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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55121

Chapter 55121 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Larkin, M., 2015:
Pregnant sow housing, cat declawing on HOD agenda

Duray, S.M.; Mekow, C.L., 2011:
Pregnant students in the gross anatomy laboratory: policies and practices at chiropractic colleges

Broussard, A.B.; Broussard, B.S., 2010:
Pregnant teens: lessons learned

Correia, D.Suruagy.; Santos, L.Veloso.de.Amorim.; Calheiros, A.Marcos.de.Novais.; Vieira, M.Jésia., 2011:
Pregnant teens: signs, symptoms, complications and presence of stress

Kamal, Y.; Adnan, N.; Wingfield, M., 2010:
Pregnant until proven otherwise

Matsushita, J.; Ogawa, M.; Matsuda, Y., 2012:
Pregnant uterine anomalies may be difficult to diagnose only by 2-dimensional ultrasound

Hollwitz, B.; Gingelmaier, A., 2010:
Pregnant with HIV infection: the risk for the child is minimal

Colliton, J., 1996:
Pregnant with back pain? Suggested comfort tactics

Donovan, C., 2014:
Pregnant with hematemesis

Pistilli, B.; Grana, C.; Fazio, N.; Cavaliere, A.; Ferrari, M.; Bodei, L.; Baio, S.; Scambia, G.; Paganelli, G.; Peccatori, F., 2012:
Pregnant with metastatic neuroendocrine tumour of the ovary: what now?

SmithBattle, L., 2010:
Pregnant with possibilities: drawing on hermeneutic thought to reframe home-visiting programs for young mothers

Hughes, E.; Pierson, R., 2014:
Pregnant woman

Delotte, J.; Behr, M.; Thollon, L.; Arnoux, P-J.; Baque, P.; Bongain, A.; Brunet, C., 2007:
Pregnant woman and road safety: a numerical approach. Application to a restrained third trimester pregnant woman in frontal impact

Delotte, J.; Behr, M.; Thollon, L.; Arnoux, P-Jean.; Baque, P.; Bongain, A.; Brunet, C., 2008:
Pregnant woman and road safety: experimental crash test with post mortem human subject

Bertini, R.; Suardi, N.; Marone, E.M.; Roscigno, M.; Petralia, G.; Strada, E.; Cestari, A.; Arrigoni, G.; Guazzoni, G.; Montorsi, F.; Chiesa, R.; Rigatti, P., 2008:
Pregnant woman presenting with a gross retroperitoneal mass: surgical treatment with caval replacement

Bertuzzo, V.Rosa.; Ravaioli, M.; Morelli, M.Cristina.; Calderaro, A.; Viale, P.; Pinna, A.Daniele., 2015:
Pregnant woman saved with liver transplantation from acute liver failure due to hepatitis E virus

López-Núñez, M.; Jaka-Moreno, A.; Tuneu-Valls, A., 2012:
Pregnant woman with flagellate erythema

Sato, H.; Tomita, K.; Yasue, C.; Umeda, R.; Ebinuma, H.; Ogata, S.; Du, W.; Soga, S.; Maruta, K.; Yasutake, Y.; Narimatsu, K.; Usui, S.; Watanabe, C.; Komoto, S.; Teratani, T.; Suzuki, T.; Yokoyama, H.; Saito, H.; Nagao, S.; Hibi, T.; Miura, S.; Kanai, T.; Hokari, R., 2014:
Pregnant woman with non-comatose autoimmune acute liver failure in the second trimester rescued using medical therapy: A case report

Messina, G.; Colombo, E.; Cassinerio, E.; Cesaretti, C.; Marcon, A.; Zanaboni, L.; Baldini, M.; Cappellini, M.Domenica., 2011:
Pregnant women affected by thalassemia major: a controlled study of traits and personality

Jundt, K.; Haertl, K.; Knobbe, A.; Kaestner, R.; Friese, K.; Peschers, U.M., 2010:
Pregnant women after physical and sexual abuse in Germany

Petros, M.; L'ubuský, M.; Simetka, O.; Procházka, M., 2010:
Pregnant women alloimmunisation of non-RhD erythrocyte antigens: review article

Adusi-Poku, Y.; Edusei, A.K.; Bonney, A.A.; Tagbor, H.; Nakua, E.; Otupiri, E., 2012:
Pregnant women and alcohol use in the Bosomtwe district of the Ashanti region-Ghana

Bowes, W.A., 2007:
Pregnant women and cervical cancer: balancing best interest of mother and fetus

Kelly, P.J.; Goudar, S.S.; Chakraborty, H.; Moore, J.; Derman, R.; Kodkany, B.; Bellad, M.; Naik, V.A.; Angolkar, M.; Bloch, M., 2011:
Pregnant women and children's exposure to tobacco and solid fuel smoke in southwestern India

Roxby, A.C.; Matemo, D.; Drake, A.L.; Kinuthia, J.; John-Stewart, G.C.; Ongecha-Owuor, F.; Kiarie, J.; Farquhar, C., 2013:
Pregnant women and disclosure to sexual partners after testing HIV-1-seropositive during antenatal care

Messaadi, N.; Abbou, F.; Chaker, A.; Abdulrahman, M.; Messaadi, H.; Mobarek, S.; Marc, O.; Elotmani, F.; Deruelle, P., 2011:
Pregnant women and fasting during the month of Ramadan

Nechanská, B.; Mravčík, V.; Sopko, B.; Velebil, P., 2013:
Pregnant women and mothers using alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs

Kassaw, C.; Wabe, N.Tajure., 2012:
Pregnant women and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: knowledge, perception and drug consumption pattern during pregnancy in ethiopia

Houdebine, E.; Guillaumin, C.; Rouquette, A.; Dagorne, C.; Madzou, S.; Fournie, A.; Urban, T.; Fanello, S., 2008:
Pregnant women and smoking: descriptive study and prognostic factors to stop smoking during pregnancy

Zuralska, R.; Postrozny, D.; Sein Anand, J., 2014:
Pregnant women and strategies of coping with stress and attachment styles

Grant, W.B.; Cannell, J.J., 2010:
Pregnant women are at increased risk for severe A influenza because they have low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels

Ferm Widlund, K.; Gunnarsson, C.; Nordin, K.; Hansson, M.G., 2009:
Pregnant women are satisfied with the information they receive about prenatal diagnosis, but are their decisions well informed?

Halse, R.E.; Wallman, K.E.; Newnham, J.P.; Guelfi, K.J., 2013:
Pregnant women exercise at a higher intensity during 30 min of self-paced cycling compared with walking during late gestation: implications for 2 h postprandial glucose levels

Bhandari, S.; Bullock, L.F.C.; Bair-Merritt, M.; Rose, L.; Marcantonio, K.; Campbell, J.C.; Sharps, P., 2013:
Pregnant women experiencing IPV: impact of supportive and non-supportive relationships with their mothers and other supportive adults on perinatal depression: a mixed methods analysis

Forbes, R.L.; Wark, P.A.B.; Murphy, V.E.; Gibson, P.G., 2013:
Pregnant women have attenuated innate interferon responses to 2009 pandemic influenza A virus subtype H1N1

Noe, M.H.; Messingham, K.A.N.; Brandt, D.S.; Andrews, J.I.; Fairley, J.A., 2010:
Pregnant women have increased incidence of IgE autoantibodies reactive with the skin and placental antigen BP180 (type XVII collagen)

Lu, H-Fen.; Jin, W-Jun.; Huang, X-Hong.; Zhao, Q-Ying.; Mao, H-Ying., 2010:
Pregnant women hepatitis B markers investigation and analysis of intrauterine infection

Billingsley, M., 2012:
Pregnant women in UK are offered whooping cough vaccine to protect newborns

Imam, H.; Yasmin, M.; Ahsan, C.Rafiqul.; Nessa, J., 2010:
Pregnant women in and around dhaka city: are their children at risk of developing congenital rubella syndrome?

Dodt, C.; Schneider, K.T.M., 2012:
Pregnant women in intensive care and emergency medicine

Jeffcoat, M.K., 2007:
Pregnant women in your practice--What do we know? What should we do?

Cérbulo-Vázquez, A.; Figueroa-Damián, R.; Arriaga-Pizano, L.A.; Hernández-Andrade, E.; Mancilla-Herrera, I.; Flores-Mejía, L.Angel.; Arteaga-Troncoso, G.; López-Macías, C.; Isibasi, A.; Mancilla-Ramírez, J., 2015:
Pregnant women infected with pandemic H1N1pdm2009 influenza virus displayed overproduction of peripheral blood CD69+ lymphocytes and increased levels of serum cytokines

Parker, K., 2007:
Pregnant women inmates: evaluating their rights and identifying opportunities for improvements in their treatment

Anonymous, 2014:
Pregnant women lacking vitamin D

Diouf, M.; Cisse, D.; Lo, C.M.M.; Ly, M.; Faye, D.; Ndiaye, O., 2013:
Pregnant women living in areas of endemic fluorosis in Senegal and low birthweight newborns: case-control study

Richter, L.; Rotheram-Borus, M.Jane.; Van Heerden, A.; Stein, A.; Tomlinson, M.; Harwood, J.M.; Rochat, T.; Van Rooyen, H.; Comulada, W.Scott.; Tang, Z., 2014:
Pregnant women living with HIV (WLH) supported at clinics by peer WLH: a cluster randomized controlled trial

Lucas, F.W., 2011:
Pregnant women of Mexican descent: constructions of motherhood

Hallengren, B.; Lantz, M.; Andreasson, B.; Grennert, L., 2009:
Pregnant women on thyroxine substitution are often dysregulated in early pregnancy

Accortt, E.Elgavish.; Schetter, C.Dunkel., 2014:
Pregnant women screening positive for depressive symptoms at 24-28 weeks may have increased risk of preterm birth but more precise research is needed

Kmietowicz, Z., 2014:
Pregnant women support extra screening test for Down's syndrome

Pownall, M., 2010:
Pregnant women to be included in target group for flu vaccination

Anonymous, 2013:
Pregnant women to receive whooping cough vaccine

Hernandez, J.; Roberts, S., 2007:
Pregnant women who smoke: a challenge to the patient-physician relationship

Salamanca Rivera, E.; Rodríguez Baño, J.; Guzmán Robles, A., 2010:
Pregnant women with complete atelectasia of the left lung and cardiac tamponade

Fernandes, S.M.; Arendt, K.W.; Landzberg, M.J.; Economy, K.E.; Khairy, P., 2010:
Pregnant women with congenital heart disease: cardiac, anesthetic and obstetrical implications

Kochen, S.; Salera, C.; Seni, J., 2011:
Pregnant women with epilepsy in a developing country

de Crespigny, L.J.; Savulescu, J., 2008:
Pregnant women with fetal abnormalities: the forgotten people in the abortion debate

Reid, J.; Skomro, R.; Cotton, D.; Ward, H.; Olatunbosun, F.; Gjevre, J.; Guilleminault, C., 2011:
Pregnant women with gestational hypertension may have a high frequency of sleep disordered breathing

Yonkers, K.Ann.; Smith, M.V.; Forray, A.; Epperson, C.Neill.; Costello, D.; Lin, H.; Belanger, K., 2014:
Pregnant women with posttraumatic stress disorder and risk of preterm birth

Letherby, G.; Stephen, N.; Stenhouse, E., 2013:
Pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes: family support in managing the pregnancy process

Smit, M.; Jongedijk, E.J.; Heres, M.H.B.; Dolman, K.M.; Honig, A., 2012:
Pregnant women with psychiatric illness are able to stop smoking

Raimondi, A.; Sheiner, E., 2015:
Pregnant women with schizophrenia are at higher risk of pre-eclampsia, venous thromboembolism and adverse neonatal outcomes

Hussain, A.; Moodley, D.; Naidoo, S.; Esterhuizen, T.M., 2012:
Pregnant women's access to PMTCT and ART services in South Africa and implications for universal antiretroviral treatment

Brajenović-Milić, B.; Babić, I.; Ristić, S.; Vraneković, J.; Brumini, G.; Kapović, M., 2008:
Pregnant women's attitudes toward amniocentesis before receiving Down syndrome screening results

Raymond, N.; Beer, C.; Glazebrook, C.; Sayal, K., 2009:
Pregnant women's attitudes towards alcohol consumption

Nordeng, H.; Koren, G.; Einarson, A., 2010:
Pregnant women's beliefs about medications--a study among 866 Norwegian women

Firth, E.Rebecca.; Mlay, P.; Walker, R.; Sill, P.Richard., 2012:
Pregnant women's beliefs, expectations and experiences of antenatal ultrasound in Northern Tanzania

Kowalcek, I.; Gembruch, U., 2008:
Pregnant women's cognitive concept concerning their unborn prior to prenatal diagnosis

Evans, L.M.; Myers, M.M.; Monk, C., 2008:
Pregnant women's cortisol is elevated with anxiety and depression - but only when comorbid

Freund, L.; Hintermair, M., 2012:
Pregnant women's expectations concerning universal newborn hearing screening

Asplin, N.; Wessel, H.; Marions, L.; Georgsson Öhman, S., 2012:
Pregnant women's experiences, needs, and preferences regarding information about malformations detected by ultrasound scan

Christiaens, W.; Van De Velde, S.; Bracke, P., 2011:
Pregnant women's fear of childbirth in midwife- and obstetrician-led care in Belgium and the Netherlands: test of the medicalization hypothesis

López-Sáleme, R.; Díaz-Montes, C.E.; Bravo-Aljuriz, L.; Londoño-Hio, N.P.; Salguedo-Pájaro, M.del.Carmen.; Camargo-Marín, C.C.; Osorio-Espitia, E., 2013:
Pregnant women's food safety and nutritional status in Cartagena, Colombia 2011

Maputle, M.S.; Jali, M.N., 2008:
Pregnant women's knowledge about mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV infection through breast feeding

Ashimi, A.O.; Omole-Ohonsi, A.; Amole, T.G.; Ugwa, E.A., 2014:
Pregnant women's knowledge and attitude to mother to child transmission of human immuno-deficiency virus in a rural community in Northwest Nigeria

Dinç, H.; Sahin, N.H., 2009:
Pregnant women's knowledge and attitudes about stem cells and cord blood banking

Kosec, V.; Zec, I.; Tislarić-Medenjak, D.; Kuna, K.; Simundić, A.Maria.; Lajtman-Krizaić, M.; Lovrić, B.; Mimica, M.; Estatiev, Z.Komadina.; Borgudan, V., 2013:
Pregnant women's knowledge and attitudes to prenatal screening for fetal chromosomal abnormalities: Croatian multicentric survey

Yudin, M.H.; Salaripour, M.; Sgro, M.D., 2009:
Pregnant women's knowledge of influenza and the use and safety of the influenza vaccine during pregnancy

Taylor, M.; Kelly, M.; Noël, Mélissandre.; Brisdon, S.; Berkowitz, J.; Gustafson, L.; Galanis, E., 2013:
Pregnant women's knowledge, practices, and needs related to food safety and listeriosis: a study in British Columbia

Battancs, E.; Gorzó, Ián.; Pál, A.; Novák, T.; Eller, József.; Kókai, Eébet.L.; Radnai, Márta., 2011:
Pregnant women's oral hygiene knowledge and habits after the second millennium in South-East Hungary

Tschudin, S.; Alder, J.; Hendriksen, S.; Bitzer, J.; Popp, K.Aebi.; Zanetti, R.; Hösli, I.; Holzgreve, W.; Geissbühler, V., 2010:
Pregnant women's perception of cesarean section on demand

Sakaguchi, S.; Weitzner, B.; Carey, N.; Bozzo, P.; Mirdamadi, K.; Samuel, N.; Koren, G.; Einarson, A., 2011:
Pregnant women's perception of risk with use of the H1N1 vaccine

Asplin, N.; Wessel, H.; Marions, L.; Ohman, S.Georgsson., 2013:
Pregnant women's perspectives on decision-making when a fetal malformation is detected by ultrasound examination

Petersen, Z.; Steyn, K.; Everett-Murphy, K.; Emmelin, M., 2010:
Pregnant women's responses to a tailored smoking cessation intervention: turning hopelessness into competence

Rodger, D.; Skuse, A.; Wilmore, M.; Humphreys, S.; Dalton, J.; Flabouris, M.; Clifton, V.L., 2014:
Pregnant women's use of information and communications technologies to access pregnancy-related health information in South Australia

Kavlak, O.; Atan, S.Ünsal.; Güleç, D.; Oztürk, Rşen.; Atay, N., 2013:
Pregnant women's use of the internet in relation to their pregnancy in Izmir, Turkey

George, R.T.; Butcher, M.; Yentis, S.M., 2015:
Pregnant women's views on informed consent for research in labour

Anonymous, 2010:
Pregnant women: One test. Two lives. CDC women's health director urges clinical action

Hershberger, P.E., 2007:
Pregnant, donor oocyte recipient women describe their lived experience of establishing the "family lexicon"

Omar, H.A.; Merrick, J., 2016:
Pregnant, even when you did not want to be pregnant

Nau, J-Yves., 2011:
Pregnant, me? Never!

Ritsner, M.S.; Gibel, A.; Shleifer, T.; Boguslavsky, I.; Zayed, A.; Maayan, R.; Weizman, A.; Lerner, V., 2011:
Pregnenolone and dehydroepiandrosterone as an adjunctive treatment in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder: an 8-week, double-blind, randomized, controlled, 2-center, parallel-group trial

Li, Y-Jen.; Shaw, H-Mei., 2008:
Pregnenolone and dexamethasone, modulators of cytochrome P450-3A, not increase but reduce urinary alpha-CEHC excretion in rats

Besheer, J.; Lindsay, T.G.; O'Buckley, T.K.; Hodge, C.W.; Morrow, A.Leslie., 2011:
Pregnenolone and ganaxolone reduce operant ethanol self-administration in alcohol-preferring p rats

Miyashita, T.; Okubo, M.; Shinomiya, T.; Nakagawa, K-Ichi.; Kawaguchi, M., 2011:
Pregnenolone biosynthesis in the rat salivary gland and its inhibitory effect on secretion

Vallée, M.; Vitiello, S.; Bellocchio, L.; Hébert-Chatelain, E.; Monlezun, Séphanie.; Martin-Garcia, E.; Kasanetz, F.; Baillie, G.L.; Panin, F.; Cathala, A.; Roullot-Lacarrière, Vérie.; Fabre, S.; Hurst, D.P.; Lynch, D.L.; Shore, D.M.; Deroche-Gamonet, Véronique.; Spampinato, U.; Revest, J-Michel.; Maldonado, R.; Reggio, P.H.; Ross, R.A.; Marsicano, G.; Piazza, P.Vincenzo., 2014:
Pregnenolone can protect the brain from cannabis intoxication

Osuji, I.Julian.; Vera-Bolaños, E.; Carmody, T.J.; Brown, E.Sherwood., 2010:
Pregnenolone for cognition and mood in dual diagnosis patients

Akan, P.; Kizildag, S.; Ormen, M.; Genc, S.; Oktem, M.Ali.; Fadiloglu, M., 2009:
Pregnenolone protects the PC-12 cell line against amyloid beta peptide toxicity but its sulfate ester does not

Wong, P.; Chang, C.Chin.Roei.; Marx, C.E.; Caron, M.G.; Wetsel, W.C.; Zhang, X., 2013:
Pregnenolone rescues schizophrenia-like behavior in dopamine transporter knockout mice

Adamusová, E.; Cais, O.; Vyklický, V.; Kudová, E.; Chodounská, H.; Horák, M.; Vyklický, L., 2014:
Pregnenolone sulfate activates NMDA receptor channels

Loomis, W.F.; Behrens, M.Margarita.; Williams, M.E.; Anjard, C., 2010:
Pregnenolone sulfate and cortisol induce secretion of acyl-CoA-binding protein and its conversion into endozepines from astrocytes

Petit, Géraldine.H.; Tobin, C.; Krishnan, K.; Moricard, Y.; Covey, D.F.; Rondi-Reig, L.; Akwa, Y., 2011:
Pregnenolone sulfate and its enantiomer: differential modulation of memory in a spatial discrimination task using forebrain NMDA receptor deficient mice

Smith, C.C.; Gibbs, T.T.; Farb, D.H., 2015:
Pregnenolone sulfate as a modulator of synaptic plasticity

Sun, X.; Cheng, F.; Meng, B.; Yang, B.; Song, W.; Yuan, H., 2012:
Pregnenolone sulfate decreases intraocular pressure and changes expression of sigma receptor in a model of chronic ocular hypertension

Lee, K.H.; Cho, J.H.; Choi, I.S.; Park, H.M.; Lee, M.G.; Choi, B.J.; Jang, I.S., 2011:
Pregnenolone sulfate enhances spontaneous glutamate release by inducing presynaptic Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release

Yang, R.; Zhou, R.; Chen, L.; Cai, W.; Tomimoto, H.; Sokabe, M.; Chen, L., 2011:
Pregnenolone sulfate enhances survival of adult-generated hippocampal granule cells via sustained presynaptic potentiation

Zamudio-Bulcock, P.A.; Valenzuela, C.F., 2012:
Pregnenolone sulfate increases glutamate release at neonatal climbing fiber-to-Purkinje cell synapses

Nanfaro, F.; Cabrera, R.; Bazzocchini, V.; Laconi, M.; Yunes, R., 2010:
Pregnenolone sulfate infused in lateral septum of male rats impairs novel object recognition memory

Petrovic, M.; Sedlacek, M.; Cais, O.; Horak, M.; Chodounska, H.; Vyklicky, L., 2009:
Pregnenolone sulfate modulation of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors is phosphorylation dependent

Kobayashi, T.; Washiyama, K.; Ikeda, K., 2009:
Pregnenolone sulfate potentiates the inwardly rectifying K channel Kir2.3

Gonzalez-Usano, A.; Cauli, O.; Agusti, A.; Felipo, V., 2014:
Pregnenolone sulfate restores the glutamate-nitric-oxide-cGMP pathway and extracellular GABA in cerebellum and learning and motor coordination in hyperammonemic rats

Harteneck, C., 2014:
Pregnenolone sulfate: from steroid metabolite to TRP channel ligand

Plescia, F.; Sardo, P.; Rizzo, V.; Cacace, S.; Marino, R.Anna.Maria.; Brancato, A.; Ferraro, G.; Carletti, F.; Cannizzaro, C., 2014:
Pregnenolone sulphate enhances spatial orientation and object discrimination in adult male rats: evidence from a behavioural and electrophysiological study

Naylor, J.; Li, J.; Milligan, C.J.; Zeng, F.; Sukumar, P.; Hou, B.; Sedo, A.; Yuldasheva, N.; Majeed, Y.; Beri, D.; Jiang, S.; Seymour, V.A.L.; McKeown, L.; Kumar, B.; Harteneck, C.; O'Regan, D.; Wheatcroft, S.B.; Kearney, M.T.; Jones, C.; Porter, K.E.; Beech, D.J., 2010:
Pregnenolone sulphate- and cholesterol-regulated TRPM3 channels coupled to vascular smooth muscle secretion and contraction

Ritsner, M.S.; Bawakny, H.; Kreinin, A., 2015:
Pregnenolone treatment reduces severity of negative symptoms in recent-onset schizophrenia: an 8-week, double-blind, randomized add-on two-center trial

Xiao, X.; Chen, L.; Ouyang, Y.; Zhu, W.; Qiu, P.; Su, X.; Dou, Y.; Tang, L.; Yan, M.; Zhang, H.; Yang, X.; Xu, D.; Yan, G., 2014:
Pregnenolone, a cholesterol metabolite, induces glioma cell apoptosis via activating extrinsic and intrinsic apoptotic pathways

Ritsner, M.S., 2010:
Pregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone, and schizophrenia: alterations and clinical trials

Ombelli, J.; Bonvin, R.; Bischoff, T.; Pécoud, A.; Cornuz, J., 2010:
Pregraduate training in ambulatory care: a Swiss perspective

Ogonowski, J.; Miazgowski, T.; Kuczyńska, M.; Krzyzanowska-Swiniarska, B.; Celewicz, Z., 2009:
Pregravid body mass index as a predictor of gestational diabetes mellitus

Sridhar, S.B.; Xu, F.; Darbinian, J.; Quesenberry, C.P.; Ferrara, A.; Hedderson, M.M., 2014:
Pregravid liver enzyme levels and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus during a subsequent pregnancy

Baptiste-Roberts, K.; Ghosh, P.; Nicholson, W.K., 2012:
Pregravid physical activity, dietary intake, and glucose intolerance during pregnancy

Nielsen, P.Rotbøll.; Jørgensen, L.Damkjaer.; Dahl, B.; Pedersen, T.; Tønnesen, H., 2010:
Prehabilitation and early rehabilitation after spinal surgery: randomized clinical trial

Brown, K.; Topp, R.; Brosky, J.A.; Lajoie, A.Scott., 2013:
Prehabilitation and quality of life three months after total knee arthroplasty: a pilot study

Jaggers, J.R.; Simpson, C.D.; Frost, K.L.; Quesada, P.M.; Topp, R.V.; Swank, A.M.; Nyland, J.A., 2007:
Prehabilitation before knee arthroplasty increases postsurgical function: a case study

Swank, A.M.; Kachelman, J.B.; Bibeau, W.; Quesada, P.M.; Nyland, J.; Malkani, A.; Topp, R.V., 2011:
Prehabilitation before total knee arthroplasty increases strength and function in older adults with severe osteoarthritis

Santa Mina, D.; Matthew, A.G.; Hilton, W.J.; Au, D.; Awasthi, R.; Alibhai, S.M.H.; Clarke, H.; Ritvo, P.; Trachtenberg, J.; Fleshner, N.E.; Finelli, A.; Wijeysundera, D.; Aprikian, A.; Tanguay, S.; Carli, F., 2015:
Prehabilitation for men undergoing radical prostatectomy: a multi-centre, pilot randomized controlled trial

Desmeules, Fçois.; Hall, J.; Woodhouse, L.June., 2014:
Prehabilitation improves physical function of individuals with severe disability from hip or knee osteoarthritis

Brown, K.; Loprinzi, P.D.; Brosky, J.A.; Topp, R., 2014:
Prehabilitation influences exercise-related psychological constructs such as self-efficacy and outcome expectations to exercise

Halloway, S.; Buchholz, S.Weber.; Wilbur, J.; Schoeny, M.E., 2016:
Prehabilitation interventions for older adults: an integrative review

Sawatzky, J-Ann.V.; Kehler, D.Scott.; Ready, A.Elizabeth.; Lerner, N.; Boreskie, S.; Lamont, D.; Luchik, D.; Arora, R.C.; Duhamel, T.A., 2017:
Prehabilitation program for elective coronary artery bypass graft surgery patients: a pilot randomized controlled study

Gillis, C.; Li, C.; Lee, L.; Awasthi, R.; Augustin, B.; Gamsa, A.; Liberman, A.Sender.; Stein, B.; Charlebois, P.; Feldman, L.S.; Carli, F., 2014:
Prehabilitation versus rehabilitation: a randomized control trial in patients undergoing colorectal resection for cancer

Brown, K.; Swank, A.M.; Quesada, P.M.; Nyland, J.; Malkani, A.; Topp, R., 2010:
Prehabilitation versus usual care before total knee arthroplasty: A case report comparing outcomes within the same individual

Debes, C.; Aissou, M.; Beaussier, M., 2014:
Prehabilitation. Preparing patients for surgery to improve functional recovery and reduce postoperative morbidity

Zheng, Y.; Sheng, J.; Zhao, R.; Zhang, J.; Lv, S.; Liu, L.; Shen, L., 2011:
Preharvest L-arginine treatment induced postharvest disease resistance to Botrysis cinerea in tomato fruits

Martínez-Esplá, A.; Zapata, P.Javier.; Valero, D.; García-Viguera, C.; Castillo, S.; Serrano, Mía., 2014:
Preharvest application of oxalic acid increased fruit size, bioactive compounds, and antioxidant capacity in sweet cherry cultivars (Prunus avium L.)

Chonhenchob, V.; Kamhangwong, D.; Kruenate, J.; Khongrat, K.; Tangchantra, N.; Wichai, U.; Singh, S.Paul., 2011:
Preharvest bagging with wavelength-selective materials enhances development and quality of mango (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Nam Dok Mai #4

Ortiz, A.; Graell, J.; Lara, I., 2011:
Preharvest calcium sprays improve volatile emission at commercial harvest of 'Fuji Kiku-8' apples

Smith, D.R.; Novotnaj, K.; Smith, G., 2011:
Preharvest food safety: what do the past and the present tell us about the future?

Yang, S-Hsien.; Wang, T-Fu.; Tsai, H-Hsiu.; Lin, T-Yi.; Wen, S-Hui.; Chen, S-Huey., 2010:
Preharvest hematopoietic progenitor cell counts predict CD34+ cell yields in granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor-mobilized peripheral blood stem cell harvest in healthy donors

Erickson, M.C.; Liao, J.; Payton, A.S.; Riley, D.G.; Webb, C.C.; Davey, L.E.; Kimbrel, S.; Ma, L.; Zhang, G.; Flitcroft, I.; Doyle, M.P.; Beuchat, L.R., 2010:
Preharvest internalization of Escherichia coli O157:H7 into lettuce leaves, as affected by insect and physical damage

Fernández-Marín, Mía.Isabel.; Puertas, Bén.; Guerrero, Rúl.F.; García-Parrilla, Mía.Carmen.; Cantos-Villar, E., 2015:
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