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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55099

Chapter 55099 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Martí, S.; Andrés, J.; Moliner, V.; Silla, E.; Tuñón, Iñaki.; Bertran, J., 2008:
Predicting an improvement of secondary catalytic activity of promiscuous isochorismate pyruvate lyase by computational design

Roos, A-Marie.; Abdool, Z.; Thakar, R.; Sultan, A.H., 2012:
Predicting anal sphincter defects: the value of clinical examination and manometry

Wang, J.; Ke, C.; Jiang, Q.; Zhang, C.; Snapinn, S., 2012:
Predicting analysis time in event-driven clinical trials with event-reporting lag

Stinear, C.M.; Byblow, W.D., 2015:
Predicting and accelerating motor recovery after stroke

Khorana, A.A., 2012:
Predicting and accounting for VTE in phase I cancer studies

Huang, H-Lin.; Lin, I-Che.; Liou, Y-Fan.; Tsai, C-Ta.; Hsu, K-Ti.; Huang, W-Lin.; Ho, S-Jang.; Ho, S-Ying., 2011:
Predicting and analyzing DNA-binding domains using a systematic approach to identifying a set of informative physicochemical and biochemical properties

Rapanoel, H.A.; Mazandu, G.K.; Mulder, N.J., 2014:
Predicting and analyzing interactions between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its human host

Yao, Q.; Gao, J.; Bollinger, C.; Thelen, J.J.; Xu, D., 2012:
Predicting and analyzing protein phosphorylation sites in plants using musite

Thompson, K.; Dockery, P.; Horobin, R.W., 2013:
Predicting and avoiding subcellular compartmentalization artifacts arising from acetoxymethyl ester calcium imaging probes. The case of fluo-3 AM and a general account of the phenomenon including a problem avoidance chart

Glare, P., 2011:
Predicting and communicating prognosis in palliative care

Engelhardt, E.G.; Garvelink, M.M.; de Haes, J.Hanneke.C.J.M.; van der Hoeven, J.J.M.; Smets, E.M.A.; Pieterse, A.H.; Stiggelbout, A.M., 2014:
Predicting and communicating the risk of recurrence and death in women with early-stage breast cancer: a systematic review of risk prediction models

Masuda, N.; Holme, P., 2013:
Predicting and controlling infectious disease epidemics using temporal networks

Griffin, M.J., 2014:
Predicting and controlling risks from human exposures to vibration and mechanical shock: flag waving and flag weaving

Ambroise-Thomas, P., 2009:
Predicting and controlling trends for rational nationwide distribution of healthcare services

Bhanpuri, N.H.; Okamura, A.M.; Bastian, A.J., 2014:
Predicting and correcting ataxia using a model of cerebellar function

Mangoni, A.A., 2012:
Predicting and detecting adverse drug reactions in old age: challenges and opportunities

Estes, J.A.; Brashares, J.S.; Power, M.E., 2014:
Predicting and detecting reciprocity between indirect ecological interactions and evolution

Scadding, G., 2007 :
Predicting and establishing the clinical efficacy of a histamine h(1)-receptor antagonist : desloratadine, the model paradigm

Zhao, Q.; Edrich, T.; Paschalidis, I.Ch., 2014:
Predicting and evaluating the effect of bivalirudin in cardiac surgical patients

Arden, M.A.; Armitage, C.J., 2008:
Predicting and explaining transtheoretical model stage transitions in relation to condom-carrying behaviour

Anderson, P., 2010:
Predicting and facilitating survival of pediatric cancer patients: the ALC story

Rafi, S.B.; Hearn, B.R.; Vedantham, P.; Jacobson, M.P.; Renslo, A.R., 2012:
Predicting and improving the membrane permeability of peptidic small molecules

Bohil, C.J.; Higgins, N.A.; Keebler, J.R., 2015:
Predicting and interpreting identification errors in military vehicle training using multidimensional scaling

Ilyina, R.Yu.; Pasynkova, O.O.; Ziganshina, L.E., 2014:
Predicting and managing adverse reactions of psychotropic drugs

Selby, N.M.; McIntyre, C.W., 2013:
Predicting and managing complications of renal replacement therapy in the critically ill

Govoni, M.; Caporali, R., 2012:
Predicting and managing the progression of structural damage in rheumatoid arthritis: where do we stand?

Reck, M.; Barlesi, F.; Crinò, L.; Henschke, C.I.; Isla, D.; Stiebeler, S.; Spigel, D.R., 2012:
Predicting and managing the risk of pulmonary haemorrhage in patients with NSCLC treated with bevacizumab: a consensus report from a panel of experts

Richards, A.; Hannon, E.M.; Derakshan, N., 2011:
Predicting and manipulating the incidence of inattentional blindness

Belaire, J.Amy.; Kreakie, B.J.; Keitt, T.; Minor, E., 2014:
Predicting and mapping potential Whooping Crane stopover habitat to guide site selection for wind energy projects

Hong, S.Young.; Minasny, B.; Han, K.Hwa.; Kim, Y.; Lee, K., 2013:
Predicting and mapping soil available water capacity in Korea

Biggar, J.W.; Dutt, G.R.; Riggs, R.L., 1967:
Predicting and measuring the solubility of p,p'- DDT in water

Stadler, W.; Schubotz, R.I.; von Cramon, D.Yves.; Springer, A.; Graf, M.; Prinz, W., 2011:
Predicting and memorizing observed action: differential premotor cortex involvement

Westhof, E.; Masquida, Bît.; Jossinet, F., 2011:
Predicting and modeling RNA architecture

Gross, R., 2008:
Predicting and monitoring antiretroviral adherence

Thoeny, H.C.; Ross, B.D., 2010:
Predicting and monitoring cancer treatment response with diffusion-weighted MRI

Fredin, M.Fritsch.; Hultin, L.; Hyberg, G.; Rehnström, E.; Hultgren Hörnquist, E.; Melgar, S.; Jansson, L., 2007:
Predicting and monitoring colitis development in mice by micro-computed tomography

Harper, K.C.; Sigman, M.S., 2011:
Predicting and optimizing asymmetric catalyst performance using the principles of experimental design and steric parameters

Hansalia, R.J.; Duvall, W.L.; Mehta, D., 2009:
Predicting and optimizing response to cardiac resynchronization therapy beyond QRS duration: expanding role of echocardiography

Liss, G.; Rattan, S.; Lewis, J.H., 2011:
Predicting and preventing acute drug-induced liver injury: what's new in 2010?

Harel, Z.; Chan, C.T., 2008:
Predicting and preventing acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery

Hottenrott, C., 2011:
Predicting and preventing anastomotic leakage after low anterior resection for rectal cancer

Purdey, S.; Huntley, A., 2014:
Predicting and preventing avoidable hospital admissions: a review

McIntyre, R.S.; Correll, C., 2015:
Predicting and preventing bipolar disorder: the need to fundamentally advance the strategic approach

Zambelli, A.; Della Porta, M.Giovanni.; Eleuteri, E.; D.G.uli, L.; Catalano, O.; Tondini, C.; Riccardi, A., 2011:
Predicting and preventing cardiotoxicity in the era of breast cancer targeted therapies. Novel molecular tools for clinical issues

Post, W.S., 2012:
Predicting and preventing cardiovascular disease in HIV-infected patients

Wicksell, R.K.; Olsson, G.L., 2010:
Predicting and preventing chronic postsurgical pain and disability

Dunlay, S.M.; Gersh, B.J., 2013:
Predicting and preventing heart failure rehospitalizations: is there a role for implantable device diagnostics?

Brown, K.R.; Dubovy, S.R.; Relhan, N.; Flynn, H.W., 2018:
Clinicopathologic Correlation of a Subretinal Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy Band in a Patient with Chronic Recurrent Retinal Detachment

Rabkin, S.W., 1985:
Predicting and preventing hypertension and associated cardiovascular disease

Pützer, B.M.; Steder, M.; Alla, V., 2011:
Predicting and preventing melanoma invasiveness: advances in clarifying E2F1 function

Dagnas, Séphane.; Membré, J-Marie., 2013:
Predicting and preventing mold spoilage of food products

Ziogas, D.; Ignatiadou, E.; Fatouros, M., 2008:
Predicting and preventing positive surgical margins and local failures in breast-conserving surgery

Papageorghiou, A.T., 2008:
Predicting and preventing pre-eclampsia-where to next?

de Lau, L.M.L.; den Hertog, H.M.; van den Herik, E.G.; Koudstaal, P.J., 2009:
Predicting and preventing stroke after transient ischemic attack

Estes, N.A.Mark., 2012:
Predicting and preventing sudden cardiac death

Anderson, B.; Sawyer, D.B., 2008:
Predicting and preventing the cardiotoxicity of cancer therapy

Hutchinson, M., 2009:
Predicting and preventing the future: actively managing multiple sclerosis

Wesselink, C.; Jansonius, N.M., 2014:
Predicting and preventing visual impairment and blindness by incorporating individual progression velocity in glaucoma care

D.V.co, L.; Iversen, L.; Sørensen, M.H.; Brandbyge, M.; Nygård, J.; Martinez, K.L.; Jensen, J.H., 2012:
Predicting and rationalizing the effect of surface charge distribution and orientation on nano-wire based FET bio-sensors

Day, A.J.; Bridger, R.S., 2012:
Predicting and reducing voluntary outflow in the Royal Navy

Morgenthaler, M.; Schweizer, E.; Hoffmann-Röder, A.; Benini, F.; Martin, R.E.; Jaeschke, G.; Wagner, Börn.; Fischer, H.; Bendels, S.; Zimmerli, D.; Schneider, J.; Diederich, Fçois.; Kansy, M.; Müller, K., 2007:
Predicting and tuning physicochemical properties in lead optimization: amine basicities

Stegle, O.; Payet, L.; Mergny, J-Louis.; MacKay, D.J.C.; Leon, J.Huppert., 2009:
Predicting and understanding the stability of G-quadruplexes

Chen, P-Yang.; Deane, C.M.; Reinert, G., 2008:
Predicting and validating protein interactions using network structure

Hamamura, K.; Chen, A.; Nishimura, A.; Tanjung, N.; Sudo, A.; Yokota, H., 2015:
Predicting and validating the pathway of Wnt3a-driven suppression of osteoclastogenesis

Gianaroli, L.; Magli, M.C.; Cavallini, G.; Crippa, A.; Capoti, A.; Resta, S.; Robles, F.; Ferraretti, A.P., 2010:
Predicting aneuploidy in human oocytes: key factors which affect the meiotic process

Prestigiacomo, C.J.; He, W.; Catrambone, J.; Chung, S.; Kasper, L.; Pasupuleti, L.; Mittal, N., 2008:
Predicting aneurysm rupture probabilities through the application of a computed tomography angiography-derived binary logistic regression model

Chan, Y.C.; Clough, R.E.; Taylor, P.R., 2011:
Predicting aneurysmal dilatation after type B aortic dissection

Trew, J.L.; Alden, L.E., 2012:
Predicting anger in social anxiety: The mediating role of rumination

Roberts, E.B.; Grayson, A.D.; Alahmar, A.E.; Andron, M.; Perry, R.; Stables, R.H., 2010:
Predicting angiographic outcome in contemporary percutaneous coronary intervention: a lesion-specific logistic model

Green, J.P.; Green, E.S., 2010:
Predicting animal attachment from hypnotizability, absorption, and dissociation scores

Smith, G.C.S., 2010:
Predicting antepartum stillbirth

Trompeter, A.J.; Gill, K.; Appleton, M.A.C.; Palmer, S.H., 2009:
Predicting anterior cruciate ligament integrity in patients with osteoarthritis

Moretti, E.; Oakman, C.; D.L.o, A., 2010:
Predicting anthracycline benefit: have we made any progress?

Ravichandran, V.; Prashantha Kumar, B.R.; Sankar, S.; Agrawal, R.K., 2008:
Predicting anti-HIV activity of 1,3,4-thiazolidinone derivatives: 3D-QSAR approach

Vaidya, A.; Jain, A.Kumar.; Kumar, P.; Kashaw, S.Kumar.; Agrawal, R.Kishore., 2012:
Predicting anti-cancer activity of quinoline derivatives: CoMFA and CoMSIA approach

Scott, S.Rich.; Rosen, L.H., 2016:
Predicting anti-fat attitudes: individual differences based on actual and perceived body size, weight importance, entity mindset, and ethnicity

Madaras-Kelly, K.J.; Remington, R.E.; Fan, V.S.; Sloan, K.L., 2012:
Predicting antibiotic resistance to community-acquired pneumonia antibiotics in culture-positive patients with healthcare-associated pneumonia

McCluskey, Sánín.M.; Knapp, C.W., 2011:
Predicting antibiotic resistance, not just for quinolones

Choi, Y.; Deane, C.M., 2012:
Predicting antibody complementarity determining region structures without classification

Hajisharifi, Z.; Piryaiee, M.; Mohammad Beigi, M.; Behbahani, M.; Mohabatkar, H., 2014:
Predicting anticancer peptides with Chou's pseudo amino acid composition and investigating their mutagenicity via Ames test

Klok, F.A.; Kooiman, J.; Huisman, M.V.; Konstantinides, S.; Lankeit, M., 2016:
Predicting anticoagulant-related bleeding in patients with venous thromboembolism: a clinically oriented review

Finney, O.C.; Danziger, S.A.; Molina, D.M.; Vignali, M.; Takagi, A.; Ji, M.; Stanisic, D.I.; Siba, P.M.; Liang, X.; Aitchison, J.D.; Mueller, I.; Gardner, M.J.; Wang, R., 2015:
Predicting antidisease immunity using proteome arrays and sera from children naturally exposed to malaria

Sillanpää, M.; Schmidt, D., 2011:
Predicting antiepileptic drug response in children with epilepsy

Liang, L.; Felgner, P.L., 2012:
Predicting antigenicity of proteins in a bacterial proteome; a protein microarray and naïve Bayes classification approach

González-Díaz, H.; Prado-Prado, F.; Ubeira, F.M., 2009:
Predicting antimicrobial drugs and targets with the MARCH-INSIDE approach

Amaral, Aé.C.; Silva, O.N.; Mundim, Nália.C.C.R.; de Carvalho, M.J.A.; Migliolo, L.; Leite, J.R.S.A.; Prates, M.V.; Bocca, Aélia.L.; Franco, Oávio.L.; Felipe, M.S.S., 2014:
Predicting antimicrobial peptides from eukaryotic genomes: in silico strategies to develop antibiotics

Gersing, K.; Burchett, B.; March, J.; Ostbye, T.; Krishnan, K.Ranga.Rama., 2007:
Predicting antipsychotic use in children

Garcia, F.; Alvarez, M.; Fox, Z.; Garcia-Diaz, A.; Guillot, V.; Johnson, M.; Chueca, N.; Phillips, A.; Hernández-Quero, Jé.; Geretti, A.Maria., 2011:
Predicting antiretroviral drug resistance from the latest or the cumulative genotype

Radman, A.; Gredičak, M.; Kopriva, I.; Jerić, I., 2012:
Predicting antitumor activity of peptides by consensus of regression models trained on a small data sample

Jácome, C.; Figueiredo, D.; Gabriel, R.; Cruz, J.; Marques, A., 2015:
Predicting anxiety and depression among family carers of people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Weaving, J.; Orgeta, V.; Orrell, M.; Petrides, K.V., 2015:
Predicting anxiety in carers of people with dementia: the role of trait emotional intelligence

Berman, N.C.; Wheaton, M.G.; McGrath, P.; Abramowitz, J.S., 2010:
Predicting anxiety: the role of experiential avoidance and anxiety sensitivity

Carter, M.M.; Sbrocco, T.; Ayati, F., 2009:
Predicting anxious response to a social challenge and hyperventilation: comparison of the ASI and ASI-3

Thyrion, Cé.; Roll, J-Pierre., 2010:
Predicting any arm movement feedback to induce three-dimensional illusory movements in humans

Trimarchi, S.; Jonker, F.H.W.; van Bogerijen, G.H.W.; Tolenaar, J.L.; Moll, F.L.; Czerny, M.; Patel, H.J., 2014:
Predicting aortic enlargement in type B aortic dissection

Liao, B.; Jiang, J-Bao.; Zeng, Q-Guang.; Zhu, W., 2012:
Predicting apoptosis protein subcellular location with PseAAC by incorporating tripeptide composition

Travers, S.; Bertelsen, M.G.; Kucheryavskiy, S.V., 2014:
Predicting apple (cv. Elshof) postharvest dry matter and soluble solids content with near infrared spectroscopy

Ruml, M.; Milatović, D.; Vulić, T.; Vuković, A., 2011:
Predicting apricot phenology using meteorological data

Xiao, F.; Gulliver, J.S.; Simcik, M.F., 2014:
Predicting aqueous solubility of environmentally relevant compounds from molecular features: a simple but highly effective four-dimensional model based on Project to Latent Structures

Chu, K.A.; Yalkowsky, S.H., 2010:
Predicting aqueous solubility: the role of crystallinity

Walker, G.R.; Gilfedder, M.; Dawes, W.R.; Rassam, D.W., 2016:
Predicting aquifer response time for application in catchment modeling

Cox, V.; Patel, M.; Kim, J.; Liu, T.; Sivaraman, G.; Narayan, S.M., 2007:
Predicting arrhythmia-free survival using spectral and modified-moving average analyses of T-wave alternans

James, K.A.; Meliker, J.R.; Buttenfield, B.E.; Byers, T.; Zerbe, G.O.; Hokanson, J.E.; Marshall, J.A., 2015:
Predicting arsenic concentrations in groundwater of San Luis Valley, Colorado: implications for individual-level lifetime exposure assessment

Juhasz, A.L.; Weber, J.; Smith, E., 2012:
Predicting arsenic relative bioavailability in contaminated soils using meta analysis and relative bioavailability-bioaccessibility regression models

Raoufy, M.Reza.; Eftekhari, P.; Gharibzadeh, S.; Masjedi, M.Reza., 2011:
Predicting arterial blood gas values from venous samples in patients with acute exacerbation chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using artificial neural network

Bodanapally, U.K.; Krejza, J.; Saksobhavivat, N.; Jaffray, P.M.; Sliker, C.W.; Miller, L.A.; Shanmuganathan, K.; Dreizin, D., 2014:
Predicting arterial injuries after penetrating brain trauma based on scoring signs from emergency CT studies

Alty, S.R.; Angarita-Jaimes, N.; Millasseau, S.C.; Chowienczyk, P.J., 2007:
Predicting arterial stiffness from the digital volume pulse waveform

Berman, S.S.; Mendoza, B.; Westerband, A.; Quick, R.C., 2009:
Predicting arteriovenous fistula maturation with intraoperative blood flow measurements

de Rooy, D.P.C.; van der Linden, M.P.M.; Knevel, R.; Huizinga, T.W.J.; van der Helm-van Mil, A.H.M., 2011:
Predicting arthritis outcomes--what can be learned from the Leiden Early Arthritis Clinic?

Power, M.L.; Hamdy, S.; Goulermas, J.Y.; Tyrrell, P.J.; Turnbull, I.; Thompson, D.G., 2010:
Predicting aspiration after hemispheric stroke from timing measures of oropharyngeal bolus flow and laryngeal closure

Smith Hammond, C.A.; Goldstein, L.B.; Horner, R.D.; Ying, J.; Gray, L.; Gonzalez-Rothi, L.; Bolser, D.C., 2008 :
Predicting aspiration in patients with ischemic stroke: comparison of clinical signs and aerodynamic measures of voluntary cough

He, Y.; Wang, J.; Lek-Ang, S.; Lek, S., 2010:
Predicting assemblages and species richness of endemic fish in the upper Yangtze River

de Groot, E.P.; Brand, P.L.P.; Duiverman, E.J., 2009:
Predicting asthma by means of wheezing at a young age is not possible

Frey, U., 2007:
Predicting asthma control and exacerbations: chronic asthma as a complex dynamic model

Jones, C.A.; Bender, B.G.; Haselkorn, T.; Fish, J.E.; Mink, D.R.; Peters, S.P.; Weiss, S.T., 2009:
Predicting asthma control using patient attitudes toward medical care: the REACT score

Ritz, T.; Bobb, C.; Griffiths, C., 2015:
Predicting asthma control: the role of psychological triggers

Forno, E.; Celedón, J.C., 2012:
Predicting asthma exacerbations in children

Finkelstein, J.; Wood, J., 2014:
Predicting asthma exacerbations using artificial intelligence

Fuhlbrigge, A.L., 2011:
Predicting asthma exacerbations: peak expiratory flow revisited

van der Mark, L.B.; van Wonderen, K.E.; Mohrs, J.; van Aalderen, W.M.C.; ter Riet, G.; Bindels, P.J.E., 2014:
Predicting asthma in preschool children at high risk presenting in primary care: development of a clinical asthma prediction score

Hafkamp-de Groen, E.; Lingsma, H.F.; Caudri, D.; Levie, D.; Wijga, A.; Koppelman, G.H.; Duijts, L.; Jaddoe, V.W.V.; Smit, Hëtte.A.; Kerkhof, M.; Moll, Hëtte.A.; Hofman, A.; Steyerberg, E.W.; de Jongste, J.C.; Raat, H., 2014:
Predicting asthma in preschool children with asthma-like symptoms: validating and updating the PIAMA risk score

Stanford, R.H.; Shah, M.B.; D'Souza, A.O.; Schatz, M., 2013:
Predicting asthma outcomes in commercially insured and Medicaid populations?

Janssens, T.; Verleden, G.; D.P.uter, S.; Petersen, S.; Van den Bergh, O., 2012:
Predicting asthma treatment outcome at diagnosis: the role of symptom perception during a histamine challenge test

Keeley, D.W.; Plummer, H.A.; Oliver, G.D., 2011:
Predicting asymmetrical lower extremity strength deficits in college-aged men and women using common horizontal and vertical power field tests: a possible screening mechanism

Calvet, D.; Song, D.; Yoo, J.; Turc, G.; Sablayrolles, J-Louis.; Choi, B.Wook.; Heo, J.Hoe.; Mas, J-Louis., 2014:
Predicting asymptomatic coronary artery disease in patients with ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack: the PRECORIS score

Gompelmann, D.; Eberhardt, R.; Michaud, G.; Ernst, A.; Herth, F.J.F., 2011:
Predicting atelectasis by assessment of collateral ventilation prior to endobronchial lung volume reduction: a feasibility study

Kajbafnezhad, H.; Ahadi, H.; Heidarie, A.; Askari, P.; Enayati, M., 2013:
Predicting athletic success motivation using mental skin and emotional intelligence and its components in male athletes

Tuszynska, I.; Bujnicki, J.M., 2010:
Predicting atomic details of the unfolding pathway for YibK, a knotted protein from the SPOUT superfamily

Arnar, D.O.; Holm, H.; Gudbjartsson, D.F., 2009 :
Predicting atrial fibrillation

Karnik, S.; Tan, S.Lam.; Berg, B.; Glurich, I.; Zhang, J.; Vidaillet, H.J.; Page, C.David.; Chowdhary, R., 2013:
Predicting atrial fibrillation and flutter using electronic health records

Bai, B.; Wang, Y.; Yang, C., 2014:
Predicting atrial fibrillation inducibility in a canine model by multi-threshold spectra of the recurrence complex network

Masson, S.; Aleksova, A.; Favero, C.; Staszewsky, L.; Bernardinangeli, M.; Belvito, C.; Cioffi, G.; Sinagra, G.; Mazzone, C.; Bertocchi, F.; Vago, T.; Peri, G.; Cuccovillo, I.; Masuda, N.; Barlera, S.; Mantovani, A.; Maggioni, A.P.; Franzosi, M.Grazia.; Disertori, M.; Latini, R.; Rossi, M.G.; Fazi, A.; Pierfelice, O.; Gavazzi, A.; Taddei, F.; Rigatelli, G.; Boni, S.; Trappolin, R.; Muscella, A.; Vetrano, A.; Gulizia, M.; Francese, G.M.; Perticone, F.; Severini, D.; Pirelli, S.; Spotti, A.; Maria, 2011:
Predicting atrial fibrillation recurrence with circulating inflammatory markers in patients in sinus rhythm at high risk for atrial fibrillation: data from the GISSI atrial fibrillation trial

John, R.M.; Stevenson, W.G., 2016:
Predicting atrial fibrillation: can we shape the future?

White, K.M.; Thomas, I.; Johnston, K.L.; Hyde, M.K., 2008:
Predicting attendance at peer-assisted study sessions for statistics: role identity and the theory of planned behavior

Klein, R.; Knäuper, Bärbel., 2010:
Predicting attention and avoidance: when do avoiders attend?

Harvey, E.A.; Youngwirth, S.D.; Thakar, D.A.; Errazuriz, P.A., 2009:
Predicting attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and oppositional defiant disorder from preschool diagnostic assessments

Morena, M.A.; Franke, J.E., 2012:
Predicting attenuant and resonant 2-cycles in periodically forced discrete-time two-species population models

Jalleh, G.; Donovan, R.J.; Jobling, I., 2015:
Predicting attitude towards performance enhancing substance use: a comprehensive test of the Sport Drug Control Model with elite Australian athletes

Storvoll, E.E.; Moan, I.Synnøve.; Rise, J., 2016:
Predicting attitudes toward a restrictive alcohol policy: Using a model of distal and proximal predictors

Earl, B.R.; Chertoff, M.E., 2010:
Predicting auditory nerve survival using the compound action potential

Veness, C.; Prior, M.; Eadie, P.; Bavin, E.; Reilly, S., 2015:
Predicting autism diagnosis by 7 years of age using parent report of infant social communication skills

Tzioufas, A.G.; Moutsopoulos, H.M., 2007:
Predicting autoimmune congenital heart block: is it feasible and how?

Azzopardi, L.; Thompson, S.A.J.; Harding, K.E.; Cossburn, M.; Robertson, N.; Compston, A.; Coles, A.J.; Jones, J.L., 2014:
Predicting autoimmunity after alemtuzumab treatment of multiple sclerosis

de Bruijn, G-Jan.; Gardner, B.; van Osch, L.; Sniehotta, F.F., 2015:
Predicting automaticity in exercise behaviour: the role of perceived behavioural control, affect, intention, action planning, and behaviour

Bryantsev, V.S.; Faglioni, F., 2012:
Predicting autoxidation stability of ether- and amide-based electrolyte solvents for Li-air batteries

Steenland, H.W.; Li, X-Yao.; Zhuo, M., 2012:
Predicting aversive events and terminating fear in the mouse anterior cingulate cortex during trace fear conditioning

Szabo, J.K.; Davy, P.J.; Hooper, M.J.; Astheimer, L.B., 2010:
Predicting avian distributions to evaluate spatiotemporal overlap with locust control operations in eastern Australia

Kolarik, D.; Pecha, V.; Skovajsova, M.; Zahumensky, J.; Trnkova, M.; Petruzelka, L.; Halaska, M.; Sottner, O.; Otcenasek, M.; Kolarova, H., 2013:
Predicting axillary sentinel node status in patients with primary breast cancer

Griffith, T.S., 2007:
Predicting bacillus Calmette-Guerin immunotherapy effectiveness

Lyons, J.; Dehzangi, A.; Heffernan, R.; Sharma, A.; Paliwal, K.; Sattar, A.; Zhou, Y.; Yang, Y., 2015:
Predicting backbone Cα angles and dihedrals from protein sequences by stacked sparse auto-encoder deep neural network

Lipsky, B.A.; Kollef, M.H.; Miller, L.G.; Sun, X.; Johannes, R.S.; Tabak, Y.P., 2010:
Predicting bacteremia among patients hospitalized for skin and skin-structure infections: derivation and validation of a risk score

Komatsu, T.; Onda, T.; Murayama, G.; Yamanouchi, M.; Inukai, M.; Sakai, A.; Kikuta, M.; Branch, J.; Aoki, M.; Tierney, L.M.; Inoue, K., 2013:
Predicting bacteremia based on nurse-assessed food consumption at the time of blood culture

Albrich, W.C.; Mueller, B., 2011:
Predicting bacteremia by procalcitonin levels in patients evaluated for sepsis in the emergency department

Agyeman, P.; Aebi, C.; Hirt, A.; Niggli, F.K.; Nadal, D.; Simon, A.; Ozsahin, H.; Kontny, U.; Kühne, T.; Beck Popovic, M.; Leibundgut, K.; Bodmer, N.; Ammann, R.A., 2011:
Predicting bacteremia in children with cancer and fever in chemotherapy-induced neutropenia: results of the prospective multicenter SPOG 2003 FN study

Perelló, R.; Miró, O.; Marcos, Mía.Angeles.; Almela, M.; Bragulat, E.; Sánchez, M.; Agustí, C.; Miro, Jé.M.; Moreno, Aón., 2010 :
Predicting bacteremic pneumonia in HIV-1-infected patients consulting the ED

Ning, L.W.; Lin, H.; Ding, H.; Huang, J.; Rao, N.; Guo, F.B., 2015:
Predicting bacterial essential genes using only sequence composition information

Stocks, G.W.; Self, S.D.; Thompson, B.; Adame, X.A.; O'Connor, D.P., 2010:
Predicting bacterial populations based on airborne particulates: a study performed in nonlaminar flow operating rooms during joint arthroplasty surgery

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