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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55147

Chapter 55147 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Capon, A.; Pavoni, N.; Mastromattei, A.; D.L.llo, D., 2007:
Pressure ulcer risk in long-term units: prevalence and associated factors

Mertens, E.I.; Halfens, R.J.G.; Dietz, E.; Scheufele, R.; Dassen, T., 2008:
Pressure ulcer risk screening in hospitals and nursing homes with a general nursing assessment tool: evaluation of the care dependency scale

Palacios, A.; Soares, Jé.; Massó, P.; Versos, R.; Marcelo, F., 2007:
Pressure ulcer secondary to penile prostheses

Tafti, A.Abdoli.; Sajadi, S.; Rafiei, H., 2016:
Pressure ulcer stage IV caused by cervical collar in patients with multiple trauma in intensive care unit

Anonymous, 2007:
Pressure ulcer stages revised by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel

Sibbald, R.Gary.; Krasner, D.L.; Woo, K.Y., 2012:
Pressure ulcer staging revisited: superficial skin changes & Deep Pressure Ulcer Framework©

Spear, M., 2015:
Pressure ulcer staging-revisited

Holmes, A.; Edelstein, T., 2008:
Pressure ulcer success story

Edsberg, L.E., 2007 :
Pressure ulcer tissue histology: an appraisal of current knowledge

Porter, M.; Kelly, J., 2015:
Pressure ulcer treatment in a patient with spina bifida

Schlüer, A-Barbara.; Schols, J.M.G.A.; Halfens, R.J.G., 2015:
Pressure ulcer treatment in pediatric patients

Soppi, E., 2010:
Pressure ulcer--occurrence, pathophysiology and prevention

Ahn, H.; Stechmiller, J.; Horgas, A., 2014:
Pressure ulcer-related pain in nursing home residents with cognitive impairment

Moretti, C.; Quadri, G.; Gaita, F.; Sheiban, I., 2011:
Pressure ulcer: an unreported complication of the Safeguard® hemostasis device. No need to crack under pressure

Stephen-Haynes, J., 2012:
Pressure ulceration and palliative care: prevention, treatment, policy and outcomes

Fellows, J., 2009:
Pressure ulcers

Sarabia Lavín, R.; Rojo Santos, E., 2010:
Pressure ulcers - management of pressure injuries

Hoff, J.Midelfart.; Bjerke, L.Walter.; Gravem, P.Egil.; Hagen, E.Merete.; Rekand, T., 2012:
Pressure ulcers after spinal cord injury

Park-Lee, E.; Caffrey, C., 2009:
Pressure ulcers among nursing home residents: United States, 2004

Kayser-Jones, J.; Kris, A.E.; Lim, K-Choon.; Walent, R.J.; Halifax, E.; Paul, S.M., 2010:
Pressure ulcers among terminally ill nursing home residents

Teive, Hélio.Afonso.Ghizoni.; Campos, R.William.Genaro.Rodrigues.de.; Munhoz, R.Puppi.; Werneck, L.César., 2008:
Pressure ulcers and Charcot's definitions: report on two cases

Agam, L.; Gefen, A., 2007:
Pressure ulcers and deep tissue injury: a bioengineering perspective

Struck, B.D.; Wright, J.E., 2008:
Pressure ulcers and endothelial dysfunction: is there a link?

Beeckman, D.; Schoonhoven, L.; Fletcher, J.; Furtado, K.; Heyman, H.; Paquay, L.; D.B.cquer, D.; Defloor, T., 2011:
Pressure ulcers and incontinence-associated dermatitis: effectiveness of the Pressure Ulcer Classification education tool on classification by nurses

Tachibana, T.; Miyachi, Y., 2007:
Pressure ulcers and infections

Pimiento, J.M.; Echeverri, S., 2014:
Pressure ulcers and malnutrition: a devastating and common association

Tsaousi, G.; Stavrou, G.; Ioannidis, A.; Salonikidis, S.; Kotzampassi, K., 2015:
Pressure ulcers and malnutrition: results from a snapshot sampling in a university hospital

Barrett, R.; Tuttle, V.; Whalen, E.; Gatchell, C.; Dawe, A., 2010:
Pressure ulcers and nutritional support: a partnership to improve patient outcomes

Harrow, J.J.; Rashka, S.Lea.; Fitzgerald, S.G.; Nelson, A.L., 2008 :
Pressure ulcers and occipital alopecia in Operation Iraqi Freedom polytrauma casualties

Loiseau-Breton, C., 2013:
Pressure ulcers and pain assessment

Larson, J.D.; Altman, A.M.; Bentz, M.L.; Larson, D.L., 2014:
Pressure ulcers and perineal reconstruction

Bergquist-Beringer, S.; Dong, L.; He, J.; Dunton, N., 2013:
Pressure ulcers and prevention among acute care hospitals in the United States

Takahashi, P.Y., 2008:
Pressure ulcers and prognosis: candid conversations about healing and death

Villare, R.C., 2010:
Pressure ulcers and quality of care

Lewis, G.M.; Pham, T.N.; Robinson, E.; Otto, A.; Honari, S.; Heimbach, D.M.; Klein, M.B.; Gibran, N.S., 2013:
Pressure ulcers and risk assessment in severe burns

Naber, J.L.; Perlow, M., 2008:
Pressure ulcers and the home health aide: evaluation of an educational program

Tran, C.; Roulet, M.; Guex, E.; Coti Bertrand, P., 2008:
Pressure ulcers and undernutrition--screening and assessment of nutritional status

Nenna, M., 2011:
Pressure ulcers at end of life: an overview for home care and hospice clinicians

Ham, W.; Schoonhoven, L.; Schuurmans, M.J.; Leenen, L.P.H., 2014:
Pressure ulcers from spinal immobilization in trauma patients: a systematic review

Hayashi, T.; Narita, Y.; Okugawa, N.; Hamaguchi, E.; Shibahara, M.; Kuzuhara, S., 2007:
Pressure ulcers in ALS patients on admission at a university hospital in Japan

Kottner, J.; Dassen, T.; Lahmann, N.A., 2012:
Pressure ulcers in German nursing homes: frequencies, grades, and origins

Tubaishat, A.; Anthony, D.; Saleh, M., 2011:
Pressure ulcers in Jordan: a point prevalence study

Alja'afreh, M.; Mosleh, S.M., 2014:
Pressure ulcers in Jordan: a snapshot survey of a tertiary public hospital

Calianno, C., 2007:
Pressure ulcers in acute care: a quality issue

Hendrichova, I.; Castelli, M.; Mastroianni, C.; Piredda, M.; Mirabella, F.; Surdo, L.; D.M.rinis, M.G.; Heath, T.; Casale, G., 2011:
Pressure ulcers in cancer palliative care patients

Walker, J., 2012:
Pressure ulcers in cervical spine immobilisation: a retrospective analysis

Baumgarten, M.; Margolis, D.J.; Orwig, D.L.; Shardell, M.D.; Hawkes, W.G.; Langenberg, P.; Palmer, M.H.; Jones, P.S.; McArdle, P.F.; Sterling, R.; Kinosian, B.P.; Rich, S.E.; Sowinski, J.; Magaziner, J., 2009:
Pressure ulcers in elderly patients with hip fracture across the continuum of care

Langemo, D.K.; Black, J., 2011:
Pressure ulcers in individuals receiving palliative care: a National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel white paper

White-Chu, E.Foy.; Flock, P.; Struck, B.; Aronson, L., 2011:
Pressure ulcers in long-term care

Aljezawi, M'en.; A.Q.dire, M.; Tubaishat, A., 2014:
Pressure ulcers in long-term care: a point prevalence study in Jordan

Baharestani, M.Mylene.; Ratliff, C.R., 2007:
Pressure ulcers in neonates and children: an NPUAP white paper

Theisen, S.; Drabik, A.; Stock, S., 2012:
Pressure ulcers in older hospitalised patients and its impact on length of stay: a retrospective observational study

Remaley, D.Trey.; Jaeblon, T., 2010:
Pressure ulcers in orthopaedics

Queiroz, A.Carolina.de.Castro.Mendonça.; Mota, Dálete.Delalibera.Corrêa.de.Faria.; Bachion, M.Marcia.; Ferreira, A.Cássia.Mendes., 2014:
Pressure ulcers in palliative home care patients: prevalence and characteristics

Cheesman, K.; Makinde, S.; Bird, G., 2010:
Pressure ulcers in parturients

Wu, S.S.H.; Ahn, C.; Emmons, K.R.; Salcido, R.Sal., 2009:
Pressure ulcers in pediatric patients with spinal cord injury: a review of assessment, prevention, and topical management

Rathore, F.A.; New, P.W.; Waheed, A., 2009:
Pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury: an unusual site and etiology

Scarlatti, K.Cristina.; Michel, J.Liliane.Marlene.; Gamba, Mônica.Antar.; de Gutiérrez, M.Gaby.Rivero., 2012:
Pressure ulcers in surgery patients: incidence and associated factors

Roca-Biosca, A.; Velasco-Guillén, M.C.; Rubio-Rico, L.; García-Grau, N.; Anguera-Saperas, L., 2013:
Pressure ulcers in the critical patient: detection of risk factors

Rogez, E., 2013:
Pressure ulcers in the elderly. A necessary vigilance

de Freitas, M.Célia.; Medeiros, A.Bessa.Fernandes.; Guedes, M.Vilani.Cavalcante.; de Almeida, P.César.; de Galiza, F.Tereza.; Nogueira, Jéssica.de.Menezes., 2011:
Pressure ulcers in the elderly: analysis of prevalence and risk factors

Estilo, M.Esperanza.L.; Angeles, A.; Perez, T.; Hernandez, M.; Valdez, M., 2012:
Pressure ulcers in the intensive care unit: new perspectives on an old problem

Cremasco, M.F.; Wenzel, F.; Zanei, S.S.V.; Whitaker, I.Y., 2013:
Pressure ulcers in the intensive care unit: the relationship between nursing workload, illness severity and pressure ulcer risk

Bernabe, K.Q., 2012:
Pressure ulcers in the pediatric patient

Berg, G.M.; Spence, M.; Patton, S.; Acuna, D.; Harrison, P.B., 2012:
Pressure ulcers in the trauma population: are reimbursement penalties appropriate?

Kapur, S.; Mutagi, H.; Raphael, J., 2007:
Pressure ulcers induced by a spinal catheter

Foglia, E.; Restelli, U.; Napoletano, A.M.; Coclite, D.; Porazzi, E.; Bonfanti, M.; Croce, D., 2012:
Pressure ulcers management: an economic evaluation

Ong, J.C.Y.; Chan, F.C.; McCann, J., 2011:
Pressure ulcers of the popliteal fossae caused by thromboembolic deterrent stockings (TEDS)

Keyurapan, E.; Hu, S.J.; Redett, R.; McCarthy, E.F.; McFarland, E.G., 2007:
Pressure ulcers of the thorax after shoulder surgery

Casey, G., 2014:
Pressure ulcers reflect quality of nursing care

Harker, J., 2011:
Pressure ulcers will still be seen until basic care is right

George, B.; Malkenson, G., 2009:
Pressure ulcers, a clinical review

Anonymous, 2008:
Pressure ulcers--management of pressure related tissue damage

Anonymous, 2008:
Pressure ulcers--prevention of pressure related damage

Knudsen, C.Wold.; Tønseth, K.Alexander., 2011:
Pressure ulcers--prophylaxis and treatment

Anonymous, 2011:
Pressure ulcers: 3 mechanical forces related to the nursing care environment

Agrawal, K.; Chauhan, N., 2012:
Pressure ulcers: Back to the basics

Kottner, J.; Balzer, K.; Dassen, T.; Heinze, S., 2010:
Pressure ulcers: a critical review of definitions and classifications

Francis Godschalk, M., 2007:
Pressure ulcers: a role for thymosin beta4

Trueland, J., 2013:
Pressure ulcers: case studies piling the pressure on the problem

de la Garza-Rodea, A.S.; Knaän-Shanzer, S.; van Bekkum, D.W., 2012:
Pressure ulcers: description of a new model and use of mesenchymal stem cells for repair

Beeckman, D.; Defloor, T.; Demarré, L.; Van Hecke, A.; Vanderwee, K., 2010:
Pressure ulcers: development and psychometric evaluation of the attitude towards pressure ulcer prevention instrument (APuP)

Beeckman, D.; Schoonhoven, L.; Boucqué, H.; Van Maele, G.; Defloor, T., 2008:
Pressure ulcers: e-learning to improve classification by nurses and nursing students

Webster, J.; Coleman, K.; Mudge, A.; Marquart, L.; Gardner, G.; Stankiewicz, M.; Kirby, J.; Vellacott, C.; Horton-Breshears, M.; McClymont, A., 2011:
Pressure ulcers: effectiveness of risk-assessment tools. A randomised controlled trial (the ULCER trial)

Pieper, B.; Kirsner, R.S., 2013:
Pressure ulcers: even the grading of facilities fails

Lyder, C.H., 2007:
Pressure ulcers: identification and care

Hoppe, C.; Pöhler, A.; Kottner, J.; Dassen, T., 2008:
Pressure ulcers: new data about risk, prevalence and places of development. Results of a study in German nursing homes and hospitals

Dib, M., 2009:
Pressure ulcers: prevention and management

Bluestein, D.; Javaheri, A., 2008:
Pressure ulcers: prevention, evaluation, and management

Salcido, R., 2008:
Pressure ulcers: the power of detection

Garcia, A.; Siddiqui, A., 2013:
Pressure ulcers: the role of thermography and the need to revisit staging

Ousey, K., 2010:
Pressure ulcers: understanding the challenges of promoting quality

van Rijswijk, L.; Lyder, C., 2008:
Pressure ulcers: were they there on admission?

Wake, W.T., 2010:
Pressure ulcers: what clinicians need to know

Owen, L.S.; Morley, C.J.; Davis, P.G., 2010:
Pressure variation during ventilator generated nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation in preterm infants

Schwanitz, S.; Wittkowski, M.; Rolny, V.; Basner, M., 2013:
Pressure variations on a train - Where is the threshold to railway passenger discomfort?

Scheins, S.; Overgaard, J.; Timco, G.A.; Stash, A.; Chen, Y-Sheng.; Larsen, F.K.; Christensen, M.; Jørgensen, M.R.V.; Madsen, S.R.; Schmøkel, M.S.; Iversen, B.B., 2013:
Pressure versus temperature effects on intramolecular electron transfer in mixed-valence complexes

Garnero, A.J.; Abbona, H.; Gordo-Vidal, F.; Hermosa-Gelbard, C., 2014:
Pressure versus volume controlled modes in invasive mechanical ventilation

Yokogawa, K.; Fukuyama, S.; Mitsui, M.; Kudo, K., 1978:
Pressure vessel for tensile testing in high-pressure gases at elevated temperatures

Wallace, C.J.; Chambers, N.A.; Erb, T.O.; von Ungern-Sternberg, B.S., 2009:
Pressure volume curves of paediatric laryngeal mask airways

Karakurt, Z.; Yarkin, Tülay.; Altinöz, H.; Atik Güngör, S.; Adigüzel, N.; Güngör, Gökay.; Demiryontar, D.; Biçakçi, B.; Berk Takir, H.; Unver, E.; Baran, R., 2010:
Pressure vs. volume control in COPD patients intubated due to ARF: a case-control study

Sinha, A.; Sharma, B.; Sood, J., 2011:
Pressure vs. volume control ventilation: effects on gastric insufflation with size-1 LMA

Pauca, A.L., 2008:
Pressure wave analysis is useful to understand the pathophysiology of preeclampsia, but perhaps not the rapid changes during cesarean delivery

Lund, B.J.; Rule, G.T., 2014:
Pressure wave dosimetry for "Retinal ganglion cell damage in an experimental rodent model of blast-mediated traumatic brain injury"

Xiao, W-kai.; Ye, P.; Luo, L-ming.; Liu, D-jun.; Wu, H-mei., 2012:
Pressure wave reflections and central blood pressure in treated hypertensive subjects

Agnoletti, D.; Millasseau, S.; Topouchian, J.; Zhang, Y.; Safar, M.E.; Blacher, J., 2014:
Pressure wave shape comparison between two non-invasive tonometric devices

Bowdle, A.; Kharasch, E.; Schwid, H., 2009:
Pressure waveform monitoring during central venous catheterization

Gong, Y.; Shi, H.; Wu, J.; Labu, D.; Sun, J.; Zhong, H.; Li, L.; Xin, X.; Wang, L.; Wu, L.; Ma, D., 2015:
Pressure waveform-guided epidural catheter placement in comparison to the loss-of-resistance conventional method

Barz, H.; Barz, U., 2014:
Pressure waves in neurons and their relationship to tangled neurons and plaques

Arregui-Dalmases, C.; Del Pozo, E.; Stacey, S.; Kindig, M.; Lessley, D.; Lopez-Valdes, F.; Forman, J.; Kent, R., 2011:
Pressure waves in the aorta during isolated abdominal belt loading: the magnitude, phasing, and attenuation

Borowski, A.M.; Frangos, A.; McCann, J.W.; Brown, D.B., 2013:
Pressure wire assessment of hemodynamic alterations after chemoembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma

Khouzam, R.N., 2008:
Pressure wire for physiological assessment of coronary arteries

Hannawi, B.; Lam, W.W.; Younis, G.Antoine., 2013:
Pressure wire used to measure gradient in chronic mesenteric ischemia

Lowen, T., 2011:
Pressure work

Bayne, A.; Paduch, D.; Skoog, S.J., 2008:
Pressure, fluid and anatomical characteristics of abdominoscrotal hydroceles in infants

Epari, D.R.; Lienau, J.; Schell, H.; Witt, F.; Duda, G.N., 2008:
Pressure, oxygen tension and temperature in the periosteal callus during bone healing--an in vivo study in sheep

Ivatury, R.R., 2014:
Pressure, perfusion, and compartments: challenges for the acute care surgeon

Novoa, D.; Michinel, H.; Tommasini, D., 2009:
Pressure, surface tension, and dripping of self-trapped laser beams

Poe, D.P.; Veit, D.; Ranger, M.; Kaczmarski, K.; Tarafder, A.; Guiochon, G., 2014:
Pressure, temperature and density drops along supercritical fluid chromatography columns in different thermal environments. III. Mixtures of carbon dioxide and methanol as the mobile phase

Poe, D.P.; Veit, D.; Ranger, M.; Kaczmarski, K.; Tarafder, A.; Guiochon, G., 2012:
Pressure, temperature and density drops along supercritical fluid chromatography columns. I. Experimental results for neat carbon dioxide and columns packed with 3- and 5-micron particles

Kaczmarski, K.; Poe, D.P.; Tarafder, A.; Guiochon, G., 2012:
Pressure, temperature and density drops along supercritical fluid chromatography columns. II. Theoretical simulation for neat carbon dioxide and columns packed with 3-μm particles

Kumer, J.B.; Mergenthaler, J.L., 1991:
Pressure, temperature, and ozone profile retrieval from simulated atmospheric earthlimb infrared emission

Friedrich, O., 2010:
Pressure, the nervous system and ion channels: are humans too complicated?

Lowthian, P.T.; Parish, L.Charles., 2011:
Pressure, time, and soft tissue trauma

Klintberg, L.E.; Goh, S.K.; Alireza, P.L.; Saines, P.J.; Tompsett, D.A.; Logg, P.W.; Yang, J.; Chen, B.; Yoshimura, K.; Grosche, F.Malte., 2013:
Pressure- and composition-induced structural quantum phase transition in the cubic superconductor (Sr, Ca)3Ir4Sn13

Lee, Y.; Liu, D.; Seoung, D.; Liu, Z.; Kao, C-Chang.; Vogt, T., 2011 :
Pressure- and heat-induced insertion of CO2 into an auxetic small-pore zeolite

Njikang, G.N.; Cao, L.; Gauthier, M., 2008:
Pressure- and temperature-induced association of arborescent polystyrene-graft-poly(ethylene oxide) copolymers at the air-water interface

Volyanskyy, K.Y.; Haddad, W.M.; Bailey, J.M., 2011:
Pressure- and work-limited neuroadaptive control for mechanical ventilation of critical care patients

Sood, R.R.; Stager, R.A., 1966:
Pressure- induced dehydration reactions and transitions in inorganic hydrates

Polglase, G.R.; Tingay, D.G.; Bhatia, R.; Berry, C.A.; Kopotic, R.J.; Kopotic, C.P.; Song, Y.; Szyld, E.; Jobe, A.H.; Pillow, J.J., 2014:
Pressure- versus volume-limited sustained inflations at resuscitation of premature newborn lambs

Dias, C.L.; Chan, H.Sun., 2014:
Pressure-Dependent Properties of Elementary Hydrophobic Interactions: Ramifications for Activation Properties of Protein Folding

Winterrose, M.L.; Lucas, M.S.; Yue, A.F.; Halevy, I.; Mauger, L.; Muñoz, J.A.; Hu, J.; Lerche, M.; Fultz, B., 2009:
Pressure-Induced Invar Behavior in Pd3Fe

Geller, S., 1968:
Pressure-Induced Te7S10: A Cocrystallization of Sulfur and Tellurium Helices

Duecker, H.C.; Lippincott, E.R., 1964:
Pressure-Induced Trapping Phenomenon in Silver Iodide

Caplan, J., 1972:
Pressure-Scanned Echelle Grating plus Fabry-Perot Stellar Spectrophotometer

Schindler, M.; Koller, M.; Müller-Buschbaum, P., 2014:
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives under the Influence of Relative Humidity: Inner Structure and Failure Mechanisms

Aoki, K.; Yamawaki, H.; Sakashita, M., 1995:
Pressure-Tuned Fermi Resonance in Ice VII

Ledyard, L.W., 1890:

Pagitz, M.; Lamacchia, E.; Hol, J.M.A.M., 2012:
Pressure-actuated cellular structures

Bruins, M.E.; Creusot, N.; Gruppen, H.; Janssen, A.E.M.; Boom, R.M., 2009:
Pressure-aided proteolysis of beta-casein

Fischer-Nielsen, A.; Stissing, T.; Maansson, C.; Joergensen, B.Gymoese., 2010:
Pressure-aided transfusion of platelets: does it affect the platelets?

Bauer, M.; Többens, D.M.; Mayer, E.; Loerting, T., 2010:
Pressure-amorphized cubic structure II clathrate hydrate: crystallization in slow motion

Baoukina, S.; Monticelli, L.; Marrink, S.J.; Tieleman, D.Peter., 2007:
Pressure-area isotherm of a lipid monolayer from molecular dynamics simulations

Tanret, I.; Mangelings, D.; Vander Heyden, Y., 2008:
Pressure-assisted CEC versus CEC using methacrylate-based monolithic columns: influence of the polymerization-mixture composition

Zhang, Z.; Ye, H.; Wang, J.; Hui, L.; Li, L., 2013:
Pressure-assisted capillary electrophoresis coupling with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-mass spectrometric imaging for quantitative analysis of complex peptide mixtures

Mai, T.Duc.; Hauser, P.C., 2011:
Pressure-assisted capillary electrophoresis for cation separations using a sequential injection analysis manifold and contactless conductivity detection

Arumuganathar, S.; Irvine, S.; McEwan, J.R.; Jayasinghe, S.N., 2008:
Pressure-assisted cell spinning: a direct protocol for spinning biologically viable cell-bearing fibres and scaffolds

Zhang, H.; Zhu, J.; Aranda-Rodriguez, R.; Feng, Y-Lai., 2012:
Pressure-assisted electrokinetic injection for on-line enrichment in capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry: a sensitive method for measurement of ten haloacetic acids in drinking water

Xu, Z.; Li, A.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Z.; Hirokawa, T., 2015:
Pressure-assisted electrokinetic injection stacking for verteporfin drug to achieve highly sensitive enantioseparation and detection in artificial urine by capillary electrophoresis

Meighan, M.M.; Dawod, M.; Guijt, R.M.; Hayes, M.A.; Breadmore, M.C., 2011:
Pressure-assisted electrokinetic supercharging for the enhancement of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Chong, S.Huay.; Young, D.J.; Hor, T.S.Andy., 2007:
Pressure-assisted hetero- and homodialkylation of sulfide in [Pt2(mu-S)2(dppp)2]: one-pot conversion of {Pt2(mu-S)2} into {Pt2(SR)2} and {Pt2(SR)(SR')}

Zhu, T.; Xiao, F.; Xu, L.; Liu, M.; Deng, M.; Chiang, K.Seng., 2012:
Pressure-assisted low-loss fusion splicing between photonic crystal fiber and single-mode fiber

Xu, L.Y.; Yang, G.Y.; Jing, H.Y.; Wei, J.; Han, Y.D., 2013:
Pressure-assisted low-temperature sintering for paper-based writing electronics

Lee, H.W.; Schmidt, M.A.; Russell, R.F.; Joly, N.Y.; Tyagi, H.K.; Uebel, P.; Russell, P.St.J., 2011:
Pressure-assisted melt-filling and optical characterization of Au nano-wires in microstructured fibers

Fowler, C.B.; Waybright, T.J.; Veenstra, T.D.; O'Leary, T.J.; Mason, J.T., 2012:
Pressure-assisted protein extraction: a novel method for recovering proteins from archival tissue for proteomic analysis

Louër, A-Claire.; Plecis, A.; Pallandre, A.; Galas, J-Christophe.; Estevez-Torres, Aé.; Haghiri-Gosnet, A-Marie., 2014:
Pressure-assisted selective preconcentration in a straight nanochannel

Mao, Y.; Li, J.; Cao, W.; Ying, Y.; Sun, L.; Peng, X., 2014:
Pressure-assisted synthesis of HKUST-1 thin film on polymer hollow fiber at room temperature toward gas separation

Yang, H-Jik.; Hong, J.; Lee, S.; Shin, S.; Kim, J.; Kim, J., 2010:
Pressure-assisted tryptic digestion using a syringe

Kremer, M.A.; Gustafson, H.M.; Bolte, J.H.; Stammen, J.; Donnelly, B.; Herriott, R., 2012:
Pressure-based abdominal injury criteria using isolated liver and full-body post-mortem human subject impact tests

de Jong, S.; Krylov, S.N., 2012:
Pressure-based approach for the analysis of protein adsorption in capillary electrophoresis

Richton, R.E., 1978:
Pressure-broadened linewidths of the R(9.5)(3/2) NO transition

Ghysels, M.; Durry, G.; Amarouche, N., 2013:
Pressure-broadening and narrowing coefficients and temperature dependence measurements of CO2 at 2.68 μm by laser diode absorption spectroscopy for atmospheric applications

Campbell, H.M.; Havey, D.K., 2013:
Pressure-broadening of water transitions near 7180 cm(-1) by helium isotopes

Okada, Y.; Kawamata, T.; Kawashima, A.; Yamaguchi, K.; Hori, T., 2009:
Pressure-controlled dual irrigation-suction system for microneurosurgery: technical note

Garry, R., 2010:
Pressure-controlled hysteroscopy during menstruation

Sinha, M.; Chiplonkar, S.; Ghanshani, R., 2012:
Pressure-controlled inverse ratio ventilation using laryngeal mask airway in gynecological laparoscopy

Ugurlucan, M.; Basaran, M.; Erdim, F.; Selimoglu, O.; Caglar, I.Murat.; Zencirci, E.; Filizcan, U.; Ogus, N.Temucin.; Yildiz, Y.; Tireli, E.; Isik, O.; Dayioglu, E., 2015:
Pressure-controlled mechanical ventilation is more advantageous in the follow-up of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease after open heart surgery

Lu, B.; Hoogerheide, D.P.; Zhao, Q.; Zhang, H.; Tang, Z.; Yu, D.; Golovchenko, J.A., 2015:
Pressure-controlled motion of single polymers through solid-state nanopores

Nold, J.; Hölzer, P.; Joly, N.Y.; Wong, G.K.L.; Nazarkin, A.; Podlipensky, A.; Scharrer, M.; Russell, P.St.J., 2010:
Pressure-controlled phase matching to third harmonic in Ar-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

Rozé, H.; Lafargue, M.; Batoz, H.; Picat, M.Q.; Perez, P.; Ouattara, A.; Janvier, G., 2010:
Pressure-controlled ventilation and intrabronchial pressure during one-lung ventilation

Esquinas, A.M.; Bahammam, A.S., 2014:
Pressure-controlled ventilation and sleep in COPD patients in the intensive care unit: The role of tidal volume?

Hans, G.A.; Prégaldien, A.A.; Kaba, A.; Sottiaux, T.M.; DeRoover, A.; Lamy, M.L.; Joris, J.L., 2007:
Pressure-controlled ventilation does not improve gas exchange in morbidly obese patients undergoing abdominal surgery

Lin, F.; Pan, L.; Huang, B.; Ruan, L.; Liang, R.; Qian, W.; Ge, W., 2014:
Pressure-controlled versus volume-controlled ventilation during one-lung ventilation in elderly patients with poor pulmonary function

Choi, Y.Seon.; Shim, J.Kwang.; Na, S.; Hong, S.Bum.; Hong, Y.Woo.; Oh, Y.Jun., 2010:
Pressure-controlled versus volume-controlled ventilation during one-lung ventilation in the prone position for robot-assisted esophagectomy

Oğurlu, M.; Küçük, M.; Bilgin, F.; Sizlan, A.; Yanarateş, O.; Eksert, S.; Karaşahin, E.; Coşar, A., 2010:
Pressure-controlled vs volume-controlled ventilation during laparoscopic gynecologic surgery

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Presuming the influence of the media: teenagers' constructions of gender identity through sexual/romantic relationships and alcohol consumption

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Presumption of service connection for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Final rule

Anonymous, 2009:
Presumption of service connection for osteoporosis for former prisoners of war. Final rule

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Presumptions about liver disease

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Presumptive service connection for disease associated with exposure to certain herbicide agents: AL amyloidosis. Final rule

Anonymous, 2011 :
Presumptive service connection for diseases associated with service in the Southwest Asia theater of operations during the Persian Gulf War: functional gastrointestinal disorders. Final rule

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Presurgery treatment combo more effective for women with triple-negative breast cancer

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Presurgical Identification of the Central Sulcus Using GE EPI Sequences in Combination with 3D Reconstruction is a Useful and Easy Technique for Functional Identification of the Sensorimotor Cortex

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Presurgical endovascular treatment of symptomatic carotid stenosis caused by a meningioma of the planum sphenoidale

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Presurgical epilepsy localization with interictal cerebral dysfunction

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Presurgical evaluation in adults: noninvasive

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Coagulation Assessment: Underutilized Diagnostic Tools In Zoo And Aquatic Animal Medicine

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Presurgical functional brain examination MR (fMRI)

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Presurgical functional magnetic resonance imaging

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Presurgical functional mapping with functional MRI

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Presurgical functional transcranial Doppler sonography (fTCD) with intravenous echo enhancing agent SonoVue enables determination of language lateralization in epilepsy patients with poor temporal bone windows

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Presurgical implant-site assessment and restoratively driven digital planning

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Presurgical infant orthopedics

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