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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55112

Chapter 55112 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zhou, Y-Xue.; Zhao, Z-Tao.; Li, L.; Wan, C-Song.; Peng, C-Hua.; Yang, J.; Ou, C-Quan., 2014:
Predictors of first-year GPA of medical students: a longitudinal study of 1285 matriculates in China

Coleta, K.Dela.; Silveira, L.V.A.; Lima, D.F.; Rampinelli, E.A.; Godoy, I.; Godoy, I., 2008:
Predictors of first-year survival in patients with advanced COPD treated using long-term oxygen therapy

Cular, D.; Krstulović, S.; Katić, R.; Primorac, D.; Vucić, D., 2014:
Predictors of fitness status on success in Taekwondo

Suwarto, S.; Sutrisna, B.; Waspadji, S.; Pohan, H.T., 2015:
Predictors of five days mortality in diabetic ketoacidosis patients: a prospective cohort study

Shaya, F.T.; Du, D.; Frech-Tamas, F.; Lau, H.; Fatodu, H.; Garber, H., 2008:
Predictors of fixed-dose combination antihypertensive drug therapy in a Medicaid population

Hung, K.K.C.; Chan, E.Y.Y.; Cocks, R.A.; Ong, R.M.; Rainer, T.H.; Graham, C.A., 2010:
Predictors of flight diversions and deaths for in-flight medical emergencies in commercial aviation

Krellman, J.W.; Kolakowsky-Hayner, S.A.; Spielman, L.; Dijkers, M.; Hammond, F.M.; Bogner, J.; Hart, T.; Cantor, J.B.; Tsaousides, T., 2014:
Predictors of follow-up completeness in longitudinal research on traumatic brain injury: findings from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research traumatic brain injury model systems program

Patton, R.; Slesnick, N.; Bantchevska, D.; Guo, X.; Kim, Y., 2011:
Predictors of follow-up completion among runaway substance-abusing adolescents and their primary caretakers

Courneya, K.S.; Friedenreich, C.M.; Reid, R.D.; Gelmon, K.; Mackey, J.R.; Ladha, A.B.; Proulx, C.; Vallance, J.K.; Segal, R.J., 2008:
Predictors of follow-up exercise behavior 6 months after a randomized trial of exercise training during breast cancer chemotherapy

Duckworth, A.D.; Buijze, G.A.; Moran, M.; Gray, A.; Court-Brown, C.M.; Ring, D.; McQueen, M.M., 2012:
Predictors of fracture following suspected injury to the scaphoid

Neubecker, K.; Adams-Huet, B.; Farukhi, I.M.; Delapena, R.C.; Gruntmanis, U., 2011:
Predictors of fracture risk and bone mineral density in men with prostate cancer on androgen deprivation therapy

Ha, A.C.T.; Vezi, B.Z.; Keren, A.; Alanazi, H.; Gollob, M.H.; Green, M.S.; Lemery, R.; Nery, P.B.; Posan, E.; Birnie, D.H., 2010:
Predictors of fracture risk of a small caliber implantable cardioverter defibrillator lead

Piirtola, M.; Vahlberg, T.; Isoaho, R.; Aarnio, P.; Kivelä, S-Liisa., 2008:
Predictors of fractures among the aged: a population-based study with 12-year follow-up in a Finnish municipality

Yoshida, H.; Nishi, M.; Watanabe, N.; Fujiwara, Y.; Fukaya, T.; Ogawa, K.; Kim, M-Ji.; Lee, S.; Shinkai, S., 2013:
Predictors of frailty development in a general population of older adults in Japan using the Frailty Index for Japanese elderly patients

Macht, M.; Kaussner, Y.; Möller, J.Carsten.; Stiasny-Kolster, K.; Eggert, K.Maria.; Krüger, H-Peter.; Ellgring, H., 2007:
Predictors of freezing in Parkinson's disease: a survey of 6,620 patients

Essien, E.James.; Mgbere, O.; Monjok, E.; Ekong, E.; Abughosh, S.; Holstad, M.M., 2010:
Predictors of frequency of condom use and attitudes among sexually active female military personnel in Nigeria

Paul, P.; Heng, B.H.; Seow, E.; Molina, J.; Tay, S.Y., 2013:
Predictors of frequent attenders of emergency department at an acute general hospital in Singapore

Chang, G.; Weiss, A.P.; Orav, E.John.; Rauch, S.L., 2015:
Predictors of frequent emergency department use among patients with psychiatric illness

Gupta, E.das.; Tee, H.Shin.; Sakthiswary, R., 2014:
Predictors of frequent oral analgesic use in rheumatoid arthritis

Aagaard, Jørgen.; Aagaard, A.; Buus, N., 2015:
Predictors of frequent visits to a psychiatric emergency room: a large-scale register study combined with a small-scale interview study

Svoboda, T., 2013:
Predictors of frequent withdrawal management unit use among chronically homeless, homeless, and housed men: a retrospective cohort study

Sigward, S.M.; Ota, S.; Powers, C.M., 2008:
Predictors of frontal plane knee excursion during a drop land in young female soccer players

Corvaglia, L.; Fantini, M.Pia.; Aceti, A.; Gibertoni, D.; Rucci, P.; Baronciani, D.; Faldella, G.; Alati, S.; Ancora, G.; Berardi, A.; Biasini, A.; Casadio, L.; Chakrokh, R.; Contiero, M.; Gallo, C.; Garani, G.; Gargano, G.; Locatelli, C.; Magnani, C.; Mammoliti, P.Maria.Angela.; Mordini, B.; Moretti, S.; Muratori, C.; Pedori, S.; Piano, F.; Piccinini, G.; Rota, C.; Sandri, F.; Stella, M., 2015:
Predictors of full enteral feeding achievement in very low birth weight infants

Galvin, J.; Lim, B.Chye.Jeremy.; Steer, K.; Edwards, J.; Lee, K.J., 2010:
Predictors of functional ability of Australian children with acquired brain injury following inpatient rehabilitation

Crosbie, J.; Naylor, J.; Harmer, A.; Russell, T., 2010:
Predictors of functional ambulation and patient perception following total knee replacement and short-term rehabilitation

Asiri, F.Y.; Marchetti, G.F.; Ellis, J.L.; Otis, L.; Sparto, P.J.; Watzlaf, V.; Whitney, S.L., 2015:
Predictors of functional and gait outcomes for persons poststroke undergoing home-based rehabilitation

Figueiredo, A.J.; Coelho e Silva, M.J.; Malina, R.M., 2011:
Predictors of functional capacity and skill in youth soccer players

Polat, N.; Oz, F.; Baykız, D.; Cizgici, A.Yaşar.; Altun, I.; Buğra, Z.; Umman, B.; Tufan, F.; Oflaz, Hüseyin., 2015:
Predictors of functional capacity in younger and elderly chronic heart failure patients: an observational study

Huang, H-Tzu.; Chen, C-Huey., 2009:
Predictors of functional decline and care for the hospitalized elderly

Silver, H.J.; de Campos Graf Guimaraes, C.; Pedruzzi, P.; Badia, M.; Spuldaro de Carvalho, A.; Oliveira, B.V.; Ramos, G.H.A.; Dietrich, M.S.; Pietrobon, R., 2010:
Predictors of functional decline in locally advanced head and neck cancer patients from south Brazil

Mazière, S.; Lanièce, I.; Hadri, N.; Bioteau, C.; Millet, C.; Couturier, P.; Gavazzi, Gëtan., 2011:
Predictors of functional decline of older persons after an hospitalisation in an acute care for elder unit: importance of recent functional evolution

Shi, Z-Song.; Liebeskind, D.S.; Xiang, B.; Ge, S.Grace.; Feng, L.; Albers, G.W.; Budzik, R.; Devlin, T.; Gupta, R.; Jansen, O.; Jovin, T.G.; Killer-Oberpfalzer, M.; Lutsep, H.L.; Macho, J.; Nogueira, R.G.; Rymer, M.; Smith, W.S.; Wahlgren, N.; Duckwiler, G.R., 2014:
Predictors of functional dependence despite successful revascularization in large-vessel occlusion strokes

Leung, Y-Ying.; Ho, K-Wah.; Li, E.K.; Li, M.; Kwok, L-Wa.; Wong, P.C.; Li, T.K.; Zhu, T.Y.; Kun, E.W.; Tam, L-Shan., 2015:
Predictors of functional deterioration in Chinese patients with psoriatic arthritis: a longitudinal study

Strating, M.M.H.; Van Schuur, W.H.; Suurmeijer, T.P.B.M., 2007:
Predictors of functional disability in rheumatoid arthritis: results from a 13-year prospective study

Storch, E.A.; Larson, M.J.; Muroff, J.; Caporino, N.; Geller, D.; Reid, J.M.; Morgan, J.; Jordan, P.; Murphy, T.K., 2010:
Predictors of functional impairment in pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder

Shakouri, S.K.; Eslamian, F.; Azari, B.K.; Sadeghi-Bazargani, H.; Sadeghpour, A.; Salekzamani, Y., 2010:
Predictors of functional improvement among patients with hip fracture at a rehabilitation ward

Cornelius, L.R.; van der Klink, J.J.L.; de Boer, M.R.; Groothoff, J.W.; Brouwer, S., 2015:
Predictors of functional improvement and future work status after the disability benefit claim: a prospective cohort study

Lam, R.W.; Endicott, J.; Hsu, M-Ann.; Fayyad, R.; Guico-Pabia, C.; Boucher, M., 2015:
Predictors of functional improvement in employed adults with major depressive disorder treated with desvenlafaxine

Ostwald, S.K.; Swank, P.R.; Khan, M.M., 2008:
Predictors of functional independence and stress level of stroke survivors at discharge from inpatient rehabilitation

Kwak, H.S.; Hwang, S.B.; Jin, G.Y.; Hippe, D.S.; Chung, G.H., 2013:
Predictors of functional outcome after emergency carotid artery stenting and intra-arterial thrombolysis for treatment of acute stroke associated with obstruction of the proximal internal carotid artery and tandem downstream occlusion

Constant, A-Laure.; Montlahuc, C.; Grimaldi, D.; Pichon, N.; Mongardon, N.; Bordenave, L.; Soummer, A.; Sauneuf, B.; Ricome, S.; Misset, B.; Schnell, D.; Dubuisson, E.; Brunet, J.; Lasocki, S.; Cronier, P.; Bouhemad, B.; Loriferne, J-François.; Begot, E.; Vandenbunder, B.; Dhonneur, G.; Bedos, J-Pierre.; Jullien, P.; Resche-Rigon, M.; Legriel, S., 2014:
Predictors of functional outcome after intraoperative cardiac arrest

Kasmire, K.E.; Rasouli, M.R.; Mortazavi, S.M.Javad.; Sharkey, P.F.; Parvizi, J., 2014:
Predictors of functional outcome after revision total knee arthroplasty following aseptic failure

Abdul-sattar, A.B.; Godab, T., 2014:
Predictors of functional outcome in Saudi Arabian patients with stroke after inpatient rehabilitation

Turhan, N.; Atalay, A.; Muderrisoglu, H., 2010:
Predictors of functional outcome in first-ever ischemic stroke: a special interest to ischemic subtypes, comorbidity and age

Cecchi, F.; Negrini, S.; Pasquini, G.; Paperini, A.; Conti, A.A.; Chiti, M.; Zaina, F.; Macchi, C.; Molino-Lova, R., 2013:
Predictors of functional outcome in patients with chronic low back pain undergoing back school, individual physiotherapy or spinal manipulation

Abdul-Sattar, A.B., 2015:
Predictors of functional outcome in patients with traumatic spinal cord injury after inpatient rehabilitation: in Saudi Arabia

Yoo, A.J.; Romero, J.; Hakimelahi, R.; Nogueira, R.G.; Rabinov, J.D.; Pryor, J.C.; González, R.Gilberto.; Hirsch, J.A.; Schaefer, P.W., 2010:
Predictors of functional outcome vary by the hemisphere of involvement in major ischemic stroke treated with intra-arterial therapy: a retrospective cohort study

Burns, P.B.; Kim, H.Myra.; Gaston, R.Glenn.; Haase, S.C.; Hammert, W.C.; Lawton, J.N.; Merrell, G.A.; Nassab, P.F.; Yang, L.J.; Chung, K.C., 2014:
Predictors of functional outcomes after simple decompression for ulnar neuropathy at the elbow: a multicenter study by the SUN study group

Wall, M.Patricia., 2007:
Predictors of functional performance in community-dwelling people with COPD

Chen, Y-Ming.; Chuang, Y-Wen.; Liao, S-Chia.; Lin, C-Sheng.; Yang, S-Hui.; Tang, Y-Jing.; Tsai, J-Ji.; Lan, J-Liang.; Chen, D-Yuan., 2010 :
Predictors of functional recovery (FR) for elderly hospitalized patients in a geriatric evaluation and management unit (GEMU) in Taiwan

Mirzadeh, Z.; Bina, R.; Kusne, Y.; Coons, S.W.; Spetzler, R.F.; Sanai, N., 2014:
Predictors of functional recovery in adults with posterior fossa ependymomas

Baztán, J.J.; Cáceres, L.A.; Llanque, Jé.L.; Gavidia, J.J.; Ruipérez, I., 2012:
Predictors of functional recovery in older hospitalized adults

Seematter-Bagnoud, L.; Lécureux, E.; Rochat, Séphane.; Monod, Séfanie.; Lenoble-Hoskovec, C.; Büla, C.J., 2014:
Predictors of functional recovery in patients admitted to geriatric postacute rehabilitation

Soares, C.N.; Endicott, J.; Boucher, M.; Fayyad, R.S.; Guico-Pabia, C.J., 2015:
Predictors of functional response and remission with desvenlafaxine 50 mg/d in patients with major depressive disorder

Levy, E.W.; Pfalzer, L.A.; Danoff, J.; Springer, B.A.; McGarvey, C.; Shieh, C-yi.; Morehead-Gee, A.; Gerber, L.H.; Stout, N.L., 2012:
Predictors of functional shoulder recovery at 1 and 12 months after breast cancer surgery

Brown, K.; Kachelman, J.; Topp, R.; Quesada, P.M.; Nyland, J.; Malkani, A.; Swank, A.M., 2009:
Predictors of functional task performance among patients scheduled for total knee arthroplasty

Burke, M.M.; Taylor, J.Lounds.; Urbano, R.; Hodapp, R.M., 2012:
Predictors of future caregiving by adult siblings of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Xie, H.; Mayo, N.; Koski, L., 2012:
Predictors of future cognitive decline in persons with mild cognitive impairment

Kerr, G.K.; Worringham, C.J.; Cole, M.H.; Lacherez, P.F.; Wood, J.M.; Silburn, P.A., 2010:
Predictors of future falls in Parkinson disease

Faerch, K.; Vaag, A.; Witte, D.R.; Jørgensen, T.; Pedersen, O.; Borch-Johnsen, K., 2009:
Predictors of future fasting and 2-h post-OGTT plasma glucose levels in middle-aged men and women-the Inter99 study

Artz, J.C.J.M.; Timmer, F.C.A.; Mulder, J.J.S.; Cremers, C.W.R.J.; Graamans, K., 2008:
Predictors of future growth of sporadic vestibular schwannomas obtained by history and radiologic assessment of the tumor

Nolan, V.G.; Krull, K.R.; Gurney, J.G.; Leisenring, W.; Robison, L.L.; Ness, K.K., 2014:
Predictors of future health-related quality of life in survivors of adolescent cancer

Chole, R.A.; Ogden, M.Allison., 2012:
Predictors of future success in otolaryngology residency applicants

Kline Mangione, K.; Craik, R.L.; Lopopolo, R.; Tomlinson, J.D.; Brenneman, S.K., 2008:
Predictors of gait speed in patients after hip fracture

Nemanich, S.T.; Duncan, R.P.; Dibble, L.E.; Cavanaugh, J.T.; Ellis, T.D.; Ford, M.P.; Foreman, K.B.; Earhart, G.M., 2013:
Predictors of gait speeds and the relationship of gait speeds to falls in men and women with Parkinson disease

Li, V.Ka.Ming.; Pulido, N.; Fajnwaks, P.; Szomstein, S.; Rosenthal, R.; Martinez-Duartez, P., 2008:
Predictors of gallstone formation after bariatric surgery: a multivariate analysis of risk factors comparing gastric bypass, gastric banding, and sleeve gastrectomy

Hata, N.; Murata, S.; Maeda, J.; Yatani, H.; Kohno, Y.; Yokono, K.; Okano, H., 2009:
Predictors of gastric myoelectrical activity in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Hart, J.; Hawkey, C.J.; Lanas, A.; Naesdal, J.; Talley, N.J.; Thomson, A.B.R.; Yeomans, N.D., 2010:
Predictors of gastroduodenal erosions in patients taking low-dose aspirin

Su, W.; Berry, M.; Puligandla, P.S.; Aspirot, A.; Flageole, Hélène.; Laberge, J-Martin., 2007:
Predictors of gastroesophageal reflux in neonates with congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Majid, S.; Salih, M.; Wasaya, R.; Jafri, W., 2008:
Predictors of gastrointestinal lesions on endoscopy in iron deficiency anemia without gastrointestinal symptoms

Alebouyeh, N.; Toefigh, M.; Ghasemzadeh, N.; Mirheydari, S.; Azargashb, E., 2007:
Predictors of gastrointestinal perforation in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery in Tehran, Iran

Tiseo, M.; Rossi, G.; Capelletti, M.; Sartori, G.; Spiritelli, E.; Marchioni, A.; Bozzetti, C.; De Palma, G.; Lagrasta, C.; Campanini, N.; Camisa, R.; Boni, L.; Franciosi, V.; Rindi, G.; Ardizzoni, A., 2010:
Predictors of gefitinib outcomes in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): study of a comprehensive panel of molecular markers

Hall, D.L.; Miraglia, R.P.; Lee, L-Wen.G.; Chard-Wierschem, D.; Sawyer, D., 2012:
Predictors of general and violent recidivism among SMI prisoners returning to communities in New York State

Winter, H.; Meimarakis, G.; Pirker, M.; Spelsberg, F.; Kopp, R.; Rüttinger, D.; Loehe, F.; Jauch, K-Walter.; Hatz, R., 2007:
Predictors of general complications after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgical procedures

Meijer, C.J.; Koeter, M.W.J.; Sprangers, M.A.G.; Schene, A.H., 2008:
Predictors of general quality of life and the mediating role of health related quality of life in patients with schizophrenia

Sweeny, K.; Ghane, A.; Legg, A.M.; Huynh, H.Phi.; Andrews, S.E., 2015 :
Predictors of genetic testing decisions: a systematic review and critique of the literature

Anderson, S.L.; Parker, B.J.; Bourguignon, C.M., 2010:
Predictors of genital injury after nonconsensual intercourse

Al-Rowaily, M.A.; Abolfotouh, M.A., 2010:
Predictors of gestational diabetes mellitus in a high-parity community in Saudi Arabia

Springer, M.V.; Schmidt, J.Michael.; Wartenberg, K.E.; Frontera, J.A.; Badjatia, N.; Mayer, S.A., 2010:
Predictors of global cognitive impairment 1 year after subarachnoid hemorrhage

Ivanovic, B.Aleksa.; Tadic, M.Vaso.; Simic, D.Vojislav., 2011:
Predictors of global left ventricular function in metabolic syndrome

Davies, M.L.; Johnson, M.D.; Brown, J.N.; Bryan, W.E.; Townsend, M.L., 2015:
Predictors of glycaemic control among HIV-positive veterans with diabetes

Shalitin, S.; Gil, M.; Nimri, R.; de Vries, L.; Gavan, M.Y.; Phillip, M., 2010:
Predictors of glycaemic control in patients with Type 1 diabetes commencing continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy

Mohammad, H.A.; Farghaly, H.S.; Metwalley, K.A.; Monazea, E.M.; Abd El-Hafeez, H.A., 2012:
Predictors of glycemic control in children with Type 1 diabetes mellitus in Assiut-Egypt

Camargo, M.Alessi.Guena.de.; Franco, Lércio.Joel.; Gimeno, S.Godoy.Agostinho.; Ferreira, S.Roberta.Gouvea.; Sartorelli, D.Saes., 2011:
Predictors of goal achievement in an intervention program among Japanese-Brazilians

McLean, C.P.; DiLillo, D.; Bornstein, B.H.; Bevins, R.A.; Bevini, R.A., 2008:
Predictors of goggle use among racquetball players

Kyngäs, H.A., 2007:
Predictors of good adherence of adolescents with diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus)

Saňák, D.; Herzig, R.; Zapletalová, J.; Horák, D.; Král, M.; Skoloudík, D.; Bártková, A.; Veverka, T.; Heřman, M.; Kaňovský, P., 2011:
Predictors of good clinical outcome in acute stroke patients treated with intravenous thrombolysis

Nogueira, R.G.; Liebeskind, D.S.; Sung, G.; Duckwiler, G.; Smith, W.S., 2010:
Predictors of good clinical outcomes, mortality, and successful revascularization in patients with acute ischemic stroke undergoing thrombectomy: pooled analysis of the Mechanical Embolus Removal in Cerebral Ischemia (MERCI) and Multi MERCI Trials

Lin, W.; Han, J.; Chen, X.; Xiong, L.; Leung, H.Wan.; Leung, T.W.; Soo, Y.; Wong, L.Ka.Sing., 2013:
Predictors of good functional outcome in counterpulsation-treated recent ischaemic stroke patients

González-Isasi, A.; Echeburúa, E.; Limiñana, Jé.María.; González-Pinto, A., 2012:
Predictors of good outcome in patients with refractory bipolar disorder after a drug or a drug and cognitive-behavioral treatment

Kaakinen, P.; Kyngäs, H.; Kääriäinen, M., 2014:
Predictors of good-quality counselling from the perspective of hospitalised chronically ill adults

Andersen, P.A.; Buller, D.B.; Voeks, J.H.; Borland, R.; Helme, D.; Bettinghaus, E.P., 2007:
Predictors of government officials' support for youth tobacco control policies

Hirst, N.G.; Whitty, J.A.; Synnott, R.L.; Eley, D.S.; Scuffham, P.A., 2012:
Predictors of government subsidized pharmaceutical use in patients with diabetes or cardiovascular disease in a primary care setting: evidence from a prospective randomized trial

Chopra, S.; Dora, T.; Chinnachamy, A.N.; Thomas, B.; Kannan, S.; Engineer, R.; Mahantshetty, U.; Phurailatpam, R.; Paul, S.N.; Shrivastava, S.Kishore., 2014:
Predictors of grade 3 or higher late bowel toxicity in patients undergoing pelvic radiation for cervical cancer: results from a prospective study

Dang, J.; Li, G.; Ma, L.; Diao, R.; Zang, S.; Han, C.; Zhang, S.; Yao, L., 2013:
Predictors of grade ≥ 2 and grade ≥ 3 radiation pneumonitis in patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy

Audimoolam, V.K.; Foxton, M.R.; Agarwal, K.; O'Grady, J.G.; Heneghan, M.A., 2010:
Predictors of graft and patient survival in subjects undergoing transplantation for hepatitis C virus infection

Faravardeh, A.; Eickhoff, M.; Jackson, S.; Spong, R.; Kukla, A.; Issa, N.; Matas, A.J.; Ibrahim, H.N., 2014:
Predictors of graft failure and death in elderly kidney transplant recipients

Coall, D.A.; Hilbrand, S.; Hertwig, R., 2014:
Predictors of grandparental investment decisions in contemporary Europe: biological relatedness and beyond

Tefferi, A.; Jimma, T.; Gangat, N.; Vaidya, R.; Begna, K.H.; Hanson, C.A.; Van Dyke, D.L.; Caramazza, D.; Pardanani, A., 2012:
Predictors of greater than 80% 2-year mortality in primary myelofibrosis: a Mayo Clinic study of 884 karyotypically annotated patients

Keesee, N.J.; Currier, J.M.; Neimeyer, R.A., 2008:
Predictors of grief following the death of one's child: the contribution of finding meaning

Romero, M.M.; Ott, C.H.; Kelber, S.T., 2015:
Predictors of grief in bereaved family caregivers of person's with Alzheimer's disease: a prospective study

Chantry, C.J.; Cervia, J.S.; Hughes, M.D.; Alvero, C.; Hodge, J.; Borum, P.; Moye, J.; Rana, S.; Yu, P.; Dangol, S.; Roa, J.; Donohoe, M.; Knapp, K.; Patel, N.; Utech, J.; Owl, K.; Dobmeier, M.; Paul, M.; Hanson, C.; Abrams, E.; Calo, D.; Fere, M.; Champion, S.; Wiznia, A.; Chin, M.; Dorio, K.; Abadi, J.; Sleasman, J.; Lawrence, R.; Delany, C.; Dunaway, T.; Heller, L.; Farley, J.; MacFadden, M.; Nachman, S.; Davi, M.; Seifert, C.; Muniz, S.; Bamji, M.; Pathak, I.; Manwani, S.; Petru, A.; Courvil, 2011:
Predictors of growth and body composition in HIV-infected children beginning or changing antiretroviral therapy

Wichstrøm, L.; von Soest, T.; Kvalem, I.Lundin., 2013:
Predictors of growth and decline in leisure time physical activity from adolescence to adulthood

Joung, K.Hwa.; Chung, S.Suk.; Cho, S.Chul., 2012:
Predictors of growth in children based on 2007 Korean National Growth Charts

Simon-Cereijido, G.; Gutiérrez-Clellen, V.F.; Sweet, M., 2014:
Predictors of growth or attrition of the first language in Latino children with specific language impairment

Teodorescu, M.; Consens, F.B.; Bria, W.F.; Coffey, M.J.; McMorris, M.S.; Weatherwax, K.J.; Palmisano, J.; Senger, C.M.; Ye, Y.; Kalbfleisch, J.D.; Chervin, R.D., 2008:
Predictors of habitual snoring and obstructive sleep apnea risk in patients with asthma

Feller, S.; Vigl, M.; Bergmann, M.M.; Boeing, H.; Kirschbaum, C.; Stalder, T., 2014:
Predictors of hair cortisol concentrations in older adults

Venkatesh, A.K.; Pallin, D.J.; Kayden, S.; Schuur, J.D., 2012:
Predictors of hand hygiene in the emergency department

Moy, F-Ming.; Darus, A.; Hairi, N.Naqiah., 2016:
Predictors of handgrip strength among adults of a rural community in Malaysia

Reese, P.P.; Shea, J.A.; Bloom, R.D.; Berns, J.S.; Grossman, R.; Joffe, M.; Huverserian, A.; Feldman, H.I., 2010:
Predictors of having a potential live donor: a prospective cohort study of kidney transplant candidates

Fox, Z.V.; Cozzi-Lepri, A.; D'Arminio Monforte, A.; Karlsson, A.; Phillips, A.N.; Kronborg, G.; Kjaer, J.; Clotet, B.; Lundgren, J.D., 2012:
Predictors of having a resistance test following confirmed virological failure of combination antiretroviral therapy: data from EuroSIDA

Boot, Cécile.R.L.; Deeg, D.J.H.; Abma, T.; Rijs, K.J.; van der Pas, S.; van Tilburg, T.G.; van der Beek, A.J., 2015:
Predictors of having paid work in older workers with and without chronic disease: a 3-year prospective cohort study

Ewing, T.; Barrios, C.; Lau, C.; Patel, M.S.; Cui, E.; Garcia, S.Diana.; Kong, A.; Lotfipour, S.; Lekawa, M.; Malinoski, D., 2012:
Predictors of hazardous drinking behavior in 1,340 adult trauma patients: a computerized alcohol screening and intervention study

Dev, D.A.; McBride, B.A.; Speirs, K.E.; Donovan, S.M.; Cho, H.Keun., 2015:
Predictors of head start and child-care providers' healthful and controlling feeding practices with children aged 2 to 5 years

Gerolimatos, L.A.; Edelstein, B.A., 2013:
Predictors of health anxiety among older and young adults

Cramer, H.; Lauche, R.; Moebus, S.; Michalsen, A.; Langhorst, J.; Dobos, G.; Paul, A., 2015:
Predictors of health behavior change after an integrative medicine inpatient program

Gao, F-Ju.; Yao, K-Pyng.; Tsai, C-Sung.; Wang, K-Yun., 2010:
Predictors of health care needs in discharged patients who have undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery

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Predictors of health care system and physician distrust in hospitalized cardiac patients

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