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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55134

Chapter 55134 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mo, Y.; Lu, Z.; Chau, A.; Huang, F., 2013:
Preparation and mechanics of nanotextures on adapting a low adhesive surface using local oxidation nanolithography

Zhu, Y.; Wang, F.; Zhang, C.; Du, J., 2015:
Preparation and mechanism insight of nuclear envelope-like polymer vesicles for facile loading of biomacromolecules and enhanced biocatalytic activity

Li, J.; Tong, L.; Wang, X., 2014:
Preparation and mechanism of nano mullite powders from kaolin via open hydrothermal process

He, H.; Yue, Q.; Su, Y.; Gao, B.; Gao, Y.; Wang, J.; Yu, H., 2012:
Preparation and mechanism of the sintered bricks produced from Yellow River silt and red mud

Qi, Y.; Yue, Q.; Han, S.; Yue, M.; Gao, B.; Yu, H.; Shao, T., 2010:
Preparation and mechanism of ultra-lightweight ceramics produced from sewage sludge

Drew, C.M.; Colleran, S.; Zijp, M.; Lama, L.Phuri.; Sherpa, N.J.; Kelly, J.L.; Sulzbach, N.; Prior, D.; Currin, S.A.; Currin, S.; Nickol, A.H.; Morrell, M.J., 2012:
Preparation and medical outcomes of Nepalese staff and porters compared with foreign nationals on the Annapurna trekking circuit

Sugiyama, K.; Kageyama, Y.; Okamoto, I.; Ono, A., 2007:
Preparation and metal ion-binding of 4-N-substituted cytosine pairs in DNA duplexes

Kousalya, G.N.; Gandhi, M.Rajiv.; Viswanathan, N.; Meenakshi, S., 2011:
Preparation and metal uptake studies of modified forms of chitin

Hampton-Marcell, J.T.; Moormann, S.M.; Owens, S.M.; Gilbert, J.A., 2014:
Preparation and metatranscriptomic analyses of host-microbe systems

Jiang, B.; Liu, W.; Bai, Y.; Huang, Y.; Liu, L.; Han, J., 2011:
Preparation and microcosmic structural analysis of recording coating on inkjet printing media

Fu, H-Xing.; Li, H.; Wu, L-Lan.; Zhao, Y-Zheng.; Xu, Y-Yan.; Zhu, Y-Lin.; Xue, S-Liu.; Wang, D-Wang.; Liu, C-Yang.; Yang, S-Lin.; Li, X-Kun., 2015:
Preparation and microscopy examination of alginate-poly-L-lysine-alginate microcapsules

Du, J.; Sun, X.; Tang, Z.; Xu, L.; Wu, R.; Chen, B., 2013:
Preparation and microstructure of nanocrystalline Ni-Mo films

Li, W.; Qiao, X.; Zhao, H.; Wang, S.; Ren, Q., 2013:
Preparation and microwave absorbing properties of carbon/cobalt ferromagnetic composites

Che, R.; Wang, C.; Ni, Y.; Yu, B., 2016:
Preparation and microwave absorbing properties of the core-nanoshell composite absorbers with the magnetic fly-ash hollow cenosphere as core

Vairavapandian, D.; Vichchulada, P.; Lay, M.D., 2008:
Preparation and modification of carbon nanotubes: review of recent advances and applications in catalysis and sensing

Gui, M-Sheng.; Zhang, W-De., 2011:
Preparation and modification of hierarchical nanostructured Bi2WO6 with high visible light-induced photocatalytic activity

Ou, J.; Lin, H.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Dong, J.; Zou, H., 2013:
Preparation and modification of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane-containing hybrid monolithic capillary columns

Fernández-Martín, F.; Arancibia, M.; López-Caballero, E.; Gómez-Guillén, C.; Montero, P.; Fernández-García, M., 2015:
Preparation and molecular characterization of chitosans obtained from shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) shells

Xing, Y-tian.; Dai, J-rong.; Dai, Y.; Yang, Z-kun.; Wang, F.; Liang, X-tian.; Ma, B.; Qu, G-li.; Wang, W.; Liang, Y-sheng., 2014:
Preparation and molluscicidal effect of 5% niclosamide ethanolamine granules

Cai, H-Guang.; Zhang, C-Yu.; Chen, B.; Zhang, X-Quan.; Zhang, H-Xin., 2012:
Preparation and morphology of polyethylene/clay nanocomposite with novel MgCl2/montmorillonite (MMT) bi-supported Ziegler-Natta catalyst

Schmidt, W.; Wilczok, U.; Weidenthaler, C.; Medenbach, O.; Goddard, R.; Buth, G.; Cepak, A., 2007:
Preparation and morphology of pyramidal MFI single-crystal segments

Wang, Y.; Zhang, B.; Zhu, L.; Li, Y.; Huang, F.; Li, S.; Shen, Y.; Xie, A., 2015:
Preparation and multiple antitumor properties of AuNRs/spinach extract/PEGDA composite hydrogel

Bahreini, E.; Aghaiypour, K.; Abbasalipourkabir, R.; Mokarram, A.Rezaei.; Goodarzi, M.Taghi.; Saidijam, M., 2014:
Preparation and nanoencapsulation of l-asparaginase II in chitosan-tripolyphosphate nanoparticles and in vitro release study

Chen, C-Jia.; Chen, D-Hwang., 2013:
Preparation and near-infrared photothermal conversion property of cesium tungsten oxide nanoparticles

Hsieh, S-Rong.; Chang, C-Jung.; Way, T-Der.; Kwan, P-Cheung.; Hung, T-Wei., 2009:
Preparation and non-invasive in-vivo imaging of anti-adhesion barriers with fluorescent polymeric marks

Dewhirst, K.C.; Keim, W.; Reilly, C.A., 1968:
Preparation and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of hydridophosphine complexes of ruthenium and rhodium

Sahyun, M.; Kade, C.F.; Houston, J., 2011:
Preparation and nutritive value of an incomplete acid hydrolysate of casein

Shen, Y.; Tu, J., 2008:
Preparation and ocular pharmacokinetics of ganciclovir liposomes

Csákai, Ián.; Knausz, József.; Kolonics, G.; Bátorfi, József., 2010:
Preparation and operative technique for giant inguino-scrotal hernia

He, L-Fei.; Fan, G-Han.; Lei, M-Yun.; Lou, Z-Liang.; Chen, Z-Wu.; Xiao, Y.; Zheng, S-Wen.; Zhang, T., 2013:
Preparation and optical properties of MgAl2O4/Ce:YAG transparent ceramics

Liu, T.; Cao, Y.; Zhu, M.; Zhang, T.; Zheng, J.; Li, X., 2013:
Preparation and optical properties of YH2:Er2+ and Y2O3:Er3+ nanoparticles

Wang, L.; Sun, Y., 2015:
Preparation and optical properties of alloyed Znx Cd1-x S/alginate core/shell nanoparticles

Wang, D-Mei.; Wang, L.; Dong, H.; Liu, W.; Jiang, J-Zhuang., 2009:
Preparation and optical properties of fluorescent nanofiber containing europium complex

Wakahara, T.; Sathish, M.; Miyazawa, K'ichi.; Hu, C.; Tateyama, Y.; Nemoto, Y.; Sasaki, T.; Ito, O., 2009:
Preparation and optical properties of fullerene/ferrocene hybrid hexagonal nanosheets and large-scale production of fullerene hexagonal nanosheets

Tao, P.; Viswanath, A.; Schadler, L.S.; Benicewicz, B.C.; Siegel, R.W., 2012:
Preparation and optical properties of indium tin oxide/epoxy nanocomposites with polyglycidyl methacrylate grafted nanoparticles

Gosecka, M.; Griffete, N.; Mangeney, C.; Chehimi, M.M.; Slomkowski, S.; Basinska, T., 2011:
Preparation and optical properties of novel bioactive photonic crystals obtained from core-shell poly(styrene/α-tert-butoxy-ω-vinylbenzyl-polyglycidol) microspheres

Luu, Q.N.; Doorn, J.M.; Berry, M.T.; Jiang, C.; Lin, C.; May, P.Stanley., 2011:
Preparation and optical properties of silver nanowires and silver-nanowire thin films

Huang, H.; He, C.; Zeng, Y.; Xia, X.; Yu, X.; Yi, P.; Chen, Z., 2008:
Preparation and optical properties of worm-like gold nanorods

Mahjub, R.; Heidari Shayesteh, T.; Radmehr, M.; Vafaei, S.Yaser.; Amini, M.; Dinarvand, R.; Dorkoosh, F.Abedin., 2016:
Preparation and optimization of N-trimethyl-O-carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticles for delivery of low-molecular-weight heparin

Carbone, C.; Tomasello, B.; Ruozi, B.; Renis, M.; Puglisi, G., 2012:
Preparation and optimization of PIT solid lipid nanoparticles via statistical factorial design

Pawar, H.; Douroumis, D.; Boateng, J.S., 2012:
Preparation and optimization of PMAA-chitosan-PEG nanoparticles for oral drug delivery

Asav, E.; Akyilmaz, E., 2010:
Preparation and optimization of a bienzymic biosensor based on self-assembled monolayer modified gold electrode for alcohol and glucose detection

Aghajani, M.; Shahverdi, A.Reza.; Rezayat, S.Mahdi.; Amini, M.Ali.; Amani, A., 2013:
Preparation and optimization of acetaminophen nanosuspension through nanoprecipitation using microfluidic devices: an artificial neural networks study

Koeser, J.; Carvalho, T.Saads.; Pieles, U.; Lussi, A., 2015:
Preparation and optimization of calcium fluoride particles for dental applications

Phuengkham, H.; Teeranachaideekul, V.; Chulasiri, M.; Nasongkla, N., 2016:
Preparation and optimization of chlorophene-loaded nanospheres as controlled release antimicrobial delivery systems

Li, L.; Zhao, X.; Yang, C.; Hu, H.; Qiao, M.; Chen, D., 2011:
Preparation and optimization of doxorubicin-loaded albumin nanoparticles using response surface methodology

Venkatachalm, S.; Hayashi, H.; Ebina, T.; Kawasaki, K.; Nakamura, T.; Nanjo, H., 2012:
Preparation and optimization of epitaxial growth of transparent ZnO nanotip thin films by hydrothermal method

Hsu, N-Mu.; Li, C-Yen.; Yang, C-Mei.; Lin, T-Sheng.; Hu, B-Han.; Tingare, Y.S.; Chang, W-Chun.; Srivastava, G.Kumar.; Li, W-Ren., 2010:
Preparation and optimization of iridium complexes with quinazolinone ligands on solid supports

Sun, P.; Song, H.; Cui, D.; Qi, J.; Xu, M.; Geng, H., 2012:
Preparation and optimization of matrix metalloproteinase-1-loaded poly(lactide-co-glycolide-co-caprolactone) nanoparticles with rotatable central composite design and response surface methodology

Raval, A.; Parmar, A.; Raval, A.; Bahadur, P., 2012:
Preparation and optimization of media using Pluronic® micelles for solubilization of sirolimus and release from the drug eluting stents

Patel, Z.B.; Patel, K.S.; Shah, A.S.; Surti, N.I., 2012:
Preparation and optimization of microemulsion of rosuvastatin calcium

Vora, N.; Rana, V., 2008:
Preparation and optimization of mouth/orally dissolving tablets using a combination of glycine, carboxymethyl cellulose and sodium alginate: a comparison with superdisintegrants

Certal, V.; Halley, F.; Virone-Oddos, A.; Filoche-Rommé, B.; Carry, J-Christophe.; Gruss-Leleu, F.; Bertin, L.; Guizani, H.; Pilorge, F.; Richepin, P.; Karlsson, A.; Charrier, Véronique.; Abecassis, P-Yves.; Vincent, L.; Nicolas, J-Paul.; Lengauer, C.; Garcia-Echeverria, C.; Schio, L., 2014:
Preparation and optimization of new 4-(2-(indolin-1-yl)-2-oxoethyl)-2-morpholinothiazole-5-carboxylic acid and amide derivatives as potent and selective PI3Kβ inhibitors

Certal, V.; Halley, F.; Virone-Oddos, A.; Thompson, F.; Filoche-Rommé, B.; El-Ahmad, Y.; Carry, J-Christophe.; Delorme, Cécile.; Karlsson, A.; Abecassis, P-Yves.; Vincent, L.; Bonnevaux, Hélène.; Nicolas, J-Paul.; Morales, R.; Michot, N.; Vade, I.; Louboutin, A.; Perron, Sébastien.; Doerflinger, G.; Tric, B.; Monget, S.; Lengauer, C.; Schio, L., 2013:
Preparation and optimization of new 4-(morpholin-4-yl)-(6-oxo-1,6-dihydropyrimidin-2-yl)amide derivatives as PI3Kβ inhibitors

Sam, M.D.; Clubb, R.T., 2012:
Preparation and optimization of protein-DNA complexes suitable for detailed NMR studies

Jangde, R.; Singh, D., 2016:
Preparation and optimization of quercetin-loaded liposomes for wound healing, using response surface methodology

Hao, J.; Gao, Y.; Zhao, J.; Zhang, J.; Li, Q.; Zhao, Z.; Liu, J., 2015:
Preparation and optimization of resveratrol nanosuspensions by antisolvent precipitation using Box-Behnken design

Wang, H.; Cheng, M.; Hu, J.; Wang, C.; Xu, S.; Han, C.C., 2014:
Preparation and optimization of silver nanoparticles embedded electrospun membrane for implant associated infections prevention

Yuksel, N.; Beba, L., 2010:
Preparation and optimization of superabsorbent hydrogel micromatrices based on poly(acrylic acid), partly sodium salt-g-poly(ethylene oxide) for modified release of indomethacin

Azadi, A.; Hamidi, M.; Khoshayand, M-Reza.; Amini, M.; Rouini, M-Reza., 2015:
Preparation and optimization of surface-treated methotrexate-loaded nanogels intended for brain delivery

Zhang, C.; Gu, C.; Peng, F.; Liu, W.; Wan, J.; Xu, H.; Lam, C.Waikei.; Yang, X., 2014:
Preparation and optimization of triptolide-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles for oral delivery with reduced gastric irritation

Kumar, R.; Sinha, V.R., 2014:
Preparation and optimization of voriconazole microemulsion for ocular delivery

Wang, Q.; Lan, Y.; Chen, Y-Yan.; Dai, X-Yuan.; An, J.; Wang, W-Ping.; Zhao, B-Chen.; Liu, N.; Zhang, Y-Wen.; Wu, Q., 2014:
Preparation and optimization of zhitong micro-emulsion formula

Xiao, Y.; Chen, X.; Yang, L.; Zhu, X.; Zou, L.; Meng, F.; Ping, Q., 2013:
Preparation and oral bioavailability study of curcuminoid-loaded microemulsion

Pimpinelli, S.; Bonaccorsi, S.; Fanti, L.; Gatti, M., 2010:
Preparation and orcein staining of mitotic chromosomes from Drosophila larval brain

Mirsaidi, A.; Tiaden, Aé.N.; Richards, P.J., 2014:
Preparation and osteogenic differentiation of scaffold-free mouse adipose-derived stromal cell microtissue spheroids (ASC-MT)

Tan, W.; Xu, J.; Liu, Y.; Lin, J.; Wang, H., 2008:
Preparation and osteoinduction capacity of collagen/bone morphogenetic protein composites

Wang, J.; Ni, C.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, M.; Li, W.; Yao, B.; Zhang, L., 2014:
Preparation and pH controlled release of polyelectrolyte complex of poly(L-malic acid-co-D,L-lactic acid) and chitosan

Pais, Vânia.F.; Lineros, M.; López-Rodríguez, Río.; El-Sheshtawy, H.S.; Fernández, R.; Lassaletta, Jé.M.; Ros, A.; Pischel, U., 2013:
Preparation and pH-switching of fluorescent borylated arylisoquinolines for multilevel molecular logic

Guo, C-yan.; Li, H-jin.; Liu, Y.; Zhao, X-rong.; Wang, X.; Feng, Q.; Li, Y.; Hu, J., 2013:
Preparation and partial characterization of monoclonal antibodies against HA protein of H1 subtype influenza virus

Wells, J.Nell.; Cagle, C.Spence., 2009:
Preparation and participation of undergraduate students to inform culturally sensitive research

Du, B.; Yan, Y.; Li, Y.; Wang, S.; Zhang, Z., 2010:
Preparation and passive target of 5-fluorouracil solid lipid nanoparticles

Abedi, M.R.; Doverud, A-Charlotte., 2013:
Preparation and pathogen inactivation of double dose buffy coat platelet products using the INTERCEPT blood system

Kang, S.Hee.; Hyun, J.Jin., 2013:
Preparation and patient evaluation for safe gastrointestinal endoscopy

Zhang, N.; Bai, Y.; Zhao, J.; Ye, X.; Wang, W.; Ren, G.; Li, D.; Jing, Y., 2014:
Preparation and penetrating effect of the polyarginine-enhanced green fluorescence protein fusion protein

Ou, Q.; Gu, D.; Zhang, N.; He, J'an.; Shao, Y.; Shi, L.; Liu, C.; Zhao, C.; Xu, Y., 2015:
Preparation and performance assessment of Gamma-peptide nucleic acid gene chip detection system based on surface plasmon resonance

Zhang, Y.; Wu, S.; Xu, J.; Chen, W.; Lv, Y., 2014:
Preparation and performance characterization of electrospun drug loaded poly (vinyl alcohol)/chitosan nanofibrous membrane

Jain, V.; Prasad, V.; Jadhav, P.; Mishra, P.R., 2009:
Preparation and performance evaluation of saquinavir laden cationic submicron emulsions

Lan, Z-Lin.; Peng, D.; Guo, C-Ling.; Zhu, C-Fei.; Xue, X-Ling.; Dang, Z., 2014:
Preparation and performance investigation of Trichoderma viride-modified corn stalk as sorbent materials for oil spills

Qian, J-Lü.; Zhu, R-Rong.; Huang, J.; Wang, S-Long.; Sun, X-Yu., 2007:
Preparation and performance of Chitosan-oligosaccharides/DNA complex nanoparticles

Sasaki, T.; Iizuka, A.; Watanabe, M.; Hongo, T.; Yamasaki, A., 2015:
Preparation and performance of arsenate (V) adsorbents derived from concrete wastes

Liu, X-Zhen.; Yang, J-Hua.; Song, L-Ling.; Song, Y-Xing.; Lai, Z-Fan.; Zhai, L., 2015:
Preparation and performance of controlled-release tablets of sasanquasaponin-casein

Yin, L.; Hillmyer, M.A., 2014:
Preparation and performance of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose esters of substituted succinates for in vitro supersaturation of a crystalline hydrophobic drug

Hsiao, H.Y.; Chiang, L.C.; Yang, C.M.; Chen, L.F.; Tsao, G.T., 1983:
Preparation and performance of immobilized yeast cells in columns containing no inert carrier

Haefeli, J.; Vögeli, S.; Michel, J.; Dietz, V., 2011:
Preparation and performance of obstacle steps: interaction between brain and spinal neuronal activity

Wang, F.; Liang, J.; Tang, Q.; Chen, G.; Chen, Y., 2014:
Preparation and performance of thermal insulation energy saving coating materials for exterior wall

Liu, X-Zhen.; Liu, Z-Xin.; Chen, J.; Wang, G.; Song, L-Ling.; Wang, C., 2012:
Preparation and performance of through-hole AAO film

Dai, G.; Zou, B.; Wang, Z., 2010:
Preparation and periodic emission of superlattice CdS/CdS:SnS2 microwires

Zhang, D-Qing.; Cheng, Y.; Bai, C-Lin.; Wu, Q.; Pang, G-Hao., 2012:
Preparation and pharmaceutical characterization of Marine-SSL

Park, J.; Park, H.Jun.; Cho, W.; Cha, K-Ho.; Kang, Y-Shin.; Hwang, S-Joo., 2010:
Preparation and pharmaceutical characterization of amorphous cefdinir using spray-drying and SAS-process

Hamori, M.; Yoshimatsu, S.; Hukuchi, Y.; Shimizu, Y.; Fukushima, K.; Sugioka, N.; Nishimura, A.; Shibata, N., 2014:
Preparation and pharmaceutical evaluation of nano-fiber matrix supported drug delivery system using the solvent-based electrospinning method

Shibata, N.; Nishumura, A.; Naruhashi, K.; Nakao, Y.; Miura, R., 2010:
Preparation and pharmaceutical evaluation of new sustained-release capsule including starch-sponge matrix (SSM)

Seo, Y.Gee.; Kim, D-Wuk.; Cho, K.Hyung.; Yousaf, A.Mehmood.; Kim, D.Shik.; Kim, J.Hoon.; Kim, J.Oh.; Yong, C.Soon.; Choi, H-Gon., 2015:
Preparation and pharmaceutical evaluation of new tacrolimus-loaded solid self-emulsifying drug delivery system

Shahtalebi, M.Ali.; Bahrinajafi, R.; Nahavandi, S., 2014:
Preparation and pharmaceutical evaluation of nicotinamide stick for eradication of Staphylococcus epidermidis

Wang, J.; Yuan, Y.; Liu, C.; Zhu, D.; Shen, X.; Yang, B., 2010:
Preparation and pharmaceutical/pharmacodynamic evaluation of topical brucine-loaded liposomal hydrogel

Boulsourani, Z.; Geromichalos, G.D.; Repana, K.; Yiannaki, E.; Psycharis, V.; Raptopoulou, C.P.; Hadjipavlou-Litina, D.; Pontiki, E.; Dendrinou-Samara, C., 2011:
Preparation and pharmacochemical evaluation of mixed ligand copper(II) complexes with triethanolamine and thiophenyl-2 saturated carboxylic acids

Zhu, Y.; Cao, Q.; Yang, S.; Cui, J., 2010:
Preparation and pharmacodynamic evaluation of diammonium glycyrrhizinate-loaded chitosan nanoparticles

Zhou, Y-Yu.; Du, Y-Zhong.; Wang, L.; Yuan, H.; Zhou, J-Ping.; Hu, F-Qiang., 2010:
Preparation and pharmacodynamics of stearic acid and poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) grafted chitosan oligosaccharide micelles for 10-hydroxycamptothecin

Zheng, X.; Zheng, C., 2012:
Preparation and pharmacodynamics studies on anti-inflammatory effect of catechu gel

Seo, S-Wan.; Han, H-Kyung.; Chun, M-Kwan.; Choi, H-Kyun., 2012:
Preparation and pharmacokinetic evaluation of curcumin solid dispersion using Solutol® HS15 as a carrier

Shi, X-Li.; Yao, C-Xia.; Lin, X.; Shen, L.; Feng, Y., 2014:
Preparation and pharmacokinetic evaluation of long-acting injectable oily suspensions for ophiopogonis radix polysaccharide MDG-1

Ren, L.; Zhou, Y.; Wei, P.; Li, M.; Chen, G., 2014:
Preparation and pharmacokinetic study of aprepitant-sulfobutyl ether-β-cyclodextrin complex

Li, F.; Song, S.; Guo, Y.; Zhao, Q.; Zhang, X.; Pan, W.; Yang, X., 2016:
Preparation and pharmacokinetics evaluation of oral self-emulsifying system for poorly water-soluble drug Lornoxicam

Pan, J-Huo.; Wang, J-Chun.; Jiang, Z-Tao.; Zhang, T.; Ge, S-Bo.; Zhang, Y-Xia.; Jin, X.; Yan, G-Jun., 2014:
Preparation and pharmacokinetics in beagle dogs of ganershu sustained-release pellets

Yanyu, X.; Qineng, P.; Zhigui, S.; Hongying, L.; Jiangxiu, N., 2012:
Preparation and pharmacokinetics in beagle dogs of once-a-day tetramethylpyrazine phosphate sustained-release pellets

Chen, J.; Li, L.; Qi, Y.; Chen, Z-Peng.; Cai, B-Chang., 2013:
Preparation and pharmacokinetics of brucine hydrogel patch

Liu, S.; Guo, D.; Guo, Y.; Zhou, W., 2011:
Preparation and pharmacokinetics of ceftiofur sodium liposomes in cows

Li, X.; Wang, D.; Zhang, J.; Pan, W., 2010:
Preparation and pharmacokinetics of docetaxel based on nanostructured lipid carriers

Guan, Q.; Guan, Q.; Lin, T.; Yin, J., 2012:
Preparation and pharmacokinetics of solid lipid nanoparticles loaded with pueraria flavones

Gao, Y.; Gao, Y.; Yin, F.; Wang, M.; Wang, Z.; Ye, T.; Yang, Y.; Pan, W.S.; Yang, X., 2016:
Preparation and pharmacokinetics study on gastro-floating sustained-release tablets of troxipide

Kumar, S.; Kumar Mishra, A.; Chhikara, B.S.; Chuttani, K.; Kumar Sharma, R., 2008:
Preparation and pharmacological evaluation of a new radiopharmaceutical, technetium-99m-5-fluorouracil, for tumor scintigraphy

Mésangeau, C.; Fraise, Mël.; Delagrange, P.; Caignard, D.Henri.; Boutin, J.Albert.; Berthelot, P.; Yous, Sïd., 2011:
Preparation and pharmacological evaluation of a novel series of 2-(phenylthio)benzo[b]thiophenes as selective MT2 receptor ligands

Feng, L.; Qiang, X.; Shi, X., 2010:
Preparation and photo-catalytic behavior of conjugated polymers based on paper-making wastewater

Gao, L-Hua.; Jiang, W-Chan.; Wang, K-Zhi., 2012:
Preparation and photocatalytic activity of an electrostatically self-assembled film made of [PMo12O40](3-) and a bipolar hemicyanine cation

Li, X.; Fu, X.; Yang, H., 2010:
Preparation and photocatalytic activity of eccentric Au-titania core-shell nanoparticles by block copolymer templates

Tawkaew, S.; Supothina, S., 2012:
Preparation and photocatalytic activity of iron oxide-loaded potassium titanate layered compounds

Li, X.; Xiong, R.; Wei, G., 2008:
Preparation and photocatalytic activity of nanoglued Sn-doped TiO2

Nakata, K.; Kagawa, T.; Sakai, M.; Liu, S.; Ochiai, T.; Sakai, H.; Murakami, T.; Abe, M.; Fujishima, A., 2013:
Preparation and photocatalytic activity of robust titania monoliths for water remediation

Katagiri, K.; Miyoshi, Y.; Inumaru, K., 2013:
Preparation and photocatalytic activity of strontium titanate nanocube-dispersed mesoporous silica

Dong, Y.; Han, Z.; Liu, C.; Du, F., 2010:
Preparation and photocatalytic performance of Fe (III)-amidoximated PAN fiber complex for oxidative degradation of azo dye under visible light irradiation

Han, P.; Su, Y.; Meng, Y.; Wang, S.; Jia, Q.; Wang, X., 2012:
Preparation and photocatalytic performance of iodine-doped NaTaO3 nanoparticles

Wang, W.; Zhang, J.; Chen, F.; He, D.; Anpo, M., 2008:
Preparation and photocatalytic properties of Fe3+-doped Ag@TiO2 core-shell nanoparticles

Li, H.; Zhang, Y.; Wu, Q.; Wang, X.; Liu, C., 2012:
Preparation and photocatalytic properties of nanometer-sized magnetic TiO2/SiO2/CoFe2O4 composites

Yao, K.F.; Peng, Z.; Liao, Z.H.; Chen, J.J., 2009:
Preparation and photocatalytic property of TiO2-Fe3O4 core-shell nanoparticles

Sun, J-Hui.; Dong, S-Ying.; Wang, Y-Kui.; Sun, S-Peng., 2010:
Preparation and photocatalytic property of a novel dumbbell-shaped ZnO microcrystal photocatalyst

Natori, H.; Kobayashi, K.; Takahashi, M., 2009:
Preparation and photocatalytic property of phosphorus-doped TiO2 particles

Shao, Q.; Wang, X.; Liu, Q.; Wang, L.; Kang, C.; Wang, Q.; Ge, S., 2012:
Preparation and photocatalytic property of porous CuO hollow microspheres via carbon sphere templates

Dawson, M.; Soares, G.Byzynski.; Ribeiro, C., 2013:
Preparation and photocatalytical performance of TiO2:SiO2 nanocomposites produced by the polymeric precursors method

Lau, J.T.F.; Lo, P-Chi.; Fong, W-Ping.; Ng, D.K.P., 2011:
Preparation and photodynamic activities of silicon(IV) phthalocyanines substituted with permethylated β-cyclodextrins

Li, G.; Miao, J.; Cao, J.; Zhu, J.; Liu, B.; Zhang, Q., 2015:
Preparation and photoelectrochemical behavior of 1,4,6,8,11,13-hexazapentacene (HAP)

Gao, L-Hua.; Chen, X.; Lu, S.; Wang, K-Zhi., 2014:
Preparation and photoelectrochemical properties of a self-assembled film based on wheel type polyoxomolybdate and hemicyanine derivative

Gao, L.; Lu, S.; Su, J.; Wang, K., 2013:
Preparation and photoelectrochemical properties of an electrostatically self-assembled film based on [BW11Zn(H2O)O39]7- and a bipolar hemicyanine

Han, X.; Sun, S.; He, T., 2013:
Preparation and photolithography of self-assembled monolayers of 10-mercaptodecanylphosphonic acid on glass mediated by zirconium for protein patterning

Song, G-Li.; Sun, K-Xia.; Yang, Y-Tong., 2007:
Preparation and photoluminescence investigation of europium-doped zinc oxide nanocrystalline

Liu, H.; Yu, L., 2013:
Preparation and photoluminescence properties of europium ions doped TiO2 nanocrystals

Qu, X.; Song, H.; Pan, G.; Dong, B.; Bai, X.; Zhao, H.; Dai, Q.; Zhang, H.; Qin, R.; Lu, S., 2010:
Preparation and photoluminescence properties of three-dimensionally ordered macroporous ZrO2:Eu3+

Luo, J-ming.; Li, Y-xiu.; Deng, L-ping., 2009:
Preparation and photoluminescence study of Er3+ : Y2O3 transparent ceramics

Umeyama, T.; Mihara, J.; Tezuka, N.; Matano, Y.; Stranius, K.; Chukharev, V.; Tkachenko, N.V.; Lemmetyinen, H.; Noda, K.; Matsushige, K.; Shishido, T.; Liu, Z.; Hirose-Takai, K.; Suenaga, K.; Imahori, H., 2012:
Preparation and photophysical and photoelectrochemical properties of a covalently fixed porphyrin-chemically converted graphene composite

Maitrani, C.; Heyes, D.J.; Hay, S.; Arumugam, S.; Popik, V.V.; Phillips, R.S., 2012:
Preparation and photophysical properties of a caged kynurenine

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Preparation and utility of organic pentafluorosulfanyl-containing compounds

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Preparation design and considerations for direct posterior composite inlay/onlay restoration

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Preparation for Action

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Preparation for Catheterization

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Preparation for Medicare-AMA Report from Washington

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Preparation for Psychological Aspects of Nuclear Disaster

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Preparation for a post antibiotic era must start now

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Preparation for bilingual medical education

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Preparation for birth and beyond: caring for our baby

Nolan, M., 2012:
Preparation for birth and beyond: changes for me and us

Nolan, M., 2012:
Preparation for birth and beyond: giving birth and meeting our baby

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Preparation for birth and beyond: our health and wellbeing

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Preparation for birth and beyond: who is there for us? People and services

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Preparation for hypertension specialists: genomics reveals the pathogenesis of hypertension

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Preparation for parenthood programme: experiences from southern India

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Preparation for posterior partial veneered restoration to maintain vertical dimension of occlusion

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Preparation for practice

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Preparation for practice in family medicine: before and after duty hours

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Preparation for practice: self study modules in medical surgical nursing

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Preparation for prenatal decision-making: a baseline of knowledge and reflection in women participating in prenatal screening

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Preparation for radioiodine therapy: how to increase therapeutic efficacy and accelerate unbound radioiodine excretion

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Preparation for retirement

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Preparation for retirement. Physician 60-years-old - when will you stop?

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Preparation for return home and coordination with hospitalization

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Preparation for staffing shortages now will mitigate challenges later

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Preparation for surgery in paediatric cases with swine flu: suggested procedure

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Preparation for surgery of patients with colon lesions

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Preparation for the prevention and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza in rural Tanzanian village settings

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Preparation for the surgery and surgical treatment for complicated abdominal hernias

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Preparation for the use of mitomycin C in a trabeculectomy procedure

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Preparation for tuberculosis nursing

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Preparation glycosaminosulphate efficacy in comprehensive treatment of patients with odontogenic phlegmon of maxillofacial region

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Preparation guidelines for less-invasive cosmetic restorations

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Preparation in augmentative and alternative communication: an update for speech-language pathology training

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Preparation in short supply. As hospitals plan for emergencies such as a flu pandemic, one challenge is how they'll keep their supply shelves stocked

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Preparation interval and cue utilization in the prevention of distraction

Enos, N.M., 2011:
Preparation is key to ICD-10 success

Lovell, M.R., 2012:
Preparation is the key to death being our friend

Anonymous, 2010:
Preparation is the key to staying ahead of the curve during RAC reviews

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Preparation methods and conditions of gastrointestinal tract imaging methods

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Preparation methods for monodispersed garlic oil microspheres in water using the microemulsion technique and their potential as antimicrobials

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Preparation methods to optimize the performance of sensor discs for fast chemiluminescence ozone analyzers

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Preparation of (+)-trans-isoalliin and its isomers by chemical synthesis and RP-HPLC resolution

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Preparation of (-)-Nutlin-3 using enantioselective organocatalysis at decagram scale

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Preparation of (111)In-DTPA morpholino oligomer for low abdominal accumulation

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Preparation of (13)C-labeled ceramide by acetic acid bacteria and its incorporation in mice

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Preparation of (90)YCl(3) radiopharmaceutical precursor for nuclear medicine using technology of centrifugal extractors

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Preparation of 1,7- and 3,9-dideazapurines from 2-amino-3-iodo- and 3-amino-4-iodopyridines and activated acetylenes by conjugate addition and copper-catalyzed intramolecular arylation

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Preparation of 1-C-glycosyl aldehydes by reductive hydrolysis

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Preparation of 1-D nanoparticle superstructures with tailorable thicknesses using gold-binding peptide conjugates

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Preparation of 2 nm gold nanoparticles for in vitro and in vivo applications

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Preparation of 2-nitro-5-thiobenzoate for the routine determination of reagent hypochlorous acid concentrations

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Preparation of 2-phenylbenzoxazole

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Preparation of 2D crystals of membrane proteins for high-resolution electron crystallography data collection

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Preparation of 2D sequences of corneal images for 3D model building

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Preparation of 3-hydroxy-Delta 9,11-12-ketocholenic acid and its lower homologues

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Preparation of 3D fibroin/chitosan blend porous scaffold for tissue engineering via a simplified method

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Preparation of 3D nanoporous copper-supported cuprous oxide for high-performance lithium ion battery anodes

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Preparation of 3D network Na2Ti2O4(OH)2 nanotube film and study on formation mechanism of nanotubes and light absorption properties

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Preparation of 4-mercapto and 4-amino quinazolines

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Preparation of 5-Bromo-2-naphthol: The Use of a Sulfonic Acid as a Protecting and Activating Group

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Preparation of 57Co point sources for the performance evaluation of nuclear imaging instruments

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Preparation of 6-substituted quinoxaline JSP-1 inhibitors by microwave accelerated nucleophilic substitution

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Preparation of 65Zn and 134Cs sealed sources based on commercial organic and synthesized inorganic sorbents for calibration purposes of gamma-detectors

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Preparation of 6beta-estradiol derivative libraries as bisubstrate inhibitors of 7beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type using the multidetachable sulfamate linker

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Preparation of 99mTc(CO)3-Carboxymethylthioethyl iminodiacetic acid and evaluation as a potential renal imaging agent

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Preparation of Acellular Homogenates From Muscle Samples

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Preparation of Ag-M (M: Fe, Co and Mn)-ZSM-5 bimetal catalysts with high performance for catalytic oxidation of ethyl acetate

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Preparation of AgBr@SiO2 core@shell hybrid nanoparticles and their bactericidal activity

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Preparation of AgX (X = Cl, I) nanoparticles using ionic liquids

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Preparation of Al-Ce hybrid adsorbent and its application for defluoridation of drinking water

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Preparation of Al2O3/TiO2 composite sol-gel fiber for headspace solid-phase microextraction of chlorinated organic solvents from urine

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Preparation of Alexa Fluor 350-conjugated nonradioactive or 3H-labeled GM1 ganglioside derivatives with different ceramides

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Preparation of Aligned Ultra-long and Diameter-controlled Silicon Oxide Nanotubes by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Electrospun PVP Nanofiber Template

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Preparation of Amberlite XAD resins coated with dithiosemicarbazone compounds and preconcentration of some metal ions

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Preparation of Aplysia sensory-motor neuronal cell cultures

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Preparation of Arabidopsis chloroplasts

Mach, J., 2007:
Preparation of Arabidopsis mitochondria

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Preparation of Arabidopsis nuclei and nucleoli

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Preparation of Arabidopsis thaliana seedling proteomes for identifying metacaspase substrates by N-terminal COFRADIC

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Preparation of Arabidopsis tissue sections of fixed material

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Preparation of Aryl-Susbstituted 2-Oxyindoles by Superelectrophilic Chemistry

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Preparation of As2O3 nanoparticles and its drug release characteristics in vitro

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Preparation of Atomically Flat Gold Substrates for AFM Measurements

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Preparation of Au(I), Ag(I), and Pd(II) N-heterocyclic carbene complexes utilizing a methylpyridyl-substituted NHC ligand. formation of a luminescent coordination polymer

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Preparation of Au-BiVO4 heterogeneous nanostructures as highly efficient visible-light photocatalysts

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Preparation of Au-Pt nanostructures by combining top-down with bottom-up strategies and application in label-free electrochemical immunosensor for detection of NMP22

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Preparation of Au/CeO2 exhibiting strong surface plasmon resonance effective for selective or chemoselective oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes or ketones in aqueous suspensions under irradiation by green light

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Preparation of Au@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles: controlling the optical properties

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Preparation of AuPt alloy foam films and their superior electrocatalytic activity for the oxidation of formic acid

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Preparation of BAC libraries from marine microbial populations

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Preparation of BFV Gag antiserum and preliminary study on cellular distribution of BFV

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Preparation of BMP-2 containing bovine serum albumin (BSA) nanoparticles stabilized by polymer coating

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Preparation of Bacteriophage λ DNA Cleaved with Two Restriction Enzymes for Use as a Cloning Vector

Sambrook, J.; Russell, D.W., 2006:
Preparation of Bacteriophage λ DNA Cleaved with a Single Restriction Enzyme for Use as a Cloning Vector

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Preparation of Battle Casualties for Surgery

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Preparation of Bioactive Titanium Surfaces via Fluoride and Fibronectin Retention

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Preparation of Biodegradable Gelatin Nanospheres with a Narrow Size Distribution for Carrier of Cellular Internalization of Plasmid DNA

Bae, I.Young.; Shin, J-Yoon.; Lee, H.Gyu., 2012:
Preparation of Black Hoof medicinal mushroom Phellinus linteus (Berk. et M.A. Curt.) Teng (Aphyllophoromycetideae) beta-glucan sulfate and in vitro tumor cell growth inhibitory activity

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Preparation of Bordetella pertussis DNA from respiratory samples for real-time PCR by commercial kits

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Preparation of Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) nanoparticles by desolvation using a membrane contactor: a new tool for large scale production

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Preparation of Bragg gratings in sputter-deposited GeO(2)-SiO(2) glasses by excimer-laser irradiation

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Preparation of Broth Cultures for Flagella Staining

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