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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55118

Chapter 55118 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Hara, Y.; Pickel, V.M., 2008:
Preferential relocation of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor NR1 subunit in nucleus accumbens neurons that contain dopamine D1 receptors in rats showing an apomorphine-induced sensorimotor gating deficit

Mallampati, S.Reddy.; Mitoma, Y.; Okuda, T.; Sakita, S.; Simion, C., 2015:
Preferential removal and immobilization of stable and radioactive cesium in contaminated fly ash with nanometallic Ca/CaO methanol suspension

Chaurasia, P.; Sen, R.; Pandita, T.K.; Bhaumik, S.R., 2012:
Preferential repair of DNA double-strand break at the active gene in vivo

Banerjee, D.; Mandal, S.M.; Das, A.; Hegde, M.L.; Das, S.; Bhakat, K.K.; Boldogh, I.; Sarkar, P.S.; Mitra, S.; Hazra, T.K., 2011:
Preferential repair of oxidized base damage in the transcribed genes of mammalian cells

Fidantsef, A.Lena.; Britt, A.Bagg., 2011:
Preferential repair of the transcribed DNA strand in plants

Advani, S.J.; Buckel, L.; Chen, N.G.; Scanderbeg, D.J.; Geissinger, U.; Zhang, Q.; Yu, Y.A.; Aguilar, R.J.; Mundt, A.J.; Szalay, A.A., 2012:
Preferential replication of systemically delivered oncolytic vaccinia virus in focally irradiated glioma xenografts

Zhao, Y.; Adams, Y.Fei.; Croft, M., 2012:
Preferential replication of vaccinia virus in the ovaries is independent of immune regulation through IL-10 and TGF-β

Steinberg, C.; Bröckelmann, A-Kathrin.; Dobel, C.; Elling, L.; Zwanzger, P.; Pantev, C.; Junghöfer, M., 2013:
Preferential responses to extinguished face stimuli are preserved in frontal and occipito-temporal cortex at initial but not later stages of processing

Hegdé, J.; Fang, F.; Murray, S.O.; Kersten, D., 2008:
Preferential responses to occluded objects in the human visual cortex

Tremolada, P.; Parolini, M.; Binelli, A.; Ballabio, C.; Comolli, R.; Provini, A., 2012:
Preferential retention of POPs on the northern aspect of mountains

Mosenson, J.A.; Flood, K.; Klarquist, J.; Eby, J.M.; Koshoffer, A.; Boissy, R.E.; Overbeck, A.; Tung, R.C.; L.P.ole, I.Caroline., 2014:
Preferential secretion of inducible HSP70 by vitiligo melanocytes under stress

Cody, V.; Piraino, J.; Pace, J.; Li, W.; Gangjee, A., 2011:
Preferential selection of isomer binding from chiral mixtures: alternate binding modes observed for the E and Z isomers of a series of 5-substituted 2,4-diaminofuro[2,3-d]pyrimidines as ternary complexes with NADPH and human dihydrofolate reductase

Christian, B.E.; Spremulli, L.L., 2010:
Preferential selection of the 5'-terminal start codon on leaderless mRNAs by mammalian mitochondrial ribosomes

Kumar Dasappa, J.; Nagendra, H.G., 2013:
Preferential selectivity of inhibitors with human tau protein kinase gsk3β elucidates their potential roles for off-target Alzheimer's therapy

DeFreitas, C.M.; Dunaway, L.A.; Torres, I.J., 2008:
Preferential semantic fluency impairment is related to hallucinations, but not formal thought disorder

Hu, S.; Sheng, W.S.; Lokensgard, J.R.; Peterson, P.K.; Rock, R.Bryan., 2010:
Preferential sensitivity of human dopaminergic neurons to gp120-induced oxidative damage

Huerta, E.; Cequier, E.; de Mendoza, J., 2007:
Preferential separation of fullerene[84] from fullerene mixtures by encapsulation

Smith, G., 2012:
Preferential sexual transmission of pseudorabies virus in feral swine populations may not account for observed seroprevalence in the USA

Subramanian, K.; Winarsih, I.; Keerthani, C.; Ho, B.; Ding, J.Ling., 2015:
Preferential silent survival of intracellular bacteria in hemoglobin-primed macrophages

Kim, Y-Il.; Im, W.Bin.; Jeon, M.Ku.; Lee, Y-Hee.; Kim, K-Bok.; Ryul, K-Sang., 2011:
Preferential site of Gd in Gd-doped Fe3O4 nanopowder

Ochala, J.; Gustafson, A-Marie.; Diez, M.Llano.; Renaud, G.; Li, M.; Aare, S.; Qaisar, R.; Banduseela, V.C.; Hedström, Y.; Tang, X.; Dworkin, B.; Ford, G.Charles.; Nair, K.Sreekumaran.; Perera, S.; Gautel, M.; Larsson, L., 2011:
Preferential skeletal muscle myosin loss in response to mechanical silencing in a novel rat intensive care unit model: underlying mechanisms

Edris, A.E.; Malone, C.F.R., 2013:
Preferential solubilization behaviours and stability of some phenolic-bearing essential oils formulated in different microemulsion systems

Salari, H.; Khodadadi-Moghaddam, M.; Harifi-Mood, A.Reza.; Gholami, M.Reza., 2010:
Preferential solvation and behavior of solvatochromic indicators in mixtures of an ionic liquid with some molecular solvents

Cook, J.L.; Hunter, C.A.; Low, C.M.R.; Perez-Velasco, A.; Vinter, J.G., 2008:
Preferential solvation and hydrogen bonding in mixed solvents

Farajtabar, A.; Jaberi, F.; Gharib, F., 2012:
Preferential solvation and solvation shell composition of free base and protonated 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin in aqueous organic mixed solvents

Nguyen, C.N.; Stratt, R.M., 2010:
Preferential solvation dynamics in liquids: how geodesic pathways through the potential energy landscape reveal mechanistic details about solute relaxation in liquids

Navarro, A.M.; García, Bña.; Hoyuelos, F.J.; Peñacoba, I.A.; Leal, Jé.M., 2011:
Preferential solvation in alkan-1-ol/alkylbenzoate binary mixtures by solvatochromic probes

Nikitina, Y.Y.; Iqbal, E.S.; Yoon, H.Joo.; Abelt, C.J., 2013:
Preferential solvation in carbonyl-twisted PRODAN derivatives

Kokubo, H.; Pettitt, B.Montgomery., 2007:
Preferential solvation in urea solutions at different concentrations: properties from simulation studies

Sasirekha, V.; Vanelle, P.; Terme, T.; Ramakrishnan, V., 2008:
Preferential solvation of 1,4-dimethoxy-2,3-dimethyl-9,10-anthraquinone--a spectrophotometric and fluorometric study

Umadevi, M.; Christy, A.Jegatha.; Sudha, R.Helan.; Rajkumar, B.J.M.; Ramakrishnan, V., 2008:
Preferential solvation of acridine in binary mixtures

Saielli, G.; Bagno, A., 2010:
Preferential solvation of glucose and talose in water-acetonitrile mixtures: a molecular dynamics simulation study

Ortore, M.Grazia.; Mariani, P.; Carsughi, F.; Cinelli, S.; Onori, G.; Teixeira, Jé.; Spinozzi, F., 2012:
Preferential solvation of lysozyme in water/ethanol mixtures

Yang, X.; Clark, A.E., 2014:
Preferential solvation of metastable phases relevant to topological control within the synthesis of metal-organic frameworks

Basilevsky, M.; Odinokov, A.; Nikitina, E.; Grigoriev, F.; Petrov, N.; Alfimov, M., 2009:
Preferential solvation of spherical ions in binary DMSO/benzene mixtures

Panigrahi, M.; Dash, S.; Patel, S.; Mishra, B.K., 2010:
Preferential solvation of styrylpyridinium dyes in binary mixtures of alcohols with hexane, dioxane, and dichloromethane

Alvarado, Yías.J.; Ballestas-Barrientos, A.; Cubillán, Néstor.; Morales-Toyo, M.; Restrepo, J.; Ferrer-Amado, G., 2013:
Preferential solvation of thiophene and furan-2-carboxaldehyde phenylhydrazone derivatives in DMSO-water and DMSO-n-octanol mixtures

Suganthi, G.; Meenakshi, C.; Ramakrishnan, V., 2010:
Preferential solvation studies of 1, 5-diaminoanthraquinone in binary liquid mixtures

Shimizu, S.; Matubayasi, N., 2015:
Preferential solvation: dividing surface vs excess numbers

Mwaanga, P.; Carraway, E.R.; Schlautman, M.A., 2015:
Preferential sorption of some natural organic matter fractions to titanium dioxide nanoparticles: influence of pH and ionic strength

Audia, S.; Samson, M.; Mahévas, M.; Ferrand, C.; Trad, M.; Ciudad, M.; Gautheron, A.; Seaphanh, F.; Leguy, V.; Berthier, S.; Salles, B.; Martin, L.; Lorcerie, B.; Ortega-Deballon, P.; Facy, O.; Caillot, D.; Soudry-Faure, Aès.; Michel, M.; Godeau, B.; Larmonier, N.; Saas, P.; Janikashvili, N.; Bonnotte, B., 2013:
Preferential splenic CD8(+) T-cell activation in rituximab-nonresponder patients with immune thrombocytopenia

Stressig, Rüdiger.; Fimmers, R.; Eising, K.; Gembruch, U.; Kohl, T., 2011:
Preferential streaming of the ductus venosus and inferior caval vein towards the right heart is associated with left heart underdevelopment in human fetuses with left-sided diaphragmatic hernia

Goreham-Voss, C.M.; Vicars, R.; Hall, R.M.; Brown, T.D., 2013 :
Preferential superior surface motion in wear simulations of the Charité total disc replacement

Mahalingam, V.; Naccache, R.; Vetrone, F.; Capobianco, J.A., 2011:
Preferential suppression of high-energy upconverted emissions of Tm3+ by Dy3+ ions in Tm3+/Dy3+/Yb3+-doped LiYF4 colloidal nanocrystals

Mukai, T.; Nagao, Y.; Nishioka, S.; Hayashi, T.; Shimizu, S.; Ono, A.; Sakagami, Y.; Watanabe, S.; Ueda, Y.; Hara, M.; Tokudome, K.; Kato, R.; Matsumura, Y.; Ohno, Y., 2014:
Preferential suppression of limbic Fos expression by intermittent hypoxia in obese diabetic mice

Qu, L.; Du, F.; Dai, L., 2008:
Preferential syntheses of semiconducting vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes for direct use in FETs

Zhang, J.; Miyata, Y.; Kitaura, R.; Shinohara, H., 2012:
Preferential synthesis and isolation of (6,5) single-wall nanotubes from one-dimensional C₆₀ coalescence

Spiller, M.P.; Stirling, C.J., 2011:
Preferential targeting of a signal recognition particle-dependent precursor to the Ssh1p translocon in yeast

Ito, Y.; Asada, A.; Kobayashi, H.; Takano, T.; Sharma, G.; Saito, T.; Ohta, Y.; Amano, M.; Kaibuchi, K.; Hisanaga, S-Ichi., 2015:
Preferential targeting of p39-activated Cdk5 to Rac1-induced lamellipodia

Laskov, R.; Yahud, V.; Hamo, R.; Steinitz, M., 2011:
Preferential targeting of somatic hypermutation to hotspot motifs and hypermutable sites and generation of mutational clusters in the IgVH alleles of a rheumatoid factor producing lymphoblastoid cell line

Beach, E.S.; Eckelman, M.J.; Cui, Z.; Brentner, L.; Zimmerman, J.B., 2013:
Preferential technological and life cycle environmental performance of chitosan flocculation for harvesting of the green algae Neochloris oleoabundans

Holladay, C.; Abbah, S-Akogwu.; O'Dowd, C.; Pandit, A.; Zeugolis, D.I., 2014:
Preferential tendon stem cell response to growth factor supplementation

Lo, W-Cheng.; Chen, W-Hong.; Lin, T-Chieh.; Hwang, S-Min.; Zeng, R.; Hsu, W-Che.; Chiang, Y-Ming.; Liu, M-Che.; Williams, D.F.; Deng, W-Ping., 2013:
Preferential therapy for osteoarthritis by cord blood MSCs through regulation of chondrogenic cytokines

Pereira, M.; Bailão, A.Melo.; Parente, J.Alves.; Borges, C.Luiz.; Salem-Izacc, S.Maria.; Soares, Célia.Maria.de.Almeida., 2009:
Preferential transcription of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis genes: host niche and time-dependent expression

Wang, C.W.; Magistrado, P.A.; Nielsen, M.A.; Theander, T.G.; Lavstsen, T., 2010:
Preferential transcription of conserved rif genes in two phenotypically distinct Plasmodium falciparum parasite lines

Daubeuf, S.; Aucher, A.; Bordier, C.; Salles, A.; Serre, L.; Gaibelet, Gérald.; Faye, J-Charles.; Favre, G.; Joly, E.; Hudrisier, D., 2010:
Preferential transfer of certain plasma membrane proteins onto T and B cells by trogocytosis

David, M.; Gabdank, I.; Ben-David, M.; Zilka, A.; Orr, I.; Barash, D.; Shapira, M., 2010:
Preferential translation of Hsp83 in Leishmania requires a thermosensitive polypyrimidine-rich element in the 3' UTR and involves scanning of the 5' UTR

Saxena, A.; McDonnell, E.; Ramos, P.S.; Sajuthi, S.; Marion, M.C.; Langefeld, C.D.; Buyon, J.P.; Clancy, R.M., 2012:
Preferential transmission of genetic risk variants of candidate loci at 6p21 from asymptomatic grandparents to mothers of children with neonatal lupus

Keller, J.; Lim, E.; Dooner, H.K., 1993:
Preferential transposition ofAc to linked sites in Arabidopsis

Zhang, H.Liang.; Chen, W.; Huang, H.; Chen, L.; Wee, A.Thye.Shen., 2008:
Preferential trapping of C60 in nanomesh voids

Morgenroth, A.; Deisenhofer, S.; Glatting, G.; Kunkel, F.H-G.; Dinger, C.; Zlatopolskiy, B.; Vogg, A.T.J.; Kull, T.; Reske, S.N., 2008:
Preferential tumor targeting and selective tumor cell cytotoxicity of 5-[131/125I]iodo-4'-thio-2'-deoxyuridine

Hébert, E.M.; Debouttière, P-Jean.; Lepage, M.; Sanche, Léon.; Hunting, D.J., 2010:
Preferential tumour accumulation of gold nanoparticles, visualised by Magnetic Resonance Imaging: radiosensitisation studies in vivo and in vitro

Macaluso, F.; Isaacs, A.W.; Myburgh, K.H., 2013:
Preferential type II muscle fiber damage from plyometric exercise

Sonoda, R.; Naomoto, Y.; Shirakawa, Y.; Fujiwara, Y.; Yamatsuji, T.; Noma, K.; Tanabe, S.; Takaoka, M.; Gunduz, M.; Tsujigiwa, H.; Nagatsuka, H.; Ohara, N.; Yoshino, T.; Takubo, K.; Vieth, M.; Tanaka, N., 2010:
Preferential up-regulation of heparanase and cyclooxygenase-2 in carcinogenesis of Barrett's oesophagus and intestinal-type gastric carcinoma

Lehmann, C.; Taubert, D.; Jung, N.; Fätkenheuer, G.; van Lunzen, J.; Hartmann, P.; Romerio, F., 2009:
Preferential upregulation of interferon-alpha subtype 2 expression in HIV-1 patients

Verdurmen, W.P.R.; Bovee-Geurts, P.H.; Wadhwani, P.; Ulrich, A.S.; Hällbrink, M.; van Kuppevelt, T.H.; Brock, R., 2011:
Preferential uptake of L- versus D-amino acid cell-penetrating peptides in a cell type-dependent manner

Schweitzer, A.; Hasler-Nguyen, N.; Zijlstra, J., 2009:
Preferential uptake of the non steroid anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac into inflamed tissues after a single oral dose in rats

Salek-Ardakani, S.; Arens, R.; Flynn, R.; Sette, A.; Schoenberger, S.P.; Croft, M., 2009:
Preferential use of B7.2 and not B7.1 in priming of vaccinia virus-specific CD8 T cells

Schelonka, R.L.; Zemlin, M.; Kobayashi, R.; Ippolito, G.C.; Zhuang, Y.; Gartland, G.Larry.; Szalai, A.; Fujihashi, K.; Rajewsky, K.; Schroeder, H.W., 2008:
Preferential use of DH reading frame 2 alters B cell development and antigen-specific antibody production

Geerts-Dimitriadou, C.; Goldbach, R.; Kormelink, R., 2011:
Preferential use of RNA leader sequences during influenza A transcription initiation in vivo

Malki, M.; D.L.cey, A.L.; Rodríguez, N.; Amils, R.; Fernandez, V.M., 2008:
Preferential use of an anode as an electron acceptor by an acidophilic bacterium in the presence of oxygen

Tal, R.; Rabinovich, Y.; Zelmanovich, L.; Wolf, Y.G., 2010:
Preferential use of basilic vein for surgical repair of popliteal aneurysms via the posterior approach

D.L.ccia, N.; Brochado-Neto, F.C.; Romiti, M.; Kikuchi, M.; dos Reis, Jé.Maciel.Caldas.; Durazzo, A.Espinelli.S.; Albers, M.Tadeu.Villa., 2008:
Preferential use of nonreversed vein grafts in above-knee femoropopliteal bypasses for critical ischemia: midterm outcome

Itzhaki, Z.; Akiva, E.; Margalit, H., 2011:
Preferential use of protein domain pairs as interaction mediators: order and transitivity

Yao, X.; Chen, X.; Cottonham, C.; Xu, L., 2008:
Preferential utilization of Imp7/8 in nuclear import of Smads

Palabhanvi, B.; Kumar, V.; Muthuraj, M.; Das, D., 2015:
Preferential utilization of intracellular nutrients supports microalgal growth under nutrient starvation: multi-nutrient mechanistic model and experimental validation

Shepherd, S.O.; Cocks, M.; Tipton, K.D.; Ranasinghe, A.M.; Barker, T.A.; Burniston, J.G.; Wagenmakers, A.J.M.; Shaw, C.S., 2012:
Preferential utilization of perilipin 2-associated intramuscular triglycerides during 1 h of moderate-intensity endurance-type exercise

Zhang, W.; Yang, G.; Zhang, A.; Xu, L.X.; He, X., 2010:
Preferential vitrification of water in small alginate microcapsules significantly augments cell cryopreservation by vitrification

Sashi, P.; Yasin, U.Mahammad.; Balasubramanian, H.; Sree, M.Usha.; Ramakrishna, D.; Bhuyan, A.K., 2014:
Preferential water exclusion in protein unfolding

Tranchant, T.; Durand, G.; Gauthier, C.; Crépieux, P.; Ulloa-Aguirre, A.; Royère, D.; Reiter, E., 2011:
Preferential β-arrestin signalling at low receptor density revealed by functional characterization of the human FSH receptor A189 V mutation

Nelson, M.Tyler.; Short, A.; Cole, S.L.; Gross, A.C.; Winter, J.; Eubank, T.D.; Lannutti, J.J., 2015:
Preferential, enhanced breast cancer cell migration on biomimetic electrospun nanofiber 'cell highways'

Papadopoulos, A.D.; Glytsis, E.N., 2010:
Preferential-order waveguide grating couplers: a comparative rigorous analysis using the finite-difference time-domain method

Chinnasri, P.; Pairojkul, C.; Jearanaikoon, P.; Sripa, B.; Bhudhisawasdi, V.; Tantimavanich, S.; Limpaiboon, T., 2009:
Preferentially different mechanisms of inactivation of 9p21 gene cluster in liver fluke-related cholangiocarcinoma

Thomas, J.P.; Chen, H-Chin.; Tseng, S-Hao.; Wu, H-Chi.; Lee, C-Young.; Cheng, H.Fung.; Tai, N-Hwa.; Lin, I-Nan., 2012:
Preferentially grown ultranano c-diamond and n-diamond grains on silicon nanoneedles from energetic species with enhanced field-emission properties

Liu, Y.; Li, J., 2011:
Preferentially immunoglobulin (IgG) subclasses production in primary Sjögren's syndrome patients

Danielson, S.R.; Held, J.M.; Schilling, B.; Oo, M.; Gibson, B.W.; Andersen, J.K., 2009:
Preferentially increased nitration of alpha-synuclein at tyrosine-39 in a cellular oxidative model of Parkinson's disease

Ikeda, K.; Kambe, N.; Satoh, T.; Matsue, H.; Nakajima, H., 2014:
Preferentially inflamed tendon sheaths in the swollen but not tender joints in a 5-year-old boy with Blau syndrome

Kim, J-Yeob.; Lee, D.Hun.; Kim, S.Ji.; Jang, D-Jeon., 2008:
Preferentially linear connection of gold nanoparticles in derivatization with phosphorothioate oligonucleotides

George, J.P.; Beeckman, J.; Woestenborghs, W.; Smet, P.F.; Bogaerts, W.; Neyts, K., 2013:
Preferentially oriented BaTiO3 thin films deposited on silicon with thin intermediate buffer layers

Wang, J-Ping.; Fondufe-Mittendorf, Y.; Xi, L.; Tsai, G-Feng.; Segal, E.; Widom, J., 2008:
Preferentially quantized linker DNA lengths in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bertilsson, M.; Olofsson, K.; Lidén, G., 2009:
Prefermentation improves xylose utilization in simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation of pretreated spruce

Al-Fannah, F.; Khandekar, R.; Kurup, P.; Shah, S., 2009:
Preferral Antibiotic Treatment Policy to be adopted in the 'Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Strategy in all 
the Developing Countries?

Barry, R.J.; D.B.asio, F.M.; D.P.scalis, V.; Karamacoska, D., 2015:
Preferred EEG brain states at stimulus onset in a fixed interstimulus interval equiprobable auditory Go/NoGo task: a definitive study

Hoyos, J.; Belza, Mía.José.; Fernández-Balbuena, S.; Rosales-Statkus, Mía.Elena.; Pulido, Jé.; de la Fuente, L.; Álvarez, J.; Molist, G.; Ruiz, Mónica.; Sánchez, R., 2015:
Preferred HIV testing services and programme characteristics among clients of a rapid HIV testing programme

Anonymous, 1939:
Preferred Proofs Of Age

Chiladakis, J.; Kalogeropoulos, A.; Arvanitis, P.; Koutsogiannis, N.; Zagli, F.; Alexopoulos, D., 2010:
Preferred QT correction formula for the assessment of drug-induced QT interval prolongation

Farquhar, L.J.; Holdman, H., 1982:
Preferred Styles of Clinical Teaching: Measuring Physician Control over Students in Patient Care Encounters

Burbach, B.E.; Barnason, S.; Hertzog, M., 2014:
Preferred Thinking Style, Symptom Recognition, and Response by Nursing Students During Simulation

Lior-Hoffmann, L.; Wang, L.; Wang, S.; Geacintov, N.E.; Broyde, S.; Zhang, Y., 2012:
Preferred WMSA catalytic mechanism of the nucleotidyl transfer reaction in human DNA polymerase κ elucidates error-free bypass of a bulky DNA lesion

Trotter, G., 2008:
Preferred allocation for registered organ donors

Zhu, Q.; Miecznikowski, J.C.; Halfon, M.S., 2010:
Preferred analysis methods for Affymetrix GeneChips. II. An expanded, balanced, wholly-defined spike-in dataset

Selo-Ojeme, D.; Abulhassan, N.; Mandal, R.; Tirlapur, S.; Selo-Ojeme, U., 2008:
Preferred and actual delivery mode after a cesarean in London, UK

Tariman, J.D.; Berry, D.L.; Cochrane, B.; Doorenbos, A.; Schepp, K., 2010:
Preferred and actual participation roles during health care decision making in persons with cancer: a systematic review

Sasaki, M.; Arai, A.; Arai, Y., 2009:
Preferred and actual place of death among community-dwelling disabled older people: findings from a survey of visiting nurses

Valentova, J.Varella.; Stulp, G.; Třebický, Vít.; Havlíček, J., 2014:
Preferred and actual relative height among homosexual male partners vary with preferred dominance and sex role

Tats, A.; Tenson, T.; Remm, M., 2008:
Preferred and avoided codon pairs in three domains of life

Hreljac, A.; Imamura, R.; Escamilla, R.F.; Casebolt, J.; Sison, M., 2005:
Preferred and energetically optimal transition speeds during backward human locomotion

Gruszka, K.; Kubicka, K.; Jonak, Wława.; Sobiech, K.A.; Steciwko, A., 2014:
Preferred and undesirable products in the dietary habits of women

Andrieux-Meyer, I.; Calmy, A.; Cahn, P.; Clayden, P.; Raguin, G.; Katlama, C.; Vitoria, M.; Levin, A.; Lynch, S.; Goemaere, E.; Ford, N., 2013:
Preferred antiretroviral drugs for the next decade of scale up

Vaughan, C.A.; Deb, S.P.; Deb, S.; Windle, B., 2015:
Preferred binding of gain-of-function mutant p53 to bidirectional promoters with coordinated binding of ETS1 and GABPA to multiple binding sites

Huang, Q.; Deshmukh, R.S.; Ericksen, S.S.; Tu, Y.; Szklarz, G.D., 2013:
Preferred binding orientations of phenacetin in CYP1A1 and CYP1A2 are associated with isoform-selective metabolism

Hartel, L.J.; Cheek, F.M., 2012:
Preferred book formats in an academic medical center

Grimberg, Åsa., 2015:
Preferred carbon precursors for lipid labelling in the heterotrophic endosperm of developing oat (Avena sativa L.) grains

Cook, R.L.; Downs, J.S.; Marrazzo, J.; Switzer, G.E.; Tanriover, O.; Wiesenfeld, H.; Murray, P.J.; Hillier, S.L., 2009:
Preferred characteristics of vaginal microbicides in women with bacterial vaginosis

Minato, A.; Ono, T.; Miyamoto, J.J.; Honda, E-ichi.; Kurabayashi, T.; Moriyama, K., 2009:
Preferred chewing side-dependent two-point discrimination and cortical activation pattern of tactile tongue sensation

Chowdhury-Hawkins, R.; McLean, I.; Winterholler, M.; Welch, J., 2008:
Preferred choice of gender of staff providing care to victims of sexual assault in Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs)

Kunaviktikul, W.; Chitpakdee, B.; Srisuphan, W.; Bossert, T., 2014:
Preferred choice of work setting among nurses in Thailand: A discrete choice experiment

Manvelyan, M.; Kempf, P.; Weise, A.; Mrasek, K.; Heller, A.; Lier, A.; Höffken, K.; Fricke, H-Jörg.; Sayer, H.G.; Liehr, T.; Mkrtchyan, H., 2009:
Preferred co-localization of chromosome 8 and 21 in myeloid bone marrow cells detected by three dimensional molecular cytogenetics

Tak, S.H.; Zhang, H.; Hong, S.Hee., 2015:
Preferred computer activities among individuals with dementia: a pilot study

Adhikari, U.; Scheiner, S., 2013:
Preferred configurations of peptide-peptide interactions

Coskuner, O., 2007:
Preferred conformation of the glycosidic linkage of methyl-beta-mannose

Peña, I.; Sanz, M.Eugenia.; López, J.C.; Alonso, Jé.L., 2012:
Preferred conformers of proteinogenic glutamic acid

Åkerman, E.; Ersson, A.; Fridlund, B.; Samuelson, K., 2014:
Preferred content and usefulness of a photodiary as described by ICU-patients--a mixed method analysis

Tajiri, T.; Sumitani, K.; Haruki, R.; Kohno, A., 2008:
Preferred crystal orientation of sol-gel-derived Bi4-xLaxTi3O12 thin films on silicon substrates

Raabe, D.; Al-Sawalmih, A.; Yi, S.B.; Fabritius, H., 2007:
Preferred crystallographic texture of alpha-chitin as a microscopic and macroscopic design principle of the exoskeleton of the lobster Homarus americanus

Zakis, J.A.; Fulton, B.; Steele, B.R., 2013:
Preferred delay and phase-frequency response of open-canal hearing aids with music at low insertion gain

Romagnuolo, J.; Guda, N.; Freeman, M.; Durkalski, V., 2008:
Preferred designs, outcomes, and analysis strategies for treatment trials in idiopathic recurrent acute pancreatitis

Liang, W., 2011:
Preferred diagnostic tools for the evaluation of adrenal masses: CT and MR imaging

Tomo, T., 2012:
Preferred dialysis fluid for the high-performance membrane

Dounskaia, N.; Wang, W.; Sainburg, R.L.; Przybyla, A., 2014:
Preferred directions of arm movements are independent of visual perception of spatial directions

Kulakovskiĭ, I.V.; Kas'ianov, A.S.; Belostotskiĭ, A.A.; Eliseeva, I.A.; Makeev, V.Iu., 2011:
Preferred distances between DNA binding sites for factors regulating transcription initiation

Pan, Y.; Nussinov, R., 2010:
Preferred drifting along the DNA major groove and cooperative anchoring of the p53 core domain: mechanisms and scenarios

Ovsag, K.; Hydery, S.; Mousa, S.A., 2008:
Preferred drug lists: potential impact on healthcare economics

Kulis, S.; Brown, E.F., 2011:
Preferred drug resistance strategies of urban American Indian youth of the southwest

Lin, C-Ju.; Lin, P-Chou.; Su, F-Chin., 2009:
Preferred elbow position in confined wheelchair configuration

Yanagisawa, D.; Taguchi, H.; Ibrahim, N.Faeizah.; Morikawa, S.; Shiino, A.; Inubushi, T.; Hirao, K.; Shirai, N.; Sogabe, T.; Tooyama, I., 2014:
Preferred features of a fluorine-19 MRI probe for amyloid detection in the brain

Wada, T.; Imai, H.; Fukutomi, E.; Chen, W-Ling.; Okumiya, K.; Ishimoto, Y.; Kimura, Y.; Sakamoto, R.; Fujisawa, M.; Matsubayashi, K., 2014:
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Preferred performance of the high-performance membrane in the case of online hemodiafiltration

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Preferred responses

Anonymous, 2010:
Preferred responses

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¿Cómo puede la Promoción de la Salud abordar los Determinantes Ecológicos de la Salud?

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Prefixing with paradichlorobenzene to facilitate chromosome study

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Prefocused objective-pinhole unit for beam expanding and spatial filtering

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Preform index profiling (PIP)

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Preformed cell structure and cell heredity

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Preformed contact lenses

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Preformed design bridging concept: a case report

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Preformed metal crowns may be the most successful restorative treatment for primary molars

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Preformed metal crowns: views of a group of dental practitioners in North Wales

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Preformed pediatric endotracheal tubes

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Preformed pi-allyl iron complexes as potent, well-defined catalysts for the allylic substitution

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Preformed portals facilitate dendritic cell entry into afferent lymphatic vessels

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Preformed silastic silos in the management of necrotizing enterocolitis

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Preformed vs. on-demand: molecular economics of endocannabinoid signalling

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Anonymous, 2018:
CMO revalidation plans win support

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