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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55117

Chapter 55117 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Engelhardt, B., 2018:
Cluster: barriers of the central nervous system

Fujihala, M.; Sugimoto, T.; Tohyama, T.; Mitsuda, S.; Mole, R.A.; Yu, D.H.; Yano, S.; Inagaki, Y.; Morodomi, H.; Kawae, T.; Sagayama, H.; Kumai, R.; Murakami, Y.; Tomiyasu, K.; Matsuo, A.; Kindo, K., 2018:
Cluster-Based Haldane State in an Edge-Shared Tetrahedral Spin-Cluster Chain: Fedotovite K_{2}Cu_{3}O(SO_{4})_{3}

Ghosh, T.; Fattah, S.Anowarul.; Wahid, K.A.; Zhu, W-Ping.; Ahmad, M.Omair., 2018:
Cluster based statistical feature extraction method for automatic bleeding detection in wireless capsule endoscopy video

Boser, Q.A.; Valevicius, Aïda.M.; Lavoie, E.B.; Chapman, C.S.; Pilarski, P.M.; Hebert, J.S.; Vette, A.H., 2018:
Cluster-based upper body marker models for three-dimensional kinematic analysis: Comparison with an anatomical model and reliability analysis

Baumketner, A.; Stelmakh, A.; Cai, W., 2018:
Cluster Crystals Stabilized by Hydrophobic and Electrostatic Interactions

Mao, Z.; Liou, S-Hao.; Khadka, N.; Jenney, F.E.; Goodin, D.B.; Seefeldt, L.C.; Adams, M.W.W.; Cramer, S.; Larsen, D.S., 2018:
Cluster Dependent Charge-Transfer Dynamics in Iron-Sulfur Proteins

Dias, J.C.A.; Monteiro, L.H.A., 2018:
Clustered Breeding Sites: Shelters for Vector-Borne Diseases

Timm, S.; Lorat, Y.; Jakob, B.; Taucher-Scholz, G.; Rübe, C.E., 2018 :
Clustered DNA damage concentrated in particle trajectories causes persistent large-scale rearrangements in chromatin architecture

Dyer, S.M.; Liu, E.; Gnanamanickam, E.S.; Milte, R.; Easton, T.; Harrison, S.L.; Bradley, C.E.; Ratcliffe, J.; Crotty, M., 2018:
Clustered domestic residential aged care in Australia: fewer hospitalisations and better quality of life

Duero Posada, J.G.; Moayedi, Y.; Zhou, L.; McDonald, M.; Ross, H.J.; Lee, D.S.; Bhatia, R.Sacha., 2018:
Clustered Emergency Room Visits Following an Acute Heart Failure Admission: A Population-Based Study

Cayrou, C.; Akinduko, A.A.; Mirkes, E.M.; Lucidarme, J.; Clark, S.A.; Green, L.R.; Cooper, H.J.; Morrissey, J.; Borrow, R.; Bayliss, C.D., 2018:
Clustered intergenic region sequences as predictors of factor H Binding Protein expression patterns and for assessing Neisseria meningitidis strain coverage by meningococcal vaccines

Wang, Q.; Liu, H.; Li, R.; Yang, M.; Wang, Z-Bo.; Zhang, L-Mei.; Li, C.; Gu, D-Ming., 2017:
Clustered-microcapsule-shaped Microporous Carbon Coated Sulfur Composite Synthesized via In-situ Oxidation

Kabekkodu, S.P.; Shukla, V.; Varghese, V.K.; D' Souza, J.; Chakrabarty, S.; Satyamoorthy, K., 2018:
Clustered miRNAs and their role in biological functions and diseases

Yiu, S.; Farewell, V.T.; Tom, B.D.M., 2018:
Clustered multistate models with observation level random effects, mover-stayer effects and dynamic covariates: modelling transition intensities and sojourn times in a study of psoriatic arthritis

Lin, G.; Zhang, K.; Peng, R.; Han, Y.; Xie, J.; Li, J., 2018:
Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat (CRISPR)/CRISPR-Associated Endonuclease Cas9-Mediated Homology-Independent Integration for Generating Quality Control Materials for Clinical Molecular Genetic Testing

Tsai, Y-Ting.; Wu, W-Hsuan.; Lee, T-Ting.; Wu, W-Pu.; Xu, C.L.; Park, K.S.; Cui, X.; Justus, S.; Lin, C-Sheng.; Jauregui, R.; Su, P-Yin.; Tsang, S.H., 2018 :
Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats-Based Genome Surgery for the Treatment of Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa

Kato-Inui, T.; Takahashi, G.; Hsu, S.; Miyaoka, Y., 2018:
Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/CRISPR-associated protein 9 with improved proof-reading enhances homology-directed repair

Mäkelä, V.; Wahlström, R.; Holopainen-Mantila, U.; Kilpeläinen, I.; King, A.W.T., 2018:
Clustered Single Cellulosic Fiber Dissolution Kinetics and Mechanisms through Optical Microscopy under Limited Dissolving Conditions

Alhusain, L.; Hafez, A.M., 2017:
Cluster ensemble based on Random Forests for genetic data

Sen, S.; Rao, B.; Wachnowsky, C.; Cowan, J.A., 2018:
Cluster exchange reactivity of [2Fe-2S] cluster-bridged complexes of BOLA3 with monothiol glutaredoxins

Amon, A.; Ormeci, A.; Bobnar, M.; Akselrud, L.G.; Avdeev, M.; Gumeniuk, R.; Burkhardt, U.; Prots, Y.; Hennig, C.; Leithe-Jasper, A.; Grin, Y., 2018:
Cluster Formation in the Superconducting Complex Intermetallic Compound Be21Pt5

Andrade, E.C.; Hoyos, Jé.A.; Rachel, S.; Vojta, M., 2018:
Cluster-Glass Phase in Pyrochlore XY Antiferromagnets with Quenched Disorder

Gelfand, A.A.; Goadsby, P.J., 2018:
Cluster Headache and Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide-More on Quantum Therapeutics in Headache Medicine

Chang, Y-Han.; Luo, C-Bao.; Wang, S-Jiun.; Chen, S-Pin., 2017:
Cluster headache and middle meningeal artery dural arteriovenous fistulas: A case report

Burish, M., 2018:
Cluster Headache and Other Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias

Snoer, A.; Lund, N.; Beske, R.; Hagedorn, A.; Jensen, R.Højland.; Barloese, M., 2018:
Cluster headache beyond the pain phase: A prospective study of 500 attacks

Rozen, T.D., 2018:
Cluster Headache Clinical Phenotypes: Tobacco Nonexposed (Never Smoker and No Parental Secondary Smoke Exposure as a Child) versus Tobacco-Exposed: Results from the United States Cluster Headache Survey

Wei, D.Yi-Ting.; Yuan Ong, J.Jia.; Goadsby, P.James., 2018:
Cluster Headache: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Clinical Features, and Diagnosis

Lund, N.; Petersen, A.; Snoer, A.; Jensen, R.H.; Barloese, M., 2018:
Cluster headache is associated with unhealthy lifestyle and lifestyle-related comorbid diseases: Results from the Danish Cluster Headache Survey

Burish, M.J.; Chen, Z.; Yoo, S-Hee., 2018:
Cluster Headache Is in Part a Disorder of the Circadian System

Doesborg, P.; Haan, J., 2018:
Cluster headache: new targets and options for treatment

Ljubisavljevic, S.; Zidverc Trajkovic, J., 2018:
Cluster headache: pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment

Ming, X.; Bao, C.; Hong, T.; Yang, Y.; Chen, X.; Jung, Y-Sam.; Qian, Y., 2018:
Clusterin, a novel DEC1 target, modulates DNA damage-mediated cell death

Heo, J-Yoon.; Kim, J-Eun.; Dan, Y.; Kim, Y-Woon.; Kim, J-Yeon.; Cho, K.Hyang.; Bae, Y.Kyung.; Im, S-Soon.; Liu, K-Hyeon.; Song, I-Hwan.; Kim, J-Ryong.; Lee, I-Kyu.; Park, S-Young., 2018:
Clusterin deficiency induces lipid accumulation and tissue damage in kidney

Yu, V.; Bhattacharya, D.; Webster, A.; Bauskar, A.; Flowers, C.; Heur, M.; Chintala, S.K.; Itakura, T.; Wilson, M.R.; Barr, J.T.; Jeong, S.; Wang, M.; Fini, M.Elizabeth., 2018:
Clusterin from human clinical tear samples: Positive correlation between tear concentration and Schirmer strip test results

Fu, N.; Suppakitpaisarn, V., 2018:
Clustering 1-dimensional periodic network using betweenness centrality

Ciprandi, G.; Silvestri, M.; Pistorio, A.; Ricciardolo, F.Luigi.Massimo., 2018:
Clustering analysis in asthmatic outpatients: an experience in clinical practice

Liu, C.; Feng, J.; Zhang, D.; Xie, Y.; Li, A.; Wang, J.; Su, Y., 2018:
Clustering Analysis of Antibiograms and Antibiogram Types of Streptococcus agalactiae Strains from Tilapia in China

Matias-Guiu, J.A.; Díaz-Álvarez, J.; Ayala, Jé.Luis.; Risco-Martín, Jé.Luis.; Moreno-Ramos, T.; Pytel, V.; Matias-Guiu, J.; Carreras, Jé.Luis.; Cabrera-Martín, Mía.Nieves., 2018:
Clustering Analysis of FDG-PET Imaging in Primary Progressive Aphasia

Torruella, P.; Estrader, M.; López-Ortega, A.; Baró, M.Dolors.; Varela, M.; Peiró, F.; Estradé, Sònia., 2017:
Clustering analysis strategies for electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS)

Hu, Y.; Charbonneau, P., 2018:
Clustering and assembly dynamics of a one-dimensional microphase former

Afrashteh, S.; Ghaem, H.; Abbasi-Ghahramanloo, A.; Tabatabaee, H.Reaz., 2017:
Clustering and Combining Pattern of High-Risk Behaviors among Iranian University Students: A Latent Class Analysis

Pearson, N.; Biddle, S.J.H.; Griffiths, P.; Johnston, J.P.; Haycraft, E., 2018:
Clustering and correlates of screen-time and eating behaviours among young children

Das, S.; Riest, J.; Winkler, R.G.; Gompper, G.; Dhont, J.K.G.; Nägele, G., 2017:
Clustering and dynamics of particles in dispersions with competing interactions: theory and simulation

Puente Fernández, Jús.Antonio.; García Villalba, L.Javier.; Kim, T-Hoon., 2018:
Clustering and Flow Conservation Monitoring Tool for Software Defined Networks

Patterson, E.S.; Anders, S.; Moffatt-Bruce, S., 2018:
Clustering And Prioritizing Patient Safety Issues During Ehr Implementation And Upgrades In Hospital Settings

Xu, G.; Mao, X.; Wang, J.; Pan, H., 2018:
Clustering and recent transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a Chinese population

Storlie, C.B.; Myers, S.M.; Katusic, S.K.; Weaver, A.L.; Voigt, R.G.; Croarkin, P.E.; Stoeckel, R.E.; Port, J.D., 2018:
Clustering and variable selection in the presence of mixed variable types and missing data

Kim, J.; Ryu, S-Yoon.; Lee, S-Hak.; Lee, H.Yun.; Park, H., 2018:
Clustering approach to identify intratumour heterogeneity combining FDG PET and diffusion-weighted MRI in lung adenocarcinoma

Munir, A.; Elahi, S.; Masood, N., 2018:
Clustering based drug-drug interaction networks for possible repositioning of drugs against EGFR mutations: Clustering based DDI networks for EGFR mutations

Michel, P.; Hamidou, Z.; Baumstarck, K.; Ghattas, B.; Resseguier, Némie.; Chinot, O.; Barlesi, F.; Salas, Sébastien.; Boyer, L.; Auquier, P., 2017:
Clustering based on unsupervised binary trees to define subgroups of cancer patients according to symptom severity in cancer

Michael-Jubeli, R.; Tfayli, A.; Baudouin, C.; Bleton, J.; Bertrand, D.; Baillet-Guffroy, A., 2018:
Clustering-based preprocessing method for lipidomic data analysis: application for the evolution of newborn skin surface lipids from birth until 6 months

Nguyen, H.Hiep., 2018:
Clustering Categorical Data Using Community Detection Techniques

Masuda, N.; Sakaki, M.; Ezaki, T.; Watanabe, T., 2018:
Clustering Coefficients for Correlation Networks

Wang, K.; Li, W.; Dong, L.; Zou, L.; Wang, C., 2018:
Clustering-Constrained ICA for Ballistocardiogram Artifacts Removal in Simultaneous EEG-fMRI

Lazarus, C.; Pouliopoulos, A.N.; Tinguely, M.; Garbin, V.; Choi, J.J., 2017:
Clustering dynamics of microbubbles exposed to low-pressure 1-MHz ultrasound

Aljobouri, H.K.; Jaber, H.A.; Koçak, O.M.; Algin, O.; Çankaya, I., 2018:
Clustering fMRI data with a Robust Unsupervised Learning Algorithm for Neuroscience Data Mining

McDowell, I.C.; Manandhar, D.; Vockley, C.M.; Schmid, A.K.; Reddy, T.E.; Engelhardt, B.E., 2018:
Clustering gene expression time series data using an infinite Gaussian process mixture model

Shen, Y.; Pedrycz, W.; Wang, X., 2018:
Clustering Homogeneous Granular Data: Formation and Evaluation

Varma, A.; Montenegro-Johnson, T.D.; Michelin, Sébastien., 2018:
Clustering-induced self-propulsion of isotropic autophoretic particles

Liu, L.; Kupiainen-Määttä, O.; Zhang, H.; Li, H.; Zhong, J.; Kurtén, T.; Vehkamäki, H.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, Y.; Ge, M.; Zhang, X.; Li, Z., 2018:
Clustering mechanism of oxocarboxylic acids involving hydration reaction: Implications for the atmospheric models

Bagattini, F.; Schoen, F.; Tigli, L., 2018:
Clustering methods for the optimization of atomic cluster structure

Teran Hidalgo, S.J.; Ma, S., 2018:
Clustering multilayer omics data using MuNCut

Galeazzi, R.; Olivieri, F.; Spazzafumo, L.; Rose, G.; Montesanto, A.; Giovagnetti, S.; Cecchini, S.; Malatesta, G.; Di Pillo, R.; Antonicelli, R., 2018:
Clustering of ABCB1 and CYP2C19 Genetic Variants Predicts Risk of Major Bleeding and Thrombotic Events in Elderly Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome Receiving Dual Antiplatelet Therapy with Aspirin and Clopidogrel

Röttger, R., 2016:
Clustering of Biological Datasets in the Era of Big Data

Francis, F.; Dumas, M.D.; Davis, S.B.; Wisser, R.J., 2018:
Clustering of circular consensus sequences: accurate error correction and assembly of single molecule real-time reads from multiplexed amplicon libraries

Nakano, M.; Sagane, Y.; Koizumi, R.; Nakazawa, Y.; Yamazaki, M.; Ikehama, K.; Yoshida, K.; Watanabe, T.; Takano, K.; Sato, H., 2017:
Clustering of commercial fish sauce products based on an e-panel technique

Bóna, J., 2018:
Clustering of disfluencies in typical, fast and cluttered speech

Chaturvedi, S.; Ghafuri, D.Labib.; Jordan, N.; Kassim, A.; Rodeghier, M.; DeBaun, M.R., 2018:
Clustering of end-organ disease and earlier mortality in adults with sickle cell disease: A prospective cohort study

Miguel-Berges, Mía.L.; Zachari, K.; Santaliestra-Pasias, A.M.; Mouratidou, T.; Androutsos, O.; Iotova, V.; Galcheva, S.; De Craemer, M.; Cardon, G.; Koletzko, B.; Kulaga, Z.; Manios, Y.; Moreno, L.A., 2017:
Clustering of energy balance-related behaviours and parental education in European preschool children: the ToyBox study

Shao, M.; DeAngelis, G.C.; Angelaki, D.E.; Chen, A., 2017:
Clustering of Heading Selectivity and Perception-Related Activity in the Ventral Intraparietal Area

Hartz, J.; Yingling, L.; Ayers, C.; Adu-Brimpong, J.; Rivers, J.; Ahuja, C.; Powell-Wiley, T.M., 2018:
Clustering of Health Behaviors and Cardiorespiratory Fitness Among U.S. Adolescents

Shu, Y.; Li, J.; He, S.; Tang, H.; Wang, N.; Shen, L.; Du, H-yue., 2018:
Clustering of Hyperspectral Image Based on Spatial-Spectral Chinese Restaurant Process Mixture Model

Thomas, J.; Jin, J.; Dauwels, J.; Cash, S.S.; Westover, M.Brandon., 2018:
Clustering Of Interictal Spikes By Dynamic Time Warping And Affinity Propagation

Juvani, A.; la Oksanen, T.; Virtanen, M.; Salo, P.; Pentti, J.; Kivimäki, M.; Vahtera, J., 2018:
Clustering of job strain, effort-reward imbalance, and organizational injustice and the risk of work disability: a cohort study

Meng, F.; Matsunaga, D.; Golestanian, R., 2018:
Clustering of Magnetic Swimmers in a Poiseuille Flow

Fu, Z.; Jiang, T., 2008:
Clustering of main orthologs for multiple genomes

Bjerg, L.; Hulman, A.; Charles, M.; Jørgensen, M.Eika.; Witte, D.Rinse., 2018:
Clustering of microvascular complications in Type 1 diabetes mellitus

Mestre, T.A.; Pont-Sunyer, C.; Kausar, F.; Visanji, N.P.; Ghate, T.; Connolly, B.S.; Gasca-Salas, C.; Kern, D.S.; Jain, J.; Slow, E.J.; Faust-Socher, A.; Kasten, M.; Wadia, P.M.; Zadikoff, C.; Kumar, P.; de Bie, R.M.; Thomsen, T.; Lang, A.E.; Schüle, B.; Klein, C.; Tolosa, E.; Marras, C., 2018:
Clustering of motor and nonmotor traits in leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 G2019S Parkinson's disease nonparkinsonian relatives: A multicenter family study

Mehrotra, P.; Ami, V.Kany.G.; Srinivasan, N., 2018:
Clustering of multi-domain protein sequences

Champion, K.E.; Mather, M.; Spring, B.; Kay-Lambkin, F.; Teesson, M.; Newton, N.C., 2018:
Clustering of Multiple Risk Behaviors Among a Sample of 18-Year-Old Australians and Associations With Mental Health Outcomes: A Latent Class Analysis

Inglin, R.C.; Meile, L.; Stevens, M.J.A., 2018:
Clustering of Pan- and Core-genome of Lactobacillus provides Novel Evolutionary Insights for Differentiation

Maxwell, K.N.; Zhou, Y.; Hancock, J.F., 2017:
Clustering of Rac1: Selective Lipid Sorting Drives Signaling

Peters, S.A.E.; Wang, X.; Lam, T-Hing.; Kim, H.Chang.; Ho, S.; Ninomiya, T.; Knuiman, M.; Vaartjes, I.; Bots, M.L.; Woodward, M.; Fang, X.; Gu, D.F.; Huxley, R.; Imai, Y.; Kim, H.C.; Lam, T.H.; Pan, W.H.; Rodgers, A.; Suh, I.; Ueshima, H.; Okayama, H.; Ueshima, H.; Maegawa, H.; Aoki, N.; Wu, Z.S.; Yao, C.H.; Wu, Z.S.; Luszcz, M.; Welborn, T.A.; Tang, Z.; Liu, L.S.; Xie, J.X.; Norton, R.; Ameratunga, S.; Macmahon, S.; Whitlock, G.; Knuiman, M.W.; Christensen, H.; Wu, X.G.; Zhou, J.; Yu, X.H.; Tam, 2018:
Clustering of risk factors and the risk of incident cardiovascular disease in Asian and Caucasian populations: results from the Asia Pacific Cohort Studies Collaboration

Hummel, M.; Edelmann, D.; Kopp-Schneider, A., 2017:
Clustering of samples and variables with mixed-type data

Lui, S.S.Y.; Hung, K.S.Y.; Wang, Y.; Ho, K.K.Y.; Yeung, H.K.H.; Wang, Y.; Huang, J.; Gooding, D.C.; Cheung, E.F.C.; Chan, R.C.K., 2018:
Clustering of Schizotypal Features in Unaffected First-Degree Relatives of Schizophrenia Patients

Lim, J-Ah.; Moon, J.; Kim, T-Joon.; Jun, J-Sun.; Park, B.; Byun, J-Ick.; Sunwoo, J-Sang.; Park, K-Il.; Lee, S-Tae.; Jung, K-Hwa.; Jung, K-Young.; Kim, M.; Jeon, D.; Chu, K.; Lee, S.Kun., 2018:
Clustering of spontaneous recurrent seizures separated by long seizure-free periods: An extended video-EEG monitoring study of a pilocarpine mouse model

Lu, D.; Tripodis, Y.; Gerstenfeld, L.; Demissie, S., 2018:
Clustering of temporal gene expression data with mixtures of mixed effects models with a penalized likelihood

Zhang, J.; Feng, X.; Zhai, Y.; Li, W.; Lv, Y-Bin.; Astell-Burt, T.; Shi, X., 2018:
Clustering of unhealthy lifestyle behaviours and associations with perceived and actual weight status among primary school children in China: A nationally representative cross-sectional study

Shao, M-Meng.; Zhang, Y-Ying.; Chen, A-Hua., 2019:
Clustering of vestibular direction-selective neurons in macaque parieto-insular vestibular cortex

Román, C.; Guevara, M.; Valenzuela, R.; Figueroa, M.; Houenou, J.; Duclap, D.; Poupon, C.; Mangin, J-François.; Guevara, P., 2018:
Clustering of Whole-Brain White Matter Short Association Bundles Using HARDI Data

Johannes, L.; Pezeshkian, W.; Ipsen, J.H.; Shillcock, J.C., 2018:
Clustering on Membranes: Fluctuations and More

He, S.; Ou, H.; Zhao, C.; Zhang, J., 2018:
Clustering Pattern and Functional Effect of SNPs in Human miRNA Seed Regions

Zhang, S.; Lorenzo, A.; Gómez, M-Angel.; Mateus, N.; Gonçalves, B.; Sampaio, J., 2018:
Clustering performances in the NBA according to players' anthropometric attributes and playing experience

Traoré, H.; Crouzet, O.; Mamy, L.; Sireyjol, C.; Rossard, V.; Servien, Rémi.; Latrille, E.; Martin-Laurent, F.; Patureau, D.; Benoit, P., 2017:
Clustering pesticides according to their molecular properties, fate, and effects by considering additional ecotoxicological parameters in the TyPol method

Franović, I.; Klinshov, V., 2018:
Clustering promotes switching dynamics in networks of noisy neurons

Menon, V., 2017:
Clustering single cells: a review of approaches on high-and low-depth single-cell RNA-seq data

Menon, V., 2018:
Clustering single cells: a review of approaches on high-and low-depth single-cell RNA-seq data

Stegehuis, C.; van der Hofstad, R.; Janssen, A.J.E.M.; van Leeuwaarden, J.S.H., 2018:
Clustering spectrum of scale-free networks

Bron, E.; Daudon, Cé.; Pety, Jérôme.; Levrier, Fçois.; Gerin, M.; Gratier, P.; Orkisz, J.H.; Guzman, V.; Bardeau, Sébastien.; Goicoechea, J.R.; Liszt, H.; Öberg, K.; Peretto, N.; Sievers, A.; Tremblin, P., 2018:
Clustering the Orion B giant molecular cloud based on its molecular emission

Zappia, L.; Oshlack, A., 2018:
Clustering trees: a visualisation for evaluating clusterings at multiple resolutions

Dou, X.; Zhou, Q.; Chen, X.; Tan, Y.; He, X.; Lu, P.; Sui, K.; Tang, B.Zhong.; Zhang, Y.; Yuan, W.Zhang., 2018:
Clustering-Triggered Emission and Persistent Room Temperature Phosphorescence of Sodium Alginate

Bae, C.Hoon.; Na, H.Gyun.; Choi, Y.Seok.; Song, S-Youn.; Kim, Y-Dae., 2018:
Clusterin Induces MUC5AC Expression via Activation of NF-κB in Human Airway Epithelial Cells

Czeczok, T.W.; Stashek, K.M.; Maxwell, J.E.; O'Dorisio, T.M.; Howe, J.R.; Hornick, J.L.; Bellizzi, A.M., 2018:
Clusterin in Neuroendocrine Epithelial Neoplasms: Absence of Expression in a Well-differentiated Tumor Suggests a Jejunoileal Origin

Park, J.Won.; Nam, K.Taek.; Shin, J.Hoon.; Kim, I.Yong.; Choi, K.Mi.; Roh, K-Jin.; Oh, S.Hyun.; Yun, Y-Min.; Suh, J-Gyo.; Oh, Y-Seok.; Yoon, Y.Sung.; Seong, J.Kyung., 2018:
Clusterin is highly expressed in tubular complexes during spontaneous pancreatitis of spontaneous hypertensive rats

Robbins, J.P.; Perfect, L.; Ribe, E.M.; Maresca, M.; Dangla-Valls, Aà.; Foster, E.M.; Killick, R.; Nowosiad, P.; Reid, M.J.; Polit, L.Dutan.; Nevado, A.J.; Ebner, D.; Bohlooly-Y, M.; Buckley, N.; Pangalos, M.N.; Price, J.; Lovestone, S., 2018:
Clusterin Is Required for β-Amyloid Toxicity in Human iPSC-Derived Neurons

Liu, Y.; Men, C.; Xu, Y.; Zhao, K.; Luo, L.; Dong, D.; Yu, Q., 2018:
Clusterin promotes growth and invasion of clear cell renal carcinoma cell by upregulation of S100A4 expression

Liu, G.; Zhang, H.; Hao, F.; Hao, J.; Pan, L.; Zhao, Q.; Wo, J., 2018:
Clusterin Reduces Cold Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Heart Transplantation Through Regulation of NF-kB Signaling and Bax/Bcl-xL Expression

Fujiwara, Y.; Saito, N., 2018:
Cluster ion beam generation from a wetted needle emitter for organic secondary ion mass spectrometry (organic SIMS) using protic ionic liquid, propylammonium nitrate

Bansal, R.; Peterson, B.S., 2018:
Cluster-level statistical inference in fMRI datasets: The unexpected behavior of random fields in high dimensions

Pazos Obregón, F.; Soto, P.; Lavín, Jé.Luis.; Cortázar, A.Rosa.; Barrio, R.; Aransay, A.María.; Cantera, R., 2018:
Cluster Locator, online analysis and visualization of gene clustering

Zhang, X.; Lv, L.; Wu, G.; Yang, D.; Dong, A., 2018:
Cluster-mediated assembly enables step-growth copolymerization from binary nanoparticle mixtures with rationally designed architectures

Liao, Q.; Wang, X.Guo.; Lv, S.; Xu, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Fu, H., 2018:
Cluster-Mediated Nucleation and Growth of J- and H-type Polymorphs of Difluoroboron Avobenzone for Organic Microribbon Lasers

Cao, X.; Yu, G.; Liu, J.; Jia, L.; Wang, J., 2018:
ClusterMI: Detecting High-Order SNP Interactions Based on Clustering and Mutual Information

Yuan, X.; Luo, K.; Liu, N.; Ji, X.; Liu, C.; He, J.; Tian, G.; Zhao, Y.; Yu, D., 2018:
Cluster-model DFT simulations of the infrared spectra of triazine-based molecular crystals

Fares, J.; Fares, Y., 2018:
Cluster munitions: military use and civilian health hazards

Tang, M.H.Y.; Chong, Y.K.; Chan, C.Y.; Ching, C.K.; Lai, C.K.; Li, Y.K.; Mak, T.W.L., 2018:
Cluster of acute poisonings associated with an emerging ketamine analogue, 2-oxo-PCE

Kuang, Y.; Wang, S.; Tang, L.; Hai, J.; Yan, G.; Liao, L., 2018:
Cluster of differentiation 147 mediates chemoresistance in breast cancer by affecting vacuolar H+-ATPase expression and activity

Gupta, S.; Malhotra, B.; Tiwari, J.Kumar.; Khandelwal, P.Dayal.; Maheshwari, R.Kumar., 2018:
Cluster of differentiation 4+ T-cell counts and human immunodeficiency virus-1 viral load in patients coinfected with hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus

Mitchell, F.; Henderson, H.J.; Gardner, F., 2018:
Cluster of exertional rhabdomyolysis in three young women

Bryant, M.; Burton, W.; Collinson, M.; Hartley, S.; Tubeuf, S.; Roberts, K.; Sondaal, A.E.C.; Farrin, A.J., 2018:
Cluster randomised controlled feasibility study of HENRY: a community-based intervention aimed at reducing obesity rates in preschool children

Milner, S.; Sherker, S.; Clinton-McHarg, T.; Dray, J.; Zukowski, N.; Gonzalez, S.; Kingsland, M.; Ooi, J.Ying.; Murphy, A.; Brooke, D.; Wiggers, J.; Wolfenden, L., 2018:
Cluster randomised controlled trial of a multicomponent intervention to support the implementation of policies and practices that promote healthier environments at junior sports clubs: study protocol

Presseau, J.; Mackintosh, J.; Hawthorne, G.; Francis, J.J.; Johnston, M.; Grimshaw, J.M.; Steen, N.; Coulthard, T.; Brown, H.; Kaner, E.; Elovainio, M.; Sniehotta, F.F., 2019:
Cluster randomised controlled trial of a theory-based multiple behaviour change intervention aimed at healthcare professionals to improve their management of type 2 diabetes in primary care

McElearney, A.; Brennan-Wilson, A.; Murphy, C.; Stephenson, P.; Bunting, B., 2018:
Cluster randomised controlled trial of 'whole school' child maltreatment prevention programme in primary schools in Northern Ireland: study protocol for Keeping Safe

Li, B.; Liu, W.Jia.; Adab, P.; Pallan, M.; Hemming, K.; Frew, E.; Lin, R.; Martin, J.; Liu, W.; Cheng, K.Keung., 2017:
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Cluster-Randomized Studies

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Clusters, Assemble: Growth of Intermetallic Compounds from Metal Flux Reactions

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Clusters, Dimensions, and Hierarchies: Finding a Path Forward for the Neuroscience of Mental Disorders?

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Clusters in nonsmooth oscillator networks

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Cluster sizes in a classical Lennard-Jones chain

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Clusters of Suicidal Events Among Young People: Do Clusters from One Time Period Predict Later Clusters?

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Cluster versus ROI analysis to assess combined antiangiogenic therapy and radiotherapy in the F98 rat-glioma model

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Clustrophile 2: Guided Visual Clustering Analysis

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Clutch Pedal Sensorization and Evaluation of the Main Parameters Related to Driver Posture

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Clutter and Range Ambiguity Suppression Using Diverse Pulse Train in Pulse Doppler System

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Clydonella sawyeri n. sp. (Amoebozoa, Vannellida): Morphological and molecular study and a re-definition of the genus Clydonella Sawyer, 1975

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CLZ-8, a potent small-molecular compound, protects radiation-induced damages both in vitro and in vivo

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CMA "effectively abandoning" role as national voice on physician issues, says Ontario Medical Association

Owens, B., 2018:
CMA position against separate regulations for medical cannabis draws ire and insults

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CMAP Scan MUNE (MScan) - A Novel Motor Unit Number Estimation (MUNE) Method

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CMA restricted to mammals and birds: myth or reality?

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CME: Acquired Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis

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CME: Acute Intermittent Porphyria: When to Think of It? What Must be Checked? How to Treat?

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CME: Adrenal Insufficiency

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CME Answers: «Adrenal Insufficiency» Praxis No. 13

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CME Answers: 'Fear of Flying and Flying Phobia'

Anonymous, 2018:
CME Answers: "Jet Lag" Praxis No. 15

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CME Answers: "Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis" from PRAXIS No. 01

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CME Answers: «Multiple Myeloma - a Review» Praxis No. 14

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CME Answers: «Periinterventional Management of Direct Oral Anticoagulants - Balancing Benefits and Risks», Praxis No. 9-10

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CME Answers: "Rabies-Update: Symptoms, Diagnostics and Therapy, Praxis no. 11"

Anonymous, 2017:
CME Assessment Questions

Anonymous, 2018:
★ CME Assessment Questions

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C-Me Bond Formation at All Methylene Bridges of the Calix[4]arene Scaffold

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CME: Cavitary Pulmonary Disease – Differential Diagnosis and Diagnostic Work-Up

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CME Dermatology 16/Answer: Fever, Pustules and Joint Pain as Vacation Mementoes

Lanz, J.; Lautenschlager, S., 2018:
CME Dermatology 16: Fever, Pustules and Joint Pain as a Vacation Mementoes

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CME Dermatology 17: Chronic Ulcer: Infection, Skin Tumor or Travel-Associated?

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CME ECG 61/Answer: Management of Premature Ventricular Contractions

Kahr, P.C.; Wolber, T.; Saguner, A.M.; Brunckhorst, C.B., 2018:
CME ECG 61: Management of Premature Ventricular Contractions

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CME: Fear of Flying and Flying Phobia

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CME: Hypocalcemia

Anonymous, 2018:
CME instructions: Invasive assessment of coronary artery disease

Anonymous, 2018:
CME instructions: Myocardial 123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine imaging in hypertension and left ventricular hypertrophy

Anonymous, 2017:
CME INSTRUCTIONS: PET measurements of myocardial blood flow post myocardial infarction: Relationship to invasive and cardiac magnetic resonance studies and potential clinical applications

Anonymous, 2018:
CME instructions: Radiopharmaceutical tracers for cardiac imaging

Anonymous, 2018:
CME instructions: Regadenoson use in chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease: A focused review

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CME: Jet Lag Jetlag

Wallimann-Annema, W., 2018:
CME Laboratory 54: Inflammation Markers

Günther, V., 2018 :
CME Laboratory 55/Answers: Laboratory Diagnostics of Liver Diseases

Günther, V., 2018:
CME Laboratory 55: Laboratory Diagnostics of Liver Diseases

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CME – Lumbar spinal stenosis

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CME: Multiple Myeloma - a Review

Rosset, N.; Huber, L.C.; Eberli, F., 2017:
CME: Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (NSTEMI) – Definition, Risk Stratification and Management

Anonymous, 2017:
CME Opportunities and Save the Date

Ebnöther, E.; Storck, C., 2018:
CME-ORL 28/Answer: Submandibular Swelling Left

Ebnöther, E.; Storck, C., 2018:
CME-ORL 28: Submandibular Swelling Left

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CME Part 1: Hair disorders in cancer patients

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CME Part 2: Hair disorders in cancer survivors Persistent chemotherapy-induced alopecia, persistent radiotherapy-induced alopecia, and hair growth disorders related to endocrine therapy or cancer surgery

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Psoriasis: Which therapy for which patient: Focus on special populations and chronic infections

Kaushik, S.B.; Lebwohl, M.G., 2018:
Psoriasis: Which therapy for which patient: Psoriasis comorbidities and preferred systemic agents

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CME: Pheochromocytoma in the General Practice

Bohnen, M.; Biskup, E., 2018:
CME: Post-Cardiac Injury Syndrome – a Special Form of Acute Pericarditis

Anonymous, 2017:
Cme Post-Test

Anonymous, 2018:
Cme Post-Test

Kühlewindt, T., 2018:
CME: Rabies Update: Symptoms, Diagnostics and Therapy

Anonymous, 2018:
CME Review Article

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CME Rheumatology 13/Solution: Shoulder Pain, Muscle Weakness and Skin Rash

Tamborrini, G.; Moser, F.; Sterki Novakova, K., 2018:
CME Rheumatology 14: Zolendronate-Induced Uveitis?

Tamborrini, G.; Leumann, Aé., 2018:
CME: Rheumatology 15 - Morel-Lavallée Lesion

Tamborrini, G.; Müller, A.Marc., 2018 :
CME Rheumatology 16: Tennis Elbow - Epicondylitis

Anonymous, 1995:
CME Self Test

Anonymous, 1996:
Cme Self Test

Anonymous, 2017:
CME Self Test

Neugebauer, F.; Tuma, J.; Serra, A., 2018:
CME: Sonografie 80 - Jaundice

Tuma, J.; Neugebauer, F.; Serra, A., 2018:
CME Sonography 82/Answers: Fever, Shivering Fit

Tuma, J.; Neugebauer, F.; Serra, A., 2018:
CME Sonography 82: Fever, Shivering Fit

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C-Met-Activated Mesenchymal Stem Cells Rescue Ischemic Damage via Interaction with Cellular Prion Protein

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c-Met affects gemcitabine resistance during carcinogenesis in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer

Anonymous, 2018:
CME Test

Sato, S.; Kudo, F.; Kuzuyama, T.; Hammerschmidt, F.; Eguchi, T., 2018:
C-Methylation Catalyzed by Fom3, a Cobalamin-dependent Radical SAM Enzyme in Fosfomycin Biosynthesis, Proceeds with Inversion of Configuration

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C-MET inhibitors for advanced non-small cell lung cancer

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c-MET Overexpression in Colorectal Cancer: A Poor Prognostic Factor for Survival

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CME - Transient Global Amnesia

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cmFSM: a scalable CPU-MIC coordinated drug-finding tool by frequent subgraph mining

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CMG2 Expression Is an Independent Prognostic Factor for Soft Tissue Sarcoma Patients

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CMI and "primary-care" infections

Leibovici, L., 2018:
CMI has a new website

Wijdicks, E.F.M., 2017:
C. Miller Fisher and the Comatose Patient

Friedman, J., 2018:
CMI Website Collections

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Prefailure and failure mechanics of the porcine ascending thoracic aorta: experiments and a multiscale model

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Prefatory remarks on outcome of sex reassignment in 24 cases of transexualism

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Prefecture-level economic conditions and risk of suicide in Japan: a repeated cross-sectional analysis 1975-2010

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Prefecture-wide multi-centre radiation dose survey as a useful tool for CT dose optimisation: report of Gunma radiation dose study

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Prefeeding with omega-3 fatty acids suppresses inflammation following hemorrhagic shock

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Prefemoral fat pad impingement syndrome: identification and diagnosis

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Preferable colonic investigations for isolated abdominal pain

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Preferable forms of relaxation for health promotion, and the association between recreational activities and self-perceived health

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Preferable orientation of spherical fullerene inside boron nitride nanotubes

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Preferable timing of therapeutic drug monitoring in patients with impaired renal function treated with once-daily administration of vancomycin

Cutler, D.M.; Finkelstein, A.; McGarry, K., 2018:
Preference Heterogeneity and Insurance Markets: Explaining a Puzzle of Insurance

Anonymous, 1943:
Preference Order For Reagent Chemicals

Anonymous, 1941:
Preference Rating For Research Supplies And Equipment

Anonymous, 1943:
Preference Ratings For Laboratory Equipment

Kud, R., 2012:
Preference Record in the counseling of nurses

Kim, B.E.; Seligman, D.; Kable, J.W., 2012:
Preference Reversals in Decision Making Under Risk are Accompanied by Changes in Attention to Different Attributes

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Preference alters consumptive effects of predators: top-down effects of a native crab on a system of native and introduced prey

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Preference and avoidance responses by tadpoles: the fungicide pyrimethanil as a habitat disturber

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Preference and awareness of telemedicine in primary care patients

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Preference and behavior of lactating dairy cows given free access to pasture at two herbage masses and two distances

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Preference and drinking behavior of lactating dairy cows offered water with different concentrations, valences, and sources of iron

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Preference and intake frequency of high sodium foods and dishes and their correlations with anthropometric measurements among Malaysian subjects

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Preference and performance in plant-herbivore interactions across latitude--a study in U.S. Atlantic salt marshes

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Preference and practices relating to lubricant use during anal intercourse: implications for rectal microbicides

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Preference and prey switching in a generalist predator attacking local and invasive alien pests

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Preference and satisfaction with a 6-month subcutaneous injection versus a weekly tablet for treatment of low bone mass

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Preference and trends of treatment for diabetic retinopathy in Korea and Japan

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Preference and usage of pasture versus free-stall housing by lactating dairy cattle

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Preference as a function of active interresponse times: a test of the active time model

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Preference assessment in patients with asthma

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Preference assessment of recruitment into a randomized trial for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

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Preference based load balancing as an outpatient appointment scheduling aid

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Preference between precoital and daily use of Duet® and BufferGel in Zimbabwe

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Preference by a virus vector for infected plants is reversed after virus acquisition

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Preference by association: how memory mechanisms in the hippocampus bias decisions

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Preference by sheep for endophyte-infected tall fescue grown adjacent to or at a distance from alfalfa

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Preference changes of adult outpatients for giving saliva, urine and blood for clinical testing after actual sample collection

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Preference conditioning in healthy individuals: correlates with hazardous drinking

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Preference distributions of primary motor cortex neurons reflect control solutions optimized for limb biomechanics

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Preference elicitation tool for abnormal uterine bleeding treatment: a randomized controlled trial

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Preference for 50% reinforcement over 75% reinforcement by pigeons

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Preference for Na+-pi binding over Na+-dipole binding in Na+-arene interactions

Polis, C.B.; Nakigozi, G.F.; Nakawooya, H.; Mondo, G.; Makumbi, F.; Gray, R.H., 2015:
Preference for Sayana® Press versus intramuscular Depo-Provera among HIV-positive women in Rakai, Uganda: a randomized crossover trial

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Preference for a C3 conformation in tris-dimethylaminophosphonium cations: a comparison of the reactions of (Me2N)3P with I-X (X = Cl, Br, I, CN)

Sanseau, A.; Sampaolesi, J.; Suzuki, E.Rintaro.; Lopes, J.Franca.; Borel, H., 2013:
Preference for a fixed combination of brinzolamide/timolol versus dorzolamide/timolol among patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension

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Preference for a new prefilled insulin pen compared with the original pen

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Preference for a propellane motif in pure silicon nanosheets

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Preference for a segmented schedule using a brief S+ stimulus correlated with a great delay reduction in humans

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Preferential adsorption from liquid water-ethanol mixtures in alumina pores

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Preferential affinity of the components of liquid mixtures at a rigid non-polar surface: enthalpic and entropic driving forces

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Preferential assembly of G-αβγ complexes directed by the γ subunits

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Preferential attachment in growing spatial networks

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Preferential binding of a novel polyhistidine peptide dendrimer ligand on quantum dots probed by capillary electrophoresis

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Preferential cell attachment to nitrogen-doped diamond-like carbon (DLC:N) for the measurement of quantal exocytosis

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Preferential chemical etching of blazed gratings in (110)-oriented GaAs

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Preferential concentration of heavy particles in stably stratified turbulence

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Preferential concentration versus clustering in inertial particle transport by random velocity fields

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Preferential cooling of hot extremes from cropland albedo management

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Preferential costimulation by CD80 results in IL-10-dependent TGF-beta1(+) -adaptive regulatory T cell generation

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Preferential crystallization

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Preferential deletion events in the direct repeat locus of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Preferential delivery of emulsified isoflurane to peripheral nerves in goats

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Preferential delivery of zinc to developing tissues in rice is mediated by P-type heavy metal ATPase OsHMA2

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Preferential detachment during human brain development: age- and sex-specific structural connectivity in diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data

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Preferential distribution of NK cells into uteri of C57Bl/6J mice after adoptive transfer of lymphocytes

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Preferential ductus venosus streaming toward the right heart is associated with left heart underdevelopment and aortic arch hypoplasia in human fetuses

Kohl, T.; Stressig, R., 2011:
Preferential ductus venosus streaming towards the right side of the heart may contribute to poorer outcomes in fetuses with left diaphragmatic hernia and intrathoracic liver herniation ('liver-up')

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Preferential duplication of intermodular hub genes: an evolutionary signature in eukaryotes genome networks

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Preferential effect of akt2-dependent signaling on the cellular viability of ovarian cancer cells in response to EGF

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Preferential elimination of metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes using microwave irradiation

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Preferential elimination of thin single-walled carbon nanotubes by iron etching

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Preferential encoding of behaviorally relevant predictions revealed by EEG

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Preferential end functionalization of Au nanorods through electrostatic interactions

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Preferential enhancement of dopamine transmission within the nucleus accumbens shell by cocaine is attributable to a direct increase in phasic dopamine release events

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Preferential enhancement of older human T cell cytokine generation, chemotaxis, proliferation and survival by lenalidomide

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Preferential enhancement of working memory in mice lacking adenosine A(2A) receptors

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Preferential enrichment of liver phospholipids in docosahexaenoate relative to eicosapentaenoate in omega-3-depleted rats injected with a medium-chain triglyceride: fish oil emulsion

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Preferential entry of botulinum neurotoxin A Hc domain through intestinal crypt cells and targeting to cholinergic neurons of the mouse intestine

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Preferential epigenetic suppression of the autonomous MusD over the nonautonomous ETn mouse retrotransposons

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Preferential expansion of human umbilical cord blood-derived CD34-positive cells on major histocompatibility complex-matched amnion-derived mesenchymal stem cells

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Preferential expansion of umbilical cord blood-derived CD34-positive cells on human leukemia inhibitory factor transgenic feeder cells cultured on regenerated silk fibroin film

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Preferential expression and immunogenicity of HIV-1 Tat fusion protein expressed in tomato plant

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Preferential overexpression of glutaredoxin3 in human colon and lung carcinoma

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Preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide catalyzed by platinum nanoparticles in mesoporous silica

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Preferential oxidation of triacylglyceride-derived fatty acids in heart is augmented by the nuclear receptor PPARalpha

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Preferential oxidation-induced etching of zigzag edges in nanographene

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Preferential packing of acidic glycosidases and proteases into Bacteroides outer membrane vesicles

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Preferential parental investment in daughters over sons

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Preferential pathways for light-trapping involving beta-ligated chlorophylls

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Preferential patterns of myocardial iron overload by multislice multiecho T*2 CMR in thalassemia major patients

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Preferential phenotypic association linked with cooperation in paper wasps

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Preferential physical and functional interaction of pregnane X receptor with the SMRTalpha isoform

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Preferential positioning of dopants and co-dopants in embedded and freestanding Si nanocrystals

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Preferential prey selection by Desmodus rotundus (E. Geoffroy, 1810, Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) feeding on domestic herbivores in the municipality of São Pedro--SP

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Preferential priming of alloreactive T cells with indirect reactivity

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Preferential processing of tactile events under conditions of divided attention

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Preferential production of IgG1, IL-4 and IL-10 in MuSK-immunized mice

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Preferential promotion of apoptosis of monocytes by Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus soluble factors

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Preferential protonation and methylation site of thiopyrimidine derivatives in solution: NMR data

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CMM-Based Volumetric Assessment Methodology for Polyethylene Tibial Knee Inserts in Total Knee Replacement

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Preferential quadriceps activation in female athletes with incremental increases in landing intensity

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Preferential re-replication of Drosophila heterochromatin in the absence of geminin

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Preferential recognition of Amadori-rich lysine residues by serum antibodies in diabetes mellitus: role of protein glycation in the disease process

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Preferential recognition of a microbial metabolite by human Vgamma2Vdelta2 T cells

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Preferential recognition of avian-like receptors in human influenza A H7N9 viruses

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Preferential recognition of hydroxyl radical-modified superoxide dismutase by circulating autoantibodies in patients with alopecia areata

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Preferential recognition of methylglyoxal-modified calf thymus DNA by circulating antibodies in cancer patients

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Preferential recognition of monomeric CCR5 expressed in cultured cells by the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein gp120 for the entry of R5 HIV-1

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Preferential recognition of peroxynitrite-modified human serum albumin by circulating autoantibodies in cancer

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Preferential recovery by an intensive initial therapy from hemophagocytic syndrome complicated with adult onset Still;s disease presenting as agranulocytosis and hypercytokinemia

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Preferential recruitment of interferon-gamma-expressing TH17 cells in multiple sclerosis

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Preferential recruitment of neutrophils by endothelin-1 in acute lung inflammation induced by lipopolysaccharide or cigarette smoke

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Preferential reduction of beta cells derived from Pax6-MafB pathway in MafB deficient mice

Sugiguchi, S.; Goto, H.; Inaba, M.; Nishizawa, Y., 2010:
Preferential reduction of bone mineral density at the femur reflects impairment of physical activity in patients with low-activity rheumatoid arthritis

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Preferential reduction of the thermodynamically less favorable electron acceptor, sulfate, by a nitrate-reducing strain of the sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfovibrio desulfuricans 27774

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Preferential reductions in intermuscular and visceral adipose tissue with exercise-induced weight loss compared with calorie restriction

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Preferential regeneration of photoreceptor from Müller glia after retinal degeneration in adult rat

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Preferential regulation of duplicated genes by microRNAs in mammals

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Preferential regulation of stably expressed genes in the human genome suggests a widespread expression buffering role of microRNAs

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Preferential release of newly synthesized [(3)H]GABA from striatal slices to preloaded [(3)H]GABA

Hou, N.; Mogami, H.; Kubota-Murata, C.; Sun, M.; Takeuchi, T.; Torii, S., 2013:
Preferential release of newly synthesized insulin assessed by a multi-label reporter system using pancreatic β-cell line MIN6

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