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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55144

Chapter 55144 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Ghabril, M.; Nguyen, J.; Kramer, D.; Genco, T.; Mai, M.; Rosser, B.G., 2007:
Presentation of an acquired urea cycle disorder post liver transplantation

Sauer, M.W.; Siano, C.J.; Simon, H.K., 2011:
Presentation of an adolescent with delayed-onset massive hemorrhage and shock from a tongue piercing

Bourlon, C.; Chokron, S.; Bachoud-Lévi, A-C.; Coubard, O.; Bergeras, I.; Moulignier, A.; Viret, A-C.; Bartolomeo, P., 2010:
Presentation of an assessment battery for visual mental imagery and visual perception

Lysitsas, D.N.; Wrigley, B.; Banerjee, P.; Glennon, P.E.; Parmar, J.M.; Shiu, M.Fai.; Been, M., 2007:
Presentation of an embolised Amplatzer septal occluder to the main pulmonary artery 2 years after implantation

Nadai, T.Rubens.de.; Silveira, A.Paula.Cassiano.; Monteiro, A.Santana.e.Neves.; Campos, D.Ribeiro.; Carvalho, M.Tulio.Rezende.de.; Albuquerque, A.Afrodite.Sumarelli.; Celotto, A.Carla.; Evora, P.Roberto.Barbosa., 2015:
Presentation of an experimental method to induce in vitro ("organ chambers") respiratory acidosis and its effect on vascular reactivity

Ameres, S.; Mautner, J.; Schlott, F.; Neuenhahn, M.; Busch, D.H.; Plachter, B.; Moosmann, A., 2013:
Presentation of an immunodominant immediate-early CD8+ T cell epitope resists human cytomegalovirus immunoevasion

Stojković, A.; Radlović, N.; Vuletić, B.; Nestorović, B.; Leković, Z.; Obradović, S.; Vujić, A., 2015:
Presentation of an infant with nutritional deficiency dermatitis as the initial manifestation of cystic fibrosis

Svigos, J.; Khurana, S.; Munt, C.; Sinhal, S.; Bernardo, J., 2013:
Presentation of an umbilical cord cyst with a surprising jet: a case report of a patent urachus

Ozyer, U.; Kirbas, I.; Hasdogan, B.; Bozkurt, A.; Coskun, M., 2007:
Presentation of an unusual case of hepatic alveolar echinococcosis: multidetector CT and US findings

Bamshad, M.; Song, C.Kay.; Bartness, T.J., 2018:
CNS origins of the sympathetic nervous system outflow to brown adipose tissue

Bonnemeier, H.; Bosch, R.F.; Kohlhaussen, A.; Rosin, L.; Willich, S.N.; Pittrow, D.; Kirch, W.; Move Study Group, 2011:
Presentation of atrial fibrillation and its management by cardiologists in the ambulatory and hospital setting: MOVE cross-sectional study

Hebb, A.L.O.; Imran, S.Ali.; Morris, D.P.; Bance, M.; Walling, S., 2015:
Presentation of atrial fibrillation following oral dexamethasone treatment in a NF2 patient

Simonsen, A.Birgitte.; Olesen, A.Braae., 2011:
Presentation of atypical bullous pyoderma gangrenosum

Anonymous, 2014:
Presentation of awards

Davili, Z.; Makhuli, Z.; Hartman, C.; Rong, R., 2011:
Presentation of bladder leiomyoma concurrent with transitional cell carcinoma

Shaikh, U.; Nelson, R.; Tancredi, D.; Byrd, R.S., 2011:
Presentation of body mass index within an electronic health record to improve weight assessment and counselling in children and adolescents

Agarwal, N.; Shah, J.; Hansberry, D.R.; Mammis, A.; Sharer, L.R.; Goldstein, I.M., 2014:
Presentation of cauda equina syndrome due to an intradural extramedullary abscess: a case report

Reilly, N.Rizkalla.; Fasano, A.; Green, P.H.R., 2013:
Presentation of celiac disease

Markman, M., 2009:
Presentation of chemotherapy options for cervix cancer on cancer-related Internet sites

Chesshyre, E.L.D.; Molyneux, E.M., 2010:
Presentation of child sexual abuse cases to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital following the establishment of an HIV post-exposure prophylaxis programme

Radhakrishnan, S.; Das, P.; Singh, S.; Kalita, D.; Gupta, S.Datta.; Bakhshi, S., 2009:
Presentation of childhood CML mimicking bone sarcoma

Wilne, S.; Collier, J.; Kennedy, C.; Koller, K.; Grundy, R.; Walker, D., 2007:
Presentation of childhood CNS tumours: a systematic review and meta-analysis

L.S.ina, M.; Russo, G., 2007:
Presentation of childhood acute myeloid leukemia with erythema nodosum

Jobse, I.C.; Feitsma, M.Th., 2011:
Presentation of chronic subdural hematoma in the elderly

Torsvik, Tørn.; Lillebo, Børge.; Mikkelsen, G., 2013:
Presentation of clinical laboratory results: an experimental comparison of four visualization techniques

Mevawalla, N.; McMullen, T.; Sidhu, S.; Sywak, M.; Robinson, B.; Delbridge, L., 2011:
Presentation of clinically solitary thyroid nodules in surgical patients

Pitt, R.A.; Alexander, S.; Horner, P.J.; Ison, C.A., 2014:
Presentation of clinically suspected persistent chlamydial infection: a case series

Addley, J.; Johnston, S.; Mainie, I.; Mitchell, R.M., 2012:
Presentation of coeliac disease in an elderly population

Marcus, K.A.; Halbertsma, F.J.J.; Severijnen, R.S.V.M., 2007:
Presentation of congenital diaphragmatic hernia after the neonatal period

Lockemer, H.E.; Harrington, J.W., 2010:
Presentation of congenital disorders of glycosylation type 1a

Amorim, Lúcia.F.P.; Pires, C.A.B.; Lana, A.Maria.A.; Campos, A.S.; Aguiar, R.A.L.P.; Tibúrcio, J.Domingues.; Siqueira, A.Lúcia.; Mota, C.C.C.; Aguiar, M.J.B., 2008:
Presentation of congenital heart disease diagnosed at birth: analysis of 29,770 newborn infants

Silberbach, M.; Hannon, D., 2007:
Presentation of congenital heart disease in the neonate and young infant

Hussain, M.; Hussain, S.; Krishin, J.; Abbasi, S., 2012:
Presentation of congestive cardiac failure in children with ventricular septal defect

Schriger, D.L.; Savage, D.F.; Altman, D.G., 2013:
Presentation of continuous outcomes in randomised trials: an observational study

Gómez, P.; Mavian, C.; Galocha, Bña.; García-Medel, N.; López de Castro, Jé.A., 2009:
Presentation of cytosolically stable peptides by HLA-B27 is not dependent on the canonic interactions of N-terminal basic residues in the A pocket

Lynn, C.L., 1947 :
Presentation of dentistry

Gilbert, S.R.; Conklin, M.J., 2007:
Presentation of distal humerus physeal separation

Ejaz, A.; Raza, N.; Iftikhar, N.; Iftikhar, A.; Farooq, M., 2009:
Presentation of early onset psoriasis in comparison with late onset psoriasis: a clinical study from Pakistan

O'Hara, S.K.; Smith, K.Clegg., 2007:
Presentation of eating disorders in the news media: What are the implications for patient diagnosis and treatment?

Chaikledkaew, U.; Teerawattananon, Y., 2009:
Presentation of economic evaluation results

Li, C.; Yamagishi, N.; Kaido, M.; Yoshikawa, N., 2015:
Presentation of epitope sequences from foreign viruses on the surface of apple latent spherical virus particles

Nečas, P.; Hejna, P., 2012:
Presentation of eponymous terms in forensic medicine

Allen, M.; MacLeod, T.; Handfield-Jones, R.; Sinclair, D.; Fleming, M., 2011:
Presentation of evidence in continuing medical education programs: a mixed methods study

Pincus, L.B.; Zehnder, J.L.; Neuhaus, I.M.; Andreadis, C.; McCalmont, T.H., 2010:
Presentation of extranodal natural killer T-cell lymphoma, nasal type, with poorly circumscribed erythematous patches

Sasaki, K.; Tahara, T.; Mitani, K., 2009:
Presentation of familial Mediterranean fever in a heterozygous MEFV mutation triggered by immunosuppressive therapy for myelodysplastic syndrome

Silverman, B.R.; Champion, J.A., 2015:
Presentation of fibronectin fragments using affinity protein interactions for enhanced retention and function

Osaki, T.Hentona.; Kasahara, N.; Della Paolera, M.; Cohen, R.; Nishiwaki-Dantas, M.Cristina., 2010:
Presentation of glaucoma in an urban tertiary care hospital in South America: legal blindness and prevalence

Lin, L.; Adey, C., 2007:
Presentation of hemiplegic migraine--hemiplegia and hemi-sensory loss following general anaesthesia

Maletha, M.; Khan, T.Roshan.; Gupta, A.; Kureel, S.N., 2009:
Presentation of high ano-rectal malformation beyond neonatal period

Ebrahimi, M.; Modaghegh, M.Hadi.; Esmaeilzadeh, A., 2011:
Presentation of hospital outcomes and different treatment methods of patients with budd-Chiari syndrome: a report from two tertiary hospitals in iran

Manuel, Són.L.; Schell, T.D.; Acheampong, E.; Rahman, S.; Khan, Z.K.; Jain, P., 2010:
Presentation of human T cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1) Tax protein by dendritic cells: the underlying mechanism of HTLV-1-associated neuroinflammatory disease

Grajo, J.R.; Kayton, M.L.; Steffensen, T.S.; Dragicevic, N.; Guidi, C.B., 2013:
Presentation of ileal Burkitt lymphoma in children

van Steijn, J.H.M.; Huinink, E.J.; Walderveen, P.E.; Schuur, T.; van Asselt, D.Z.B., 2010:
Presentation of illness in the elderly: a simple explanation for a complex problem

Kasem, A.J.; Pottker, T., 2014:
Presentation of incomplete Currarino triad in a 12-day-old patient with vomiting: a case report

Ding, D., 2014:
Presentation of intracranial arteriovenous malformations with symptomatic venous congestion

Kounovsky-Shafer, K.L.; Hernández-Ortiz, J.P.; Jo, K.; Odijk, T.; de Pablo, J.J.; Schwartz, D.C., 2014:
Presentation of large DNA molecules for analysis as nanoconfined dumbbells

Kerr, A.; Dawe, R.S.; Nathwani, D.; Evans, A.T.; Ferguson, J., 2009:
Presentation of leishmaniasis (Leishmania infantum) in the skin of a patient with severe atopic dermatitis

Schiefner, Aé.; Wilson, I.A., 2010:
Presentation of lipid antigens by CD1 glycoproteins

Song, Y-Chyi.; Chou, A-Hsiang.; Homhuan, A.; Huang, M-Hsi.; Chiang, S-Kuo.; Shen, K-Yin.; Chuang, P-Wei.; Leng, C-Hsiang.; Tao, M-Hua.; Chong, P.; Liu, S-Jen., 2011:
Presentation of lipopeptide by dendritic cells induces anti-tumor responses via an endocytosis-independent pathway in vivo

Deininger, S.; Traub, S.; Aichele, D.; Rupp, T.; Baris, T.; Möller, H.M.; Hartung, T.; von Aulock, S., 2008:
Presentation of lipoteichoic acid potentiates its inflammatory activity

Feldman, D.S., 2008:
Presentation of low back pain in children had a low diagnosis rate

Atay, Mş.H.; Kelkitli, E.; Alici, O.; Cilingir, F.; Turgut, M., 2015:
Presentation of mantle cell lymphoma with symptoms of prostatism

Abbas, I.; Abbasi, M.Manshad.; Ghous, S.Muhammad.; Ahmad, N.; Ahmad, A.; Ayu, M., 2014:
Presentation of maxillofacial injuries in the 2005 earthquake victims

Demarco, M.L.; Woods, R.J.; Prestegard, J.H.; Tian, F., 2010:
Presentation of membrane-anchored glycosphingolipids determined from molecular dynamics simulations and NMR paramagnetic relaxation rate enhancement

Mitchell, D.I.; Riley, P.J., 2008:
Presentation of metastatic carcinoma as pedal stress fracture and ingrown toenail

Kotak, A.; Merrick, G., 2014:
Presentation of metastatic renal cell carcinoma as a lip lesion

Vanlioglu, B.; Chua, T.C., 2011:
Presentation of mumps infection as acute pancreatitis without parotitis

Geenen, V., 2012:
Presentation of neuroendocrine self in the thymus: a necessity for integrated evolution of the immune and neuroendocrine systems

Livermore, G.R., 1949:
Presentation of new indwelling ureteral catheter

Booth, C.M.; L.M.ître, Aélie.; Ding, K.; Farn, K.; Fralick, M.; Phillips, C.; Cescon, D.W.; Meyer, R.M., 2009:
Presentation of nonfinal results of randomized controlled trials at major oncology meetings

Litten, F., 2009:
Presentation of nursing in the Japanese manga: the image of a nurse

Ankichetty, S.P.; Khunein, S.; Venkatraghavan, L., 2013:
Presentation of occult Chiari I malformation following spinal anesthesia

Bhandari, H.Srinivas., 2013:
Presentation of opsoclonus myoclonus ataxia syndrome with glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies

Veraldi, S.; Nazzaro, G.; Vaira, F.; Çuka, E., 2015:
Presentation of orf (ecthyma contagiosum) after sheep slaughtering for religious feasts

Pham, D.V.; Scott, K.G., 2007:
Presentation of osteitis and osteomyelitis pubis as acute abdominal pain

Swiatkowska-Freund, M.; Preis, K.; Pankrac, Z., 2009:
Presentation of our own results of twin-to-twin laser therapy

Maurel, G., 1947:
Presentation of patients and operations of maxillofacial surgery

Shouval, D.S.; Schurr, D.; Nussinovitch, M., 2008:
Presentation of perianal group a streptococcal infection as irritability among children

Bogdanovic, A.; Radojkovic, M.; Tomasevic, R.Jankovic.; Pesic, I.; Petkovic, T.Radjenovic.; Kovacevic, P.; Rancic, Z., 2014:
Presentation of pericardial hydatid cyst as acute cardiac tamponade

Breen, D.Birksted.; Michels, B., 2008:
Presentation of perspectives from psychoanalytic communities around the world

Jarząb, B.; Król, A.; Hasse-Lazar, K.; Jurecka-Lubieniecka, B., 2013:
Presentation of points of general discussion and voting among the speakers of the European Thyroid Association-Cancer Research Network (ETA-CRN) meeting in Lisbon, 2009, entitled "European comments to ATA medullary thyroid cancer guidelines"

Anonymous, 1928:
Presentation of portrait of Dr. William H. Park

Anonymous, 1967 :
Presentation of portrait of samuel cartwright, junior

Prabhu, I.Satheesh.; Edwards, A.I.; Akhtar, S., 2008:
Presentation of posters using a video-compatible digital photo frame

Adegbiji, W.A.; Alabi, B.S.; Olajuyin, O.A.; Nwawolo, C.C., 2014:
Presentation of preauricular sinus and preauricular sinus abscess in southwest Nigeria

Yokell, M.A.; Delgado, M.Kit.; Zaller, N.D.; Wang, N.Ewen.; McGowan, S.K.; Green, T.Craig., 2015:
Presentation of prescription and nonprescription opioid overdoses to US emergency departments

Razib, F.A.; Mannan, M.; Biswas, A.K.; Al-Amin, Z.; Ahsan, A.I.; Dey, B.K.; Wahiduzzaman, M.; Kamal, M.A.; Islam, M.T., 2013:
Presentation of primary hyperparathyroidism due to adenoma

Ponce Villar, Ú.; Planells Roig, M.; Coret Franco, A.; Peiro Monzo, F.; Caro Perez, F., 2014:
Presentation of primary thyroid tuberculosis as a sub-acute thyroid abscess. A case report

Chappell, T.; Creech, C.Buddy.; Parra, D.; Strauss, A.; Scholl, F.; Whitney, G., 2008:
Presentation of pulmonary artery intimal sarcoma in an infant with a history of neonatal valvular pulmonic stenosis

Godfrey, G.J.; Moore, G.; Alatassi, H., 2011:
Presentation of renal cell carcinoma as cervical polyp metastasis

Barakat, A.J., 2013:
Presentation of renal disease in children

Tyagi, A.; Chugh, V.; Kumar, S.; Sethi, A.K., 2013:
Presentation of research in anesthesia: Culmination into publication?

Tang, J.C.; Escandon, J.; Shiman, M.; Berman, B., 2012:
Presentation of reticulate acropigmentation of kitamura and dowling-degos disease overlap

Essuman, V.; Ntim-Amponsah, C.T.; Akafo, S.; Renner, L.; Edusei, L., 2011:
Presentation of retinoblastoma at a paediatric eye clinic in ghana

Ali, M.Javed.; Honavar, S.G., 2011:
Presentation of retinoblastoma in pregnancy

Subramaniam, S.; Rahmat, J.; Rahman, N.Abdul.; Ramasamy, S.; Bhoo-Pathy, N.; Pin, G.Pik.; Alagaratnam, J., 2015:
Presentation of retinoblastoma patients in Malaysia

Burnett, M.M.; Hess, C.P.; Roberts, J.P.; Bass, N.M.; Douglas, V.C.; Josephson, S.Andrew., 2011:
Presentation of reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome in patients on calcineurin inhibitors

Rogers, V.Laibl.; Sheffield, J.S.; Roberts, S.W.; McIntire, D.D.; Luby, J.P.; Trevino, S.; Wendel, G.D., 2010:
Presentation of seasonal influenza A in pregnancy: 2003-2004 influenza season

Hensman, S., 1998:
Presentation of self as performance

Elezi, Y.; Rugova, B.; Hasani, A.; Elezi, E.; Zylfiu, B.; Telaku, S.; Rrudhani, I., 2012:
Presentation of seven members of a family with the Alport's syndrome

Domínguez-Pinilla, N.; Allende-Martínez, L.; Corral Sánchez, Mía.Dolores.; Arocena, J.de.Inocencio.; González-Granado, L.Ignacio., 2015:
Presentation of severe combined immunodeficiency with respiratory syncytial virus and pneumocystis co-infection

Muramatsu, C.; Schmidt, R.A.; Shiraishi, J.; Li, Q.; Doi, K., 2011:
Presentation of similar images as a reference for distinction between benign and malignant masses on mammograms: analysis of initial observer study

Chiuccariello, L.; Boileau, I.; Guranda, M.; Rusjan, P.M.; Wilson, A.A.; Zawertailo, L.; Houle, S.; Busto, U.; L.F.ll, B., 2013:
Presentation of smoking-associated cues does not elicit dopamine release after one-hour smoking abstinence: A [11C]-(+)-PHNO PET study

Christmann, S.; Leisser, C.; Schrage, N., 2015:
Presentation of software for collation of inpatient diurnal pressure profiles in glaucoma patients

Reddy, R.; Maitra, I.; Turner, P., 2014:
Presentation of solitary caecal diverticulitum imitating acute appendicitis

Jiang, W.; Lederman, M.M.; Harding, C.V.; Sieg, S.F., 2011:
Presentation of soluble antigens to CD8+ T cells by CpG oligodeoxynucleotide-primed human naive B cells

Baker, D.J.; Brown, W.L., 1966:
Presentation of spectra

Zaman, M.Justin.; Junghans, C.; Sekhri, N.; Chen, R.; Feder, G.S.; Timmis, A.D.; Hemingway, H., 2008:
Presentation of stable angina pectoris among women and South Asian people

Ruf, S.; Hebart, H.; Hjalgrim, L.Lyngsie.; Kabickova, E.; Lang, P.; Steinbach, D.; Schwabe, G.C.; Woessmann, W., 2018:
CNS progression during vinblastine or targeted therapies for high-risk relapsed ALK-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma: A case series

Lewis, F.R., 2013:
Presentation of survival data: a plea for use of logarithmic scales

Saeed, M.Usman.; Raza, S.Hamid.; Goyal, S.; Cleary, G.; Newman, W.David.; Chandna, A., 2014 :
Presentation of suspected pediatric uveitis

Fernandes, Nália.; Gomes, G.; Capela, C., 2015:
Presentation of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in emergency department: a case report

Waseem, M.; Alsheikh, M.; Hana, A., 2007:
Presentation of systemic lupus erythematosus in emergency department

Pellicciotta, I.; Cortez-Gonzalez, X.; Sasik, R.; Reiter, Y.; Hardiman, G.; Langlade-Demoyen, P.; Zanetti, M., 2008:
Presentation of telomerase reverse transcriptase, a self-tumor antigen, is down-regulated by histone deacetylase inhibition

Greenes, R.A.; Buchanan, B.G.; Ellison, D.; Shortliffe, E.H., 2007:
Presentation of the 2006 Morris F. Collen Award to Edward H.(Ted) Shortliffe

Masys, D.R.; Ellison, D.; Stead, W.W.; Stead, W.W., 2008:
Presentation of the 2007 Morris F. Collen award to William W. Stead, MD, including comments from recipient

Overstreet, R.M.; Campbell, W.C., 2008:
Presentation of the 2008 ASP Distinguished Service Award to William C. Campbell

Ohno-Machado, L.; Ellison, D.; Shortliffe, E.H.; Greenes, R.A., 2009:
Presentation of the 2008 Morris F. Collen Award to Robert A. Greenes

Watkins, J.B.; Perman, J.A., 2009:
Presentation of the 2008 Murray Davidson Award to Jay A. Perman, MD

Winter, H.S.; Colletti, R., 2009:
Presentation of the 2008 NASPGHAN Distinguished Service Award to Richard Colletti, MD

Heyman, M.B.; Thaler, M.Michael., 2009:
Presentation of the 2008 Shwachman Award to M. Michael Thaler, MD

Nazir, A.; Fawad; Siddique, N.; Hameed, A., 2018:
CNS relapse of diffuse large B cell Lymphoma A single centre experience

Jackson, W.Daniel.; Book, L.S., 2010:
Presentation of the 2009 Murray Davidson Award to Linda S. Book, MD

Markowitz, J.; Daum, F., 2010:
Presentation of the 2009 NASPGHAN Distinguished Service Award to Fred Daum, MD

Balistreri, W.F.; Sokol, R.J., 2010:
Presentation of the 2009 Shwachman Award to Ronald J. Sokol, MD

Kolman, A.; Clothier, R., 2011:
Presentation of the 2010 Björn Ekwall Memorial Award by Dr Ada Kolman, president of the Björn Ekwall Memorial Foundation, on the occasion of the 12th annual FRAME lecture, held on 4 November 2010, at the Kennel Club, London

Troncone, R.; Shamir, R.; Branski, D., 2016:
Presentation of the 2013 ESPGHAN distinguished service award to professor David Branski

Guidot, D.M., 2014:
Presentation of the 2014 Founders' Medal Award

Kirk, S.A., 2014:
Presentation of the 49th Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education

Anonymous, 1843:
Presentation of the Belly

Behlau, M.; Pontes, P.; Vieira, V.Pedrosa.; Yamasaki, R.; Madazio, G., 2014:
Presentation of the Comprehensive Vocal Rehabilitation Program for the treatment of behavioral dysphonia

Poljacki, M.; Duran, V.; Jovanović, M.; Stojanović, S., 2008:
Presentation of the Department and Clinic of Dermatology and Venereology

Anonymous, 1912:
Presentation of the Jenner Medal

Friedman, L.S., 2009:
Presentation of the Julius M. Friedenwald Medal to Daniel K. Podolsky, MD

Freston, J.W.; Yoshida, C.M.; Peura, D.A., 2011:
Presentation of the Julius M. Friedenwald Medal to David A. Peura, MD, AGAF

Katzka, D.A., 2010:
Presentation of the Julius M. Friedenwald Medal to Donald O. Castell, MD

Lieberman, D.; Keeffe, E.B., 2012:
Presentation of the Julius M. Friedenwald Medal to Emmet B. Keeffe, MD

Burt, R.W.; Freston, J.W., 2007:
Presentation of the Julius M. Friedenwald Medal to James W. Freston, MD, PhD

Augustyn, D.H.; Brotman, M., 2008:
Presentation of the Julius M. Friedenwald Medal to Martin Brotman, MD

Gores, G.J.; Katzka, D.A.; LaRusso, N.F., 2014:
Presentation of the Julius M. Friedenwald Medal to Nicholas F. LaRusso, MD

Yamada, T.; Owyang, C., 2013:
Presentation of the Julius M. Friedenwald medal to Chung Owyang, MD

Winfield, J.M., 1904:
Presentation of the Library of the Physicians to the German Hospital and Dispensary of the City of New York to the Library of the Medical Society of the County of Kings

Villalobos Garduño, Félix.Enrique., 2007:
Presentation of the Medical Ethics Code of the Mexican Orthopedics Society, A.C

van der Feltz-Cornelis, C.M.; Hoedeman, R.; Keuter, E.J.W.; Swinkels, J.A., 2012:
Presentation of the Multidisciplinary Guideline Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS) and Somatoform Disorder in the Netherlands: disease management according to risk profiles

Horn, D.L.; Fishman, J.A.; Steinbach, W.J.; Anaissie, E.J.; Marr, K.A.; Olyaei, A.J.; Pfaller, M.A.; Weiss, M.A.; Webster, K.M.; Neofytos, D., 2007:
Presentation of the PATH Alliance registry for prospective data collection and analysis of the epidemiology, therapy, and outcomes of invasive fungal infections

Pierobon, A.; Callegari, S.; Giardini, A.; Ferrari, M.; Olmetti, F.; Corbellini, D.; Febo, O.; Majani, G., 2012:
Presentation of the Psycho-Cardiological schedule and convergence levels analyses among the psycho-cardiological screening and the psychological assessment

Marino, C.R., 2009:
Presentation of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation Founders' Medal for 2009 to Richard W. McCallum, MD

Gerling, I.C.; Solomon, S.S., 2010:
Presentation of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation Founders' Medal for 2010 to Solomon S. Solomon, MD

Lyons, T.J.; Bronze, M.S., 2011:
Presentation of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation Founders' Medal for 2011 to Michael S. Bronze, MD

Villarreal, D.; Weber, K., 2012:
Presentation of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation Founders' Medal for 2012

Craig, H.R., 1966:
Presentation of the academy plaque and medals

Furtado, I.A.; Agostinho, H.Roque., 2016:
Presentation of the anatomical and clinical method of direct faciometrics in children with preliminary clinical objectives

Wilson, C.L.; Hine, D.W.; Pradipta, A.; Pearson, J.P.; van Eden, W.; Robinson, J.H.; Knight, A.M., 2012:
Presentation of the candidate rheumatoid arthritis autoantigen aggrecan by antigen-specific B cells induces enhanced CD4(+) T helper type 1 subset differentiation

Barakat, A.J., 2012:
Presentation of the child with renal disease and guidelines for referral to the pediatric nephrologist

Jannin, J., 2010:
Presentation of the consensus workshop about the Chagas disease in non-endemic areas (26 June 2009, Paris, France)

de Matos, Aónio.Alves., 2007:
Presentation of the core curriculum in rheumatology

McGinnis, G.J.; Raber, J., 2019:
CNS side effects of immune checkpoint inhibitors: preclinical models, genetics and multimodality therapy

L.C.each, L.; Chosidow, O.; Guillot, B.; Dupuy, A.; Bastuji-Garin, S.; Dupin, N.; Grob, J.Jacques.; Lacour, J.Philippe.; Lorette, Gérard.; Martin, L.; Truchetet, Fçois.; Saiag, P.; Sbidian, E.; Sei, J.François., 2013:
Presentation of the evidence-based medicine section

Anonymous, 2012:
Presentation of the first pediatric hospice seal in Germany: Balthasar pediatric and youth hospice in Olpe is evaluated by Rhineland TUV

Frascarolo, F.; Dimitrova, N.; Zimmermann, G.; Favez, N.; Kuersten-Hogan, R.; Baker, J.; McHale, J., 2009:
Presentation of the french adaptation of McHale's coparenting scale for families with young children

Terry, R.D., 1982:
Presentation of the gold headed cane award to harry m. Zimmerman: 1982

Sandrini, S., 2009:
Presentation of the issue dedicated to living donor kidney transplant

Koslowsky, T.C.; Schliwa, S.; Koebke, J., 2011:
Presentation of the microscopic vascular architecture of the radial head using a sequential plastination technique

Cuerda, C.; Parón, L.; Planas, M.; Gómez Candela, C.; Moreno, J.M., 2007:
Presentation of the new Spanish home artificial nutrition registry

Bloch, J-Charles.; Vauthier, 2008:
Presentation of the preparation for local anesthesia

Becker, F.F., 1982:
Presentation of the rous-whipple award to emmanuel farber: 1982

Becker, F.F., 1981:
Presentation of the rous-whipple award to morris j. Karnovsky-1981

McDermott, R.J.; Black, J.K., 2007:
Presentation of the second annual Judy K. Black Early Career Research Award

Padilla-Marín, C.; Camacho-Bejarano, R.; Padín-López, S.; Terol-Fernandez, E., 2015:
Presentation of the special issue on the chronically ill patient

Marchesi, V.T., 1982:
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Presentations of rash

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Presentations of the damned I. Mole. By Caveman

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Presentations offer insight on social media for physicians

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Presentations on exciting topics

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Presentations: Billboard science

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Presentations: Pressure to perform

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Presentations: a guide for the foundation year doctor

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CNS tuberculosis

Malińska, M., 2014:

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Presenteeism--implications and health risks

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Anonymous, 2014:

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Presenting ADAMTS13 on a TTP-associated MHC

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Presenting ADHD symptoms, subtypes, and comorbid disorders in clinically referred adults with ADHD

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Presenting Breech. 20th March 2013, James Paget University Hospital

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Presenting DEViSE: data exchange for visualizing security events

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Presenting Division 18, Psychologists in Public Service: legacy and leadership

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Presenting GENETICS: honoring the past, embracing the future

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Presenting Triple-Wins? Assessing Projects That Deliver Adaptation, Mitigation and Development Co-benefits in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa

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Presenting a combination red filter and occluder with several uses

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Presenting a foreign antigen on live attenuated Edwardsiella tarda using twin-arginine translocation signal peptide as a multivalent vaccine

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Presenting a new paradigm in cancer therapy: delivering therapeutic agents using navigable microcarriers

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Presenting a research project on rare diseases to industrial companies

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Presenting a successful stroke education model to meet the Joint Commission's Disease-Specific Care Certification

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Presenting and evaluating qualitative research

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Presenting and illustrating data

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Presenting and interpreting findings

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Presenting at conferences: rewarding, start to finish

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Presenting budget in a research grant application

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Presenting clinical features and outcome in intussusception

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Presenting colorectal carcinoma cases in our department

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Presenting concerns of veterans entering treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder

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Presenting data: can you follow a recipe?

Drummond, G.B.; Tom, B.D.M., 2012:
Presenting data: can you follow a recipe?

Drummond, G.B.; Tom, B.D.M., 2012:
Presenting data: can you follow a recipe?

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Presenting effective inservice

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Presenting evidence for the court

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Presenting testimony before the Institution of Medicine

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Presenting the European Forum for TB Innovation: innovative thinking in progressing towards TB elimination in Europe

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Presenting the alternative: cancer and complementary and alternative medicine in the Canadian print media

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Presenting the case for the medical humanities

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Presenting the facts

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Presenting the improved possibility for staying well might be better than talking about change in risk: use of the non-occurrence probability increase (NOPI)

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Presenting the latest novelties in gastroenterology

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Presenting the new Hartford Hospital

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Presenting the results of PAD schemes

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Presenting the results of clinical trials to participants

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Presenting the self: negotiating a label of autism

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Presenting the statistical results

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Presenting the uncertainties of odds ratios using empirical-Bayes prediction intervals

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Presenting treatment options to men with clinically localized prostate cancer: the acceptability of active surveillance/monitoring

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Presenting unwelcome research findings

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Presenting with precision: preparing and delivering a polished conference presentation

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Presenting your research

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Presenting your results-II: Inferential statistics

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Presenting your story to the capital markets

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Presenting your structures: the CCP4mg molecular-graphics software

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Presenting: your future success

Anonymous, 2008:
Presents the recipient of the 2008 Robert F. Allen Symbol of H .O .P.E Award Dr. Paul R. Polak

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Preservation Of Anatomical Specimens

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Preservation Of Forests

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Preservation Of Natural Areas

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Preservation Of Stock Cultures Of Bacteria By Freezing And Drying

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Preservation Of The Anterior Chamber

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Preservation Of The Continuity Of The Scientific Record

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Preservation Of The Health Of The Soldier On The Western Front

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Preservation Of The Heath Hen

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Preservation Of The National Monuments Of China

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Preservation efforts

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Preservation of Bodies

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Preservation of Foods by Cold

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Preservation of Human Cornea

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