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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55045

Chapter 55045 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Peng, S.; Geng, J.; Sun, R.; Tian, Z.; Wei, H., 2009:
Polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid liposome induces human hepatoma cells apoptosis which correlates to the up-regulation of RIG-I like receptors

Ghaffari, A.A.; Chow, E.K.; Iyer, S.S.; Deng, J.C.; Cheng, G., 2011:
Polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid suppresses acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity independent of type I interferons and toll-like receptor 3

Gibbert, K.; Dietze, K.K.; Zelinskyy, G.; Lang, K.S.; Barchet, W.; Kirschning, C.J.; Dittmer, U., 2010:
Polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid treatment of Friend retrovirus-infected mice improves functional properties of virus-specific T cells and prevents virus-induced disease

Vauthey, M., 1946:
Polyintolerance to drugs and liver dysfunctions

Tomita, S.; Yoshimoto, K., 2014:
Polyion complex libraries possessing naturally occurring differentiation for pattern-based protein discrimination

Li, Y.; Hu, X.; Tian, S.; Li, Y.; Zhang, G.; Zhang, G.; Liu, S., 2014:
Polyion complex micellar nanoparticles for integrated fluorometric detection and bacteria inhibition in aqueous media

Shiraishi, K.; Kawano, K.; Maitani, Y.; Yokoyama, M., 2011:
Polyion complex micelle MRI contrast agents from poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(l-lysine) block copolymers having Gd-DOTA; preparations and their control of T(1)-relaxivities and blood circulation characteristics

Jiang, Y.; Lu, H.; Khine, Y.Yee.; Dag, A.; Stenzel, M.H., 2015:
Polyion complex micelle based on albumin-polymer conjugates: multifunctional oligonucleotide transfection vectors for anticancer chemotherapeutics

Chelushkin, P.S.; Lysenko, E.A.; Bronich, T.K.; Eisenberg, A.; Kabanov, V.A.; Kabanov, A.V., 2008:
Polyion complex nanomaterials from block polyelectrolyte micelles and linear polyelectrolytes of opposite charge. 2. Dynamic properties

Chelushkin, P.S.; Lysenko, E.A.; Bronich, T.K.; Eisenberg, A.; Kabanov, V.A.; Kabanov, A.V., 2007:
Polyion complex nanomaterials from block polyelectrolyte micelles and linear polyelectrolytes of opposite charge: 1. Solution behavior

Takemoto, H.; Ishii, A.; Miyata, K.; Nakanishi, M.; Oba, M.; Ishii, T.; Yamasaki, Y.; Nishiyama, N.; Kataoka, K., 2010:
Polyion complex stability and gene silencing efficiency with a siRNA-grafted polymer delivery system

Chen, H.; Xiao, L.; Anraku, Y.; Mi, P.; Liu, X.; Cabral, H.; Inoue, A.; Nomoto, T.; Kishimura, A.; Nishiyama, N.; Kataoka, K., 2014:
Polyion complex vesicles for photoinduced intracellular delivery of amphiphilic photosensitizer

Bell-Vlasov, A.K.; Zajda, J.; Eldourghamy, A.; Malinowska, E.; Meyerhoff, M.E., 2015:
Polyion selective polymeric membrane-based pulstrode as a detector in flow-injection analysis

Sharma, R.; Das, C.; Dahal, S.; Das, B., 2013:
Polyion-counterion interactions in sodium carboxymethylcellulose-ethylene glycol-water ternary solutions

Zuzzi, S.; Cametti, C.; Onori, G., 2008:
Polyion-induced aggregation of lipidic-coated solid polystyrene spheres: the many facets of complex formation in low-density colloidal suspensions

Zuzzi, S.; Cametti, C.; Onori, G.; Sennato, S.; Tacchi, S., 2009:
Polyion-induced cluster formation in different colloidal polyparticle aqueous suspensions

Kelly, C.; Khaja, S.; Vena, A.; Yu, A.; Esson, J.M., 2011:
Polyion-sensitive membrane-based electrodes for heparin-binding foldamer analysis

Percebom, A.Maria.; Piculell, L.; Loh, W., 2012:
Polyion-surfactant ion complex salts formed by a random anionic copolyacid at different molar ratios of cationic surfactant: phase behavior with water and n-alcohols

Lilie, H.; Richter, S.; Bergelt, S.; Frost, S.; Gehle, F., 2014:
Polyionic and cysteine-containing fusion peptides as versatile protein tags

Savelyev, A.; Papoian, G.A., 2008:
Polyionic charge density plays a key role in differential recognition of mobile ions by biopolymers

Mennecke, K.; Kirschning, A., 2009:
Polyionic polymers--heterogeneous media for metal nanoparticles as catalyst in Suzuki-Miyaura and Heck-Mizoroki reactions under flow conditions

Hongfa, C.; Su, H-Lih.; Bazzi, H.S.; Bergbreiter, D.E., 2009:
Polyisobutylene-anchored N-heterocyclic carbene ligands

Burkhardt, M.; Martinez-Castro, N.; Tea, S.; Drechsler, M.; Babin, I.; Grishagin, I.; Schweins, R.; Pergushov, D.V.; Gradzielski, M.; Zezin, A.B.; Müller, A.H.E., 2007:
Polyisobutylene-block-poly(methacrylic acid) diblock copolymers: self-assembly in aqueous media

Bergbreiter, D.E.; Yang, Y-Chin.; Hobbs, C.E., 2011:
Polyisobutylene-supported phosphines as recyclable and regenerable catalysts and reagents

Dama, M.; Berger, S., 2011:
Polyisocyanides as a new alignment medium to measure residual dipolar couplings for small organic molecules

Rayón, Víctor.M.; Redondo, P.; Valdés, H.; Barrientos, C.; Largo, A., 2009:
Polyisocyanides of titanium

Heredia, V.; Bianco, I.D.; Tríbulo, H.; Tríbulo, R.; Seoane, M.Ferro.; Faudone, S.; Cuffini, S.L.; Demichelis, N.A.; Schalliol, H.; Beltramo, D.M., 2010:
Polyisoprene matrix for progesterone release: in vitro and in vivo studies

Knite, M.; Zavickis, J.; Teteris, V.; Linarts, A., 2012:
Polyisoprene-multi wall carbon nanotube composite structure for flexible pressure sensor application

Skorupinska-Tudek, K.; Wojcik, J.; Swiezewska, E., 2008:
Polyisoprenoid alcohols--recent results of structural studies

Surmacz, L.; Swiezewska, E., 2011:
Polyisoprenoids - Secondary metabolites or physiologically important superlipids?

Maksimenko, A.; Mougin, J.; Mura, S.; Sliwinski, E.; Lepeltier, E.; Bourgaux, C.; Lepêtre, S.; Zouhiri, F.; Desmaële, D.; Couvreur, P., 2013:
Polyisoprenoyl gemcitabine conjugates self assemble as nanoparticles, useful for cancer therapy

Acuña, U.Muñoz.; Jancovski, N.; Kennelly, E.J., 2010:
Polyisoprenylated benzophenones from Clusiaceae: potential drugs and lead compounds

Poku, R.A.; Amissah, F.; Duverna, R.; Aguilar, B.J.; Kiros, G-Egziabher.; Lamango, N.S., 2014:
Polyisoprenylated methylated protein methyl esterase as a putative drug target for androgen-insensitive prostate cancer

Amissah, F.; Duverna, R.; Aguilar, B.J.; Poku, R.A.; Lamango, N.S., 2014:
Polyisoprenylated methylated protein methyl esterase is both sensitive to curcumin and overexpressed in colorectal cancer: implications for chemoprevention and treatment

Amissah, F.; Duverna, R.; Aguilar, B.J.; Poku, R.A.; Kiros, G-Egziabher.; Lamango, N.S., 2014:
Polyisoprenylated methylated protein methyl esterase overexpression and hyperactivity promotes lung cancer progression

Aguilar, B.J.; Nkembo, A.T.; Duverna, R.; Poku, R.A.; Amissah, F.; Ablordeppey, S.Y.; Lamango, N.S., 2015:
Polyisoprenylated methylated protein methyl esterase: a putative biomarker and therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer

Aguilar, B.; Amissah, F.; Duverna, R.; Lamango, N.S., 2011:
Polyisoprenylation potentiates the inhibition of polyisoprenylated methylated protein methyl esterase and the cell degenerative effects of sulfonyl fluorides

Fiore, V.F.; Lofton, M.C.; Roser-Page, S.; Yang, S.C.; Roman, J.; Murthy, N.; Barker, T.H., 2010:
Polyketal microparticles for therapeutic delivery to the lung

Santiago, C.; Sun, L.; Munro, M.Herbert.Gibson.; Santhanam, J., 2014:
Polyketide and benzopyran compounds of an endophytic fungus isolated from Cinnamomum mollissimum: biological activity and structure

Chen, M.; Wang, G.; Dai, S.; Xie, L.; Li, X., 2010:
Polyketide antibiotics produced by polyketide synthase in streptomyces--a review

Canterbury, D.P.; Micalizio, G.C., 2010:
Polyketide assembly by alkene-alkyne reductive cross-coupling: spiroketals through the union of homoallylic alcohols

Van Wagoner, R.M.; Satake, M.; Wright, J.L.C., 2015:
Polyketide biosynthesis in dinoflagellates: what makes it different?

Lohse-Fraefel, N.; Carreira, E.M., 2010:
Polyketide building blocks via diastereoselective nitrile oxide cycloadditions with homoallylic alcohols and monoprotected homoallylic diols

Dechert-Schmitt, A-Marie.R.; Schmitt, D.C.; Gao, X.; Itoh, T.; Krische, M.J., 2014:
Polyketide construction via hydrohydroxyalkylation and related alcohol C-H functionalizations: reinventing the chemistry of carbonyl addition

Gu, L.; Wang, B.; Kulkarni, A.; Gehret, J.J.; Lloyd, K.R.; Gerwick, L.; Gerwick, W.H.; Wipf, P.; Håkansson, K.; Smith, J.L.; Sherman, D.H., 2010:
Polyketide decarboxylative chain termination preceded by o-sulfonation in curacin a biosynthesis

Koskela, S.; Söderholm, Päivi.P.; Ainasoja, M.; Wennberg, T.; Klika, K.D.; Ovcharenko, V.V.; Kylänlahti, I.; Auerma, T.; Yli-Kauhaluoma, J.; Pihlaja, K.; Vuorela, P.M.; Teeri, T.H., 2011:
Polyketide derivatives active against Botrytis cinerea in Gerbera hybrida

Chakraborty, K.; Thilakan, B.; Raola, V.Krishna., 2015:
Polyketide family of novel antibacterial 7-O-methyl-5'-hydroxy-3'-heptenoate-macrolactin from seaweed-associated Bacillus subtilis MTCC 10403

Della Sala, G.; Hochmuth, T.; Costantino, V.; Teta, R.; Gerwick, W.; Gerwick, L.; Piel, Jörn.; Mangoni, A., 2014:
Polyketide genes in the marine sponge Plakortis simplex: a new group of mono-modular type I polyketide synthases from sponge symbionts

Wang, B.; You, J.; King, J.B.; Cai, S.; Park, E.; Powell, D.R.; Cichewicz, R.H., 2015:
Polyketide glycosides from Bionectria ochroleuca inhibit Candida albicans biofilm formation

Li, Y.; Fiers, W.D.; Bernard, S.M.; Smith, J.L.; Aldrich, C.C.; Fecik, R.A., 2015:
Polyketide intermediate mimics as probes for revealing cryptic stereochemistry of ketoreductase domains

Shiono, Y.; Hatakeyama, T.; Murayama, T.; Koseki, T., 2012:
Polyketide metabolites from the endophytic fungus Microdiplodia sp. KS 75-1

Jensen, K.; Niederkrüger, H.; Zimmermann, K.; Vagstad, A.L.; Moldenhauer, J.; Brendel, N.; Frank, S.; Pöplau, P.; Kohlhaas, C.; Townsend, C.A.; Oldiges, M.; Hertweck, C.; Piel, Jörn., 2012:
Polyketide proofreading by an acyltransferase-like enzyme

Shevchuk, O.; Pägelow, D.; Rasch, J.; Döhrmann, S.; Günther, G.; Hoppe, J.; Ünal, C.Murat.; Bronietzki, M.; Gutierrez, M.Gabriel.; Steinert, M., 2015:
Polyketide synthase (PKS) reduces fusion of Legionella pneumophila-containing vacuoles with lysosomes and contributes to bacterial competitiveness during infection

Horsman, G.P.; Chen, Y.; Thorson, J.S.; Shen, B., 2010:
Polyketide synthase chemistry does not direct biosynthetic divergence between 9- and 10-membered enediynes

Donadio, S.; Monciardini, P.; Sosio, M., 2007:
Polyketide synthases and nonribosomal peptide synthetases: the emerging view from bacterial genomics

Della Sala, G.; Hochmuth, T.; Teta, R.; Costantino, V.; Mangoni, A., 2015:
Polyketide synthases in the microbiome of the marine sponge Plakortis halichondrioides: a metagenomic update

Hochmuth, T.; Piel, Jörn., 2010:
Polyketide synthases of bacterial symbionts in sponges--evolution-based applications in natural products research

Jadhav, S.; Phapale, P.; Thulasiram, H.V.; Bhargava, S., 2014:
Polyketide synthesis in tobacco plants transformed with a Plumbago zeylanica type III hexaketide synthase

Chopra, T.; Gokhale, R.S., 2009:
Polyketide versatility in the biosynthesis of complex mycobacterial cell wall lipids

Buchholz, T.J.; Rath, C.M.; Lopanik, N.B.; Gardner, N.P.; Håkansson, K.; Sherman, D.H., 2011:
Polyketide β-branching in bryostatin biosynthesis: identification of surrogate acetyl-ACP donors for BryR, an HMG-ACP synthase

Kusebauch, Börn.; Busch, B.; Scherlach, K.; Roth, M.; Hertweck, C., 2009:
Polyketide-chain branching by an enzymatic Michael addition

Gallo, F.R.; Palazzino, G.; Federici, E.; Iurilli, R.; Galeffi, C.; Chifundera, K.; Nicoletti, M., 2011:
Polyketides from Eleutherine bulbosa

Hao, G.; Qing-Hua, Z.; Miao-Miao, J.; Jin-Shan, T.; Cheng-Du, M.; Kui, H.; Michio, N.; Nai-Li, W.; Xin-Sheng, Y., 2008:
Polyketides from a marine sponge-derived fungus Mycelia sterilia and proton-proton long-range coupling

Nong, X-Hua.; Zheng, Z-Hui.; Zhang, X-Yong.; Lu, X-Hua.; Qi, S-Hua., 2014:
Polyketides from a marine-derived fungus Xylariaceae sp

Hu, W.; Xu, J.; Sinkkonen, J.; Wu, J., 2010:
Polyketides from marine dinoflagellates of the genus Prorocentrum, biosynthetic origin and bioactivity of their okadaic acid analogues

Lin, J.; Liu, S.; Sun, B.; Niu, S.; Li, E.; Liu, X.; Che, Y., 2010:
Polyketides from the ascomycete fungus Leptosphaeria sp

Le, D.Hoang.; Takenaka, Y.; Hamada, N.; Mizushina, Y.; Tanahashi, T., 2014:
Polyketides from the cultured lichen mycobiont of a Vietnamese Pyrenula sp

Liu, T.; Zhu, J.; Zhang, S-Ya.; Li, Z-Lin.; Guan, L-Ping.; Pan, H-Qi.; Wu, X.; Bai, J.; Hua, H-Ming., 2014:
Polyketides from the halotolerant fungus Myrothecium sp. GS-17

Chang, Y-Chih.; Deng, T-Shing.; Pang, K-Lai.; Hsiao, C-Jen.; Chen, Y-Ying.; Tang, S-Jye.; Lee, T-Huei., 2013:
Polyketides from the littoral plant associated fungus Pseudallescheria boydii

Wuringege; Guo, Z-Kai.; Wei, W.; Jiao, R-Hua.; Yan, T.; Zang, L-Yun.; Jiang, R.; Tan, R-Xiang.; Ge, H-Ming., 2014:
Polyketides from the plant endophytic fungus Cladosporium sp. IFB3lp-2

Gan, M.; Liu, Y.; Bai, Y.; Guan, Y.; Li, L.; Gao, R.; He, W.; You, X.; Li, Y.; Yu, L.; Xiao, C., 2013:
Polyketides with New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase 1 inhibitory activity from Penicillium sp

Wang, Q-Xin.; Bao, L.; Yang, X-Li.; Guo, H.; Yang, R-Nan.; Ren, B.; Zhang, L-Xin.; Dai, H-Qin.; Guo, L-Dong.; Liu, H-Wei., 2012:
Polyketides with antimicrobial activity from the solid culture of an endolichenic fungus Ulocladium sp

Cox, R.J., 2007:
Polyketides, proteins and genes in fungi: programmed nano-machines begin to reveal their secrets

Reñé, A.; Camp, J.; Garcés, E., 2014:
Polykrikos tanit sp. nov., a new mixotrophic unarmoured pseudocolonial dinoflagellate from the NW Mediterranean Sea

Pang, X.; Zhuang, X.; Tang, Z.; Chen, X., 2011:
Polylactic acid (PLA): research, development and industrialization

Bocchini, S.; Fukushima, K.; Blasio, A.Di.; Fina, A.; Frache, A.; Geobaldo, F., 2015:
Polylactic acid and polylactic acid-based nanocomposite photooxidation

Gu, J.; Catchmark, J.M., 2013:
Polylactic acid composites incorporating casein functionalized cellulose nanowhiskers

Guarino, V.; Causa, F.; Taddei, P.; di Foggia, M.; Ciapetti, G.; Martini, Dèe.; Fagnano, C.; Baldini, N.; Ambrosio, L., 2008:
Polylactic acid fibre-reinforced polycaprolactone scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Costa, R.Gonçalves.da.; Lontra, M.Betancort.; Scalco, P.; Cavazzola, L.Totti.; Gurski, R.Ricachenewski., 2009:
Polylactic acid film versus acellular porcine small intestinal submucosa mesh in peritoneal adhesion formation in rats

Piquet, M.; Brignol, L.; Chatelain, B.; Rey, D.; Ricbourg, B.; Meyer, C., 2007:
Polylactic acid injections: usefullness for the treatment of facial lipoatrophy in HIV+ patients under tritherapy

Lafaurie, M.; Dolivo, M.; Girard, P-M.; May, T.; Bouchaud, O.; Carbonnel, E.; Madelaine, I.; Loze, B.; Porcher, R.; Molina, J-M., 2014:
Polylactic acid vs. polyacrylamide hydrogel for treatment of facial lipoatrophy: a randomized controlled trial [Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le SIDA et les Hépatites Virales (ANRS) 132 SMILE

Wertz, J.T.; Mauldin, T.C.; Boday, D.J., 2014:
Polylactic acid with improved heat deflection temperatures and self-healing properties for durable goods applications

Salem, S.Abood.; Hwei, N.Min.; Bin Saim, A.; Ho, C.C.K.; Sagap, I.; Singh, R.; Yusof, M.Reusmaazran.; M.Z.inuddin, Z.; Idrus, R.Bt.Hj., 2014:
Polylactic-co-glycolic acid mesh coated with fibrin or collagen and biological adhesive substance as a prefabricated, degradable, biocompatible, and functional scaffold for regeneration of the urinary bladder wall

Griffet, J.; Accorsi, E.; Chevallier, A.; E.H.yek, T.; Odin, G.; Meouchy, W., 2002:
Polylactide acid pins versus stainless steel pins in the treatment of diaphyseal fracture: Experimental study in rats

Serino, G.; Rao, W.; Iezzi, G.; Piattelli, A., 2007:
Polylactide and polyglycolide sponge used in human extraction sockets: bone formation following 3 months after its application

Singh, S.; Ray, S.Sinha., 2007:
Polylactide based nanostructured biomaterials and their applications

Novotna, K.; Zajdlova, M.; Suchy, T.; Hadraba, D.; Lopot, F.; Zaloudkova, M.; Douglas, T.E.L.; Munzarova, M.; Juklickova, M.; Stranska, D.; Kubies, D.; Schaubroeck, D.; Wille, S.; Balcaen, L.; Jarosova, M.; Kozak, H.; Kromka, A.; Svindrych, Z.; Lisa, V.; Balik, K.; Bacakova, L., 2015:
Polylactide nanofibers with hydroxyapatite as growth substrates for osteoblast-like cells

Tong, R.; Coyle, V.J.; Tang, L.; Barger, A.M.; Fan, T.M.; Cheng, J., 2010:
Polylactide nanoparticles containing stably incorporated cyanine dyes for in vitro and in vivo imaging applications

Spasova, M.; Manolova, N.; Paneva, D.; Mincheva, R.; Dubois, P.; Rashkov, I.; Maximova, V.; Danchev, D., 2010:
Polylactide stereocomplex-based electrospun materials possessing surface with antibacterial and hemostatic properties

Andersson, S.Regnell.; Hakkarainen, M.; Inkinen, S.; Södergård, A.; Albertsson, A-Christine., 2010:
Polylactide stereocomplexation leads to higher hydrolytic stability but more acidic hydrolysis product pattern

Sinha Ray, S., 2013:
Polylactide-based bionanocomposites: a promising class of hybrid materials

Adesina, S.K.; Holly, A.; Kramer-Marek, G.; Capala, J.; Akala, E.O., 2015:
Polylactide-based paclitaxel-loaded nanoparticles fabricated by dispersion polymerization: characterization, evaluation in cancer cell lines, and preliminary biodistribution studies

Wu, C-San., 2015:
Polylactide-based renewable composites from natural products residues by encapsulated film bag: characterization and biodegradability

Nyambo, C.; Mohanty, A.K.; Misra, M., 2010:
Polylactide-based renewable green composites from agricultural residues and their hybrids

Losquadro, W.D.; Tatum, S.A.; Allen, M.J.; Mann, K.A., 2009:
Polylactide-co-glycolide fiber-reinforced calcium phosphate bone cement

Dinarvand, R.; Sepehri, N.; Manoochehri, S.; Rouhani, H.; Atyabi, F., 2011:
Polylactide-co-glycolide nanoparticles for controlled delivery of anticancer agents

Azzi, J.; Tang, L.; Moore, R.; Tong, R.; E.H.ddad, N.; Akiyoshi, T.; Mfarrej, B.; Yang, S.; Jurewicz, M.; Ichimura, T.; Lindeman, N.; Cheng, J.; Abdi, R., 2010:
Polylactide-cyclosporin A nanoparticles for targeted immunosuppression

Liu, H.; Wu, L.; Fu, S.; Hou, Y.; Liu, P.; Cui, H.; Liu, J.; Xing, L.; Zhang, X., 2008:
Polylactide-glycoli acid and rapamycin coating intraocular lens prevent posterior capsular opacification in rabbit eyes

Yu, Y.; Chen, C-Kuang.; Law, W-Cheung.; Weinheimer, E.; Sengupta, S.; Prasad, P.N.; Cheng, C., 2014:
Polylactide-graft-doxorubicin nanoparticles with precisely controlled drug loading for pH-triggered drug delivery

Rodwogin, M.D.; Spanjers, C.S.; Leighton, C.; Hillmyer, M.A., 2010:
Polylactide-poly(dimethylsiloxane)-polylactide triblock copolymers as multifunctional materials for nanolithographic applications

Sollazzo, V.; Lucchese, A.; Palmieri, A.; Zollino, I.; Iaccarino, C.; Carnevali, G.; Pezzetti, F.; Brunelli, G.; Carinci, F., 2013:
Polylactide-polyglycolide resorbable plates stimulates adipose tissue-derived stem cells towards osteoblasts differentiation

Togayachi, A.; Kozono, Y.; Sato, T.; Kuno, A.; Hirabayashi, J.; Ikehara, Y.; Narimatsu, H., 2011:
Polylactosamine on glycoproteins regulates immune response

Cooling, L., 2012:
Polylactosamines, there's more than meets the "Ii": a review of the I system

Hochman-Mendez, C.; Lacerda de Menezes, Jão.Ricardo.; Sholl-Franco, A.; Coelho-Sampaio, T., 2014:
Polylaminin recognition by retinal cells

Menezes, K.; de Menezes, Jão.Ricardo.Lacerda.; Nascimento, M.Assis.; Santos, R.de.Siqueira.; Coelho-Sampaio, T., 2010:
Polylaminin, a polymeric form of laminin, promotes regeneration after spinal cord injury

Leca-Bouvier, Béatrice.D.; Sassolas, A.; Blum, Lïc.J., 2015:
Polyluminol/hydrogel composites as new electrochemiluminescent-active sensing layers

Kim, S.Wan., 2012:
Polylysine copolymers for gene delivery

Liu, M.; Zhang, X.; Yang, B.; Liu, L.; Deng, F.; Zhang, X.; Wei, Y., 2015:
Polylysine crosslinked AIE dye based fluorescent organic nanoparticles for biological imaging applications

Sharma, O.; Collier, R.John., 2015:
Polylysine-mediated translocation of the diphtheria toxin catalytic domain through the anthrax protective antigen pore

Rao, S.S.; Han, N.; Winter, J.O., 2011:
Polylysine-modified PEG-based hydrogels to enhance the neuro-electrode interface

Tian, H.; Lin, L.; Jiao, Z.; Guo, Z.; Chen, J.; Gao, S.; Zhu, X.; Chen, X., 2014:
Polylysine-modified polyethylenimine inducing tumor apoptosis as an efficient gene carrier

Alvarez Caro, F.; Gómez Farpón, A.; Arias Llorente, R.P.; Ibáñez Fernández, M.A.; Coto Cotallo, G.D.; López Sastre, J.B., 2009:
Polymalformation syndrome in a neonate: VACTERL association with an extra spleen

Ding, H.; Helguera, G.; Rodríguez, Jé.A.; Markman, J.; Luria-Pérez, R.; Gangalum, P.; Portilla-Arias, J.; Inoue, S.; Daniels-Wells, T.R.; Black, K.; Holler, E.; Penichet, M.L.; Ljubimova, J.Y., 2014:
Polymalic acid nanobioconjugate for simultaneous immunostimulation and inhibition of tumor growth in HER2/neu-positive breast cancer

Ljubimova, J.Y.; Ding, H.; Portilla-Arias, J.; Patil, R.; Gangalum, P.R.; Chesnokova, A.; Inoue, S.; Rekechenetskiy, A.; Nassoura, T.; Black, K.L.; Holler, E., 2014:
Polymalic acid-based nano biopolymers for targeting of multiple tumor markers: an opportunity for personalized medicine?

Inoue, S.; Ding, H.; Portilla-Arias, J.; Hu, J.; Konda, B.; Fujita, M.; Espinoza, A.; Suhane, S.; Riley, M.; Gates, M.; Patil, R.; Penichet, M.L.; Ljubimov, A.V.; Black, K.L.; Holler, E.; Ljubimova, J.Y., 2011:
Polymalic acid-based nanobiopolymer provides efficient systemic breast cancer treatment by inhibiting both HER2/neu receptor synthesis and activity

E.M.ussaoui, N.; Ourhroui, M.Ait., 2015:
Polymastia of late discovery

Urbani, C.E., 2007:
Polymastia or type 1 accessory mammary tissue

Arnet, I.; Walter, P.N.; Hersberger, K.E., 2013:
Polymedication Electronic Monitoring System (POEMS) - a new technology for measuring adherence

Albers, U.; Palacios, G.; Pedrero-Chamizo, R.; Meléndez, A.; Pietrzik, K.; González-Gross, M., 2012:
Polymedication in institutionalized elderly and its effect on vitamin B12, folate, and homocysteine levels

Rocchiccioli, J.T.; Sanford, J.; Caplinger, B., 2007:
Polymedicine and aging. Enhancing older adult care through advanced practitioners. GNPs and elder care pharmacists can help provide optimal pharmaceutical care

Gupta, P.; Goyal, R.N., 2014:
Polymelamine modified edge plane pyrolytic graphite sensor for the electrochemical assay of serotonin

Hirschberg, R.M.; Saleh, M.; Kaiser, S.; Lierz, M.; Hafez, H.M.; Bragulla, H.H., 2012:
Polymelous layer chick displaying additional malformations of the hind gut: case report and in-depth review of related literature

Błaz, E.; Pielichowski, J., 2007:
Polymer - supported cobalt (II) catalysts for the oxidation of alkenes

Hershkovits, E.; Tannenbaum, A.; Tannenbaum, R., 2007:
Polymer Adsorption on Curved Surfaces: A Geometric Approach

Nielen, M.W.; Buijtenhuijs, F.A., 1999:
Polymer Analysis by Liquid Chromatography/Electrospray Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

Ayres, N.; Holt, D.J.; Jones, C.F.; Corum, L.E.; Grainger, D.W., 2008:
Polymer Brushes Containing Sulfonated Sugar Repeat Units: Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro Testing of Blood Coagulation Activation

Lee, S.Hwa.; Dreyer, D.R.; An, J.; Velamakanni, A.; Piner, R.D.; Park, S.; Zhu, Y.; Kim, S.Ouk.; Bielawski, C.W.; Ruoff, R.S., 2010:
Polymer Brushes via Controlled, Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP) from Graphene Oxide

Waldrop, M.M., 1990:
Polymer Chemists Are Having a ROMP: Conducting polymers, block polymers, "living" polymers--a new class of catalysts does it all, with extraordinary precision

Cheng-Y.Wang, F., 1998:
Polymer Degradation Mechanism Reselection through Derivatization for Qualitative Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography Analysis

Zhao, P.; Jiang, J.; Leng, B.; Tian, H., 2009:
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Polymer monolithic capillary microextraction combined on-line with inductively coupled plasma MS for the determination of trace rare earth elements in biological samples

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Polymer monoliths with low hydrophobicity for strong cation-exchange capillary liquid chromatography of peptides and proteins

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Polymer multilayers loaded with antifungal β-peptides kill planktonic Candida albicans and reduce formation of fungal biofilms on the surfaces of flexible catheter tubes

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Polymer nanoparticle-protein interface. Evaluation of the contribution of positively charged functional groups to protein affinity

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Polymer nanoparticles

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