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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55145

Chapter 55145 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Beebe, D.C.; Shui, Y-Bo.; Siegfried, C.J.; Holekamp, N.M.; Bai, F., 2014:
Preserve the (intraocular) environment: the importance of maintaining normal oxygen gradients in the eye

Anonymous, 2014:
Preserve the Endangered Species Act. The most successful environmental legislation ever enacted faces new threats from Congress

Prystowsky, E.N.; Padanilam, B.J., 2013:
Preserve the brain: primary goal in the therapy of atrial fibrillation

Anonymous, 2011:
Preserve vascular health to lower risk of dementia. Treating atherosclerosis may help preserve cognitive function later in life

Anonymous, 2014:
Preserve your mind and prevent cognitive decline. Seven lifestyle threats to cognition are identified; modifying habits and patterns can help prevent dementia

Byers, M.M., 2011:
Preserve your profit

Byers, M.M., 2011:
Preserve your profit by scrutinizing your revenues and expenses

Jahromi, B.S.; Aihara, Y.; Ai, J.; Zhang, Z-Du.; Weyer, G.; Nikitina, E.; Yassari, R.; Houamed, K.M.; Macdonald, R.Loch., 2008:
Preserved BK channel function in vasospastic myocytes from a dog model of subarachnoid hemorrhage

Edwards, F.R.; Davie, T.B., 1940:
Preserved Blood-An Analysis of its Use

Tendeiro, R.; Albuquerque, A.S.; Foxall, R.B.; Cavaleiro, R.; Soares, R.S.; Baptista, Aónio.P.; Soares, M.V.D.; Gomes, Pétua.; Sousa, A.E., 2013:
Preserved CD4 T-cell telomere length during long-lasting HIV-2 infection

O'Brien, C.P., 2008:
Preserved DNA from past clinical trials yields new information about a subtype of alcoholism

Alssema, M.; Rijkelijkhuizen, J.M.; Holst, J.J.; Teerlink, T.; Scheffer, P.G.; Eekhoff, E.M.W.; Gastaldelli, A.; Mari, A.; Hart, L.M't.; Nijpels, G.; Dekker, J.M., 2013:
Preserved GLP-1 and exaggerated GIP secretion in type 2 diabetes and relationships with triglycerides and ALT

Woc-Colburn, L.; Smultea, L.; Ramachandra, L.; Canaday, D.H., 2011:
Preserved MHC class II antigen processing in monocytes from HIV-infected individuals

Canaday, D.H.; Burant, C.J.; Jones, L.; Aung, H.; Woc-Colburn, L.; Anthony, D.D., 2011:
Preserved MHC-II antigen processing and presentation function in chronic HCV infection

Yeruva, S.; Farkas, K.; Hubricht, J.; Rode, K.; Riederer, B.; Bachmann, O.; Cinar, A.; Rakonczay, Zán.; Molnár, Tás.; Nagy, F.; Wedemeyer, J.; Manns, M.; Raddatz, D.; Musch, M.W.; Chang, E.B.; Hegyi, Péter.; Seidler, U., 2010:
Preserved Na(+)/H(+) exchanger isoform 3 expression and localization, but decreased NHE3 function indicate regulatory sodium transport defect in ulcerative colitis

Kennedy, P.T.F.; Sandalova, E.; Jo, J.; Gill, U.; Ushiro-Lumb, I.; Tan, A.T.; Naik, S.; Foster, G.R.; Bertoletti, A., 2012:
Preserved T-cell function in children and young adults with immune-tolerant chronic hepatitis B

Bail, D.H.L.; Walker, T.; Gruler, M.; Ziemer, G., 2007:
Preserved Windkessel function in patients following reduction aortoplasty of the ascending aorta

Wang, W.; Petralia, R.S.; Takamiya, K.; Xia, J.; Li, Y-Qing.; Huganir, R.L.; Tao, Y-Xiang.; Yaster, M., 2011:
Preserved acute pain and impaired neuropathic pain in mice lacking protein interacting with C Kinase 1

Swartz, T.D.; Sakar, Y.; Duca, F.A.; Covasa, M., 2013:
Preserved adiposity in the Fischer 344 rat devoid of gut microbiota

Cariou, B.; Benoit, I.; L.M.y, Cédric., 2015:
Preserved adrenal function in fully PCSK9-deficient subject

Hermsdörfer, J.; Elias, Z.; Cole, J.D.; Quaney, B.M.; Nowak, D.A., 2008:
Preserved and impaired aspects of feed-forward grip force control after chronic somatosensory deafferentation

Klein-Koerkamp, Y.; Baciu, M.; Hot, P., 2012:
Preserved and impaired emotional memory in Alzheimer's disease

Ayaki, M.; Iwasawa, A.; Yaguchi, S.; Koide, R., 2011:
Preserved and unpreserved 12 anti-allergic ophthalmic solutions and ocular surface toxicity: in vitro assessment in four cultured corneal and conjunctival epithelial cell lines

Lindwall, L.; von Post, Iéne., 2016:
Preserved and violated dignity in surgical practice - nurses' experiences

Sano, R.; Ohta, K., 2011:
Preserved anterior chamber configuration after a core vitrectomy applied for corneal triple procedure

Mehling, M.; Fritz, S.; Hafner, P.; Eichin, D.; Yonekawa, T.; Klimkait, T.; Lindberg, R.L.P.; Kappos, L.; Hess, C., 2014:
Preserved antigen-specific immune response in patients with multiple sclerosis responding to IFNβ-therapy

Rossi, P.; Serratrice, J.; Boussuges, A.; Gole, Y.; Demoux, A-L.; Weiller, P.J.; Granel, B.; Frances, Y., 2010:
Preserved aortic stiffness in Erdheim Chester's coated aorta: a first report

Kagota, S.; Chia, E.; McGuire, J.J., 2012:
Preserved arterial vasodilatation via endothelial protease-activated receptor-2 in obese type 2 diabetic mice

Lerma, C.; González, H.; Pérez-Grovas, H.; José, M.V.; Infante, O., 2016:
Preserved autonomic heart rate modulation in chronic renal failure patients in response to hemodialysis and orthostatism

Retzlaff, B.; Wessel, N.; Riedl, M.; Gapelyuk, A.; Malberg, H.; Bauernschmitt, N.; Kurths, Jürgen.; Bretthauer, G.; Bauernschmitt, R., 2012:
Preserved autonomic regulation in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI): a prospective, comparative study

Lecardeur, L.; Briand, C.; Prouteau, A.; Lalonde, P.; Nicole, L.; Lesage, A.; Stip, E., 2008:
Preserved awareness of their cognitive deficits in patients with schizophrenia: convergent validity of the SSTICS

Schesny, M.K.; Monaghan, M.; Bindermann, A.H.; Freund, Désirée.; Seifert, M.; Eble, J.A.; Vogel, S.; Gawaz, M.P.; Hinderer, S.; Schenke-Layland, K., 2015:
Preserved bioactivity and tunable release of a SDF1-GPVI bi-specific protein using photo-crosslinked PEGda hydrogels

Ryu, H-Geol.; Bahk, J-Hyon.; Kim, K-Bong., 2010:
Preserved blood flow in the composite right gastroepiploic artery graft during norepinephrine infusion

Rocca, M.A.; Ceccarelli, A.; Rodegher, M.; Misci, P.; Riccitelli, G.; Falini, A.; Comi, G.; Filippi, M., 2010:
Preserved brain adaptive properties in patients with benign multiple sclerosis

Kanai, K.; Asahina, M.; Arai, K.; Tomiyama, H.; Kuwabara, Y.; Uchiyama, T.; Sekiguchi, Y.; Funayama, M.; Kuwabara, S.; Hattori, N.; Hattori, T., 2009:
Preserved cardiac (123)I-MIBG uptake and lack of severe autonomic dysfunction in a PARK9 patient

Gao, M.Hua.; Lai, N.Chin.; Tang, T.; Guo, T.; Tang, R.; Chun, B.Jo.; Wang, H.; Dalton, N.N.; Suarez, J.; Dillmann, W.H.; Hammond, H.Kirk., 2015:
Preserved cardiac function despite marked impairment of cAMP generation

Tomaske, M.; Breithardt, O.A.; Bauersfeld, U., 2009:
Preserved cardiac synchrony and function with single-site left ventricular epicardial pacing during mid-term follow-up in paediatric patients

Rincon, F., 2010:
Preserved cerebral coupling and cerebrovascular reactivity after cardiac arrest: lessons learned in the era of therapeutic hypothermia

Wan, Z.; Ristagno, G.; Sun, S.; Li, Y.; Weil, M.Harry.; Tang, W., 2009:
Preserved cerebral microcirculation during cardiogenic shock

Sitina, M.; Turek, Z.; Parizkova, R.; Lehmann, C.; Cerny, V., 2011:
Preserved cerebral microcirculation in early stages of endotoxemia in mechanically-ventilated rabbits

Burkhalter, F.; Schaub, S.; Dickenmann, M., 2013:
Preserved circannual rhythm of vitamin D in kidney transplant patients

Cyron, D.; Funk, M.; Deletter, M-An.; Scheufler, K., 2011:
Preserved cognition after deep brain stimulation (DBS) in the subthalamic area for Parkinson's disease: a case report

Cohen, R.A.; Navia, B.A., 2007:
Preserved cognitive functioning over time in asymptomatic HIV-infected people in the MACS cohort

Blase, X.; Fernández-Serra, M-V., 2008 :
Preserved conductance in covalently functionalized silicon nanowires

Mizia-Stec, K.; Wita, K.; Mizia, M.; Szwed, H.; Nowalany-Kozielska, E.; Chrzanowski, Łukasz.; Łoboz-Grudzień, K.; Gackowski, A.; Gilewski, W.; Chmiel, A.; Sicari, R.; Płońska-Gościniak, E., 2015:
Preserved contractile reserve in a dobutamine test for the prediction of a response to resynchronisation therapy in ischaemic and non-ischaemic cardiomyopathy--a multicenter ViaCRT study

Bagi, Z.; Feher, A.; Beleznai, T., 2009:
Preserved coronary arteriolar dilatation in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: implications for reactive oxygen species

Kaneda, H.; Ikeno, F.; Inagaki, K.; Mochly-Rosen, D., 2008:
Preserved coronary endothelial function by inhibition of delta protein kinase C in a porcine acute myocardial infarction model

Naya, M.; Murthy, V.L.; Taqueti, V.R.; Foster, C.R.; Klein, J.; Garber, M.; Dorbala, S.; Hainer, J.; Blankstein, R.; Resnic, F.; D.C.rli, M.F., 2014:
Preserved coronary flow reserve effectively excludes high-risk coronary artery disease on angiography

Clumeck, C.; Suarez Garcia, S.; Bourguignon, M.; Wens, V.; Op de Beeck, M.; Marty, B.; Deconinck, N.; Soncarrieu, M-Vincianne.; Goldman, S.; Jousmäki, V.; Van Bogaert, P.; D.T.ège, X., 2015:
Preserved coupling between the reader's voice and the listener's cortical activity in autism spectrum disorders

Schnakers, C.; Giacino, J.T.; Løvstad, M.; Habbal, D.; Boly, M.; Di, H.; Majerus, S.; Laureys, S., 2015:
Preserved covert cognition in noncommunicative patients with severe brain injury?

van Dijk, S.J.; Boontje, N.M.; Heymans, M.W.; Ten Cate, F.J.; Michels, M.; Dos Remedios, C.; Dooijes, D.; van Slegtenhorst, M.A.; van der Velden, J.; Stienen, G.J.M., 2015:
Preserved cross-bridge kinetics in human hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients with MYBPC3 mutations

Juenger, H.; Kumar, V.; Grodd, W.; Staudt, M.; Krägeloh-Mann, I., 2010:
Preserved crossed corticospinal tract and hand function despite extensive brain maldevelopment

Simioni, S.; Ruffieux, C.; Kleeberg, J.; Bruggimann, L.; Annoni, J-M.; Schluep, M., 2008:
Preserved decision making ability in early multiple sclerosis

Weustink, A.C.; Mollet, N.R.; Neefjes, L.A.; van Straten, M.; Neoh, E.; Kyrzopoulos, S.; Meijboom, B.Willem.; van Mieghem, C.; Cademartiri, F.; de Feyter, P.J.; Krestin, G.P., 2009:
Preserved diagnostic performance of dual-source CT coronary angiography with reduced radiation exposure and cancer risk

Bielak, A.A.M.; Cherbuin, N.; Bunce, D.; Anstey, K.J., 2014:
Preserved differentiation between physical activity and cognitive performance across young, middle, and older adulthood over 8 years

Mishra, J.; Gazzaley, A., 2014:
Preserved discrimination performance and neural processing during crossmodal attention in aging

Teraa, M.; Toorop, R.J.; Moll, F.L., 2014:
Preserved distal flow in a proximally occluded internal carotid artery due to a persistent proatlantal artery

Fornazzari, L.; Ringer, T.; Ringer, L.; Fischer, C.E., 2013:
Preserved drawing in a sculptor with dementia

Kiyomoto, M.; Hamanaka, G.; Hirose, M.; Yamaguchi, M., 2014:
Preserved echinoderm gametes as a useful and ready-to-use bioassay material

Weerdesteyn, V.; Smulders, E.; Rijken, H.; Duysens, J., 2010:
Preserved effectiveness of a falls prevention exercise program after implementation in daily clinical practice

Bartel, T.; Müller, S., 2014:
Preserved ejection fraction can accompany low gradient severe aortic stenosis: impact of pathophysiology on diagnostic imaging

Hälbig, T.D.; Creighton, J.; Assuras, S.; Borod, J.C.; Tse, W.; Gracies, J-Michel.; Foldi, N.S.; Kaufmann, H.; Olanow, C.Warren.; Voustianiouk, A., 2011:
Preserved emotional modulation of motor response time despite psychomotor slowing in young-old adults

Prikis, M.; Norman, D.; Rayhill, S.; Olyaei, A.; Troxell, M.; Mittalhenkle, A., 2011:
Preserved endocrine function in a pancreas transplant recipient with pancreatic panniculitis and antibody-mediated rejection

E.A.sar, M.; Ruiz de Adana, J.Carlos.; Angulo, J.; Pindado Martínez, Mía.Luz.; Hernández Matías, A.; Rodríguez-Mañas, L., 2014:
Preserved endothelial function in human obesity in the absence of insulin resistance

Roura, G.; Homs, Sílvia.; Ferreiro, Jé.Luis.; Gomez-Lara, J.; Romaguera, R.; Teruel, Lís.; Sánchez-Elvira, G.; Ariza-Solé, A.; Gómez-Hospital, J.Antoni.; Cequier, Ángel., 2016:
Preserved endothelial vasomotor function after everolimus-eluting stent implantation

Rossi, M.; Matteucci, E.; Gaddeo, C.; Giampietro, O.; Santoro, G., 2009:
Preserved endothelial-dependent and endothelial-independent skin vasodilator responses in relatives of type 1 diabetes patients

Heinrich, G.; Meece, K.; Wardlaw, S.L.; Accili, D., 2014:
Preserved energy balance in mice lacking FoxO1 in neurons of Nkx2.1 lineage reveals functional heterogeneity of FoxO1 signaling within the hypothalamus

Arranz, L.; Lord, J.M.; De la Fuente, Mónica., 2011:
Preserved ex vivo inflammatory status and cytokine responses in naturally long-lived mice

Castro-Leyva, V.; Espejel-Nuñez, A.; Barroso, G.; Zaga-Clavellina, V.; Flores-Pliego, A.; Morales-Mendez, I.; Giono-Cerezo, S.; Walsh, S.W.; Estrada-Gutierrez, G., 2013:
Preserved ex vivo inflammatory status in decidual cells from women with preterm labor and subclinical intrauterine infection

Iurilli, G.; Olcese, U.; Medini, P., 2014:
Preserved excitatory-inhibitory balance of cortical synaptic inputs following deprived eye stimulation after a saturating period of monocular deprivation in rats

D.S.nctis, P.; Gomez-Ramirez, M.; Sehatpour, P.; Wylie, G.R.; Foxe, J.J., 2010:
Preserved executive function in high-performing elderly is driven by large-scale recruitment of prefrontal cortical mechanisms

Petri, S.; Krampfl, K.; Kuhlemann, K.; Dengler, R.; Grothe, C., 2009:
Preserved expression of fibroblast growth factor (FGF)-2 and FGF receptor 1 in brain and spinal cord of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients

Hoganson, D.M.; Owens, G.E.; O'Doherty, E.M.; Bowley, C.M.; Goldman, S.M.; Harilal, D.O.; Neville, C.M.; Kronengold, R.T.; Vacanti, J.P., 2010:
Preserved extracellular matrix components and retained biological activity in decellularized porcine mesothelium

Rodriguez-Wallberg, K.A.; Borgström, B.; Hovatta, O., 2014:
Preserved fertility despite disease with a risk of infertility in young age

Ciaccio, M.; Costanzo, M.; Guercio, G.; D.D.na, V.; Marino, R.; Ramirez, P.C.; Galeano, J.; Warman, D.Monica.; Berensztein, E.; Saraco, N.; Baquedano, M.Sonia.; Chaler, E.; Maceiras, M.; Lazzatti, J.Manuel.; Rivarola, M.A.; Belgorosky, A., 2013:
Preserved fertility in a patient with a 46,XY disorder of sex development due to a new heterozygous mutation in the NR5A1/SF-1 gene: evidence of 46,XY and 46,XX gonadal dysgenesis phenotype variability in multiple members of an affected kindred

Petroli, R.J.; Hiort, O.; Struve, D.; Maciel-Guerra, Aéa.T.; Guerra-Júnior, G.; Palandi de Mello, M.; Werner, R., 2015:
Preserved fertility in a patient with gynecomastia associated with the p.Pro695Ser mutation in the androgen receptor

Komes, J.; Schweinberger, S.R.; Wiese, H., 2014:
Preserved fine-tuning of face perception and memory: evidence from the own-race bias in high- and low-performing older adults

Fernandes, I.A.; Sales, A.R.K.; Rocha, Nália.G.; Silva, B.M.; Vianna, L.C.; da Nóbrega, A.C.L., 2015:
Preserved flow-mediated dilation but delayed time-to-peak diameter in individuals with metabolic syndrome

Pedersen, C.M.; Schmidt, M.R.; Mortensen, B.; Contractor, H.; Bøtker, H.Erik.; Kharbanda, R.K.; Sørensen, K.E., 2010:
Preserved flow-mediated dilation in adults with cyanotic congenital heart disease

Koenraadt, K.L.M.; Duysens, J.; Rijken, H.; van Nes, I.J.W.; Keijsers, Nël.L.W., 2014:
Preserved foot motor cortex in patients with complete spinal cord injury: a functional near-infrared spectroscopic study

Kitchen, C-Christian.; Nissen, P.; Secher, N.H.; Nielsen, H.B., 2014:
Preserved frontal lobe oxygenation following calcium chloride for treatment of anesthesia-induced hypotension

Ally, B.A.; McKeever, J.D.; Waring, J.D.; Budson, A.E., 2009:
Preserved frontal memorial processing for pictures in patients with mild cognitive impairment

Gagnon, P.; Lemire, B.B.; Dubé, A.; Saey, D.; Porlier, A.; Croteau, M.; Provencher, S.; Debigaré, R.; Maltais, Fçois., 2014:
Preserved function and reduced angiogenesis potential of the quadriceps in patients with mild COPD

Chen, Z.; Herrmann, S.M.S.; Zhu, X.; Jordan, K.L.; Gloviczki, M.L.; Lerman, A.; Textor, S.C.; Lerman, L.O., 2014:
Preserved function of late-outgrowth endothelial cells in medically treated hypertensive patients under well-controlled conditions

Angin, M.; Kwon, D.S.; Streeck, H.; Wen, F.; King, M.; Rezai, A.; Law, K.; Hongo, T.C.; Pyo, A.; Piechocka-Trocha, A.; Toth, I.; Pereyra, F.; Ghebremichael, M.; Rodig, S.J.; Milner, D.A.; Richter, J.M.; Altfeld, M.; Kaufmann, D.E.; Walker, B.D.; Addo, M.M., 2012:
Preserved function of regulatory T cells in chronic HIV-1 infection despite decreased numbers in blood and tissue

Renier, L.A.; Anurova, I.; D.V.lder, A.G.; Carlson, Söve.; VanMeter, J.; Rauschecker, J.P., 2010:
Preserved functional specialization for spatial processing in the middle occipital gyrus of the early blind

Higuchi, N.; Nakamura, K.; Ihara, E.; Akahoshi, K.; Akiho, H.; Sumida, Y.; Motomura, Y.; Kubokawa, M.; Ito, T.; Takayanagi, R., 2013:
Preserved gastric motility in patients with early gastric cancer after endoscopic submucosal dissection

Kwon, O.Dae.; Ki, C-Seok., 2010:
Preserved glucose metabolism of deep cerebellar nuclei in a case of multiple system atrophy with predominant cerebellar ataxia: f-18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography study

Marathe, C.; Bradley, M.N.; Hong, C.; Chao, L.; Wilpitz, D.; Salazar, J.; Tontonoz, P., 2008:
Preserved glucose tolerance in high-fat-fed C57BL/6 mice transplanted with PPARgamma-/-, PPARdelta-/-, PPARgammadelta-/-, or LXRalphabeta-/- bone marrow

Papanicolaou, K.N.; Streicher, J.M.; Ishikawa, T-O.; Herschman, H.; Wang, Y.; Walsh, K., 2010:
Preserved heart function and maintained response to cardiac stresses in a genetic model of cardiomyocyte-targeted deficiency of cyclooxygenase-2

Li, Y.; Ristagno, G.; Guan, J.; Barbut, D.; Bisera, J.; Weil, M.Harry.; Tang, W., 2012:
Preserved heart rate variability during therapeutic hypothermia correlated to 96 hrs neurological outcomes and survival in a pig model of cardiac arrest

Neves, F.J.; Bousquet-Santos, K.; Silva, B.M.; Soares, P.P.S.; Nóbrega, A.C.L., 2008:
Preserved heart rate variability in first-degree relatives of subjects with Type 2 diabetes mellitus without metabolic disorders

Jin, S-Hyun.; Jeong, W.; Lee, D-Soo.; Jeon, B.Seok.; Chung, C.Kee., 2014:
Preserved high-centrality hubs but efficient network reorganization during eyes-open state compared with eyes-closed resting state: an MEG study

Bowles, B.; O'Neil, E.B.; Mirsattari, S.M.; Poppenk, J.; Köhler, S., 2012:
Preserved hippocampal novelty responses following anterior temporal-lobe resection that impairs familiarity but spares recollection

Persson, J.; Kalpouzos, Gégoria.; Nilsson, L-Göran.; Ryberg, M.; Nyberg, L., 2012:
Preserved hippocampus activation in normal aging as revealed by fMRI

El-Hamamsy, I.; Willerson, J.T.; Yacoub, M.H., 2010:
Preserved homograft function 32 years after surgery in a young patient

Carmo, J.C.; Rumiati, R.I.; Siugzdaite, R.; Brambilla, P., 2013:
Preserved imitation of known gestures in children with high-functioning autism

Arranz, L.; Caamaño, J.H.; Lord, J.M.; De la Fuente, Mónica., 2010:
Preserved immune functions and controlled leukocyte oxidative stress in naturally long-lived mice: possible role of nuclear factor kappa B

Bowers, J.S.; Mattys, S.L.; Gage, S.H., 2009:
Preserved implicit knowledge of a forgotten childhood language

Harrison, B.E.; Son, G-Ryung.; Kim, J.; Whall, A.L., 2007:
Preserved implicit memory in dementia: a potential model for care

Hare, K.J.; Knop, F.K.; Asmar, M.; Madsbad, S.; Deacon, C.F.; Holst, J.J.; Vilsbøll, T., 2010:
Preserved inhibitory potency of GLP-1 on glucagon secretion in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Schneider, S.; Klein, H.H., 2011:
Preserved insulin secretion capacity and graft function of cryostored encapsulated rat islets

Contreras, C.; Sánchez, A.; García-Sacristán, A.; Martínez, M.Carmen.; Andriantsitohaina, R.; Prieto, D., 2011:
Preserved insulin vasorelaxation and up-regulation of the Akt/eNOS pathway in coronary arteries from insulin resistant obese Zucker rats

Khanna, P.C.; Poliakov, A.V.; Ishak, G.E.; Poliachik, S.L.; Friedman, S.D.; Saneto, R.P.; Novotny, E.J.; Ojemann, J.G.; Shaw, D.W.W., 2012:
Preserved interhemispheric functional connectivity in a case of corpus callosum agenesis

Ramos, J.M.J., 2010:
Preserved learning about allocentric cues but impaired flexible memory expression in rats with hippocampal lesions

Addario, L.; Tritto, G.; Cavaglià, E.; Amodio, F.; Giannelli, E.; D.C.stanzo, G.Giuseppe., 2011:
Preserved liver function, portal thrombosis and absence of oesophageal varices are risk factors for metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Kim, K.; Ohashi, K.; Utoh, R.; Kano, K.; Okano, T., 2012:
Preserved liver-specific functions of hepatocytes in 3D co-culture with endothelial cell sheets

Brooks, J.L.; Gilaie-Dotan, S.; Rees, G.; Bentin, S.; Driver, J., 2013:
Preserved local but disrupted contextual figure-ground influences in an individual with abnormal function of intermediate visual areas

Miozzo, M.; Hamberger, M.J., 2016:
Preserved meaning in the context of impaired naming in temporal lobe epilepsy

Kollen, M.; Stéphan, A.; Faivre-Bauman, A.; Loudes, C.; Sinet, P-M.; Alliot, J.; Billard, J.M.; Epelbaum, J.; Dutar, P.; Jouvenceau, A., 2008:
Preserved memory capacities in aged Lou/C/Jall rats

Mu, D.; Xu, Y.; Zhao, T.; Watanabe, K.; Xiao, Z-Cheng.; Ye, H., 2018:
Cntn6 deficiency impairs allocentric navigation in mice

Bisschops, L.L.A.; Hoedemaekers, C.W.E.; Simons, K.S.; van der Hoeven, J.G., 2010:
Preserved metabolic coupling and cerebrovascular reactivity during mild hypothermia after cardiac arrest

Slettaløkken, G.; Rehn, T.A.; Munkvik, M.; Rud, B.; Sökjer-Petersen, M.; Lunde, P.K.; Sjaastad, I.; Sejersted, O.M.; Hallén, J., 2012:
Preserved metabolic reserve capacity in skeletal muscle of post-infarction heart failure patients

Waring, J.D.; Chong, H.; Wolk, D.A.; Budson, A.E., 2007:
Preserved metamemorial ability in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease: shifting response bias

Klinge, R.Furseth.; Dean, M.C.; Risnes, S.; Erambert, M.; Gunnaes, A.E., 2010:
Preserved microstructure and mineral distribution in tooth and periodontal tissues in early fossil hominin material from Koobi Fora, Kenya

D'Souza, D.V.; Jonckers, E.; Bruns, A.; Künnecke, B.; von Kienlin, M.; Van der Linden, A.; Mueggler, T.; Verhoye, M., 2015:
Preserved modular network organization in the sedated rat brain

Andrés, P.; Mazzoni, G.; Howard, C.E., 2011:
Preserved monitoring and control processes in temporal lobe epilepsy

Görlich, A.; Zimmermann, A-Maria.; Schober, D.; Böttcher, R.T.; Sassoè-Pognetto, M.; Friauf, E.; Witke, W.; Rust, M.B., 2012:
Preserved morphology and physiology of excitatory synapses in profilin1-deficient mice

Ng, K.; Winter, S.; Sue, C.; Burke, D., 2015:
Preserved motor axonal membrane potential in mitochondrial disease

Vidoni, E.D.; Boyd, L.A., 2009:
Preserved motor learning after stroke is related to the degree of proprioceptive deficit

Kao, C-Der.; Lin, K-Ping.; Chen, J-Tse.; Chang, J-Bin.; Guo, W-Yuo.; Lin, Y-Yang.; Liao, K-Kum., 2011:
Preserved motor-evoked potentials but without good motor recovery in a patient with decerebrate rigidity

Sherman, M.F.B.; Road, J.D.; McKenzie, D.C.; Sheel, A.William., 2012:
Preserved muscle metaboreflex in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Weinstein, J.; Koenig, P.; Gunawardena, D.; McMillan, C.; Bonner, M.; Grossman, M., 2011:
Preserved musical semantic memory in semantic dementia

Hasbak, P.; Kjær, A.; Skovgaard, D.; Bang, L.E.; Grande, P.; Holmvang, L., 2012:
Preserved myocardial blood flow in the apical region involved in takotsubo cardiomyopathy by quantitative cardiac PET assessment

Clavijo-Alvarez, J.A.; Price, M.; Stofman, G.M., 2010:
Preserved neurologic function following intraneural fascicular dissection and nerve graft for digital and median nerve lipofibromatous hamartoma

Wang, T.; Dack, C.; McHugh, L.; Whelan, R., 2011:
Preserved nodal number effects under equal reinforcement

Fukusato, T.; Soejima, Y.; Kondo, F.; Inoue, M.; Watanabe, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Aso, T.; Uozaki, H.; Sano, K.; Sanada, Y.; Niki, T., 2014:
Preserved or enhanced OATP1B3 expression in hepatocellular adenoma subtypes with nuclear accumulation of β-catenin

Höller, Y.; Bergmann, Jürgen.; Kronbichler, M.; Crone, J.Sophia.; Schmid, E.Verena.; Golaszewski, S.; Ladurner, G., 2011:
Preserved oscillatory response but lack of mismatch negativity in patients with disorders of consciousness

Marti, S.; Tarnutzer, A.A.; Palla, A.; Straumann, D., 2008:
Preserved otolith function in patients with cerebellar atrophy and bilateral vestibulopathy

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Preserving history

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Preserving home care completes the promise of health care reform

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Preserving metal samples

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Preserving principle without impeding progress

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Preserving public confidence

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Preserving pyrethroids

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Preserving scientific manpower

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Preserving skeletal wellness throughout the continuum of care in patients with cancer. Introduction

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Preserving soft tissue after placing implants in fresh extraction sockets in the maxillary esthetic zone and a prosthetic template for interim crown fabrication: a prospective study

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Preserving some sanity

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Preserving starry nights

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Preserving step edges in low bit rate progressive image compression

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Preserving structural integrity of the alar cartilage in aesthetic rhinoplasty using a cephalic turn-in flap

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Preserving subject variability in group fMRI analysis: performance evaluation of GICA vs. IVA

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Preserving surgical academia in the centenary of the Flexnerian Academic Health Center

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Preserving testicular tissue and a boy's open reproductive future

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Preserving the Boltzmann ensemble in replica-exchange molecular dynamics

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Preserving the Identity of Small Settlements during Post-Disaster Reconstruction in Italy(1)

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Preserving the Q-factors of ZnO nanoresonators via polar surface reconstruction

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Preserving the Stuff of History

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Preserving the United States's poison control system

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Preserving the allocation ratio at every allocation with biased coin randomization and minimization in studies with unequal allocation

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Preserving the azygos vein when repairing esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula accompanied by interrupted inferior vena cava

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Preserving the clinician-researcher interface in the age of RDoC: the continuing need for DSM-5/ICD-11 characterization of study populations

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Preserving the educational value of call in a diagnostic radiology residency program

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Preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics

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Preserving the efficacy of front-line fluoroquinolones through selective use to optimise clinical outcomes

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Preserving the excitation profile of small flip angle RF pulses in the presence of rapid transverse relaxation

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Preserving the exhaustion of family caregivers

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Preserving the gut: give it what it wants

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Preserving the half-metallicity at the surfaces of rocksalt CaN and SrN and the interfaces of CaN/InN and SrN/GaP: a density functional study

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Preserving the health of night nurses

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Preserving the humanities in medical education

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Preserving the integrity of qualifications

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Preserving the internal mammary artery: end-to-side microvascular arterial anastomosis for DIEP and SIEA flap breast reconstruction

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Preserving the legacy of healthy Korean food

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Preserving the lifesaving power of antimicrobial agents

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Preserving the ligamentum flavum in lumbar discectomy: a new technique that prevents scar tissue formation in the first 6 months postsurgery

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Preserving the morphology and evaluating the quality of liver grafts by hypothermic machine perfusion: a proof-of-concept study using discarded human livers

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Preserving the name of Middlesex Hospital Chapel

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Preserving the natural shape of the tragus and the pretragal depression during making cartilage perichondrium composite graft in tympanoplasty

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Preserving the nurse-patient relationship

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Preserving the objects of the daily life of a hospital worker: by whom and why?

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Preserving the person: The ethical imperative of recovery-oriented practices

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Preserving the posttrapeziectomy space with a human acellular dermal matrix spacer: a pilot case series of patients with thumb carpometacarpal joint arthritis

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Preserving the privilege

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Preserving the quality of the patient-therapist relationship: an important consideration for value-centered physical therapy care

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Preserving the quality of training surgical residents

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Preserving the rectus muscle during laparoscopically harvesting an omental flap

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Preserving the right to future children: an ethical case analysis

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Preserving the sacred bond: an audit must be performed

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Preserving the sanctity of overall survival for drugs approved on the basis of progression-free survival: tivozanib as a case study

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Preserving the seed corn

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Preserving the self: the process of decision making about hereditary breast cancer and ovarian cancer risk reduction

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Preserving the socket dimensions with bone grafting in single sites: an esthetic surgical approach when planning delayed implant placement

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Preserving the superficial branch of the radial nerve during carpometacarpal and metacarpophalangeal joint arthroscopy: an anatomical study

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Preserving the voluntary hospital system

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Preserving the yeast proteome from sample degradation

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Preserving third year medical students' empathy and enhancing self-reflection using small group "virtual hangout" technology

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Preserving today with an eye on our future

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Preserving tradition and embracing change

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Preserving upper-limb function in spinal cord injury

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Preserving vascular asset in Ibn Sina Teaching Hospital, Rabat-Morocco: the role of the nurse

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Preserving vascular prostacyclin levels by microsomal prostaglandin E(2) synthase isoform 1 inhibition: a new strategy for vasoprotection?

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Preserving vessel function during ischemic disease: new possibilities of inorganic nitrite therapy

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Preserving vitality in pulp exposed teeth

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Preserving whole blood in formalin extends the specimen stability period for manual cell counts for fish

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Preserving your integrity while building your career

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Preserving youth: does rapamycin deliver?

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Preset status and future perspective of the practice standard of stent-graft aortic aneurysm repair: "Japanese Committee for Stentgraft Management"

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Preset ureter catheter in laparoscopic radical hysterectomy of cervical cancer

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Presetting basal ganglia for volitional actions

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Presetting of excitability of the spinal Ia inhibitory pathway in relation to the direction of an intended movement

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Preshaping plates for minimally invasive fixation of calcaneal fractures using a real-size 3D-printed model as a preoperative and intraoperative tool

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Preshock phase singularity and defibrillation outcome: another piece to solve the jigsaw puzzle?

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Preshock phase singularity and the outcome of ventricular defibrillation

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Presidency of the Mexican College of Orthopedics and Traumatology: a privileged position to serve

Anonymous, 1931:
President A. Stanley Mackenzie

Anonymous, 2013:
President Barack Obama

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CNV biology in neurodevelopmental disorders

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President Bush and CMS issue rule in "backhanded compliment" to hospice

Lang, L., 2008:
President Bush vetoes NIH budget

Gorin, S.H., 2007:
President Bush's health care reform proposal: a social work perspective

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President Calvin Coolidge's asthma and modern management of asthma patients in the dental setting

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President Carter's Energy Speech

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President Clinton's Science Adviser

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President Eisenhower's bowel obstruction: the story of his surgeons and their decision to operate

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President Elect message

Anonymous, 1904:
President Eliot

Newcomb, S., 1884:
President Eliot On A Liberal Education

Anonymous, 1908:
President Eliot's Resignation

Anonymous, 1913:
President En Route

Anonymous, 1960:
President Explains New United States Test Ban Proposal

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President Ford at NIH: Courting Biomedical Science

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President Ford's Energy Initiatives

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President Ford's Technology Message

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President Franklin D Roosevelt (1882-1945) and Doctor Frank Howard Lahey's (1880-1953) dilemma: The complexities of medical confidentiality with World Leaders

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CNVcaller: Highly Efficient and Widely Applicable Software for Detecting Copy Number Variations in Large Populations

Anonymous, 2009:
President Gamba's Address to the House of Delegates

Kincheloe, J., 2007:
President George W. Bush proposes cutting Medicare (and Medicaid) by more than $100 billion over the next five years including excessive and disproportionate cuts to home care

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President George Washington and his oral complaints

Anonymous, 1897:
President Gilman On The Relations Of Science And Commerce

Goin, L.S., 1945:
President Goin's Salutation at 74th Annual Session

Anonymous, 1942:
President H. E. Lee

Anonymous, 1921:
President Harding and Public Health

Anonymous, 1921:
President Harding's Presentation Address To Mme. Curie

Anonymous, 1945:
President Harry S. Truman's Federal Health Insurance Plan

Anonymous, 1929:
President Hoover's Crime Inquiry

Anonymous, 1964:
President Johnson Signs Hill-Burton Extension Act, H.R. 10041

Anonymous, 1964:
President Johnson and the Great Society

Anonymous, 1963:
President Kennedy on Science

Hoenig, L.J.; Burgdorf, W.H.C.; Kennedy, J.F., 2013:
President Kennedy's White House tan

Salerian, A.J., 2010:
President Kennedy's death: a poison arrow-assisted homicide

Anonymous, 1931:
President Kinney Of The California Medical Association Visits County Societies

Flaherty, W.T., 1978:
President Lincoln's Illness

Anonymous, 1925:
President Macgowan's Address

Bentley, I.M., 1902:
President Minot On 'the Problem Of Consciousness In Its Biological Aspects.'

Molony, W.R., 1942:
President Molony's Salutation

Anonymous, 1960:
President Names New Member of the Atomic Energy Commission

Handelman, W.A.; Obama, B., 2009:
President Obama and the AMA in the Windy City

Weiss, P.S., 2013:
President Obama announces the BRAIN Initiative

Tanne, J.Hopkins., 2010:
President Obama apologises to Guatemala over 1940s syphilis study

Ober, S.; Craven, G., 2011:
President Obama delivers on promise of health care reform for America: Craven & Ober Policy Strategists, LLC

Anonymous, 2014:
President Obama releases FY 2015 budget proposal

Anonymous, 2014:
President Obama signs the pathway for SGR Reform Act

Einstein, A.J., 2010:
President Obama's coronary calcium scan

Zajac, J.D., 2009:
President Obama's health care plan

Ventola, C.Lee., 2009:
President Obama's health care reform policies: Issues of interest to P&T committees

Balicer, R.D.; Shadmi, E., 2011:
President Obama's health care reform: lessons to and from the Israeli health care system

Goodman, A., 2009:
President Obama's health plan and community-based prevention

Price, P., 2009:
President Obama's health problems

Pantages, D., 2009:
President Obama's inaugural address and NEHA

Robbins, A.; Freeman, P., 2009:
President Obama: protect everyone's health while paying for patient care

Vanderburgh, W.W., 1919:
President Of California Osteopathic Association Makes Serious Charges-Proofs Demanded

Anonymous, 1924:
President Pusey's Address

Sorensen, R.H.; Farnsworth, G.Strider.; Roberts, J.E.; Welling, D.R.; Rich, N.M.; Reagan, R., 2016:
President Reagan's life saving colectomy and subsequent historical implications

Anonymous, 1945:
President Robinson's Activities

Anonymous, 1906 :
President Roosevelt On The Medical Profession

Anonymous, 1905:
President Roosevelt On The Rewards Of Scholarship

Anonymous, 1908:
President Roosevelt's African Trip

Anonymous, 1939:
President Roosevelt's Health Program

Anonymous, 1940:
President Roosevelt's Hospitalization Proposals

Roosevelt, F.D., 1944:
President Roosevelt's Letter On The Office Of Scientific Research And Development

Roosevelt, F.D., 1934:
President Roosevelt's Message on Social Welfare

Taylor, A.E., 1903:
President Schurman On The Educational Requirements For Professional Study

Anonymous, 1909:
President Taft's Message

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CNVs are associated with genomic architecture in a songbird

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President Truman's message on the National health program

Rorem, C.R., 2012:
President Truman's proposed national health program in Perspective

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President William McKinley (1843-1901): the first reported case of traumatic gunshot pancreatitis

Wilson, W., 2013:
President Wilson rises to an emergency

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CO2 and O2 dynamics in leaves of aquatic plants with C3 or CAM photosynthesis - application of a novel CO2 microsensor

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President Wilson's brain trust: Woodrow Wilson, Francis X. Dercum, and American neurology

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CO2 and temperature effects on morphological and physiological traits affecting risk of drought-induced mortality

Walsh, J., 1978:
President and science adviser push for a foundation for development

Anonymous, 1986:
President awards science and technology medals

Culliton, B.J., 1976:
President awards science medals

Culliton, B.J., 1979:
President carter addresses national academy

Anonymous, 1993:
President clinton gets his science adviser

Bush, A.; Pavord, I., 2013:
President elect kidnapped. Tsar very much

Carter, L.J., 1974:
President ford: main street to pennsylvania avenue

Anonymous, 1977:
President gives science medals

Anonymous, 2008:
President issues budget for FY 2009

Holden, C., 1985:
President names members of peace institute

Barlas, S., 2011:
President obama reopens debate on patented biologics: will the FDA quickly define an abbreviated pathway for biosimilars?

Lal, R., 2014:
President of AMI-2013

Anonymous, 1964:
President of G.M.C

Anonymous, 2012:
President of Kanawha County Medical Society among first to attain electronic health record designation

Anonymous, 1972:
President of R.C.p

Chapman, J.; Opelz, G., 2013:
President of the Transplantation Society, 2010-2012: Professor Gerhard Opelz

Jona, T., 2008:
President of the World Veterinary Association

Naotaka, S., 2008:
President of the asian Federation of psychiatric associations

W.N., 1973:
President proposes, congress disposes--true or false?

Abelson, P.H., 1981:
President reagan, science, and engineering

Traynor, K., 2014:
President signs compounding law

Baillie, J., 2012:
President stresses need for adaptability

Walsh, J., 1983:
President tells agencies to lower patent bars

Smith, R.J., 1982:
President vetoes EPA R & d bill

Waitz, M.L., 2012:
President'S message

B.W., 1987:
President's AIDS Panel Issues First Report

Cole, R.H., 1926:
President's Address (Abridged): Progress in Psychiatry

Bersani, H., 2007:
President's Address 2007. The Past is Prologue: "MR," Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Brem, W.V., 1922:
President's Address Annual Meeting Los Angeles County Medical Association December 15, 1921-Governmental Activities And Tendencies In The Health Field

Barlow, T., 1913:
President's Address At The International Medical Congress

Evans, E.L., 1921:
President's Address Functional Results of Successfully Reduced Congenital Dislocation of the Hip

Drummond, D., 1921:

Musgrave, R.W., 1910:
President's Address at the Seventh Semi-Annual Meeting of the Central California Health Officers' Association, October, 1909

Smith, S.W., 1934:
President's Address on CLIMATE AND HEALTH

Dawson, L., 1932:
President's Address on ONE HUNDRED YEARS AND AFTER

Liu, W.; Xu, Q., 2018:
CO2-Assisted Conversion of Crystal Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Oxide to Amorphism with Plasmon Resonances

Hobday, F., 1925:
President's Address on "The Comparative Section"

Taylor, S.H.; Aspinwall, M.J.; Blackman, C.J.; Choat, B.; Tissue, D.T.; Ghannoum, O., 2018:
CO2 availability influences hydraulic function of C3 and C4 grass leaves

Robinson, J.L., 1923:
President's Address, Nevada Medical Association

Morrison, N.H., 1905:
President's Address, Pacific Railway Surgeons

Baehr, G., 1947:
President's Address, Twentieth Graduate Fortnight

Kahn, S.G., 1925:
President's Address, Utah Medical Association

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CO2 Binding and Splitting by Boron-Boron Multiple Bonds

Hunt, E.M., 1883:
President's Address-Hygiene: Its Scope, its Progress, and its Leading Aims

Gihon, A.L., 1884:
President's Address-The Sanitary Responsibilities of the Citizen

Morrell, J.R., 1925:
President's Address-Utah State Medical Society, 1924

Ellis, H.B., 1904 :
President's Address-What Should Be the Physician's Position in the Body Politic?

Opelz, G., 2013:
President's Address. The Transplantation Society--Berlin 2012

Chapman, J., 2011:
President's Address. The Transplantation Society-Vancouver 2010

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CO2 Capture by Injection of Flue Gas or CO2-N2 Mixtures into Hydrate Reservoirs: Dependence of CO2 Capture Efficiency on Gas Hydrate Reservoir Conditions

Coleman, F., 1934:
President's Address: (Section of Odontology)

Mollison, W.M., 1930:
President's Address: A Brief Survey of the History of the Mastoid Operation

Fraser, J.S., 1928:
President's Address: A National Investigation of Otosclerosis

Yu, X.; Chen, C.; Sun, M.; Dong, D.; Zhang, S.; Liu, P.; Yuan, R.; Ye, J., 2018:
CO2 Laser-assisted Deep Sclerectomy Combined with Phacoemulsification in Patients with Primary Open-angle Glaucoma and Cataract

Tilley, H., 1920:
President's Address: A Plea for the Better Teaching of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology

Ali, S.Raza.; Hejji, M.Al.; Homoud, M., 2018:
CO2 Laser in Neurosurgery: A Hands-on Experience

Pringle, G.L., 1930 :
President's Address: A Summary of Two Thousand Consecutive Cases of Rheumatic Disease

Craig, M., 1928:
President's Address: A Survey of Some Conditions conducive to Mental Disturbance, with Suggestions as to their Treatment

Featherstone, H.W., 1930:
President's Address: A Visit to Some of the Hospitals in Canada and to the Mayo Clinic: (Abridged)

Pardington, G.L., 1921:
President's Address: Advancing Years and Balneo-therapy

Rebeiz, E.E.; Bhatia, N., 2018:
CO2 Laser Zenker's Diverticulotomy: 10-year Experience

Smith, R.P., 1918:
President's Address: Aphasia in Relation to Mental Disease

Bristow, W.R., 1927:
President's Address: Arthrodesis

Rolleston, J.D., 1925:
President's Address: Bretonneau: His Life and Work

Donelan, J., 1919:
President's Address: British Laryngology and Rhinology

Arias-Hidalgo, M.; Yuan, Q.; Carta, F.; Supuran, C.T.; Gros, G.; Endeward, V., 2018:
CO2 Permeability of Rat Hepatocytes and Relation of CO2 Permeability to CO2 Production

Knox, R., 1923:
President's Address: Cardiac Diagnosis-a Survey of the Development of Physical Methods

Gunn, J.A., 1928:
President's Address: Cardiac Stimulants

Dudgeon, L.S., 1924:
President's Address: Certain Problems which concern Intestinal Infection and the Intestinal Flora

Paton, L., 1930:
President's Address: Classification of the Optic Atrophies

Obuchi, T.; Shimamura, S.; Miyahara, N.; Fujimura, N.; Iwasaki, A., 2018:
CO2 retention: The key to stopping hiccups

Nitch, C.A., 1924:
President's Address: Cystic Pneumatosis of the Intestinal Tract

Rahman, M.Mushfequr.; Abetz, C.; Shishatskiy, S.; Martin, J.; Müller, A.J.; Abetz, V., 2018:
CO2 selective PolyActiveTM membrane: Thermal transitions and gas permeance as a function of thickness

Zhang, Q.; Wang, Z.; Lei, L.; Tang, J.; Wang, J.; Zhu, S., 2017:
CO2-Switchable Membranes Prepared by Immobilization of CO2-Breathing Microgels

Robinson, C.A., 1929:
President's Address: Diathermy Treatment of Puerperal Septicaemia and Pneumonia

Robinson, C.A., 1929:
President's Address: Diathermy Treatment of Puerperal Septicæmia and Pneumonia

Goodall, E.W., 1919:
President's Address: Enteric Fever in Flanders, 1914 and 1915

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President's Address: Entoptic Phenomena

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President's Address: Epidemics of the Eastern Campaigns

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President's Address: Forty Years of Practice

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President's Address: Health Conditions in the Colonies

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President's Address: Hospital Ships in Peace and War

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President's Address: How soon should Colostomy be performed in cases of Cancer of the Rectum which are Inoperable?

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President's Address: Ideals in Radiology and Electrology

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President's Address: Multiple Peripheral Neuritis

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President's Address: Multiple Primary Malignant Growths. With Special Reference to the Colon and Rectum

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President's Address: Natural Resistance and the Study of Normal Defence Mechanisms

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President's Address: Obesity

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President's Address: On Consciousness

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President's Address: On Some Neglected Corners of the Otological Field

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President's Address: On the Application of War Methods to Civil Practice

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President's Address: Operative Procedure for Cysts of the Jaws

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President's Address: Oral Sepsis in its Relation to General Disease

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President's Address: Pharmacological Syndromes

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President's Address: Posture in the Treatment of Disease

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President's Address: Profession and Public

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President's Address: Professional Opportunities of the Service Medical Officer

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President's Address: Progress and Problems in Epidemiology

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President's Address: Psychiatry And The Report Of The Royal Commission

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President's Address: Psychology and Psychiatry

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President's Address: Purpura of the Urinary Tract

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President's Address: Radiology-its Progress and Future

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President's Address: Recent Tendencies in Chemotherapy

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President's Address: Renal Tuberculosis

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President's Address: Respiratory Rhythm in Physiological Relation to Movement and Posture

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President's Address: Some Affections of the Epiphyses

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President's Address: Some Amputation Problems

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President's Address: Some Aspects of Mental Hygiene

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President's Address: Some Aspects of Specialization and Research in the Services

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President's Address: Some Considerations for Preventive Dentistry

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President's Address: Some Considerations on Head Injuries

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President's Address: Some Neurological Aspects of Ophthalmic Cases

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President's Address: Some Observations on Bone Tumours

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President's Address: Some Observations on Epilepsy

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President's Address: Some Points in Connection with the Successful Issue of Simple Prostatectomy

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President's Address: Some Principles of Neurology

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President's Address: Some Principles of Therapeutics

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President's Address: Some Problems of the Future

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President's Address: Some Recent Changes in the Incidence of Ophthalmic Diseases

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President's Address: Some Recent Researches on Virus Diseases

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President's Address: Superstition

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President's Address: The Approach to the Study of Hysteria

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President's Address: The Blood as a Tissue: Hypertrophy and Atrophy of the Red Corpuscles

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President's Address: The Causes of Intestinal Disease

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President's Address: The Causes of Nervous Diseases

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President's Address: The Clinical Aspect of Congenital Mesenteric Malformation in Children

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President's Address: The Desirability of the Establishment of a Rationalized Standard for the Prevention of Dental Disease in Children

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President's Address: The Estimation of Hearing Capacity

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President's Address: The Eustachian Tube

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President's Address: The Female Pelvic Floor

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President's Address: The General Register Office

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President's Address: The Influence of Psychogenic Factors in Nervous Disorders

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President's Address: The Influence of the Endocrines on the Work of the Kidneys

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President's Address: The Necessity for Education in Radiology and Electro-Therapeutics

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President's Address: The Old and the New of Veterinary Science and Practice

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President's Address: The Pathogenesis of Cerebral Diplegia

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President's Address: The Pathogenesis of Rickets

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President's Address: The Present Position in Clinical Psychology

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President's Address: The Present Position of Spinal Analgesia

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President's Address: The Relation of Dust to Infection

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President's Address: The Scientific Basis of the Practice of Medical Hydrology

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President's Address: The Structural Type of the Mastoid Process, based upon the Skiagraphic Examination of 1,000 Crania of various Races of Mankind

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Coacervation of the Recombinant Mytilus galloprovincialis Foot Protein-3b

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President's Address: The Threshold of the Kidney

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President's Address: The Transition from Live to Dead: the Nature of Filtrable Viruses

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President's Address: The Treatment of Paralysis in Children

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Coach and player attitudes to injury in youth sport

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President's Address: The Use of the Aeroplane in the Medical Services in War

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President's Address: The "Rheumatic" Diathesis

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President's Address: Tints and their Value

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President's Address: Traumatic Spondylitis

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President's Address: Urological Statistics as a Criterion of Progress

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President's Address: Van Helmont, Chemist, Physician, Philosopher and Mystic

Gabell, D., 1924:
President's Address; Modern Improvements in Mechanical Dentistry

Sweet, J.J., 2007:
President's Annual State Of The Academy Report

Lamberty, G.J., 2009:
President's Annual State of the Academy Report

Lamberty, G.J., 2010:
President's Annual State of the Academy Report

Nelson, A., 2014:
President's Annual State of the Academy Report

Holzman, D.C., 2010:
President's Cancer Panel stirs up environmental health community

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President's Column. The butterfly effect and dentistry

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President's Commission

Marshall, E., 1979:
President's Commission Reprimands NRC Staff

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President's Council Lambastes Ministry

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President's Council on Bioethics

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President's Day?

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Coaches' perceptions of the quality of care provided by athletic trainers

Anonymous, 2009:
President's HIV funding proposal is dead on arrival, HIV advocates say. Congress likely will decide spending in 2009

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President's Intern Program

Richardson, J., 1970:
President's Introduction

Rowland, F.S., 1993:
President's Lecture: The Need for Scientific Communication with the Public

James, N., 1993:
President's Letter

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"Coaching and Peer-Assisted Learning" (C-PAL) - The mental health nursing student experience: A qualitative evaluation

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President's Message

Bezak, E., 2010:
President's Message

Sinha, B.K., 2012:
President's Message

Hari, G.Suresh.Chandra., 2014:
President's Message

Sinha, R., 2011:
President's Message for IAGE Journal

Murray, T.M., 2007:
President's Message. A nursing civil war?

Mitchell, P.H.; Carnegie, M.Elizabeth.; King, I.M.; Cowan, M.Jeanette., 2008:
President's Message. Legends and legacies

Sanderson, T., 1988:
President's Message: A Time for Resolutions

Lauderdale, J., 2014:
President's Message: Taking the Lead to Inform and Transform

Zoghbi, W.A., 2008:
President's Message: contrast echocardiography: moving from controversy to consensus

Zahid, A.; Hong, J.; Young, C.J., 2018 :
Coaching Experts: Applications to Surgeons and Continuing Professional Development

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President's Page: An arrow to the heart

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Coaching in early physical therapy intervention: the COPCA program as an example of translation of theory into practice

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President's Page: ISCP's educational goals

Harold, J.Gordon.; Jessup, M., 2014:
President's Page: New ACC/AHA prevention guidelines: building a bridge to even stronger guideline collaborations

Bove, A.A., 2009:
President's Page: Relations with industry: thoughts on claims of a broken system

Zoghbi, W.A.; Walsh, M.Norine., 2012:
President's Page: Restoring the Patient-Physician Relationship

Holmes, D.R., 2011:
President's Page: dining out in Paris: wine and guidelines

Berman, D.S., 2009:
President's Page: do the right thing

Bove, A.A., 2009:
President's Page: looking beyond the politics of health care reform

Bove, A.A., 2009:
President's Page: preventing cardiovascular disease is a global effort

Smith, A.E., 1937:
President's Perpetual Bridge Trophy: Los Angeles County Medical Association

Sullivan, K.J., 2010:
President's Perspective. Evidence for physical therapist practice: how can we reconcile clinical guidelines and patient-centered care?

Edell, E.S., 2009:
President's Reflections

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Coaching Models of School-Based Prevention and Promotion Programmes: A Qualitative Exploration of UK Teachers' Perceptions

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Coaching parents to assess and treat self-injurious behaviour via telehealth

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Coaching positively influences the effects of working memory training on visual working memory as well as mathematical ability

Morrow, H., 1938:
President's Salutation

Price, D.K., 1963:
President's Science Adviser

Meinel, A.B., 1972:
President's Science Message

Crocker, R., 1909:
President's Valedictory Address

Anonymous, 1954:
President's Visit to Ceylon and the Middle East

Brooks, R.E., 2010:
President's address

Pierson, J.L., 2011:
President's address 2010. Are we still moving forward: at the intersection

Osborn, J.C., 2013:
President's address 2013

Sacks, D., 2009:
President's address at the 2008 SIR Annual Members' Business Meeting

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Coaching primary care clinics for HPV vaccination quality improvement: Comparing in-person and webinar implementation

Alexander, R.Wayne., 2010:
President's address. Common mechanisms of multiple diseases: why vegetables and exercise are good for you

Alexander, K.L., 2007:
President's address. Highlights of an extraordinary year

Petty, G.M.; Lingham, T., 2018:
Coaching Teamwork in the Classroom Using an Innovative Team-Coaching Process

Kim, K.Sang., 2012:
President's address: 20 years of perspiration and 20 years of admiration

Kim, K.Sang., 2011:
President's address: Improving the quality of testing

Mackowiak, P.A., 2016:
President's address: Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, and the dark side of medical science

Chung, M-Hyun., 2013:
President's address: Research and development on computer-based testing and extension of clinical skill examination to a variety of fields

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Coaching to create a smoke-free home in a brief secondhand smoke intervention

Abboud, Fçois.M.; Abboud, Fçois.M., 2009:
President's address: knowledge, compassion and restless spirit

Wolf, M.A., 2008:
President's address: mother was right: the health benefits of milk of magnesia

Luke, R.G., 2008:
President's address: salt-too much of a good thing?

Mandell, G.L., 2011:
President's address: thinking about the unthinkable

Czekanski, K.; Mingo, S.; Piper, L., 2019:
Coaching to NCLEX-RN Success: A Postgraduation Intervention to Improve First-Time Pass Rates

Nelson, A., 2013:
President's annual state of the academy report

Green, V.C., 2011:
President's column

Ricciardi, W., 2014:
President's column

Fickenscher, K.M., 2013:
President's column: AMIA -- expanding and extending our reach

Middleton, B., 2014:
President's column: AMIA's policy priorities for 2014

Fickenscher, K., 2013:
President's column: An AMIA update--new directions and new opportunities

Fickenscher, K.M., 2013:
President's column: Informatics professionals--leading the way?

Fickenscher, K.M., 2013:
President's column: interoperability--the 30% solution: from dialog and rhetoric to reality

Fickenscher, K., 2013:
President's column: operational informatics--expanding the scope of our discipline

Fickenscher, K.M., 2013:
President's column: population health--the ultimate application of informatics!

Shortliffe, E.H., 2012:
President's column: subspecialty certification in clinical informatics

Fickenscher, K.M., 2013:
President's column: two important decisions, one clear direction..

Tanne, J.Hopkins., 2011:
President's commission considers how to protect human rights after Guatemala experiment

Chantry, C.J., 2008:
President's corner

Ilic, D.; Murphy, K.; Collins, V.; Holden, C., 2018:
Coaching to support men in making informed choices about prostate cancer screening: A qualitative study

Gostin, L.O., 2008:
President's emergency plan for AIDS relief: health development at the crossroads

Kurupati, R.; Ertl, H.Cj., 2018:
Coaching tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells to eat right

Luetzow, T., 2010:
President's inaugural address. Wisconsin Medical Society

Schober, K., 2006:
President's letter

Greene, G., 2009:
President's message

Waitz, M.L., 2011:
President's message

Williams, M.P., 2014:
President's message -- our shared responsibility

Rinando, V., 2013 :
President's message misses mark

Picard, M., 2007:
President's message should you be using contrast?

Williams, M.P., 2014:
President's message--there is no finish line

Lyons, C.M., 2014:
President's message. A year in review at the 2013 convention

Hendry, D.T.; Williams, A.Mark.; Hodges, N.J., 2018:
Coach ratings of skills and their relations to practice, play and successful transitions from youth-elite to adult-professional status in soccer

de Klerk, B., 2014:
President's message. Acta non verba

Wootton, J., 2012:
President's message. Alea iacta est

Yin, S.; Deák, G.; Chen, A., 2017:
Coactivation of Cognitive Control Networks During Task Switching

Jong, M., 2007:
President's message. Another year..

Henry, D., 2007:
President's message. Are you ready for a new dental school?

Wootton, J., 2011:
President's message. Clinical courage

Soles, J., 2015:
President's message. Collaboration, courage and conflict

de Klerk, B., 2014:
President's message. Generalism is dead: Long live generalism!

Epperly, T., 2009:
President's message. It's a new day for health reform in Washington-and you should be involved

Khotar, R., 2014:
President's message. Meaning of excellence in perioperative practice

de Klerk, B., 2014:
President's message. Multitudo sapientium sanitas orbis

de Klerk, B., 2012:
President's message. Nani gigantum humeris insidentes

Stobbe, K., 2010:
President's message. National rural health strategy: lessons from Oz

Jong, M., 2007:
President's message. Need for a national rural health strategy

Rhea, R.L., 2011:
President's message. Oral cancers

Stobbe, K., 2010:
President's message. Physician mobility

de Klerk, B., 2013:
President's message. Qui tacet consentire videtur

de Klerk, B., 2013:
President's message. Quo vadis?

El-Shennawy, L.; Dubrovskyi, O.; Kastrati, I.; Danes, J.M.; Zhang, Y.; Whiteley, H.E.; Creighton, C.J.; Frasor, J., 2017:
Coactivation of Estrogen Receptor and IKKβ Induces a Dormant Metastatic Phenotype in ER-Positive Breast Cancer

Stobbe, K., 2009:
President's message. Reflections from Laos

Wootton, J., 2010:
President's message. Rural health strategy revisited: pitching in the Dragons' Den

Soles, J., 2015:
President's message. Still competent?

Stobbe, K., 2010:
President's message. The earthquake in Haiti

Wootton, J., 2012:
President's message. The elephant in the room

Stobbe, K., 2008:
President's message. Trouble brewing

Wootton, J., 2011:
President's message. Where to now?

Henry, D., 2006:
President's message. Who is teaching our kids?

Stobbe, K., 2009:
President's message. "Who do I get next?"

King, M.J., 2011:
President's message: Acceptance Address APMA House of Delegates Washington, DC, March 20, 2011

Deckers, J.; Bougarne, N.; Mylka, V.; Desmet, S.; Luypaert, A.; Devos, M.; Tanghe, G.; Van Moorleghem, J.; Vanheerswynghels, M.; De Cauwer, L.; Thommis, J.; Vuylsteke, M.; Tavernier, J.; Lambrecht, B.N.; Hammad, H.; De Bosscher, K., 2017:
Co-Activation of Glucocorticoid Receptor and Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-γ in Murine Skin Prevents Worsening of Atopic March

Sinnett, M.J., 2012:
President's message: Be the change ...

Shlom, E.A., 2015:
President's message: Life-long learning in pharmacy: from CE to CPD

Thomas, G.S., 2007:
President's message: The global burden of cardiovascular disease

Powell, V., 2011:
President's message: The seven qualities of a PWR leader

Lauderdale, J., 2016:
President's message: another year older, another year better

Ryan, T., 2007:
President's message: demonstrating competency

Lauderdale, J., 2014:
President's message: let's get the message out

Leuning, C., 2007:
President's message: moving forward, making a difference

Powell, V., 2012:
President's message: oath of a pharmacist

Wootton, J., 2011:
President's message: old guard, new blood

Zoghbi, W.A., 2009:
President's message: onward and upward!

Beaulieu, M-Dominique., 2014:
President's message: passing the baton

Lauderdale, J., 2011:
President's message: timing is everything

Beaulieu, M-Dominique., 2013:
President's message: toward a patient-centred health care system

Zoghbi, W.A., 2009:
President's message: training in echocardiography in the multimodality era

Lauderdale, J., 2015:
President's message: using adversity to create opportunity

Wootton, J., 2012:
President's message: what if somebody cared?

Shlom, E.A., 2015:
President's message: when they ask me why

Scherer, W.H., 2010:
President's message; when the dental officer returns

Berman, D.S., 2009:
President's page

Zoghbi, W.A., 2012:
President's page. The ACC in 2012: transforming cardiovascular care, step by step

Rish, J.A., 2014:
President's page. Thoughts on Medicaid expansion

FitzGerald, J.Mark., 2015:
President's page. What a year!

Zoghbi, W.; Itchhaporia, D.; Gray, H., 2013:
President's page: A new year, a new venue: let's take our hearts to San Francisco

Zoghbi, W.A.; Itchhaporia, D., 2012:
President's page: ACC councils, sections, and committees: where membership makes a difference

Harold, J.Gordon.; O'Gara, P.T.; Chazal, R., 2013:
President's page: ACC strategic planning to improve value for patients and members

Dove, J.T., 2007:
President's page: Achieving the heights of quality with electronic health records

Dove, J.T.; Brindis, R.G.; Fasules, J.W.; Schaeffer, J.W.; Wright, J.S., 2007:
President's page: American College of Cardiology's quality leadership influencing health system reform

O'Gara, P.T.; Cooper, C.; Fry, E., 2014:
President's page: CV workforce projections are not what they seem

Dove, J.T.; Zieman, S.J.; Alexander, K.; Miller, A., 2008:
President's page: Cardiovascular care in older adults: the ACC and SGC partnership builds new curriculum

Weaver, W.Douglas., 2009:
President's page: Carrying our message on quality and reform forward

Harold, J.Gordon., 2014:
President's page: Celebrating our history and preparing for the future

Brindis, R., 2010:
President's page: Defending the value of the cardiovascular professional

Bove, A.A., 2010:
President's page: Democratization of imaging

Harold, J.Gordon.; Williams, K.Allan., 2013:
President's page: Disparities in cardiovascular care: finding ways to narrow the gap

Berman, D., 2009:
President's page: Guidelines for the acquisition, interpretation, and reporting of coronary CT angiography

Dove, J.T.; Holmes, D.R.; Jackson, M.J.; Klodas, E.; Nishimura, R.A.; O'Gara, P.T., 2007:
President's page: Having light, pass it on

Liu, X.; Zhang, N.; Chang, C.; Duyn, J.H., 2018:
Co-activation patterns in resting-state fMRI signals

Harold, J.Gordon.; Rumsfeld, J.S., 2013:
President's page: Honoring those who have served with high quality cardiovascular care

O'Gara, P.T.; Rumsfeld, J.S.; Masoudi, F.A., 2014:
President's page: Letting data do the talking

Zoghbi, W.A.; Beliveau, M.Ellen., 2012:
President's page: Lifelong learning in the digital age

Budoff, M., 2011:
President's page: Looking back at 2010 and ahead to 2011

Bove, A.A.; Spertus, J.A., 2010:
President's page: Meeting the challenges of outcome measures

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Co-activation patterns of gastrocnemius and quadriceps femoris in controlling the knee joint during walking

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President's page: One of 600,000

Brindis, R.; Walsh, M.N., 2010:
President's page: Patient-centered cardiovascular care: an ACC initiative

Bove, A.A., 2009:
President's page: Patient-centered care and health care reform

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Ziffer, J.A., 2010:
President's page: Society, our society, and 1949

Weaver, W.Douglas., 2008:
President's page: Subspecialty societies, subspecialists, and the ACC: building a unified effort

Cury, R.C., 2015:
President's page: Ten years of innovation in cardiac CT

Brindis, R.; Douglas, P.S., 2010:
President's page: The ACC encourages multi-pronged approach to radiation safety

Carr, J.Jeffrey., 2014:
President's page: The Stephan Achenbach--way ahead lecture in cardiac CT

Weaver, W.Douglas.; Gray, H.H., 2008:
President's page: The continuing importance of international engagement

Holmes, D.R., 2011:
President's page: The global college of cardiology: it's a small world after all

Harold, J.Gordon.; O'Gara, P.; Hill, J.A.; Konstam, M.A., 2014:
President's page: The perfect storm part 2: a rally cry for medical research funding

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President's page: Tweet all about it: ACC charting the digital future

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President's page: Why are some cardiac CT programs successful?

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President's page: Wrinkling the soul

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President's page: a call for leadership

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President's page: a transformational troika

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President's page: an urgent call to action: graduate medical education funding and the future of health care

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President's page: antimicrobial prophylaxis to prevent infective endocarditis: why did the recommendations change?

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President's page: back to the future

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President's page: cardiovascular CT numbers

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President's page: cardiovascular imaging: a look to the past, present and future

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President's page: cardiovascular professionals: are we knights in shining armor or just knaves and pawns?

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President's page: clearing the higher bar

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President's page: clouds, science, and education

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President's page: comparative effectiveness

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President's page: considering the health care world as flat

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President's page: disclosures, transparency, and firewalls protect integrity

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President's page: drug-eluting stents in contemporary practice--a call for a real-world, open-entry, device-tracking registry

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President's page: employing shared decision-making models to improve care and patient value: a cardiovascular professional initiative

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President's page: expanding our diversity to expand our reach

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President's page: fighting quality fatigue: why excellence matters

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President's page: heroes and the shoulders of giants

Holmes, D.R., 2011:
President's page: holding hands, sweaty palms, and silos

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President's page: longevity, prevention, and health care reform

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President's page: measuring and other things

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President's page: national quality initiatives put ACC's mission into action

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President's page: patient-centered care, patient consumerism, and cardiac CT

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President's page: plan, do, study, act: a proven path to progress

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President's page: prospective and retrospective preeminence: what is right about coronary CT

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President's page: public reporting of cardiovascular care: an opportunity to shape the future

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President's page: quality begins first with personal responsibility

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President's page: reflecting on the power of one

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President's page: responding to the drum beat for health care reform

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President's page: risk, benefit, and Las Vegas

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President's page: taking up the challenge and continuing the charge

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President's page: team-based care: a solution for our health care delivery challenges

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President's page: the ACC reconfirms commitment to transparent relationships with industry

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President's page: the ACC: taking on congenital heart disease and winning!

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President's page: the future of cardiology starts with mentors

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President's page: the mandate for quality. An invitation to be part of the solution

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President's page: the state of cardiology is sound: a president's perspective on leaving office

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President's page: the way ahead

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President's page: the year in retrospect: becoming CardioSmarter

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President's page: too much of a good thing

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President's page: transformation, transmogrification, transfiguration, et al

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President's page: understanding the implications of conflict of interest issues

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President's page: what is a cardiologist?

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President's page: who owns what or whom?

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President's page: working toward the triple aim in cardiovascular health care

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President's perspective: dual eligible--what does it mean and why should you know about it?

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President's perspective: health care reform and neurologic physical therapy

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President's perspective: the neurology section's strategic plan-first step

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President's perspectives. Healthcare Reform: a call to action for our patients

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President's plan pledges greater funds to reduce violence against women and girls

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President's reflections: holistic nursing is about embracing all that we are

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President's report

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President's report

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President's report

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President's report

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President's report

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President's report on process and progress at the MDA

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President's report--state of the College, 2010

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President's report. The shortage of nurses

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President's report: December 2006

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Co-actors represent the order of each other's actions

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President's update. Leading the way in primary health care

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President's update: take a moment to breathe

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President's welcome. VII International Meeting on Cancer Induced Bone Disease

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President's word

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President, Society for Medical Anthropology speaking to the national health crisis: voices from medical anthropology

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President-Elect Charles A. Dukes' Visitations to County Societies in Southern California

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President-Elect J. H. Hale, A.B., M.D

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President-Elect-Dr. C. Herbert Marshall

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President-elect looks to the challenge ahead

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Presidental address--Obesity discrimination: what can we do?

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Presidential Address - Annual Session, 1942

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Presidential Address At The Annual Meeting Of The Royal Society

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Presidential Address on the History and Work of a Cottage Hospital during Twenty Years

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Presidential Address on the Influence and Duties of the Branches of the British Medical Association: Delivered before the Dublin Branch of the British Medical Association

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Presidential Address on the New Pathology

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Presidential Address on the Spontaneous Healing of Tuberculosis: Its Frequency and the Mode of its Occurrence

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Presidential Address, 2009: ISMICS Means Innovation

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Presidential Address, Alberta Medical Association

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Presidential Address-As It Was In The Beginning

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Presidential Address-Defense Of The Human Body Against Living Mammalian Cells

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Presidential Address. Air and Water: Is there Anything New under the Sun?

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Presidential Address. The Enteric Fever Carrier

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Presidential Address: 38(th) Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - 2(nd) November 2012

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Presidential Address: 39(th) Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons, Bhubaneswar, Odisha - November 8, 2013

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Presidential Address: A Plea for the Study of Therapeutics

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Co-Administration Of Live Probiotics With Chondroprotector In Management Of Experimental Knee Osteoarthritis

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Presidential Address: American Urogynecologic Society's Role in Moving Our Field Forward

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Presidential Address: An Investigation of the Causes which determine the Lie of the Foetus in utero

Griffith, W.S., 1915:
Presidential Address: An Investigation of the Causes which determine the Lie of the Fœtus in utero

Anonymous, 1913:
Presidential Address: Arthritis

Anonymous, 1912:
Presidential Address: Baths and Climate in relation to Spa Treatment; some Reflections and Suggestions