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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55061

Chapter 55061 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Matsuda, T.; McDougall, E.M.; Ono, Y.; Hattori, R.; Baba, S.; Iwamura, M.; Terachi, T.; Naito, S.; Clayman, R.V., 2013:
Positive correlation between motion analysis data on the LapMentor virtual reality laparoscopic surgical simulator and the results from videotape assessment of real laparoscopic surgeries

Dreissigacker, U.; Wendt, M.; Wittke, T.; Tsikas, D.; Maassen, N., 2011:
Positive correlation between plasma nitrite and performance during high-intensive exercise but not oxidative stress in healthy men

Liu, P.; Yan, J.; Gong, J.; Wang, C.; Chen, G., 2011:
Positive correlation between pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A level and OX40 ligand expression in patients with acute coronary syndromes

O'Reilly, N.; Menezes, N.; Kavanagh, K., 2013:
Positive correlation between serum immunoreactivity to Demodex-associated Bacillus proteins and erythematotelangiectatic rosacea

Khosrowbeygi, A.; Ahmadvand, H., 2014:
Positive correlation between serum levels of adiponectin and homocysteine in pre-eclampsia

Lin, C.Y.; Ding, H.J.; Lin, T.; Lin, C.C.; Kuo, T.H.; Kao, C.H., 2010:
Positive correlation between serum liver enzyme levels and standard uptake values of liver on FDG-PET

Lewandowski, K.; Nadel, I.; Lewinski, A.; Bienkiewicz, Młgorzata.; Tan, B.; Randeva, H.S.; Cypryk, K., 2011:
Positive correlation between serum omentin and thrombospondin-1 in gestational diabetes despite lack of correlation with insulin resistance indices

You, J.Soon.; Zhao, X.; Kim, S.Hoon.; Chang, K.Ja., 2013:
Positive correlation between serum taurine and adiponectin levels in high-fat diet-induced obesity rats

Frisch, C.; Hanke, J.; Kleinerüschkamp, S.; Röske, S.; Kaaden, S.; Elger, C.E.; Schramm, J.; Yilmazer-Hanke, D.M.; Helmstaedter, C., 2009:
Positive correlation between the density of neuropeptide y positive neurons in the amygdala and parameters of self-reported anxiety and depression in mesiotemporal lobe epilepsy patients

Kim, K.Li.; Yang, J.Hoon.; Song, S-Hwa.; Kim, J.Yeon.; Jang, S.Yi.; Kim, J-Min.; Kim, J-Ah.; Sung, K-Ick.; Kim, Y-Wook.; Suh, Y-Lim.; Suh, W.; Kim, D-Kyung., 2013:
Positive correlation between the dysregulation of transforming growth factor-β1 and aneurysmal pathological changes in patients with Marfan syndrome

Xie, B.; Wang, J.; Liu, S.; Wang, J.; Xue, B.; Li, J.; Wei, R.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, Z., 2015:
Positive correlation between the efficiency of induced pluripotent stem cells and the development rate of nuclear transfer embryos when the same porcine embryonic fibroblast lines are used as donor cells

Lai, Q.; Wang, T.; Guo, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Yuan, L.; Ling, R.; He, Y.; Wang, W., 2014:
Positive correlation between the expression of hEag1 and HIF-1α in breast cancers: an observational study

Takiguchi, N.; Takahashi, Y.; Nishikawa, M.; Matsui, Y.; Fukuhara, Y.; Oushiki, D.; Kiyose, K.; Hanaoka, K.; Nagano, T.; Takakura, Y., 2011:
Positive correlation between the generation of reactive oxygen species and activation/reactivation of transgene expression after hydrodynamic injections into mice

Filiz, A.A.; Rahime, B.; Keskin, H.Levent.; Esra, A.Keskin., 2011:
Positive correlation between the quantity of Wharton's jelly in the umbilical cord and birth weight

Sasagawa, M.; Martzen, M.R.; Kelleher, W.J.; Wenner, C.A., 2008:
Positive correlation between the use of complementary and alternative medicine and internal health locus of control

Lindgärde, F.; Gottsäter, A.; Ahrén, B., 2012:
Positive correlation between tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α and cardiorespiratory fitness after six-months of regular aerobic exercise in Peruvian Amerindian women

Zhang, L-Na.; Liu, P-Pan.; Zhou, J.; Huang, R.Stephanie.; Yuan, F.; Fei, L-Juan.; Huang, Y.; Xu, L.; Hao, L-Mei.; Qiu, X-Jun.; Le, Y.; Yang, X.; Xu, W.; Huang, X.; Ye, M.; Lian, J.; Duan, S., 2014:
Positive correlation between variants of lipid metabolism‑related genes and coronary heart disease

Binetti, N.; Aiello, M.; Merola, S.; Bruschini, M.; Lecce, F.; Macci, E.; Doricchi, F., 2011:
Positive correlation in the bisection of long and short horizontal Oppel-Kundt illusory gradients: Implications for the interpretation of the "cross-over" effect in spatial neglect

Jia, Q.; Zhang, X.; Deng, T.; Gao, J., 2013:
Positive correlation of Oct4 and ABCG2 to chemotherapeutic resistance in CD90(+)CD133(+) liver cancer stem cells

Legakis, I.; Mantouridis, T., 2009:
Positive correlation of PTH-related peptide with glucose in type 2 diabetes

Dominguez-Gutierrez, P.R.; Ceribelli, A.; Satoh, M.; Sobel, E.S.; Reeves, W.H.; Chan, E.K.L., 2014:
Positive correlation of STAT1 and miR-146a with anemia in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Horner, D.J.; Wendel, C.S.; Skeps, R.; Rawl, S.M.; Grant, M.; Schmidt, C.Max.; Ko, C.Y.; Krouse, R.S., 2011:
Positive correlation of employment and psychological well-being for veterans with major abdominal surgery

Schiffman, S.C.; Li, Y.; Dryden, G.; Li, X.; Martin, R.C.G., 2011:
Positive correlation of image analysis by mini-endoscopy with micro-PET scan and histology in rats after esophagoduodenal anastomosis

Aydin, O.; Eren, E.; Yalcinkaya, S.; Yilmaz, N.; Eroglu, M.; Ellidag, H.Y., 2014 :
Positive correlation of serum parathormone and prostate specific antigen levels in prostate cancer

Nayak, C.S.; Carvalho, Aé.Lopes.; Jeronimo, C.; Henrique, R.; Kim, M.M.; Hoque, M.O.; Chang, S.; Jiang, W-Wen.; Koch, W.; Westra, W.; Sidransky, D.; Califano, J., 2007:
Positive correlation of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-3 and death-associated protein kinase hypermethylation in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Fischer, B.M.; Meyer, E.; Maraun, M., 2015:
Positive correlation of trophic level and proportion of sexual taxa of oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) in alpine soil systems

Xiao, H.; Chen, Z.; Liao, Y.; Cheng, X.; Liu, K.; Wang, Y.; Wang, M.; Guo, H., 2008:
Positive correlation of tumor necrosis factor-alpha early expression in myocardium and ventricular arrhythmias in rats with acute myocardial infarction

Bohlin, J.; Sekse, C.; Skjerve, E.; Brynildsrud, O., 2015:
Positive correlations between genomic %AT and genome size within strains of bacterial species

Makeudom, A.; Kulpawaropas, S.; Montreekachon, P.; Khongkhunthian, S.; Sastraruji, T.; Pothacharoen, P.; Kongtawelert, P.; Krisanaprakornkit, S., 2014:
Positive correlations between hCAP18/LL-37 and chondroitin sulphate levels in chronic periodontitis

Kusari, S.; Zühlke, S.; Borsch, T.; Spiteller, M., 2009:
Positive correlations between hypericin and putative precursors detected in the quantitative secondary metabolite spectrum of Hypericum

Seligmann, Hé., 2010:
Positive correlations between molecular and morphological rates of evolution

Ardila, C.M.; López, M.A.; Guzmán, I.C., 2012:
Positive correlations between presence of gram negative enteric rods and Porphyromonas gingivalis in subgingival plaque

Gerlach, R.F.; Meschiari, C.A.; Marcaccini, A.M.; Palei, A.C.T.; Sandrim, V.C.; Cavalli, R.C.; Tanus-Santos, J.E., 2009:
Positive correlations between serum and plasma matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 or MMP-9 levels in disease conditions

Mitamura, A.; Kaneta, T.; Miyata, G.; Takanami, K.; Hiraide, T.; Fukuda, H.; Takahashi, S.; Satomi, S., 2011:
Positive correlations between tumor uptake on FDG PET and energy expenditure of patients with esophageal cancer

Chiou, S-Hwa.; Yu, C-Chia.; Huang, C-Yang.; Lin, S-Chun.; Liu, C-Ji.; Tsai, T-Hu.; Chou, S-Huey.; Chien, C-Shiu.; Ku, H-Hai.; Lo, J-Fan., 2008:
Positive correlations of Oct-4 and Nanog in oral cancer stem-like cells and high-grade oral squamous cell carcinoma

Zhang, Y.; Lu, X.; Hong, J.; Chao, M.; Gu, W.; Wang, W.; Ning, G., 2011:
Positive correlations of liver enzymes with metabolic syndrome including insulin resistance in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus

Bolin; Korman; Stanton; Talley; Newstead; Donnelly; Hall; Ho; Lapsley, 1999:
Positive cost effectiveness of early diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Ditzen, B.; Hoppmann, C.; Klumb, P., 2008:
Positive couple interactions and daily cortisol: on the stress-protecting role of intimacy

Ronel, N.; Segev, D., 2016:
Positive criminology in practice

Park, M.; Suh, D-Shik.; Lee, K.; Bae, J., 2014:
Positive cross talk between FOXL2 and antimüllerian hormone regulates ovarian reserve

Haririan, A.; Nogueira, J.; Kukuruga, D.; Schweitzer, E.; Hess, J.; Gurk-Turner, C.; Jacobs, S.; Drachenberg, C.; Bartlett, S.; Cooper, M., 2009:
Positive cross-match living donor kidney transplantation: longer-term outcomes

Frasor, J.; Weaver, A.; Pradhan, M.; Dai, Y.; Miller, L.D.; Lin, C-Yo.; Stanculescu, A., 2009:
Positive cross-talk between estrogen receptor and NF-kappaB in breast cancer

Na, T-Young.; Lee, H-Jeong.; Oh, H-Jeong.; Huh, S.; Lee, I-Kyu.; Lee, M-Ock., 2012:
Positive cross-talk between hypoxia inducible factor-1α and liver X receptor α induces formation of triglyceride-loaded foam cells

Estrada, Y.; Dong, J.; Ossowski, L., 2008:
Positive crosstalk between ERK and p38 in melanoma stimulates migration and in vivo proliferation

Desaki, Y.; Otomo, I.; Kobayashi, D.; Jikumaru, Y.; Kamiya, Y.; Venkatesh, B.; Tsuyumu, S.; Kaku, H.; Shibuya, N., 2013:
Positive crosstalk of MAMP signaling pathways in rice cells

Chuang, T-Y.; Lin, C-J.; Chou, T-C.; Huang, H-H.; Lee, S-W.; Hsueh, P-R., 2010:
Positive culture for Klebsiella pneumoniae in relevant sputum samples as a predictor of rapidly fatal outcome in septic patients at medical intensive care units

Kelly, J.D.; Hobgood, E.Rhett., 2009:
Positive culture rate in revision shoulder arthroplasty

Hamers, L.A.C.; Linssen, C.F.M.; Lancé, M.D.; Maessen, J.G.; Weerwind, P.; Winkens, B.; Bergmans, D.C.J.J.; van Mook, W.N.K.A., 2012:
Positive cultures from cardiopulmonary bypass: prevalence and relevance regarding postoperative infection

Klug, D.; Wallet, F.; Kacet, S.; Courcol, Ré., 2010:
Positive cultures in asymptomatic patients during elective device replacement: a murderer hides in the darkness or an innocent person on the crime scene?

Yansouni, C.P.; Dendukuri, N.; Liu, G.; Fernandez, M.; Frenette, C.; Paraskevas, S.; Sheppard, D.C., 2012:
Positive cultures of organ preservation fluid predict postoperative infections in solid organ transplantation recipients

Jang, E.Kyung.; Song, D.Eun.; Gong, G.; Baek, J.Hwan.; Choi, Y.Mi.; Jeon, M.Ji.; Han, J.Min.; Kim, W.Gu.; Kim, T.Yong.; Shong, Y.Kee.; Kim, W.Bae., 2014:
Positive cytology findings and a negative histological diagnosis of papillary thyroid carcinoma in the thyroid: is it a false-positive cytology or a disappearing tumor?

Uh, M.; McCormick, I.Alexander.; Kelsall, J.Thomas., 2012:
Positive cytoplasmic antineutrophil cytoplasmic antigen with PR3 specificity glomerulonephritis in a patient with subacute bacterial endocarditis

Telzer, E.H.; Fuligni, A.J., 2014:
Positive daily family interactions eliminate gender differences in internalizing symptoms among adolescents

Parizade, M.; Shainberg, B., 2010:
Positive deamidated gliadin peptide antibodies and negative tissue transglutaminase IgA antibodies in a pediatric population: to biopsy or not to biopsy

Johansen, R.J.; Michael Bowers, C., 2015:
Positive dental identification using tooth anatomy and digital superimposition

Shackleton, A., 2010:
Positive development

Tusaie, K.R., 2008:
Positive development in children and adolescent

Hägglund, G., 2013:
Positive development with follow up program for children with cerebral palsy

McNeese, K., 2013:
Positive deviance

Westman, K.F., 2014:
Positive deviance

Rupp, M.E.; Kalil, A.C., 2010:
Positive deviance and hand hygiene: more questions than answers

Friedman, S.R.; Mateu-Gelabert, P.; Sandoval, M.; Hagan, H.; Des Jarlais, D.C., 2008:
Positive deviance control-case life history: a method to develop grounded hypotheses about successful long-term avoidance of infection

Lawton, R.; Taylor, N.; Clay-Williams, R.; Braithwaite, J., 2016:
Positive deviance: a different approach to achieving patient safety

Marra, A.R.; Guastelli, L.Reis.; de Araújo, C.Manuela.Pereira.; dos Santos, J.L.Saraiva.; Lamblet, L.Carlos.R.; Silva, M.; de Lima, G.; Cal, R.Guilherme.Rodrigues.; Paes, A.Tavares.; Cendoroglo Neto, M.; Barbosa, L.; Edmond, M.B.; dos Santos, O.Fernando.Pavão., 2010:
Positive deviance: a new strategy for improving hand hygiene compliance

Marra, A.R.; Guastelli, L.Reis.; de Araújo, C.Manuela.Pereira.; dos Santos, J.L.Saraiva.; Filho, M.Almeida.O.; Silva, C.Vallone.; Kawagoe, J.Yaeko.; Neto, M.Cendoroglo.; dos Santos, O.Fernando.Pavão.; Edmond, M.B., 2011:
Positive deviance: a program for sustained improvement in hand hygiene compliance

Lindberg, C.; Clancy, T.R., 2010:
Positive deviance: an elegant solution to a complex problem

Létourneau, J.; Alderson, M.; Caux, C.; Richard, L., 2013:
Positive deviance: concept analysis using the evolutionary approach of Rodgers

Macedo, R.de.Cássia.Ribeiro.de.; Jacob, Eísa.Martins.Oliveira.; Silva, V.Pio.da.; Santana, E.Américo.; Souza, A.Ferreira.de.; Gonçalves, P.; Marra, A.Rodrigues.; Santos, O.Fernando.Pavão.dos.; Cendoroglo, M.; Edmond, M.B., 2013:
Positive deviance: using a nurse call system to evaluate hand hygiene practices

Lee, C-Chan.; Sun, C-Yin.; Chang, K-Chuan.; Wu, M-Szu., 2010:
Positive dialysate gram stain predicts outcome of empirical antibiotic therapy for peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis

Arndt, P.; Garratty, G.; Isaak, E.; Bolger, M.; Lu, Q., 2009:
Positive direct and indirect antiglobulin tests associated with oxaliplatin can be due to drug antibody and/or drug-induced nonimmunologic protein adsorption

Janjumratsang, P.; Phainupong, D.; Chanjanakijskul, S.; Roongphibulsopit, P., 2008:
Positive direct immunofluorescence and autoantibody profiles in psoriasis patients

Piepenbrock, C.; Mayr, S.; Mund, I.; Buchner, A., 2014:
Positive display polarity is advantageous for both younger and older adults

Piepenbrock, C.; Mayr, S.; Buchner, A., 2014:
Positive display polarity is particularly advantageous for small character sizes: implications for display design

Al-Alaiyan, S.; Dawoud, M.; Al-Hazzani, F., 2015:
Positive distending pressure produced by heated, humidified high flow nasal cannula as compared to nasal continuous positive airway pressure in premature infants

Xangsayarath, P.; Kaewthamasorn, M.; Yahata, K.; Nakazawa, S.; Sattabongkot, J.; Udomsangpetch, R.; Kaneko, O., 2012:
Positive diversifying selection on the Plasmodium falciparum surf4.1 gene in Thailand

Zeiter, M.; Stampfli, A., 2014:
Positive diversity-invasibility relationship in species-rich semi-natural grassland at the neighbourhood scale

Dovciak, M.; Halpern, C.B., 2011:
Positive diversity-stability relationships in forest herb populations during four decades of community assembly

Mönkemüller, K.; Wilcox, C.Mel., 2014:
Positive domino effect, choice of conscious sedation, and endoscopic unit efficiency

Chang, C-Wei.; Huang, T-Yuan.; Tseng, Y-Chun.; Chang-Chien, G-Ping.; Lin, S-Fan.; Hsu, M-Chich., 2015:
Positive doping results caused by the single-dose local injection of triamcinolone acetonide

Klein, E.E.; Weil, L.; Weil, L.Scott.; Bowen, M.; Fleischer, A.E., 2015:
Positive drawer test combined with radiographic deviation of the third metatarsophalangeal joint suggests high grade tear of the second metatarsophalangeal joint plantar plate

Caruso, A.; Rudolphi, Jörgen.; Rydin, Håkan., 2012:
Positive edge effects on forest-interior cryptogams in clear-cuts

Bragg, S.W., 2012:
Positive educational impact of mandatory student teaching sessions

Checura, C.M.; Beg, M.A.; Parrish, J.J.; Ginther, O.J., 2011:
Positive effect of FSH but not LH on early development of the dominant follicle in mares

Abou-Dakn, M.; Fluhr, J.W.; Gensch, M.; Wöckel, A., 2011:
Positive effect of HPA lanolin versus expressed breastmilk on painful and damaged nipples during lactation

Kisters, K.; Cziborra, M.; Funke, C.; Tokmak, F.; Hausberg, M., 2007:
Positive effect of N-acetylcysteine in theophylline intoxication

Zimmermann, M.; Jacobs, P.; Fingerhut, R.; Torresani, T.; Thöny, B.; Blau, N.; Baumgartner, M.R.; Rohrbach, M., 2012:
Positive effect of a simplified diet on blood phenylalanine control in different phenylketonuria variants, characterized by newborn BH4 loading test and PAH analysis

Byun, K.; Hyodo, K.; Suwabe, K.; Ochi, G.; Sakairi, Y.; Kato, M.; Dan, I.; Soya, H., 2015:
Positive effect of acute mild exercise on executive function via arousal-related prefrontal activations: an fNIRS study

Nishitani, K.; Shirai, T.; Kobayashi, M.; Kuroki, H.; Azuma, Y.; Nakagawa, Y.; Nakamura, T., 2010:
Positive effect of alendronate on subchondral bone healing and subsequent cartilage repair in a rabbit osteochondral defect model

Steurer, J., 2013:
Positive effect of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid for exacerbations of mild to moderate copd

Peerbooms, J.C.; Sluimer, J.; Bruijn, Dël.J.; Gosens, T., 2010:
Positive effect of an autologous platelet concentrate in lateral epicondylitis in a double-blind randomized controlled trial: platelet-rich plasma versus corticosteroid injection with a 1-year follow-up

Long, D.; Ding, B.; Li, Q.; Jia, Y-qian., 2007:
Positive effect of autoreactive T lymphocyte cells on the production of antiplatelet antibody

Arima, H.; Oiso, Y., 2011:
Positive effect of baclofen on body weight reduction in obese subjects: a pilot study

Aksoy, D.; Solmaz, V.; Erbas, O., 2014:
Positive effect of calcitonin on the seizures induced by pentylenetetrazole in rats

Kuo, J-Jen.; Chang, H-Hong.; Tsai, T-Hu.; Lee, T-Yan., 2012:
Positive effect of curcumin on inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction in obese mice with liver steatosis

Polutova, N.V.; Ostrovskiĭ, N.V.; Romantsov, M.G.; Chesnokova, N.P., 2011:
Positive effect of cytoflavin on metabolic status changes in patients with burn disorder

Karvaj, M.; Beno, P.; Fedor-Freybergh, P.G., 2007:
Positive effect of flavonoids to cardiovascular and central nervous system

Li, S.Wei.; Wang, H.; Liu, M.Lian.; Zhang, H.Bo.; Xiang, Y.Qun.; Lv, X.; Xia, W.Xiong.; Zeng, M.Sheng.; Mai, H.Qiang.; Hong, M.Huang.; Guo, X., 2013:
Positive effect of high RKIP expression on reduced distant metastasis by chemotherapy when combined with radiotherapy in locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a prospective study

Florian, A.; Ludwig, A.; Rösch, S.; Yildiz, H.; Klumpp, S.; Sechtem, U.; Yilmaz, A., 2014:
Positive effect of intravenous iron-oxide administration on left ventricular remodelling in patients with acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction - a cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) study

Flacking, Rée.; Ewald, U.; Wallin, L., 2011:
Positive effect of kangaroo mother care on long-term breastfeeding in very preterm infants

Szabó, M.; Pelísková, Pína.; Kvapil, M.; Matous, M., 2009:
Positive effect of long-term tailored physical activity therapy on diabetes mellitus management in an obese type 2 diabetic patient

Elmholdt, T.Rask.; Pedersen, M.; Jørgensen, B.; Ramsing, M.; Olesen, A.Braae., 2011:
Positive effect of low-dose imatinib mesylate in a patient with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis

de Glanville, K.M.; Hamlin, M.J., 2012:
Positive effect of lower body compression garments on subsequent 40-kM cycling time trial performance

Chern, E.; Yau, D.; Ho, J-Chen.; Wu, W-Ming.; Wang, C-Yu.; Chang, H-Wen.; Cheng, Y-Wen., 2011:
Positive effect of modified Goeckerman regimen on quality of life and psychosocial distress in moderate and severe psoriasis

Poddar, K.H.; Ames, M.; Hsin-Jen, C.; Feeney, M.Jo.; Wang, Y.; Cheskin, L.J., 2014 :
Positive effect of mushrooms substituted for meat on body weight, body composition, and health parameters. A 1-year randomized clinical trial

Chang, C.S.T.; Wieler, I.; Wanderka, N.; Banhart, J., 2009:
Positive effect of natural pre-ageing on precipitation hardening in Al-0.44at% Mg-0.38at% Si alloy

Fan, Z.Qiang.; Wang, Y.Ping.; Yan, C.Liang.; Suo, L.; Zhu, S.En., 2008:
Positive effect of partial zona pellucida digestion on in vitro fertilization of mouse oocytes with cryopreserved spermatozoa

Munk, T.; Beck, A.M.; Holst, M.; Rosenbom, E.; Rasmussen, H.H.; Nielsen, M.A.; Thomsen, T., 2014:
Positive effect of protein-supplemented hospital food on protein intake in patients at nutritional risk: a randomised controlled trial

Pletnev, A.S.; Savitskiĭ, V.P.; Portugalov, S.N.; Pletnev, S.V., 2009:
Positive effect of pulsed low-frequency magnetotherapy on the physical working capacity

Popović, M.K.; Senz, M.; Bader, J.; Skelac, L.; Schilf, W.; Bajpai, R., 2014:
Positive effect of reduced aeration rate on secretion of alpha-amylase and neutral proteases during pressurised fermentation of thermophilic Bacillus caldolyticus

Eslami, K.; Mahmoodpoor, A.; Ahmadi, A.; Abdollahi, M.; Kamali, K.; Mousavi, S.; Najafi, A.; Baeeri, M.; Hamishehkar, H.; Kouti, L.; Javadi, M.Reza.; Mojtahedzadeh, M., 2013:
Positive effect of septimeb™ on mortality rate in severe sepsis: a novel non antibiotic strategy

Yeung, D.Y.; Fung, H.H.; Chan, D.K-S., 2015:
Positive effect of social work-related values on work outcomes: the moderating role of age and work situation

Bieuzen, Fçois.; Borne, R.; Toussaint, J-François.; Hausswirth, C., 2016:
Positive effect of specific low-frequency electrical stimulation during short-term recovery on subsequent high-intensity exercise

Massenet, D.; Tapindjin-Gake, Mèle., 2010:
Positive effect of the introduction of Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccination in the expanded program on immunization in Cameroon

Stefani, L.; Mascherini, G.; Scacciati, I.; De Luca, A.; Maffulli, N.; Galanti, G., 2014:
Positive effect of the use of accelerometry on lifestyle awareness of overweight hypertensive patients

Imbert, E.; Wang, H.; Conchou, L.; Vincent, H.; Talavera, M.; Schatz, B., 2015:
Positive effect of the yellow morph on female reproductive success in the flower colour polymorphic Iris lutescens (Iridaceae), a deceptive species

Okamoto, S-ichi.; Ikeda, T.; Sawamura, K.; Nagae, M.; Hase, H.; Mikami, Y.; Tabata, Y.; Matsuda, K-ichi.; Kawata, M.; Kubo, T., 2012:
Positive effect on bone fusion by the combination of platelet-rich plasma and a gelatin β-tricalcium phosphate sponge: a study using a posterolateral fusion model of lumbar vertebrae in rats

Kong, D-Ming.; Xu, J.; Shen, H-Xi., 2010:
Positive effects of ATP on G-quadruplex-hemin DNAzyme-mediated reactions

Fu, X-Wei.; Wu, G-Quan.; Li, J-Jie.; Hou, Y-Peng.; Zhou, G-Bin.; Lun-Suo; Wang, Y-Ping.; Zhu, S-En., 2011:
Positive effects of Forskolin (stimulator of lipolysis) treatment on cryosurvival of in vitro matured porcine oocytes

Moffett, R.Charlotte.; Patterson, S.; Irwin, N.; Flatt, P.R., 2015:
Positive effects of GLP-1 receptor activation with liraglutide on pancreatic islet morphology and metabolic control in C57BL/KsJ db/db mice with degenerative diabetes

Mets, M.A.J.; Ketzer, S.; Blom, C.; van Gerven, M.H.; van Willigenburg, G.M.; Olivier, B.; Verster, J.C., 2011:
Positive effects of Red Bull® Energy Drink on driving performance during prolonged driving

Panphunpho, S.; Thavichachart, N.; Kritpet, T., 2013 :
Positive effects of Ska game practice on cognitive function among older adults

Fialho, Pícia.Paes.Araujo.; Köenig, A.Marise.; Santos, M.Dolores.Lemos.dos.; Barbosa, M.Tonidandel.; Caramelli, P., 2013:
Positive effects of a cognitive-behavioral intervention program for family caregivers of demented elderly

Persson, E.; Lexell, J.; Eklund, M.; Rivano-Fischer, M., 2012:
Positive effects of a musculoskeletal pain rehabilitation program regardless of pain duration or diagnosis

Bassi, R.; Vergani, A.; D'Addio, F.; Ben Nasr, M.; Mocci, A.; Rastaldi, M.Pia.; Ichimura, T.; Bonventre, J.Vincent.; Fiorina, P., 2014:
Positive effects of a novel non-peptidyl low molecular weight radical scavenger in renal ischemia/reperfusion: a preliminary report

Mitchell, M.; Chaboyer, W.; Burmeister, E.; Foster, M., 2010:
Positive effects of a nursing intervention on family-centered care in adult critical care

Kashihara, K.; Maruyama, T.; Murota, M.; Nakahara, Y., 2009:
Positive effects of acute and moderate physical exercise on cognitive function

Simsek-Kiper, P.Ozlem.; Dikoglu, E.; Campos-Xavier, B.; Utine, G.Eda.; Bonafe, L.; Unger, S.; Boduroglu, K.; Superti-Furga, A., 2015:
Positive effects of an angiotensin II type 1 receptor antagonist in Camurati-Engelmann disease: a single case observation

Tsutskiridze, L.R.; Kurashvili, R.B.; Tsibadze, A.D.; Kurashvili, G.R.; Shelestova, E.L., 2008:
Positive effects of angiotensin [corrected] receptor blockers on the course of microvascular complications of diabetes mellitus

Staub, J.N.; Kraemer, W.J.; Pandit, A.L.; Haug, W.B.; Comstock, B.A.; Dunn-Lewis, C.; Hooper, D.R.; Maresh, C.M.; Volek, J.S.; Häkkinen, K., 2014:
Positive effects of augmented verbal feedback on power production in NCAA Division I collegiate athletes

Venail, P.A.; Vives, M.J., 2014:
Positive effects of bacterial diversity on ecosystem functioning driven by complementarity effects in a bioremediation context

Lieberman, H.R.; Karl, J.Philip.; Niro, P.J.; Williams, K.W.; Farina, E.K.; Cable, S.J.; McClung, J.P., 2014:
Positive effects of basic training on cognitive performance and mood of adult females

Bredella, M.A.; Gill, C.M.; Rosen, C.J.; Klibanski, A.; Torriani, M., 2014:
Positive effects of brown adipose tissue on femoral bone structure

Herrera, C.; Chambon, C.; Michel, B.F.; Paban, V.; Alescio-Lautier, B., 2012:
Positive effects of computer-based cognitive training in adults with mild cognitive impairment

Hertzum, M.; Simonsen, J., 2008:
Positive effects of electronic patient records on three clinical activities

Hourigan, S.R.; Nitz, J.C.; Brauer, S.G.; O'Neill, S.; Wong, J.; Richardson, C.A., 2008:
Positive effects of exercise on falls and fracture risk in osteopenic women

Abe, K.; Ohashi, A., 2012:
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Positive intelligence

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Positive interactions among competitors can produce species-rich communities

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Positive interactions between herbivores and plant diversity shape forest regeneration

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Positive interactions between irrawaddy dolphins and artisanal fishers in the Chilika Lagoon of eastern India are driven by ecology, socioeconomics, and culture

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Positive interventions in clinical practice

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Positive ion induced solidification of 4He

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Positive leadership is key

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Positive legal precedent set in case against a woman who self-induced abortion: a rare victory for women in the United States

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Positive life orientation--an inner health resource among older people

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Positive light

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Positive magnetic resonance imaging findings in the asymptomatic wrist

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Positive messages for CEOs

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Positive non-invasive tests in the chest pain unit: importance of the clinical profile for estimating the probability of coronary artery disease

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Positive or negative ethnic encounters in urban neighbourhoods? A photo experiment on the net impact of ethnicity and neighbourhood context on attitudes towards minority and majority residents

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Positive organizational behavior and safety in the offshore oil industry: Exploring the determinants of positive safety climate

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Positive organizational outcomes associated with a penchant for openness

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Positive outcome of average volume-assured pressure support mode of a Respironics V60 Ventilator in acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a case report

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Positive outcomes enhance incidental learning for both younger and older adults

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Positive outcomes influence the rate and time to publication, but not the impact factor of publications of clinical trial results

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Clinician user involvement in the real world: Designing an electronic tool to improve interprofessional communication and collaboration in a hospital setting

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Positive results for drug combo in I-SPY 2 trial

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Positive results in a real-time PCR for type A influenza associated with the use of an inactivated vaccine

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Positive results involving HIV prevention for the mentally ill population. Motivational interviewing is used

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Positive results of clinical educational support in situations of psychological distress

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Positive results with autologous transplant of ZFN-modified CD4 T-cells: a step toward a practical, functional cure for HIV

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Positive retention in full lower dentures

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Positive rights, negative rights and health care

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Positive role of breastfeeding during the first six weeks

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Positive standards of fitness

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Positive steps for Parkinson's

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