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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55116

Chapter 55116 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pan, Y.; Chen, Q.; Liao, X.; Zhao, X.; Wang, C.; Liu, G.; Liu, L.; Wang, C.; Wang, D.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y., 2015:
Preexisting dual antiplatelet treatment increases the risk of post-thrombolysis intracranial hemorrhage in Chinese stroke patients

Isse, K.; Lesniak, A.; Grama, K.; Maier, J.; Specht, S.; Castillo-Rama, M.; Lunz, J.; Roysam, B.; Michalopoulos, G.; Demetris, A.J., 2013:
Preexisting epithelial diversity in normal human livers: a tissue-tethered cytometric analysis in portal/periportal epithelial cells

Perek, B.; Malinska, A.; Misterski, M.; Ostalska-Nowicka, D.; Zabel, M.; Perek, A.; Nowicki, M., 2014:
Preexisting high expression of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in tunica media of saphenous vein conduits is associated with unfavorable long-term outcomes after coronary artery bypass grafting

Xing, Z.; Cardona, C.J., 2010:
Preexisting immunity to pandemic (H1N1) 2009

Gordon, S.N.; Weissman, A.R.; Cecchinato, V.; Fenizia, C.; Ma, Z-Min.; Lee, T-Hae.; Zaffiri, L.; Andresen, V.; Parks, R.Washington.; Jones, K.S.; Heraud, J.Michel.; Ferrari, M.Grazia.; Chung, H.Kyung.; Venzon, D.; Mahieux, R.; Murphy, E.L.; Jacobson, S.; Miller, C.J.; Ruscetti, F.W.; Franchini, G., 2010:
Preexisting infection with human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 2 neither exacerbates nor attenuates simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac251 infection in macaques

Sullivan, G.; Vasterling, J.J.; Han, X.; Tharp, A.Teten.; Davis, T.; Deitch, E.A.; Constans, J.I., 2013:
Preexisting mental illness and risk for developing a new disorder after hurricane Katrina

Schweiger, M.; Stepanenko, A.; Vierecke, J.; Drews, T.; Potapov, E.; Hetzer, R.; Krabatsch, T., 2012:
Preexisting mitral valve prosthesis in patients undergoing left ventricular assist device implantation

Engelhard, I.M.; van den Hout, M.A., 2007:
Preexisting neuroticism, subjective stressor severity, and posttraumatic stress in soldiers deployed to Iraq

Corbett, K.S.; Katzelnick, L.; Tissera, H.; Amerasinghe, A.; de Silva, A.Dharshan.; de Silva, A.M., 2015:
Preexisting neutralizing antibody responses distinguish clinically inapparent and apparent dengue virus infections in a Sri Lankan pediatric cohort

Kim, J.; Fox, C.; Peng, S.; Pusung, M.; Pectasides, E.; Matthee, E.; Hong, Y.Sang.; Do, I-Gu.; Jang, J.; Thorner, A.R.; Van Hummelen, P.; Rustgi, A.K.; Wong, K-Kin.; Zhou, Z.; Tang, P.; Kim, K-Mee.; Lee, J.; Bass, A.J., 2015:
Preexisting oncogenic events impact trastuzumab sensitivity in ERBB2-amplified gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma

Desai, B.M.; Oliver-Krasinski, J.; D.L.on, D.D.; Farzad, C.; Hong, N.; Leach, S.D.; Stoffers, D.A., 2007:
Preexisting pancreatic acinar cells contribute to acinar cell, but not islet beta cell, regeneration

Vasavada, A.R.; Praveen, M.R.; Dholakia, S.A.; Trivedi, R.H., 2007:
Preexisting posterior capsule defect progressing to white mature cataract

Ford, A.L.; An, H.; D'Angelo, G.; Ponisio, R.; Bushard, P.; Vo, K.D.; Powers, W.J.; Lin, W.; Lee, J-Moo., 2011:
Preexisting statin use is associated with greater reperfusion in hyperacute ischemic stroke

Kannanganat, S.; Nigam, P.; Velu, V.; Earl, P.L.; Lai, L.; Chennareddi, L.; Lawson, B.; Wilson, R.L.; Montefiori, D.C.; Kozlowski, P.A.; Moss, B.; Robinson, H.L.; Amara, R.Rao., 2011:
Preexisting vaccinia virus immunity decreases SIV-specific cellular immunity but does not diminish humoral immunity and efficacy of a DNA/MVA vaccine

Hamnett, N.T.J.; Mishra, A.; Nayagam, S.; Graham, K.; Duncan, C., 2010:
Preexpanded muscle-sparing latissimus dorsi free flap in complex lower limb trauma: the orthoplastic approach

Bin, S.; Yuanbo, L.; Ji, J.; Shan, Z., 2012:
Preexpanded pedicle medial arm flap: an alternative method of massive facial defect reconstruction

Hocaoğlu, E.; Aydin, Hülya., 2013:
Preexpanded perforator flaps of the dorsolateral trunk in pediatric patients

Solinc, M.; Kosutic, D.; Stritar, A.; Planinsek, F.; Mihelic, M.; Lukanovic, R., 2009:
Preexpanded radial forearm free flap for one-stage total penile reconstruction in female-to-male transsexuals

Saint-Cyr, M.; Schaverien, M.; Rohrich, R.J., 2009:
Preexpanded second intercostal space internal mammary artery pedicle perforator flap: case report and anatomical study

Mimiaga, M.J.; Case, P.; Johnson, C.V.; Safren, S.A.; Mayer, K.H., 2009:
Preexposure antiretroviral prophylaxis attitudes in high-risk Boston area men who report having sex with men: limited knowledge and experience but potential for increased utilization after education

Underhill, K., 2011:
Preexposure chemoprophylaxis for HIV prevention

Pimpinella, G.; Malgarini, R.Bertini., 2011:
Preexposure chemoprophylaxis for HIV prevention

Grant, R.M.; Lama, J.R.; Anderson, P.L.; McMahan, V.; Liu, A.Y.; Vargas, L.; Goicochea, P.; Casapía, Mín.; Guanira-Carranza, J.Vicente.; Ramirez-Cardich, M.E.; Montoya-Herrera, O.; Fernández, T.; Veloso, V.G.; Buchbinder, S.P.; Chariyalertsak, S.; Schechter, M.; Bekker, L-Gail.; Mayer, K.H.; Kallás, E.Georges.; Amico, K.Rivet.; Mulligan, K.; Bushman, L.R.; Hance, R.J.; Ganoza, C.; Defechereux, P.; Postle, B.; Wang, F.; McConnell, J.Jeff.; Zheng, J-Hua.; Lee, J.; Rooney, J.F.; Jaffe, H.S.; Ma, 2011:
Preexposure chemoprophylaxis for HIV prevention in men who have sex with men

van Dam, L.C.J.; Ernst, M.O., 2011 :
Preexposure disrupts learning of location-contingent perceptual biases for ambiguous stimuli

Rosenthal, E.; Piroth, L.; Cua, E.; Joulié, A.; Ravaux, I.; Chauveau, M.; Lacombe, K.; Cotte, L.; Bonnard, P.; Weiss, L.; Longuet, M.; Pradier, C.; Cacoub, P.; Redecker, A.S.; Imbert, A.Y.; Rispal, P.; E.P.ovence, A.; Allegre, T.; Riou, J.; Marquant, M.; Undreiner, P.; Ajaccio, J.; Castan, A.B.; Barel, A.P.; Gosse, Açon.; Lagier, A.A.; Schmit, A.J.; Decaux, N.; Angers, J.; Fialaire, C.P.; Abgueguen, P.; Loison, J.; Gaillat, A.J.; Legrand, A.E.; Dor, P.J.; Quinsat, D.; Lerousseau, L.; Marcq, L., 2014:
Preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) of HIV infection in France: a nationwide cross-sectional study (PREVIC study)

Golub, S.A.; Kowalczyk, W.; Weinberger, C.L.; Parsons, J.T., 2010:
Preexposure prophylaxis and predicted condom use among high-risk men who have sex with men

Vernazza, P.L.; Graf, I.; Sonnenberg-Schwan, U.; Geit, M.; Meurer, A., 2011:
Preexposure prophylaxis and timed intercourse for HIV-discordant couples willing to conceive a child

Van Damme, L.; Corneli, A.; Ahmed, K.; Agot, K.; Lombaard, J.; Kapiga, S.; Malahleha, M.; Owino, F.; Manongi, R.; Onyango, J.; Temu, L.; Monedi, M.Constance.; Mak'Oketch, P.; Makanda, M.; Reblin, I.; Makatu, S.Elsie.; Saylor, L.; Kiernan, H.; Kirkendale, S.; Wong, C.; Grant, R.; Kashuba, A.; Nanda, K.; Mandala, J.; Fransen, K.; Deese, J.; Crucitti, T.; Mastro, T.D.; Taylor, D.; Abele, R.; Adagi, L.; Agingu, W.; Ambia, J.; Andreasen, A.; Asewe, J.; de Baetselier, I.; Bonyo, T.; Cates, W.; Ch, 2012:
Preexposure prophylaxis for HIV infection among African women

Kümmerle, T.; Fätkenheuer, G., 2013:
Preexposure prophylaxis for HIV infection--current data and recommendations

Tripathi, A.; Ogbuanu, C.; Monger, M.; Gibson, J.J.; Duffus, W.A., 2012:
Preexposure prophylaxis for HIV infection: healthcare providers' knowledge, perception, and willingness to adopt future implementation in the southern US

Baeten, J.M.; Haberer, J.E.; Liu, A.Y.; Sista, N., 2013:
Preexposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention: where have we been and where are we going?

Cohen, M.S.; Baden, L.R., 2012:
Preexposure prophylaxis for HIV--where do we go from here?

Pace, J.E.; Siberry, G.K.; Hazra, R.; Kapogiannis, B.G., 2013:
Preexposure prophylaxis for adolescents and young adults at risk for HIV infection: is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?

Aaron, E.; Cohan, D., 2013:
Preexposure prophylaxis for the prevention of HIV transmission to women

Fernández-Montero, Jé.Vicente.; Soriano, V., 2012:
Preexposure prophylaxis in the prevention of HIV infection

Rosenberg, K., 2013:
Preexposure prophylaxis reduces HIV risk in injection-drug users

van de Vijver, D.A.M.C.; Nichols, B.E.; Abbas, U.L.; Boucher, C.A.B.; Cambiano, V.; Eaton, J.W.; Glaubius, R.; Lythgoe, K.; Mellors, J.; Phillips, A.; Sigaloff, K.C.; Hallett, T.B., 2015:
Preexposure prophylaxis will have a limited impact on HIV-1 drug resistance in sub-Saharan Africa: a comparison of mathematical models

Blackwell, C.W., 2014:
Preexposure prophylaxis: An emerging clinical approach to preventing HIV in high-risk adults

Tepper, M.; Schofield, S., 2013:
Preexposure rabies vaccination schedule

Meulders, A.; Vervliet, B.; Fonteyne, R.; Baeyens, F.; Hermans, D.; Vansteenwegen, D., 2013:
Preexposure to (un)predictable shock modulates discriminative fear learning between cue and context: an investigation of the interaction between fear and anxiety

Xie, Y.; Zhang, X.; Tian, Z.; Jiang, R.; Chen, R.; Song, W.; Zhao, J., 2015:
Preexposure to PM2.5 exacerbates acute viral myocarditis associated with Th17 cell

Arts, J.H.E.; Schijf, M.A.; Kuper, C.Frieke., 2008:
Preexposure to amorphous silica particles attenuates but also enhances allergic reactions in trimellitic anhydride-sensitized brown Norway rats

Serafine, K.M.; Riley, A.L., 2010:
Preexposure to cocaine attenuates aversions induced by both cocaine and fluoxetine: Implications for the basis of cocaine-induced conditioned taste aversions

Makena, P.S.; Luellen, C.L.; Balazs, L.; Ghosh, M.C.; Parthasarathi, K.; Waters, C.M.; Sinclair, S.E., 2010:
Preexposure to hyperoxia causes increased lung injury and epithelial apoptosis in mice ventilated with high tidal volumes

Young, S-Houng.; Antonini, J.M.; Roberts, J.R., 2010:
Preexposure to repeated low doses of zymosan increases the susceptibility to pulmonary infection in rats

Croteau, M.C.; Duarte-Guterman, P.; Lean, D.R.S.; Trudeau, V.L., 2010:
Preexposure to ultraviolet B radiation and 4-tert-octylphenol affects the response of Rana pipiens tadpoles to 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine

Armengol, J.; Villena, J.A.; Hondares, E.; Carmona, Mía.C.; Sul, H.Sook.; Iglesias, R.; Giralt, M.; Villarroya, F., 2012:
Pref-1 in brown adipose tissue: specific involvement in brown adipocyte differentiation and regulatory role of C/EBPδ

Wang, Y.; Zhao, L.; Smas, C.; Sul, H.Sook., 2010:
Pref-1 interacts with fibronectin to inhibit adipocyte differentiation

Hudak, C.S.; Gulyaeva, O.; Wang, Y.; Park, S-Min.; Lee, L.; Kang, C.; Sul, H.Sook., 2015:
Pref-1 marks very early mesenchymal precursors required for adipose tissue development and expansion

Rakhshandehroo, M.; Koppen, A.; Kalkhoven, E., 2012:
Pref-1 preferentially inhibits heat production in brown adipose tissue

Hudak, C.S.; Sul, H.Sook., 2013:
Pref-1, a gatekeeper of adipogenesis

Voigt, I.; Wrede, J.; Diederichs-Egidi, H.; Dierks, M-L.; Hummers-Pradier, E.; Junius-Walker, U., 2011:
PrefCheck: patient-centered treatment planning with older multimorbid patients. Method and design

Melichar, B., 2013:
PrefHer: finally addressing the preferences of her, too

Blake, H.E., 1949:
Prefabricated autogenous ear cartilages

Rodrigues, L.; dos Reis, L.Machado.; Denadai, R.; Raposo-Amaral, C.Eduardo.; Alonso, N.; Ferreira, M.Castro.; Jorgetti, V., 2015:
Prefabricated bone flap: an experimental study comparing deep-frozen and lyophilized-demineralized allogenic bones and tissue expression of transforming growth factor β

Leonhardt, H.; Pradel, W.; Mai, R.; Markwardt, J.; Lauer, Günter., 2010:
Prefabricated bony radial forearm flap for secondary mandible reconstruction after radiochemotherapy

Salgado, C.J.; Chim, H.; Pribaz, J.J.; Mardini, S., 2010:
Prefabricated cadaveric osseous flap results in viable bone for penile autoaugmentation

Liu, X.; Li, S.; Li, Y., 2008:
Prefabricated cervical flap for facial reconstruction

Gomes, G.; Perdigão, J., 2016:
Prefabricated composite resin veneers--a clinical review

Dietschi, D.; Devigus, A., 2011:
Prefabricated composite veneers: historical perspectives, indications and clinical application

Song, B.; Jin, J.; Liu, Y.; Zhu, S., 2014:
Prefabricated expanded free lower abdominal skin flap for cutaneous coverage of a forearm burn wound defect

Rohner, D.; Bucher, P.; Hammer, B., 2014:
Prefabricated fibular flaps for reconstruction of defects of the maxillofacial skeleton: planning, technique, and long-term experience

de Figueiredo, J.César.Abrantes.; Naufal, R.Rodrigues.; Claro de Oliveira, F.; Arias, V.; Bueno Pereira, P.Roberto.; Inaco Cirino, Lís.Marcelo., 2010:
Prefabricated flap composed by skin and terminal gastromental vessels. Experimental study in rabbits

Sakurai, H.; Takeuchi, M.; Nakamori, D.; Kono, T.; Soejima, K.; Yamaki, T.; Nozaki, M., 2010:
Prefabricated flap for multiple facial units reconstruction using a jejunal seromuscular patch as a vascular carrier

Zhang, G-lin.; Zhang, M.; Yu, H.; Huang, J-hua.; Wang, G-sheng., 2008:
Prefabricated flap to repair heel defect of child

Burd, A.; Chiu, T.W.; Lam, S.; Bhat, S.P.; Ying, S.Y., 2008:
Prefabricated flaps or grafts?

Jaillant, C.; Casoli, V., 2012:
Prefabricated flaps using collagen substitute: a new technique for the future?

Takaichi, A.; Wakabayashi, N.; Igarashi, Y., 2012:
Prefabricated light-polymerizing plastic pattern for partial denture framework

Ning, J-long., 2015:
Prefabricated lining expanded forehead flap for the reconstruction of the nasal side perforated defects

Lazzeri, D.; Su, W.; Qian, Y.; Messmer, C.; Agostini, T.; Spinelli, G.; Marcus, J.R.; Levin, L.Scott.; Zenn, M.R.; Zhang, Y.Xin., 2013:
Prefabricated neck expanded skin flap with the superficial temporal vessels for facial resurfacing

Rustemeyer, J.; Dicke, U., 2011:
Prefabricated nerve conduits advance histomorphological and functional outcomes in nerve regeneration of the sciatic nerve of the rat

Sonmez, E.; Ocal, E.; Konas, E.; Hekimoglu, R.; Korkusuz, P.; Dadaci, M.; Safak, T., 2012:
Prefabricated osteocutaneous neural island flap model

Sundseth, J.; Berg-Johnsen, J., 2013:
Prefabricated patient-matched cranial implants for reconstruction of large skull defects

Savion, Y.; Sela, M., 2008:
Prefabricated pressure earring for earlobe keloids

Fujiwara, M.; Suzuki, A.; Mizukami, T.; Terai, T.; Fukamizu, H., 2009:
Prefabricated scalping forehead flap with skeletal support

Vibha, S.; Anandkrishna, G.N.; Anupam, P.; Namratha, N., 2011:
Prefabricated stock trays for impression of auricular region

Fischborn, G.Till.; Schmidt, A.B.; Giessler, G.A., 2012:
Prefabricated supraclavicular flap as a salvage procedure for a failed microvascular hypopharyngeal defect closure in a tetraplegic patient

Perdigão, J.; Sezinando, A.; Muñoz, M.A.; Luque-Martinez, I.V.; Loguercio, A.D., 2014:
Prefabricated veneers - bond strengths and ultramorphological analyses

Nothdurft, F.; Pospiech, P., 2010:
Prefabricated zirconium dioxide implant abutments for single-tooth replacement in the posterior region: evaluation of peri-implant tissues and superstructures after 12 months of function

Mathy, J.A.; Pribaz, J.J., 2009:
Prefabrication and prelamination applications in current aesthetic facial reconstruction

Vranckx, J.J.; Den Hondt, M.; Delaere, P., 2014:
Prefabrication and prelamination strategies for the reconstruction of complex defects of trachea and larynx

Wei, X.; Li, Q., 2014:
Prefabrication as a term in flap surgery: do we need a broader definition?

Tweddell, N., 2010:
Prefabrication from an architectural point of view

von Bomhard, A.; Veit, J.; Bermueller, C.; Rotter, N.; Staudenmaier, R.; Storck, K.; The, H.Nguyen., 2014:
Prefabrication of 3D cartilage contructs: towards a tissue engineered auricle--a model tested in rabbits

Erkin, Uü.Ramazan.; Kerem, M.; Tug, Mü.; Orbay, H.; Sensöz, O., 2007:
Prefabrication of a conjoint flap containing xenogenic tissues: a preliminary report on an experimental model

Dong, Q-shan.; Shang, H-tao.; Wu, W.; Chen, F-lin.; Zhang, J-rui.; Guo, J-ping.; Mao, T-qiu., 2014:
Prefabrication of axial vascularized tissue engineering coral bone by an arteriovenous loop: a better model

Emberton, J., 1948:
Prefabrication of health buildings

Chen, H-Chi.; Gedebou, T.M.; Yazar, S.; Tang, Y-Bih., 2007:
Prefabrication of the free fibula osteocutaneous flap to create a functional human penis using a controlled fistula method

Okuda, T.; Uysal, A.Cagri.; Tobita, M.; Hyakusoku, H.; Mizuno, H., 2010:
Prefabrication of tissue engineered bone grafts: an experimental study

Kokemueller, H.; Spalthoff, S.; Nolff, M.; Tavassol, F.; Essig, H.; Stuehmer, C.; Bormann, K-H.; Rücker, M.; Gellrich, N-C., 2010:
Prefabrication of vascularized bioartificial bone grafts in vivo for segmental mandibular reconstruction: experimental pilot study in sheep and first clinical application

Nakamura, O.; Kaji, Y.; Imaizumi, Y.; Yamagami, Y.; Yamamoto, T., 2013:
Prefabrication of vascularized bone allograft in a recipient rat using a flow-through vascular pedicle, bone morphogenetic protein, and bisphosphonate

Sever, C.; Uygur, F.; Kose, G.Torun.; Urhan, M.; Haholu, A.; Kulahci, Y.; Sinan, O.; Cihan, S.; Omer, O., 2013:
Prefabrication of vascularized bone graft using an interconnected porous calcium hydroxyapatite ceramic in presence of vascular endothelial growth factor and bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells: Experimental study in rats

Yang, P.; Wang, C.; Shi, Z.; Huang, X.; Dang, X.; Xu, S.; Wang, K., 2008:
Prefabrication of vascularized porous three-dimensional scaffold induced from rhVEGF(165): a preliminary study in rats

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Preface of the series

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Preface to Special Topic: Microsystems for manipulation and analysis of living cells

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Preface to a Life

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Preface to chapter 1. Why purify enzymes?

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Preface to climate change adaptation in New York City: building a risk management response

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Preface to issue on embryonic and fetal hematopoiesis

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Preface to mitochondria and cardioprotection

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Preface to molluscan neurobiology: recent advances and new vistas

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Preface to my mother's diary

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Preface to pattern formation special issue

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Preface to psychotherapy, the affordable care act, and mental health parity: obstacles to implementation

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Preface to second edition of special issue: social work with the military: current practice challenges and approaches to care

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Preface to special issue (Commercial Developments in Purinergic Signalling)

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Preface to special issue in honor of Carlos Castillo-Chavez

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Preface to special issue on Mental Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease

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Preface to special issue on computational spectroscopy

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Preface to special issue on current topics in photochemistry

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Preface to special issue on epigenetics

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Preface to special issue on molecular and cellular aspects of adipocyte development and function

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Preface to special issue on perceptual narrowing

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Preface to special issue on protein trafficking and secretion in bacteria

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Preface to special issue: social work with the military: current practice challenges and approaches to care

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Preface to special topic: a survey of some new developments in heterogeneous catalysis

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Preface to special topic: dielectrophoresis

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Preface to special topic: invited papers from the 2009 conference on advances in microfluidics and nanofluidics, the Hong Kong university of science & technology, Hong Kong, 2009

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Preface to special topic: microfluidics in cancer research

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Preface to special topic: multiphase microfluidics

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Preface to special topic: selected papers from the second conference on advances in microfluidics and nanofluidics and Asia-pacific international symposium on lab on chip

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Preface to special topic: surface modification, wetting, and biological interfaces (guest editors: john ralston and jingfang zhou)

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Preface to supplement, CMA4CH 2010: Multivariate Analysis and Chemometry to Cultural Heritage and Environment

Anonymous, 2014:
Preface to supplement. Active surveillance of vaccine safety in the US Food and Drug Administration's Mini-Sentinel program: identification of exposures and outcomes

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Preface to the 13th Physics and Chemistry of Ice Conference (PCI-2014)

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Preface to the 15(th) Annual Meeting of the Belgian Transplantation Society

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Preface to the 19th annual ASHA-NIH-NIDCD Research Symposium: Neural regeneration and communication processes

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Preface to the 2008 mini-primer on allergic and immunologic disease

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Preface to the 2010 primer on allergic and immunologic diseases

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Preface to the 2014 special focus issue of Bioanalysis on bioanalytical laboratory structure and management

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Preface to the 50th anniversary issue

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Preface to the AHRQ supplement

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Preface to the Canadian Health Measures Survey results - oral health statistics, 2007-2009

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Preface to the EWOMS 2009 special issue of Human Movement Science

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Preface to the Eighth Monograph: Second anniversary

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Preface to the First Issue, JCDR

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Preface to the Focus Issue: chaos detection methods and predictability

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Preface to the H. Ted Davis memorial special section

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Preface to the IUFRO special section "Adaptation of forest ecosystems to air pollution and climate change"

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Preface to the International Symposium on "Perspectives of cell signaling and molecular medicine"

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Preface to the Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, second issue 2012

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Preface to the Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, third issue 2011

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Preface to the Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, third issue 2012

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Preface to the Manufactured Nanomaterials in Subsurface Systems special issue

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Preface to the Mini-theme issue of IUBMB Life on biointeractomics

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Preface to the Sientra Shaped and Round Cohesive Gel Implants supplement

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Preface to the Sixth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

Zolla, L.; D'Alessandro, A., 2013:
Preface to the Special Issue: Integrated omics

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Preface to the Supplement introducing a new innovative desensitising mouthrinse: "Can a potassium oxalate mouthrinse successfully prevent and treat dentine sensitivity?"

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Preface to the Supramolecular chemistry at interfaces special issue

Ellis, A.M.; Heaven, M.C.; McCoy, A.B., 2013:
Preface to the Terry A. Miller Festschrift

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Preface to the Theoretical Population Biology special issue on learning

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Preface to the biology of disadvantage: socioeconomic status and health

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Preface to the colloidal nanoplasmonics special issue

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Preface to the fifth edition. AAOMS Parameters of Care 2012

Anonymous, 2004:
Preface to the fifth monograph

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Preface to the first monograph

Dai, J., 2011:
Preface to the fourth issue of Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

Anonymous, 2004:
Preface to the fourth monograph

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Preface to the interfacial nanoarchitectonics special issue

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Preface to the journal supplement dedicated to probabilistic risk assessment of dietary exposure to single and multiple pesticide residues or contaminants

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Preface to the journal supplement dedicated to the early awareness of emerging risks to food and feed safety

Buhi, E.R., 2011:
Preface to the media review column. Preface

Weiss, R.G., 2010:
Preface to the molecular and polymer gels; materials with self-assembled fibrillar networks special issue

Kim, S.H.; Ribero, F.H.; Rioux, R.M., 2010 :
Preface to the molecular surface chemistry and its applications special issue

Yamaguchi, M., 2014:
Preface to the proceedings of the Workshop on Eosinophils in Allergy and Related Diseases 2013

Hiltunen, T.P.; Pörsti, I., 2012:
Preface to the proceedings of the XVII Paavo Nurmi Symposium

Dal Canton, A., 2010:
Preface to the research

Anonymous, 2004:
Preface to the second monograph

Singh, A.R.; Singh, S.A., 2004:
Preface to the seventh monograph

Anonymous, 2004:
Preface to the sixth monograph

Cooke, N.J., 2008:
Preface to the special 50th anniversary issue of Human Factors

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Preface to the special contribution "out of the tropics: ecology of temperate primates"

Lewandrowski, K.; Sluss, P., 2015:
Preface to the special edition of Clin Chem Acta: utilization management in the clinical laboratory

Pradhan, A.S., 2010:
Preface to the special issue

Yamada, S., 2014:
Preface to the special issue about the head and neck

Scharfman, H.E., 2013:
Preface to the special issue entitled "The future of translational epilepsy research"

Tambourgi, D.V.; Fishelson, Z., 2014:
Preface to the special issue for the XXV International Complement Workshop

Clark, R.D., 2008:
Preface to the special issue in memory of Phil Magee

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Preface to the special issue of Physiology and Behavior from the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB)

Harris, R.B.S., 2012:
Preface to the special issue of Physiology and Behavior from the 2011 annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB)

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Preface to the special issue on Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

Matko, J., 2011:
Preface to the special issue on MAF11 Conference proceedings

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Preface to the special issue on collaboration, Coordination, and adaptation in complex sociotechnical settings

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Preface to the special issue on quantitative imaging in cancer

Horst Lillig, C.; Berndt, C., 2008:
Preface to the special issue on redox control of cell function

Ruth Zearfoss, N.; P Ryder, S., 2008:
Preface to the special issue on regulation of gene function

Yamamoto, D.; Wu, C-Fang., 2008:
Preface to the special issue "Genes, circuits, and behaviors: coming of age"

Renger, J.J.; Kern, J.T., 2012:
Preface to the special issue "Novel pharmaconeurogenetic approaches arising from progress in translational genetics"

Klein, R., 2011:
Preface to the special issue--Early-Middle Pleistocene Palaeoenvironment in the Levant

Tigyi, Gábor., 2008:
Preface to the special issue: Lysophospholipids in health and disease

Gaggiotti, O.E., 2011:
Preface to the special issue: advances in the analysis of spatial genetic data

Belosevic, M.Mike.; Wiegertjes, G.Frits., 2014:
Preface to the special issue: immunity to infectious diseases of fish

Whitney, C., 2011:
Preface to the special issue: neural representations in visual word recognition

Yoder, J.A., 2014:
Preface to the special issue: zebrafish immunity and infection models

Anonymous, 2014:
Preface to the special issues

Schaub, M.; Matyssek, R.; Wieser, G., 2010:
Preface to the special section of the IUFRO conference on air pollution and climate change effects on forest ecosystems

Kaga, M., 2013:
Preface to the special section of the great East Japan earthquake

Merat, N.; Lee, J.D., 2013:
Preface to the special section on human factors and automation in vehicles: designing highly automated vehicles with the driver in mind

Cooke, N.J.; Duchon, A.; Gorman, J.C.; Keyton, J.; Miller, A., 2012:
Preface to the special section on methods for the analysis of communication

Hsiao, H.; Armstrong, T.J., 2012:
Preface to the special section on occupational fall prevention and protection

Wang, Z.Lin., 2013:
Preface to the special section on piezotronics

Imada, A.S., 2013:
Preface to the special section: a context for the Keynote addresses at the 18th IEA Triennial Congress

Alor-Hernández, G.; Posada-Gómez, R.; Rodríguez-González, A., 2013:
Preface to the supplement issue on New Trends on Biomedical Knowledge Acquisition and Information Processing Systems

Blackburn, D.G.; Richardson, M.K., 2009:
Preface to the symposium "Trends in the Evolution of Amniote Embryos"

Zhu, Y., 2010:
Preface to the third issue of Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

Anonymous, 2004:
Preface to the third monograph

Khochbin, S.; Nonchev, S., 2009:
Preface to the "epigenetics and development" special issue

Fowler, M.D., 2009:
Preface to thematic section: religions, spirituality, ethics and nursing. Religion: overturning the taboo

Ignarro, L.J., 2009:
Preface to this special journal issue on nitric oxide chemistry and biology

Garaci, E.; Goldstein, A.L., 2010:
Preface to thymosins in health and disease

Murakami, Y.; Yamamoto, M., 2015:
Preface to topic "International collaboration to control cholangiocarcinoma"

Asano, T.; Kenmochi, T., 2010:
Preface to topic "Living donor pancreas transplantation"

Ohuchida, K.; Hashizume, M., 2016:
Preface to topic "Robotic surgery for hepato-biliary-pancreatic (HBP) surgery"

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Preface-imaging in cancer

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Preface-osteoarthritis: from the simple X-ray to compositional MRI: what have we learned?

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Preface. An international journal for communications and reviews covering all aspects of natural products research

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Preface. Diagnosis and therapy of pancreatic diseases is still a gastroenterological challenge

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Preface. Digital microscopy

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Preface. Discovery of electricity

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Preface. Drug hypersensitivity

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Preface. Effects of Climate Change on Plants: Implications for Agriculture

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Preface. Emerging targets and therapeutics in the treatment of psychostimulant abuse

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Preface. Endocrine disrupters

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Preface. Epidemiological studies of workplace musculoskeletal disorders

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Preface. Epigenetics

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Preface. Epigenetics and neuroplasticity--evidence and debate

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Preface. Established rheumatoid arthritis

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Preface. Eukaryotic cilia and flagella are complex organelles composed of hundreds of different proteins

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Preface. For nearly two decades

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Preface. Gastrointestinal endoscopy has come a long way

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Preface. Gene transfer into hematopoietic cells: from basic science to clinical application

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Preface. Genetic studies of primary forms of heart failure

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Preface. Genetics of cardiovascular disease

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Preface. Genetics of epilepsy

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Preface. Genetics of neurologic and psychiatric diseases

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Preface. Geoscale engineering to avert dangerous climate change

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Preface. Geriatric syndrome studies

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Preface. German Trauma Registry

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Preface. Glycobiology

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Preface. Health care provision and patient mobility. Health integration in the European Union

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Preface. Heart failure

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Preface. Hepatic fibrosis: pathogenesis, diagnosis, and emerging therapies

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Preface. Hippocampus from a neurologist's point of view

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Preface. Historically the use of IT was administrative, financial, or statistical

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Preface. Home care, from origins to present day

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Preface. Human Reproduction

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Preface. Hydrogen peroxide and cell signaling, part A

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Preface. IFPA Meeting 2013

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Preface. Imaging of osteoporosis

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Preface. Imaging of the pediatric abdomen and pelvis

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Preface. Immunodeficiency from two different angles

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Preface. Immunoinformatics

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Preface. Implementation of the Water Framework Directive

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Preface. Improving photosynthesis

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Preface. In cells

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Preface. In honour of professor Hans Kuhn

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Preface. Infant and early childhood mental health

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Preface. Infections and rheumatic diseases

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Preface. Infections in the intensive care unit

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Preface. Inflammation and cancer

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Preface. Influenza virus

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Preface. Information processing in medical imaging

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Preface. Innate DNA and RNA recognition

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Preface. Insects comprise over 50% of all life on Earth

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Preface. Insulin and IGFs

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Preface. Interesting and wide-ranging assortment of theoretical and research perspectives that typify the important issues in developmental psychology

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Preface. International Committee of the Equine Reproduction Symposium

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Preface. Interventional musculoskeletal radiology

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Preface. Introduction--microorganisms and the locomotor system

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Preface. Irritable bowel syndrome

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Preface. Journal of Biological Dynamics

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Preface. Laboratory methods in enzymology: cell, lipid and carbohydrate

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Preface. Language in developmental and acquired disorders

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Preface. Leadership and Management Core Competencies

Anonymous, 2014:
Preface. Leading in health care organizations: improving safety, satisfaction and financial performance

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Preface. Life style and chronic diseases

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Preface. Lifelong learning in neurology

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Preface. Lipids and membrane biophysics

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Preface. Liver surgery: from basics to robotics

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Preface. Long held assumptions about low dose radiation risk are failing the tests of science

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Preface. Long-term care

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Preface. Low back pain

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Preface. Lung cancer is an important public health care issue

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Preface. MRI and ultrasound in diagnosis and management of rheumatological diseases

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Preface. Main health issues in the last decade

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Preface. Male germ cells and cancer: a connection among pluripotency, differentiation and stem cell biology

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Preface. Mandibular fractures

Anonymous, 2014:
Preface. Mathematics which are, or could be, useful in engineering, especially bioengineering

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Preface. Melanoma

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Preface. Mental health across the lifespan

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Preface. Metabolic and endocrinopathic laminitis

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Preface. Metal-containing enzymes

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Preface. Metastasis genes

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Preface. Methods in Enzymology (fluorescence 2008)

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Preface. Methylxanthines

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Preface. Microbial globins--status and opportunities

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Preface. Microbial metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, and metaproteomics

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Preface. Modelling and control of transport and communication networks

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Preface. Modern management of high grade glioma, Part I

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Preface. Mohs Surgery

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Preface. Molecular basis of memory

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Preface. Molecular diagnostics in dermatology

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Preface. Molecular medicine in gastrointestinal oncology

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Preface. Mouse models of developmental genetic disease

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Preface. Musculoskeletal conditions in the developing world

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Preface. Neonatology

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Preface. Nerve problems of the lower extremity

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Preface. Neurologic complications of cancer

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Preface. Neuromuscular junction disorders

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Preface. Neutropenia

Anonymous, 2014:
Preface. New developments in biotechnology

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Preface. New models of the cell nucleus: crowding, entropic forces, phase separation, and fractals

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Preface. New perspectives in equine colic

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Preface. New vistas in the pharmacology and neurochemistry of diverse causes of nausea and vomiting

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Preface. Nitric oxide

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Preface. Notch signaling

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Preface. Nuclear pore complexes and nucleocytoplasmic transport-methods

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Preface. Nucleic acid and peptide aptamers

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Preface. Nurses in the uniformed services

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Preface. Nutritional deficiencies

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Preface. Nutritional topics update

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Preface. Obesity and associated eating disorders: a guide for mental health professionals

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Preface. Oncology section

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Preface. Orofacial trauma and emergency care

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Preface. Osteochondritis dissecans: diagnosis and treatment options for athletes

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Preface. Our nation is making progress in the war on cancer

Maupin, J.E., 2011:
Preface. Pandemic influenza: emergency response reaching the beloved community

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Preface. Pediatric autonomic disorders

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Preface. Pediatric surgical procedures--adverse effects

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Preface. Perinatal HIV infection

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Preface. Peripheral trigeminal nerve injury, repair, and regeneration

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Preface. Pharmacogenetics and its application to medicine by way of the clinical laboratory

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Preface. Photoactivatable metal complexes: from theory to applications in biotechnology and medicine

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Preface. Physiological, pathophysiological and therapeutic aspects of 5-HT mechanisms

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Preface. Pollutant responses in marine and terrestrial organisms

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Preface. Polymer science and polymer therapeutics: macromolecules, dendrimers and nanomedicine

Anonymous, 2007:
Preface. Practice guidelines on asthma and allergy from the Francophone Society of Pneumology

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Preface. Prediabetes and diabetes prevention

Pasinelli, F., 2012:
Preface. Presence of women in scientific research

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Preface. Primary care: clinics in office practice

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Preface. Primary health care in the dental office

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Preface. Prion research in perspective

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Preface. Prion research in perspective III

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Preface. Proceedings of the Third Molar Multidisciplinary Conference. Washington, DC, October 19, 2010

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Preface. Prostate cancer

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Preface. Pseudogenes

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Preface. Pseudomonas methods and protocols

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Preface. Psychiatric diagnosis and management in primary care

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Preface. Psychological issues for the oral and maxillofacial surgeon

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Preface. Radiation Protection Publication 91 (RP 91)

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Preface. Randomized clinical trials

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Preface. Recent developments in the regulation of kinins

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Preface. Recent discoveries and advances in the understanding of the immune response

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Preface. Recommendations for the treatment of non-neurological urinary incontinence in women, February 2010

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Preface. Renal Transplantation--new insights for a new decade

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Preface. Reoperative oral and maxillofacial surgery

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Preface. Report 2012: Intracranial aneurysms: Clips or coils

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Preface. Review of the intrinsic muscles

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Preface. Revision endocrine surgery of the head and neck

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Preface. Rhinoviruses

Yasuda, K., 2014:
Preface. Role in the development of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment

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Preface. Role of reviews. Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

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Preface. SLAP IV tear

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Preface. SQAB 2010: choice, discounting, and the future value of quantitative analyses

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Preface. Salivary gland infections

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Preface. Sarcoidosis

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Preface. Secondary headache

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Preface. Seeing and doing: how vision shapes animal behaviour

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Preface. Seizures

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Preface. Selected papers from the International Workshop G-DAT 2008: Groundwater Dating Using Environmental Tracers, 5-7 March 2008, Leipzig, Germany

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Preface. Sirolimus and kidney transplantation

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Preface. Sjögren's syndrome

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Preface. Sleep and sleep disorders in adolescents

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Preface. Sleep disorders part II

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Preface. State of Current Clinical Pharmacology

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Preface. Thalassemia

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Preface. The high-risk neonate: part II

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Preface. This issue is dedicated to Professor Josep Coll Toledano on the occasion of his 70th birthday

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Preface. This volume focuses on how genetic models for schizophrenia, that is, manipulation in genetic susceptibility factors for the disease, have potential in opening a new window of better understanding of etiology-relevant mechanisms

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Preface. Ultrasound: Part 1

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Preface. Unlocking nature through Chemistry

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Preface. Up-to-date on COMT enzyme and its inhibitors

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Preface. Upper extremity

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Preface. Use of genome-wide oligonucleotide- or SNP-array platforms has widened the spectrum of detectable human genomic variation

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Preface. Veterinary public health

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Preface. What is rational constructivism?

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Preface/Editorial for the special issue

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Preface: 'Diversity in Cortical Organization'

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Preface: 8th annual meeting of the French-Speaking Society of Transplantation

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Preface: A physical sciences perspective of the evolution of drug resistance in cancer

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Preface: A window into the reproductive era research

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Preface: ACL injuries in the young athlete: a focus on prevention and treatment

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Preface: AIDS-free generation is now in sight

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Preface: Advances in women's mental health

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Preface: Advancing technology with organic and polymer transistors

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Preface: Alveolar bone grafting techniques for dental implant preparation

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Preface: Anesthesia for patients too sick for anesthesia

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Preface: Anorectal disease

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Preface: Applicative trends in nanoscience: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology

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Preface: Autoimmune blistering diseases: part I--pathogenesis and clinical features

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Preface: Burn rehabilitation

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Preface: CT angiography

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Preface: Chronic diseases in childhood obesity: risks and benefits of early intervention. Ohio, April 2-3, 2009

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Preface: Chronic intestinal diseases of dogs and cats--update from the 21st century

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Preface: Community-partnered participatory research: how we can work together to improve community health

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Preface: Complications in hand surgery

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Preface: Congress on Alternative Test Methods in Inhalation Toxicology

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Preface: Cosmetic procedures in gynecology

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Preface: Current concepts in the treatment of the rheumatoid hand, wrist and elbow

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Preface: Cytogenetics

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Preface: Drugs--how they improve our lives and our patients' lives

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Preface: EUS-guided tissue acquisition

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Preface: Embryology is the essence of understanding development

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Preface: Emergency neuroradiology

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Preface: Essays on peripheral nerve repair and regeneration

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Preface: Falls and their prevention

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Preface: Fast NMR methods are here to stay

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Preface: Fifteenth conference on the adrenal cortex (adrenal 2012) League City, Texas June 19-22, 2012

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Preface: Finding the (cultural) clues that make a difference in patient outcomes

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Preface: Forum on conjugated polymer materials for sensing and biomedical applications

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Preface: Forum on dioxygen activation and reduction

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Preface: Forum on new materials and approaches for electrochemical storage

Meador, M.Ann.B., 2012:
Preface: Forum on polymers for aerospace applications

Chirik, P.J., 2011:
Preface: Forum on redox-active ligands