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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55140

Chapter 55140 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Aagaard, P.; Sahlén, A.; Bergfeldt, L.; Braunschweig, F., 2013:
Preparticipation evaluation of novice, middle-age, long-distance runners

Headlee, D.; Nord, W.; Huntington, M.K., 2014:
Preparticipation physical evaluations in youth sports: a systematic review of current recommendations

Sanders, B.; Blackburn, T.A.; Boucher, B., 2013:
Preparticipation screening - the sports physical therapy perspective

Campbell, R.M., 2010:
Preparticipation screening and preparticipation forms

Thompson, P.D., 2009:
Preparticipation screening of competitive athletes: seeking simple solutions to a complex problem

Chandra, N.; Papadakis, M.; Sharma, S., 2010:
Preparticipation screening of young competitive athletes for cardiovascular disorders

Gremion, Gérald.; Fritschy, D., 2010:
Preparticipation sports screening: state of affairs

Scrandis, D.A.; Langenberg, P.; Tonelli, L.H.; Sheikh, T.M.; Manogura, A.C.; Alberico, L.A.; Hermanstyne, T.; Fuchs, D.; Mighty, H.; Hasday, J.D.; Boteva, K.; Postolache, T.T., 2008:
Prepartum Depressive Symptoms Correlate Positively with C-Reactive Protein Levels and Negatively with Tryptophan Levels: A Preliminary Report

Milman, N., 2008:
Prepartum anaemia: prevention and treatment

Janssens, S.; Wallace, K.L.; Chang, A.M.Z., 2009:
Prepartum and intrapartum caesarean section rates at Mater Mothers' Hospital Brisbane 1997-2005

Drackley, J.K.; Cardoso, F.C., 2015:
Prepartum and postpartum nutritional management to optimize fertility in high-yielding dairy cows in confined TMR systems

Leppänen, P.K.; Ravaja, N.; Ewalds-Kvist, S.Béatrice.M., 2008:
Prepartum and postpartum open-field behavior and maternal responsiveness in mice bidirectionally selected for open-field thigmotaxis

Simmons, V.Nath.; Sutton, S.K.; Quinn, G.P.; Meade, C.D.; Brandon, T.H., 2015:
Prepartum and postpartum predictors of smoking

Hauer, B.J.A.; Wessel, I.; Engelhard, I.M.; Peeters, L.L.; Dalgleish, T., 2010:
Prepartum autobiographical memory specificity predicts post-traumatic stress symptoms following complicated pregnancy

BROWN, G., 1949:
Prepartum care

Janovick, N.A.; Boisclair, Y.R.; Drackley, J.K., 2011:
Prepartum dietary energy intake affects metabolism and health during the periparturient period in primiparous and multiparous Holstein cows

Radunz, A.E.; Fluharty, F.L.; Day, M.L.; Zerby, H.N.; Loerch, S.C., 2010:
Prepartum dietary energy source fed to beef cows: I. Effects on pre- and postpartum cow performance

Janovick, N.A.; Drackley, J.K., 2010 :
Prepartum dietary management of energy intake affects postpartum intake and lactation performance by primiparous and multiparous Holstein cows

Goldhawk, C.; Chapinal, N.; Veira, D.M.; Weary, D.M.; von Keyserlingk, M.A.G., 2009:
Prepartum feeding behavior is an early indicator of subclinical ketosis

Hirayama, H.; Sawai, K.; Hirayama, M.; Hirai, T.; Kageyama, S.; Onoe, S.; Minamihashi, A.; Moriyasu, S., 2011:
Prepartum maternal plasma glucose concentrations and placental glucose transporter mRNA expression in cows carrying somatic cell clone fetuses

Litherland, N.B.; Dann, H.M.; Drackley, J.K., 2011:
Prepartum nutrient intake alters palmitate metabolism by liver slices from peripartal dairy cows

Cardoso, F.C.; LeBlanc, S.J.; Murphy, M.R.; Drackley, J.K., 2014:
Prepartum nutritional strategy affects reproductive performance in dairy cows

Münninghoff, B., 2009:
Prepartum parent counseling. A general practice example of nursing for optimal nursing care of expectant parents

Arbell, D.; Koplewitz, B.Z.; Pinto, M.; Nadjari, M., 2008:
Prepartum sonographic demonstration of 'to-and-fro' motion in fetal intestinal obstruction: a novel sign for immediate postnatal surgery

Silva, P.R.B.; Dresch, A.R.; Machado, K.S.; Moraes, J.G.N.; Lobeck-Luchterhand, K.; Nishimura, T.K.; Ferreira, M.A.; Endres, M.I.; Chebel, R.C., 2015:
Prepartum stocking density: effects on metabolic, health, reproductive, and productive responses

Poisson, D-Marc.; Evrard, M-Liesse., 2012:
Prepartum vaginal/anorectal Group B Streptococcus screening: improvement of the enrichment step by the broth additive RambaQUICK StrepB

Yahyavi-Firouz-Abadi, N.; Demertzis, J.L., 2013:
Prepatellar Morel-Lavallée effusion

Baumbach, S.F.; Lobo, C.M.; Badyine, I.; Mutschler, W.; Kanz, K-Georg., 2014:
Prepatellar and olecranon bursitis: literature review and development of a treatment algorithm

González, L.A.; Ramírez, F.A.; Gómez, F.A.; Ramírez, L.A., 2012:
Prepatellar and preolecranon subcutaneous calcifications in scleroderma

Price, N., 2008:
Prepatellar bursitis

Wallach, J.C.; Delpino, M.Victoria.; Scian, R.; Deodato, B.; Fossati, C.A.; Baldi, P.C., 2010:
Prepatellar bursitis due to Brucella abortus: case report and analysis of the local immune response

Majeed, H.; dos Remedios, I.; Datta, P.; Griffiths, D., 2015:
Prepatellar continuation rupture: Report of an unusual case

Wangwinyuvirat, M.; Dirim, B.; Pastore, D.; Pretterklieber, M.; Frank, A.; Haghighi, P.; Resnick, D., 2009:
Prepatellar quadriceps continuation: MRI of cadavers with gross anatomic and histologic correlation

Gendernalik, J.D.; Sechriest, V.Franklin., 2010:
Prepatellar septic bursitis: a case report of skin necrosis associated with open bursectomy

Cheng, Z-Shan.; Jia, S-Min.; Xin, J-Qing.; Jing, B.; Liu, J.; Zhou, H-Yu., 2013:
Prepatellar synovial hemangioma: a case report

Strong, E.A., 1892:
Prepation of Teachers of Science as Carried Forward in the Michigan State Normal School

Tonge, P.D.; Olariu, V.; Coca, D.; Kadirkamanathan, V.; Burrell, K.E.; Billings, S.A.; Andrews, P.W., 2010:
Prepatterning in the stem cell compartment

Law, S.M.; Gagnon, J.K.; Mapp, A.K.; Brooks, C.L., 2014:
Prepaying the entropic cost for allosteric regulation in KIX

Anonymous, 1942:
Prepayment Medical Service Plans: C.P.S

Shi, J-Xin.; Li, J-Shu.; Hu, R.; Zhao, X-Cheng.; Liang, C-Cheng.; Li, X-Min.; Wang, H.; Shi, Y.; Su, X., 2018:
CNOT1 is involved in TTP‑mediated ICAM‑1 and IL‑8 mRNA decay

SWIFT, V.E., 2018:
Prepayment health service plans for Farm Security Administration borrowers in North Carolina

MURDOCK, T.P., 2018:
Prepayment medical care

KEENE, C.H., 1949:
Prepayment medical care in industry

HUNT, G.H., 1949:
Prepayment plans for medical care; history and present status

Anonymous, 2012:
Prepayment review pilot project recently launched by CMS

D'Angelo, G.; Crupi, C.; González, M.Angel.; Basile, E.; Conti Nibali, V.; Mondelli, C., 2010:
Prepeak and first sharp diffraction peak in the structure factor of (Cs(2)O)(0.14)(B(2)O(3))(0.86) glass: influence of temperature

Dar, U.Kalsoom.; Khan, I.Ullah.; Javed, M.; Rasheed, R.; Mahmoud, Z.; Hyder, S.Waqar.; Bhatti, S.Murad.; Anwar, J., 2012:
Preperation of (99m)Tc labeled 5-fluorouracil as a potential diagnostic agent in advanced breast cancer: first clinical trial

Romei, V.; Murray, M.M.; Cappe, Céline.; Thut, G., 2010:
Preperceptual and stimulus-selective enhancement of low-level human visual cortex excitability by sounds

Baraibar, Bña.; Sánchez-Cano, A.; Pablo, L.E.; Honrubia, F.M., 2007:
Preperimetric glaucoma assessment with scanning laser polarimetry (GDx VCC): analysis of retinal nerve fiber layer by sectors

Jeong, J.Hoon.; Park, K.Ho.; Jeoung, J.Wook.; Kim, D.Myung., 2014:
Preperimetric normal tension glaucoma study: long-term clinical course and effect of therapeutic lowering of intraocular pressure

Rice, R.D.; Reyes, A.M.; Lundy, J.B.; Seery, J.M.; Johnson, E.K.; Choi, Y.U., 2008:
Preperitoneal Richter's hernia after laparoscopic gastric bypass: management with a laparoscopic approach

Vlasov, V.V.; Babiĭ, I.V., 2010:
Preperitoneal alloplasty of inguinal canal

Družijanić, N.; Sršen, D.; Pogorelić, Z.; Mijaljica, G.; Juričić, Jško.; Perko, Z.; Kraljević, D.; Krnić, D.; Bilan, K., 2012:
Preperitoneal approach for femoral hernia repair

Ozer, A.; Yılmazlar, A.; Oztürk, E.; Yılmazlar, T., 2014:
Preperitoneal catheter analgesia is an effective method for pain management after colorectal surgery: the results of 100 consecutive patients

Rivera-López, F.Amador.; Robles-Trillo, S., 2009:
Preperitoneal dissection space with dissection globe by anterior via for groin hernia surgery

Hacıhamdioğlu, Bülent.; Öçal, Gönül.; Berberoğlu, M.; Sıklar, Z.; Fitöz, S.; Tutar, E.; Nergisoğlu, Gökhan.; Savaş Erdeve, S.; Çamtosun, E., 2014:
Preperitoneal fat tissue may be associated with arterial stiffness in obese adolescents

Kang, J.S.; Qiao, F.; Nie, L.; Wang, Y.; He, S.W.; Wu, B., 2016:
Preperitoneal femoral hernioplasty: an "umbrella" technique

Li, J.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, H.; Tang, W., 2008:
Preperitoneal groin hernia repair with Kugel patch through an anterior approach

McKay, R., 2008:
Preperitoneal herniation and bowel obstruction post laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair: case report and review of the literature

Pélissier, E.P., 2009:
Preperitoneal memory-ring patch for inguinal hernia. Re: Preperitoneal memory-ring patch for inguinal hernia: a prospective multicentric feasibility study, Berrevoet et al. (2009) Hernia (in press) doi: 10.1007/s10029-009-0475-4

Burlew, C.Cothren.; Moore, E.E.; Smith, W.R.; Johnson, J.L.; Biffl, W.L.; Barnett, C.C.; Stahel, P.F., 2011:
Preperitoneal pelvic packing/external fixation with secondary angioembolization: optimal care for life-threatening hemorrhage from unstable pelvic fractures

Karatepe, O.; Acet, E.; Altiok, M.; Adas, G.; Cak R, A.; Karahan, S., 2010:
Preperitoneal repair (open posterior approach) for recurrent inguinal hernias previously treated with Lichtenstein tension-free hernioplasty

Castagnetti, M.; Rigamonti, W., 2012:
Preperitoneal repair of inguinal hernia

Savetsky, I.L.; Rabbani, F.; Singh, K.; Brady, M.S., 2009:
Preperitoneal repair of inguinal hernia at open radical prostatectomy

John, H.; Bucher, C.; Engel, N.; Fischer, B.; Fehr, J-Luc., 2009:
Preperitoneal robotic prostate adenomectomy

Wang, L.; Liu, B.; Yang, Q.; Wu, Z.; Yang, B.; Xu, Z.; Cai, C.; Xiao, L.; Chen, W.; Sun, Y., 2012:
Preperitoneal single-port transvesical enucleation of the prostate (STEP) for large-volume BPH: one-year follow-up of Qmax, IPSS, and QoL

Fedoseev, A.V.; Leonchenko, S.V.; Faber, M.I.; Murav'ev, S.Iu., 2010:
Preperitoneal suprainguinal access with prosthesis of the anterior abdominal wall in treatment of complex forms of incarcerated inguinal hernias

Modaghegh, M-Hadi.Saeed.; Kazemzadeh, G.; Rajabnejad, Y.; Nazemian, F., 2015:
Preperitoneal tunneling-a novel technique in peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion

Mattioli, G.; Buffa, P.; Torre, M.; Pini-Prato, A.; Disma, N.; Avanzini, S.; Guida, E.; Rapuzzi, G.; Costanzo, S.; Rossi, V.; Leggio, S.; Jasonni, V., 2010:
Preperitoneoscopic approach for bladder neck sling suspension in a boy: preliminary experience

Knoops, Kèvin.; Manivannan, S.; Cepinska, M.N.; Krikken, A.M.; Kram, A.M.; Veenhuis, M.; van der Klei, I.J., 2014:
Preperoxisomal vesicles can form in the absence of Pex3

Renzi, S.E.; Krzeminski, M.A.; Sauberan, M.M.; Brazeau, D.A.; Brazeau, G.A., 2007:
Prepharmacy years in college and academic performance in a professional program

Mahlstedt, S.; Fielding, E.N.; Moore, B.S.; Walsh, C.T., 2010:
Prephenate decarboxylases: a new prephenate-utilizing enzyme family that performs nonaromatizing decarboxylation en route to diverse secondary metabolites

Greaney, P.P.; Damico, D.J., 1988:
Preplacement medical examinations-update

ROME, S.; KOFF, R., 1948:
Preplacement of air in cyclodialysis

Sugerman, D.E.; Fall, A.; Guigui, M-Thérèse.; N'dolie, M.; Balogun, T.; Wurie, A.; Goodson, J.L., 2011:
Preplanned national measles vaccination campaign at the beginning of a measles outbreak--Sierra Leone, 2009-2010

Deshmukh, T.R.; Kuthe, A.M.; Vaibhav, B., 2010:
Preplanning and simulation of surgery using rapid modelling

Anonymous, 2007:
Preplanning critical for freestanding ED

Cuello, A.C.; Ferretti, M.T.; Iulita, M.F., 2012:
Preplaque ('preclinical') Aβ-induced inflammation and nerve growth factor deregulation in transgenic models of Alzheimer's disease-like amyloid pathology

Ballo, A.M.; Närhi, T.O.; Akca, E.A.; Ozen, T.; Syrjänen, S.M.; Lassila, L.V.J.; Vallittu, P.K., 2011:
Prepolymerized vs. in situ-polymerized fiber-reinforced composite implants--a pilot study

Mehra, L.M.; Uber, P.A., 2013:
Preponderance and implications of etiologic misclassification in advanced heart failure: a clinical-pathologic investigation

Tokars, E.; Moro, A.Renato.Pereira.; dos Santos, G.Grabner., 2014:
Preponderance and possible factors associated to musculoskeletal symptoms in metals industry workers

Kaenel, P.; Schwab, C.; Mülchi, K.; Wotzkow, C.; Andres, A-Catherine., 2011:
Preponderance of cells with stem cell characteristics in metastasising mouse mammary tumours induced by deregulated EphB4 and ephrin-B2 expression

Schuenke, M.D.; Herman, J.; Staron, R.S., 2013:
Preponderance of evidence proves "big" weights optimize hypertrophic and strength adaptations

Al-Halabi, H.; Nantel, A.; Klekner, A.; Guiot, M-Christine.; Albrecht, S.; Hauser, P.; Garami, M.; Bognar, L.; Kavan, P.; Gerges, N.; Shirinian, M.; Roberge, D.; Muanza, T.; Jabado, N., 2011:
Preponderance of sonic hedgehog pathway activation characterizes adult medulloblastoma

Heaney, R.P.; Rafferty, K., 2009:
Preponderance of the evidence: an example from the issue of calcium intake and body composition

Igbokwe, H.; Bhattacharyya, S.; Gradus, S.; Khubbar, M.; Griswold, D.; Navidad, J.; Igwilo, C.; Masson-Meyers, D.; Azenabor, A.A., 2015:
Preponderance of toxigenic Escherichia coli in stool pathogens correlates with toxin detection in accessible drinking-water sources

Tomasini, Nás.; Lauthier, J.J.; Monje Rumi, Mía.M.; Ragone, P.G.; Alberti D'Amato, Aí.M.; Brandán, C.Pérez.; Basombrío, M.A.; Diosque, P., 2016:
Preponderant clonal evolution of Trypanosoma cruzi I from Argentinean Chaco revealed by Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST)

Vazquez, A.; Ramchand, T.; Kuperan, A.B.; Liu, J.K.; Eloy, J.Anderson., 2012:
Prepontine epidural abscess: a rare complication of bacterial rhinosinusitis

Steinmetz, H., 2007:
Prepontine subarachnoidal bleeding: what is the present state of knowledge?

Yagi, S.; Kamei, Y.; Torii, S., 2007:
Prepositioning a closed negative-pressure drainage device in head and neck reconstruction

Torrey, H.B., 1902:
Prepotency In Polydactylous Cats

Simpson, A.; Carroll, D.J.; Riggs, K.J., 2014:
Prepotency in action: does children's knowledge of an artifact affect their ability to inhibit acting on it?

Geurts, H.M.; van den Bergh, S.F.W.M.; Ruzzano, L., 2015:
Prepotent response inhibition and interference control in autism spectrum disorders: two meta-analyses

van der Oord, S.; Geurts, H.M.; Prins, P.J.M.; Emmelkamp, P.M.G.; Oosterlaan, J., 2012:
Prepotent response inhibition predicts treatment outcome in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Fay, G.E., 1955:
Prepottery, Lithic Complex from Sonora, Mexico

Ugolini, G.; Rosati, G.; Montroni, I.; Balbi, T.; Manaresi, A.; Zanotti, S.; Blume, J.F.; Belluzzi, A.; Taffurelli, M., 2010:
Prepouch ileitis, myth or reality? The first case with acute abdomen

Dolan, E.L.; Lally, D.J.; Brooks, E.; Tax, F.E., 2008:
Prepping Students for Authentic Science

Lawrence, D., 2008:
Prepping for ICD-10. A conversion with huge system ramifications, the move to ICD-10 should be top of mind

Albright, B., 2007:
Prepping for PHRs. The growing trend of consumer empowerment includes the speedy rise of personal health records

Trevor, T., 2015:
Prepping for the day you hope never arrives: facing recurrence

Dumiak, M., 2014:
Prepping for the immunome

Tuma, R.S., 2012:
Prepping omics for the clinic

Kunkel, F.A.; Ahrendt, I., 2012:
Prepping, another cause for diversion of opioids

Shirai, S.; Yasuda, T.; Tsuchida, H.; Kuboshima, S.; Konno, Y.; Shima, Y.; Sato, T.; Hatta, S.; Masuhara, K.; Kimura, K., 2008:
Preprandial microemulsion cyclosporine administration is effective for patients with refractory nephrotic syndrome

Huang, C-Ling.; Hsu, C-Huei.; Huang, K-Cherh.; Su, H-Yueh.; Weng, S-Fu., 2010:
Preprandial single oral dose of sitagliptin does not affect circulating ghrelin and gastrin levels in normal subjects

Umezawa, Y.; Mabuchi, T.; Ozawa, A., 2007:
Preprandial vs. postprandial pharmacokinetics of cyclosporine in patients with psoriasis

Torloni, M.R.; Betrán, A.P.; Horta, B.L.; Nakamura, M.U.; Atallah, A.N.; Moron, A.F.; Valente, O., 2008:
Prepregnancy BMI and the risk of gestational diabetes: a systematic review of the literature with meta-analysis

Lapolla, A.; Bonomo, M.; Dalfrà, M.G.; Parretti, E.; Mannino, D.; Mello, G.; D.C.anni, G.; Zotti, S.; Minelli, A.; Cimino, A.; Contini, P.P.; Cospite, A.M.; Confortin, L.; Fresa, R.; Agrusta, M.; Corsi, L.; Versari, G.; Vitacolonna, E.; Capani, F.; Mello, G.; Parretti, E.; Magrini, A.; Bartoli, E.; Tondi, F.; Riviello, C.; Marcone, T.; Merni, M.; Tortul, C.; Dolci, M.A.; Mori, M.; Bacetti, F.; D.B.nedetto, A.; Gelisio, P.; Bonomo, M.; Mion, E.; Brambilla, C.; Corica, D.; Ponziani, M.C.; Mauri,, 2010:
Prepregnancy BMI influences maternal and fetal outcomes in women with isolated gestational hyperglycaemia: a multicentre study

Hedderson, M.M.; Xu, F.; Darbinian, J.A.; Quesenberry, C.P.; Sridhar, S.; Kim, C.; Gunderson, E.P.; Ferrara, A., 2015:
Prepregnancy SHBG concentrations and risk for subsequently developing gestational diabetes mellitus

Gaskins, A.J.; Rich-Edwards, J.W.; Colaci, D.S.; Afeiche, M.C.; Toth, T.L.; Gillman, M.W.; Missmer, S.A.; Chavarro, J.E., 2015:
Prepregnancy and early adulthood body mass index and adult weight change in relation to fetal loss

Mongraw-Chaffin, M.L.; Anderson, C.A.M.; Clark, J.M.; Bennett, W.L., 2015:
Prepregnancy body mass index and cardiovascular disease mortality: the Child Health and Development Studies

Vahratian, A.; Misra, V.K.; Trudeau, S.; Misra, D.P., 2010:
Prepregnancy body mass index and gestational age-dependent changes in lipid levels during pregnancy

Liu, Y.; Dai, W.; Dai, X.; Li, Z., 2013:
Prepregnancy body mass index and gestational weight gain with the outcome of pregnancy: a 13-year study of 292,568 cases in China

Barquiel, B.; Herranz, L.; Hillman, N.; Burgos, M.Ángeles.; Pallardo, L.F., 2015:
Prepregnancy body mass index and prenatal fasting glucose are effective predictors of early postpartum metabolic syndrome in Spanish mothers with gestational diabetes

Melzer, K.; Schutz, Y.; Soehnchen, N.; Othenin Girard, V.; Martinez de Tejada, B.; Pichard, C.; Irion, O.; Boulvain, M.; Kayser, B., 2011:
Prepregnancy body mass index and resting metabolic rate during pregnancy

Parker, M.G.; Ouyang, F.; Pearson, C.; Gillman, M.W.; Belfort, M.B.; Hong, X.; Wang, G.; Heffner, L.; Zuckerman, B.; Wang, X., 2015:
Prepregnancy body mass index and risk of preterm birth: association heterogeneity by preterm subgroups

Liu, H.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, S.; Wang, L.; Leng, J.; Liu, D.; Fang, H.; Li, W.; Yu, Z.; Yang, X.; Dong, L.; Hu, G., 2015:
Prepregnancy body mass index and weight change on postpartum diabetes risk among gestational diabetes women

Ehrenthal, D.B.; Jurkovitz, C.; Hoffman, M.; Jiang, X.; Weintraub, W.S., 2011 :
Prepregnancy body mass index as an independent risk factor for pregnancy-induced hypertension

Shin, D.; Song, W.O., 2016:
Prepregnancy body mass index is an independent risk factor for gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, preterm labor, and small- and large-for-gestational-age infants

Ertel, K.A.; Silveira, M.L.; Pekow, P.S.; Dole, N.; Markenson, G.; Chasan-Taber, L., 2017:
Prepregnancy body mass index, gestational weight gain, and elevated depressive symptoms in a Hispanic cohort

Chen, Z.; Du, J.; Shao, L.; Zheng, L.; Wu, M.; Ai, M.; Zhang, Y., 2010:
Prepregnancy body mass index, gestational weight gain, and pregnancy outcomes in China

Fortner, Rée.Turzanski.; Pekow, P.; Solomon, C.G.; Markenson, G.; Chasan-Taber, L., 2009:
Prepregnancy body mass index, gestational weight gain, and risk of hypertensive pregnancy among Latina women

Bodnar, L.M.; Wisner, K.L.; Moses-Kolko, E.; Sit, D.K.Y.; Hanusa, B.H., 2009:
Prepregnancy body mass index, gestational weight gain, and the likelihood of major depressive disorder during pregnancy

La Merrill, M.; Stein, C.R.; Landrigan, P.; Engel, S.M.; Savitz, D.A., 2011:
Prepregnancy body mass index, smoking during pregnancy, and infant birth weight

Kitsantas, P.; Gaffney, K.F.; Kornides, M.L., 2012:
Prepregnancy body mass index, socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity and breastfeeding practices

Seshadri, S.; Oakeshott, P.; Nelson-Piercy, C.; Chappell, L.C., 2012:
Prepregnancy care

Reece, E.Albert.; Homko, C.J., 2007:
Prepregnancy care and the prevention of fetal malformations in the pregnancy complicated by diabetes

Meltzer, S.J., 2011:
Prepregnancy care: a shared responsibility

Anonymous, 2012:
Prepregnancy contraceptive use among teens with unintended pregnancies resulting in live births - Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), 2004-2008

Gavin, A.R.; Chae, D.H.; Mustillo, S.; Kiefe, C.I., 2009:
Prepregnancy depressive mood and preterm birth in black and white women: findings from the CARDIA Study

Phillips, G.S.; Wise, L.A.; Rich-Edwards, J.W.; Stampfer, M.J.; Rosenberg, L., 2010:
Prepregnancy depressive symptoms and preterm birth in the Black Women's Health Study

Gaskins, A.J.; Rich-Edwards, J.W.; Hauser, R.; Williams, P.L.; Gillman, M.W.; Penzias, A.; Missmer, S.A.; Chavarro, J.E., 2014:
Prepregnancy dietary patterns and risk of pregnancy loss

Vilela, A.Amélia.Freitas.; Farias, D.Rodrigues.; Eshriqui, I.; Vaz, J.dos.Santos.; Franco-Sena, A.Beatriz.; Castro, M.Beatriz.Trindade.; Olinto, M.Teresa.Anselmo.; Machado, S.Pinheiro.; Moura da Silva, Aônio.Augusto.; Kac, G., 2015:
Prepregnancy healthy dietary pattern is inversely associated with depressive symptoms among pregnant Brazilian women

Catov, J.M.; Ness, R.B.; Wellons, M.F.; Jacobs, D.R.; Roberts, J.M.; Gunderson, E.P., 2010:
Prepregnancy lipids related to preterm birth risk: the coronary artery risk development in young adults study

Bao, W.; Bowers, K.; Tobias, D.K.; Olsen, S.F.; Chavarro, J.; Vaag, A.; Kiely, M.; Zhang, C., 2015:
Prepregnancy low-carbohydrate dietary pattern and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: a prospective cohort study

Scholten, R.R.; Sep, S.; Peeters, L.; Hopman, M.T.E.; Lotgering, F.K.; Spaanderman, M.E.A., 2013:
Prepregnancy low-plasma volume and predisposition to preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction

Papachatzi, E.; Papadopoulos, V.; Dimitriou, G.; Paparrodopoulos, S.; Papadimitriou-Olivgeris, M.; Vantarakis, A., 2016:
Prepregnancy maternal obesity and fetal-perinatal death in a Mediterranean country

Schmiegelow, M.Dalgas.; Andersson, C.; Køber, L.; Andersen, Søren.Skøtt.; Olesen, J.Bjerring.; Jensen, T.Bo.; Azimi, A.; Nielsen, M.Birgitte.; Gislason, G.; Torp-Pedersen, C., 2014:
Prepregnancy obesity and associations with stroke and myocardial infarction in women in the years after childbirth: a nationwide cohort study

Arias, W.; Viner-Brown, S., 2011:
Prepregnancy obesity and birth defects in Rhode Island

Rasmussen, S.A.; Galuska, D.A., 2010:
Prepregnancy obesity and birth defects: what's next?

Xie, Y.; Xiong, X.; Elkind-Hirsch, K.E.; Pridjian, G.; Maney, P.; Delarosa, R.L.; Buekens, P., 2015:
Prepregnancy obesity and periodontitis among pregnant females with and without gestational diabetes mellitus

Ahmed, S.R.; Ellah, M.A.A.; Mohamed, O.A.; Eid, H.M., 2009:
Prepregnancy obesity and pregnancy outcome

Bytautiene, E.; Tamayo, E.; Kechichian, T.; Drever, N.; Gamble, P.; Hankins, G.D.V.; Saade, G.R., 2011:
Prepregnancy obesity and sFlt1-induced preeclampsia in mice: developmental programming model of metabolic syndrome

Correa, A.; Marcinkevage, J., 2014:
Prepregnancy obesity and the risk of birth defects: an update

Chu, S.Y.; Kim, S.Y.; Bish, C.L., 2008 :
Prepregnancy obesity prevalence in the United States, 2004-2005

Hinkle, S.N.; Sharma, A.J.; Kim, S.Y.; Park, S.; Dalenius, K.; Brindley, P.L.; Grummer-Strawn, L.M., 2012:
Prepregnancy obesity trends among low-income women, United States, 1999-2008

Carmichael, S.L.; Rasmussen, S.A.; Shaw, G.M., 2011:
Prepregnancy obesity: a complex risk factor for selected birth defects

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Prepregnancy obesity: determinants, consequences, and solutions

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