-to-vein anastomoses

Vu, T-Danae.; Yun Feng; Placido, J.; Reznik, S.E., 2008:
Placental matrix metalloproteinase--1 expression is increased in labor

Ruiz-Quiñonez, G.; Reza-López, S.A.; Chávez-Corral, D.Virginia.; Sánchez-Ramírez, B.; Leal-Berumen, I.; Levario-Carrillo, M., 2015:
Placental maturity, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and birth weight

Misra, D.P.; Salafia, C.M.; Charles, A.K.; Miller, R.K., 2012:
Placental measurements associated with intelligence quotient at age 7 years

Stanek, J., 2011:
Placental membrane and placental disc microscopic chorionic cysts share similar clinicopathologic associations

Sundell, I.Birgitta.; Koka, P., 2011:
Placental membrane as a source of mesenchymal stem cells

Stanek, J., 2013:
Placental membrane laminar necrosis and chorionic microcysts

Ichim, T.E.; Solano, F.; Brenes, R.; Glenn, E.; Chang, J.; Chan, K.; Riordan, N.H., 2008:
Placental mesenchymal and cord blood stem cell therapy for dilated cardiomyopathy

Allias, F.; Lebreton, Fédérique.; Collardeau-Frachon, S.; Vasiljevic, A.; Rossignol, S.; Massardier, Jérôme.; Huissoud, C.; Devouassoux-Shisheboran, M., 2008:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia

Pawoo, N.; Heller, D.S., 2014:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia

Koga, H.; Makimura, M.; Tanaka, H.; Sumioki, H., 2014:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia and fetal hematologic disorder

Kapur, R.P.; Cole, B.; Zhang, M.; Lin, J.; Fligner, C.L., 2013:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia and fetal renal-hepatic-pancreatic dysplasia: androgenetic-biparental mosaicism and pathogenesis of an autosomal recessive disorder

Chen, C-Ping.; Hsu, C-Yuan.; Su, Y-Ning.; Wang, T-Yeuan.; Chern, S-Rern.; Su, J-Wei.; Wang, W., 2013:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia associated with antepartum hemorrhage, subchorionic hematoma, and intrauterine growth restriction

Tortoledo, M.; Galindo, A.; Ibarrola, C., 2010:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia associated with hepatic and pulmonary hamartoma

Francis, B.; Hallam, L.; Kecskes, Z.; Ellwood, D.; Croaker, D.; Kent, A., 2007:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia associated with hepatic mesenchymal hamartoma in the newborn

Aviram, R.; Kidron, D.; Silverstein, S.; Lerer, I.; Abeliovich, D.; Tepper, R.; Dolfin, Z.; Markovitch, O.; Arnon, S., 2008:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia associated with transient neonatal diabetes mellitus and paternal UPD6

Müngen, Eüment.; Dundar, Oür.; Muhcu, M.; Haholu, A.; Tunca, Y., 2008:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia associated with trisomy 13: sonographic findings

Akbarzadeh-Jahromi, M.; Sari Aslani, F.; Parvari, S., 2014:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia complicated by hydrops fetalis and fetal death: a case report

Minekawa-Mehandjiev, R.; Masuda, K.; Yamamoto, K.; Miura, K.; Nakayama, M.; Murata, Y., 2014:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia differentially diagnosed from molar pregnancy by 3-D inversion mode rendering: a case report

Starikov, R.; Goldman, R.; Dizon, D.S.; Kostadinov, S.; Carr, S., 2011:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia presenting as a twin gestation with complete molar pregnancy

Harris, K.; Carreon, C.Katte.; Vohra, N.; Williamson, A.; Dolgin, S.; Rochelson, B., 2014:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia with hepatic mesenchymal hamartoma: a case report and literature review

Yamada, A.; Sakaida, N.; Okamura, A.; Yamada, T.; Ota, T.; Bo, M., 2015:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia, a case of intrauterine sudden death

Sudano, M.Chiara.; D'Emidio, L.; Mangiafico, L.; Mobili, L.; Giorlandino, C., 2013:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia, a case of intrauterine sudden death in a normal-sized fetus

Jalil, S.Syed.Abdul.; Mahran, M.A.; Sule, M., 2009:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia-can it be predicted prenatally? A case report

Li, H.; Li, L.; Tang, X.; Yang, F.; Yang, K-Xuan., 2015:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia: a case of a normal-appearing fetus with intrauterine growth restriction

Agarwal, R.; Khatuja, R.; Sharma, L.; Singh, A., 2012:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia: a case report

Ang, D.C.; Rodríguez Urrego, P.Andrea.; Prasad, V., 2008:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia: a potential misdiagnosed entity

Ulker, V.; Aslan, H.; Gedikbasi, A.; Yararbas, K.; Yildirim, G.; Yavuz, E., 2014:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia: a rare clinicopathologic entity confused with molar pregnancy

Sheeja, S.; Usha, P.; Shiny, M.P.; Renu, T., 2013:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia: a report of two cases with review of literature

Gizzo, S.; D.G.ngi, S.; Patrelli, T.Silvio.; Saccardi, C.; D'Antona, D.; Nardelli, G.Battista., 2012:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia: can early diagnosis ensure a good materno-foetal outcome? A case report

Ohira, S.; Ookubo, N.; Tanaka, K.; Takatsu, A.; Kobara, H.; Kikuchi, N.; Ohya, A.; Kanai, M.; Shiozawa, T., 2014:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia: chronological observation of placental images during gestation and review of the literature

Hochart, A.; Khodja Bach, S.; Avni, F.; Petit, S.; Truffert, P., 2015:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia: consequences for the newborn

Che, A-wen.; Tan, X-dong.; Chen, S-ping., 2013:
Placental mesenchymal dysplasia: reports of two cases

Zhu, Y.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Hao, G.; Liu, T.; Wang, L.; Yang, T.; Wang, Q.; Zhang, G.; Wei, J.; Li, Y., 2015:
Placental mesenchymal stem cells of fetal and maternal origins demonstrate different therapeutic potentials

Zhu, Y.; Song, X.; Wang, J.; Li, Y.; Yang, Y.; Yang, T.; Ma, H.; Wang, L.; Zhang, G.; Cho, W.C.; Liu, X.; Wei, J., 2015:
Placental mesenchymal stem cells of fetal origin deposit epigenetic alterations during long-term culture under serum-free condition

König, J.; Weiss, G.; Rossi, D.; Wankhammer, K.; Reinisch, A.; Kinzer, M.; Huppertz, B.; Pfeiffer, D.; Parolini, O.; Lang, I., 2015:
Placental mesenchymal stromal cells derived from blood vessels or avascular tissues: what is the better choice to support endothelial cell function?

Yust-Katz, S.; Fisher-Shoval, Y.; Barhum, Y.; Ben-Zur, T.; Barzilay, R.; Lev, N.; Hod, M.; Melamed, E.; Offen, D., 2012:
Placental mesenchymal stromal cells induced into neurotrophic factor-producing cells protect neuronal cells from hypoxia and oxidative stress

Illsley, N.P.; Caniggia, I.; Zamudio, S., 2010:
Placental metabolic reprogramming: do changes in the mix of energy-generating substrates modulate fetal growth?

Holzaepfel, J.H.; Barnes, A.C., 2011:
Placental metabolism of vitamin C; histochemical analysis

Barnes, A.C., 2011:
Placental metabolism of vitamin C; normal placental content

Perret-Court, A.; Fernandez, C.; Monestier, S.; Millet, Véronique.; Tasei, A-Marie., 2010:
Placental metastasis of melanoma: a new case and literature review

Yin, Y-Zhu.; She, Q.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, P-Zhen.; Zhang, Y.; Lin, J-Wei.; Ye, Y-Chou., 2014:
Placental methylation markers in normal and trisomy 21 tissues

Weedon-Fekjær, M.S.; Sheng, Y.; Sugulle, M.; Johnsen, G.M.; Herse, F.; Redman, C.W.; Lyle, R.; Dechend, R.; Staff, A.C., 2015:
Placental miR-1301 is dysregulated in early-onset preeclampsia and inversely correlated with maternal circulating leptin

Enquobahrie, D.A.; Abetew, D.F.; Sorensen, T.K.; Willoughby, D.; Chidambaram, K.; Williams, M.A., 2011:
Placental microRNA expression in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia

Rusterholz, C.; Messerli, M.; Hoesli, I.; Hahn, S., 2012:
Placental microparticles, DNA, and RNA in preeclampsia

Janssen, B.G.; Munters, E.; Pieters, N.; Smeets, K.; Cox, B.; Cuypers, A.; Fierens, F.; Penders, J.; Vangronsveld, J.; Gyselaers, W.; Nawrot, T.S., 2013:
Placental mitochondrial DNA content and particulate air pollution during in utero life

Mandò, C.; D.P.lma, C.; Stampalija, T.; Anelli, G.M.; Figus, M.; Novielli, C.; Parisi, F.; Clementi, E.; Ferrazzi, E.; Cetin, I., 2014:
Placental mitochondrial content and function in intrauterine growth restriction and preeclampsia

Zhao, X-xin.; Gao, W-xiang.; Gao, Y-qi.; Suo, L.; Chen, J., 2007:
Placental mitochondrial respiratory function of native Tibetan at high altitude

Gudmundsson, S.; Dubiel, M.; Sladkevicius, P., 2009:
Placental morphologic and functional imaging in high-risk pregnancies

Schwartz, N.; Mandel, D.; Shlakhter, O.; Coletta, J.; Pessel, C.; Timor-Tritsch, I.E.; Salafia, C.M., 2011:
Placental morphologic features and chorionic surface vasculature at term are highly correlated with 3-dimensional sonographic measurements at 11 to 14 weeks

Drobinskaia, A.N.; Nadeeva, A.P.; Zhukova, V.A.; Pasman, N.M.; Karpov, M.A.; Teliatnikova, N.V., 2014:
Placental morphology in inherited thrombophilia

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Placental morphology in pre-eclampsia and eclampsia and the likely role of NK cells

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Plain English

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Plain Words

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Plain Writing

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Plain cigarette packs in Australia

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Plain cigarette packs: a creative challenge for Big Tobacco

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Plain radiographs of the wrist and hand

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Plain radiographs underestimate the asymmetry of the posterior condylar offset of the knee compared with MRI

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Plain radiographs: in or has been?

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Plain radiography and magnetic resonance imaging diagnostics in osteoarthritis: validated staging and scoring

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Plain radiography of the skull in the diagnosis of intracranial tumours

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Plain roentgenogram of the skull

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Plain speaking? Why HIT departments need to think about health literacy

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Plain talk about employment contracts

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Plain tobacco packaging in Australia increases calls to Quitline

Anonymous, 2013:
Plain tobacco packs up urgency to kick the habit

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Plain-radiographic image labeling: a process to improve clinical outcomes

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Plainer english

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Plainly constitutional: the upholding of plain tobacco packaging by the High Court of Australia

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Plains archeology

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Plains rangers

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Plaintiff in EMTALA claim need not be the injured patient. Moses v. Providence Hospital and Medical Centers, No. 07-2111 (6th Cir. April 6, 2009)

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Plaintiffs' expert's opinion rejected as 'conclusory'

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Plan (b)

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Plan 1919 - the other one

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Plan A: postabortion contraception

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Plan B One-Step OTC

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Plan B and the doctrine of double effect

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Plan B comes out from behind the counter

Eggertson, L., 2014:
Plan B emergency contraceptive may be ineffective for heavier women

Anonymous, 2009:
Plan B for 17-year olds

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Plan B for stimulating stem cell division

Gainsbury, S., 2012:
Plan B has arrived

Riga, P.J., 2014:
Plan B morning after pill

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Plan B, One Step not taken: politics trumps science yet again

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Plan B. A practical approach to downtime planning in medical practices

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Plan B. Do you have a career to fall back on?

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Plan B: access to emergency contraception in the legal and political cross hairs

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Plan BTC: the case for a third class of drugs in the United States

Anonymous, 1925:
Plan For The Electrification Of Palestine

Koch, L., 1920:
Plan Of The Bicentenary Expedition To The North Of Greenland

Clevenger, S.V., 1880:
Plan Of The Cerebro-Spinal Nervous System

Anonymous, 2011:
Plan administrator had reasons to terminate man's benefits

Ingle, C.W., 2011:
Plan adopted by cancer clinic for treatment of tumors of the breast

Bågenholm, E.Nilsson.; Arwidson, L., 2009:
Plan against discrimination

Lynch, D.K., 2010:
Plan ahead

Putzier, T., 2008:
Plan ahead for disasters

Anonymous, 2011:
Plan ahead for new Medicare benefits: coverage for drugs, preventive care, and more improves

Anonymous, 2013:
Plan ahead to avoid tax surprises

Laws, J., 2012:
Plan ahead to prevent slips and falls

Gerber, L., 2013:
Plan ahead, then sail off to a fulfilling retirement

Anonymous, 2010:
Plan amendments--vesting of welfare benefits--settlor intent--ability to terminate health benefits for those on long-term disability

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Plan and conduct programme evaluation

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Plan and pharmacy perspectives: growth hormone therapy, formulary, and benefit authorization

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Plan averaging for multicriteria navigation of sliding window IMRT and VMAT

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Plan before the panic

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Plan choice, health insurance cost and premium sharing

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Plan demographics, participants' saving behavior, and target-date fund investments

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Plan design and active involvement of consumers in their own health and healthcare

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Plan designs that encourage the use of generic drugs over brand-name drugs: an analysis of a free generic benefit

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Plan dose evaluation of three dimensional conformal radiotherapy planning (3D-CRT) of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC): experience of a tertiary care University Hospital in Pakistan

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Plan evaluation and dosimetric comparison of IMRT using AAPM TG119 test suites and recommendations

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Plan fine-tunes subsidy program

Dumas, T., 2009:
Plan for 2009: learn from 2008 the "big 3" violations

Omega, 1841 :
Plan for Parochial Medical Relief

Sobel, A.E., 1958:
Plan for Producing Significant Research

Anonymous, 2014:
Plan for Red Cross records

Anonymous, 1951:
Plan for Rheumatism

Christie, B., 2010:
Plan for a minimum price for alcohol in Scotland heads for defeat

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Plan for a successful research day!

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Plan for action on hospital medical staffing

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Plan for an integrated hospital

Breslow, L., 2010:
Plan for encephalitis study

Izquierdo-Palomares, Jé.Manuel.; Carretón, Mía.José.Almodóvar.; Fernández, Lís.Carlos.Saiz.; Gómez, R.Siguín.; Gómez, C.López.; Elustondo, Sía.Garrido., 2011:
Plan for improving pharmacy indicators in a primary health area of Madrid. Description and results

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Plan for management of erythroblastosis fetalis (congenital hemolytic disease) and icterus gravis neonatorum

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Plan for mandatory ID of livestock focus of congressional hearing

Christie, B., 2014:
Plan for minimum alcohol price in Scotland is delayed again

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Plan for providing nursing care

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Plan for quality to improve patient safety at the point of care

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Plan for screening, induction, and utilization of man power

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Plan for state-wide distribution of blood and blood derivatives; organization

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Plan for state-wide distribution of blood and blood derivatives; technical aspects

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Plan for success. An effective planning cycle can reap big rewards

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Plan for the Czechoslovak Red Cross activities

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Plan for the care of peripheral nerve injuries overseas

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Plan for the control of Legionella infections in long-term care facilities: role of environmental monitoring

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Plan hopes $3,000 per oncologist results in improved cancer care

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Plan in a pack

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Plan launched to find HIV cure

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Plan now for 2010

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Plan now for a successful, comfortable retirement

Anonymous, 1994:
Plan now to join colleagues

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Plan of Treatment for Gastro-enteritis in Infants

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Plan of a Hospital and Cleansing Establishment for the Treatment of Cholera, and Guarding against its Introduction at Ports and Places of Entrance

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Plan of action for improving medicinal drug safety

Anonymous, 2011:
Plan of action for promoting vaccination. Nurses sought

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Plan of action. Customizing your diabetes management puts you in control

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Plan of action. Physicians are working with the City of Minneapolis to keep kids from becoming repeat victims of violence

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Plan of state sanitary inspection in the postwar period

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Plan of the Fort Greene Industrial Health Committee

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Plan proposed to make organ donation less "ad hoc"

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Plan puts phlebotomists on professional-development track

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Plan shake-up. Cuts to SNF reimbursement causes scramble

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Plan to Assess Census Undercounting Dropped: Researchers have devised a way to count blacks and other minority groups missed by the census, but Commerce has canceled plans to implement it

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Plan to axe top training school upsets and puzzles students

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Plan to bar funding to pennsylvania laboratory

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Clinical Utility of Screening for Anxiety and Depression in Children with Tourette Syndrome

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Plan to control diphtheria in a general hospital

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Plan to fail? The secret to a successful associate buy-in

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Plan to force drug companies in France to reveal payments to doctors has been diluted, campaigners say

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Plan to improve cancer survival in England

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Plan to improve malaria control towards its elimination in Mesoamerica

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Plan to improve sexual health in England lacks "teeth," say campaigners

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Plan to increase the number of nurse researchers fails to deliver

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Plan to stimulate research in developing countries is put on hold

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Plan uses AAA-type tracking to reduce ER overutilization. A program by a Medicaid insurer keeps in touch with patients throughout their entire episode of care

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Plan your pandemic. A guide for GPs

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Plan your steps to a smooth ICD-10-CM transition

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Plan, train, and maintain for safety success

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Plan-do-study-act cycle rejuvenates a marriage

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Plan-provider integration, premiums, and quality in the Medicare Advantage market

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Plan-view preparation of TEM specimens from thin films using adhesive tape

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Clinical utility of self-disclosure for adults who stutter: Apologetic versus informative statements

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Planar cell polarity in coordinated and directed movements

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Planar cell polarity in kidney development and disease

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Planar cell polarity in polycystic kidney disease

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Planar cell polarity in the inner ear

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