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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55065

Chapter 55065 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Bassett, J., 1882:
Post Partum Haemorrhage

Clarke, J.C., 1875:
Post Partum Haemorrhage Treated by Solution of Perchloride of Iron

Weir, A.M., 1875:
Post Partum Haemorrhage treated without, and Uterine Haemorrhage treated with, Iron: Results successful

Narula, G.; Prasad, M.; Jatia, S.; Subramanian, P.G.; Patkar, N.; Tembhare, P.; Shetty, D.; Khanna, N.; Laskar, S.; Shet, T.; Epari, S.; Kembhavi, S.; Shah, S.; Qureshi, S.; Gujral, S.; Banavali, S.D., 2018:
Clinicoepidemiological profiles, clinical practices, and the impact of holistic care interventions on outcomes of pediatric hematolymphoid malignancies - A 7-year audit of the pediatric hematolymphoid disease management group at Tata Memorial Hospital

Williams-Phillips, S., 2012:
Post Ross procedure aortic right sinus of Valsalva fistula to right ventricle

El-Hayek, K.; Timratana, P.; Meranda, J.; Shimizu, H.; Eldar, S.; Chand, B., 2013:
Post Roux-en-Y gastric bypass biliary dilation: natural process or significant entity?

Lai, L., 2009:
Post SARS--a new norm in hospital services in Hong Kong

Sharma, A.K.; Amin, S., 2013:
Post SELECT: selenium on trial

Allen, L.V., 2007:
Post Scription: Thousands of Unapproved New Drugs are on the U.S. Market, Part 2

Vlachojannis, G.J.; Mehran, R., 2012:
Post TAVI paravalvular regurgitation: can we stop the leak?

Silver, S., 1957:
Post Thiopental Tremors

Huraib, S.; A.K.udair, W.; A.G.amdi, G.; Iqbal, A., 2008:
Post Transplant Acute Tubular Necrosis - How Long you can Wait?: A Case Report

Allen, W.E., 1945:
Post Traumatic Para Articular Calcification of the Knee Joint

Hébert, M.; Lavoie, F.; Blais, M., 2015:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/PTSD in adolescent victims of sexual abuse: resilience and social support as protection factors

Surmeli, T.; Ertem, A., 2010:
Post WISC-R and TOVA improvement with QEEG guided neurofeedback training in mentally retarded: a clinical case series of behavioral problems

Menzies, A.F., 1941:
Post War Problems

Ruus, A.; Green, N.W.; Maage, A.; Amundsen, C.Einar.; Schøyen, M.; Skei, J., 2011:
Post World War II orcharding creates present day DDT-problems in The Sørfjord (Western Norway)--a case study

Singh, A.; Bajpai, M.; Chand, K.; Ali, A., 2015:
Post ablation urethral stricture in posterior urethral valve

Roberts, H.; Silva, M.; Xu, S., 2010:
Post abortion contraception and its effect on repeat abortions in Auckland, New Zealand

Ceylan, A.; Ertem, M.; Saka, G.; Akdeniz, N., 2009:
Post abortion family planning counseling as a tool to increase contraception use

Bulinski, L., 2011:
Post accessive social policy in the rehabilitation of adolescents following TBI

Xie, T.; Liang, Y.; A.J.; Hao, H.; Liu, L.; Zheng, X.; Dai, C.; Zhou, Y.; Guan, T.; Liu, Y.; Xie, L.; Wang, G., 2013:
Post acquisition data processing techniques for lipid analysis by quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Gago, P.; Arndt, A.; Tarassova, O.; Ekblom, M.M., 2015:
Post activation potentiation can be induced without impairing tendon stiffness

Fields, E.S.; Meuchel, J.M.; Jaffe, C.J.; Jha, M.; Payne, J.L., 2010:
Post adoption depression

Ghosh, A.; Ahar, R.; Chatterjee, G.; Sharma, N.; Jadhav, S.Alhad., 2017:
Clinico-epidemiological Study of Congenital Ichthyosis in a Tertiary Care Center of Eastern India

Elvy, M., 2010:
Post ambulatory phlebectomy: chronic peripheral lymphocoele

Anonymous, 2012:
Post amputation phantom pain syndrome medical and social problems

Kulkarni, J., 2008:
Post amputation syndrome

Levitt, R.E., 2008:
Post and core

Kurbad, A.; Müller, T., 2007:
Post and core build-ups as the basis of all-ceramic restorations

Thapa, R.; Codjoe, J.; Ishak, S.; McCarter, K.S., 2015:
Post and during event effect of cell phone talking and texting on driving performance--a driving simulator study

Huyck, C.R.; Mitchell, I.G., 2014:
Post and pre-compensatory Hebbian learning for categorisation

Kim, U.Jeong.; Suh, D.Y.; Min, S.C.; Park, W., 2011:
Post annealing effect on the electrical properties of top-gate SWNT network transistors

Oh, T-Yeon.; Jeong, S.Woo.; Chang, S.; Park, J-Ho.; Kim, J-Woo.; Choi, K.; Ha, H-Jun.; Hwang, B-Yeon.; Ju, B-Kwon., 2013:
Post annealing effects on the electrical characteristics of pentacene thin film transistors on flexible substrates

Lebrun-Givois, C.; Thomas-Antérion, C.; Borg, C.; Laurent, B., 2015:
Post anoxia impairment of autobiographical memory and time estimation

Ziv, Y.; Gimelfarb, Y.; Igov, I., 2014:
Post anterior rectal resection syndrome--a retrospective multicentre study

Zhang, S-Chai.; Zhang, L-Ling.; Chen, S-Wan.; Wu, H-Yan.; Liu, X-Kang., 2011:
Post antibiotic, post beta-lactamase inhibitor and post antibiotic sub-MIC effect of ceftriaxone/tazobactam on beta-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli in vitro

Gupta, V.; Yadav, S.Kumar.; A.S.id, A., 2015:
Post appendectomy acalculus bilateral ureteric obstruction: a rare entity in children

Yang, J.; Ni, B.; Yan, W.; Zhou, F.; Chen, J., 2011:
Post atlantoaxial fusion for unilateral cleft of atlas posterior arch associated with os odontoideum: case report and technique note

Sadeghpour, A.; Alizadehasl, A., 2014:
Post atrial septal defect closure pulmonary hypertension crisis

Colella, A.; Pieragnoli, P.; Ricciardi, G.; Giaccardi, M.; Padeletti, L.; Michelucci, A., 2007:
Post automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator implant therapies: drugs and ablative techniques

Chauhan, S.; Gharde, P.; Bisoi, A.; Kale, S.; Kiran, U., 2007:
Post balloon valvotomy acute mitral regurgitation

Lee, K.A.; Jochelson, M.S., 2014:
Post breast conservation therapy imaging and local recurrence

Ball, R.P.; Segal, A.L.; Golden, R., 1947:
Post bulbar ulcer of the duodenum

Jain, S.K.; Tanwar, R.; Kaza, R.C.M.; Ghuliani, D., 2011:
Post burn Marjolin's ulcer in the natal cleft mimicking anal canal carcinoma: a rare site

Parris-Piper, T., 2007:
Post caesarean delivery pain management: do not dismiss pethidine

van Houten, D., 2013:
Post card reminders: why generic when it can also be personal?

Stub, D.; Bernard, S.; Duffy, S.J.; Kaye, D.M., 2011 :
Post cardiac arrest syndrome: a review of therapeutic strategies

Beccaria, P.F.; Turi, S.; Cristofolini, M.; Colombo, S.; Leggieri, C.; Vinciguerra, F.; Zangrillo, A., 2010:
Post cardiac arrest therapeutic hypothermia in adult patients, state of art and practical considerations

Sedaghat-Hamedani, F.; Zitron, E.; Kayvanpour, E.; Lorenz, H-Martin.; Katus, H.A.; Meder, B., 2015:
Post cardiac injury syndrome after initially uncomplicated CRT-D implantation: a case report and a systematic review

Shah, N.H.; Scriven, A., 2009:
Post cardiac injury syndrome after uncomplicated coronary angioplasty

Johnston, Cíntia.; Piva, J.Pedro.; Carvalho, W.Brunow.de.; Garcia, P.Celiny.; Fonseca, M.Cunio.; Hommerding, Pícia.Xavier., 2008:
Post cardiac surgery In children: extubation failure predictor's

Jayaraman, R.; Sunder, S.; Sathi, S.; Gupta, V.Kumar.; Sharma, N.; Kanchi, P.; Gupta, A.; Daksh, S.Kumar.; Ram, P.; Mohamed, A., 2014:
Post cardiac surgery acute kidney injury: a woebegone status rejuvenated by the novel biomarkers

Tharakan, J.A.; Sukulal, K., 2014:
Post cardiac surgery junctional ectopic tachycardia: A 'Hit and Run' tachyarrhythmia as yet unchecked

Colson, P.H.; Bernard, C.; Struck, J.; Morgenthaler, N.G.; Albat, B.; Guillon, G., 2012:
Post cardiac surgery vasoplegia is associated with high preoperative copeptin plasma concentration

Aqil, B.; Krishnan, B.; Curry, C.V.; Elghetany, M.Tarek.; Szigeti, R., 2014:
Post cardiac transplantation T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder presenting as a solitary lung nodule

Windebank, K.; Walwyn, T.; Kirk, R.; Parry, G.; Hasan, A.; Bown, N.; Wilkins, B., 2009:
Post cardiac transplantation lymphoproliferative disorder presenting as t(8;14) Burkitt leukaemia/lymphoma treated with low intensity chemotherapy and rituximab

Chandrasekhar, V., 2010:
Post cementation sensitivity evaluation of glass Ionomer, zinc phosphate and resin modified glass Ionomer luting cements under class II inlays: An in vivo comparative study

Egge, K.H.; Thorgersen, E.B.; Lindstad, J.K.; Pharo, A.; Lambris, J.D.; Barratt-Due, A.; Mollnes, T.E., 2014:
Post challenge inhibition of C3 and CD14 attenuates Escherichia coli-induced inflammation in human whole blood

Latifynia, A.; Khamisipour, A.; Gharagozlou, M.Javad.; Bokaie, S.; Vodjgani, M.; Gheflati, Z.; Mosavi, M.; Khansari, N., 2014:
Post challenging serum cytokine profile (Th1 & Th2) in the vaccinated mice (Balb/C) with a new formulation of Leishmania major antigen

Beck, S.D.W.; Foster, R.S.; Bihrle, R.; Einhorn, L.H.; Donohue, J.P., 2007:
Post chemotherapy RPLND in patients with elevated markers: current concepts and clinical outcome

Kushwaha, R.; Kumar, A.; Aggrawal, K.; Nigam, N.; Kumar, A., 2015:
Post chemotherapy blood and bone marrow regenerative changes in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia a prospective study

Paul, R.; Singhania, P.; Hashmi, M.; Bandyopadhyay, R.; Banerjee, A.Kumar., 2011:
Post chicken pox neurological sequelae: Three distinct presentations

Gauri, L.A.; Ranwa, B.L.; Nagar, K.; Vyas, A.; Fatima, Q., 2012:
Post chikungunya brain stem encephalitis

Rajalingam, R.; Saluja, S.Singh.; Sharma, A.; Mishra, P.Kumar., 2011:
Post cholecystectomy gossypiboma: a malignant masquerade

Arora, A.; Negi, S.Singh.; Thapar, S.; Mukund, A.; Jain, D.; Bhatia, V.; Rastogi, A., 2013:
Post cholecystectomy pseudotumor: beware of this masquerader!

Baker, J.E., 1949:
Post cholecystectomy symptoms

Peikoff, S.S., 1946:
Post cholecystectomy syndrome

Cavallaro, A.; Cavallaro, V.; Trainiti, M.; Licciardello, A.; Cappellani, A., 2010:
Post cholecystectomy syndrome: an out of date topic?

Michalakis, K.; Ilias, I.; Asvestis, C., 2011:
Post circumcision "tri-balanic" penis

Salati, S.Ahmad.; A.A.than, B., 2011:
Post clubfoot release skin necrosis: a preventable disaster

Delás, J.; Priore, A.Giselle.; Pigem, A.; Aguas, M., 2008:
Post cocaine intravenous syndrome described from the observation in a drug consumption supervised room

Morris-Stiff, G.; Coxon, M.; Ball, E.; Lewis, M.H., 2008:
Post coital aortic dissection: a case report

Jhawar, M.; Garg, R.; Tiwari, S.; Aggarwal, K., 2007:
Post coital hemoptysis

Chen, A.W.L.; Koh, Y.Tong.; Leong, S.W.M.; Ng, L.W.Y.; Lee, P.S.Y.; Koh, G.C.H., 2016:
Post community hospital discharge rehabilitation attendance: Self-perceived barriers and participation over time

Rees, R.J.; Bellon, M.L., 2007:
Post concussion syndrome ebb and flow: longitudinal effects and management

Sandy Macleod, A.D., 2010:
Post concussion syndrome: the attraction of the psychological by the organic

Wood, R.L., 2007:
Post concussional syndrome: all in the minds eye!

Abdelkhalek, R.; Khmamouch, M., 2015:
Post contusion macular hole

Medel, F.J.; Kurtz, S.M.; Sharkey, P.F.; Austin, M.S.; Klein, G.R.; Cohen, A.R.; Patel, H.; Goldberg, V.M.; Kraay, M.J.; Rimnac, C.M., 2011:
Post damage in contemporary posterior-stabilized tibial inserts: influence of implant design and clinical relevance

Chen, H.; Pritchard, H.W.; Seal, C.E.; Nadarajan, J.; Li, W.; Yang, S.; Kranner, I., 2012:
Post desiccation germination of mature seeds of tea (Camellia sinensis L.) can be enhanced by pro-oxidant treatment, but partial desiccation tolerance does not ensure survival at -20°C

Varma, S.L.; Trivedi, J.K.; Anand, M.; Gulam, R.; Lal, N., 1989:
Post dexamethasone plasma cortisol levels in depressives treated with imipramine and electroconvulsive therapy

Iliyasu, Z.; Abubakar, I.S.; Musa, B.; Aliyu, M.H., 2011:
Post diagnosis reaction, perceived stigma and sexual behaviour of HIV/AIDS patients attending Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Northern Nigeria

Goyet, C.de.V., 1993:
Post disaster relief: the supply -management challenge

Krödel, A., 2008 :
Post disc surgery syndrome: indications for surgery and conservative and operative treatment possibilities

Sengupta, S.; Kar, N.; Sharma, P.S.; Rao, G., 2001:
Post discharge dropout of alcoholics - a naturalistic study in a general hospital setting

Naffe, A., 2012:
Post discharge follow up phone call

Fustiñana, C.A.; Rodríguez, D.; Mariani, G., 2016:
Post discharge growth assessment in preterm infants: implications of adopting the WHO standards

Gallagher, R.; McKinley, S.; Dracup, K., 2007:
Post discharge problems in women recovering from coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Ojo, P.; Asiyanbola, B.; Valin, E.; Reinhold, R., 2008:
Post discharge prophylactic anticoagulation in gastric bypass patient-how safe?

Schwendimann, R., 2012:
Post doc in the USA - a report of experiences

Shaha, M., 2008:
Post doctorate studies in the United States: experiences as a post doctoral student of nursing sciences in the USA

Symvoulakis, E.K.; Lydaki, E.; Bolonaki, I.; Nikoloudi, I.; Kozyraki, M.; Fountouli, P., 2010:
Post donation adverse reactions among Greek blood donors: a preliminary report based on phone interviews

Shaikh, J.Muhammad.; Memon, A.; Memon, M.Ali.; Khan, M., 2009:
Post dural puncture headache after spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section: a comparison of 25 g Quincke, 27 g Quincke and 27 g Whitacre spinal needles

Neuman, S.A.; Eldrige, J.S.; Qu, W.; Freeman, E.D.; Hoelzer, B.C., 2013:
Post dural puncture headache following intrathecal drug delivery system placement

Walshe, D.P.; Lehane, M.J.; Haines, L.R., 2012:
Post eclosion age predicts the prevalence of midgut trypanosome infections in Glossina

Lavoute, C.; Weiss, M.; Sainty, J.M.; Risso, J.J.; Rostain, J.C., 2008:
Post effect of repetitive exposures to pressure nitrogen-induced narcosis on the dopaminergic activity at atmospheric pressure

Jacobs, L.R.; Ario, J., 2013:
Post election, the Affordable Care Act leaves the intensive care unit for good

Abdellaoui, M.; Bhallil, S.; Benatiya, A.I.; Sattara, Y.; Kanjaa, N.; Tahri, H., 2011:
Post electrocution cataract. Case report

Pomoni, M.; Malagari, K.; Moschouris, H.; Spyridopoulos, T.N.; Dourakis, S.; Kornezos, J.; Kelekis, A.; Thanos, L.; Chatziioanou, A.; Hatjimarkou, I.; Marinis, A.; Koskinas, J.; Kelekis, D., 2012:
Post embolization syndrome in doxorubicin eluting chemoembolization with DC bead

Sachdeva, A.; Pau, B.; Kumar, V., 2014:
Post endarterectomy saccular aneurysm of carotid artery

Mellingen, K.M.; Midtun, A.; Hanevik, K.; Eide, G.E.; Søbstad, Øystein.; Langeland, N., 2011:
Post epidemic giardiasis and gastrointestinal symptoms among preschool children in Bergen, Norway. A cross-sectional study

Akpinar, S.; Parildar, M.; Alicioglu, B., 2014:
Post evar endovascular revision of late onset stent graft collapse due to type 1 endoleak in a complicated case with left limb occlusion and solitary kidney

Ivy, J.L.; Ding, Z.; Hwang, H.; Cialdella-Kam, L.C.; Morrison, P.J., 2007:
Post exercise carbohydrate-protein supplementation: phosphorylation of muscle proteins involved in glycogen synthesis and protein translation

Lateef, F., 2010:
Post exercise ice water immersion: Is it a form of active recovery?

Varma, P.P.; Sengupta, P.; Nair, R.K., 2015:
Post exertional hematuria

Wong, A.Chi.Yan.; Guo, C.X.; Gupta, R.; Housley, G.D.; Thorne, P.R.; Vlajkovic, S.M., 2010:
Post exposure administration of A(1) adenosine receptor agonists attenuates noise-induced hearing loss

van der Maaten, G.C.; Nyirenda, M.; Beadsworth, M.J.; Chitani, A.; Allain, T.; van Oosterhout, J.J., 2011:
Post exposure prophylaxis of HIV transmission after occupational injuries in Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi, 2003 - 2008

Dubey, P.Kumar., 2015:
Post extubation negative pressure pulmonary edema due to posterior mediastinal cyst in an infant

Khemani, R.G., 2010:
Post extubation stridor the call for objectivity

Kaplan, M.; Eidelman, A.I., 2011:
Post factum imposition of exchange transfusion criteria: in defence of neonatologists

Muthukumaran, R.; Nirmaladevi, G.; Sentamilselvi, G.; Janaki, V.R.; Janaki, C.; Boopalraj, J.M., 1999:
Post febrile acquired cutis laxa

Miao, J.; Fleury, A.C.; Kushnir, C.L.; Silver, D.F.; Naik, R.; Spirtos, N.M., 2011 :
Post fellowship training in "new-to-them" surgical techniques: assessment of learning curve characteristics

Morton, B., 2011:
Post festum

Kesavadas, C.; Bahuleyan, B.; Chatterjee, S.; Kapilamoorthy, T.Raman., 2010:
Post gamma knife subarachnoid hemorrhage and hydrocephalus

Sachdev, B.Singh.; Malhotra, P.; Sukanya, B.; Prasad, L.; Kapoor, D., 2011:
Post gastro-jejunostomy acute retrograde jejuno-gastric intussusception

Osifo, O.David., 2011:
Post genital mutilation giant clitoral epidermoid inclusion cyst in Benin City, Nigeria

Jiang, J.; Cui, W.; Vongsangnak, W.; Hu, G.; Shen, B., 2014:
Post genome-wide association studies functional characterization of prostate cancer risk loci

Cauchi, Séphane.; Meyre, D.; Durand, E.; Proença, C.; Marre, M.; Hadjadj, S.; Choquet, Hélène.; D.G.aeve, F.; Gaget, S.; Allegaert, F.; Delplanque, Jérôme.; Permutt, M.Alan.; Wasson, J.; Blech, I.; Charpentier, G.; Balkau, B.; Vergnaud, A-Claire.; Czernichow, Sébastien.; Patsch, W.; Chikri, M.; Glaser, B.; Sladek, R.; Froguel, P., 2008:
Post genome-wide association studies of novel genes associated with type 2 diabetes show gene-gene interaction and high predictive value

Paoloni-Giacobino, A., 2012:
Post genomic decade--the epigenome and exposome challenges

Romano, A.; McAlpine, J.; Ecker, D., 2008:
Post genomics - from antibody production to small molecule discovery

Dehnad, A.; Bagherzadeh, R.; Bigdeli, S.; Hatami, K.; Hosseini, A.Fatemeh., 2015:
Post graduate ESP curriculum: reading and writing needs

Arif, T.; Adil, M.; Amin, S.S.; Tahseen, M.; Dorjay, K.; Mohtashim, M.; Singh, M.; Bansal, R.; Raj, D., 2018:
Clinico-epidemiological Study of Morphea from a Tertiary Care Hospital

Barata, R.Baradas.; Santos, R.Ventura., 2010:
Post graduation programs in Public Health in Brazil: the vital role of evaluation

Kuśmierski, K.; Przybylski, A.; Oręziak, A.; Sobieszczańska-Małek, Młgorzata.; Kołsut, P.; Różański, J., 2013:
Post heart transplant extraction of the abandoned fragments of pacing and defibrillation leads: proposed management algorithm

Shahabi, S.; Hassan, Z.M.; Jazani, N.Hosseini., 2009:
Post heat shock tolerance: a neuroimmunological anti-inflammatory phenomenon

Bhattacharya, S.; Biswas, S., 2009:
Post hemipelvectomy incisional hernia

Yadav, K.; Shrikhande, S.; Goel, M., 2015:
Post hepatectomy liver failure: concept of management

Singal, A.; Vij, A.; Pandhi, D., 2014:
Post herpes-zoster scar sarcoidosis with pulmonary involvement

Semionov, V.; Shvartzman, P., 2008:
Post herpetic itching--a treatment dilemma

Abraham, A., 2007:
Post herpetic neuralgia (PHN)

Bartley, J., 2010:
Post herpetic neuralgia, schwann cell activation and vitamin D

Tandjung, R.; Rosemann, T., 2011:
Post hip fracture care

Friston, K.; Penny, W., 2011:
Post hoc Bayesian model selection

Ton, T.G.; Jain, S.; Boudreau, R.; Thacker, E.L.; Strotmeyer, E.S.; Newman, A.B.; Longstreth, W.T.; Checkoway, H., 2011:
Post hoc Parkinson's disease: identifying an uncommon disease in the Cardiovascular Health Study

Vorsanger, G.; Xiang, J.; Biondi, D.; Upmalis, D.; Delfgaauw, J.; Allard, Ré.; Moskovitz, B., 2012:
Post hoc analyses of data from a 90-day clinical trial evaluating the tolerability and efficacy of tapentadol immediate release and oxycodone immediate release for the relief of moderate to severe pain in elderly and nonelderly patients

Coghill, D.R.; Banaschewski, T.; Lecendreux, M.; Soutullo, César.; Zuddas, A.; Adeyi, B.; Sorooshian, S., 2014:
Post hoc analyses of the impact of previous medication on the efficacy of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate in the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in a randomized, controlled trial

Juergens, C.; Patterson, S.; Trammel, J.; Greenberg, D.; Givon-Lavi, N.; Cooper, D.; Gurtman, A.; Gruber, W.C.; Scott, D.A.; Dagan, R., 2015:
Post hoc analysis of a randomized double-blind trial of the correlation of functional and binding antibody responses elicited by 13-valent and 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccines and association with nasopharyngeal colonization

Tamburro, R.F.; Thomas, N.J.; Pon, S.; Jacobs, B.R.; Dicarlo, J.V.; Markovitz, B.P.; Jefferson, L.S.; Willson, D.F., 2008:
Post hoc analysis of calfactant use in immunocompromised children with acute lung injury: Impact and feasibility of further clinical trials

Mańas, A.; Ciria, J.Pablo.; Fernández, Mía.Carmen.; Gonzálvez, Mía.Luisa.; Morillo, V.; Pérez, Mía.; Masramon, X.; López-Gómez, V., 2012:
Post hoc analysis of pregabalin vs. non-pregabalin treatment in patients with cancer-related neuropathic pain: better pain relief, sleep and physical health

Hradec, Jír.; Zamorano, Jé.; Sutradhar, S., 2014:
Post hoc analysis of the Cluster Randomized Usual Care versus Caduet Investigation Assessing Long-term risk (CRUCIAL) trial

Kornstein, S.G.; Clayton, A.; Bao, W.; Guico-Pabia, C.J., 2015:
Post hoc analysis of the efficacy and safety of desvenlafaxine 50 mg/day in a randomized, placebo-controlled study of perimenopausal and postmenopausal women with major depressive disorder

Block, S.L.; Williams, D.; Donnelly, C.L.; Dunn, D.W.; Saylor, K.E.; Ruberg, S.J., 2010:
Post hoc analysis: early changes in ADHD-RS items predict longer term response to atomoxetine in pediatric patients

Kivimäki, M.; Singh-Manoux, A.; Ferrie, J.E.; Batty, G.David., 2013:
Post hoc decision-making in observational epidemiology--is there need for better research standards?

Finucane, T.E., 2012:
Post hoc ergo propter hoc: complications and death after gastrostomy placement

Hoyt, D.B., 2013:
Post hoc ergo propter hoc: the story of the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium

North, R.B., 2012:
Post hoc ergo propter hoc?

Langer, D.; Helmchen, F., 2012:
Post hoc immunostaining of GABAergic neuronal subtypes following in vivo two-photon calcium imaging in mouse neocortex

Harvey, S.E.; Welch, C.A.; Harrison, D.A.; Rowan, K.M.; Singer, M., 2008:
Post hoc insights from PAC-Man--the U.K. pulmonary artery catheter trial

Smith, P.P.; Hurtado, E.A.; Appell, R.A., 2010 :
Post hoc interpretation of urodynamic evaluation is qualitatively different than interpretation at the time of urodynamic study

Naftolin, F.; King, J.; Morrison, J.H., 2010:
Post hoc magnetic resonance imaging cannot justify the conclusions of WHIMS

Wallace, D.K.; Melia, M., 2008:
Post hoc power calculations

Verhagen, L.M.; Gómez-Castellano, K.; Snelders, E.; Rivera-Olivero, I.; Pocaterra, L.; Melchers, W.J.G.; de Waard, J.H.; Hermans, P.W.M., 2014:
Post hoc power calculations and statistical analysis of case control studies: reply to Riboldi et al

Zehetmayer, S.; Posch, M., 2010:
Post hoc power estimation in large-scale multiple testing problems

A Raschke, R., 2014:
Post hoc subgroup analysis

Raz, I.; Ceriello, A.; Wilson, P.W.; Battioui, C.; Su, E.W.; Kerr, L.; Jones, C.A.; Milicevic, Z.; Jacober, S.J., 2011:
Post hoc subgroup analysis of the HEART2D trial demonstrates lower cardiovascular risk in older patients targeting postprandial versus fasting/premeal glycemia

Widder, J., 2007:
Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. In regard to Fietkau et al. (Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2007;67:1008-1019)

Roy, J.S., 2012:
Post hysterectomy inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor: a rare presentation

Bahli, Z.M.; Kennedy, K., 2010:
Post hysterectomy spontaneous rupture of spleen

Segev, Y.; Auslander, R.; Lavie, O.; Lissak, A.; Abramov, Y., 2008:
Post hysterectomy vaginal vault prolapse: diagnosis prevention and treatment

Srivastava, A.; Khan, M.Ahmed.; Watkiss, J., 2009:
Post induction arrhythmia in a renal patient: an unexpected risk factor

Zentner, D.; Sutherland, J.; Goldblatt, J.; Atkinson, V.; Wong, J., 2011:
Post infarct ventricular septal defect tunnelling through the septum

Gotkine, M.; Kennedy, P.G.E.; Steiner, I., 2011:
Post infectious CNS disorders: towards a unified approach

Simpson, J.; Sundler, F.; Humes, D.J.; Jenkins, D.; Scholefield, J.H.; Spiller, R.C., 2009:
Post inflammatory damage to the enteric nervous system in diverticular disease and its relationship to symptoms

Carroll, R.C.; Worthington, R.E.; Craft, R.M.; Snider, C.C.; Dakin, P.A.; Wortham, D.C.; Scott, J.; Jarrett, A., 2010:
Post interventional cardiology urinary thromboxane correlates with PlateletMapping detected aspirin resistance

Del Val Del Amo, N.; Ibanez Bosch, R., 2008:
Post intestinal bypass arthritis-dermatitis syndrome

Mitchell, B.M.; Kanellopoulos, A.John.; Font, R.L., 2013:
Post intrastromal corneal ring segments insertion complicated by Candida parapsilosis keratitis

Marmouset, F.; Morinière, S.; Hammoudi, K.; Domengie, F.; Pujol, A., 2014:
Post intubation collected septic cricoarytenoid arthritis: case report

De, S.; De, S., 2009 :
Post intubation tracheal stenosis

Ohry, A.; Heruti, R.; Bluvshtein, V.; Aidinoff, E.; Catz, A., 2016:
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Post-Vaccinal Encephalitis

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Post-War Food Supplies

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